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Archives: April 4, 2006

South Florida's textile industry unravels Relaunch:Predicts Mark Warner in 2008

Swedish chemists analyze burning wood residue from celluosic ethanol.

Rivers Indicate Earlier Snowmelt in Eastern North America

Ariel Sharon to undergo surgery to close hole in his head

Arrests Made in Uptown Shooting (9/11 Truth Scholar)

You gotta read this GD thread! Abrahamoff, Ney, Diebold-election meddling

Who made the Illegitimate Election video ?

Kerry's Efforts for Katrina Survivors' Voting Rights (Cross-Post)

Susan Sarandon calls for outside monitoring of US elections due to fraud

ODP: Blackwell "accidentally" owned Diebold stock while suing other manuf.

Gonna Whip up some T-shirts; CONTEST TO PROVIDE DESIGN

ISU Governor's Forum tonight


Michele Bachmann compares herself to Paul Wellstone

Attn: Lubbockites


DeLay took the CON outa Congress!

So who is going to be my congressman in TX-22?

oh, please - "after months of prayer and contemplation"

Delay steps down = special election.

Rumors are that mayor of Sugar Land will be in special election

David Wallace is so incongito that his campaign site just went dark

Heads up East Texans!

DeLay has withdrawn from running, per MSNBC, 9:15pmCT.

I'm looking at election code and it looks like

crap! I'm in Beaumont in a Holiday Inn. Yall keep me posted on DeLay

What I just did: From the "Hardly Qualifies As Cooking" department

Rachel Ray - Love her or hate her?

Bush Admin Media Collusion Memos Surface

Colombian troops kill 22 rebels

Hebron shelved; Williams takes aim at Exxon

Boy's medicine held up by Homeland Security

Delay will NOT run for re-election!

Breaking MSNBC - Delay NOT to run again this year...

Ariel Sharon to have head surgery

Story Up: Sources: DeLay to leave House re-election race

Trailer Trouble Chills New Orleans-FEMA Relations (FEMA "bullying"?)

U.S. Announces Deaths of 9 American Troops

AP Link: Former House majority leader DeLay to retire, officials say

6 TSA workers at Bush Airport charged with making false statements

Hebron shelved; Williams takes aim at Exxon

The Hill: Rush to return Rudy cash

CBC: Spitzer says FCC 'undermining' payola probe

Pentagon Releases New Gitmo Transcripts

EPA Weighs Easing Rules on Toxic Air Pollutants

Chávez, Seeking Foreign Allies Spends Billions

Prodi Says He Would Pull Troops From Iraq

Doctor flies into South Dakota to perform abortions Exclusive: Tom DeLay Says He Will Give Up His Seat

Labor Shortage in China May Lead to Trade Shift

Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuclear Bomb

Report: Bush Marginalized Intel Board

Universal Will Not Pull 'United 93' Trailer, Despite Criticism

Senator Wants to Tap Controversial General

China parliament official calls for cut in US debt holdings

Denver transit workers strike, forcing thousands to change plans

Another stem cell paper retracted

Iraq's interior ministry refusing to deploy US-trained police

CBS News Appears to Be Close to a Deal With Katie Couric


Iran Tests Second New Torpedo in Gulf

Zogby - Ohio: Poised For A Left Turn? (Brown Leads DeWine 46% to 37%)

"I am no longer Stephen Colbert, human. I am Stephen Colbert, Inc."

What a surprise. I noticed something about myself.

Tonight's Letterman show is a 12 year old re-run.


You maniacs! You blew it up! Goddamn you all to herk!

oh my god, you killed kenny!

If life were like MASH, who would you be?

Jeeps are NOT submarines! I repeat! Jeeps are NOT submarines! Ok?

I hate you, stupid Microsoft Word. I hate you.

Post names of "Spammers"

I'm eating worms again!!!

My ass is a nice shade of pasty Spock white.

So. Do you think the Greenies will throw the election this year?

The Rent (a funny)

Hi and Goodnight

How do I post a pic?>

Sex sex sex

d00d, u r a n00b!!1!

Crockett and Tubbs

It's so much fun to play with my slinky!

Photoshop x-post

Per SO's request--got any dachshund pics?

"If you dig it, don't do it"

My ass is a nice shade of black and blue.

"windows sytem error. IP address conflict with another sytem on network"

M y Dad gave me the keys to his TownCar and left

How many DUers have a blog?

What can I say about "Charles in Charge"?

Name a song that makes you feel (blank)

To all residents at (my apt complex):

Major "LOST" Spoiler

Gators lookin' good so far

Name someone famous who pronounces it "new-kewl-are".

We're almost done, citizen. Your thumbprint here.

If you could post as another DUer for one day, who would it be?

How old were you when you first noticed numbness, tingling in extremities?

Ding dong

Anyone try Coca Cola BlaK yet? The new coke/coffee beverage

Head hurts.

"Jimmy Crack Corn and I DONT CARE!"

In case you never venture from the Lounge, Delay is withdrawing

I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse!

"Beware of Maya" Whats does George Harrison mean by that?

dang, I didn't mark it - what is the site that gives real estate values?

So I drove my Dad's car

Why Is Walmart Afraid Of Widescreen DVDs?

Best Recorded Song Ever




I think Cynthia McKinney is as guilty as hell!!

Why does the free throw lane in the NCAA finals look distinctly phallic?

I just ignored Rev_Acts and all the herky posts disappeared

Anyone here a butcher/meat-cutter?

I just ignored Zombie Nixon and all my dyslexic smileys disappeared...

Help! I broke my thread!

I Want johncoby2 to Tell My Fortune....

If you had to respond:

What the hell is a 'Flanimal'?

This place is fucking nuts

Del Rio Superpet, VIP Video Juarez, some Holiday Inn in Mexico...

This is great for a laugh from

"Every child had a pretty good shot, to get at least as far as...

Don't be a buzzkill on my schadenfreude!

Spider-hunting nudist burns own buns

Tonight's episode of 24 had a twist all DUers would love

Anyone keepin up with Grey's anatomy lately?

UCLA vs Florida. National Championship thread.

On Wednesday of this week,

Never try to write a bunch of songs with a headache on your computer.

Is your name on this alphabetical list?

Legal Question

One Flaw In Women - I thought this was nice.

Wow, UCLA is getting its ass straight handed to it in this

Will Florida winning the Final Four be a good omen for Democrats?

How long is Katie Couric most likely to last as CBS New Anchor?



Keith Olberman on Sharon Stone and Lindsey Lohan?

Name a TV show that you thought ended appropriately.

And I'm STILL working on my 13-page paper!!!

Would you want to be a Borg?

I started a thread in GD

Post something that you find interesting

how many of you have I pissed off?

Help! Housing dilemma

My mom is on the phone with the Census Bureau

The Lounge, the proper forum for this part of the DeLay story . . .

West Wing Josh and Donna sex

Funniest dog video EVER!!!

i'm watching "avalanche" from 1978

Big's April musical obsession

I've got braces!

Anyone have 'Bank of America' horror stories?

73-57 Florida over UCLA

"V-Dub Is In The House"

Hello. (three cat pictures enclosed)

Sigh*** Who remembers what MAD Magazine was like before theyt sold out?

How do you prepare a turkey?

How is it possible in this day and age that people are dying in tornadoes?

24! **Spoilers**

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be

Spent the weekend killing Goathead sticker patches...

Cynthia M. & Chaka Kahn-- the hair

What do Jesus and colored Easter eggs have in common?

Nice opener wrapping up - Angels/Mariners.

Red Sox and Rockies win!!!

Shaq Bashes the Refs

PDittie won the DU March Madness tool

Dog behavior question...

Funniest Dog Video EVER!

Delay's resignation fit into any "larger horizons"

Getting ugly in VA

Ryan Lizza has a very positive article on Schumer and the DSCC

Voting Rights for Victims of Katrina - Kerry press release

Breaking: Bye Bye

Good or bad?

A little blurb about Laura Bush's iciness to THK

Fargo Flood '06

KOEB Meeting -- 4/3/06: Opening Day Edition

Lookie here!!!

Dems Say Nat'l Security Will Be An Asset In 2006 (New DSCC poll)

G.O.P. mug shots with several new additions..

Kick Ass LTEs in K.C. Star! - Thanks Royals!

(VIDEO download) UK TV Documentary -- "Iraq's Missing Billions"

David Horsey on the 2006 campaign debate

thought I'd never find any humor in 911 but here is a chuckle

How the hell do we tip the media balance?

Gators lookin' good so far

Will Karl Rove be indicted?

Waiting in the grocery checkout line I can see how society has changed


Jeffrey Lyons on KO, a

Newest McKinney accusation: misspending taxpayer money...

West Wing replay on Bravo 8pm edt

"Tragedy and Farce" by Nichols and McChesney..looks worth buying.

Any Airline employees here?

Reuters: Bush said likely to replace Treasury chief Snow

BREAKING - MSNBC - Tom DeLay withdrawing from race

You'd think that Cynthia McKinney had shot someone in the face

In Re Repuke Party Implosion: Today's Whig Party?

FOX NEWS email?

Anyone else singing that Nah nah nah nah, Nah nah nah -Delaaay GOODBYE!!

So, do Republicans get to name a candidate to replace Delay?

Awesome donation from a DUer to Progressive Patriots Fund!

Libby Lawyers Finger Powell, Armitage & Grossman-Blame "Infighting"

Iran Tests Second New Torpedo in Gulf

Bush Went After Daughter's "Misbehaving" Boyfriend...

DeLay walked because of corruption, yet MSM says, oh well. How much more?

If McKinney had kept her braids and not gained weight,

Remember not to feed the troll's threads.

"This had become a referendum on me..."

Does Cynthia McKinney have health insurance?

Exclusive: Tom DeLay Says He Will Give Up His Seat (Time Mag)

It's Michael Corleone, they all wanna be Michael Corleone...

Charles Taylor

So, now who's the candidate in DeLay's seat???

We Can Only HOPE That Katherine Harris Is Next To Get Out!

Story is UP:Sources: DeLay to leave House re-election race

Does Cynthia McKinney live in poverty?

DeLay Exterminated

VF: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Al Gore, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney

Re: Tom Delay... Good Thing Today Isn't April 1st, Or My Matthews Voodoo..

Tom DeLay is a HERO, didntchya hear?!!

"I AM the Federal Government"

Is Dubya a mumpsimus ?

TOONS: Monday Leftovers Edition

Wasn't Delay's Chief of Staff Indicted a Couple of Days Ago?

Someone needs to write a book, fear and loathing in the whitehouse

I think someone needs to write a book, Fear and Loathing in the Whitehouse

If Moussaoui had told them about the 9/11 plot in advance,

Bugman's Toast, Who's Next?

This is how I'll always remember Tom Delay:

Wouldn't it be funny if Delay burned Bush and Cheney to get a couple of...

DeLay ignores Faux News...goes to MSNBC

Tom DeLay is leaving politics.

Delay changing legal residence to Virginia

If EVERYTHING Goes Our way In 2006, What Are The Chances Of Chimpeachment?

Before something is posted in LBN people should do 10 seconds of checking.

TIME Exclusive: Tom DeLay Says He Will Give Up His Seat

Check out this BEAUTIFUL BANNER!!!! Bye Bye Mr Delay...

Dick Cheny, after drinking alcohol, shoots a man in the face

Heh. Finally, y'all love Texas for the good news!

Get the right meme: Disgraced Delay Quits Race

What do state candidates have to do to accept campaign $?

the elections later this year are the most important elections ever.

World Cup wallpaper for the fans?

David Brooks: Republicans will lose the House

Did anyone else find KO's focus on Sharon Stone's 48 Year Old Vagina

* halts space exploration after disapointing discovery!

Hilary or Laura: who was better a better decorator.....

(TOON) Rowson on the launch of the "British FBI"

Foreclosures? We're No. 1!

What if we boycott the Republicans?

Beautiful ballad by a USMC Medic of 6 years ,,like "No Bravery"

Is the fake FOX article on media collusion an attempt to discredit the web

I will miss Tom Delay

National Spending Per Student Rises to $8,287

Well, I'll be damned...

Free beer in the lounge courtesy of "DeLay for President '08"

Rice 'forced to sleep on floor'

Let's Kill Off the Human Race

Howard Zinn on Mike Webb now 9:25PM Pacific


My now seemingly "Prophetic" video about Delay stepping down...

Health warning: Praying for the sick makes them feel even worse

Bush protest pictures from Cincinnati appearance.

Top 5 Stories on Paulo's News for April 4, 2006


So What: Its Just A Few Votes

ARM rates go up... will the real estate market see a glut?

Delay Quits Race...Laura Bush didn't like Hillary's decorator; MSNBC.

Has Bugman delay Given A Reason Yet?

Re: Laura's book..."White House was vandalized, 'W' keys missing..."

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in, Hi again AAR Phoenix

Busta Rhymes Anti-Gay Rant from AOL Thumbs Up/Down voting

Tom Delay's Greatest Achievement

Away from the major topics. Are the Greens going to throw the 06 Elections

CONFIRMED: Delay interview with Time Magazine

Maybe We Should Put a Higher Tax on Meat, Too

Were the cops right to arrest Cindy Sheehan?

Really pissed off at Colbert tonight

Libby: "The Media Made Us Do It"

Delay, like Newt before him.....

The Daily Show, who's up here, don't know if it's a repeat:

**BREAKING NEWS! ** TOM DELAY will NOT be running in 2006! Yeah!

Has anyone checked out freeper reaction to the DeLay news?

Baseball fans cheer Bush, boo Bonds

100 unsexiest men in the world: Colmes, Limbaugh, Gingrich, O'Reilly, ...

Odometer Junkies: On Wednesday morning ...

No way would Delay quit unless indictment were 100% certain!!

Scarborough, Wonkette smear, ridicule McKinney

If Cynthia is arrested and Convicted then what?

Outlawing homeless shelters in New London (of eminent domain fame)

Remember Blake Miller, the NY Post's "Marlboro Man?"

Voting Rights for Victims of Katrina - Kerry press release

Cynthia McKinney's record of self-aggrandizement

It does NOT matter if that officer acted inappropriately! The law demands

I was having an argument about bird flu with my mom

Why is DELAY withdrawing?

Does any other news item even matter tonight?! Delay is OUT!!!

Scientist calls for elimination of 90 percent of Earth's human population.


Would you stand for someone you have no respect for??

So let me get this: Moussaui knew about 9/11 but did NOT cooperate

I guess Laura lies like the rest of them...or maybe exaggerates

Why are most of the celebrities-turned-politicians Republican?

Post your favorite pics of the 39% that still support W

heads up, Bill Moyers fans

John Conyers:In case you missed it

Lets talk about the "Masons"

I hope Jill Carroll makes a mint from her book deal and the FOX Bushbots

Did Colbert's guest realize he was a satirical host????!!!

Just saw Gore speak at Drew University, Madison, NJ...

Wow...the writers of 24 go MIHOP!

Lt Col Kwiatkowski: I was actually against the war when I was in the ...

If Cynthia McKinney struck an officer, she deserves arrest.

Gore gets 'Green'and mean with W

About had it with the Cynthia McKinney "controversy."

Question, what occurs if an incumbent resigns after winning the primary?

Al Gore should run in 08 for no other reason than that he's

If Cynthia McKinney is a Congressmember, she deserves respect

getting VERY sick of blank screens with just the du logo in the upper left

Hey Delay, Don't Let The Door Hit You In Your Fundie Ass

LAT: Hollywood Souring on Hillary

Ding dong

Tom DeLay quote on 1/6/05

Step 2: DeLay resigns. Step 3: DeLay goes to prison.

Cindy Sheehan Smacks Down Congressman

Tom Delay OUT!!

Tom Delay will not run again

Is DeLay about to accept a plea bargain?

Illinios republican candidate for Governor! This is gonna be fun!

He's Gone...

HBO's Walkout...about Chicano 1968 protests on at 11:00 tonight.

Feingold on Fox News Sunday: Transcript

Bill Clinton must be pleased that Delay got his own "Impeachment"

Neal Boortz issues Cynthia Mc.Kinney an "apology"

Tom DeLay told Chris Matthews he will WITHDRAW from re-election bid

I went over to freeperland to watch the exploding heads...

A new chance for honest elections - petition

International laws hinder UK troops - Reid

Just Caught The Tail End Of Caller On Malloy Saying Moussaoui.....

My Donation To The Republican Party

Zacarias Moussaoui

Why I am not in favor of censure, but am in favor of Feingold's putting it

Ned Lamont campaign theme song suggestion (Lieberman Dem Opponent)

Newsweek: Real and Surreal (Condi's visit to Iraq highlights disconnect)

DeLay scandal/hypocrisy primer, anyone?

Delay is changing residence to VA. TX GOP can put other name on ballot.

Delay to step down in May!

Did Senator Schumer Lead a Boycott on Feingold's Censure Hearing?

The Scientific Activist Takes on the Free Market Myth

some hilarious Freeptard posts!! on DeLay dropping out

10 Points in DEFENSE of DEMOCRATS!!!

MSNBC: "Katherine Goes Bust?"

Cynthia McKinney - My Hero

Some of the first ads against DeLay nearly got Dean and DFA sued.

David Brooks:Republicans will lose the House in November

"The new definition of military valour - saying no to politicians"

New Orleans Election Hinges on Race and Not Rebuilding

The CIA: Cowboys, Indians and Whistleblowers

Why Pay Taxes?

A Hole Where Hopes Are Buried

Weekly Standard's Take on the Delay Resignation (not pretty)

The president's war madness:Derrick Z. Jackson

Jesus and the Dead Presidents

BBC: Chinese influence in Brazil worries US

FDA Staff Travels on Drug Industry Dollars

How Massacres Become the Norm

Molly Ivins: Global Warming: What, Me Worry?

Krugman on McCain's cozying up to Fallwell

Sidney Blumenthal - A Brief History of Delay

Jack Straw , Tony Blair , ethnic cleansing and seagulls

Arainna Huffington: Holy Hammer! DeLay Seeks Guidance Through Fasting

PALAST: Chavez tells BBC Venezuela has more oil than Saudi

MOGAMBO GURU: 'Congratulations, War-Criminal Pentagon Buttheads!'

WSJ: The Wrong Time to Lose Our Nerve: Response to Buckley, Will, Fukuyama

Three Years Later, Iraq Investigations Continue

Silence in class (McCarthyism Reborn in Colleges/Schools)

Conservative Voice: If You Love Your Country, You Should Question 9/11

Dahr Jamail: How Massacres Become the Norm

Norman Solomon (Common Dreams): When War Crimes Are Impossible

KNOW THINE ENEMY: What Is a Crunchy Conservative?

Bush's Great Game: A PNAC Primer Update

DC Democrat's Conspiracy of the Soulless (Sirota)

Gold-Are You Ready to Rock?

A couple threads from LBN...

Richard Pombo caught with hand in cookie jar.

Severe weather outbreak of April 2-3

2006 hurricane season forecast

Decade to satisfy China's demand for our uranium

Climate Breakdown May Be Altering Breeding Cycle Of Antarctic Birds - BBC

Tornado Outbreak Death Toll Now Up To 27 - Courier Journal

Disease Amplifying Impact Of Massive Caribbean Coral Bleaching - NYT

Domenici Will Hold Hearings Today On Mandatory GHG Caps

James Woolsey (ex-CIA), Hemp Advocate

Wegener Institute's Antarctic Ice Core Details Climate For 740,000 Years

Largest Ocean Waves Recorded----More to come

Anyone ever tried anything like this?

Danube Breaks 2002 Flood Record In Budapest - Floods Spreading - BBC

Calif. Levees Break, Flooding Trailer Park

Gov.: Twister Damage 'Wrath Of God' (death toll hits 28)

Scientist - Climate, Invasives Will Utterly Transform MN Northern Forests

global warming a forbidden topic for most TV weather reporters

How to save 30% of the energy used in outdoor lighting!

North American Wind Power; Capacity Expected to Quadruple by 2010

Accuracy of last year's April forecast

Ethanol operating capacity + new capacity up 63% over 2005 production

Christian leaders: State preventing rituals

BBC online censured for anti-Israel bias

Olmert to seek Labour coalition - BBC News - April 4 2006

The Israeli Elections: A Decisive Vote for Apartheid

Israeli missiles hit PA compound

UN aid workers: Gaza on verge of disaster

The New Israel: (is asking for trouble)

Norman Finkelstein & Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami Debate

Lt. Col. Dr. Robert Bowman: "my prime suspect would be Dick Cheney"

Black ops and the new Flight 93 movie

From the mouths of babes


More Outrage from the Right About a Voting Machine Company Tied to Hugo Ch

Vote@18:Moms Sign up the Senior Class! Will YOU help?

I've reposted the ACLU Voting Booth here:

Stuffing Ballot Boxes An Electronic Alternative

Help Bruce Funk- 30 second Action Alert

Problems w/ voting machines in Summit Co, OH

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News 04.04.06: DeLay Fraud Special-Rokken

Humboldt Supervisors Approve Limited Vote-PAD Pilot Project

I know just how he feels (An Ode to Election Ladies)

BIG day in Anchorage, Alaska ~ Tuesday, April 4th ~ 2006 Mayor's Race!

Marshalltown considers anti-gay bullying

delay to resign

Wonder if we could pick this topic up here: MA Health Bill

Can anyone help with this?

Memory leak?

My Northeast Texas Itinerary April 5-7

What I mean by the Constultantocracy

Message from Nick Lampson on DeLay

Perry can call Special Election to fill Bugboy's Seat

Culberson weighs in on DeLay and Schedules Town Hall Meetings

State Convention Schedule (sort of)

Now that I've thought it over, I'm not that happy about DeLay.

We took away his gun license and look what happened

Early voting starts today in Harris County

Thank you, Chris Bell

Lakesha Rogers answers TDP Questionnaire

Nigella Lawson - New Show in September

Is Cons Crime Thrust Really Racial?

Ralph Klein to resign in September

Booming Alberta vulnerable to drought: water experts

Former Westar Chiefs Get Long Prison Terms In Looting Case

Iraq's interior ministry refusing to deploy US-trained police

Die Hard' Director Charged in Pellicano Probe

Largest Ocean Waves Recorded----More to come

Tom DeLay Says He Will Give Up His Seat

Nepal government rejects truce

Iran Tests Powerful New Torpedo

Tom DeLay Plans to Resign From Congress

A $340b Year Rockets Exxon to Top of Fortune List...

DeLay calling it quits

Senate Pushes War, Hurricane Bill to $100B

DeLay calls it quits

Oil demand could outpace Saudi production capacity

Huge H-1B increase in Senate immigration bill

CNN/Reuters: Study: Autism rise from labeling, not epidemic

WP: EPA Faces Internal Outcry On Airborne Emissions Plan

Civil rights heroes may get pardons (for breaking racist laws) Alabama 1st

Hanover ( N.H.) residents will see impeachment proposal

Iraq leaders put off govt talks despite US pressure

This pic is crying out for a caption. Enjoy!

GOP strategy bigs deserting (Katherine) Harris for K.T. (McFarland)

Bush Waiting on Staff Recommendations

Anti-war group in protest at BBC

AP: Britain urges Geneva Conventions review

Veterans' Mental Health Needs Intensify (PTSD and Iraq Veterans News)

Win Without War; Rep. Walter Jones, Other House Republicans Launch Bid...

2 men to ask court for right to marry under Constitution

Morgan Stanley CEO Mack evades Treasury queries (Snow replacement?)

WP: Federal Probe Has Edged Closer to Texan

2 Detained for Crossing Bering on Foot (walking around the world)

Thailand's Prime Minister to Resign

Suffolk cop accused of cyberstalking

White House says DeLay made his own decision, wishes him well

GAO Reports Confusion Over Bush AIDS Plan

House GOP Weighs in on McKinney Incident (Resolution condemning)

Fisheries Minister bans five seal-hunt observers


Democrats say they will run on national security issues

French in new attack on youth job law

McCain Lacks Votes for Guest-Worker Plan

Fort Campbell soldier dies in Iraq after falling from helicopter

Sinn Fein British agent shot dead

(UK) Army losing battle to fill infantry ranks

(GOP Resolution): Capitol Police To Be Commended (for assaulting McKinney)

Delta Pilots Vote To Authorize Strike

Afghan battle probed for possible "friendly fire"

Bush Presses Iraqi Leaders to Act Fast

Kaptur weighs Congressional investigation of Noe

Visibly Angry Berlusconi Fights for Job (Jesus of Politics)

London Times: Picasso's "Guernica" called to its spiritual home

Illegal immigrants, native workers co-exist in Nevada

Qadhafi's 9/11 Fears

Humala Still First, Run-Off Certain in Peru

2 Air Marshalls Plead Guilty to Smuggling (Cocaine)

Phoenix radio KFYI guest host advocates killing immigrants.

Chavez gets Russian helicopters

Canadian and American armies examine whether Sagin deaths were friendly fi

Spitzer Sues 'Spyware' Co. Over Pop-Up Ads

Chevy Tries a Write-Your-Own Ad Approach, With Predictable Results

Rendell rolling in campaign cash

Iran-US talks on Iraq to be held in Baghdad

"Trucker Bombs" Stinky and Potentially Dangerous

McKinney's office says funding Hayes' trip a mistake

Union leaders boo McCain on immigration

Canada's pot plan goes up in smoke (US had input)

Questions Dog Harris Behavior (changing locks etc :rofl:

Mass. Lawmakers OK Mandatory Health Bill

Germany urges US to hold talks with Iran

Bush's NASA cuts halts much research

Potential Clinton Challenger Hires Second Former Harris Adviser

Democrat: intelligence on Iran inadequate (Rep. Jane Harman)

(Rep. Maurice)Hinchey continues verbal thrashing of the administration...

Bush Admin. $15B AIDS Plan Questioned (GAO)

Marine’s body recovered following vehicle incident (#2343 )

MIT Professor Dismisses Laptop Criticism ($100 laptops for kids)

NYT: NBC Said to Be Close to Signing Vieira for 'Today'

(LA TIMES) Abramoff Offered to Aid Sudan, Envoy Says

US plays down Iran ship visits to India

'The beginning of the reckoning'

Reid: Enforcement not enough: Provisions for guest workers also needed

Iraq VP has added his voice to calls for PM Ibrahim al-Jaafari to stepdown

Giuliani: Another terror attack in U.S. likely

Kerry Calls For Voting Rights for Katrina Victims


New IRS Privacy Regulations Prompt Debate

Congressman apologizes for calling Cindy Sheehan 'nutcase'

Decorated conscientious objector buried with honors

WP: GOP Senators Seek Deal on Immigration Bill

Venezuela students protest U.S. envoy

Missing flash drive jeopardizes Marines ( Identity Theft )

84 Lumber To Close 13 Ohio Stores (67 stores to close across USoA)

Argentine president: Skip eating beef

Online posts offer rooms in exchange for sex

Ohio Official Invested in Vote Machine Co.

Arab diplomats: Mideast nations holding secret talks on Iraq

CNN: Landrieu threatens to block (Bush executive) appointments over levees

Hussein charged with genocide

Gov.: Twister Damage 'Wrath Of God' (Phil Bredesen - Tennessee)

Berlusconi Uses Vulgarity During Speech

Senior China official urges cut in US debt holding

CNN/Reuters: Forecasters predict busy hurricane season

Salon: Ireland to Legalize Gay Partnerships

Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible

US regulators shaped nuclear security to industry tastes: report

Sex tourism thriving in Bible Belt

Wal-Mart to build 50 Stores in Struggling Urban Areas

McCain is booed by labor activists

Rice Dismisses Talk of U.S. Bases in Iraq

US uses front companies for "rendition": Amnesty

McKinney is distraction, say the Dems

LAT: Wal-Mart Sells 'Brokeback' Amid Conservative Protest

Mass. Pols OK Mandatory Health Insurance

Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says

WP: Study Shows Plateau in Obesity in U.S. Women

Workers Have Retirement 'Overconfidence'

Peruvian presidential contender backed by radical, antigay family

Mmm...sake...nectar of the gods...

Check out this crap from

Read this if you want my petulance

Post here if you have me on ignore.

Stories from the Road- the Casino

Found some hysterical liberal merchandise (dial ups... lots of graphics)

A daily at DU as expressed through a smilie.

I would like to thank the Oakland Athletics


Very weird baseball rant!

If I have kids, I want to get this Barbie. Bring' em up right!

Goodnight DU! I am off to slumberland again.

Saw "Capote" this weekend...

there's a DU group on myspace?

Is it unhealthy to be a "night owl"?


What's your wallpaper? (April edition)

I'm meditating for protection and love right now. Anybody want in?

Help! My Ipod ran out of batteries....

Y'all have until Friday!

GIANT flying triangle causes Russian traffic jam. *PIC*

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

We come from the land of the ice and snow .........

I love Duct Tape. Call me red. That was a hell of a storm last night.

I dreamt that I was listening to incredibly fantastic news on NPR this AM.


Cool Photo

Best car license plate possible.

Party in the Texas Forum and all y'all are invited!!

For the next couple of days, Kingdom Hearts 2 will consume my life

A freak accident has claimed an old high school classmate

ATTENTION: MAJOR Time/Date ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Jumps Gun On NCAA Tourney Results (Email sent: "UCLA WINS")

How has Arnold Schwarzenegger, fricking helped the environment???!!!

D-U-M-B-A-S-S, Congress makes the very best . . .

Bearded Lounge Lizards can FART! Who knew?!?!

Why do I laugh everytime I hear that joke?

Best way to customize your plates

Too. Much. Coffee.

EU denies new Windows Vista font (Plagiarism)

$319 for a pair of jeans??

So how much is the fine for not wearing a seat belt in your area?

Bearded Dragon Lizards can FART! Who knew?!?!

what's the first letter of your last name?

Who always said "What a revolten development this is"

A Defense of Manbikinis


DU'er on Jeopardy????

"You guys OK?"

Hehehe, a joke in response to a misogynistic post on another forum

Has anyone seen Greenbriar?

How many book clubs, dvd clubs, music clubs do you belong?

Sayings that should be on buttons....

Anyone else Do Volunteer Work?

Good news! The Red Sox are undefeated!

Do not kill spiders in the nude!

I'm Takin' My Country Back!

Mood down, weight up? Blame rain

Could someone please wake me up?

Saw "Jimi Hendrix & Band of Gypsies" documentary on cable lastnight...Wow!

The Apprentice (spoilers)

I'm about to have sushi for the first time

BREAKING (LBN) Kate Moss To Be Cleared Of All Drug Charges

Kelly Brook Launches Her Own Swimwear Range

Snakes on a Plane Safety Tips (dialup warning)

Ex-DU Mods: What was the defining event of your mod term(s)?

Sometime tonight it will be: O1:02:03 am on 04/05/06 !

Matcom, are you slacking?

Country Fans: Hank Williams III - yay or nay?


A dumb question

Horrible mishap at the beach

Finally a job

Anyone like on-line "coloring" books?

Perhaps we should all chip in and buy this for Skinner

On Thursday, my work cafeteria will be serving soft shell crab.

Just heard on the news that the median home cost in San Francisco

Could I have swallowed a plastic fork tine without knowing it?

Chicago adds Pink Line.

Call me weird but I ain't going to bed and will be starting my day

The strange case of the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills in nine years

Recognize this passage?

I'm exhausted. I spent all night arguing with my family...

HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!!! I finished my paper!!!!

Which is dumber?

I hate kids.

One thing that's always bugged me about "24" (no spoilers)

Can someone help me with pop-up blockers?

Race war!

Hey baby, I gotta flamewar in my pants!!!

My lips are tingling.

Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" vs. Gogol's "The Nose"

why do people mistake gentleness for weakness.


Jesus did walk on water... kind of, maybe

My friend Tia, cable-less for years, just turned on Rachael Ray

Delay is stepping down to spend more time with his staffers

curious abt your neighbors political contributions/leanings?(cool/creepy!)

Thank you underpants

What's the worst career in the world for you?

Indian Director Hopes To Persuade Paris Hilton To Play Mother Teresa...

We need to have a Central Virginia DU meetup

The men's auxilory for the Uppity Women's club

My little girl is the most precious thing in the world

Who is at fault for this car theft?

Tom Delay pancake!

April Storm FANTASTIC Rainbow! (dial-up warning)

Sweet Jesus, I hate writing papers.

Big .... ..... bUCKIN' Chicken........

"A kid who tells on another kid is a dead kid."

My Dream Car: Self-Parking Cars Coming To U.S.

Squeech music live in Boston

We had Roses For Helen; why not a Funeral Wreath For Delay?

people who poke people should get the death penalty

i shd change my nick

God! I'm a schiz or something!

Candy Samples. Ooooo.

Does Savannah Georgia Have Decent Mass Transit (esp. from Airport)?

Goin' to get drunk now!

Congrats to Jeff in Milwaukee for winning the DU NCAA tournament

Just out of curiousity...when did politics get so chock full of

OMG -- I just accidentally started a flamewar in GD!

I notice that sometimes I get angry quickly possibly due to jealousy

Damn, if only American Television would have the same standards as Italy

"Punk'd" & the so-called reality shows are mean-spirited, cruel TV Shows

Tuesday list thread

What time is it?

Arizona Senate President's(R) Son Rectally Assaulted Boys With Broom

My little girl is the most precious thing in the world....

My little girl whines a lot and doesn't do what she's told.

Flashback to the 70s: Anyone remember "The Book of Lists"

60's Air Raid / duck and cover drills - do you remember these?

Is Verizon th only wirelss ISP?

Blue screen... BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.

Indian director hopes to cast Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa

Tell me this..Why is socialism a bad word these days?

Post your well wishes for Tom Delay here!!

I hab a code.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 4/4/06)

Just so you know, I finally got brown noise

Just so you know, I finally got code brown

How annoying is this?

Who went out and got their own copy of BrokeBack Mtn today?!?!?

Flight 93: The Movie

Goodnight lads and lasses..up early.

*gasp* I had my first thread locked today!

A falafel question (no O'Reilly jokes!)

So Im sitting at work, spaced outa my mind

I don't think I like my trash

DU Men: what's your scent?

could you hate a republican?

About CanOFun videos and porn-I don't normally post in the

Best film about the 1970's

"Tell them about the discount, Harry". Arrrrgh!

I'm stuck in a rut and need to get out.

Chronological Oddity to Hit Digital Clock

What concept is most frequently thought of in your mind?

Walmart helps push the 'gay agenda' by selling Brokeback Mountain

Why would we want to keep these folks out of the country?

Now it's your chance to vote for me ...

I just saw "Capote" - what an amazing movie!

I don't think I like my laugh.

Happy birthday wishes to.......

I don't think I like my giraffe.

No! Vote for me!

New Darwin runner-up: Paperweight Severs Calif. Teacher's Hand

This, my friends, is fucking STYLE

If you lost a limb,

Congratulations bemildred!! 25,000 posts

Cute little monkey on cute little boy's head pic

I ate at the Chinese buffet from hell last night.

For my 1000th post

Who here has the Flaming Lips' "At War With the Mystics"?

If it keeps on rainin'

ATTN Lazy-Ass Kids on School Buses Apologists!! !! !! !! !!

Caption the picture - funny baby edition

OMG! I can wear vinyl again!!!!!!

Need a FAVOR to help Hubbie's small business!

01:02:03 on 04/05/06

My date with my hand last week:

For DU'ers Only! My Dog Flip! His PIC from 30 years ago!

Ok computer guys (or gals), what does this mean?

Stolen oven doors sold as plasma TVs

So I've had a cell phone for almost two months now,

Recovering from abusive work situations. Let's revisit that discussion.

I don't think I like my ass

Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and "The Ten Thousand Year Old Man."

A picture of Katherine Harris' two BIG BOOBS!

My date with my husband last week:

Honestly. Who puts carpeting in their bathroom?

What's the best non-musical intro to a song?

Who said "I love my cigar but I take it out sometimes"

Just so you know, I finally got brown cords.

Seriously one of you could have told me how much Outkast SUCKS

Popcorn: buttered or plain?

American Idol Country night tonight

Question: Travelocity...... good or bad travel experience? n-t

Brokeback Mountain DVD was released today

Happy Birthday Oeditpus Rex!

Open letter to the men of DU:

I am now reading vintage teen fiction books in my 40's


Miz t. and I made the local TV news.

Are you experiencing seemingly random "blank pages" when clicking

The 34% who support Bush: who are these people?


Restaurant review: Clamdigger Inn on Salter Path


Best Chain of Fried Chicken

They just busted the neighbor!!! (was titled "Sherrif's officer is back")

My dog just cornered a baby squirrel

stupid cat up a tree update

If the DU Lounge were a physical place...

Name three articles of clothing that you're not wearing

Elvis fans: Why was Elvis considered so great?

I'm bored, here's a drawing

Reflections upon turning 50

MY little girl is the most precious thing in the world

What's supposed to happen on 1:02:03 04/05/06 ?

3 CURRENT Britney Spears photos, posted by me WITHOUT COMMENT.

Help! 1099 question!


I'm sorry, but I like the 'new wave' genre.

Post a pix of you and your Dad, or YOU, as a Dad, with your kid:

The greatest news of my entire LIFE!

i have 7898 messages in my inbox at work


I absolutely WILL NOT jump on the White Sox bandwagon.

I hate Bill O'Reilly...

I have decided to jump on the White Sox bandwagon after all.

I'm starting an "Uppity Women's Club" -- Rep. McKinney will be our

I Should Be At School, and I'm Not!

Fellow cosmetic junkies- favorite make-up brands?

NIGHT OWLS IN NEW JERSEY!!! I'm playing in Atlantic City this weekend!!!


Why, why, was the radio playing White Town?

Guys: Pick-up technique?

What was the last full CD you listened to?

Calcium, vitamin D may lower diabetes risk

Vitamin D may cut breast cancer risk

Your Tattoo is Saying Something

Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says

Is it possible people misunderstood Pianka?

Lab-grown bladders 'a milestone'

Titans tell McNair to go home.

"TO" News!!! TO is writing autobiography... just like last year.

It's Master's Week.

Oswalt 1, Willis 0.

Undefeated Tigers share AL Central lead with White Sox; Shelton .750 avg

NBA Playoff predictions and analysis

Political kittens

Non-pet related...

In Kerry family news - new Cam Kerry email

Hey Fedup -- is targeting Thelma Drake

Kerry Leads Bipartisan Call to Aid Small Biz Devastated by Drought

Kerry speaking NOW on C-Span 2

Kerry Gives Keynote Speech at U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Event

Marty Meehan to be on Wash. Journal tomorrow morn, FYI:

Atrios: Kerry to Make Iraq News

Is somebody listening to the Senate right now?

Kerry Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform - Today's Floor Speech

Wanted to share this: debate on failed policy in Iraq tomorrow:

John Kerry Sent me an email and this time he wasn't begging for money.

Some people are just kooky

Not photography related...

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/04/06: DeLay Bows Out

Crispi meets her goal and Tom Delay won't be running for re-election...

73-57 Florida over UCLA

Statement from Democrats in DeLay's district

How normal are the storms in the heartland?Is it bizarre or

Lots of rain in Southern California/ Los Angeles these days.

The US has become Iraq's 19th province

I unFreeped my uncle (I think) decide.

Dear Freepers: Corruption Does Not Equal Brilliance! Your boy's a thug!

DeLay pulling out of race to use election funds for legal defense???

Bush is suing a Black Man for Violating the Voting Rights Act...

Majority in poll prefer Democracy over Diebold

Check out this crap from

Condi, War Crimes & the Press

Do you know anyone who doesn't believe in global warming?

New Orleans Could Take 25 More Years To Recover

Does anyone else agree it's "soft racism" (whatever that means) when...

He's Gone

BBC: Key Enron witness 'lied in court'

An incredibly intelligent, uninterrupted discussion w/Bill Moyers -- PBS

Jury Must Decide If Church Steeple Collapse Was An Act of God

2,342 troops now dead in Iraq -14 so far this month in W's war

Divinely Inspired by the Hairy Thunderer God, I hereby issue a FATWAH...

What is with the Daily Howler?


Oil futures rise by $2 bucks as Iran test fires super duper torpedo

Bernie Ward says Repub. new strategy is to show just how stupid Bush is.

Pox News: Fair and Allegient!

Dont forget to send your "best wishes" to Tom Delay!

Voices of the Wounded, Part 3, LA Times. Graphic, heartbreaking.

"Venezuelan owners bought Sequoia last year" WTF???

Look at this completely RACIST picture I found in Freeperville

71% think global warming is real

The new McCarthyism

A Pretty Good Way to Foil the NSA

Dept. of Homeland Decency?

Timeline of events involving Jill Carroll

We brought down "Hot Tub" Tom DeLay. Take a bow folks

Petition to Jeb Bush to Stop the Forcible Cutting of a Sikh's Hair

Tom DeLay: Pictures of the Broken Hammer; Vote for your Favorite

We need a "Thank you, Ronnie Earle!" thread!!!

Now here is a tragedy - Couple commits suicide for Rs 8(India)

A Nerd grows up...

Hate America?

Delay "People on my staff who I trusted who have disappointed me"

TOONS!! This calls for a celebration! Buh byyyy Delay

Vanity Fair May 2006 "Green Issue" - - Gore, RFK Jr, Clooney & Roberts

Bill Moyers Screws Up While Subbing For Charlie Rose

Tuesday TOON - once a day with glass of kool-aid

Today Is The Second Anniversary Of Casey Sheehans Death

Lipstick On a Pig

Mark Twain Got Patriotism Right. Is it Not This Simple?...

The House is gonna be fun to watch this afternoon

Is Your Tax Return Information For Sale?

EXXON MOBIL Beats out WALMART for #1 in Fortune 500...

Infection delays Sharon surgery

A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Check out the pics on Yahoo's Tom Delay story

14 US Dead in 4 Days of April.......

DNC Response to Tom DeLay Withdrawing from House Race

Katherine Harris Campaign Update

Dear Tom, Let me be among the first to say...

Wars should be fought with swords - not bombs

Poor Tom, not getting much sympathy on Washington Journal

Nothing Is Impossible!

Nothing surprises me anymore,

Proposed Gay Games Event Divides Ill. Town

Righties are desperate - Washington Journal

John Kerry is a puck stealer!!!!!11!! Stole pucks from little kids!!1

What's worse: a Right-wing Indicted Crook or a Liberal Democrat?

Whatshisname host of ABC's morning show didn't know Laura Bush killed

Dr. Eric R. Pianka's side of the story. (Scientist being smeared.)

OK Freepers. You know damn well DeLay would never have quit,

Bo Dietl Raves that Citicorp Had 911 Involvement re: Terrorists Funds

Reported on CBS Morning show

Does anyone else find it amazing this bullshit Republican house of...

Mastercard is doing the "make your own commercial" thing.

Immigration Woes

A white person from McKinney's District gives perspective....

Tom DeLay cuts and runs.

EPA Propsosal Raises Limits on Toxic Emmissions

Legal Defense Fund: $1 Million 725 Cups of Coffee: $902.50

What do you think of this Flight 93 movie?

WI--30 towns have anti-war referendums today (analogy to VN protests)

Oh, no! The end of "Drunky McPukeshoes"??

The 9/11 family lady with Sosobad is so sadly messed up.

Democrats Abroad UK

Big lie by Isakson (R-Pluto) on C-Span, WashJ.

Tom Delay on Fox News Channel at 9AM Eastern, according to AP article.

Ah SHIT!!!!! Dem Meeks may enter Illinois Governors race! DAMN it!

Delay: Tom & Christine Discuss Decision to Relinquish Seat With TIME

If only, if only ... On the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King

Maybe I'll apply as FEMA Director.

Nominations for congressional repubs to be taken down w/DeLay

why you should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use your real name

The Mother of all CAPTIONS?????

More 'Good News' From Iraq. It Is Too Dangerous For Kids To Attend School!

What has happened to Bob Boudelang?

Delay's liver to announce resignation.

FOX NEWS: Must See-9:00 a.m. - DeLay to Announce Resignation From House

DU Vehicle Ownership/Usage--Your Main Transportation

Disintegration of Iraq would pose multiple problems for Israel

Mastercard - Priceless ad campaign. Have at it DU!!

Another Delay thread (re: campaign funds)

America is a better country without ASSHOLE Tom DeLay in Congress.

Limbaugh calls Duke rape victim a "ho."

Good Morning DU...

Censorship to the Extreme

SD only abortion doc is grandma, 70

My condolences, Virginia DUers:

Have you noticed the Media and the Delay Story isn't wall to wall...

How long before DeLay becomes a media commentator?

"Listen To Cindy" by Elizabeth Edwards

Kenneth Blackwell Secretary of State Ohio owned stock in Diebold

Delay on Fox now

Forecast calls for active hurricane season

Why I Now Feel I Must Support Cynthia McKinney

Global politics in 30 seconds

TOM DELAY TOONS -- Please Add To The Collection

DU vehicle usage/ownership by mileage

Blood Lust for Moussaoui

I'm looking for a detailed list of Delay violations.

17 Americans dead in 2 days in Iraq. bush's "progress".

Why would Tom DELAY give the scoop to Tweety in particular?

Mike Fortier walks a free man and Zacarias Moussaoui faces death

Chevy Tries a Write-Your-Own Ad Approach, With Predictable Results

Silly freep...censorship isn't just against Democrats!

Terri by Michael Schiavo - he rips the Bushes BIG TIME

Editorial Cartoon - contest winners

Video clips of You know who going batshit crazy a few days ago-

Do you think Delay made a deal to stay our of jail?

Sesame Street Videos Spark Controversy

Delay Concern

Hit The Road Jack an ode to delay

C-5 crashes shortly after take off at dover

I dreamt I was hearing fantastic news on NPR this morning....

Toby Keith is a Democrat? (Steph Miller Show)

great comment on the HuffPo story about the bugman

US lobbies to station more customs officials at China ports

Party of responsibility? Not so much.

Coward of the County (Or, What Color is DeLay's Parachute?)

Who's On Our Side? See how your state fares:

"So some liberal democrat can't steal the election" Tom DeLay

the Delay seat: questions

Hurricane Katrina and the places where we once lived our lives

Dylan audience likes naked President lyric

Beating Them at their Own Game - a new tax plan

Immunity from Humor

Smithsonian Deal With Showtime Restricts Access by Filmmakers

DeLay Dropping Out - Money

DeLay pulling out of Campaign so he can use Election Funds for Lawyers!

Delay Coming Out party

asswipe is on cnn taking questions, bush*

"I refuse to allow liberal Democrats an opportunity...

China Surpasses U.S. In Internet Use

EPA official...spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation

Peter DeFazio on PBS Lehrer show tonight!!!

Zeyad the Iraqi dentist, on the "Comment is free blog", Guardian (London)

A Celebration...

Can't Caption It Much Better Than This, LOL !!!

Re: McKinney...Was she introducing any important legislation by chance?

Springer is Blaming McKinney

Pakistan to buy US, Chinese and Russian planes

Bush must face reality of force-fed democracy

Can't find link to video of McKinney posted the other day

The Hill: Dems say McKinney a distraction; she and Pelosi do not speak

A great mistake for California; God wants it, and I like your tie

First Read: DeLay going out in a blaze...

WP: DeLay "Representative #2" in court documents; not "a good omen"

Americans Bemoan Tom DeLay Resignation

Child porn hearings in congress.. Good GRIEF!!

Some info on DeLay's Heir Apparent.

Franken's having a Delay Retirement party.

Proposed: National Day of Celebration. Day that DeLay leaves House.

Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) wants Gen. William G. Boykin for Special Ops job

DeLay Reveals Plan To Have Texas Legislature Depose Ronnie Earle

Time Exclusive----Delay explains why he is quitting

Boooosh Has Two Balls On Him...You Can't Beat Fun At The Ole Ballpark

I Just voted to bring the troops home--NOW

Some evidence that NATO allies are weary of America and Bush.

Anyone catch the WH Daily Briefing? I evidently just missed it!

Will the American public support a pre-emptive war with Iran?


AP "inaccurately" fires back at Raw Story over accusations of plagiarism

Has anyone heard of the Twenty First Century Democrats?

Contact one of the TV channels that won't run the MoveOn ad:

Does anyone have a direct URL to stream Air America in RealPlayer?

Profit per employee = $68,655


Katherine Harris, On Her Merits (link)

I am PISSED...

Ahhhh April in Austin, Tx. 2.60 a gallon of gas. It's going to be a

Summer electric bills won't rise much

Breaking News Pix; The news about DeLay has 'em jumping for joy.

Could someone PLEASE tell me why

Rick Scarborough: Even a terrorist suspect ...innocent until proven guilty

House in session (Watch the Repukes flail) CSPAN1

Is it time to put my Daughters' Tom DeLay Cirtizenship Award on EBay?

What happened to Tom?

Freepers post contact number to urge DOJ to arrest McKinney

Goldwater's Nephew Pledges Tent Cities and Forced Labor

Right vs. left blog actions--Kaloogian vs. Pianka: a brief comparison

Al Franken to broadcast live in DC on Thursday!!

If Delay served our nation with integrity and honor? why did he quit?

Caption this Pickles pic...

The New Israel: (is asking for trouble)

Opinions on Cntr for Constitutional Rights & Michael Ratner?

Iraq's interior ministry refusing to deploy US-trained police

Police Seek Charge Against McKinney

*: "I'm not going to lose my nerve as the President"

An optimistic prediction: By the end of the year the public opinion

Caption this * pic from this morning

Need a FAVOR to help Hubbie's small business!

Winning them over - one by one

AP: President Bush received a big "roar" as he headed for the mound...

A Band That Is Even Too Corny For Freepers!

Bush says it's time for elected leaders in Iraq to `do their job'

Thorny legal issues in case of HIV in marriage - CA to weigh privacy right

SIX people want DeLay's spot in the House!

All I can say about Tom Delay (other than HOORAY!) is

Bush: "We're the party of ideas!"

Cleaning up the Neighborhood -- any thoughts?

Now, Tom. Don't be a SORE LOSER.

Pat Robertson is one thing, the Tenn Governor is another...

DU Disappoints - re: McKinney

Who speaks for the Democrats?

Couric is worth $15 MILL/YEAR??? My ASS!!

Delay apologist on Houston AM radio show now. Listen in and laugh.

Tom DeLay: A douchebag until the end: Check out the spin!!!!!!!!!!!

Tune into Melanie Sloan on with Al Franken

NBC: Some House GOP will press for 17 hours of Iraq war floor debate

In light of the "success" of the Chevy Tahoe ads why don't the Democrats

Why Won't Americans Kick * Out Of The White House?

Tom Delay quits to spend more time with his lawyers

Culture of Corruption: Rush to return Rudy cash

Fortune cookie of the day

GOP: personal incident more important than the country

Blacks are dwindling in baseball at a stunning rate

Rubber chickens for Delay:

Bush has Swedish ancestry: research

Look folks this McKinney thing is simple - we dont have the FACTS

What the hell happened to Innocent until proven guilty?

Gas prices skyrocketing. Immigration. Tom Delay resigns.

Help, need link to Abramoff chart of donations... you know the one...

Know your nukes -- Just how big is a city-killer nowadays?

Now it's Gonzo's turn to quote US soldiers who have died in Iraq...

House GOP Weighs In On McKinney Incident

One way our income taxes increased over the years

Artificial animals

Excellent post in Texas forum by David Van Os re: "Consultantocracy"

"Circus performers, Wolves & Flakes"

Fight Club Politics: Looks like a good read

Keep Bush as Leader...LTTE in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Blackwell reports embarrassing buy of Diebold stock

Iraqis react to Saddam trial: "really won't matter. There is no security"

New Zogby Poll: Americans are pro-life on numerous abortion issues

Cheney Protest in Waco

Is DeLay really going to jail?

Mulling a Marine-less Miramar

I wanted to make an award for Delay, so I googled..You've got to see this

Congressman apologizes for calling Cindy Sheehan 'nutcase'

FOXNEWS coverage of french protests!

DeLay Sees Dems As 'Permanent Minority Party'

Republican Whine & Cheese fest

Iran Says It Can Handle Any Invasion

Two-Thirds of Lenders Nationwide Say U.S. in Midst of Real Estate Bubble

MSM Now - French Protests!!!!

Wes Clark to help unveil Fighting Dems Website

London 'too risky' for US school band needs are to have good, crisp information .....

We no longer have a Delay in congress!

Indian Director Hopes To Persuade Paris Hilton To Play Mother Teresa...

'I'm With Stupid' -- anti-Bush/Blair song by Pet Shop Boys

Do you know why "ILLEGALS" from Mexico aren't coming here the "LEGAL" way?

Tom DeLay is a Quitter. (Pass the word)

"For the good of the...": What comes first for you?

Phoenix radio KFYI guest host advocates killing immigrants.

Delay resigns! Is this old news?

CNN: - WOOHOO! No longer any reason to be angry at God!

Democrat4ever, you're famous!

Vanity Fair trashes McClellan: 'He's Piggy in Lord of the Flies'

I'm feeling a little bit guilty...

Is this statement true?

The new warm 'n fuzzy Walmart finds an untapped market!!!

Official "Guy James Show" thread.-kick please-John Dean tomorrow!

Even some Kurds are saying it was better with Saddam running the place

Anyone catch Riverbend's April Fool's blog?

I'm tempted to turn on Hannity just to hear him bitch and whine

Cynthia McKinney is an uppity black woman who got what she deserved

Funniest Wingnut Commentary On Delay

When does life begin?

Delay's resignation does NOT diminish the rest of repub corruption!

Oh, dear God people. Vote for whoever you want to. If there are super

Returning to the Scene of the Crime: War Crimes in Iraq - by Noam Chomsky

McCain Is Booed by Labor Activists!!!

GAO: Bush Global AIDS Strategy Undermine Effective HIV Prevention Efforts anyone watching?...

Do we all have friends like Jack?

Is anyone else ambivalent about McKinney?

What's up with Consortium News?

Harris goes wild: turns on staff, GOP

MSNBC: DeLay succumbs to a poisoned chalice

You MUST cast your Vote in the ACLU Virtual Voting Booth!

Something needs to be done

Scotty the Wonder Dog just said it again, so I thought I'd do a search

Delay should be used as a main star in campaign commercials

No more ask the Mods Forum?

Today I saw the flag roll by, on a wooden box...

Dean gonna be on CNN in a bit (subject Delay)

Some of our own helped aggravate the illegal immigration problem

Patriot Act FISA Wiretaps Help Convict Stolen Baby Formula Fencer

The Tragedy of Tom DeLay

Does anyone have any details on the coming FITZMAS?!!!

I always knew that Greenspan and the Rethugs threw a monkey wrench

Prof threatened after 'Drudge Report' publishes his views on population

Any connections between Abramoff and democrats?

Repost..never thought I'd find any humor in 911...but this is good

McCain booed during AFL-CIO speech

Fun With Gerry Mandering

Gov. Dean - DeLay is a symptom of a larger disease

The Delay Guy Sure Makes Me Laugh

Do Repukes often use DU to talk to themselves?

What's wrong with a news anchor making millions of $$$?

DeLay is finally honoring his vow to America

How bout we talk about the CAUSE of illegal immigration?

Hotbub Tom will be on with Wolf Blitzer in a few minutes

The BEST FRetard Delay comment

does anyone have the repulsive picture of mccain with bush?

? Transit union on strike. Local bus is contractor. Am I xing picket?

Focus on "border security" shields employers of undocumenteds

Analyst Changes View: Senior Officials Determined to Strike Iran

My hysterical response from Ian at

BUSH Himself has PUBLICLY Brandished The Mexican Flag (Video)

Support Senator Feingold's Censure Resolution

lol..cnn had the Tahoe Ad debacle....I think a DUer's ad was featured

Then, as always

DeLay resigned on MONDAY NIGHT... it's a great start for the week

Anybody watching the Senate?

Turkish Kurds See Iraq As an Inspiration

If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History...

Is the capital cop in the McKinney incident a plant ala Gannon/Guckert?

Regarding Tom DeLay: Is it proper for us to revel in the agony of others?

TOM TOMORROW TOON: Two sides to every story


The Great American Boycott of 2006

If Fox News had been around in the Star Wars universe:

Get Ready For Record Gasoline Prices

Is there something ELSE that DeLay has done that we don't know about?

VIDEO- Tweety Asks DeLay Why Bush Didn't Seem to Care

I must be a bonehead re: voting Dem

VIDEO- Tweety/DeLay on Whether Democrats are Moral

Self Delete duplicate

Cafferty on DeLay - "Cocky Little, Bandy Rooster"

** Randi on Lou: CNN Now **

VIDEO- Tweety/Delay on Impeaching Pres/Conyers Left of Left

House GOP Weighs in on McKinney Incident -This Is About Politics

(VIDEO) Cafferty on Delay

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Democracy NOW!!! nt

Cafferty just kicked Bush's ass

Vanity Fair: Scotty is Piggie in Lord of The Flies (!!lol)

Amnesty International: New Report-CIA Used Private Aircraft To Hide...

Whom did DeLay scam with that primary war chest? His constituents or

Okay...what does Tweety owe Delay..that he was "first call" on his Cell?

Why is it Republicans don't "Trust the People?"

Our Vision for the Future

Stop using Diebold as a signal of hopelessness -

VIDEO- Anna Eshoo on Net Neutrality (Two-Tiered Internet)

Coincidence or 'Shock and Awe' you decide

Norm Mineta (testimony) on Cheney's (unknown) 'Orders'

F**ck Up Media so scared of their Corporate Paid Asses Suck Up/Delay

My 8 yo asked me last week "what side are we on" politically after

OpEdNews Editor Warned by Capitol Police For Article

Tommy Boy wants to play golf!

Good God I'm Lucky


Howard Dean coming up on CNN with Wolf

Howard Dean and Cynthia McKinney, Conyers and Waxman SPEAK FOR US!

Get you Tom Delay & Friends pics while they're hot

What happened to the Republican Party?

If I could say one thing to Tom Delay it would be...

Blitzer About To Blow Delay LIVE On NATIONAL Television!

Tom Delay's Favorite New Song!

If I find out that there is another planet

VANITY FAIR May Issue Cover: Al Gore, Robt Kennedy Jr, George Clooney,

What could we have done with the $$$ spent in Iraq?

Delay Can Legally Use His Million Dollar Campaign Fund For His Defense!

Randi just said she will be on Lou Dobbs tonite

A fascist, an evangelical christian, and a criminal walk into a bar.

Why is it that young people in Paris get fired up, but here in the US.....

How many TV channels do you get?

With DeLay gone and Rove about to be indicted is Operation X still a go?

"Trucker Bombs" Stinky and Potentially Dangerous

Oliver Stone: 'Media Slanders Politically-Minded Stars'

In one word describe Tom Delay

This pic is crying out for a caption. Enjoy!

Who hates the other more - liberals or conservatives?

Special Ops Against Satan

Guess what is happening on Wednesday of this week?

BRAD BLOG: Hannity Swiftboats Cynthia McKinney (Video Included)

"Bring Them Home Now!" $.39 cent Stamps Available Now

Democrats and Republicans on "Net Neutrality"

Man, is Katie Curic a bubblehead, does she live in a isolated NY world

Is 24 starting to look more like our reality now?...

A French History Teacher wants to use my "No Bravery" video in class

It could be worse: Saparmurat Niyazov ... (I'm just saying)

"Lay, Tom Delay, Lay Across My Prison Bed" (Apologies to Bob Dylan)

What we can do to cheer up Tom Delay:

Communing With Martin

Laura trashed in tabloid?!?!?

I think I have finally climbed down off the immigration fence.

General problems with the forums


Army Specialist Casey Sheehan - Someone You Should (Have) Know(n)

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Lest We Forget

Iran tests new invisible, talking missile that will penetrate bullshit

Kind of old to be a Katherine Harris groupie, ain't ya?

(Plame) Libby Lawyers intend to finger POWELL(!) as leaker

BRAD BLOG: Blackwell Owns Diebold Stock, ES&S Keeps Failing in Ohio!

Went to see what kind of trash-talk Freepers

Landrieu will BLOCK all Bush appointees nominations

Wingnut radio host apologizes for calling Cynthia McKinney a "ghetto slut"

Local D.C. NBC-affiliate poll is blistering McKinney

Wanna laugh and puke at the same time?? NRCC response re: DeLay

Staying home on election day or voting third party accomplishes zilch.

Anyone see much of Bush today?

Now get your marker pens out and wipe that smile off DeLay's face!


President Clinton on hearing about the news of Tom Delay stepping down....

Bush's Paper Trail Grows

te he-Couric 'news" deal listed under 'Entertainment' top story on (AP)

Lou Dobbs -- Truth Telling Hero or Creepy Conservative Zero?

For people and planet - By Al Gore, David Blood

Whatever happened with going to Mars?

About the Rose's for Helen Thomas thing

Chaiman Dean doing GREAT on Wolf. Spinning the Delay shutdown

collection of links documenting all the GOP scandals

Tweety and delay just gave us our campaign slogan..

Is there video of this McKinney "incident"?

Haven't heard no talk of "cakewalks" or "flowers" concerning Iran have you?

List of all the Repukes who defintely won't be back for the 110th Congress

Signs point to federal investigators zeroing in on DeLay

Transcript of discussion with Neocons on Abortion (warning: long)

Does anyone here object to the $100 laptop project?

Huge H-1B increase in Senate immigration bill

Name the 3 TV News types who annoy you the most & why

Freeper Logic

Early Detection Saves Lives! Breast Cancer Petition - Senate Bill 1687

Pictures of Cynthia McKinney Beating Up Cop

Skinner, at election time, I propose a temporary rule change:

DeLay seems to be holding up rather well under his crucifixion.

Pink featuring Indigo Girls - Dear Mr. President - WELL DONE Ladies!

A Progressive Priority: TAKE BACK THE HOUSE

Trash Day in Sugar Land, Texas (photo) !!!

***** Demand an Open & Honest Debate on the War ***** APRIL 5 *****

You've seen the Tahoe ads - now see this one

The anti-FReepers at ClownPosse are bitch slapping JR.

Is the economy good for jobs

I'm feeling happy, and not a bit guilty!

It's ABC's Vieira for "Today"; future of Mrs. Dan Senor not known

Someone's sense of entitlement is showing -regarding the Duke rape case...

The "Tom Delay" video you've all been waiting for is ready....

"Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me."

TIME: Turning the Tables (Dems getting their act together, Repubs divided)

Rice SLAMS Second Amendment Premise

*** House Budget vote THIS WEEK *** Call your Rep *** 1-800-459-1887 ***

USMC Vet's Anti-War Website

Mass. Lawmakers OK Mandatory Health Bill

Third parties on the Left *only* help the GOP.

I LOVE RUSS!!! Urges Marriage Recognition for Same-Sex Couples

Which of these defeated candidates would have made a better president...

Tweety leading DELAY through scary list of what Dems will do with power

Tom Delay is About to Sing Like a Canary and His GOP Friends are Terrified

Americans DO change what they eat based on nutritional news


The next time you see someone say "I refuse to support the Democrats!"...

Behold the unfolding of a tipping point, the camels back is breaking,

America is "addicted to oil"? Let's stage an OIL INTERVENTION!

The War Crimes Confession of Condi Rice

Mexican Immigration Problem Solved? Buy Mexico!!!

Bill Maher and "7 minutes".

Ed Schultz just insulted Amy Goodman and Democracy Now...

Another article about flowers for Helen: "Bouquets for a Firebrand"

Obama was dead wrong in his AP speech yesterday. I am furious.


Are you experiencing seemingly random "blank pages" when clicking

Can we show $10,000 of support for Russ Feingold? by Saturday?

Son of Arizona Senate President (R) sodomizes 18 boys, will walk on plea

My $.02 on Rep. McKinney


One man come in the name of love

Puke heads are exploding over DeLay on Washington Journal!

Freepers are saying that "Abramoff SAYS he has NO ties with DeLay!"

Voting Machine Problems in Summit Co, OH

Mike Allen on CNN this morning & MAthews on Today

This Modern World: Two sides to every story

Silence in class (Academic McCarthyism)

TN TeamGOP: "we always seek party loyalty"

Q&A: Tom DeLay Talks with TIME - Full Transcript Apr. 03, 2006

I think we should lay off the Exterminator part of the DeLay Story

(Audio) Rush calls alleged Duke rape victim "ho"-Caller slams him

Delay is giving credit to us(lefties) for taking him down.

Meet Nick Lampson, our guy destined to replace DeLay:

Why DeLay Is Really Resigning

Best news about DeLay being gone

Do you realize

The Tragic Irony of John McCain's Faustian Bargain

Tom DeLay we hardly knew ye

Pentagon Says Lincoln Group's Iraqi Propaganda Is Fine. You Decide.

I remembered Tom DeLay

"Oh Ms. Gale Norton, Ms. Norton? Some People want to talk to you."

The Hammer Falls (seven down and many more to go)

Forget 'Nam? Apparently.

Rivals unite on reforming immigration

"What About The Children?"

smirk makes another faith based office

Two prominent Congressmen retiring.

Pelosi: AG Gonzales is a liar

Bush hints at more White House changes

Show Me The Money!! the need for disclosures

Have you notice how the MSN...

Sheriff’s prayer calms church

The DNC just received 10 e-mails

Have any republicans stated they don't know tom delay,

Send Tom Delay a rubber chicken

Delay was on this morning...

Why DeLay is "retiring" to Virginia, of all places

Global politics explained in 30 seconds

"Being called partisan and vindictive by Tom Delay ...

The Republicans move into Damage Control mode

Nick Lampson (D - Texas) is on Big Eddie right now!

With Delay Exterminated, our next target must be Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Tom Delay to be on Hardball tonight

Not One More Death

Do Any of Our Dem Leaders Understand the Ramifications , Care or

Going...going...gone (DeLay pics)

Web Results 1 - 10 of about 34,100 for "iran is not iraq".

My moment of zen (shadenfreude edition)

McKinney or DeLay. Who's been getting more coverage on MSM?

The Top Ten Reasons Delay is leaving office:

Text of Tom DeLay's Resignation Statement - what a saint!

DeLay's fall won't end corruption issue

Sidney Blumenthal : I, Delay

MSNBC showing Tom DeLay Hypocrisy on Power...

A suggestion for 'safe state' or 'safe district' dems for 06 .......

Katherine Harris, On Her Merits

More Outrage from the Right About a Voting Machine Company Tied to Chavez

My E Mail to Lou Dobbs about Tom Delay.....

Delay on Tweety: "Repubs are fractured because they're individualists"

Which is most possible and which would you prefer-Censure or Impeachment?

DNC doorhanger celebrates DeLay's retirement

Requesting a McKinney Topic Forum please.

Daughter: DIA security roughed-up mom, 83. Thank God she didn't slip

Try our new "I Can't Believe It's Not Democracy!"

I don't want Bush impeached NOW because ......

About the McKinney video (no visible encounter)

Is the LIBERAL MEDIA distracting from DeLay story w/t French Protest!

RNC/Rove Declare War on Black Folks to Win Back Conservative Base

Like a true tyrant, bushie rewrites history at the White House web site

Watch Delay's hands.

Delay's Resignation Bodes Very Well For November

Howard Dean on Tom DeLay's Resignation (Email)

Ray Talafierro About Delay leaving Is A Great Listen

S'More Gore!

Anybody see Tweety softballing DeLay? Change the show's name!

Pictures of Cynthia McKinney Beating Up Cop


Kerry to Make Iraq News

DeLay pulling out of race to use election funds for legal defense???

We saw a clinic doctor refuse a new Medicare patient today.

Republicans Look to Fill DeLay's Seat

Clark, Dean, Fowler: DNC Veterans Council and Fighting Dems Announcement

Sen. John Edwards and Sen.Ted Kennedy Rally on Thursday

I like moderate politicians. I think they are trying to represent *ALL*

McKinney was wrong! Why are we defending her?

Have bloggers researched McKinney's accuser?

McKinney - all the so sure people..


Katherine Harris: "It smacks of real paranoia," Ex Campaign Manager

Cynthia Mc.Kinney, making no friends with Democrats

Delay Departure is bad news for Democratic hopes in November

Check out this hilarious Pollkatz graph: The "Flush Bush" spiral..

Did you hear Howard Dean? BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! CHING! CHING!

Report: McCain says guest-worker program lacks votes

Cafferty going off on DeLay

Who could Florida GOP find to challenge Harris in Senate primary?

Suppose Al Gore Does Run in 2008, as a Libertarian?

"Strutting banty rooster...who slithered away from congress."

Suppose Al Gore Does Run in 2008, as a Green?

Colorado Congressman Bob Beauprez Goes Both Ways With Tom DeLay

DU tribute to Tom "the hammer" DeLay: a going away song.

Let's Adopt Abraham Lincoln

Immigration & Wage Suppression