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Archives: March 23, 2006

Mixed welcome for new Iraq Study Group

Ain't Our Fault

U.S. Imperialism:The National Security State

Ok guys this is our strategy! Lets see how bad we can f it up!

United Nations Peacekeeping: US Passing up a National Security Bargain

Dear Mr. President, you must be impeached!!!

Killer Lies from Cheney's Harlot (DENNIS PERRIN)

MOGAMBO GURU: So Much Debt Makes Me Howl Like A Banshee In My Fury

Need Help for Iraqi War Protest

Exxon Exposed

The Big Picture "federal budget debate is out of control"

Syngenta fined over GM tests in Brazil

Livingstone takes the offensive, renews slurs, Int'l Jerusalem Post 3/23

"My Name is Rachel Corrie" - Democracy Now! Debate.

". the worm is turning " - ... Charlie Sheen

Replay at 11:00 EST

When the 9/11 cover-up cracks in New York, it cracks everywhere

Panic and Blowback - re: Charlie Sheen story ....

Public Hearing for/against the approval of the Diebold Voting System

Election Commissioners Asked to Resign

Back to square one in Iowa

The House Republicans combined the two issues (VPT and voter IDs)

Thursday am rally to oppose the constitutional marriage amendment

Web design question

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk


Ottawa urged to ease the way to deregulation in telecoms sector

Doer hoping for heavenly result from Harper-Bush chat on Devils Lake

Supreme Court limits police searches in split decision; Roberts dissents

Iraqi Insurgents' Raid on Jail Thwarted (Who says good news is not

Straw to demand release of 'MI5 man' in Guantanamo after U-turn

Report: Aruba Has New Lead in Natalie Holloway Case (again)

List of 'terror targets' revealed

Woody Anderson to run for Arkansas 3rd - Puts seat in play for Dems.

Ecuadorian Army clears roadblocks but protests continue

Election Commissioners Asked to Resign

Belarus opposition leader urges solidarity in face of growing crackdown

Female Soldier From Md. Dies In Iraq

Pet-Human Link Studied in Resistant Bacteria

Alberta goes on spending spree

Wind Shears Nine Stories of Lagos Landmark

US book on Iraq war takes aim at Rumsfeld

Schooling China in the American Way

NYT: Roberts Dissent Reveals Strain Beneath Court's Placid Surface

GOP Bush Critic Eyes Spy Program Bill (Specter)

CBS Inks Deal to Appear in Supermarkets (there's no escaping big media)

Afghan Christian convert may escape conviction due to 'insanity'

Reid Threatens Filibuster on Immigration

Woody Anderson to run for Arkansas 3rd - Puts seat in play for Dems.

Group Says NYPD Lying About GOP (2004 National Convention) Arrests


Poll: Reed a drag on GOP ticket (8 point drop for GA Gov. Perdue)

Is Rudy on campaign trail?

End seal 'massacre,' senior sexpot says

Carbon cloud over a green fuel (burning coal to make ethanol)

U.S. Ambassador Stranded by Chavez Rally

Poll: Acceptance of Gay Marriage Up

(Tennessee) Capitol shut down to visitors in wake of protests by disabled

Former FBI whistleblower (Sibel Edmonds)files against judge in Libby trial

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk

Chile calls on Bolivia to restart diplomatic ties

It is SOWING!!!

Congratulations The_Casual_Observer!! 10,000 posts

Anyone have the pictures of that woman in blue falling asleep behind *?

Man Arrested After Asking Officers To Test Crack Pipe

Congratulations CanuckAmok!! 15,000 posts

How do I check the stock of a company?

Top Ten Reasons Dick Cheney Won't Resign - Letterman

Where's my boy Kleeb?

Scary Thought

is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Who's got room for more Henning?

should I get my haircut today or keep putting it off?

I'm streaming Majority Report right now

Chico Hamilton !

Just in case someone hasn't heard this one...

XM Radio offer from Starbucks?

A kid in my friends daughters grade school misspelled the word knicker

Orlando car gets drenched in bird poopy. City posts warning signs.

Coyote in Central Park! Nicknamed Hal --

It's a new Lost!

Check out these maps,better than Googlearth.

On TNT: "O Brother, Where Art Thou" - sponsored by Vagisil Cream!!!

I'm drinking cherry vodka ask me anything. I need more posts!

I've decided I'm going to do something successful before I go to bed.

Starbucks rant VIDEO from a .....err a.....I don't know what to call him.

It is SNOWING!!!!!

SPOILER. Click ONLY if you want to know who left American Idol tonight.

My next sig pic?? (Warning: Contains spoilers.)

Did you know Bill Shatner is 75 today?

What's the strangest combination of 2 foods you've ever seen someone eat?

Way too much stress. In lieu of Xanax, which I ran out of . . .

"Gone to a far, far better place"

Gonna go on a vacation in April.

I love me some Dixie Chicks!

"South Park" thread (season premiere)

John Rhys-Davies, go to hell! (Intelligent design documentary on TBN)

Stupid nuts that drive trends?

A Succulent and Aromatic Good Evening!

My Lewis Black end-of-the-universe moment

My HS extistentialist club voted me most likely to be.

who is Sun's baby daddy ?

The roof is on fire

You might be a freeper if _______ ?

Ridiculously Funny Website for Those of Us Who've Seen Bad Weddings...

Wish me luck; starting new medication today...

FLORIDA DUers!!! Things to do in and around Port St. Lucie when it rains?

Why oh Why didn't I try Chai

What do you do about an ex-friend that won't let go of you?

Mmmmmm... Cheeseburger...

Pat Robertson has discovered PEAK OIL..

Any Thomas Dolby fans out there?


Caption this...

Who else does NOT have a Landmine?

Has anyone tried the McDonald's premium coffee yet?

Time for Russ on The Daily Show!!

Name a movie sequel that was better than the original

Face it. The 70's ROCKED!

Everyone say thank you to Mrs R, please. Without her, I might not be

Chicken pox

favorite johnny depp movie?

How much NyQuil are you supposed to take?

OMG!!!!1 secondhand smoke killing more ppl than Iraq war!!

Everyday something new and bizarre happens to me...

I post, therefore, I am.

My little tranquility corner

Lesbian Hairstyles (dial-up warning: QT video)

I just haven't posted the word argyle before

"Kevin Arnold" from "The Wonder Years" is 29 and going to be a dad.

Name A Movie That Should Have Had A Sequel... But Didn't.

Absolute proof that I am champion thread killer

All Hail The Goddess of Rock-n-Roll!

Larry the Cable Guy is The Food Inspector

LOST was actually NOT a re-run tonight!

What's considered a GOOD interest rate on a credit card?

Best Jack

Face It, The 90s Ruled

A little life wisdom from Velma

((((((((((((((( LeftyMom )))))))))))))))))) ... positive vibes , please

post something oblivious

Is it wrong for me to think Barry Manilow is one hell of a singer?

Elderly, Sick Panda rescued at construction site...

It's time to play threadkiller!

Name A Movie Sequel That Should Have Never Been Made.

What's with all these characters dying in TV shows lately?

painting update (nearly done)

If you live in Colorado and want to quit patches

Stupid trend that drives you nuts?


I know I'm not god, but........

Rabbi .. Lerner calls on environmentalists to develop a spiritual vision

Nun from Oak Ridge going to federal prison

Report raises flag on fluoride

Alternative Medicine Reduces Pain and Tension in Heart Surgery Patients

Chiropractors are offering 'worthless' form of treatment

Computing the Light Fantastic.

Poll: Acceptance of Gay Marriage Up

Has anyone seen C.R.A.Z.Y.? I ordered a copy. . .

Jaromir Jagr is a freakin stud!

Cat Gets Stuck!

My foster cat just birthed 5 cuties

My two closest friends have each called me over the last 24 hours

Get Well Soon Steven!

Help = Can somebody who understands maths well explain to me

My GOD the trolls are out in force tonight

Terror in the Steel City

KOEB - 3/22 - Helen Thomas is in the house edition

The Bush Bash by Mark Fiore

Tweety the Moran

True Story: Who - Me, What - Poster, Where - Technical Corporate Complex

Phrase in Vogue - "Looked (Looking) Into the Abyss"

IRS Quietly planning to let preparers sell your tax return data

Has anyone seen "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"?

My daily prayer for p**Resident bush.......(just like the freepers!)

Rep Conyers: Bush Has No Plans to End War

Bush Pulls Out the Stops to Save Ratings

The United Corporations of America. Name Change time.

Nice, Helen Thomas to be on KO

I saw two cars with V's on them today

Keith is on fire, on the "blame the media" crap

Keith just ripped Laura Ingraham a new asshole

Olbermann: Laura Ingraham's comments are desperate and stupid

Whoa! Keith Olbermann just went off about Laura Ingraham!

Laura Ingraham commented with "desperation and stupidity"

A challenge to bush, laura ingram, whoever that feels Iraq is a safe place

Sibel will NOT go away! Motion to boot Judge Walton off case.

ET TU TWEETY? (for those of you who know Shakespeare)

Helen Thomas on KO right now

Stop this!

A Perfect Circle - Count the Bodies like Sheep.

VIDEO- KO Takes on Laura Ingraham - Desperate and Stupid

White Americans dead in Chile CNN "breaking" news

Least helpful thing the Vatican has done in years


Meet the 4 Democrats looking to take on Jean Schmidt

VIDEO- KO -Helen Thomas Interview

DU this AOL Poll: How will history judge George Bush?

"Blair Caught Up in Seats-For-Sale Probe" ...How very GOP.

David Brock on w/Keith: "the fickle falafel of fate"

Wow! O'Lielly really IS losing it!

Vietnam Survivors are taking "back seat" these days to "Iraq Survivors"

Groundhog Day in America and "F___ Saddam. we're taking him out."

VIDEO- IRS is planning to sell your taxpayer data

Pigeon Panic: Gun Reports Prompt Downtown Lockdown

Brokeback = Bestiality: Fundie LTTE that will make ya go "huh"?

Whats the story on telecommunications and the 1996 legislation?

GRAPHIC: Stock market returns under Democrat vs. Republican Presidents

Do you get the feeling that BushCo has some evil agenda that isn't public

Ed Rodgers (R) on Hardball

QUICK.....Email [email protected] - "Is a call for impeachment a good

"President Bush? Would you drop your pants? I'd like to blow you."

Has Karen Hughes failed as Under Secretary

DJ Fired For Calling Condoleezza Rice 'Coon'

VIDEO- KO on O'Reilly-Dayton March 22 06

Is it just me - or does the new US currency look blood-soaked?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 22 06

How to spot a conservative baby

A reasonable article about the Avian Flu

Search for International Terrorist Entities have located 51 Saudi terroris

Journal-Thank you to EarlG

A rundown of pro-impeachment Democratic candidates for 06

Problem with PayPal Account

BWA HA HA HA!! Stephen Hayes pimping those Iraqi docs on Insanity.

White Rose Society Hartmann stream down?

Record Your Thoughts-Making my usual plug for creating podcasts

Helen Thomas weekly podcast: Bush has no answers for Iraq

The drunk police in Texas

Drop Helen a line. Email address on board.

More evidence that Bush

O'Reilly, Rush, Coulter, Malkin, Savage, A post for you and your friends!

Laura Ingraham Should be Strung Up By Her Heels And Forced To Watch This

Believe It or Not - Probe yields Earth defence clues

I love me some Dixie Chicks!

Another one bites the dust...

What's with all these characters dying in TV shows lately?

Chavez: U.S. Has Been Routed in Iraq. Washington won't acknowledge defeat.

Hillary: Republicans would criminalize Jesus

He's become Tiresome

Bashing Bush is now counter productive. Focus on Cheney.

Need some help...

New Mark Fiore: "The Bush Bash"!!! poll-"does the media focus too much on violence?"

Mike Wallace just said Chris Wallace was raised by stepdad

Someone help me please, on the CNN crawl there was a blurb about Ralp Reed

Quick! lets encourage smoking!

Has the Bush presidency made an activist out of you?

Feingold to be Jon Stewart's guest tonight n/t

Evolution Billboard Photo Put Up In KS On Evolution:

"Soft and Cuddly"

Specter to Shepherd Bills..."They want to do just as they please"

My response to "Kerfuffles" blog post on Helen Thomas

Boo hoo! Katherine Harris says she "won't have anything left" now!

Feingold coming up on The Daily Show! Head UP!

is this supposed to be Helen Thomas?

Bush given "thunderous applause" today during speech..

Colbert is so freakin' funny!!!!

Words to remember.

Blame the Liberal Media continues its relentless chant (Anderson Cooper)

The tide turned this be exact...NOW what is the plan?

Helen Thomas - To Thine Own Self be True

America's next President on THE DAILY SHOW tonight

VIDEO "THIS In The United States of America"

Caption this please...

The economy is so good....because

Oh I am gonna puke ..."I thank God Bush is our Commander ...

A Punchy President Meets the Press = too funny...

In Memoriam: Christine Shelly

If there is a God, He/She will let us have Feingold as president.

John Kerry lost the election in 2004 because of...

Alleged Gang Rape Victim Recants Accusations

MANDATORY Malloy - Peter Werbe sitting in

The Religious Right is losing control

15 most liberal senators:

CNN is a VCR.. They "watch stuff for US"..

SIBEL EDMONDS Files Against Judge In Libby Trial Over Secrecy Issues

Rhode Island bans private group's abstinence program

So now it's illegal to be drunk in a bar in Texas?!

There are two "Impeach Bush" threads on the ABC show Lost's message boards

Law & Order is becoming almost as political as The West Wing!

I am tired of the media saying the Dem's have no message

"Every war plan looks good on paper..."

Caption the photo op

Info on New USPS Peace Stamp???

Christian to be executed in Afghanistan for being Christian

Its frikin snowing and it is almost warming?

Deep or Sheep Thoughts

Do you read the "Parade" section of the Sunday newspaper and if so,

If Smirky knows about BLOGS, does that mean they plan to attack them?

Freeper Sending Me "Proof" of WMD...UGH! backwords as you think...they just overrode govs veto guns all

Wow, kicking Neocon butt on "other sites" its hella-fun.

Several Notable BRAD BLOG Items Today...

CBS News story on (Falwell's) Liberty University debate team ... debunked

Jane Smiley (HuffPo): Notes for Converts

NPR on my desk radio at work fades in and out, while I get the religious

Did Bush just sign his own death warrant (figuratively speaking)?

Breaking: A black SUV has been stolen in California

Message to the MSM

Official: FAA Left Helpless On 9/11

What sites do you visit regularly and have been going to for a while?

South Park is using Isaac Hayes' voice to say all kinds of rude things...!

Did * actually say "No one likes beheadings?"

Local news says I and my fiancee to blame for families unable to afford

AOL Poll: * is in Deep Do-Do

*** Wednesday TOONs: Iraq 3 Years and Counting ***


John Conyers on Laura Ingraham

Man walks from NYC to DC to bring attention to Darfur crisis

Crap. More hurricanes this year than last, according to the predictions

Lieberman freaks on the air...Joementum Gone Wild!

DUer on TV.

For you Video Gamers & Katamari Fans out there (dialup warning!!)

Bill Frist: Democrats are to blame for $8 Trillion debt

The Dixie Chicks are back and they're PISSED

Feds to force owners to register, RFID tag, and file reports on animals

Is there a support room for those who have seen "V"?

VIDEO- Feingold interview on The Daily Show

"V" is for very boring

Sick-Out Forces Closure Of 53 Detroit Schools

The kid at the Post

Bob Dole on Blitzer thinks Iraq did have role in 9/11

McCain is lying two-faced hypocrite (hampering lobby reform)

Oh Damn. Tweety is trying to play reporter again. He is tearing up Pat B

Bob "V for Viagra" Dole badmouths The Big Dog

Patriot Act

Janeane G. just ripped the * audiences for their Dear Leader

Why I hate the war, and why it must be stopped at all costs!

Tweety said "PHONY TURKEY" -- he really did!

Vid Clip: Bob Dole discusses Iraq good news while shit blows up behind him

Study: Whiny Children Become Conservatives

These are the folks we need to win this thing!

Huge crowds extend Darwin exhibit in New York

Ask Republicans these questions.

Chimpy's press conference... things that particularly irked me

Groundhog Day in America and "F___ Saddam. we're taking him out."

Nice to know this was said on mainstream TV

usa poll

Any DU'ers who "Clawed their Way" out of South...Pre/Integration?

Fun with Freepers...would they vote for Bush again??? Guess again:

Myth-making and excuse-making on the Feingold Resolution

Interesting poll

Reminder: Senator Russ Feingold on The Daily Show Tonight!!!

Headed to Atlanta next week to rage against the war. Who's with us?

Ed Rogers: GOP will win House & Senate in Nov. because of great economy

My kid's photo made the homepage @ Traprock Peace Center

DU this poll. Topic: Katherine Harris

I am voting for Russ Feingold for President and...

Bullshit .... meet Truth.

"Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq" - new article by Greg Palast

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk

K.O....Laura Ingraham's comments "unforgivable, desperate, and STUPID"

Where To Send Money To Support Oglala Rez Planned Parenthood

George Allen's Town Hall Mtg- He's horrible! Why did they vote for him?

Arlen Specter slaps down the president------Sort of

easier to rig electronic voting machine than a Las Vegas slot machine

U.S. conservatives now waging their culture war skirmishes worldwide

Haig said "We didn't learn much in Vietnam" and USSR fell from corruption

Make Katherine Harris Spend Her $ 10 million

Sherrod Brown Interview on CNN Re Bush & Iraq

Russ is definately someone I can vote FOR, however I have a few questions

Scarborough - Is the Media aiding and abetting the enemy?

This the e-mail my wife got from her uncle……. and her response

John Kerry Fights Back Against “Swift-Boat” Smears

Research forum contains a great resource on Kerry's response to SBVT

Grants flow to religious&conservative groups,many nonexistant till Bush...

What is Kerry's position on Feingold Censure resolution

Wanted: A Few Good Songs

Marcel Berlins (The Guardian): The double standards of the United States

Common Sense in Maryland (From the NY Times)

ACLU: Abuse of power must be challenged

What’s Become of Americans?

The Joy of Being Blameless

All the News That's Fit to Slant

Someone Should Tell Bush Why We Went to War by Scott Galindez

Tribal issues put Kempthorne in hot seat at Interior

"satellite voting centers" for displaced Gulf voters Petition

An Interview with Chalmers Johnson (Part Two) Whatever Happened to Congres

Democratic rights and the attack on constitutionalism

Rehabilitating A Fighting Force (10 years to get Iraqi Army up to Speed?)

Blumenthal: Apocalyptic president (Even Some Repubs getting Nervous)

Withdraw From Iraq In 3-6 months

Gender balance in colleges, young men do less to get admitted

Molly Ivins: The death of newspapers?

WP: U.S. Plans New Bases in the Middle East

Will Your Job Survive?

Scouring the Media for "All The Good Things" Happening in Iraq

S&P Set to Launch Metro Area Home Price Indices

3/23 4 wk Unemployment cl ave up 6000, but last week initial UE dropped

Bush Touts Coal use for energy independence

Poll: 70% support fed wave/tidal expenditure point blank

"Water Refugees" Likely Next Wave Of African Displaced People - Reuters

ChimpCo "Considering" Including H2, Excursion Under CAFE Rules

Groups Debate 'Endangered' Whale Status (WA Orcas)

China Will Begin Taxing Wooden Chopsticks For Environment's Sake

New Category 5 record for the Hurricane Season of 2005

Illegal SE Asian Logging Supplying Flooring For US @ Lowe's, Home Depot

China Announces Tax Increases For Big Cars

Wind Energy Demand Booming : Cost Dropping Below Conventional Sources....

Risk of Oil Spills Moves Onshore

Utility officials ponder coal, nuclear plants (New England ISO)

Coal Hollow

Ranching & Soy Farming On Track To Destroy 40% Of Amazon By 2050 - AFP

US-run mine warned by Indonesia (BBC)

German Renewable Energy Jobs May Double by 2020, Gabriel Says

Coal. It does a body good.

Biofuels for lighting?

The Spanish solar thermal power race is on

Progress Energy selects Harris site for N. Carolina nuclear plant eval.

Global Soil Erosion Rates Between 10 & 40 Times Replacement Rate - AFP

Wind Power 43% increase in 2005 - yes, despite the rumors to the contrary

Another approach to Fuel Cell Cars - vanadium redox Flow Battery

No Israelis please, Libya tells trekkers

IDF to compensate wrongfully charged officer

Arab-Israeli pupils refuse to stand for anthem

Bomber nabbed en route to attack

Hamas says won't arrest militants behind attacks

Head of UNRWA says PA at risk of anarchy, humanitarian crisis

Rightists, Arabs clash over 'emigration deal'

Poll: 68% of Jews would refuse to live in same building as an Arab

9/11 Skeptics Receive Fair Shake on Showbiz Tonight

Sibel's suing her judge for his excessive secrecy!!!

Charlie Sheen doesn’t buy 9/11 spin: Boston Herald ridicules

Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones Video

CNN Showbiz Tonite covers 9/11 truth or coverup issue!

CNN -Quick vote

Still more media coverage- "Pakistan bribed 9/11 Commission" allegations

(Charlie) Sheen Claims 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11

OMG! CNN Clip of Charlie Sheen Theory on 9/11!

What do we know about the tenants in the WTC?

An epistemological point: MIHOP is actually easier to prove than LIHOP

Charlie Sheen interview transcript

WTC7: what "pull-it" meant

Charlie Sheen: WHAT 9/11 HIJACKERS?

9/11 was an inside job; what can we do?

BYU Physics Professor: WTC buildings were demolished by cutter charges

When did you first realize that they MIHOP?

Any word on the Crispin Miller talk in Chapel Hill (NC) a few days ago?

This thread re Anita Garcia tilting with rigging in OK could use help.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 3/23/06

Chi-Town E-Voting Meltdown -- 414 Memory Cartridges Missing

NYT, RE: Diebold setbacks in Maryland

Glitches are BAIT, Whether Intended to Be or Not Is Irrelevant

Loebsack thing at the Mill in IC Friday?

Rick Dickinson's turn in CQ

$50 isn't that bad when you consider...

Carbon Monoxide detectors required by March 31

Why Becky Lourey will be the next Gov 2.0!!! New website...

Lourey outraged over continued Republican 'Swift-Boating' tactics

Firefox is fun..anyone else using the Abe Vigoda alert?

Van Os to filibuster at special session at Capitol April 17

Kinky says punish criminals with a "Negro talking to himself" -- Video

Reception of Dallas Air America?

TDP Action Alert: Need emails to Texas Ethics Commission.

Texans looking for DU meetups

Snotty little "update" from Rep. Hensarling.

Who besides me forgot to say Happy Birthday to

16th Senate District Senatorial Convention this weekend - w00t!!

Barbara Bush earmarked Katrina donation for son's company

Seymore Hersh at the Progressive Forum Houston tonight

Whoopee! Just received this e-mail

Why oh Why Didn't I Try Chai?

Canadian hostages freed in covert raid in Iraq

LAT: Workers Stand Against G.M.-Delphi Buyout Plan

CNN Showbiz Tonite covers 9/11 truth or coverup issue!

Protesters Give Thaksin Deadline to Quit (thailand)

NYT: Iraq Abuse Trial Is Again Limited to Lower Ranks

Pew: Web Users Still Unlikely to Pay for News

Shiite Muslims March to Baghdad Shrine

No Israelis please, Libya tells trekkers

Afghans probe killings after Pakistani complaint

Roadside Bombs in Central Iraq Kill Five(updated to 15)

Dead trees with print on them (BBC News)

Specter to shepherd bills through Senate

Canadian hostages in Iraq freed (CPT)

Pace Wants Review of Iraq Media Program (Lincoln Group)

Pentagon mulls torture rule on Guantanamo evidence (can this be

KR: Public service ads aim to raise awareness about global warming

(Can.) Military could arm coast guard ships for Arctic sovereignty mission

Blair: Iran meddling “furiously” in Iraq

WP: U.S. Plans New Bases in the Middle East

NYT: Uncertainty Deepens on Fate of NY Times Researcher Jailed in China

Afghan District Police Chief Shot Dead

Stolen Fidelity computer raises privacy fears (data on 200,000 accounts)

Questions Arise About Résumé of Challenger to Clinton

Kansas to let nuclear plant guards "shoot to kill"

Senate candidates asked about Bush impeachment

Britain Upholds School Ban on a Muslim Gown

Stock Performance Undercuts Bush's Vision of Ownership Society

NYT: Will Bush Hire a New Senior Adviser?

Laptop with (196,000) Hewlett-Packard employees' ID stolen

IRS Proposal Would Allow Tax Preparers to Sell Financial Information

1,889 days and no vetoes: Bush gaining on Jefferson

ABC: Iraq Archive Document Describes Bin Laden Meeting

BBC doubles planned job cuts ( 6,000 planned)

Bush's Uncle Earned Millions in War Firm Sale

Poll: Opposition to Gay Marriage Declining

Former first lady's donation aids son (Tax deductable Katrina donation)

Moonie Times: Papers show bin Laden met with Iraqis

Hired guns unaccountable (6,000 Mercenaries in Iraq)


At Least 56 Dead in Latest Iraq Violence

China repeats it in accord with Russia on Iran

Missing wall key to Alma mine accident that killed two

WB Censors Its Own Drama for Fear of F.C.C. Fines (show's creator objects)

(FL Attorney General) Crist asked to investigate voting-machine companies

Hispanic walk-out - 12 noon tomorrow


Microsoft Management Shake-Up Follows Windows Delay

Mississippi Lawmakers Mulling Abortion (in negotiations)

Sonia Gandhi Quits Indian Parliament

Mexico ministry denies bird flu case on US border

Mixed reaction to Bush Iraq comments(troops may remain in Iraq beyond '08)

Australia bombs impounded N-Korean drug ship (Reuters)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 23 March

NH Union- Leader: Sullivan's New Charge

U.S. death penalty popularity dropping

E&P: AP's Bush 'Straw Man' Story: News Analysis Or Unlabeled Opinion?

NYT: SAT Problems Even Larger Than Reported

Moussaoui Says He'll Testify Regardless of Lawyers' Advice

In Bolivia, world's highest ski resort melting away

Blair handover 'good for polls'

Activist Under Fire for Wal-Mart Position

Jessica Lynch attends ceremony for Pvt. Lori Pewistewa

Could Women Get Paid Not To Get Pregnant?

U.S. troops still taking heat in Iraq

Maverick R.I. Republican Takes on Chafee

Wisconsin's Feingold Wins Support On "The Daily Show"

Rumsfeld says he has no plans to step down

A-G general candidate takes on federal wiretaps in first TV ad

Democrats say Bush violated Constitution

Owning a home elusive to more (Denver Post)

Three Western hostages released in Iraq


NYT:Mrs. Clinton Says G.O.P.'s Immigration Plan Is at Odds With the Bible

U.S. pension guaranty chief resigns

Guardian UK: British troops make 'flawless' hostage rescue

Soldier who killed Iraqi girl in 2004 discharged; no criminal charges

(Florida) State Supreme Court throws out redistricting amendment

Another Bad Slip for 'NY Times': Katrina Victim Unmasked (fraud)

E&P: New WaPo Blogger: OK, Coretta King Was Not a Communist, My Bad

US-led forces round up whole Iraq village in security sweep

Lethal force in self-defense is legal, Indiana law says

Rice Makes Case For Christian In Afghan Death Trial

Japan freezes loans to China as tensions worsen

LA Times: Bush uncle benefits ($2.7 million) from war spending

St. Paul City Office Boots the Easter Bunny

Britain to sell about $85B in assets

Study: Fewer Doctors Offer Charity Care (down from mid-1990s)

ABC News Listens to Viewers' Concerns About Iraq Coverage

Canadian Seal Hunt Inspires Local Boycott

Some clerics call for killing Afghan Christian

Insurgent doctor killed dozens of wounded soldiers (by lethal injection)

Melting ice sheets could spur oceans' rise: study

Americans take fat man walking to their hearts

Cop Says Natalee Holloway Wasn't Murdered (There goes Greta's ratings)

Shia Death Squads Target Iraqi Gays...

Government Won't Allow Mad Cow Tests; Meatpacker Sues (protect beef $$?)

Bush's comment on Iraq too big a leap for Hagel

U.S. Hiring (Hong Kong) Co. to Check Cargo for Nukes

Jewish group says anti-Semitic incidents in Canada on the rise

Lifelong Low Cholesterol Slashes Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

FCC Chief: AT&T Can Limit Net Bandwidth

Former first lady's donation aids son(BFEE)

Radio Host Fired for Using Racial Epithet

More Walgreens customers sue over insults on their prescription printouts

Update: US recalls Envoy because of Bolivia's bombing accusations

Florida High School students to pick a major (proposal from Jeb Bush)

Biden says he's seeking Democratic nomination

Red tags of shame for DUI cases? (Ca. license plates)

The Amazing, Animated Hilton Sisters

My God, I pushed a lot of paper off my desk today

Stoppin by to say HI - "Hi"

I have killed 6 threads in the last half hour with out even trying.

SeattleGirl wrote a great piece in GD

Oh, God... Even Adult Swim is cashing in on the Chuck Norris Craze...

FINALLY, a GD thread worthy of a Lounge post. re Dixie Chicks.

There is a grand piano in the lobbyof the hospital I work at..


Oh, for goodness' sake, Ray Charles keeps pressing my entry buzzer.

Frank Zappa is a terrible fooseball opponent. He just lays there.

Maybe you had to be there?

I got pissed in GD! But I said my piece! God damn it!

A proposal for the draft...

Chai Tea for Tai Chi Teachers!!! Post the unpronouncable here!!

My sister and BIL were on the Boat in Chile where the

There isn't any way to send a group PM, is there?

100 year old man retirers

DU's [email protected] team about to break Million point mark

ignore this thread

A moment of peace from Alaska

My brain is demanding a day off

Post something obnoxious.

Everybody revved up to see "Snakes on a Plane", the new...

Want to help me write something funny for my blog.

I just came home from seeing V for Vendetta

George Bush is a Saint

Help! Chinchilla invasion - need practical info on care

It's time for let's make up words!

Ick. Only watched 15 mintes of "Unanimous" so far and already sick of it.

Who has seen "Good Night and Good Luck" ?

Good Thursday mornin DUnizen's

it's 3:33 AM so where the heck is WCGreen?

Self-del, duplicate.

Okay The Pacifier was probably one of the most manipulative.

DU International Day

What's the last thing you forced yourself to lick?

Wow. I got onto the Greatest Page.

Night, y'all!

Man I'm tired, that was a long, hard day of seal clubbing


If you can trademark a religion's name, is it still religion?

I just joined Scientology. ask me anything!!

Post something obsequious

Does Jesus even know how to drive a car?

My dad hasn't been to a doctor in TWELVE YEARS...

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Oh man! I passed 5000 posts without realizing it!

I'm starting a new meme: Plaid Adder is already my President

If you know of any Republican who has epilepsy

Porn star hits it big as wine-maker

Our insurance agent said I should run my husband over in our backyard.

If you had to pick your favororite orogeny, what would it be?

Movie Sequels that were better than the Original

Kermit The Frog Pimping Ford's Hybrid SUV. Travesty or Progress

Roses for Helen

Thursday earworm.


Keagan Kerry, Casper Fitzgerald, or Nevan Edward?

I got *zero* junk emails today in any of my accounts

250 yr. old toroise gives up the ghost.

My ex just got herself moxy and spunk

Antidepressants: Lifesavers or sugar pills?

If you saw "Thank You for Smoking" tell me the one HUGE thing that

im in the market for a NORMAL TV - who makes good ones?

The Don Music appreciation thread.

The one DUer I had on "buddy list" got TSed...


When you get to work in the morning...

I miss ZombieNixon.

Trump jokes: 'If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her'

Buena Vista singer Pio Leyva dies

I am addicted to red bush.

help me to buy blue....


tell a lie about something in GD

Drive In Double Features You'd Like To See.


DU this poll!

Saturday, December 30, 1978:

I did an unscientific visual survey this morning,


Ashley Banfield is horrible on Court TV. She needs to

2 Ruebens for lunch swimming in saurkraut!!!!! 3-2-1

Anyone got any recommendations for a good cordless phone?

Less geeky name for a male child?

Follow up poll: What is your usual commuting conveyance?

If life gets any better...So what's good in your life?

Dream Interpretation

For fans of the Simpsons

it's one thing to be sick

Tom Ridge's Auto Body Shop

I'm off to make me some green-tea - anybody want anything.

What's your favorite comfort food?

Face it, the 40's kicked the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's and 50's ASSES!


Best Jack

The 00's have kicked the asses of all previous decades!

Okay, here we go. I have finally picked names for my impossible kids.

How far is your one-way commute to work each day?

TiVO and how I may kill it

Who is for and who is against exclusive binary choices?

Woman Missing Since She Was 14 Is Found

Face It, The Mesozoic Era Kicked The Jurassic AND The Cretaceous Periods

Why I hate the commercials for Lost.

Take the LOVE TEST!

What is up with these cows walking away?

Padre Fans! Josh Barfield!

Star Trek here we come

I have decided to end it all

So, will progmom ever really bite me?

Best Best Jack Poll Poll

What should I name my son?

New Smilies we should have at DU

What should I name my boys?

Best one-syllable name for a male child?

Ocean's 13...good idea or bad...

Anyone seen REDKING around lately?

Scientologist Christina "Kumi" Kimball wrote Hayes South Park resignation

I taste like maple syrup.

I've had my share of broken dreams

I just got NCAA tix!!!

Oldest Turtle (250 years old) dies in India

I'm bored. Excite me, y'all.

What's the last thing you forced yourself to like?

If you could ask Scientology leaders any one question,

It's so comfy in the bubble. ( a pome)


Which MP3: iPod or Zen Vision:M?

When all my worldly possessions are destroyed by a natural disaster....

Bart Simpson is a Scientologist

Watch this thread sink like a stone in a cold,murky lake.

255 Year Old Tortoise has died in Indian zoo

Your favorite Buffett...

Is 'the Big Lebowski" the greatest Coen bros flick or what?

Just saw "V"

Flaming poo

A Heartfelt Request

What if when a couple got married the government gave them $500 each

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily _______________________

What IS the situation in The Situation Room?

The problem with Fuckstick's base is that they're fucking morons

Does someone have a secret stash of jelly bellies?

Alright, so no one liked my hypothetical babies' names. I have #2 picks:

If a tree fell in the forest, and nobody was around to hear it....

OK Lounge. I am giving a formal dinner party tonight and I want all of you

Nate Corddry and Alfalfa -- separated at birth?

Am I too f*ing confrontational?

I wish the ___ would have sample day

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/23/06)

Letterman said the funniest damn thing about Bush on his show


Is it me, or is DU slow today?

Okay, here we go. I have finally picked names for my hypothetical kids.

How will you be celebrating International Waffle Day?

Joel worked at a mental hospital

UNDERPANTS! YOU have EXACTLY 3 More Shopping Days For MY Birthday!

I wish the bank would have sample day

post something

26 signs you may have grown up without prior notice...

Fill in the blank: "I wish Democratic Underground had existed when_____."

Reason why I like the Journals:

Blank Frank is the messenger of your doom and your destruction.

So I went out to eat at lunch today...

Militant Vegetables annoy me

My boss foiled a pair of shoplifters today

Face It, The 80s Kicked The 70's AND The 90's ASSES

Joke: A bar installs a new SMART robotic bartender

what is the best movie of this genre?

Will Durst rocks

Nurse Nancy :P

Face it, The Yankees are always going to be better than anyone else

warning to cat lovers

"Portnoy's Complaint" - ever read it?

flour, sugar, eggs, milk, honey, vanilla

List things you're doing today besides DU

Militant Vulcans Annoy Me

Lileks takes on the 1977 Fredrick's of Hollywood Catalog!

Hey, UT and TAMU grads & fans:

"I'd jack up the radiator cap and attach a new vehicle to it."

Charlie Sheen weighs on what happened on 9/11

I wish I had a magical punching bag that hovered next to me at all times.


I want a kitty.

Are You Currently Partnered... Or Single?

Microsoft Internet Information Server ( any version ) sucks more than

If you could jam *'s radio receiver

Do you believe in a "heaven" or "hell"?

Menu at Chez trof tonight: Slumgullion.

Happy birthday wishes to............

Militant Vegans Annoy Me

harleydad needs some those wonderful DU good vibes.

Vivaldi vs. Beethoven

The Kid from Brooklyn visits Starbucks and goes Ballistic

Chef Gets Big Send-Off on 'South Park'


Star gazers: check it out if your skies are clear


My Name is George W. Bush - ask me anything

Discuss: Bob Dylan's "Subterranian Homesick Blues" is the first rap song.

What the hell do we call this hideous decade we're living through?

Do you have more computers or televisions in your house?

So I made it to my professor's office WITH my papers this time,

Abierta la puta

Transportation question

proving a theory...move along, nothing of interest here

I just made a light-hearted, humourous post in GD!

Elaine Boosler is a scream!!

What happens to your journal if you're tombstoned?

OK...You're eating with Nancy Grace, Sean Hannity, John Stossel and

Where the hell is sundog? I have a present for him.

Post here and I'll tell you who your DU secret admirers were

Who is for and who is against morality?

Fan frenzy for "Snakes" is on a (MUTHAFUCKIN') different plane

One day near the Atomic Bar

anyone seen yvr girl ?

post pics of your home

Daddeeee Sleeeeeeeeep!!!!!

I love music.

You're a star- post your tour riders here.


Good Morning Billyskank!!!

dammit lounge! are you ever series!?!?!1

Pro-Life Monument Honors Britney Spears Giving Birth With Naked Statue


What sort of atheist are you?

The Religious Right is losing control - Jim Wallis

Have You Been Watching HBO's New Series "Big Love"?

Everyone is an atheist.

Ginseng Use & Breast Cancer Survival

Anyone have any experience with "thyroid storm"?

Skin-to-skin Contact Is Analgesic - newborns

Effects of therapeutic touch

Ritalin may cause "hallucinations of insects, snakes or worms". NYT

Meatpacker sparks mad cow testing fight

Scientists one step closer to cancer vaccine

Does freezing panty hose really make them last longer?

Hypersonic jet ready for launch (BBC)

Gay Activists Confront Dem Senators (Hillary gets an earful)

Amnesty: Widespread Police Abuse Against Gay Americans

Gay Couples Not Allowed At Rhode Island Cemetery

Hey gang - If you ever have the chance to see Neil Diamond in concert - GO

Human Rights Groups Condemn Nigeria Anti-Gay Measure

Fla. Supreme Court OK's Anti-Gay Amendment Question

Cynthia McKinney's father criticizes gay community

Episcopal Leader 'Concerned' About Gay Candidates For Calif. Bishop

Presbyterian Church Appeal's Pastor's Gay Marriage Acquittal

NFL Wonderlic test of College players

Need advice on health care for one of my cats. Mittens is about

Help - my cat is gaining way too much weight

Does anyone have an interpretation of a red cloud dream?

Geez there is a lot on the plate next Month in the Senate

Kennedy on Iraq

Guess what I saw at the University of Toronto library today???

More Kerry bashing about the War.

Sigh. Not another one.

Best speech against war

Walter Shapiro's early peek at the 2008 race

Charlie Cook on intensity

ABC's Invisible Primary Ratings

Jumped in it with both feet

Ask and you shall receive!

Okay, this place has been about as much fun as a funeral lately.

Calling inthe flow!

I live in Alaska for scenes like this......

Pink and blue

Some Archi pix JUST FOUND! and a couple of fun PIX :-)

Lighthouse photos

Thank you Keith Olbermann

* has a Backpfeifengesicht!

OMG!!!!1 secondhand smoke killing more ppl than Iraq war!!

Replay of SouthPark Chef returns is on 11:00 CST

W approved Afghan Constitution which allowed Christians deaths

OH I almost forgot ...what was that package at the WH today???


DOW Industrial economic index VS Bush's approval numbers since 2001

GAG ME, DU This Super-FR'd SF Valley Poll; Would You Vote For Bush?

You know, I am soooo glad the GOP and their competent

Shout out for "V for Vendetta"!! If you haven't seen it, go!!!

Tonights South Park SPOILER

Bored? Get yer popcorn ready

"Get This Party Started" authors blogging at DFA weekly. Two so far.

Feingold on The Daily Show ===> VIDEO

The Donkey in the Bedroom

Official: FAA Didn't Know Moussaoui's Plans

Opinion - Too Late for More Troops...

Does size matter ?

Colbert just ripped Dan Senor a new one.

Democracies Cannot Bloom Without the Consent of the People...

VIDEO- Mr. Shock and Awe Stammers About Iraq Violence on TV and Beheadings

Colbert - In the spirit of "Truthiness"...

TheSmokingGun.Com: Dick Cheney's Suite Demands

Kurtz: Helen Thomas let Bush show country he's up against left-wing press

A suggestion to NBC

Pakistan official says 17 dead ‘Taleban’ were civilians

John Fox????

KTRS radio host fired over racial slur.

Left To Tell

Where can I get a "Support the Troops - Bring Them Home"...

Terrorists or Resistance Fighters: America’s Dilemma in Iraq

Bob Dole fumble - CNN situation room 3/22

What will be the expenditures for Iraq vs. Katrina this fiscal year?

McClellan tries to "tone down" Chimpolini's comments about occupation

Here's a question for Holy Joe: Would you ever say this to Tim Russert?

Good Morning America now consults viewers about what is news

You can help Mississippi's women. It's down to the wire for CHOICE in MS!

Hillary: GOP bill would 'criminalize' Jesus

Did I miss something? Has Feingold spoken out against the

UNEMBEDDED ( Graphic Photo Exhibit Of Iraq In NYC) WOW!

Bush uncle set to earn millions from company that profited from Iraq war

The United States granted the Vichy government full diplomatic recognition

ACLU Seeks Files on Government Surveillance of Peace Groups

Propaganda is power.

Just what IS "the American Way"/

No wonder enlistment of blacks is down. Why fight for this?

Helen Thomas: Delivers Bush Yet Another Knock Out Punch In her Column

Here'ya go - North Korea Says US Has No Monopoly on Pre-emptive Strike...

watching olberman now-and i'm pissed

Anybody catch last nights episode of Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central?

washington journal time

Docility in the Face of Tyranny is Insanity

Reid threatens filibuster on immigration

This morning on The Today Show, David Gregory was interviewing

" It's a war on an abstract noun"

Does anyone have that line of Bush's where he said...

CBS cameraman on trial in Iraq on terrorism charges, case delayed

"No shit! Holy Joe's cracking": bashes NY Times like a good GOPer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg receiving death threats

Left Coasters - Feingold Rocked!!

A few words in praise, kinda, of the media

1,889 days and no vetoes: Bush gaining on Jefferson!!!

Colo bill fights outsourcing, Gov may veto. Denver Post

MZM: A Private One-Stop Shop for Domestic Spying

The 3 that were released this morning.

The Memo You Didn't Get - George Kennan On The Nature Of American Power

Vote the rating on this Coulter column DOWN:

Does Jon Stewart have better satellites than Chris Matthews?

Fellow CT DU'rs we need to boycott wtic AM and let them know.

U.S. asks Japan to stop Iran oil development

8-year-old (literary prodigy) lampoons the Bush administration

Reason why 'our boys' can't win in Iraq; (comedy)

Bob Herbert: George Bush's Trillion-Dollar War

EU urged to press U.S. to close Guantanamo

Nothing to CAPTION??? What's life for?

For second time this month, GOP trying to break legislative rules...

Now we know how many licks it takes to get...

Chinese Warlords 1, Bush 0

Is CSPAN talking about the GM buyout this AM?

Remaining 3 CPT hostages have been rescued!

Supreme Court imposes new limits on police searches

A reason to maybe like the bushes*, for being the butt of good jokes

Losing patience with Bush (Joe Scarborough)

Ex-UN Chief: America Has 'Lost Its Moral Compass'

When the 'christian' Right does a boycott, are we supposed to ignore it?

Did you like Chef's send off? AOL wants to know!

If Bush ruled the world

Bushco's attitude

Does YOUR vehicle run on E85?

What did you learn in school today?

Ned Lamont to speak at DFA-New Haven Meeting, Apr 5, 7pm

Ex-Bush Insider Andrew Natsios Blasts Iraq Reconstruction

"Super-Successful Freedomizationzing of Vietraq"

Why Cheney won't resign:

Outrage in Italy over US security warning

***Watch KOS give the DEMS a good kick in the ass***

Soldier Fit For Combat But Not Fit To Deliver Mail

Dean: Deal With Iraq Right Now-Bush Got Us In-He Needs Plan To Get Us Out!

Woman Missing Since She Was 14 Is Found

Republicans for Humility

Newspaper sues for documents in NSA wiretap case

stewart last night.... repug rep: safety and security for the terrorist

Reid calls for path to citizenship for undocumented, Dobbs to implode

ABC: 31% of Americans believe the media make things in Iraq sound worse

Was it all worth it?

'Nuff Said ---pix--->>>

Police don't want anonymous calls to fight crime

At Least 56 Iraqis Dead Today - but what about the schools?

OMG, FOX reporter doing story about daily attacks in Sunni triagle.

Bush's Uncle Bucky has made Millions in Iraq War profiteering

WH Daily Briefing scheduled for 12:15 (edt), according to CSPAN

wow, reed and clinton are quick to fillibuster illegal immigration

Pentag(ram)on Plans Propaganda War On Internet

The Hill: "‘Law & Order’ versus the GOP"

Is there another chapter in the Happy Horseshit Tour today?

Please Call Country Radio To Request....

Why can't the media just tell the "good stories" about America instead

Charlie Sheen: WHAT 9/11 HIJACKERS?

Mulch from NO NOT infested with termites, not even being sold

Of course none of us would ever say . . .

Hamsher on Lieberman and Brady -- lots happening in the "woodshed"

"My Latino News"- Mario Solis-Marich website

The Larger Picture..the Next level..Often Overlooked/Misunderstood

I missed this Fox Article about Repub spending. Borrow & Spend Republicans

If the real media/press doesn't fight back in this war on the media

Besides the fact that his semen did not match found on victim, what is it

It just ain't safe in the "country" anymore. 5-yr old found dead.

Charlie Sheen doesn’t buy 9/11 spin: Boston Herald ridicules

White House Downplays Bush Remark on Iraq Troop Pullout

Bush can do whatever he wants and we can't do a damn thing about it.

A Return to America's Values - By Jimmy Carter (Blogging at Kos)

CBS's Scott Pelley & Catherine Herrick defend global-warming coverage

DU Quotes of the Day

The Republican Equivalent of Crooks and Liars?

Everyone ready for the "War on Easter??"

The real story of ...""Tal Afar""

Maybe Repukes will take down Wally World

Re-writing history in the Kansas City Star

Fox News:‘It’s Too Late…We’re Already Probably At War With Iran’

Radio Host fired for using a slur against Condi Rice.

There must be millions of new schools in Iraq

Make Your Own Bush Speech!

Need Help Making a Decision Today? Ask Bill Napoli!

Feeling a bit Rummy? That asswipe will be on C-SPAN @ 2 pm EST

More "violence" in Iraq. Is it civil war yet?

China Announces Tax Increases For Big Cars

Great Bumper Sticker "I would never have thought I would miss Nixon"

SCARBOROUGH.........:thinks Zogby is biased

When you see something on TV.. Do you say you saw it

WP's Froomkin + Milbank do not = Domenech

Babs Bush made a donation to the Buch/Clinton Katrina Fund.

Dick Cheney's Suite Demands:Sprite, 68 Degrees, Fox News, Extra Lamps

Texas arresting people in bars for being drunk!

I had an idea about the censure thing.

Bring the Sixties Out of the Closet

OMG! CNN Clip of Charlie Sheen Theory on 9/11!

Candidate Linda Stender supports impeachment

Bush uncle benefits from war spending

Bush supporters are becoming an endangered species

Lawyers at former SOS James A Baker III's law firm to start at $140,000/yr

NRDC Link for Letter to Senators: Repukes Threaten Endangered Species Act

Are we looking in the wrong places to explain the Democrats' fear to act?

WEather in DC April 28??? Am going ...what do I wear Jeans or shorts

Outspoken Critic Of Police Jailed For T-Shirt

previous findings that whiny kids grow up to be Repugs was investigated

Reporter makes a big deal about an ex-con WORKING LEGALLY

Opinion: Media FIGHTS BACK Against Idiotic Bush Condemnation

US government report on Saudi Arabia's human rights

Dissing Diebold

Snotty - "Sometimes the press doth protest too much" walks out.

On the lighter side - Cheney's hotel room requirements

Attorney Thomas Nelson discusses his lawsuit against the NSA

Less Opposition to Gay Marriage

(ALERT!)Prepare for next Repugnicon distraction.......

Dick Cheney's Suite Demands

Actor Eric Braeden (TV's "Young & the Restless") talks politics on CNN


Daily or weekly thank you column?

Rummy the dummy is on C-SPAN 2

4 Items gleaned from other threads. Together they make words fail

Elayne Boosler in for Stephanie Miller


Question for DU....14-year-old child missing for 10 years, is found -

What kind of "revolution" ??

The Big Picture of Illegal Immigration

2-0-5: Dimson in review

The GOP One-Stop Shop for Domestic Dirty-Tricks

Need help--need the link to an article about an anti-war protest that was

General Motors Pimping Ethanol On TV. WTF?

Helen Thomas on this hour on the Guy James Show!

How do you identify yourself politically?

Why are flags at half mast today 3/23/06

TP: Administration Reports Undermine Right Wing’s Media Bashing on Iraq

Did anyone see "Mind of Mencia" last night?

Anybody own a Prius

Just saw Consigliere Alberto crowing

Witnessing, Sunburns and Gerbils: Jesus' General strikes again!



Randi is putting to the media and bu$h blaming it.

I swear Bush said "jobs that 'some Americans' won't do".

Oil Gushes into Arctic Ocean from BP Pipeline

The news in Los Angeles.

This country has an anger problem

TOON 3/23 - forget the bat Gov. Dean

Lieberman loses it on air with radio host

IRS Plans to Allow Tax Preparers to Sell Data

Oops, dupe.

Carlson: With Bush's "I Get Iraq" tour, optimism is his enemy

Volunteers for Endless War---By Cindy Sheehan

50 bush flipflops!

Over 100 *missing* vote machine memory cards!!!

Jennifer Loven HAS called Bush on his distortions of Dem positions before

Helen Thomas on live right NOW with Guy James

Russian Researchers open UFO School

Here is something that really PISSES me off!

Donor states' are 'blue states'

Alpha Delta Bush: The towel-snapping press conference

Helen Thomas

Fox Exec Producer: "...Bush must know that it's incredibly dangerous"

Lest we forget this quote from Sean Hanity.

My Brain.

Chris Matthews blows hard (American Prospect)

Operating the ship of state without a clue

Beat back at BIG INSURANCE--and win. Stop S. 1955! (x-post, sort of)

Republicans eat their own in R.I. !

You need to read this: why Bush can't answer a question....

Phil Spector murder trial to be delayed.

Welcome to "Christian America" in the 21st Century.

"Bush on the Blogs" msnbc just did a segment talking of how Bush

Bush's legacy: Biggest International debacle

If so much progress is being made in Iraq...

Columnist: "Nothing here for McCain to become angry over . . . I hope!"

CA DUers. Are the Ah-Nold re-election ads making you sick?

Howard Kurst talking of Irag stories on Wolf now.

House passes Bush-backed bill to repeal intangibles tax for rich

Hell in a Handbasket

Eric Alterman: Bush & the media "Together in Never Never Land"

A total of 84 reporters and media staffers have been killed in Iraq

Faded Yellow Ribbons

Rumsfeld’s Amnesia: ‘I’ve Avoided Predicting The Timing’ of Withdrawal

Bill "High Roller" Bennett:"I DARE the Dems to try censure or impeachment"

Bill Bennett should compare Bush with Hitler

Breaking the Silence/Newsweek - Former Insider Speaks Out

When Clinton, and Carter, were in the White House, was there a concerted

Camp Casey needs help

'all channels turned to Fox news" is cheneys' directions when traveling.

Al Gore vid by Spike Jonze ONLINE >>link

Another "No shit Sherlock" moment. FBI: Could find 11 hijackers...

Run Forrest Bush Run...(from sea to shining sea) our expense!

CPT Statement: CPTers Released

RePUKES fail to stop progress again (gay marriage). LOL

Bush's Brave Cowboy Act Is Over-He Can't Just SMIRK & Walk Off Stage

Is it me, or does David Shuster look like Jimmy Kimmel's skinny brother?

Thank you, USA and Britiain!

Bolton on duty today at the "Ask the State Department" desk. Ask away!

FIFTEEN LOUSY SEATS, brothers and sisters. We can do this.

Big Backdrop for Big Dick ---pix--->>>

The DISCONNECT BushCo. is pushing in the media is ASTOUNDING!!

Dem candidate caught in ethical screw-up

Costco and Apple. Both 99% blue companies. Macs now at Costco.

Constitutional violation story finally getting into MSM

The press is now going to investigate itself on post war reporting?

Subjects on Lou Dobbs Show tonight.

Ports would have been safer under Dubai: Chertoff

Jack Cafferty is going OFF on the "media only reports bad news"

Bush Makes Me SICK too!

Please sign for ELECTION PROTECTION in New Orleans!

Anybody else having buffering problems with Randi's show ?

Did White House Direct Illegal Phone Jamming Scheme?

??? B Bush gives $$ for Katrina aid BUT it must all go to Neil's company??

Fresno man raising money to buy better armor for soldier son

John Edwards at George Watts Hill Alumni Center. pics-->>

Daily Show had Iraqi general saying Saddam had WMD's

Plug for Vanity Fair mag-I FINALLY got my issue 2 days ago

another discussion of Medicare drug plan

Nobody plays the victim card better than a Republican

A few pointers for Republicans turned Democrat:

Democrats Say Bush May Have Violated Constitution By Signing Budget!!

This is just weird - "Pro-Life" + Brittney Spears + Art?

Our lives are so stressed...this man forgot his

Bumper sticker I saw - if you live in the Bible belt, you should get it

Rush has lost it...

(FIORE) Do The Bush Bash!

Did I watch Don Rumsfeld's press conference today?

"American's deserve better"

Donna Brazillion says media's war coverage has been balanced

VIDEO- Kent Taylor, Army National Guard PR Flak on Tweety w/Koolaid Wife

Evolution Billboard Photo Put Up In KS On Evolution:

GOP Senate candidate caught puffing up her resume

Cindy Sheehan: Volunteers for Endless War

More BFEE - Bush's Uncle Earned Millions in War Firms Deal

Anyone know what a "supergrass" is?

I just saw a heavy immigration ad


JOKE: A Bar Installs New SMART Robotic Bartenders...

What ever happened to that Anti-War Profiteering Bill ??

Good Tweety bad Tweety you decide.

Cheney's suite demands - from

Childfree Folks - How do YOU Utilize Those Extra Rooms?

What do think Bush will do if he was backed into a corner?

Who has the missing 9 billion ...

California sees big drop in adjustable mortgages (down 19% since Nov.05)

Toll road (in SoCal) extension challenged

What, no mention of Lou Dobbs tonight?

I need a quote

What is the worse of two evils?

Now it's official : the Easter War has broken out

Them chicken shit republicans

About Sergeant Kent Taylor, whose wife spoke up at Bush's Bubble Meeting

Why I think Bush is stupid.

California Realtors: bigger inventories, slower sales in February

Orders from prime minister’s department and police: web site shut down

What's the difference between DemocracyFest and YearlyKos?

It's The Media's Fault!

Cafferty Files tonight.

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep it kicked:)

Delusion or dementia?? You decide

If you're not PISSED ENOUGH today, David Grange is coming up on Lou Dobbs.

March 23rd 2006 In Iraq

George Bush is a Saint

Sometimes size doesn't matter.

America Can Do Better

Is universal WiFi just another word for 24/7 monitoring of civilians?

I just had a scary thought RE POS Bush Impeachment...

Red State Road Trip (to remind us what the zombies sound like)

So my daughter sent me one of those obnoxious right-wing emails

May God bless you...

Texas is arresting people for being drunk...IN BARS!!!

Ports would have been safer under Dubai: Chertoff

If the flagged draped coffins are being hid, if the daile death tallies

Does CNN's Blitzer want Bush to Bomb Chile over the Cruise Passengers?

OK Lou, time to hit out at the STOCKHOLDERS for all the outsourcing.

"...shredded his penis"?? Is that what NPR's All Thing's Considered

‘Doesn’t get bigger than this’ - "Watergate is nothing compared to this.”

I just received my first personal death threat

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming at 12:15 eastern!

"Together, America can do better."....pshh.

Bush/Rove/GOP Pretending They've Got No Voice Or Media Is SICK!

G.W. Bush Presidential Library

I give Ben Domenech by the end of the week before he's gone.

Poll:Do you support Rangel's legislation to reinstate the mililtary draft?

Lou Dobbs seems to be realizing that Bushco is a bunch of liars.

If the rest of the media lets Drudge get away with his sleazy, unethical

It's just a game, some say. I think it promotes war, desensitizes killing

Did Issac Hayes quit South Park or did someone "quit" for him?

Here's why I can't get excited about the "good news" from Iraq:

In my family picture the Women get the seats check out the Bush family

DUers, We can do it!! Just ONE MORE ROUND!!!


Just had to share this cartoon with everyone

Opinions, please!

What are the odds? Cable News Is Being Coordinated by BushCo

Are these Presidential seals on Dubyas boots?

Organic beef vs. "All Natural" "Certified Angus"--what's the diff?

Shocked - "Hit n Run" resulted in insane verbal assault by Rethug! (long)

New website started up. DemocraticWarrior. You are invited to signup.

Republican Party = Grief, debt, etc covered by those fig leaves...

I have to say something about the 06 Elections. ****Motivate the base*****

Dem Spokesman Bob Shrum says "Dems shouldn't be for Censure or

The issue that will take the Dems down in 2006 and 2008 is AMNESTY

HUGE Embarassment for Bush: Afghani Christian Death Sentence!

Barbara Shrub donation aids son

'06 talking points.

Sharpening the mind

The Rude One Auditions To Be the Liberal Blogger at WaPo

Children of the Fifties - Society question for you

I proposes a new Cable Channel: Pretty White Girls In Trouble

Walter Cronkite: Another Misbegotten & Mismanaged War

DU Meetups (including info about the Houston group)

War Making 101- A User's Manual

Founder of Free Republic FREAKS OUT on McCain!!!

Uncle Buck. $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Charlie Sheen swiftboated in Norwegian paper

Howard Dean: Unprecedented 50-state canvas. Can we do it??

Help Katrina Evacuees VOTE


Bible or Constitution?

An Open Letter to the Republican Thieves (The Reverse Robin-hoods)

The new Know-Nothing agenda

If the US adopted this eight-step program, would we be communists?


Democratic Party Slogan for 2006

Get this woman off Air America Radio (Fran Leibowitz)

Joe Biden says he's running in 2008. Biden supporters check in here!!!

The basic problem with Bushbots-they have no ROM

Mississippi outlaws sex toys (Dangerous Didoes)

China is a Leninist Regime??


Bernie Ward of KGO just called someone a "horse's twat"

New Mexico Dem Party Is Calling For Bush Impeachment

Washington Post hired a right-wing plagiarist.

Howard Dean vs Soledad O'Brien video...Bradblog....

CALLING KEN? (NH phone jammers called Mehlman 75 times)

We talk about how history will judge BushCo, but how will it judge us?

JOKE: A Vermont Dairy Farmer encounters an RNC consultant

Republicans Are The Enemy.

Roses for Helen! Donate Today!

Watch out America, Canada's coming to bomb your asses.........

New Song by the Dixie Chicks

What in the world do life coaches DO?

"George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence" - An Indictment.

Unprecedented 50-State Canvass: Can We Do It?

The Mouse That Roared

It was only a matter of time: The attacks on Easter has begun

Hispanic walk-out - 12 noon tomorrow

Bureau Chief Runs Column by Democrat, Gets Fired by AP

Iraq: Biggest Corruption Scandal in History - Newsweek.

"Dave - I'm losing my mind, Dave - Please stop, Dave - I have the utmost..

Texas Gov. Candidate: punish criminals with a "Negro talking to himself"

Wonkette seeks help with "blind items" re. Rummy, reporter high on ecstasy

What do you all think of Cuba and Fidel?

WashPost's "Red America" blogger exposed as plagiarist

A South Dakota 'toon

VIDEO- Cafferty/Kurtz on Blaming the Media

"How are people making ends meet?"...

Lou Dobbs poll: What issue is Hillary most out of touch with:

Iraqi family interviewed before the war started

Rep Conyers: "Is your family ready to pay $10,000 for Bush's war?"

OK... I just got a telephone call from an Army recruiter and he outright


Barbara Bush's Katrina Donation Earmarked for Neil's Company

Where Will You Be On 6/6/6?

this once started a big fight: Is the term "molten lava" redundant?

TruthIsAll update - from his sister

Bush Vision

Scottie Says ....

CNN -Quick vote- Sheen v Gov

Arkansas Teachers Are FORBIDDEN To Use The "E-Word"

Justice Blindsided: photo cartoon

Is Olbermann covering the e-voting stuff anymore?

NYT op-ed by a college admissions officer: To All the Girls I've Rejected

VIDEO: Are American Marines Killing Unarmed Civilians? (BBC Newsnight)

Have you seen the closing argument from the last Boston Legal? See it here we are linked to it!

Why Do We Allow ANY Immigration?

Why Don't We Allow UNRESTRICTED Immigration Into This Country?

To the streets...

Will Olbermann Expose Bush's Big Lies?

Oreilly "Four million viewers a night"

Recommend a RSS/xml reader for me, please

Tour of New Orleans Lower 9th Ward

Great Article: that says it all ---"Wanted: A High Road Economy"

I fucking hate republicans.

I found a new on-line Hurricane Survivor Memory/Archive site (Pix of 9th!)

I need a veteran union man or woman to PM me.

DFA training and Jim Dean meeting this week-end in TN and GA

Just A Thought - Wouldn't It Be Great If They Can Make A Fuel...

Stock Market Does Better With Democrats. GOP Just Doesn't Want It To

So, you want a snake oil salesman?

Dr. Dean is on CNN's American Morning. It's 7:20AMEST.

Is there any News from Iraq that is Bad News to a "Conservative?"

Ann Coulter provides *the* 2006 playbook here

Russ who?

NPR runs nice piece on weakening of the judiciary by the shrub club.

MO Talk Show Host, praising Condoleezza Rice, utters racial slur; fired

"Coalition Forces"

$1 Trillion Dollars - You get to pay $10,000 for this war: Conyers' blog

Bring the Sixties Out of the Closet......AlterNet`s Don Hazen

Bush to press Afghanistan in Christian convert (death penalty) case

President Tourette's?

Frist, Hastert Refused Democrats' Request to Honor the Fallen

KENNEDY: A time bomb of civil war is ticking

NYT: Will Bush Hire a New Senior Adviser?

Ignorance IS bliss...

35 bombed to death in Baghdad and 11 more bodies found in Iraq

Democrats see Northeast as ripe for picking...take aim at GOP House seats

A man... a bucket... and his dreams

*10 Minutes to Scottie*

We are the ones we've been waiting for

WaPo takes down blog comments criticizing its gross new Red Amer. blog?

US living on borrowed time - and money

Is this real (voice prompting Bush)?

Request for FR monitoring

Eta calls for fresh peace moves (BBC) {Basque/Euskadi separatists}

Barbara Bush's Katrina "donation" is a metaphor for Bushco shell games

smirk signs bill different from one Congress passed

Will His Royal Chimpness throw the Rummy-dummy under the bus?

Are laws now created for corporations or for the people ?

Patriot Project - Group to defend Veterans Who Debate US Foreign Policy


MS and LA helping to pay for Iraq War

AP Analysis: Bush Loves Using "Straw Men" To Knock "Nonexistent" Opponents

Jpeg/gif --- bulletin board

The need for a congressional change

U.S. Soldier Blogs: "I’m Fed Nothing But Propaganda"

Cost of Iraq invasion per American?

Yesterday's Diary, Today's Online Journal

a power grab to centrallize propaganda? (HR. 3146, S. 1349)

Huff Post on Bush "getting no credit whatsoever" for our "perking" economy

Does anybody know the details about a media host who got fired, after

Feinstein Renews Call to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

charlie sheen being swift boated on comments on 9/11 conspiracy

Shills in the audience: + or - for Smirk?

A-G general candidate takes on federal wiretaps in first TV ad(NY)

Argentina to open secret archives (BBC)

Anyone been watching the LBJ Whitehouse tapes?

Donna Brazille and Bill Bennet in The Situation Room.

Bill Clinton kept us safe from terrorists

Tell Sen. Kohl: "I support Feingold"

Kennedy: Bush - Back Up Rhetoric Saying No to Immigration Restrictionists

Ken Mehlman visits Ohio news media, propping up DeWine

(RW news watch) Hillary says immigration bill would make Jesus illegal

conspiracy = republican strategy

Against the war? The DLC agrees with Bush - you are DEFEATIST!

Democrats Say Bush Violated Constitution (on budget)

Bush's newest speechwriting tool.

Will Bush shake up his staff??

Round 2 of “Who’s Minding our Ports”: BushHiring Chinese Co. to Scan Nukes

Daily Show clip: "Do you believe the war in Iraq is a sign of Apocalypse?"

Cheney's Requirements For His Down Time?

It's all about Judgment

It's impossible for scrubs popularity to be so low.

as WallMart goes upscale will they furnish expensive uniforms?

I was just wishing there was a way to "recall" Bush

Suggestion: Hire Lou Dobbs to represent the middle class;

Bill Bennett (AKA GamblersGoneWild) dares the Democrats to Impeach B*sh!

President Jimmy Carter's appeal for Jack Carter - Nevada

Barbara Bush Katrina donation earmarked to son Neil's business

That Coulter woman is at it again:

WEBSITE: Birddogging Kerry on war support

DU this Lou Dobbs poll re: Hillary Clinton

Very strange bumper sticker - has anyone else seen this?

Why is Hillary raising money for her Senate run in Kansas City & St Louis?

Ned Lamont just said on Hartmann that Lieberman may run as Repug

JOSHUA FRANK: The Democratic Quandary - War Opposition or Party Allegiance

People should not be afraid of their governments ... cartoon

Anita Garcia is in OK tonight fighting the good fight - NOLA's election

Collections of Impeachment resolutions around the country

So, What Would YOU Ask the President?

AOL poll: Is Bush worst president ever?

Alert! Freeper PR! Is it true that they found Iraq's WMD in Syria?

IL 6th CD a CLEAR IDEOLOGICAL CHOICE between Duckworth & Roskam

Help Me! I'm becoming an "ISOLATIONIST!"

About six months ago Reid shut down the Senate - What's come of it?

Ask Bill Napoli...cartoon. He thinks women can't make own decisions.

got to hear the new money man Ben Bernanke talk this a.m.

Salon: The Hillary juggernaut

The war on the media

ABC News 2008 Presidential Invisible Primary Ratings, Vol. 1

The Sermon On The Hill

Lou Dobbs Poll: "Senator Hillary Clinton is most out of touch with...."

would young men/women care more if there were a draft

I do not know about you but I am way more worried about

Bumper sticker idea

How is it possible for so many people to have divergent views ...?

Whomever controls doubt, controls everything in America

No More Namecalling

I would support Kerry again or Gore Or Feingold or Edwards or Dean

C&L download-worthy vid clip: Olbermann hands Ingraham her neocon ass

DU 2008 Presidential Primary Poll ... Who would you support as of today?

Would you support a return of the draft?

Russ Feingold on The Daily Show last night set the audience to cheering!