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Archives: June 13, 2006

US in a spin over Guantanamo

Molly Ivins: Hope, Hope, Hoping Along in Iraq

Dr. Robert Jay Lifton: American Psychological Association Should “Prohibit

Terror Links to Saddam's Inner Circle

Give gay marriage ban a rest, GOP

US 'neglects mental health of Guantanamo inmates'

'Hammer' takes last swing

Ann Coulter's book is nothing but satanic verses

'Problems in paradise', Mark Dowie, SF Chronicle

Today's forecast: hot, with rising levels of smog, asthma and hay fever

The Dirty Truth About Green Fuel

The Weather Channel: A Network with Integrity Gets Real

Begin allegedly involved in bid to kill then German Chancellor

Lehto: Vendors Commonly Refuse to Promise That Their Voting Machines Work

Lets Have A Brainstorming Thread - What We Doing About Vote Theft 2006?

How Can You Be Sure? That results are “plausible” is besides the point.

Election Reform, Fraud,& Related News 06.13.06 Bob Herbert, NYT THANKS

6/12 Lou Dobbs/Lowell Finley/ Democracy for Sale

Excellent Bradblog interview on Ed Schultz: election problems in CA-50

11:30 Eastern -Bobby Kennedy to be on Colbert tonight

39% of Iowans volunteer

AHHH! Randi Rhodes was on KXIC tonight!

Any thoughts on the Eminent Domain law that Vilsack vetoed?

please help! Unprotected!

Wanna go refute this negative DVO comment on my blog?

derby's TDP State Convention Report

Radnofsky "Twinkie Tour"

I just made a great cake! Vanilla-Cream and Strawberry.

Canadian Terrorism Suspects Got Their Guns in Ohio

2 Canadians shot in massive Afghan battle

Suspects in alleged terror plot subjected to torture behind bars: lawyers

Peace-keeping a failure

Top Tory organizers challenge lobby rules

Workers' Comp Exec Described as Charmer Who Enjoyed Good Life (Coingate)

Western Governors Association Adopts Cleaner Energy Plans for West

Judge rules voter-approved S.F. handgun ban is illegal

WP: Violent Crime Rises In U.S.

U.S. distances itself from comments on suicides

'Sniper' shoots US judge at court

Italian author to be tried for defaming Islam

NYT: Bush Sees Oil as Key to Restoring Stability in Iraq

Former Import-Export Company CEO Convicted (religious scams)

House Dems Slam Republicans on Iraq Resolution (avoids Iraq debate)

Judge orders ministry out of Iowa prison

Doctors forbid roles in harsh interrogations

Religious Leaders Urge U.S. to Ban Torture

EU lawmakers back report on CIA terror kidnappings

Murder rate soars in Basra as political parties battle over oil

Gore to train 1,000 to spread word about climate

Texas wants to medicate death-row inmate

(Bill) Clinton links GOP policies to more storms

Edwards in Iowa, bolstered by new poll

The stupidest vegan I ever met

I am so pissed off...

Grumpy old man

Techie ??: How do I convert LPs to MP3s?


WORLD CUP 06: What top notch European coach could the USA hire?

I was going to post this whole rant about cockroaches...

Take Your Kid to Work Day

In case you were wondering what the Internet is for...

Here are a couple

I love You will, too.


Rock, Paper or Scissors?

So I was moved by Drew CAREY's wedding episode

Conversation with my 10 year old

I'm tired, think I'll take a little cat-nap...

Whatever happened to "artists"? Are they obsolete?

First you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the girl.

Dear Apple, Safari is a crashing, locking-up POS. I'm switching to Firefox

help! emergency! need computer advice

Should I start posting, or, well, you know....

I think it is time for the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game to be modernized.

Help! panic! emergency! need compuer help! Pleeeeeese?

I have the Perfect '08 Ticket for the Lounge ....

I wanna love you tender. Yes, YOU!

Gnarls Barkley up next on Leno

unexpected youtube find thread

something gross inside post...

Movie Trivia: from "Being There"

Post a mild annoyance

Need an Honest Opinion On A New Business Venture

Yay! (Anime) Toys!

Bunny thievery!

Why beauty pageants and Alan Thicke should be banned for eternity!

The just say hello thread

25 Posts from 10,000!!! Ask me weird, intense, personal questions!!

They don't call me "iniquitous" for nothing.

What would you do?

How do you prefer to stay cool in the summer?

Death in the garden - graphic dial up warning.

Ever gotten a cold on top of a cold?

Next used car sale question: should I get the hail dents removed?

Are you male or female?

Need help with name of old movie.

Parenting lesson I learned from my kid

How do you deal with whackos?

Things that rule and suck about life in Japan vs. Life in America

I just got home from the hospital...

I'm Back from the YearlyKos Convention in Vegas!

Post your tornado stories. Have you been in or very near a tornado?

Best Jones?

The Evil Blue Towel Must Die!!! (Parrot Pics)

The just say jello thread

Seth Speaks

One more example of a simple sugar affecting Alzheimer's

'Mind over matter' no longer science fiction

Black holes and multiple dimensions.

Gay singer Aviance leaves hospital after beating

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ military discharges on the rise

Church to address fallout over gay bishop

Court sets criteria for parental rights of separated gay partners

Gainesville judge hears lawsuit from school gay-straight alliance

Permanent U.S. Bases already being discussed with Kurdistan

Since I bring sunshine everywhere I go

Rove has issues

Thank you Vector!

Animals at the Wichita Zoo pt 1 (10 images)

Alaska trip, part 3

Animals at the Wichita Zoo Part 2 (9 images)

Crawfordslist first anniversary video

The mystery heir to al-Zarqawi

Who can translate this? Amnesty International Switzerland's new ad

I need a million bucks, quick!

Zarqawi's death wouldn't be worth the death of one of my children

Reading about everything that's being done in our name...

Identify this Pic: Westboro BC or Republican Party (Warning: Graphic)

CBS poll: Bush approval back down to 33%, 60% disapproval

Iraq contractors make billions on the front line

I posted my Constitutional Rights Teach in on my local DFA Events list

Iraqi instability washes over neighbors

Has the Busby campaign responded to the latest election problems?

Interesting conversation in hosp I.C.U. waiting room.

Is anyone from here on DU going to see Randi-Greg Pallast

Gallup: Midterm election update(Republicans still in danger)

How many freeps on DU right now listening to Rubenstein?

OMG: How DARE the widows take 9/11 personally?

Lawyers blast media ban in Canada terrorism case

Dan Abrams Named MSNBC Network's General Manager

Corruption fuels Insurgency (apparently Iraq has a Republican Party!)

Did the can "Commander in Chief" because it made people think Hillary

Rove: Republicans Should Address Iraq War

Arianna has picked up the Rude Pundit's expose of Coulter plagiarizing

I Havn't Watched MSM TV in Almost a Year

Weather Modification? Is it Weather Warfare???

Rosie Perez Documentary on Puerto Rico on IFC

Oil, Politics and Bloodshed Corrupt an Iraqi City

Do you suppose Bob Guccione Jr. is sorry he use to date Ann Coulter?

Powell tells AARP magazine: Cheney snapped my garters

Does Coulter's attacks on the 9/11 widows further advance the LIHOP

DU'ers Check out Russert VS. KOS on Meet the Press!

An Inconvenient Truth

Mary Cheney's book sells fewer than 6,000 copies since release

I just got my letter from Veteran's Affairs. And I was discharged in '73

If We Are In a Global War Against Terrorism (?)

Watching Larry King (Coulter): Help me out here. Where and when did

Somebody is watching this election, right???

I think I learned a lot about war growing up -

Jon Stewart says they needed Zarqawi's DNA in order to clone him

New Yorker - 6/12/06

The Left Needs Better Spokespeople

So there on the sidewalk in neat pastel chalk lettering is one word:

Think about it: All Ann Coulter does is prove that Rethugs are exactly

The Daily Show is definately recycling content

Interesting perspective on violence

Ms Coulter, you have the gall to write,,,,

Caption the Bushies' dance number

Ok, it's just a *little* funny

help! emergency! need computer advice

Ahhhh, SWEET Blow-back: Larry King Just allowed the Widows to speak

Colberts Word tonite is Tom Delays Farewell Speech

Suspects in alleged terror plot subjected to torture behind bars: lawyers

Rank our priorities

Are you male or female?

Are the Guantanamo 3 Martyrs

Update: Abortion ban (Ohio) gets hearing on Tuesday!

Jim Moran: Not My Kind of Democrat

Listening to Malloy made me start the Bumper Sticker machine...

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the Colbert Report Tonight!

Had His Lung Been Outside of His Body, They Would Have Exploded

Death penalty takes a blow

Canadian terrorism suspects got their guns in Ohio.

Heads Up: RFK Jr to be on Colbert Report in a few minutes,cst.

Can someone in the Atlanta area answer this one for me please?

Question : Is Iraq USA's "Afghanistan" ?

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

"Concerned Women" urge FAST up-or-down votes on judicial nominees!

"Hello Iraq War" Rove says pukes need to address Iraq War:

Do these guys look like they're winning the war? I don't think so,

The Military has to go to great lengths to explain Zarqawi's death

Saudi man beheaded for murdering two

Our Fall Theme Song

Here's a great idea for a sad occasion

Beer Ingredient May Inhibit Prostate Cancer, But There's a Catch

Does it appear spying on Americans could have prevented 9/11?

Who is this fucking clown?

Guess who had NOTHING to read, NOTHING to write at Camp David?

They're STILL at it! "Terror links to Saddam's Inner Circle"

Fed. Judge shoots down faith-based prison program in Iowa

What do you think: Help call for RFK, Jr. to be on Diane Rehm?

Hatemongers take to the camera:

Straw Poll Shows Al Gore is Preferred (Daily Kos poll)

Utah Election Clerk 'in Shock' About Busby/Bilbray E-Voting

Firedoglake reporting strong source ---- Lieberman

Seriously guys, why care so much about what Coulter says?

Have to give Larry credit...he's blowing Ann Coulter out of the sky.

In Clean Elections Dems Win: Protesting Karl Rove - pics>>>


Caption ---->

Your vote at Democracy for America can help dump Sensenbrenner!

David Horowitz is a low life piece of shit

Have you seen this? Ann Coulter Ripped at UofM Graduation (video)

Bwahahaha!!! Urban Dictionary's definition of Freeper:

Bottom Line - Net Neutrality

DU this MSNBC Poll On The Iraq War

terrorism terrorism terrorism 9/11 9/11 9/11

Studs Terkel interview with Daniel Barenboin

Colbert Spreading the Election Fraud Word: RFK Jr. ROCKED!!!

Conyers:The Right to Vote is Supposed to Mean Something in the US

'The age of the Empty Stare: Why ignoring Ann Coulter won't help'

Politicians who make us smile- post a pic

Are you happy?

Well, I hope all the investors are happy! I lost over $10,000 in the last

I just switched my long distance and international phone service

Storm Alberto, good news and bad news (not what you think!)

Online Mortgages

George Carlin, Ann Coulter set for 'Tonight' show Wednesday night

Do you volunteer?

Love Is The Answer (What Was The Question?)

Brad on Ed Schultz Show re: Tainted Results of Busby/Bilbray Race...

Judge rules voter-approved S.F. handgun ban is illegal

Henry Rollins' video love letter to Ann Coulter

Canadian Terrorism Suspects Got Their Guns in Ohio

Sad news about polar bears

If Gitmo suicides="asymmetrical warfare", I must ask this question:

Email your Senators about "Net Neutrality."

SOURCE: Obscure Trade Settlement Could Create $480 Million Slush Fund for

a-Z's death adds a WHOPPING 5% to those who think Iraq war is going "well"

Pressure builds for Guantanamo changes

Vote on DFA to help remove faux moderate Jim Leach

RFK jr. on The Colbert Report Tonight! Coming Up in 10 Min or so!

LAT: Rice's Offer to Iran Spurs Unease From Right

Democrats slam Republicans over Iraq resolution

Bush gets a bounce, from Foxnews only

FL. House candidate to face litany of charges after alleging vote fraud

Preznit & Posse on Iraq or Lame Duck & Ducklings Keep Quacking

CNN Poll: 47% of Americans think Iraq war is not morally justified

Ann Coulter continues the Swiftboat marketing legacy , that's the story

Markos (KOS) was Fantastic but who's that Jerk who's filling in for KO?

For this AP photo of Bush, cue up REM's "Everybody Hurts"

Please DU this poll about priorities in the U.S.

Kerry's call for withdrawal from Iraq put Rove on the defensive

Ann Coulter, plagarist

Rove: Republicans Should Address Iraq War (in mid-term elections)

Ann Coulter Is A Gift From The Gods

If Bush said "it's worth it" three times in a row, it MUST be worth it.

This speaks well of John Kerry and Jim Webb

Poodle Doug Clifton of the Plain Dealer whines about RFK's article

Rightwing Hysteria: "We Can't Respond!!!"

Glenn Beck: "Why did God put all of the oil under dirtbag countries?"

Them darn illegals be driven down ma wages!!!!!

Two Goldilocks and the Golden Suit: A cautionary tale

Sweet Summer Solstice Balances Life's Bitterness

Prescription drugs find place in teen culture

Iraq contractors make billions on the front line

Shift focus to biofuels beyond corn ethanol

A Final End to History?: Bush's Armageddon Wish

Homeland Security Office Accepts Fake ID

Senate to Vote on Mine Safety Nominee Who Says Laws Are Fine

Evangelical Voters & Democrats - Common Interests? Kristen Powers - HP

Foreign Aid Has Flaws. So What? - by NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Being An Oxymoron - by Tony Compolo at Huffington Post

The Vicious Agenda Behind the Attacks on Gay Marriage

WA: 'Local Patriots' Drive American Marines from Crimea

Laissez Isn't Fair - by Mark Green c/o Huffington Post

Ivins, "Morale, my ass. "

June 19: 4,000 gov workers will say bye to families for bunker

Cindy Sheehan: Cure the Disease

On Carville: Democrats' best fighter aware key to winning is in knowing

JOE BAGEANT: Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven

Iraq contractors make billions on the front line

Bush visit may have downside for al-Maliki

conservative Xn threatens to sue Tyndale b/c of Left Behind video game

Why the hell is AAR keep playing commercials on Glen Beck

Where Are Our Heroes Today?

German newspaper: Begin tried to kill Adenauer with letter bomb in 1952

Nonaligned Nations Prepare to Back Iran

Analysis: Telling FBI The Truth Saved Rove

Cheesesteaks, with a side of bigotry

Reef at forefront of CO2 battle (BBC) {World Heritage Sites at risk}

Remains of ancient forest owned by paper comany.

A proposal : The Explorer Project

2-Week Antarctic Treaty Conference Opens With Call For Conservation

Maybe 10 Years Left For 3 Arctic Villages Pounded By Erosion - ADN

Snow At Record Lows, Glaciers Vanishing In India's Scenic Rohtang Pass

Harper's Nonexistent Climate Proposal

Thames Water Seeking Restrictions On 5 Million London Customers - Reuters

Shell To Pick Renewable For Development, Doesn't Know Which Form

China Plans Another Dozen Dams On Yangtze River System - AFP

Gazelles Can Shrink Heart, Liver To Deal With Droght - AFP

Industry Reacting With Horror To Aggressive UK Business Carbon Plan

Three Gorges Human Rights Activist Beaten - Police Decline Comment - ENN

Solar concentrator tidbits...

We Don't Need No Satellites, says NY Times

Is climate turning polar bears into cannibals? (global warming)

EPA wants insecticide phased out by 2010(azinphos-methyl;used in orchards)

Norway To Establish $3.2 Billion Fund For Renewable Energy - Reuters

The Kolbert Report - Sea-Ice Loss In 25 Yrs = NY, TX GA Combined

Polar Bears May Be Turning to Cannibalism

I am just venting

Ethical question: If a colleague killed a Federally listed species

The ironic argument against global warming action (or... insufferable)

ChimpCo Calling For 3,500-Foot "Energy Corridors" Across 11 States

A fellow green just pissed me off, today.

MK Erdan to demand Israel cut Gaza's electricity

Palestinians on verge of total chaos - report

20 Hebron settlers arrested for violently harassing Palestinians

Israel: Palestinian explosives caused beach deaths

Probe: Hamas bomb, not IDF shell, caused Gaza deaths

9 Palestinians die in IAF strike on Islamic Jihad rocket crew

Don't look now, but Israel just killed more civilians, including children.

Israel Missile Strike Kills 10 Palestinians, Injures 30

Seven Shfaram residents arrested for lynch of Jewish terrorist

IAF rape case: Base commander interrogated

The poverty of unilateralism

Israel plans new homes in West Bank settlement

Andrews AFB wasn´t on alert on 9-11

Loose Marbles I: Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Loose Change ILLUSTRATED CRITIQUE Published by

Progress on JFK Assassination...and 9/11?

Steven Jones analyzes steel from WTC

Off to a Southern State to Investigate Election Fraud; Why Dems Don't....

Votergate - Video of SD pollworker told to take voting machines home!!

Need a volunteer - just 5 minutes a day

DNC contacts Brad--they're looking into Busby/Bilbray race in CA

DUers please post comments on Blackwell on Cint. Enquirer blog...

Is anybody listening to Lou Dobbs?

WTF? Bilbray sworn in while vote count continues

Anyone have a video link for RFK on Colbert Monday evening? Reports?

Is anyone familiar with IVS Inspire "Vote by Phone" Paper Ballot

If Bush stole 2004, then aren't Alito and Roberts are ill-gotten gains?

Had enough? Start the revolution; demand Hand Counted Paper ballots NOW!!!

PLS Post comments on this Op-Ed piece in this Ohio Paper

AEI scholar Ornstein comes out for election transparency

This should be made into a movie - the story needs legs

Hey, what happened? I was not here until now autorank only got 4R's!

Vilsack's PAC supports Ohio's Democratic SOS candidate



Mr. Vilsack Goes to New Hampshire


Java question

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June, 2006

Breaking: Kristi Thibaut endorsed by Annie's List

Tom DeLay To Be Investigated for Voter Fraud

DU/Blogger party was the absolute BEST!!!!!!!!

DVO electronic voting lawsuit for Texas gets filed tomorrow (6/14)

Austin DUers: Get together for GOPisEvil's b-day Saturday (6/17)

help me out with some meatball recipes please!

Nova Scotia election results

FL. House candidate to face litany of charges after alleging vote fraud

Terror Links to Saddam's Inner Circle

Bottom Line - Net Neutrality

Al Qaeda in Iraq names Zarqawi replacement (successor)

Nine killed as U.S. raids house northeast of Baghdad

Car bombs kill at least 15 in Kirkuk

Prescription drugs find place in teen culture

Former CEO of import-export company convicted in religious scam

Iraq contractors make billions on the front line

UK: MoD ignores ruling on Gulf war syndrome

Half of Lost Voter Records Found in Denver

If people stopped to read the law,

Hacker Stole Data on Nuclear Security Workers

Rove: Back Bush (NH fundraiser)

Terror suspects 'tortured,' lawyers say

Reid tells liberal activists troops must come home

In Manchester, Rove mum on phone-jamming scandal

Charles Haughey, former Irish PM dies.

Supreme Court sides with inmates on two death penalty issues

South Central Farm Eviction in Process Now!

Israel: Palestinian explosives caused beach deaths

Bulldozers at South Central Farm

CNN: Warming threat to Asian security: Grim scenario of disease, disaster

Iraq contractors make billions on the front line

Ex-California governor says GOP timid on immigration

75,000 Forces to Be Deployed in Baghdad

GM sees first Russian-built SUVs

Patrick Kennedy pleads guilty to DUI in plea deal

Analysis: Telling FBI The Truth Saved Rove

Not sure if you have seen this video....

In Manchester, Rove mum on phone-jamming scandal

TalkLeft Exclusive: No Deal For Rove

World sees US in Iraq bigger danger than Iran-poll

Marine's song about killing draws ire....

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 13 June

(CBS NEWS POLL) Minimal Impact of Zarqawri's Death

Religious Leaders seek torture ban

(CA Rep Bob) Filner blasts VA's handling of data theft with obscenities

Senator Grassley pleased no charges coming for Rove

Bush visit may have downside for al-Maliki

Colorado Republicans demand special session on illegal immigration

Saddam Judge: No More Defense Witnesses

Former Atlanta Mayor sentenced to 30 months in prison

Why is Bob Strum a spokesman for the dems?

Iraq mulls amnesty offer to insurgents

Web site: Al Qaeda IDs 20th 9/11 hijacker

Court Orders (Ohio Gov. Bob)Taft to Turn Over Contested Records for Review

Cuba says US charge of harassment a 'blatant' lie

Conway nominated to head Marine Corps

Lewis hires legal team amid investigation (California Republican Rep.)

Oregon Soldier Detained After Refusal To Return To Iraq

Rove: GOP doesn’t need to make excuses

One killed in US crash in Kabul

LAT: EPA Rule Loosened After Oil Chief's Letter to Rove

Agencies: Homegrown radicals inside U.S.

CNN breaking: 70,000 coalition forces, most Iraqi, to begin crackdown

Black Leaders Fear Loss of Brooklyn House Seat

Murtha to drop bid for majority leader post

Former FDA Chief: Agency Meant to OK Plan B

Spain Probes Alleged CIA Use of Airport

Highlights of Iraq-hurricane relief bill (Total $94.5 B)

Housing boom will not end in a crash, says Harvard

Judges Press C.I.A. Lawyer Over Withheld Documents

BBC: Raid police apologise for 'hurt'

Al Qaeda Website Posts Bush Alert

US states set "trigger laws" to ban abortion if right overturned

GAO finds mismanagement of hurricane aid

Pentagon Won't Hide Interrogation Tactics

ACLU to fight (state of Florida) Cuba travel ban

AFL - CIO Plans Investment in La. Projects

US-led coalition sending more than 11,000 troops against Taliban

Video on Marine Killing Iraqis Draws Ire

New York high school apologizes for Hitler quotes in yearbook

MSNBC Breaking: Bush arriving in Iraq

Two injured, two presumed dead in Iowa munitions plant explosion

Pew Poll: U.S. in Iraq Greater Threat Than Iran

House lawmakers accept $3,300 pay hike

Hillary Clinton faces anti-war critics

NYT: Senator Clinton Seeks Middle Ground in Abortion Debate

BYU professor let go for questioning LDS stand on gay marriage

Rove Won't Be Charged in C.I.A. Leak Case

Ethanol's other shoe starting to drop

40 Arrested at L.A. Urban Garden Eviction -Daryl Hannah chained to tree!

Poll sees a boost for Bush, Iraq war (USA TODAY/Gallup Poll)

University Committee Recommends Firing Ward Churchill for Repeated Miscond

delete - problem fixed ;)

Insomnia Sufferers Unite!!!

Ever gotten hot on top of a cold?

Bunny foreplay!

Does this guy even READ the news?

DU Mechanics, what does a bad pinion gear in the transmission mean?

Anybody else at work having lunch.

Bunny pr0n!

I got my new large table top water fountain today, the sound is so

How long do job postings stay up on Craigslist?


CNN has split screen with FOUR 'reporters' in Florida

People are STUPID.

Can someone help me out with something re: Rove?

Anyone internet gamers here?

Methinks Oeditpus Rex is having a bunny fetish tonight!

Were you spat upon as a child?

Damn I hate being in a state of confusion and doubt . . .

Ally Sheedy is 44 today!!!

So my boss thinks I'm at work. He is. I'm not.

Squeech music live in Boston

The GOP always cuts government services - even in 1920 it seems

So, it's winter down here in NZ...

When to replace shocks and struts?

I never want to hear Arlo Guthrie's goddamn pickle song ever again

Tips for dressing your short and stylish guy (NBC)

Ms Durden and I are Adopting a Baby

20 YEARS AGO this day TWO miracles were visited on this planet.....

OK! A nice picture of me and my husband, on our 41st anniversary!

5 minutes before the next World Cup game starts, run this command:

Copernicus Seeks to Stop Sun's "Circumambulation" - Earth is heliocentric

Can someone help me with our IPOD? Ick. So it crashed a couple weeks

***Update on my Dad.

FIFA World Cup 2006 France v Brazil

Best decade

I just bought 3 dozen donuts for my kid's 6th grade class party

Did you go too camp?

I just plain don't like Tattoo... have at me

Man Suing To Stop Son's Circumcision - Son Is 8 Years Old

Are rabies the end of having a good social life?

Is your dog this lazy?

Okay, here it is, I just plain don't like tutus

Okay, here it is, I just plain like Tutu

Did you go to camp?

Dyslexia sufferers untie!!!

Okay, here it is, I just plain don't like tofu. Have at me.

life in 1906

Consider this subject line to be your warning

I see your true colors shining through.

If you bring a kid on a plane, and they are any bit of a nuisance...

Damn, we're rich

I'm glad I gave up coffee.



Anybody here ever legally changed their name?

Okay, here it is, I just plain don't like tattoo. Have at me.

Last night Ronald McDonald appeared in my dream wearing MC Hammer pants

The thing about these poetry threads.....

Damn these glasses!!


Eek...I poked my head in GD. Bad move! :D

Are you all watching this game? (World Cup - Spoiler)

Congratulations stepnw1f!! 10,000 posts

So Rove Got off, Huh.... Did you hear the one about the Nun,


A harmless senior prank?

Ten minutes to go. Oh my stars and garters.

China irked by topless women's health ad...


George Carlin meets the American Fascist tonight (coulter)

Today I took the first step in seeking help in overcoming depression


Big....HUGE game on right now.


This one may be a little darker

Tough crowd

World Cup Soccer - am I the only one in the lounge who doesn't care

Daryl Hannah's up a tree.

Wednesday Tivo to-do list:

Things that should almost never appear in a poem:

WTF? Today's the day the city decides to tear up our street!

Today's work: to sweep & scrub the wood floor of the sun room. Tomorrow's

How funny am I?

Stewart Addresses Harvey.

The cell phone is destroying direct human contact.

Why, oh why, must I open my mouth in GD?

Do you like to be busy at work or goof off?

I'm bored. Anyone else want to start an Internet rumor?

What was/is your seasonal employment in high school/college?

Beauty Pagent Mix-up!


UPDATE: This web site is NOT mine! Sincerely, Radio_Lady at the DU

Okay, here it is, I just plain don't like Tatooine. Have at me.

A "Jack Chick" religious tract parody you'll LOVE.

Survey: Men Would Rather Have Dinner With Condi Than Anniston, Jolie

Best one-scene performance other than Alec Baldwin or Christopher Walken

Well, I found out I had cavities.

I would like to have DU's spell check on my e-mail how do I get it?

I just assisted with the birth of two puppies

FIFA World Cup 2006: Brazil v Croatia discussion thread as it happens

Bruno the bear: 1 - Bavaria: 0; Finnish Hunting Dogs Can't Take Heat

Oh well, now I have to actually see a real doctor

Breaking..... Attack, Attack!!!!

Clive Cussler / Adventure fans! I need the name of a book.

In the spirit of the World Cup....

My sister is an eighth grade math teacher

In the spirit of the Wooly Pup....

LMAO! Some DUers will get a kick out of this

Does anyone else out there think Liberia's history's the saddest in Africa

Well, that's a relief- my car isn't f'd up after all

Campus Police Not Happy Having To Cruise In VW Beetle

Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap Crap, Crap, Crap

LaraMN:1 NoelMn:0

Radio Lady: NY's Village Voice Review of NACHO LIBRE opening 6/16/06

Daryl Hannah arrested after garden protest

Borat movie trailer

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul...*click*...

Some smokers just astound me...

Where does all the time go?

I think my neighbors bought the "Best of Sven's Coffee Shop" CD.

Giant Girl....Some Cool Weirdness For You

Biker chicks (warning: frontal nudity)

Stewie addresses Harvard.

Mel Gibson sells $24 mil mansion to get away from neighbor Britney Spears

I must be the worst mother in the world to post this pic on the internet

Tuesday, June 13. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

What if it's MS?

Dog Parks and Gyms: Legitimate, or just pickup joints?

Good perspective on US-Czech World Cup game from Jerry Trecker

Happy birthday Mikimouse!!

Obvious things thread

Good thread here:

Can somebody come and tie my hands behind my back.

MA. couple finds 50 lbs of pot in vanity from Home Depot!

Is this topic off limits?

I'm having a ridiculously crappy day...

Bark...bark.....**twitch** **twitch**

Congratulations YellowRubberDuckie!! 10,000 posts

Google ad: Mormon 72 Hr Survival Kit. Couldn't resist clicking on it.

Why do people overfeed their dogs? Ever seen dogs this fat?

Post your unsolicited advice to me here

Did any of you Veterans get "the letter" yet?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/13/06)

Leno to Host Carlin, Coulter on Wednesday

I swam my 500th mile at the Downtown Y this morning.

Hemorrhoids - what a pain in the ass!

Congratulations ThomCat - 3000 posts.

The Greatest Movie Scenes: Which was the Greatest Scene on a train?

Are Betty Crocker Triple Chunk Brownies proof of the existence of God?

It was a humid evening,


I'm posting in HUGH!!!1!11!!! fonts! Ask me anything!

Where's that cutie pie Aristus?? He will be on Jeopardy tomorrow!!!!

Seattle Named Smartest City In America

ACL Recovery - What a pain in the ass....

No milestones soon. Tell me/ ask me anything. Or, not.

FIFA World Cup 2006 France v Switzerland (spoilers)

Sunset from Islamorada in the Florida Keys *dial-up warning*

Time for another photo thread!

"It's Missing the Taste of Beer" - Budweiser thouroughly whipped Bud

post your sunset pictures

Mets fans: Learn the true background of Lastings Milledge here!

Name 5 people you would want to be stranded on an island with

Wanna bawl? DUing to the very end; a blast from the past (DU1)

Deep Throat: "You let Haldeman slip away. "

Hey, it's the REAL "Larry the Cable Guy"

Post a useless talent you are possessed of

Philly! New Jersey! Come see me play in Atlantic City this weekend!

Survey: Men Pick Condoleezza Over Julia Roberts For Dinner Date

Athletic Cup! Let's keep this thread kicked until it's over!

Using Children as 'God's Army'

An Atheist Manifesto

What does forgiveness mean to you?

Guess what - I'm an atheist.

Trancendental Meditation Imropoves CHD risk factors

Diet Linked to Twin Births

Coffee May Reduce Alcoholic Liver Disease

MMR doctor 'to face GMC charges' (BBC) {autism, vaccine link unproven}

There's a June 13 Morning edition story about evolution and how much

Mars chip to test for life signs

Gays want more from Dems on marriage

Website compares community leader Wayne Besen to Adolph Hitler

Bigot of the Week: Rep. Eric Watson (R)

Wife Of Accused Terrorist Linked To Anti-Gay Islamic Group

Allez France!!

Australia 3 - 1 Japan

Source: Big Ben Did Not Have PA Motorcycle License

Oh, those Blue Devils....

RIP Mike Quarry

Brazil to take the field against Croatia

Official Detroit Tigers Magic Number Countdown thread

FYI, teleseminar: spirituality and political change

Kerry spokesman responds to Rove's smear of Kerry and Murtha

John Kerry at the Take Back America 2006 Conference

Ok at this point I am leaning Webb

Kerry meets with bloggers in D.C.

Video of Kerry is up!

No big support for Kerry's proposal among Democratic Senators.

Great sign!

Argh!!! Read it and weep - Rove won't be charged in CIA leak case

Oh!! Our president is SOOO brave!!

Kerry's speech at TBA

Kerry in Massachusetts yesterday morning - (Western and Central Mass)

Heating up

bvar22's People Personality Pics.

Remember that student sit-in at the University of Miami I covered?

Alaska adventure #4 - Steese Highway

Contest deadlines.


Rudy Giuliani refused appearance on Countdown last week?

What KO is up to on vacation, courtesy of Jossip:


Could spying on the government prevented 9/11?

Iraq Is the Republic of Fear

Big Picture: Battle of the Minds Report: Pubs now losing Power due to

Contractors shooting at innocent Iraqi's(Video)

Zarqawi's death - a perspective Tuesday TOON (6/13/06)

Obituary: Gyorgy Ligeti, 1923-2006 {contemporary composer}

"I'd vote for Al Gore in a heartbeat over Hillary Clinton." - Mike Webb

The more I hear about the Canadian "terrorists" the more I feel

Get used to the Idea of your grandchildren fighting for Oil in Iraq.

Are you too Sensitive to LOOK at the Children we've Paid to Kill? (graphic

The 4th of July 2006 - Will we see a divided celebration?

Lynne Cheney read excerpts from her book to children on Saturday

RE: "Are you too Sensitive ..." thread: Graphic Pic is in that thread

How exactly does "Al Qaeda In Iraq" appoint a new leader anyhow?

Does anyone know if Rove was at that Death Summit at Camp David?

NBC Today Show: Breaking - Rove will NOT be indicted!


Republicans find Humor in the strangest things.

I'm off to the store to get some popcorn. This should be quite a day.

Things are going SO well in Baghdad, 70,000 Iraqi troops deployed there!

Quarterback's (Roethlisberger) State after 24 Hours Is Key

Cspan caller: "Ha ha, Bill Clinton Impeached, Karl Rove is Free"!

W/ MSNBC's Abrams now GM, e-mail them to have Brian Unger fill his slot

There are bigger fish to fry than Rove - Dick Cheney.

CNN everyone laughing about the stock market being down 800 points

My son is a bluegrass musician. He called this morning on his way back

Drudge: Statement from Howard Dean re. Rove

Please DU this poll

Squirmy Karl Rove "Ratted Out" someone to save his butt.....Who or

Mary Cheney had $1 MILLION advance for her book:

The following message is for the NSA..

Just a reminder: Jason Leopold did NOT get Rove off the hook...

A hard lesson was learned today - but some good news as well

Will everybody stop using the word 'peace'?

Luskin does NOT ANTICIPATE seeking charges against Karl Rove

Abrams Wants MSNBC exciting, vibrant, irreverent

How Are All of You in Florida this morning?

Okay, Rove is off the hook, at least for now. So now what?

TV Newser: Bob Woodruff's memory and speech "still shaky"

The following posters owe me a signature line re: Rove non-indictment

Does this count as plagiarism?

So Jason "L" (L for loser?), Burger King is paying $9.25 down here

Randi Rhodes is gone from WHJJ, replaced by someone evil

So, Republicans are making the "Sanctity of Marriage" a major issue, eh?

2,497 of our troops now dead in W's war

U.S. troops kill 7 insurgents in raid, but 2 children killed

Looks like Rove has made a deal with the Prosecution

Reuters: Yahoo, world's most popular e-mail, hit by worm

Should Loepold, Pitt and TruthOut be banned from DU?

Greenfield on Imus claiming Rove WILL NOT BE indicted - no mention

Rachel Maddow Show - Isakoff on Rove not being indicted

A REAL Patriot has the Guts to point out America's Flaws.

Does anyone on DU practice voodoo?Ken Mehlman has me looking for a spell

Thank Vivica Novak for Rove getting off

Jeff GREENFIELD cites DU (unnamed)

So, about how early should you start calling WJ to get on?

reuters reporting that Bush is in Iraq?

CNN Poll: 47% of Americans think Iraq war is not morally justified

My second thought, upon hearing the news this morning,

Is this another "Mission Accomplished" moment? n/t

I would not be surprised if Rove didn't step down in a few months.

Where Can I Find the Photo...

The US has nothing to say about Uranium Enrichment in Iran.

I can't find the link to rove not being indicted by Fitzpatrick, help

Has anyone seen Luskin's "letter" from Fitz yet?

A Modest Proposal

On days like today, please remember your friend

Bush Lands in Baghdad for Surprise Visit

Lots of people think it's acceptable to be hateful, mean, abusive,

Loving Day Recalls a Time When the Union of a Woman and Man Was Banned

"Changing the Media, Changing America," w/ Mike Malloy, Laura Flanders,

Roves slimes Murtha, Kerry

Rove said to be "elated" and Newt says Bush is getting 'stronger"

Another "unforeseen consequence" of Bush visit to Baghdad?

When to replace shocks and struts?

We need this today..."The Battle For America".

If you're in the 5 states that have primaries today, GO VOTE ALREADY!!!

President makes SURPRISE visit to Baghdad! Oh boy oh boy.

What do the Republicans want an apology for?

Sam Brownback (Batshit crazy-Kansas) panders to the wingnuts.

Journalists wearing bullet-proof vests unload off Air Force One - pic

Rove's victory dance is sweeter because of JL.

Bushbots knew that few would paying attention to Camp David

So AWOL George made a quick visit to Baghdad. I wonder how many


A time to worry,

Only 13.33 hours until the next COLBERT REPORT!

Have you ever seen such costly antics to get poll numbers back up?

Bush, why always with the victory strut?

Hey DU'er's here's a suggestion for everyone.

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State (Alternet)

Judiciary holding hearing on Voting Rights Act to listen:

Rove - Where's the beef? Until we see the letter, all is speculation

Is Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald

Was Jason Leopold Misled? Was he Targeted? James Hatfield Revisited...

I really think this Bush trip to Iraq will be seen as the political stunt

Could Bush have Pardoned Rove?

If we just want it to be true, with every fiber of our beings . . .

Caption Mann!

Helen Thomas : Wisconsin Public Radio: 10:00 CST ........Today

Kerry's speech at TBA (from

Statement from Plame's Attorney re Rove

Maybe Rove spilled the beans.

Drudge says: Ann Coulter needs your help!

FIFA World Cup 2006 Republic of Korea v Togo (spoilers)

Absolute Bullshit - regarding the Rethugs wanting apologies

Doing pretty well

Karl Rove: my take

Karl Rove: The One That Got Away

EPA Rule Loosened After Oil Chief's Letter to Rove

70,000 Troops to protect this douchbag's political stunt?

To all Democrats, a list of recent Bush (and GOP) wins:

SOURCES!!! Pony up--or was this promise only good for 24 business hours?

Fitzmas is coming!

Expect Republicans and their libertarian allies to use scare tactics


Let me be the first to apologize to the GOP

desperate? national guard propaganda given out at the movies...

Jason Leopold vs. Ann Culter

Don't look now, but Israel just killed more civilians, including children.

I am loving David Sirota's new book!

Maybe all those bitching about Truthout would post over on their blog

"God Save the Internet" -song download

Lamont's brilliant strategy against Lieberman...

Hillary Deflated

While we are all wringing our hands over rove....

Can you feel the momentum?

The Fact about Rove's Plame Affair HERE!

Instead of the truthout hubbub, maybe we can all come together on this....

Why Rove shouldn't matter...

Kubricks movies and thinking of Haditha

Survey: Men Pick Condoleezza for Dinner Date - * least admired

Who is Leopold & what is Truthout?

Why is there not a Congressional investigation of this?

"The future of your country is in YOUR hands" (after we have

Has Fitzgerald Announced He's Concluded His Investigation?

Where is Luskin's Letter from the Prosecutor

Old lady bushitler com'n to town... hope she doesn't leave her slime


My phone rang. Caller was from AC 416 (Toronto). Name: A. Farah

If Fitzgerald hasn't confirmed this either way then nothing is final

Statement from Joseph Wilson, husband of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame

Let Jay Leno know how wrong it is to have Ann Coulter on his show!

there is distraction, and then there is distraction!

So what have we learned today?

Atrios' statement on Rove/Leopold

The VA Dem primary is more important than you might think.

This just in--- Kennedy pleads guilty---Rove is innocent

Where does "Crashcart" come from for Cheney's nickname?

FIFA World Cup 2006 France v Switzerland (spoilers)

Theory : Leopold's source is a member of the Grand Jury

Brutish Tuesday! Fight back with a CAPTION!!!

I want to see the letter

The Democratic Response to Republicans' Demand For An Apology

What a heartbreaking scene of the 11-yr old on the beach after father

True story about outsourcing our jobs to Asia.

Levin Latest Conservative Pundit To Hypocritically Attack Durbin

Was bush afraid of Zarqawi...

Lieutenant Watada's War Against the War

Justice is delayed, but will come

Knee Tuesday where it counts, come CAPTION!!!!

Conyers on Hartmann NOW! vs. the Drudge Report?

MSNBC Question of the Day

Never stop fighting

If people stopped to read the law,

TO responds...sorta

Sen. Schumer wants more out of Fitz

Don't forget Kerry & Murtha today!

Interesting re: Rove

George Carlin, Coulter To Face Off On Leno

Huffpo: If the investigation is no longer ongoing (Rove), time for Q&A

Is your home making you fat?

Oil, Politics and Bloodshed Corrupt an Iraqi City

did DU just go down for anyone else?

I stand by and support Congressman Kennedy

Do You Think Someone From the WH Reads This Every Day?

Bush Lands in Baghdad for Surprise Visit...

Let's attack ourselves instead of the enemy!

Ann Coulter is right...

Did Luskin get a letter or a phone call?

A day of angst. Over a month to heal?

Cost of PR Stunt: Trip to Iraq + cabinet members in Camp David?

Come on you guys.

Could "Sealed v. Sealed" be "Wilson v. Rove"?

Mr. Ash doesn't understand who he's playing cards with.

My Source: TO story is a part of the vast alien cover-up.

Talkleft Exclusive: NO DEAL FOR KARL ROVE

*, Tony Snow, Dan Bartlett and journalists in Baghdad - pics>>>

TIME Magazine cover goes wingnutty...

"Surprise" visit to Baghdad?

Homeland Security accepts fake ID (feel safe yet?).

Rove Would Dance Naked on WH Lawn to Distract from RFK Jr. Election Story

Our Own Circular Firing Squad (Rove, Leopold, Fitzgerald)

a view from a GOP-based reality...

The Other Cheney Behind the Scenes

Consensus-Based Journalism -- why can't TO just get on the dang bus

Sloppy Journalism and Scoop Fever -- No more, no less

The station that bumped AAR here in Atlanta is playing Al Franken.

Religious Leaders Urge U.S. to Ban Torture....

Rove keeps handing us exploding cigars

Tears in his eyes

Despite all the goings on this week latest poll still has boooosh at 33%

Hypocrites of Hyannis

What credibility does Luskin have?

How do you feel about the TO/Leopold story?

God's Army of 6-Year-Olds

As for Leopold et al

(Rawstory) Leopold has scheduled an appearance on the Ed Schultz show

Rove Indictment. Who else had a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude?

Bush speaking in Iraq - "continue to hunt . . ."

Talk Left says - No Rove Deal - He didn't get a 5K.

What the frick is Ann Coulter on Leno tonight .

In Bush America, free speech is only for people with the "right" beliefs

How do you think Tweety will handle the Rove story tonight?

Before you get upset about LUSKIN's claim that Rove won't be charged...

Bush quote: We all need a snarky laugh right now...

Bush Administration Quietly Planning NAFTA Super Highway

Shouldn't there be a short news conference from these two?

What is progress?

HEY! Rove Cooperated With Fitzgerald FIVE TIMES. What A Guy!

Alligators come to town thanks to Katrina

CAPTION the Army of two

The Good News: Snowjob can't use the "ongoing investigation" excuse...

*Which photo is weirder?*

Why was the video of the grief of Huda Ghalya (age 7) removed from DU?

American Progress extensive report on Rove's guilt

Am I the only one who can't get riled up about this Truthout thing?

Nobody owes anyone an "apology"...

Big oil = Pure evil

Leopold could be right. Maybe.

Was Jason Leopold Rathered?

Did anyone here get hit by the Yahoo worm?

ThinkProgress: Malkin On Detainee Suicides: ‘Boo-Freakin-Hoo’

Approved for public consumption

Sidney Blumenthal: The liberation of Karl Rove

PROOF That We Can Affect Change Even With Repukes In Power

Someone please tell me something good that happened today.

Stop trashing Truthout, you fall into the Right's trap.

I will deny reality with every fiber of my being!

*: Iran's "interference" in Iraq must end

After Genetic Testing, 11 Cousins Give Up Stomachs to Gain Life

"It sounds crude, but basically our job is to be a bullet sponge."

With Bush in Iraq, Democrats renew calls for US troop pullout

Quick....give me a list of mainstream conservative talking heads...

Everyone who posts a Rove/Leopold thread or reply has to go to DNC meetup.

Hannity going after Daily Kos and Kos himself

What would it take to convince you that TO's 5/13 story was wrong?

Luskin received smoke signals from Fitzgerald's office

Rove made a huge bluder allowing this picture to be printed.

The Blackballing of Truth (RFK Jr. and More)

Was it words, or letters, cursive or printed? Inconsistencies!

Seems the press is a bit quicker to carry Rove news today.

The greatest show on earth (Brazil soccer)

When and what was the last thing that * did right?

Not sure if you have seen this video....

Dictators Spy on Peace Groups

Truthout needs to get rid of Leopold. A stain on their credibility.

A Moran Cartoonist

Which one do you trust more? Leopold, Luskin, or Solomon

Are Republicans Going To Make A Deal With Terrorists?

credit cards -- is this happening to anyone else???

When Nixon broke the law...did they just ask him to stop?

If you want to take a break from eating each other alive

Apple Computers pimps Bush on its web site

I'm taking a hiatus from DU. You guys have been so supportive

It is a long road. It takes time for dictatorships to fall. IT SUCKS.

KPFK special coverage of crisis at South Central Farm

Who Did Randi Just Play

They support COULTER and we can't support Leopold?

So Mary Cheney's back out plugging the book.

World sees US in Iraq bigger danger than Iran-poll

Leopold Needs To Reveal His Source

Code Pink hounds Hillary about war at Take Back America conference

Just got done watching "The smartest guys in the room"

They're on to us-We're been caught LOL

My Rep, Nathan Deal, voted against Net neutrality. Read his response.

This most insane conspiracy theory.

So will anyone ever be prosecuted for outing Valerie Plame?

Ken Mehlman just said the Democrats should Apologize to Karl.

What's with this Ed Schultz guy?

Gitmo suicides on talk radio Monday June 12-- DRehm + a RW host

Coulter Guilty of Plagiarism?

Can we now, finally, ban ALL conspiracy theory/rumor threads from DU?

On the Occasion of 2,500th Troops Death Military Families Speak Out

A thought about today's events....

Oops, the photo-op isn't working

Why are we letting a handful of Snotty Little Boys Ruin the World?

Caption this picture. Laura and ... Santorum?

..about that photo op......

Does Dissent Weaken or Strengthen Us?

After this demoralizing day, I'm going to do something POSITIVE for us

It takes some work, but the ignore button cleans things up nice

So much for Fitzmas! What a load of hooey.

because he can that's why - Bush visit may have downside for al-Maliki...

I'm sorry but if you aren't just as PISSED at the saintly Fitzgerald


Rove has a big grin on his face

Fitz investigation - useful legal analyses of the non-indictment

Do they realize we're on to them?

A suggestion for President Bush while he's in Iraq.........

CNN.."This is a President who values face to face time with people"?

Survey: U.S. Troops More Dangerous Than Iran

Can anyone advise me on how to find a good civil lawyer?

Why do we even trust authorities in America? FBI, CIA, polilce?

What happened to AAR Atlanta AM 1690 ?

I don't think I realized just how much conspiracy theory is at DU until

"Faith in Action" will pay $300/day fine for 10 Commandments 'garden'

A Very Special GUY JAMES SHOW.

Two Bush War Supporters ...

Question Regarding Rove's NH Fundraising

Plame and Joe Wilson may sue Karl Rove in civil court

More on that video email from the fundies

Jason Leopold To Make Radio Appearance On Ed Schultz 3:30 PM

Bush to Stay in Iraq For 5 Hours

We don't "ANTICAPATE" staying in Iraq for long

DUer 'Dementer' is slimed on OpinionJournal

Must children be raised, for their own good, to at least pretend to

Add today's multi-million dollar PHOTO OP to this "impressive" group...

Watching History Channel on FBI: FBI tried to get MLK to commit suicide.

RW SCUMBAG JOHN SOLOMON is original reporter on Rove Story

House Panel Recommends Minimum Wage Hike

Caption *

Breaking..... Attack, Attack!!!!

Something to cheer a lot of us up: President Gore on Larry King tonight!!!

Attention Will Pitt...

Does Fitzgerald's term last beyond Jan 20 09?

Caption creepy guy...he's on the left.

I think the Jason Leopold affair has been a GREAT SUCCESS!

Now the old campaign will start, against GOP= for terrorists

Bush & Rove Are Masters of Media Manipulation

House OKs $94.5 Billion more: Iraq War Price Tag Hits $320 Billion

Un. Fucking. Believable.

Was the Zarqawi hit timed to Bush's trip.

Fitzgerald Leaves Questions Unanswered - Froomkin - WaPo

I am celebrating Karl Rove's avoiding an indictment!

A second motorcycle post....

The REAL Americans

How many people did you call when Leopold's story first came out?

Bush Dog & Pony show in Iraq & why it is so disturbing...

attention newbies and other disaffected visitors to DU today

Life Is Good!

Lieberman's campaign manager says: They won't support Ned


Only a TRUE Scumbag could LIE to Soldiers like he did today.

Bush's secret visit to Baghdad doesn't speak to the secrecy of his...

At least 36 people were killed across Iraq as Bush swaggered around

MA. couple finds 50 lbs of pot in vanity from Home Depot!

Is Tweety smooching Rove's puffy mashmallow ass?

Soldier on The Bruce Burch Show says...

Quiz: which word/words usually follow the word "anticipate"

SHIT! DOW down another 86 points today to 10,706.I'm sure no investor

Apparently we're going to invade Baghdad again

Deal not "discussed"

Will Someone Direct Me Some Books That Definitively States

GAO finds mismanagement of hurricane aid

Right using impeachment as a scare tactic for base

Just as I thought, Fitz is a coward

Did Leopold's interview with Ed Schultz change your mind?

Did NBC set up Coulter with a controversial question to boost her sales?

House votes another $500bn for war. 351-67. Pathetic.

Stock market down 89 points today, now ZERO gain for the year

Now, What About Cheney?

Why have we not heard from Fitzgerald?

New Al Qaeda Guy Al Muhajir Issues Terror Threat to Baghdad's Green Zone

I think another terror attack will have exactly the same effect as the 1st

Letter from the VA

Whatsamatter Bush? No Nascar flyby over Baghdad? You had to sneak in?

Who do you despise most--Bush or Rove?

DU this CNBC poll - Now - Has GOP turned a political corner ??

Bush IN COCKPIT of Air Force One when landed in Iraq (PHOTO)

DLC proposed ticket which will sweep the country in '08:

Luskin Never Said Rove Won't Be Indicted-It Was "Fitz Doesn't ANTICIPATE"

Missing White Billionaire! Blood on the Boat! The Aspens are Turning!

Survey: Men Pick Condoleezza Over Julia Roberts For Dinner Date

John Kerry's spokesman responds to Rove

TelCo Company Pressures Employees To Lobby Against Net Neutrality

Josh Marshall on what this means for Rove's reputation

Now maybe The Liberals Who Hate America will shut up.

Bush might be in Iraq to celebrate our 2,500th casualty.

The News Hour had a NYT reporter Dexter Felkins in Baghdad

Smirky to visit the King

Smoking is good for you. We should build a wall on the Southern border.

Bush disproved everything he has EVER said about Iraq

I fell in love, at first listen today

Malkin On Detainee Suicides: ‘Boo-Freakin-Hoo’

New Subdivisions Ban Sex Offenders From Moving In

Many Iraqis Dismiss Bush Visit As Stunt

Hey all, it's Primary Results Time again!

Don't forget Kerry & Murtha today!

WTF? Bushbots are proven liars about Iraq and responsible for deaths

"I've come here to look you in the eye" George said to P.M. al-Maliki!

Crucial election year event! Concerned Women to save God in the Pledge!

Drug Warriors Push Eye-Eating Fungus

um, has anyone SEEN this letter Luskin attributes?

New Zogby Polls Shows "Cliffhanger" In Tennessee U.S. Senate Race

Dianetics/Scientology ad on a NASCAR car at Irwindale Speedway

Truthout is one of the best sources for information on the internet

Bush Approval inches up to 42%.

;Sharia' Muslims told to leave Australia

It's official, Lieberman WILL not support the winner of the primary (if he


Well, The CIA Leak Case Isn't Done, So Let's Concentrate On 2006 Elections

let's move on-Is europe starting to revolt against the US rendition progra

Does anyone care about language and spin? "Doesn't anticipate"

Seperated at Birth? rotfletc.

From The Nation: Karl Rove Escapes Prosecution

If you were Karl Rove, which would you fear more: indictment or...

Pelosi Speech at Take Back America 2006 Conference

does bush even have a notion that today he was standing in foreign soil?

Caption Rove leaving the White House today

motorcycles kill

H20 Man

Nation article explains technicality that hampered investigating Rove


Mission Acomplished 2....At least he didn't wear a flight suit

Wilson's statement on Rove News

RawStory:Special prosecutor has no comment on clearing of Rove

If Fitz does go after Cheney, what will happen?

How should Karl Rove celebrate the latest news?

Dean re: Rove "it's not very good news for America."

Disappointment, unrejected, embraces me

Should Leopold Out His Sources?

Bush to military: "Our job is to help them (Iraq) succeed . . ." Really?

Why aren't Dems taking up Air America on invitations?

Gas went up 17 cents pay for Bush's secret trip???

Afghanistan and the Ghost of Kipling’s ‘Kim’

The Neo-Con Culture of Death.

Truthout Stands By Indictment Reports (TPM)

Earn It! (New Flash Animation)

Kerry re: Iraq >"We were misled, we were given evidence that was not true"

League of Women Voters SUPPORTS Paper Ballots (VVBP)

Should All Pre-Pregnant Women Give Away Their Cats? Yea or Nay


Leopold is really shaky. Sticks to his story. Questions the letter. nt

Know the media

EXCLUSIVE (talkleft): No Deal for Karl Rove

These two look scared shitless.


We'll Indict Them ALL Soon! Until Then...

Rove--off the hook?

Bush Military History Project #9

LEOPOLD! - snarky posts only

Rove Decision: Political Pressure or Cut A Deal - Which One?

ROVE is Cooperating - Cheney will Resign!

Karl Rove Non-Indictment – Time for Jason Leopold and William Rivers Pitt

New Song Parody

Neil Young Heart of Gold On DVD Today!

House Lawmakers Accept $3,300 Pay Hike

We deserve an apology. You abused our trust Mr. Leopold...

ROFLMAO !!! - Caption THIS !!!

Anything happen with Kerry's Amendment today?

Not to distract anyone but, there are 5 states holding elections today

What encouragement would you support for ORGAN donations?

Coffee may cut alcohol liver damage

Did Rove Squeal on (*,Darth,etc) to avoid an Indictment?

Rove used Leopold to divide us

Wish DUers spent half the time pointing out the HUNDREDS of errors

Luskin cannot be lying...

Ya see what happens when a forum like this gets to big?

South Central Farm Eviction in Process Now!

(Rove) Was it a letter, a phone call, a fax or all of the above?

They've now goten away with treason, perjury, election fraud,

New Anti-War Springsteen Song Available: "Bring 'Em Home"!

In re: Karl Christian Rove

Motorcycle Helmet Laws- Yea or Nay?

Face It Folks....We're Liberals....We're Losers....Get Used To It.

Good news - Sherrod Brown ahead of DeWine by 9 pts!

Bulldozers at South Central Farm

For Christ's sake, Put the pitchforks down...

Why in the hell do I need a tax cut when I don't have a job!

Raise your hand if you have already stopped going to TO for news...

Truthout's Marc Ash-Regarding Mr. Luskin's Statement

Having worked as a columnist, I say Jason Leopold....

Fitzmas: Total distraction to make left love the CIA

I can't take you (DU) anymore!!

Army Spec. Suzanne Swift, 21, Arrested for Refusing to Deploy to Iraq.

Um... When Was Fitzgerald's Announcement, And Where Is The Letter ???

Do YOU KNOW how YOUR reps will vote on Iraq withdrawal amendment?

Something divisive is going on at DU today. If intended, it is a near

Someone is lying...

The ill-logic of Ann Coulter

Judge Dismisses Atheist's Lawsuit on "In God We Trust"

Joe Wilson and Larry Johnson both think Rove has flipped.

Tipper Gore Ready to Support Another White House Run (ABC)

Clark Co. DA files charges against county Recorder: THEFT, FRAUD

Norway thinks corporations shouldn't be scumbags (dumps Walmart, Freeport)

Save trees! Reduce junk mail. Great resource link

Hawking says space colonies needed

I'm not trying to be a dick about this -- SERIOUSLY

So, one of my neighbors called the cops to complain about my signs

The "Only For Non-Tinfoil Types" Thread

Sign the AFSCME health care petition!!!

New Dem Slogan: Freedom Families Jobs Justice

Lieberman is accusing Lamont of leaning to the right

a modest proposal

AutoMark system problem - switches vote - Dallas County, IA

Briefly: Worldwide spending on arms rises yet again (Int'l Herald Tribune)

Palast's new book - * is a success. Repubs killing Dem party.

Party at the polls planned to drum up voter interest

"As Much A Media Event As...A High Level Strategy Session" Rove

Just heard on NBC5 Chicago, BREAKING NEWS: Rove NOT to be charged. . .

Il Dunce to Iraq today??

Rendell, Swann take different stances on PA Helmet laws (re QB crash)

When Murray Waas files a report on Rove being cleared...I will believe

Anybody else feel like the ancient mariner

They're Pulling Out All The Stops To Get *'s Poll #'s Back Up.....

Bush's next step

Sometimes it may be best to step back and let them hog the spotlight...

Bush talking like a different kind of Red stater

The "truth" is always somewhere between the lines..?

Hillary Clinton Faces Anti-War Critics at Take Back America Conference

Replace Lieberman Today...

Al Gore

neo con war monger R. Rep. Joe Wilson is PROUD

Strickland & Blackwell to debate

My dogs are barking at the White House Neocons.

does any one know who it was that said Bill Clinton was too

So, is anyone else thinking flight suit romp when they announced

McDermott: Bush puts Burner on the Front Burner

Let's not lose perspective

Screw Rove!! Read this today & every day - VOTE Make a difference.

* Can't Hit Iran While Iraq Is Still A Boiling Point - So The Zarqawi ....

Tipper Gore Ready to Support Another White House Run (by Al Gore)

Dean on NBC: Rove "doesn't belong in the White House."

David Horowitz: I don't think that Ann Coulter wrote her book for money

To me, this Rove thing only makes sense one way.

Chimp with puppet (Photos)

Just heard on ABC News: Republicans Demand an Apology.

Re: Luskin letter- a response from Barbash at the Washington Post...

Quick help...Need poll on GA Lt. Gov race ASAFP

English-only Senators' websites in Spanish: Developing...

Karl "Marx" Rove is an insult to humanity n.t

Rove would have been pardoned anyway

Kerry, Congress to focus on Iraq: Il Dunce GOES to Iraq, spouting

40 years ago today - an incredibly Sad Anniversary for Conservatives

Rove Tosses SmokeBombs to Keep MSM from RFK Jr. Election 2004

Can you feeeeel the LOOOVVE toniiiiight?!?!?

Edit: Jason Leopold on Schultz at 3:30

Freespeech TV: Corrections

If Rove is completely cleared according to a letter Luskin received

Oh boy this is exciting don't you think this is exciting??

Too funny to be untrue!

Bad news for bush today

I smell a whole bunch of ugly ........

When All the smoke clears.....


Jason Leopold on Ed Schultz show in about 15 minutes.

I dare Bush to go outside the green zone while in Iraq

Rummy says there are 263,000 Iraqi troops

Newt Gingrich thinks Bush is "looking a little better, little stronger"

Corallo confirms a letter was sent from Fitz

So is Jason going to come through on his threat to rat out his sources

A post wailing, gnashing of teeth and renting of garments suggestion

Hey Bob, where's the letter?

Get to the polls if you live in VA and haven't voted. There was not

Please vote! With our own polling, they can't cheat so bad on electon day

AP: GOP Scraps Vote on Mine Agency Nominee

Swiftboating - the Sequel

Why is Bob Strum a spokesman for the dems?

Rove smears two veterans

Iraqwill be okay when a US Pres can go to Baghdad withOUT a security force

Once Repub Corruption is Exposed, Next step is DECERTIFY Repub Party

Many Iraqis dismiss Bush visit as stunt

Chairman Howard Dean to Address College Democrats of America Convention

Polls close in Virginia in 30 minutes...predictions?

Is Patrick Fitzgerald finished? Is it time for him to shut it down?

How much do you think today's little photo-op cost the American taxpayers?

How can we bring the Democratic Party together again?

Stars and Stripes: (Kerry) says wait-and-see approach a failed strategy

Hackett on for Springer this morning

Virginia Election results...

London Telegraph: 50,000 troops to Remain in Iraq on Permanent Bases

I am going to be the first person to apologize to Rove

Just wondering, for those who think all lawyers lie, since you think

Virginia investigating Delay for vote fraud

John Kerry at the Take Back America 2006 Conference

Virginia Primary...I voted for Webb with some reluctance...low turnout

The True Meaning of YearlyKos

Love your iPod? Think twice. "Apple criticized for factory conditions"

God help us all

On Wednesday prepare your TVo's, get the popcorn, call the neighbors

Blocking the Vote in Ohio

Can someone help me out with rove's military career?

Strickland, Brown lead rivals

No, Mary, it's not your turn

Michelle Malkin plays catch-up with bony soulless hate-monger Ann Coulter

the looks on the faces of the men/Condi behind smirk at Camp David

asshole "president" using the troops as props again

Kerry slams “Bushes, the Cheneys, the armchair warriors" on “immoral” war

Fitzgerald Silent --- Truthout STILL Maintains Rove Indicted

How do we know that the Repubs aren't going to 'Win" again?

How about a little trip to Alachua County

Bush talking to the troops in Iraq-using 9/11 again...

DU this ABC news poll: Would You Vote For Al Gore in 2008?

Hillary Clinton Faces Anti-War Critics -- booed!

In Kansas, a Troubling Fissure for GOP

Kerry's Message To Clintonistas

DLC's Whitman insults, dismisses Liberal blogosphere

Amer Hospital Assn Says Universal Health Coverage is Possible

Why no Kucinich 2004 election documentary?

Why is Mark Warner Richard Perle's (PNAC) second favorite Democrat??

Examine the entrails & predict the August Connecticut Primary.