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Let's Roll® (From Counterpunch, April 1, 2002)

Who's next? The US got its man. Now it must target the real threat in Iraq

ChicagoTrib: Democrats court bloggers at convention

In Texas Town, New Drug Plan Baffles Patient and Provider

Buying Their Way In

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites

Russia Shifts Part of Its Forex Reserves from Dollars to Euros

The Senate seeks to "pardon" the President for past lawbreaking

It was one of the grandest propaganda schemes in history...

I just spent a few hours going over the results from CA 50- ya know what?

Help! Does anyone know how I find the DU thread that compares RFK's

IO: Congratulations to (and thank Deity for) Mary Jo Drake

State Convention mailing

Came home to a split screen with double icons. Is this a computer problem

Results of the Party Chair Race

convention attendees-was Van Os not the BEST speaker?

Creative solutions

SLA soldiers massacre family of four in Vankalai, Mannar

Bush directs outreach on Gitmo suicides

In Texas Town, New Drug Plan Baffles Patient and Provider Alike

U.S. to Hold International Meeting on Somalia

AP Iraq insurgents post new beheading video

Greens call for Guantanamo to close (Australia)

NYT: Iraq Decides It Still Needs U.S.-Led Military Presence

China's hi-tech military disaster Times/UK

Democrats Closing Fundraising Gap With Republicans

First tropical depression forms in Caribbean

Yard told MI5 of terror tip doubt (update)

Records for 150,000 Colo. Voters Missing

Taliban Surges as U.S. Shifts Some Tasks to NATO

Ariz. AG: Fugitive Polygamist Has Returned

As Agenda Falters, Bush Tries a More Personal Approach in Dealing With Con

Bloomberg: Criticizing government can be patriotic

Wind-Power Projects Halted (by DoD)

Marine Says Rules Were Followed in Haditha

Ku Klux Klan converges on Antietam battlefield

Hundreds Of Iraqi Soldiers Deserting

US right looks to Bush the younger (Jeb)

Some injured GIs decide to stay in Iraq

Castro: Al-Zarqawi Killing a 'Barbarity'

Dime-size hail just started dropping all over!

Gonna move up to the country, paint my mailbox BLUE

The Dingbat is a Grandpa.


What the HELL!?

Do you believe the Bush administration's story about who shot J.R.?

Did you hear about the Irish Polack?

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle...

Need Refrigerator Help

Best rendition of "Little Wing"?

Simba. His growl loud.

Happy Birthday Howlin' Wolf!

Picard and Dathon, at El-Adrel

Temba. His arms wide.

Anybody else into Porcupine Tree?

Is it time to start protesting straight weddings?

Jack the cat chases black bear up tree

*remember the SPAM FILTER*

Can I please KILL me!!!!!!!!.. I'm an @$$hole

Holy Jeebus. "Date Movie" is the worst POS I've ever rented.

I will be going out in a few minutes.

i just got tickets to see Kathy Griffin

Whee ha! Neil Young

Okay - I confess

Can I please KILL my CAT!!!!!!!!..He's an @$$hole

The Amway/Quixtar cult brainwashed my best friend! Help!

What's for dinner?

Shut up! Lewis Black, Red White and SCREWED is on HBO!!

I remember being thrilled with 88K floppies - after paper tape & cassettes

Any Lansing-Dreiden fans?

my favorite song with

Just saw the trailer for the new James Bond movie

I back!

Network to rerun 'Pee-wee's Playhouse'

Hmmm. 2 weeks in a row and alcohol has an increasingly diminishing effect

Have you ever posted in the nude?

It is 6.22am (in Germany)

I LOVE Texas (pic)

What happened to McConaughey? I'm watching A TIme to Kill & he's GOOD. ?! or, how many Repukes can you pick out in a search

Personalized License Plates

3 year old missing

When you see Ann Coulter's trash in the bookstore

Don't you hate it when a poster answers every person who posts...

Walking a mile in someone else's shoes

Okay, I'm goin' trash huntin' tonight... Big time Saturday night...

What's Your Favorite John Waters Film?

Kitten photos (8 weeks)!

New Word: Divorcorexia


ever tested for hypothyroidism? Told that wasn't it? read this.

Commercials you just absolutely love....

More kittens . . . very cute. (dial up warning - maybe)

[sexy voice]What aren't you wearing? [/sexy voice]

Okay, here it is, I just plain don't like tattoos. Have at me.

Gotta do it-fave 90's videos that are not well known.

Saw the Prarie Home Companion film last night

If your wife wanted to look like this, would you?

As A Persecuted Christian.....

Pomegranate juice improves lipid profiles in diabetic patients

Fears of Poland's gay community (BBC News)

Yet another poll...

Suggestions for GLBT Canadian forums?

Iran Or Mexico?

I am a Mets fan

"Jump!" - Karen Bishop - June 10, 2006

Full Moon in Sagittarius - Sunday, June 11, 2006

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition

The Center for Public Integrity

Did Bloggers Win Primary For Kerry

OK, some issues!

OK, Lewis Black is now trashing JK.

More Kitties!

Guess who just scored tickets to the Dixie Chicks concert in Knoxville, TN

2492 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Watching Robert Kiyosaki on PBS

DU woman...Take the AFL-CIO's 2006

So my son who works for an mega militay industrial complex reports....

Another one sees the light.

It was one of the grandest propaganda schemes in history...

Remembering Shannon Moore

Say it loud - say it often. Voting Machines Don't Work!

Fourth Estate Radio Show 10pm- 1am!

Re. the SUCCUBUS -- "God I wish I'd said this" WORTHY READ

Louis Black HBO tonight

Help me!!! Gitmo suicides an "Act of War"????

Reid to propose legislation to hold Bush admin accountable on Iran Intell

Reuters: Zarqawi recruited hundreds for attacks abroad-NYT

Man, nobody in my city has a sense of humor... :)

Children's bad diet and future violence

Bush discusses Border Patrol (VIDEO) Hilarious!

Ann Coulter (If Anybody Cares) Is Featured In Time Interview

Have you taken the media bias survey?

Patriot Act even covers purchasing of a new car!

How Hispanics Became the New Gays: By FRANK RICH

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition

WP:Democrats Closing Fundraising Gap With Republicans

How Life Began: New Research Suggests Simple Approach

Zarqawi found god after a drunk just like Bu$h.. see LINK in my signature

US right looks to Bush the younger

Marine Says Rules Were Followed, Denies coverup

Our enemies are playing each other tomorrow at the World Cup.

one US troop dead. buried in a story of iraqi violence

Live Webcast Now 7:30 PST W/Malloy. Flanders, Hartmann and S. Miller

SNL: dick cheney as Santa.

New Report From Guantanamo


How much influence does the energy industry have over America?

Found a Dominionist Web Page

The Dem leadership should resign now and pass the torch

There IS a G*d! "MSNBC Axes Maury And Connie"

We need this song on the radio day in and out -was right back then, is now

Russ Feingold made my day.

JOE BAGEANT: Under the Blue Mango


The Democrats: If Jack, Bobby, and Kenny Had Breakfast Today

C'mon Journalists. Let's put "haradin" back in the English dictionary.

Borders: Pushing Cauldron's book to the max

Pete Seeger just turned 87 on May 3rd.

The woman I detest FAR more than Ms. Coulter

Should we call for an independent prosecutor re: election fraud?...

VIDEO: Thousands of cyclists go NAKED in oil protest (BBC News)

Lewis Black on HBO... anyone watch it?

ABC local affiliate reports Zarqawi may have been beaten to death ...

China locking up OIL for the past 6 months -crisis looming

America: From Freedom to Fascism (movie trailer)

Anyone want to meet up at the Take Back America conference?

Am I actually a Democrat???

Who are the most annoying ideologues in online forums?

Very interesting to watch/listen to: Yearly Kos (Plame Panel, etc.)

Pravda thinks the U.S. is falling apart (I mean *really* falling apart)

CA-50: who is Paul King?

David Sirota in WaPO!! FIND YOUR TRUE CENTER (Don't Compromise)

Anyone just watch Phelps woman in screaming match on Fox News

The Moran Family Reunion

Why is it that U.S. citizens are FORBIDDEN to see flag-draped coffins

For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Résumé

50% of employees 18 to 24 do not plan to stay with their companies

For those who believe the Zarqawi story coming from Bush and his minions

Duers I bear good tidings - the repukes here in red state hell are mad!!

Feingold: Democrats will not win "if we play it safe

How true this is

God please help Penn Dist 7 voters throw out that turd named Weldon

Conversation with a co-worker about the war...

If the minimum wage had been adjusted for inflation, what would it be?

We need a new "Winter Soldier" documentary now!

Karla Faye Tucker or a dying Zarqawi trying to get off of the stretcher...

Exactly how are you going to feel after even more election fraud in ‘06?

AIPAC Case Ruling coming up soon. Fateful decision either way

WP's George Will: Warming to A Candidacy? (Gore)

§ 527 orgs

9/11 was an "ACCIDENTAL BOMBING" (O'Reilly vid clip, C&L)

George Bush Doesn't Care About (You)

There is a modem connected to the central tabulator in LA county.

DNC starts their tour of '08 Democratic Convention locations this month!

What IS Our Children Learnin'? DC High School Newsletter

Dean and Warner Rock YearlyKos

Wes Clark Rocks the House in Las Vegas and Texas

Fallen Star Blames Self, GOP Tactics .. (this article is unbelievable!)

Do we want to win in 06 & 08 or not? (illegal immigration)

Commentary: Keep the Internet neutral, fair and free

Minimum wage Issue could alter Ohio's political picture

Close House race hinges on Pryce's role as GOP leader

JOE BAGEANT: Under the Blue Mango

Ohio Bureau of Worker's Comp's financial chief lived in high style

John Nichols (The Nation): Which Way Dems? Murtha v. Hoyer

Edward Said in Japanese

Civilians the forgotten victims of Iraq stress disorder

Good Reading

Morals in A Combat Zone (WaPo)

NYT: A Hands-On Tribute to Firefighters' Pain and Valor on 9/11

Iran may have upper hand over West, analysts say

WAPO: The Next Options Scandal: How to pay executives under the table

Town honors legendary Col. David Hackworth

Top politicians pay homage to king of bloggers

Military Matters: Iraq base skedaddle

Troops applaud al-Zarqawi’s death, but question its impact

Introducing the New “C” Word: “Coulter!”

An Oldie but a Goodie:"Debunking Centrism" David Sirota '04

What's in a name? For some, a hassle (terror watch list)

Are reporters really 'Lapdogs' in the Bush era?

Senility Finally Strikes George McGovern. . .

LAT op-ed: If we wait for "proof" of global warming, it will be too late

War is a Racket--Smedley Butler in the Original

Marine Known as "Marlboro Man" Weds

Bush Administration Failing America’s AIDS Crisis

WP's Being a Black Man Series: A Path All His Own

LAT: Ann(Coulter), let's call this what it is (Pornography)

Lethally blonde (UK Observer on Ann Coulter)

Eyes in the West Are on Federal Land Sale

Gardeners can slow climate change

Arnold's Green Campaign Machine

Bid On Items From "An Inconvenient Truth"

Vermont considers a new power plant and other bright ideas

Gypsy Moth Invasion Ruining N.J. Forests

Any advice on purchasing a manual push reel lawn mower?

Fuel-less Flight.

Pollution From Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow

Wind developer pulls up stakes, state issues new regs (Vermont)

Tropical Storm Alberto: Place your bets now!

Waste storage dilemma crimps nuclear future

Miami Heat owner: Israel, pray for our victory

Peretz: Gaza beach blast may have internal Palestinian cause

PM: IDF most ethical army in world

Gaza: On the beach

UK ban of Israeli academics lifted

IDF: Samhadana was planning attack when IAF hit PRC base

Palestinian shot dead in vehicle near West Bank checkpoint

Peretz blocks IDF plan for broad offensive in Gaza

Israeli air strike kills two Hamas men

Study: Poverty in Israel is now at the worst level in Western world

Hamas prisoners retract support of prisoners' plan

Judge Nails "Holocaust-Denier" Smear

Israeli critically wounded in Qassam salvo on Negev

Even if you never believed or will ever believe, this is very curious.

perhaps a little light-hearted, but....

9-11 truth movement videos of historical significance

Talking Points Memo On Elections (for Progressive media)



Stop/Punish Blackwell/Educate about Stolen Election '04 flyer needs input

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, SUNDAY June 11, 2006

At what point do we become the AUTHORITY?

Calif. GOP seeks to mobilize volunteers

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, June 10, 2006

Letter From America

Oh, dear. Katherine and Theresa are splitsville.

Denver: Agency loses voter records-Data For 150,000 at risk

Fighting for a Fair Vote

LTTE alert--support Al Gore's movie!

I'm going to brag on this from the BOR

Wes Clark at convention (video)

Photos from the Texas State Convention

Bush impeachment resolution KO'ed - My God, what have we done?

If you weren't at the DU after-party at Billy Miner's - "THE ARISTOCRATS!"

Anybody here know anything about Dale Henry, our TX RR Comm. candidate?

I had a great time at the convention (and afterward)...until...

Democrats' statewide slate: A dream deferred? (DMN article)

A few images from the TDP Convention

What do I do with Tilapia and Mahi-Mahi?

Bahrain NEX complex opening this week

Sweden labels Golan wines: 'Made in occupied Syrian land'

NYT | At Site of Attack on Zarqawi, All That's Left Are Questions

GOP Removes Key Iraq Provision From Bill ( to bar permanent bases)

Iran Says It's Happy al-Zarqawi Is Dead

Civilians the forgotten victims of Iraq stress disorder

LA Times: Net-Savvy Democrats Aim to Pack a Digital Punch

Iran finds some atomic incentives unacceptable

Al Qaeda in Iraq vows to 'shake the enemy' -> Not shaking

LAT Net-Savvy Democrats Aim to Pack a Digital Punch

Nepal ends king's veto powers

Iraq province cuts links with British army after deadly clashes

Iran football team face mass protest

Al-Zarqawi's Death Prompts Attack Warning (AP - Terra, Terra)

NYT,pg1: Pollution From Chinese Coal Casts a Global Shadow

Zarqawi death raises question of timing for war debate

AP Violence persists after al-Zarqawi's death

Village votes on ending prohibition

Suicides renews criticism of Guantanamo

Prominent diplomat, publisher missing

Sancho says he will fight rule changes

China Walks Out of Encryption Meeting

Iraqi Official Says Most Foreign Troops to Leave by End of 2007

Specter maintains threat of subpoenas (of phone firms if NSA talks fail)

U.S. Military Rejects Reports Al-Zarqawi May Have Been Beaten

Saudis Allege Torture in Guantanamo Deaths

Many hired to grade (Florida) FCAT lack credentials, review finds

Bush to weigh Iraq strategy; US general forecasts troop cut

4 charged with hate crimes in attack on singer (Gay Bashing)

Judge May Decide if Eavesdropping Is Legal

A Student's Forest Paper Sparks One Hot Debate

Dems mock border wall

Fear of Big Battle Panics Iraqi City (Ramadi)

Mary Cheney's book sells fewer than 6,000 copies since release

U.S. Mad Cow Cases Are Mysterious Strain

Two die as hardline Islamists ban World Cup

Cuban President warns of world food crisis

Guantanamo suicides 'acts of war'

Am I having an age crisis???

A song for you


Is there anyone who LITERALLY makes you sick in your stomach

Nazis are A-holes, and I'll be the first one to say it.

Some people really deserve beat downs . Crazy Saturday night.

My favorite basketball game of all time...

World Cuppers - why are there only 2 East Asian teams in the World Cup?

I just gave one of the iBooks a tan.

a soldier and a nun....

Ah Can't Help Myself... finally I make a bumper sticker for the LOUNGE...

Cool image I just found

Inspired by Common Sense Party - Fav 70's bands

I just got back from the hospital and...


Hilarious Pat Robertson sketch from an '80s SNL episode.

Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Warning: Potentially explicit lyrics)

The aliens are here!

I thought I would share a response I got to an article I wrote.....

HELP ME! I'm scarred

Loungies, you're lettin' me down


"Free Dog Night"

I got a PM and I'm not sure how to take it

The Easter Bunny is to get high, shave itself, and lay eggs on Monday!

Magician Walks on Water

What is your personal experience with length?

Thalt shalt not covet thy neighbor's

I don't got a PM and I'm not sure how to take it

Thank you moderators! I truly appreciate moderation!

I am so ashamed, but on TV i hear there's help for 'A Reptile Dysfunction'

I don't get PMS and i don't know how to take it

Hey, if you like those 80s videos on

Piggy, Piggy, burning bright in the forests of the night....

Oy! Look at the size of my berries!

Good Morning DU

"Get a good grip on your weiner..." actual comment by soccer coach at

Somebody turn the organ music down.

Who else longs for a peaceful, restful time when people prospered & cared?

golfball size hail

We're going to a pub to watch Iran vs. Mexico

I'm going to see THE SAMPLES tonight!

I went kayaking for the first time today.

Sirius or XM ?

An early morning rant

What should I pay for a week of house/dog sitting

I'm not sure I can forgive DU this time

For enjoyment I like to shoot some hoops.

Will this Uma Thurman movie will sink or swim?

How do I find history of Firefox?

Could some of you let me know if this is on the up-and-up?

Who else is annoyed by countries who are anal-retentive about their name?

Help me think of messages for freeway blogging!

Sunday artwork: a portrait of NewWaveChick1981

read this, The Ladder Theory

"A historic" or "an historic"?

Firefox users: question about effed up functions.

The new Greg Graffin (of Bad Religion) album is SPECTACULAR!

Does anyone have the animated gif of bush picking his nose?

I propose that there is a video worse than the Finnish video

Getting rain from TS Alberto here in Orlando, People nekked in streets

Are people still having lots of babies out of wedlock?

Ever enjoy Match Game? Well, here's a little website you might enjoy:

Van Halen Poll Time

HELP ME! I'm scared!

DU Chinese cooks.. Ever tried "velveting"?

If you're in Texas, don't go outside

Please post something positive about Finland...they need it now more

Who here thinks Dirk Nowitzki is adorable

Funny immigration debate cartoon on youtube......

How about them Mets?

Favorite Ingmar Bergman Film?

Those f*ckholes at Network Solutions conveniently forgot to

US mens's team plays Czech Republic in World Cup soccer tomorrow!

Do you enjoy breathing helium from balloons; sounding like Alvin Chipmunk?

What is your favorite kind of poll?


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/11/06)

Tonight Patty and Selma will kidnap McGyver

Mole, Mole, Mole........

Do You Have a Card?

Is Supergay man?

breakfast on pluto...

So much for getting back with the ex. I need a hug.

Channel 4 Advert - Celebs Swearing

Who here does not care about the World Cup.

I am SOOOOOO bummed that they didn't finish making this movie

The Gospel According to a Led Zeppelin fan...

Hugs, please. In the most desperate need of hugs.

Anyone have any experience with Napster or Virgin Digital?

My preview of the Packers vs Bears games coming in a few months...

I cheated, and it was good.

Is gay super, man?

The claw!

she's gone

Quote of the evening from last night's Roller Derby

UGH! Too many chicken strips!

Motor Oil changers...pick your poison.

I swear I'm bad luck for the Reds

Be careful when handing your keys to a valet parking attendant.

Why is it that everywhere I go, I feel like an outsider looking in?

Thomas Kinkade admirers, check in here:

ever tested for hypnotoadism?

FuckWit Al Micheals just compared the Iranian World Cup team to Nazis.

I have a friend over.


Happy birthday wishes to......

Congratulations rucky!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations Kahuna!! 15,000 posts

I just watched an amazing episode of All in the Family...

SNAFU at Target, bet their webmaster is in deep sh**

I lost an ENTIRE day this weekend.

Pets in Nigeria

Book recommendations for an 11 year old girl

Bear becomes "old coot". (Dial-up warning!)

why the fuck has DU been slow as hell the past few days?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Is Superman Gay?

Nick Lachey : Behind the Bullshit

Looks like Sir Paul will need an extra-large breakfast spliff today

Best Anti-War Video/Song EVER!!! (post'm, if you got'm)

"You could listen to a cat giving birth..."

does this place have a live chat room feature?

Some thoughts you may enjoy

State of Belief "Best Of" Edition "Listen Now" at 5PM frm DU's Latest Page

Singer Kevin Aviance beaten by gay-bashers

Fired lesbian teacher can sue; Dismissal followed gay-rights lesson

I hate Shaq...but...

Chess News for week ending June 11

kickoff Iran-Mexico

This may not qualify as a sporting event, but

I think Univision is rooting for Mexico against Iran.

Here are my suggestions to make soccer better:

Home and still undecided on Webb or Miller

I can't believe there is a KOS convention

Feigned stupidity - aaaargh

Congress to focus on war, terrorism

This is the problem

OK, I'll ask since no one else did:

In honor of the World Cup The Ghana national team during

Nasty Urchins

Hi, gang ... I'm back!

Okay, which one should I submit?

You pros will probably laugh at me but.... Panasonic DMC-FZ30

Bob Cox Guilty of Premature Jocularity?

After Bush Administration, should US declare bankruptcy ?

Zarqawi followers 'vow revenge'

Russert and Rumsfeld on bin Laden's mountain fortress

Behind the enemy's blurred lines

Literally a Mt. Fuji sized amount of bullshit

Rev. Peterson: May God bless Bush & Zarqawi burn with 72 devils!


Do you let your kids use MySpace?

On Aug 6th, Present Voting Rights Act Violations Charges Since DOJ Wont

Saw An Inconvenient Truth (Loved it)

2,492 troops now dead in Iraq.

U.S. to Sue Guantanamo Suicides for Destroying Govt Property?

Nick Lachey : Behind the Bullshit

Army offers bonuses for officers transferring in from other services

ahaha FR=owned

Nate Clay: LIVE liberal radio til 5am - police brutality in Chicago & Iraq

Fujairah Shariah court orders man to be stoned to death for adultery - UAE

Reuters: Saudi lawyer blames US for Guantanamo suicides

Fla attorney general Charlie Crist pushes for tougher "anti-murder" laws

Where can I find a good weather record of normal temps and precipitation?

Indebted to Liberal Causes: An Interview with George Soros

US Gulag: "HUNDREDS of Men have been Held for YEARS Without Charge"!!!

Coincidences or not?

My new nickname for Al Gore - The Lorax

Phelp's Screamers on Fox NOW!!!!!!!

The Solution to Illegal Immigration

Torch My Ride: Arson for Hire

Murtha Announces that he wants to be Majority Leader

Parade disinformationist Walter Scott says Rovepublicans'll lose House

Data on Nuclear Agency Workers Hacked: Lawmaker

WTF? No "Meet the Press"?

Conservatives are losing on gay rights

U.S. general: No plan to request more GIs

Voting: A Touchy Subject - Provo Utah, Daily Herald

Is there a list of where and when Guantanamo prisoners were seized?

Is there ANYTHING that W has said or done in 6 years that we can believe?

Looks like Sir Paul will need an extra-large breakfast spliff today

Paul Bremer... now if that isn't a tired hack I don't know what is....

Can someone explain the Internet neutrality issue to me?

Help needed - San Diego Election

Is a movement building to blacklist Dan COULTER?

Short Shadow's taxicab report: A dish best served cold.


Look at the bumpersticker I found on Bartcop

Save the Humboldt Squid.

Admiral Harry Harris

Our puppet government wants the Afghan people to register their guns now

Five Iraqis killed as British troops clash with Mehdi militia

Stop Loss Travesties

All the signing statements scrubbed from the online database?

Disturbing Piece About Government Hiding Secrets From The Public (WaPo)

LOOOOOOVE them Google ads!

"That makes sense to me, dond't it?"

Tropical Storm Alberto kicks off hurricane season

IMO the real religious issue is simple. We worship the Church of $$$$$$$$$

Bush's Science Guy Answers Questions (Bush has a science guy)

Ann Coulter's mother receives letter from her local paper

I guess I am surrendering on the voting machines

Bush Military History Project #8

I donated and I keep the Google Ads ON!

signing statements

Just in on CNN: Al-Qaeda Promises Severe Retaliation for Zarq.'s death.

WP Front Page Story about Marines following procedures in Haditha?

Worried about terrorism? Look what's happening at home...

British troops, insurgents battle in Iraq



Iraqi says U.S. troops beat dying al-Zarqawi

Remember this: * designates a dump in Fresno as National Historic Landmark

Caption this picture of *

bin Laden and the CIA

Katrina Email: "Great job of diverting hostile fire away from the leader."

Data Theft at Nuclear Agency Went Unreported for 9 Months

Help with debunking email from RW cousin

Curious why Hilary didn't go to KOS

Some Democrats said the death of Zarqawi in Iraq was a stunt...

Prairie Home Companion, the film C-Span - PBS - and Republicans

Remember when Jason Leopold said Rove was soon to be indicted?

$1 million Moonie mystery (a million bucks to Houston?)

Protestors at the ExxonMobil Shareholders Meeting in Dallas, Texas

A very good cartoon about Ann the man

2006 as Murtha vs. Bush

The Zarqawi Story - Why so many lies?

new Health Rule - they can test you whether you want it or not

For the few who have not seen this ..... Katherine Harris' t.v. spot.

Ugh! Time Magazine Zarqawi Cover

Act For Love Announces Million Marble March

* "blows a kiss" as he returns from Camp David - pic

Tuesday morning, the War Council meets at Camp David...

Fort Sam (Houston) lacks cash to pay the light bill

Firing up Dems in red states - Wes Clark in Texas (video)

Great NonSequitur today

Yes or No : Will Zarqawi's autopsy be made public ?

Sex scandal hits Patrick Air Force Base

Get up, Stand up!

Power Rankings of House and Senate members by knowlegis

BBC News: Guantanamo suicides a 'PR move'

More Holes in the Official Story on Zarqawi's Death

Bilderberg 2006

Using Karl Rove as a Dem Strategist

Faux News Sunday afternoon: "Zarqawi Still Dead"

ALBERTO??? Why hurricane name's in SPANNISH?

Grocery Chains and Bush's Ownership Society (stores closing)

GOP 20 points down for Congress - November asskicking to follow.

"Things would be better if someone would get Zarqawi"

The fax that reveals US is flying terror suspects to Europe’s secret jails

Maybe the president shouldn't smile when he speaks of War.

a couple of thoughts regarding our current mess.

Senator Harry Reid calls for bill to oversee Iran intel

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I just came across it:

Is a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage necessary?

Kevin Aviance beaten in NYC

Specter Ready for Fight Over Spy Program

Mexico stomped Iran in the World Cup

This time next week it will be 2500

Does anyone know what time the Libby hearing

did you catch the Connie and Carl segment on W.J. ?

If a person hanging himself is an "act of war"...

kickoff Iran-Mexico

Bush and his minions LIE about everything

ACLU presidential power forum from Ann Arbor webcast tonight...

Why I believe Bill Clinton was and still is loved in the world

How can we fight this new terrorist tactic? Are we prepared?

Media trying to pull Zarqawai death through the weekend doldrums.

"...the most dangerous woman in America"

Well I got my letter from the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs.

Prominent Md. Publisher Missing From Boat

Suicides??? at CLUB G'ITMO??? Wow, it looks so nice in the brochure...

Poll : What is your opinion of Congress ?

Gingrich on C-Span trying to cast himself as the Repuke version of Al Gore

The Mysterious Death of Pat Tillman

Guantanamo deaths not suicide claim lawyers, family, ex-inmates

Shrub doesn't want the American people to think that a war is

What horrors, shocks, scandals, explosions & tortures are up this week?

Your Right to Know What's in Your Food

Contortions twist tighter: Right wing bloggers wrestle with Christ.

Republican Family values

What good are any of us once the crash comes?

You thought the Omen was scary, click on this thread

Help me understand RE: al-Zarqawi, bin Laden, Bush, FBI

I just sent an email to my three local newspapers with a link to the RFK

CAPTION: A manly Freeper man

STATE OF BELIEF Right Now!! Air America Radio 5-6PM EDT

Dominatrix web site seems to confirm Randi's Bush/Bennet slave story

Amnesty International: 'End Guantanamo lawlessness'

Why do republicans hate America???

This morning I was watching Carl Cameron from fox news...

And if they *are* scrubbing the signing statements? "So What?" we ask...

Pellicano blasts federal wiretapping case

If you were a Progressive TV media mogul?

Can we please refrain from posting World Cup Spoilers in thread titles?

Stars & Stripes LTTE: Leaders need war course, too

Tropical Storm Alberto forms in the Gulf

Suicides provoke calls to close Guantanamo...

Left Coasters: "Blogosphere" & LV Yearly Kos "Coming up on Meat The Press

Rocky Mountain News repports 150K voters' info lost

Join Al Gore conference call -- NOW

Specter inadvertantly speaks the TRUTH!

Iraqis in Al Anbar province leaving army in droves

Murray Waas cautions CIA leak case could fizzle out. It could go nowhere.

7 p.m. ACLU presidential power forum - stream it live....

A New "Perle Harbor" - Richard Perle reveals US War Plans in the Iranian

Why do donation-based left wing sites bother the RWingnuts so much?

POLL: Will you believe the US military's autopsy on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

Pro-Zarqawi MPs anger Jordan

Zarqawi bigger on the web then Bin Laden

Our G.I.'s will keep fighting & dying as long as W damn well pleases.

Did Bin Laden drop the dime on Zarqawi?

Wes Clark on C-SPAN now . (Road to the WH)

What PNAC wants, PNAC gets --- Zarqawi, Iran and Tinfoil

ABC News/LA Times - Inspectors' Worst Fear: Winnebagos of Death

Meanwhile..... OBL is watching world cup soccer game

I was way out ahead on this one. Mann Coulter's book says

Scrap All War Crimes Tribunals Now

Fight Climate Change! Bid on 'An Inconvenient Truth' Merchandise on EBAY

Why isn't Coulter's book on the NY Times bestselling list

Some questions about Osama's mountain fortress

Let's swear, after this, no more man-Coulter threads

CNN: Al Qaeda documents outline serious weapons program - January 25, 2002

Does Zarqawi really deserve the Time magazine giant red X?

Wedgies and Dirty Politics

Looking for a comparative study of property taxes across the country.

People have shot down the idea of using gassification to produce

what would it take to give DU the bug? a quick campaign story

What is it with the soccer-based anti-Europeanism here lately?

A note on 'persecution' of the 'christian' Right

Bush declares war on Iran due to "acts of war" at Gitmo....

Great Comic

What will Al Qaeda claim as good news after al Zarqawi's apparent death?

W: "The Enemy is putting Death & Destruction on our T.V's".


Great Protest Video

Rice: We were only worried about "traditional" hijackings prior to 9/11

So the "conspiracy theorists" were right once again

FOX news: Iraqi Drones May Target U.S. Cities - February 24, 2003

I work with a "rocker-chick" republican......*help me*

"myth: the US was founded on Christian principles."

Tropical Storm Alberto

Krakatoa: Volcano of Destruction @ 9 eastern tonite

Zarqawi killing a war crime?????

So, US troops are now going to lay seige to Ramadi, eh? (AGAIN)

Clark: * invaded Iraq to cover up the command negligence that led to 9/11

The reality and BOTTOM LINE of Lewis Black's reach to do his Kerry bashing

how many soldiers have gone through Iraq?..any idea?

As a citizen, do you WANT the responsiblity of being MORE INFORMED or

what happens to the party if we don't make gains in 2006 or 2008?

What do we owe our children?

LOL - "Most helpful" amazon review of coulter's book

Eatery's English-only sign raises ire

Here's My Theory on Zarqawi

Why would soldiers beat a wanted enemy on a stretcher TO DEATH?

Phillip Merrill, Prominent Publisher & Bush Diplomat Missing from Yacht

I met Congresswoman McKinney last night at the premier of "American Blacko

What would it take to give DU the bug?

Abramoff's ex-partner cites link to Gotti

--Petition Against Military action against Iran --

AFL-CIO position on Illegal Immigration ( Protectionisits beware)

Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa: 'Jury is still out on WMD'

Fundraising $$$ ~~ Democrats GAIN while Republicans FALTER ~~

In PRAISE of the DLC

Where Do You Want The '08 Democratic Convention?

Top politicians pay homage to king of bloggers (Markos Moulitsas)

Curse of big brother stalks Jeb Bush

Markos from DailyKos coming up on Meet the Press

Who's next? The US got its man. Now it must target the real threat in Iraq

Feingold keynote speech to the Minnesota DFL Convention Saturday

The Great Joy of simple eloquence:

Pressure your congressperson: Sign on to the Dept. of Peace

Brownstein/LAT: Net-Savvy Democrats Aim to Pack a Digital Punch

Dem fundraising, gap closing w/GOP...Wa Post

Even if you never believed or will ever believe, this is very curious.

Children Sing for PEACE~

Its time ........

Why did they kill, not capture, Zarqawi?

Clinton Alumni Seeking Their Own Offices

need help here--does anybody know how long the bin laden family has

Enough Already!!! It is past time to stop being beggars.

NYT: At Fore on Immigration, Senator Salazar Has a Story to Tell

Bush holds a cocktail party to seek advice he has no intention of taking

LAT op-ed: Democrats' loser linguistics

Eric Massa's Weely Diary: YearlyKos Followup

What percentage of the Congress is stealing taxpayer dollars ?

VA Fighting Dems in Primary Race, Jim Webb and Al Weed.

Clinton proteges seeking their own offices

DUPE: Please delete

National Teach-In on Impeachment

Colleen "Gitmo Suicides A Good P.R. Move" Graffy, U.S. DIPLOMACY official

to our children and future generations: what we owe you

Take note: Congressional Candidate Phil Hare in IL-17

Does anyone know of bush lovers who are angry about the economy...

How to Impeach a President

Newt Gingrich putting out "feelers" for a presidential run....

Rove headlining GOP fund-raiser (NH)

Some quotes by Will Rogers:

John Gibson: Zarqawi killed during Yearly Kos to demoralize attendees?

After Bush's term ends, if Republicans stay in power will things continue

Some Dem candidates worry discussions of election fraud will lower turnout

FOX News is "fair and balanced" because they give both sides of the story

TIME: After Zarqawi: A Drawdown of Troops?

OMG! Bush signing statement nixes search for missing Iraq $-2

Harry Reid Lights Up YearlyKos

Cavuto: "Would it kill Dems to give Bush credit for Zarqawi's death?"

Minimum wage ballot issue could boost Dem chances in Ohio

Sly Financing for the Mittster

I heard a story that Repubs are planning to vote for Miller in VA Primary

Harry Reid approval rating 19%

Economics, as they teach it now, is IRRELEVENT. Here's why...

link to all the signing statements...among other things..who's bored?

In 1968, 72% Of Americans Disapproved Of Interracial Marriage

Great cartoon "Pirates and Emperors"

Hot Tip from an unimpeachable source

If you say marriage needs to be "defended" from gays you are a homophobe

C&L Vid: Russert asks Kos why he's not campaigning for Lieberman

DU: do you think Harry Reid is an effective Senate Minority Leader?

Edwards tops Iowa poll (DesMoines Register) Clinton 2nd

Bernie Sanders v. Hillary v. McCain?

Military-Industrial Complex in '08!

A Four-Step Strategy for Victory in 2008