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Archives: March 25, 2006

Q&A with author and former neo-con Francis Fukuyama

Battle for Baghdad 'has already started'

Interview with Chalmers Johnson: Cold Warrior in a Strange Land

The Rainwater Prophecy

We Were Right, They Were Wrong--by David Michael Green

Deadly incompetence: Testimony reveals pre-Sept. 11 failings

Dixie Chicks turn death threats to song

Naomi Klein: Both torture apologists and critics ignore sordid U.S. record


Why Democratic Men Make Better Lovers.

The pollution gap

Nevada calls for results of probes into Yucca Mountain e-mails

Nevada calls for results of probes into Yucca Mountain e-mails

Court Orders Japanese Nuclear Reactor Shut Down

Yucca Johnny targets youngsters' hearts, minds

Is anyone watching Showbiz tonight??

September 11 Conspiracy Theories - Disinfo (US State dept website)

Is It Safe Yet? Hits Prime Time on CNN

Found the best video debunking 9/11. Loose Change. watch it

Where 'Homeland' came from, and why it was rejected at first:

We need a celebrity to do for E FRAUD what Charlie Sheen did for 911

sat ERD: staff: - Editor: livvy- assistant Editor :sfexpat2000

Texas reaction to program to arrest drunks in bars?

Freed Peace Activists Plan To Head Home From Iraq

Iraq hostages 'were saved by rift among kidnappers'

Venezuela says decision on U.S. airline ban still pending

New Orleans Activists Start From Ground Up (officials: "scaremongering")

Anderson takes Boozman to task on Medicare on First Day in the Campaign.

Riot police seal off Paris streets as protests escalate

Senate bill seeks oversight of foreign takeovers

Crude Bombs Explode Outside Homes in Colo.

Russia Spies Operated in Iraq Through 2003

Judge Grants Injunction Allowing Child's Recess Bible Reading and Sharing

Belarus president banned from EU

WP: New Orleans Levees, Corps of Engineers Faulted

CNNMoney: Personal bankruptcies soar to all-time high

E&P: Top VT Officials Send Protest Letter to AP about Fired Bureau Chief

American Muslims gaining a foothold in politics

KR: Disgraced defense contractor planned to promote democracy in Iran

US, Iran to discuss Iraq: Rice

CNN/AP: Elvis' home to be designated national landmark

NYT/Reuters: Changed FBI Would Not Miss Terror Warnings: Mueller

Justice Department responds to House questions on NSA wiretapping program

Constitutional Questions Show in AIPAC Case

Judge Quashes Subpoena for TSA Lawyer (set to testify in Moussaoui trial)

Americans Want More Health Care Investment (Pew)

Battle for Baghdad 'has already started'

Adoption group backs allowing gays to adopt

California Election Turns Highly Competitive (Rasmussen)

Paul Flaherty, AltaVista Creator, Dies

AP: Doctors Calls Could Have Been Captured (in domestic spying)

Argentina commemorates somber anniversary of coup

Bush pushes security as top Republican issue

Federal judge appointed to FISA court ("former Whitewater prosecutor")

Senate hearing set on move to censure Bush

Cheney: If Democrats can lead, then I can sing

French president defends walking out because official spoke English

Times of London: NYC, London, Miami Underwater by 2100--MAPS

60% Of Windows Vista Code To Be Rewritten

Fling your arms madly old lady with a daughter

my Dish Network won't give me any of the MSNBC channels!

What a computer should do first thing in the morning

Anyone here watch local cable talent shows?

Mango Pickle

Is there a game on TV tonight?

'99 Red Balloons' Video to Air for an Hour

if you like classic latin jazz

"Demon Alcohol"

This is post 1,000. I'm entering

DU Cooks and Chefs: Shallots or Red Onions

Excuse me for a second... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Tom Cruise maybe a weirdo, but I'm a sucker for his movies

Take care Good People...and Goodnight..Stay gold

LET'S GO BC!!!!!!!

Once more My brothers and sisters....Goodnight

Prozac Nation

I wish I lived where I used to.

I'm going to see Simon Shaheen tomorrow!

Major Mojo from Moussaoui on the 9/11 kerfuffle

Need labor law advice (District of Columbia)

i just found "Brain Candy", the Movie..Kids in the Hall.. for $9.89

Feed My Frankenstein

Click if you're an Elvis fan.

Dr. Who fans: A scantily clad Rose from 1 year ago: (graphic: caution)

Saddam's WMD found! And photographed!


Brokeback Mountain Pickup for sale on eBay!

Were you lookin' at my scar, man?

"Halloween" is on AMC

A Braindead Shithead Exclusive!

Good evening

This "kid' rocks! MAybe it's really Eddie Van Halen.

Time to be honest re: the Bush admin...

WOOHOO, Dada on News Hour @ The National Gallery...

Why is it that it seems every Country Music station has an Animal Name?

In her white lace . . .

Why don't people check to be sure there aren't duplicates?

Why don't people check to be sure there aren't duplicates?

DUers are tasty and delicious

I wanna know who has a crush on me...

Hey! Where is CaliforniaPeggy tonight?

Hey, ya'll, lighten up!

Daniel Boone was a man. He was a big man.

Aren't U.Conn and U. of Washington BOTH the "Huskies"? Do they play

Post here and I shall insult you Monty Python style

New Trading Spouses

Excuse me, can I get a moment?

New "Dixie Chicks" song about being Dixie Chicked. Great!

High as a fucking kite......and loving it....

Doctor Who - I LIKE it.

I don't like animals.

The Figure Skating Worlds...Short Program

Well, I've got bad news and bad news.

What's a good Marinade

Poll related to women re the polygamy thread.

I'm going to buy beer. What beer should I get?

I was accused of being a right winger today!

My ex-husband has terminal cancer -- just turned 70 on 3/23 --

I have been kind of sad today

V For Vendetta is easily the most important film in a decade

The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right

The Great Afghan Theocracy Analogy (a dialogue)

Ok. Lets do this WITHOUT the anonymous poll that can be wrongly

Mouse testicles may hold stem cells' promise

Oldest wooden statues found in Egypt

Mexico's Mayan underworld wonder (CNN/Reuters){cave diving/archaeology}

Holy Cross 4, Minnesota 3 (NCAA Hockey)

Google Alerts

"The Final Word Is Hooray!"

Just like America (Uganda election)

Bush & Cheney fight back with 'withering sarcasm.'

Is McCain really stupid, or does he know something we don't.

Sen. John Kerry Visits iRobot

Question about sensor cleaning...

Acme Photo presents...

KOEB - 3/24 - More baseball? edition

I'd like to call on the wisdom of the KOEB

Take a moment and help out an Iowa Congressional candidate

Patriots Act!

Dobbs "Where do we get a list of laws we can choose to disregard?"

Swiss Named the Big Cheese in Wisconsin (not a nat. security issue)

Anybody see the History Channel docus on organized crime?

WTF? Tapping calls between patients and doctors!

Justice Department Avoids Answers to NSA Spying. Netroots Fight Back


Will our future creditors allow us to pay back the deficit on our terms?

Carlos Santana speaks out in Peru against Iraq war and Bush

Iraq on its own to rebuild, U.S. says

Ok-Fundy vs Star Wars Trading Spouses coming on east coast now.

Oh, No: Inevitable. O'Reilly tonight: "Easter Under Siege?"

Housing Bubble is starting to "leak air" SO.. Throw the Hispanics OUT....

Cong. Barbara Lee: No Permanent Bases in Iraq

George W. Bush's Mind

VIDEO- KO on Pres Signing Statement with Crawford Comments

Broadcaster who called Condi a coon will be on Countdown

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 26 06

FYI: guests on HBO's Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

Afghanistan Sentences a Christian to Death: Surprising?

DU this poll CNN

On The SPAN RIGHT NOW!!! Vietnam and the Presidency...Wes Clark!

2 Questions the MFing rightwingnuts won't answer...

Charlie Sheen Report--Headline News

Let's Have A WAR!

C.S.A.- The Movie

Chuck Hagel just said Wes Clark would be elected President in 2008!

If you can catch repeats of "NOW" on PBS this weekend...

Get your WAR on!

Today, A Man Crowned Himself King

Dubya says: Unite behind me or we'll will look flaccid and soft.

Anyone who voted for the war should not be supported for President

President of the United States runs the "big government" he's attacking

Indigenous farmers in Peru concerned over "terminator" potato

'Red America' Blogger Resigns (WaPo)

Who thinks Laura Bush has any impact on decisions the blivet

Conservative Blogger Quits Amid Furor

FRONTLINE: Betrayal of Democracy -does anyone remember that?


Something is probably going down in the summer.

harpy - n 1: a malicious fierce-tempered woman

Found the best video debunking 9/11. Loose Change. watch it

Brokeback Mountain Pickup for sale on eBay!

Since Alabama is such a difficult state for a Democratic platform


This is post 1,000. I'm entering

Is It Safe Yet? Hits Prime Time on CNN

John Bolton follow-up. He only answered softball questions. Laughable.

Katie Couric dating Laura Ingraham's Ex?


Reza Aslan and Michael Ware on Bill Maher at 11:00 Eastern.

I hear the RNC- you guys make me remember I am an

I wish I lived where I used to.

Don't get caught being drunk in a bar in Texas.

Check out the picture on the front page of Randi


Theory about people who are lapping up Bush's new PR about Iraq...

"So what's the Democrat's plan?"

Steve Jobs dumps 45% of his Apple stock ($295 million)

GenDFA, Young Democrats, and STAND get pay raise for U of Miami workers.

Things are going so great in Iraq...Why not take a vacation there?

Why do we have to have a plan? At least we're not Republicans!

Houston Has No Love For Katrina Evacuees

Those pesky Native American Terrorists!

Interesting Perspective on Iraq from Asia Times Online Damascus.....

Forget Politics .... A Pix from what has made me really rich

No one else watching Real Time tonight? Am I all alone here?

Atlantis owners plan to take company private (Dubai holds 12% stake)

November MUST be monitored -

This PISSES ME OFF bigtime! What a sorry world we live in!

Can you imagine having another Bush president in your lifetime?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers check in with Peter Werbe

I love Keith Olberman .. but I hate his obsession with Barry Bonds.

The case against Tom DeLay just got stronger.

Did Bush start World War III?

It's not racist to oppose illegal immigration!

Bush won't even follow the law on the Patriot Act!

Tenn. Minister's Wife Charged With Murder

Is There Anything Bush/Cheney Could Have Screwed Up WORSE?

This is a left-wing political demonstration:

The msm barely covers antiwar protests, but major coverage on immigration

"Unembedded" really got to me-I'm practially sobbing

Please join Vermont's Gov., Senators, and Bernie Sanders in protesting...

Turn on PBS Now NOW! re: Pentagon TALON SPY PROGRAM!!! -->

Any one else notice the black out on the Bush Trollop Twins?

I heard on NPR today that if Rummy resigns, Lieberman is on the short list

Latest Republican attack on Democrats -

VIDEO- Michael Ware on Permanent Bases in Iraq (Maher)

VIDEO- Maher on Mrs Oats Charity Contribution to Neil Bush Software Co

Must See LOL Luckovich Skewers W.

Has anybody been watching the events in Belarus?

snow and sorrow in sauk city wisconsin (dialup warning - pix)

Tweety admits to Imus: Bush and Cheney are liars

Remember; the US majority DID NOT SUPPORT bush's war on Iraq.

Why does Pickles always looks so surprised?

the Iraq War Resolution WAS a vote for war....

Hil has a holy cow over immigrant bill (real headline)


Complete List of Signing Statements made by Bush - A Must Read

"Americans have elevated denial to a form of art."

I CANNOT STAND NANCY GRACE...she is a she questions

Americans initially supported the war in Iraq because ???

I'm in love with a masked man, great pic of V.

Christopher Hitchens said there were unfound WMDs in Iraq

*** Friday TOONs: Exit Strategy = Wait for Next Prez ***

Glaciers vanish in before-and-after photos - MSNBC

Band of Brothers new commercial - WOW.

ANIMATION: 3 YEARS IN IRAQ (sneak preview)

Pics from last Saturday's Covington LA anti-war Protest

Wes Clark - America's (and all humanity's) best hope?

James Tobin's Calls to the White House

Disgraced defense contractor planned to promote democracy in Iran

Political Discussion over on the MRO stock board on Yahoo

Now isn't this sweet Help the Homeless, quit feeding them!?...

Remember back when the Repukes threatened the "nuclear

I have FINALLY found the best, most descriptive way to describe BushCo...

about Barbara Bush's donation

"It's time for hope". Ted Kennedy email:

The whole Democrat/Democratic thing...

The case against Tom DeLay just got stronger

Update on President Bush's NSA Program (John Dean)

Fox News photo: "All corrupt, evil, chickenhawk neocons raise your hands."


Russia spied for Saddam in war - Pentagon report

"We're not showing pictures of the 2500 bodies...they won't LET us"

The Presidency and Vietnam: General Clark on CSpan @ 8:00

Competitive House Seats

Wake Up America - Were Not In Kansas Anymore Toto

Now it's blame "the media"

Virginians...please help Webb get on the ballot!

I can support a Feingold/Clark or a Clark/Feingold ticket!!

On 30th anniversary of Argentine coup: new declassified details

Favorite blogs and news sources?

A question for climatologists or similar?

Would impeaching Bush create a Civil War in this country?

When Cheney's RIGHT, you have to give it to him.

TIME: New poll finds Dem Congress favored by 11 points, but...

Pickles "shares her urgent message to America's women" on Larry King Live

How Should Democratic Politicians Deal With Gay Marriage in '06?

Kennedy Still on Mission to Raise Minimum Wage

New antiwar flyer for download, need feedback and hopefully...

Great Election Prediction Website

A dodo of a national security policy

Unwelcome Attention From Moussaoui Trial (NYT)

Patriot Act still deeply flawed

All the 'Good News' From Iraq by Stephen Pizzo

Guest Worker Programs Have Flawed Past

Why Fidel Castro burns his underpants, by aide who defected

The Accepted System of Dissent

Bush got what he wanted on court

So pro-Israel that it hurts (Daniel Levy)

Pat Roberts: " resents being called a "lap dog of the administration."

Congressman Faces Right Over Species Act

Governor candidates reach out via religion

Dowd: Happiness Is a Warm Gun

George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence

Cynthia Tucker: War Hawks Show Callous Disregard for Working-Class Troops

US and Europe Plan Sanctions Against Belarus

Iraq regrets: Have they had a few?

Slave Labor and Hell Ships:Mitsubishi Awaits Judgment on War Crimes

Operation Told You So: looking back at Iraq war debate

Why Jews Must Speak Out on Palestine

Breaking the Silence - *Co insider: CPA “the biggest corruption scandal in

Mr Sheen is the latest celebrity to confuse fact and fiction (UK Guardian)

Drought Monitor data at spring planting: Looking ominous.

Weekly renewable energy podcast now available.

Sweden Plans Wood-fueled Future

Vanadium redox flow battery utility application installed in U.S.

Progress towards hydrogen use in transportation being made

Congressman (Pombo) Faces Right Over Species Act


Fault East of Bay Area 'Locked and Loaded'

Funny isn't it?

Duke Power Selects Cherokee County Site for Nuclear Plant Application

Highly efficient fuel cells for home and business electricity, heat, etc.

The public term "renewable energy" is misleading.

Abbas tells Haaretz: Peace can be reached within a year

For activist's supporters, the show does go on (Rachel Corrie event)

Fresh Kills Recovery site - tiffany globe survived WTC collapse:

VIDEO: CNN 9/11 Coverage 3-24-2006

Free thought (read between the lines)...

Oh Canada! Charlie Sheen Steps Up To Bat

It's blowing wide open!

Round up of Sheen coverage, etc.

136 Votes for LIHOP/MIHOP- What are YOU doing?

How did Charlie sheen become the poster boy for the 9/11 conspiracy?

Release the Pentagon surveillance videos and I might believe you.

Why there were no wing marks on the Pentagon

Just watched "Loose Change 2d Ed." Big hole in theory?

The mystery of the white Mitsubishi at Logan Airport

Now that you are home for the night, recommend the ERD please

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 25

sigh. we have such a long way to go.

How Elections Became a Criminal Enterprise

50th District April 11th election: Scanned ballots or TSX machines?

DO I have this right: ERD team scheduling

Iowa is just at the carrying-signs stage and not yet

I got an email from the Boswell campaign

Impeachment Resolutions Sweep America!

Nomination Petition Signature Drive is in full swing...we need your help!

Easy website building software?

Linux users: NVIDIA or ATi?

State Convention Delegate Roll Call Here!

Senate District Conventions

Green Volvo wagon w/DU sticker @ Arlington Hts H.S. this a.m.

Senator Russ Feingold to raise money for John Courage 4/18 -Austin

Fricken Frack

A fresh fish thread over in The Lounge

Do you have a *really* good banana bread recipe?

Ignatieff set to announce run for Liberal leadership

DOJ: NSA Could've Monitored Lawyers' Calls

Russians Helped Iraq, Study Says

Reuters: U.S. Forces & Taliban Said In Afghanistan Clash

Iraq Qaeda Chief Seems to Pursue a Lower Profile

Why Fidel Castro burns his underpants, by aide who defected

Pension chief tells Bush he's resigning (does not agree with new bill

DOJ: NSA Could've Monitored Lawyers' Calls

FEC Rules Would Regulate Paid Internet Ads

Bomb in Police Booth Kills 4 in Baghdad

Magistrate: Lawyer Can Meet With Detainee

US, South Korea begin war games

Minsk cops stop election protest

Schools Also on the Front Lines in Iraq

Democrats: Medicare drug plan confusing seniors

Judge asked to dismiss case against xCannon aide (Safavian trial date set)

LAT: Study Doubles Estimate of Smog Deaths

Illinois Man Fined For Piggybacking On Wi-Fi Service

$75m bounty on Colombian rebels in US war on drugs

Threats on Palestians Concern U.N. Agency

Afghan president intervenes in case of Christian convert

First Rocket Is Lost by Space Company

Thousands Again Protest Immigration Bill - LA

Alaskans weigh privacy and drug dangers in marijuana debate

Wal-mart leads charge in race to grab a slice of China

Norton puts Nevada on notice

BBCNews: Revolutionary jet engine tested (scramjet)

Senators to Iraqis: U.S. Losing Patience

BBC: Kember returning to UK amid row

Russia Denies Giving U.S. Intel to Iraq

GOP's DeWine Stresses Independence

KOOKY KT'S SPY TALE (McFarland accuses Hillary of spying in her bedroom)

Pope asks Karzai to spare convert

Iraq unrest claims more lives amid quest for government Jalal isOptimistic

Bush Uses Radio to Push Guest Worker Plan

Venezuela slaps British oil giant BP with back-tax bill

Indians Fear Losing Native-Friendly Clincs

Iraq leaders meet McCain and Feingold, violence continues countrywide

Fighting in Afghanistan Kills U.S. Soldier

WP: Democrats Are Split As Impeachment Whispers Get Louder

20,000 in front of S. (S) Kyle's office; !Si' Se Puede!

Thanks for Nothing, Texans Say

Dems Lambast Prescription Drug Benefit

Peru, a “worrisome democracy” says UN report

Thousands gather for protest - Denver immigration

BBC (Saturday): Nigeria to give up Charles Taylor

U.S. commander in charge of training cedes point on Iraq handover

County supervisor draws fire in quest to ensure valid elections

Germans announce stem cell advance

(BushCo's) Wartime Powers Under Review (by Supreme Court)

'Hee Haw' Co-Host Buck Owens, 76, Dies

Could Ethiopian skull be missing link?

Seven people dead in Capitol Hill (Seattle) shooting | Seattle Times

Immigration issue roiling both sides of debate

Has anyone noticed that the quality of at least some of their posts

Are we bound to an ethical duty to have $ to raise a child ere having one?

Why don't people check to be sure they aren't duplicates?

Why don't people check for duplicates before posting a thread?

I'll bet some fucker already posted something about duplicate threads

Man to challenge marijuana possession charge


I'm back in The Lounge for awhile. GD's boring tonight for one thing.

Just got back from the Best Friend's Wedding...

Wow, UConn WINS!!!! In Overtime!

Who here remembers the Apple Newton?

The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Jesus...Staffing Agencies are fucking vultures

Master Bates' Son

Wow George Mason won tonight too


I want popcorn

Post here and get...

OMG: like this is any of our business

why don't people check to be sure they aren't dopplegangers?

I used to snort cake

I have candy.

I want candy!

Wow, my kindred spirit...

We get it Tom. You are Straight. Just shut the fuck up.

On Monday I am baking a wedding cake..(sort of)

I Just Saw "Thank You For Smoking"

Terror bird.

fresh fish

For those who said i should buyan iPod..

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Self Delete

Saturday earworm. Dedicated to....

Note to self: If the package says habanero, don't touch.

If you ever need a Bill O'Reilly quote


Lawyers who advertise on late night TV or on Jerry Springer

Should I take my son to V for Vendetta?

Is there NO ONE to challenge me?

Schools Ban Peace Signs During Protest

Is he a Cable Guy, or a Health Inspector?

Let's talk about Guns


"In love with boys"

California's new DUI license plates to be challenged by that

My elaborate fantasy of a museum heist. Wrong? Or natural high spirits?

The Polar Express theory of the Iraq war

If you know what CBay is please PM me

My antiwar CD

Should "Brokeback Mountain" threads be moved to the GLBT BBs?


Please support efforts to assist the recovery community in the Gulf Coast


I'm leaving DU

I don't like humans.


Need a Bullshit protector??

Should locked threads be moved to Wilford Brimley's dungeon?

Happy Birthday to Aretha Franklin, turning 64 today...

Women who vote republican - video

Having a hard time getting motivated to work

Is there really no thread for "The Inside Man"?

I got a new job... we are moving.......

"Fuck Bush! Our Student Loans are Funding Your Damned War!"

Penis = Spine

Ok I've seen everything....its snowing like hell

Is your instrument in working order? Do you want to give it away?

Sexual preference poll.

If I told you something very odd, would you believe it to be true?

Music CD raises funds for Veterans for Peace

this afternoon we (i) have supplimented my firm's regular reading material

Why does the operator of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel believe...

I need go out. I'm in San Diego, Nice day... Where should I go?

Movie roles that rightfully were Wilford Brimley's but were denied him.


Texas and LSU tied at the half. 26-26.

Bean soup

Anyone have a link to the old gallery?

Holy Hailstorm, Bathman!

BU vs. BC... which will go to the Frozen Four?

Is there a sadder song than Frank Sinatra's Version of

I Don't Understand The Fuss Over The Movie 'Brazil'

Best song by Heart

I don't know - this is just kinda... you know... wrong.

D.U. this poll!

Question for Colbert Fans

LADIES!! It's Friday night!

God Bless Jose Cuervo company for putting Gold margaritas in a bottle.

Make your own "wacko Right Wing Conspiracy Theory"

Happy birthday wishes to......

So I've been awake for- hmm- 53 hours.

LSU Wins 70-60 in OVERTIME

Which one of these boys would be LEAST like to endure the label "geek"?

I just received a very very hateful letter from my ex-fiance ... wow

Does Wilford Brimley have a sexy, dangerous thing going on?

Dumb laws from the past...

Thread moved

Building a good rep really pays off sometimes

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/25/06)

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Saw "V for Vendetta" last night - Viva La Revolution!

Name your fallen heroes.

we're having a boys' day in today

Anyone speak French?

Buck Owens passed away.

Oh my- the Pioneer PL-518 Turntable sure is nice!

Calling all Birders! What is your favorite native bird? What is your

Tell me something good

Today is my birthday!!! Some birthday musings...

I heard In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida in a Fidelity Financial commercial.

I used to snort Coke.

Happy Birthday Shine!!

This is kicking my ass! I'm building a web site from scratch -- oh, man.

Large curd or small curd?

Mmmmmmm Yum

Mac OS X, Firefox, and the NYT Website

Did anyone who saw Godfather Part I

Heavy cholesterol supper tonight

Which is more gay: Driving a Miata or wearing a Superman T-shirt?

What name should BlueIris REALLY choose? ;)

what is your favorite Buck Owens song?

Very, very bad week here...

Interesting personality test

I didn't realize the band Cake was so political.

After chopping Jalapenos and BEFORE peeing ALWAYS wash your hands.

Here's a little prose for Puglover and anyone who has lost a pet.

Portland Bumper Sticker:

DU computer question???? HELP

Figure Skating World Championship Results (spoilers)

Just because you see two cars in the driveway doesn't = answering the door

I found it, Proof beyond a doubt, there can be no question NOW, Spring

Buck Owens dies at 76


My latest cake..

Which tv show is better?

FINAL ROUND: March Photo Contest. Theme: ARCHITECTURE

Funniest Craigslist post EVER!!

You gatta see this. What will you be reincarnated as?

This is the funniest damn thing I have ever heard of....

Rice Lab Gets Leg Up on Replacement

The Power of Negative Thinking - The Nocebo Effect

So, when it comes down to it, what's your opinion on vaccination?


Sleep Deprivation: The Great American Myth

A Nearby Twin of the Sun

Next Big Quake? Maybe East of Bay Area

ACLU looking for couples to fight for marriage equality

Dislike of homosexuals covers both religious and non-religious GOP ideolog

Evangelical teens rally in S.F. (organized by Bush appointee)

Xu Yuhua Crowned New Women’s World Chess Champion

Anyone still picking UCONN after last night's game?

Geaux Tigres!

Welcome to Patriot Nation. George Mason Univ to the 'leet 8!!!

Update on the birth chart of Samuel Alito.

Laura Bush - Poster girl for facelifts

Anyone need a laugh?

When people speak

Interesting WaPo article on impeachment.

Sen. Kennedy to be on Face the Nation tomorrow

Game time!

Woo Hoo Phoenix!!!!

I need a break from DU

Excuse ME!

Game time--two. (See original post first before clicking here)

The end is near!

The final round of the photo contest is up in the Lounge.

I have discovered something about taking great photos

Not at Gitmo, only sleeping.

Why do we argue about god?

81% believe government covered up real events of 9/11 (CNN poll)

Floridians to vote in 2008 on banning same-sex marriages


Please answer this poll regarding 9/11

There must be some automated way to Google your writings to screen for thinks Ben Domenech will "regain trust" among readers

Who are the guests on Bill Maher tonight?

So You Hate the Immigration Bill

Go Bush?

For the Wingers defending Domenech...

good night, Mr. pResident

Aide to two Democratic Wash. state governors dies at 55

DeLay license to carry revoked

Free thought (read between the lines)...

Today---we destroyed a winger! Good! Lets keep doing it, again and again

fresh fish

We don't need reason to hold you, Hammoudeh told

Which do you think would elicit more outrage from the public?

If the Dems were my spouse, I would have left them a long time ago!

It is the Republican Party that are spineless....

Got another LTTE published today -- fighting back!

Helen donors

Ask C-span to cover Intell Committee Censure Hearing next week


Three Years Of Happyfun War! --- 1,100 days of brutal violence and death

Radio Freudian slip re: Condi

Great news-cooperativeresearch dot org will soon be updated/needs help/$$

Washington Post on Domenech: "We did plenty of background checks"

Bill Maher's closing rant -- WOW, simply WOW!

Republicans sure have made a mess of things...

C-Span Caller to wingnut Congressman: did you find the WMDs

McCain Optimistic About Iraq's Future

GWB: "Strength lies not in defense but in attack"

Stars & Stripes LTE, highly informative and strongly critical of Bush

For the prosecution......

Healh content (LGBT) removed from DHHS website by Sec Leavitt

A Time for Heresy

It's not enough to say "I told you so"....

Coming this summer

How should I reply to this thread?

Faux News is at it again... Secular WAR on the Easter bunny

Wes Clark on "Booknotes on C-Span 2 today...

Anyone Remember - Bush Sr. (41) Tried to Get Relected via "Family Values?"

Family Of Man Charged In UNC 'Pit' Incident Releases Statement

Interesting (and scary) aspect of the housing bubble (Seniors in trouble?)

AP: Sen. McCain Optimistic About Iraq's Future

Good Morning DU...

CNN: International Living - Seems more Americans are moving abroad

LAT: As State Grows, So Does Threat to Parkland

Does anyone have info on the news story about making it a crime

My daughter is...

How about a little funny? Enjoy

"Apocalyptic Times" by Maureen Farrell/Buzzflash

All the 'Good News' From Iraq

20,000 k peeps in front of S. (S) Kyle's office! Woodamnhooo!

Jim Brady of Washington Post says they will hire another Conservative

Just watched "Loose Change 2d Ed." Big hole in theory?

Did you know Iraq is SPENDING $6 billion/yr on OIL IMPORTS?

DOJ: NSA Could Have Monitored Lawyer/Client, Doctor/Patient Calls

Carla Martin Will Invoke 5th Amendment Privilege In Moussaoui trial

Proud progressive?

I'm just wondering how many minorities the GOP will trot out

Will Democrats Become the Women's Party?

08 Theme Thrown Down by Cheney, Dem's don't have it in them, how...

South Dakota Statewide Referendum on Abortion! Take the Poll:

Stupid photoshop of antiwar protest I saw:

So, what does * have to say about his buddy Putin tipping off Saddam?

VIDEO- Michael Ware on the Media (Maher)

VIDEO- Michael Ware on Female Iraqis and Soldiers (Maher)

My wife just asked me who "Tweety" was

Who gives a rat's ass what GQ or ANY magazine says

Hey Jon Kyl will you please go on a hunting trip with Cheney?

Time to Stall a Bush Nominee

Democrats "stood behind" RePUKE FILTH after 9/11. Never again

The good news from Iraq I am waiting to hear


A sneak preview of Neil Bush's Educational Computer Program

If the neo-cons don't like the press coverage of the Iraq war,

GOP Moral Values Dictionary

Good news for the internet.

Please DU This Poll About The Dixie Chicks - Needs Our Help!

A $2,000/month prescription??? They used to use a mask and a gun.

Admin Tells Congress (Again)-Won't Abide By Your "Laws": Glenn Greenwald

PJ O'Rourke Says He Never Gave WaPost Ex-Blogger Permission To Plagiarize

All who are interested in the immigration issue tune to C-SPAN now.

Time keeps ticking as war marches on(Morford at his raging best)

Reports Show Growing Military Discontent With Bush Over Iraq

Scary stuff

Drugs or children - a matter of priorities

"Hillary Has Been Spying In My Bedroom Window" Says Repub Challenger

Marines Try to Recruit 78-Year-Old Woman

Seven dead in Seattle shooting spree.

Schools are giving children sacks of food for weekends

Wolcott: "The Slippier Slope" (foreign relations, economy, election)

"2006 will be the Lou Dobbs election"

Film Shoot Mistaken for Hostage Situation

Neocons claim Bush can ignore laws due to Separation of Powers

Progressives rule, Regressives drool...

Urge Canada's New Prime Minister To Stop The Canadian Seal Hunt

Is Bird Flu a Clear Hoax to Keep the Fear Going & Martial Law?

they have gone nuts in the UK too - 'Brain Gym'

Only 15 Google News results for Jenna Bush? Teaching? AIDS in Africa?

Priest to "observe passing of Terri Schiavo: AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT!"

Bush says al Qaeda questions the American Male's Virility

They screwed the media that laid down for them and lost even Kansas LOOK>>

Constitutional Questions Show in AIPAC Case

You gatta see this. What will you be reincarnated as?

Joe from Americablog: "Clearly the Dixie Chicks were right..."

So I've been awake for- hmm- 53 hours.

Briton Thanks Soldiers Who Rescued Him

Restraining Order against Bush/Cheney by Att'y Doug Wallace in Reno, NV

Battle for Baghdad 'has already started'...

I saw this education plan by McClintock- it actually appears to have merit

GOP Candidates Break Promises on Term Limits

Breaking down "V" - MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!

Bush Still Trying to Install Democracy in Iraq

CA-50: GOPer Sends Out Possibly Illegal Mailer

Good public ed. idea - natch the Dept. of Ed. opposes.

Sexual preference poll.

bush is soooo arrogant !!!!!

Do you know the members of the famed Bilderberg Group? Here they are.

Tell Dimson not to kid himself, Iraq is in a civil war.

If you drop Lou Dobbs in a neighborhood in 1950, 1850 or any time ...

Three words for the few remaining GOP idiots on my street:

Saturday's Toon ****and more ****

Who Is Killing New Orleans?

Bush's Powers Again Under Review by Court

You agree w/ Charlie Sheen US government covered up real events of 911 ?

BFEE's nickname for old Barbara BUSH: "Barsil"

Unemployment and Immigration Study (cspan)-thread 2

Losing faith in Afghanistan, Bush hegemonic hubris down...

Israel is dictating U.S. foreign policy.

Gen. Clark on CSPAN2 now! 3:30pm

Novak: Abramoff Clearing DeLay

If Bush is Pro-Life???...

Excellent letter and editorial. The letter brings up PNAC and

What if 'Wash Post' Hired Bush as Blogger?

Picture of the Week: The Department of Homeland Security by Satellite

These young, twentysomething wingnut shrub warriors are a real crop of

Busted Blogger's New Apology

CA-50: GOPer Sends Out Possibly Illegal Mailer (& More!)

Discouraging Poll on D.C. Statehood

Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

We're coming up on the 3rd anniversary of Aircraft Carrier Crotch Shot Day

Best political book you've read in the last 12 months?

"Remember, Remember"

No car ads on AAR?


Fault East of Bay Area 'Locked and Loaded'

Do you support a guest worker program?

cns news dot com

Does big business (or GWB) want you out of debt?

An Open Ransom Note to the American People

Help Monica Lindeen (D) in her bid to unseat Rep Rehberg (R-MT)

Bound, Blindfolded and Dead: The Face of Atrocity in Baghdad (NYT)

Republican Unrest in the Northeast

I found it, Proof beyond a doubt, there can be no question NOW, Spring

President Bush's Nephew Interviewed in Iraq (what if?)


Hate Crime by a Neo-Nazi Is Suspected in Stabbings

RANT re DEMOCRATS! Not the first, won't be the last.

Be Kind to Your Local Nazi

TOON: Baghdad Dick

Bush's Powers Again Under Review by Court


Did Pig Boy (ru$h) Get Away With His CrimeS?

Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Prison Profits: Part I

DeLay license to carry concealed handgun revoked

Project Photoshop: Bush with Incumbent Republican

Marvin Gardner (1957) on pseudo science and its masters

The President wants us to "trust" him. Just a few of the reason I cannot.

Just sent this to a Rep. friend who sends me political forwards.

Do You Want A Democratic Campaign Slogan?

OMG Look at what my son posted on another message board!

Ex-Stripper Spreads Gospel to Those in Sex Industry

Wal-Mart drops bank request

A nice shiny, sparkley neighborhood

Punk Rock band opposes Depleted Uranium

Who exactly are we at war with ?

Japan offered the US $3 billion to remove part of WW II occupation force

Reebok recalls bracelet after lead poisoning kills Minnesota boy

War Pigs

Have you ever seen a RWer actually follow any of Jesus' teachings?

I just returned from a memorial service for a Marine who died of wounds

AOL Poll: DU this Dixie Chicks poll

George Washington still speaks to us;

Question about vigilantism, is it ever justified?

It's Time For Cheney Toons....

another winter storm watch for HAWAII! - global warming indeed..

Wow! Proof of SOLID progress:

VIDEO Maher Rant on Mo Green (Global Warming)

A prescient Nov '04 endorsement against * in a conservative magazine.

If you need to smile today, check this photo out.....

Question on pics in sig line

Just saw a commercial about Christians and global warming:

Why the word 'Homeland' in Homeland Security

DU Researchers...I have an interesting and challenging question.

Does anyone have the pic of Barney pooping behind Bush during speech

Why did the RW hate Clinton so much ?

Wa Jour cspan talking of Feingold Censure Resolution

I did a bad thing in Defense of Cindy and her March in Cleveland tomorrow

Won't somebody PLEASE listen to Glenn Greenwald?!?

Proof that George Bush is a man-child

Guns knives and bombs

Feingold Censure speech put to music (MP3)

Seal hunt is a heinous stain on the character of a great nation.

The Chimp in Charge as Cheerleader (for real), add your caption

Cruella Lied About Spending Inheritance on Campaign

Q - How do you know if a right-wing blogger is lying?

Amy Goodman on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, 3/26


Top Secret Document made public - 33 communications about 9/11attack

Dear White man...

"I am sure not going to sit back and have Feingold spout off." - Specter


Joe Wilson SLAMS Scooter/Neocons: "Drive a Stake Through Their Hearts!"

Wow, look at LA (immigration bill protest)

The "good news" out of Iraq. My take.

All the 'Good News' From Iraq

Caption this * picture...

Did Anyone See David Brooks last nite on Lehrer?

Republicans are getting backed into a corner

Listen: Kevin Phillips * this man is a national embarrassment -Amy Goodman

I'm pissed, a referundum passed raising my property taxes $500.00 a year


Where are all of the new jobs coming from?

This little tidbit may change your mind about Mel Gibson...

I saw "why we fight" last night and it scared the crap out of me...

Impeachment Resolutions Sweep America!

Success Story! Air America Phoenix is back on the air!

How has your life changed since Bush stole office?

Refutations of Byron York's 'It's Legal' (NSA\FISA) Article Welcomed...

Christian youth rally in S.F.

Michael Schiavo speaks tomorrow (Sun.) night in an interview on Dateline.

DU This AOL Poll - Dixie Chicks need your help.

Italian expats get Impeach Bush signs on NBC Today Show

Iran stages war games near Iraq border

The 1933 Riechstag Enabling Act

Why not an IQ test for public office?

What has happened to Bob Boudelang

Wishing for a leader? A new 'MLK'? Ordinary people can bring change...

BURNS ME UP: Bush Reiterates "Jobs Americans WILL NOT DO" On Radio -->

Scooter and the Munchkins

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 20! w00t!)

Eminems Old Video- a flashback!!! so Im told

Larisa Alexandrovna-MSM Plagiarism Strikes Again

New Trailer for United Flight 93 film

The problem is not immigration it's POPULATION!!!

I'm watching the movie Brazil (1985)

Barbara Bush Is An INVESTOR In Co Where She Funneled Charity Contribution

I think the US economy is in really, really bad shape. REALLY bad shape.

CONTEST: Graphic Design Wanted $100 Reward

Lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Schweitzer, Kennedy, Carville, Levin)

Has this happened to you? This is war people- and when I get pissed...

God am I proud that I never ever not for one moment, backed the Iraq war!

The Washington Post has a front-page article on Impeachment today.

Real Shock & Awe: After 15 Years War, Sanctions 1,000,000 Iraqis Dead

The New New Gore: Reborn to Run? (April-American Prospect)

Pat Robertson defines what 'political correctness' is

US living on borrowed time - and money


Let's Talk About Mexican Hypocrisy

Impeachment News Weekend


Republican realism and art's bad old days

Movies and Middle America

Why no outrage over this port deal?

I saw the BEST protest sign against junior* today

Bush Pittsburgh visit 4 Santorum sparks protest vigil

American Idol Wannabe

"You can only browbeat people so long"

From The Freeway Blogger.........

Bush is ready to sell off your hiking trail ?

McCain Pressures Iraqi Leaders on Gov't (in Iraq)

What's so bad about it?

Register a Zogby below

Let's give Ken Mehlman his answer!

Mass rally set for Tuesday in Baton Rouge to resist New Orleans Election


Two more (Katherine) Harris staffers depart

Poor Molly Ivins. This will drive her over the edge

David Vitter wants regime change in New Orleans - Times-Picayune

Election Roundup -- Senate 2006 (WH worries)

Average is just that: Average.

Democrats set to retain competitive House Districts

Roberts Appoints Conservative Ex-Starr Deputy to FISA Court

Eleanor Clift: Bush's Iraq "resolve" looks more like passing the buck

Wash. Journal please don't have R. Rep. Todd Tiahrt on again

NEW Grand Theft Election: Nixonians 9: They Shoot Doves in Texas

Have you donated to Ned Lamont,

Look at what the Bushys want to teach our children...

Forget "abortion." Immigration is the new wedge issue that the

have you heard of the "GodArchy Line"?

Among Cheney's hotel demands:All televisions sets tuned to Fox News...

The Disenfranchisement of the New Orleans vote has national implications

Has Stalinism won? Comparing Bush's America and Kim's North Korea

Media playing up Dem polls is great, but need to also focus on GOP scandal

First President in ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO YEARS to face rebuke...

Congressman (Pombo) Faces Fight Over Species Act

Wes Clark - Coming To My Town!

General Clark on C-Span2

With the hearing next Friday--it is Time to RE-new efforts to call Senator

Since the Republicans are going to use the noun "Democrat" as an adjective

Next Bush Cabinet appointment?

A Nation of Laws or Not? My LTE Today

Iran could have the bomb within 3 years

Wes Clark on C-Span2


How long has it been?

"What matters here is not what the Republicans or the Democrats do ...

Can someone do me a favor?

Political Arithmetik: check out this blog

Tom Delay has his gun license REVOKED!!!!!!

A thorough irrefutable essay on Israeli's influence in gov.

Gossipy, anonymously sourced Gore rumor

Kerry Demands FEMA Award Gulf Coast Contracts to Small Businesses

`It's not a gradual change. It's like flipping a switch,'

Presidential Seal Changed!

News of the Weird: Hillary's Batty Opponent

Great new GOP trend - Hiding behind a woman's skirt

The Press: Do you want them to be objective or with a political lean?

Do you hold a negative opinion of women who have abortions...

Impeachment anyone???

The media is PISSED. They were used and now discarded. Even in KS>>>Look

Early 2008 poll...who would you vote for: Gore or Clinton?

Ariz. Rep. rep. Bob Stump has his nose stuck in an ovary

This Video Will Get You Pumped

Zogby: Antiwar movement [will affect midterms]

Arlen Specter? Chuck Hagel ? Olympia Snowe ?

Neil Lisst cartoon weekend review - all 5 from this week here

DeWine trying to spin himself as independent of GOP

Bush Radio: "Immigration reform requires a temporary worker program..."

Katherine Harris campaign pic

More on the tale of what the DCCC is doing in Florida's 13th District.

Hearing Set on Censure of Bush: Good or Bad for Dems?

Bayh/Obama...the winning team...if we're smart!...

Housing Market Declining Rapidly

Why are there so many DUer's in favor of the DRAFT?