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Archives: March 30, 2006

Part "D" for "Defective" — The Medicare Drug-Benefit Chaos (NEJM)

Intel committee sidelined on wire-tapping

Charleston City Paper; "Conservatives The new Communists"

T. G. Ash (The Guardian): How will history judge Blair's foreign policy?

CBS: U.S. is decades behind Brazil on Ethanol energy

The Mad Hatters

GOP revolt: White House told Rove is out of touch

"You think you're up to getting us some cheeseburgers?"

The roots of sectarian violence in Iraq

IRS Releases Results of illegal political campaiging of non-profits....

New activist website

Palestinians fire first Katyusha from Gaza to Israel

Pataki "pulverized" describing the post collapse state of WTC concrete

So how far are we talking? Google earth puts it +300 ft

Bob Koehler quotes Land Shark in his column! "Faith Based Voting"

Ultimate Proof: E-voting Certification Actually LETHAL to Democracy

FAITH-BASED VOTING; Yet where's the Reverence for the Voting Process???

Help please! Downloaded Netscape but it won't connect.

So, I need a good free anti-virus program

Cheney Protest = April 10th in Waco

Does your senate district vote in block by county?

What do you know about our lieutenant governor candidates?

How to get on a committee at state convention?

Perry going to fix school finance by cutting taxes????

leftover salmon....

Sparkly and I have parted ways ......

Searching for a lost crockpot recipe

Parents warned about lead-laced Reebok bracelet

Brazil's President Cleared in Scandal

S.C. Considers Death For Child Rapists

Minister tests US trade links with 'hypocrite' claim

Palestinians fire first Katyusha from Gaza to Israel

Blair meets Yudhoyono

Bush Affirms Intent to Go to Russia Summit

Top GOP aide admits fraud

Reiner resigns as First 5 chairman (In other words, Rob repuke boated)

House budgeteers drop Bush's proposed cuts to Medicare

Bush blames Iraq violence on Saddam's divisive 'legacy'

Afghan convert flees to Italy

Steelers Owner's Kin Won't Challenge (Katherine) Harris

Frist Says Job Bad Spot to Seek Presidency

Canada Suspends Assistance to Palestinians

Forest Service extends comment period for land sale proposal

2 Dozen Killed In Pakistan Radio Battle

nyt: Ex-Prosecutor Accused of Concealing Evidence in Terror Case

Iraq Soldier Backs U.S. On Deadly Raid

Chaplains Group Opposes Prayer Order

U.S. gasoline supplies down sharply

NYT: Chief of Staff Bolten Is Expected to Shake Up 2 Key Teams

U.S. Envoy Urges Venezuela to End Insults

Pentagon blocked move to make water safer for millions of Americans

NYT: Beleaguered Premier Warns U.S. to Stop Interfering in Iraq's Politics

ExxonMobil no longer welcome in Venezuela

Image of Jesus' crucifixion may be wrong, says study

IRS Says Private Debt Collectors Costly

Report: Asian economies drive world growth

What a lovely camera angle...

The way things should have been

This is pathetic. My city of residence only has strip malls.

Watch my smilie


THIS IS HUGH! My solution for the energy crisis! Matter Antimatter!!

So I filed a police report....

How do you make one of those "Ha! Ha! Pirate" Pics?

Anyone else's internet slooooooooooow today?

J is for Jerk

Is it just me...

Scalia caption needed...

YESS!!! Some greedy bastard just got OWNED on Deal, No Deal

#1 story on KO tonight, KILLER CAT!!!

Does your job stink? His does:

Do you have a flag???

Herk is a Jerk, Mr, Clerk.


Disappointed with KO's "Worser" pick tonight

The TV Show "Lost" Is Loaded with Commercials

Hey! I have only 37,465 more posts to go before I hit 50,000 !!!

Herky me, herky you

I'm 99 posts away from 22,000, but I just hit 20,000 on V-Day.

I have just finished a science fiction epic.

Anyone else excited about the opening of Baseball Season?

Simma down na...

Foods you used to LOVE but NOW you hate?

Do you keep medications that don't work out for you?

American Idol fans: check out Kellie's new CD...

M is for Mork

Stone: Hillary too sexy to win White House

Please freep this poll

You know GM would lose its Junk Bond Status if only they would hire DUers

Reactions to American Idol tonight? SPOILERS POSSIBLE

Does lurid dreaming really work?

Cripes, I need a laugh

which is more troubling -- Bush in a Speedo, or Linda Tripp in a thong?

Anybody Here Watch "Prison Break"?

One of the best threads ever!

Look at my new threads!!!!!!

Watching Walkout for the first time.

My turn to start a "question" thread....

Strokes on Leno's show. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs on Letterman.

The Herkiest Chevy Tahoe Commercial!!

Does lucid dreaming really work?

I have a Microsoft Word question

What Do You Like Best About "Hump Day"?

Song-CBS New Show "The Unit"

Is George Mason University conservative?

My Job Installed Websense - Ugggggh! No More Posting on DU at Work

Cute and cuddly boys. Cute and cuddly.

If you knew how to end your life painlessly and neatly, would you do it?

Wow - EVERYONE's doing Tahoe commercials!

I'm bored. And when I'm bored I get depressed. Cheer me up, herk it!

new picture with art....

What/who are your top ten greatest rock bands?

I'm going out to grab something for dinner. What should I get?

A great blog article about "My Name Is Earl"

My Dad had a mild heart attack today.........

I shotgunned a can of energy drink tonight.

Foods you used to like but can't stand now

Anyone else excited about another new LOST tonight?

One of the funniest things I've ever seen on the TV

Heeeere's MY Chevy Tahoe commercial - wow that was fun

What rhymes with "lounge," anyway?

I've lived my life like Genghis Khan

Talking cats (video)

MMjr wants to show you his Chevy commercial.

Pachelbel's Canon in guitar

Carlos Mancia Is An Unfunny Biggoted Hack Comic

i am jerusalem...

Phishers just sent me a fake email from my bank alerting me to strange

Good Night People of DU!

I'm suffering from global warming/peak oil depression.

H is for Herk.

A BIG GRN for all the oldersters here on DU!

Only 224 more posts to 4000. I am on a roll......


Foods you hated as a kid, but love now?

The surgery finished, TheProphetess returns home tomorrow

WOW!!! Does Keith O. look handsomely sexy tonight or what?

Nightcaps for the Moonbat mobile

What's the WORST part about doing laundry?

Any Girl Scouts out there?

AP says Americans are exposed to more profanity

Time for another what are you listening to thread

Talking cats (video)

This has been a very heavy week.

What do y'all think of this? (asking Kerry to shake the trees for HR550)

Immigration - Classic on why we lose

Ay yi yi

Ed Schultz Show - JK Tomorrow - Durbin today

Did you good folks get the new fundraising letter from Sen. Kerry?

Stripped, studded and naked. (dial up warning)

KOEB - 3/29 - Boy in the Bubble edition

Keith-love in the Lounge!!

Brazil: Gasoline Free. Anyone see this story on CBS?

McAfee to invest $80M in India, hire 400

Am I the only customer who thinks REBATES s/b illegal?


Am I hearing this right? Did the Dems say they want to REDEPLOY troops

Some really cool maps

Now that Charles Taylor is in custody

New "studies": Daycare, public schools, working mothers BAD!

can someone tell me why this Immigration issue is so hot all the sudden?

C & L reporting that the Kaloogian fiasco will be covered on Olbermann

US notches world's highest incarceration rate (well, maybe....)

Where have all the militias gone?

Committee Votes For Hergert Impeachment Resolution (Impeachment in Ne.)

Democrats Gain Edge in Party Identification During Last Year

John Dean on with Keith Olbermann

Beautiful, sad video honoring veterans- then and now

Taking a private golf course and making public? (Eminent Domain)

Ethnic cleansing in Iraq has begun

LaLa on live...!!

canofun or crooksandliars should crop that shrub Global Warming answer.

Will the Abu Grahib phoots actually BE released?

It is great to speak to the World at DU.Some of my posts have been locked

This We Believe, An Inter-Network Non-Partisan Program on the Constitution

Well.. I'm going to find out if I'm on the no-fly list tomorrow.

WOW!!! Does Keith O. look handsomely sexy tonight or what?

DCCC "Rubber Stamp Congress" page is a hoot

* Admin Takes Look At CA Greenhouse Rules - Lockyer to defend states rules

Countdown Story #4 - Pickles with Whora O'Donnell.....about the

What if it's all been a dream...

Another Kaloogian photo

Bwahahaha! Kaloogian is Olbermann's WORST Person in the Workd #3 tonight

Long live the internets!!!

Heads up!!! DVD available at last, of the washington peace march

**** EXCELLENT POST**** by pat_k

Rush Numbnuts Limbaugh.....WPIW.....KO

Can we have a nice, happy, thread here in GD? With some pics?

Military Tribunals May Ban Torture Evidence

Did you guys see Fox News via TDS, reporting on spring break?

Space launch Soyuz spacecraft

Keith's program sponsored by O'Reilly?

I love Keith to pieces, really I do. However

"The Real News"

Is anyone familiar with "The Nature Conservancy"?

vacation tips for Mr Kaloogian : a quiet resort

Gropinator's approval in California

Iraqi leader to U.S.: Butt out!

That BlogAd With ** Wearing a Crown is Starting to Look A BIT TOO REAL

Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal Raising Racial Tensions

Pay attention, your pet budgie might be trying to explain to you ........

Alliance for Justice introduces Full Court Press

How many members of the * administration does it take to change a light?

Major Hurricane to hit NorthEast this Year (National Geographic)

Hannity interviewing Sensenbrenner (if you interested)

Which president spoke the word war the most, and which one

New Ideas in Congress Follow Ports Scandal

If you were dying from thirst would you follow the rule of law and die?

Kaloogian replaces fake Baghdad picture with a more peaceful perspective

Charity Watchdog group BLASTS Barbara Bush Katrina "donation"

C-Span 2 Not Showing Judiciary Hearing For Friday

Ex-Prosecutor Accused of Concealing Evidence in Terror Case

Cheney on Fox doing jokes at corespondance dinner.

Link with footage from today's eclipse...

Rummy is dying for a CAPTION in this pic!!! (from Wonkette)

Kaloogian: "It’s one itty-bitty picture"

A dangerous war makes a staggering shift

A dangerous war makes a staggering shift

Rumsfeld Singled Out as Crisis Deepens in Iraq...

Common sense talk radio for those without satellite radio- Lionel

Am Co-Hosting Collins Tonight, fyi

"We support the election process, we support democracy, but that doesn't

Quintessential bush gesture

Americans judge behavior, find overeating okay, affairs wrong

McCain Talks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth Re: Gay Marriage Amendment

How Ironic Is It? (re: Ann Coulter)

On Bumperstickers for State Rep, do you typically see:

Do you think Hillary is going to run for the nomination in 2008?

"You're no Jesus, you're no f***ing Elvis...Step down, Step down..."

I got a problem....

Well, now we know where Tucker Carlson got his look...

Congratulations, Dr.Cole!

Ever get a speeding ticket? You are an ILLEGAL PERSON!!!!!11

Is there a human right to immigrate to the US?

Photo of Cheney holding a sniper rifle in the white house

Stars & Stripes letter: America's ‘democracy’

MANDATORY Hump Day Malloy Check In!

The answer to the illegal immigration problem!

Abortion Clinics On The 'Rez'????

PHOTO: New snapshot reveals Baghdad is safe, free.

Isn't it time for a little bit o' THIS?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 29 06

Destroy him Rev Al

SHOCKER! Freepers Aren't Buying The "War On Christians!"

Hilarious. Kaloogian REPLACES Photo & Apologizes For Mistake

It ain't over: UPDATE on Abortion Ban, Mississippi

NEWSWEEK - Baghdad/Istanbul - Blogosphere Nails Kaloogian

Una Cerveza Por Favor! ---pix--->>>

Name all of the justifed wars the US has participated in in our history

UN 'demands' Iran stops uranium enrichment

The "Contract w/ America" Crew Exposed Once Again

V review by Jason Silverman/ negative, anyone know about him?

Tulia, TX Back in the News: You Can't Wear Spiked Hair to School There!

"The Democrats have no plan" - yada, yada, yada

Help. I think I may be a Communist!

"Susan B. Anthony List" endorses Jean Schmidt, others.

Jack Abramoff: What's with the baseball hat?

Drone aircraft may prowl U.S. skies

OMG! I hope so much the Repugs run George Allen...what a dim Bulb!

Calling all Texans - Come to a Protest Against Cheney !!! Apr 10

I found a way at least some outsourcing would stop.

Page pulled from web site - Why?

Scalia Caption needed

Chain Letter I received.. RE: Gay Marriage

Emergency Response System Undermined by Microsoft

Controlling our Borders -- It's About Values

Former Nixon Counsel JOHN DEAN TO TESTIFY at Bush Censure Hearing

Lou Dobbs being spanked on Blitzer

No, stupidest MFers, ya CAN'T get me "into trouble" w the US military.

Cheney: "we've never made the case...bin Laden..directly involved in 9/11"

Thom Hartmann on the Immigration Battle.

Read the details of this child being killed

My name is WestHoustonDem and I suffer from B.I.T.S.

Female pedophile numbers reported

Nailing Rep. McKinney--Accusing her of assault + McKinney Background

"Freepers Coming To Town" (short video)

The Chevy Tahoe commercials are a new form of internet haiku.

SouthPark "I'm just going to associate with other hybrid drivers"

The Chevy commercial contest is a great culture jam.

THE WEEKLY SPIN, March 29, 2006

Put those bastards on the spot. Poke those bastards in the eye.

My husband (who is NOT political) says it is time to get rid of *

Court sketch, what looks like an about-to-cry Abramoff receiving sentence

DeWine approval remains low - 46%

Since Paul Hackett is...

RepublicanPress Rides Again

W.H. Transcript, today's Bush speech

An Open Letter to Rep. Tom Tancredo on Immigration

A fence is the dumbest idea put forth.

Does anyone have a link to the Pelosi gaff holding the sign upside down?

Frist Says Job Bad Spot to Seek Presidency

G.O.P. Risking Hispanic Votes on Immigration

It's Howard Kaloogian's world. We just live in it.

Is Laura Bush influencing jackasses decisions??

WHen is the last time Smirk actually went to a meeting or discussed policy

Please rate my LTTE on Bush and Global Warming:

Petition... I am going to DC on Friday, Support Censure here

New Dem slogan: Get Those Drunken Bums out of Our Government!

savor the moment....

Immigration and globalization...

I had an invigorating night with the Progressive Voter Alliance here

The truth will set us free

Photos from Tuesday's NAACP N.O. Election action in Baton Rouge, LA

Ed Schultz Show on the Dems Plan - JK tomorrow - Durbin today

John Kerry on His Vote Against the Senate Lobbying Bill

OMFG, Pelosi held the sign upside down.....and that's the media story!

Beleaguered Premier Warns U.S. to Stop Interfering

Have Republicans always been stupid and corrupt?

Francine Busby is now at 45% - Survey USA


By Jimmy Carter: A Dangerous Deal With India

Would you vote for Hillary?

DLC and DCCC, you're on notice

Kerry-free Security Posture could be a step back for Party image

MARK MORFORD - Long Live the 9/11 Conspiracy!

Dems Can't Win Standing Still

What went wrong in Iraq? Wrong answer

Pentagon investigates itself, nothin to see here! Ivins.

The Daily Pilot (Newport Beach, CA): Seek the consent of governed

Did The Daily Show or Olbermann cover Photo-gate?

George Will's latest contradiction

Juan Cole: "Attacks on Businesses Multiply " (Iraq)

Bird Flu Fears Out Of All Proportion To Likely Danger

(NY Daily News) After 2 years, Air America grows progressively upbeat

How many buildings in Kaloogian's new pic have been attacked/bombed?

Throw Them Out; No, Send the Welcome Wagon: Margaret Carlson

BREAKING: Rove hid damaging memo

Bush's Card trick

John Nichols (The Nation): Russ Feingold's Legal Firepower

Insulating Bush: 2004, Plame, Rove, Hadley, & a potentially damaging memo

America's Botched 2003 Iran Diplomacy: (Washington Note-Clemons)

Why Peace Teams Risk Their Lives

WTO,GMO and Total Spectrum Dominance

Editorial: Roy Moore destructing his own candidacy

Sex-Ed Classes become latest Battleground

Robert Freedman (Common Dreams): Gelded Donkeys

Diebold Strikes Again - 43% of newly regis LA voters stricken

Is mainstream media beginning to get it on voting machines?

In Iraq, frontline patience wears thin

Democrats: Boldly waiting until the time is right

The Nation: Taming Global Capitalism Anew

Molly Ivins: Immigration 101

"No Special Deals for Executives Act of 2006" going no where this year

Question about buying foreign currency

Holy crap. Gold jumped $13 today.

Ocean Dead Zones Can Alter Gender In Fish, Boost Extinction Risk - AFP

LAT: San Gabriel Valley a Hotbed of TCE Contamination

Small water purification packets developed

Calif. Condors Spotted Nesting in Big Sur

Where does all our energy go?

UNL Drought Monitor - Fuglier Than Ever For AZ, Rio Grande

UK Carbon Emissions Up In 2005 For Third Year Straight

Lawmakers Fret About Bush Budget Cuts To Forest Service, Firefighters

Close Gas-Guzzler Tax Loophole For SUVs? Heaven Forbid!

Expect Oceans Of Greenwash From New ExxonMobil CEO - NYT

Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept: World's First Fossil-free Hybrid Vehicle

AZ In "Red Alert" Fire Status Thanks To Extreme Drought - AZ Republic

Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death

Nuclear plant clean-up bill hits £62.7bn (UK)

Air Warming Above Antarctica

Glenda Now Cat 4 - 155 MPH Sustained, 180 Miles Off Oz NW Coast

Automakers Use New Technology to Beef Up Muscle, Not Mileage

I have a question? Does anyone know if former world

Ocean Acidification Now 100 Times Faster Than In Millions Of Years

Pebble Bed Modular Reactors - German reactor closed down after accident

U.S. Raises Standards on Mileage /// (but don't feel too good about it)

UK Facing Worst Drought In A Century - Kent Now Drier Than Jerusalem

Do we really want cars for the long term? Can we afford them?

Canada severs relations with 'terrorist' Palestinian government

Hamas seeks access to Palestinian investment fund

US bans meetings with Hamas

More of the same

Israelis choose wisely in backing Sharon's party- SJ Mercury - 3/30/06

Three Israelis killed in West Bank suicide bombing attack

Rockets still batter the quest for lasting peace

Policy analysis -- paranoid style

Exposé on Jewish role in US policy is disowned

Pick your 9/11 truthteller!

Alex Jones says Hollywood being pressured to shut up.

What do you believe happened on 9/11 in terms of probabilities?

9/11 Oddities Breaking News

New Research Source: Victims' phone calls and transcripts

Why didn't the Oklahoma Murrah building collapse?

Jim Fetzer says he's been told Michael Zebuhr's murder unconnected

Standards of Proof and Errors in 9/11 Skeptic Thinking

Ruppert blasts recent developments.

Say thanks to Charlie here:

Strange "Cheney Hit" Video - UA175 without wings

Help me, here...

Comparing WTC and Pentagon crashes


Lawyer warns city to prove its criticism of voting-system firm

A Few Famous Glitches

Observing logic and accuracy testing, what to look for or ask?

Retesting vote machines gets a 'nay'

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 3/30/06

"Is MSM finallly getting half the rigged voting machine story?" Free Press

Tennessee's leading newspaper endorses voter-verified paper ballots

Attn. Elections Forum: Our Good Friend Cynthia McKinney is in Trouble

Clint Curtis Fundraiser in Miami, April 6th (in a private home)

Look who's not in favor of cutting domestic spending all of a sudden

Comments on the Maytag buyout by Whirlpool?

Might want to buy some property in Riverside

Grassley talking about the importance of laws

For Card, a frayed political welcome mat

Mitt is dancing . . . the SJC turned down gay marriage for nonresidents

Senate rules means GOP will bring up anti-gay marriage ammendment 8 times

Minnesota May Be Tip of Political Iceberg

Bicycle!...Bicycle!....All I want to do is RIDE!!

Another bad idea from Richard Friedman

Why I'm not voting for Maxey for State Party Chair.

Bright and bummer notes. Saw 2 "bush made me a Democrat"

Follow-up to NASA Chief Endorsing DeLay

Inquiry sought into allegations of voter fraud in Duval County

You guys writing to your MPs about Harper? "another promise evaporates"

Canada - Trendsetter!!!

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Foreigners' Rights in U.S.

French unions call new strike over jobs law

A Call for Help (audio & transcript of 9-11 call from World Trade Center)

Gunmen murder scores in Baghdad

Rights body asks UAE to end abusive labour practices

Puerto Rican protest against Cuban dissident turns violent

On Web, Error Is Uncovered Through Relentless Pursuit (DU makes NY Times!)

Libel suit dismissed against Liddy (not G. Gordon Liddy)

Ky. Boy, 13, Charged With Threatening Bush

Iraq PM warns US not to interfere

Peru/Chile: 20,000 signatures collected as a result of the international c

Iran Gets 30 Days to Clear Nuke Suspicions

New school voucher amendment is unveiled (Jeb Alert!)

Inquiry sought into allegations of voter fraud in Duval County

Jill Carrol Released: Interview on CNN

(CBS) Iraq Soldier Backs U.S. On Deadly Raid

FBI investigating Katrina contracts

Attorney general subpoenas voting machine companies (FL)

Gunmen in Iraq kill police commando, lawyer

Fairfield feline under house arrest now media celebrity

Democrats Have Ten-Point Lead in U.S.

On Web, Error Is Uncovered Through Relentless Pursuit (Kaloogian photo)

Hutchinson, Beebe Enter Governor's Race (Arkansas)

LAT: Nation's Mayors Put Spotlight on Poverty

Lawmakers demand action on Capitol tunnel hazards

Americans at "tipping point" about energy-poll

CNN: Dems offer national security platform

US 'open' to Israel borders plan

Discord threatens minimum wage hike

LAT: Protests Reshape Race for Governor

CNN/AP: One fourth of nation's schools fail 'no child' standards

Sago Mine Survivor Is Released From Hospital, holds news conference

Bill Would Speed Challenge to Surveillance

Criminal Citation for Political Bumpersticker!

In Iraq, frontline patience wears thin

Illinois Governor Faces New Questions About Hate Panel

GOP Budget Plan Faces Intra-Party Rift

AP: Economy Grows at 1.7 Percent Pace

Iran to stage massive Gulf military exercise

Japan's lower house approves bill to fingerprint, photograph foreigners

U.S. Army relaxes tattoo rules to attract recruits

Judge Says FEC Failed to Curb Soft Money

(Rep.) Miller (R-Calif.) helped free land for a business partner

BREAKING: Rove hid damaging memo

Iraq politician says 1,700 Sunnis killed in unrest

OC Register: Students may be punished for walkouts

(Louisiana Senate) Panel sinks out-of-state vote bill

When was GOP candidate Kaloogian actually in Iraq? 2005???

U.S. deserter alleges atrocities

Caribbean Coral Suffers Record Death

WP,pg1: D.C. Area Still Unprepared for Terror Attacks, Senate Panel Told

Exposé on Jewish role in US policy is disowned

Pre-War Intelligence - Insulating Bush -Murray Waas

Catwalk queen's catfight arrest

Pelosi Introduces Resolution Calling for Abramoff Bribery Probe

Gay Marriage Among Looming Ballot Issues

LAT: Senate Calls (94-0) for Study Into Immigrant Deaths

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 30 March

Drone aircraft may prowl U.S. skies

One Airman Killed, One Wounded in IED Explosion


Is it time to pull the plug on NAFTA?

Cheney: 'I'm a real party animal'

BBC: Iraq bases spur questions over US plans

Nelson has big lead over (Katherine) Harris in poll (51-35)


WP: Bush Visits Mayan Ruins Ahead of Mexico Talks

Kurds riot in southeastern Turkey

NYT: GOP risking hispanic vote on immigration

Katrina Evacuees Wear Out Stay in Houston

Bush administration says New Orleans could take 25 years to recover

Cuomo has 20-point lead in (NY) AG race: poll

Ex-FBI Agent Indicted in Mob Killings

Report: DOJ subpoenas reached far beyond Web-search companies

Older Bush no longer part of Carlyle Group

School's 'Holocaust' Experiment Upsets Parents

House Candidate Draws Fire for Web Photo

Tribunal Asks Dutch to Host Taylor Trial

Iran rejects UN demand for halt to enrichment

United States Working To Improve Religious Freedom in Vietnam

WP: Red Cross Refers Katrina Relief Probe to FBI

Shiite Ayatollah Ignores Letter From Bush

Insulating Bush: 2004, Plame, Rove, Hadley, & a potentially damaging memo

Al Qaeda's Zarqawi shifts tactics - U.S. military

BBC: Tourist ship 'sinks' in the Gulf

Abramoff Given Time Off From Prison To Aid Investigators

Photographer: Herald got it right (contradicts Scalia's version)

WP: Moussaoui Jurors Ask Judge to Define 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'

MSNBC Breaking: American hostage Jill Carroll freed in Iraq

Costs Soar As Clergy Sex Abuse Cases Rise

Jamaica Awaits First Female Leader

Protests stop ("No Friends") Rice's mosque visit

Study: Prayer Has No Effect on Heart Surgery Recovery

(Corporate) Profits surge to 40-year high

AP: Swann Holds Slight Lead in Pa. Gov. Race (WTF???)

Army Bans Use of (ALL) Privately Bought Armor

DNC gets involved in New Orleans election controversy

Rape allegations cast pall at Duke

US Army redraws its tattoo policy

Blackwater USA says it can supply forces for conflicts

MA high court bars same-sex marriage for non-residents . . .

Stony-faced Mao (statue) to loom over Tibet

US to test 700-tonne explosive (Mushroom Cloud over Las Vegas)

Umm...WHAT?!? (Tom Cochrane, Live 8 and African suffering)

Celebrate with me, Loungers!

My brother bought some corn on the cob that was actually called....

Anybody ever get a phone call like this?

Boston music live in Squeech

How to go completely buggy...

I just had a great victory...

"Sir, the Russians have just launched the first Brazilian into orbit"

Newsflash: Every person in the world is not married!

Remember your earliest internet experience???

A laugh at Bill Napoli, a SD Republican's expense

The Chevy Tahoe Ad-making Contest will last until:

Slash Sucks...

Then you can begin to make it better

I've run out. These are the last images I have.

"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts..."

I'm in the mood for some fractal art

Alright Nix!!! Give me my surprise!!!

Hey, Rev_Acts...if you get to 22,000 in the next hour,

Albright Knox!!! Give me my gusto!!!

You know what I really enjoy...

'Nuther limerick

yvr girl, it's SPELLED Hissyspit...

Heino time!

redaction placeholder

I'm about to ask a girl out over the internet. Is that wrong?

I have something to say : Do not ignore K T Tunstall . Good music .

Lite-Brite and bubble wrap and candle lighting

I'm going to subvert a smiley

So, I'm at a pub tonight

why is everyone bored and depressed today???

another fuckup

How much time per day do you log on to DU a work?!?

So whatdo you think about these illegals?

Burt Bacharach unleashes his X-rated lyrics (anti-administration song)

A friend of mine has a test right now

I just got a message at hi5

self delete

DU this poll!

Hallmark hall of shame: Where cards go to die


Update on my mother.

This is the 4th day straight that I've been unable to sleep regularly

So, there's this new Donald Fagen album...

Things my parents taught me

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

See What I Mean!

Special guests this week in "Queen Victoria."

Top 10 signs your kitty is nuts:

Happy Birthday Warren Beatty!!!!

YAY, Rev_Acts! 22,000 posts!

Do a google image search for the word "Poker"


Tell me about your thyroid problem

Want to know something? It's Celine Dion's birthday!

how many national parks have you been to?

Thursday earworm.

Tell me about Cruise.

Best and FUNNIEST reason to go to GD: Tahoe Commericials

Shatner asks "Do YOU....need........"

Al Franken Broadcasting Live from The Crest - Sacramento...

Once again I've cancelled my Netflix service

Coach K(ommercial)

Need your opinion

I'm having another "Adventures in Hair Products" Day

i'm takin' my dog for a walk....ask me anything....

For those of you who think sports don't do anything for universities

In praise of..... Beck!

NYC DUers - Need the name of some good downtown Dive Bars

My mouse rescue, Snack, just died.

I need help!

Florida Town Hands Election To Wrong Candidate

It Did It Again!

"March of the Penguins" really is a remarkable piece of film.

Top Ten Reasons Dick Cheney Won't Resign (From the Late Show)

Happy Birthday Vincent van Gogh, you crazy one-eared bastid...

Barry Bonds Must Quit

It is happening...domino by domino...slowly...

This site lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its words

I'm gonna go Buy the Dixie Chicks new Album....

How many threads have you started in your last 20 posts?

Confess. How many threads have you started in your last 20 posts?

IT Experts! HELP!!!!

Question: How do I make an entry into my journal?


DU this poll, pls!!!

What I will do with the $350 I won last night. A sign of the times:

Need some help for a class

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/30/06)

I got a good laugh out of this today! (toon)

I'm kicking this

I did one too! Tahoe commercial. (this is dangerously fun!)

I found out what coffee IndianaGreen drinks.

All right. Enough herking for tonight. I'm off to bed!

LOST watercooler discussion thread (***SPOILERS***).

Newsflash: Everyone in the world is marred!

Man spends 41 hours inside a Wal-Mart. Store doesn't notice until the end.

Written in blood...make your own

My Tahoe Commericial is better than all of yours combined!!!

30 Helens would agree...

Newsflash: Every pope in the world is unmarried!

OMG!! Poor, poor Whitney!!

I'm getting FECUND!

Holy canoli!

Did Chirac "kiss it" or "lick it"?

Hooters Air Goes Tits Up.

My Tahoe commericial

Oh my . . . from a website that's supposed to be about consumer protection

Now Screening my Chevy Tahoe Swan Song

Political Ts West Palm Beach

Totally Inappropriate Charity Events

A lot of threads seem to get locked and moved from GD

I'm getting a REFUND!

Exterminate Tom Delay

Woohoo, my Tahoe commercial!

My Tahoe Commerical

Anyone remember the doctor that was shot on the Ohio Turnpike?

Russians lauch gigantic new space ship.

To my critics, I say vaffanculo (Google Image Search)

Phone sex granny running for Mo 6th Democratic primary

Sauteed Chicken Breast.....

Has anyone heard from auntAntagonist since her hospitalization?

Aronofsky's "The Fountain" (SPOILERS!)

In case anyone needs a last minute practical joke:

Why does Daylight savings have to be the same weekend

30 Hellenes would agree...

I'm adding people to my "ignore"

Tell me about bruising.

DOES sex sell? (Adult Big Wheel)

Brazilian troops leave Rio slums


Ah it's Spring time in fundie Land

What the herk? I can't add myself to my buddy list or ignore myself...

How do you gain weight?

Hard drive/PC question

Attention Democratic strategist!! Please read this!

Mercenaries in Iraq

Post here and I'll herk you.

First day of lottery here in NC

I'm finishing up my latest anime cosplay

is it something in the air today?

Two very proud fathers pose with their mentally challenged adopted son

Chevy Tahoe ain't for freepers.

Yay! VH1 Classic is playing Flock of Seagulls.

I'm adding people to my journals "blogroll"

Adorable kitty seeks adoption (short movie)

Does the sound of someone else typing on a keyboard drive you nuts?

Large Jars Of Peanut Butter Banned In Tennessee Prisons

My schefflera is going to live!!

Sunny? Above 35 degrees? Wisconsin? Why, it must be

I'm no DS1, but I humbly submit....

Another favor

Here's a surprise...

On DU as in life... what life lessons have you learned at DU?


Bolten has decorated his office with pictures of Bush's hands.

Ask me anything. I'm in Alexandria, Egypt.

My Tahoe commercial:

Baby Snakes On A MuthaFuckin Plane!!

Tell me about cursing.

Self Delete

We all know what the Chevy commercials are -really- about

Squeech music live in Boston

STRANGERS! On a muthafuckin' TRAIN!

Hi all...a medical question.please...

Forget kudzu, miconia is the real killer.

Why do I see "Camel Toe" when somebody posts "Chevy Tahoe"

Grammar Nazis protect the world from Ann Coulter

These are things people actually said in court, word for word:

Chevy Tahoe commercials are dangerous

DateJesus.Com ... Cool!


Catwalk queen's catfight arrest

A ladybug just bit me on the neck.

Hi DU, I missed you!

I am late to the Tahoe party...forgive me...

A sincere Thank You to everyone here in the Lounge.

I watched "The Devil's Rejects" last night

Cat stuck in wall waves paw for help

I think I might be an immigrant. How can I tell & how do we get rid of me?


Well, I guess it's time to go to the library

I watched Pulp Fiction last night

Is living together the same as being married?

Pimp your wheelage!

FedEx question: what happens if i send something with the wrong phone #?

Barrett-Jackson Auction live on Speed

Congratulations Karenina!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Joan_Alpern!! 20,000 posts

I tried another chevy ad - cause my first one sucked

Movies you watched just for the nudity or partial nudity...

"The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"

Journalers: is your Journal loungish or GDish???

Tell me about cruising.

My humble Tahoe submission

I'm posting this to pad my post count

Have you ever personally witnessed a total eclipse of the heart??

5:10 PM Eastern time.

Best player in Major League Baseball?


Snakes on a Plane

Bicycle!...Bicycle!...All I want to do is RIDE!

I got a job!!!

any Absinthe drinkers here?

I love my new house...but I hate my new house

Name something you'd like to pad.

Happy birthday Lorien!!

CRAP! Grrr! Uuck! Pffftt! CRAP!!!

SNOWGLOBE //// if you've never seen this you simply have to

Ultra super bizarro dream

I'm Antonin Scalia - ask me anything!!!


A question for mothers

How much should I spend for a wedding gift for Niece?

I am in love...

Starbucks Anarchist is an omnipresent person

Oscar Winning rappers Three 6 Mafia to cut a song with Paris Hilton

Anyone here have experience travelling to BVI?

temp problem, it'll take a little longer to answer emails thanks...

good god! the mormons were at my door!!

Which lapsed religion makes for the hottest bed partner?

Do I need a fricking Ph.D to fricking unjam the damn Copying Machine

Letter Equations:

Ok.... I give up.

I am so in love.....

Lawn ornament collection leaves homeowner puzzled

It's time for Rabrrrrrr to relearn guitar - my new Washburn comes today!

I'm bored. Post here and I'll PM you a random quotation,

my left wing suv ad

I am frustrated

Is there a legal limit on what age you can put your kids up for adoption?

I made a Tahoe commercial, too!!

My next tattoo... what do you think?

I am herkish on Kudzu. It's herking places!

The car that is least noticeable...

I am so hungry. Someone please eat something for me. I am getting

Man Who Had Sex With Sleeping Wife Charged

Something Awful has a list of banned users

Man Crashes Car After Pet Snake Attacks Him

I just realized something

I went and saw "V for Vendetta" *spoiler*


Does anyone disagree with Dr. Harold G. Koenig (Duke Univ) on science's

Study: Praying Won't Affect Heart Patients

Uh, oh, Repukes may have lost a key propaganda piece in their

Calcium, dairy may curb colon cancer risk

A Year to Live, A Year to Die

Women Suffer From Anxiety And Stress After Birth, Not Only Depression

Laminectomy / cervical spine surgery - anyone with personal experience?

Archaeologist Links Ancient Palace, Ajax (Greek hero of the Trojan War)

Holographic advance aids storage

Polar bears drowning because the ice is melting.

Grandpa died. Go fetch the BBQ sauce!

Minnesota GOP Floods Senate With Anti-Gay Amendments

Massachusetts bars same-sex marriage for nonresidents . . .

Homophobia Is Mental Health Risk for Young Gays,

Did Homophobic Politicians Pretend to be Gay Terrorists?

An Ex Ex-Gay blogs about his experiences, truly sad what they

West Sacramento mayor discloses he's gay

Local Businesses Battle Utah Town Over Gays

Pope's Anti-Gay Tirade Blasted As 'Meddling' In Italian Election

Headsup on GD post: BBC: "Australia to block gay unions"

Mass. Out-Of-State Gay Marriage Ban Upheld

Illinois Governor Faces New Questions About Hate Panel

Gay priest installed in Calif. church

Great Article on Georege Mason Univ. Bandwagon - Players Parents

No one will respond but...

Marge Schott's memorabilia going up for sale

Pics of Jake's first trip outside

On the 13th of this month

AAauuuugh!!! Help me please....

Very short video (not of Kerry)

This and That stuff

JK coming up on C-Span 2

OT - but interesting. Walter Shapiro on Lieberman

Real Security Press Conference - A Missed Opportunity?

Do you have a JK addiction?

Not JK related, but weird - Thecaninedate

JK on Franken today

Personal whine ! Off topic!

Interesting focus group on 08 .

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/30/06: Baseball Probe Imminent

LOL, these people really did do this! Olbermann/Stewart in '08!

Chevy Tahoe contest invades the KOEB

BBC Video of Vets Gulf March is online

Uh-ho... now the Evangelicals are starting to question foreign policy

is there still the 2004 electoral fraud resource archived on DU?

Alex Jones says Hollywood being pressured to shut up.

VIDEO- Letterman- The Bolton File

Dallas Police say $10 - $12K signing bonus would lower morale

Americans are nearly as worried about energy as they are the War

This statistic shocked me.....WOW

Is there any country in the world that allows unrestricted immigration?

For a campaign freebie, Kaloogian should hand out Kool-Aid

A Call for Help (audio & transcript of 9-11 call from World Trade Center)

That didn't work....actually I am looking for all the major papers in

Saudi's building nukes? where's the outrage? hello bush

Help if you can. I am looking for that site that has all the front pages

Senator Dole opposes Bush national forest sale

Did anyone notice that Samatha Bee is back on the Daily Show?

Bernie Ward Doing Lookagain Kaloogian NOW!

gotta see this

What can y'all tell me about Claire McCaskill, Senate candidate from MO

Muslims 'withdraw Rice invitation'

Did anyone else out there ever get a Christmas card from Michael Dukakis?

ask cspan to cover Censure hearing (contact info below)

I find it quite ironic

This site lets you search for a song, by tapping the rhythm of its words

CNN reports Jill Carroll released, citing FBI & Christian Science Monitor.

(TOON) Steve Bell on Bush's plummeting approval

Palm Beach election supervisor to Ann Coulter: You have 30 days to explain

Jamy Ian Swiss - Psychics, Science, and Magic (Free Podcast)

Making our slaves/indentured servants legal!

ON LINK TV NOW (EST) - PAUL WELLSTONE (dish network & direct tv chan. 375)

The US propaganda machine: Oh, what a lovely war

Florida A.G. Subpoenas Vote Machine Companies

E-mail an entry from Archives?

Pupils import torture tools to highlight UK arms loopholes

Wash. Journal: Philippe Sands on, author of "Lawless World".

One US soldier was Tues, (reported today) in Fallujah

I will be calling Kaloogians office soon. Here is what I am planning

State sovereignty must be altered in globalized era!!!!!!!

Our media seems to be befuddled as to why the CSM reporter was released?

Howard Lookagain takes Humvee ride through Iraq countryside!

just heard on cnn Jill Carroll was released

Democrat is front runner in scramble to fill Cunningham's seat.

How many different ways can a person become a legal immigrant?

Fairfield feline under house arrest now media celebrity

Bush censure could reach full vote, Spector says

dupe -- please delete

VIDEO- Leahy's Opener- NSA Surveillance Hearing March 28 06

VIDEO- Specter's Opener-NSA Surveillance Hearing March 28 06

And who says I want to be rescued?

Medicare Patients Find Drug Restrictions

C-SPAN WJ: Tancredo Spews...

Stephanie Miller today, anyone listening?

Gallup: In Shift, More Americans Now Call Themselves Democrats

Freepers are talking counter...

Update on Driver Fined for Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker in Georgia

Charlie Rose out of heart surgery in Paris, in intensive care

"Shut 'er down and git governin' " Bush morphs into Larry the Cable Guy

NBC: Yesterday's events illustrate that Dems have Repubs on the defensive

Hartford Courant to Joe Lieberman: Stop whining, it's politics!

Censure Hearing Today

SS Admin estimate 3/4 of "illegals" contribute $6-7 billion in SS funds

Grading Edge for Conservative Students

Sibel Edmonds-Recipient of PEN/Newman First Amendment Award

Need Bumper Stickers????

Do we own the world and don't even know it?

Toyota activism -- >>GRAPHICS attached

Anybody know anything about the Churches of Christ, the group that

12/05 WSJ story: Who is Kaloogian? What is Move America Forward?

Iran rejects UN demand for halt to enrichment

Pentagon wants $millions$ more for 'military construction' in Iraq

2nd Amendment protects illegal immigration via underground tunnels?


America's policy is to keep wages low and workers scared.

Alec Baldwin/Hannity fisticuffs new twist - who is Mark Levin?

With all due respect, Kentuck, no time to enjoy...

Heard plug for DU on the Jerry Springer show today...

Cheney makes a JOKE about PRESS with picture of him holding a RIFLE...

"if you start looking at them as humans, how are you going to kill them?"

"Sir, the Russians have just launched the first Brazilian into orbit"

Bush's Top 10 'Vietnam' Mistakes

"More Hospitals Market to the Affluently Ill"

Dan Savage Thanks DU; Links To Post

Senate Foreign Relations Hearing: Hidden Cost of Oil

Kaloogian's New Photo: Foggy "peaceful" Baghdad dawn from 3,000 feet up!

Iran to stage massive Gulf military exercise!!


is it just me or does Larry Elder SUCK?

Has anyone put the pics side by side yet... just for fun? What a contrast!

Howard Kaloogian's site gone?

Wingnut: I'm 3 miles from where the jihadis last spoke in US.

Bush wanted Bin Laden; Neocons wanted Iraq

Do you think it's possible that...

Good Morning DU!!!

Program alert: Hackett to guest host on Springer tomorrow

Flash Map: troop fatalities in iraq over time

DU this poll, plz!

Why Aren't LEGAL Immigrants Protesting Against ILLEGALS?

Bush in Cancun - is he there to learn how to clean up after a storm?

Would you pay $50 to heckle Rove ?? Here's your chance FL/AL/GA

Americans are being GOUGED by American Oil Cartel...

For those of you who didn't see Bill Maher last Friday....good stuff.

The Bushism for today is...

Check out the "Christian" reaction to Jill Carroll on Free Republic

Brit-accented Zain Verjee coming full-time to CNN from CNN International

The Freeper reaction to the release of Jill Carroll - what you'd expect


Justices Weigh Foreign Defendants' Rights

AP HEADLINE: Bush Heads to Mexico, Doesn't Pack Speedo

Check out my new avatar

George Bush's Contempt For American Workers

Poisoning Public To Hate Illegal Aliens Is Not Solving The Problem

VIDEO- Kornblum/FISA Surveillance Hearing March 28 06- Unilateral Pres Pow

Oh, The Humanity!

Excellent Article in "Sports Forum" on George Mason Univ. Final 4 Team

VIDEO- Baker/FISA Surv Hearing-Different Standard for Prob Cause at FISA

VIDEO-Baker/FISA Surv Hearing-Who has the Right to Make Determination?

John Kerry, Barbara Boxer on Al Franken today (link inside)

Sickest Story Of The Day

Gas up in Madison, WI by 8 Cents over night

VIDEO- Kornblum/Terrorist Time Constraints change things (FISA Surv Hearng

VIDEO- Kornblum/FISA Surv Hearing-What are minimization procedures

Hocking more KALOOGIANs - UPDATE!

Not your Hollywood version of combat (video footage)

Elections officials to query GOP pundit (Coulter's voting)

First the MOAB put your hands together for "Divine Strake"

Do you trust the NYT after all of the crap?

Democrat Busby WAY ahead of Kaloogian in the SurveyUSA Poll

ARGHHH! I've been contacted to design a website promoting the "good side"

Anyone watching the House?

Neocons block talks with Iran in 2003

Pelosi introduces Resolution Calling for Abramoff Investigations of Congre

Does DU need an attitude adjustment ?

NSA/Domestic Surveillance Hearing - video compilation thread

Apology by Mark Fiore (flash)

I'm kicking this

Bush is THE WAKE UP CALL:: There is SOMETHING Nasty Bout them PUBS

Dems speaking out - video compilation thread

This list isn't speculation or conspiracy

New Orleans Women Speak Out

How would Nixon react to Bush if he were alive?

Mexican growth spurt may be too late for Fox's man

Caption Condi

we would rather fight them over there, instead of protecting our borders

Heads Up: Capt. James Yee, Gitmo chaplain on the air NOW.

Hey Repukes! The Market Forces have spoken regarding illegal immigration

Worldnutdaily calls for General Strike to Show Immingrants WHO'S the BOSS:

Break my heart for a CAPTION!!!

Punch the Politicians -WaPo calls it an "experiment"

Neocons Deny Scalia Story, In The Face Of Overwhelming Evidence

Harper, Bush and Fox meet amid ancient ruins

Increased U.S. Productivity from the Outsourcing of Services - Mark Thoma

Barbara Boxer on Frankens show right now

Leave it to Jane Hamsher to say it...

What in Hell is wrong with Geothermal Energy?

If the GM execs have a Christmas party this year

Wal-Mart doesn't even notice that a man has been in store for 41 hours.

"The K Chronicles" is awesome today! (toon)

How do you gain weight?

Press release, National Centers for Disease Control, March 30th, 2006

Criminal Citation for Political Bumpersticker!

RE: Scalia's Tender Wishes

Canceled the Washington Post. Are there any good papers left?

A candidate congressman in Baghdad ... (dialup warning)

Study: Praying Won't Affect Heart Patients

Father of man beheaded in Iraq runs for Congress

VIDEO- Feinstein/Specter/FISA Surv Hearing-FISA binding on Pres?

Real Security!

Letter to Father Paul Scalia

Russ Feingold has two interesting witnesses lined up for hearings.

Cheney: "I know how to have fun. I'm a real party animal."

Iran gets thirty days to clear nuke suspicions - 10 years away from bomb

Ted Turner blasts the media, Bush -- and himself

Moussaoui Jury Misled About Identity of Top 9/11 Paymasters

The car that is least noticeable...

VIDEO- Stafford-Different Threshold for Elec Surveillance (Prob Cause)

Fuddy Duddy Lieberman: "I'm not going to let them get away with it."

Exposing bullshit in internet time

Iraqi girl tells first hand of US attack-parents and grandparents killed

Ask c-span to cover the Censure hearing tomorrow: [email protected]

He looks more lit up than a Christmas tree

VIDEO- Durbin/FISA Surv Hearing-Does Pres Authority Supercede Statute?

FOUND....postcards to Kaloogian...from Baghdad (edited)

9 of Bottom 10 Rated Senators REPUKES !!!

VIDEO- Leahy/Baker on Legality of NSA Surveillance Program

VIDEO- Keenan- Definition of Electronic Surveillance (FISA Hearing)

I Finally Got the Job Offer I was Hoping For....

Wonkette: Rumor on the Hill that McKinney will be arrested

How's Howie "the K" Kaloogian doing in the campaign to be the next Duke?

I'm happy that the miner is back home...BUT

VIDEO- Hatch-Can Evidence Gotten through NSA Spy Pgm be used to

Pentagon Blocked Move to Make Water Safer

US living on borrowed time - and money

Did anyone see Rep. McKinney's press conference?

John Kerry & Barbara Boxer are on Franken's show today.

Another bank rant. I got turned away at a bank today.

Funny comment on BradBlog about Ann Coulter

Boortz - Let's put the Hispanics in the Superdome till we can deport 'em


Repuke framing of abortion...

A Letter from Oaxaca, Mexico

VIDEO- Specter/Hatch-Senators are not Judges- NSA Spying -March 28 06

self delete - dupe.

Thank you, skinner, for the Tahoe commercial post..

More baseball investigations/hearings?? Oh goody !

DU'ers, Can You Help Me On This?

Michael Berg, Green Party Candidate, running for congress...

Flowers to Helen Thomas

John Kerry on Franken's show after the break. NT

Taking Mom and Dad to Your Interview

DKOS: This is not Bush Country. It's blue from sea to shining sea.

President Kerry on Al Franken - AAR

Cool show on HBO right now: The Road to War; LBJ, Wallace, McNamara

republican fiscal responsibility: NY national debt clock out of room!

Last nites Daly Show: What makes a person dig his goobers on National TV

Please Don't Look...

John Podhoretz Attacks Jill Carroll

CBS Anchor Bob Schieffer will in my town this PM. Any suggested ?'s.

Simulation shows Europe prepared for flu outbreak

Everyone realizes illegal immigrants don't pay taxes on income...

John Hall For 19th District (NY) ANY DU FEEDBACK?

Filthy Freepers are pissed Jill Carroll is free

Australia's Lateline >> Bush, Blair had ‘no evidence’ of Iraq WMDs: lawyer

Paying illegal immigrants = OK, but outsourcing not okay?

Some reasons to support citizenship for illegal immigrants

Jerry Springer AAR guest host tomorrow...

Kerry on Ed Schultz -- NOW!

Drudge Helps Clinton Legacy

What You Need To Believe ..... To Be A Republican

Vacation after Cancun?

Louisiana bill proposes legislation: emergency evacuation for PETS =)

Antonin Scalia: "To my critics, I say, 'Vaffanculo'"

bushitler you've had it now- Murray Waas of Nat'l Journal- today! worth over $2 BILLION??? WTF???

Falwell's son caught up in fraud case....ROFL...he was wiretapped

Impeaching Bush won't do it. Crimes against humanity is the needed charge.

Be Prepared - Start hoarding nickels

My latest CHEVY commercial.

dupe n/t

What Lieberman just doesn't understand...

Okla teen arrested for tobacco possession

Any DU women ever used abortion as birth control?

Say "YES" to War on Iraq - Dan Savage, the Stranger, Oct 17, 2002

breaking the law- criminal==so much of this related to undomcumented

Lieberman Hates being called 'Republican Lite'

'Cause what GD needed was another Tahoe commercial.

Secretary Snow: Concerned about countries pulling out investments...

US debt clock running out of time, space

$66.50 a barrel today.

Better Bush operation names

What is Vincente Fox doing to help Mexicans find jobs?

You are here . . .

There are 2 similar hand gestures.

When was GOP candidate Kaloogian actually in Iraq? 2005???

Let's all donate $7.46 RIGHT NOW for Nancy Pelosi!

DU this poll on 'Fat Tony' Scalia's hand sign...

No Guy James Show today. Please keep kicked till 5pm

but did you see This one?

Istanbul = Baghdad, Daily Kos = Democratic Underground?

Delete dupe

How many Mexicans can dance on the head of a pin?

Sdak's response to threats of tourism boycott

DNC: Toll free number and radio ads to help displaced New Orleanians vote

Things they said 50 years ago - were you there to see/hear them?

James Carville will be at my school today at 5:30 CST; Suggested Q's?

Sibel Edmonds honored with PEN/Newman 1st Ammendment Award!

McDermott: People have a right to know

U.S.,Nepal& India

cost of illegal immigrants = $22b/yr, cost of Iraq war = $251b so far

can anyone answer this for me?

another * pic to caption

Fearless Hugh Hewitt, on the frontline in the war on terror.

As a lifelong non-believer; "Caught Red-Handed" Ad Their Best-Testing Yet

Kaloogian "blasts liberal journalists" for using pic to attack campaign

HORRIFYING exchange about Jill Carroll from Imus Show. They're PIGS!

Amy Goodman on Tweety now, 4:30pm CT, RE: immigration. nt

Hey! What's the big deal !

VA Hospital

Hi DU, I missed you!

It's still a beautiful city...

Help needed! I am trying to find out how much No Child Left Behind

LOL! Dorky Pix Of Freeper At Coulter/Franken Debate

"60,057 Catholics Reject Da Vinci Code"

Do you like my Chevy Tahoe commercial? VERY FUNNY!!

Is there a Hate Mailbag update coming soon?

Congressman Darrell Issa is the US Representative

Larry Johnson: "Blaming Saddam is a pathetic gesture by an embattled ...

FLASHBACK: FBI urges police to watch for people carrying almanacs

NOT vacationing in the Bahamas anytime soon....banned Brokeback Mtn

Should We Scrap The Constitution And Start Over?

Immigration - Anyone here familiar with California's healthcare system?

More doom for the day... I feel like debbie downer today

Randi In The New York Daily News Today

Amurikkkan Fambly Assoseration Immergrashun Pole

What We Want From E-voting Machines

Is Prez Fox ... Bushes Bully?????

"they have no plan..." oops... Thursday 3/30 toon

Harry Reid: "George Bush Has Failed America"


Brilliant Bash Of Bush And Iraq From A Former Delta Force Founder

This Day in History

Before tomorrow's censure hearing, watch VIDEO of the FISA Surveillance

I took a trip to NYC recently. The crime there isn't so bad!

Am I alone in seeing the hypocrisy here?

Report: US, China, India will be half of economic growth by 2020

Just got back from Helen's Office

Flowers for Helen Thomas - Delivery Day Thread #3

Tweety: Dems pretending that they're GI Joe all of a sudden.

FReeper racist thread of the day!

Two douchebags of aristocracy:

CA's rethug SoS made a deal with bush to prevent people from voting!!

HELP! Recommend a good radio show for new contest (BI30)

Caption this * pic..

Immigrants accept the wages Americans won't accept.

Help Needed! I am trying to find out how much No Child Left Behind

Why all the adulation for Ronald Reagan?

Who said this? no fair peeking at the URL. Bears constant repeating

Angry Arabs denounce dumping Merhi

BBC: "Australia to block gay unions"(John Howard uses another Bushie ploy)

Wikipedia lists "Kaloogian" as a verb but the entry is being

Flying an East German flag

More on Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

Does Mary Winkler have postpartum psychosis?

Flowers for Helen Thomas - Delivery Day Thread #4

Talk about a conspiracy and there's nothing "theoretic" about it.

Flowers for Helen Thomas - Delivery Day Thread #2

How Many?

Help me understand something....

Is there any way to save the Tahoe commercials?

If you post a faked photo supporting your...

New meme.... Kaloogian's Bluff, cuz some journalists are opposed

FISA judges say Bush within law?

VIDEO- Letterman-Unexpected Lip Twitch

the"swift boating" of jill carroll has begun

Please Donate to Cooperative Research-they do AWESOME work & need $$$

The GOP's Stake In Checking The President BY: RUSS FEINGOLD

DEBATE: I argue for open borders.



Is this racist or innocent humor?


Speaking of Ronald Reagan...


National Review Columnist Insults Jill Carroll

WHEEE!!! Gas up $0.41 this week. Now at $2.75 in Louisville, Ky

Nasty, Mean, Hateful, Stupid, Little Freeple......

Presidential Censure -10:00 AM EST 2:00 (est.) LIVE yabba dappa doo.

Al Franken & Ed Schultz: If Iraqis don't it together, we'll leave

"Immigrants do the jobs Americans won't do"

Iran says progress on nuclear proliferation doomed by Bush's new nukes

Democracy: Iraq votes, Bush vetoes

PHOTOS: His royal Highness doesn't care about anyone else's vacation

RAWSTORY: Bush censure could reach full vote, senator says

"Fake Photo" Kaloogian's IRS Form 990. Calling DU tax experts!

Burt Bacharach unleashes his X-rated lyrics (anti-administration song)

Flowers for Helen Thomas Thread #5--

Senator Byron Dorgan did a great job standing up for American workers it safer to vote by absentee ballot or go to the machines?

AP: Borders, Waldenbooks Won't Carry Free Inquiry Issue

Don't miss Showbiz Tonight on CNN Headline News tonight!

Should men stay out of the abortion debate?

Houston school principal ordered to remove Mexican flag

If all the illegal immigrants in the US would suddenly receive Amnesty ...

Man Charged With Sexual Assault Has Support Of Victim's Mother

Flowers for Helen Thomas - Thread #6

We're making some real progress in Iraq. heh heh heh

Reagan Assasination attempt. Lone Gunman? Conspiracy? Poppy?

Stupid freep e-mail of the day

Sen Schumer Introduces bill to put Domestic Spying On Fast Track to SCOTUS

Does anyone know anything about the Dana corp bankruptcy?

Sabato is one smart cookie.

Protect your family - buy gold.

Gov. DEAN: "Are you ready to make history?"

SF Chronicle's & S Diego Union-Trib's takes on KALOOGIAN PHOTO INCIDENT:

do you all remember when Rove said he wanted to make immigration

Should baseball erase records of players caught using steroids?

I do NOT believe the "Rove shielded the Pres"-it's IRAN/CONTRA REDUX

**OFFICIAL** Helderheid Appreciation Thread

flame bait or broiled?

Blackwater wants to go from security to an Army For Hire


Is there an immigration crisis in the US?

Is it time to pull the plug on NAFTA?

Rep. Brown-Waite responds to my LTTE:

Non-Michigan DUers: Is the economy good in your state?

Check out this LAFF RIOT of a letter I got from the Katherine Harris camp.

Ann Coulter Given 30 Days to Explain Vote Fraud Felony Allegation!

You are a fraud, Mr. President.

"End of Suburbia" Oil Depletion + Collapse of the American Dream

RELEASE THE HADLEY MEMOS !!! By: Rep. John Conyers


40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 25)

For those who may have missed it....George Allen is a Racist

New South Park jabs at liberals/George Clooney. Were you offended?

mexicans in mexico ought to kick lou dobbs' ass out of mexico using the

Confederate Flag: Racism or Heritage?

Is it just me? or have repubs turned dangerously batguano crazy since

Did morph into a coin dealer's Website?

Oh Undergod! RevMoon's daughter and other rich kids get reality show?

Dean says Bush changed speech time to step on Democrats' event .

Work for cheap wages, or be replaced

Kansas. Hope you take cover Here we go SPRING is here

***** H.O.P.E. for Darfur *****

VIDEO - Iraqis Flee Homes Amid Signs of 'Ethnic Cleansing' (BradBlog)

Today's Doonesbury!

Hey, * finally got a new shirt... pics -->>


Today Show -- Why America Hates Fat Women

*** We can beat a bad House budget if you call *** 1-800-459-1887 ***

Should women stay out of the circumcision debate?

Illegal immigrants become issue in race for California governor

The Cry of the Middle Class........Who will finally Listen?

Canadians Disappointed with Bush Re-election

Bush spending huge amounts of money to try to bribe soldiers

Ambrohoff + DeLay + US Family Network = Congress real estate deal

No, really, this is the Quote of the Day

Bush censure: "An intense partisan showdown with election-year stakes"

If people like Kaloogian irritate the hell out of you then do something!!

I can't claim having been the first, but I was one of the first

J. D. Hayworth on Imus...he's not following the Karl Rove script

Feingold's legal team for the hearing Friday in Senate Judiciary Committee

25th Anniversary of Reagan Shooting

Don't get off the boat! Don't get off the boat! Don't get off the boat!

SecEd Spellings cooks up "No Child Left Behind Chili"

Democrats Continue Pushing Debate On Legality Of Warrantless Surveillance

Voice of San Diego: Hit: Bloggers

Feingold's statement on Schumer's proposed legislation re Bush wiretapping

Gay Marriage Among Looming Ballot Issues

Kaloogian story makes San Diego Union Tribune -- way to go DU!

Feingold has an article up on CounterPunch

Photos: Junior arrives in Cancun, ready for that NAFTA Summit, Stretch...

a gold star necklace for Rep. Loretta Sanchez

Kadima wins?

A very revealing remark from a pundit about the Oligarchy --- (Re. Card)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Has anyone seen any or much coverage of Iraq,

Rutherford B. Bush

Here's something for your amusement!

How to win elections and influence people?

Angie Paccione vs The Bitch from Ft. Morgan (Marilyn Musgrave)

True Majority Action

DNC unveils toll free number and radio ad for NO voters

Apparently True Love Doesn't Always Wait (fundie failures)

The Jill Caroll backfire... My wife's thoughts

Freepers Hate Freedom. (Jill Carroll)

The "War on Terror" is bullshit

Blogs post on Dems security plan

You must watch this

Pelosi: Republican Higher Education Bill a Missed Opportunity

Why just the border with Mexico? Another POV ...

Right-Wingers of Spring

a Constitutional Crisis ? Or. . .

"You'll see the real Bill Frist, unencumbered by having responsibilities..

Watned: GOP strategist for the 2006 campaign; Rove need not apply

Arizona Republic Cartoon: Bush takes charge...

Freepers finally discover fake Baghdad photo story.....

MSNBC's Jansing: "It was a LOT of fun, a lot of barbs from the V.P....

Remember, we're the angry ones

Democrats set to retain key house seats

Kaloogian Photo fraud covered today on "The World" (BBC/PRI/WGBH)

Repugs have SO much class. Scalia is just the latest.

CNN criticized Dems for having no plan, but ignored Real Security plan

2006 Election Outlook.

John Kerry LIVE on Ed Schultz now at 3:08PM EST

What type of person could still vote Republican after the last 5 years?

Comparing Lieberman's raised voice to Mc.Kinney's raised fist.

Live from Chicago on Saturday night with Al Franken.

Wes Clark endorses James Webb in Virginia Senate race

What are the best ways to help Russ Spinegold today?

If we could only elect a Democrat who was a Clintonite, should we try?

So, when Cheney steps down in 07, will Frist be the anointed succesor?

FACTS on "illegals"

Email from Ned Lamont today...

WP: Senate GOP Fears Frist's Presidential Ambitions Split Party

Sinners in the hands of an angry GOP

"Is MSM finally getting half the rigged voting machine story?" Free Press

What my nursing supervisor said today.

Current political map: Geroge Bush's approval rating

Kerry on AAR with Al Franken (MP3)

Mid Term Election Bombing Raid

Cincinnati Dems:

Gov. Jeb Bush determined to force school vouchers into FL Constitution

The Democrats Plan

Subject: I am so sick of him

Fellow DU'ers I could use some cheering up....

She shot him in the back with a shotgun, and let him bleed out.

Brad: It MATTERS that MSM credits blogs, internet news when MSM uses them

White House photo: Vicente Fox takes his little pet monkey for a walk

Feingold: Asking for a Few Republicans with Integrity and Courage

Why censure/impeachment calls by left-wingers are a rash, bad move.

Liberals advising a TV News network

GDP & the Economy

New phrase echoing in Red Indiana.... "Ditch Mitch!"