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Archives: March 28, 2006

The wages of poverty (Boston Globe editorial)

Plame Investigation: Rove and Libby in Deadly Dog Fight

Big Oil's Big Windfall

riverbend-"baghdad burning" is up for the worlds richest literary prize

[Tom Plate] Iraq and Vietnam: Remains of the Wars

Utter debacle...from the very first...

Global warming: Your chance to change the climate

Mindanao Region Begins Total Logging Ban

WMO Supports Theory Of Link Between Warming World, Stronger Hurricanes

3 Years After Inaugural Hype, "Future Gen" Coal Plan Due For 2012 Debut

Tornado Kills Two In Hamburg, Germany - Reuters

US Prepares To Cut Funding To Int. Convention On Biodiversity

Pics from my trip to a small wind farm today.

Was Global Warming "Controversy" Just A Con Job, Asks ABC

I fear for the new PA gov't

Loose Change: 9-11 (1 hr, 20 min video) MIHOP MUST SEE...

Loose Change 9/11

Fourth Night of Showbiz Tonight's Sheen 9/11 Coverage - Video Download

What happened to the passengers?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03.28.06 The Good, Bad, & Ugly

See all those threads? They need recomendations NOW.

So much for scabs, Braley gets AFL-CIO endorsement

AIDS, TB, malaria and bird flu spread unchecked in Burma

NY Times obtains secret memo of Bush, Blair meeting before Iraq war

Leniency Letters Offer New Abramoff View

Brazil Plans to Expand Amazon Protection

Dems Brightest Young Star to Become Newark Mayor

Agreement near on Oklahoma Highway Patrol funding/gas costs busting budget

Senator: Katrina Loan Process Slowed

Family of Iraq hostage hid that he is gay

Protests in Puerto Rico mount against FBI over tactics (Miami Herald)

CNN/AP: Radio still uneasy with Dixie Chicks

Gay (Lutheran) priest installed in Calif. church

Senator (Rockefeller) puts hold on FCC nominee: sources

Soldiers flee to Canada to avoid Iraq duty

30% of our prisons filled with illegal aliens...

Judge blocks probe into Carcieri campaign

Assisted living, home care costs climb: study

N.Y. Republican Stumbles Against Clinton

Fed Set To Hike Interest Rates For 15th Straight Time

Bush backs Abramoff-linked Montana senator

Papers from prewar Iraq posted on Web(conservatives look for WMDs, terror)

US asked to cede Iraq control

U.S. Looks to Put Inspectors in Bahamas

Nigeria`s interests worry U.S.

Rumsfeld says ‘Islamists’ most brutal enemies

MT-Nation: Bush Backs Burns Despite Abramoff Connection

dirty bombs smuggled into US

Explosions shake Ethiopian capital

Ex-state lawmaker gets out of jail early

Christian Convert Said Freed From Prison

Raw Story: Rove cooperating in CIA leak inquiry

Camera project provokes concerns (Miami surveillance)

LAT: Bird Flu Defies Control Efforts

CNN: Gov't investigators used fake docs to enter US (dirty bomb materials)

US govt under pressure to attack Iran: expert

Marines Osprey Damaged in `hard Landing'

Nomination of ex-Dubai Ports official withdrawn

Allen for NFL post? Democrats hope so

(AP) Granddaughter of Cesar Chavez to Run

E&P: Bush Holding Off-The-Record Meetings With Reporters

Retired Generals Want Scalia Off Gitmo Case

President showing signs of losing support among Ohio Republicans

CNN/AP: Reagan spokesman, Lyn Nofziger, dies

Schwarzenegger campaign hires former Bush media consultants

Roxanne. Does she really have to put on the red light?

Militant Children's Hour @ Fools Foundation, Sacto, April 14th...

About the Who's Who Books....

Just saw a mosquito on my front door.

Just saw a burrito on my front door.

Please list all previous thread topics in the history of the lounge

I'm so far behind the times, I...

Tommy Smothers, for some reason, looks weird on this list

I come back after a month, and DU has changed. It makes me wonder

Should sitcoms have a moral to the story at the end?

"Random Journal" is very seductive.

Should Matcom have a moral to the story at the end?


Scalia does a gesture...

I would like to coin the term "ZombieLuck."

Okay, I do hhave a reason to live.

I'm going to bed. Nasty headache.

NEGATIVLAND fans: Did you get the new album yet? If so, thoughts?

****I Just Saw ZombieNixon Posting, DIDN'T I????****

What kind of Dolls do you like?

DU Veg*ns: What's with the asterisk?

11 posts til 9000!! Ask me anything!

I am going to turn in early tonight!

Which One Is Smarter?

The Most Important Website in the World

"I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes"

What can't you find online?

I call" Bullshit"

4,000th post and a picture of...

Bunny Rescue info, if you're interested or can help:

What do you think your final words WON'T be?

I go back to work tommorrow

Wow, what a long Monday!

I've been pseudo-Freeped. Help me Freep back.

If anyone here likes Trey Anastasio and Phil Lesh...

The Photo Contest is now closed. Congratulations regnaD kciN!!

Has anyone seen "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen"

Balboa Park Architecture. Something for Zombywoof. Dialup warning!

There is Hope for America Yet

Cool! Looks like my church bought an ad on DU.

Anyone tipping a few tonight?

A Brazillion Finance Ministers Have Stepped Down!

I'll get by with a little help from my friends (cute pic)

Basic Instinct II

I finally figured out why dogs lick themselves

People who know me - Should I apply to be secret mod?

For MiniManda and MrsG


Any "Waterworld" fans here?


I think it's goddamned time...

Hell is other people

Oh, yeah! Mini-Road-Trip Next Month -- ANGELS BASEBALL! (PHOTO)

My co-worker stabbed me in the back today.

People who know me - Should I apply to be a moderator?

Why do women say 'My Cubs' and 'My Packers'

MiniMandaRuth...Where Are You?

Should I sign up to be maudlin?

Just for the hell of it, a pictorial essay, in full RabrrrrrrStyle(tm)

Just saw "The Crucible" for the first time - wow. About the witch trials

For chronic anxiety, it's amusing how my heart rate continues to improve,

Why would my parents tell me to put my windfall into new furniture instead

MS employees call to remove CEO

I'd like to publicly thank the "Friends Male Cast Member" who said "NO"...

Getting In Touch With my Inner Bitch

Auuuuugh, statistics.

Things you're ignorant about

TV ads for Jaguar Cars???

What classical music piece contains the theme from Keith Olbermann's show?

It's Your Afterlife

Ptah must vent, or he's gonna blow! Dial-up warning.

I am partial to this skyline

Favorite early-80s video game?

Some terrific animations here

The finest "Fuck You" I have ever had the pleasure to read (with photo):

Dammit MrG!!! Stop snoring or I'll stuff a PILLOW in it. I swear I will

Who would make the worse du moderator?

Who do you think is the hottest liberal celebrity? (POST A PIC!)

Nighttime snack....Havarti Dill....

I missed you all THIS much


Hydrocodone Detox - Advice Please!!!!

Brain Cells Fused with Computer Chip

American Daily letter slaps at immorality of straight men

DP World Exec's Nomination Withdrawn

My Daughter Walked Out of School Today in L.A.!


Need help now: what's a good unbiased site explaining political theory?

Delete dup

The daffodils surfaced

Suggested themes for next month's contest...

Right on, regnaD kciN!! Winner of the March 2006 Photo Contest!!

KOEB - 3/27 - Immigration edition

Botany & Botany Jr are going on a road trip.

22 years for murdering his wife

The truth about wages and the value of a dollar in a capitalistic society.

They're Actually Mentioning Feingold's Name with Hilary

CNN breaking: Dirty bomb smuggling by US Undercover Investigators

OK, if corporate food conglomerates claim that illegal immigration

Red Cross probed on Katrina fraud

Strong/Harsh Words

What's going on in Sierra Leone that their athletes are fleeing?

I Don't Inherently BELIEVE In Borders or Fences

has there EVER been an admin more catastrophically pig-headed...

Keith opening with the new Bush/Blair memo

Fox news just had someone giving a rant on immigration

DU needs a "GD: Immigration Group" like it needed a "GD: Alito Group."

Pics of my trip to a wind farm.

Exorcist casting the devil out of Tulsa

I would rather work hard to get illegal immigrants higher wages & benefits

Support for the Minutemen and Anti-Immigration Sentiment

Rising tides lifts all boats...Clinton Global Initiative & immigration...

Resources Page for Information on Bush's Illegal Spying

Support Feingold Measure

Why are all the "illegal" immigration apologists...

4-30-06 Mission Accomplished!

Tonight is the night of the Al Franken/Ann Coulter debate

Albright says Republicans wanted war with Iraq in '98

More irony alert: White House wants water tested for cocaine

New Cellphone Services Put God on the Line

Hardball doing bush going to war in Iraq thing now.

What the dems should be saying about immigration

Cool Reference=u of mich document center

"guest worker" - didn't take long for that line to become universal?

"Bush attended immigrant ceremonies today in a bright red tie

Is Richard Reid corroborating Moussaoui's story?

So who actually is/are the enemy we're fighting in Iraq?

Michael Schiavo coming up on Larry King

The 10 Best prepared cities for the Oil Crisis

GOP congressional committee chairmen don't wanna' do their job.

Loose Change: 9-11 (1 hr, 20 min video) MIHOP MUST SEE...

Croatia cops scotch Aussie's Adriatic crossing

FEATURE-Desperate Kenyan women risk last-resort abortions

Do you consider the 2006 mid-terms a "tipping point" ?

Loose Change 9/11

One movie everyone should rent this week: "A Day Without A Mexican".

I call" Bullshit"

Speaking of jobs that Americans don't want to do...

Is There A Place Where A Person Can Get Repuke Trading Cards?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 27 06

Sean Penn has a voodoo doll of Ann Coulter...

Granddaughter of Cesar Chavez to run for California Assembly

re: immigration - just how stupid ARE we?

Walter Cronkite Says that Iraq and Vietnam are the same

"I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes"

Watching Larry King on minister's wife case. Another drop dead beauty

Yo Yo America, 'sup? We Thug'ya much.

Is Rove (Pigboy) Off The Hook?

They're Thick as Thieves! ---pix--->>>

what is sean hannity's e-mail

re: immigration - where are the free traders?

Dems Brightest Young Star to Become Newark Mayor

If you can open the borders for trade, open them for people

Band Blacklisted While Trying To Get Into The US. Had To Cancel US Tour

Moussaoui Says He Was Behind Lindberg Baby Kidnapping

Do you remember when you first discovered how bad Bush is?

Bond film Goldfinger (1964) - Dirty Nuke is smuggled into US un-inspected

Shiite Leaders Suspend Talks Over Government

Experts Say AIDS Prevention Pill Close

The Biggest Hits the GOP Took Have Been Their Own Doing

today's doonesbury

Malloy is playing Bush quotes from 2003

(TOON) Steve Bell on Blair's visit to Australia

How many US soldiers do you think have deserted since 2003?

I'm pissed, but the conservatives are real pissed by the immigration bill.

as heard on Malloy, Air America is back in Phoenix on April 3

So Our Incompetent Pres Has Left Us Vulnerable To Nuclear Attack...

Mike Malloy about to discuss Rove using immigration as wedge issue.

something that goes on while we sometimes don't notice...I just happened

Did you hear what DiFi said today at the immigration hearing?

Did you just see the Fox News footage that Jon showed on "The Daily Show"?

What ever became of neighborhood kids doing yard work, etc. for $$$$?

Ok DU. Would You Sacrifice Rove's Indictment To Get To Cheney?

See Who's Connected... Six Degrees Of Jack Abramoff...

"... And the Democrats in Congress Just Sit on The Their Hands..."

Immigrants are driving down wages

This has been bothering me for a while

Author of Cobra 2 is the interview guest on The Daily Show tonight!!!

Mexicans are stealing jobs from our unborn

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in!! Yay!! Mike & Kathy are

If ALL corporations are forced to pay a living wage, overtime, medical ins

Katrina did not raise awareness of poverty, study finds (Stanford Univ)

New poll shows Dems leading even more than before...

How many American flags are still made in the USA?

Laura Ingraham called in sick today

VIDEO- KO on the Bush/Blair Iraq War Memo

Why do you suppose Mary Winkler killed her husband

we knew John Corsi was a slime ball, seems he's a plagarist too!

Nation of Islam v. Islamic Law

Alabama girl isn't getting ratings she once did: now white Tenn preacher

bush is punking you on immigration reform. He has NO intention of putting

US/Iraqi Military and Iraqi Civilian Deaths per Month

anyone ever see the movie "A Day without a Mexican"???

Is there any way America could absorb the cost of both open borders...

The President is engaging in Pre-1776 thinking.

Oh, cut the crap, bowtie boy!

"Thank You for Smoking" beats "V for Vendetta" and I'll tell you why.

Pink's new album and a song titled "Dear Mr. President"

"Gentle Christians" say they cannot coexist with homosexual community

Just cancelled CNN, FOX, MSNBC and all the rest.

DC 4/28--5/1 N E thing exciting? Weather??

Pigs Are Flying, It's Snowing In Hell and Freepers Are Fleeing The GOP

"The American experience in Iraq is evil." Sgt Major Myers

Alec Baldwin to Sean Hannity: "You're a no-talent, ignorant fool"


Favorite jobs being stolen from me due to Mexican immigration

Bush Just Before Shock-n-Awe - - - - - - - - - - > mp3

What's up with this?

Karl Rove & the Missing E-mails

Dear US soldiers, the ALMOST 90% who still think Iraq did 911...

A message to the people opposing illegal immigration

Latest CA-50 Poll!

Senate Panel Approves Immigration Bill (Dems shaped final bill)

Hardball leads with Downing Street memo (Pre-war intell story)...

Abramoff Associate Reed Won't Face Texas Probe of Advocacy Work

People, can we all agree that we can wait to deal with illegal

Time to stand up and be counted!

What the "ell....

If Democrats are going to use the "rubber stamp" meme, they

DeWine Running from Bush? Not in these photos

Do you believe in omens?

Ok, 'splain this to me

going to be in DC Ap 28th --May 1st Anything EXCITING going on

Why are they not protesting the war?

Haven't we went over the immigration issue several times already in the

Poll: Jackson, Rice atop ‘most important black leader’ list

George Bush is scaring me.

Founder of Delta Force; Bush may have started world war 3

Some of us will have kids die

Author of Cobra 2 is the interview guest on The Daily Show tonight!!!

Los Angeles Students Walk Out in Immigration Reform Protests

Breaking news: Enough Nuclear material for 2 dirty bombs smuggled into US

US loses Shi'ite support, it's over in Iraq , From slim to Zero today

Evidently, we are being governed by crazy people.

Keith Olbermann is on the air!

Immigrants, illegal and legal have put us to shame

Cindy Sheehan and the importance of staying on message

"I think we can get along with fewer wisecracks from the Vice President...

DP World Exec's Nomination Withdrawn

Who was Dem_Strategist? Did this person ever reveal him/herself?

WaPo: Retired Generals Want Scalia Off Gitmo Case

Wow, Republicans should be proud with their "values" and all. I

Bush administration to waive about $7 billion in royalties for oil co.s

Bush to Blair; Iraq to be invaded without second resolution or WMDs found

Time Mag: Republicans On The Run

strib: How to drop out of the Electoral College

Hackett Supporter Praises Brown

Iraq in terrible shape, who is glad that they were right

DO I have 99 DUers to go to DC on friday, to support Russ & Censure?

If You've been Downsized, Outsourced and Retrained..READ THIS!!!

Molly Ivins: The White House that Cried Wolf

The Walrus Was George: Riding the Magical Mystery Tour '06

Embedded in Gitmo (from UK Guardian blogs)

Time to talk war crimes | Robert Parry

U.S. jobless totals are getting no lift from Chinese bras

Bush Administration Card Resignation and Shakeups - New Faces, same Hubris

"lay[ing] the foundation for democratic institutions," (Bush on Afgan Cons

Sam Newlund: 'Time for a bill of particulars on another George'

NYT rev: "Cobra II" a damning indictment of the Bush admin's nat sec team

At a grown-up Google, top lobbyists on payroll

Republicanizing the Race Card (Immigration & White Nationalists)

Imperial overreach is accelerating the global decline of America

Georgia Lawmakers OK Public School Bible Classes

"Cabal" Blocked 2003 Nuclear Talks with Iran (Gareth Porter)

Michael Schwartz (TomDispatch): Does the Media Have It Right on the War?

The attorney-general comes to town

The $11,000 Lemon - (health care costs)

Kevin Phillips (The Huffington Post): Time tor Recall Bush?

Bush Administration Card Resignation and Shakeups - New Faces, same Hubris

Incompetent Design

Glenn Greenwald's Blog: The fictitious Kyl/Graham "floor debate"

B*SH: "Why aren't there any conspiracy theories that I run the country?"

Al Gore (in a WSJ op-ed): For People and Planet

Inside Rove's Diary: Strangle That Censure Baby

Doomsday for Islam?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Editorial: Armed and Extremely Dangerous

The Democrats: Missing in Action

Regime Change for Mexico

The Immigration Show

Amazing charts of some of the economic things going on the last 5 years

don't fight the fed

Science - NCAR Climate Model Correctly Reruns Warming Period Of 130,000 BC

Pictures= 1,000 Words - You'll "Enjoy" This Glacial Slideshow From ABC

Gold mine pollution hearing scheduled

NYT: Bush's $28 billion giveaway to oil companies

Mt. Hood Glaciers Shrinking Rapidly - ENN

Envisat Making First Direct Measurements Of Ocean Surface Velocities

As Much As 10 Million Gallons Of Raw Sewage Spills In Heavy Hawaiian Rains

Size Of Alaskan Martens May Reflect Warming Trend - ENN

NOAA Accused Of Muzzling Scientists, Truth On Climate Change

RFK Jr. - Stop Treating Earth Like We're Having A Liquidation Sale

U.S. Geothermal Power Poised to Double, Survey Shows

As In 2005, Dead Seabirds Washing Up In NW - Starved In Food Chain Failure

Animations of the 2005 Antarctic Ozone Hole now available

Malaria Cases Rise Rapidly In African Highlands Previously Free Of Disease

Alaska House earmarks $3.7 million for ANWR lobbying!!!

Glenda threatening mining, oil and gas operations

UN accused of ignoring 500,000 Chernobyl deaths EVALUATE THIS

UNH Scientist - Biological Spring Now 1 Week Out Of Synch With Equinox

Study finds link between cancer, nuclear power plants

Humboldt Squid - Native To Mexico - Showing Up In Puget Sound

A new twist for wind power technology


UK - Labor Administration Finally Admits It Will Miss Emissions Target

Hybrid Camry Goes On Sale In May - MSRP $25,900 - 40/38 MPG

Oregon Confronting Possible Closure Of Salmon Fishery For 2006

Turning old mills into biorefineries (Maine)

Fun Endangered Species Facts


U.S. Must Address Control of its M. E. Policies by Israeli by Paul Findley

Covering Israel/Palestine: US Media Bias

Israeli voters deciding future of 39-year West Bank occupation

Whom To Vote For? (Uri Avnery)

Exit polls show center-left bloc winning 62-66 seats

An Unfair Attack

For first time, Palestinians fire Katyusha rocket from Gaza

The Israel Lobby? - Noam Chomsky

interesting interview about Zacarias Moussaoui in trial-STUN BELT

Here's a snail mail address for Charlie Sheen

Official story to LIHOP to MIHOP in two easy steps.

About this forum: I have no problems with 9/11 posts being moved here, but

Clear Evidence that Flight 77 Hit The Pentagon on 9/11--a parody

911 Scholar for 911 Truth shot dead...

Boeing 757 & 767 max speed up to 8,000 ft is only 360 mph

NTSB: 'We do not plan to issue reports on 9/11 flights'

photo caption please....

HCPB's revisited


I met with the Palm Beach, FL Supervisor of Elections Monday:

USA TODAY Front Page Report is a Big Step

More Justice Scalia on Bush v. Gore

Did you read Ernest Partridge's piece on the front page?

22 months... the clock is ticking... tick. tick. tick...

Conyers endorses Bonifaz for Secretary of Commonwealth!!!!!!!

Utah County Clerk Under Attack for Questioning Diebold Machines

Nat. Inst. Science & Tech (Feds): Major Electonic Voting Seminar Wed 29th

WOO-HOO!!! CA Senator Debra Bowen will be on Air America 3/31 !!!

I owe Phil Dunkelbarger $167.96 Can you help me?

Guantanamo Bay: Who Are the Detainees & Why Does the U.S. Continue to Hold

The Stop the Wars Coalition has tickets for buses to NYC.

A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation and the War on Terror

Boston DUers! The Brattle Film Foundation needs your help!

Conyers endorses Bonifaz for Secretary of the Commonwealth!

Michael Zebhur Scholar for 9/11 Truth

Malware question (e-mail forwarding)

I have NEVER posted here tool bar is now on the SIDE

DeLay says, "Gimme my gun back!"

Charlie Urbina-Jones is in Corpus TODAY

Immigration protest finally reaches Fort Worth

Interesting Texas statistics vs Rick Perry

Go Kids, Go!

Best and easiest flan recipe I've ever seen.

CTV to air an interview with the Idiot Son tonight March 28th, 11:00pm

David Orchard for Liberal leader? Why the hell not?

CNN BREAKING: Abdul Rahman, converted Christian released

Anti-seal hunt seafood boycott called 'phoney'

Moscow synagogue suspect on trial

Papers from prewar Iraq posted on the Web.

Bomb Explodes Outside Iraqi Police Station

Moscow synagogue attacker jailed

MediaNews Group undecided on Knight Ridder bid

Andy Card Resigns

Bush Administration Card Resignation and Shakeups - New Faces, same Hubris

Judge won't postpone New Orleans election

Medical marijuana focuses on right to life

Afghan Suicide Bombers Blow Themselves Up

Highway Patrol Releases Video of High Speed Chase (Incredible video!)

NYT/Reuters: Agent Orange Victims Gather to Seek Justice

China Currency Reserves Top Japan's, Newspaper Says

A justification for the war?

Primary voting-machine troubles raise concerns for '06

Italy to Offer Afghan Christian Convert Asylum, Ministry Says

Agent Orange Victims Gather to Seek Justice

Three Groups of Gunmen Kidnap 24 Iraqis

Caspar Weinberger died ??

Amnesty International: US Taser Deaths Up

At a grown-up Google, top lobbyists on payroll

Vandal targets UW Army station

Shi'ite rivals say Bush wants Iraq PM Jaafari out

Coalition base with Canadian soldiers hit by mortar attack

Israelis going to the polls

U.S. Envoy Reportedly Seeks New Iraq PM

Bush Cabinet Members To Establish Links With Iraqi Counterparts

Big (Israeli) parties vexed by record low voter turnout

Iran accuses US role over Iraq prayer hall killing

Iraq Recruits in Ramadi, but Few Takers

Former congressman, veep candidate says GOP needs to expand base

GlaxoSmithKline, attorneys general settle Paxil dispute

Israel: Kadima ahead, Likud underperforms

Germany 'breaks Iran supply ring'

N.Y. Man Jailed for Starving Dog

Voinovich warms to U.S. ambassador to U.N.("John Bolton is a changed man")

Tribe could still have clinic (update on SD ban)

(Scientists predict) A contraceptive pill that can beat cancer

US troops defend raid, say Iraqis faked "massacre

Driver fights ticket for (anti-Bush) bumper sticker

Bush tells Iraqi P.M. to step down

80 Eyes on 2,400 People (HSD cameras in Alaskan town)

ACLU: Iraq Prison Photos to Be Released (Abu Ghraib)

Gallup: Worries About Health Care Now Top Issue in U.S.

Albright says Republicans wanted war with Iraq in '98

EU could compromise with Iran: Germany

Rumsfeld: U.S. Struggles to Combat Anti-American Propaganda

A hot seat for the World Bank's new president (Wolfowitz)

Shi'ite rivals say Bush wants Iraq PM Jaafari out

Iraq raid photos show weapons caches: senator (Warner)

Berlusconi Warns Against Multiculturalism (Italy)

Mich. Gov. Signs Minimum Wage Increase

Rumsfeld Marks 9/11 Crash Site With Medallion Given to Troops

Supreme court weighs Bush's Guantanamo tribunals

China says to ban sale of human organs

Consumer Confidence Highest Since 2002

Bush may refuse to meet Nigerian president

Bill Seeks to Ban Insider Trading By Lawmakers and Their Aides (WSJ pg 1)

China forex reserves become the world's biggest

NYC Teacher Charged in Fake Katrina Trip (went to religious conf instead)

Book: Michael Schiavo nearly gave up fight to end wife's life

ACLU Fights to End Discriminatory Prosecution of Native American Students

MSNBC: Andy Card Has Resigned!! (Link)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 28 March

RawStory: Halliburton Accused in New Wave of Overbilling (Waxman Report)

Abramoff lobbies judge for leniency in sentence

Strong earthquake jolts Tokyo area

Federal Reserve Raises Rates 1/4%

Clinton calls Blair’s government the ’envy’ of the United States

Judge Drops Counts Against Skilling, Lay (4 of 38 counts dropped)

Two lawmakers demand Bush obey laws

DeLay wants concealed handgun permit back

Democrats' National Security plan leaked to Raw Story

Poll: Americans see, hear more profanity

Appeals Court rules against McDermott in taped call dispute

85-year-old convicted of helping Nazis kill Jews

E-mails put Florida investigator in hot seat (Boot camp death)

Key (Katherine) Harris adviser quits amid discord

Pamela Anderson asks Harper to meet about seal hunt after she hosts Junos

Finally, a drug to prevent HIV infection?

Abortion Ban Killed in Mississippi


Argentina,30 Yrs. After Bloody Coup:Newly declassified documents show U.S.

Christian Convert Vanishes After Release

Caspar Weinberger Dies at Age 88

Rumsfeld Singled Out as Crisis Deepens in Iraq

Houston Police Take Protesting Students Into Custody

Schools, Kids Becoming Targets in Iraq

Immigrants step out to protect their rights (Boycott in Florida planned)

Low-income S.F. seniors to lose food boxes to federal cutbacks

DeLay Says Justices 'Don't Get' Criticism

( Israel) Exit Polls: Kadima 29; Labor 22; Likud 11 (61 needed to govern)

Man is charged $4,300 for four burgers

Liberian warlord Taylor 'disappears' from Nigerian villa

Shiites suspend talks with U.S. (Leaders angered by Sunday's attack...)

TV networks reject ad from church Say spot welcoming gays is controversial

Surgeons Remove Two Fetuses From Infant

NYT: Corzine Explains Budget Cuts to Angry Students at Rutgers

Bill would bring Bible to Georgia's classrooms

More remains discovered near WTC site

911 tapes from Sept. 11 stirring pain already...

Some Gay Couples Adopt to Molest, State Rep Says(TN Repub)

I'm watching Disney's "The Black Hole"

That big dinosaur in Jurassic Park sometimes sounds like an elephant.

I'm baking a big dinosaur cake and have burned my fingies.

The DU Yahoo/MSN/AIM Thread

You bastard

HAD to be a government operation (link to pic series)

crooksandliars is down!

ok, who wants to go to work for me so I can stay home and read??

Here's who I think should be the mods...

For my 5555th post...good night!

I have NO MOOD!

I passed 9,758!

How is the lounge doing..... inside?......or out side?

So, I'm going to make it a habit to post in my blog

I had a GREAT meeting tonight!

Best Journal title, ever:

Hot sex!

Just in: Bird Flu being mailed to Congressional offices

I met a liberal Canadian tonight.

Filler post

Hey. Stop causing so much trouble or we'll throw you out! No nonsense

Is DU very slow right now or is it my computer?

Last post of the night. Beans beans the musical fruit.

shhhh. i am drunk and in texas.

I feel I'm the last person to discover

win big points with my easy questions

I just finally made it to the 700 Club.

One of the biggest crooks of our time is dead

Math types: When you total a sum of digits in number and sum divides by 3,

Project X Update. Zeta. Gold. The yak flew to the mountain.

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks

Nobody will sleep with me.

What ever happened to Bob Boudelang, I miss him :(

Watch what you say...on could bite you in the ass.

So MATCOM is like 50 now, right?

I would say

Finally watched Capote last night...

Tuesday earworm.

What's most likely to go wrong today?

Why is this NOT the official flame smilie of DU

I Just Want to Be Your Everything

I Just got screwed by E. Bayh

RANT - So my bathroom guys are an hour late

drug followup; had to go off the Diltiazem.

"I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

The grass is always greener on the other side

8:17 AM and I need a nap.

Rub my Belly!

I passed 13,000!

Just got the EKG results

OMG! I just realized something!

bound for glory on showtime right now

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

3 strong references for a job at the medical college!!!!

"Henry Rollins Live from NYC", on IFC. My first exposure to him.

Dumb, Dumber, Dubya

WalMart application - funny!

Man Charged $4,300 For Four Burgers At Burger King

I'm bullish on kazoos. Its going places!!!

Wish me luck - I have an interview for a new position tomorrow ! :)

Does anyone else get a blank page when clicking on a thread?

My little NoelMN is EIGHT! (dial-up [and sappiness] warning).

Why can the military recruit 18 year olds at highschool job fairs

Why is soup/chili always better the second day?

Ebay :viagra display featuring cross-section of a -ahem-body part

I Just got screwed on E-bay

Is LA shut down with protestors?

I'm late to the Lounge. Was the Britney Spears Statue

Did the entire cast of the TV show "Alice" drop off the face of the Earth?

Blind Grangerland man rescues neighbor; newborn kittens from fire

Post picture of actors who played a historical/current figure

To The Lovely Mrs Matcom,

A quibble about 24 (no spoilers)

NOT the biography of Jack Chick (allegedly)

The hills have eyes

Man Accidentally Divorces His Wife In His Sleep

FINALLY! A reason to like Tuesdays!

Now watching "Lifetime;" hilarious "Frasier" episode


Hey, babe, what's your sign???


Boy gets caught in toy-filled 'claw' machine

Casper Weinberger just died

For years, I've been a fan of Piers Anthony (a fantasy/sci-fi author)

Oh my... Sophie and her barbies...

Help! Why Won't Some Repubs.Ever Vote Democratic?

I heart DU and the Lounge in particular....

here's what I blogged today elsewhere- anyone have any advice

Post your favorite Bushism that says it all about Dubya!

Check out the scary E-mail I got.

Yet another personality test!!

I'm considering a move to L.A.

Anyone remember the JibJab "This Land is Your Land" animation?

I just want to be your lovergirl.

Car brake light question

Have you ever heard of "Assicons"? Pretty funny, I think.

What am I wearing?

Need help -What are the top 5 "media distraction" stories of 2005?

Do you still use audio-cassette tape?

The mods removed the thread containing my only journal post

So THIS is what matcom has been doing on his weekends

Quick, may be available for a limited time!

"Paula's Home Cooking" is vising President Carter in Plains, Ga. He is

Senioritis is getting the best of me right now...

Whoa! I'm in shock!

If I simply put an Efferdent tablet in my mouth, will that clean my teeth?

OK...You're Dolo Amber and you're forced to work to folk rock

I go back to work this afternoon after my hiatus in the hospital

Kandyman.... Kandyman.... Kandyman.... Kandyman....

Why I paddle (get it? eyepaddle) ;)

I'm sure this has been posted before, but . . . Personality Test Time

As the child of two immigrants I have this to say

Hail, Ronald, Full of Greed, Caspar Weinberger is with thee.

Man eaten by shark while salmon pic

Who else wants to see George Mason win it all?

DC DUers!!! Help! Helen Thomas is eating our roses

So now I know...

Plastic Public Figures and Celebs

Galactic Civilizations 2 should be a controlled substance

Am I drowning in my own melatonin?

Sean Penn has Ann Coulter torture doll

Man Kills Wife By Shoving Easter Bunny Plate Down Her Throat

Today's -Only [19] Days until Easter thread

khashka won't sleep with me, because I'm not a lesbian

Wanna make it with me?

looking for a web address to view the eclipse i found Brain Cells

Am I drowning in my own testosterone?

What are 10 records you would rather not live without?

Famous fat cat helps riders raise money for charity

are zen threads allowed in the lounge?

I guess spring is really here.

What cool words have you made up?

I heard the 'classic' song "My Ding-a-Ling" today

Fire Drill!

Lets not lose track of the REAL news...

1bf 1c4 f91 1c5 146 fd5 f1c 130

DC Duers!!! Help! Helen Rose is eating Thomas' English muffins!

What is the best way to address someone on a piece of bulk mail?

DS1 for moderator

Post here and I will stalk you


I'm supposed to get a free hat but...

Why do my Lounge postings only ever get one reply?


It's my birthday today.

If elected moderator, I promise the people I will take another break,

Thanks for the good vibes.

ShellBeau for moderator,

Attention Southern DU'ers...

Fundies After Fox!

Random Answers.

"The View" Co-host Joy Behar, fed up with Star Jones, cuts her off, and...

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Klaatu Barada Nikto...

Which celeb is more batshit crazy?

One year ago today I lost my best friend. My "Ma".

I'm so Freakin' Frustrated!!

DS1 for agitator

Do you keep paid utulity bills or throw them away?

Candyman.... Candyman.... Candyman.... Candyman....

R.I.P. Nikki Sudden

the ultimate in lameosity?

I'm not here. Ask me anything.

anybody able to read cwk files? I think for macs?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 3/28/06)

Random questions...Jeopardy style!!

Am I doomed? I posted over in GD that sometimes Randi can

Guess Who's kissing!

Something really scary happened in my building today

Crotch Shot

iPod underwear?? Ok, who here has them???

I've seen Crash, I love Crash and if you don't like it.......

DC DUers!!! Help! Helen Thomas is getting our roses but we need

Have you ever had someone on ignore accidentally?

Why do dope dealers have to be so DUMB?

I just made a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting...

Lost an old Friend of 26 years

I miss "Boondocks"! Here's a classic to keep us going til Aaron returns

Ketchup: for the good times!

Here's where I spent the weekend...Caney Lake, Louisiana

give someone a stuffed disease!

Can anyone explain why vanilla extract is $16.85 for an 8-ounce bottle?

Man banned from hunting after shooting fake moose.

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

Lynx: for a more beautiful world

My Testicle Hurts

Just got a card in the mail

Am I the only DUer left that HASN'T posted in the kudzu thread?

What weird thing have you eaten raw that is normally cooked?

I'm Caspar the Unfriendly Ghost. Ask me anything.

The Prophetess has surgery tomorrow

I'm doing a story for a local paper on Monty Python's return

CaliforniaPeggy won't sleep with me

What book(s) are you currently reading?

Anyone feeling creative? I need help with a starting sentence.

Tom Cruise in birth control - reminds wife of vow of silence during birth


Weird cat behaviours

An Exaltation of Larks....A Colony of Bats...

Have you ever scared yourself really bad?

Why do my Lounge postings always get so many replies?

That is SO Gay!

All the old Nintendo games on a website to play. You need Java.

My Wife and I have a Deal

Tolkein blows, Rowlings sucks, Pratchet rocks

Random Questions

My new Lounge soap opera....episode one.... (dial- up warning)

What's the scariest thing you've woken up to?

Suprisingly, "Basic Instinct 2" seems to be getting bad reviews.

Top 10 Reasons Why I would be a BAD mod...

I am so embarrassed....

What's a moderator?

What is the best way to address someone on a piece of blackmail?

The coffee shop/internet cafe I'm at is playing dreadful folk-chick rock

Are ye IRISH???

What's a Modulator?

Best one scene-only movie performance?

Would you ever do this?

Anyone want a Springer mix puppy?

its time again for the Tuesday morning brazilian popcorn flamewar!!!!

What's a carburetor?

New KILLING JOKE CD out in April.

*I* can't donate blood



Why I don't like being told I have a belief system

God Lied

My Religion/Theology Pledge

Medical Marijuana Focuses on Right to Life

Anybody have experience with Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

What Do Physicians Think About Alternative Medicine?

Stem cells help paralysed rats

The continuing story of a TG name change!

TV networks reject ad from church-AGAIN!

Tennessee Lawmaker: Gays 'Unfit' To Be Parents

Ex-Village People singer faces jail sentence

Court Lifts Ruling That Forced Gay Couple To Split Up Over Child

McCain Seeks Endorsement From Anti-Gay GOP Far Right

3rd New York Marriage Case Heading To High Court

ESPN-4 people got the brackets right (out of 3Million)

New head coach of the Hoosiers: Kelvin Sampson

ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Champions League quarterfinals)

To the NFL Rules Committee: GET A LIFE!!!

lush rimbaugh is once again delving into the world of sports

The NY Rangers had a banner night tonight.

This behavior is getting kind of annoying already

New additions to Whiskerville

The enduring friendship of a kitty and a....

Houston nuked on Easter? see

Another "Kerry Was Right" Moment

Andrew Card resigned (better link)

Fitzgerald Will Seek New White House Indictments

Salem News: Kerry on Iraq 3/27/06

Franken is having Ed Schultz on right now

Iraq might come up next week. SFRC: US Amb. Khalilzad testifies

So this is the man some want to see as VA senator?

any thoughts on this article?

Does anybody know what they are just voting

Another of these polls - spring is here.

John Kerry's visit in MA.

Interested article about the NH phone jamming case - ref to WH & McCain

Too late for the architecture contest...

Took your suggestions!

Sometimes you don't have to go any farther than your own backyard...

Fun with Photoshop: Collages

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/28/06: White House Change-Up

Finally got a day off I wanted at work

VIDEO: CBS Reporter Rejects Myth of Unfair Iraq Coverage

Okay Will Pitt. You are 100% spot on.

Okay--so if illegal immigration doesn't hold as a wedge issue

VIDEO- Letterman Bush Jokes March 27 06 (on CanOFun)

Howard Fineman - your hair dye job is AWFUL! flat jet black. ugh.

Buddy List [Edit]

Crooks and Liars VIDEO of Olbermann Segment on New UK Memo

Lady who got the ticket for her bumper sticker was on local news!

Amazing Weight-Loss from Yogurt??? Ooh, yeah!

Have you read "A People's History of The United States"

So Bush and Blair had decided on war before sending Powell to UN ?

Louisiana Drudge Imitator Upset with FEC ruling on blogs

Amazing so many get on the "immigration bandwagon" but they don't even see

Sewage Tested for Signs of Cocaine

Cocaine tested for signs of shit

For Those Above Reproach, We Salute You

Did George Bush sneak into the protests today? (pic)

I am a moderate on the immigration issue

U.S. Raid Angers Shiites; Bombing Kills 40; New govt. negotiations halted

Project X Update. Zeta. Gold. The yak flew to the mountain.

Conflicted about illegal immigration

'Dirty Bombs' Crossed U.S. Borders in Test

2 Fijian Muslims removed from flight: "Flight attendant made safety call"

Interpol calls for bio-terrorism related legislation

Now they vant to change der National Anthem, und I agree!

Hi, My name is Jeff and I'm a DU addict

IMPEACH NOW!!! (Reasons enclosed of course)

we have now become such a guarded, unfriendly country.

email from a beloved friend

"I don't know what you're referring to when you say 'Iraqi Government'"

Operation Iraqi ******* Documents

If YOU lived in Mexico, Iran, etc, would you immigrate to US?

"Bush's Satanic Signals?" (too funny!)

What about that Iran Oil Bourse thing. Weren't we supposed

Today at school

Culture of Corruption: As parting gift, Duke cut check to NRCC

Rove is NOT cooperating with the CIA leak investigation.

Damn, I hate freepers on Wiki

Immigration Reform: Who will cut our grass, cook our meals, do our house

The Today Show has successfully ignored the new memo that

So Charles Taylor has gone missing

Is anything REALLY going to happen in Congress on immigration?

WH "budget" process is dysfunctional and deceptive so.......

You don't build a house with 1" x 1" wood.

Woman fights $100 fine for 'Bushit' bumper sticker

washington journal time

Just heard on MSNBC that Andy Card has resigned.

Andy Card to have emergency surgery!

"They're JUST LIKE US!" Laura Bush hiring new pastry chef, changing staff

US group wants China 'spy' probe

Bush Holds Off-the-record Sessions with Major News Organizations

Andy Card resigning?Is he part of Laura Bush'sWhite House Spring Cleaning?

c-span taking calls on card resignation

Bush* is reading from the White House!!

El Mandril, Cucuy, Piolin put half a million marchers on the streets of LA

Robert Greenwald (OUTFOXED, etc) to be on Stephen Colbert Show Thursday!

Where do you see civilization going?

"Legislating from the bench"

lol - great callers on cspan

Saw this great bumper sticker "Elect-rocute Bush" and there

Is the NSA Spying Hearing being played anywhere this morning?

I've said it before - They're capable of doing anything to hold onto power

Just heard on C-SPAN - Card has resigned as Chief of Staff.

Is Rove's ratting related to Card's sudden departure?

C-Span 1 - Kean, 9/11 Commission testifying before Congress live

Invisible Men-Did Lindsey Graham and Jon Kyl mislead the Supreme Court?

Live Bush, where there was no mission/no civil war now there is one...

Lou Dobbs is on his way to Cancun, Mexico

GOP revolt: White House told Rove is out of touch

Howard Dean visited Salt Lake City last year - warned us Immigration would

Rift between young haves and have-nots threatens France, braced for strike

Is it just about our dependence on foreign oil?

Question - How will the proposed immigration laws affect other countries?

So this is a "shake-up" ?

Gunmen wearing police uniforms...

Brooklyn sinkhole eats SUV

'Cobra II' How the Iraq War Was Planned and Launched

80 Eyes on 2,400 People-"one camera for every 30 residents."

Huh?: Consumer confidence at 4-year high

TV ads for Jaguar Cars???

Undisclosed Docs SHED LIGHT on More Halliburton Billing ABUSE

Official NSA Spying Hearing Thread 1

So Cegalis Won't Endorse Duckworth

Rick Santorum on Senate Floor--blasted Murtha-cspan

National Women's History Month Wrap-Up

Kerry was in my city this weekend. Jacksonville, FL

Bush Statement LIVE at 10:10 Eastern

Children of Undocumented Workers

Is Moussaoui trying to suicide bomb us one last time?

Illegal Aliens Captured With HAZMAT Licences -->

another day of protests in Lakewood Ca

Death and Taxes

Karen Hughes: improving America's image is for future presidents

Woohoo! The "shakeup" begins!

Soldiers flee to Canada to avoid Iraq duty

Transformation is almost complete:McCain to speak at Falwell's college

Sick of resgistering

Is EVERY Bush a moron? Watch this clip....

Nearly had a heart attack Bush replacing Card with Bolten.

Connecticut Strike Shows Unions Are Only Ones Fighting for Workers(Sirota)

Official NSA Spying Hearing Thread # 2

U.S. troops defend raid, say Iraqis faked "massacre"

Nearly had a heart attack Bush replacing Card with Bolten.

Philippe Sands On Hardball: There's Yet ANOTHER Memo...

When the history of this time is finally written our grandchildren

Extensive interview w/Gary Hart on Democracy Now today:

Democrats to Unveil Ambitious Security Plan

The Forced Emigration of German Jews

Most "legal" immigrants oppose crackdown on "illegals".

Katie Couric dating Laura Ingraham's ex fiancee. Liberal media my ass!

Official NSA Spying Hearing Thread # 3

Do you think PNAC factored in Peek oil?

Democratic Theme for 2006:

Re: mexican immigrants and "cutting the line"

Is anybody stating an obvious point about the Afghan Christian convert????

What's with all this rhetoric on the Republican side that the constitution

Mississippi abortion bill dies this session

bush DOUBLES Osama's efforts at US bodycount.

NBC 5 Dallas Reporting Growing Protests at Dallas City Hall immigration.threads. today

VIDEO - Chief of Staff Andy Card to Resign (w/speech)

Oops! You're a racist!

Ed Schultz; Daily Kos founder guests on Franken today

Franken discussing the Coulter debate...

Official NSA Spy Hearing Thread # 4

What the hell?

A note from Hatch's Opponent

French protesters pour into the streets(200,000)

House returns at 2pm ET. CSPAN1

Houston High Schools: Students Walk Out, are Marching toward CIty Hall --

How long does it take Bush to piss away $92 million in Iraq?

Has anyone read, "American Theocracy"....

Insider-Trading by a Top DeLay Staffer in Congress?


self-delete, duped myself

Immigration? I choose people over empire.

Official NSA Spy Hearing # 5

Anyone Else Concerned

VIDEO- Kris (Time Warner) on Specter's NSA Spying Bill March 28 06

my minimum wage idea

US debt clock running out of time & space........

So is there any audio from the Franken/Coulter "debate", last night?

Senior Iraqi politician says Bush interfering in selection of govt. head

"I'm Going To Go Hit The Bed, You Know What I'm Saying, Campbell?"

Our government has become arrogantly scary. They don't even bother..

love that Mayor of London

There are some bloggers out there that really hate Patrick Fitzgerald

94 earthquake - Mexican laborers helped clean up and rebuild LA county

Rummy Pace news conf. msnbc now

Under Bolten’s Leadership-Fed Debt Ballooned By $1.8 Trillion In 34 Months

I want the gov to go after illegal:Russian, Koreans,Serbs,Chinese, and

Cal Thomas attacked Cindy Sheehan biopic as "liberal porno film"

Chat with Chomsky & Science in the dock

Jeff Greenfield on the significance of Card's resignation:


I absolutely see both sides of the immigration question

Ornstein: Will Scalia Blow the Whistle on This Constitutional Farce?

Moussaoui says he was supposed to crash a plane into the White House???

D.O.P. -- "Devil's Own Party"

My kingdom for a CAPTION!

Political talk at work?

We need to start kicking and keep on kicking, we have the bush* bastards

Maine town votes to ban GMO's

The Religous Right Has A List Of Demands!!!!

Isn't it curious how democratic amendments were added to Immigration

LIMBAUGH: Illegal Mexicans are Renegades, Criminals & Unwilling to Work???

"The Logic of Withdrawal", a very concise and logical presentation

whore Tancredo says Hillary doesn't know anything about the Bible

Snotty's up - C-SPAN 2

One-minute speeches on House floor now, CSPAN1

The Corporate OBSESSION with PROFITS is driving down wages

911 Scholar for 911 Truth shot dead...

Who is the right wing going to attack after they get rid of the Mexicans?

Are Dems who want to enforce the border and deport illegals "RACIST"?

The attitude towards homosexuality in the States

"Rearranging deck chairs on The Titanic", Schumer re: Bolton replacing Card

How Much Of It Is Xenophobia?

McCain re: progress in Iraq: "very slow and very long and very tough."

Anyone watching Lou Dobbs and the Latino activist?

DU Religious Alert! Tell ABC to open Sunday Talk Show to Mainline Churches

Why Do Some Dictators Escape Justice?

If the Dems take over in Nov, will you change your mind about

Caspar Weinberger on President Clinton

If you want to know what will be the news in a month, watch Democracy Now

New Angle on Immigration Issue

Democrats' National Security plan leaked to Raw Story

Get Up Stand Up! Stand up for your rights!

Illegal Immigrants and Taxes. A Question

We cannot ignore the immigration issue, but.....

"" turning on poor Michelle Malkin: "Dead to me."

Can I Say "PINCHE CABRON" On DU?---Open letter to CNN

AAR returns to Phoenix!!

Ethics at the IRS

CNN.Con Has A Story On A "Memo" Between * & Blair - Don't Tell Me That's

Erica Jong Calls a Dictator a Dictator.

Senator Durbin's response on why he voted for the Patriot Act

AUDIO-- SCOTUS Hamdan arguments

Proof that people who like Newsmax are paranoid guys who can't get a date

Kos Diary: Medicare D Ground Zero (Bait and Switch?!)

Listen to this interview with the Student who reported on the FBI list


VIDEO- Biden and Halperin -NSA Spy Judiciary Comm Hearing today

Ex Republican

Immigration issues heat up in Canada, U.S.

"But what about the schools ?!?!"

Indiana Congressional Hopeful wants to introduce the Draft

Congressman requests your help

Something bothers me concerning the sudden immigration

Looking for Mr. Goodnews -- Tuesday toon (3/28)

My butt-kicking of a Freeper on Abortion

Sean Penn has Ann Coulter torture doll

Think the immigration issue is being brought up to distract from outsourci

If only the People of long ago Greece/Sparta/France/England

Sending mentally ill soldiers back to Iraq!

BRAD BLOG: Breaking News & Other Notable Items...

Victims of US Aggression: Photo Essays!!!!!!

This Just In on the Censure Hearing Schedule Question…

Illegal Immigration and region of country?

Time to Talk War Crimes!

I for one am sorry that by playing the blame game I cost Andy Card his job

You knew they would ask: CNN Poll - bu$h/Card & ratings

US dept of Commerce repressing facts

Since bushitler was clearly going to do the Daddy vendetta in Iraq

cnn Wolf: White house SHAKE-UP is their headline NOW.

HOLY S**T! New pictures and reports are arriving in the Situation Room!

It's not Astroturf we dems are eating. It's ......

Immigrants are marching. French students are marching.

Some things to think about when discussing immigration:

Cafferty File questions today.

VIDEO- Specter Talks about Feingold's Censure Motion March 28 06

I need that video clip

Not to be a dead horse, but Pierce Bush's appearance on Today Show

$243 million project to build 150 health clinics in Iraq, only 20 produced

Where did the freeper go?

I just got this email from CNN Breaking News. What does it mean?

A question for those who support HR 4437...the bill to make every

Does anyone know somebody in the gas business?

Weinberger, Nofziger good riddance.

It Really Is Time To Take Out The Crystal Ball

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Bush signed an illegal budget, stiffing Medicare recips of $2 billion!

Regarding the protests. Who were the protesters?

Introduced just six weeks before the election...that's 6 WEEKS not months

Today Casper Weinburger&

Rubber Stamp Project - VERY funny!

Bushists suddenly remember to butter up the press.

It's So Sad When Someone Leaves the Crime Family ---pix--->>>

The rise of "illegal immigration" and the decline of Unions

What's on your bookshelf? What is your next purchase?

I sure won't be watching CNN interview with Bush or any other show

Ok, I can't wait until tomorrow!

My goodness, I just don't know what I am supposed to be scared of anymore

SHAMEFULL.............Why Cant We Show.....

Faux Lost 29% 25-54 Age Viewers 1st Qtr 06 vs 05 - MSNBC gained

Can someone point me to thread 5 of the NSA hearing from this morning?

When did greed become a good thing to Christians?

Anybody speak Korean? A little help plz...I need to communicate with ...

There will be no more US Soldiers in Iraq, just "trainers" and "advisers"

Would the Unindicted Cabinet Members Please Step Forward? ---pix--->>>

AFA NEWS: Library Battle over Gay Newspapers Heats Up

business = good news? 24 More Iraqis Kidnapped From Businesses...

Casper Weinberger died.

Putin plagiarized from Pitt professors

"Caspar Weinberger Dies at Age 88"

Crossing the Mexican border - not just for People anymore!

VIDEO- Tweets with Buchanan "Why'd He Leave?"

AGH! Ari Fleischer rises from the dead on CNN!

Why would you read a RW blog?

Dick Durbin - You da Man!

Hannity takes on Baldwin: What is Rove up to?

Hero du jour - Gary Hart. I highly recommend listening to Democracy

American Illegals Marching On Mexico City

MSNBC/Tweety; All Buchanan all the time...

Supreme Court Questions Military Trials

Highway Patrol Releases Video of High Speed Chase (Incredible video!)

Another Iraq Memo Revealed: Colin Powell Opposed War Without Second U.N. R

United Parcel Service calls on Congress to cut pensions

Big brother is definitely watching

Check out this quote from Rummy, it will blow your mind...

Can I Legally Give Away Copys Of A Speech?

Are we not ALL, immigrants?

Steve Jobs gives up 4.5 million Apple shares ($295.7 million) for taxes

Al-Qaida honchos portray Moussaoui as misfit

Okay, CNN has to sell some ad space...or I'm gonna kill a Big Brother!

CNN Headline News / Tonight with Ed Asner & Sander Hicks on 9-11.

AP Lifts Part II - The article

MD: Gay Marriage Bans Fails in MD Senate

We are NOW Living in "Lost In Space" (the original)

poor Andy Card, like any of this tragedy is so much his fault; why no...

Cheney to replace Rummy?

Listening to last night's Malloy

Is Bush's push for Mexicans to do low-paying jobs racist?

I was watching the protest in Paris

Alec Baldwin responds to Sean Hannity

Confession : My life as an illegal alien

The New British Memo wasn't in either of Denver's papers today.

I love Randi but

Bush Viewed Favorably by Nearly Everyone & Would WIn A Third Term

Oh, NOW people want to talk about H.R. 4437?

Caption rummy

Casper Weinberger has died

Visiting RW blogs/sites?

Do you favor improving economic conditions in central amcerican countries?

Graham/Kyl (?) insert fake statements into Cong. record re: Hamdan

Is Jimmy Carter the Greatest Ex-President ever?

Ed Asner fans. Ed will be on CNN's Showbiz tonight at 7pm EST Mar 28.

Historical immigration questions about certain groups

France doesn't get it

Terror! Terror! Gay People! Terror! Terror! Brown People! Terror! Terror!

Ya know, people are STILL smoking in bars here - ban has no effect

Riverbend back today

Caspar Weinberger died ??

Target the same as Wal-mart

Nofziger - dead; Weinberger - dead

I recall Karen Hughes was put in charge of helping US image

I just had lunch with a concentration camp survivor who votes Republican.

Need advice! What's better? Vonage or Gizmo?

Sensenbrenner challenger Kennedy says Immigration System in Crisis

Is the background motto thing uniquely Bush?

Rove Says He Loves Bolten "in an entirely appropriate way"

McCain To Speak At Falwell's College

NUCLEAR NIGHTMARES: Twenty Years Since Chernobyl

Does DU have a mascot?

simple question

The "danger years" for homeowners

When are the Republicans going to propose the min. wage be LOWERED?

Lindsay Graham and Jon Kyl lied in SCOTUS brief

Sick irony in NSA wiretaps/wide open borders

Rush Limbaugh says he likes Bill Clinton 'a lot more now'

Wal-Mart and Levi are some of the biggest contributors to these protesters

Hannity makes political porn

Let's see, Republicans hate...

What are they hiding by replacing andy today?

When the modern-day Nuremberg trials start, will the media be indicted?

Too Delicious: Freepers Climb On The Impeachment Bandwagon

More remains discovered near WTC site

God, I love the Situation Room

100 dollar ticket/Bushit

Why does a minister's wife kill?

Did Andy Card resign in the middle of the night?

Is Scalia Losing It?


Intense Tropical Cyclone GLENDA heading for Barrow Island (W.A.)

Fairness for Belarus: More Bush Hypocrisy

A Question For The Level Headed On The Immigration Debate.

South Dakota Tribe to setup Planned Parenthood Clinic

Cafferty's 4pm question: Should Tom DeLay be allowed to carry a gun?

From what country or countries did your ancestors come over from.

"Duke" headed for jail, still makes a $2K donation to NRCC.

ACLU WINS: Pentagon concedes Abu Ghraib photo, video case

Republicans Seek to Kill OSHA? If It's FOR the People, They're Against It!

How's that "rebuilding" going, Condoleezza?

URGENT! FINAL push for paper ballot voting reform HR 550!

So when was Iraq a "safe haven from which to launch attacks against the US

Just wait until the illegals demand unions for better wages and benefits.

Here's a little something to celebrate. Abortion ban fails in Mississippi!

RW blog reporting real reason Card is leaving WH

Heads up, Ed Schultz on the Al Franken Show

Immigration 101 - Get A Clue

Cost of healthcare perceptions Like to take a guess what my surgery cost?

"If You're pro-Bush, You're anti-America"

McNabb Redux: Limbaugh Trashes Golf Prodigy Michelle Wie

If we attack Wal*Mart

What is your gut reaction to the statement: "Americans first?"

Fed raises prime to 4.75. They are coming after you homes RWingers

Strongly suggest you all listen to Hamdan case.

Request For Toon posted here the other day

BUSH: Doesn't Want, Doesn't Support, Doesn't Accept Their Purple Fingers

Driver fights ticket for (anti-Bush) bumper sticker

There are pigs flying outside my window.

Is Senator Hillary Clinton pro Iraq War?

The Immigration issue by the RW unfortunately will work!

Curiosity kills cats. I'm no feline. How many here still see "W" stickers?

Let's Annex the whole country of Mexico!

President signed into law a bill that never passed the House?!

Wolves Attack the Internet

What the Insurgents Want

chimp = Draco Malfoy

Maybe it's time for Americans who oppose illegal immigration ...

So I have been told to outsource my people

The hidden agenda of NCLB

Matthew Sheppard, the ultimate exgay?

CNN Headline News - 3-28-2006 - Ed Asner & Sander Hicks.


We can’t even talk sensibly about illegal immigration

We Are a Nation of LAWS. People Should Not Be Here ILLEGALLY. -->

Which Tweety showed up for his show today?

RAWSTORY---Asks AP For Correction After 'Lifting' Story---AP REFUSES

Share some stories about illegal immigrants you know personally

DU can solve the illegal immigration problem, if we want to. I do.

Press Release for Helen Thomas Rose Campaign - Constructive criticism

"Seriously, sir, you need to be killing something. Just to unwind."

Excuse me?? Ted Kennedy wants people to have to LEARN English to become a

I fucking hate Republicans (thread #2)

Court-martial the Commander-In-Chief ? Just a thought

Political Party Loyalty: Is it just about supporting your favorite team?


"A Charge A Day Keeps The Dictator Away"

I've smoked pot for twenty years. Therefore, it is LEGAL.

dammit, I want an Ent Moot!

Lieberman getting scared - already running ads

DeLay fights to get his gun license back

VICTORY --Keith Olbermann Beats CNN

You don't drink the Koolaid, so why are you eating the Astroturf™ ?

The Majestic (2001) - I recommend it. few spoilers.

Republicans are NAZIs

For those who feel uncomfortable comparing * regime with Hitler's

Just in case there is any confusion: Democrats can disagree on Immigration

Fake photo of Baghdad used to bolster GOP's claims?

Scalia did not give the press the finger

I support Michael Schiavo.

Throw the DAMN MACHINES Out Now...Throw them Out Now...e.g. TX

Immigration: the new gay marriage

Nothing like the music of our times to start your day off.

Q&A (President Carter is a Kossack!)

White House chief of staff resigns


"Mad Cowboy Disease"

So, what if a country offered US corporations free, slave labor?

IMHO, Card resignation timed to deflect uproar over pre-war memo leak

Another one bites the BUS... Andy Card resigns

Anyone listening to the NSA - illegal wiretapping hearings now?

JewsOnFirst - Jews stand up against the Xtian Right

The MSM calling Card's departure a "shake-up"

White House Memo - Why did it take so long?

WOW this gang really can't shoot straight

A "Shake-Up" requires more than one departure IMHO

Right-wing symposium calls for 'morally justified revolution'

Bush: Burns is dumber than I am

I'm still getting my ass kicked

Insider Trading by top DeLay Staffer?

Bush spreading democracy like child molester posing as Santa Claus

If laws are outlawed, only outlaws will have laws

Letter to Ed Schultz on Russia & Iraq

It's about time.

Happy Anniversary to Presidential Censorship! 1834

What is the liberal agenda?

The dots are in a straight line, what are the Dots?

Apparently, I'm a snob

Ailing Ill. (Lane Evans) congressman to retire

Wow. Have you seen this?

*self delete.

"Republicans welcome to vote, all others don't bother" sign that

(My 2 cents) Golfing in an affluent Latino development

The past doesn't matter anymore

Please DU action on IRS selling private tax return info! Thanks!

X-posted...Get Up Stand Up

Memo confirms Bush duped U.S. into war; MSM: So what? (dialup warning)

Watch out MA! If any significant seats open (alaKennedy, Kerry) Card

Another “Kerry Was Right” Moment: Investigation Finds Weak Security

Now That Air America Phoenix is back.. A Question

AP: Voinovich Warms to U.S. Ambassador to U.N. (Bolton)

On CourtTV right now: Supreme Court oral arguments Gitmo Detainee

Firedoglake asks what's up with Specter saying Feingold wants postponement

James Carville was right about WH "shakeup"

Feingold Flip-Flops?

Big Tobacco wins payment dispute (weasels out of fines)

Andrea Mitchell: "It was very clear that Bush was set on going to war..."

Comparing Iraq to Vietnam

WOW! Must see video...


Dupe Delete

Newsweek on Andy Card (basically "did he jump or was he pushed")

"Bush is the most isolated president"

DU "Market Traders" or those who know the Business...ALERT....

McCain to give commencement speech at Jerry Falwell's "Liberty University"

Now do we see the master plan?

When we argue about immigration we are playing right into their hands.

Should The Tennessee Valley Authority be privatized?

New CNN poll on Andrew Card's departure

people drunk with power eventually over=extend


Another Hillary Opponent Bites the Dust (imminent)


Bush and Cheney: Fundraisers in Chief

Call from home to get out the vote ---Francine Busby (Dukes old spot)

House: Emanuel is the Embodiment of a Jolt for Democrats

Sean Penn likes to 'violate' an Ann Coulter doll

Six degrees of Jack Abramoff

Christopher Walken 2008

With permission, here's another POV on immigration from a Native American:

Repost: Georgia Passes Bill to Fund Bible Courses in Public High Schools

The "Great Debate" (left vs. right) radio debate on TONIGHT !!

I just got up, I think.

any historical precedent for nation committing military suicide attack?

GAO Slips Dirty Bomb Material Past Border Patrols. Feel safe?

On Al Franken earlier today

Some info on Josh Bolten:

The Filthy Four

Most dangerous states to live in

Did anyone see Dan Abrams

Best General Election Candidate... 2008?

Ned Lamont, receives 16 of 22 delegates, Lieberman ZERO!

FACTS on Taxes SSN and "illegal immigrants"

How will fraud be prevented in SD referendum on abortion?

Could we actually lose seats this year?

John Kerry on the role of government - nails it.

McCain Embraces Falwell In All His Wingnut Glory

National Political Movement Since 1988: A Wake-up Call for Republicans

Help Ned Lamont reach 3,000 donors. Let's get rid of Lieberman!

11th C.D. discussion thread at DemocraticWarrior. Ouch.