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Archives: March 8, 2006

Using a bacteria to re-use styrofoam - Really Cool!

Breaking into the boys’ club: Rosa Luxemburg’s Place in History

How low can Bush numbers go?

Enough of the D.C. Dems Molly Ivins

An important benefit of nuclear accidents: Reminder.

Can you say Nuclear ?

Election Reform Forum Folks: A race to keep an eye on... ??

New Oscar Category: All Time Best Film! My Nomination is...

Michael Keefer’s: Fraud and Scandal in Haiti’s Presidential Election.WOW

Shit. FIRST STOLEN ELECTION OF 2006: Voting Machine Problems in TX...

Cover Story: Humboldt Advocate Interviews Dave Berman on Diebold

Would this be completely shitty of me?

How did your caucuses go tonight?

Bell wins Democratic gubernatorial nomination (AP headline)

I was given the option of voting paper scanned or electronic.

Disappointed-need a pep talk- Clubs Vs Party (long)

TX-28: Ciro Rodriguez beating incumbent Henry Cuellar

Ooooh...Uresti whupping Madla's butt so far!

Asparagus - $1.00 a pound!

Mommy (77 yrs old) wanted a pressure cooker...

What do I do with grapefruit?

Afghan mission not up for debate, Harper says [crosspost]

Prairie Giant

Minister says Guantanamo must close to save democracy

Patriot Act passed House

AP: Four Vermont Towns Back Bush Impeachment

Maritime security measure gathers bipartisan support

WP: Warning Sounded About Levees

DeLay Tries to Fight Off GOP Challengers (AP)

U.S. can launch attacks from Romanian bases

Afghan mission not up for debate, Harper says

White power recruiting increases: Billboard battle sparks interest

Annan Says Coalition May Be Violating Law

Blackwater Seeks To Expand N.C. Training Center

Slope Oil Spill Likely to Keep Growing (Major Alaskan Oil Spill)

Ryan lawyer says former governor was put through 'seven years of hell'

Trade with China helps Cuba to move up a gear

Website aims to educate Americans about Canada

Lax Oversight Blamed for High Gas Prices (AP)

Senate Intel. Committee Votes Down NSA Spying Investigation

Bird-flu cats reject virus

DeLay WINS GOP NOMINATION to the house with 64% of votes

North Korea missile threat growing: US military

Bush extends faith-based initiative to Homeland Security

NYT: A New Sleeping Sickness Is Haunting Highways (Ambien sleep-driving)

Anti-DeLay film hits close to home (The Hill)

Anyone recommend a good mortgage company?

Holy crap. Pop-up promos that cover the entire TV screen now.

Dupe, delete

Your doorbell rings, unexpectedly, after dark.

I'm on the front page! YAY! CELEBRATE LIKE AN IDIOT!!!

"Wouldn't stand up from butt scoot"...... Bad Editing or a Culinary Suggestion?

Oh Come ON People ....this is funny!

cool protest song

Wow, Sarah Jessica Parker Is A New Romantic Comedy!!!

Farg. My ankles are killing me. x(

Free association thread (song titles only this time)

Here's a question for ya in these troubled times:

Photographer, director ("Shaft") Gordon Parks dies at 93

Fark. My ankles are killing me. x(

cat just bit the shit out of me. I serve him

Telemarketers: I do not own a home. I rent an apartment. So DO NOT

Great music.

Silver cars- not silver colored, SILVER

Grr.....what web-surfing annoyance bugs you the most.

Any fans of HIM out there?

I am LOVE with a certain DU'er...

My friend is selling copies of dvd's of mine on eBay. Need advice!

My Confession

a respectful request for help

That song on the AT&T commercials is called "All Around The World".

My lips are incredibly itchy, chapped and swollen,

Robert "Freddie Kruger" Englund channels Bush in classic horror remake

I am LOVE with a certain DU'er...

new pics of Chris

What can I do that will surprise you?

Great Picture From The UNC Victory VS. DOOK

NIX! OH NIX! Where are yoooouuuu?

For my 600th post, thank you all for being here

I am LOVE with a certain DU'er...

I think I just turned into a puppy

Dedicated to Gordon Parks (Great Images from a great man...)

Encourage Brainshrub thread.

Help: Can you think of songs that have the word "Crystal" in them

I must pass this on, blond joke, no offense intended

Dildo Wielding Lesbianics......

Hey! I just realized I have a job interview tomorrow, c'mon lounge

Time for a picture thread. Here's one I did on the RNC's nickel:

OMG....Colbert's "The Word" was incredible tonight.

I had my meeting with my supervisor and company owner today

Anyone here ever have arthroscopy on your knee?


I am crying again!

How old is TOO old for breastfeeding

This is the kind of DU post we all love.

Minnesotans: do you think it strange that we have BOTH

What have they DONE to the German Shepherd ?

I think you're guilty

American Idol - my thoughts on tonight

Imagine a country that has a flag that says "BURN THIS FLAG"

Guy Car, Girl Car I will guess


What is the most loved pitch?

Hey, I have a "2nd" interview tomorrow

The Continuing Crisis, or Adventures in Spinal Issues with the Prophetess

DU is...

Has anyone ever lost their sight in one eye?? I am about to...

Cleveland meetup-March 4-PIX!!!!

Tomorrow's Lost episode is a ANOTHER


So I'm being interviewed by the COO, and he stops to take a call...

Damnit! Dammit!


Please share your favorite rap lyrics here...

Well I hate to continue with the bad news

Which battle of movie "titans" or "wizards" do you most enjoy?

"This is Marlin Perkins here for Mutual of Omaha's...


Eddie Izzard: "Dress to Kill" - Sunday 3/12 BBC 9:00 PM PT/ET

I just got my caucus ON!

Campaign idea against bigots?

Pastor Forced to Foot Bill for 'Police Protection' During Pro-Family Rally

Ohio Democratic Senate Candidate Advocates Death Penalty for Gays

I brought my Beagle home today

Tomorrow's News: Time for another prediction thread

So, there will be no investigation of the NSA wiretapping

John Kerry is suppose to be on larry King talking about Dana Reeves.

dupe - delete

KOEB Meeting: 3/7/06: Happy Anniversary to the Clubhouse! Edition

Abortion Poll (First Trimester)

The Children of Rape

Would Cheney be talking shit about Iran without his huge security detail?

I'd like some answers from the Crawford Peace House.

Tonight (3/7) on Countdown....

What the heck is loser Shrum doing on Hardball?

Whos' ready to stand with South Dakota Women ?


Robertson: "Before end of year there will be another vacancy" on SCOTUS

Please contact all your Congressional & Senate canidates

DP World Chairman Sultan Sulayem on CNN with

VIDEO- Bush's Rug Obsession

Where did all the money go at the "Crawford Peace House"?

"Honorable beaters of children, sadists, uniformed and in plain clothes.."

Do you think that the Republicans will frame Democrats on DRE machines?

O.M.G. Crawford Peace House paid RETAIL for paper towels, napkins,,,

Media's newest dead and/or missing pretty young female

How do the Dems win in November with electronic voting machines?

Afghan mission not up for debate, Harper says

VIDEO- Sultan Bin Sulayem on the Dubai Ports

Fort Mitchell Man Arrested After Protesting Bow And Arrow Ban

Lack of Jail Space Prompts Early Release for Medical marijuana crusader

Norton Anti-Virus is a POS! I've been with them since my First Computer!

South Dakota abortion law unlikely to ever take effect, experts say

Other Dem candidates who were held up as "inevitable nominees"

GOP Bills Would Allow Warrantless Wiretapping

The Unknown --- by Donald Rumsfeld

Did Clinton ever want the line-item veto?

Just watch James DeWitt on Hardball. He;s good and knows

Jon Stewart to "rip the oscar ceremonies a new one" tonight.

Dean: America's Security Should Be America's Business

Nice piece of propaganda CNN

False report of 100 headless bodies in Iraq.

I smell "the jury is still out on global warming" written all over this...

Security breaches at key U.S. ports

Why isn't Cheney in Guantanamo

Sagan's Cosmos replaying on Science Channel, 193 on Dish

Pension fund sues Hewlett-Packard over Carly Fiorina $21.4 M severance

HOUSE RollCall Patriot Act

I just saw an ad for Air America radio on CNN...

We are in 'trig bubble'

Burlington VT: Progressive Wins In IRV !!

Polls In Texas Are Closed

Delay Is Winning At The Moment

Updated DeLay Results In Now!!

BUCKLE UP! We are in this life together whether we like it or not.

Yet ANOTHER reason we went into Iraq (this from Bill O'Reilly)

What will happen first? Impeachment or Terrorist Attack?

Should governors have Line Item Veto?

About Little Hitler -- er um Sean Allen

Cheney was "in your face" America today with AIPAC

Do you read the EULA?

Senate panel rejects bid for NSA inquiry

My email to Roberts about NSA spying

We need to out Republican the Republicans.

The old lovers' nuclear tango

Okay, so I'm one sick pup here - I signed up to get email from American

Voting Rights Act Gets ACLU Push to Renew

Any Lawyers here who can look over this Georgia Senate "paper trail" Bill?

No offense to KO but I personally think the NSA Spying story ought to be 1

If you see this guy coming for your neck...RUN!!

Talking point suggestion: Start calling PA "The Enabling Act II"

The Orwellian nature of our complicit media never ceases to amaze me.

Powers of 10. Not new but still very cool

Live results Texas 28 cuellar vs Rodriguez - ciro ahead early -->

'helpmate' used 4x in Bible--2x for God, 1x for a mil pwr, 1x for woman

Canada's Military Goes on Offence at Home--Toronto Star

We can protect the democracy here -

Psst - about the TX primary - we want to DeLay to WIN

I must pass this on, blond joke, no offense intended

See the TV ad about clean air with Nuclear Energy?

My son was ranted at by right wing teachers in school

Eruption Vesuvius

So I'm sitting here watching a documentary on JFK and I can only think:

How are you responding to the current crop of Republicans?

So, how long has the Patriot Act been renewed for?

Help commemorate the Iraq war's third anniversary (AFSC)

* and Condi - what's the deal?

If Barry Goldwater were alive today, I wonder what his view of the GOP

Elite Troops Get Expanded Role on Intelligence (NYT)

Question regarding primaries

Annan Says Coalition May Be Violating Law

BUSHLANDIA: America Through the Prism of Foreign Carnivals

They want us to war with Iran over 'machine-shop welds and telltale signs'

Are there any currrent updates on the TX primary? It's 10:15PM out there

This MUST NOT be forgotten!!! bushflash video of Saddam + CIA

Amercia- From Freedom to Fascism

Rumsfeld blames another 'al' for Iraqi resistance.

Has Tucker been given the boot?

G.O.P. Senators and Bush Reach Wiretap Accord

I'M i missing something about all this Hillary talk in 08

Frist Poll: Constitutional amendment to protect the Flag?

what's going on with silicosis injury trials?? connected to asbestos damag

Lest we forget (or never knew at all)....

House Agrees To Vote On Ports

Three years ago today: El Baradei says Bush lied in his State of the Union

232,545 people are deciding the fate of women's rights in this country.

Abortion Rights isn't Men vs Women. It's Privacy vs Control.

What ELSE should we throw Doctors in prison for?

Red Rummy calling a Constitution "a piece of paper" on C Span.

Sen. Pat Roberts is a TRAITOR!

Dubai Ports World tells Congress to go to hell

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers with Peter Werbe

Good News; Bad News, from Conyers' Blog:

Instead of referring to it as "Pro-Choice" or a woman's "Right to Choose"

vile right wing hatred

Great website - make your own Bush speech

TX-28 live results here! (Cuellar v. Rodriguez)

Is there any limit to the number of things a congress can repeal?

Colbert: The Long War (Rummy's latest name for the snafu we're in)

What's taking so long in Texas???

Democrats have had the winning issue laid in their laps, yet.....

* goes to Crawford to vote in primary election - pics >>

Photographer/filmmaker Gordon Parks Dead

Texas sees jump in home foreclosures

New Daily Show Tonight! Starts at 11:00pm ET!

Dana Reeve said Christopher phoned John Kerry on the day he died.

On a West Virginia mountainside: The Cost of War

I have NOW gone from Terrified to PISSED! IRAN Bourse!

VIDEO - Murtha Responds to Cheney's Latest Iran Threats

Watch the rerun of Larry King later - Dana Reeves friends ripped on Bush

This year may just be the high water mark of the conservative

Making moves on the DNC, Harold Ickes...Clinton advisor et al

SD's new tourism PICTURE>>>. anyone know how to get it on the page?

Live blogging from the Women say no to war t! Updates on Cindy Sheehan too

Who doesn't believe the Republicans are assisting in a cover-up?

found this little gem about the difference between conserv/liberal..hehe

Please pay attention to this deal with Romania.

Sen. Rockefeller Raises Dire Warnings Re: Canceling of NSA Hearings

To all those DUers who do not support Cindy's actions in front of the UN

How Many DUers Have Heard About the Still Growing Major Alaskan Oil Spill?

There is a really big problem with absolutes,

Anti-abortion idiots are getting COLD FEET about taking case to SCOTUS.

While You Were Sleeping Patriot Renewal Act Passed

There should be no doubt in anyones mind, November is ours.

How likely do you see it that Bush et al will be imprisoned for war crimes

In Memory of Gordon Parks: A Great Artist & Great Man

Floating around the "Internets"

Anne Braden | 1924-2006

Sexism and Prejudice. Not Just For Men Any More.

A weekend at Bernies ... with ... Barrack ... this Friday! O...M...G...

**** CHN Report on Federal Budget for FY 2007 **** EMAIL CONGRESS ****

Freepers dissing my election!

It's effing amazing. You'd rather me drive by with Capt. Morgan than

Men and abortion

Know your BFEE: Moussaoui Must Die for Bush and 'His' Government

In case you missed it, IMPEACHMENT PANEL ONLINE VIDEO>>>

Did they, did they, did they?

Cheney speaks again, but afraid to mention Katherine Harris

CIA Fights Libby's Request for Information

John Stewart's "Cheney Shot Bjork" Joke....

"Mr. Bush should have just stayed home"

What if...

how else is is refreshing the Delay race site like mad?

Repubs reject investigating Bush; spy probe detrimental to nat'l security

kudos to Senator Harkin: withdrawal is "THE ONLY SOLUTION"

Brother Jeb Steal's San Leon Co.'s Vote: The Animation

John Edward's: Soviet Union US relations headed in wrong direction

MP3 of portion of “Is There a Case for Impeachment?”

Bush photo: You can FEEL joie de la vie oozing from every effing PORE.

Kos:TX-28: Results thread:already have voting irregularities

TX 28 irregularity question

I just finished "Common Sense" by

A thought about War with Syria

US envoy to Iraq: 'We have opened the Pandora's box'

KKKarl, where are you????

JOSHUA FRANK: How the Green Party Slays Their Own - Interview John Murphy

What's the deal with this election in Texas anyway?

MyDD is reporting on strange events in Ciro/Cuellar race

The first Wednesday in November...

More tampering with absentee ballots found

Why are there only a handful of Conyers in Congress? Many of these...

Republicans - Get the hell out of my personal life!

BBM - Let's move on

The Republican Party Is Destroying the Constitution & The Bill of Rights

And one from the WTF files.........

Rodriguez kicking Cuellar's butt in Texas!

Would you be embarrassed if you were a Republican ?

GOP Attempt to Block Challenge to Ports Deal Collapses

Thanks, Steve Colbert, for tonight's WORD - THE LONG WAR

"Flag Protection Amendment" - email from Frist

The REAL reason for going to Iraq?

They still insist on trying to balance budget on backs of neediest

Rumsfeld Says Media Exaggerating Iraqi Civilian Deaths; but no examples

DeLay vote in TX

Chris and Dana Reeve were proud democrats - CNN

Vermont towns call on Bernie Sanders, to file articles of impeachment

As time is running out our party leaders cannot agree on strategy

High U.S. Earners Criticize Bush Economic Policies, Poll Finds

What do the United Steelworkers Union & the Sierra Club have in common?

Compare Bush to Hitler....are you kidding?

2006: The Summer of the I-Word.

IL 6th CD newspaper endorsements, Duckworth sweep!!!

When will a lefty editorial cartoonist make this one?

God: I've lost faith in Blair

Why US shapes new global rules

Better Off Ted

MOGAMBO GURU: "This Is One Big Freaking Humongous Butterfly"

Brenda Snipes--the Emperor's Procuratrix ...

Guantanamo tactics acceptable, prosecutor says at Case

Gene Lyons on dogs, cats and fads

Government Hurricane Insurance

Wisconsin - Urgent Legislative Issue-cap damages in medical malpractice

See Dick Loot

What's Wrong With America: The Conservative View

Parsing the Polls: The Bush Burden?

RAWA statement on the International Women's Day

Santorum writes foreword for book on intelligent design

KRUGMAN: Bush India words show he only cares for Haves & Have Mores


Bush and the Ports: The Honeymoon Is Over(Good Info On UAE * Ties)

LAT's Parsons: An Issue Bigger Than a Toll Road

NY Daily News: (NY) Vote machine fiasco ripped

Busting on O'Reilly

The Problem of Thin-Skinned Politicos

Sectarian strife drives Iraqi families from homes

The Planet Can't Wait - David Ignatius - WP

Satan is Resting Easy: The Power of Christ “Propels” Them

For Latin America watchers, a great Noam Chomsky interview

Bush, Iran and the peril of religion

Dear Howard, I'm writing to say goodbye

Busting the Clinton Ghost

Warning! Fiscal Hurricane Approaching!

France, Spain, Italy, Portugal Thinking Of Joint Forest Fire Force - AFP

Beached Whales In Japan Hold 10X Maximum Allowable Mercury Contamination

NC Barrier Islands Under Climate Gun, State Legislature Hears

PG&E Adds More Renewable Geothermal Energy to Electric Mix

Rapid Carbon Fluctuations During Cretaceous May Have Done For Dinos

Human Chikungunya Case Confirmed In Madagascar - Reuters

Minnesota Forests Show Rapid Changes As Warming Accelerates - MPR

Gray wolves gaining ground up north (ME/NH/Quebec)

Scientists Issue Unprecedented Forecast Of Next Sunspot Cycle

Federal Government May Limit Krill Fishing - SF Chronicle

Photo-series of glacier collapse at Palmer Station Antarctica (OMFG!)

Despite Hurdles, Global Solar PV Growth is Sustained in 2005

Purdue probes 'cold fusion' fraud claim (CNN/Reuters)

Even Minor Temperature Rise May Finish Pacific Northwest Skiing Industry

Net Energy

JASON MILLER: Satan is Resting Easy -- The Power of Christ "Propels" Them

Comptroller: Gov't bungled Gaza pullout

Hamas website: Kids, die for Allah

Recognizing Israel for What It Is

U.S.: Discrimination, corruption in Israel

UN expert: Jewish settlers 'terrorize' Palestinians

PA Chairman Abbas endorses Olmert in Knesset elections

Israel's broken romance with its settlements

Arab woman eyes Foreign Service

ISRAEL will have to ACT on IRAN if UN can't - Reuters

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition! Please, please sign.

The Legend of United Flight 93

Debunking Scholars for 9/11 Truth on the Pentagon

Alone in the Universe?

Plane melting into butter-creme Tower

Please don't respond to any "no second plane" posts unless

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition to Congress: PLEASE SIGN-->

DIEBOLD - Judge Declines Protection - N.C.

the dinos own the machines.

FL: Ion Sancho Initiates Legal Proceedings Against Diebold

TrueVote MD releases docs detailing Diebold failures, violations of law

Podcast of Bonifaz on Flanders Air America show

Miami Herald: Election official hammered for telling truth about Diebold

Daily Election News Thread... March 8, 2006

Instant Runoff Voting: 3rd Party wins Mayor race in Vermont

Haven't had a good First District war of words in a vote

Blouin's answer to the question of women's choice?

Any DUers licensed contractors? I need electricians, decorators, etc.

John Bonifaz's Air America / Laura Flanders podcast

Healey selects Hillman as running mate

Prepare your impeach * town meeting articles and resolutions now

DFL Preference Poll Results (75% of 4,125 precints reporting)

Opening XP files and context menu slow

Roger Owen WON the District 1 primary?! How can this be?

Get The Word Out-- THIS Gene Kelly Can't Dance

And while no one was watching...

I am speechless

RW Radio Tax Rate Crybaby Dan Patrick wins Dist 7 State Senate...

I'm from Webb County

'Nother Question-the County Convention-how does that work?

A precinct chair race to get excited about! DU hero wins.

Derby378 needs some love

"Webb County is corrupt"

Pink Dome on the HD 108 race. SNORK!

How I spent my Primary vacation

One DINO down. Cuellar.

Who the F*&^ is Gene Kelly? And why is he in a runoff?

Lets honor the DINOs at the state convention.

A comment on "weak" candidates. Before ANYONE runs they should


Call for Party Unity in Nueces County

Ding dong the dick it dead! (Joe Nixon)

Damn the naysayers, I made a precinct convention happen

Meanwhile, in other news, I am now a precinct chair

$12.50 a vote

Cuellar "Wins," no runoff?

Sick of our weak candidates

How does someone get 100% of the vote? District 16?

Please explain the precinct meetings from tonight-how are they supposed to

State Rep District 133

I am so proud of my parents tonight

I love ya'll! I had a f**king great day!

I have new cookware! Cooking With Calphalon, got a sweet

anybody ever freeze store bought frosting?

Are there foods you WANT to like, but just can't bring yourself to eat?

What do you do with chicken tenders? I have some

Canada needs to protect its energy supplies: report

Drought prompts cut in Nile flow

Amnesty petitions US new UN Human Rights Council


Technical Problems Cause Errors in SAT Test Scores

Embattled US Rep. DeLay wins Texas primary...

Cheney Mum About GOP Senate Candidate

Republicans defy Bush over ports

Lax Oversight Blamed for High Gas Prices

U.N.: No Second Wave of Deaths After Quake

workers recovery 56,000 gallons, mostly oil

Senate Panel Drops Spending Cuts

School finance failures take toll on incumbents

Senate panel rejects bid for NSA inquiry

Filipino women protest Arroyo and US

Gov. Bush focuses on past achievements, skips contentious topics (Jeb)

House panel rejects Kaine nominee for cabinet post (War on Unions)

2 (more) bodies found, believed Katrina victims

Mexican actors denied visas (to attend screening)

Iran will be stopped, Cheney vows to Israeli lobbyists

VA: House Panel Reject Kaine Nominee for Cabinet Post

Report: N. Korea fires missiles — by mistake?

McCarthy announces he'll run for Thomas' seat in Congress

Midway runway no place for walk

Gunmen Kidnap Up to 50 Workers in Baghdad

Ciro Rodriguez has lost to Henry Cuellar in the Dem TX-28 primary

Bolivia seen likely to end IMF financing ties

(Fed) 2006 (levee) rebuilding effort based on 1959 study

Vermont Towns Endorse Move To Impeach Bush

Affordable housing reaches quandary

Diebold Adjusts 2005 Earnings Downward by Six Cents per Share

Teacher who compared Bush to Hitler put on Leave

Traders blamed for high heat bills; regulations urged

House Republicans Fight Bush on Ports Deal

Bush to Visit Hurricane-Damaged Gulf Coast

Group Targets (James) Dobson for Alleged Ties to Lobbyist (Abramoff)

42,000 at GM to have their pensions cut (Who's next?)

'Amateur' (campaign finance) filing dents image of latest Hil foe

Democrats' Data Mining Stirs an Intraparty Battle (Ickes, Soros)

Fight Looms on Lawmakers' Use of Corporate Jets

13 Fujimori's ex-ministers face trial in Peru

What YOU can do to help Charlotte Pritt in her lawsuit against the RNC

Moscow opposes Iran sanctions

Terror allies waging turf war (Afghan & Pakistan)

Al-Sadr: Radical solution to satisfy all sides regarding premiership

US [Bush] dials back the volume on 'democracy' [in MidEast]

Gitmo Prosecutor Denies Detainees Tortured

Afghan Poppy Eradication Campaign Launched

Rep. Foley may consider run for U.S. Senate seat (Florida)

Just heard on AAR HIllary is going to raise 40 million for relection

Fear flies high at new Iraq air force's first base

3 College Students Arrested in Alabama Church Fires

NBC: Two arrests in Alabama church fires

US criticises Iran, China on human rights

Democracy no guarantor of rights

Moroccan cannabis farmers face ruin

Liberal group targets Dobson (Abramoff ties, Huge ad in NYT)

Ariz. Governor Orders Troops to Border

Legal Action Against Diebold in Florida! (Brad's Blog)

Sectarian strife drives Iraqi families from homes

Rebel group in Colombia defects

Iraqi air force stands up its first operational C-130 squadron

White House says Iran statements provocative (re: "harm and pain")

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 8 March

Mexico to compensate woman denied an abortion after rape

Elite Troops Get Expanded Role on Intelligence

Venezuela Orders 36 Large Ships From Brazil

Bush Renews Veto Threat Amid Moves to Kill Ports Deal

Bush position on Dubai ports unchanged-White House

Iraq police find 18 hanged men on Baghdad bus

US report blames weak Iraq rule for abuses

Body of (23 yr. old) Iraq war vet found in Martic Twp. (suicide)

Bird Flu Could Hit Americas Within A Year: UN

Iran’s Rafsanjani says U.S. will be defeated

Indian Point (Nuclear Plant) Warning Sirens Fail

Americans Want Saddam to Hang if Convicted

Fastow Testifies Lay Knew of Enron's 'Serious Problems'

Nonprofit where Abramoff was director wrote articles favoring his clients

House Committee just voted to block the Dubai Port deal!

Bush criticizes Congress over New Orleans levees

Police defend shooting strategy - London

Teacher's dad reports death threats over Bush-Hitler comparison

Sen. Clinton slams GOP immigration bill

Rebels 'on run' in Iraq (says the commander of Australian forces in Iraq)

Iran-UAE keen on expansion of bilateral ties

Iran Threatens U.S. With 'Harm and Pain'

Former Texas Governor Ann Richards diagnosed with cancer

US forces release two former Iraqi officials (playing-card #16)

(Katherine) Harris says she won't drop out of Senate race

Forty-Four Percent Of Americans Strongly Disapprove Of Bush (Gallup)

AP: 1 of every 20 workers is an illegal immigrant, study says

New animal resembles furry lobster

Liberals seek $60B in cuts to defense

Ecuador declares emergency in 3 states

Zimbabwe threatens to "eliminate" opponents

G.O.P. Senators and Bush Reach Wiretap Accord

Charlotte Pritt takes the stand - Testifies against the RNC.

CNN Breaking :Roman Catholic archdiocese of Dublin report says 102 priests

China warning to US over Taiwan

Debit card thieves get around PIN obstacle (Biggest Scam to Date)

Men's-Rights Activists Want a "Roe v. Wade for Men"

Reagan Navy Secretary Enters Race to Challenge Sen. Allen

House Republicans oppose Bush's Medicare cuts (? '07 budget passage)

Colombian President Slaps 'Ignorant' Label On Bruce Willis

GOP Halts Paid Voter-Drive Program

Gallup: More Than Half of Americans Reject Evolution, Back Bible

Breaking News: Dozens seized at Baghdad security firm: police

One of My Favorite Jokes (It's long but worth it)

Now here's a sad James Blunt.

Brokeback summed up in four words:

Brokeback Mountain in 30 Seconds

Aww, hell. The weather's shifting. I painted today & it's snowing tomorrow

People just can't rock like Little Richard used to

Does anyone remember "Schoolhouse Rock"?

MLB fans: can we induct Barry Bonds' chemist into the HOF?

Who made the salad?

People keep raving about how great Michelle Williams looked at the Oscars

wooohoooo, i just made my month donation

How in the world do billyskank's good night threads stay alive

alright, who hit the PAUSE button in the lounge?

XemaSab is out of control!

Christopher Reeve's widow dead at 44

boy has the aroma of Pizza been strong in GD the past few days

I have not posted a sex thread in a couple of days!

time to make like billyskank and say goodnight to everyone

Here's the deal:

You are an MLB position player - whose pitch do you NOT want to face?

What have they DONE to the Australian Shepherd ?

GoodNight, DU!

Who tossed the salad?

So if someone accused you of doing something you didn't do

Dave Reynolds and XemaSab are the ten worst people I know

I am the Anti-Christ

You people are all looney as tunes tonite!

Good night!

Got Your Free Gum Yet???...


Why are there three "good night" threads by billyskank

Damn it!

Where are SeattleGirl and Robeson???

This is the SEAL goodnight thread

In Germany, soccer is easily the most popular sport

'24' President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) P.O.'d about being killed off

Looks like the alien partied too much

Sometimes I really wonder about stuff

Wish I'd known about this site two weeks ago

I want to have babies

So, if I can't charge $600 to a Visa,, I have to suffer with a toothache?

Lookout Canada! The Matcom's Are INVADING!!

Good night my DU friends!

So what happened to killer bees?

WHaaaZZZUUUPP!?!??! Having some milk... watching the game

Poll Colors.

OK, you're all on REPORT

Does anyone recognize this symbol?

If dogs could talk....

Why is Milka the only non-dark chocolate I like?

The blonde airline passenger

Bestiality charge for deputy fire chief

I'm finished with chasing the dream.

Be My MySpace Friend

Subway blogging (for LynneSin)

Those Moffatts are 22 today

PSA for the day - do not come down with Restless Leg Syndrome

The oddest thing you will see all day

The Democratic Party's secret weapon in Tennessee...

Hey, remember me?

The Muppet Matrix . . . .

From the Caucus last night:

I got a package in the mail from Canada yesterday, and the DHS had

Hey, jpgray! Pass me an 'orhinge'

HUMP day earworm.

5 Year Old Called For Jury Duty

i just got a call from American Express

The night Chicago died is the greatest song ever

A case of mistaken identity

Derby378 needs some DU hugs! (x-post from Texas)

Follow-up to yesterday's post: Who would you crucify?

What are you benching, Big Guy???

I'm made of felt, and my nose comes off. Discuss.

Pacifists riot in London

Damn. Gotta reduce my time at the 'puter.

Update on Eleanor.

Gordon Parks, director of "Shaft," dies:

TV memories: "James at 15"

Is it me or is it Rachael Ray?

Threads that make Baby Jesus Cry

Happy International Women's Day, ladies.

Need the pic of someone else helping Bush with his zipper

(LOL) American Idol last night- a mynx is not calamari or SALmon

David Hasselhoff's estranged wife requests temporary restraining order

Drinking Liberally - in a town near you!

So, I finished reading 1984 last night...

Smoking Gun: Arizona Fire Chief found in a neighbor's barn with pants down

Mysterious Package sent to me

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/8/06)

More wierdness around my church

Congratulations xchrom!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations BurtWorm!! 25000 posts

Doc: Suspect Tried to Bite Self to Death

OK, who should Joani and I visit on the East Coast

"The Marble Faun" (for viewers of the Maysles' film "Grey Gardens")

ELECTION 2006: Vote for your favorite women's undergarment here.

Exit polls show "Slip" with 2 to 1 advantage over undergarment contenders.

So... George W. Bush visits an elementary school and...

CNN Poll: Does anyone else find this inappropriate?

That's it--I'm rhyming "orange"

Zen Arcade - Husker Du...anyone like it?

What is the most loved pitch?

What is the most loved ditch?

Anyone else love Deeyah?

Well I tried cooked spinach for the first time today.

Sex thread!!!

"Two and a Half Men" makes me laugh out loud!

Look at all these cockroaches!

Any Boston Legal fans

OOO-OO-OOO .... ...... OOO-OO-OOO

Can someone answer my questions about ISPs in easy-to-understand language?

Right now! "The Song Remains the Same" is on TV

How much are a brazilian cockroaches?

Cutest kitten of the day!!

Post a Clean Joke Here!

HELP! Computer screw up

Another friend of mine has joined DU! Please welcome bedpanartist!

Doc: Victim Tried to Bite Self to Death

What is the most loved bitch?

Cheesy songs that put you in a good mood.

I walked out of a movie for the first time I can remember.

May I ask something serious in the lounge?


I just ate THREE corndogs for lunch. How long do I have to live?

Beer Muscles

Wrinkle-free shirts? Really?

Kirby Puckett's most memorable achievment...

All the years combine

Anyone in the Pittburgh, PA area with a Naim 72/140?

Well, the Lounge seems to be back to it's snarky self, and the

Post your favorite wise saying here......Backwards!!

I would like to make a prediction....

Favorite Democratic Musician?

Buy Blue is down. Anyone have any comparable links?

hello boys.

Important news!

"You can't expect Indians to eat Kid food; that's just too weird."

Guess the real subject line!!!!!

Does Jason Patric make a better....


Grr. We've got a new production person and the old one is on vacation

Something Terrible Just Happened to Me!

What places should I visit around the Toronto Canada area

Happy Birthday to Kathy Ireland! 43 today!

A new one

The stupidest thing ever said in our history?

Katie Holmes "Birthing Partner" announced: Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham

Eddie Izzard on Sharks:

Who thought that Ozzy Osborne's CrazyTrain would a modern day Nostradameus

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 start in October

WOW! I just spend almost all day in GD

Citizenship Party for LionessPriyanka

My new boss is computer illiterate. weird.

Mom Shocked To Learn She Bought Her Sons "Girls Gone Wild" Tickets

Goodnight you all!

Whee! First of the season!

Cooking really is a talent, one that I don't have.

Threes Company, Three Muskateers, Three Men & a Baby, Three Stooges?

I just tried a new flavor of instant oatmeal.

Read this about Horowitz..

Bacteria may make Styrofoam recyclable

anybody else love the show "Numb3rs" with Judd Hirsh and

Why doesn't anyone reply to my "Brazilians" threads?

Is it wrong for me to be enjoying Team USA losing this much?

Sheriff's Deputy Shoots Himself During Firearms Training

Jury duty.

For those who complain about the Brazilian joke, a song...

What about a 24 hour ban for every brazillian joke in the lounge?

The TV PG logo... do they now put it up after EVERY commercial break?

Looking for a song...

Is anyone here a Paralegal?

Worst "managment-eese"

Any "Lost" fans in here?

Keep those essential oils and proteins where they belong!

people who make posts complaining about the Brazilian joke

Post here if yivver girl has captured your imagination

Check out this website.

Post Random Praise About a Good Musical Artist/Group!

Am I a shallow young man for loving Giada De Laurentiis?

I Am A Fucking Idiot! Seriously!

Kids love to snoop.. What's the craziest thing you ever found?

I'm sick of tv pimping retro.

Must-read article on Feline Christianity

Windows Media Player or Real Player?

Couldn't help forwarding this joke.

Post here is your local news anchor has a porn star name.

Travolta to reprise Divine's role as Edna Turnblad in "Hairspray" remake

I am drawing again

Anyone else watching the mini-series on VH1 about toys?

What the hell is it?!

I come to you again...How to reheat 20 lbs of Orange Chicken??

What is your reaction to this?

Help! another computer question

I just finished my third book

Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!

What music have you listened to today?

You as a tennager: what would your theme-song be?

Update on the situation with my 5 year old and the substitute teacher

I spoke with RevCheesehead Yesterday

How retro are YOU?

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Al Pacino's best role?

Quiz: which sci-fi crew would you fit in?

Not trying to be a dramatic person here,

Is it really THAT unusual for an adult to have an ear infection?

Why does my cat do this?

I Am ____________ Today *double dose*

Atheists riot in London

Question about a photograph

Good night everybody.

California DU'ers. . . .anyone recognize this building?

So, the family gave up meat for lent

Do you like the baked or fried McDonald's pies better?

Which image do you prefer? (South Dakota)

Here he is... Rufus Harley, in his new favorite spot...

We Were Fetus Once, And Young

I lost the lid to my coffee mug!!

I just bought my last pack of cigarettes---

Another serious question

secrets to successful child rearing based on Mad Max movies

This is just wrong.

Tell me something, that if I know, I would be up nights worrying about it

Is Splenda your friend??? I think not!!!

Tossing Beheaded Chicken Into City Street Leads To Fine

Post a dumb saying.

A Dubya-load of songs... (updialers beware)

Change any word in a Movie Title with the word "Fetus"

Attention, IRON CHEF wannabes. Battle: Potato ! Your entry, here:

Will Canada consider Matcom's visit an act of war?

How do you knock out a platoon of U.S. Marines in two easy steps?

Dear Skinner: I recommend the immediate and irrevocable

Life is one large, self-deluding lie.

Post your Words of Wisdom here:

Paula Dean's lasagna looks like it'll kill you in five minutes.

The Ultimate Quirky Movie

My Citizenship Interview was today...

Name a really, really useful household hint

Favorite song from the year of your birth?

I am Spartacus...

For Those of You Who Consider Yourselves Spiritual and/or Religious...

Do some people have a premonition of their own death?

An answer to those who ask "What is the religious community doing...

Atheists call Christians "flat-earthers" - but flat earth not Biblical?

HIV denial. Christine Maggiore looses her child to HIV.

Furry 'lobster' found in Pacific

Five Soldiers Charged In Gay Man's Beating

Conservatives Push N.H. Lawmakers To Vote For Gay Marriage Ban

Church Broke Law In Pushing Gay Marriage Amendment

Bitter Campaign Begins Over Alaska Gay Benefits

House Attempts To Kill Gay Hate Crimes Bill

Crystal Lake, Ill rescinds ban on Gay Games rowing event

Champions League second leg!

Gay in Land of the Holy Rollers (the Esera Tuaolo story)

A fitting tribute to Kirby Puckett for all baseball fans.

"Tagliabue's impassioned plea gives owners pause"....

Haikus Written by Cats

okay so was it Nostradamus or Cayce who mentioned this guy?

Kerry Joins CBC to Highlight Voting Rights Act

Article on JK's Northern Ireland speech from the Derry Journal

MSNBC: Democrats battle over voter data

Upcoming TV (C-Span) event for Sen. Kerry in NH (3/11/06)

A few good deeds from Kerry on environment these last few days.

Why are the Dems having a special caucus today

John Bolton testifies in front of SFRC on 3/14/06 on UN Reform.

Does Meehan know something about Kerry and 2008 or is he just hoping?

Democrats offer Kerry 2004 healthcare reforrm as an help for small busin.

Good times.

Kerry, Landrieu Report Exposes Administration Failures on Katrina Recovery

Ok, I smell something rotten in Denmark

Line item veto discussion

This group is getting WAY too wonky today!

You all NEED to see this (it's good...what I've read so far anyway)

Poll in GD: Gore v. Kerry

Welcome to Kansas

Gordon Parks has died

When a tree falls in the forest ...

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/08/06: Port Deal, Nay; Wiretaps, Yeah.

KO will be on Q&A on C-SPAN on Sunday

Eddie Izzard: "Dress to Kill" - Sunday 3/12 BBC 9:00 PM PT/ET

JASON MILLER: Satan is Resting Easy -- The Power of Christ "Propels" Them

Everybody Matters...Version 2.0

League of Grateful Sons

Got this in an e-mail

I am totally horrified at most DUers attitudes about meth!

"DEXTERA DOMINI": 'Pastoral care of left-handed persons"

So, what needs to happen now with abortion?

'DeLay Wins Four-Way Battle for Nomination'

Dem turnout high in Tx, but Rep turnout still larger. Help!

Just like a Cheney shotgun blast, a big war could occur. So

Bush impeached for high crimes & misdemenors until it happens

Vt. Towns Endorse Move to Impeach Bush >

Some Abortion Foes Question S.D. Tactics

Coast To Coast Show becoming more a GOOD way

The curse of life

did the CIA cooperate w/ Libby defense?

Self defense and non violence

It's the ECONOMY.....stupid....


Stupid Question

Chinese girl dies of bird flu

I'm not blaming evil men but

washington journal time

The truth S.D. lawmakers won't tell on abortion law

When will a lefty editorial cartoonist make this one?

Delay won the primary per article on Washington Journal

Some good letters in my local paper

The Court-Martial Of Willie Brand

The New York Stock Exchange Goes Public!

War correspondent Kevin Sites to receive Daniel Pearl Award

A link to a hysterically funny Bush imitation video

BUSH TO BLAIR: "Let's Paint Spy Planes with U.N. Colors" & Start A War...

Top Pollster Worked As Political Adviser

2303 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Steve Bell: The United States Abhors Torture ...

The numbers behind the lies - how bad is the economy

Line-item veto being discussed on WaJournal (congresscritter on)

Do you find this story the least bit inspirational?

House Republicans to try to block ports deal - Republicans Out

For those of you who oppose Hillary Clinton, consider this.

Consortium,which includes Carlyle Group to buy Dutch media giant VNU

Rumsfeld: Situation in Iraq 'exaggerated' by media

Transcript of Cheney speaking at AIPAC 2006 Policy Conference yesterday

Iran and US: Hey you two!


Funniest Video Ever

The Bush Administration's new and improved Bill of Rights from Slate

What's your definition of a "moderate" Republican?

Spike Lee: "Condi! Stop smoking that crack!"

US Plans to Open Representative Office in Iran - First time in 25 years

VIDEO- UAE and Victor Bout

They Came for the Chicken Farmer (NYT Edit) Gitmo OUTSIDE The Law!

What American "company" will Bush choose as partner in "compromise"?

I want to move to Vermont!!!! 'Progressive Wins 2nd Round in Burlington'

South Dakota Adoption Services - 2007 *GRAPHIC*

The DCeiver: Fight SD Abortion Law Anywhere But the Courts

Elite Troops Get Expanded Role on Intelligence

Did anyone see that Keith O is going to be on "Q & A"


Anyone know what the turn out for Delay's Primary election was?



Paying Down Large Debt = Homeland Security Threat (article) :

Junior is about to speak from New Orleans...

Did anyone watch the frontline special last night on the NO storm?

The Crawford Coward Casts His Vote ---pix--->>>

MSNBC: Ports Deal: Do you think * should listen to the critics or stand...

The editors of the National Review come out against SD's abortion ban

Gunmen Wearing Iraqi Police Uniforms Seize Dozens At Baghdad Security Co.

What Prominent Dems Have Spoken Out Against SD Abortion Law?

Rep. Murtha's coming to my work tomorrow!

Iran and stupidity and the neocons

1 arrested in alabama church fires. copycat. mentally ill.

Why the fascination with Rudy?

Man Accused Of Raping 'Disrespecting' 15-Year-Old

(TOON) Steve Bell on the US human rights record

It's never too early...

Vermont town votes to Impeach

Group photo of Bush, Gonzales, Cheney, and Rumsfeld

If we impersonated repub voters by displaying this bumpersticker -

The New Orleans Hornets are playing a HOME Game Tonight

Democratic circular firing squad?

NewsMax: House Impeachment Support Growing

CNN Poll: Does anyone else find this inappropriate?

Freepy WorldNetDaily Has Turned on Bush with a Vengeance!

Big Brother is Watching Everyone, Everywhere

Funky Winkerbean bothers right-wing wackos

The Bushism for today is...

Senate Lobbying reform: Reid Amendment up now on CSPAN2

U.S.envoy to Iraq says Bush's invasion opened door for sectarian violence

The crawford coward is on cnn lying his ass off again

Propagandist speaking in"this part of the world"

Conyers and Barney Franks against the House bill as written cspan 1

An excellent change to voting rules

CNN Reporting men in Iraqi Security uniforms abducted >50 people

Teacher who compared Bush to Hitler put on Leave

Impeachment of Bush will show the true face of the Conservative Movement

Wow, check out Jane Harman's primary challenger

Happy Women's day to all you Ladies on DU

Tell me what you think about this...

Wal-Mart using RW bloggers for propaganda

Pat Robertson: There WILL be another Supreme Court Vacancy

WH calls Iran remarks 'provocative' despite threatening them for weeks

Iranian oil bourse opens on March 16, 2006...?

eulogy for a heroine

(London) Police defend shooting strategy (Menezes)

BREAKING: Is the Navy warning us here...

Democrat for Senate: Death penalty for practicing 'gays'

How long have you been lurking/reading/posting at DU?

ALERT: Bush Orders Homeland Security To Help Religious Groups

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition to Congress: PLEASE SIGN-->

Just got this in an e-mail, regarding mulch from NO.

What are the chances of this in the future? President De Lay

Russia foreign minister opposes sanctions, military action on Ira

Texas congressional election yesterday very disappointing

Problem with Snopes?

42,000 at GM to have their pensions cut

I finally got totally disgusted

Well, I served our democracy yesterday.

Israel will have to act on Iran if UN can't

Divide and Conquer - The U.S. role in Iraq’s sectarian violence

BREAKING NEWS-NBC: Two arrests in Alabama church fires

Exclusive: Gp Which Paid For Delay Trips-Lobbied For Abramoff Clients

Movie Disclaimer...

Majlis bans depositing Iran’s oil revenues with foreign banks

Isn't there some way the Republican Congress can change

Santorum lauds anti-evolutionist (Phila Inquirer)

Freepers are all over the place on Bush, +gays...

Bush wants to spend more money

Thom Hartmann: Baker, Botts making $$$ from port deal

Bush is a Christian Socialist?

Ok, my story on pro-choice

new Wisc. law keeps Phelps-ites away from funeral..

FREEPER FRIENDS - they're afraid of me!!! But I'm a nice guy...

Laura, Bela and Tommy in India

how can bush's crimes NOT BE so much larger than what Clinton was impeache

Jackie K. had much more class than Laura.

In all the focus on TX-28, I forgot about the Senate race (results here)

Anything new in NOLA, Smirky? (photo)

SD's new tourism picture...

Did DeLay steal the election, or do his voters just love criminals?

Less than 10% of Texans voted in the primaries...

So Democrats and liberals have destroyed the fabric of our society, eh?

CNN news--VT towns (5) call for articles of impeachment--yes they just

It's good to know that in South Dakota...

women in immigration documentary denied visas to U.S.

Should we hold our collective breath waiting for Tweety's apology?

Catch Venessa Redgrave on Dem Now - Rachel Corey & Guantanamo

An Observation I have made on Cons and Torture. Anyone else notice it?

Bernie Sanders opposes GOP Patriot Act extension

The SD abortion law was passed to be 'red meat' for '06 - what if we

Tweety Wants Bush To Divorce Cheney (But Why?)

AARRGGHH!!! Do they think were STUPID? (Iran's "provocative" statements).

NPR started a blog today

11/01/05 - Senate shuts down, promises Phase II of Intel to war

Cheney's Still Gets His Way On National Security

Should US Military be subjected to politicization?

What YOU can do to help Charlotte Pritt in her lawsuit against the RNC

If you get a DCCC survey - Send them Justice is Comin's Pledge

GOP Halts Paid Voter-Drive Program: Investigation of Registration Fraud

LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND! You can print your own window DECALS!

What YOU can do to help Charlotte Pritt in her lawsuit against the RNC

Civilian Defense Union leaders call for Rumsfeld to resign

Amazing quotes from Rummy

gas prices up 30 cents since last week

Company working for China secret police to issue passports to Americans

Republican "logic" on display regarding oil conservation

pickles making a big announcement live on CNN

Trust the Texas DU'ers on Abortion

If you don't take the South Dakota law seriously, you are dead wrong

Outlawing abortions will not stop women from having them.

CNN is beating this LA Freeway SWAT Action to death.

C-SPAN NOW! 10:46 - Ginny Browne Waite is OBJECTING

Bad Reporter... cover-up edition...pretty darned funny

Strip-club operator runs for seat on school board

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 7)

Congressional cruise ship inquiry....

Ahh, so *that's* what a push poll looks like.

The decline in AMA membership....hmmmmm, here's a hint

Hey, Sopranos fans: great line from MSNBC advance on Sunday premier..

The UN Can Not Expand Help In Iraq Because of Two Things.....

The Bush Administration's Psy-Ops on the US Public

Gallup: Bush disapproval rating lowest of any president since Nixon

Those Eliz Dole survey letters? Write IMPEACH BUSH in big red

the kicking of New Orleans people continues

Arson At Holocaust History Project.

Thank goodness there was no racial component to the Alabama church fires

Conservative Forum on Bush:"Irresponsible-Vindictive-Inept: Dana Milbank

Mississippi outlaws Hog-Dog fighting

Bush Administration Criminal Count (So far) - 5

So Vanity Fair put in the same exact lies about Abramoff & Democrats

Just heard on AAR HIllary is going to raise 40 million for relection

Hillary will probably be HOWARD DEAN'ED in '08 (lose in early primaries)

Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush (Out In Paperback)

A "private, Iraqi Security Company"...(?)

"Guantanamo is a NIGHTMARE"

Report: Only $25m of $2b Katrina relief aid has been spent

Another e-exchange with local radio talkshow wingnut (calls us "blind pigs

Iran - Big

Does anyone know where Fucker Carlson went? Time slot is gone on E. Coast

Separated at Birth??? ---> Dick Cheney AND Bill Murray (Caddy Shack)

Lt. Mike Kafka. Not making this up.


OMG! If you knew how conservative this town was....

Franken's show is not as good as it used to be

Ned Lamont: Announcing Candidacy on 3/13 - AAR 3/10 5:30

How Repuke talking points are inadvertently spread around..& a cool site

Sam Seder doing Randis show for the rest of the week

More Myths About About Blacks and Racist Cops

DU this Detroit News poll ... and leave a comment if you wish

C-span panel on Impeachment

If you were alone in a room with *

USA lists the worlds human rights violators but not itself in new report

Bwahahaha, FReepers turn on Hannity

Fastow Testimony in Enron Trial Targets Lay

The Duct Tape on Mouth Phenomenon. Explanations?

NO MORE PURPLE: the battle lines are DRAWN.

ACLU: How Patriot Act 2 Would Further Erode Basic Checks...POLICESTATE -->

'Colo. Teacher's Dad Cites Death Threats' THEY threatened Bennish's DAD!

Ned Lamont will officially announce candiacy, 3/13/06

delete - dupe

Stars & Stripes letter: Eisenhower warned us

Has Faux news email banned the words "Keith Oldermann"

Leslie Blitzer REALLY pushing the UAE travelogues!

Could you DU this poll for me?

See Dick Loot---VP/Halliburton---Lion's Share of Contracts

Roll Call tears into Burns' office, aides over lobbies

Warning From Field Museum President: Bible Is Not Science

2,304 Dead

Thom Hartmann will host "Majority Report" tonight on AAR

Republicans trying to use UAE deal to save their hides in Nov.

Christian Peacemakers shown alive on new video

O'Reilly on the "Demise of Far-Left Radio Network Air America"

ports deal attached to emergency spending bill

Good strategy Democratic leadership...EXCELLENT

NYT: Bush "FEELING NO PAIN" about outsourcing, jobs

Which state wants to ban sex toys?

My abortion story.

Lou Dobbs Poll

We're from the government, and we're here to help.

arrghhh.. Mike Rogers (R) said "We can do better" with regard

Bumpersticker. "Liberal Appreciation Day. April 1st."

A "counter-boycott" encouraged by pro-rapists for South Dakota

VIDEOS- House Bits from Pension Protecton Act and Food Labelling Safety

congress's fault, faulty intelligence ect ect ect. uh who is the preside

A new initiative we DU'ers could do...

AP FIRES BACK Using WH 'Lessons Learned' Breaching vs Overtopping

Support Reid and write letter re NSA spying

Legal Action Against Diebold in Florida! (Brad's Blog)

CODE PINK at the White House Today. You Won't See This on TV.....

Ann Richards/Cancer

Media Matters Nails Tweety

Lou Dobbs: The biggest Repub revolt of the Bush Presidency!

Bumbersticker: W: mein furher

Sensenbrenner....just get over it.

We Should Send FOX SECURITY to Keep The Peace in Iraq

Approach with Caution - new toon 3/8/06

San Francisco City Council Joins Impeachment Movement

Sam Seder is awesome

CNN: "bu$h Stands Firm" . . . And Other Bullshit . . . Question . . . .

Hope everyone is paying attention to the Food Safety Labelling debate

Harold Ickes collecting Dem names and trying to take out Dean?

Ann Coulter is speaking at my college tonight. Need ideas for questions

Walgreens Lawsuit

My furniture is now on the way to Cali...

Gov. Rounds tries to backstep from abortion bill

H-E-L-L-O We're STILL waiting for a Democratic Message !

Sex and Disease: Which is more immoral?

Bush obsessed with his Oval Office rug. "Make it say op-ti-mis-tic!"

Tonight's CNN Lou Dobbs Poll - - - Time To Nail It

Caption this * pic...

Merging of the 'christian' Right and the DHS, it's happening people

my son: "Friday's Hardball Will Be All REPUKES????"

What did Germans say after the war?

Please, DU this poll on SD abortion ban.....

Tweety is point man on Hillary for GOP

Kansas does something right for a change

Where did the word "Homeland" come from, and why are we using it?

Audit November!! We have to make sure this time.

Higher omega-3 correlated with better mood!

My local post office displays/sells Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton

Arizona Governor Sends Troops to Mexican Border

House Appropriations Cmte. Votes---62-2--- to Block Dubai Ports Deal

Tweety: "Picking the Next President"

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards Has Cancer


"Media Matters" Conservative Guests Dominate "Hardball" w/Chris Matthews

When did our fucking generals become propaganda ministers?

DeLay Wins Texas Republican Primary

"My Angry Vagina"

Interesting article about the food we eat.

OK I'm going to get dissappeared....

We have to stop an Iran War. Truth is the only way. Speak out NOW.

About the Abortion Thing - Am I the Only One Who Saw This Coming?

PHOTOS: "Women say NO to Bush's war"...Intl. Women's Day protests

VERY DISTURBING FIND Re: Faith-Based Initiative INSIDE Homeland Security

Bill Napoli (R) SD... member of american taliban!!! read on!

Katrina & Kucinich - An Important Discussion...

Mac OS X Security Test (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Wow a tree and wall climbing robot....the perfect intel gathering platform

No-Fly lists: Anyone experience this first hand yet?

What can we do to stop this insane war with Iran?

The solution for South Dakota: More fucking.

Contamination Report Reveals Worldwide Illegal Spread of GE Crops

Hey Anti-Port Repukes! Have You Figured Out The Chimp Is Spying On You?

Invisible Children Have you heard of this?

(Cindy Sheehan) What Really Happened, Pt. 2

So, would you guess it's International Women's Day...

Uh Oh... They gave * a hammer again - pics>>

I Hope Every U.S. Citizen in South Dakota is Ready to Give Up their GUNS

If you are frustrated, dismayed, angry, on "overload"...

WHY do Democrats support the Line Item Veto????

Why are Republicans pushing Hillary as our presidential hopeful?

If Mary were pro-choice, there would be NO Christmas!

How beholden is YOUR Congress Critter to Big Oil?

My abortion story...

My provider of abortions story

Please DU this poll on Iraq exit strategy:

Bush's Last, Best Hope: the Democrats

A Partial Rebuttal to David Dill’s “Making Democracy Transparent”

What is the Falafel Master?

Cartoonist Ted Rall: "Knee-Jerk Liars"

Bush criticizes Congress over New Orleans levees

Pennsylvania Dems should be outraged at Matthews shilling for national GOP

Nipping &Tucking on Both Coasts-Maureen Dowd+ Interesting Libby Correction

AMA warning girls not to go wild during spring break

TASTY TOONS (betcha can't eat just one!)

Repubs understand that politics is about BRANDING more than issues

MSNBC Poll on Impeachment....

David Mamet's The Unit (CBS) makes following law look foolish

Beware the SD abortion vote...

GREAT AMMO: Bush's Katrina recovery/funding lies and failures

Regarding Roe, I need to know if you folks think I am too optimistic

Ok, say the Bush administration has a great idea...

Quick help needed for blog exhibit about 3rd anniversary of Iraq War.

Website petition to get David Gregory fired and claims he was drunk on TV.

U.S. ‘will always be by Israel’s side,’ Clinton says

No shame, no regret. My abortion story.

Tweety raising profile of RW radio Smerconish to help elect brother in Pa?

And On Day 8, I Donate: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina

!?!?!? look who pushed the SD abortion ban !?!?!?!?!

Teacher caught in Bush "rant"

Eliz Dole Sends GOP Fundraising Letter DISGUISED As IRS Form-REPLY OR ELSE

27 more dead in the non-civil war in Iraq.

Who Killed Pat Tillman?

COMPLETE/FULL PDF Vanity Fair Article on Abramoff - link is here

BUSH: "And we need to promote MATERNITY GROUP HOMES"

Bush referred to Abramoff as "Buff Guy"?

From here, it looks like the poor are being screwed in an entirely new way

Army of God - Homeland Security to Help Spread Faith

"Can Women be Sexist?"

Kerry 2008? What's he done since the election, anyway?

Heroin poppies now mainstay of Afghanistan economy

THIS is the most terrifying article I have ever read!


Democratic chairman of Intel committee says canceling NSA hearings mistake

Chomsky interview: Latin American Integration

I am strong in my beliefs and will not let anyone shake them.

Men's-Rights Group Eyes Child Support Stay - Roe v. Wade for Men

Hillary has a serious opponent in the Dem primary - Jonathan Tasini >>>

Kerry or Gore '08

Noam Chomsky on Latin America


Referendum In S.. Dakota???


John Edwards on C-Span speaking to AIPAC

Republicans voted to allow Bush to continue breaking the law.

Can anyone get though on CSPAN W. Journal

Do you think that Republican voters helped Cuellar?

I really need to know the answer to this. Where does the White House get

Smirk flew from DC to Texas just to vote. How much did THAT cost us?

The GOP Cowards Caucus gives Bush his fig leaf on domestic spying.

NSA/FISA issue simplified

Howard Dean Position on War

Embattled US Rep. DeLay wins Texas primary...

now is the time for all good dems, to reach out and shape

DeLaying Victory in Texas

"Ever since he has been in office it has been one disaster after another"

Atheists riot in London

Time to identifying the Republicans

Hey mr. Dobson? Want me to stay in my place at the home??? do this

Artificial Intelligence

GOP Survey: Fundraiser scumbags

PIC: Bush makes 10th trip to N.O...he CARES, you heartless bastids...LOL!

Now That The Patriot Act Has Been Renewed

We need to find a guy and name an award after him ...

Reid Lobbying Reform Bill vote C-Span 2

Republicans are putting a rider on an Iraq spending bill

Look who came in second in the Texas GOP GOV Primary (Larry Kilgore)

Ask all pols difference between War on Terror and Resource Wars

The elephant in the Living Room...

Democrats' Data Mining Stirs an Intraparty Battle (Ickes, Soros)

GOP scrambling to muzzle pro-eugenics candidate

Need help finding early Santorum quote

H.R. 4192 Brown-Waite objects, Clinton a foreign agent?

Cheney Mum About GOP Senate Candidate

Senate Panel Drops Bush's Spending Cuts

Class 1 Senators Up for re-election this November

DUer "AndyA" asked about "Clinton selling America to Chinese"- truth below

I may not donate much $$$ year.

What is a rational punishment for murder?

They're turning folks, the worm is turning

WSJ: Iraq / Afghanistan spending , current fiscal year: $117.6 billion.

Personal Responsibility

Six months later Bush returns to New Orleans

Get ready! DFA: "You have the power." Now, get the skills!

Is Bolton's nobel peace prize nomination really belong to Valerie Plame?

Prediction: Republican Ticket for 2008 George Allen and Condi Rice

Anybody see the war-mongering Cheney speaking before AIPAC ?

Hannity just said "It's not looking good for the Dubai Ports Deal..."

GOP charged with illegally adding thousands to voter rolls in Calif.

If 20% "strongly approve" of you, the U.S.S. Mandate has effing SAILED.

Repukes Kill NSA Investigation. RW rides terror bogeyman again.

Question for Texas democrats

God is "furious" at Tony Blair (funny - a Monty Python original)

I just got an e-mail from Ned Lamont...ANNOUNCING HIS CANDIDACY

Why Democrats need a "war room" ?

McCain Talks Tough On Lobbying Reform Secretly Pumps K-Street

Audil link to Chomsky's latest address: Imminent Crises: Paths

If Barbara Bush were pro-choice...

Dear World Leaders and Citizens.................

Okay, what happened to the Elizabeth Dole/IRS looking fraudulent

Jim Webb (who's trying to run against Allen in VA) to be on Colbert tonite

Abramoff Talking?? Maybe

Kerry, Landrieu Report Exposes Administration Failures on Katrina Recovery

House Committee Votes to Block Port Deal

How to waste $200,000

Is Fox News the Govt. news channel?

Assault on Iran

Want to see Rush get his ass handed to him...

Bush: "Red beans and rice! Don't y'all know 'bout N'awlins koo-zine?"

Hate Gays, Control Women and Protect the Flag

How important is it to be "politically correct" regarding Moussaoui?

The Church Burnings

A bill to amend the Patriot Act is introduced

Bush to Abramoff: 'What are you benching, buff guy?'

Delay with 62% in the Texas 22 Republican primary. A good thing?

Negative Dem Party headlines at the "liberal" Wash Post, 2 days in a row.

101st blog: 'Irratated Eagle'

UNAcceptable Losses - three years worth - today's cartoon

Gonzales: NSA Program Doesn't Need a Law

The Republican Fillibuster

My Rant: We ain't gonna make it past a few more years: Our children

Can working people take much more of the Fabulous Bush Economy?

"Showdown With Bush Likely," Boehner calls it "very hot political potato"

Vanity Fair Exclusive: Abramoff on relationship with Bush, DeLay, Burns

JFK and the South

DU MSNBC Poll on Democratic Lobby Reform proposal

Bush works for lowering the voting age to keep majority (photo)

Should we never allow all three branches of govt. to be one

CAPTION this Rummy Photo

Photo: CAPTION Junior & Pickles, "en route to New Orleans"

On Warrantless Surveillance, Debate Should Turn To Impeachment

smirk makes new executive order for Homeland Security

Katherine Harris Hires Bush-Gore Recount Lawyer Ginsberg

Does anybody else have certain issues they will not compromise on?

Election official hammered for telling truth about Diebold-Miami Herald

Molly Ivins -- "Enough of the D.C. Dems"

Busting the Clinton Ghost

Prediction: 2008 Dem Ticket Hillary Clinton/Mark Warner

Less than EIGHT MONTHS until the election... How are YOU helping Dems win?

Sen. Coleman defends Bush in call for impeachment

Bill Press: What do you mean Democrats have no ideas?!?!

Prediction: 2008 Presidential Winner - Hillary Clinton/Mark Warner

line item veto: MORE executive power and MORE spending

For you serious Foreign Policy buffs out there...

Bernard Mc.Guirk wants to "saw off" Dennis Kucinich's head