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Archives: March 31, 2006

War for Profit, War for Power. Instigating a War On Christianity.

The US propaganda machine: Oh, what a lovely war (The Lincoln Group)

US professors accused of being liars and bigots over essay...

If you don't want Google Tracking you read this

National debt and U.S. foreign debt out of control under Bush Admin.

Why did Wall Street firms just have their best quarter ever?

Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death

Key senator pushes Bush administration on Yucca Mountain bill

Plans for massive blast in Nevada desert draw fire

Whales Euthanized After Washing Ashore (result of offshore degradation)

We use 13% of US corn production for 3% of US fuel consumption

SURVEYING THE ISRAEL LOBBY.-Oil and Vinegar - New Republic

Uri Avnery: What The Hell Has Happened?

Quartet threatens to withhold Hamas aid

Lionel Will Devote Tomorrow's Radio Show To 9/11 Theories

Lionel Will Devote Tomorrow's Radio Show To 9/11 Theories

9-11 World Trade Center 911 tapes--Why so long? (NBC)

Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation

Maryland GOP says NO DIEBOLD - DEMS for Diebold

CA's rethug SoS made a deal with bush to eliminate eligible voters!!

On hating Republicans...

Our Debt for Diploma System in Iowa

Campaign finance case goes to court (Texas Association of Business)

Organic Shrimp?

Would-be refugee tells of Iraq horrors

Re: Softwood lumber: Harper says bush has committed to...

Sanctions against Iran 'bad idea' (ElBaradei)

Uruguay Repays $630 Million to IMF

Study: Praying Won't Affect Heart Patients

US Navy in the Carribean

'Indian-Iran military tries could dampen N-deal’

Secret Rules To Destroy Hijacked Jets Stir Fears--Russia

Hostage interviewed by captors (says insurgents will emerge victorious)

Taylor trial 'may move to Hague'

Would-be refugee tells of Iraq horrors

Justice Dept. subpoenas more tech firms (porn search)

Blackburn UK Mosque Cancels Condi Rice Invitation

‘Iran still ready for talks with US on Iraq’

France's Constitutional Council approves CPE job law

Pasco soldier killed in Iraq

Mosul slips out of control as the bombers move in (Independent)

1,500 Students Protest Immigration Bill In Arlington (VA)

Court: Schwarzenegger Campaign Broke Law

Iraq Accuses U.S. of Damaging Ancient City

U.S. raid on Shiite shrine served as a warning (a "little reality jab")

Bird-Flu Pandemic Would Likely Start in California

WP: Levee Repair Costs Triple

Rice's Beatle break from diplomacy (arrives at Liverpool's Lennon Airport)

St Petersburg Times - 9/11 hijackers practiced here

Iraqi Commander Says, "We Didn't Find a Mosque" (

Schiavo's Parents Vow to Keep Up Fight

Obama rallies state Democrats, throws support behind Lieberman

'Let prisoners pick the fruits': House members condemn immigration bil

Brains of smart kids develop differently

Girl Sues School Over Confederate Clothes

Irish novelist John McGahern dies

Attention trof:

Well you can excomunicate me on my way to sunday school...

Hey, lookie what I did in GD: My first 'toons thread!

Dish TV-free household, week one:

jeepers, creepers, where'd ya get those.....

Ever see a subject you wanted to copycat? But from a DIFFERENT SITE?

If they say "There are some things money can't buy",

Mmmmm-mmm That is a Tasty Burger!!

brand new picture of katherine harris breastfeeding her children!

wrong user

My Tahoe commercial (getting sick of these yet?)

dumb boozer

HELP!!! (Dentist problem...)

I'm craving a... oh, never mind!

this Will & Grace is killing me!

You think I'm gorgeous, ....

Anyone watching "The Loop"


Okay, so I learned boxers are cooler to wear... but now I found out about

I'm craving a cigarette..

Oh God, noooooooooooo! I can't believe it's him! Noooooooooooo!


My mortal enemy at work is FINALLY retiring!

Typos are great

OK, Executive Decision...

Tornado warning

WWII movie geeks - A Bridge Too Far, starting now on AMC!

I'm on MySpace and I'm not taking you ANYWHERE

Indiana Gov Mitch Daniels-R getting booed

uh oh!!! I been posting so much that I cant find stuff in my posts

Oh, my, that is herking AWKWARD!!!

Okay, Classico Basil Pesto Sauce....

Does anybody want to herk with me?

Oh, my, herking is AWKWARD!!!

Just found out that my oldest son, who moved out, comes over at night ...

good god! the foremans were at my door!!

That was the stupidest PSA I've ever seen!

Replace any word in a movie title with "herk"

OK...the Duke lacrosse rape thread just got locked

Journalers: is your Journal English or gibberish???

Guess who got tickets to see Kanye West next month?

Subject: Qantas Airlines Quality Control - actual maintenance logs...

Artichoke pesto sauce from Costco? Okay?

Guess who has tickets to see the Dirtbombs tomorrow night.

good god! the normans were at my door!!

Dallas folks: I'm picking up KRLD 1080 radio... in Colorado!


This is not Baghdad!--video link hahahaha

good god! the morans were at my door!!

Sannum got a job, CONGRATS! But...I NEED a job!

FINALLY updated my journal template

f***ing freeper at work

My encounter with Michael Palin...

Dang-It, Bobby!

Who out there thinks that "Hooters" is a strip joint?

My buddy is leaving for boot camp

Girl Scout Mafia: FOUR DOLLARS PER BOX (Funding Trip To Europe)

Every night in MY dreams

I know this is stupid and shallow but...

Post deer

Deer post

Junk Sick Fuck Fest - "Joementum [Nedrenaline Mix]"

I'm craving a latte

How much is seven trillion dollars? -- fixed link on edit

Where Did You Meet Your Most Current (Or Most Recent) Significant Other?

Pizza Craving

I just did something really dumb

Post beer

Post here.


Anyone recommend good anti-spyware and anti-virus software?

I am bored. How bored am I?

Has anybody tried these? If you have what do you think?

How do you pronounce the word 'Rofl'?

How does everyone like my new avatar?

post something guaranteed to offend no one

I'm craving a latter.

How the fuck much is half a bunch of cilantro?

Holy cow!The Hottest Sounds hope that you enjoy it.

It's raining... AGAIN!

Best falling sound in a Cartoon.

Anyone know safe download for Microsoft Excel

Is this why lawyers are hated???


the power of good-bye...

Is there anything worse than 90's Hollywood blockbusters?

how many films do you have in your netflix queue?

Who else here used to think Steak & Ale was "top drawer" dining?

arwalden...wasn't it you who bought the pop-up camper?

I rec'd my first movie from Peerflix tonight!

Now is the time to send DUer Shakespeare your GOOD VIBES

Picture of Katherine Harris holding her tits

Every night in my dreams

Am I man enough

post something guaranteed to offend everyone

So this guy from MySpace wants to take me to Italy

Carlos Mencia takes apart Kanye West. Watch this!!

hello again and thanks!

Alcoholism is a real heart-breaker.

GAAAHHH!! It's pronounced "ro-baht" not "ro-butt!"

New Guns-N-Roses record (Chinese Democracy) reviewed - Finally!

First "Patch of Blue" in Fort Worth spotted yesterday.

So, um, I got my HAIR CUT! Wanna see?

DW's Brazilian Joke Competition. **UPDATE**

An apology to GD and a thank you to the mods

What is the plural form of Nazi?

"The Politics and Morality of Apostasy*"

Angels of God and Angels of Satan

Prescription Sleep Aids Not Always Best For Insomniacs

Atom Breaks Rules, Beats Friction

Bahamas bigots ban BBM

Postal exam open now !

Britney Spears on Will & Grace--I don't get it...

Need emotional reinforcement ...

I have had something happen and need the input..

FYI: C-SPAN Sked for tomorrow:

My post to James Webb - dkos - please reco.

Did Kerry call for a second GI Bill on Ed Schultz?

Karendc will be liveblogging the censure hearing tomorrow

JK on Ed Schultz - audio up!

How nice to see

Well, all those who hate to see Keith cover baseball or Barry Bonds...

Keef on Steroids 3/30/06

Iraqi gov't loses control of Mosul

(TOON) In honour of John Dean's testimony tomorrow.......

posts by an iraqi journalist who worked with jill

O.K. a tiny bit of the bashing of Vicente FOX can be laid to rest

Iraq war veteran seking asylum in Canada tells refugee board of atrocities

Canada's Ignatieff grilled over Iraq, torture use

Edmunicate me. How have *'s tax cuts benefited the nation?

Iraq bases spur questions over US plans

CBS: Bird Flu Vaccine: Long Way To Go

"...We begin with prayers answered..."

Media Ignoring WA Sen Candidate Mark Wilson...

Bush = Bold / Clinton = Craven

Program Alert - Fahrenheit 451 at 8 PM tonight

Now....TVNL Radio in, your views.

Cynthia McKinney to hold Press Conference tomorrow.

Should we let suspected terrorist George B*sh enter the U.S.?

Want to get rid of Lieberman? Ned Lamont has one more day, needs 480

Rightwingers finally weigh in on "Special K" Kaloogian

Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor

9-11 World Trade Center 911 tapes--Why so long? (NBC)

why is anyone thinking about tomorrow, and wealth, and social security,and

Hey- I was just flipping channels and stumbled on to O'Reilly-

VIDEO- FISA Judges NOT at hearing to testify about Bush's Spy Pgm

Randi's Style Starting To Annoy Me

God is Indifferent to Heart Patients

VIDEO - Worst Person in the World March 30 06

Keith is a mess!!

WW2 files show UK schoolgirl VD "menace"

VIDEO-Tweety-So Wrong for Republicans to not want Hispanics in the 'hood?

Has * ever been told No!

Is there any airplane that could carry a 700 ton bomb? Or is this

Rumsfeld's search for WMD's is over!!!

General Clark will give the Democratic radio reponse this weekend. eom

Larry King: "It must be tough being a preacher's wife."

Has anyone here given up Salon subscription? If so why...if you still

US Navy in the Carribean

Did anyone hear Biden on Tweety? Only 20% on the Left and 20% on the

Historical question. Back in World War I the Allies (I believe)

Justice Department Subpoenas Reach Far Beyond Google

contributors to McPherson (Calif. SoS -- R/Diebold) include:

I hit the roof when I read this...

Washington wary of Chavez's military deals

Lionel Will Devote Tomorrow's Radio Show To 9/11 Theories

Nextel: If you're a good and loyal don't matter!

A publicity nightmare for the US military, veterans against the war.

Everything gwb touches is, eventually, a failure. So, wouldn't it stand to

BBC stories used as bait for IE exploit

"War on Christians" speaker blasts V for Vendetta

A third of the homeless in my county are children!

Tahoe ad redux

Forever losing your vote

A la Kaloogian Deceit--My Chevy Tahoe Ad....

Some stuff for people going to college (and those that were affected by

If It Looks Like a Cover-Up, and Smells Like a Cover-Up...Guess What?

Record trade deficits driven by energy use: the bankrupting of the U.S.

For the people I offended on Sunday with my stupid racial post...

Illegal Hiring

TIME: How the Sunnis Will Use Jill Carroll's Release

Those maggots at FR must be freaking out looking at the Roses.

Jonah Goldberg attacks the Congressional Black Caucus -LAT

Jon Stewart -- Brings up memo about B* and Iraq ! Brilliant

Undergound Liberal netroots plot brewing.

How the fuck much is half a bunch of cilantro?

I heard the funniest song earlier today on Jerry Springer ...

I'm really worried about the new rounds of testing at the Nevada Test Site

Great Moments in presidential speeches: Letterman

Anyone else here see the movie DIRTY WAR?

Juan Williams Has Drank The Kool-Aid

Casey Austin Sheehan - May 29, 1979—April 04, 2004

Why are providing sources to new 'news' so important?

Director of "Outfoxed" on "The Colbert Report Tonight"

How much oil/energy does it take for your cigarettes?

Good Night

There are Social Security numbers EVERYWHERE.

The Jill Carroll story is bullshit.

Supporting politicians by your "class."

Levee Repair Costs Triple (New Orleans May Lack Full Protection)

Why we should stay in Iraq

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in with Mike

Watching the Daily Show

MOLLY IVINS: Immigration 101 For Beginners & Non-Texans

So, What Will Be The "Friday News Dump" This Week?


Shiite Ayatollah Ignores Letter From Bush

Opposition to the seal hunt is racist and stupid....

Has Chevy responded in any way to the DU culture-jamming?

OBL didn't do 911... poor freepers, heads exploded yet? No Saddam/911

Rohrabacher: "I have no comment" on "foul odor" emanating from president

Congratulations, Tavis Smiley!

Hastert: Immigration Bill Unlikely Before Nov. Elections

OK, now I want to see Helen on Olbermann, Stewart, Letterman, Leno, Real..

Writer Builds Bridge Of Music, Magic And Junk To Connect With Autistic Son


Rita Cosby has a new mission in life: The Duke University Scandal

VIDEO- Specter Swears in FISA Judges-What's WRONG with that picture?

Remember the Ohio Bill to bar Republicans from adopting? Well how about...

THIS is war!!!! Video *WARNING: GRAPHIC*

The Environment, Do We Need It?

More proof that Bush is more interested with Iraq, not the war on terror.

* * *THURSDAY TOONS* * * Immigration Edition

Why Don Imus is an asshole

Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor

Letter from Senator Feingold (please read!)

The Line by Bruce Springsteen.

Helen's webpage on my site - PICTURES!

Internecine, is Bush playing dumb?

VIDEO- Okay this is NOT political but KO used the phrase Can Of Fun

Flowers for Helen Thomas - Thread #7


GLOBE: "Laura Bush's Secret World"

I remember the calls I would receive after another Mexican was found dead

Lieberman booed at Connecticut state Democratic party dinner tonight

Regarding Flags, Heritage and Pride

What can we send to Barbara Bush senior?

Are you ready to make history? A message from Howard Dean

More pictures - Roses for Helen Thomas

Portland April DU MeetUp Saturday!

I've got Joementum!

Land of Confusion ?

Code Blue! Your parents were just blown up in a terrorist bombing at Metro

Plame: A Conspiracy Within a Conspiracy

Deleted- Those whose advice I respect...

Democrats: Land Sales for Schools Unneeded

Prescient and Patriotic: America's Honor Roll

Top Ten Jobs George Allen Won't Be Bored Doing

Wolf is actually going to talk about Scalia flipping the bird...

Pelosi on C-Span 2 defending McKinney. n/t

WTF!! ARMY bans use of privately bought armor!!

Isn't the Conservative political strategy short sighted?

Will censure hearing be televised tomorrow? nt

Democrats Contemplate Hiring Headhunter to Help GOP Senators Find New Jobs

Republican from CO makes an astute proposal for Immigration

A live stream of the Senate Censure Hearings at Young Turks tomorrow.

House Ethics Cmte Met - taking one action only: Investigate McDermott

Lieberman booed at state party dinner

Robert Greenwald (Produced/Directed "Out Foxed," etc) on Colbert tonight!

House Conservatives Blast Immigration Bill (Repubs say use prisoners)

Who is Kerry supporting in the '06 midterms ?

Lostnotes Barber Pole......

If bin Laden were a Democrat, he would be caught by now.

It could take 25 years to recover from Hurricane Katrina

I just saw Pelosi on The Newshour

illegal immigration and diabetes--need medical answers here, please!

Photo: Bush pays tribute to Brando..."GET THE BUTTER"

Comic: What Bush is Really Doing in Cancun.

Nead a reason to impeach Bush?

CA's rethug SoS Made a Deal with bush to Eliminate Eligible Voters!!

Clark: * sending mixed messages to Iraq. Discusses National Security Plan

The Agonist: Inside Dope on Rummy

DNC in San Jose tomorrow and week-end for AAPI grassroots training.

Why impeachment?

Rummy's own actions contributed to the storm of contempt towards America

GOP lawmaker worries about breastfeeding moms at truck stops

Obama to left-wing blogosphere: Drop dead. I'm backing Joe Lieberman

Hey, Fellow Americans, REMEMBER WHEN ...?

Illegal Immigration? Here's what we should really be mad about.

Ismail Haniyeh: A just peace or no peace

Kunstler - Morning In America - The Coming Dystopia Of Peak Oil

Media uncritically repeated Republican criticism of Democratic national se

Doesn't anyone in the (so-called) Democratic leadership remember ...

Hackers Use BBC News as IE Attack Lure

San Diego Union Tribune: A Major Overhaul for the White House?

The rise of Republicans, the co-opting of the conservatives and the

Democrats Stronger, Wiser on National Security

A Compelling Story( Dan Froomkin) On Murray Waas

Jonathan Steele (The Guardian): Iraqis face a more brutal life

WP: A Meltdown We Can't Even Enjoy

Meth lays seige to Indian Country

Business, diplomats wary of Lopez Obrador

Alabama state House votes to pardon Rosa Parks, others from segregation er

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL USA: Forced Evictions on the Rise in Guatemala

Tuning Into Immigration Anger

"Code one of silence, not honor"

John Zogby (Huffington Post): Hell-Bent on Losing: Both Parties Fumbling

Cindy Sheehan (Common Dreams): Casey Austin Sheehan: 1979 - 2004

Vision Quest, By Chris Floyd

Accept realities of immigration BY ANDREW GREELEY

Houston Chronicle Editorial: Tommy gun

Christian hate

The "Unitary" Executive

Open Letter to Senators : "Don't Muscle Elections. Let Fairness Prevail"

A Canadian report on the use of DME (dimethyl ether) ultra clean fuels.

Renewable Energy Headlines

Ethanol shortages may drive up gasoline prices this summer.

Reid sees more cuts for Yucca Mountain

Berkley calls on DOE to fire Yucca Mountain cartoon man

Update: On "Mushroom cloud over Las Vegas" comment

China's energy needs drive uranium search

Flooding Spreading In Czech Republic, Bavaria, Saxony Bracing - Reuters

UK Climate Target Flop Fuels Green Rage, Opposition Contempt - Economist

Carribean Coral Death/Bleaching At Unprecedented Levels

Antarctic Troposphere Temperatures Rising 1.3F Per Decade Over 30 Years

Strain Grows As China's Water Problems Multiply - Reuters

Irony Meter Breaks - Canadian Co. Wants To Mine Coal Next To Glacier NP

21 Senators Press EPA on Emissions Rules

Dominican Republic files lawsuit against U.S. energy company for dumping w

Vociferous Critics of Ethanol (Pimentel & Patzek) widely discredited

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction for uranium under development.

H2PIA Concept For World's First Hydrogen City Released (Denmark)

Interior, USDA Include Golf Course Ponds To "Prove" Wetland Growth - NYT

New to this forum, but thought you'd like to see this news.

The Air Car.....

Ocean Acidity Study Shows Shells Dissolve With Living Animals Still Inside

80% Of Soils In Sub-Saharan Africa Severely Degraded - BBC

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Biofuels could meet 1/3rd US energy demand.

Wind Energy Demand Booming

Market for wind power picks up speed [CNBC]

Tree-Munching American White Moth Threatens Beijing "Green Olympics" Plan

Will New Fuel Rules for SUVs Cut U.S. Oil Use?

Gaza blast kills militant; IDF denies responsibility

What is Hamas doing in South Africa?

IDF tightens closure on Nablus after suicide bombing kills four

IDF to probe death of Palestinian shepherdess shot by soldier

Ex-Mossad chief: Hamas offered 30-year cease-fire in 1997

Daniel Pipes, a new kind of Israel-basher

New info about Atta practicing at night at Clearwater Airpark

Family hears son's 911 WTC calls

MP3 - David Ray Griffin, 3/30/2006 - Grand Lake Theater, CA

The Magic Nose Cone!

Iran has been hit by an Earthquake....

Listening to bullsh*t on the radio: Released 911 tapes from 9/11

Ed Asner Says Govt 911 Story A Fable And Fraud

Has anyone seen this?


Trade towers 911 calls released

NEW Grand Theft Election Election Ohio: "Meanwhile Back in Texas..."

VOTE the ERD to the TOP

Thanks rumple,

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Friday 3/31/06

Does any org. keep track of voting machines by serial numbers?

IT pros take notice of elections problems!

Balt Sun: Dem Senator on defensive r/e Diebolding Maryland

Sequoia E-Vote Systems Found 'Hackable' in PA, Testing Shut Down After

Franken: MIT Profs say Diebold probably not hacked in Ohio

retabulation of votes, dupage county.

Help needed : need poll watch checklist for ES&S machines

Debra Bowen on Al Franken right now !

If You Think The 2004 Election Wasn't Stolen Read This!

Update in Stephen Heller/Diebold case

Election Fraud Tip; The Doomsday Device for Democracy -- A How To

Scathing article front and center in today's CR Gazette (Medicare)

Fallon coming to CR

Soup's on for Democrats: Gubernatorial rivals to join for fundraiser

Does anyone here want to talk about the tragic death of Stephen Gleason?

Reilly's openness stands out (in the Massachusetts gubernatorial field)

Today is Cesar Chavez's birthday. (From new DUer annm4Peace)

Possible probe coming of Supreme Court Justices Johnson talked too

HELP My computer is infected with WinAntiVirus

RAM question

DeLay aide pleads guilty

Politics in Red River County has a new website

Would the NASA Administrator endorse DeLay if he was indicted for murder?

i am coming to crawford

Police say man hung woman by feet, burned her

DeLay aide's deal takes down Buckham (DeLay's Chief of staff)

OT: My childish hobby. Slot car racing. Pictures of my track.

Will Pryor for 32!

Roasting Chickens

Emerson loses connection with cyberspace

GAO: Small Businesses Lose Out on Deals (defense contracts)

Congressional Panels OK Port-Related Bills

Teen Who Fought Off Kidnapper With a Hammer Talks to News 11

G.O.P. Is Taking Aim at Advocacy Groups

Rice arrives in UK to a reception as cool as the weather

Pork barrel technology projects on the rise

FEMA Vows to Re-Bid Parts of Katrina Jobs (however...)

Poll: Americans Question Foreign Policy

House May Limit Nonprofit Campaign Funds (527s)

Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death - Global Warming

Seattle PI: Research in Pacific shows ocean trouble: Acidity rises

Shiite Ayatollah Ignores Letter From Bush

Citigroup facing $715M fine for insider trading

Detainee Dies at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq

NYT: Ground Zero Still in Limbo as Talks Fail

NYT: New NASA Policy Backs Free Discussion by Scientists

Police say man hung woman by feet, burned her

Ex-DeLay Aide Reportedly to Plead Guilty

Man Crashes Car After Snake Attacks Him

Iraq Shi'ite ayatollah demands U.S. fire envoy (Khalilzad)

WP: Intelligence Redo Is Harshly Judged

Earthquakes rattle Iran (from

'Innocent Until Proved Guilty?' (Con Artist's Machine = Pentagon $$$)

Strong Earthquake Kills 17 People in Iran

Intelligence Office Has Swollen, House Panel Says (Negroponte concerns)

John Dean Blasts Warrantless Eavesdropping

Church fires photog over Scalia picture: Freelancer pays for 'right thing'

Group examines Cheney's role in Bajagua pact

Uruguay makes early repayment of IMF debt-source

Rice Gets the Cold Shoulder in Britain

E&P: Liberal Cartoonists to Laud Bush -- on April Fool's Day

House Panel Blocks Probe of NSA Cost

Three car bombs explode near Baghdad market

Summit pic: Is CNN trying to tell us something?

CP: U.S. Deserter Tells of Iraq War Atrocities

Alternative to national forest sales proposed by Democratic Senators

Thousands flee Iraq

Business, diplomats wary of Lopez Obrador

States Pressured to Certify Electronic Voting Machines (HAVA)

Wis. communities will vote on whether to get out of Iraq

Treasury secretary says ports deal a PR, not security, problem

Fake E-Mail Topples Japan Opposition Party

Reuters: Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk: study


(NY) Sup Ct Judge Spargo (Miami-Dade Rioter) removed from bench

In Operators' Voices, Echoes of Calls for Help (Difficult to read.)

Pastor Pleads Guilty to Selling Food for Poor

Some on Medicare May Have to Start Paying (safeguard ends today)

Five whales wash ashore in Fla.

Experts See Danger in Rising Oil Prices

Bush Offers Quake Assistance to Iran

In Mexico, Bush Emphasizes Border Security

Chirac to sign controversial French labor law

Censure of Bush May Be Appropriate, U.S. Senator Leahy Says

Democratic Businessman to Take on Clinton

Costco Decides to Help the Seals with Urging From Sea Shepherd

John Dean Blasts Warrantless Eavesdropping

AP: Utah Aims to Alter (presidential) Primary Calendar

Wyoming gov. protests drilling in national forest

(Bill) Clinton Wants Billions to Aid World's Poor

US military deaths in Iraq drop as Iraqis targeted

1965 Voting Rights Law Set to Expire

White House Tipped Lawmakers to Port Story

(Time) New Poll: Americans Favor a Guest Worker Plan (* 37% approval)

Free Press: Delphi to void contracts, close or sell most of its plants

Blair will be gone by Christmas, say friends

(Iraq) Convoys to Stand and Fight When Attacked

Official reports progress in Iraq's reconstruction (some "good news")

Plans for Massive Blast in Nev. Draw Fire

U.S. officials: Iraqi insurgents educating Afghan, Pakistani militants

Dean says Bush 'scapegoating' Hispanics

New York Post gets down in the dumps (circulation scam)

Buckley Says Bush Will Be Judged on Iraq War, Now a `Failure'

McKinney Cancels News Conference (police to issue an arrest warrant today)

Rice Concedes Errors in Iraq, Elsewhere (thousands of "tactical errors")

GOP in danger of losing control of Congress, Gingrich says

Carroll, Threatened, Made Video "Under Duress"

Former US presidential advisor Brzezinski presents plan to quit Iraq

Panel Calls for Removing N.Y. Judge (Bush 2000 election connected)

After grilling Bush, Helen Thomas gets thousands of flowers

Report: TSA got little for $1 billion contract with pa. company

New voters being rejected (CA)

Religious leaders support resistance to foreign troops in Iraq

Iran says it successfully test-fired missile that can avoid radar

Mexican flag burned at (Pheonix) HS (raised above US flag)

Shocks Seen in New Math for Pensions: Companies' net worths wiped out?

General Motors building $600 to $650 million US plant in Mexico

Lawyer Says McKinney a Victim in Scuffle

BBC (Friday): Rice denies US is world's jailer

Did I just get sharked at?

Flaming Lips on Letterman right now

Sean Hannity slated to play part in re-make of Deliverance.....

it's raining

I did something bad....................

Post steer

When is it goes to top mucking!

When is it going to stop sucking?

I never get a new cell phone.

My little sister has no idea how close she just came

omg- when is it going to stop fucking


Ok..ok...I apologize for the disturbing pic of Hannity, so I'm going to

Hey everybody ! 1000 posts!

Waaaaaaaaay too much fucking time on my hands...

Well I am going to bed.

Get your own liger.

Help! I have an analemma!

"Cape Fear" (the original) coming up on TCM!

Is "dundant" a word?

I would start a DU journal, but it would only showcase how uneventful...

Help! I have a dilemma!

I have decided not to apply for mod-ship this term

Spank me, I accidentally put jpgray on ignore

Anyone wanna party with me?

What the fuck, eh? Guys...back me up

I'm herked! Good night!

Who thinks we should be able to send Private Messages to ourselves?

I just heard the coolest thing on the news

When is it going to stop tucking?

I am going to bed before I go nuclear on someone.

I'm using this chance to ask out Blue Iris

Checkout the April edition of Mad

She's broken my heart

DAMN! Gonna hit 75 today!

With all the offshoring, is it worth the $$$ to go for my bachelors in IT?


FUck! Smoke Alarm is chirping--it's hard-wired electrical--help?

I'm bullish on cilantro, it's going places!

Need an opinion - contractor causing damage

what if my tax refund is wrong?

It's time to break out the disused smilies again!!

Is there a DU dictionary?

Greta Garbo gave good face... but she was nothing compared to this

Tears for Fears fan I need you to Shout, Shout, Let it all Out

I get to play Wicked Step-Mother for a whole week!!

Anyone watch Will & Grace last night with Britney Spears

Friday earworm. A fav when I was younger...

OK men, did YOU make the list?

Why my peapod Drools.

Last year people told me to drink a cat's ashes in a milkshake.

my tahoe commercial! you know you want to see it....

Man convicted of murdering Dom Perignon Champagne

And the "Well, DUH!" Award for Scientific Studies goes to...

Happy Birthday to the man who brought us more cowbell: Christopher Walken

I want to drink Liam Gallagher's ashes in a milkshake; please advise.

Paging merh

Why my iPod rules.


Naughty, naughty Elmo and Tigger!

Who are the giant-eared people they make earbuds for?

Words that look weird when you look at them too long

pop song dedication to Dolo Amber and whoisalhedges

Am I right... that if one live bookmarks DU, only LBN threads show up?


help name the porcbaby!

Is SNAKES ON A PLANE a big Hollywood April Fools' Day joke?

Separated at birth?

Ladies and Gentlmen, David "Ross" Schwimmer...IS...The CAINE MUTINY...

Input Please: I'm thinking about having "Kid-a-Palooza" at my house

Do you ding a ding dang your dang a long ling long?


Khashka doesn't trust me.......*sob*

Let's have a pet picture thread. Mostly I want to introduce our new...

Man Crashes Car After Snake Attacks Him

I just had my boyfriend cut my hair

I had a dream last night that I was attacked by a rabbit.

WAS Rene Descartes a "drunken fart?" I dunno...but it's his BIRTHDAY!

See sig for instructions

SONY HDR-FX1 $1,995.95 @ The Apple Store (Retails for $3,699.99)


Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the heart?

Who's watching the Final Four this weekend? GEAUX Tigers!!!!

Sexy Jessica Alba link

Bush Joke....maybe and maybe not.......

Giant Rabbit, With War Criminal

When you're posting in a thread, do you ever do this?

Anybody else go to "Blogdex", the MIT aggregate website listing? What's

Alright. I'm going to need all of you to report to my house tomorrow

Punctuation help?

I'm 10 away from 10000, ask me anything!!!

I think George Mason will defeat Florida


US lobbies EU on behalf of Microsoft in european anti-trust case

For when you REALLY have to pee


"The Office" Public Service Announcements (link)

I just got a crown on my tooth. Dont ask me anything!!

Who is your favorite dictator?

I wish I could be inside Chevrolet's offices

If I don't have administrative privileges on my computer, I can't turn off

Which of the following would you most like to herk?

When my boss heads off to teach class...

What's the ugliest part of your body?

Paging Miss Sugar Smack ~~~~~~~~~

How much does your pet like going to the vet?

The New Cars - "But Not Tonight" ROCKS!!!

Mars needs women.

A reply to a GD post I made got deleted

Favorite Manson Family member?

Without the cat...

I want to know what happened to the 30 day billing cycle??

What the hey, everyone on my buddy list has been tombstoned!

I put someone on ignore for the first time

Shhhh.... it's a secret...

How long is your commute to work?

My Tahoe commercial ...

It's almost noon, and I have absolutely nothing of value to say.

"It only seems kinky the first time."

Well, I've got my first d*mn cold of the year.....

The Republican Party should move to Nigeria.

Time for a POST YOUR PIG thread

Learn how to use your nosepicks

Self delete. Picture didn't work...

Borders has me blue.

Alimony is a real heart-breaker.

A :tmi: moment at the grocery store:

Look what I just bid on for Quinn and Althea

Learn how to use your chopsticks


Allow me to introduce and please welcome my Co-Worker, "I Kiss First"

I am goofing off! Talk to me!

I meant to lay down for 20 minutes...

Computer help needed

Quarterly Tax estimate help

DUers, use your evil & morbid minds to play "Evil Genie":

People are acting stupid, moving slowly, and annoying me...SPRING IS HERE!

The crazy old lady across the hall.

Reform of Islam proposed by Iranian missile engineer!

Reminder - World Wide Web cleanup 04/01/2006

Rice is great when you're hungry for 2,000 of something

Does anyone else's dog "express"?

Donald Duck having an orgasm

Micronations Poll!

Today's my last day at this crappy job!

Help needed please: vietnamese food

Anybody have any experience(s) with Celexa?

So long sitting here, didn't hear the warning.

I just ate from the Wheel of Death

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/31/06)

Is DS1 still greasing the wicker?

Pot smoking banned at High Times fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion

A :wtf: moment at the grocery store:

Election Fantasy

If you want to see a Freeper explode, just give him a cup of coffee

Deep inside the forest is a door into another land,

Hold me! I just looked in GD.

Hubbys repuke friend just told me to move to canada

"Please let us fix her bangs before you take her to jail"

Help with "red and black" anarchist(?) image...

Needs more French horn

First person to post his or her pic gets photoshopped

You're all doomed...the Friday afternoon uber-cute attack!

Congratulations mondo joe!! 10,000 posts

Bounce your Boobies!!! It's Randi's 2nd year Anniversary!!

I should be the chief moderator-in-chief!!!!!!

Go George Mason U.!

Finally some honest SUV commercials

New Doctor Who episode tonight!

I'm going to enter your tunnel, and hit all the sides repeatedly

Just so you know, the radio show I have on now kicks ass today.

What's Your Favorite Disease?

I just got my tickets to NIN I'm so excited!

Congratulations LSK!! 10,000 posts

OMG!!! I've made it to 1000 posts!!! Ask me anything.

what are "educated horses"?

Happy Birthday Papa Haydn!

Is there any kind of consumer watchdog agency for doctors?

WHEW it is 82 degrees here. Nice and warm with a slight breeze...

Erection Fantasy

WoooHooo, I won an auction on my cat tree finally

My other ride.......

I'm just a girl who can't say "No".

I'm just a No who can't say "girl".

Barbie dolls are everywhere!

I want to be groped today by a pervert

What AREN'T you doing this weekend?

United Church of Christ

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

It's hot. I'm naked. Ask me anything.

How does one tactfully rid themself of a "friend" they don't like (irl)

dolo's first ever 10 QUESTIONS

Sad News: Hal the Coyote has Died

Wow. I just tried out the "ignore" button for the first time.

I'm so disappointed right now.

I quit smoking 2 months ago and I can't stop thinking about having one

How to toilet train your cat (with pictures)

I've got a new Keyboard!

This thread is for mutley_r_us

I have to say this.....

I was groped at today by a pervert

Fine ask me anything

Forty-seven (4.7x10^1) posts to six thousand (6x10^3)! Ask me anything!

Does everyone have me on ignore!?!

Courtney Love sells 25% stake of Nirvana catalog for $50 million

I just feel so DIRTY!

My Parting Song For GD (as I bid that cesspool farewell for a while)

I'm sure you know, but set your clocks up tomorrow

What are you doing this weekend?

Which film should the 30-Second Bunnies take on next?

My girlfriend called me. Her daughter is working at a "peep show".

Get your own Tiger.

2 fridays in a row, broken window dammit!

What does the waving smiley mean?

Eyebrows. Pluck 'em, wax 'em, or fuck em?

Dodgeball Game Leads to Assault Charges

Everytime you vote republican ....

About mood altering drugs...

Mac user groveling for help with buying a PC

This is who I really am! (picture)

I just can't say "no" to a girl.

So this guy from LostInSpace wants to take me to Alpha Centauri

Ear stapling for weight loss is all the rage here.



Need some of them good DU vibes today

Fellow horror flick connoisseurs, what scares you?

New Picture Thread

You Rule, Vietnamese Waxer Lady


Help! I'm so pissed I'm about to explode!

I was griped at today by a parent - over a song from Grease

I have reluctantly decided to use the ignore hide button

Damn! What is UP with you people that never used the "ignore" button???

Does anyone else here get migraines?

Oh, fine! I give up for the day. Didn't work AGAIN. DELETE!

Okay, so my daughter is in NYC with her show choir.

Best British Band Never to "Break" America?

Okay, it's Rabrrrrrr's Ultimate Tahoe ad for all time - I win!

Should I submit a Picture for the Suicide Girls Competition?

Have YOU ever thought about -- or tried -- an "Open Marriage"?

I've just been denied credentialing by my professional board.

Did I just get snarked at?

My shirt stinks

Please help with this! NSMA needs DUers good vibes especially today!

Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished!


to ''take the point of view of the universe'' - On life and Death

Prayer makes patients sicker . . .

Poem- Vital Companions by Rumi's Father

Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking Questioned

Supersized ambulance hits the road in Vegas

Court upholds Vioxx class action against Merck

Sunscreen makers sued for misleading health claims

Debate on the Kansas Marriage Amendment broadcast

Another School District Blocks Gay Speakers

Plaid Adder has a new GLBT Related Katrina survivor post in GD

Support Grows For Repeal Of Anti-Gay Military Law

Mass. Ruling Creates Gay Legal Limbo

South Africa Affirms Partner Estate Rights

Almost everybody stood up

Brokeback Mountain to be released on DVD 04/04/2006

Chris and Anna Benson To Divorce

Question about getting a third cat. I have Lucy, a rambunctious

Speak up for Puppy Mill dogs!

Crazy cat terrorizes Connecticut town (Seattle P-I)

Does anyone else go absolutely CRAZY when the moon is in Aries?

No benefit of prayer found after surgery...Some question science of study

Spiritually-Informed Political Activism

Senators Join Kerry in Blocking Bush’s FHA Nominee

Gulf Coast 'Open for Business' Act filed in Senate

Friends from MA especially, check this out!


Censure hearing thread

ID Theft and illegal immigration

John Kerry Fights for “KidsFirst” Health Care Plan

Key Provisions of Immigration Bill

Obama's being cannibalized for endorsing Lieberman

Clarification on censure (not Kerry-related)

Strength and Wisdom

I received a call from a Kerry staffer yesterday on an ethics violation

Speech today to Nurses Association

Ted Kennedy: Spineless coward

Thread on FDL concerning Kerry and censure

Hey Virginians here

Kerry Frappr Update: 67 pins on the map.

Insomnia + Paths + Triptych =

Theme for the April Contest -- "Making Connections"

New "Cable Quotables" Column up at Jossip!

U.S. Army Bans Use of Privately Procured Body Armor

VIDEO- Letterman -Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

I believe a ransom was paid, says released hostage

Democrats Fall for GOP Spin - Radio Interview with John Nichols

Letter of the day: Integrity of Supreme Court is in Scalia's hands

Reps. Shays (R) and Slaughter (D) are talking ethics in the House;

VIDEO- Letterman Top 10-Bush in Cancun

OK, what did they put in the koolaid? The stuff that's been coming outta

immigration policy..should we have one?

Tom Friedman on Fresh Air

Digby-Fashion Week:

Anyone watching NBC? The More You Know ads...

Community Stands Up for Students' Rights

Bush in Cancun: The first photo

No new Bush poll numbers? What's up with that? Deep in the crapper?

Chevy Tahoe Commercial Contest

Now 2,327 of our troops dead in Iraq- W won't talk about it

Call Their Bluff; Geneva Convention on Terror Wars

An apology to GD and a thank you to the mods

Iraq Accuses U.S. of Damaging Ancient City

Fool me twice


Preemptive Apology

An illegal-immigrant story the news should cover

Presidential Censure -10:00 AM ET cspan


Anyone know safe download for Microsoft Excel

Poll; 73% say U.S. actions in ME indirectly aid recruitment of terrorists

Is America Facing An Economic Disaster? auditor in chief says yes!

They broke it so that they can own it.

The singer on Letterman is wearing a NO BUSH button!

We should join with Brits to demand investigations of Blair and Bush!

My grand-daughter is speaking Spanish...

Al Franken on the Today Show (Friday at 7:11 am. Eastern Standard Time)

How do you feel about the release of the 911 phone calls for help?

Profits surge to 40-year high - When will corporations spend some of

Freeps & Infiltrators Dissapointed that Jill Carroll not raped & beheaded.

Has America lost its traditional values?

Please help me; open letter to Congress; convention on terror suspects

Global warming could melt your portfolio: enviros, investors advise

I Expect Nothing But Disappointment From Today's Censure Hearing

OBL Aide on 60 Min Sun: There will be another attack

VIDEO- Bush in Cancun (Frank C on Late Late Show)

(VIDEO) Daily Show on Andrew Card's resignation

'Brokeback' banned in Bahamas at the request of Christian Council

"It's 4:11 AM here. Screw you! "Al Franken rocks on the Today show

If you Care about AMERICA goto this DU thread -VERY IMPORTANT!!!

I do not have access to C-Span today, could people post on the board

"Saddam chose to deny inspectors" by: Joe Conason


Official Censure Hearing Thread # 2 -Judiciary Committee

Should we expect news today about Fitzgerald and the GJ?

Re-discovering public transportation

Flowers for the rest of the press corps.?

Devoted Threads Absolutly Suck

Why is our President so stupid?

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 3- Judiciary Committee

I'm struck by the similarities between the BFEE and Major League Baseball


'MUSHROOM CLOUD OVER LAS VEGAS': Comment causes a chain reaction

The Senate pulls a quick one on C-SPAN and the American people....

Esta Tequila Es Muy Bueno! ---pix--->>>

VIDEO - Jill Carroll Unsure of Her Freedom During First TV Interview

Breaking: Ex-DeLay Aide Reportedly to Plead Guilty

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 4- Judiciary Committee

Former US presidential advisor Brzezinski presents plan to quit Iraq

What a long, strange trip it's been....

Still OK to kill gays in CO.

Iraq Email Scams...Be On The Lookout

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 5 - Judiciary Committee

Joe Lieberman is Obama's Mentor

what happened to the Al Gore b'day thread? n/t

One way to show support for Feingolds stand

Will we see the emergence of another round of "Nazi-hunters?"

Feingold RULES....Hatch is the ASS of the day

Construction wages--Mexican and American workers

WTF? Dem Senators Don't Even Show Up For Censure Hearing.

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 6 - Judiciary Committee

Good morning DU!

$67.15 per barrel today.

Carroll to family: "I'm fat," and shock at no new Iraqi government formed

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 7 - Judiciary Committee

I just called Sen. Schumer's office. He won't be at hearing today!

Ed Asner Says Govt 911 Story A Fable And Fraud

Condi to hear "Imagine" sung to her at concert in Liverpool

1/4 pg ad on NYT op ed by Velvet Revolution -- WOW! -- MUST SEE

delphi gets into the pants business

Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 8- Judiciary Committee

Iraq Govt. Says Don't Follow Orders of Iraqi Police at Night

Need to puke this AM? Read this Melanie Morgan defense of Kaloogian!

"Republican Winter"

Official Censure Hearing # 9 - Judiciary Committee

No yellow ribbons from this ex-marine

Paul Hackett great guest-hosting on AAR!

Breaking News: Several Hurt in Instanbul Blast

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 10 -Judiciary Committee

TGIF! It's time for "Brunch with Bernie (Sanders I-VT)" on Thom Hartmann

Why not focus on building unions instead of criminalizing immigrants?

Fake E-Mail Topples Japan Opposition Party

what i just wrote back to the DSCC

My email to my disgustingly revolting traitor Senator Hatch

Stabenow and Levin...offices called for censure support

Rice admits "thousands" of errors in Iraq

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 11- Judiciary Committee

Friday photoshop fun...

Letter to Cowardly Judiciary Dems

As of today my political money goes to the

Maryscott O'Connor: "The Republicans are TRAITORS"

Ex-DeLay aide pleads guilty in lobbyist fraud probe


Farmers Encourage Immigration Reform With Protest-Cleveland

DailyKOS Diarists Do the Chevy Tahoe Ad Thing

Tats? No problem, Uncle Sam still wants you.

COVERUP...Feingold said go dude, we're with ya!!!

Here's Jill yesterday, after a change of clothes --

Love Your Race-

There is a very strong temptation....

Norwegian Broadcasting slams lid on critical documentary film (re:Iraq)

U.N. Nuke Chief Urges Calm- Iran"nuclear program not "an imminent threat"

CSPAN taking calls about Censure Resolution

Just so you know how the Freepers treated Helen Thomas

Anyone listening to CSPAN Right Now?

Specter and Hatch make me want to puke!!! What revolting pap!!!

Call your Dem Senators on the Judiciary! Why aren't they at hearing!?

How likely is this disaster scenario?


Immigration: Why is no one talking about...

DU is becoming famous...

Swidish court fines woman who refused to sell puppy to lesbian

entire Censure hearing to be replayed on CSPAN tonite 8pm EST

What do you think a George Bush prayer sounds like? (repost)

Summit pic: Is CNN trying to tell us something?

Permit me to take an opposing viewpoint on censure hearing...

VIDEO- Leahy's Opening Statement at Censure Hearing Today March 31 06

Oxymoron: Intelligence Committee.

Topping the "Way to Prioritize. GOP," attack violent video games

VIDEO - Senator Leahy's Opening Statement from Today's Censure Hearing

RNC Releases New Web Ad Titled, 'Censure? Impeachment?'

VIDEO-Feingold's Opening Statement at Censure Hearing March 31 06

Bush numbers in the toilet. 911 tapes released today. History channel is

Protesters boo top U.S. diplomat Rice during her tour of England

I'm calling these AWOL Dems

Appreciate good poetry of current events......

King George the Tourist

~ Lets discover the new Kaloogian Baghdad Photo location ~

Iraq: Officials Complain of Rising Drug Use, Trafficking

As 9/11 911 calls from the Towers are released, these words...

Criminal Sanctions here for violating

Happy Birthday to Senator Patrick Leahy-WHO WAS AT THE HEARING

A REPUKE on C-SPAN is calling for CENSURE of Feingold

Imus Exec. Producer: “Taliban Jill” Is “Carrying Zarqawi’s Baby”

DOD releases another "Saddam Report": He thought Bush was bluffing

Harry Belafonte is having a luncheon on C-SPAN3 at 1PM today!

Amusing discussion about DU moonbats


Jamaica's First Woman PM Takes Office

i have only heard 1 caller NOT supporting Feingold!!!

Danny Glover speaking on C-Span 3 in the Harry Belafonte awards

"Former DeLay Aide Pleads Guilty"

Here's hoping I'm not tarred and feathered for saying this...

This is all going to go down VERY BADLY for Russ Feingold

Is DKOS under DOS attack again?

How sweet is this? Too bad the critter doesn't see it here.

Dates of primaries

Boortz: Rep. Cynthia McKinney "looks like a ghetto slut"

VIDEO- Leahy/Fein Rnd 2 "I'm concerned about the Constitution being upheld

Iran has been hit by an Earthquake....

America's decline starts now

VIDEO- Feingold Round 2 Censure Hearing with Fein and Dean

VIDEO- Fein's Opening Statement from Today's Censure Hearing

Russ Feingold with be on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend.

The time is NOW -- Call Senators: "Why Aren't You Co-Sponsoring Censure?!"

I'm bad. I'm so, so bad. I was flipped the bird again last night

783 new sexual abuse cases against priests

VIDEO - Feingold's Opening Statement from Today's Censure Hearing

Are Republicans genocidal?

It's official: Cheney says OBL had nothing to do with 9/11

VIDEO- Hatch Badgers John Dean-Censure Hearing March 31 06

VIDEO- Leahy and Schmidt-Outburst about AG not cooperating

John Dean Blasts Warrantless Eavesdropping - Yahoo! link

Good Lord; the Guardian's podcast on our "do nothing congress"

VIDEO- Leahy-Dean "What did you mean by History is Repeating Itself?"

ADMINS!! Why no pics of Feingold to use as Avatar? I'm, like, hampered!

2006: Will Democrats win back either the House or the Senate?

Official "Explain What Just Happened In the CENSURE Hearing" Thread

Lord, Herr Bush is stupid. His latest from CNN:

NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe

Check out the kid on the far left. *pic*

Anyone else a little freaked about the Nevada nukyular test?

if you want Congress to end the war in iraq, do this:

South Philly's verdict on Scalia

I think I might explode today - I need something cheerful

Kaloogian "rallies" the "troops" (not the real ones, of course...)

More On The Duke Lacrosse Team Rape Allegations

Anyone watching the FX show "Black. White." ?

VIDEO- Leahy-Fein - July 31 2002 FISA (works beautiful) and regulation

Photo & Commentary: P-resident Bush Clowns Around on Mayan Temple

If North Korea had oil but no nukes...

Tony Blair to be gone by Christmas?

ACLU: "The Spies Have It" (short movie and petition)

ToL Study: Praying For The Sick Makes Them...Sicker.

Savage: "Burn the Mexican Flag!"

Student walkout in San Diego. CNN:"They are flashing gangs signs...

The circumcision poll. To cut or not to cut.

Kaloogian caught in another lie. Endorsements page probably a pack of them

Monsanto and ­ScottsMiracle-Gro Want GM Grass in Your Yard

Another former DeLay aide pleads guilty in Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal

Illegal Immigrants Put Cities in a Bind

Al Franken with Cal. SOS candidate re: Diebold, coming up at 11: 34 CST.

Pet Peeve time again: disaster and now Cancun dress

Please Help Stop the Sale of Federal Lands!!

Some GOOD NEWS...for a change. IWT changes name to "THE REAL NEWS"

Randi on Larry king live tonight

- - - SPEEDO BOY hits the beach at Cancun - - - - - - - - - - - - -> PICS

replay of c-span wj open phones

The Republicans are TRAITORS

What is Phyllis Schlafly arguing about now?

Anyone heard of this group:

moving furniture -- new toon for friday 3/31

Hahahahahaha! Marie Cantwell wants more of my money! Hahahaha!TOUGH SHIT!

Hispanics registered to vote are only 6.8% in California

Why would this Administration prohibit our kids wearing protective gear?

Feingold going to the belly of the Beast... Fox News Sunday

time for Randi - bounce bounce bounce

VIDEO- John Dean's Opening Statement Censure Hearing March 31 06

Bring 'em Home Stamps...

Suggested Congressional rule:

VIDEO- Graham Badgers Dean Censure Hearing March 31 06

Nice to see our soldiers in Iraq trying to do right. . .can only go so far

Bush Takes Potshots at Messenger: By Helen Thomas

Today's global warming spotlight: Glacial earthquakes

Paul Hackett Was Awesome

Need someone to put up a poll for me...

Damn how low can you go/Why reality TV sucks ass

Letter from my Rep -- She gets it!!

Wis. communities will vote on whether to get out of Iraq

Is C-Span radio replaying the NSA hearing or

If the Minute Men were tough

VIDEO-Censure Hearing-Birthday

MSM Counters Censure With Non-Stop 911 Tapes, Moussaui & Immigration

LAT: DNA tests shake the Book of Mormon's foundations

Besides collecting welfare or outright stealing, what do Freepers do for a

Oh, god...CNN framing today's hearing as a way for GOP to PUSH BACK

When will the frigging DUMB-ASS learn to say "nuclear"?

Iran Successfully Fires Multiple-warhead Missile

How do you get a donkey's attention?

Why Bush Was Really In Cancun

C-Span2 replaying Senate Judiciary hearing on censure now, 3:30PM EST.

Is it true that we are "getting used to" $3.00/gallon gas prices?

HELP! Need cgi voting script (BI30 contest coming in May)!!!

If one more asshole on NPR says "we're in a war on terror..."

Caffert's 1st question: What does it mean when a former Nixon aide says

Drugs Smuggled Inside Virgin Mary Tombstones

The Community PC

View host put fundie preacher Osteen on spot about Jews & Robertson

Randi playing Bruce Fein...conservative....on Feingold hearings

Senators Jon Kyl and Lindsey Graham Broke The Law...DTA SCOTUS Brief

Legitimate Jill Carroll question...

a CAPTION a day keeps conservatives away!

Thank you Feingold, Leahy, Dean, Fein

VIDEO- Herb Kohl was at hearing before it started-begged off

ed schultz on larry king tonight

Christians Deal With Language of Martyrdom

Even 70 year old Republican ladies support the Dems on Bush

CNN: Carville and Bay Buchanan laughing about Novack

Paul Hackett hosting the Jerry Springer show on AAR today.

"I want unlimited powers. I think I'll start a war."

Pentagon Studies Report US Military Near Breakdown Without More Troops

Speak out now to save region's fragile forests

I guess I shouldn not have been surprised by this...

Your world. Your say: The great debate continues

Illegals STICKIN' IT to American Workers: Or Maybe They're Brainwashed?

Gov Dean: 'In 2006 the Repub Strategy is Scapegoat Immigrants'


Please feel free to borrow or steal this ...

Good grief! Why can't * sit up straight. pics -->>

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep it kicked:)

Iran prepares for war

Col Dispatch: Impeachment Talk More Than a Whisper

MSNBC: Do you think the 911 calls made on Sept. 11 should be made public?

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski on CSpan Q&A this Sunday night.

San Diego Immigration Demonstration. Dial up Warning.

I'm Afraid The Repukes Will Vote Censure Out Of Committee

TIME POLL* sank to 37% in the poll-a new low-&-79% Favor Guest Worker Prog

Russ Feingold gets it

Karl Rove informed President Bush and don't forget about it

What did Bush's advisor whisper in his ear on 9/11?

Serious Question: Why has B** not tried harder to get OBL????

There is one way * can redeem himself (or at least partially) . . .

The Last Refuge of Scoundrels: The "You Hate America" Defense

Mike V on Hardball saying Democrats want to change subject

George Clooney Takes Aim at 'Gawker Stalker' Site

BRAD BLOG: Censure Videos, Jill Carroll & Wingnuts Join E-Vote Debate!

The Trick Is on US - By Gary Hart

GUILTY...Abramoff, Rudy, Scanlon .... Who's next? Buckham? Bug Man?

Iran Test-Fires Missile Able to Duck Radar

Well i know i can't possibly agree with michelle malkin

Jack Kingston (R-GA): "Cindy Sheehan is a nutcase"

US ready to hit Iran, Hard.

Buckley Says Bush Will Be Judged on Iraq War, Now a 'Failure'

What do we do now?

Jill Carroll interview from ABC News

Stealth Lobbyist Disclosure Act, H.R. 1302

Bush babies (from this month's Smithsonian)

Intel gets $32 mil stake and tax exemptions in Hyderabad, India chip plant

Number of Mumps Cases Swells Across Iowa

Kaloogian's & The "International Political Activist & Swimsuit Model."

How much is a barrel of oil? Gas in my area jumped up to $2.69...

George W Bush offering Freedom and Democracy to Jesus H Christ

So Bush sets up his guest worker program.....

Boston Globe: "Little Brother is Watching"

Censure of Bush May Be Appropriate, U.S. Senator Leahy Says

Green Card Lottery?...

It always comes back to LANGUAGE


"W" Soup - pic - "a weenie in hot water"

I am SO pround of my long-distance carrier!!

C-Span covering alleged "assassination attempt" on Reagan

CNN Tries to Copy Fox With Lou Dobbs

VIDEO-Cornyn Trashes Dean, Dean Responds, Feingold Says Coverup

Why don't the dems stand up and demand Bush accountability?

The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man

Caption *

"Hispanics" vs. "Latino/a"

Iran 30 day notice eh? - what do ya think Bush will do? anything?

Why is the right making such a big deal over Cynthia's new hairdo?

remember the churches in the 80s who gave sanctuary to illegal

Rawstory has our Helen story! Nice, very nice!

Newsbusters (Wingnuts) discussing Helen's flowers

The biggest problem with the Army's authorized armor

Lets collect money to send a flower to Ann Coulter.

Cries for Help Edited Out of 9/11 Tapes

Randi on Larry King tonight

Suspicious profits sit uncollected after September 11th / SF Chronicle

No mention of Senate Judiciary hearing on censure resolution on CBS news.

dear senators hatch, graham (lindsey), cornin and other R in the censure

AOL Poll: article on Rice ,Poll on Iraq decision

House Republicans endorse slavery. Have prisoners pick lettuce.

Lieberman took part in a Freedom Ride

Did FDR let Pearl Harbor happen? Did * do the same?

IT's 100,000+++ IRAQI MURDERS, Not "thousands of errors" - big difference

V for Vendetta - Maybe Spoilers

February 23, 2006: US/UK conduct joint subcritical nuclear test in Nevada

DU '08 Presidential Primary Poll, March, 2006

MANDI RANDI ....2nd Boob Bouncer Anniversery Edition...

It Appears McKinney Will Be Arrested.

Harold Ford is in trouble in TN he needs $$$$

The wingers are already pissed about the roses for Helen! :)

The Declaration of the Need for Separation

Guests on 'Real Time' w/Bill Maher this week:

I sense that we don't have their attention yet

Kaloogian: Iraq/Tampa, Florida? What?

Okay, DUers. . .what meaningless social issue will the GOP Cultists drag

Mississippi Abortion Ban Dies in Committee! Legislative Session Ends!!!

Roses for Helen - Reflections on a thrilling day

They've been trying to "blame the media" for a long time now

BUSTED!!! - Finally, ABC News and Even the Pentagon Got Something Right...

Casey Austin Sheehan: May 29, 1979—April 04, 2004-By Cindy Sheehan

Lindsey Graham says Bush is innocent because he BELIEVES it was legal

Censure Lindsey Graham!

What a beautiful day for a Censure Hearing!!!! C-Span 1, 10AM EST!!!!

Buckley Says Bush Will Be Judged on Iraq War, Now a `Failure'

Wolf will be interviewing Bill Clinton on the Situation Room

Helen's Flowers now up on DailyKos

BBC VIDEO: Iraq Veterans

I still dont understand this-

Ad appearing today in the NY Times: "Job Approval down to 34%, ...

When did Unions become so demonized?

Jill Carroll=Jessica Lynch???


* * *FRIDAY TOONS* * * Mixed Bag Edition

West Michigan Gas= $2.75gall. and no hurricane in sight

Let's wish the President a very Happy Birthday!

Would you go undercover as a republican...?

WP op-ed: What's Happening to Boys? Girls driven, boys lack direction

(TOON) Steve Bell on Blair's visit to Indonesia

OMG! Church FIRES Photographer - Over Scalia "Flick-Off" Photo!

Why the hell did I become a Democrat???

For my 500th post, I just wanted to say,

Helen Thomas, Al Franken, David Brock, to Host Forum at GW; 'Why Media Ma

Stick a fork in me. I'm done.

1965 Voting Rights Provisions to Expire

My 21 y/o neighbor gal just met w/ an Army Recruiter...

Statement of Senator Russ Feingold:'Under this theory-we have a monarchy'

Borders Bans 'Free Inquiry' Magazine Over Muhammad Cartoons

Common Dreams: Saddam Better for Women

What happened in the village of Abu Sifa?

Pundits Still Dumbfounded, Even As Workers' Share of Gains Hits 40-year Lo

Breaking News: Hundreds Of Students March On Santa Rosa City Hall

Leaked . . . . . Picture of Scalia's cat.

ghettos-northern heritage or racism?

Kucinich - "The Truth Comes Out: Shameless Greed On Full Display"

Maya Priests “Cleanse” Cancun of Bush Evils

HEADS UP: DeLay aide's deal takes down Buckham (DeLay's Chief of staff)

The real Palm Beach threat to Ann Coulter is not election fraud.

"I don't know if she thought my mom had a bomb in her Depends"

An Open Letter To Chevy

Happy Birthday, Al Gore!!!

Gas went up 12 cents/gal while I was swiping my credit card at the pump.

Scalia photog fired, like everybody who stands up to rethugs

Unpopular Essays

What to do with 12 million illegal immigrants here now?

Just watching Waco: Rules of Engagement again and thinking about...

Official Censure Hearing Thread # 12 - Judiciary Committee

My Tribute To Senator Russ Feingold- I NEED A HERO!!!

Poll to DU? :)

VIDEO- Graham "Good Faith" argument-Credit to Pres cuz he believes it

What ammunition would we need for a "war on Christians"?

If you could choose Bill Maher's guests, who would you want on the panel?


The Left Needs More Socialism

that $*%)#$^%%^&* @$%&@ Boehner vs. McDermott: time's running out

"Listen to Wes Clark......Seriously"

Do you think that we are witnessing the end-game in America?


McCain makes nice with Falwell, angers gays


Delta Pilots March in Protest (Atlanta)

Rep Clay Jr (MO) to Bush "...why haven't your girls enlisted?"

Senators Join Kerry in Blocking Bush's FHA Nominee

Feingold as Senate Leader

more reuters photos sprinkled with a few observations of my own..add yours


Excuse me, but the next time Bush or one of his idiots claim the Taliban

Anyone Else Catch Nancy Pelosi on Lehrer Last Nite?

Senate Stirs on Matter of Censure

Senate Judiciary to have 10AM EST hearing on Feingold's Censure Resolution

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

WP political blog: Dems Hold Edge in Top 20 House Races

Today's White House catch-phrase: "Way Premature Speculation"

Publicly financed elections would help stop illegal...

How to reform lobbying in three easy steps

Rice: History Will Overlook Administration's "Tactical Errors"

Senate fails miserably to clean up the culture of corruption in Washington

Rate up this article about Scalia's obscene gesture

Voting machine discussion coming up on Al Franken

Protests in Britain: "Say no to war...Say no to Condoleezza Rice"

Did the Bush Meltdown Yesterday Make it to the News?

Feingold has the deck stacked against him, re: Senate hearings

So Spector quotes the media when it is convenient to him (censure)

Photoshopped? No, I don't think this one is Photoshopped...

Republicans wish to get sympathy votes for a President at 34% in the polls

Freeper calling for Feingold to be censured, compare to McCarthy

Jack Carter for Senate website/blog

Thank you Sen. Leahy for losing your temper at the NSA hearing.

MSNBC: Army forbids use of "Commercial Body Armor" sent to Iraq

Bushbotulism: a terminal disease, seen only in Bushbots.

tactic used in censure debate- divide & Conquer

Does anyone know where I can find Al Franken transcripts?

Rohrabacher, Tancredo, and King --Top10 Idiot's List nominees

Final immigration bill not likely to include Florida lawmakers' input

DN: Noam Chomsky on Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on D

Follow Senator Feingold: go to

ID Theft and illegal employers

The Repugs are in NO WAY "protecting the American people"...

Anti-War Stamp

Speaking of Tom Delay.. DU this Wisconsin poll if you get a chance..

Frist busted at immigration event by Congressman Joe Crowley

Republican C-Span callers SUPPORT censure!

Russ Feingold to Appear on Fox this Sunday (notice)


Thank you DU. Hope Springs eternal in RI

My Suggestion for Future DU Rose "awards "...

Big Pharma doesn't want to "confuse you with the facts"!

Has anyone seen this?

CNN's "NAFTA disaster" story

Dean pays a visit to Oakland, CA, labor union offices today...

Time Mag Phone Survey: 79% (of 1004) favor "Guest Worker Program"


FBI's War On Terror Includes Tracking Activists, Vegetarians

No Direction Home

Murdoch's pathetic circulation scam for NY Post!

Feingold hearing -- full video?

DNC Chairman Howard Dean blasts Bush for scapegoating Hispanics

Essay questions for conservatives

Ned Lamont supporters. Help me disprove : "Lamont is a fringe candidate"

WSJ Battleground States Poll Update March 30, 2006 - Senate and Governors

Barry Bonds will be Exploited by Fox et al to Moblize GOP Base

Feinstein says job crackdowns 'don't work'

RWer says Abramoff donated to all but two congressional Dems - Help?

Did the president act in "BAD FAITH?"

The Schumer NSA Bill and the Feingold Censure Resolution

Illinoize has an excellent wrap up on the 6th CD of Illinois

What Happens To the Feingold Censure Now?

Delphi Asks Court to Void Union Contracts! UAW strike soon?

"...and the president can violate the law with utter abandonment..."

Is Toxic Annie right about something? I listened to her this morning.

I was rejected by MoveOn. They contacted me, asked me to be a

DU this Fox Poll on Censure Hearing

Reuters Photos of Mexican Bush Protesters you won't see on Fox "news"

Diebold gets metioned in "Worst tech of 2006" (so far)

(R) Councilman Raises Controversy With Nazi-Style Salute

Mealy-Mouthed, Spineless Dems and Pre-Emptive War

Teen (obvious Freeper) wants NBC White House correspondent fired

Since everyone likes to microanalyze every move Obama makes. . .

Strickland - Double digit lead in OH governor's race

I'm a life long Democrat (Gore and Kerry voter), and I see where Tancredo

Dems Waiting for Poll Numbers to Rise to 60% in Favor of Censure

Letters supporting Russ's Censure..My Apologies, I did not go to DC today

"Bill Clinton's A Convert To Dean's 50-State Project"

Zogby - Sherrod Brown Surges to 8.9% Lead Over DeWine

Sharon Stone says Hillary has too much sexual power to be president

My mom was at the dinner where Joe Lieberman got booed.

No support for Feingold /Cynthia McKinney is an embarrassment

According to KERRY what we do in the next few hours decides Nov elections

John Kerry Fights for “KidsFirst” Health Care Plan

Emily "GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!" Miller--the Linchpin Lady