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Archives: March 24, 2006

A U.S. View: Bush censure far-off in this climate

"U.S. Authorities Say..." All the News That's Fit to Slant By ROBERT FISK

Incredible article by Ted Rall (3/21)!

Migration rates of plutonium at the Savannah River weapons plant.

Cities in danger as scientists predict rapid sea level rise

Israel Lobby Dictates US Policy, Study Charges

Harvard Backs Away from "Israel Lobby" Professors

Question: Was bush's brother involved with security at the Twin Towers?

Google Caught Censoring Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story

How do they know the identity, nationality, etc. of the 9/11 hijackers?

Pentagon simulated plane crashing into it in 2000 (photos)


Cross-Post: Don't Glitch on Me graphic and $100 contest for subtitle!

Electoral Dysfunction - Official Exposes Gaping Flaw - Get's Ignored

TOdays .ERD had 55+ articles. . . . . . . WOW ! ! !

Clint Curtis Running for Congress against Tom Feeney! He needs your help!

Talk of Iowa program on election reform

this is great - Healey's running mate under fire ...

agp versus pci

Collin County GOP: Infighting over use of God as a campaign issue.

Leftover turkey

No hike in deportations, Solberg says

Harper says Afghan Christian won't be killed

Relax, Harper tells public servants

(Charlie) Sheen Claims 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Belt Quits As Chief Of PBGC (Pension Guaranty Board)

Venezuela and U.S. Reach Airline Agreement

WP: Government (TSA) Lawyer (Martin) Subpoenaed in Moussaoui Case

Bernanke - Capital flow shift need not spell pain (this guy's a loon!)

LSU beating Duke? eom

Thousands rally in Milwaukee to protest illegal immigration bill

U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon to Review Policy on Planting News Stories

KR: Republican fatigue could hurt the party's chances in November

Army faulted over wartime armor delays

Governor to Sign Bill That Bans "Wrongful Birth" Lawsuits

UN rights office urges Iraq to rein in death squads

Belarus riot police halt protests

Syria's First Female Vice President Hailed as Progress for Women

Canada says annual seal hunt to start Saturday

Bangladeshi Mosque in Michigan Vandalized

'Glacial earthquakes' warn of global warming

Hearing Friday for Abramoff associate (Ex Bush Admin David Safavian)

Mystery Document In Wiretap Suit Sent To Seattle For Safekeeping

Buena Vista singer Pio Leyva dies (Buena Vista Social Club)

Israeli Software Firm Drops U.S. Deal

Crist for abortion ban, adoption incentives

Cheney's hotel comforts:68 degrees, Diet Sprite (and TV tuned to Fox News)

Bolivia's Morales Irks US with Bombing Remarks

State bans abstinence program (RI)

US alert sparks political row (US terra alerts for Italy's election)

Venezuela demands US hand over 'terrorist'

I just finished making a new recording of fart sounds

The oldest tortoise has died at 250 years old.

Have You See The DU Ads For Sean Patrick Maloney?--Yummy! He's Kinda HOT!!

My Fellow DUers, If you liked the "War on Christmas"...

Military veritables annoy me.

Militant Vegas annoy me.

Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis?

Okay now, give us a kiss....

Check out the new hybrid

My husband just warned me not to open the door to anyone...

I love this song...

I'm eating mac and cheese and I'm thinking of you

Universal Studios Orlando: 1 park or 2 park pass?

I'm eating whipped cream and I'm thinking of you

Silly blog mascot

Anyone know if there are any movies on cable TV tonight?

Have you, in debt, lost your job since the bankruptcy "reform"?

I want to CAUSE trouble

Is it just me, or is there a substantial influx of, er, new posters in GD

And now.. a happy, upbeat German Children's Story...

The war on Easter

Do you ever feel like pushing people?

Watching CHICAGO with the sound turned down

URGENT: Should I tip on top of these room service charges?

Watch this video of Frank Caliendo - Impressions

Anyone else see the end of Will & Grace tonight?

Eight more registered users till 87,000.

SpyFalcom AD infection

Anyone ever hear of this site?

HP Printers annoy me!

Translate diese Anzeige, außer einem Wort!

Who do you want to die next ? (TV shows)

When people say 'hairy knuckles', do they mean

What's with all these characters crying in TV shows lately?

What wine are you drinking tonight?

Cool new book for fans of the Jazz Age, flappers & the '20s

how much to tip a barista?

My washing machine just paid me $85.32

the Vibes Rater

Do you believe in soulmates?

I'm Sorry, but I have to post this

So sundoggle is back?

erupting volcanos annoy me

Militant Vulcans annoy me

Happy birthday, Viktor Korchnoi

Halloway : Incredible media nonsense...


Two Weeks as a Non-Smoker!!!

The Bush Babes

Hard Pill

Why, Tigger- we never knew!!!

Sorry... I HAVE to do this.

Everything goes better with CHEESE!

New Government Seal (oldie but goodie)

can you injure a person just by looking @ them?

Isn't Survivor supposed to be on tonight????

Name a DUer who YOU have on ignore

Can you judge a person just by looking at him?

Congrats DU for breaking 87,000!!

I got a call from one of my son's friend's mom

I "get" to drive 5 hours tomorrow.

Does anyone have experience with childhood diabetes?

Did anyone else have a Bizarre Day??? Man, this whole day has been

Another HOTTEST SOUNDS tonight @11PM ET/8PM PT

Syndrome causes female sexual overdrive (Constant, unprovoked excitement)

Great line on "Will & Grace" tonight...

Down with PUKE!


What are YOU looking at?

We have the Church Sign generator

Today's shopping find of the week:

I was just reaaaaallly childish, but it felt good.

I know it's spring not by the daffodils and crocuses, but by the ...

Duke down by 4 at the half.

Duke falls to LSU 62-54!

Oh yuck, did I just see that Laura Bush is coming out with a book?

Antigravity cat.

Militant Vaginas annoy me.

WOW...... Duke Just Lost ...Unbelievable

Does anyone remember this?


Jesus, I think I may have killed three people today...

Sorry, I know it is schadenfreude but man

what did people do before viagra came along?

**To What Are You Listening Right Now?**

What direction does your bed face?

I was run off the road by another vehicle and I was the one ticketed!!!

Militant Vulcans annoy me.

Militant Vogons annoy me.

Good travel vibes, please.

New pics from today! Mountains, and the grass.....Dial-up warning...

My husband rocks so hard!

I could use some cheering up, please.

Britney Spears: "Monument to Pro-Life.."(Warning)

Militant Thetans Annoy Me

OH HEY Cosmicbandita...

Killing zombies to grindcore/death metal, what more could you want?

Anyone have cats that are on Thyroid Meds...those chewy things?

Is this a mistake?

Is Olbermann hitting it with Monica Novotny?

Man it is crowded in here.

Is there a good musical album to listen to

Name a DUer who you think NOBODY has on "ignore."

Has anyone ever dropped their religion because of you?

Why do we argue about god?

Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority

Do ya think Dumbya's familiar with this passage?

Reduced Insulin in the Brain Triggers Alzheimer's Degeneration

Man Arrested for Partner’s Murder - 03/21/2006

Help me out w/this one--is Will & Grace ending or what...?

Faith-based funding turns blind eye to anti-gay bias

Agency seeks more gay parents

To Gays: Don't Mourn, Organize!

LSU beating Duke? eom


As an LSU alum who lives in ACC country...

How about them Lady Terps

This is a feel good local story.....

Synchronicity in reverse? When the Universe tries to tell you...

sending healing energy to person far, far away through his picture?

Well I went and did it...

Another fat cat! (No, not Crashcart.)

KOEB Meeting -- 3/23/06: It's the Media, Stupid! Edition

"U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes"

who is John Lott? 1-he says women's vote root of all US evil

Question: Was bush's brother involved with security at the Twin Towers?

I hate fucking republicans.

No Unfair Elections in New Orleans

pbs. jim leher is giving good segment on Afgan who converted to Christiani

When will Cheney's open to the public?

CNN 'Showbiz Tonite' on at 7 and 11 Eastern

I'm Building a Mc-Mansion

Reid Threatens Filibuster on Immigration - Guardian

Time For Dems To State Obvious: WE'VE GOT THE STRONGER HAND-AMEN!!!

How dumb do they think the public is?

Will the media give the freed Christian Peacemakers face time on the tube?

Bob Schrum is an ass. On Hardball now.

For anyone who lived during the Great Depression

DAMMIT! I yearn for the days of Soapy Movies that gave a BREAK

Steve Bell about Iraq's 3rd war anniversary

Research help

TVNL Radio....8 pm. ET... call in with your 9/11 questions!

Bush's "From my perch" Cartoon

Okay, the polls show the WORLD hates Bush. How about the corporate elite?

Why Aren't BushCo Celebrating Spain's Success Fighting Terror?

For those interested in a solid case for impeaching Bush & Cheney ...

The Pukes are desperately flailing about trying to find a scapegoat.

Issac Hayes is an interesting duck

caroline kennedy

anyone have any good links RE: soldiers opinion on iraq war?

Word Descriptions of Bush



Wake Americans up and solve illegal immigration…….

Ben "Plagiarist" Domenech on Jayson Blair

GET ME THE F..K OUTTA HERE! (Letter From Soldier in Iraq)

Great clothing label. In French. American company. Self explanatory.

My younger brother asked me to post the question...

HAHAHA - Babs Bush today's "Worst Person in the World"

Keith busting Bush's ass again

Georgia Hispanics call a General Strike for tomorrow

Is it just me, or has Keith O totally kicked ass the past week or so?

Why Are Guests/Panelists On PBS's "TheNews Hour" So Polite And Restrained?

Gayle Taylor - Who is this Xtian, Repuke Shill???????

Tweety and Fineman seem like little girls...

When will the crash come?

So...I walk in a room and announce I'm a Democrat and folks...........

Am I too sensitive regarding this email?

The new guy at Interior: More Rethug family values.

turn on CNN now !

No more stalling on Iran: Rice

New poll shows Bush slipping in South

A sixteen-year-old gay teen versus George Allen.

Bolivia's Morales irks U.S. with bombing remarks

Hard Pill

Just heard on AAR's Majority Report:

Pentagon to review policy on planting news stories

Any truth to the "no Casey Sheehan Gravestone" story all over the net?

What was the State Dept. doc on Iraq that Olberman cited tonight?

Caption dick

OMG... PUKE!!! GQ Magazine says repukes better in bed, WTF?!?

A new name for my beloved mountain: BROKEBACK

Can we say STUPID, CLUELESS bushbot ???

Bolivia's Morales irks US with bombing remarks

History Channel 9 PM - Free Masonry

Jesus, I think I may have killed three people today...

WOW...... Duke Just Lost ...Unbelievable

West Coast ABC news watchers---

Easter is not about BIG PLASTIC BUNNY RABBITS, folks!

Atheists are the most distrusted minority

gwb's cold rhetoric.. Exploiting the death of children. (Beslan Massacre)

Please Du Dixie Chicks poll - Correction!!! Dsylexia at work

Republicans: The Party That Outsources National Security

VENGENCE HAS ARRIVED!!!---Interview with Chalmers Johnson


Should Bush spend the rest of his life apologizing?

God has spoken to me and demanded I collect money from all

"U.S. War Plan Leaked to Iraqis by Russian Ambassador"

National ID Card

Radio DJ fired

What's the deal with GM? Surely making more fuel efficient vehicles

oh snap booboo!

US Intervention in Iraq: In 15 years over 1,000,000 Iraqis Dead

Gotta watch Southpark tonight. The CYA Chef and great stab at Scientology

A portrait of the blogger as a young plagiarist - smacked down by Conason

Great cartoon

Monkey Back Guarantee

Be sure to vote now, ya hear ?

Was Colbert spying on me today? =-)

Must see comedy.

A lawless nation cannot stand...

"Engage My Brain Before My Mouth"

Exclusive: Santorum funneled earmarks, charity $ to faith-based groups

Please DU yet another poll

the correct link to dixie chicks poll

Is Ben Domenech a bigger douchebag for liberty than Bob Novak

With each further escalation, we come closer to the brink of disaster

is the press making up stories about iraq and the carnage that is going on

Why hasn't anyone stated the obvious?

Got Influence?

Jeb Bush pushes controversial education legislation through FL House

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in with Peter Werbe

"V" Has Friends ...... (short Video)

My short/sweet LTTE re: Feingold

You Know What. That's It. They Ought To Be Ashamed Of Themselves.

George Bush -- Post Turtle

The Daily Show was a riot

Bush wants cheap labor - bring in the immigrants instead.

BushCo hires Hong Kong company to scan for nuke materials

I'm not ultraliberal. Am I the "base"?

Dear WASHINGTON POST : Can I be one of your high profile bloggers?

Video shows indigent hospital patient being left on LA's Skid Row

Democrats Must Lead to Save Christian & Stop Bush/Islamofacist Alliance

Does Hollywood treat Albinos worse than conservatives?

So long Charlie... When they take everything away from you, will you...


40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 18)

Baghdad Bob named pentagon spokesman! (fun)

I want the crooks who robbed us to give us our money back...

*** Thursday TOONs: Helen! ***

The Bush Police State

LOL !!! - Here's A Poll That Definitely Needs DU-ing !!!

Viruses Threaten RFID Tags

*, Ben Franklin, and Larry King. pics -->>

"I am So F*ing Angry" by Me

Don't GLITCH On Me: Provide the Caption for this Picture and Win $100

The damning of a population segment.

Frist charges that Reid won't rule out impeachment. -Reid responds

If you could decide the Income tax rates...

A Time for Heresy - Bill Moyers

The Origins of the Overclass (Why the Dems can't support the people)

WE DO NOT CONSENT - GuvWurld e-book launches Mon (please help)

ABC story - Iraqi ties to al Qaeda

Interview With an Anti-War Candidate

Mr. President, why did your Admin invade Iraq?

Mr. President, how much money has your family made from war and disaster?

Another military man to enter a Congressional Race

How long has the U.S. gone wo being involved in some war

Jack Cafferty: How would you prepare a room for the Vice pres?

A thank you from Tammy Duckworth

Why is U.S. beefing up Iraq bases?

ABC News Political Unit's 2008 Presidential Invisible Primary Ratings

The New Cold War! God Bless Ronald! He'd be so proud!

Get a load of "Chicken Judy" the GOP nominee for Governor in Illinois

FLASHPOINTS: Cindy Sheehan & Ray McGovern...

DNC Press Release: "President Bush's Pre-9/11 Security Strategy"

Rep. John Conyers on Ben Domenech Coretta King Communist comments

Rep Cynthia Davis(R) MO, on sex. Read it and be afraid. Very afraid.

"America can handle more dead soldiers but it cannot handle the truth."

The fact the Cheney only watches FOX "News" indicates why we are

NAACP calls for direct action to resist illegal New Orleans election

Wes Clark coming up on C-SPAN next. Rummy on now.

##@%$$!!!! Just pick a point, #@%###!!!

Bush Admin systematically discrediting any possible critics

Little Scotty McMeltdown resorts to faux-Shakespeare (today's transcript)

NYT: Women Wage Key Campaigns for Democrats

The next President will be Herbert Hoover...

Bush tries to show he gets it: "I read the reports every night"


Another Scary Hegemonist on TDS

Women Wage Key Campaigns for Democrats

Iraq Abuse Trial Is Again Limited to Lower Ranks

sitting president uses the full power of incumbency to generate no ideas

I need the help from my wonderful DU investigators.....

Why should a Senator Support Censure?

Afghan Christian's plight draws U.S. pressure

Some May Not Like It .....But It's A Good Read to Take Heed

Rep. King defends bill as 'God's work' ( illegal immigrants)

Please DU this poll. Help needed

Exactly what China needs......Harleys!

Bush's Media Blame Game

They got to the Arctic Refuge

Pakistan Lodges Protest to Afghanistan (killing of soldiers)

I need help understanding this immigration thing...

A North Dakota Republican's Response to Katrina Victims.

I support Hillary for Prez, but Sen. Feingold has one thing going for him.

Democrats or Republicans, does it make a difference??

"Little Lord Fauntleroy can't use a remote" The Daily Show on Cheney.

Tweety Sounded Pissed Off About * Statements re: Media Coverage

For Californians only: Phil or Steve?

WP's E.J. Dionne: In Charge, Except They're Not

Kerry's anti-Iraq War record

Cigarette Tax...

Cafferty: "We were sold a different ending to this story 3 years ago"

Could Feingold be the next JFK?

Barbara Bush is the "Worst Person in the World"

Joe Conason (Salon): A portrait of the blogger as a young plagiarist

The War Lovers (John Pilger)

Federal Drug Sentences Keep Getting Longer

From Her Lips to His Ear ( A Dear Laura letter)

The Last Communion (of the Episcopal Church in the USA) The Door

Three years later, 'progress' replaces 'victory'

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

Sidney Blumenthal (The Guardian): Apocalyptic President

Juan Cole-Bush Denying Iraq Civil War, but Facts Contradict Him

JASON MILLER: Democratizing the World: One Torture Victim at a Time

Madeleine Albright: Good versus evil isn't a strategy

The Case For Comprehensive Reform (Immigration)--good summary

Bush's Requests for Iraqi Base Funding Make Some Wary of Extended Stay

Ben Domenech Resigns (

Gospel by pasta sticks it to religion's funny bone

The Harder He Blows (Chris "Tweety" Matthews)

San Antonio school district reverses book ban ("The Handmaid's Tale")

Abramoff May Be Subpoenaed in Slaying Case

Workers on the Slag Heap of History

Happy Doomsday to You!

John Dean's Latest on NSA Program

Madeleine Albright: Good versus evil isn't a strategy

Andy Sullivan expresses buyer's remorse.

Sorry, "Anonymous." Democratic Men Are Better in Bed. Just Ask My Wife.

Exxpose Exxon

Denmark Approves Sizable Bioenergy Plant

MT, ID Pine Beetle Infestation Nearly Doubles In One Year - ENN

Murkowski Will Press Newspaper Chains To Support Refuge Drilling - ADN

Court order deals setback to Japan nuclear industry

Salvadoran Mass Turtle Deaths Tied To Red Tide - MSNBC

Robert Clive's Pet Tortoise Dies In Indian Zoo At 250 Years Old - ENN

India nuke deal meets wary Congress

Biofuels for transport provide a rosy future (EU)

Pesticide Use Linked To Lower Intelligence In ND Farm Kids

Governments Have No More Excuses For Climate Inaction - UK Chief Scientist

All 117 N. Cascades Glaciers Receding Since 1984 - 7 Completely Melted

Global warming doubles glacial quakes

Yucca (Mountain) Johnny targets youngsters' hearts, minds

Commission Proposes Reduction in California Solar Initiative Incentive

Maybe 10 Years Left To Soften Impact Of Catastrophic Melting - CSM

Goddard/NASA Report - All Oceans Warming, Powering Rapid Ice Loss - AFP

Carbon cloud over a green fuel (coal 4 ethanol)

Scientists See Superior Plankton Crash Now Underway In Huron - Free Press

Canadian manufacturer of Vanadium based redox regenerative fuel cells

National Forests To Allow Corporate Ads

Israeli restrictions create isolated enclaves in West Bank

Kahane won

After the rhapsody, the bitter legacy of Israel and the left

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Whoever votes for Kadima will go to hell

National Security or National Scare-You-Ity? I Want to Opt Out!

DU this poll. CNN: Do you agree with Charlie Sheen?

Is It Safe Yet? Hits Prime Time on CNN

Charlie Sheen has capital and he doesn't spend it. He donates it.

I've got a "DU this POLL" thread in the GD about Charlie Sheen....

Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up

An Amazing Letter from a Pro War Republican re 9/11!!!

Air America Rachel Maddow Show this morning: 9/11 Truth & NY Magazine

CNN follow up tonite on Charlie Sheen 9/11, etc.

Question about "Loose Change 2nd Edition"

MIHOP & LIHOP hits the mass (?) media

Theologian talks about 9/11 and how religious people view it

Sheen Live stream

81% believe government covered up real events of 9/11 (CNN poll)

I am now convinced it was incompetence

I need info on the group of people occupying one of the floors

Member of Scholars for 911 Truth shot dead

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll (NY Magazine)

Bush on 9/11

Do you believe the official account of 9/11 is accurate?

Please Kick & R the following threads to help "Katrina" voters...

Excellent Clint Curtis Piece on Front Page at Rawstory!!

Call for CA Senate to Independently Investigate E-Voting Vendors

New Hampshire E-Voting Mess

Election Reform Daily News Thread for March 24, 2006

Let's support Guv's e-book thread in GD!

A Fair and Balanced Look at the DoJ's HAVA Lawsuit Against NY

Dickinson Desperate for Labor Support

Will I see anyone here at Loebsack's bash tonite?

Help break a tie...

Fallon criticizes Values Fund job figures ----- tell it like it is Ed!!!

New KCCI poll

"James and the Giant Deficit"

New England Anarchists Bookfair

Romney lied about an invitation to Rome.

interesting "left leaning" Massachusetts blog

Doran Drops bid for Governor

Pawlenty going to Iraq

Child protection software?

Dear Chris Bell:

Tom DeLay's concealed hand gun permit is suspended

One of these things is not like the others....

Strayhorn sues over enforcement of independent candidate laws

San Antonio school district reverses book ban ("The Handmaid's Tale")

Recipe4all on your desktop

I went on a cooking jag yesterday!

As usual, Layton Hugs Cons, Blasts Libs

US Carlyle Group's purchase of Xugong Group halted by China regulator

Whistleblower group asks Rep. Souder for apology (NSWBC/Sibel Edmonds)

NYT: Earth's warming likely irreversible, study shows

Pentagon Orders Investigation Of Cunningham's MZM Earmark -Pincus

Edwards Revives Talk of Rich-Poor Divide

Avian Flu Confirmed in Israel

U.S. to pay foreign firm to detect nukes at port

Iraq leaders meet as US presses for govt deal(Allawi could have a role)

Nearly 20 Iraqis Die in Baghdad Attacks

U.S. to Place Up to 3,000 Soldiers in Bulgaria, Ambassador Says

Candidates Distance Bush, but Not His Cash (Fratboy)

Lloyd's Urges Rethinking on Cat (catastrophic) Losses

American Bomber in Bolivia --

Bush's Requests for Iraqi Base Funding Make Some Wary of Extended Stay

General: War on terror will last for years (Gen. Pace)

Dubai was safer bet - Chertoff

GM to Fire Salaried Staff Through April, People Say

OMFG: U.S. hiring Chinese firm for cargo security checks

U.S. hiring foreign firm for nuclear tests at port

Abramoff gets subpoenaed in Boulis murder case

"Lieberman Joust Fuels Bloggers, Spurs Donations To Foe"

Wiretap program to continue, Cheney tells 600 in Tucson (disses Dems)

Madeleine Albright: Good versus evil isn't a strategy

WP/Bloomberg: Nominee for Appeals Court, Henry Saad, Withdraws

E&P: His Old College Paper Troubled by Plagiarism Charges Against 'Wash Po

Iran's President Congratulates Lukashenka

Katrina Donation Earmarked for Bush Firm

(Rasmussen Poll) 80% Say bin Laden Still Alive

Gaddafi lectures US on democracy

UPI - FBI Whistleblower asks judge to withdraw (Sibel Edmonds)

Red Cross accused of Katrina mismanagement

Box Turtle Ben is toast... Resigns

Gold Medalist (Jim) Shea Drops Utah Bid

Ex-KBR Employee Pleads Guilty to Kickbacks

Lecturer suspended for race remark

Blast hits Sunni mosque in Iraq (Friday)

L.A. Investigating Alleged Patient Dumping (wandering Skid Row)

Actor sues for payment in 'Brokeback'

Iraqis in Tal Afar question Bush‘s optimism

WP: Some Readers See Red Over's New Blogger

Afghan Christian's plight draws U.S. pressure (Bush may lose X-tian base)

Thousands To Participate In "Day For Latino Dignity"

Lobbyist Abramoff gets subpoenaed in Boulis murder case

"Deep Throat" Memo: Detroit Man Sought Protection After Munich Standoff

Humala Has Four-Point Advantage in Peru

San Antonio-area school board reverses book ban

Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Ind. Girl (IMHO this is the way it should

"Red America Ends" - Ben Domenech

Eliot Spitzer backs marriage equality drive

Outcry rises over Afghan Christian convert (International pressure)

Heather and Paul McCartney Issue Statement on Start of 2006 Seal Hunt

Explosion rocks university in France

CNN Breaking Explosion in College building in France

Hurricane Donation Earmarked for Bush Firm

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Trainers May Be in Iraq in 2009

Planners Raise Funds for Veterans Memorial

U.S. to Impose Sanctions on Belarusan Leaders

NYT,pg1,lead: Red Cross Sifting Internal Charges Over Katrina Aid

U.S. presses Russia to back UN action against Iran

Candidate Accused of 'Donation Swapping' (RI Senate race)

Tennessee may preserve DNA samples from some abortions

State Department computer purchase from China draws fire

Opponents of S.D. Abortion Ban Seek Vote


Government offshore report becomes political hot potato

Court OKs bid to block burned tree logging

Chemical company: Outlawing MTBE dangerous

Republicans try to change subject from Bush

Two Soldiers Killed in Anbar Province

GOP official defends anti-Feingold ad

Report: Russia had sources in U.S. command (Fri PM news dump)

Mood hardens against Afghan convert

American Muslims gaining a foothold in politics

Russians Fed Saddam U.S. Military Information

Personal bankruptcy filings up 30% last year

FEMA breaks promise on Katrina contracts

U.S.: Iraq on own to rebuild (reconstruction "a dismal failure")

Washington worried about a GM bankruptcy

Photos disappear amid AMI cleanup (National Enquirer)

Hero of Katrina, sheriff may be prosecuted (Seized FEMA Ice Trailers)

New Mars orbiter sends its first pictures

Bush Blasts Democrats on Economics("We've got a record to stand on"

Soldier, wife accused of forcing kids to fight (3yr old girl 5yr old boy)

Authorities Say Minister's Wife Confesses

Rescued couple wanted on drug charges (17 Day Motor Home Snowbound)

New Stamps Honor Baseball's Big Bats

Pentagon: Russia Gave Saddam U.S. Intel

Pop goes the bubble - - new home sales plunge 10.5% in Feb

Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement

Microsoft Warns IE Users Of 'Highly Critical' Flaw

Guest help "welcome" (gwb pushing plan, Frist's head is spinning)

Ben Domenech Resigns ( Washington Post conservative blogger)

WHO is that annoying "beep, beep" woman in the Mustang...

For all you late night people, the ragin cajun, Carville, is coming on the

I am into anagrams.



Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck

Franz Ferdinand Frontman Shot By Gavrilo Princip Bassist


Oatmeal Creme Pies or Peanut M&Ms?

Anyone remember the Beatles' Saturday morning cartoon, and "Flip Your Wig"


Here is a joke !! really..

That's It! DISH Network is toast! DAMMIT! (obviously a RANT!)

post something interesting to someone you have a crush on

How often do you self-censor your posts?

How often do you self-center your posts?

World Leaders Urge Condoleezza Rice To Take NFL Commissioner's Job


I'm going to bed, and you can't stop me.

Did I see Dave Reynolds in here earlier?

Don't buy your kids toy SUVs, buy them toy hybrids

How often do you post up your center?

Okay, this is a fantasy question.......

I broke my headphones.

I am going to stay awake....and you can't stop me....

Take look at this post in GD.

I broke my headbone.

I think my signature phrase in GD is turning onto "God Damn it!"

Who is for and who is against modality?

I have a secret crush on myself

Phrases that just sound "dirty" but are not

The making of itty-bitty consumers

UCLA WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your favorite Bad Guy!

Jackson's Snake Film Creates Huge Buzz, extra scenes filmed.

When and where is Cheney appearing in Orlando today?

Another good morning, DU

Oh no!

To all my dear newfound sibs and comades... Good Night!

So, who thinks Dierks Bentley is cute?


This one was my BIRTHDAY!!

Callers To Road Construction Info Line Get 'Nasty Sex Talk' Instead

About "Snakes On A Plane..."


'The Simpsons' to Show Live-Action Opening

My baby's gone back to Boston, spring break over.

Read this horrible story on the way to work:

Best Camel Toe EVAH!

Our baby looked at me and called me "Dadda" this morning

Here's your Friday Morning Earworm

In which the author offers advice about Beta fish, and muses on pet names

How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bu

On my playlist today...

And the next Bad Brains CD I should buy is...

It's Bad Joke Friday, Post em Here!

Prophecy of Bush impeachment

What did you know? And when did you know it?

Ben Harper: If I'm gonna acknowledge a president, he's gotta act like one

There are some cases where, regardless of how "cool" the technology

Everybody's talkin' at me.

Yet another Friday-related ear-worm

Memorial to Kirby Puckett...

Muffins and Danish!

Since its friday, song of the day

Who was it that asked us all why we hate JJ Redick?

my cousin passed away

How long is eternity?????

Boondoggle to Switzerland

Ireland question

Tom Cruise Furniture-Hopping Once Again (PIC)

Even Grammar Nazis can be flexible

I don't care if it's sexist

Help me pick a Muthafuckin T-shirt!!!

Please dear god say it isn't so: They're remaking Revenge of the Nerds

Woman Hears Knock At Door - Answers It - 8 Foot Alligator On Porch

Buena noche cada uno!!!

From the matcom files: Man Catches Train, Forgets Baby in Car

We may have to put our kitty to sleep.

Ground Control to Major Tom

IT's been a while since we've had one of these. Who is your secret DU

Please make it stop.. Horrendous earworm

Mutant vicars annoy me.

'99 Red Balloons' Video to Air for an Hour

Baltimore MD has some of the smartest, brightest, most intelligent people!

I was arguing with an anti-choice person in my dream last night.

Had my first experience with poison control yesterday!

here's a better scan (no curly)

Police Eye Drugs, Alcohol in Hollaway Case

POst like its FReepers!!!!11!1!!!!

Do you have an honest boss?

Awwww and it isn't even Mother's Day

Is there a smilie for the emotional condition known as "We miss you"?

Britney Spears spends over $60,000 on K-Fed's 28th birthday party

Telemarketing calls on cell phones?

Dear Mom I love you!

This is HUGH!!111!!!11!!11 I'm SERIES!!111!!!!

MSNBC / Today Show: Name the New York Zoo's new baby monkey

Any Hardcore "Futurama" Fans Here? I Have A Question About An Episode

Today's joke from Comedy Central

Brainshrub! Calling out Brainshrub!

God bless the UK!

One of my best friends from HS is attempting Mt Everest!

Just wanted to share a song with y'all!

Friday morning "WTF?" moment from Fox "news..."

Jack's preschool just called and I had to go get him because

I'm interviewing at Smelly Hemp Services today

I have a phone interview this afternoon, and I have no idea what to say

JesusMaryAndJoseph, I need a DRINK!!

Call Me Wesley no longer has me immortalized

I got all types of food and need to know what;s for dinner.

I just had the best idea

I'm a much happier man today. I got raised from the dead

5 YEARS!!!!

Heads up everyone, Pickles is on Larry King tonight.

can i go home early today?

a Dem and a Repug decide to have a sex contest...

Name a DUer who you think EVERYBODY has on "ignore."

Student Takes Dump In Cafeteria Bowl - Sets Off Chain Of Events

Yes, cat stacking is wrong.

Friday earworm. The second one I could not find the words to...

Who is for and who is against mortality?

some a**hole put a brick through my window

Full Metal Alchemist anyone?

holy crap

an 'I Love You' post

This is some funny shit

Please kick the following post: re Katrina and voters

I hate getting tuna in my whiskers

My computer's going crazy with Symantec email proxy messages!

For those fasting for Bush, why not join the presidental prayer team too!

I feel tears welling up from down deep inside,

Lies, alibis, and disinformation. Why is The Lounge so slow?

I can't post a poll 'cause I didn't donate this year.

DU husbands are rock hard

New Doctor Who episode tonight!

What's it like from Here On In?

Pick my lottery numbers for me and I'll play them

Time for a post a picture of your Cat or Kitten thread!!

Where has Shell Beau been?

Does Charlie Sheen's 9/11 Theory make him more or less credible?

What're Herons like?

What's Heroin like?

its the completely PC-free thread


Fat Cat Nears 50 Pounds, Has 33-Inch Waist

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/24/06)

Confess!!!!!! I Never___________________

I just got flowers delivered to my house--it's not me birthday

New Battlestar Galactica Podcast out

Why has Polly gone wrong?

Easter Seals donation for Easter, Ostara, Spring, etc.

Post here and I will absolve you of all sins, past and future....

Lounge lizards: a question

"Is it still worth it?"

Should I buy a bear tonite?

Excuse me...I'm looking for sechs.

What a bizarre day... and it's only half over... What should I do? Do I?

"We Can't Make It Here Anymore" - EXCELLENT song

I'm a slug

Serious Presidential Preference Poll

Post something not at all obvious...

"Jack Daniels Chicken" Suggested Wine: Beringer White Zinfandel


Is $100 per day enough compensation for wrongful imprisonment?

Check out this link...Dancin' Duh-bya...

My puppy chewed up one of my Docs

What would you say to a 14th floor office overlooking the river?

dolo amber is a:

How long since the last pic of you was taken?

Reading this website

I'm interviewing at Kelly Temp Services today

Hey, I need a FAVOR! It would be a big help!

I'm a slut


Neat my union's pension management firm has lost all our personal info.

I got my apartment.

Post here and I won't do jack shit!

Its my birthday! Happy birthday to meee heeee!


On KCAL - USMC send recruitment letter to 78 year old woman.

GD has chewed me up and spit me out

The next MOTHERFUCKER to 'Bang A Left' in front of me at a light

Shameless self-promotion -- Some moderately humorous things I've written.

Congratulate me! I killed the TV!

Been a month and a half at my new job and I just gotta say....

Can I declare myself official lounge Ninja?

It's 80 degrees in LA today... (PICS)

Happy birthday wishes to...........

Should I buy beer tonight?


Why is being an egoist wrong?

Time to Go See V For Vendetta

How many DU'ers have over 1000 posts?

tips for de-snotting my head

World's Smallest Political Quiz

Are any of my fellow VA DUers GLBT?

Post here and I will tell you

**Do You Have Anything You Really Like to Do, But Hate to Start?**

I have a new world band radio...ask me anything.

I have Joobs...or is it Jewbs?

Have you ever wanted to do a mime?

Good people of the Lounge...if you use NOT

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Randy Quaid to sue Brokeback Mountain producers

What do you want when you're looking for a prospective partner in crime?

Whoa, darlin! Put down that _____________!!!!!!

Lounge Lizards who don't like cats, check in here!

I just decided to quit smoking.

As a kid, did you ever...interrupt your parents while they were...bonding?

I'm a much happier man today. I got a raise

Animated Gif Blast-o-rama

My 17 y/o pug died in my arms last night.

Which one of these boys would be LEAST likely to be beaten at school?

MatcomNews Friday News Dump: Student on school bus forced to crap in bag

IDENTITY THEFT: Debit card usable at motel, safely?

Fuck! My neck and arm are killing me!!!

Post here and I will tell you which celebrity has a secret crush on you...

How come people will go back 30 or 40 years for rock music

More distrusted than a gay black liberal Jew. Yup, that's me.

Ex-"Raymond" star (and Freeper) Patricia Heaton eyes daytime talk show

Google your pets name and post the first picture found

what is the longest time you have spent posting on DU?

What do you think your final spoken words will be?

Why Is Polyester Wrong?

Helicopters, Police, men in ski mask are on the loose in my neighborhood!

Anyone else almost never get angry?

Why Is Polygamy Wrong?

Alright, Loungers, you win. I can't name my future son Alastair. So:

Academics vs. Physical Education in our schools.

"If there are no dogs in heaven, then I want to go where they went.",

I'm Laura Bush - ask me anything

I need a graphic or some graphics created for my web site.

NSMA was in a car accident ***GOOD VIBES PLEASE***

Can I get some pity here?

Time for a POST YOUR PIC thread!

Another Morality Poll

Gnostic Scriptures (Nag Hammadi, Gospel of Judas, etc.)

Bush/GOP criminalize Good Works - Hillary/Church fight back (immigrants)

Theologian talks about 9/11 and how religious people view it

Cardinals in Baltimore, DC Lobby Against Sex Abuse Bills

The basic disconnect in the discussion of atheism/theism.

Gov't Advisers Reject Strong ADHD Warnings

One family's ADHD story

Benefits of Omega-3s Seem Fishy

For Robots, Fuel Cells That Double as Muscles

First molecular-machine combination revealed

Surface plasmons squeeze light

Geomagnetic flip may not be random after all

new ESA technology : solar sail

Tiny Tunnels in Mars Rock Hint at Possibility of Life

Code Name "Silverbug"

Mouse balls to the rescue...

Whale song reveals sophisticated language skills

Artificial Gravity?

Rocket aims for low-cost flights (BBC)

I'm taking a wait-and-see approach to giving money, time and my vote

AFA attacks Wal-Mart over BBM

Please DU this poll:

I guess if you post anything re: homos outside of GLBT forum, it just

Utah Town Boycotted Over Anti-Gay Slogan

Bid To Name Vermont Peak Brokeback Mountain

Gay, Anti-Gay Measures Gain Support In Colorado

Tennessee State Representative statements:

as much as I hate it...TEXAS!!

LSU v. Texas in the Atlanta regional - who's your pick?

...and Keyshawn Johnson is a Panther

Another FANTASTIC finish! UCLA!

Terrible, awful local story (Tulsa). Warning: Dog abuse graphic

I visit this site daily, at least once and sometimes more. It gives

Are we "clearing" ourselves with bad dreams?

This bill should have more cosponsors

NH Dems ready for Allen

Gone fishing: How 9/11 happened on Bush's watch (my title)

Little bit o help please

Censure discussion-vote? announced for next Friday. Just

Tie Day Update at We Love John Kerry!

The excite, inspire, and primaries factor

Kerry in the news!!!

Oh, good Lord, the chimp is in town.

It's sunset season!! Woo-hoo!!

They're Roses

My new "Cable Quotables" column is up!

How do they know the identity, nationality, etc. of the 9/11 hijackers?

Secretary of Homeland Insecurity

Just saw Feingold on Daily Show. Russ, could we clone you?

Here's a story for those that question why the NAACP et al are needed ....

Corrupt congressman's loot sold for nearly $100,000 at auction

Jimmy Stewart, " Bend in the River" classic line... If you don't know ...

Here is a joke !! really..

Dallas Police imposter or police raped woman

"brave enough to ask rumsfeld" if he was going to resign because according

One of the strangest Bush animations I've seen yet

Deborah Howell - WPost Didn't Hire Domenech did

I'm not sure what's going on here, but something's afoot in Stinkville:

Who pisses you off more?

OK, someone explain to me what the "scandal" about the ABC news producer's

VOTE GOP - We won't impeach

Bush: "Like an autistic child staring blankly through an iced-up window."

Hartford Courant followup on Lieberman/McEnroe dust up

Lori Piestewa honored at daybreak ceremony

So does Jon Stewart's staff read this board or what?

Is this why Leiberman backs 'the commander in chief' so glaringly...

CNN Poll....Please vote this up.!!

58 killed in Iraq as attacks rage on. US says violence is "confined"

India in new peace overture

Apocalyptic President

IMO Connecticut is THE Bellweather State

Bush Changes Patriot Act Law

Has anyone ever dropped their religion because of you?

Just say Cheney has a heart transplant and runs in 08...Can Hilliary

Lets' be Fair & Balanced about the Patriot Act

Tennessee Senate approves bill to require DNA samples from some abortions

Woo woo check*** What are all the "echo clicks" on my computer?

Left turn, Clyde...

GOP struggles to fill out the ticket

MIHOP & LIHOP hits the mass (?) media

washington journal time

Should The U.S. Be Intervening In The Rahman Case In Afghanistan?

CA Action *** Ask CA Senate to Independently Investigate E-Voting Vendors

Jobs vs Careers, Specializations vs MultiTalented, and our current economy

George Bush: An inadequate, arrogant, ignorant little man.

Dial left for liberal

Some bonehead on Washington Journal said Bush can see people's souls

Who Represents Clean & Change? - Answer = Women (NYT)

How to spot a baby conservative

I don't think we tell the Bush voters often enough that they are stupid!!

Dozens of Cities-Incl London & NY Could Be Flooded By End Of Century

He shakes his ass, they get paid. But they're ashamed to be seen in public

The Bush administration is seeking $348 million for base construction

Today, the Bushbots let Rumsfeld play Beat The Press

Has there been ANY confirmation from CREDIBLE media of the ABC email?

White House Joins EU in Belarus Sanctions

American Bomber in Bolivia --

The Idiots are Taking Over

Documentary Sends Warning to Congress

calling in sick on Flag Day June 14th 2006 PROTEST

Instinctive feelings about Bush that have materialized

Good Morning DU!!!

Low Income Parents of High Schools Students-Free Tuition

Question for regulators: Can Wal-Mart open a bank?

Has WaPo issued a statement about the Domenech plagiarism?

FYI: guests on HBO's Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight:

Repuke Strategy for 2006/2008....Barney Fife Makeover

NBC: A bipartisan group of Reps. plan to call for debate on the Iraq war.

Chirac walks out of EU summit in language protest

NEVADA sues Bush: "What are they trying to hide?"

Dick Cheney, George and Laura Bush on Air Force One

The Accepted System of Dissent A Veteran’s Speech on March 18, 2006

A question about Babs Bush's "donation" to Katrina victims...

Did Eleanor Clift get neutered? Is Cheney watching?

Young conservatives, and plagiarism (The two seem to go hand-in-hand)

9/11 & Bush's 'Negligence'


Sally Quinn tells Laura it's time to act, passes advice from senior GOP

Largest decline in new home sales in 9 years!

Phillips on Diane Rehm NOW!!! great discussion of religion and Bush

Battle to overturn S. Dakota abortion law begins

History Channel: Organized Crime Amazing!!!

France’s New DRM Law is State-Sponsored Piracy - guess who's sayin' that?

Is Bush the leader of our government, or a right-wing talk show host?

Faux News: "Female Pedophiles Get Off Easy?"

Institute speaks out for gay adoption rights

Charlie Sheen has capital and he doesn't spend it. He donates it.

Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement-Says Oversight Rules NOT Binding

Is It Safe Yet? Hits Prime Time on CNN

Cheney & Fox News

Hey, Hey... Looks like I am going to have beach front property soon

Thank You Elayne Boosler For Filling In......Steph Miller....

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" Be a WaPo Blogger!

Bragg Soldier Arrested on Immigration Charges

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll (NY Magazine)

VIDEO- Assortment of Letterman Jokes from Monday and Tuesday

Sticker Shock from my oil bill. Anyone else?

Anyone got info on the Dan Rather Bush Document thing?

Is Bush the Leader Of Our Gov-Or A Right-Wing Talk-Show Host?--E J Dionne

(VIDEO) KO on The Death of Chef

kevin phillips on diane rehm's show 11am est

How is it farmers are allowed to get around minimum wage laws?

'Wash Post' Blogger's Old College Paper Troubled by Plagiarism Charges

No more stalling on Iran: Rice

Why didn't the US media care about this case? Afghan woman stoned to death

Are you now or have you ever been......

What Results Are Needed In The 2006 Elections To Save This Nation..??

Media Matters to Wash Post: "Fire Bigoted Blogger"

It's always a "close knit community" and they're always a "perfect family"

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Abu Ghraib dog handler conviction

c-span to shill Horowitz book on Professors

Students walk out of LA Schools To Protest Immigration

"The MSM only reports the bad news in Iraq"- I guess Chicago Trib listened

Do you believe the official account of 9/11 is accurate?

Republicans Learn To Bush Bash...

Anyone have a good list of all the scary/illegal things that Bush has done

Wow. A true patriot just blasted a Rep. party leader on Lynn Cullen show

So the media should try to find "good news" when reporting disasters?

did President Ass have another Q&A today?

When Silence Becomes Betrayal: Thousands of Iraqi Children are Dying

Senate Coverup Committee update: Phase II

London 'under water by 2100'

VIDEO- Bush "Future Presidents" Remark with Thomas/McClellan WHPressConf

One more reason for Cheney to choose Foxnews

Q1 2006 is shaping up to be a big GDP downer (RECESSION)

Listen to today's Edition of Democracy Now! (links/stories)

you know I really wish all of you dang liberals would stop reporting

Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up

BUSH: If we start trying to suppress our press-we look like the Taliban

Bush says new Patriot Act oversight rules 'not binding'

Tony Trupiano on with Thom Hartmann NOW -- link

WTF?"U.S. to Contract Foreign Co. to Scan Cargo"

What You Need To Believe To Be A Republican

So what is Laura Bush's "urgent message to American women" on

Roberts Appoints Conservative Ex-Starr Deputy to FISA Court

Drive launched against S. Dakota abortion ban

Where 'Homeland' came from, and why it was rejected at first:

I’m Trying to Understand Freeper Praise of Bush War Speech

Cheney to go after Dems who have attached Bush as incompetant.

When you rearrange the letters:

Faux News covering hard hitting stories today.. LARRY THE CABLE GUY

Clint Curtis who alleged plot to steal Florida election runs for Congress


Oceanfront property in Florida

am totally psyched and feeling hopeful for a change. . .

Am. Prospect's Gitlin on Chris Matthews: "The Harder He Blows"

Randi had a great one yesterday re: Chimp's "blame the media" strategy

Ex-Halliburton Employee Pleads Guilty - Kickbacks From Saudi Subcontractor

A white pastor is killed in TN. CNN's all over it. What about Dafur?

Why does the whole world hate George W Bush ??


Slain Tenn. Minister's Wife to Be Charged

Man wrongly imprisoned for 21 years gets compensation of $100 per day

Is our children learning?

How do you respond to a moran like this?

AOL Poll: Rate the Media's Coverage...Please DU second set of questions!

10000 people protest on cnn now n/t

How do you feel about a Hillary Candidacy?

I Don't Know If I Want The Dems To Win The WH in '08

Is DU "censoring" discussion of the problems with the 9/11 story?

Infantryman in Ramadi Tells The Real Story of Iraq

Did Hilary vote for the war?

I called Senator Cornyn's Office RE: Ben Domenech

Sheen Live stream

SIBEL EDMONDS Asks Judge To Recuse Himself

Berkeley study:"How to spot a baby Conservative"-yes, they're the WHINERS!

LOL John Arvosis just dropped the F Bomb on AAR. :D

American domestic & foreign polity: Banality, Bullshit, Bullets, and Blood

Shameless self-promotion -- Some moderately humorous things I've written.

B*sh, Dry Drunk Syndrome and our Iraq Adventure

Box Turtle Ben is toast... Resigns

Just mentioned on CSPAN.........

Attack the Strawman! -- 3/24 toon

Has the Iraqi tortured any of their captives, I wonder

John Dean: Bush's Gambling With Presidential Powers/Election 2006 Is Key

Inconvenient Facts: Russian Government Tipped Off Hussein To U.S. War Plan

Why has that dead minister been front-and-center on all day?

Lousiana Senator Landrieu wants $250 Billion to rebuild New Orleans

Keith Olbermann Shreds O'Liely...

Proposing a "No Man Above the Law" Project

Now we know where to look for a General Strike,

The Republican Vs Republican Media Ruse

AP: 1000s Of Immigrant Rights Supporters March In Arizona

My New CAR-SIGN For the Weekend

Interesting (civil) exchange with a RWinger...

BushBots Speaking Out Against Unfair Press Reporting Only Bad News

ACLU Files More Than 150 FOIA Requests Concerning Gov Spying On Activists

The purpose of Life? "to suffer and die"?

Clean Water Violations Run Amok

Looks like "The Screamer" Curt Weldon may go down this fall

Need links to NSA Wiretapping comments from BushCo

How many DU'ers have over 1000 posts?

Worse than a Fool - Criminally Negligent

The Bush bot who got the standing ovation in West Va was on Fox last nite

South Dakota Abortion Law Under Fire

$352 billion in 2005 in interest payments

Wondering how the Democratic Senators running from Feingold

Who is protecting the affected people/victims in Dafur?

another Bush to contend with in the future....


More Katrina Lies

Murtha's challenger: 'standing by our fighting men and women'

The PsyOps War: Lincoln Group and the U.S. Military's Planting of Stories

Freeper Logic: "If the phone tapped is in germany, FISA doesnt apply..."

Russia Had Sources in U.S. Command in Iraq

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep it kicked:)

'Mr. Arkin, do you consider yourself a journalist or an American.'

Government Managed Health care. A true story.

Bill Would Block Republicans From Adopting Children


Don't get drunk in a Texas bar

Move over shot preacher, they have found some Whites in Oregon

Cardinals Scramble to Defeat Abuse Bills

First, CIC, then Educator in Chief-now CNN calls Bush Fundraiser in Chief

Asia Times : Losing faith in Afghanistan


on Imus in the morning

One Year Ago Today

Important petition in GD-P regarding Katrina and Voters

Laura Bush on Larry King tonight (total desperation)

Is that Hitchens on Tweety spewing his BS? Sharpton's on, too.

Kobe Bryant; "I wouldn't mind becoming Jewish"

Box Turtle Ben Responds

Lou Dobbs Show schedule tonight. Sounds like he's on a roll again!

UT Students: FBI displays watch list(included Indymedia, Food not Bombs)

Documents Show Russian Sources

Progressive Latinos Speak to America

SurveyUSA Says!: Senate-race poll numbers SUCKING for G.O.P.

Republicans trashing other republicans' reputations...


"Soldier, wife accused of forcing kids to fight"

"Red America Ends" - Ben Domenech

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold to travel to Iraq

Did Larry King want to be a clown when he was little?

Tweety Watch: Matthews & Chris Hitchens both Drunk as Skunks!

U.S. Pulls Plug on Iraqi Reconstruction, Press Yawns

Rita Cosby on Laura Ingram: "I think what she said was terrible"

Complete 2006 Senate Rankings w/Exciting New Format

Anybody watching the protesters on CNN? Immigration.

offshore outsourcing study suppressed

Nicole to Tweety, only one who defends the actions of the president.

Blue. It's the new Red.

Hardball, WH communications Dir. is worse than scotty. Nicolle Wallace

Wash Journ NOW. "From Her Lips to His Ear" Laura to George

Little Lord Pissypants, JR. Ben Domenech is the son Idiot Son never had

Would Iraq be better off split in three?

VIDEO- Cheney Takes it on himself to defend Bush's Incompetence

I just picked up a National Review for the first time.

Now that George W. Bush has given up on Iraq...

So, how long before Russ Feingold has his own estrogen brigade?

Another Morality Poll

i just got an email from Wonkette

Dobbs poll:are policies risking the lives of U.S. Border Patrol?

Pronunciation: nA'poli

Helen Thomas thanked me for my email!

Who would you rather have as president...

So pro-Israel that it hurts --- By Daniel Levy

Dali Lama tells CNN interviewer that one doesn't need god

Is America a sovereign nation, or not?

Demonstration outside Afghan embassy for 'christian convert'

2322 Reasons why the DSM is Important


VIDEO- Tweets on Ingraham's Lashout at Press with Reagan comments

USA is considering measuring the amount of oil we are stealing from Iraq

Outcry rises over Afghan Christian convert...

VIDEO- Tweets, Carlson and Reagan Laugh it up about Bush's Signage

Ken Mehlam, GOP chairman worried

Homeless = dump 'em and forget 'em

March 24th 2006 in Iraq

"(War) causes concern among our people. I know that." This man is a ..

"breathing fire on Irag: cheney attaching kerry, Reid, others in his

Imagination therapy. If you were given one wish, what would you wish for?

A country that is morally and financially bankrupt is not "strong."

"Laura Bush's mission to save Amer. women from #1 killer...heart disease"

How will the right react if we win big in November?

Sheriff Displays Photos, Says Mexican Official Captured In US

Why weren't weapons of mass destruction found?

Need tech help to start a petition to have Cheney sing on American Idol

Protectionism BACKLASH-demmit, I WANT protectionism

HUGE story for the wingnut theocratic base of the corrupt Republican estab

It's Friday, hasn't Fitzgerald got some indictments?

Michelle Malkin Condemns Domenech Plagiarism - ROFL

The cruise ship fire near Jamaica

S.F. Bay Area loses "Most Productive Region" title to Boston MA

Programmer who alleged plot to steal Florida election runs for Congress

Get your Chicken Hawks here, dime a dozen, Chicken Hawks

DU This Poll!

Little Bennie Domenech is already whining at "Liberal Attack Machine"

LMAO! Saw this link on Bartcop...Dancin' Duh-bya...

Safeguarding The Smoking Gun?-Back to the illegal wiretapping case.

The President and White House that can't think straight.

Has anyone done a video of Cheney singing yet?

Lierberman=Newman of Seinfield

British woman may get death penalty for eating a slice of pizza

Did Ben Domenech get a promotion at Regnery yet?

What was/is the most prosperous period in American history?

Can somebody tell me

Iraq War Vet who received Purple Heart says Army is making him repay money

Why do so many rePUKE wives kill their husbands and kids

Freedom is a thing of the PAST!!!

Israel Lobby Dictates U.S. Policy, Study Charges

Cheney: If Democrats can lead, then I can sing

Josh Marshall on Red State dude: "Vainglory, today, thy name is Ben."

American Insurgents

Max Cleland on Dick Cheney! FUNNY!

On AAR: "I'm not concerned about *'s circumventing the Constitution

POLL: Houstonions are "weary" of Katrina evacuees

Is Bush the Worst President Ever?

VIDEO- Bush on Sectarian Violence -Duh

22nd Millionth Post!

What is the news on the Iranian Oil Bourse?

Colonel suspended for calling Bush "a joke"

Wow... Malkin Agrees With Domenech Resignation, And Makes Me Puke...

Why Does Everyone Misspell the Word 'Moron'?

Barbara Bush's Katrina donation ignites debate

WH expects Allawi to lead parallel administration on new Security Council

"We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.

Life is Good, If You're George Bush Junior ---pix--->>>

Over 15,000 at Phoenix March today!

Bushism of the Day...

Anyone interested in calling the Mike Malloy show about Roses for Helen?

I REALLY detest that Courtyard hotel commercial--you know the one

IRAQ views bad - media fault???? we can turn the tables on this one

Sy Hersh-- Someday Bush will be hunted like Pinochet

Today is the Day - Exxpose Exxon

PIC: Neocon warmonger and world bank pres Paul Wolfowitz at his best

Quick Vote: Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S.

Dear "msm"; STOP reporting about KATRINA; how 'bout all the GOOD WEATHER!

Protecting Marriage - get grant money to add No Divorces to amendments

Will the English language survive??

Bruno. A Perfect Example of Today's Racism.

Madeleine Albright DESTROYS BUSH: "Good Vs Evil Isn't A Stragegy"(LAT)

The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House

DU this POLL at CNN!!

Bush blasts Democrats....on FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY! Hahahahaha

Kevin Phillips on Diane Rehm show made some interesting Jim Lehay

I am not a legal eagle, but don't understand the case against Moussaoui

*... "If you want to keep more of your hard earned money vote Republican."

Holy Shit! This Domenech Plagiarism Story is the Funniest Shit EVER!!!

Kudos to the Red Cross and any of you that volunteer with them....

Hey you freep-chickenhawk cowards. Yeah, I'm fucking talking to you.

Condi Rice - an inadequate, arrogant, little girl

Illegal immigration a felony? Include Cubans!

Jon Stewart Plugs Feingold's Censure Call --->>>

Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Farenhype 9/11 selling for $1 on!


Has anyone looked at Neil Bush's "Education Program"?

Ben Domenech Resigns

When did you last see a pro-* bumper sticker?

Caption this * pic...

Lobbyist ABRAMOFF gets subpoenaed in Boulis MURDER CASE

It's Like When Clinton Aides Removed all the "W's" from Keyboards

Please sign this stem cell petition from the DCCC

(Katie) Couric finds a guy who's RIGHT for her

CNN Breaking 3:36 - Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss Censure

HOLY MOLEY! Bush Signs Patriot Act Addendum Saying HE IS ABOVE THE LAW!! >

C-SPAN and American Enterprise Institute. Is Brian Lamb a Neo-Con?

DailyKOS - It's All Here: 41 Categories, 250+ Links

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 23 06

Replace the Red Cross with Halliburton while your at it

Theodore Roosevelt and immigration quote on Lou Dobbs

In Honor of RimJob: Hideki Tojo's Postwar Legacy

Dean afraid Frist immigration bill will criminalize clergy, church members

I heard an amazing thing yesterday

I was thinking... that it would be a nice gesture to back Charlie Sheen.

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 19)

No Hillary in '08...

Manipulation Through "Terror," A Graphical Representation

Woot! Helen Thomas wrote back to me! (Letter + reply enclosed)

forbes smacks down Microsoft's Vista

War protestors turn in mugshots to federal agents

Peter King (R-NY03) viciously attacks the Catholic church (Jail priests)

Please, tell me what political/historical books you've read recently......

Weldon Able Danger tale unraveling

Does the father deserve to be punished for forgeting his kid in car? Poll

I once had a plagiarist steal my work---and it sucked big time.

Lou Dobbs says Norm Coleman will introduce "Ports Security Legislation"

O'Reilly dissected.....

Church members beat, hog-tie burglary suspect

Kucinich and LaTourette propose $500 billion infrastructure project

Is there still a "latest polls" link somewhere

BOOK TV Schedule March 25th - 27th


When values meet borders

Lou Dobbs talks of massive protests now --whow what a pic from Phoenix.

Had to post this --- What Do You Think?

VIDEO - ABC's 'Good News in Iraq' Story Turns Violent

Woman from my town cited for Bushit sticker-going to court in Dekalb,Co GA

The Afghan Civil War or Return Of The Taliban.

Republicans can't comprehend Personal Integrity

Huge crowds march against immigration bill

Presidential Signing Statement: A History of

Charlie Sheen interview transcript

Dirk Kempthorne: Party Animal

DU this poll: was the invasion of Iraq wise?

Congressional oversight is so........Old America.

Help with the votes that do count and are accurately recorded.

Noam Chomsky Live Chat 2pm ET

Republicans eating Republicans!!


Chertoff; we would have been better off if Dubai owned the ports

The Dixie Chicks new song

Hutchison Whampoa & Port Security

Imus; Rumsfeld's an arrogant prick

Campbell Brown & Dan Senor Sitting In A Tree...

W is taller than his mom?

"R" for Sheriff Robin Hood Mcgee, who "robbed from the rich" after Katrina

Can Kristen Breitweiser - "The Jersey Girls" bring a civil suit against *

McCain hires boss of NH phone jammer, nothing here move along folks


bushmilhousegang gives another no-bid contract to foreign country

Falwell: Christianity, the Easter Bunyy and ‘Diversity Days’

How the CPT Hostages Were Freed

KOS, Leiberman "losing it," make front page of Hartford Courant!

forgive if a dupe, but WTF?!?!?!?

Ground Hog Day in Iraq compliments of george bush

question about Repugs fund raisers

1924, the Klan, and Shifting Political Allegiances

last night i watched a movie about chile in 1973. it was about

Check out this web site to bash Bush - literally

New 'Wash Post' Blogger Domenech's appointment bit the dust

DU Home >> Discuss >> State and Country Forums

Things that make you go "hmmmm"....

Rumsfeld Learns From Mistakes, Stops Predicting End Of Iraq War

Chris Graff (ousted VT AP Bureau chief) makes statement - Gone! Is it coming back?

Tell me again how rifles are the "weapons of choice of criminals"?

Kerry/Edwards Staffers

Matt Drudge is a real slimeball jackass

Hey Congress?? FUCK YOU! - "Moment of Silence for the Troops" grr..

Senate to hold hearings on Feingold's censure measure

Since the rightwingnuts always bring it up

Why is W Campaigning & Raising $ for Repukes on Goverment Time?

Adding to the DU lexicon-ABC

Judge OKs Abramoff subpoena

Hillary Clinton/Mark Warner 2008

It's late Friday afternoon. Waiting for the latest scandal to hit the AP

Scary thought: large scale records thefts could be coordinated neocon

Bush:Patriot Act Restrictions not Binding on Me

Kennedy e-mail: It's time for hope (stem cell research)

Seattle PI editorial board calls out Sen Cantwell on her war position

Zinn, Sheehan, and certain DU members endorse ExxonMobile War Boycott

Private Account Language Fails (House vote)

C&L Vid Clip: Joe blows another big Lieber-smooch toward Bush's ass

the Domenech scandal

The worm has turned. Tweety & Imus discuss how BushCo lied

DCCC recruitment of candidates

Cali Governor Tossup(Rasmussen)

The lowdown on who is running in the MT Statewide Races in 06

i still want a "V" mask and a red rose! n/t

Norquist and Kevin Phillips on C-Span this weekend!

For Houston area DUers. There is a rally for David Van Os (Att'y Gen)

Afghans want to chop off the head of man that converted to Christianity...

Color of Change! Please Help Katrina Victim's VOTE!

The Grand Finale of this week's V for Vendetta parody

Did you see Michael Mandelbaum on The Daily Show tonight?

Capitalist Democrats

In opposition to killing religious people.

Has anyone questioned whether * constant rallying about how good

Dems must frame upcoming "Terrorist Surveliance Act" vote NOW.

9/11 & Bush's 'Negligence' (Robert Parry)

Michelle Malkin calls for Domenech to resign

Going into Iran. Would the Army Generals resign to save

Attention: Thanks to John McCain, Free Republic will shut down tomorrow

Kevin Phillips - 06 Dems need to go for the jugular not capillaries

Duck! The vice shooter takes aim at critics; lets bin Laden escape...still

Bush sticks it to reckless Dem "spend-a-crats"

Republicans running for re-election run from Bush, but not Bush money

Photos: Bush, Santorum & Rove in Pittsburgh. Faith-based family values!

Personal Bankruptcy Filings Up 30 Pct.

Rethugs and Dems push for Amnesty for Ilegal Immigrants.

The War on Easter is here!

For Women Only - How to Stop Making Decisions Now!

Russ Feingold is just one in a parade of 'darlings'

John Kerry: President Fails to Explain Why He’s Above the Law (Jan. 23)

Is this T-Shirt site for real or are they spoofing conservatives?

Weigh in here with your pick for the 2016 nomination!!!!!!!

I gotta baaaad feeling about this TN preacher's wife

"Censoring Censure" by the Nation's John Nichols

Exactly when does "incompetence" stop being a credible excuse?

Diebold "Out" in Maryland....