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Archives: March 6, 2006

Bishops' gay ban may cost millions--Private donors wary of adoption policy

Hartford Courant -- Northeast section: Can Lamont Get Tough?

Army dishonors war hero

Voices from Guantanamo

Watchdog to audit U.S. war spending

South Dakota slaps up its women

Through the lens of New Orleans, America lost its super power

Dubai and the Straits of Hormuz

ann coulter on the oscars

Forecaster Warns 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Rival 2005

Congo's 'hippie chimp' at risk of extinction

Accusations of anti-semitic chic are poisonous intellectual thuggery

Summer 2001: FBI Knew Skyscrapers Blueprints Sent to ME Countries

Vermont: front page story on electronic voting

Alex Bennett thinks the country is exaggerating over Diebold

California and Die Bold?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/08/06 - OSCAR NIGHT!

DMR: Iowa's poor water quality clouds fishing, tourism

Caucus Question

This LTTE in today's Strib should make the antigay marriage crowd nuts

AVG Display quirk.

need to edit photos but don't want to spend the money on photoshop

I need some legal advise. Can anyone help me?

I'm making potato-leek soup tonite.

"Dog's death sparks debate over trapping's place in suburbia"

Bishops' gay ban may cost millions--Private donors wary of adoption policy

CIA releases and later reclassifies much of former officer's book, ..

Himalayan melting risk surveyed

Bird Flu Kills Chinese Man, Virus Spreads In Europe

Haiti's new leader fears mentor's return

U.S. Marines Wall in Iraqi City With Sand

Industry caused the flu; why blame wild birds?

Gunmen Attack 3 Mosques In Iraq

Clooney Wins Supporting Actor Oscar

Russia, U.S. going in opposite directions, says report

Expert on Iraq: 'We're In a Civil War'

Iran Defiant As IAEA Prepares to Meet

Iranian in US campus 'car attack'

Watchdog to audit U.S. war spending

Thousands of Federal Cases Kept Secret

"Crash" a surprise winner for best picture

Amnesty says Iraq abuses continue

Musharraf says Afghanistan undermining Pakistan

Women to own half of stock by 2010

Bush to Propose Line - Item Veto Legislation (President Hillary will love

Tens of thousands rally in Pakistan against Mohammad Cartoons

Trojan Horse developers indicted

World in Peril, Chomsky Tells Overflow Crowd

Dubai CEO says port deal will succeed despite US opposition

Ministers back 'terminator' GM crops

U.S. alleges Iran has a nuke blueprint

Does it matter where it comes out of, honey?

So, how did John do or am I early asking? I don't have a tv handy.

Should I buy a Lamprey with my food stamps?

Oscar night Cleavage Watch.

Just a heads up about the sonic Jr Banana Split

OK I admit I had serious doubts about any soup called


Bucket of warm gorilla piss: Exciting or no?

Have you ever had times you kick yourself for not having your camera?

is that Jeff Gannon sitting next to George Clooney at the Oscars?

Okay, I couldn't reisist. I checked in. Saw Spielberg.

James Risen's book

I'm going snowboarding for the first time tomorrow

Advice needed: Should I bump this thread for my 7000th post?

Oscar observations

I think Dolly being that skinny makes her look older.

Goodnight everyone....Stay gold.

Who else has Dolly on mute?

I'm laughing my ass off at the Oscar introduction

M*A*S*H the movie is starting now on AMC.

WTF are they playing MUSIC for during their acceptance speeches?

Anyone know how to watch Oscars on the net?

Dolly just rocked the house!

Anyone like to watch Overhauling?

Great Quote from Jon Stewart at the Oscars

DAMMIT! I'm trying to watch these "Oscar Awards" and the Commercials

Watching HGTV while the Oscars are on.

Anyone have a video clip of Jon Stewarts opening at the Oscars?

Star Trek Generations - some thoughts

We need a Brazillion Duers more.

I was on food stamps

Bumper snicker I saw yesterday in Berkeley........

Who was the LEAD actor, if any, in Syriana?

thanks for the web page :)

Who won what in the Oscars so far.

What color are your walls?

Jo Lo has had some SERIOUS facial plastic surgery

Piranha Thread...The Official One

Piranha Thread ... The UNofficial One. nt

So what movie are you watching tonite?

Re-enact a Hollywood movie using smileys!

"Brokeback Mountain" score = Frank Zappa's "Strictly Genteel"?

Paranoid Oscars question:

"I'm proud to be out of touch" ...[we] gave an Oscar to a black woman

Just watched "The Graduate"

Clooney Wins Supporting Actor Oscar

Are Dolly Madison's breasts real?

Ya think Bushie-Boy is watching the Awards?

Stupid parent question - about summer camps

Jake Gyllenhaal, GET A SHAVE!

Was Revenge of the Sith nominated for anything

Who is that woman who was in the clip

Backstage at the Oscars: Best Supporting Actor

Bwahahaha! at least 10 moved Oscar threads in GD now.

Nobody wants/invited Matt PUDGE to the Oscars????????????

There must have been only four good songs this year.....

where can I find dolly pardon "travellin thru" lyrics?

George CLOONEY!!!!!!!!!! ConGRATS FOREVER!!!!!!!! n/t

Just tuned in to Oscars(West Coast time)--did I miss any awards?

Mr. DTBK has coined a new and disgusting insult

Girl Scout Thin Mints are Evil!

Ideas for some new tunes?

Barney Marathon on TV Land now


Don't ya love discovering a new side of an old friend?

oscar prediction: ...pimp

Are Dolly's breasts real?

So sweet that Morgan Freeman gave Rachel Weisz...

I like Salma Hayek's dress

Ziyi Zhang kicks ass

Thinking of the Oscars, I was wondering who would win "Best DU Poster"

Bjork couldn't come tonight...

Who dressed Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

Martin Scorsese: Zero Oscars. 3-6 Mafia: One.

Look at these neat pins I made!

& I'm doing in the Lounge----- what? Exactly? Where's my CatWoman? n/t

Oscar Dresses: Best, worst, did nothing for them but O.K.--- Discuss

"Martin Scorsese, zero Oscars. Tree-six Mafia, one."

I knocked out 2 guys and almost a 3rd when he got me with an upper cut.

How can we get threads moved from the Lounge to GD?

Reese Witherspoon is the new Sally Field

REEESSSEEE!!!!!!! n/t

Why do people sometimes present *opinions* as *facts*?

Leasing question

I've got a fever...

Yes!!! (Oscar Spoiler)


My wife thinks George Clooney will win another Oscar tonight

Crash just won best orginal screen play

My husband and I made a Thai feast tonight!

Brokeback Mountain won best writing of already written material

I am so bummed out right now.

Did they just bleep "It's hard out here for a pimp"?


Thank you Academy!

hear that sound? freepers heads exploding. CONGRATS ANG LEE!!


Okay here we go, Best Picture:

Thanks to all the Lounge regulars who graciously hosted us

Ang Lee

I did not know that Dan Futterman was also a writer

Academy Awards, USA: 2006

A memory of Oscar night... Do you have your hat ready?

The fundies will be happy, at least.

How come cults and sci-fi writings get turned into religions?

The best movies this year based on wins are:

I got just about everyfreakingthing in the Oscar Poll except: BESTPICTURE


Academy Awards montage "by any means necessary" sign

Hey, if Charlize gets tired, she can always rest her head on her PILLOW

(VIDEO) Brokeback: The Sequel

Ugh, John Revolting.

Tonight, in honor of Oscarfest, I watched "The Devil's Rejects"


What the holy fong just happened on the Oscars?!?

The only reason I am watching the Oscars is Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Past Best Picture Winners

Grade Jon Stewart right wingers bash Hollywood.....


I've seen Crash and I've seen Brokeback Mountain - we all won tonight!

Diana Ossana just plagiarized a quote.

Oh damn damn damn

Looks Like The "MSM's" Spin About Hollywood Being "Out Of Touch" Did The

Home made Reuben sandwiches & cole slaw for dinner

OK, what the hell is "Crash" about?

I want an Oscar gift bag - they get 100,000 dollars worth of GIFTS

Clooney's talking politics on the post Oscar show

Why do sci fi movies never get any respect?

MUNICH gets a donut

Now that the 2006 Academy Awards are over, what do you think?

Sums up my day..

Jon Stewart is on fire at the Oscars...

Kava kava and valerian, here I come!

Annie Hall beat Star Wars for best picture in 1977

seriously, was this not a great year for movies?

Just out of curiosity, is Ang Lee a hetero dude? Since two of his movies

Post a pic of your kid thread

NOW this is a JOY!

Am I a DINO for liking Crash better than Brokeback?

Oscar Thread 2


I hate Woody Allen.

Oscar night question - Why is there so little talent on the right?

Phillip Seymour HOFFMAN!!!!!!! n/t

I gotta go. I don't give a rat's ass about the Oscars.


Hi, I'm naked! Haha!

The Official Oscar Fashion Thread

Oscars: When Things Don't Go Your Way...

So, will Jon Stewart be asked to host next year?

I love Jon Stewart, but his Oscar hosting was a BIG YAWN.

When is Rap Music (or is it now called Hip Hop?) going to die?

Somebody Has To Say This: CRASH SUCKED

WOTC files lawsuit for breach of contract.

People who refuse to broaden their tastes musically

BBC version of Narnia - any good?

Ok. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Oscar?

"Crash" a surprise winner for best picture

Judy Dench put my eye out in a bar fight


No rememerance of Don Knotts at the Oscars

George Clooney! YES! (Moderator, read before you move to Lounge, please)

"Agnes, that's not what I meant when I said, 'Get a life!"

Pardon me, good sir, my opinion of rap music is that it is crap

Hey, "Wallace and Gromit" took best animated feature!!

Good Night and Good Luck gets a donut

Who deserved an Oscar most but never received one?

Travolta's hair is fake.

Reese witherspoon?

Any MySpacers here?

Post your oscar pool score here.

I think my dogs are lesbian. What to do?

Local Dallas columnist examines fundie home school materials.

The Wittenburg Door.

Restraining good arm aids stroke recovery

Team USA-Iverson not Invited

Linares R10: Topalov continues comeback, moves to one point off lead

Political astrology websites

Quick, did you guys know we had a Dem message for '06?

So just why is marijuana illegal? Didn't God make it?

60 minutes

George Clooney: "I don't like Ang Lee; and I think he's a communist."

More illegalities from Bushco!

Paper says Helmut Kohl agrees with Ahmadinejad on Holocaust

Pat Tillman Case: How the Press Was Spun

Guantanamo Inmates Despair of Ever Leaving

Every time a SD RePUKE knocks up a woman an angel gets its wings

cnn showing dog teams going into New Orleans looking for the missing.

I was interviewed by a reporter today!!

Church of Reality takes on South Dakota on Abortion

Study of 6 States Using Parental Notification-Little Drop Off In Abortions

ILWU hosts Iraqi oil & dockworkers photo exhibition

Anyone listening to 60 Minutes tonight?

You mean to tell me that all I have to do to get a new car is to go on

I think the IRS has some marching orders: Look for money!

Halliburton story -- should I be pissed?

Anyone have a link to DU Poster who found article trashing Tomas Kincaid?

Francine Busby just had a great ad on during the Oscars.

Rush Limbaugh made for TV?

Anyone know how to watch Oscars on the net?

DanCa's $475/Mo challenge thread made me think back to GHWB's

A FIRST: Democratic Senator Calls For Withdrawal From Iraq

DAMMIT! I'm trying to watch these "Oscar Awards" and the Commercials

Anyone have a video clip of Jon Stewarts opening at the Oscars?

Why I am skeptical of the food stamp/Lexus story

I think the lady with the food stamps stole the lexus!

Why I'm very skeptical of the food stamp/Lexus story.

an alternative view of food stamps. Can you dig it???

Just tuned in to Oscars(West Coast time)--did I miss any awards?

Jon Stewart is on fire at the Oscars...


Paranoid Oscars question:

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

George CLOONEY!!!!!!!!!! ConGRATS FOREVER!!!!!!!! n/t

"I'm proud to be out of touch" ...[we] gave an Oscar to a black woman


A memory of Oscar night... Do you have your hat ready?

Nobody wants/invited Matt PUDGE to the Oscars????????????

Who is that woman who was in the clip

Ok. Am I the only one who doesn't care about Oscar?

I want an Oscar gift bag - they get 100,000 dollars worth of GIFTS

Oscar night question - Why is there so little talent on the right?

Did they just bleep "It's hard out here for a pimp"?

So, will Jon Stewart be asked to host next year?


The only reason I am watching the Oscars is Jon Stewart

When is Rap Music (or is it now called Hip Hop?) going to die?

Why I think the food stamp Lexus story is a steaming pile of crap

Hero's death (Tillman) turns into a murder investigation

ok we had our Welfare FICTION - NOW REALITY

here`s riverbends oscars picks--a must read !

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I really think he's a great actor! nt

MURTHA TRANSCRIPT: Only Ones Who Want Us In Iraq Are Iran, alQueda & China

Where are we now?

The MEATRIX .a funny toon with a serious message, please view

Japan May Hire Controversial Firm to Dismantle Camp in Iraq (Guess who?!)

$475 a month challenge

Somebody Has To Say This: CRASH SUCKED

UAE and Iraq

I love Jon Stewart, but his Oscar hosting was a BIG YAWN.

Pulp Fiction, but with Bush and Powell

The similar LIES of thugs and light workers

Helen Thomas coming to Lexington Ky -April 28 th

Hypothetical Question: Assuming a Dem is elected in '08

Recruiters aim at elementary kids...

It appears that the USA is operating Death Camps in Iraq

Guardian: Everything is on table, Iran warned (Bolton)

Washington splits over best policy to halt Iran's nuclear plan

Thanks CBP and DOS for once again protecting us from terrorists artists

Iraq's Crisis of Scarred Psyches

Rights Group Says Iraq Torture Continues

Why is there such anger when a Dem gets challenged?

"The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" release date 3/28/06

Do DUers go to movies (in theatres/theaters)?

Attention Viet Nam Vets (or not)

You think you are witty? Funny as hell? Mad at the Credit Card Co.'s?

Read this if you want hearings to investigate wiretapping

Q: Didn't the army do most of what KBR does on its -own- previously?

"The duty of art"... WTF?

DELAY: "I'm like a cemetery — I'll take anything!"

Three years. It's been almost THREE YEARS, people.

CIA training camp "The Farm"

SCOOP: US computer infrastructure compromised by terrorist-owned company

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 5)

Republicans aren't religious

Epidemic of Republicans misusing active duty military for campaigns

100 Iraqi Shia tortured and beheaded south of Baghdad

a freepers response to "hollywood and awards" hehe

Thomas Kincade - Painter of light - is DARKSIDED?

Hey, is this a new match for Bush or Chimp?

Back from a Sci Fin Con

Dick Cheney wants Americans to save more money!

Ain't no other way around it...MONEY TALKS...and how can WE Compete?

The Marc Emery story on 60 minutes is pissing me off!

Jesus Plus Nothing: Xtian Neocons in US Gov (Fellowship Foundation)

Kansas op ed says do not have sex for pleasure.

George W. Bush Lied About WMD and MUST Be Impeached!!

Here's How the Port Deal Can Help Dems Win in November

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag): Impeach * NOW! / New album "For Blood and Empire"

What's going on at the Star Tribune re. Keillor's "Impeach Bush" piece?

Dick Cheney is more popular than Paris Hilton!

Rove, Moore to speak locally {Bowling Green, OH, 3/11} (Toledo Free Press)

Primary for DeLay's Seat Is Shaping Up as Referendum on the Incumbent

Pork rinds, cigs and six-packs: corruption in Virginia's backwoods

"Mikey's Mission"-- A "Reagan Republican" takes on the Air Force Academy

H.Con.Res. 348: Bring Our Troops Home from Iraq

Back from a sci fi con

Kristol: Conservatives Believe The Bush Administration Is Incompetent

Tell me 2004 wasn't fixed, HA!

A Hillary 2008 nomination will not work.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Iraq War ...

CRASH beats out BROKEBACK, that's political

Ned Lamont; quit while your behind

Take a potshot at the powerless, and you too can win a medal of valour

Why Condi Rice's Foreign Policy Approach Is Flawed

And the Oscar Goes to...

John Simpson (BBC): No reason for optimism in Iraq

'Peace Mom' Still Campaigning Against War

Political Use of Corporate Aircraft 2001-2005

Filling a void, Iraqi militias assert authority

The Limits of the Internet or The Silence Of the Streets

Seattle Times: Heck of a Job, Mr. President

Pakistan-India nuclear rivalry heats up

Pentagon, Homeland Dept objected to UAE port deal

A question of competence -- or, rather, three of them

Outsourcing Health IT: Should Doctors Cut the Cord?

NYT: "Kabuki Congress"

Breaking no ground: Why 'Crash' won, why 'Brokeback' lost...

Another Iraq story gets debunked

WHAT WOULD REAGAN DO? (not what Bush is doing in Iraq)

Boston Globe op-ed: Did US know Iraq had no WMDs?

A US Gestapo?

Oscar misfire: 'Crash' and burn

JAMES KUNSTLER: Hustler and Flow

World in Peril, Chomsky tells overflow crowd

RED LAKE SHOOTINGS: May named 2005 Hero of the Year

An important thought for all

Go forth and multiply, Liberals... PLEASE!

Bush defends outsourcing to India

Is America facing yet another dust bowl?

On non-polluting DME fuel: Cost comparisons in China with LPG.

Acidifying the oceans

ALCOA To Begin Feasibility Studies For Geothermal Aluminum Smelter

Budgets Imperil Environmental Satellites

Siemens Secures Order for the Largest Offshore Wind Farm in Sweden

Hurricanes, Other Vortices Seize Energy Via (shearing mechanism)

What Brian Schweitzer Didn't Say About Coal Liquefaction On 60 Minutes

Japan Busts Through Bluefin Quote By 25% In 2005 - Cuts Catch - Reuters

In Eugene, OR, Former CIA Head Woolsey Argues For Move Away From Oil

Dawson City, YT, Faces Melting Of Ice On Which Town Of 1500 Is Built

Ongoing Prudhoe Oil Spill - 1,000 Barrels? 19,000 Barrels? Only BP Knows

Olmert: Israel needs world to stop Iran

E-mail from the National Jewish Democratic Committee

Hamas Sticks to a Tough Line

Underwriting Hamas

Reputed mobster extradited to U.S.

Senior aide to Mahmoud Abbas accuses Hamas of coup attempt

Women ponder future under Hamas

A Russian Ruse

Over 200 Palestinian children arrested in two months

Israel airstrike kills 5

Challenging the New Apartheid: Reflections on Palestine Solidarity

Jenny Holzer whores herself to Silverstein

Dr. Usmani's WTC theory

Carmen Taylor's Photograph of the Second Hit

Stop Election Thieves NOW!! (legal action or legislation not req. Really)

I must've missed this: a Florida law change eliminates the manual recount

Washington Spectator: Cover Story

Washington Post: Touch-Screen Voting Fallible, Ehrlich says

Bradblog: VERY good news RE: Diebold in MD! Go get 'em, gov & MD house!

AP: Diebold CEO to Polish Image


New cbs4 poll about Governor's race - hot off the presses

Pioneer Press published my LTTE on Bush and the UAE

Yahoo email reply problems....

Is there anyway to remove photos that have been burned on a CD

Did ya'll see Steve Blow's column re: fundie textbooks (DMN)?

South Texas Chisme has some election predictions (run off for governor)

Any PC/network support folks in easy driving distance of Graford?

Emergency!! Election Judges needed (Dallas Co.)


What's your favorite kwacker?

Oh, my God, I know Captain Trevor Greene.

Everything you need to know about Softwood Lumber

Texas candidate, 95, targets GOP congressman

Is America facing yet another dust bowl?

Bush administration cracks down on leaks

Four men held after terror raid

Cunningham's ill-gotten gains to be auctioned off to repay the taxpayers

AP: Environmental satellite fleet 'at substantial risk'

Reuters: Madagascar confirms Chikungunya case (150,000 infected)

Explosions Kill Nine People in Iraq

Civil liberties board to meet, finally

General: Iraq going 'very well'

Scant Drop Seen in Abortion Rate if Parents Are Told

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Enacts Kyoto Compliance Rules

(NASA) Budgets Imperil Environmental Satellites

Ex-Milosevic ally kills himself (in cell at the Hague)

Post-9/11 Drive by Republicans To Attract Jewish Voters Stalls

Guantánamo detainee told Geneva rights 'irrelevant'

Levee Fixes Falling Short, Experts Warn

SCOTUS supports recruiters on campuses

'Peace Mom' Still Campaigning Against War

Another Iraq story gets debunked

Russia/Itar-Tass: Mass death of birds reported at Stavropol poultry farm

NYT: Scant Drop Seen in Abortion Rate if Parents Are Told

Guards Say Homeland Security HQ Insecure

British Court Allows Dubai Deal to Proceed

General's Assessment of Iraq Questioned (Murtha - US caught in civil war)

Iraq Sunni leader says Iran stokes sectarian war

UK: Court of Appeal backs P&O's sale

South Dakota governor signs abortion ban

Beyond Abu Ghraib (New Amnesty report published today)

Pentagon, Homeland Dept objected to UAE port deal

Official: Diana's death 'simply an accident'

Zogby Poll - Bush Job Approval 38%

AFGHANISTAN: Survey predicts rise in opium production in 2006

CNN Breaking: NASCAR's first Hall of Fame is to be housed in Charlotte.

Moussaoui sentencing trial begins

Admin Ask Congress to Up Debt Limit (on to $8.2 TRILLION)

Inquiry Into Iraq (House resolution inquiry whether * manipulated intel)

Top Iraqi General Killed By Sniper

South Dakota governor signs abortion ban into law

Iraq to Call New Parliament Into Session

"Hippie Chimps" (Bonobos) Fast Disappearing in Congo

Outsourcing Health IT: Should Doctors Cut the Cord?

UN considers outsourcing


Civil-rights activist Anne Braden dies

High above ports, another dispute about security rages ("Airlinegate"?)

U.S. Dismisses Talk of Compromise on Iran

Bloomberg: Poland Says Dead Swans Had Avian Flu; China Halts Bird Exports

International Curriculum in Pa. Spotlight (fundies)

Majority of Americans believe Iraq civil war is likely (80 percent)

GOP peace candidate challenging Ensign (NV):63-year-old sought offices in

Mosquito virus kills 78 in a month - Indian ocean fears epidemic

Concerns mount over higher rates on student loans(Anger at * and Congress)

Prosecutors Target White Supremacist Gang

14,000 detained without trial in Iraq

DUI defense lawyers challenging widely used breath test machine

'Britons' caught up in Iraq shootout

US envoy hints at strike to stop Iran

Iraqi brigadier killed by sniper

U.N. Watchdog: Iran Deal Could Be Imminent

DeLay, Lobbyists Host Election Night Event

For Democrats, Many Verses, but No Chorus

AT&T sees 10,000 job cuts after BellSouth deal

Miami judge refuses to delay sentencing for lobbyist Abramoff

Rep Bill Thomas (R-Bakersfield) Annouces Retirement.

Sen. Clinton Says Wear 'Anger' As Honor

ABC EXCLUSIVE: Iraq Weapons -- Made in Iran?

Bechtel contractor, based in Dubai, gets lucrative U.S. security contracts

For First Time, Flu Spreads From Birds

Military enlistment drop particularly noteworthy among blacks

Mn. Twins' Kirby Puckett 'fighting for his life' after massive stroke..

Katrina victim's body found in attic (Searchers expect to find up to 400)

USSC rules colleges that take federal money must allow military recruiters

Iran promises harsh response to foreign attack ("killing field")

S.D. Governor Signs Abortion Ban Into Law

Irish Oscar winning film's star tells of airport detention 

Treasury Dept. Moves to Avoid Debt Limit

2 Students Heckle Bill Clinton at Pace University ("War criminal!")

US Senate Candidate Wants Death Penalty for Homosexuals (Ohio)

Cindy Sheehan arrested in front of United Nations building

It's all go for Al Gore

this year titanic or forrest gump didn't win. but hollywood sold out.

Steven Seagal's Lightning Drink

Hello Massachusetts!!

What are your Oscar speech pet peeves?

Hey, Loungers. This one's for you. (pic)

Favorite Previous Oscars Hosts

Does this post warrant a whole new thread?

Why do women like bad boys - especially the Rappers?

EVERYBODY knows how I rep Hip Hop!

Keith Olbermann!!

"Get Rich or Die Trying" should have been best picture

When is Ignorance (or is it now called Opinion?) going to die?

Oscar night makes this place look like GD

Night Lounge!

I saw Filliam H Muffman!

I haven't seen any of these movies

How come Cinderella Man was not nominated?

Cinderella Man, I am so disappointed.

Good night and Good luck

"John Stewart hit a homerun"

At least Ann Coulter was wrong......

I loved Crash AND Brokeback, so sue me

Rap is for people who can neither sing nor write their own music .........

The Oscars are SO two hours it's kittenfrog time!

To be shallow for a moment - who looked the best and worst tonight?

Let's all unite for "Young Frankenstein" on FMC!

The Lounge is looking very GD'ey tonight.

Thought I'd post the link to the clip I made of Clooney's speech

Ya know... life is just not fair


Sing it with me !

Reasearch/bibliography question...

Blues Music is awesome.

Ahhh, young George Clooney as Booker on Roseanne

How bad was Lori Petty in Point Break?

Country music is for drunken redneck freepers.

'Night, Lounge!

so Im watching Singles and wishing it was 1992 again

Celebration of Hip-Hop


hip-hop is a lifestyle (and a lame one)

A kindly public service announcement: Check your PMs

Brokeback Mountain -- I'm thankful for what we did receive

My head is exploding!

Bush Photo

Does a Movie Have 2 have a Gay theme

Man, I know Crash is snively pretentious piece of crap and I dont even.

Due to circumstances beyond my control

Anyone posted video clips of Stewart's bits on the Oscars? Particularly...

Is life in Los Angeles truly as grim as it is depicted in "Crash?"

"You can't expect kids to eat Indian food; that's just too weird."

Photo: Eddie Van Halen, 3/5/06

Why didn't Comic the Insult Dog make an Oscar Appearance?

Hats off for Brokeback Mountain's Michelle Williams

The Oscar Boycott Starts NOW!

Rap is music, no question about it.

I don't play piano - but feel the urge to play boogie woogie

someone should reply to this thread

So, night owls, how was YOUR weekend?

A picture of the average DU addict

"The Craft"

A film I'm watching now that's not named Crash or Brokeback Mountain..

I have not seen any of the Indiana Jones movies

Only post here if you change your underwear

Jeebus - a C130 just flew over my house!

Only post here if your still awake.

OK, I feel a little bit better

If you're like me, and I know I am

Kitten with a cold...question...

Ever did anything so ridiculously stupid that folks thought it was cool?

Who wants to tango in Paris?

Only post here if you change your sig

Why do people with money forget what it's like to have none?

Only post here is your smoking a cig.

How is it that 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem

Here is a Confession. I love Titanic. The Sound of Music reminds me

Fair Warning:

What's Professor Mcgonagall doing as a nun?

Our morning News shows are giving Stewart a double thumbs up for

Mangoes!!! WOO HOO!!!!

BTW, Dissing another person's music choice is not cool

I'll be back when the oscar chatter dies...

I'll be back when the oscar chatter dies...

Woke up to a new alarm this morning!

Hmmm, how can I hook up my little sister with my buddy?

I love this song.

For the rap haters:

Do you ever think people take movies and music too seriously?

Of the nominated movies for "Best Picture" last night...

Tell us what the call letters of any local radio stations should mean...

Anyone use

Anyone here watch the Oscars last night?

When is my rubber tree plant going to die?

DU Pimps check in - just how hard is it to be one?

For LynneSin...

Who won the Razzies this weekend?

90% of American made films are ________

When is all music going to die?

Did the academy honor Ossie Davis?? If so, I missed it

When is Performance Art going to die?

Oscars TRIVIA!!!!

Geez, all this Oscar talk and not comment about the potential dildo ban...

Administrators: Can we get a new smilie (or two) added?

Congratulations Thread for "Crash"

ANYway, look at all the purty dresses

Question About Best Song Oscar

Great, my glasses just broke

This is an Oscar thread-question about honorary and lifetime Oscars

need a joke for my husband

My High School alma mater got it's first state champion last weekend

Okay-who is THIS?

Guess which fast food joint is the worst for dieters.

Have you heard of J-Mac?

I know nothing about I will insult your taste in it relentlessly

What would be the consequences if I posted a link to

Alan Smithee has yet to win Best Director.

Our gas Prices Shot Back Up

Okay - I thought that Ben Stiller's "presentation" was STUPID

DU replica Speedster owners.... Are you out there?

Anyone here know DISC personality stuff?

joke (that I haven't seen here a brazilian times)

Here's your chance, DU this poll on Crash:

Solution for NFL owners: outsource to India!

I hope you didn't forget about me

Here is what SHOULD have happened at the Oscars...

Raise your hands

Once in a blue moon Oscars surprise me in a pleasant way, by rewarding

Grieving for a pet

Funniest moment of the Oscars - Tom Hanks getting pounded by a Violin


Who won best actress award?

Wow; all these Oscar threads have taught me something about myself!

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

6 degrees of separation from Jon Stewart


When the Oscar buzz wears off -- will I get a headache?

Rap= simple discussion-Are they musicians?

CRAP! This is what I saw in my front yard just now!

Seriously - this is the most important thread about the Oscars on DU....

Won't somone take a fucking toilet snake to my boss' nose?

Proposed O'Reilly or Hannity rant:

I wish Bin Laden would get captured today

Tomatoes=simple discussion. Are they fruits?

can I get a rap on the knuckles?

Need an app. that will put a clock on my desktop

I dislike Thai food; therefore, people who make it aren't really cooks.


Man, this sucks

A good review of "Crash" by a good liberal reviewer

For those who "hate" "rap" music: Aesop Rock.

Is there a Movie Group on the DU?

Pro-wrestling-- Is it a sport?

Purple Weenies

DU Deadheads: Phil Interview 3.9 on Sirius

This thread is NOT about rap music.

I have a raging case of conjunctivitis and am looking for some sympathy.

I like the original Crash

Affidavit to affirm friend's marriage - how do I refer to her?

Why are some people hurt Brokeback Mountain didn't win the little statue?

Why did BBM "lose" the Oscars?

Belching the Alphabet is not music....

I HATE being sick!!

A serious question about Brokeback Mountain:

I dislike "Liberal smokers who let their kids stay up after 10 p.m."

Armed Woman, 75, Wearing Steelers Ski Mask Holds Up Bank

Regardless of Whether You Believe or Not Believe in Reality

I'm going to go bake some cookies.

WOO HOO 2 weeks in Chicago in July.

I'm not into love stories or cowboy movies

Banging on pots with wooden spoons is not music.

The "I Couldn't Give A Diddly Damn About The Oscars" Thread

I'm sorry, but I just think Hilary Swank needs to eat a sandwich

Children listening to rap and smoking in ethnic restaurants

How many 'Best Picture' winners have you seen?

Screaming at the top of your lungs about Brokeback Mountain is NOT music.

I watched "Walk The Line" yesterday

fiddle dee dee, fiddle dee dee, the fly married the bumble bee...

how come nobody told the Brazilian joke at the Oscars?

I almost hate a day like today

Remember what ABC did to Robin Williams last year?

Yikes! Here are THE LYRICS to "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp"!

oh blah dee, oh blah dah...

Nemo in disguise...

Two weekends packed full of recording.

Who you callin 'tiny'?

Colbert Hosting The Oscars...

Fashion thread for the Oscars.

Sarcasm for Dummies, layout design...

This week in punk rock...

Why does arwalden have such big

Was John Stewart as bad as they are saying on Imus and CNN?


The only thing more tedious than Oscar threads is bitching about them

I want this choker.

I started a thread about my boyfriend being drug tested at work

Can matcom's white heterosexual male privilege save him from the wrath of

Greatest Camouflage EVER...

People who don't like Hip Hop must see Hustle and Flow

Time for some Coveting-Who do you hate more?

Post here if you think the thread just above is really the Brazillion joke

Is it morning ALREADY?

Let's Stop Screwing Around. Dem Nominee - Oprah Winfrey 2008

Hi, my name is Lara, and I'm addicted to using visine.

MY GOD I'VE FOUND IT!!!! The perfect post-Oscar smilie for the lounge

Let's Stop Screwing Around. Dem Nominee - Anna Nicole 2008

Heavy Metal vocalists do not sing, therefore it is not music.

I'm bullish on Kudzu related music so post a pic or you & your music SUCK

Actress Teri Hatcher at the Oscars. Morphing into Katherine Harris?

Petition to stop discrimination against The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Hearse driver arrested for biting policeman

Anyone here ever hear of the "Sterling Institute"?

OK, dammit, this one almost got me...

The Oscars are about movies and not politics

Will Jon Stewart be on the air tonight?

Damn I love this quote!

"Roll, roll, roll in ze hay...."


ted nugent hates rap.

Isn't "Crash" really just a remake of "Death Race 2000"?

Post a picture of your tower

LMAO . . . notice anything odd about this, or am I the only one that

Post photos of some of your favorite places you have been from Google

Everything in the lounge goes over my head these days

Caption this picture

I heard the British eat babies!

DU DEATHMATCH: Yarn and gladlock bags!

so who tells the best Brazilian joke?

Who sleeps on an air mattress full time?

All music written after 1840 sucks hard

Just Exactly HOW Amazing is Al Pacino you ask?

Can anyone compare "Crash" to "Grand Canyon"?

The Thurman Murman Appreciation Thread.

saw this in another forum

Lesbian Becomes College Homecoming King

Is Dolly Parton anorexic?

Wow, look what Ebert said about Jon Stewart:

Who else is rolling on the floor hearing Malloy in Randi's time slot?

It's okay, Daniel Craig; I can't drive a stick, either.

ted nugent quoted as saying led zeppelin overrated...

What is the primary reason you watched the Oscars last night?

DU this MSNBC poll re political comic Jon Stewart:

Just saw Jack Elam in Once Upon a Time in the West... what a face (pic)

PSA: It's (a) Canada Goose/Geese!

Congratulations proud2Blib!! 20,000 posts

Big Love premiers this Sunday on HBO after the Sopranos!!

Here's some good trivia about Paul Haggis, Prod/Dir of Crash

If you are not a music, film, beer, food, people,book etc SNOB...check in.

The Tony Awards are coming up...

David Gilmour or Roger Waters?

If Blake Schwarzenbach isn't in it, it's not music.

In 5 Years The Late Night Wars Will Be Between Conan O'Brien & Jon Stewart

WHATEVER happens tomorrow, at LEAST there will be the new David Gilmour CD

Standards of Life in the Future: Think Grim

Looking for a Good Book on Algorithms

Hey, lighten up already! I don't really hate hip hop

Which "Are You Being Served" Character...

CNN Breaking: NASCAR's first Hall of Fame is to be housed in Charlotte.

My best employee quit today, and I'm so bummed out.

This is my 1000th Post

All-time worst Oscar fashions

My Oscar Critique/ The real reason we watch...

Maybe I missed it, but what did you think of Jon last night?

Another boring Chick Tract...

New Englanders - We are gonna hit SIXTY DEGREES this weekend!

Dammit, let's get back to the IMPORTANT STUFF

This is one of the best days of my life.

New Bond willing to do full frontal but can't drive a stick shift

Aw hell's bells I forgot the tortillas!!

OK, it's gotta be said. Jon Stewart did a GREAT job.

ROTFL! Hindu Priests purify Gandhi shrine after Fuckstick desecrates it

my cat has been vomiting for about 3 weeks. he's not sick.

Odd and very personal question.....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/6/06)

What was wrong with Lauren Bacall

Is Nicole Kidman actually made of carved alabaster?

I CAN (and will) eat this ENTIRE box of Girl Scout Samoas®

The Drama Queen Test

All time favorite Oscar outfit

how much weight has Forrest Whitaker lost?

Matcom's AWARDS SHOW! Tell me what should get an award - i'll fight you!

Female-Only Cabs in the UK - GREAT IDEA! We should do it in the US

I wonder if Rev Acts has snowboarded into a tree yet?

You know why I love this place? You people will fight about ANYTHING

Only post here if you go commando

Fdnqfd Atrg rstohcdq sgzm z bghlo

Home Improvement Shows

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal

A really bad hair day



I have an announcement to make

wilt chamberlain - greatest basketball player ever.

Post A Photo From Google Images of Some Place Near Where You Live!

Ladies and Gentlemen of The Lounge, I give you happy news!

Let's Stop Screwing Around. Dem Nominee - George Clooney 2008

TMI!! TMI Overload! Somebody get me a Sandblaster!

So you love being a dad?

Was Brokeback Mountain really that good?

I like twins remix...

Name this product:

Classism and music

So whore swore on the oscars, national tv last nite?

*sigh*. I turn 30 today

Post here if you don't want to hear the Brazillion joke.

Speaking of arguing about ANYTHING: what's with riding a 'down' escalator?

I made a shocking discovery about my cat's past today (RANT)

Are you people really squabbling over the Oscars? *Really?*

Did they, did they, did they?

I lost my old dog this morning

ted nugent breaks ranks with republicans...

No Pants Day is May 5th

Post here and I'll lash out irrationally

March 6...

The Final Showdown: Brokeback Mountain vs. Crash

Stewart: Bjork "was trying on her Oscar dress, and Dick Cheney shot her."

Well, What Does YOUR B-Day Mean?


*Real* country music fans — check this out!

The "Da Colbert Code" Oscar Predictions 100% Correct?!?

100% fruit juice is more energizing than energy drinks.

Arrived In My Email Today: "Politically Corrected Expressions"

Black Mountain vs Pink Mountaintops

Are you, or do you consider yourself a 'child of privilege'...

I must admit never heard of Crash!

Hollands Minister of Justice engages in 'rap-off'

I just have to ask, why does everyone hate Oscar? He hasn't done anyone

Bunch of f*cking drama queens this morning

42 Cats Removed From Woman's Home (House full of feces)

Community College Professor Shows Class Video Of Man Having Sex With Pig


BEWARE, the toilet monster...

Yanni busted for Domestic Battery.

Look what my coworkers did for my birthday today... Dialup warning pics

Important notice about upcoming changes to DU

Goodnight you guys!

Important to remember what the Current Pope did....he is a criminal.

What does this mean


Prenatal vitamin D may protect child from asthma

In church today I heard about a 14 year old kid who killed himself

I hate to say it, but I did predict here on DU Brokeback would not win.

Lesbian Elected Homecoming King At Md. College

Supreme Court Rules For Military In Gay Issues Case

The Independent Spirit Awards vs. The Oscars...

Is there a website that tracks the hate crimes? I saw a news article

Gay Students Lobby Lawmakers For Safe Schools

Fired Gay Banker Seeks $9 Million

Conservative Jews Mull Supporting Gay Unions & Ending Ban On Gay Rabbis

New Orleans Saints Ticket Sales

Kitten with a cold...question...

There was a SBA hearing last week

Did 308,000 Cancelled Ohio Voter Registrations Put Bush Back In the White

"Money Talks for Kerry" Wapo!

Most hopeful (and interesting) article I've read in ages,


What is the 50 State Strategy?

Kerry: “Let’s Hold the President’s Feet to the Fire”

Kerry Co-sponsoring bill to fix Patriot Act

And you aren't so smart yourself

Emergency help!

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS! Architecture is the March contest theme.

Sunday at 8 pm Keith will be on

Countdown Newletter -- 03/06/06: Going After The Press

Keith wasn't on the radio with Dan today...

New KO commercial on MSNBC

In the woods above Gull Bay a Bay Air comes from the Berry Bushes ......

Homophobia Won Yet Again Tonight At The Academy Awards

Which Liberal/Democratic stereotype do you hate the most?

Feeling No Pain By PAUL KRUGMAN

U.S. warns Iraq on nukes

Falwell sorta pokes to Al Gore last night

Most Excellent LTTE re:Gay Marriage - written by minister!

BY Request....A Joy to see!

Farenheit 911 is on Showtime...

WSJ Op-Ed: Software Hardball

i just went to watch tv after doing some posting about the oscars.

Fox News: "Most dangerous issue of our time"-Iran and the Bomb

Tucker Carlson-Jon Stewart exchange redux?

Anyone Know of ways to stop this NEO-MEDIA

lol..bill maher-"usually when you play a retarded guy,you win"

Who said the problem with the ports deal is that we're giving this...

Quick.... Need your quotes on this one, have fun

Brokeback Mountain -- I'm thankful for what we did receive

Who won best actress award?

Un-Fweep this Poll

Media Finally Catches On To Loss of Patient Assistance Programs

KGO 810's Dr. Bill Watenburg:"American students are too lazy"

ANIMATIONS: Which one is your favorite?

Can anyone tell me, besides Murtha, what Dems in the legislature wants to

Best MSM coverage of torture overshadowed by Oscar?

Faux Poll (always slip in a Hillary Dig)

Bill Clinton lied about an affair and was impeached . . .

George Clooney! YES! (Moderator, read before you move to Lounge, please)

Rush gets OWNED by pissed off common Americans (Video)

Congratulations thread for "Crash"

2300 American lives lost for a lie...


For Oscars ala River Bend

Terror Alert

I now it's against the rules but I've been fishing this thread around

On C-SPAN2 NOW (EST) Bevin Alexander - This guy's a friggin' joke... n/t

David Kay on CSPAN now speaking to AIPAC

Wackenhut guards: our own US Homeland Security HQ INSECURE!

"Dictionary of Republicanism"-Katrina vandenHeuvel now Book TV-c

New Truth in Recruiting Website, Cincinnati OH

2006: Central Dem theme should be Oversight v. No Oversight

Ray Taliaferro just opened his show by talking about concentration camps.


washington journal time

Right wing assholes in cars

I'm truly impressed by Adonal Foyle. He's on Q&A with Brian Lamb.

One of our unsung heroes - Leo Ryan

No More Throw-Away People!

I'll be bringing the signatures to the Registrar today

Bush to Propose Line-Item Veto Legislation

We don't need fantasy disaster movies anymore. Just report the real thing

What the office of President is NOT about

Now, THIS Is What I Call Equality...

RANT: Okay I have to say, Can't Stand AAR Mark Riley's Show

Right-On Edit-Boston Globe---BUSH, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE---

AIPAC sends tough message to Iran

‘It’s fair to say that the invaders have corrupted our entire country’

This just boggles the mind, is this guy for real?

A "cowboy" in India

Question About Best Song Oscar

Why is it that every time I read a "follow

Details of Ned Lamont campaign launch (dialup warning)

Bush's "Ownership Society" push for the elderly...on their deathbed.

John Edwards live on CSPAN 2 now, but I don't know why. nt

Huffpost: "Russert Watch: Smokin' The Good Stuff "

One thing I've noticed lately...

(VIDEO) Jon Stewart opens the Oscars

Is there any source we can go to for accurate unemployment stats?

Levee Fixes Falling Short, Experts Warn

The J-Mac Story: The shots heard around the world:

Has George Bush created more jobs for India and China, than he

Fashion thread for the Oscars.

AT&T/Bell South Buyout involves Bird Hunting in Ga. and Aspens....

14,000 Iraqi and Afghan prisoners held without Charge

Dubai Port Co:"We Need To Educate The People In America"

The Bushism for today is...

Just watched Dana Rohrbacher on the first HBO Bill Maher Reel Time

General Pace; A smiley face?(pic)

International Penny Stock fraud--Dubai key player?

Supreme Court Rejects Judicial Ethics Case

Detroit Air America affiliate increases audience by 40%

VIDEO- George Clooney's Oscar speech (Proud to be out of touch)

Heads Up, Floridians. Dead-eye Dick is in your state today..raising money

Edward Mortimer CSPAN...Highway funding

Voting-Absentee Ballot Question-it was my perception in the

Is it time for mixed member proportional representation in the US?

DeLay Will Face Voters' Verdict This Week

A vision of a Blue-Green Alliance in the US

And they call it democracy

Clear Channel Party at Museum turns in to a Puke Fest-Art Damaged

Call in to Jesse's Radio Rants.... right now - Noon E.T.

I've just GOTTA share this...

Student loans going up to 8.5%.. CNN

In a funk. . .? this is an inspiring story

Wet-foot...Dry-foot cartoon

So Tweety is having a special show on Friday

Who was responsible for the term "Winnebagos of Death" ?

CIA Leak Path: Cheney, Libby, Woodward

Subtle Clinton Bashing going around

Civil War in Iraq Set to Send Oil Prices Into Orbit?

Ford 30,000 jobs on the line, [email protected] 10,000 jobs on the line...when

WP: More than 90% of Iraqis surveyed suffer psychological disorders

Scared Big Business Bringing on Union Buster Berman to do Dirty Work..

Did The Academy Bow To Political Pressure?

RW Blog: White House Rebuts Chertoff Exit Story

It's so damned hard to get ahead in the US now that people of average

Snotty is on C-SPAN right now defending what * didn't know re: levees

CSPAN Sunday, Q&A, 8pm: Keith Olbermann will be on. nt

If fundies value life, do they oppose the "patenting of life" by corpses?

So every week something new comes out and shows what an idiot bush is..

Bush to Push Line-Item Veto (ARGHH!)

Are you people really squabbling over the Oscars? *Really?*

Why did BBM "lose" the Oscars?

This is my 1000th Post

Why are some people hurt Brokeback Mountain didn't win the little statue?

Was Brokeback Mountain really that good?

Info in Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and Providnece Equity Partners

Personal actions and deeds no longer matter on DU....

New 48 Page Report Finds Endless Human Rights Violations in Iraq

Remember what ABC did to Robin Williams last year?

Wow, look what Ebert said about Jon Stewart:

Was John Stewart as bad as they are saying on Imus and CNN?

I'm not into love stories or cowboy movies

I dislike "Liberal smokers who let their kids stay up after 10 p.m."

Colbert Hosting The Oscars...

Isn't it exciting that every best picture nominee was politically themed?

Why "TRASH" won and "Brokeback" lost

Wall Street Journal examines impeachment effort

OMG - they were movies, not life & death - this was life and death

Bush's New America - Ordering Pizza (Flash)

Petition to stop discrimination against The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Speaking of idiots who endanger zoo animals...

What is the primary reason you watched the Oscars last night?

Thank you for moving all movie talk

Fox at the Oscars: Homosexuality among the "darker themes this year"

DU this MSNBC poll re political comic Jon Stewart:

"Did the president watch academy awards for prostitution and sodomy?"

Absentee vote count 'will not be a problem' in elections

Interesting AMNews book review

Today's Congressional hearing schedule (3/6/06)

Collect Call Scam?

The U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement Hearing on in a few minutes

MnTwins' Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett 'clinging to life' after stroke

South Dakota officially returns to the Dark Ages.

Just got through to O'Reilly on my first try..

Trent Lott is on C-span2 now 2:32 p.m. Lobbying Reform

Just recieved an email via Kerry from "Five veterans running for Congress"

Has UN Inspector David Kay gone back to Dark Side? Any DU'ers hear him on

Why is Iran not backing down in their position of creating nuclear fuel?

Everyone's worked up about Bush calling Pakistan "Arab" when the problem

Dear little Kyra Phillips with old war hawk Gen. Shepherd talking about

Olbermann on C-SPAN "Q & A"- this Sunday, 8 PM EST

Poll shows majority in five Southern states disapproves of President Bush

Woo-hoo! Rapist's rights upheld in South Dakota!!

Boston Globe >> Did US know Iraq had no WMDs?

Death squads, civil war, Negreponte

S.D. Governor Signs Abortion Ban Into Law-Docs Face Up To 5 Yrs In Jail

For those of us who missed Clark this Sunday

Gentler, Kinder, moderators?

Those cute little fascists: Bill Clinton Heckled as 'War Criminal'

I was on Washington Journal :)

The Ports Deal, and what else is being missed


Caption *

Katherine Harris received $32,000 in illegal campaign donations

The Oscars are about movies and not politics

Ew! Closeups are not a good thing!

McClellan: When White House First Learned Of Levee Failure

AT&T sees 10,000 jobs cuts after BellSouth deal

U.S. Stuck with Few Options in Iraq: Gary Hart comments on our army

Hindus dog Bush over cat's name....

Can the kin of NOLA victims get together and sue the Administration?

Is anyone else having technical trouble?

DU this poll re: allowing military recruiters on campus!

Rush calling the teacher a long-haired dope smoker

George Bush Is Not a Reptile ---pix--->>>

Get your quail hunting certificate here.

NY Times falsely suggested that only Dems believe domestic spying illegal

Oh, dear. The counter-revolution is beginning.

ted nugent hates rap.

The Republican Test

Bolton says nuclear plant can be 'taken out'

our military doing political work for the bushmilhousegang

The Kiss of Death to Your Campaign ---pix--->>>

DU this AOL poll on Cindy Sheehan

Wiretapping Vote Expected on Tuesday

I think the only thing that could make this offer any better

DU This GOP USA Poll Re: UAE Ports Deal -->

Democrat runs first campaign ad slamming Republicans on security issues.

Some story - peak oil, class disparity, wal-mart & more!


DeWine is eulogizing another soldier on the Senate floor

Students toil on Katrina relief for spring break

A mockingbird is working on her nest

Cheneys' Daughter Has 85 Mil $$$ Budget to Promote Democracy in IRAN !

The paint on my wall just peeled while Joe Lieberman tried to

Factory orders, pending home sales slide in January

Newhounds Digest 2/27/06 to 3/4/06

Pentagon, Homeland Dept. objected to UAE port deal

I'm PROUD to be a LEFTIST, and here's WHY!!!

I wonder if The Onion...

Abraham Jackoff to be sentenced 3/29 - no delay - to "name names"

Faux News: Cindy Sheehan Arrested in NYC

Vice President Joe Lieberman would he have been Gore's, Dick Cheney?

GITMO Detainee for 3 Years and US TORTURE Victim Tells His Horror Story.

how many people could go to college for free if no Iraq War?

Looking for a new internet server - anybody know anything

Heyyyy! We got nuke blueprints off an Iranian's laptop! That's the ticket!

You might be a redneck/RWer if... (finish sentence)

ZOGBY: President Bush’s job approval rating dipped slightly to 38%

Does anyone else here follow this comic? It's really funny...

We need to organize a National Strike Day>>>Redress of Grievances

a quote to keep in mind regarding the scare-up to attack iran:

Cost for FEMA trailers sitting in the mud is at least $60,000 per unit

Top Iraqi general killed in gun attack - U.S. army

What happened to the "All You Zombies" thread?

Need some help here re Condi Rice/Dubai Ports deal

"We will name names. We will provide the public with evidence"

Backwards Bush

Bush & The Queen

Uh Oh! News Analysts Call US View of Iraq Bullshit!

*bush pisses on Gandhi's grave

Can somebody direct me to the Gandhi Shrine/Bush desecration

South Dakota lawmakers.... the greatest minds of the 14th Century.

End Of Anonymous Free Speech In New Jersey?

Abortion and Red States - your thoughts?

Guantánamo detainee told Geneva rights 'irrelevant'

What's Cheney doing in Ft Lauderdale?

If South Dakotan men got pregant........

"Here I am, Baby, signed, sealed, delivered" on CNN...

Wall St. Cheers Phone Deal; AT&T to Cut 10,000 More Jobs

Question about Libby Defense Fund

Bechtel contractor, based in Dubai, gets lucrative U.S. security contracts

something weird ...

every letter from ACLU and Amnesty International OPENED

GA - Well on its way to becoming next SD or Mississippi

Need some help with scandals/issues

"one snake with two heads" c-span caller

Wolf Blitzer's Theme Song- "It's Hard Out there for a Pimp"

George Will's "New Paradigm" of Poverty: Scarcity of Habits and Mores

Horowitz: "There ar 50,000 terrorist supporting professors."

Sponsorship Opportunity!

Report: IDF forces operating in Iran

A question about Plame and Cheney's alleged declassification defense

The Perfect Dubai Analogy

Peace activist Cindy Sheehan arrested in NY protest

Cancel all vacations to South Dakothanger

21 American Ports Scheduled for Transfer to UAE Monarchy This Wednesday

Blitzer's latest assignment: Sell Dubai

Doesn't this seem "odd"?

What do you know about Abramoff's Partner, Adam Kidan?


did the republican retread that republicans have found to run against

Puerile shibboleths. LTE Answer to last week's LTE by Thesarus Guy

Did my DMV just ask me to proclaim a belief in "God" - ?

Kennedy was ready to overturn Roe in 1992 but changed his mind

Wolf Blitzer/CNN towing Republican Party Line

Abortion in colonial times: does anybody have any good info...

Want a laugh? Look at this pic!

A Discussion about Work and Access to Health Care in America

Outsourcing Health IT: Should Doctors Cut the Cord?

Trent Lott: Insurance paying to rebuild his waterfront home?

Republicans are NOT Pro-Life

Did US know Iraq had no WMDs? (Boston Globe)

Save Air America in Phoenix..Mike Malloy was talking about it go to

Lou Dobbs Poll

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers Mike's on Randi's show

"Dildos today, mandatory missionary position tomorrow"..

Was Tucker Carlson’s show canceled?

Who pays for King George the Imbecile's tax and

Anybody else consider O'Reilly-Olbermann "must see TV" tonight?

Hey UNC students, how 'bout a rally against the friggin WAR!

'Why we need the press'

What is about this last statement that makes me sick?

So I cancel my AOL and NOW they are offering it for free???

NYT EDIT:Bush ignores the Constitution and the laws of the land

The RW is having a good laugh at the Liberals fighting over the Oscars

About the whistleblower clamp down in government:

Freepers in tizzy over Tillman investigation

I just realized the Dubai Ports deal will go through

tweety no longer middle class

It only took 11 months to defeat the Nazis.*

read this Senator's words, then throw up, THEN pass the information along!

OK, this is seriously funny

US fooling itself over Russia, says think tank

I thought John McCain was supposed to be pro-choice

Do You Believe This 1? US Intell SUDDENLY Finds Evidence Iran Arming Iraq

You can find out what the government knows about you!

Cheney: "our nation is still at risk of attack"

NAACP President and CEO to meet with ALL Louisiana members

HIstorical Analogies If The US Attacks Iran Directly & Begins Actual War?

Raw Story Loses credibility

Need help finding a domain's registered owner.

This man is MY GOVERNOR?

Rep. Bill Thomas R-Calif, and Chair of Ways & means RETIRING!

Hannity keeps slandering Colorado teacher

Please DU this poll,

it is time for South Dakotan women to pack up and

A New Dick Cheney Game

Caption these * photos

El Rushbo just blamed the UNC hit and run on Gore and Clinton

Bush the Knight-Errant

Responsibility=don't go to college if you're poor, or don't get sick?

Doesn't even need a caption . . .

Anyone heard from CHENEY?


Four clear legal arguments for impeachment

NARAL response to South Dakota ban on abortion

Judy Barr-Topinka's Lover Lowers The Boom...

Russ Baker: 'The incestuousness (of the Bush WH) boggles the mind.'

The Op-Ed Assassination of Hugo Chávez

I am sick and tired

my email to bill o'reilly

Texas primaries are tomorrow, do us proud Texas DU'ers

feds going after Capitol Hill Blue?

I'll ask again-UAE port deal and the WTO

Cruella Harris campaign in the toilet, cancelling appearances

OMG - have you seen TX GOP candidate for Governor website?

Stop Election Thieves NOW!! (legal action or legislation not req. Really)

Plummeting World Opinion Towards the United States – 1999-2005

The Lie. The Truth. Murtha & Pace. You decide.

STOP using the Stock Market as a measure of how well the economy is doing

"The Nation" magazine pissed me off with deceptive practices.

Name ONE successful federal program.

Pray for this get some common sense

Could the Bushbots have prevented 9/11 with the info they ignored?

Abortion today---->Contraception tomorrow---->Then what? Women's Suffrage?

Bush and Katrina's "Situational Information" By Ralph Nader

Lou Dobbs is about to kick John Fund's ass

Where you at, right now 3-6-06 3:37 PM est.

Question about JFK

2 Students Heckle Bill Clinton at University-Call Him A "War Criminal"?

Admin. charged with Gross Missmanagement.

Per law: Middle school rape victims in S.D. MUST bear their babies.

Why Can't We Just let Mexican Workers Sign up and come on


Things you disagree with that some leftists think - unorthodoxy

You guys are all stupid... both films sucked...

Wolfie's Shituation Room heading up the Dubai port deal counter-offensive. is Out There on The Net

Photos: M. Benjamin & C. Sheehan busted for delivering petition to Bolton

Which contradiction in the RW do you find the most absurd?

Pay student loans or lose Social Security pay

If you must cry, Moms, please do it in the hallway.

It's all go for Al Gore

Why is Iran not backing down in their position of creating nuclear fuel?

Lou Dobbs is PISSED. Wow.

Did anyone see Wes. Clark on This week.

Am I evil? (A Rant)

I am Geraldine Santoro

Iraq: Going just like Tom Friedman wanted

N.C. celebrates confederate flag

What if the South had won the Civil War?

Arianna disses Al Gore....

Strange new finger scanner today at grocery store.

They burned his uniform!!!! (Pat Tillman)

Save Air America Phoenix


GRAPHIC: Wall St. Journal on BUSH v. Clinton IMPEACHMENT

So are Christian bands all the rage now?replacing rap?honest?

Important notice about upcoming changes to DU

This is how Bush & Co. will handle the Brownie video

Anything to listen to right now?

Good night, DUers. I leave you with this deep, ponderous thought.

Answer me this question

Goodbye from GDP for a while

I apologize for starting the BROKEBACK/CRASH thread controversy

Crash is more personal, it forces us to feel things from both sides

24 Candidates for Mayor of New Orleans

Dosen't this a-hole sound framiliar....

Military Will Keep Planting Articles in Iraqi newspapers

House and Senate operations rule question

NPR talk show caller said Bill Clinton pushed hard for Dubai port deal.

Morning news shows, Rove disappointed by "Brokeback" loss.

Thanx DU! A year after Red Lake tragedy, teen voted hero

Democratic support from a surprising source

Majority of Americans Believe Iraq Civil War is Likely

The Morning After Pill

Survey Questions Politicians On Jesus

Can someone give me a primer and/or links concerning WH's efforts to...

A little different take on opposing/supporting Lieberman

Top CIA official investigated on corruption charges: report

House Ways and Means chair Thomas retiring

Let me see if I understand this…

Katherine Harris plans to raise money in Cali for her dieing campaign

Oscars: This always happens

US government warns Congress its funds are running out

How cruel and indifferent is Trent Lott?

Question about endorsements (as in making them)

Penalty for performing an Abortion

I'm looking forward to the "Abortion" Precedent being used

Online petition would be first step to support public campaign financing

Sadism and Torture by U.S. Invasion Forces in Iraq, Continues......

Folks, I'm proud that Hollywood had the guts to produce all these

Mississippi more progressive than South Dakota??

Instant runoff - good idea?

Santorum and McCain becoming allies

Helping those who cannot help themselves?

Help me prove this wrong.........

Pentagon, Homeland Dept. objected to UAE port deal(Moonie Times)

Could line-item veto be part of a deal the shrub made with congress?

Ed Schultz just said George Allen hired one of the Swift Boat Liar's

Your Anger Button (poll)

Top Iraqi general killed by sniper

NSA Smoking Gun Update 1; Good News

DEANIACS: Is it time for him to run?

What will Rove do next? Pull a Harriet Meyers with Condi??

How in the hell do Dems ever lose in Colorado?

Attn. Floridians- Bill in FL Legislature re: Arts Education needs action!

Katherine Harris received $32,000 in illegal campaign donations

Dem strategists remember GOP swing vote fallout amid Clinton impeachment

"There has not been a single attack on this country since 9/11...."

No Membership List at any longer... Why?

How low can Shrub's approval go?

C Bowers/MyDD on attacking Hillary the RIGHT way.

Anyone else notice Bill Maher's speechlessness (DL Hughley)...

WaPo: MD repub gov Erlich calls for paper ballots, says Diebold not secure

Wiretapping Vote Expected on Tuesday

Straight Talk on South Dakota? (Does McCain...

GOP congresswoman brings a marine in UNIFORM to participate in GOP event.

Sen. Clinton Says Wear 'Anger' As Honor

John Snow photo: Bread GOOD. Wine GOOD. Fire...BAD! GRRR!

We Must Protect Ourselves From Our Government (LTTE - Eureka Reporter)

South Carolina U prof Clyde Wilson: PERFECT candidate for Bush admin job

Big names back Duckworth, but where's ground support?

John Fund upset...Yale admitted member of "one of the most evil regimes"

Gore to rally Florida Dems March 12th (in West Palm Beach)

Liberty is breaking OUT in the Mideast! today's cartoon


"Crash" deserved the award

About the Crash/Brokeback Mountain controversy

Action: stop AT&T/Bellsouth - protect your internet freedom

South Dakota by the numbers

What happens when an administration experiences a "military defeat"?

Reid answers Hackett-gate quesion

What do say to our kids about their America and their future?

Chris Wallace says he discovered all the MSM bias after joining Faux.


Wall Street Journal Covers Impeachment

Is it really such a stretch that Hollywood avoided Brokeback

Kerry: “Let’s Hold the President’s Feet to the Fire”

Ed Shultz is pimping Hillary/Vilsack

Why doesn't Gore want to run in 08

boehner on hardball talking about south dakota and abortion.

Is this how a Democrat wins? By distancing from the party?

Blog Against Sexism Day - March 8. Should DU participate?

Why is homophobia so hard for some to see?

“Let’s face it, women are created basically to give birth. "

Let's hear it for the brave men who fought to make abortion legal

Aaron Brown: Axed for criticizing celebrity coverage

Hillary beats Guiliani in New York poll.

Dean's Keeping His 50 State Promise - Pelosi & Reid Not Happy About it