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Archives: April 3, 2006

Stagnant Wages? Made in USA

Return my work, says Guantánamo poet

Peter Beinart is Making Sense on Censure

The Taboo Subject at the Heart of the Immigration Debate by David Sirota

Mother Bush Takes Care of her Brood

America's war on the web (Rummy document)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 239

Grim Economic News Gets Grimmer

Your world. Your verdict: the small but beautiful ways that can help

Water, Water Everywhere, But Hardly a Drop to Drink?

Chilling Photo of Bushes at 9/11 Funeral

The 9/11 Truth Revolution

I've Learned a Lot This Week on Dem Underground (Response by Land Shark)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 04.03.06 -- Crisis Papers Special

Humboldt Registrar Downgrades Vote-PAD to 'Pilot Project'

How do I delete the "favorites" folder in IE bookmarks?

When is the DU caucus in Ft Worth?

men in boxer shorts

Trader Joe's Porcini Mushrooms

My Terps

Gov. in Secret Talks about Strike Against Iran--UK

America's war on the web (Rummy document)

NYT: Iraq's Premier Is Asked to Quit as Shiites Split

Telegraph UK: Government in Secret Talks About Strike Against Iran

Iraqi fighters don't support civil war yet


NYT: Sectarian Strife Fuels Gun Sales In Baghdad

Sectarian Strife Fuels Gun Sales in Baghdad

Age takes toll on Helms

U.S. Plan to Build Iraq Clinics Falters (only 20 out of 142 - out of $$)

Republicans seize on censure bid to drum up support

Time to pull out of Iraq, voters tell Blair

'Jesus Loves Porn Stars' bible nixed

Britain: No plans to attack Iran

WP: U.S. Plan to Build Iraq Clinics Falters

Poll: More Than Half Of Americans OK With Illegal Workers

Right-wing bloggers attack freed hostage for 'treason' (Jill Carroll)

Chávez seeks to peg oil at $50 a barrel

Iraqi girl tells of US attack

Bush-Shiva Caricature Upsets Web-Based Portal Owner

WP: India Nuclear Deal May Face Hard Sell (Rice's involvement)

I just posted this in GD.

Anybody else watching Wrestlemania?

Presidential POP Quiz

I start my new job in 14 hours...and I am so nervous!

No I am not a hotel! Quit calling me!

A spot of hip-hop for Sunday: DJ Green Lantern - "Impeach The President"

So fair DU'ers what would be fair in this situation

Hooking up a washing machine

I FINALLY did it. I bought a new mattress. OHMYGAWD I had no idea that SOO

I hit the longest drive of my life today.

I had to leave work early today - migraine

Donna & Josh

Oooops! Wrong number...

Does anyone remember this old TV western series?

Esatherk, Westherk

Dumb as...

What is your favorite opinion bar?


Peeps WHAT??!!??

Coin-operated laundry users. How much for a wash and a dry?

Adrenaline rush?

Jungle Out There

I just got a collect call from the Cook County Jail

Memory foam products

A little big of spring for the Lounge (Dial-Up Warning)

Can I get some sunshine?

mmmmmmmmmm chocolate bunnies!!!

THIS IS HUGH!!!!!!!!11!1!!!1111! NEW SIMPSONS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!2!!1

NOT the way to sell yourself on Craigslist.

do you prefer days or nights?

Onward, herky soldiers!

Holy crap. Got one of those big fitness balls and now I can't stop

Anyone w. Gmail wanna send me an invite?

I've been to every country except the ones that aren't Japan or Canada

Mr president have pity on the working man

My late stepmother tended the roses at the Nixon library. Ask me anything.

Would win in a fight? Cynthia McKinney or Condi Rice?

I'm going to be a snack.

I just woke up from a two hour (!!) nap.

I like peeps and circus peanuts

dolo amber just hit me in the face with a tub of margarine.

Which is the biggest loss in investment?

Upgrading's been a while...please help.

LISTEN NOW to my interview with author Rod C Davis -- RIVER OF FEAR

Can cats overdose on catnip?

Anyone else have tornadoes in their area this p.m.?

I present my new shorter hair:

Wet Pussy

I found an awesome smiley...

The hero,"Duke" Cunningham on History Channel now.

I'm going to make a snack.

My Terps

Sorry lounge, I need to know, do I look "jowl-y?"

Why is it that I find everything , only when I am not looking for it ?

What is your least favorite TV show?

Vermont labeled “rogue state” by Bush administration (VT Guardian)

I have a Myspace. Is that bad?

Pinks new video - what do you think?

does this picture make me look old?

Has anyone ever heard of Joni Marzetti?

***Post a photo taken in the last 24 hours***

"The library will close in 25 minutes..."

the rain stopped, Thome homered, McCarthy on the mound now

Write a spontaneous poem or short story

How many hours per week do you spend working?

I'm tryin' to finish my damn book. I need encouragement.

My mom is home from the hospital!

Cute Overload - Images

Go outside and check it out tonight!!

Anyone else facing bad weather tonight?

Raise your hand if you think the eharmony ads should have interracial

Do You Wish The Flashing 'New-Mail' Alert Also Appeared In 'My DU' Area?

Okay, here's my Chevy Tahoe commercial

Monday list thread

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Wow! Josh and Donna... TWICE??

Okay...Now...Look at this Puppy!

If you could change your name what would you change it to?

I don't think this guy should look so smug. He's being a jerk

Awww. Is this the Saddest Looking little kitty or what?

Post a petty annoyance

***I'm Bored as Hell and Feeling Romantic, For Some Screwball Reason...***

Excuse me. The internet is closing for the night. You'll have to leave now

Could you date a republican?

I sent someone to the ER today


I'm currently writing a 13-page term paper. Isn't that FUN???

A hypothetical comparison for you to consider:

A good insomnia cure tip

Meeting Dr. Doom

MLB Opening Day Tomorrow!

Duke v Maryland in Women's Final Four

Yikes - tornado warning here

I'm kind of under attack over on Kos

Globe article on Clark giving Real Security plan

Can someone tell me what's wrong with giving all the kids in the US health

Bird flu victims to be buried in plague pits (UK)

Ok everyone, say here we are on Nov. 7, 2006. People are voting and

michael weiner (I mean savage) is getting more pathetic

Structural Changes – Destruction Of The U.S. Dollar

Pro-lifer Brandi Swindell meltdown! Banned from Idaho house chambers

Fort Knox

lost US helicopter probably shot down

My note to a state rep friend in CT re: UConn's support of FOX

Is The Immagration Issue A REPUG Distraction


Is Mean Jean Schmidt padding her resume with a phoney degree?

Second go-around. Define "journalism."

Job Hunting? 3500 openings here

Well, if Laura is doing her Xtian duty, why is Bush hanging with Gannon?

All Things By Bruce Burch Radio Program At 10pm EST....

Teen's Brokeback Mountain truck fetches $70,000

New White House tactic: Let Bush Be Bush

Woot, Mike Malloy replied to my email

Cellular Automata, AI and music... Oh my...

Ah crap. Bush in Cincy on Opening Day

CNN - Randi Rhodes. Ed Schultz on Larry King - repeat NOW

Mail in your Tax Returns with a BRINGTHEMHOMENOW Stamp

Flat screen TV's: Get 'em while they're "hot"

Campbell Brown marries Dan Senor

Germany's war children scramble to find their GI fathers

Just for laughs...

for how many decades has J. Helms been suffering from dementia?

Tom Tomorrow pegs it again

From A Year Ago... Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With

New study shows that prayer doesn't do dick for CABG patients

? about DU and Amazon

Has anyone seen the 9/11 video posted by CoCre8or in the Michigan forum?

This could possibly be the funniest thing I have seen in years

Laura Bush says Hillary doesn't scrub her husband's toilet's clean enough

Must See Videos ::::: Sunday DU Film Fest

GOOD NEWS in Iraq! Re; US plans to build primary health centers...

Just wondering....have the billions missing in Iraq ever been found?

Still Catapulting the Same Propaganda

A Scanner Darkly

AP-Ipsos poll on attitudes about immigration

When Union and Environmentalism Clash

Big Dick Comes in Second in "Most Foolish Person 2006" Poll (Jr. is 3rd)

The big West Wing episode is coming up, I think.

Disaster Alert Map---this is pretty cool!

The Pentagon Opposition

Who would win in a fight? Cynthia McKinney, Condi Rice or C. Todd Whitman?

Rush Limbaugh's view of the housing bubble

Hey - the History Channel is talking about "Duke" Cunningham - the hero

OK, now that the fundies have convinced me that no woman in her right...

Bush wants YOU to be barefoot and pregnant while you cook and clean!

Age takes toll on Helms

Thought you might like to know.

I will sponsor a DUer who wants to support Feingold,but can't

Karen Kwiatkowski on c-span Q & A ........Again! Don't miss it!

Bush, Vicente Fox, and Illegal Immigrants - if truth be told

Anyone notice the change in bumperstickers?

Why do the right wing fundies suddenly not believe in the separation...

U.S. Plan to Build Iraq Clinics Falters...

The Masochistic Thrill of Self-Loathing

Hillary Clinton says that George W. Bush has made a mess

Put Zinni on the ticket as VP. The repukes would piss in their pants.

Are things as bad as they seem or are they worse?

when we finally regain control: NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!

Chávez seeks to peg oil at $50 a barrel

OMG Who is watching The Sopranos?

book about Pickles

Kaloogian blames his lie on webmaster

Karen Kwiatkowski on c-span Q & A.

Amy Goodman on CSPAN2 now 10pm

Really Weird Condaleeza Rice Photo...

Stars & Stripes letter: Bush -- "the worst president in U.S. history"

I Love Jesus

Some poignant photos about who

Global Warming: "That won't affect me".

Message to New York Times Editors: "Endgame in Iraq" -- NOT.

I work for the govt. In a govt. building. At times I forget my ID.

DU this Time Poll For Hugo Chavez as "Most Influential" vs Bush

Norquist Non - Profit, Not - Really !!! - Boston Globe

West Wing...say good bye to leo

School Uniforms?

Tornado watches and warnings for South Central Kentucky

Oh, God. Voices of the Wounded...LA Times.

Wkipedia says McKinney involved in 4 altercations with Capital police

FYI: Campbell Brown just married a Bush staffer ---pix--->>>

Laura Bush Says Hillary Kept Bad House (new book)

Attention, please: The media *IS* liberal.

Paulo's News Top 5 Stories for April 3, 2006

Why do so many at DU like Wes Clark?

Feingold fans, come and chat at

Repeat of Clark on CSpan coming up at 10:10 ET---NOW

"Taledo Blade"SCANDAL! Noe, Bush, Snow, Gramm, Hastert, etc./Oh My!

More $UCCE$$ in Iraq: 20 out of 142 clinics finished (the money's GONE)

Karen Kwiatkowski on c-span Q & A. ....Again, don't miss it!

The Scientifically defined problem with humankind

Family photos from the Southern Regional March

Bolten is "new W.H. broom" but "Cheney & Rove will remain power centers"

What are names of well known conservative blogs?

Crisis Management Whitehouse Style, Bolten Replaces Card

For my regular cartoon readers, they're ba-ack!

"We must fight them there" ...because we'll have to fight them everywhere

Rice:"Yes, I know we have made tactical errors, thousands of them"

Katherine Harris' U.S. Senate campaign lost what was left of its core team

The let-Bush-be-Bush strategy; they have little left to lose.

So what are the internment camps really going to be used for?

How Tom DeLay's deregulatory ideology stretched to the island of Saipan

Health Care ... what do you see as the answer?

Two from TruthIsAll -- Spread the Links!!!

DHS Gets New Faith-Based Office...separation of church and state?

A Democratic `Contract', by Robert Steinback, Miami Herald

Wafa Sultan's Attacks Will Not Bring Positive Change

Thought Control: By Ghali Hassan, 03 April, 2006

Eliminating the Impossible

IRAQ: Food prices rise after reduction of monthly rations

San Diego Union Tribune: Ethics bill is woefully insufficient

(Iraq) Food prices rise after reduction of monthly rations

Tom Engelhardt: Exporting Ruins

JOSHUA FRANK: Pentagon Thievery -- An Interview with Jeffrey St. Clair

LOL LTTE- "Every rule demands an exception"


Fitzgerald Knew Identity of Leaker From Start (Jason Leopold)

New Christian pro-Israel lobby aims to be stronger than AIPAC

The new definition of military valour - saying no to politicians

Homeowners struggle to keep up with adjustable rates

Scientists Focus on Warming Disasters

The "mainstream media" a nutshell

Juan Cole's Informed Comment: Iraq.

Iran Wargame: "Holy Prophet"

Running Against the Base: Hillary and Obama

70 year old doctor flies into SD to perform abortions (interesting)

Media Notes: The Anti-Bush Anchor (on Keith Olbermann)

FA: US could nuke Russia and China without serious risk of retaliation.

U.S. Willing to Deploy Combat Troops to Colombia

Gov in Secret Talks about Iran Strike (UK Telegraph)

JASON MILLER: Locking The Golden Door

Shh! Hill Takes Aim At Guns

There's a War on Christians? Sign me up!

The USA's National Debt Clock can't keep up with Bush's spending

release outsourcing study update

immigration impact high skills (PhD) area

Some homeowners struggle to keep up with adjustable rates

EPA proposes weaker water-quality rule (just a little arsenic!)

House passes budget bill with no national forest sell-off language

Dresden Braces With Floodwaters At 3X Normal Height - Reuters

Even Deep-Water & Ancient Corals Reeling Under Acidification - Seattle PI

Melting Ice Now Stranding Baby Walruses - National Geographic

Evacuation Of Shishmaref, AK, Now Underway

Extinction Numbers Surpassing Science's Ability To Track Them

"Drifting" Biodiversity Conference Closes With Major Issues Still Hanging

Ground-Level Ozone Also Speeding Arctic Melting - NSIDC

Storms Batter 8 States, Leave 23 Dead

As Arctic Melts, "Leaders" Squabble Over How Best To Make Money From Trend

Australia, China Sign Uranium Deal

E. N. American Rivers North of 44' Showing Earlier Spring Rise - USGS

Crude Oil Prices Rise Above $67 a Barrel

Venezuela Takes Control of Total Oil Field

Wood pellets a growing business, wood consumer

Brazil has shown that biofuels can be a primary fuel rather than just

True price of UK's nuclear legacy: £160bn

Nuclear plants are the answer

Hamas lays out new security plans

New Christian pro-Israel lobby aims to be stronger than AIPAC

BBC - Israel 'delayed' death inquiries (Re; UK Film-maker)

Eliminating the Impossible

Funny, how easy the nose broke off

Anyone know where I can download the Hunter Thompson interview?

Chicago aldermen plan to subpoena Sequoia executives

ALERT: Diebold Making Visits to County Election Equipment

Hey, Elections Forum. Support Conyers. Hit this post. It's great!

Miami Herald Editorial: Question the Vendors, Not the Election Supervisor

Common Cause fanning out for HR550 THIS WEEK

Part 3 ** CA State Sen. Bowen Finally Grills 2 ITAs. (LONG transcript)

Debra Bowen / Al Franken interview - come and get it!

Are right wingers getting suspicious of E-Voting Systems?

No Voting Machines for Leon County: You Won't Believe Why

Eureka Reporter (OpEd) - It's time for people to reclaim their rights

Andrew Gumbel calls McPherson Diebold recertification "borderline insane"

More First District news from the DMR

I have chosen to support Andy Luger for Hennepin County attorney

need to buy a printer TODAY

How to Unblock a Code on a Fax Machine?

CPU Fan Failure

Nueces County Voters -- Please Vote!

early voting starts today for Radnofsky * April 3 - 7

The difference between ignorance and stupidity.

Taking the message of empowerment directly to the people

crockpot braised beef shortribs with butter beans and couscous....

Question--refrigerator salad containers...?

Does the dishwasher eat flatware like the dryer eats socks?

"Slow Food, USA." Any DU members?

nerd alert: new parliament seating plan

"We'll always have Cancun."

Emerson draws biggest protest yet

Everyone who give's a rat's ass about the Junos, raise your hand!!

How much tax should a person making 100,000 a year pay ?

Civilians in Iraq Flee Mixed Areas as Attacks Shift

A Dark Day Revisited ("United 93" movie trailer pulled on NYC West Side)

Charles Taylor in the dock for war crimes

A House Seat Won by Republicans Since 1950 Is Now in Play

BBC - Israel 'delayed' death inquiries (Re; UK Film-maker)

Judge orders Black to hand over documents

Iraq: Education hampered by sectarian violence, say officials

World politics has an impact on North Iowa

Journalist Pardoned by Kurdish Government

San Diego Union Tribune: Protection in jeopardy?

(Iraq) Food prices rise after reduction of monthly rations

Probe into corruption reaches DeLay's inner circle, sources say

Violence Between Shiites, Sunnis Escalate

9/11 Detainees in New Jersey Say They Were Abused With Dogs

Nine lives lost to storms in West Tennessee

AP: Former Sen. Jesse Helms Has Dementia.

Obama Strikes Out at Bush's Energy Policy Breaking News: Supreme Court sidesteps challenge to Bush

With Iraqi doctors fleeing, prognosis is more agony

Hearing starts for soldier accused of killing officers (in Iraq)

Exxon Dethrones Wal-Mart on Fortune 500

Supreme Court rejects Padilla-war powers case. More to come...

'Iran at least 5 years away from bomb' (Hans Blix)

CNN- Taylor pleads not guilty to war crimes.

Schiavo is talking point in race for (Florida) governor

BREAKING on CNN :The Zacarias Moussaoui jury has reached a verdict

UAE firms paid $100m in bribes to Saddam

Many Iraqi Soldiers Wounded by Own Guns

Future U.S. Air Strikes Questionable

Three U.S. Marines, sailor killed in Iraq

Bills address thorny issue of Puerto Rico's status

Majority in U.K. want troops out of Iraq (55%)

US Jury Reaches Verdict in Case of Sept 11 Conspirator Moussaoui

Capitol Evacuated Because of Power Failure

CNN LBN >> Car bomb kills at least 10 in Baghdad...

Workers hurt in Iraq sue (truckers sue Halliburton for convoy attacks)

Cynthia McKinney coming up on Situation Room live, CNN 5:15 EDT

Nine Troops killed today?

In reversal, US opts to release Guantanamo files

LitPAC to Fundraise for Liberal Candidates


Turkey hit by worst civil unrest in years

Study: Most Americans (82%) Content Without TV Regulations

Sistani seen as key to Iraq progress

(CNN) White House shake-up to continue? (Sources: Scotty & Snow out?)

Private Rocket Flight Set From Mideast (Dubai)

Sarbanes-Oxley Disclosure Law Targeted by Starr in Factor Suit

Revealed: victims of UK's cold war torture camp

Venezuela takes back oil fields

Republicans Increasingly Critical of Bush

Obama: Dems Should Stress Oil Independence

Boys' medicine held up by Homeland Security

Job Insecurity Takes Major Toll on Worker Health

US 'intoxicated' by power: Gorbachev

Moussaoui faces death penalty

Russian military stalls on reports Ukraine sold warheads to Iran

Canada scraps plan to decriminalize marijuana use

West accused of fiddling figures on Iraq aid

AAA estimates automobile owners pay an average of $7,834 per year

5 Marines die, 3 missing in Iraq accident

Sarandon wants monitoring for U.S. elections

U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation

Panel that reviews intelligence gathering sees little work

CNN Breaking: Giant C-5 military jet crashes in Delaware (ANG aircraft)

Criminologists fear private prison boom (Canada)

Exxon Dethrones Wal-Mart on Fortune 500

NYC'S (un-named) Terror Bank ($3bil to Hamas, Al Qaeda & Hexbollah)

Arrest warrant sought for Rep. McKinney ( Associated Press)

Rice chides Straw over Iraqi 'Mr Nobody'

Rising rivers cause floods across Central Europe

Even little old ladies pack AK-47s in Iraq

Fitzgerald Knew Identity of Leaker From Start

Two air marshals plead guilty to drug, bribery charges

Cut in Food Rations Hurting Poor Iraqis

GOP strategists urging Bush to tout strong economy

Horses still can be killed for food -- meatpackers got rules changed

Venezuelans Train for Civilian Militias

Iran flexes military muscle amid nuclear standoff

Some homeowners struggle to keep up with adjustable rates (mortgages)

Barbecue meats linked with prostate cancer

Fatwa against statues triggers uproar in Egypt

Fed up of being women, five Saudis change sex

McKinney Admits Misusing Taxpayer Money

Tots Getting Too Fat To Fit In Car Seats

Rawstory: NBC affiliates won't air MoveOn oil ads

Now it's even easier to track your favorite DU Journals

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" debuts in Portland, OR

People actually take Wikipedia seriously?

All right, I'm late to this.. is "herk" something you ARE, or that you DO?

Uh-oh.....SophieMN said a BAAAD swear word...

breakfast is

Nation Of The Damned

Avoid Immigration Controversy -Don't click on

Herkie !!!

What's the best house party you've ever been to?

Good whiskey drinking music?

Hurdy ......

When you co-author an article but post it on-line

Sometimes I look in the mirror and think...

Whose picture would you like to see posted who hasn't posted?

Shut the fuck up, Donny

I'm underwear-wrecking horny

I'm stomach-growling hungry.

Someone IM Me

So what does everybody think of these illegals coming across the border?

I got a bonus curling fix today!

OK, DU, the sun is rising soon here, so I am off to sleep. Till tomorrow..

The 100 patty hamburger...

dish pan hands...ick

Ever miss the no internet days?

I don't care what you say...It is ONLY 4:40 AM EST!!! And you can't

Am I the only one that gets tempted

Well, I am up, just so I can be on DU good morning everyone.

Troll Fun, Join in!

Monday Celebrity Birthday BABEFEST!

What's on your iPod/MP3 Player?

I'm not a freep, you creep! Hear that???

Oh my God. It's near 7:00 am here, and I'm still awake!

Webcam morning

I saw the film "C.R.A.Z.Y" in Toronto last week.

Go see "Thank You for Smoking" immediately!

Is "disinfect the bejeebus out of everything" proper these days?

Party's over!

Top Ten Signs Your Kitty Is Nuts

What color were Marlon Brando's eyes?

Which one of you jokers gave my email address

Have you ever had the experience of someone telling lies about you...

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

i'm going on vacation today.

Sopranos Discussion: What's up with last nights episode *Spoilers*

The Cure for Information Overload

its Monday morning, time for everyone to be cranky and mean

Good genes(pics) Tonite's champ. game features FL star Joakim Noah, son of

Auto CAD 2005

I light a candle in the name of almond joy and mounds.

Hugs for Binka!

"That's Allstate, Stan"

Garcia toilet missing:

A Bitter Attack on Bush Admin in a Sunday Comic Strip

Jerry Garcia's Toilet Stolen From Driveway

Bumper sticker siting

Let's have a big DU Welcome to the 21st Century for.... INDIANA!!!

First pitch...

Okay-Why in the *HELL* is my computer clock always 5 mintues slow?

How good is your 'Liberdar' (ability to tell who's a liberal)?

I just tried to wake my daughter up using Happiness and Singing!

Who is going to win the tournament: UCLA Bruins or Florida Gators

2 mln Americans have met their spouses online

What's your DU Lounge catch-phrase??

Get Georgie unstuck as he's falling

Tony Soprano. Leftie liberal

Where would your favorite place to live be?

Only time for one today

I sent someone to the bar today

You Tube has a trailer teaser of Snakes on a Plane

I light a candle in the name of Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard

So, in honor of shacking up...which of these will happen first?

For anyone who ever loved skateboarding (or does now for that matter)

Karma can be MEAN...

The newspaper I work for has given me a blog...

Hey y'all take the Yankee Test

In an all out one on one slugfest, who'd win?

What was your scariest moment in sports?

If You Can't Be with the one you love, love the one you're with

Congratulations merh!! 20,000 posts

What's this error message mean?

I just made like a DU Smilie

I lght a candle in the name of Dewey Cheatem and Howe

will it ever be hip to have papayas?

John Bonham vs. Keith Moon - who was better

So, I think I'm gonna learn Farsi

Anyone know how to get rid of a painful groin injury??

Damnit I can't get the Orioles game on radio or TV

South Park takes on Family Guy

Holy crap. I have been changing diapers for almost eight straight years.

Can we -PLEASE- have a separate baseball forum

What type of word processor do you use?

Washington/British Columbia DUers.

cH3CK0UT mY nEvv pc^

If it's wrong to post fake people on Hannidate, I don't want to be right.

Sharon Stone ties Larry the Cable Guy....

Turntable experts, need your help

Anyone else listening to Gameday Audio —

Army boots aren't made for walking.

"Griffey sliding into..."

I light my lavalamp in the name of The Lounge Copycat Festival

Fox News: The Musical

How's THIS for a mental visual you can take home and ponder?

Bangkok, oriental setting

stop freaking BANGING

Happy birthday, enigmatic!!!!

Is anyone else really excited about Madonna's

Anyone here see CAVALIA? (Cirque-style equestrian show)

Tom Cruise: "I won't let this woman get away".

Roger Clemens and Brett Favre Need to Go Away.

Woofie, the cat rescue dog video

the i need help sleeping thread

"Chuckles" The Police Clown Accused Of Mollesting 4-Year-Old Girls

Who do you think are the three most "natural" screen actors.

I'm out of the 700 Club

George W. Bush has got a freakin' RAG ARM

A storm is approaching and my throat still hurts.

time to go home to dinner with my BUSHBOT inlaws

Red Sox beat the shit out of the Boy King's former team...

Happy Freaking Monday...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/3/06)

What the HELL does this mean

I light my lavalava in the name of SOteric's Copycat Festival

I hit someone today.

Can a non-Catholic go to a Catholic ordination & Mass of Thanksgiving?

Lounge, I gotta log off, but I'll leave you with one thought for tonight..

Anyone here having a yahoo mail problem?

George Jones released from hospital; crushes dolo amber's sports disc

HEY! Lindsay Lohan! There are KIDS in that audience! Wassa matta wichoo?

Lounge, I gotta log off, but I'll leave you with one dot for tonight..

What's the first letter of your last name?

Is Randi playing great bumper music today or what?

If an old acquaintance calls you, how long is a legit period of time...

I just got an DUI! Ask me anything!

Why did I choose to live close to 3 jails and one old folks' home?

Spider-hunting nudist ends with ring of fire

Why do people steal silverware?

Crazed Howard Stern "fan" spits in his girlfriend's face, threatens both

Edamame - Fun to say, Fun to eat!

Fast question -- Anyone heard of "Verified by Visa" with online order?

What's the third letter of your first name?

Those whacky Japanese commercials

No mature persons ALLOWED in the lounge

Mom Punches Daughter, Handcuffs Her To Bed For Stealing Mom's Pot Stash

Photos of cute kids at the intertribal pow wow last week.

Is it possible to remove a sticker from varnished furniture?

Birders - some awesome bird photography at this website

Do you look forward to getting catalogs in the mail?

What is your SS# divided by 2, plus 5, multiplied by .000446?

I'm procrastinating, ask me anything.

I'd rather have George Bush the father of my baby over Tom Cruise

the i need help sleeping around thread

Admins, I am so sorry about this. Please don't ban me.

Aretha Franklin-It's Raining Men

CA DUers: What is that alien saying in that current milk commercial?

Am I only one who has no clue when Easter is?

"From this day on, the official language of the US will be Swedish...

OMG!!!! Prominences are DANCING around the SUN'S LIMBS!!!!

What is your Drivers license number?

Ummmm okay ESPN where the hell is my game???

You do the Hokey Pokey, and turn yourself around...

Anyone know why there are no Beatles songs available at the itunes store?

Another thing I hate

This evil leg contortion proves that Bush is Satan.

Go Gators. *

It's here! It's here! The Magic Bullet System is here!!!!!

Time for some honesty.

CA DUers. hasnt this been the dreariest winter/early spring EVER?

I love my new job!

What MP3 Player do you use?

Basic Instinct 2 and Larry the Cable guy.... FLOP this weekend

Tornado watch here in the DC Area (parts of it)

What would shock me the most to find on your IPod/MP3 player?

Parents - don't give your toddlers a McDiet, m'kay?

What is the easiest way to convert vinyl LP record albums to digital?

What is you favorite major league baseball team. And your assesment?

What's the second letter of your first name?

My wife might need an abortion

Ahhh... Edgard Verese's "Arcana" on vinyl. Life is good!

Fleeing GD... I feel a weight off my shoulders!

BIZARRE ACCIDENT (Nudist's petrol burns)

I'm so Hungry...

Tom Cruise shot Kennedy and invented AIDS!

I light a candle in the name of Peace, Understanding, Compassion

OMG I forgot Sept 11th!

Un-fecking-believable...I went on vacation and still have nearly $350 left

Here Are Some TV Comedies That I Like To Watch...

What's the first letter of your first name?

You know what we have forgotten?

I got a publisher

My friend JagerLizard is now a DUer!


What's the last letter of your first name?

Which do you think you are:

Reno 911: The Best of T.T. !!

Help me to resist. I want to send a snarky email to an employer.

I am so upset with my Granparents right now

Anyone ever have a close encounter with a tornado?

I just bought new glasses! I have some questions

Gratuitous kitty pics: post 'em, if ya got 'em.

Which of these most accurately describes Boojatta?

I just got an IUD! Ask me anything!

Word association!

Dear (Prospective Employer)(Admission Committee)(Credentialing Board)(Etc)

Hair color incident in schools (once again).

My cat is stuck up a tree & its not the first time

I know there has to be some more Allman Brother Band fans here at DU

OMG! I can play vinyl again!!!!!!

Help! computer problem

If you plan on visiting Washington DC this summer and use the Metro...

Tell me about your experiences.

Picture of the studio.

Dear Donald Fagen, STFU

Doesn't this always happen?

Slang conversion

I need references to some well written movie rants or soliloquies.

My hypothesis on why some people consider baseball 'boring'

Post three things you're addicted to.

Congratulations crispini!! 20,000 posts

How do you pronounce "pwn3d"?

Meet two of my old pals...

Most sensual music ever?

I tombstoned myself again

Now it's even easier to track your favorite DU Journals

Where is the line for disrespectful religious comparisons?

Why do some Christians squeeze their eyes tightly shut when praying?

Catbert's Religion/Theology Pledge

The Religious Left--it exists

Do you go to church (or synagogue, mosque, temple, etc)?

A Sermon On Ethics And Love

Why do you participate in the Religion/Theology forum?

Rise in autism cases may not be real

Deep sea corals in danger

Gay Students Under Attack Nationwide

Playboy To Go Gay

Year Of Benedict Produces Widespread Gay Bashing By Church

Episcopal Church Expected To Stop Backing Gay Clergy

Gay marriage case heads to federal court

Ireland To Move Forward On Gay Civil Partner Bill

FalsePromises: Right Deploys Homophobia 2Win Support frm African Americans

Israeli PM's daughter is out (and liberal?)

ChessBase: Topalov and Anand top 2800 on new ratings list


Anyone familiar with Purina Dental Health canine diet?

Anyone up for a link exchange?

Kitten update:-)

Enough with the pets. Anyone want to converse about pineapples?

Dog that helps nurse sick cats and kittens back to health

Need Advice/Reassurance on Kidney Disease in My Older Cat

The politics of Love

Kudos to OhioBlues, her GD post made it to Greatest Discussion honor

First time posting here - advice appreciated.

Have we discussed Condoleeza Rice's chart lately?

A thread to start a meditation on universal love.

upcoming mutable grand square

OT: I guess this truly IS the Katrina Administration

did anyone watch Biden on Cspan ?


woohoo I got the game on

Hey, I made the home page on DU

Max Cleland on Salon

A thought provoking question

Opening Day!

Committee Hearings this week: By Committee

BTW, David Brooks eats Babies. (Well, some people say he does.)

Last night it was dark and stormy.

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/03/06: More 'Shuffle' Suggestions

Hot blog about you-know-what up at Krispy Keith's...

Kurtz on KO

An early trading ship on Gull Bay.

Video: Oops! Chevy gets trashed in commercial contest

Have to say..."V" was the best movie eVah! Go see it!

U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation

Afghanistan- Taliban Country. Watch this video if you want to understand

SUV's strike again!

Dead-Eye Dick's Hotel Suite Demands

(TOON) Rowson on Jack and Condi's romantic getaway to Iraq

Charles Taylor in the dock for war crimes

Bush the stand-up comic challenge

Can any Muslim DUers explain to me the difference between

Thought Control

King of the Morans: "Europe is Dying" -- Rick Santorum

Condi Rice is Angry! Form An Iraqi US Friendly Government NOW Dammit!

Bu$h/Cheney bumper-sticker that says it all (best ever!).

Cnn saying Scotty M may be replaced just now-also someone else


Wash. Journal guest at 7:45am ET- Gen. Anthony Zinni, the man

washington journal time

Zinni will be the first guest on wash journalat 0730

Day 63: Still No Government Formed In Iraq

Rate the Democrats' current response to Repuke Corruption/Implosion

The neocon english language revival

My Kingdom for a CAPTION!!!

Git 'Er Done is what Rice tells Jafari.

Sweden suffers another heavy blow

Sometimes I wish I was a Conservative.

2,332 American troops now dead in W's war

An LTTE from the Milwaukee Urinal-Sentinel...

Needing To Get Tougher on Terror

Opening Statements Feingold Censure Hearing - - - - - - - - > mp3

Feingold Censure Hearing (3hrs) - - - - - - - - > mp3

Americans chase outsourced jobs to Bangalore

Gorbachav Calls it Right On! "US is Intoxicated by Power"

General Zinni Is A Republican. So Much For The

Condi to Iraq - Hurry the Hell Up...

CNN Quick Poll - "White House changes"


"We'll always have Cancun."

zinni is magnificent on washington journal this morning.(cspan)

Frank Gaffney just made a howler of a claim on Australian tv...

Count von Stauffenberg's Widow Dies

Tucson Arizona: Stephanie Miller replaces Glen Beck on 1370 AM

The Jesus Papers; didn't Martin Scorsese already do this story?

I'm a Dead Dog Democrat

NYT: The Abortion-Rights Side Invokes God, Too

400 Chinese students hospitalized with unknown flu

"The Funniest Photos on Official Congress-Critters' Websites

"Dark" forces... (Jose Padilla)

"Censuring Bush" on public radio's On Point (right now)

Sorry DUPE: To Fill the Void: Eugenics, NAZIs, California

Waco Police Chief: Bush is "not coming" to Crawford for the Easter holiday

Did anyone see Zinni on C-SPAN this morning? He walloped


Surfing for WMD: republicans force release of captured Iraq documents

Has the American media opened itself up for attack in Iraq?

Real Time . Dana Rorabacher is making a fool out of himself.

Supreme Court rightwing activists judges at it AGAIN...

Bush's Paper Trail Grows

An FBI informant was one of the killers of Gus Boulis?!?

Top 10 list now blocked

Chevy Tahoe ads on AutoBlog

Brownie, Blanco, Landrieu and Witt together at free NYC Conference 3/7

AP: Wily sea lion has figured out how to feast at dam

Three more troops dead

Job Insecurity Takes Major Toll on Worker Health

Ralph Reed ...... The Devil Inside

Supreme Court Rejects War Powers Case!!!

Kurtz: "The Anti-Bush Anchor" (KO says "in same...ballpark as...liberals")

Can someone help me figure out the lingo?

Market's up! The sky is the limit! Invest your life savings and...

The Blogs and Internet community should declare war on the MSM...

In defense of bullshit

Anyone heard anything about...

Mistah KURTZ's snarky piece on Keith, and "exit strategy"

The next Downing street memo must have just been written!

So, once more with the flag post.

send your tax returns with bring them home now postage stamp

Here are some real Christian Values:

How's Pepper-Boy doing? Not a peep from the MSM.

Peace Action Releases New Congressional Voting Record

Thanks to Liveoaktx

Obama Strikes Out at Bush's Energy Policy (and alcoholism).

BBC: Zarqawi forced out as head of al Qaeda in Iraq, Islamist claims

Four more troops killed in Iraq . . .

McCain to be commencement speaker at Falwell's Liberty University.

Bush's Cancun visit got me thinking...

BREAKING: Scott McClellan "next on the chopping block" from ThinkProgress

Net gain in wetlands acreage announced

Here is a great searchable online edition to George Orwells 1984

BUSH on the run - and he's frightened of CINDY!

Tired of male domination, 5 Saudi women change sex

FAIR: "Wrong on Iraq? Not Everyone"

Are the ALGIERS ACCORDS still valid..?

THIS WEEK: 01 02 03 04 05 06

Frankin is saying AAR is back on Phoenix today

Get this talking point out: Freepers Hate Hostages

I couldn't find the Paul Conrad 'toon I was looking for. . .

I know why the power went down at the capital

Courtney & Nirvana: Smells Like a Sellout


More Chevy Ads

Fitzgerald, Baker Botts and the Corporate Kleptocracy

MSNBC - Breaking news - Capitol being evacuated.

Just wanted to say that Stephen Colbert is doing an AMAZING job.

"My Recent Trip To Iraq and Afghanistan" by Carl Levin (D-MI)

We need pre-emptive elections when the government is a bunch of fools.

A brief tax-time thought.

Bayer sending AIDS tainted drugs overseas.

BREAKING:It's all the TV's fault

Does Bush need congressional authorization to bomb Iran?

Many Iraqi Soldiers Wounded by Own Guns

So, what do you do with people like these?

Notice the player in front of *...

So, three 4 1/2 years later and...

Anyone See The CLEAR Implication In This:"U.S. Capitol evacuated after

Did Karl order the TV cameras not to follow the ball????

Walmart Dot Gov - What if Walmart and the US Govt combined?

On behalf of the City of Cincinnati...

GM to sell 51 pct of GMAC (to Dan Quayle's group)

Condiliar and Jack Straw Baghdad Press Conference on "live" Now

did anyone enter their tahoe ad in the gmc competition?

"Supreme Court Rejects Jose Padilla Case"

Did anybody see "60 Minutes" last night? GMC failure=workers' fault

"Christians Reviving American Values": Round up them Mexicans!

Moussaoui Verdict to Be Announced at 4 EDT

Radio Frequency Bioeffects Viewed for Non-Lethal Weapons (Secrecy News)

Missing In Action: Terror Alert System

We are but one surface of the right wing echo chamber.

Kerry calls Bush bluff on rebuilding small Gulf Coast businesses

London Telegraph: Proof that Jack Straw called Rice, "Condom"

This is to those obsessed with Cynthia McKinney...

More fabulous RE/Banking news: ARMs are wiping people out.

* magic is @ work; * throws out the 1st pitch and the Reds give up 5 runs

Neocon claims Hatch was right - Bush can break any law

Russ Feingold's Faux Interview is posted at C&L's

Freeper quotes on Patrick J. Fitzgerald

Is it true that Limbaugh was blamed for the OKC bombing?

What anti/Bush gear have you seen lately?

Will someone just buy * an Xbox & a copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

Riverbend back and wins awards!

AP: Former Sen. Jesse Helms Has Dementia.

Bill Maher on Friday spoke of a Penguin book

Tony the Moron on CNN

American hostage is accused of treason by some conservatives

U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation/CDC

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Time for some baseball. Here are some * pics --->>>

Top Northern California gun dealer may close - can't account for 2000 guns

Go Gators. *

What are 911 Democrats???


Pat Robertson Slams Bush On Liberia

One piece of the immigration enforcement puzzle:

Limbaugh has another Bigot Eruption

Save Hugh Manatee! I'm Series!

GM's US sales fall 14 percent in March

NBC affiliates won't air ad. How can we win against this?

Cynthia McKinney coming up on Situation Room live, CNN 5:15 EDT


Russians Sense A New Cold War

The end of the rich mans era?

9/11 Victim's relative just slapped Woflie

The King of All Assholes

5 Presidents who never became Great Americans?

Fox at the Bank

OH Paper Runs Army Flack's Upbeat Iraq Blog

Coincidence or 'Shock and Awe' you decide..

What's the latest on "Juba" the Sniper?

What does "whatever it takes to win" in Iraq mean?

I know I shouldn't watch ... but Buchanan said Feingold is 'uncharismatic'

The Bush, Blair Deception Summit - January, 2003

Bill Bennett on with Wolfie just now....

What's the Matter With America?

DailyKos - Jeb Bush: Mexican Flag waiver

Nine Troops killed today?

trip down Memory Lane with the Family Bush

NPR just reported about the Chevy Tahoe "make your own" contest!

Does this more-or-less sum up the Cynthia McKinney non-issue?

Is it my imagination or are there more disrupters than usual around here?

The ONLY White House shake up I want to see is Bush GONE

Why do some Christians squeeze their eyes tightly shut when praying?

Revisting PNAC - Target the Middle East

Missouri twon denies occ. permit to couple with kids BECAUSE

"Ed Meese. . . .S&M . . . .videotape"

US Soldiers are now taking intensive "Iraqi customs 101" crash course

Say goodbye to Moussaoui - jury says he can get death penalty!

A Liberal's view on Moral Values and Immorality

As real estate "boom" cools, borrowers who fueled it get in hot water

How would you spend it....

Looking for a website that contains list of donors

Which W.H. Reporters Cuddled Up With Bush?

2342 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Censure Resolution; Letter to Sen. Feingold; Look it over; Thanks

Iraq profiteering: Parsons builds 20 of 142 clinics - Pockets $200 million

Implications of Article II Section 6 of the Constitution and McKinney

Was the Powell Doctrine a lesson learned from Vietnam? Is it "unlearned"?

Hey Lou Dobbs: the KKK was a "tradition of voluntarism"

All Hail The Führer

Coming on NPR: Chevy's Make-Your-Own SUV Ads Go Off Message

I'm beaming with pride, our pResident can throw a baseball and

17.76 X 20,000(1/4 of DU)=$355,000.00-support Feingold

Lou Dobbs poll

Drudge acts like a scorned female sometimes....

Fast question -- Anyone heard of "Verified by Visa" with online order?

FEMA in serious deep trouble.

My brother says he doesn't care if Bush spies unchecked

This poll surprises me... pleasantly.

The REAL reason why RW is anti-immigration

Think Progress on George Will's "global cooling" deceit

Zinni is on Tweety now, 6:05pmCT-making the rounds and dissin'

McKinney on CCN NOW, 5:18pm

Ok this may sound silly but worst americans who never

Dobbs: "I have some news for pResident bush...

Racial Profiling of McKinney? You bet it is...Just compare Kay Hutchison's

The BOONDOCKS coming to DVD, Uncut and Uncensored..

Arrest Warrant Sought for Rep. McKinney????

more proof neo-cons are crazy (even his daughters think so)

Michael Wear Segment Re: Iraq Coming Up On Blitzer

Just saw the United Church of Christ ad on A & E! I just wonder

United Church of Christ commercial

Who has the Al Gore article in

Hillary kept a bad house?

Are they after McKinney like they went after Gore?

did Al Gore ever propose this?

BEAUTIFUL MIND ALERT: Nine U.S. Troops Killed in Weekend in Iraq

LAT: Lou Dobbs: Bile across the border

President - Vice Presidents that didnt like each other?

Bush league opener

Why is there so little coverage of the Enron trial?

Cynthia McKinney to be on with Wolff after the commercial. CNN

First Pitch: High & Inside???

Play "Operation Yellow Elephant Bingo" with College Republicans

You Bush Bashers hate America.

My Apprentice/Chevy Tahoe Video Entry.....

The real deal on McKinney

I cannot BELIEVE that Wolfie has spent the last 30 min. attacking McKinney

Regular Gas just topped $2.80 a gallon in LA.

Whoa, we may resemble that hyperbole. A UK opinion.

Pre-emptive strategy suggestion for the anti-war movement

HellooooooooooooDem Operatives...We Lefties Need some GOOD NEWS!

What will the invasion of Iran be called?

Nine More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq today. 13 killed so far this month

Scotty asked if stepping down, ``I don't speculate on personnel matters.''

WHO is part of the 39% supporting Hillary Clinton running for

Bush has Swedish ancestors

Caption this * pic

Breaking: McClellan next on chopping block

Frist never had the votes for "nuclear option"

I haven't seen Scalia flipping the bird yet, does anyone have it on hand?

"Slow Food, USA." Any DU members?

Jerry Falwell: "McCain may be on the road to redemption"

The world's most hilarious sign.

CNN, CNN/HLN, and MSNBC just went LIVE! for Bush throwing out first pitch!

Did y'all catch the Olbermann article in the Post today?

Your Voice Didn't Echo (by me)

It’s getting harder to irritate folks with anti-chimp stickers and shirts…

I didn't think it was possible to hate Rush Limbaugh anymore

Did you ever ask a shrub-bot who really HATES Hillary Clinton, "Why?"

Ed Shutlz is saying that Gold is a great investment now. Is it?

Here is the text of Fengold's Spanking of Chris Wallace

Scott McClellan may be relieved of duties. Name Scotty's replacement.

Three men charged with castration in sadomasochistic 'dungeon'

So how is Pope Benny the 16th doing?

Internet Explorer users can now add a DU button to their Google Toolbar

Abramoff's Election Meddling...

How sweet it is.... another die-hard conservative abandons Bush.

Bush booed loudly at Cubs-Reds game?

Traditional Values Club.. coming to a town near you...

Franken: Kaloogian's NEW excuse re: fake Baghdad photo

Heard ads recruiting National Guard today on two radio stations

Cynthia McKinney Is Holding A Press Conference This Morning

(Jason Leopold) Fitzgerald Knew Identity of Leaker From Start

Re. the state of our board: Is it because we get good news...

VIDEO - Black Leaders Proclaim Support for Rep. Cynthia McKinney

Couric a Blink Away From Landmark Gig

Why Russ Feingold? Because he's fighting for us!

Boy turns in knife he accidently brought to school and may be expelled

Sticker shock rant.

It would be easy to stop illegal immigration if we wanted to.

Are Dems Falling for Bush FTAA Borderless Americas Trap? -->

PHOTO: I won't even caption it.

"No party has done so much, for so few, who need so little"

What's up with the Social Security Report? TPM smells a rat.

bush just got a standing ovation

So what is the latest with the Church of Christ husband killer? n/t

My 3 favorite Chevy Tahoe ads

A co-worker was murdered yesterday

Thirty-two years ago today, Xenia, Ohio

Univ of Tex professor says 90% of Earth's population should be killed

BRAD BLOG: More Rightwing Outrage about E-Voting! PLUS VIDEOS...

A Plan to End Child Poverty

So why do so many cross the border illegally instead of legally?

GregPalast/Chavez oil stats vs. Peak Oil ....Who's right ?

This world would be a better place if Diebold wasn't in it!

New thread: The $17.76 campaign to support Russ Feingold

Imagine ( flash video )

The newspaper I work for has given me a blog:

Escaping the Cancerous Grasp of the bush Administration...

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on the neoCONs - cspan Q&A 04-02-06 - > mp3

Rep. John Conyers Presented Backbone Award For Bold Leadership

Lou Dobbs sucks

Farmworkers Organize to Fight McDonald's Corporation

Limbaugh: Calls alleged Duke rape victim a "ho"

5 greatest Americans who never became President?

1984: Its a Reference -- Who here has read it?

How to take a screenshot when you catch a politician, or pundit, lie.

NYC *April 29* Will you be going?

Let the Bush baseball photoshopping thread begin!

Who Stands with U.S. Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney - an American Hero

Help me save my Church, DU.

5 best and worst presidents?

"Shadowstats" - Real Unemployment 12%, real CPI 8%. We're in a RECESSION.

Who is going to Crawford next week?

Now it's even easier to track your favorite DU Journals

Let us ALL oppose the crazy folk...

Why we must become like them ?

A House Seat Won by Republicans Since 1950 Is Now in Play

Poll to DU, if you wish - who influences US immigration policy?

WP: Campaigns Turning More to Online Videos

Keith Olbermann pens deal to write ... (not much details)

"No amnesty for lawbreakers" said Sen George Allen

Want elected dems to wait until after Nov. on Iraq or Impeachment?

Bolten focuses on catapulting propaganda by considering a new catapult

Hotline reports that Feingold, Warner will speak at 6-3 NH Dem Convention

Zogby's latest survey appears to serve a corporate master.

Rep. Jack Kingtson issues press release calling Sheehan "nutcase" - help:

Rep. Jack Kingston's staffer just called Michael Moore a "nutcase" on the

New Orleans Postmark back in use

Racing' Scotties GO! (interactive)

What's the matter with you liberals??

Do you live in PA? Do you care about civil rights?

"Frist never had the votes he needed for the nuclear option."

Wisconsin Governor's Race Report (Abramoff/Delay Connection)

Kill the body and the head will die...

bush can't give the fema job away

Help fund The Camden 28 anti-war documentary

I need a little help DUers if I may ask......

Russ Feingold's Faux Interview is posted at C&L's

Clinton and Bush 41 to do commencement at Tulane - May 13th

Illegal Immigration and NAFTA. I thought the passage of NAFTA was

Isn't it terrible that people want to fly a flag that reflects their

If a Republican president had passed NAFTA

Modest proposal for labeling Democrats....

True or False: IMPEACHMENT = Respect for the Rule of Law.

Again Americans suffer disasters, while * plays for the cameras

Lt Col Karen Kwaitkowski on PNAC, neocons. Excellent 'Q&A' on CSPAN

White House shake-up to continue?

We've got about 30 years before the world's beaches disappear.

Iranian militiamen were brought in by Britain (into Iraq)

What do Democrats have to do -- stand on their heads?!?

They changed the names on that Time on-line poll...

AP Photo: "Iraqi and U.S. soldiers stand by a bloody puddle..."

The Left Goes After Sen. John McCain

ThinkProgress: Obama Rips Bush's Oil Policy

The media DOES NOT KNOW about Helen Thomas' roses

Mike Dewine Strikes Out For Ohio

Just a REMINDER, it's all about 2006!

9 dead soldiers, 30 dead from severe weather, how did Il Dunce' spend day?

Free advice for Katherine Harris

Rubber stamp Repubs in Congress have their heads squarely up their asses

Ken Mehlman shares his thoughts at Booker T. Washington Sesquicentennial

Minor glitch found in Allegheny County voting machines


AP Photo: "Bush gives a thumbs up as he walks towards Air Force One"

Where would we be without General Electric ?

Jesse Helms Suffers from Dementia

Did anyone see this article about the Plame investigation?

Al Jarfrie

Dakota Indian tribes consider providing abortions

The Health Care Crisis and What to Do About It, ... Paul Krugman

Another Clarkcast podcast for 4/2/06!


I guess I trained my daughter to well.

Do votes in your state really count? TrueMajority petition targets DIEBOLD

talk about twisting/spinning facts and a new framing, read this:

Some good news from this weekend -- Marcy Winograd's

Please DU this Lou Dobbs immigration poll!

McCain was in NYS shilling for Sue Kelly

New thread: The $17.76 campaign to support Russ Feingold

Feingold Supports a Somewhat Urgent Question

Analysis: How the US 'lost' Latin America (BBC)

What actor should play Katherine Harris in movie about her life?

How I welcomed Bush to Cincinnati today...

Air America Radio returns to Phoenix!


If the Right Doesn't Like the Right to Privacy.... Let THEM Repeal the 9th

Atrios catches Bush's Social Security plot

Now it's even easier to track your favorite DU Journals

Freeper Alert . Dems = "Satan"

Mexican flag hysteria