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Archives: April 10, 2006

Analysis: Iraq's New War

George, Please Tell Me, Would You Consider Becoming Religious?

Letter From Baghdad: The Growing Sectarian Divide

KR/Hannah Allam: Iran's weapons pose little threat but are political boon

Media reporting bad news from Iraq because that's the reality (KR)

Arab Democracy, a U.S. Goal, Falters

Are Mainstream Churches Finally Standing Up to GOP’s Hateful “Christia

Molly Ivins: So Long, Tom, You Hypocrite

Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Gangster Government: A Leaky President Runs Afoul of 'Little Rico'

U.S. Missile Defense Capability a Mystery (

Pro-Life Nation - NY Times Magazine - 4/09/2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 240

Elbe River Levels Surpass 2002 Records In Northern Germany - AFP

Federal Regulators Will Cut Pacific Salmon Season To The Bone - Reuters

Tigers Now "Virtually Extinct" In India Thanks To Poaching - Independent

Philippines' Environment Minister Warns Of Ecosystem Collapse

S. Korea's Dust Storms Worst Since 2002 - Visibility 2 Kilometers

ChimpCo Pushes To Drill Offshore Bloc With Perhaps 500 Million BBL - NYT

Business Council Of Australia - Carbon Tax? What's That? ST

Canadian Enviro. Minister Pushes Dumping Kyoto For "Something New"

Kerry Emanuel Downplays AMO, Pins Hurricanes' Force To Human Action

Author Of "The Weather Makers" Warns Of Irreversible Climate Shift - SLT

Brown University Team Builds 5-Million-Year Climate Record - AFP

Warming Climate May Be Eliminating Long Island Sound Lobsters

As free as the wind

Tonight! 11 pm EST - Mark Crispin Miller on Theft of 2004 Election!!

Oh, I will vote alright

We have to hook up Debra Bowen with Mark Crispin Miller.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 04.10.06 - HR 550 Special

MUST READ! - E-VOTING 2006: The Approaching Train Wreck (+)

sundays ERD 36 votes, mondays ERD has 12 WTF ! ! !

A BLast from the past Andy & others on Holts bill... one year ago...

Molly Ivins: So Long, Tom, You Hypocrite

For my friends in Texas who don't visit the Lounge.

TEXAS....I need your help....

U.S. pilot sues in friendly-fire case

OPP stages major raid on home near murder scene (biker gang leader)

Hungary's Socialists claim victory in first-round election

North Korea blocks weapons diplomacy

U.S. military plays up role of Zarqawi

U.S. military plays up role of Zarqawi (propaganda to tie war to 9/11)

Saudis plan to fence off border with chaos

NYT: Bush Ordered Declassification, Official Says

Senator urges regulators to reject Enron's settlement offer

29 women and children killed in mosque stampede

Iraqi Govt. Delays Disarming Militias

Bush warned against attacking Iran

U.S. Effort Seeks to Turn Iraqis Against Zarqawi

Saudi journalist jailed without charge for Internet remarks

North Korean defense chief warns of pre-emptive attack on US

Faux News: Some Question Whether GOP Plan For Iraq Is Enough

Rage swells in the streets of Katmandu

WP,pg1: Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition Shrinks As Debt Grows

Cops who fled Katrina fight punishment

NYT: Democracy in the Arab World, a U.S. Goal, Falters

First Knights Templar are discovered

Young Officers Leaving Army at a High Rate

NYT: Bush Ordered Declassification, (senior administration) Official Says

Iraqi insurgents use mannequins, pigeons to kill

Zurich tops quality of life list, Baghdad (for 3rd year) last

So I was driving north on 95 last weekend

Simpsons parodying offshoring - odd

Post your social security number backwards. Does it look cool?

Joe Biden on Bill Maher Friday Night...

Is it wrong that I love Gay Ben Patches?

Is Brainshrub the only one who cares that Wikipedia is down

Is it wrong that I love Ben's Gay Patches?

Is it wrong that I love Ben Gay patches?

So, what's the reaction to "West Wing" on FreeRepublic? (SPOILERS?!?)

I need to buy a dress for a wedding - any suggestions?

Requested reposting: My encounter with The Donald

Santos Wins

Is this not mediocre?

So, should we all just keep creating posts until the spoiler thread

Is Desperate Housewives on tonight?


....What if George Bush was a sportscaster

SPOILER: It's 6:27 on the West Coast

"Family Guy" thread (new episode)

McGuyver or Stargate?

I found a checkbook register from 1974.. wow what an eyeopener


I am SO behind the times. Weird sayings for different acts of, er, nature?

I was ordered to post.

Nobody gets in to see the wizard

So now, I've created 2 threads and kicked about 6 or 7 of them

Spoiler: Rosebud is the sled

Name Movie/Shows whose ending was ruined for you . . .

Spoiler: Frodo and Sam make it to Mount Doom

Spoiler: The wife did it

Spoiler: She's a MAN baby!!!!

Bwhaha! A cowbell soundboard.

West Wing Spoilers are revenge

Four more to go.

Thanks to all who helped out

Spoiler: There is no Tyler Durden

Will Josh and Donna get engaged?

Spoiler: It's Verbal


Spoiler: It was all a dream

Ding dong the witch is dead.

Spoiler: the ship sinks on its maiden voyage

Noooooo! Wikipedia is down!!!!

Is it gone yet?? Just helping out...

Mayonnaise and sliced onion sandwiches - socially acceptable ??

When mods disappear, where do they go?

It's autofill time!

Stop it! Just stop it!


Spoiler: She was Roman

I just wasted my 2000th post to push another post off the front page.

Is that damn spoiler gone from page one yet?

Spoiler: Anakin becomes Darth Vader

Spoiler: Rhett leaves Scarlett.

Spoiler: we all die

Spoiler: It was his sled!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm stupid.

Spoiler : Tomorrow is Monday .

Spoiler: It's a cookbook.

Spoiler: It's her dad


Spoiler: Bush was elected...

SPOILER: The internet runs on computers

Spoiler: All three of them make it home

So what's your favorite color?

Spoiler: Tony Perkins is his own mother!

So in tonight's west wing..........................

Spoiler - Darth Vader is Luke's father


Spoiler: They're on Earth

Spoiler: There Are No WMDs in Iraq

Spoiler: Kingdom Hearts is light!

The Best of Talk Soup

Who's this Santos?

People say "I can't take much more of this." But they can.

Heads Up- The CBS Movie "Covert One" is surprisingly Good.

Miss Millie told me to...

Happy Birthday to Hugh Hefner!

West Coasters: Who's tempted to peek into the West Wing threads?

REMINDER: Do NOT post in the 'West Wing' spoiler thread!

Burying "West Wing" Spoiler Thread!! DO NOT POST IN THE SPOILER THREAD!

Spoiler: Tidus is a dream

Spoiler: Johnny gets clean and marries June. nt

I'm suing the makers of Tag,

Spoiler: They're the dead ones

Spoiler - Bruce Willis is dead

Spoiler: The kid that sees dead people is DEAD.

Historic figures who loafed in their twenties (late bloomers)?

How terrible is it that someone posted a spoiler in a thread title?

What's with all the 'Spoiler' threads?

Jumping on the random thread bandwagon.

Since we're talking about west-coast spoilers, folks...

Spolier: The Maltese Falcon is fake

Warning; spoiler:

Did you know...

Should there be an addendum to the Lounge Rule Book about spoilers?

The Lounge is being split by longitude.

BTW - The 11 oclock news is three hours behind your Eastern Time's

Spoiler: Redwitch's post has no text

What?....Heh...Heh...Are you trying to threaten Me?

Spoiler: For best results, leave the refrigerator plugged in.

Pirate's Booty

Spoiler: It was the Butler in the Study with a Candle Stick.

Bullet holes in the cemetary walls


Spoiler: They are killed by salt water.




Spoiler: Harry kills Dumbledore

Spoiler: What you see in the movie poster really happens in the movie!

Spoiler - DS1 says fuck it, and goes to bed

I havent seen the West Coast so pissed off since Biggie and Tupac.

LOST Spoiler

The final Will and Grace - WILL IS GAY!

Beagles are the best

Spoiler: The ship sinks!

Who was the screaming intruder at the White House today?

The family on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" gets a new house...

Random thread to bury the 'West Wing' spoiler

Spoilers: The cowboys are gay

I Think the West Wing Spoiler Was Deleted!!

Spoiler: Hiroshima , it gets bombed.

Spoilers: Sisko dies. Janeway makes it home. Picard never becomes

I don't know what a "Hollaback girl is but

The don't respond thread

Dammit people!

Spoiler: There are snakes on the plane.

Oh good. American idol will rip off Queen songs next week...

Spoiler: the US wins

Perhaps it was The Noid who should have avoided me....

When Election 2008 comes around, can we discuss results

Spoiler: the Hindenburg crashes and explodes

Spoiler: Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet.

Spoiler: Jesus was hung

What?....Heh...Heh...Are you trying to date Me?

Spoiler - I'm taking a vacation from DU

Which of THESE would take longer?

Spoiler: 99% of my posts are without meaningful content.

Any current piece of popular culture anybody need revealing?

Does the West Coast receive a filtered version of LBN?

Just saw "Derailed" with jennifer Aniston: Best movie out there with no

Spoiler: He built it, they came.

BREAKING: President asks to have CIA leak case explained to him.

SPOILER: The power went out and all the food in the fridge went bad


I know why freepers hate Brokeback Mountain.

Spoiler GD is batshit crazy

If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

Spoiler: Contents of Tom Cruise's closet.

Which of these would take longer?

I'm baaaack...where are all the ask me anything threads?

Spoiler: Flamewars in GD

Spoiler: It's the modern day. Also, the ending's a let down.

Spoiler: Luke gets eaten.

I'm lonely

Aloha to you, pal......and RAM IT!

Spoiler: It is useless to argue with Oly when he's been drinking.

Spoiler: Dewey defeats Truman!

SAVE THE MARTINI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GRAND SLAM! Cubs lead Cards 7-4!

Name some brands of food after your favorite GOPologist

Remember Santos has until the EC meets to choice his VP

I want a flamewar!


I guess I'm the only one in the lounge who DOESN'T watch West Wing.

Let's get over dramatic like in GD.

Spoiler: The baby squid is dead.


French is undoubtedly the sexiest language.

Spoiler: Bush asks how many a brazillion is

Oh, what the hell, 39 posts to 7000. Ask me anything.

Happy Birthday to me..

There once was a man from Nantucket.

Brian Wilson

Almost forgot: Jeff Matson (nostamj) passed away one year ago last week

SEXKITTEN4ONLYYOU (Lifetime movie about online relationships)

h.e.a.r. vs h.e.r.e. (dammit)

Can We Talk About Something OTHER Than West Wing?

Please memorize my speech for class tomorrow night for me.

Random thread to inflate my post count.

am I going to become a drug addict?


Can Life Get Any Fucking Worse?

You like Asteroids? Pacman? Space Invaders? Sonic? Miniput?

I do NOT want a Flame War

Best lines from movies.

Jimmy Smits defeats Alan Alda in West Wing pres. election

Does anyone understand the current rules of teenage dating?

Random threat to inflate my post count.

What would you think of a guy who sent you these pics

Spoiler: Everyone dies

Spoiler: My puppy learned to open the back door today

Spoiler: Soylent Green is people.

New Ancient text found

Preying and Praying a confused mixture in christianoutdoorsman

US Mainstream Churches vs GOP Christian Blitzkrieg

The Gospel of Judas is being misunderstood

The difference between the Gnostic Gospels and the NT...

S.C. NAACP Leader Calls On Black Churches To Oppose Anti-Gay Amendment

Gay Kisses To Greet Scalia


Chess News for Week ending April 9

Pro Bono Reading?

I've met my soulmate, and I'm pretty upset right now

TNR Continues Kerry Hate Fest

Wanna have some fun?

Video of Kerry Iraq Floor Speech #2...

Sad Dog Talking

Chicago trip

Keith gets an indirect shout-out on the latest Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What would you think of a guy who sent you this link...

"Recently Discovered...Gospel of Judas! National Geo Channel 8:00(EST)

The difference between the Gnostic Gospels and the NT...

'The Washington Post': At War With Itself

Feel good fact

Listen as Joe Lieberman refuses to rule out a run as an Independent

US Mainstream Churches vs GOP Christian Blitzkrieg

VIDEO: I believe in a better way (Ben Harper)

Assume You Live In Iran

Have you read Urban Dictionary's definitions of "freeper"?

What bothers me about an attack on Iran

Anthony Soltero

Nice article for all you Fitzgerald fans

BRAD BLOG: Several Recent Items of Note...

a new, gender-neutral Bible translation from Zondervan

We all got MonicaLewinskied!

How many countries have issued a unilateral nuclear strike?

Bush Making Country Worse

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

Republican Pete McCloskey is back and he's pissed!

Which of these would take longer?

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT-A Leaky Pres Runs Afoul of 'Little Rico'

Know why the Bush team wants to nuke the "suspect" sites in Iran?

Screaming intruder arrested on White House grounds

Pretty good Time article here from Ret. General Newbold

Just Heard 'Illegal Immigrant' Martinez

Kansas May Require Abstinence Only Education

Should citizens be required by law to vote?

Joe Wilson on THIS WEEK

New Bush doctrine-- pre-emptive war to protect another country

Is wikipedia down for everybody?

'Very low' risk of bird flu spreading between humans

Interview with Larisa Alexandrovna: All Roads Lead to Iran

The Republicans are searching desperately for an issue...

Katie Couric hired to make HAPPY NEWS

Bush Ordered Declassification, Official Says

Harry Taylor

Rawstory is #1 on Google news right now under US.

U.S. military plays up role of Zarqawi in order to tie Iraq to 9/11

Bill Maher is sticking it to GWB right now

Who is watching this show on immigration on CNN?

A good response to a cowardly, bizarre, poorly written editorial

It is wrong to say, as Time Magazine has it, that "Iraq was a mistake"

"Bandar Bush" turns up talking to .......guess who?

NE Wisconsin main editorial - Investigate Bush & his Iraq War

God's been talking to our Prez again...It's about his legacy.

I know John Spencer died a few months ago but I am bawling

Time:Why Iraq Was a Mistake A military insider

I'd like to apologize for my abrasive attitude the past few days.

No, not about Latinos. What about Darfur, and Rwanda, and Kosovo?

2009: Troops in fight to the death warfare in Iraq, Iran and Venezuala.

Once-foe McCain makes a friend of Bush dynasty

"They fight us hard, they are a determined enemy, but there's no morality"

PDA owners: The infamous Fortunate Son is available!

John Conyers:Thank you all

CNN poll:Do you agree White House needs to explain the intelligence leak?

No Top 10 Conservative Idiots tonight?

Have you read any books by any neocon authors?

So when is the Boston Stethoscope Party going to start?

"For a liberal, Joe Lieberman isn't a bad guy, really."

Sir! No Sir! A movie

Question for DUers in California's 50th: Is Kaloogian gay?

Years Ago, Carlsbad Mayor Might Have Peppered Cheney

The 60 Minutes Story on Orphaned Elephants Was a HEARTBREAKER!!!!

Photos support lacrosse athetes denial story

WP: "Home audience" targeted by Pentagon propaganda via NYT and FoxNews

How do you feel about a church fundraising on the street corner?

Interesting gas price history info that I found

Democrats are afraid to tell the truth because.....

Gore And Kerry Are The Reason We've Had Six Nightmare Years Of Bush

George and Laura, Part 4 (the sanitized version) has been reposted

Someone should write a book about Ann Coulter called "CHILDLESS"

New ring around Uranus is blue

DU this poll please! Poll being freeped! Yikes!

The West Wing (no spoilers for those who haven't watched yet)

First time I saw this but here is a "tin foil" to wrap around your heads.

Mark Crispin Miller on BookTV/ CSPAN2 NOW

USA, USA, USA, USA, Oh Fudge We Didn’t Beat Out Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Bigotry aimed at our enemies only hurts our friends: it bears repeating

Deleted. Duplicate post.

Nobody likes a sore loser that yells at the umps...That is why Kerry

I Have a Question Regarding Sociopaths

MUST READ! - E-VOTING 2006: The Approaching Train Wreck

Can Senator Clinton win a single red state?

Is anyone else readding Fooled Again by Mark Crispin Miller?

Can you name, w/o googling, 1 country that's experienced Peak Oil?

How did we end up with Lieberman on the ticket with Gore in 2000?

Gangster Government- Palast

Hey, read this! BUSH ISN'T THE LEAKER.

ONE HALF MILLION PEOPLE marched in Dallas today

How a pro-war Republican thinks about the war

Officers, docs; US military using propaganda to help bush tie Iraq to 911

Why is the skyrocketing cost of gas not a bigger issue?

A military insider sounds off against war & the "zealots" who pushed it

So, I told the clerk at the 7-11 that I wanted $5 worth of gas...

EMERGENCY --- By Cindy Sheehan

TOONS! As a kid I ALWAYS loved reading the Sunday Comics. ENJOY!

would like good web sites for union history

Britain's foreign secretary: idea of a nuclear strike ''completely nuts.''

Bush OK’d release of intel, but didn’t specify Libby (SO WHAT)

Bush & CIA leak case...IF he continues to ignore it, will it go away?

I smell Karl Rove all over this Nuke Iran thing!

Please DU this poll a little more :-)

Bushbot Marine General (Ret) says Smirk not to blame for Iraq mess

Mark Crispin Miller on cspan 2 now....must see...

Michael Moore Web Video Clip: 16 Words, 2350 dead, 1 Liar, 1 Coward

History Channel: The Man Who Predicted 9/11 Rick Rescorla....on now

Letter from Feinstein re: Domestic wiretapping.

Is consultants' reign over our politics finally over? Great essay!

Kerry on MTP (MP3)

Scenario: The Ultimate Revenge? K Harris vs the BFEE

Open letter to Jeffersons Ghost., a response to John Kerry.

Why would a Democrat wish to win the Presidency??

To Republicans: Do your duty

Giving Lieberman a taste of his own medicine!

we will not win 2006 unless we fix these elections

Busby win in CA 50th District would signal political "tectonic shift"

What really pisses me off is how the press has coddled Delay....

Condi on Penthouse & Playboy in the State Department: "I want them out"

Do you think threatening to boycott Las Vegas if the "Divine

Pittsburgh Trib (Scaife): "DeLay bows out: A selfless move"

From Senate Staffs to Lobbyists: The Ties that Bind (Santorum, etc)

Why 'leaker in chief' charge harms the president

JASON MILLER: America’s "Noble" Cause

Mobilizing for South Dakota

Washington Post Praises Bush Leak, Mangles Facts (Plamegate)

From AZ Republic: Unconservative conservatives

Groups want voting-rights renewal

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!): Activists Paint Grim Picture of NO

The McCain Mutiny--WaPo

Young Officers Leaving Army at a High Rate, NY Times, 4/10/06

"The Moment of Truth" by Al Gore (cross post)

Don't Feed the Immigrants

"The Professors": David Horowitz and the New Brownshirts

Using Jesus Christ to Justify Hate

Spengler on why Bush will attack Iran.

Does the Israeli lobby have too much power?

Pravda: Why the United States will attack Iran in 2006

Greg Palast: Gangster Government

Political Crackups-What Happens When Governments Don't Work

DeLay's K Street buddies want their money back.

Dropping nukes no way to 'save' Iran, Guardian/UK

Paul Krugman (NYT via CommonDreams): Yes, he would attack Iran

Elizabeth de la Vega (TomDispatch): Final Jeopardy

Newly discovered "Eden Fish" proves creationism is right (again!)

BEAUTIFUL response on downsizing

March 2006 Saw Lowest Sea Ice Extent Since Records Began In 1979 - NSIDC

Look, A Meeting! EPA To Discuss Environment With Chinese Counterparts

Scientists Attempt To Total Potential Costs Of Climate Breakdown - ADN

Lowest March Flow Ever Recorded For Potomac River - Times-Dispatch

Lake Victoria Threatened By Diversions And Massive Pollution

Beijing Air Quality Hits Level 5 (Hazardous) For Two Straight Days - AFP

Columbia River Sturgeon - Largest N. American Fish - In Big Trouble

Kenya swoops on 'ivory syndicate' (BBC)

Nice LED page without the hype...

Dkos diary on coal toxin leaching: Mingo water undrinkable.

Bergen University - 1,600 Norwegian Glaciers Will Melt Completely By 2100

Jebthro Wants To End Fed Oversight Of Everglades (Risks Fed Funding)

Bollywood Star Salman Khan Gets 5-Years For Poaching Rare Antelope - AFP

NYTimes: Town looks forward to its nuclear future.

Arctic Sea Ice Lost Area Equal To Alaska In 2005 Alone - News-Miner

Where computers go to die -- and kill

UN chief urges Israel, Palestinians to exercise restraint

Controversy over FIFA's questioning of Israeli army action

120 former Israeli, Palestinian combatants in new peace dri

There is no hunger in Gaza

Israeli medical expert addresses UK audience

Life brutal under Gaza missiles

Police: Case pending against (Avigdor) Lieberman

Israel to boycott inquest into death of British peace activist shot in Gaz

Hamas: Israeli move "a declaration of war"

Police brace for riots after Haredi charged with killing son

The bankruptcy of Hamas

Take The $10,000 Challenge!

9/11 was the MIHOP to end all MIHOPs.

"United 93" director should be arrested for directing while blind.

Elections Chief Motivated by a Sense of Purpose

is the League of Women Voters worth supporting?

Rove thanks Republican lawyers for their work on 'clean elections'

Free elections are dangerous

anyone catch Laura Flanders show last weekend?

We must be vigilant to prevent election fraud

What's Up In Italy? Exit Polls wrong again..... Berlesconi Making Gains

Election reform plan proposed

Culver to speak at UAW in Cedar Rapids

Noam Chomsky at Englert Theater in IC on 4/10

Judiciary Committee to hear arguments on gay marriage 4/10/06- BE THERE!

Worcester, Cape Cod (& Gloucester?) ACLU-sponsored rendition meetings

Archdiocese of Boston: No statement on Immigration, but gay marriage....

Senfronia files to run for Speaker of the House.....YIPEE!!


Today. In Houston. And all across the USA.

Glad to hear a Radnofsky ad on our local AAR station.

Where is Chris Bell?

Did you see the colored Easter eggs at the grocery?

Stephen Harper Catch Phrase Contest

Has anyone visited recently?

OPP stages major raid on home near murder scene (biker gang leader)

Years Ago, Carlsbad Mayor Might Have Peppered Cheney

"Pride of America" Cruise ship sinks in Germany

3 U.S. commanders relieved of duty... (Knight Ridder)

Italy's Berlusconi Fights to Stay in Power

U.S. Tries to Dampen Talk of Iran Strike

Gold rallies on talk of attack on Iran

Iraqi PM's future in doubt after Kurdish, Sunni veto

'Very low' risk of bird flu spreading between humans: UK gov't scientist

Why 'leaker in chief' charge harms the president

Bush and Cheney Discussed Plame Prior to Leak

NYT: Craft Nears Venus to Seek Global Warming Clues

AFP employee kidnapped in Baghdad

2 Exit Polls Show Berlusconi Losing

Mayor: Cheney Hit in Hunting Accident Years Ago

Ill. Hospital Helps War Veterans Cope

Judge Warns Against Prejudicial Testimony (in Moussaoui trial)

Malaysian man hit with $218 trillion phone bill

NATO says has no plans for Darfur ground force

(AP) Ind. city considers Bush impeachment

Skilling Says He's 'Absolutely Innocent'

Bond hearing postponed in case of former CIA contractor(who is the judge?)

U.S. Rejects Idea That Iraq Near Civil War

U.S. Troops Again Patrolling in Baghdad ("they don't want or need us")

Group Seeks Ban of Fat-Blocking Drug

Plane Carrying Kenyan Politicians Crashes

S&P Research Warns of Correction in Real Estate Investment Trusts


Oil Climbs to Record in London on Concern About Iran Conflict

Participants in Phone-Jamming Scheme Contacted White House

Rwanda: Documents Shed New Light on Genocide Planning

Shooting of Reuters soundman unlawful: report

Ohio Steel Mill Explosions Leave 3 Hurt ('Replacement workers')

Kerry says biggest mistake may have been taking federal money

FDA rules out abortion pill as cause of woman's death

Drug prices for US elderly up 6 pct in 2005: study

Report finds US shooting of Reuters soundman unlawful

Group burns Mexican flag in front of (Tucson's Mexican) consulate

GOP prepares tax attack on 2 Democrats in Ohio

Baghdad named worst city to live in in the world

Bush To Give Another War On Terror Speech Today

(Abortion Pill) RU-486 Ruled Out in One of Two Recent Deaths

New Navy force will take the fight upriver in Iraq

Multimillion-Dollar Suit Filed After Boy's 911 Call Ignored

NYT/AP: NASA to Crash Space Probe Into Moon

Israeli medical expert addresses UK audience

Iraqi Troops Start Rolling Out in Ramadi

Online video: Must-free TV (ABC to offer next-day online streaming)

US military denies it hyped up Zarqawi threat

Bush: Iran Strike Plans 'Wild Speculation'

Motorists, Genealogists Beware: Homeland Security Law

Bush acknowledges declassifying Iraq intelligence

Iran won’t back down “one iota’ in nuclear dispute: Ahmadinejad

Colombia: Chiquita accused of arms transport for guerrillas

FDA issues warning over contact lens solution (Re Nu)

Swedish news: looks like victory for Humala in Peru (leftist)

Bush glad Cheney not running for president

Specter urges Bush, Cheney to explain CIA leak

Explosion strikes AK Steel (Ohio) injuries reported; blast heard for miles


Berlusconi trailing in early indications. Prodi at 50- 54%

Gallup Surprise: Most Americans Now Say They May Buy Hybrid Cars

Lieberman not ruling out running as independent

Study uses Nanoparticles to Kill Cancer Cells

Spurred by Bush, ABC Seeks Feedback on Iraq Coverage

NYT: U.S. Research Funds Often Lead to Start-Ups, Study Says

France to scrap youth job law

NYT/AP: Calif. Scrambles to Strengthen Levees (10 more days of rain)

The trailer park HQ where the 'long war' is being waged.. (20 year war)

Canadian Police Arrest 5 in Biker Deaths

Gasoline Nears $3 in U.S., Hurting Bush, GM, Helping Refiners

Ohio Gov. May Face State Ethics Charges (AP wire)

NYT: Third Retired General Wants Rumsfeld Out

Bush Approval Rating at New Career Low (ABC News/WP Poll - 38%)

Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies

Baghdad street patrols resume ("temporary" shift in U.S. strategy)

CNN reports exit polls indicate Berlusconi has lost

U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar

DNA results do not link lacrosse players and rape

You can now post to your Journal directly


Doctor Who Fans... want a peek at Series 2???

Should ZombyWoof and ZombieNixon have some kind of contest,

Six Days, Seven Nights


Reservoir Dogs in 30 Seconds with Bunnies

Are you mundane?

OK....Here's a question for my Lounge friends:

thanks lounge

Now for your viewing enjoyment

I saw Crash tonite

EstimatedProphet. You are winning so far with 54%.

Any tv commercials that gross you out?

What are you doing for Thai New Year?

What on earth is this website about?

"I'm too sexy...

Ice cream: chocolate peanut butter or cherry vanilla?

If you bought a Kangaroo it woudn't hop.

Festival Express

George Clooney, Al Gore & Robert Kennedy Jr on Vanity Fair cover

What number do you feel like?

Goddess I love GD

I can't post in GD because

What's on your TV?

Young Frankenstein Musical Due

Subject: Embarrassed student.

Damnit DU, stop influencing me like this. Look what I bought this weekend

Question about beta-blocker side effects.

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!!!!

7000 POSTS!!!

Favorite 'Barrett'.

Is The Boondocks on hiatus?

Happy 47th Birthday Brian Setzer

h.a.i.r. vs h.a.r.e. (dammit)

Do you watch the West Wing?

Quebec DUers: best spots for free WiFi?

For the 5th night in a row , I have dreamed about a baby .

Ass-kicking by Skittles - how impressed are you?

A man, a buffer and a car . . . a pictorial of the results of 5 hours of

Breakfast discussion: so if I have oatmeal 5 times a week

new search engine for "doodlers"

Terrya's birthday and Arwalden hits 30k posts - Coincidence or Not

Why are you hurting America?

***** HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Terrya!! *****

Book Bound In Human Skin Found

Did I see an uproar the other day about American Idol "Mandisa" (sp?)

Sunless tanners

Jessica Simpson to do the Pamela Anderson role in Baywatch movie

almost Lunch time, now taking your orders

Best Photoshop EVER!!!

Are you up for human sacrifice?

Looking down the barrel of a gun?

Today's earworm: Skid Row, "18 and Life"

Malaysian man hit with $218 trillion phone bill

The Nigerian scammers are using full color email now!

Where is billyskank today?

Madonna tix go on sale in 1 hour.....gahhh!!!! Suspense....

So what are you currently listening to?

What's your reality-show guilty pleasure?

Quiz: Which West Wing Character are you?

First Video Capture Project (*'s Q&Aisms)

Happy 74th Birthday Cheeta The Chimp from Tarzan fame!!!!

I can dream about you

A line to use on fundies...

Did I ever mention that...

Firefighter pics in the Photography group

Anyone hear of Nouvelle Vague?...

I rule with animals

I watched part of a baseball game this weekend


Beep beep dot com, to shop for cars online

Wussiest rock band of all time.

OMG - John Kruk just said that 1B are the most athletic on all ball teams

Rickity, my black Siamese, is driving me INSANE...

25 anecdotes about Ricky Henderson

Is the Air America Radio website down for anyone else?

Sudoku Rocks

You may be asking- what am *I* doing this afternoon?

Has the "Get a Brain, Morans" guy ever been identified?

VMI cadets read "Howl" in 1991 (photo by Gordon Ball)

Should we *never* post possible spoilers?

My dog's so old, when she does the classic"dust of" shake, she falls down.

My cubemate has one of those white-noise generators on his desk

*Steel Magnolia's* WARNING SPOILERS!!!!

"Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the Dead! Shoes for Industry!

Liar-Liar Pants on Fire emotiocon now DOWNLOADABLE

Duke University Equestrian Team Hoping To Avoid Sex Scandal- Onion

New iPod trouble -- HELP!

Chester A. Arthur.

DU females - would you follow this guy?

This. Is. 5000. Posts.


Letter for DeLay.... check out this thread in GD.

It's going to be a good day - give me your good news.

Public Access TV Channel Accidentally Airs Hard-Core Porn Movie

The problem with the world is that males are running it.

Anyone catch the Darren Daulton interview on ESPN? End Times.

So is Canada part of DU?

Sexiest 'Big Love' Wife

gee whiz! someone popped my "liberal balloon" in gd

Hey, I just passed 2000 posts. Ask me anything!

Hope over laser 'that melts fat'.

Wussiest 90's rock band.

Gywneth Paltrow has a baby boy - this is how pregnancy should be done

Critics Blast Bush For Not Praying Hard Enough

Man Gets $218 Trillion Phone Bill

You heard it here. The "Drifting" craze is coming.

Are You Insane?

Tonite on 24 Jack Bauer will use cell phones. computers and guns


I just realized

Take The $10,000 Challenge!

Please sign the petition from this post - it's very important

Just got back from Day one of my job. .

Anybody know Urdu?

Apparently I am quite GRUMPY when I'm tired

An ominous thing to find with Yahoo Mail.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/10/06)

76 degrees today in St Paul MN. And sunny. I'm off to skinnydip...

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - How many times for you?

Shhh... I'm forming a secret society

Globe vs. Ooompah-pah-pah Ooompah-pah-pah

ABC to Offer Four Shows Online for Free

Gas Price Check In Time - What Is It Where YOU Live?

Should we never post spoilers?

Honey, we're boring the kids.... CG image of kids at 40YO

My house is so totally out of control right now.

WEST WING Fans: I just thought of something...

How humid is it in your domicile? My apt is so non-humid,

Could someone do a photoshop for me?

Jethro Tull.

Holy smokes!! Look at the size of this bunny rabbit

Happy birthday terrya & kdmorris!!

Almost 50. What are my chances?

Video: This is NOT the proper way to dispose of fluorescent light tubes.

Just hit 70 in Mpls/St Paul MN. Ask me anything!

I just signed my tax forms. Who wants my refund?

"Jeopardy!" fans, mark your calendars. I'm on the show for June 14th.

SO Bush is a Nutbag and Needs to be Removed Immediately

Hey West Coasters, are we stupid, or what?!

"Mom, someone wrote a bad word on the dumpster..."

Do you eat the li'l bitty 'tato chip bits

Another copycat thread

Almost 34. What are my chances of finding a decent guy

How many Bi-Polar people does it take.....

web-snoop question: where can I find a list of web pages

I named my Servo robot on the Sims 2 after dolo amber.

Ain't gonna rain no more, no more.

You know you are addicted/spend too much time on DU when

So if there was a "War on Christmas" where is the "War on Easter"

Ten Excuses for Missing Work

Hey everyone. Has anyone read "Eye Witness to Power" by Dave

Self Delete.

Do You Call Your Aunt or Uncle By Their Name, Or By "Aunt" or "Uncle"...

I cannot stand IT people who cannot communicate! I am a hard core

New documentary: "Iraq in Fragments" Winner at Sundance...A must see

Help! Need advise for my daughter, the bartender.

We're going out to pick up a new kitten later, I hope.

Peeps cannot be trusted

Will L.A. in 2019 look like it does in 'Bladerunner'?

I wish I had an old-school Sony Walkman...

Why does IT do this?

Who's the funnier actor?

Film: Jack Lemmon character drunk on LI commuter train bar car.

Elderly woman cited for taking too long in the crosswalk

How do I get French dressing out of my new gray sweater?

I heard a good Friend of mine died today.

I just found my pony tail........

I simply cannot stand it: I have to pay $5K+ extra taxes.

Gwyneth Paltrow gives birth to Moses!

My dad's surgery is tomorrow.....

What expressions do you use the most when you're surprised?

Almost 15. What are my chances of finding a decent guy

Fish tank from hell

I am back

I have 500 posts. Ask me anything!


Old Mother Hubbard

"Loose" VS "Lose" (Dammit)

What if musicians ran the world?

There once was a lady from Wheeling

My holiday in pictures (dial-up and extreme religiosity WARNING)


****MY FIRST-EVER PICTURE THREAD!!!! Post 'Em Now!!!******

I'm going to go eat worms.

Almost 43. What are my chances of finding a decent guy

Meditating for Love again later.

Some actress plopped a baby today. Who else doesn't care?

The Easter Bunny Hates you...

Goodnight everyone!

Mass. Correctional Officer Disciplined for Showing 'Brokeback'

Is is typical for a radiologist to ask for repeat mammogram?

My uncle is dying.

I heard there's a subliminal message in the Disney movie "Aladdin"

Food combinations that sound weird, but are actually good


Does anyone read the paper anymore?

So tell me about "Starship Troopers" the book

This sould be America's National Dress

Post which music artists you'd like to see get much more attention

Spoiler: My guppy learned to open the back door today

Springtime is coming, so follow your heart...

So do the mods ever check the Kudzu thread

So is Canada part of the EU?

17 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity

Weird but sincere question about toilet seats.

Which TV characters do you resemble most?

What First-Name Sounds Like It Probably Belongs To An Elderly Person?

I just noticed something.

Any good flame wars lately?

You can now post to your Journal directly

Press Release: Preemptive Strike Launched in the War On Easter

A question about certainty

Does it matter if Jesus Christ is a historic or a mythic person?

God ain't an American.

Study shows attending religious services prolongs life as much as execcise

NASA's next giant leap (AP/CNN) {CEV/manned spaceflight/Bush budget}

Watching the DNA documentary: President Clinton, the Peacemaker.

Weak brain links 'explain autism' (BBC)

Bound for Venus (SPACE.COM/CNN)

Saturn moon may be "best be for life"

"Trust me, I'm a scientist. See the clipboard? Now, tell me about your ass

Saw a great bumper sticker ...

Faith-Based Groups Sue To Be Excluded From Gay Civil Rights Law

What we need is a gay "Kate and Allie" show.

Mass Judiciary Comm. to hear arguments on gay marriage 4/10/06- BE THERE!

BBC News:Asylum seeker can stay with lesbian lover

Want to be better parents? A few tips.

Kentucky Derby Trail: We've Got Ourselves a Derby

Kala Cat is an extra pretty one that is available for adoption, WI/IL

I first want to apologise to you guys because I don't want to

Holy cow.

WaPo was nice to Kerry on Friday

Off to see the Kerry's

Swift Boats in Baghdad: Navy to fight upriver in Iraq

A smackdown to the agenda on Kerry at Huffington Post

I've got Kerry mail! (I love getting Kerry mail.)

Need a little help

A bit of Kerry catnip


Who voted for this guy?

Need some help. This is getting snarky.

Check out this HuffPost about Kerry: Wow (Lieberman -- grrrr)

Queen of the Night Tulip

okay, so maybe I'd be better off looking at pictures of Crispy's new

Countdown Newsletter -- 04/10/06: The Declassification Dance

New blog up -- Part III of KO's baseball preview

4/10/06 KOEB .... America is pissed off show * tries Q & A and Pink Rocks

I have not had TV in like a week.

MasterCard do-it-yourself Priceless ads

Chavez turns to Iran on military, uranium/ Moony Times

Because of the Liberal media, we never hear any good news from Iraq...

a little early morning humor..RE: Intelligent Design

Need recommendations for good books about Neocons and International Orgs?

More relevant now than ever

Go Francine !!!!!

Israeli medical expert addresses UK audience

911 operator scolds African-American boy for "prank" as his mom dies!

USA Today - CIA leak probe circles back to cast Bush as leaker in chief

Enzo Crash Driver Stefan Eriksson Arrested

"Loose" VS "Lose" (Dammit)

It's all clear now... Dubai Sheik assaults man over spurned gay advances

Discovery Science Channel Sunday Night


Clark and Prendergast lay out a plan for Darfur

Powell: U.S. made 'serious mistakes' in Iraq

Bush is such a boob. Read this:

Where does "THIS " money go??

Web site exposes Air Force One defenses

Supreme Court Judges Bush!!

French students smash employment law - THAT'S the way to do it

Gone from the AP top stories, Nothing about the "Leak"

Just what, exactly, defines a "rogue nation"?

U.S. Gen., "Father of Iraq Army": "Rumsfeld not competent"

S. Hersh telling Saludad O'Brien that what he said is just the opposite. H

If bush leaks then it's legal and in the Public Interest.... questions

New Ancient text found

Specter, along with Dems call for a detailed explanation from Pres, VP

Man jumps fence at White House

Specter urges Bush to come forward about Iraq data leak

Ca. special election tomorrow. Can the Dem win?

38% - new low for ABC /WaPo poll 60% dissapprove

Berlusconi in trouble?

Self delete (dupe)

h.e.a.r. vs h.e.r.e. (dammit)

Soduku Rocks

Final Jeopardy-Very essence of criminal conspiracy:By Elizabeth de la Vega

NYT/AP: Gay 'Sopranos' Mobster Glad for Exposure

Italy's Prodi set to win election

U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar

The Conservative Voice plagiarizes New York Daily News article

If the religious right is on the wane (Christian Coalition)....

You would think with a name like Bill "Plante"

DU, why give our opposition false CREDIBILITY?

Hunting With Cheney a Blast-Only Twins in US who shot VP w/o going to jail

New "generation overloaded with old definition of political consciousness"

Iran is B*sh's Iraq Do-Over (repairing his "legacy")

November 2008 seems like such a long time - November 2006 not so long...

We had a lurker this weekend and DU got an “A+”.....................

White House Responds To Criticism of Bush’s Leak With More Leaks

As the * admin falls on it's ass - Make Sure you LINK the GOP to the mess

delete- moved to GDPolitics

Chimpy To Give A Speech Today on 'The War on Terra'! I Mean Iraq!

"Doonesbury" and "Non Sequitur" - A pair of Sunday punches

I think the WH dam is about to bust.

List of books recommended by Mark Crispin Miller

Where's Osama?

Isn't it illegal to deliberately target our own people with propaganda?

LA Times op-ed: Democrats: Get loud, get angry!

Has anyone seen this UCC commercial, or is it local?

Cheney on receiving end of shotgun blast while hunting years ago

Hey! This doozie of an article deserves attention --

Am I getting it? (re: Plamegate recent developments)

Diane Rheem's NPR show has DiGenova, Norm Ormstein & John Podesta

Secret Pentagon Propaganda Program - Zarqawi

What does GOP stand for?

President Nutz

If this was the Nixon era just as Watergate

The BIG hit will come if we can stick Bush with outing Plame-Wilson.

Bush don't know shit; if the Q isn't about Iraq/Iran, he has nothing

US may be playing up Zarqawi's role in Iraq (WP)

Fla. DCF Worker May Face Discipline For Appearance On Stern Show

He's "spreading freedom" like it's a delicious jelly.

Army officers bailing out -- quit after 5-year commitment.

Anyone watching *'s "Saddam is bad, bad I tell ya" speech?

MSNBC has decided they don't have to give Bush free air time whenever

Look at this idiotic email I got from a Repub. friend

Mayor: Cheney Hit in Hunting Accident Years Ago

Stupid AP Headline: "Bush critics alarmed over reports of possible strike"

Murray Waas is Our Woodward Now

Christian Coalition era fading

For your edification: Does anyone need this as much as I did? I'm

"Murray Waas is Our Woodward Now"

Heads up: * taking questions from the "audience"

Is Simple Scottie in the hot seat today?

President Bush meets the Beer Genie

We can't count on free elections.

Please DU this poll (Gay Marriage)...

What's the story behind this picture?!?!

E&P: 'NYT' Launches New Web Feature: Talk to the Editor

This is what happens if you don't inspect the freight...

CNN is a shame, again. Six-year old interviewed.

"West Wing" writers gave election to Santos after John Spencer's death

Sy Hersch will be on Tweety today, for those who can

an american Indian Embassy in Wash. D.C. ?

Okay, let's say we win back the House in November. What then?

Xenophobic Talk Radio

Why is Al Franken touring so much?

This should piss off the fundies... laboratory-grown organs

Heads up - Ed Schultz show sounds great today!

China targets PC makers in antipiracy drive

Blitzer to Sy Hersh: "Do you want to name names?"

Protest stickers on pay phones

Consultant on cspan explained why NEGATIVE ads work.

Freedom is on the march!!

U.S. Military Secrets for Sale at Afghan Bazaar

9-11 Loose Change DVD: Where can I get one?

Mubarak: "Iraq close to destruction"

The world is going to hell in a hand basket & I'm giggling like a school

We murder 23 civilians in cold blood, three Marines get fired

Presence of U.S. bombers in England seen as advance signals!!

America! Brace yourself for some terra!

Nevada Test "Divine Strike", Tactical Nuke?

Women Rally for Choice at Georgia Capitol

Thoughts on Bush's Q & A on now

The President of the United States is insane. There is no doubt.

Chrstian Coalition not so high and mighty now, huh?

Daily Kos on with Thom Hartmann now

I don't believe a rumor unless I start it myself ... so........

How should Bush be punished for his behavior?

Unhinged Freeper ponders B*sh's Iran Nu-cu-lar Strike Planning:

Marching TONIGHT

BBC >> 'Losing our country' - Baghdad blogger

What should the U.S. do if Iran manages to create nuclear weapons?

Anyone know how to watch C-Span2 Book TV online Mark Crispin Miller?

Ronald Reagan dime

MSNBC: Christian Coalition shrinks as debt grows

For Some CEOs, Pay Soars Past $100 Million Mark

Iran achieved fusion (from Dailykos

How to Lose the Brain Race

We have a winner

Impeachment of Bush vs. Impeachment of Nixon: Just Cut & Paste -->

* Calls Iran Talk 'Wild Speculation', OH JUST STFU!

"Ceasar Chavez nowadays would be a republican"

Has Anyone Been to a Feingold Listening Session?

Congressman Murtha: The President is using fear to keep our troops in Iraq

Gangster Government -- A Leaky President Runs Afoul of "Little Rico"

what are the chances of us getting the house or senate back in nov?

How to make your own right wing chain email....

Eleanor Clift made CRUCIAL but overlooked point on McLaughlin this weekend

Looking for Tom Hayden piece on Iraq withdrawal plan

Pat Robertson is officially...NUTS!

Choice Bits From *'s Q&A

"Was Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez an Illegal Alien?:"

For crying out CAPTIONS!!

Blowing Cheney's Cover

The only good thing about Monday? . . . new CAPTIONS!!!!!

Stevens stomps into town........


The past week in Afghanistan, a briefing.

Let's play the "Hypothetical" game.

What will YOU do when Bush** attacks Iran?

Christian Coalition Shrinks as Debt Grows

anti-Da Vinci Code talking points now for sale (here we go)

Just came up with a great bumpersticker idea:

Ohio Gov. May Face State Ethics Charges

From the Daily Kos, more on that EFF vs ATT spying stuff

Baghdad ranks last in "Quality of Life" third year in a row...

Did I hear correctly that Judy Miller will be writing for The Atlantic?!?!

Any official results out of Italy?

CEO pay Up 22% in 2005 .... Everyone else 0%


PIX: These guys scare me...

'Friendly fire' pilot sues U.S. air force

Which countries surround Iran, geographically speaking?

* listens to a question about his declassifying an intelligence report

Kristol: Hersh Scaring People Away From ‘Limited and Credible Military Opt

How to Tolerate the Intolerant

250 same-sex families to participate in White House Easter Egg Roll

Bush answers a question today from the audience.

Do You Suffer From Migraphobia?

Sir, No, Sir! -- the most important documentary of the year...

Bush: "I Knew Exactly What Was Going To Happen " In Iraq...

Death becomes him.... a photo colage -dialup warning-

"Ask the White House" is accepting questions re: Progress in Iraq

"Homosexuality vs. Christianity the Great Battle has BEGUN!!"

Bush says he has no plans on his desk to attack Iran

I got a mailing addressed to me as "Democrat Precinct Chair."

Italian election swings towards Berlusconi

St. Tom Delay (Tom Tomorrow)

Valerie Plame was working on WMD proliferation, with a focus on Iran.

Bush and Cheney Discussed Plame Prior to Leak

Damned immigrants.. refusing to learn the language

Read The Leaker in Chief's "Answer" to the Joe Wilson Question!

When will Democrats begin to challenge BushCo media whores DIRECTLY?

Liar-Liar Pants on Fire emoticon DOWLOAD

Official "Guy James Show" thread Keep kicked! New angle on "Leakgate"

... listening to the scottie roast from today..

US FDA says one abortion pill death unrelated (RU-486)

BushCo phrase of the day: "wild speculation"

Joe Wilson's a guest on Ed Shultz's show at 1PM PDT..4-10-06

Ousted IDOL contestant will not preform with them for supporters of gays

IBM builds encryption into their chips... a question for anyone...

'Wild Speculation"

an iraqi journalist in the usa and his comments--good read

Caption this Bush Photo and win a prize

Do you want to know who you are?

Idiot in Chief - Watch for the part where "He pants like a dog"


Does Al Zarqawi really exist? How about Juba?

Pat Robertson makes a 'plantation' statement

Is Halliburton still doing business inside of Iran?

Polls Now Say Italy Race Too Close to Call

Berlusconi may cling on: projections!

If we don't take to the streets does that mean its OK with us to nuke Iran?

Enemies foreign and domestic. Thoughts on Tim McVeigh.

Most human beings 'natural born slaves'

Kerry: Tell truth. Fire incompetents. Get out of Iraq. Healthcare for all.

Bush: "interesting thing about the world" is prez can't predict problems

In Which I Stand Up For Democrats In Congress.

Can someone please explain what tactical nukes

Dear CSPAN, no hablas espaniol. HELP? (nt)

WOWIE! If only Democrats could get together and rally like this

We will have to win each race by 7-8% in November

Well great, Ted Kennedy comes out and speaks in Spanish. Then when

NYT: 'West Wing' Writers' Novel Way of Picking the President

Right-Wing Radio Host Advocates Murdering Border Crossers

The Latest Harpers Index is online:


"Life will become more normal as the following signs begin to appear"

US in Denial About Iraq Civil War. Calls Mubarak a Liar!

"Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date

Sources on Katrina Media Bias

Sleeping with an ILLEGAL ALIEN

Michael Savage claims he's a true conservative

The 20 year war.. They are planning for 20- 70 years of global conflict..

If Bush decides to invade Iran!

is anyone listening to Randi?

Adidas hit over 'racist' trainer (BBC)

Expletive deleted, I was just out working in the garden and listening

Nuking Iran is "wild speculation"? It's a matter of ONE simple question...

Randi Rhodes: "I know things about the Biden."

"Paula Zahn NOW" brings you the stories that matter the most

Isn't that Bey Buchanan just a sweetheart?

I've been thinking. And I fear for the survival of life on planet earth.

Patrick John Fitzgerald - Here is the guy that will save our country....

Picture from today's speech

So, if China or Russia want to build miltary bases in Iran....?

Uh, Okay CNN: The Pentagon Says The Iran Plans Are 'Contingency Plans'!

LAT: In Carpool Lanes, Hybrids Find Cold Shoulders

Ray Martinez resigned (EAC vice-chair)


American History

Brown **still** trying to make $ off of Katrina

If the professional military and bureaucrats want to stop Bush,

Nine lousy years of HARDBALL

J Hopkins Students' Questions put MSM Press To Shame! (Q&A with Bush)

The freeper version of our third party debate of last week.

I Find The D.C. Immigration Rally Truly Moving

Challenge every district update...Democrats have 412 districts challenged

Illegal Immigration - isn't this just another way to stick it to working

Bush's advice: "never use force until you've exhausted all diplomacy."

Calif. Gov. Declares State Of Emergency

Question about the West Wing - spoiler if you've not seen it yet

A US plan for Darfur - Wesley Clark and John Prendergast

We should begin planning what we'll do when Bush annnounces the bombing..

Comerica Bank CEO: 33% direct compensation increase in 2005 (to $2.5 mil)

Unions and Immigrant supporters take to NYC streets

Joe Wilson for President!

Report: Cheney Once Shot By Hunter

Cancel. Dupe. Please delete.

The current president takes on Iraqi contractors run amok

Elderly Woman Ticketed For Walking Too Slowly - Receives a $114 ticket

Look what HP Labs has developed

Ladies and gentlemen of DU: I am Pro-Life.

Joe Wilson is all over TV in defense of his wife; why didn't McCain...

The 80/20 rule of political blogging: Chose a subject and stick to it.

A $218 TRILLION phone bill? Somebody's gonna get grounded.

**Hey Chimpy----I got your "wild speculation" RIGHT HERE.**

So now if Bush* bombs Iran WITHOUT nukes we'll all be relieved?

Man, let's just have the '06 election today.

Flash: 2002 phone jamming records lead to White House...

My e-mail to my B*-loving brother-in-law

I won't be waving Old Glory but rather one of these flags

General Newbold's words are worth highlighting: "casualness and swagger"

Bushco** Says NO Civil War In Iraq! Reality? You Decide!....

this post goes straight to my journal, so only my super special peeps...

I say let him talk to shrub;

"Can Bush Get Much Lower?": Small Town America Speaks

'Albuquerque Journal' Scoop: Cheney Shot in Hunting Accident in 1990s

Observations on the DC immigration rally

Hold me, DU, I'm still in shock...

If the U.S. uses Nukes against Iran on their soil, would Iran be justified

You guys listening to Lou cuss out Arhnuld?

Lieberman won't rule out an Independent bid

Anti-War March in New York, April 29th. Anyone going?

(HUGE) Fort Myers immigration protest

Joe Wilson coming up on CNN Sit Room. nt

If Bush really authorized leaking information, would there be proof?

Just a question. Who are the Americans who consume Italian products?

military DUers-what is the REAL significance of the ret.generals' ...

CNN,Lou Dobbs Tonight. Immigration.

Iraq was just "thinking" about owning a nuke and Bush went Hitler on them

Viral Infection

Bush Live; in his job he has to listen and he "listens alot"...

CNN: NASA's next giant leap

Did Italian Intelligence Intentionally Punk Bush W/Bogus Niger Docs?

bush reads??

Hillary Calls Bush's Intel Leak Nixonesque!

This photo of bu$h* is one you must see

Seymour Hersh on Iran Attack: MSNBC "Hardball"

For all those Protesting about Immigration Policy...there are Corporatist

Why won't the media report the GOOD news about Nuking Iran?

Today's Lou Dobbs Poll

U.S. Warns Venezuela on Thuggish Activity

'The Washington Post': At War With Itself

From a phone call with my Republican father: it's RED HEIFER TIME!

"A Gore-Zinni Unity Ticket?"

great pics of protests across America on cnn--and LA protest is in about

Wilson is a guest on Olbermann tonight nt

Someone at says Berlusconi will win the Senate in Italy...

Does anyone else see the pattern here?

Dying 10 yr old + mother taking time off from work = No Medical Insurance

Dean Statement-"Democrats Are PROUD To Join These Marches

Wilson on CNN again, right now 6:34 PM CDT

Are Bush's Secret Service Bodyguards All Republicans?

Iranian President Promises ‘Good Nuclear News’ Soon!!

The Coming War With Iran:

Bush glad Cheney not running for president (& more scary stuff)

Any legal eagles out there? I have a question re: rights to an attorney.

Why Bush is considering NUKING Iran:

Froomkin: "Is the president telling the truth? Is he a hypocrite?"

Prodi complains about vote delay

Congressman Jim Moran (D) is praising Protestors saying they are doing

tucker carlson

Riots in Portland OR.

Shout Out! How are you helping Dems retake Congress in 2006? Ideas?

If our OUR military is forced to choose between the regime and,...

Senator Clinton's decision to march for illegal immigrant rights today

Working in the garage, AAR on the radio and a repub walks by...

Who thinks Ms. McKinney should not have apologized ?

Tim blogging at DNC from the DC rally and write-up.

Is Valerie Plame named in the Oct. 2002 NIE?

A solution to the immigration riddle ?

Sy Hersh next up on Hardball --IraN

Illegal Aliens pay Federal income and payroll taxes because ...

Holey MOLEY! Mission Accomplished to STEAL IRAQI OIL!! -->

Post Your Ideas For US Election Reform

The Uncompromising Vision of a Man Obsessed with Crushing Those ...

Framing the debate: "illegal" immigrants

The Liar-in-Chief: our Monday cartoon

Iran has made secret plans to attack the US.

pix from today's rallies....made my heart smile. heavy graphics

Chimpy Q&A on Stephanie Miller (MP3)

Is it just me or is everybody kind of FREAKING OUT?

Support grows for Feingold's recent stances

Interesting trend; Freeperland vs DU.

If Bush committed treason in the Plame Affair...

Elizabeth Vargass called him mr bush

Ann Coulter (Hate Mongering Conservo Whore) has a new book coming out

I'm becoming in favor of segregation.

Official "Bye Bye Berlusconi" thread. Celebrate inside

Hysterical Video of Berlusconi

what is your plan for after the repukes steal the 2006 elections

What should Democrats do re: the Immigration Distraction?

How often do you participate in DU polls?

Imus on JD Hayworth

CNN just aired the United Church of Christ ad!

Catholics vs Protestants--Civil War in the US?

I just had a horrible thought.

US soldiers blame Iraqi troops incapability as a "a cultural thing"

Coup vs refusing an unlawful order: Bush orders an attack on

Military ineptitude - at it's best!

OK..Joe Wilson is NEXT on CNN Situation Room!!

Beer guts across America!

Price Gouging: Gas hits $2.81 for regular in No. Va.

BBC Reporting - Berlusconi making MIRACULOUS COMEBACK



SURPRISE! Italian election was "FIRST TEST" of electronic voting in Italy

Helen Thomas peppered Scottie On Iran, Libby, et al this morning!

So why would illegals pay taxes on money received under the table?

Man Gets $218 Trillion Phone Bill

True or False: "Crazy" People & Felons Should NOT Have Guns

U.S. military: Taliban 'hard to combat' in Afghanistan!!

HEADS UP: CNN is planning to "swiftboat" John Conyers

Why is it that antiwar protesters are invisible to the press

U.S. on the verge of a police state


Americans more concerned about Mexicans taking jobs, but not outsourcing?

How low can she go? re Cindy Sheehan

Leaker in Chief can't answer the question

Best * Protest Poster

Phone records... people in election phone jamming called White House!

Who else misses Air America Radio??

DU this poll: Should illegal immigrants be treated as felons?

Help! On illegal immigration, and constitutional rights

Anyone else notice how snotty scotty pronounces Fitzgerald?

Government wants to know where you'll be this holiday.

Joe Biden had THE BEST quote on Bush's "Christianity" and praying...

HELP! Anyone Know Of ANY Places That I Can Contact About Help

I just signed DeLay's "Thank You, Tom" letter...

I have decided where I stand on the immigration issue

Can you spare $10.00 to get PAPER RECORDS ON THE EVOTING MACHINES? MoveOn

I can't watch or listen to him anymore, but this is amazing.

the media wants to report good news in Iraq

Lou Dobbs is BUSTING out of the seams. His head is gonna EXPLODE

Cafferty.."Let me see if I've got this right."

Lott Lawyer: State Farm Destroying Papers!!

WHOA! Quote from Hersh's The Coming Wars ties into Plame outing

How many of these "illegal immigrants" are Catholic and PRO-LIFE?

Editorial: "No use for useless Native languages"

One day left for CA-50 special election

OMG No DNA Match (lacross)


Bill Nye, The Science Guy pisses off Waco fundies.

Larisa Alexandrovna gets interviewed - All Roads Lead to Iran

Just back from the Indianapolis immigration march

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Is Congressman Conyers being attacked?

What good will your issues do you if we slide into military dictatorship?

Protect voting machines: Demand paper records - Common Cause/MoveOn ACTION

Tacitical Nukes Bush Can Unleash Against Iran In Your Name

Poll: Should George Bush Resign

"How dare you question me!!!" Photos of how he listens to questions...

Help me get a job at the Washinton Post.

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina NOW IN THX!!

Animation-- Effects of dropping a "Bunker Buster" Nuke/ Must See

WTF? Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies


You can now post to your Journal directly

So, a little bird tells me 6/7/06 is the date for the nuke war on Iran.

Remember Santos has until the EC meets to choice his VP

Bush Administration Stupid, Why?

Bush losing support in Indiana according to poll

Would Congress Have to Approve Iran Air Strikes?

Will Repugs embrace the concept of the "Unitary Executive" when * is out?

Jack Straw: "completely nuts for US to strike Iran". gwb's response?

Monday sunshine. Subject: Embarrassed student.

Strike Iran? If only the US were not "completely [fucking] nuts"

Would you be willing to say President Hastert to stop the attach on Iran?

Springer said he naively thinks all the votes will be counted in '06

Which Party is stronger on National Security? Indy Star Poll -NEEDS HELP!

Matthews to host New Orleans Mayoral Debate

Immigration Debate Is Killing GOP

Rove: Elections being run by 'colonels in mirrored sunglasses'

Photo: "Joey Ruiz, 10, holds a sign with a message to President Bush"

How the White House "leaks" could be a good thing....

Kilroy for Congress in Ohio 15th

Even rank and file Republican Fundies break bi-lateral trade agreements

Explaining the myth of the liberal media

Jimmy Smits defeats Alan Alda in West Wing pres. election

Ben Affleck: Bush 'Can Be Hung' for 'Probably' Leaking Plame's Name

no War With Iran .... call your senators & reps ... fire up the e mails

Another Republican who is a real original thinker

Looks like they may sacrifice Cheney....

Hotline: "Howard Dean Brings Together Gore and Clinton"

will ferrell nails got to see this...tooooo funny

Why immigration reform failed in Congress

Prez Bullsh*t goes down in Pasadena Starnews Honesty Poll 70% Dishonest

Opposition unseats Berlusconi in Italian election: exit polls

Weird black and white photos of Massive Protests shown on MSNBC

YOu chicken @%$ Freeper hawks better see this before you decide Iran is

Steven Barnes for president

CNN Poll: Should the White House explain the leaks?

Daniel Lapin: The Right's favorite Rabbi

Does anyone have all the numbers of demonstrators?

Seymour Hersh on Tweety tonight

Requirement for paper ballots in Orange County (CA) special elections

Perhaps the Dems should deliver a pre-emptive strike


The Commander-in-Leaks

The Five-Letter Word to End War--Draft

Will ALL Dem senators finally call for Bush to explain to the American

Watchdog seeks lost Africa wealth (BBC)

Lieberman refuses to rule out run as independent

So, the WH ok'd the exposure of Brewster Jennings? Is that what

*'s Plan To Reduce Dependence On Oil In The Mid East Is To Nuke...

Cheney Shot in Hunting Accident in 1990s

Right wing crazy advocates murdering illegal immigrants

Bush Says He Declassified Iraq War Documents (Bush admits leak?)

Photo: "I know it was YOU,, I mean, Mrs. Bush..."

Sienna Research Group?

Third Retired General Wants Rumsfeld Out

why does "takin' it to the streets" work everywhere but here?

Bush on CNN now

What do you feel should be done about Medicare?

Q: When is a blow job NOT like lying to justify a war?

Why do people keep posting thst Bush is at "new" polling lows

Oct 2002 NIE. "Iraq has WMDs...because I say so"

Grrrr. MSNBC WH correspondent says the WH is handing out editorials

Bush may have commited a felony by aiding Libbey avoid prosecution.

Thank God for good lawyers

California race could signal partisan shift(CA 50)

"Doctrine of Prevention"?? Isn't it really Doctrine of PREMPTION??

OH-13 candidate Cafaro threatens lawsuits over Traficant question

Tom Tomorrow: The Passion of the Hammer

Things that are rattling around in my brain

my thought on the Nuke Iran issue

What do you feel should be done about Social Security?

So ... shitbrains sez he intended to leak the document so the people ....

I hate bush jokes

"Today we march! Tomorrow we vote!" (picture)

So sick of Specter's flirtation with integrity, truth and justice..

Tell the truth. Fire the incompetents. Get out of Iraq. - John Kerry

More Blackwell hypocrisy -- you've got to read this one!

Berlusconi lost! Prodi won!

Alaska's Sen. Stevens stomps into town, looking for fight (Seattle)

Pick your resignation here

Repub WSJ Writer Thinks Busby Has A Shot At Taking It Tomorrow

Krugman: bush stands to make political gains by attacking Iran

Who and what is behind these Immigrant Marches?

"The Moment Of Truth" by Al Gore (Vanity Fair article on global warming)

On GOP Immigration Push: What exactly does the GOP hope to accomplish?

At first I wanted the President to take questions, but now for love of

Young Army Officers leaving service in large numbers

Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House

Agree or disagree?

Bush: "You've got to listen in my line of work. And I listen a lot."

A simple question for supporters of amnesty for immigrants with...

So, the president manipulated intelligence about why we went...

Delay, Bush Wal-Mart turn a blind eye to forced abortions in US factories

Am I the only one with no stand on Immigration?

Mitchell Wade and MZM's contribution to running the Iraqi War.

Citizens are being bussed into New Orleans to vote

Phone-Jamming Records Point to White House

ABC calling him Mr. Bush not president