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Archives: June 10, 2006

Fall of Mogadishu leaves US policy in ruins

Public interest in news topics beyond control of mainstream media

The Bomb Heard Round the World (Mentions DU)

Attytood: "That's 'weird': Santorum rewrites history"


"First energy-independent biofuels facility in the world"

Female cane toads to be wiped out (


How can people live, I wonder?

Olmert: Palestinian referendum plan is 'meaningless'

Multiple explosions caught on tape... WT2

(Canada?) Police State or Overzealous Border Patrol? Alex Jones Incident

So, about that molten metal...

Link to one hour of Brad (from BradBlog) on the radio re: Busby race


From LBN: Diebold Lobbyist Donates $10,000 to Blackwell Campaign

Diebold expanding into new territory

Omen of Things to Come? CA Primary Bedeviled by Bumpy 6/6/06 Vote

VTUSA: (Former EAC Head)Soaries to Rolling Stone: Where are the Standards?

Diebold Lobbyist Donates $10,000 to Blackwell Campaign

I want to buy a Diebold, ES&S, or Sequioa Voting machine

Iowa board flies by Washington in comments

cabbage rolls-- I swear there was recently a thread about them...

Unemployment rate falls to 31-year low

US-made man an 'enemy to America's liking'

Ayatollah Khomeini's Grandson Calls on Bush to 'Occupy' Iran

Report: Abramoff Ex-Partner Knew of Slaying

U.S. launches raids to find al-Zarqawi followers

The Bomb Heard Round the World (Mentions DU)

Ruling Palestinian Hamas group mourns Zarqawi

State Department expresses regret over Gaza bloodshed

Rep. Lewis Aide Got Buyout From Lobby Firm

Court gives legal victory to abortion foes

Bush turns down bike challenge

Omar Says Zarqawi's Death Will Not Slow Taleban

Bush's Approval Up On Zarqawi's Death, But It May Not Last

Release of more prisoner photos ordered

WP: Zarqawi Helped U.S. Argument That Al-Qaeda Network Was in Iraq

Teen smoking no longer on the decline in U.S.

Gingrich May Run in 2008 If No Front-Runner Emerges

Diebold Lobbyist Donates $10,000 to Blackwell Campaign

Official Expects Voter ID Requirement to Complicate Fall Election

Brown (Brownie): E-mail shows Bush glad FEMA took Katrina flak

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition

Dixie Chicks on AOL's Sessions, sounding and looking great!

In honor of World Cup Soccor - The most annoying thing in the world

Hey, network geeks...gotta question.....

A blues classic.

I am typing to you remotely from my Wireless Laptop (but need help)

Where should I go eat tonight?

Name a musician who has not been born.

How long do you keep the "original packaging" ?

If I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant

STNG question

i want a dodge dart, dammit!!

It turns out you don't actually have to fight for your right to paaaarty.

ACL Replacement + Percocet + Soma + 420 = wheeeeeee

Table Ballet, the roll dance...

Michael Jackson's Face: Then and Now

Serious question....

When did we start pronouncing it "Nee-ZJER'?

I'm here, ask me anything

What a sad thing.

Ann Coulter Anagrams...

The Hubris of the Human (re: cats)

I'm in BIG trouble here...

Name a musician that should be born.

Why were you born?

A little concerned, need some advice ...

What's your browser's home page?

Official: Dr. Who is one of the best SF shows in TV History. Your Vote?

If I looked like this, would you answer my posts?

Poetry Thread Game (somewhat like movie line game . . .)

Um . . . . What color is your toothbrush, and stuff.

Have you ever posed in the nude.....

How often does this happen to you?

What is the best radio show?

I just saw Cars.

Big John is a'comin' to town

Vegetarian/Vegan or not? DU survey

A little quiz...

I went back to black hair today

Yngwie haters welcome here.

im a bad girl

My right eye hurts and my right thumb randomly twitches.

My wife is watching The Shining

I am bored. Ask me anything. Or don't. Just give me something to do.

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Wow, I was hoping my kid would be the normal one in the family.

*sniff* It's over. I'm going to go to bed.

Well...I tried to spend some quality time over there in GD politics...

I need an update on Project X.

Okay, I just saw the first 8 episodes of Lost and I have a question.

It's just a jump to the left!!

Pizza? or Scrambled Eggs with Ham?

Someone here had a post about coping with bullies.

Post a picture of Uranus....(I'll start)

Any opinions on Montreal's Mobile?

So...who else here likes scrapple? of fun.

What's your Oreo stylee

Dear Jennie Garth,

Respond to this thread and try to guess how I will respond!

Seriously, I have 3 tix to the Red Sox game tomorrow afternoon

Tori Amos - Caught A Lite Sneeze (Sessions @ West 54th)...

These are fun... add your own!

STING question

Sweet, I found the 1987 Canada/Russia bench clearing brawl!

Austin City Limits - Eric Johnson Zap...

Well, I just screwed the pooch. Ask me anything

W predicts: Ending war in 2008; out of debt by 2010 & I offer free Tarot

Pope Benedict XVI Approves Plan to Grow Ranks of Priests (altar boys)

Have you ever posted in the nude.....

LOUNGE LIZARDS!! Will you PLEASE step up to the plate?

Note to self: Playing the piano happens best when you're AWAKE.

I just threw up, I'm crying and I need a hug.

Bush finally tells the truth.

EVITES! Why do recipients read but wait to respond?

How many states have you called home?

When your spouse, SO is away on business

Well, the World Cup has started and everybody is going crazy

New pics from tonight....dial-up warning...Pelicans in the surf......

Who is Your Favourite Geek God?

Eppes or Reed?

How far do you now live from where you were born?

I should like Henry Rollins, so why do I want to smash his face?

Question for the DU ladies:

Do you have fast ears? Yngwie haters should probably turn back now.

Bubblegum pop songs you're not afraid to love.

Keep Not Silent, Sundance Channel, 9 PM, June 12


Okay. Help again; sorry..I meditated and things got WORSE.

Kerry Schedule Update: Will appear at Webb rally on Monday

He did it!!

Isn't this just Kids' First?

KO on Coulter:

I've had enough with people like Ann Coulter

Brewster-Jennings - Yearly Kos. I heard one forum yesterday and

If I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant

Another nest of vipers uncovered, this one chaired by McCain

Ann Colter is now in first place since al-Zarqawi has been killed

"Fast Food Nation" movie trailer up

Letterman: "Now that the #1 lunatic is dead, Coulter moves to the #1 spot

Larry Johnson coming up on AAR...7:48PM CDT, June 9

'Da Vinci' Movie threatens China's social stability!

Did the White House take a news dump yet?

Someone here had a post about coping with bullies.

Riverbend:How do I feel? To hell with Zarqawi-They have 50 Zarqawis in Gov

Thank you, Keith! Coulter is neither as talented, or handsome as MMoore!!

MSNBC's Imus: "Maybe Dennis Kucinich could" replace al-Zarqawi (GRRRRRRR)


even after they leave office (IF THEY LEAVE OFFICE) the covert hands of


Coulter or Phelps?

Dream Job for RW'ers

Bush says Iran has "weeks not months" to respond

Squabbles hindered hurricane response

U.S. No Closer to finding Bin Laden than 5 years ago.

Progressive Movement and the Internet on Cspan

Colbert is on "Who's line is it anyways" ... on Family Channel

Looking for inflation rates---help--

LOL- O'REILLY says his Sept. book will PROVE Franken a is liar

is there a liberal version of the conservative book club?

Coulter's phone number in Zarqawi's pocket? Greg Palast

"They paved Paradise, and put up a permanent base."

Defending the sacred institution of marriage from gays, only a start..

VA opposes bill to let veterans hire lawyers

which is worse?-Hearst's yellow journalism or Coulter/FAUX/Limabugh era?

In deference to all the Man Coulter threads ----

John McCain, why do you love the terrorists?

Another federal breach exposes employee records

Court backs government broadband wiretap access

So I Caught 3 Minutes Of Sean Insanity- New Meme:

Giant catfish win reprieve in honor of Thai king

Coulter joke by Leno:

Does anyone believe that Bush is a Dictator, and if so.....?

3 Bodies...

And now for the rest of the story on military recruitment

It's SO EASY, ..but no, the Democrats choose to surrender instead of fight

Mike Webb tonight ncludes Michael Berg and a focus on the insane

If you had to predict American 2030.....

You have no morals

My miniVAN is now used as a BILLBOARD, YA had ENUF.......

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi must be one of these guys.

No more Tin Effing Foil hats for me - I prefer cotton. It feels better.

OMG Randi Rhodes attended class at Stoney Brook (sp?)which caused her

Carlyle Group Poised to Take Over U.S. Port Operations

YearlyKos Convention- Replay on now. C-SPAN 1 n/t

Here's how to trim a bush for your bushitler neighbors.

I haven’t bullshitted people like some people are bullshitting here today.

Re the Freep slam: What's happened to DU?

New Multi-Millionaire is a Deadbeat Dad

Friday news dump: E-mail shows Bush glad FEMA took Katrina flak

Just days after saying negative ads were bad for CA, Arnie airs neg ad

The Washington Post is taliking about Me!

Secretive society's big names include Kissinger, Rockefeller and Chalabi

Female Wrestler Fights Pregnancy Test Rule

To Skinner and the rest of the staff of DU: An Idea I just had

How did Zarq REALLY croak?

Bill Clinton (R) vs. G.W. Bush (Nazi) in response to terror attacks

Guess what I got today.....My first

--Petition Against Military action against Iran --

Cheapshot the Republicans

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- It's my day to play!! with

Joseph Wilson on CSPAN now!!

Cheney's Presenting a Press Award (to someone who doesn't work at Fox)

Is this guy related to the Moran?

I need the pic of G Gordon Liddy in his speedo please

Steal this Election Protest Guide

Hey Du'ers, great news!

If someone is described as an "Eisenhower Republican" what does that mean?

loved this

Look who is defending Coulter

Kids, the word for today is "P-R-O-P-A-G-A-N-D-A"...

P*ssing in the wind

Someone is burning up Walmarts.

My great uncle went down with the ship.... the ROHNA.

The * Disapproval Map--Ha! Ha!

Molestor/Death Penalty

I Wonder How Many Here Feel Like I Do?? It's ANOTHER Friday Night...

Thank God it's TOONday! Hot buttered TOONS right here. Get 'em hot!

I received this funny e-mail today.

I guess the U.S. is too powerful to go to trial.

Ok, what is LGBTQ?

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Blunt Legalizes Gay Sex In Missouri

Three white supremacists indicted in Utah assaults

Great Myspace bulletin I saw about the "sanctity of marriage"

The Elephant in the Room

Scooter Pie

Help DU the vote for An Inconvenient Truth

Riverbend weighs in on Zarqawi killing

Book TV Schedule June 10th - 12th

Vote against Sensenbrenner at Democracy for America!

Anti-War Music!!!

The Zarqawi Story: Bush Kills Bush's Monster

E-mail for support of a republican in GA. Sent by hubby's mother

Democrats comment on Zarqawi's demise

uh oh - Diebold's been sleeping around ...

Iraq War Critic Surprises Democrats

Got this polling data from Harris Interactive

Democrats court Hispanics during World Cup

Wounds Salved, Clinton Returns to Health Care

Whoaaa!! This is the guy that caught up

In the wake of Coulters comments

Choose a WH Press secretary for 2009

Gingrich May Run in 2008 If No Front-Runner Emerges

Zarqawi 4th!!! Time Is A Charm???

Bill "Snake Eyes" Bennett mocks Christiane Amanpour's accent

I think the term COULTER REPUBLICANS s/be used as often as possible.

Another bad day for the DLC...and the hits keep on coming...

Boston Globe: NASA shelves climate satellites

On the Bus with Katherine Harris (Hilarious!)

Fallen star blames self, GOP tactics

JASON MILLER: Bon Appétit, America

Do not buy what's her name's bile

US-made man an 'enemy to America's liking' (Zarqawi)

A Woman Of Conviction--WaPo (Lay's Wife Is NOT Going to Jail, Yet)

Wake up: the American Dream is over: from London Observer

NYT: At Site of Attack on Zarqawi, All That's Left Are Questions

Troops' families launch anti-war campaign (Britain)

Christians should post Beatitudes, not Decalogue

No Permanent Bases: Passed Both Houses, Removed in Conference Committee

Funding secured for 10-megawatt fuel cell power plant in Bridgeport, Conn.

First pitch of the Atlantic season? (Tropical Depression 1)

Colleges go 'green' to stretch budgets (AP/CNN)

The imminent uranium shortage??

The World After a Petrocollapse

Peak oil, year in review

PM's daughter protests Gaza killings

Hamas Fires Rockets Into Israel, Ending 16-Month Truce

Gaza shelling death toll rises

Army: Gaza probe still open

US approves annual aid to Israel

Abbas sets date for referendum opposed by Hamas

Why isn't the killing of 3 children by IDF headline news at DU

More and more people aren't buying "Official Conspiracy Theory" for 9/11.

FBI says, “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”

Dr. Ron Baiman: Something Smells Fishy in San Diego - cross post from GDP

“unexpected glitches” with the new Internet-based software, NM

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, June 10

AR: 8 Counties Forego DRE's Tues. After Finding ES&S Programming Errors


ELECTION: Faulty voting machines delay results; counting under way (ESS)

Well THAT was quick...

Does anyone else here HATE "Intellitxt" mouse-hover advertising?

crock pot

Does somebody have a tried and true recipe for crockpot spaghetti

Black Beans - share some recipes?

Record meteorite hit Norway... Norway was hit with an impact!!!

CNN: Body of Iraqi in U.S. for military murder probe

Chile students call off protest

ELECTION: Faulty voting machines delay results; counting under way (ESS)

Federal appeals court sides with Bush on wire tapping

Nicaragua's Ortega says US aims to block return

Iran says may deliver own atomic incentives

Canada slams "ignorant" U.S. comments on security

Baghdad bomb blast kills 4, injures 27

NYT/: Gathering Highlights Power of the Blog

Appeals Court Sides With White House on Wiretaps--WaPo

US doctors begin Zarqawi autopsy (BBC)

Gingrich May Run in 2008 If No Front-Runner Emerges--WaPo

Zarqawi: Skimpy clothes found

Help we need keep the internet freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Candidates line up to file for Congress (NH)

Police raid the US student society (Alpha Delta )

Marine units in Anbar province spur half of condolence payouts

Yearly-Kos convention on C-Span right now

Russia refuses to return accused diplomat

Raids Target Zarqawi Group

Inconsistent Information Policies Jeopardize (govt. scientific) Research

Reputed Mob Figure, Ex-Mayor, Arrested

Iraq Insurgents Post New Beheading Video

Iraq Insurgents Post New Beheading Video

Something Smells Fishy in San Diego!

Three inmates die at Guantanamo

Questions over London terror raid

NYT: U.S. Seeking New Strategy for Buttressing Iraq's Government

NYT: At Site of Attack on Zarqawi, All That's Left Are Questions

Family scandal stains Mexican conservative hopeful

CNN/AP: Bush, Democrats celebrate blow to terror in radio addresses

Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier in Northern Iraq

Md. Father Told Police Of Son's Alleged Plot to Bomb Abortion Clinic

Iraqi Insurgents Vow to Continue Fighting

NYT/AP: Reid, at YearlyKos, Calls for More Intelligence Oversight

Rasmussen Poll: No bounce for Bush

NYT p. A1, Sat. Wounds Salved, Clinton Returns to Health Care

Group (Westboro Baptist) To Protest Southern Baptist Convention

CNN breaking: 3 Detainees in Gauntanamo "Committed Suicide"

Reuters: Fendi sues Wal-Mart over sales of fake handbags

Negroponte Gave Wrong Information At SJA Graduation

Iraqi Claims U.S. GIs Beat Wounded Man (Zarqawi)

Fallen star blames self, GOP tactics

(Cuban) Students punished (by government) for Internet scheme

Robert C. Byrd to become longest-serving senator in U.S. history Monday

The Naked Truth About Vermont Nudity Laws

Jeeze my Internet is Dog-Slow tonite. It's working like molasses.

this is down right cool

Two WEIRD DREAMS from last night.

How do I get the "Straight but not Narrow" URL for sig line?

Anyone heard the new Tool cd?

crackpipe or crack pipe?

Help! There is some kind of bug crawling across the ceiling...

What ever happened to that SouthlandShari chick?

I have been playing chess for 6 hours straight, please help me.

Try my little kawaii Poll

Ticketmaster: Thieves or capitalists

HAHA!! Watch this video of O'Reilly and Hannity...

Had German food with my dad today.

I just redid my journal

Science: Totally cooler than religion.

ITUNES FREAKIN' SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS HUGH!!!!!!1!!!!!1

I've been sobbing for almost 2 hours now. Courtesy of LeftyMom.

Is "Beer" the First Thing You Associate With "Germany"?

What's the best headphones for the iPod?


Were you born........

if I change my avatar back to baby uly

Waters me down! Which is your favorite?

Look at this redneck mailbox!

What's for breakfast?

Digital Camera help

House music I just found on myspace:

An anthology is interested in my essay on the DU homepage......

Do You Pray?

STTNG question

David Beckham just beat Paraguay 1-0

Don'tcha hate it when someone starts to say something and then

The Filet-O-Fish is neither Filet nor Fish.

Jack the Cat Chases Bear Up Tree

I wonder how they made the effects in this video

Up all night working Thursday. Slept all day Friday. Full night's sleep on

Unattended children

WTF!!! Genuine Microsoft Windows

Has anyone done nude photography?

How about the WORST videos you can think of?

The hot taco meat is ready, now I won't have to cook until monday

My cat has ... well... dingleberries

On so many levels, this is just WRONG:

Deleted subject line by Ilsa.

Why do my critics never show up on my good threads?

Sheriff’s deputy charged, fired for going topless in Arkansas


Hey Skip Fox . Your latest book 'AT THAT' arrived

What would you do if you were in Amsterdam for a day?

Mozzarella experts - little help?

Ikea - the perfect parenting laboratory

Worst. Music. Video. Ever. REPRISE!!

progmom on the air - post yer jazz requests here

I'm the one!!

Proper Sandwich Nomenclature:

Post some personal information for TIA

So enlighten me. What EXACTLY the HECK does it mean when

Any Masculists in the hizzouse?

Saturday, June 10. Willem Dafoe's Thought For The Day:

Saturday earworm. It has already given me a splitting headache

My day at the top of the Greatest Page....

Have you ever posted in the nude? n/t

My coworker today told me God created us all for a reason.

Did LBJ do drag?

Good Morning Everyone

'Capote' came from Netflix today

Okay, 63 degrees out. WHAT THE FRIG IS **THAT** DOING OUTSIDE?

Just because it's been a while...

Northern New York's answer to a border patrol

Goodnight loungie lizards

Hey! I bought fireworks last night and they did not card me!

Prairie Home Companion is on now!

thank fucking god for coffee.

Who will win the World Cup?

For the ladies.......

Dammit. Now I'm going to have nightmares:

Congratulations flamingyouth!! 45,000 posts

Michael Bates - Chicago conservative author

Hunter S. Thompson on Letterman-Funny!

Cooking technique help: What's a good deglazer

Bloody air conditioner died.

DUer two gun sid predicted the trifecta in the Belmont Stakes!

WTF? American Compass Conservative Book Club?

My cat wakes me up at 5 :30 a.m. even on the weekends!

I'm getting sick of this f_____g weather!

Hey, you: You can't have "Stay" without "The Load-Out" attached onto it!


My dear CaliforniaPeggy, was that avatar meant for straight people?

Who the Fuck is Brandon Davis

People here are getting SO ffffin touchy!

What's the best page turner you ever read?

Tabby Cat Chases Bear Up Tree, Twice

Trivia (Playboy Magazine)

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

If you've changed careers after 40

Trinidad and Tobago draw in their 1st ever World Cup with 10 men!!!!

A poem: 'Terrorists'

June 10, 2006. 61 degrees F right now in St Paul MN.

Reminder... Lewis Black has a new comedy special on HBO tonight.

Saturday, June 10. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

So what alcoholic beverage makes you feel free and lively?

Name the ONE moment in your life that made you the happiest ever.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/10/06)

Tell me the truth - how much does a tattoo hurt?

new picture of annie-she`s a bleach blonde-why didn`t someone tell me?

What is your personal experience with length?

‘Superman’ buzz: More powerful than...


Argentina takes Côte d'Ivoire 2 to 1!

"Die, Mommie, Die" - move over John Waters!!

Me before and after picture

‘Disoriented’ Paris Hilton leaves accident scene (Stupid Girls)

double checking my converting kgs. to lbs.

Guess who just scored tickets to the Dixie Chicks concert in Knoxville, TN

Step 1. Tie balloons to car, Step 2. Drive through town, Step 3...

So I gotta take this big test tomorrow...

How about a Hispanic group?

Does your health care coverage include Rx? Need info . . . ($399 for Rx!)

What is your personal experience with height?

What is your personal experience with weight?

Happy birthday wishes to.................

man, did I fuck up this omelet

are you busy bein born or busy dyin?

Hypothetical work/living location question...

Burma-Shave (for what its worth)

Will my head explode if I see another conspiracy theory post over in GD?

Where should I go to get a spray/mist bottle?

The myth of some "nice guys"

Speaking of Faith

Group to protest at Southern Baptist Convention

Is Christendom going the way of the Aztecs?

The Standards of Christian Fundamentalism.

Do people disbelieve in Jesus because of what people do in His name today?

The Argument Against Circumcision

Variable physical laws

Yerkes Observatory to become luxury spa (Reuters/CNN)

World's oldest computer?

New shark discovered in US waters (BBC)

Does Ralph Reed set anyone else's gaydar off?

LA Times: Binational Gay Couples in Immigration Bind

Falwell: Workplace Religious Beliefs Deemed Invalid

"When Deviants Demonstrate, they Need to be Clubbed"

Fantasy Football!...

Gooooooooaaaaaaallllllllll!!!! (by Beckham - England scores at 2 min)

Trinidad & Tobago fights Sweden to scoreless tie!

A Big Night for Boxing!

Need help, please, all healers.

Anyone else picking up Good Vibes?

Check mixup not related to laptop, VA says

I got a letter from the VA 2day..

Does anybody know where Kerry stands on Net Neutrality?

If you love John Kerry, chances are

Photos of JK & THK in Newmarket, NH on March 11th

What do you guys make of this Kos convention?

I just found this awesome video of Springsteen on the night before the 04

Water Falling Over Things 2006, Part III (DIAL-UP WARNING)

This country is NOT the greatest on Earth, but I like it here mostly

(Canada?) Police State or Overzealous Border Patrol? Alex Jones Incident

not good - Mideast Truce Threatened After Shelling...

Enough of Ann Coulter, start answering the Jersey Girls questions!!

Democratic donors seeking young vote

2,490 American troops now dead in W's war in Iraq

I just redid my journal

2490 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I've written a book that comes out Monday, what can

Landlords shielded from liability

Our tax dollars at work

Data on US nuclear agency workers hacked: lawmaker

O.K., our pitiful sense of triumph is over, back to the disasterous war.

Does anybody know if this is true?

MSNBC/Reuters: Skimpy women’s clothing found at al-Zarqawi site

Bush only wants Iraq to be like Bush's America...

Been test driving Windows Vista (beta 2) all night!

Soccer With a Side of Slavery

So, the military paid out $20m for killing civilians in Iraq

Check mixup not related to laptop, VA says

I`m all death-ed out.

Vomit alert

What is your opinion of DailyKos going on MTP ??

"Democrats should run as outsiders"???

FEMA sets a "return our trailers" deadline for destroyed town

Was Zarqawi Beaten to Death by G.I.'s? I thought that from the outset.

Florida are you ready for this

Interesting Tookie execution-night vigil video

...'allowed Zarqawi to escape' ???

456 New Users since the other day...

What do you all think about reading James Patterson novels?

Chalmers Johnson on C-Span Sunday night

News Calculus: Determining Newsworthiness

I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to see that

Our Karl Rove (.com)

Hibhib: 4 severed heads, US shell kills 3, Zarqawi & 7 killed in 1 week

Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition

Here's ONE good reason why PBS should be preserved and well-funded

Specter and the Washington Post

DU, monitors! Stop Google ad for Nicaraguan coffee grown by CONTRAS!

I saw a cartoon at my friends house of Bush & Cheney playing chess

Is Christendom going the way of the Aztecs?

Police raid the US student society (Alpha Delta )

NYT: Dartmouth Fraternity "Animal House" Searched, Student Arrested

Burma-Shave (for what its worth)

UN panel condemns U.S. torture

Oh. Fuck. No. This didn't happen. Appeals court backs Bush on wiretaps?

Here's an idea for environment and for troop temp empathy.

By George I've got it! a new metaphor to describe W, Rummy & Cheney

Whewwwdamnwhoo. I won a sweepstakes. LOL unless the joke is on me

Satiating a Gnawing Hunger for Vengeance

Hollywood Helping Out Pentagon?! - Oct 8, 2001

How many hours do talk shows hosts work ?

Charlie Rose returns to PBS after heart surgery; Gore one of first guests

Claridge, Montclair NJ extends "An Inconvienent Truth" one more week

So when will Americans, pissed off already b/c of gas prices, respond?

Riverbend... 6/10...."Iraqis aren't celebrating in the streets"

Zarqawi: He's hot, he's sexy, he's dead.

I Googled myself and I have a question

WP op-ed: "No Tolls on the Internet" (network neutrality)

Anybody got an e-addy for the Swiftbots? ZINN's chapter on Vietnam

Bush & the NeoCons live by the Sword. Will they die by it?

Do tropical storms pose a risk to Gulf oil rigs, etc?

In Philly? Want a sandwich?

YearlyKos Conference on CSPAN right now... panel on

Hey ladies and my gay brothers....just sayin...

What is your personal experience with weight?

A US senator has given tactical advice to al qaeda

Iraq: Planning for an American Withdrawal

Do we still have

Thank God, I've helped friends avoid shame of being a conspiracy theorist

Howard Dean is about to speak at YearlyKos. Here is the link for

Math formula needed--math wizards out there?

"We're living in a post-9/11 world."

The 13 Techniques for Truth Supression

Will Osama Bin Laden's body be the Rethug icon for this fall's election?

Pat Robertson promotes scam artist Benny Hinn on CBN website.

How did Zarqawi survive?

I just finished reading the best political book I've ever come across

How long before the crash?

Impeaching bush, or sending other repugs to jail means nothing at all

So al-Zarqawi Dies, And Shrub's Rasmussen Approval # Goes ... Down?

DU just mentioned on CSPAN Kos convention coverage!

Did bin Laden "Saddam" Zarqawi?

Greg Palast, Chris Floyd, more -- LIVE! -- streaming NOW

Yearly-Kos convention on C-Span right now

Bigotry and discrimination. Falwell approves, of course.

One of the Most Beautiful Songs Ever Written

Somalia not Iran??

Bush military History Project #7

Post: Zarqawi was useful propaganda source for Admin.

three branches of US govt.: Money, TV, and Bullshit - so says Can.

US ranks 17th worldwide in list of best places for women(health, financial

MTV: Dick Cheney Might Want To Be Your MySpace Buddy

"constitutional amendment moving the calendar to 2008"

Will Jon Stewart have Coulter on his show and should he?

Funny How C-SPAN ALWAYS . . .

"Buck Fush" is a stupid slogan

In light of recent discussions: "Information Operations Roadmap"

Someone photoshop this picture and put Bush's face on it:

Regarding Vietnam... and JFK

World Cup High

Liveblogging Dean's speech from Yearly Kos.

With the steady lying from Bush and his minions why do people believe them?

Paula Poundstone on Log Cabin Republicans (NPR)

Iraq Insurrection win streak: is it the coach or the team?

Ann Coulter's last words?

Northern New York's answer to a border patrol

TIME: How Soccer Is Uniting the World -- Football: "the beautiful game"

Why is someone like Victoria Gotti celebrated in the United States?

Out for dinner last night

Maybe It's Time These Wealthy Families

A nitpicky question.

Just met Mercedes Maharis at the local Hastings (Sierra Vista, Az)

Hamas Fires Rockets Into Israel, Ending 16-Month Truce

First Tropical Depression of the Season Headed for Florida

41/2 years-1000 posts- whew

A real eye-opener

Phone Jammer Blames Self And GOP “win at all cost” Tactics

"Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.": What isn't a conspiracy?

I don't give a damn who burns a flag, let's stop sacrificing soldiers.

700+ signing statements? I wonder how many secret pardons he granted?

Evolution of the Zarqawi story

The regime's new spin: Troops poolside, eating steak and crab legs

Larry Johnson: The Zarqawi Thing Is Working Out Well

Tabby Cat Chases Bear Up Tree, Twice

Rasmussen finds no bounce (yet) for Bush

Here comes the first named Atlantic storm

Bush's Approval Jumps On Zarqawi's Death

About that FDR photo and Zarqawi...

Quicker to fly with no ID?

Pros and Cons about John Murtha as Majority Leader:

"New" Gelliebeans Weekly Podcast 6-4-06

C-Span's Coverage of Kos Convention...has had major technical difficulties

Libby faces pre-trial status hearing Monday

(VIDEO) Lady MacCheney defends you-know-who

Mark Warner kicking butt a YearlyKos. I hope you guys are watching

.Do you think that the hosts of Sunday's shows

Seems Like A Lot Of OBL Talk Lately

Exorcism at the White House

People here are getting SO ffffin touchy!

More and more people aren't buying "Official Conspiracy Theory" for 9/11.

new picture of annie-she`s a bleach blonde-why didn`t someone tell me?

Molly Ivans will be on Prairie Home today

Did we get a major attack of the shills after Zarqawi hit or what?

Time Magazine sinks to new low-excuses Coulter...again

poll re Guantanamo badly needs work by DU.

New Bush Comic: Say Goodnight To Da Bad Guy

Why not celebrate the deaths at gitmo too?

John Kasich on Fox News to talk LIVE calls on air for Coulter, DU them?

I would like some info on Cuba...

is bush hiding today?

Wow, this is brilliant!

Lt. Watada is going to be a guest on Laura Flanders today

I find the outrage over La Coulter's remarks

I'm tired of seeing Coulters name. Let's give her a new one-add yours

Stuff, stuff, stupid stuff. Consumerism is out of control

Immigration: A Study In Supply and Demand

Which OS do you use, and why?

Martin Short/Jiminy Glick: canadian terror, with RFK, Jr. AAR

Nader: The Gospel According to the Dixie Chicks

The Greening of Republicans

Can we call it "Writing" instead of Blogging?

Google "quote of the day" captures the essence of America's problems...

Zarqawi the cross-dresser? Karl Rove at work again....

Michael Berg's Father's Day Message

CNN Breaking: Alien abductions?

Sunday Talk Shows

John Cusack's latest film grew from Iraq grief

CNN: Three commit suicide at Guantanamo

Want to stick it to a certain author -- and her publisher?

Should We Help Ann Coulter Out? She seems to be in a

SATURDAY TOON - Dead Terrorist Bounce? 6/10/06

Graduates Get an Earful, From Left, Right and Center

The Johnstown Flood of 1889 - An Analogy

FREE YearlyKos video here at Link TV

I don't have "Road Rage".

"Three Children Killed, Three Inured By War Era Cluster Bomb in Vietnam"

VIDEO: Bolton's war of words with the UN (BBC Newsnight)

Why the world loves the world cup

Check out this crap email going around

C-Span threatened by FCC and you know who. Please read and

For all you Michael Moore fans...

Healthy Choices.

Take a break. Homer, Sargent, Van Gough, Vermeer

VIDEO: NEW global warming film "Five Disasters Waiting To Happen" (BBC)

Bush: 'Unclear' when troops can come home?! Why do we allow this?

The Cuban Assumption.

Bill Moyers.....brought tears to my old, tired eyes

The Greatest Place for Gays to live

Hit man is dead, says Abramoff partner

I know you've thought about it. Why don't we just split the country?

Publisher Says RFK's Article Could Be Equivalent of "Downing Street Memo"

Is the difference between Right Wing and Left that RW loves authority?

Tim O'Brien sings the "Republican Blues"

"Come on Ann. Let's do this." VIDEO

Wake up: the American Dream is over

Will the DUers looking forward to the crash tell me what's good about it?

An anthology wants to pick up my essay from the homepage.....

Help we need keep the internet freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Something Man Coulter said that needs further sunlight

Bushitler does blitz on lost Iraq money shipment with signing statement.

Morans (sic) in M$M don't know the past tense of "hang".

So who forgot to tell me that this is Defeatist Saturday?

The Underground History of American Education

It could happen to you .

IMHO this is the most important question I have ever asked my fellow DUers

RFK's Last words

Why don't we all do this? It costs nothing, and it could be fun!

In "honor" of TurdBlossom Rove....

So, when is DU having its Yearly Convention?

How Do You Tell The Truth From The Lies?

The Age of the Empty Stare

Fall of Mogadishu leaves US policy in ruins

When will Rumsfeld announce his resignation?

U.S. boasting is fueling more violence. They knew it would, didn't they?

A Letter to President Bush from Bumfuck, Indiana

Another Wooooodamnwhooo for the day! ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT!

Ralph "F"ing Reed

"Godless" is gutless: by Greg Palast

Time/Cox: Are Left-leaning Bloggers Ready for Their Close-up?

Today's Bush Radio: Zarqawi and Generalíssimo Francisco Franco still dead

Libertarian Saturday

Why do less Democrats vote in "special elections" than Republicans?

Dear Ann (Coulter)

Why would a Senator start campaigning now when his election is in Nov?

Why isn't the killing of 3 children by IDF headline news at DU

"How To Fight The Right" on C-SPAN Now

Cheer death of Zarqai - ignore death at Haditha?

Lieberman supporters...

The Four Known Types of Conservative

Mark Crispin Miller LIVE tonight on the Cup O' Joe Radio Show!

What we need to do to win

Republicans with backwash approval

The global Warming consensus is total...time to DEMAND political action!

The American Family Association Makes Themselves Look Like Idiots Again

Republican Logic (An Oxymoron)

Poll Time We now Bush LOVES Cindy Sheehan so where will he spend Aug...

Cartooning the Political Week

G8 ministers voice oil price fear (BBC)

ReThug activist Richard Viguerie say Conservatives are PISSED OFF at GOP!

Funny how * is never reported as being on vacation anymore.....

US trade deficit reaches $63.5bn (BBC)

Progressive Daily Beacon was looking in the wrong direction

The campaign manager was a DLC supporter and we lost. vent

WH Photos: Bush at Camp David, workin' hard, playin' hard, a "good" week

Bush: "I'd rather they beat up on him (Brownie) than me or Chertoff"

Dual Citizenship

Janice Rogers Brown cast deciding vote to support Shrub's wiretapping

G8 'failing to meet aid pledges' (BBC)

Reid delivers radio address: Iraq is THIS President's war

Cheney selected himself as VP - what if he hadn't?

Virginia DUers...

Coulter, Conservatives, and a Little Fairness

Mary Matalin: Adam's Apple Annie jost doing her job ("her stock & trade")

Republicans delete provision prohibiting permanent bases in Iraq

Is there anything that can stop GWB from extending his reign in the

Republican plan to use Ohio model to help Schwarzenegger win

What is middle income

One Dem suffered through DeLay's "train wreck" of a speech

The War they Manufactured - How the Lies were planned and planted

Busby 46,585 - Bilbray 37,050 11:57 pm 06/09/06

Arnold Sees Red, Goes Green

New Bush Comic: Say Goodnight To Da Bad Guy

OK, read these 3 articles, and tell me we have a prayer

Link TV site has excerpt from Dean's speech this morning. ...also Boxer.

It's official...I'm running for Congress in NH-01

Poll: 59% believe war was a mistake, 64% dissapprove of Bush's handling

Ann Coulter planning presidential run in 2008.

Can we talk about issues instead of people for a minute ..... ?

Arianna on Panel 1 Kos Convention. Bloggers must not support a candidate

Zogby to Dems: get your anti-War, pro-environment face on

Problems Finding Drumheller's Book

How close are we to some sort of violent action from the right wing?

Are You A Libertarian Democrat?

OMG! Bush nixes search of missing $ in Iraq - signing statement

Is there one Democrat who would introduce a Coulter censure resolution?

voting record scores of 7 Democrats and 2 Republicans - check it out

How hopeless *are* you?

Is the 2% of the Muslim world population that are terrorists too much?

Something Smells Fishy in San Diego!

We have 150 DAYS... What are YOU doing to win this election?