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Archives: June 1, 2006

Independent:Anger at oil chief's $400m retirement package

Dowd; Live from Baghdad, more dying

Democrats Weigh Risks of Caution

Man's best friend sniffs out brain tumor - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Bush's Realization on Iran: No Good Choice Left Except Talks

Is Smaller Government Better Government?

A state of emergency: Bush is a danger to the constitution (Blumenthal)

VoteTrustUSA Calls For Inquiry into Sequoia Ownership

CO: Lawsuit Over Electronic Voting Threatened

Alachua County Florida Update

Instant Runoff Voting for City of Minneapolis?

King - Iraq safer than D.C. - embarassing Iowa again

It's possible that if I get one more email from Boyd Richie that . . .

Ottawa offer could clear major stumbling block to Mackenzie pipeline

PM wants to know why rural mail won't go through

Rae vows to defeat Harper and his 'right-wing' agenda

Immigration Minister Monte Solberg Keynote Speaker at CPJ Annual Meeting,

PM seems to back off equalization stance

U.S. probes killing of pregnant Iraqi

U.S. not ready to implement new travel law: report

Safavian Said Not Forthcoming on Lobbyist

Noe pleads guilty to illegally funneling money to Bush campaign

Bush 'troubled' by Haditha report

Iraq declares state of emergency in Basra

Afghanistan Parliament demands arrest of U.S. soldiers

Homeland Security grants rile D.C., NYC

U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq

NYT: Ex-C.I.A. Officer in New Book Talks (Plame/Wilson)

Terrorism invoked in ISP snooping proposal

Time is short for Iraq to stabilize, U.S. envoy warns

(MD Lt Gov) Steele Absent From Bush GOP Fundraiser

FBI Arrests 2 Pa. Senate Legislative Aides (Dem)

U.N., Swiss Call Small-Arms Meeting, U.S. Not Invited

Scientists: North Pole was hot hot hot

(Paul) Hackett Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of 26.5 Million Vets

Chile's students pressure Bachelet goverment

Reid Says He Won't Accept Free Tickets (Houston Chronicle)

ACLU files lawsuit over arrests at Santorum book signing

Haditha Response: (130k) U.S. Troops to Receive 'Core Values' Training

CAIR Calls on Rumsfeld to Resign Over Iraq Massacre

Are there people on DU who you hope to Christ *are* fucking trolls

the dancing pipecleaner returns!

Better video of my two cats.

NYT: A Build-a-Protest Approach to Immigration


Spurious morality

there once was a young guy from St Paul...

"Cars" will be the biggest movie ever. Another grand slam for Steve Jobs

May I recommend to you another web site? It is a gold mine of info.

Some winter tea, some white tea, and small bit of Jasmine - mmmmmmm

Barbie fans--'fess up: What was your favorit outfit for her?

Woman struck by lightning...while praying...

Damn! Why can't the Mets score any runs when Pedro's pitching?

What do you want/expect from a waiter/ess?

May I recommend to you another web site? It is a gold mine of info.

Skinner, did you get my donation yettttttttt?

^( '.' )>

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

hell post a picture of you taken tonight

Have you ever seen anyone die?

Where did the expression "pay through the nose" come from?

Why is it so hard to find "Lucky, Lucky me" By Connie Francis??!

Ok, this is driving me nuts: I need to stop thinking

Howdy Loungers. What's up?

I believe in UFO’s …

I just got and accepted a new job

I never posted in Kudzu

i just hid my first thread ever

Thank you..du

The Happy Rabbit

Route 66, Perry Mason - name other great TV theme..

Anyone else on here like Matthew Sweet?

"In Australia, all citizens over the age of 18 must enroll to vote."

You should not have to apologize....

Post here if you had a good day!

The more I think about it the life of a drifter sounds pretty sweet.

korean dramas

Would you watch a movie version of Atlas Shrugged...

What was ABBA's worst song?

Lawyer Joke!

Who put the "kick me" sign on dubya's back?

I may have lost a beloved companion today....

Revisited Oldie of the Evening, via MP3 player: "You Love the Thunder"

Seriously, what the hell is your problem?

Lyrics... Yeah I know lyrics again!

Women who read on the throne, check in!

Replace one word in a movie title with Kudzu

So did you end up doing that thing with that thing?

If I told you to sod off - and trust me, I'd like to - how would you sod?


what kind of blogger are you?

My son is sick

i love a Heartless Bitch...

Any advice for starting my own forum?

Should prostitution be legalized?

Post your Favorite Song Lyrics!

Ever get in a fight over a trash can?

It's ok to offend me... so go ahead and do your worst...

Help! I opened the kudzu thread and now I'm infested!

Watching the B-17 special on PBS

Cops is a pretty good show

Ever get in a fight IN a trash can?

Ever get in a fight with a trash can?

What's your favorite Midnight Snack?

I killed a spider....

My new sig line pic:

It's almost 11:30 pm and I finally stopped working. Ask me anything.

DC Comics Resurrects Batwoman As Lesbian

June 2006 - Prayers and Healing Thread

where do you post most often on DU, when not here ?

possible Kerry sighting tonight from 1986? Cspan3

The straws have spoken...JUNE PHOTO CONTEST THEME

KOEB - 5/31 - Welcome back, Keith, edition

LOL reality show for cats!

no matter how much info comes out on the repugs..

Lawyer: Border Patrol should be investigated for racial profiling

May I recommend to you another web site? It is a gold mine of info.

HEY! Have you bought Sam Seder's new book, F.U.B.A.R.? Link...

"Cars" will be the biggest movie ever. Another grand slam for Steve Jobs

NYT: Send-a-Brick Project

CNN "Prime News" still seeks story ideas

Dead Girl from crash found alive


Canadians healthier than Americans

Security Grants Are Made; Criticism Follows

"Here Lies Terry Schiavo & The Remains of the Post-911 Republican Party"

Bobby Kennedy Jrs Rolling Stone Cover Story: "Did Bush Steal 2004 Election

Please DU this poll

There were no tickets and McCain didn't pay the Nevada Athletic Commission

Paper May Take Legal action Against * Aide (Zinmeister)

"Soon," he said, "Fitzgerald can't delay this much longer."

PCGAMER MAG - Someone gets the joke... (Abramoff)

What's wrong with this picture?

Paul Hackett suing over theft of 26.5 million vets' stolen data...

Frontline's continuing its second part on AIDS

The real reason gas prices are rising

The Independent frontpage focused on Lee "Fat Bastard" Raymond

Turkey Calls on Iran, Israel to Observe Int'l Law concerning nuke programs

Serious question for all.....

Congressman Conyers:Protecting voters from the politicians

Help! - Can't Find A Thread

why won't the prez ever sit up straight?

RIT student fights sex assault accusation

Trouble with progressive sites--

Just talked to my conservative son and there's hope for us liberals.......

Immigration reform: Building costs could soar

Afghanistan: Taleban's second coming

RW-Nut Book Club Entry Of The Month

C-Span The Capitol 9------ hour special

Hey everybody!!!! HAPPY HURRICANE SEASON!!!!!

Moral panic over 5'1" molester

Salt of the Earth (lyrics by M Jagger and K Richards)

My friends, Dixie Chicks debut at # 1 !!!

Are you Lohasian? I am.

Gallup: Most Americans Still Find Homosexuality Immoral

Will the jobs ever come back?

FLASHBACK: "The President has Access to Information that You and I don't."

Dixie Chicks/Larry King. Great show but Larry looked like he wanted

JEWEL is a right-winger? (backing conrad burns)

9 more members until 90,000

Bush gets PDB: Bin Laden Determined To Strike in U.S. and stays on vacation

NOW- Brit Hume showing DailyKos Straw Poll!!! for president

If you could push the whole democratic party in a given direction...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

Never trust anyone under 30.

Diixe Chicks to be guests on Larry King tonite

College loan interest rates rise at an all time high

Iraq Veteran Sues Moore Over 9/11 Film

what is your opinion of the DLC

KO on KC: "How can we miss you if you won't go away?"

Howard Dean on Jon 40 min. says my t.v. guide..

Anyone know what Mike Malloy thinks of Howard Stern ?

Would You Support A Repugnican Turned Democrat

MO former Lobbyist Sen. Talent running "conservative values" ads

Ex-US Secretary of State Tells Bush To Reply To Iranian Presidents Letter

Would you blame the Iranians for suspecting that Bush and Rice are lying?

Need a good kicker to end my LTTE

Canadians healthier than Americans: study

Its June !!

Here's the impeachment that must be done by a Democrat congress.

On Mr. Leopold's story...

Damn. Commander in Chief was new tonight and I missed it

Someone here TODAY made a comment ealier

(VIDEO) Kerry's 1971 Senate speech in full (more relevant than ever now)

Does DU now allow ultra-right wing ads? Did I miss something?

Time for a Constitutional Amendment

New Orleans Levees -- wtf is Congress doing about it?!!!

The New World Order has a Third Reich Odor.

Haditha video from BradBlog

FRONTLINE: "The Age of AIDS" Part 2 On Now!

Why marriage matters so much to so many LGBT people


*** TOONS: Haditha ***

Question: Under what president did you become politically aware?

"Had Enough? Vote Democratic." or "Had Enough? Vote Democrat." - ?


Anyone seen Rummy lately?

Attorney in Michael Moore suit has a **major** right-wing agenda...

Nearly half of Mississippi blacks approve of Trent Lott's job? WTF?

John Aravosis on

Build the fucking wall.

Something to ponder:

Left Behind meets The Purpose Driven Life - Evangelical video game.

I clicked on one of these damn adds by accident

Gender isn't a choice.

You're far more likely to die violently in a Red state than a Blue state

Ok, I am really sllloooooowww on the news but can you tell me

History test question from the future: (R rated language)

Watching the Anderson Cooper coverage of Haditha ...Bush & Rumsfeld

Reid says he won't take free tickets

Bobby Kennedy JR. to question 2004 election in Rolling Stone article

Great editorial slap at Rick Santorum.


Vulnerable House Seats per Wikipedia. Check it out!

unbelievable ...Anderson Cooper just said that every troop in Iraq

RFK Jr in Rolling Stone this Friday "Ohio was stolen?"

Super Tues

Al Gore won't run -- he'll be CARRIED to the White House.

I think liberalism is a fantastic thing!

Bush first briefed on Haditha:"When a Time reporter first made the call"

Why are the Dixie Chicks No. 1??

Gore / RFKJR 2008

Who has a better personality?

When will the Left stop pushing Right Wing BS?

Reminder: Gore won in 2000. Got it?

AP Story Wrong -- Reid Could Not Have Paid for Boxing Tickets

Is there anyone here who REALLY thinks H. R.Clinton can win or are you all

7 STICKERS TO GIVE AWAY: I Am For Separation of Church and Hate.

New Research Predicts Landslide for Gore in 2008 --- Defeat for Hillary

Of the following traits which Hillary has, which 1 is her biggest asset?

Guardian: My Lai on the Euphrates?

alternet: Cheney Starts New Cold War Over Oil

Asia Times: The tangled web of US 'intelligence'

The Right Kind of Security (Container Shipments)--WaPo

David Sirota: Why We Should Worry About the Hostile Takeover of America's

STEVEN SREBRENICK: Mocking The Founding Fathers

BILL CHIROLAS: Mini-Medical/Limited-Benefit Plan Lowers Insurance Co Costs

Media Psych Firm Forecasts landslide for Gore in '08(IF he runs!)

NY DAILY NEWS Demands Firing Of Chertoff

"How Would a Patriot Act?" to Debut at #11 on NYT List

If Prez Hillary did what Bush is doing

Afghanistan: Our other Mideast disaster...

Roberts (Repub): * is deranged

WAR IS SWELL (Blumenthal)

Iraqi Leaders Assail U.S. on Civilian Deaths

Mercury rising: Turkey's Iran dilemma

Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism (book interv)

Political Blogs: the New Iowa? by David D. Perlmutter

Charley Reese (AntiWar): Too Stupid for Citizenship

Molly Ivins: Lurching into the ludicrous

Egypt's richest man says 'stop meddling' with globalization

Young activists, rise up.....

How can the Democrats win if the party is scared of its own shadow?

Foaming Republicans - Larry Beinheart at Huffington Post

Self Loathing in Philadelphia

Desmond Tutu and the Religion Tool - Jake Brewer at Huffington Post

The moral poverty of American capitalism

AmericanProspect: Who’s Your Daddy Party?


Global Warming debate is over.

I see a lot of talk about hyper-inflation here

INTERVIEW-Fear of CO2 regime helps spur US coal rush

Reuters: Global warming threatens Baltic Sea marine life

The Man Who Sold The Planet For $400 Million - Independent

Jeb Bush Urges Climate & Hurricane Scientists To Continue Research

Cutting edge plasma research

Key step taken in pact to remove dams (Penobscot River, Maine)

NPR Science Friday: Arctic Climate Expedition / New Nuclear Power

Positive feedbacks from the carbon cycle

China bets big on coal-to-oil projects

Question: National Academy of Sciences

subtropical jet

Colliding Plasma Toroid Clean-Energy Breakthrough

Japan's 2005 Birth Rate Hits Record Low

Survey: Americans Not Warming Up to Nuclear Power

Please delete.

Largest labor union in Ontario unanimously votes to boycott Israel

Israeli planes strike pro-Syrian Palestinian base in Lebanon

Bush administration is playing dangerous games in Middle East

Naudet brothers vs. Dylan Avery and Loose Change: PUBLICITY STUNT?

WTC Antenna Dropped First , Indicating a Core Failure.

new "Who Killed John O'Neill?" ...Kroll...a must watch

Joan Krawitz, VoteTrustUSA , will be on Lou Dobbs tonight

Exit Polls: Will They Be There in 2006?

Oregon Vote By Mail

Excerpts from Article Now Posted (Bobby Kennedy's Rolling Stone article)

Re: Stolen Election Video and RFK Jr's Rolling Stone article...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, 06/01/06

DUer "GuvWurld" Guesting On Thom Hartmann at Top of The Hour!

COMPLETE ARTICLE NOW POSTED Was the 2004 Election Stolen?

"David Dill is a conspiracy theorist"

Dave Haynie has an idea for insuring Secure Voting.

GOP adopts wait-and-see approach to tainted funds

Can We Keep This GD GuvWurld thread kicked Until He's On Air

NY Times Editorial: Block The Vote

I need emergency HTML assistance - who can help?

Web-Based Elections for Secure Voting from Anywhere at Anytime!!

Yepsen pontificates on the 1st District

State to audit job-creation program (Grow Iowa Values Fund)

Experts: Iowa Race will hinge on turnout (no duh)

[Woman's name] freeware website?

Need information

Councilman focused on public service since young age


Kinky Spouts off about Immigration on MSNBC's Scarborough Country

How the TDP chair election will come down.

Who's going to the kickoff party next Thursday night?

Perry is getting some "blowback" from GOP about his tax scheme

Tell me something good about Boyd Richie

Canadians following rules of war, O'Connor says

Deal to take Kinder Morgan private likely to be accepted

Russia Tries to Sell Planes, Helicopters and Guns to Canada

2nd Duke party dancer faces probation violation charges

Canadians healthier than Americans: study

Toyota recalls nearly 1 million vehicles

U.S. troops to get ethics training in Iraq

Disabled Iraq Vet Suing Over 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Corporate America sitting on record cash stockpiles

AIDS pandemic spreading to "every corner of the Globe"

High (Interest) rates likelier for minorities

WWII bomb scare at London airport (WW2 bomb )

Spies Are Called Essential (Bush)--WaPo

NY DAILY NEWS Demands Firing Of Chertoff

Noe admits illegal funds given to Bush

FEC Will Not Change Rules on 527 Groups

Uzbek Court Expels U.S. NGO

FEC will not change rules on 527 groups

Iraqi government starts (separate) probe of Haditha civilian deaths

Justice Dept. Is Criticized by Ex-Official on Subpoenas --NYT

Berkley bill to target oil industry subsidies

Justice Dept. Official Faces Questioning

Iraq to Name Defense, Interior Ministers Sunday

North Korea invites U.S. nuclear envoy to Pyongyang

Burns Faces Questions on Ties to Lobbyist

Iraq Wants to Set Rules on U.S. Raids

Rawstory- Media psychology firm sees Gore landslide, Clinton flop

(ABC) Poll: Americans Support Searches (Congress Search Issue)

Blix Says U.S. Impedes Efforts to Curb A-Arms

Reuters journalist freed in Iraq after 12 days (from Abu Ghraib)

Jury toils over Abu Ghraib verdict

Lawyer says FBI is investigating pro-Lieberman blog postings

W.Post: Probe Into Iraq Deaths Finds False Reports (re:Haditha)

IRAQ: Citizens chafe under rising unemployment

Envoy: Afghan Law Doesn't Apply to Troops

FEC will not change rules on 527 groups

Chile downplays US pressure in UN voting

Iraq launches own probe of Haditha deaths

Tribal council outlaws abortion (South Dakota)

Longtime salmon spokesman silenced (not a gag order?)

Government grants state $20.5 million (DHS)

Chertoff in Q & A Live on CSpan Now.

Ex-Workers' Comp Official Charged in Ohio

Iran rebuffs U.S. as UN powers ready incentives

Mortar barrage kills 9 people in Baghdad

Commencement Speaker Goofs, Blames "Overflow From My Stupid Gland"

Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Convicted of Aggravated Assault

Israeli planes strike pro-Syrian Palestinian base in Lebanon

Sen. (R) Rick Santorum blocked free speech lawsuit says.

Marine irked at inclusion in Haditha case

N.Y. Republicans set up Faso-Weld primary (vs Spitzer)

Katrina contractors are "cleaning up"

Parties battle for Mexico's swing vote

Over 1,000 British soldiers have deserted since Iraq war began

New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges (another one)

US forces: Iraqi women killed in error

Official Apologizes For Saying Bush Should Be Shot Between Eyes

Circuit City Support-Site Hack Installed Spamming Program

Poll: Bush Worst President Since 1945

Laser 'optical incapacitator' issued in Iraq

Louisiana House OK's Ban on Most Abortions

Crime wave, police silence worry Caracas

Six world powers agree on incentives, penalties for Iran

U.S.: Al-Qaida making inroads in Ramadi

CBC News: Federal Court stays deportation of China's most wanted man

Iraq: Cabinet Shake-Up Tipped

Attorney says 8 U.S. troops to face murder charges in death of Iraqi civil

German spy agency admits blunder in CIA affair

Excerpts from RFK Jr.'s Rolling Stone Exposé on Stolen Election 2004!

Mister Softee co-founder, James F. Conway Sr. dies

WTC responders illness worse than expected

BREAKING: Suit Filed to Halt Purchase, Use of Touch-Screen Machines in CO!

Abu Ghraib Guard Guilty Of Prisoner Abuse

Military ship leaves Port of Olympia, protests end peacefully

FEC finds Frist violated law by failing to disclose $1.4 million loan

DHS: No Monuments Worth Protecting In NYC

Bolton: Unilateral Military Action Is ‘On The Table’

Paulson: The Global Warming Believer Nominated For Bush's Cabinet

New Orleans levees repaired (Reuters)

New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges

Schwarzenegger to order troops to border


Bush Tops List As U.S. Voters Name Worst President (Reagan, Clinton Best)

Geronimo's family call on Bush to help return his skeleton

Bush: World Will Act If Iran Won't Halt Uranium Enrichment

Iraqi Kurds accuse Turkey of shelling

Venezuela Backs Plan to Sell Oil in Euros

Sniper gets six consecutive life terms

Reporter Assaulted After Interview, Loses Tape

Biden's son runs for Del. attorney general

Many won't go without pets if US evacuation called

Chavez grabs centre stage at OPEC

Panel: N.C. Should Pay for 1898 Race Riot

So, get this bullshit that happened to my sister.

Help! I'm gettin eaten alive by mosquitoes tonight inside my place.

Today is the 25th anniversary of 11/70 shower day.

PHOTO: 3 armed baby (and not in the NRA sense)

I saw the "winning" Chevy Tahoe ad tonight.

Can someone please explain to Floogeldy hitting women is wrong

HAHAH "Microsoft Enters PC Security Market"

youtube: soul and r+b

Ladies, would you ever consider dating a man with a HUGE mustache?

I just poured coffee onto a brand new blouse on purpose.

Name a local restaurant that you wouldn't recommend to Satan or Fuckstick.

Ironing tips?

Who loves God the most?

Anyone going to be at ATL airport today?or Ft. Collins?

I work with the bestest peeps in da world!

This should be taken seriously:

Good night

Holy's June.

Aaaah! I burned my thumb on a hot glue gun

WTF? My calendar goes from March 31st straight to April 2nd?

Dumb Question Time:

Shit! I suck at math!

Almost 90,000 DUers!!!!!!!!!!

Help anyone know of any soft food to eat?

Happy Hurricane Season!

Aaaaah! I burned my thumb on a hot pair of handcuffs.

Shop girl is a really good movie.....

Portishead Break

did you ever have an inexplicably accident prone day?

G'night folks.

I watched the CSI final of the 5th season lst night

Noticed DU is about to get its 90,000th user

would you click on my journal and tell me if it looks okay?

My daughter had her dance recital tonight

Middle of the night lyrics.....

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

I won the lottery!


Dupe. Delete please

Poll wont work!!

Happy birthday EOO!!

Dupe. Self delete

Homosexuals, if a 'cure' for being gay were found would you take it?

Heterosexuals, if a 'cure' for being hetero were found would you take it?

Prince Albert Admits To Fathering Another Child

Just came in from outside..... No Hurricanes yet


Gather 'round for my one and only "DaVinci Code" movie review.

Anybody know where I can get a shirt like Race Bannon's?

According to your microwave, which is a longer cooking time?

With todays technology is the national spelling bee more or less

Bull S***!

Sanc·ti·mo·ni·ous; feigning piety or righteousness: “a solemn, unsmiling..

90,000 user registrations. Wow!

Thursday, June 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

*YES!* Batwoman is back as a lesbian

I've been getting screamed at in GD--ask me anything!

How Katie will be remember (MATCOM!!!!)

Am I the only one excited about the upcoming 'Benson' marathon?

Police Called After Girls Were "Scared" Out Of Their Tops At Beach

So will YOU be watching Katie Couric on the CBS evening news?


outback pictures working on weeding today

Can anybody recommend a good online contact lens store?

"Hi, Leo, this is Stacie, formerly of (address). I'm calling regarding

CONFESS!!!!! Post something about yourself that would make me think TMI!!

Attack of the ........... BABY!!!! (baby pics)

Anyone here receive a ticket for parking in a Handicapped Zone?

we havnt had a blatantly lie about someone thread in a while

What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?

Happiness is a laptop running at 1.13 GHz

what should I listen to?

Post your favorite line from the movie "Stand By Me" here:

Damn kids. Get offa mah lawn!

Don't look for an active June for the tropics this year

Portland, OR DUers, check Viva's meetup thread (Sat, June 3 meetup).

Happy Birthday Marilyn.

Post your favorite line from the movie "Silent Movie" here:

Anybody want to play Cornhole with Carson Palmer?


Post your favorite website

Seen any good "Intelectual Bumper Stickers" lately?

Bush Mourns Dead Brazilians In Iraq

damn noisy neighbors

Batwoman is back as a lesbian! Yahoo News

Why does that stupid gecko have a British accent?

Attention "captain_kim": I rent. I don't need "home equity" anything.

Whoisalhedges' favorite band:

RandomKoolzip's favorite band:

Any DSL Techies?

Fashion fights back- Dress for Distress

dolo amber's favorite band:

it was all going well until they spilled candle wax on my private parts

Why aren't there 50 "the break-up sucks" threads ?

The Beautiful Game

Did you get your Oprah tote bag in the mail today?

DU donors - turn off Google ads!

Blue-Jay's favorite band

REJOICE ALL YE!!!! The Gieco gecko is dead!!!

whoisalhedges' favorite hand

swimboy's favorite band.

Midlo's favorite band:

I can get Al Franken's books translated into German,

LynneSin's Favorite Band

whoisalhedges' favorite band

I want to send matcom a message but apparently the e-mail's down

BigMcLargehuge's favorite band:

I think the hurricane is here....either that or a big storm is brewing!

Global Warming - National Academy of Sciences?

Nerds, if a cure for being geeky were found would you take it?

Paging Matcom... Paging Matcom...

Beware the Beast Man's favorite band:

asthmaticeog's favorite band:

Did Led Zep need more cowbell?


Has anyone seen the documentary "The Teachings of Jon" ?

Hey BigMcLargehuge! I have an urgent question for you!

One of my horses died last night. He had colic and we could not help him.

A classmate of my son's was killed, he was 7 yrs old

Need help with boneless pork ribs oven temp and cooking time! URGENT!

Hurricane Update!!!!

True Friendship

Mixed Dog Breeds...

2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee: Preliminary Championship Rounds

Conservative's favourite bands

DU's over 90,000 members now!

How's everybody doing?

I think I will be visiting Auchwitz the day after tomorrow

what's the name of that site where u can upload huge files to share?

Whatever happened to Pia Zadora?

Why is it so freaking hard to find a nice dress?

Ahhhhhh...NO ads! :) Thank you, Skinner!

If you have a 'friend' who likes to slander you & puts salt in your wounds

I have my star back!

I'm going to leave the ads visible.

AARRRGGGGHHH!! "Is the email working yet?" "Is the email working yet?"

Metrosexuals, if a cure for being passe were found would you take it?

Drinking Liberally

YOU Don't Know MUSIC

Taking a dip in the pool. Who's joining?

Who Was Funnier: Archie Bunker or George Jefferson?

All hail khashka - The Lounge's benevolent despot!

Post something that would inspire even the most cynical amongst us

Money and Corruption

Dingbat BabyWatch, Day 1

DUers: The Beatles or the Stones?

Wardrobe Malfunction!

What's the HAPPIEST part of your life?

Vixie would like to be added as one of your friends.

What's your weather look like this weekend? Try Tucson

5 days in Vegas, Jun-18-Jun-22....

Aston Martin V. Bentley

Top Ten Signs Your Starship Captain is a Drunkard

Did anyone see Godfather 3 any one of the about 50

The new job didn't work out

What's Your Least Favorite Household Chore?

"Avoid situations in which injury could result"

The "Seinfeld" rerun right now is the "Puffy Shirt" one.

How Many Times Have You Been A Bridesmaid?

The ‘X-Men’ come out

fred phelps = general grievous

Did you get your Oprah feed bag in the mail today?

Heart vs. Abba


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/1/06)

Canadians make it to the finals (Scripps Spelling Bee)

Am I the only one who is petrified at doing a resume?

As of now there are new rules in the Lounge!

OMG -- the SO is talking about applying for a job in TEXAS

Admit it ladies. You want to "do" whoisalhedges.

Golly, DU has a psycho stalker blogger.

Classify these family members politically

Time to play the middle initial game

Are they setting off the goddamn bomb tomorrow or not?

My cubemate has been listening to the same baseball game since 2003

Anna Nicole Smith: ‘Yes, I am pregnant’

What is worse/which do you prefer.

Which current TV commercial do you love most? Hate most?

100 movies...lets find them all..i'll start off with...............

Tom Verlaine with the Eels at our local arts festival! For free!

So seriously, post here a picture of your favorite band!

Heterosexuals, if a cure for being straight were found would you take it?

Oasis' album 'best of all time'

Bullishness Justified

"Eye for an eye" or "Turn the other cheek"????????

The Rhetoric of Evil

Where do you stand on the issue of faith versus works?

Gene experts say we are not entirely human

Chemical in Plastics(baby bottles) Is Tied to Prostate Cancer

Weight Gain May Up Women’s Heartburn(GERD)

Fascinating!!! Mutated CCR5 gene, delta 32, & immunity to AIDS (+plague)

God & the Singularity: Blogger wants your opinion.

One game at a time.

World Cup 2006 - 8 days to go! - here's the schedule

Here's a stupid way to start your career!

No threads about the Rocket?

Please , please , Please , I need a group manifestation!

Has this happened to anyone else?

"Building Energy & The Shoulder Pain" - Karen Bishop - June 1, 2006


Small anecdote of THK/JK sighting in Nantucket by RW pundit

The MSM is back to promoting the Swift Liars again

old stuff. kerrys record. first medal records. his resignation


JK's speech in LA tomorrow

Anna Nicole Smith is preggers!

What about MI Sodomy allegations at Abu Ghraib?

New freeper predictions: DIXIE CHICKS will bomb when they tour

Bernie's talking "Dixie Chicks" --streaming

Media whores do Bush's bidding, now their reward is....

New National Guard Recruitment Program

Getting swiftboated

Treasury Secretary Nominee supports Kyoto

Why I love this picture so much...

soooo..American police make 134K tax-free in iraq

Hans Blix tells Bush to scrap his stupid Star Wars missile defense system

Taliban kill a dozen Afghan police, kidnap 40 more

Someone explain this to me

Missionary’s years in Vietnam made him a ‘Servant on the Edge

I need emergency HTML assistance - who can help?

Vets from Vietnam, Iraq treated differently

Not to be rude to Mr. Gore but...

When you heard G.I.'s killed kids, were you: Shocked? Sad? Angry?

It's the King's & Sheik's & CEO's & President's World, we just live in it.

TOON: Classic Dayton

Reuters: U.S. troops shot 3 Afghans in crowd -police chief

Conservatives veiws on women

Russian missiles on Polish border

Hayden plans massive expansion of spying on Americans

Why does DU link to the website for a REPUBLICAN candidate?

Bush administration is playing dangerous games in Middle East

With todays technology is the national spelling bee more or less

Princess Diana still dead

Who owns Clear Channel?

Students Cast Votes In Mock Election

OK 2. There were 2 isolated incidents. It just so happens that one...

Barbara Slavin on C-SPAN Now. Iran topic. n/t

John Gibson of FOX

Santorum was an idiot on Imus. Imus is an idiot.

My amateur analysis of the goals of the invasion of Iraq

the ominous warning from Israel of a possible terrorist

Iran has WEEKS to decide nuclear course says US official

Faith Group Plans to Unveil Monument

NY DAILY NEWS calls for Chertoff's head after terror funds cut for NYC.

How can the caller on C-Span say Bush knows more about what's going

Survey: Do U.S. troops need more training in ethics and values?

Longtime Nevada activist Maya Miller dies

A dire warning for Bush.

You want the press to cover election fraud from 2000 and 2004? Here's how.

In defense of the soldiers

Casey by 23 !! Wah-Hooooooooooooooooo

Only one out of four 18-24 year olds voted for president last election -CA

I'm sick of this "Liberals hate the military" crap.

War Is Swell by Sidney Blumenthal

How does your state rate on reproductive and sexual rights?

TOONS: War Machine Edition---------------->TOONS

Private House Democrats Memo: “Managing Expectations.”

So....Are the Dixie Chicks getting airplay on MSM Radio?

Prince Albert 'admits illegitimate child'

"I am the war President." Anyone remember those words by Bush?

So do you think the only "false reports" filed in Iraq were about Haditha?

My thoughts on the Liberal agenda to share....Add yours??


Caption *

Should Iran be "allowed" to enrich uranium?

Former Ashcroft Spokesman Denounces Subpoenas Of Reporters

Has there ever been a legitimate war under Republican or

ACLU Sues Over Indianapolis Sex-Offender Ban

College Republicans Call for Beach Parties to Mock Global Warming

"Off the Color Wheel" My choice of title for a movie on the Bush years.

Disabled Iraq Vet Suing Over 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Comic Relief reorganizing for Katrina children and pets

Question about Capitalism in America

U.S. House Discovers Constitution -- Helen Thomas


Fund-Raiser Admits Funneling Money to Bush Campaign

Talking of alledged killings of civilians in Irag now on cspan WJournal.

Texas' Best and Brightest (not)

I Know it's a dirty tactic, but someone needs to get in the mud

What I learned watching CNN for two minutes this morning

Iran Govt. Office Set Up To Push Propaganda and Plan Attack On U.S.

"core warrior values training", Lesson #1: Wars of aggression are wrong.

Hurricane Watch -- Day 1

Binka's visiting the UK now.

German spy agency rocked by CIA affair

Jane Harman talking of over classification, crackdone on whistle blowers

China, Arab countries target energy sector in ambitious trade plan

Like Vultures

TOON: James Sensenbrenner finally wakes up...

Frank Rich on Imus right now, 7:35amCT, MSNBC. Just an FYI. nt

Iraq troops to get ethics training

Lacking needed funds, Army begins to cut back spending

Bush Military History Project #3

Jeb Bush: Free hospice care? Screw that.

"Cheney was dead set against it,"

Riverbend is OK!! She posted to her blog yesterday

Musicologist challenge: Abramoff, Libby, Safavian, DeLay, Cunningham...

Ethics training during war????

Man Who 'Sold' Gasoline For $10 Charged

Bush & Rummy & Dick didn't kill anyone, & neither did Charles Manson.

did you see that story on MSNBC about mistaken identity?

Corporate America sitting on record cash stockpiles


Can't Impeach him, Can't stop his stupid war, what the hell CAN we do?

'Divine Strake' bomb test postponed - Arrests Made

Haditha and Iraqi death squads

William Rivers Pitt wrote this 2/03

Even if raiding Jefferson's office was right...

The Haditha atrocity is a symptom

CAPTION the Chimp

How Much Do You Pay a Month for Gas and Oil?

Iran = Iraq part II

Yucca Mountain Johnny: Buried Alive?

It was really cute & perky the way Condi declared war on Iran yesterday.

Hey, folks, what say we start sending the Dixie Chicks a little love?

GOP adopts wait-and-see approach to tainted funds

Hey G.I.'s, we know you're not monsters, help us stop the real monsters.

Can Dixie Chicks' new album be streamed (for free)?

Q-Poll: Bush Is Worst President

The Bush administration and Iran

Iraq to launch it's own investigation of Haditha massacre.

Giuliani: "America must remove the governments that encourage terrorism"

Bush Mourns Dead Brazilians In Iraq

Whitehouse briefing - CSPAN 2 - Heads up

CNN taking apart Chirac because a satirical film about him came

The Marines should never have been in Iraq, much less Haditha.

A freeper and his money are soon parted

cnn covering Bush taking questions now.

Should "democracies" destablize other "democracies?"

Anyone watching hans Blix on CSpan 1?

2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee: Preliminary Championship Rounds

Where's the snap polls showing American support for the Iraq occupation...

AP: Bush: Security Council Could Loom for Iran

Dear Activist

Terror Fears Hamper U.S. Muslims' Travel

It's going to cost me 35.00 to vote this year

"The government that governs least..." (list the real answer)

transphobia or self-righteous?

A despicable ruling by Quebec Appeals Court: Re pedophile father

King's A Liar - Baghdad is 35 Times More Dangerous Than New York City

VA to fire data analyst responsible for records breach

Helen Thomas New BK: Bush Secretaries=Robots Spouting Orwellian Nonsense

Ky gov Ernie Fletcher (R) has asked his Lt Gov to resign.

Anyone Notice How Few Bush Polls Are Being Released?

Saw a pro-Marine bumper sticker the other day...

country divided by compassionate or un compassionate

1.3 MILLION Tx Guarntted Loan Borrowers Personal Data "Lost" OOPSIE.

did the soviet union really fall?

Press coverage of a nasty incident compared...

What is the time-frame for attack on Iran?

Let's break down why the FBI raid of Jefferson's office is bad

OK. Ethics training for our troops???

Ex - Workers' Comp Official Charged in Ohio

WOW. Look at these comments regarding spying!

Back against the wall- is Cheney going to attack Iran single handed

"The Horror, the horror..."

Cause/Email Overload?? Coordination needed.

Tony Blair went to Baghdad on 5/22/06- when is B*sh going there?

Another great article about Bush's deranged, unhinged mind

In three months, we will emerge from Iraq victorious!

DUer "GuvWurld" Guesting On Thom Hartmann at Top of The Hour!

Only Five Shopping Days Until the Approxalypse

I would like to thank George W Bush for making me a better person.

In case you missed the post by Polemicist this morning....

Western Oil Sands share slump on Iraq adventure - Plundering doesn't pay

US forced to import bullets as troops use 250,000 for every Iraqi killed

DU DIAL UP USERS: please take time to check out this single cool image...

you know we have been warning Canadians to guard themselves

HuffPo's Daou gives shout out to DU re: * 9-11 ending on humourous note

Advanced Energy Initiative is but a walking shadow . . .

The Shrub couldn't even get the Skull and Bones right

internet providers asked to keep records by Att Gen

A great pic of the "big" man...

Conservative talk show host Melanie Morgan is a ho.

Don't think the Dixie Chicks aren't getting played - think again

I am *NOT* a good "team player" - I'm an Independent Voter (but I might

Iraq: Alas in wonderland

Hey Bush lovers & War supporters: ENLIST & PROVE your Patriotism!

"one hot day when you least expect it."

Poll: Bush Lied About Iraq, Has No Right to Attack Iran - May 11, 2006

Michael Moore Being Sued By An Iraq Veteran = $85 Million Dollars

President's Con-Game Conservatism

DUer GuvWurld On Thom Hartmann's Show! 6/1, 11:00 AM PT, 2:00 EST

Great guest today on "The Guy James Show" you'll find him facinating

Marvin Bush dies.

Hey Santorum!! What goes around, comes around!!

Your predictions

Avant News: U.S. to Reduce Troop Levels From 138K to 163K

What World Leader are you like?

Chertoff in Q & A Live on CSpan Now.

How'd the DCCC get my cell #?

Choice: you can suffer in confusion and insanity, or you can CAPTION!!!!

CBS: Wounded Reporter 'Awake and Alert'

President Bust... hehehehehe

VOTE....Dixie Chicks Top 20 -VH1

Should we legalize murder?

Funniest call ever: Rush "lost his marbles"

My brother's friend is a soldier in Iraq....

Retrial sets abused wife free after 21 years in prison (CA)

Study: Blacks, Hispanics 'Pay Premium' For Home Loans

Schwarzenegger to order troops to border - 2 p.m. press conference

"Bill Clinton felt your pain, George Bush flew over it".

Iraq vet suing Michael Moore hates American values like free speech

My LttE re Shrub's militarization of the (Southern only) border

Trying to work out a anti-war song song

Michael Reagan stepped right over the line in his latest hate collumn

Thanks for the welcomes

Discovery of Ancient Artifacts Rekindles Debate on 'Hobbits'

US rejects North Korea invitation

"Yellow Badge" Taheri: Is This Guy The New, Iranian Chalabi?

Freepers freeping Cindy Sheehan's book

Corallo on Gonzales DOJ: "They really should be ashamed of themselves."

Commencement Speaker Goofs, Blames "Overflow From My Stupid Gland"

Didn't the European powers ever hear "Won't Get Fooled Again?"

Poll: Bush losing Hispanic support - May 21, 2006

OUR way of life........The Corpocracy at work

Did you believe it, Bush pontificating on how his america solves...

VOTE....Dixie Chicks TRL Top 20

Congressman Kucinich: Phony Iran diplomacy is fast track to war

The Dixie Chicks album is number 1 but the radio does not play it

Dealing with the U.S. Devil - Surrender, capitulate, then we'll talk

The Field Guide to American Conservatives

Too funny: Bush is named worst prez and Clinton tops list of best (poll)

is there a good resource for haditha?

South Carolina to give credit for off-campus religious courses

Where There Was One Enemy, Now There Are Many...

Iraq: Alas in wonderland...

cnn doing very good segment on Dxixie Chicks --saying backlash

american criminal's favorite gun store - Badger Outdoors

Key black leaders finally behind their party's governor candidate (Ohio)

This feeling of Powerlessness: Is it real, or some bizarre Illusion?

Every so often, the mist clears and I can see sunlight in the distance

MY 1000th POST, FINALLY! celebrate, I shall post a useless poll

Dean, DNC: Bush Must Stand Up To His Party

FEC finds FRIST VIOLATED LAW by failing to disclose $1.4 million loan

Miss Waverly nails a Bush fan

CBS to Ingraham: Get your ass to Iraq, beeotch

All this DHS funding stuff is just a ploy to get the Reds and the Blues at

Does a Democratic woman exist who could win the 2008 Presidential

Why all the Hillary Clinton paranoia?

Focus now . . . which (x) is al-Qaeda? xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cicero (Illinois) on the Potomac

BBC: New 'Iraq massacre' tape emerges (Town of Ishaqi)

Misplaced Priorities? How does Rove going down in flames help us?

Bush braces nation for Iraq massacre trial...

TOON: ummmm...LOOK! OVER THERE! (Thursday 6/1)

The fight against the penny (CNNMoney)

Why is it so hard to change conventional wisdom?

US disturbed by reports of torture by Egypt police

More Marine Atrocities!

Lou Dobbs Poll: 92% think Bush not successful

Should the Family of 2 US Presidents GIVE THE INDIANS FREAKN' SKULL BACK?

So basically the U.S. & it's Soldiers are TRAPPED in Iraq.

1st hurricane of 2006 is going to be named Alberto!!!!!

How many isolated incidences have to occur....

Apparently, Blitzer thinks that one of the MAIN problems during Katrina

Six years of hatred. How are you dealing with it?

Capitalism = Imperialism = Exploitation = Slavery

Draft Gore 2008 Fund drive! 5$ donations requested!!

What's Up(Rather Down)With Gas Prices?

Peter King: "They're going to regret the day they did this to New York"

Official Apologizes For Saying Bush Should Be Shot Between Eyes

DC lobbyist on global warming:Is God really going to let the Earth burn up?


Jeb Bush Bashes Riviera Beach Efforts To Condemn For Private Projects

I hope someone runs to the left of Kucinich in 2008

Ted Nugent says "I am not a coward" for dodging the draft during Vietnam

Let's play let's-guess-which-war-this-is

DHS 40% cut for NYC funds...Osama must be targeting Fort Lauderdale...

Investigator: Safavian Changed Story

Killed in action, in the Gulf and Iraq: Find a Grave forum

"Wouldn't an election with McCain in it be far superior to one without?"

The Elephant is the wrong Animal Icon for the Repubs, how about the Rat?

Cadet Bush at West Point: Screw That Chin In, Beanhead!

Poll: Bob Casey Jr. rips a 23 point lead open over Santorum, Rendell also

"there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?"

Fundie nightmare: Evolving pathogens, mutant genes, immunity to AIDS


Peter King (R-NY): "THEY'LL REGRET THE DAY [DHS] DID THIS" (cut NYC funds)

"Marines are good at killing," he said. "Nothing else. They like it."

Gore/Obama--now that would be a tough ticket to beat

NPR program in Utah: Radio West: 6/1/06: Electronic Voting AUDIO >>>>

How long will it take the GOP to recover from the BUSH BACKLASH?

Dixie Chicks Pay Back Time for Clear Channel Radio Station Bans; Let's DU!

The Ownership Society Is Here!

Inspired by a post by Philosoraptor, my idea for the new GOP

Why I love Sean Hannity...

New Report Reveals Estate Tax Repeal Would Give Over $200 Million Windfall

Tweety nitpicks Hillary - overlooks Bush's crimes

OK - You Dropped Out - Yes! But How do you pay the bills?

Quinnipiac Poll: Bush Is Worst President in Last 61 Years

Waddya think of this bumper sticker Gore fans? They're ready.. added #3

RFK Jr. is wrong according to this right winger because...get this...

Someone should be setting up a Replacement Government.

Rolling Stone Issues Press Release on Kennedy's Election 2004 Exposé

Now they want to implant computer chips in illegal immigrants

"6 World Powers OK Pact on Iran Nukes" we go again folks.

BIG favor: Does anybody have F-9/11 on DVD?

Gov. Jeb Bush Vetoes Florida Library Appropriations

Bolton to Iran: "Put Up or Shut Up"


Why is there a link to a Republican Senate candidate's homepage on DU?

War IS Murder. This War especially. I HATE what is happening to our

Would you prefer/vote/advocate for a woman to be President?

Basically, it looks like the Earth released a gigantic fart

You need to get thee to this link to see Cafferty's rant today, RE: voting

WTH is going on in HLS?? Are they MAD? Osama's men on the staff?

Where's the God Damn Prosecutor for this? INDICT NOW!!! Total Shit!!

WAR IS SWELL: By Sidney Blumenthal

Her parents are dead

should the Dems adopt the federal marriage "protection" amendment

2006 is nearly half over. Who's in the lead for TIME's Person of the Year,

Scapegoats of the Empire: From Breaker Morant to Haditha

Dixie Chicks Sales Great-Media Not Reporting

Should We Microchip Immigrants?

My letter to Senator Kerry on election fraud:

Happy Days are here again!

Cato Institute : FMA "Unnecessary, Anti-Federalist, and Anti-Democratic"

Have we caught the guy who caused 9-11 yet? What was his name?

Message from a Vet of My Lai Time - "Our Descent Into Hell Has Begun"

Question: WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE???? answer:

Salon picks up DU post: Bush thought 9/11 ended on a "humorous note"

If there were a George W. Bush High School, it would be "home of the..."

I wish "Brangelina" would speak out against the war on Iraq

Reporter Snuck into Wiretapping-Vendors' Conference

Virginity pledgers often dishonest about past

It's Official: I'm Dropping Out.

Harvard Medical School says health care better in Canada than U.S.A

NRO identifies "The 50 greatest conservative rock songs"

UCMJ Experts. Should the LtCol that called Rush yesterday be fired?

VIDEO (GRAPHIC): Different (Ishaqi)'Iraq massacre' tape emerges (BBC News)

Huge slide buries main road into Yosemite

Why are Americans so "out of the loop" compared to other nations?

3 Google Ads for Duke on the General Discussion page.

Capital Awaits Word of Whether Rove Will Be Indicted

Joe Klein on Barack Obama and 2008

There is something we might be forgetting about the Haditha……

Question for DUers who purchase their own Health Insurance

Fox News has LOWEST demo viewership since August of 2001

Mother Charged With Trying To Kill Her Disabled Twins

How the Right is baiting us to play their war games.

Who is that handsome DU'er on Lehrer NewsHour ?!?!?

George Washington and his Religious beliefs...rebut the fundies...

fear fear fear fear fear fear....ooh a cookie.....fear fear fear fear fear

My God ,They are killing Babies

Bush Admin. Wants to Cut Meth Use 15 Percent

Make sure to buy HARDCOPY Rolling Stone - send the message of support for

It's time for a TIA shoutout.

Legal question, what culpibility does an ex-president have?

History is repeating itself. The question: How do we Prevent THE DARK AGES

Classic Fox News a few minutes ago...


How do we get Al Gore to run?

REPUBLICAN'T -- Your new vocabulary word of the day...


Should Bush be required to take "Ethics Training" like the troops?

Hillary's Postcards To Chertoff

Reuters - Dixie Chicks Bush-Whacked At Record Stores - ROFL

If you find yourself obsessed with immigration chances are your Republican

A truly fitting photo of Bush...

ARM YOURSELF WITH TRUTH- WHY Iran wants nuclear capability


My Hillary Prediction

DU Donors Now Have the Option to Hide Google Ads

AP: States Setting Up Homeland Security Panel

Extended Al Gore Interview on Channel 4 (UK)

AP: Burns Faces Questions on Ties to Lobbyist

Seattle PI: Drinking Liberally, thinking globally

CA: Bill to Bolster Election Clout Gains

Know Wonder, The US Empire Desires To Install A Fascist Government..

James Sensenbrenner, House Jud. Comm. Chair, wakes from a long, long nap

Will Tennessee Buy a Ford?

What's going on in Kansas?

42% increase in property tax?

Unity 08

Del Police office & Santorum Aide being sued by ACLU

Orange County Register: McCain urges O.C. to speak up on immigration bill

Poll: Support the Dixie Chicks!

Congressional Sale-A-Bration by Mark Fiore

New Orleans Unprepared Despite Bush Pledge to ‘do what it takes’

"Group pushes 'unity ticket' on Internet" (Unity 08 third-party folly)

On the Low Road to November (NYTimes) on gay-marriage

Just heard on the Radio

GOP Big Tent: Don’t let the flap hit you in the ass on the way out.

new "Who Killed John O'Neill?" ...Kroll...a must watch

Some idiots still don't get it. What has to happen?


Quiz - guess who wrote this.

VOTE....Dixie Chicks Top 20 -VH1

Voting machine fraud: Where does your candidate, senator, rep stand on it?

Cafferty just whalloped the repug party on the voting system

I just bought the domain name

Why Solomon is Bashing Reid: Info You Need to Know

We need to counter the Right on this

RI Senate Poll: Chafee and Laffey in dead heat

Bush shows up at fundraiser to find Maryland candidate has already flown

With respect for and to Rep John Murtha (D-PA) ........

My ideal Democratic Platform for 2006

Privacy RIP cartoon

Key Black Leaders Endorse Strickland for (OH) Governor

Busby is taking no prisoners

Anyone listening to Sam Seder?

Curious: Any DUer here who DOESN'T believe in machine fraud issue?

I was stationed in Haditha.

RW Rag: Patriot Project and denouncing of Swift Liars is harrassment

Republicans Love "Necessities", Until It Becomes A Problem For Republicans

Peter King (R) New York - Freaks Out on Hardball -

How can I find current CNN polling info (re: aWol's approval numbers)

Check out this video of Angelides Speaking

Broder says he's "getting killed" with negative mail

Does Tweety plan on talking about Hillary every night

My Questions for John Kerry When I meet him Today

(Canadian) Troops told Geneva rules don't apply to Taliban

what happens to Babyface Santorum after casey beats him?

Maine: Hay Bright endorsed by Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The left didn't lose America, the GOP stole it!

Bush bottoms out... again

So Cheney really is in charge (re Iran)

Once ,twice two times stolen !

Lions Led by Donkeys...

CNN runs article by RW author claiming Left harrassing Swift Liars

Immigration debate: Where do you fall?

How do we Purge all the Re-pukes from government posts??

Hackett Trashes Murtha on Air America

Unity Candidate? Unify **this**, assholes.

Lincoln Davis: THIS is Democratic Underground

Harold Ford (D) of Tennessee is huge A-HOLE

On Iran, posturing isn't policy

On The Subject of Same Sex Marriage

ETHICAL TRAINING for our Troops...!

Marine sues Michael Moore for $85 million

Pre-empt the Swiftboating of RFK Jr.

Rolling Stone Editorial: A Call for Investigation (Election 2004)