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Archives: March 9, 2006

ALERT: -Let Congress know your opine * Free- Fax them re: NSA "deal"

World's biggest stock exchange goes public

Will Vermont Impeach George W. Bush?

Toasting the Renewal of the Patriot Act

Shock and Awe; The Sequel

We Must Protect Ourselves From Our Government (LTTE - Eureka Reporter)

Sid Blumenthal: Deaf Man Spouting

Gen. William Odom ...... Iraq through the prism of Vietnam

Issues spur pro-Israel PAC (AIPAC)

NYT Editorial: The Death of the Intelligence Panel

Bush Denies Knowing Abramoff

Are Republicans Anti-Capitalist?

Palestinians killed, no questions asked

Now they are OUTRIGHT embarrassing the Dem leaders !!

This has to happen -

Ken Blackwell's Blog Caught Scrubbing Super Secret Post

Check out Katinmn's thread

My adventure with the Election Judge

Possible to attend the State Convention but not be a delegate?

Reheating 20 lbs of Orange Chicken. What temp and how long??

Whoa, Canada!

GOP House Panel Votes to Block Ports Deal

Ecuador emergency over oil strike

Study: Law Lowered Abortion Rate in Texas

Border security backfire

Iraq civilian death toll 'highest since end of war'

Food Labels

NYT: Justice Dept. Report Cites F.B.I. Intelligence-Rule Violations

Teheran threatens to inflict 'harm and pain' on US over nuclear row

Men's Rights Group Eyes Child Support Stay

Abramoff talks to Vanity Fair (New Photos!)

Top U.S. Bishop Accused of Sex Abuse

Texas Prosecutors Seek More DeLay Records

China facing sugar shortage, price rise (will buy .6 mil tons from Cuba)

China slams US 'rights abuses'

U.S. congressmen press Iran sanctions bill

China calls for talks to resolve Iran crisis

Gonzales: Congress doesn't need to act on NSA program

G.O.P. Ranks in Congress Show Widening Cracks - NYT

WP: Official Says Shiite Party Suppressed Body Count

Former White House staffer named to head DHS policy committee

Abramoff says he worked (close) with top Republicans


Three Students Held in Ala. Church Fires (say they did it as a "joke")

Kan. Church to Stop Picketing Funerals

Joan Rivers promoting Arbys food...

Work vs Play

Nick Swardson on Comedy Central now (stand up)

Bare-Butted Burglar strikes Tobacco Hut in Omaha Nebraska VIDEO

AMERICA....Fuck, Yeah!!!

Ellen DeGeneres Show - Cray Dreams Contest?

Team USA loses to Canada 8-6.

Most Addictive ORBITZ Game?

Have you ever appropriated a movie line for your own?

Who wants to run away to some cool climate with me?

Yo ho. Ho.

Thank you Monica -- Impeachment Time At Last!

The new Religious War: Methodists vs Baptists

What do you think credit cards are REALLY good for?

Looking forward to the movie

Joe Rogan- Internet Douchebag

Do you guys get the Sleep Country commercials?

The Muppet Matrix

This is for all the people who say they refuse to eat McDonald's pies.

So we put the body back in the box and left

You all need to stop changing your avatars around!

People selling Kirby Puckett paraphernalia

I am about to fall asleep...please ask me something/tell me something

The war on Easter is coming

I embarrassed myself and made three people laugh their asses off. (gross)

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was Diebolded at the Oscars.

I burnt the side of my head... I was ironing and the phone rang....

A question for the ladies (and gay men)


My Amazon Box came..and Ijust ordered it Monday!

"Black Op's" Hairstyling Salons for Women....The Newest Trend?

Bush in Hell

McCoy brings down another depraved rich republican on

self delete

I just sat through the most excruciatingly painful 2.5 hour class tonight

Pearl jam's new single (anti-Bush) is up for free on their website!

New Jon Stewart tonight?

I am considering an avatar change - should I?

I'm thinking of staying at DU

I'm thinking of never coming to DU in the first place.

I'm thinking of leaving DU...

Anyone want to cheer me up with some kitty photos?

I love "Smells like the 90's" on VH1Classic

I've been spending a lot of time in GD lately.

Anyone watching Black/White on FX

I'm busy gnawing on cigarettes and chewing aspirins raw.

I'm thinking of coming back to DU.

Here is how to say "I love you," in some different languages.

I think my dogs are lebanese. What to do?

Well, this feminist is mighty down tonight

I claim Lounge Seniority for complaining about that Brazilian joke.


Nice Expressions to Describe Dumb People

Food or drinks you hated as a kid, that you now love...

Here is why "Crash" beat "Brokeback Mt" at the Oscars.


Holy Crap!! I just got a Fredricks of Hollywood catalog in the mail!

Let's Pretend We're Married.....and GO all night....

pencil sharperner shavings

Who wants to run away to some warm climate with me?

Peter Sallis appreciation thread

Our 26" TV is FUCKED.

We called it the Gitmo song. It went on and on.

Sea Yeties!!!!!!!!!!

DU Catchphrase You Can Do Without?

Project Runway addict checking in: I WANT THE ASSHOLE TO WIN!

If I say that I'm thinking of leaving DU...

i just ordered a pizza from domino's and it's in the perfect shape of....

Just checking in....

I have been to an abortion clinic twice and paid for one abortion

What TV show ending this year will you miss the most?

I'm back.

Giant squid heads for Natural History Museum in London

Gay in Land of the Holy Rollers (the Esera Tuaolo story)

A book end post for the suicide thread

Therapists study gays, lesbians in heterosexual relationships

Falwell won't allow visit of gay-rights group to Liberty

Outside group rallies same-sex-benefit opposition

Time For 'Ex-Gay' Hordes To March On Washington

What's a disgruntled gay Democrat to do?

Let's Start a list of Reasons why bush should be impeached...

Holy Cow! Team USA upset!

NFL Owners and Player's Union agree on CBA.

New puppy

My Andrew

Funny story about manifestation. Be careful what you ask for!

I had a dream about Bush, check out the info on his aura

Mexico abortion story

Good news from DelCo PA (Sestak)

Nyt article on Hillary's fund raising

Okay, half-wonky question.

Should I take new architecture photos? Help me decide


Dan Patrick wins a state senate seat in Texas!

KOEB Meeting -- 03/08/06: The Hammer Falls Edition

It's the *official* offensive thread of the day on FReep! WARNING: Sexist

Chavez allies march on US Embassy

Regarding Texas and Republican strategy

Chinese Foreign Minister press conference on C-SPAN2,

Senator Russ Feingold: March 10, at 10:30 am. EST - Online Session

Bare-Butted Burglar strikes Tobacco Hut in Omaha Nebraska VIDEO

TOON: Don Knotts, Bush, & port security

Mr. kt and I want to see "Sophie Scholl" in preparation for our future.

Fuse Lit for Total War in Mideast: U.S. Envoy...

People are Picking on Us Men

* in Canandaigua, New York (Medicare Prescription Plan)

Is it just me or does Wolf

Challenging the mighty dollar

Banking with a federally insured bank means you're now being monitored

Presidential disaster dress code

Bush really is a man of God.....

Choosing next pres at Southern Republican Leadership Conferenc??

Sen. Wyden tours Baghdad, warns of possible civil war

"On the breast of her gown in fine red cloth....appeared the letter "A"

VIDEO- Abramoff and Tom DeLay in Vanity Fair

You can have DINNER with Bush for $25,0000.00 --

Time for a History Lesson

Christian Peacekeepers Kidnapped Twice: Once By Terrorists, Once By

need link to yesterday column by molly ivins in progressives website??

Wonder Drug Inspires Deep, Unwavering Love Of...

Harris says she won't drop out of Senate race

Now That The Patriot Act Has Been Renewed

Federal agency sues Hooters over waitress with MS

watching larry king with david blooms widow and they are talking about

US 'continues the violence of rape, incest' by allowing abortion

I'm a Man and I must say, the majority of us are assholes. There I said it

LTTE: Writer has interesting take on the gop

Shock and Awe; the sequel


The Bush Administration in One Paragraph

American Author, Jailed in Italy by Corrupt Magistrate, Seeks Help

VIDEO- DeFazio about Bush's Attempt to Redefine the Word "Control"

2305 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Dick Cheney's popularity rating: LOWER than OJ Simpson

How will Bush and the Republicans counter the FALLING polls?

Does * have a new boo boo? - pic -->

House Republicans oppose Bush's Medicare cuts

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 8 06

Great Graydon Carter quote on the *idiot* !

Mary Tillman: 'The Administration Used Pat' (Robert Scheer - The Nation)

WHO profitis from Dubai deals? Bush, Carlyle Group, Cheneys...

Dean: A little less PR, a little more action (Bush in New Orleans)

Rep. John Doolittle's (R) Local Office Evacuated (Threatening Letter)

Iran nuke row 'deja vu', says Russian FM

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN was Diebolded at the Oscars.

You know?? I love Keith O, BUT. I am SICK of him wasting 1/2

Halliburton bills U.S. taxpayers $50 for $5 labor in Iraq

Instant Runoff Voting:

Chance to ask Gutierrez (Sec. Commerce) questions on Friday

New proposed NSA law "moronic ... too absurd even for the Congress"

Parsippany HS students need support on 'mock' war crimes tribunal

The world will be a much easier place

Dems Strong on Security Said to be "Moving Right."

Abramoff, more photos!!! Lets get this story out there, post away!

New IMAX Film Brings Deep Sea to Life (

Have you seen the trailer of that Tom Delay documentary "The Big Buy"?

HOLY SCHNIKEES! Scarbourgh teaser: "Impeachment Movement"

Help! Need a list of socially responsible companies

I wrote this book,

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead."

NeoCon allies desert Bush over Iraq:Now they admit they got it wrong

Howard Dean votes IRV in Burlington...first ever mayoral IRV election.

They can't have a war with Iran without a draft

Tonight on Nightline

I would be ashamed of what AMERICA has become... but I'm too interested in

Bush Considered US Planes Painted W/UN Colors Over Iraq to Provoke War

Motive! Motive! Motive!

Dem candiate for Ohio senate, wants laws against praticing gays..

Democrats are not challening two repub congressmen in PA.

Abramoff: "The Democrats, on the other hand, are going overboard..."

Help recruit this Dem to Run against Roy Blunt, filing deadline soon!

Raw story is reporting that tweety will be under fire tomorrow:

Did anybody catch what was said about Ed Schultz on Malloy

Blitzer to former Iraqi ambassabor. "The rest of the world thought WMD's.

Just realized this about the Daily Show

Is Bush being blackmailed by the UAE?

The Daily Show just explained the Bush trip to India and Pakistan!!!

Let's not discount how MEN feel about pro-choice!!

These are the drugs that should be on your mind...


State Might Create Birth Certificates For Stillborn Babies

Revelation: I don't like New York City.

Are you voting in a 2006 race?

Can -- or would -- the Democrats roll back the Patriot Act?

How will the food labeling bill affect the organic food movement?

BP Exxon Mobil & ConocoPhillips:

What do Stalin, OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson have in common?

Don't laugh...but I found Gore's victory music for 2008

Yo! The Tom Delay Movie Trailer is online -- THE BIG GUY!

Could Charlotte Pritt change the face of election advertising?

Come See George W. Bush and the Rapture Ready Radicals (Pics Galore)

Walmart Abortions? 'Morning After Pill' To Be Sold After All, Suddenly...

It doesn't help to act like a Republican.

Decades later, Marines hunt Vietnam-era deserters

Military DUers please help

Triple Treat

Top 11 known arrests/crimes by the family who would restore honor and ...

Rawstory:Chris Matthews under fire tomorrow

I HATE doing this, but...

Vote Up Abortion-Ban Video at "Current TV."

The Stronger Women (as a group) Get....

Carnival of the Liberals: Call for submissions!

O.K., Time to play, "What is CNN NOT reporting Now?" I just tuned in...

Republicans are like the Ferengi on Start Trek.

My anticlimactic encounter with Ann Coulter

Oh, Bush has his sleeves rolled up.... that completely changes everything

Heads up news watchers - word is KnightRidder is sold - don't know who yet

Bacteria may make Styrofoam recyclable

Iraq; "As many bodies as fish". As in HOLY SHIT.

"It was the strategic thought for the rug."

This is a friendly reminder from your neighborhood feminist:

"Salvage What You Can and Make Some Decisions @your future" *

Ronnie Earle Issues New Subpoena To "A Close Friend of The Falwell Family"

This is your brain on drugs.


Recall Senator "Peeping Pat" Roberts!!


Imus Producer Calls For The Beheading Of Kucinich

What's With UN Vehicles In Port Beaumont, Texas?

My politically tone-deaf wife and son ordered Domino's pizzas

House Impeachment Support Growing

The Media, Journalists, and the Plame Scandal

Boy wow, sometimes it sure seems like the Dems are complicit

Molly Ivins taken the gloves off

The real solution to the child support dilemma for men

If you aren't a man, then reading this post is, well...nevermind.

*** Need 20,000 LTTEs demanding the Republican Congress do its job ***

Onion: Democrats Vow Not To Give Up Hoplelessness

Probaby I should have sent this first -

This is your government on drugs

H2O Man's 1st Essay for Daily Kos-The Media, Journalists & Plame Scandal


If you missed Lou Dobbs tonight, a viewers e-mail:

Who do you think will be more vulnerable to corruption in the 08 Election?

Santorum wrote a foreward to a book on Intelligent Design. The story

Keystone Cops Rebuild New Orleans

Lawmakers draft bill to elevate reserve officer to US Joint Chiefs of Staf

Could the US be accused of committing genocide in Iraq?

The elephant in the room

I can't believe *they* voted to remove Clinton from office...!!! (a rant)

Has Tweety announced if he is going to hold a Democrat equivalent to the "

What's the skinny on the Puke Congressman from Arizona...Hayworth?

William Rivers Pitt / PDA: Duckworth Campaign Smoke & Mirrors!

More for defense under new GOP ‘contract’ -"Contract with America Renewed"

UAE's is a place for Recreation &Downtime for our NAVY...Whorehouses?

Connecting Dubai Ports World, the Carlyle Group, CSX, John Snow,

DHS official says next FEMA chief needs credentials

Some on the right seem to hate W nearly as much as we do

I just saw a weird-ass contradictory report on abortion on ABC News

Tweety And Friends On Hardball Were Just Talking About Manipulation....

Suspicious Substance Found in Letter Sent to Rep. John Doolittle

Gary Hart say troops at risk in Iraq & we could loose our army.

Fastow, Skilling and Kenny Boy; axis of greed

Is Bush SPYING on his political opponents?

MATTHEWS : If abortion illegal, should women go to prison?

Stephen Colbert Just said George Allen is dumb as a post

GOP Fears Race With Democrats Over Ports

Cafferty just read something from a viewer that nailed the

Jan Schneider needs your help.

2006 House election: Districts without challengers? Please check in.

Don't like Hillary? Stop her now!

Democrats and the blue collar working class voter.

2006 edition of You Have the Power by Howard Dean. From Buzzflash.

Let's start a list of all the reasons why Bush should be Impeached


Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS): Chairman of the Senate Cover-up Committee

Ports uproar points out more serious problems

If Hillary won by a few votes, would Rep. want a verified election?

Noam Chomsky Interviewed by Bernie Dwyer: Latin American Integration

Iraq "Rendezvous": Cheney, "Bubble-boy" and Ahmadinejad Up the Ante

Rules for journalists in a banana republic

What's the Fed Up To With the Money Supply?

Making jobs that make clean energy work(Obama & The Aollo Alliance)

Bush: Congress 'Shortchanged' New Orleans

Compromising Americans' Civil Liberties (Walter Brasch)

'Sincerely Yours': Samuel Alito's Letter to James Dobson

Taxpayer alert: Obama sells soul to GM at your expense..

Kennedy/ Edwards petition to raise minimun wages (stuck at 5.15/hr)

The winds of insecurity

Keeping Kids Stupid: The Intellectual Lynching of Jay Bennish

The failure of Hugo-bashing

Pro-Israel Activists Cheer Cheney: Embattled Bush Team Gets Boost At Aipac

Arab ally senses Bush no longer has control in Washington(FT)

Novak: GOP Congress in Rebellion Against Bush

Three Years and Counting ...... The Nation


Molly Ivins: The Progress Myth in Iraq

Colonization of Palestine Precludes Peace

Why Data Mining Won't Stop Terror

The Chairman of the Senate Cover-Up Committee


Moral Endo-skeletons and Exo-skeletons: A Perspective on America's Culture

"the Secret Service searched me for weapons—then they gave me one"

Juan Cole: Bigotry toward Muslims and Anti-Arab Racism Grow in US

Slate Article re: Abortion

Mercury Advisory For King Mackerel, Cobia, Amberjack From Gulf Coast

1st Time Ever - EPA Air Rules Will Not Follow Scientists' Recommendations

ExxonMobil CEO Demands End To Ethanol Subsidies - Det. Free Press

Renewable Energy Trends 2006

34 in wide Alaska pipeline loses 20000 gal to 1/4 inch corroded hole

Ice On Maine Lakes Melting 1-2 Weeks Earlier Than Historical Averages

New Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Renewable Energy

Water policy 'fails world's poor'

Speed Of Greenland's Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier Up 300% In One Year

Warming Already Changing Newly Discovered New Guinea Mountain Habitat

Airborne mercury emission regulations approved

Worlds biggest biodiesel plant coming to Hoosier state

U.N.: More Than a Billion Lack Clean Water

Bottom Trawling Banned In 150,000 Square Miles Off West Coast - ENN

Fusion power gets slammed

"Fix" vowed for Yucca

Heeeeeeeeere's The Drought Monitor - Back And Uglier Than Ever

Ethanol is the perfect fuel for Fuel Cells

Today Marks 50 Years Since Hubbert Predicted US Production Peak

Judge Rules U.S. Gov't Violating Fuel Law

Hamas accuses West of 'blackmail'

A Cruel Equation (Amira Hass)

Hamas Launches Web Site Encouraging Kids to Become ´Martyrs´

UN envoy calls on Israel to end air violations of Lebanon

Ghost Gun UA175, version 3.2

Port Deal = Another Rove SCAM

Ted Rall: The Legend of Flight 93

NASS: Voting Equipment RFPs Issued to Date

NAACP to hear 2004 voter irregularities tonight (Fort Lauderdale)

Star-Telegram front page: computer "glitch" -- election

Third elections worker indicted over presidential recount

Ernest Partridge: An Appearance of Guilt

look at the thread on the home page.

NY Democratic Lawyer's Council issues response to DOJ

MD: Paper Ballot Bill Passes in state House 137-0

Let's make a Report Card for Election Reform Coverage.

MD: Paper Trail Split Disabled Advocacy Groups - (plus notes on funding)

My election judge experience at a fully HAVA compliant precinct.

Pro-DRE Elections official calls for end to TERM LIMITS, his own & others

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 3/9/06

New Yorker: The Popular Vote Issue

Outside hack of machines?

St. Pete Times: "No conspiracy needed to support paper trail" -MSM, guys!

VVPR - One step further

CornField's peptalk

Iowa's First in the Nation in danger this weekend....

Again I ask help to bring progressive radio to eastern & central

This weeks Civic Skinny 03-09-96 - Fallon gets his due respect!!

Just because no one here has done it yet.....

Hey, find out who you REALLY support for Iowa's Governor

Lt Governor’s forum filled with optimism for 06.

Wes Clark in Massachusetts this weekend 3/10-3/11/06

Wendy Wilde: Maybe Governor Tim Pawlenty Needs a Blowjob

Maybe Governor Pawlenty should get a blowjob"

Link from GD: GOP Site Blasts Dem Candidate for Ad

Are any DFLers running against Jim Ramstad in the 3rd CD?

new monitor

If Cuellar was expelled from the Democratic Caucus

So where IS the "official" hotel for the State Convention?

Please help your politically retarded fellow Texan...

Who is organizing the DU caucus at the State Convention?

Happy Birthday!

Hart Intercivic optical-scan systems in TX?

Hey Texans! Got a special session question here...

Voting intentions next election?

Issues spur pro-Israel PAC (AIPAC)

Bush Denies Knowing Abramoff

Sept. 11 Family Member Begins Vigil at WTC

Ports uproar points out more serious problems

Gunmen take 50 security workers hostage as violence escalates (Baghdad)

Even in ’84, Schmidt spoke her mind (Young Repubs=Young Hitlers)

Carter Urges Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

Fifth Illinois Hate Crimes Panelist Resigns

De-programming' of militants rapped in Australia

ISRAEL will have to ACT on IRAN if UN can't - Reuters

(Cuban PM) Alarcon Blasts US on Women´s Day

Negative Perception Of Islam Increasing

Charges, but No Penalty, for a Chief's Role in a (RNC) Convention Arrest

Ex-Toledo councilman faces charges after protest disrupts Congress

Women sue U.S. Marine Corps over alleged recruiter rapes

trade gap climbs to record $68.5 billion ; jobless claims rise to 303,000

China, hitting back, slams US rights abuses

Illinois' portion of federal faith dollars increases

IRAQ: Government calls US human rights report unfair

Government didn't recall meat or notify public in salmonella outbreak

Moyer axes Noe's bid for new judge

Three Iraq-returned Japanese troops commit suicide

Rice, Rumsfeld Press for War Funding ($91 billion )

U.S. releases members of Saddam's regime

Chris Matthews taking money from conservative groups: Noon

Announcement from NASA today? Life on Titan?

Dubai presses on with port takeover ("American double standards")

Venezuelans Protest Outside U.S. Embassy

Aussie 'tortured' in Iraqi prison

US says to close Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

Jupiter lawyer mulls Harris fight for GOP Senate nod (FL)

Bank of Japan ends ultra-loose monetary policy (AFP)

Iraq claims damage Germany in Arab world-spy chief

Dubai Ports completes P&O takeover; to keep U.S. separate

Republicans: Ports Deal Doomed in Congress

Bush orders faith-based aid center

Ex-teacher seizes French students

Threats of pain fuel Iran crisis "let the ball roll" says Javad Vaeedi

Breaking News: CNN - Dubai Ports World to divest itself of all American

Alleged Teenage Arsonist Blogged Jan 9: "Time to reconvene season of evil"

US says to close Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison

FBI Investigating Former FEC Staffer (sex, lies, theft)

Bush position on Dubai ports unchanged: W.House

FBI Investigating Former FEC Staffer

State Dept. trashes UAE rights record

Pollster: Ports deal flap benefits Menendez in Senate race

Company Ready to Give Up Attempt to Manage Some US Ports (Poor George!)

Iran 'number one challenge to US' (Rice)

Ethics panel chief Voinovich opposes key lobbying reform

Ethics panel chief Voinovich opposes key lobbying reform

Drudge: NASA to Make Announcement About Life in Our Solar System Today

Funding cuts taking toll: Wars hurting community programs

Osama bin Laden fan clubs build online communities

Foreign Airline Control Raises Concerns

Ex-teacher takes 18 hostages in French school

Iran: Police Attack Women's Day Celebration

US General: Iraq Shifting from Insurgency Toward Sectarian Violence

U.S. plans to open representative office in Iran

SCAG to consider tribal membership

Your tax files for sale? IRS says go for it

LAT: (Prescription) Drug (from Canada) Seizure Data Disclosed

Smoking In U.S. Declines Sharply (Cigarette Sales At a 54-Year Low)

Maryland Senate Approves Stem Cell Research

Two U.S. Marines Die in Action in Iraq, Military Says

Military's fuel costs spur look at gas-guzzlers

Pro-Israel Activists Cheer Cheney: Embattled Bush Team Gets Boost At Aipac

Unlikely Alliance Takes on School Conflict

(GOP) Senators craft FY07 budget with $457 bln for defense (+ ANWAR)

Pombo replaces PAC's lobbyist treasurer

Knight Ridder investors brace for word on bids

House Panel Backs $1B for Vets, Heat Aid

White House says Dubai Ports Deal Should Resolve the Matter

Negative perception of Islam increasing: Poll numbers higher than 911

Woman sues for alleged firing over talk show bumper sticker

Senate panel OKs video game study.

Hollywood sex scenes attract lawmakers' attention (Reuters/H.R.)

Senator resumes lobbyist huddles (Santorum)

Vodafone head testifies on phone-tap affair (Greece: U.S. Involved?)

Crude leak plugged in Alaska Pipeline(after corroded pipe loses 20000 gal.

No room at the inn for New Orleans dog search team

IRS Awards First Debt Collection Contracts

Tenn. Senate Backs Anti-Abortion Step

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 9 March

Bush Signs Patriot Act Renewal

Religious Charities Get More Federal Money

Breaking: Dubai divests itself of all American interests (ports deal dead)

Summit voting gear flunks

Iraq hangs 13 insurgents (first executions since invasion)

Rice heads to Chile to improve US standing

WP: Ex-Justice Lawyer Rips Case for Spying

US has 727,304 homeless people nationwide

Number of billionaires surges

Doctors slam Guantanamo force feeds

New FLDS Outpost Found in South Dakota (Warren Jeffs cult)

US spacecraft makes nail-biting approach to Mars (Reuters)

Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Would Stop Civil War

Impact of Climate Warming on Polar Ice Sheets Confirmed

Cheap Watches Trouble for Gitmo Prisoners

Protests as KSE bourse crashes (Kuwait)

Madrid Bombings Show No al-Qaida Ties

US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Dubai threat to hit back

House votes to dump state food safety laws

Thieves hit Democrats' office (Lee County, Florida)

Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood Urges Terrorism

Ex-'Apprentice' Announces Run for Congress

Dallas Institutes New Laws on Homeless

Senator wants answers on 2,000 missing in Katrina

Chertoff: Bird flu possible in U.S. within months

Arab ally senses Bush no longer has control in Washington

(Billy) Graham Speechless After New Orleans Tour

Older Americans not working as late in life as they used to

Murtha to Receive Profile in Courage Award

Third elections worker indicted over presidential recount

Marines to conduct urban training in downtown

"We shan't work together ever again."

it snowed on Sunday, thunderstorm on Wednesday??

Latest celebrity mugshot...

For God's Sake, will someone in the entertainment industry please go to

U2 postpones end of tour due to family illness

Heidi's version of the Brazilian joke .........



Hey, what happened to the "lesbian"-in-a-movie-title thread?

Don't you hate it when people in GD talk completely past each other?

Massive, old, great poem (Warning.. rude despite it's age)

Is it really that unusual for an adult to have a rear infection?

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Well, there it is — we're getting the Black Boxes

Good evening, Lounge!

Our local radio station has really gone to hell in a handbasket.

I just seem not to be able

Vacuum Cleaner Compliments!

It's 4am...

Hi MrsGrumpy!

I'm going to logically prove the existence of God

So, when you get angry with your SO, or anyone else important to

Man Fighting Wal-Mart With "Wal-ocaust" T-Shirts (Forced To Stop Selling)

The dentist screwed my tooth up!

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

A Question for all you "Ms. Pac Man" fans...

If you had a ghost in your house, that kept tipping over your TV, what...

why is President Bush convinced there are weapons of mass destruction...

Today is National Get Over It Day...

Those damn Amish!

Okay-guy in a dragon outfit vs. a Hippyfied Bison

Think of simple reasons why they'd be lost without us.

There's a Shark on the M**f** Flatbed!!!!


How is your mood today?

My fence

I am at work and dont feel like doing crap!!!

Magic the Gathering nerds: Check in here!!

Ever have one of those days when...

For a little pick me up that we all may need today just might not be seeing too much of me for the next

Thursday morning joke...

Maids Use Mop, Plunger In Brawl Over Toilet Paper

It's snowing in Portland. Hot cocoa for the kids and enjoying the view!

The Strokes and Kings of Leon in Nashville...

Do You Feel Like You Are Caught in Groundhog Day?

I think Diane Lane's hot

Hey everybody, look at me!!!!

"Henry Ford built a car out of Hemp..." and Washington Journal

Hotel Maid's Fight Over Toilet Paper With Mop & Toilet Plunger

has anyone seen Heart of Gold - the movie?

Project Runway..... (SPOILERS)

Great country blues video.

Joy In This World (VIDEO MUST SEE)

Any acronym fans here?

North Carolinians...

my little brother calls DU: ""

Here it is Thursday already and no Czech Police Spokewoman lately

Blake or Potter which was your favorite 4077th Commanding officer?

Scariest movie music?

Weiner post

That belly's not getting ANY pinker!

Some people are so incredibly fucking stupid

Any GWB fans here?

You liberal wimminz better get with the program...

Much to the chagrin

Any AWB fans here?

Mandy Patinkin is doing Crestor ads?

Republicans: Anything But the Truth - Dubai and Haliburton

Any ATM fans here?

gratuitous gets a job; Bush touts triumph of economic policies

A fresh start

I'm about to join the 4 digit club.

An awesome animal poem:

Dick Cheney's NeoCon Golfing Guide w/intro

Twenty-two verses of wisdom--feel free to contribute.

Kincade thread in GD

Hello, boys and girls. This is your old pal, Stinky Wizzleteats.

I have butter flings to do with my fife.

NOTE: Not the first Temporary Insanity

I think my gods are lesbian. What to do?

NFL averts labor crisis!

Picture Framer Refuses To Frame Umbilical Cord In Shape Of A Heart

Bush joke....

Anyone catch the Freeper chick on America's Next Top Model last night?

I nearly clicked on the Kudzu thread

Have you ever had gallbladder problems or surgery?

What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs

Woman Fined $340 For Putting On Makeup While Driving

I'm sick of it.

Any Powerpoint gurus here? I need help with this presentation.

I just got interviewed by a local paper about my blog. Ask me anything.

Why are all the posting times based on G.M.T.? I assume all

Pizza Party in the Lounge!!!!

I don't even know what to say about this...

Ok, I'm going to sound like an idiot here

Avoiding sugar is great for your skin...

I Have Crabs...

Is this thing on?

Any Germans out there? Please check in.


Did you see the MySpace front page today?

CNN: Breaking News! WTF?!?

It's time to start thinking about beachwear/swimwear

I can't read this... What language is it in?

Funny quote about Monty Python...

calling misunderestimator: your assistance needed

I have better things to do with my wife

Who wants to wash my cat?

Idiots! Aaaaaarrgh!!!!

Great Movie Hounds.

Will Rogers...He was before some of you were born but he was a jewel!

How involved are you in the political process?


I'm 50 today, ask me anything!!

Has anyone ever ordered from the "TravelSmith" website?

RISK!!!! How did you dominate the world?


Esto está consiguiendo loco.

I hate unprofessional people.

Need a Potter favor...

How much is inside?

If I get hurt diving out of the way of speeding car while in a crosswalk,

lessons in GD: problems with SOME (not all) liberals

"Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?"

::::: For the ones with Google Earth:

A WordSearch

Mismaloya, Jalisco Vacation Pics

Hilarious posts from another web site.

Post a pic of your hairy clam:

Eagle Cam from Washington State

American Idle Thoughts

so my kid says, "Mom who are Cheech and Chong?"

A little advice, please

I'm not saying "God" or "Lord" anymore.

Eric Idle brats

I know most know this already.... but Green Tea is really good for you.

It's a good night for dancing!

Even I'm shocked by the enormity if the tributes to Kirby Puckett...

Embarrassing? You tell me.

Fill in the blank: This sounds like a job for_________.

I am calling an end to the game of Tag between

So the *&$^ing fraud in the white house has reduced me to this....

now what can we do?

It isn't babysitting if it's your own kid!!!

I know most know this already.... but Tea Leaf Green is really good

Billy Idol Thoughts.

Gort, Klaatu barada nikto!

I think ALL women are overtly sexy and wily.

Things I Learned from British Folk Ballads

Your favorite Monty Python sketch?

Post your favorite reality competition show idea here!

Any ATNM fans here?

*cry* Samurai Champloo is over.

I need help. So much for faith.

Nuns vs. Librarians In Spelling Bee Cage Match

So - help me out with a money quandary, please

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/9/06)

I need your prayers, positive energy and good vibes.

Hello Lounge. What's up?

I have no intention of leaving DU.

AWWWWW! Stray Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan At Zoo

Eric Idle thoughts.

Are you on a laptop or a regular PC right now?

I think my dogs are thespians. What to do?

It's official: Windows XP boots on a MacBook Pro

Let's see a show of Hans.

Check out this poster I made for my band, the Tranqs!

The Celebrities who need to eat more cherries thread

Thread for celebrating something utterly trivial

Great jazz harp, if you have the room.

What are you wearing?

They're Pinky and the Brain

Stop that. Stop that right now.

That Cheerleader girl: Insane or just...realllly happy?

...good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts...

Any City of Heroes/Villians players here?


Husker Du on the Joan Rivers Show, 1987:

what should I listen to?

All right you guys. Stop HOGGING the covers.

Let's see a show of hands.

Has anyone ever used online print/framing shops like ...

What's wrong with the Lounge today?

A masterpiece of art

Toilet Paper Replacement...Over or Under?

Okay name *this* guitarist

Is this sacrilege?

I have better things to do with my life.

Rober Downey Jr.'s NEW MOVIE!!

What do squirrels like to eat besides bird seed?

First person to post a picture of themselves gets photoshopped

Any Excel gurus here? I need help with this spreadsheet.

A serious question (honest!)

I have better things to do with my life

The March Jennifer Aniston Eating Cherries Thread

Catholics, Lent, Friday, St Patrick's day, Corned Beef....

I may have to quit my $23.00 an hr job due to my back.

I think ALL men are inherently sexist and evil

How would you pronounce this name?

Is it me or does the new Vin Diesel movie look really silly...

There is absolutely nothing extreme about Christianity

Anybody awake who doesn't want to talk about titles?

If someone posted a pic w/ the brazillion written on their inner thigh,

Vee are droppink like it's hot, Vee Dub, representink Deutcshland!

I forced my 9th grade geography students to solve the Palestian crisis

My "access to contraception in all pharmacies" resolution

Weekend at the Beach DU Meetup

Uh-oh....I'm bored again.....

Thursday earworm. SPEAK ENGLISH, Mick!

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Wicked Tired

like a rock

Do we need a "Not on Khash's List" support group?

I am officially 14 hours smoke-free!

Even if you hate the Brazilian joke, you have to admit,

9000 posts!!!!

how many billyskank goodnight threads are there?

What happens when you click the plus sign

Goodnight lounge!

American Idol Thoughts

I just got preached to

I just don't get it

The Jesus Dynasty (A look at who Jesus really was)

I don't like Revelations!

The Art of Exposing Bigotry

Is this Noah's Ark?

Popular Drinks Eat Away at Tooth Enamel ... (Gatorade, Red Bull and Coke)

New data sheds light of the common ancestor of all life.

NASA's Cassini Discovers Potential Liquid Water on Enceladus (JPL)

Rat-Squirrel Not Extinct After All ("living fossil")

Fern found in SC woods--what is it?

Decoding the Universe

Remains of World’s Oldest Ships Found in Egypt

Draining of Lake Agassiz caused cold snap 8,200 years ago.

Mass Extinctions - A Threat from Outer Space or Our Own Planet's Detox?

Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees in Lab

Abba back Polish gays

Bill Would Force Libraries To Restrict Books With Gay Themes

Anglican Leader Nixes Debate On Gay Rule

Calif. Supreme Court Upholds Scouts Ouster

The Fabulous Sports Babe-

Do you believe in miracles? Canada beats U.S. 8-6 at WBC

NHL Trade Deadline - Aebischer for Theodore???

***ACC TOURNAMENT thread***

Syracuse leads #1 in the country U Conn at the half

Leko leads at Linares after 12 rounds; Aronian ½ point back

I think my dog had a seizure this morning - need advice

I LOVE FreeWillAstrology.

Tentative DU meetup in Virginia Beach, VA

What would you all think if we had a daily thread for healing?

Carter echoes Kerry Plan in Calling for Troop Drawdown

Nashville item on Winter Soldier

Does this seem odd to anyone?

Abu Ghraib prison to close within 3 months


People from VA - You may be interesting in chiming in.

Anwr again!

This is cute:

John Kerry on Demise of Dubai Ports Deal


Kerry on 'Road To The Whitehouse' on Sunday, CSPAN.

River Market

Two new plant pictures you might enjoy

Did any of you ever see the Jeopardy that Keith and Al Franken were on?

Penguin parents of Toga, the stolen baby penguin, had a new baby.

Regarding Jar Head the movie.

This is your brain...

Can I post government reports without snipping out the best part?

Anyone have those especially chimp-like pictures of Bush..

Bush didn't care about Iraqis when he started out the war killing them

Any volunteers for this conference?

I don't like Revelations!

Did anybody ever see the History channel's doc on the Anthrax attack?

Blackwell funded by secretive extremist (and very rich) RW group?


This story makes little sense to me.........

Gallup: Bush disapproval rating highest of any president since Nixon

Bruce Willis wants to invade Columbia

National security interest in influencing what happens within Islam

Ass kicking tune every democrat running for office, should be singing...

It's not places or governments that are bombed... it's people

Florida Election Official Files Suit Against Die-bold

2,305 American troops now dead in Iraq

Vermont Towns Endorse Move to Impeach Bush

Fax Congress to Stop them Passing Unconstitutional Laws on Wiretapping

US slams Iran, China and Arab allies on rights

The GOP is coming to memphis ;) lol

(TOON) Steve Bell on Brazilian President's visit to Britain

God: I've lost faith in Blair

I think it's pathetic that "Idol" News gets listed as "Top US News" . . .

China slams US rights abuses

I don't know where else to put this... concerning the LBN forum...

Galloway gets a Radio show

Bush Gets Close-Up Look at New Orleans

Something to do with spare coathangers

cspan-washington journal time-democratic leadership

Rove at his best?

The Independent Cover >> "Are you listening, Mr. President?"

US soldier's rape sentence cut due to Iraq stress

Will oil hit $100 a barrel? Check out what Friedman said this morning.

China questions US role as self-styled "Guardian of Rights"

Invisible Children- An Amazing Movie and Movement

It does not make any sense...

Woman Sues Hotel After Suffering 500 Bedbug Bites

Rep. John Doolittle's Local Office Evacuated

US has 727,304 homeless people nationwide: report

Maxine Waters coming up on C-Span Wash. Journal

Kenya Offers Aid to Third World Germany

Santorum still seeing lobbyists each week despite pledge to end meetings

From today's WaPo - Bush blames Congress(!) for Katrina recovery fiasco

College Admissions Scramble After SAT Goof

Republicans are cheaters and liars

Some pastels over heeere & maybe a window for some light on the CAPTIONS

c-span wj - rate your republicans

Jimmy Carter Blasts Iraq as an ‘Unnecessary War’, Urges Troop Withdrawal

Check out this nutball post on the Yahoo boards

Oliver North: "No such thing as an Islamic Moderate"

Senator Burns R - Montana suggested to resign ** Abramoff scandal**

bosnia-herzegovina changed everything!

Alabama church fires don't bother me

The Death of the Intelligence Panel-Pres Most Certainly Breaking Law (NYT)

A DEAF MAN SPOUTING-Katrina Video Defines Bush Presidency (Sid Blumenthal)

Bushomnomics triumphant! Jobless up! Trade deficit up!

Iraq civilian death toll 'highest since end of war'

Thanks, Dems, for "keeping your powder dry". where do you want this

Afghan university chancellor tipped as candidate for top U.N. job

WaPo: It's Bad. It's Real Bad. Shiites Suppress Body Counts.

Bush: "unconscionable", "irresponsible", "vindictive", and "inept"

Create your favourite website, automatically

Alone in the Universe?

People close to DE may be interested in

Terri Hatcher: will it change how people treat rape victims?

Ted Rall: The Legend of Flight 93

So I was on the bus today

Poll: Cuban Americans more worried about Iraq than Castro

Keith Olbermann on C-Span's Q & A Sunday, 8 pm

Midwest Oil fined for selling gas too cheaply

Stars & Stripes letter: Hoodwinked by Bush et al.

solid everywhere.....Like Iraq

Tom Tomorrow asks (again): How Far is Too Far?

How is this for framing, The USA is giving Iraq an abortion

So I am assuming that there will be threads today on the Sen Port Vote?

Guess who's coming to my town today?

CLASSIC Example of MSM Fear Mongering and Terrorizing!

French students 'taken hostage'

Big Bus-Admits It Believes Profits More Important Than Security (Sirota)

As noted in article below, facts are given less importance: Barry Bonds

The latest fruits of our warmongering

Abramoff Recalls Bush as a Jokester

For a little pick me up that we all may need today

1100 Dead, George. Photo-Ops Won't Change That --->>>

Boss is coming to Jazzfest

Anybody know about the latest immigration reform bills?

IMO, there's only 1 logical reason why Bush would insist on the ports deal

Lunch Is A Learning Experience In Berkeley

Republicans love abortion - as long as it's unwanted

College Republicans vote to impeach group president following bake sale

South Dakota needs a Democratic gubernatorial candidate

When the US is occupied by a foreign power

Question from a non-lawyer, non-account, non-business-type about Ports.

Freeper says "Bring it on!"

Port Deal = Another Rove SCAM

Raw Story: Chris Matthews Taking $$$ From Conservative Groups-Developing..

WaPost: "Majority Say Muslims Are Disproportionately Prone to Violence"

Raw Story: "Detailed report to hit MSNBC Hardball host hard: Developing.."

Stephanie Miller; Texas couple investigated by Homeland Security


The Trojan Tower, nuclear relic, eyesore & landmark is coming down

A giant leap to the future - re energy

I'm curious

George F. Kennan : The G.O.P. Won the Cold War? Ridiculous.

House voting now to fund the War on Drugs for the next 5 years

Your tax files for sale? IRS says go for it

President Asshat ---pix--->>>

Senate Democrats Demand Vote on Ports Deal

Office of Strategic Information---wink wink, nudge nudge

Strong on Defense???

Poll on Tweety

Your tax files for sale? IRS says go for it

What are you willing to sacrifice for the nation?

The reason for illegal immigration is simple: Supporting the oligarchy

So now they want more money

Is Popular Mechanics in Chimpy's pocket?

Expect H5N1 virus in North America soon: UN

House votes to strip food warning labels, overturn up to 200 safety laws

The M$M is complicit *again*...this time about Iran!

Caption this Bolton pic...

the Sell-Off of America Continues

Antiwar Activists Detained At House Appropriations Committee Hearing

RNC calls top democrats "Three Stooges"

Coworkers pinned O'Falafel ad in my cube.

So Bush will veto any attempt to stop this deal going through...

Hardball's Matthews has accepted hefty speaking fees from conservatives

Anyone hear of the Third Wave?

Did anyone watch Washington Journal this morning? Missed a show

Next country to invade? Americans embarrass themselves with geography.

There's a rumbling in the heartland

Trying to keep up with all the rights we lost this week.

Truly Hilarious.

Will the reactionaries object to aborting aliens or hybrids?

Abu Gharib to close

Fox News Grills Gonzales: “Are You Sir, A Pie A La Mode Man?”

The practicalities of war are breaking my heart.

Chris Matthews taking money from conservative groups: Noon - RS

How do RW'ers like this function in the real world?

Schumer says no to Dubai, McCain & Frist won't allow vote

Reuters: Abu Ghraib prison to close within 3 months

Please HURRY Raw Story....I have to go back to work!

VIDEO- Dorgan on the Ports Deal -Why Can't Americans Manage

Caption this photo

VIDEO- Sensenbrenner's Opener on the Patriot Act March 7 06

Chris Matthews taking money from conservative groups: Noon

HAVE YOU CALLED every Democrat on the Intel Committee about NSA Spying

PA to be signed at 2:40 today at WH "civil liberties" issues Resolved

Deleted n/t

Anyone happen to screen capture the map of impeachment activities on MSNBC

Picking the Next President (Hardball)

Jim Rome (sports radio) today: What is America still good at?

The House Republicans must vote against the ports deal to save their hides

Bush threatening to bomb the Canary Islands

China secret police to issue passports to Americans

One more reason to love Keith Olberman

Tweety's brother is an R candidate for lieutenant governor in PA.

Smile be happy! No civil war in Iraq! But, $90bn more needed.

Dubai Ports completes deal, US ports held separate

The SD anti abortion law WOULD put the woman in jail.

Net full of "Muslim Rape Spree in Europe"

Bybee is now a federal judge?!?!?!

Hasturd saying Bush did not reinerate his veto threat at WH meeting

VIDEO-Conyers on the Patriot Act from March 7 06

Something to look forward to

Ins. Industry inserts last minute language into PENSION bill--call Senator

RS: Matthews has accepted hefty speaking fees from conservative groups ->

Wish me luck.

Today's GOP and the Coward-In-Chief.

US - 727,304 homeless!

VIDEO- Bobby Scott on Pat Act Mar 7 - Can't Challenge Gag order for a YEAR

9 running for House spots, 3 Senate spots on Impeachment!

Is this Noah's Ark?

VIDEO- Conyers and Sensenbrenner back and forth on Pat Act Mar 7

Did anyone hear Joe Lieberman on C-SPAN?

Damaging Winds and Hail in New Orleans forecast this afternoon

Matthews story finally on Raw Story!

Barbara Boxer is kicking GOP ass on CSPAN2

Franken -- shove that slide whistle up your a**!

The "McCain Crushes Hillary in '08" Narrative is in Full Swing

WaPo: Iraqi Government Suppressing Body Counts in Civil War

'Banning 'Almost' All Abortions Isn't Good Enough' - interesting/scary

Warner Plans Senate Effort to Rescue Dubai Ports Deal (Update3)

DNC: Vanity Fair: Ney Was Abramoff's 'Fixer on Capitol Hill'

VIDEO- Nadler on the Patriot Act from March 7 06

In simple terms

VIDEO- Bernie Sanders on the Patriot Act from March 7 06

Somehow I think the Junta's plans didn't work out the way they expected.

Sen Warner says UAE will sell Ports to US Company

ATTENTION NEOCON FREEPS: Your Day Has Come!! Re: Neocons Say We FAILED!

Coulter on AIDS: H'wood caught with pants down; got it in the end

Imagine if Clinton had pulled the flight suit stunt 3 years ago

Bet bushitler looks like he ate a crate of jalepenos right about now!

U.S. to close Abu Ghraib prison

FREEPERS - minor rant

The lock up of four Code Pink activists in NYC

Justice Dept-Releases E-Mail Under FOIA Act-SNUBS WIRETAP LEGALITY!

A "warm-fuzzy" poll for 2008

Anyone going to see "the pResident" tonight in ATLANTA!?!

Faith Hill/Tim McGraw Blast "Humilating" Katrina Cleanup

Dubai and Congress must think people are STUPID- blackmail in the

Did Poppy bail George out again?

Why is that so-called "democracies" are the only nations waging war

53 Days 'til Hurricane Season

Caption this * pic...

Reuters ignored Abramoff's claim of ties to Bush, Rove, McCain

Rush Blaming ....gasp...clinton on the Dubai ports

Swinton quote 1953 - No free press. Things haven't changed ? Or?

Thread to laugh at Neil Bush and the Carlyle Group

Abramoff and Delay pic's & story-Vanity fair [pdf]

Feingold Makes a Serious Move Toward Running in 2008

someone tried to kill me last year

'The question is not if, but when this financial system is going to fail'

Okay, so when do they announce Halliburton as the new ports mgmt?

John Edward's email so right on!

MSNBC >> David Gregory re: Dubai deal: Cover For the White House?

Teen abortions reduced by Texas notification law

US Soldiers Ask Iraqi Women to Show Breasts at a Mosul Checkpoint?

Will the Alabama church arsonists be tried as terrorists?

On Dubya's Dubai Deal: Schumer: “The Devil Is In The Details”

Where is Kerry on South Dakota? Where is Edwards? Where are the Dems?

Question about your local newspaper

Air America callers

bush DOES TOO hear you!!!! new toon 3/9/06

Do you think they closed Abu Ghraib because

BREAKING on Senate Floor! Dubai to transfer ports to US company!!

Some of the fruits of our labor are getting ripe!

Murtha: Despite Another $67 Billion, Our Army is Broke and Badly Depleted

Kinkade Defends Self but Says 'Sorry'

Al Franken....What a bore... I'm switching to CSPAN

Why is Bush on MSNBC talking about how

John McCain the fall guy?

The Bushism for today is:

Fascism just as deadly as Communism

Something I thought some of you might find interesting...

MANDI RANDI..........Sam Seder Sits In

We need more facts (Dubai ports)

Dem leaders. Smart? MSNBC showed about 45 seconds of a press

Web Site

Even the country music darlings despise Bush

Everything making sense today! What is happening!

Americans United Criticizes Bush for faith-based funding

SCOTUS turns down case that involves when should a judge recuse himself?

I'm trying to find this book. anyone else hear of it?

About Ambien and other sleep drugs.......

The Teflon Chimp


We Underestimate McCain at our own Peril

Gleeful Old White Men Signing Away Your Rights ---pix--->>>

Bush isn't a Lame Duck, He's a...........

Mary Tillman-"Attached Themselves To His Virture+Wiped Their Feet With Him

Don't feed the homeless in Dallas unless its at a designated feeding area

JESUS ON A TRAILER HITCH!!!! Is Condi rabid???

Lieberman the rat

Lawsuits against USDA-Inhumane slaughter of birds (poultry)

NASA announcement about a new Discovery

108+ violations by the FBI on wire tapping!

Breaking News: CNN - Dubai Ports World to divest itself of all American

My son just reminded me what it's all about...

Dallas gains reputation for harshness towards its homeless citizens

Water found on Saturn moon.

Did anyone catch "Black/White" on F/X tonight?

New "Battle Dress Style" Navy Uniforms announced

Man gets 8 years for drugging his children's tennis opponents

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Blast 'Humiliating' Katrina Cleanup

impeachment map on this video!

Greenmail that emasculates all greenmail gone before it.

President Reagan raised taxes twice after his initial tax cut

To Be a Republican You Have to Be a COWARD

Get your book, Articles of Impeachment. here:

For all those saying the UAE is "our friend" to justify the port deal...

Ooooh, what a tangled web we weave!

On Stern this morning! Clinton down under on 9/11 getting la*d

Scott M. (msnbc)--says press confer. Waiting now for him to enter

My Iraq Solution: Turn the whole damn thing over to the UAE.

Thieves Hit--Lee County's Dem Headquarters--Targeted, Purposeful Break-in

Hastert is the 7-11 of evil.

I'm so tired of hearing the term: "Post 9/11World"

Americas puppet government in Iraq hanged 13 Iraqis today

General William Odom: "Iraq Through the Prism of Vietnam"

The odds of us attacking Iran? 400%

I love how Sam Seder handles freeps

Did I hear this correctly? Did the guy from S.Dakota say that he would..

Is anyone else listening to Ted Poe babbling on C-Span 1?

John Edwards Has A New, Dynamic, Interactive & Flashily-Designed Blog...

Good news from the south.

Told ya...

Australian 'tortured' in Iraqi prison

This is America...

I am having trouble deciphering the Dubai Port threads -

Fax Blaster - Any advice?

Olberman to address the oreally situation tonight

Local group organizes protest against war in Iraq

Number of black troops takes dive

Lou's Poll Are you stunned that the elected officials in Washington

NBC News to report on new Taliban tape to recruit people to fight the US

Did anyone notice this on Tweedy`s show?

Madrid Bombings Show No al-Qaida Ties

Politics, baseball and assholes.

OJ Simpson, Stalin, Michael Jackson, all more popular than Dick Cheney

Repugs to the rescue

ok what happens now with the bill from yesterday?


George Bush Gets Feedback From GOP Leaders

Absurdity of Ports deal was nothing but a distraction from WH. Scandals

Lou Dobbs will have two Dems on: Barney Frank(NY) and Menedez (NJ)

Video Humor for Mac and Non-Mac Lovers Alike

Defcon Ad On CNN

Rumsfeld Says Iranian Forces In Iraq (Right next to all the WMDs)

Arab ally senses Bush no longer has control in Washington

Back From the Dead: Living Fossil Identified


Oceans in Trouble: contact senators re: Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Act

VIDEO- D L Hughley on Christianity (Maher)

Bush Bends (over) to Dubai Blackmail Demand

Bush getting TRASHED by reporter on Lou Dobbs

Before the UAE deal was dead, all you could see on the MSM was Repubs

If you could bring back 5 people from the dead, whom would you choose?

THIS is the mentality we're dealing with.

Will LOTS of corporations now interrrupt Congress with Press Releases now?

John Fund on Dobbs: The Dockworkers are terrorists!

What's next? - Ports deal is dead -- shift to bombing Iran perhaps??

"Moslem bashing" General yells with Liberman &Rumsfeld

Why do we pay so much for prescription drugs???

VIDEO- Schumer on the Dubai Ports Deal-Transfer versus Sell

How Does International Women's Day End Up Being All About How Men Feel?

Tweety and his ilk

Does the US need the UAE more than UAE needs the US ?

Bumpersticker: I Want A President Who Only Screws Interns

BREAKING: Gregoire Wins!

Sherrod Brown talking to Sam on Randi's show now

Redux: March 4- White House Looking for US Partner for Dubai Ports

Tweety just suggested that after all this, ports could go to Halliburton.

Gov Ernie Fletcher (R-Ky) hospitalized with clot in Jugular

I get the creeps any more hearing people say "Homeland"

Who do you think the U.S. entity is that will control our ports

The US has become nothing more than mercenary's for the UK

The Simple Reason Why McCain Won't Get The Repub Nomination

Which of these cities would you like to have hold '08 convention?

anyone else notice a problem with threading display of posts here?

South Dakota state quarter (Thanks Bartcop!)

Brian Willisms on NBC crucifying Bush

OMG! I just sent this LTTE which I'm sure will be rejected

GOP Site Blasts Dem Candidate for Ad on "Liberal Fringe Website DailyKos"

Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cops, Has Illegal Guns

Ports deal - going-going-GONE! 2 weeks from now it's acient history

I would like to personally thank Sen. Chuck Shumer....

Simply BRILLIANT: Massachusetts plan helps veterans/ strengthen unions

Kerry:"tip of the iceberg of the administration's failure on port security

Freeper Heads Explode Over Minister's Excellent Emails

*****Must Read - How to frame National Security in our favor *****

Look what I just spotted at Canofun:

Great Line From A Caller On AAR The Other Day !!!

What is wrong with the democratic party?

Whats driving anti-abortion rhetoric ?

Mike Malloy read my e-mail to him on the air tonight

Coulter Provokes Mixed Reaction (My encounter with her mentioned)

What would be the Bush Administration's Theme Song?

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Speak Out Against King george

Rudiments of a Tyrant's Reign

BAE Systems, Electronic warfare, Saudi slushfunds and Carlyle connections

State Dept. trashes UAE rights record

It's time for the adults to take over....

Where have all the flowers gone ?

At 4:49am this morning, "gunshots" were heard in small town..marines

If the Constitutional remedy fails us, as it may...

Sick of Texas?...

Does the word "Democrat" mean anything anymore?

Help with e-mail.


Cheney's girlfriend. I don't even remember her name.

UAE Onine News Org. Says Ports Deal Not Dead: UAE Finances U.S. Debt!! -->

QUESTION - What is the Greatest Issue Being Ignored by American Press...

"Stop or I'll Shoot! We're Here to Help You!"

Alternate UAE Deal Approved!

Vernon Robinson's sick commercial

Freepers on woman getting fired for having an Air America bumper sticker..

San Diego Woman Fired for Air America Bumper Sticker

The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2005 ....FROM CHINA!

I expected a benchmark event to happen when fascism started taking

So THIS is how they see him (puke alert):

Look at this!

Little King George Got a Brand New Backdrop ---pix--->>>

Is Racism Something you ARE, or Something You DO?

The Road to Guantanamo....

Privatizing U.S. Forest Service; Halliburton and UAE again?

Ok now the $64,000 question... every body knows how vindictive the

If the USA were ever occupied by another countries military would you...

Just when you thought South Dakota couldn't get any MORE fun

Cheney 18% - Paris Hilton 15%

"President Bush has brought respect, honor and grace to our country"...WJ

Ashamedly, I punched a Freeper in the piehole tonight

Alaska Hamlet Gets 80 Surveillance Cameras From DHS

Ambassador Joe Wilson speaking in Colorado 03/18/2006 -PLAME SCANDAL

"But this isn't like Vietnam..."

Senate floor cloture vote...THREAD 2

More proof that Patrick Fitzgerald is good at what he does

Teacher Defends Bush-Hitler Comparison

Signing Away Your Rights Gives George Gas ---pix--->>>

Hubble Space Telescope Collage - We DO Live In a Beautiful Universe!!!

DPW deal. Did we win? Or did Halliburton?

Reject the "Scandalous" Bush Budget...Again

On methamphetamine, and why my opinion matters

Just now!!

Dubai's Royal Family FURIOUS At Repugs & Dems-Threaten Retaliation

Alleged Teenage Arsonist Blogged Jan 9: "Time to reconvene season of evil"

Left Coaster: "Putting George out of Our misery"

Dilema: Are you a traditionalist, or a techno-buff? One simple question.

It's time for THE TRUTH about Kerry and SKULL & BONES!!!!

Vonnegut says: “I just want to say that Bush is the syphilis president"

San Diego's U.S. Navy Exchange (Buildings arranged in shape of swastika)

I ran King George's latest photo-op through my magic bullshit remover.

Helen Thomas Unleashed!!!---"Lap Dogs of the Press"

How interested are you in Iraq?

Attacking the Press & Pressing the Attack

Can anyone find the full-sized version of this Dubai prince image?

FBI Admits To Over 100 Eavesdropping Violations

You May Be A Feminist If..........

John Edwards on minimum wage: pls. sign (Kennedy's) petition

We should draft RFK Jr. for Pres. in 2008 -- saw him speak last night

Two fundies just rang my doorbell and tried to convert me

My Dad had a stroke tonight...

Code Pink in Anchorage...

VIDEO- Kucinich on the Patriot Act from Mar 7 06-Floor

But Bernie says NO ---to 5 VT towns calling for articles of Impeachment.

Sterotyping Republicans

HELP! Did Democrats just pull DEFEAT from the JAWS OF VICTORY

What does an Iraq worthy of US withdrawal look like to you?

The Daily Show explains the Bush trip to India and Pakistan!!!

Bush amends the Bill of Rights

T-Ricky's Pgh P-G LTTE (3/6/06): Getting a bit defensive isn't he?

Murtha swiftboater on email list wants me to call Bush on Dubai

Poor Tom DeLay...

Anyone in J. Harmen's district

Where in the heck is Mama T?

They Came For the Chicken Farmer

The FEMA trailor saga continues in New Orleans

So Where Did the Abramoff Outrage Go to?

State Department highlights own Human RIghts failings

WA State voters: my letter to Dean

Ooh oohooh --GOP rebels prepare to oppose ports deal (NBC)

Countdown to Election New Orleans

Can someone tell me...

My congressman votes AGAINST blocking ports deal

Juan Cole on the Pushme Pullyou tactics of BushCo toward Muslims

(CNN) Your e-mails: Will port vote change Bush's mind?

So, anyone wanna chat with the DCCC?

Ex-'Apprentice' Plans Congrassional [sic] Run

Vanity Fair on Abramoff: Democrats did it too?

"Teen Titans" ....Bush and Blair .........Wolcott

Where is the voice of middle american democrats?

Maryland Senate Approves Stem Cell Research

Conyers, RE: spying: Repubs bail out Bush-absolutely disgraceful

Families of Soldiers can't find lodging because of Hurricane Evacuees

Hoeffel asked to drop out in, Dean Dozen.

Jeb Attacks!

Excellent Penn and Teller Episode on Patriot Act *** Must Watch

Bush targets Congress in rare verbal attack (about NO Levees)

Board votes down evolution analysis (CNN/AP)

Ptech, now GoAgile, client list still includes the White House

Medical question relative to rape

self delete

Does Anyone Speak for the Middle Class Today?

Did cloture get invoked on the Senate floor (C-Span2)? They were voting..

Must read Digby Hullabaloo today! Kimmett, Baker, Zoellick and Dubai


Raw Story: "Chris Matthews taking money from conservative groups: Noon"

Why I announced and have my campaign hq in the toughest part of RI

Bernie Sanders won't submit articles of Impeachment for towns

Former Prostitute Loses Texas House Race

GOP Wiretap Democratic Senators - Novak Spins Leak

This could be a turning point?

WaPo: Assess The Legality Of Warrantless Surveillance

Ted Rall Article

Senator Ted Kennedy on Dubai’s Decision to Divest Ports Deal

WE HAVE NO DEMOCRATIC PARTY. This is quite a read!

John Kerry on Demise of Dubai Ports Deal

Judge Rules Bush Admin Violating Energy Policy Act of 1992

Dubai wants to buy Knight-Ridder and Albertsens

Abortion, the human rights issue of our day

Bush Admin Told to Postpone Plan Allowing More Foreign Control of Airlines

One small example of why I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton if nominated

If rightwinger's believe abortion is murder, then make them say...

140 hrs sworn testimony on Clinton's Xmas card list; 12 hrs on Abu Ghraib

CNN Breaking: Dubai company to transfer U.S ports operation U.S. company

A. Gonzales Is Master At "Deflection!"

Progress Now announces Focus on Dobson website!

Does it look like this to you too?

Hastert said what?!?!

Rep. "Rep. Ted Poe(R-Texas) Quote".

Still a SKUNK after all of these years!

Resurrecting the Clinton Ghost

Tenn. Senate Backs Anti-Abortion Step

When Would Jesus Bolt?

Tomorrow on Randi Rhodes: NED LAMONT

Wanna know who the REAL terrorist is?

What is the political significance of today's events ?

Forthcoming: Two Washington Times Exposes

Why Did The 2nd Amendment Violations Just Disappear ?

At last, the warmongers are prepared to face facts & admit they were wrong

Has any Republican suffered from the election problems we've been having?

Who should the Virginia Dems nominate to US Senate?

QUAGMIRE, the movie - Thursday's cartoon

So Congress overrides the veto of the bill nixxing the ports deal...

Why the Dubai deal collapsed

Vernon Robinson's sick commercial

Does anyone think the Plame case is going any further than Libby?

Heads up! Vote suppression for 2006 elections starting NOW!

FRAMING DEFENSE: security or profit?


Bush tripped up Repubs with port deal; Dems put Repubs on defensive

Kerry, Democrats Call on Frist to Keep Arctic Drilling out of Budget

Damage already done to Chimp on DPW--on to the next scandal.

Country singers McGraw, Hill criticize "leader of free world" over Katrina

This is probably gonna make some people mad, but...

It isn't Rocket Science. Dems should just stop being the Party of Hamlet

Of the last 7 democratic nominees for president, who was the most

Stop corporate corruption: Vote Democratic

Why Wes Clark

Carter Echoes Kerry Plan in Calling for Troop Drawdown in Iraq

Is there a significant difference between these two statements?

**** Guarding the Gates - MUST READ ****

Frist Suspends Senate Ethics Debate After Losing on Dubai Vote

If you'll whine about President Clinton, you'll whine about ANYTHING

Put your cards on the Bill Clinton a War Criminal?

Are there any DLC members we can trust?

YOU'RE THE JUDGE: What should happen to Bush?

A question for everyone: