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Archives: March 22, 2006

Double standards: a brutal shift of morality in the 'new normal' US

Fact Check Article: RNC Mischaracterizes Feingold's Censure (RNC ad)

Inquiry into civilian deaths

Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian): Blair's luck has run out

Commissioner Rice? (LAT says get the NFL job Condi)

Time to Exit Iraq, A Leading Paper Declares

A Message to Republicans: Impeaching Bush Will Strengthen America At Home

Ask not what your government can do for you ......

Did a Group Financed by Exxon Prompt IRS to Audit Greenpeace? (WSJ)

Road map is a life saver for us.. (Bush says God told him to invade Iraq)


Beautiful new Pentagon site

Check out Bradblog! Here is Babylonsister's thread..

I just KNRed like 8 posts here, @ the Election Reform forum

Texas Primary Recount Halted By SOS due to 20% discrepancies !

Chicago Tribune reporting many problems with Sequoia machines in Illinois

Voting machines for disabled assailed

While you were away from your desk - McPherson certified Sequoia

I need a tip to fix a small bug, left over from a Hard Drive crash I think

DU tech problem


San Antonio-area schools consider banning "Handmaid's Tale"

Assist New Orleans voters

Ashley McIsaac is running for Lib leadership.

IRS May Alter Some Privacy Protections....

Missing Ore. Family Members Found Alive (six missing from Mar 4

White House 'Discovers' Emails Related to Plame Leak

What Do Katie Holmes, Jimmy Jackson, and Tom Noe Have in Common?

Gunmen Kill 20 in Breakout at Iraqi Jail

More deaths as Iraq war enters fourth year (13 yo girl found -dumped)

Bush sees no pullout before '09

House votes down proposed amendment to ban gay marriage (NH)

Pentagon plans for an Iraqi civil war

WP,pg1: Fla. to Link Teacher Pay To Students' Test Scores

Rights defenders targeted worldwide, report says (FIDH/OMCT)

Britain pushes for military option to retrain Tehran

Blagojevich wins nomination (Illinois primary results)

War Vet Drops Out of Race for House Seat

Experts Rip 'Sesame' TV Aimed at Tiniest Tots

Mbeki: Sharpeville has a place in our history (46 years ago today)

More than 100 suspected illegal immigrants found in 8 traffic incidents

WP, pg1: Grants Flow To Bush Allies On Social Issues

Ex-Congressman's (Cunningham's) Loot to Be Auctioned

Evacuees' Lives Still Upended Seven Months After Hurricane

Iraqi police arrest leader of Jama'at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad

Blair urges war of 'values, ideas'

NYT/AP: Some DeLay Charges May Be Reinstated

Call for censure is `needless partisanship,' Bush says

NYT: No Breach Seen in Iraq Propaganda (paying for news OK)

Microsoft to Delay Windows Vista Release

KR: Multiple wounds mark bodies of Iraqis killed in disputed U.S. raid

A Federal Eye on the Raging Grannies?(TIME)

NBC: Pentagon plans for an Iraqi civil war (including withdrawal)


WP: Inuit See Signs in Arctic Thaw ("The world is slowly disintegrating,")

WP: Florida to link teacher pay to test scores

NYT/AP: Huffington Apologizes for Clooney Blog

US economy could withstand sharp dlr drop-Bernanke

Coast Guard Rape Case Hinges on Drinking

This thread is about trolling,

I just set up 2 job interviews in the past 20 minutes...

New trailer for "The Da Vinci Code" movie...

Will Farrel skit that never made it on the air...

Microsoft delays new Windows O.S. "Vista" launch until January 2007

About my grandma...


hey fucker...

Most inappropriate use for gravy

Spring time 1938 or so

I viewed that apartment I was hoping to get....

What type of connection does my school have?

WORST car commercial EVER!

I never thought I'D do this, but... my cat died.

All you can eat Chinese Buffet or Denny's. Where to eat tonight?

Awwww mom, I don't WANNA go to the lounge...

Captain Caveman!

What's the cutest in this list?

Black Sabbath

I want ronnykmarshall to SANG again . That always cheers me up .

DU this pole... dammit!

As a final act of American defiance against the Bush Administration...

I Just received my copy of "Beyond Chutzpah" by Dr. Finkelstein

I have headphones in my ears but there is no sound .

I'm putting on Fedora 5 tonight. Ask me anything!

Oops, no it's not, it's more of the American Shitheads, shit

I just saw my ex-boss who got fired on tv being interviewed in his

Taught a class a Scott AFB today

Wow, I was listening to this shitpot on American Idol, then finally looked

V is for Velveeta

D is for di

my week off is coming up!!

Comin' atcha on 07/11!!!!

This is concrete proof that I am an asshole.....

seen on t-shirt: Operation Iraqi Femdom

Boston Legal is coming up! 9pm cst on ABC

Amazing Race is now on!

*ugh* I hate Don Imus

This is the grossest video you'll see all week

Am I one of the cool kids now?

Could you all help me with a definiton please?


Where can I find an effective work out routine?

Have you ever had DU writer's block?

My first attempt at linking a photo from ImageShack...

Seinfeld Puffy Shirt episode on TBS now!!!

Professional musicians - Do you have a college degree?

I'm listening to one of my favorite songs from high school.

2006 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is on


My neighbors are driving me crazy!!!

How many people here work in a Call Center "Cube City" ? (and "lose it"?)

Nutjob Sighting - Springfield, MO

Potbelly cramped, wee of life!

Play DU Casting Director! Which actors should play...

A hearty, crumbly Good Evening!

Wow, who watched The Shield Season Finale? *spoilers*

I am STILL getting snarked in GD

my computer is a dick. enter key failed, arrow keys are being a bitch...

Do you post more since the DU Journals started ?

Accident photo *WARNING* May be extremely upsetting to some


Name this location...

Painful Writer's Block...

I has no idea ...what is a PERMALINK

Norton Security SUCKS!!

My first attempt at licking a photo from ImageShack

The "75 artists/bands" pic. Can you find them? Warning, large graphic.

Solve for SEX

Post your favourite Doug Henning photo here!

Will give my left droopy

Thinkin about driving to DC from Atlanta. Doable/Fun or am i crazy?

Mr. Roboto + GirlinContempt + Eurotrash sunglasses = Comedic gold

Does anyone have sugar gliders?

Whew...Thai food is great but it is SO spicey! What's your favorite?

burn, baby, burn


Solve for X

Oh. god. I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter tonight

V is for Vi...

Put the word "Klinger" into a well-known pop song.

Posting from the All Suites Omni Hotel Chicago - ask me anything

What do you use for bookmarks?

Patsy Cline ruled/s.

I need help with a party invitation my daughter received.

It is time for another "I cut my own hair" thread.

Best Hijacking of a thread?


I just rolled a Porsche Carrera GT off a mountain and did not mess my...

Why are y'all being so good tonight?


Hundreds of Disabled Protesters Stage HealthCare Protest

The Potential of Human Papillomavirus Vaccines (New Engl J Med)

Liberty Counsel, Exodus International may not understand copyright law

New Hampshire House Overwhelmingly Votes Down Gay Marriage Ban

SF Catholic Charities official is gay adoptive parent

Trying to dose my cat and he freaks out/bites/scratches

John Kerry’s 10 Point Plan for Democrats

I voted today.... it got Diebolded

King George the Lesser holds a press conference.

Japan beat Cuba to win the World Baseball Classic.

KOEB Meeting -- 3/21/06: Bueller? Bueller? Edition

Hi everyone- I'm off to NYC for a vacation with my sisters!

Bush*t's Press Conference

Wolf Blitzer having Helen Thomas on his show!

Bush: "We all must rally around Iraq and smirk in the face of adversity!"

DNC: The Un-Sweet Sixteen: Breaking Down the Brackets (March Madness)

Iraq March 21st 2006

Hotline: CNN and Gallup breaking up, and it's not pretty.

Diane Feinstein--Fire Rummy. coming up on hardball, I saw ealier and

The exact quote

Helen Thomas CNN now

Did Iran's oil bourse open yesterday as it was suppose to???????

Learn to love

The only thing Blitzer can say about Gore is "He has gained a few pounds"?

AUDIO-Podcast Readings of 2 particularly good posts from DU

Keith Olbermann Countdown coming on now...

Help! Need link to article about Bush recallingweapons inspectors

Rightwingnuts; ya handed Osama bin Laden his wet dream...

I am so effing sick of people who think * and America are one and the same

Hillarious flash animation: BECOME A REPUBLICAN

I heard through the grapevine that dems in my area are uncomfortable

GOP to air ad criticizing Feingold for censure proposal

O'Reilly, editor spar over sex-offender case

Does any one have a link to the IGC meeting in Egypt...

"Helen...No President wants to go to war." G. Bush 3/21/06

An interesting perspective from an Arab/American woman

Material witness detentions under scrutiny (Abuse Of Law In Terror Cases)

Rep. John Conyers: New Iraq Strategy Released: Blame the Media

Strange MSNBC version of the press conference.

"How would you like to be her (Ann. C) lawyer at a sanity Hearing?" says

What does this tell us? CNN web site front page big story - snowstorm!

Kuwait court refuses to recognise sex change

Dear Lord, I hate the RNC!

You won't believe what I saw on today

I think I made progress with a Repuke at work

Hillary gives Bill permission to belch in public. Story at 11.

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World March 21 06

Has Rush been putting on weight?

Any video of the Helen Thomas slapdown of wolf-face? n/t

Other instances of Bush talking to the "Man Behind the Curtain"

Huffington Apologizes for Clooney Blog

Helen Thomas *SLAP* Wolf Blitzkrieg

Murder by Numbers:

More deaths as Iraq war enters fourth year (13 yo girl found -dumped)

VIDEO- Full Helen -Bush Exchange at Press Conf

Tweety jumps the shark - sounds like a pissed Democrat

I have a question regarding shrub and all the fund raising he seems

Boston Legal is coming up! 9pm cst on ABC

Dems response to "Dems help Terrorists" comment from Shrub today?

OLielly, "Great to see the President finally Passionate"

V for Vendetta -- what's Bushco's take on it?

Did anyone else feel relieved when Bush said that it would be up to the

anyone watching larry king? imus and his wife have issues

Bomb shelter discovered in Brooklyn Bridge

The 'See clearly Method' - does it work?(Advertise a lot on Clear Channel)

We need TV ads showing bu$h LYING!

Clark is the only truly electable candidate I see.


DNA evidence clears Texas man of rape conviction after 18 years in prison

People that still can see FauxNews...go and block them to protect kids...

"Bush says war effort working" -I don't see a mic in this shot

VIDEO- Bush "Political Capital on War" March 21 06

Going down...

Imus is on CNN with his wife- He is repulsive- Why do people like him?

Here comes the B.S. Blame the media for Iraq violence.

Congress may gut identity-theft laws

This is cool

Jon Stewart tonight-new? w/Clive Owen:


George is Projecting...

What planet does Sean Hannity live on? What an ass!

We all need to email Helen Thomas our gratitude and congratulations

Grade Lou Dobbs.

"I wouldn't put THOSE KIDS there," Bush declared

VIDEO- Bush on Terror. Surv Pgrm and Dissing Democrats

FRONTLINE replay of "The New Asylums" about how prisons ending up...

Some DeLay Charges May Be Reinstated

Laughing at the President in San Diego

Thailand's Prime Minister given 48 hours to resign

White House 'Discovers' Emails Related to Plame Leak

AOL Poll: Dem's $'s over GOP's & Who will you vote for

Bush's speech on 10/6/05. Fascinating tidbits and clues.

VIDEO- Bush/Helen Iraq War - "Knowing What I KNow Now I Still Would

(VIDEO) Marcy Winograd launches campaign (Jane Harmon challenger)

Laura Ingraham wants us to talk to members of the Iraqi millitary

Fact Checking What Chimp Said Today.....

Bush's Divine Guidance, " - He (God) instructed me to strike at Saddam.."

Did LBJ in 1968 sound like Chimpy ? Or was he less in denial ?

Jesus! bush is an idiot! No really he is! I've never heard someone

OK, I'm pissed and in need of some on-line assistance...

Hey Freepers We will be Iraq until 2009 still time to sign up for the Army

John Edward's latest mass e-mail

US building permanent base in Iraq for 120 helicopters & more...

How'd we do tonight?

What is their last ditch plan to hold on to power?

So why did Wolfie interview Helen today?

what is the link to the website that watches hannity and all the other puk

Republican Election Crimes -- Almost From the Beginning!

Pictures From San Francisco Anti-War Protest

PHOTO: Cheney presides over re-enlistment oath

Gallup Cuts Ties to CNN-Citing low viewship

Wrath of God behind Israel bird flu?


"No President Wants War"---Really? Let's Go Down Memory Lane, Shall We?

On my way home today I saw a "W=Worst President" sticker

Think Progress: Faux News: Is the US Already at war with Iran?

Lou Dobbs has the hots for Randi Rhodes?

On dying at home....

The Other Propagandist

Bush to reporter: "I don't pay attention to the polls." (he doesn't care)

A Very Thin Line-Iran/Contra question- private financing versus Congress

Florida fair election initiative

K Harris on ABC news

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers with Peter Werbe

Impeachment calls from Brattleboro and New Mexico

Clark: "It was all PR. It's not strategy...we are in a civil war."

Would GWB be impeached?

Am I the last person in the world to discover James McMurtry?

Will Pitt just posted two great links for watching the Illinois results

New voting bloc: Voters for Peace

My secret interlude with a trucker!!

Why all the nail biting about e-Lections?

Bush: "From my perch...the economy appears to be strong..."

CA SoS Sued for Recertifying Diebold *** Sen. Bowen Comments, 3/21

BBC News - Just said B** at lowest approval ever 32 %

The tide is turning, here's how I know

Gore is my President.

Is history calling Gore back into White House politics?

Gergen: Praise Bush for taking questions from an "unscripted audience"

What did Hillary ever do to Imus?

While primaries are the hot-topic, a little reminder about the next ones

The Real Motivation for Anti-Abortion nuts:

ILLINOIS: Cegelis vs. Duckworth steel cage death match!!

Stipe, Moby rock against Iraq War

Sexual Liberty vs. American Liberty

VIDEO-Pat Robertson-Professors are Killers

Dirt is surfacing on Bush's Kangaroo WMD Commission

Pat Robertson has lost it. Completely.

Question that reporters should have asked Bush:

How far does Bush's mental slide have to go before he's declared unfit?

Story about hurricane season '06, target possibly Manhattan

Chavez Says U.S. Lying About Iranian Nuke Ambitions

What is the truth on artificial sweeteners?

Daily Show, Jon Stewart dissecting Bush's speech

Media Avoids Covering Vote on Permanent Bases

Im Proud Of Randi Rhodes Thread.......

WP, Milbank: A Punchy President Meets the Press


"we're safer" -lies bush . WRONG ya stupid MFing LIAR.

Extended presence of U.S. in Iraq looms large

Iraq vs Vietnam

Netflix putting our neighborhood video store out of business

Is Bush "miked" - wearing an ear piece in recent speeches?

Get the feeling that Bush is fed up of being President?

The NRA just called me.

Alcohol and Crime - heck with banning smoking in bars, maybe ban beer?

US economy could withstand sharp dlr drop -Bernanke

Democrats Out Raising Republicans in Money? Thank Howard Dean here!

Is the Iraq invasion the worst mistake in US history?

Resolution re-affirming Bill of Rights...

Is Blowback the Right Word?

lets go in for the long haul!!!!!!!

I love Gavin Newsom

Has anyone posted a clip of Randi Rhodes on "Lou Dobbs?" nt

Straight talk express to nowhere

Breaking news: Prostest work. Who would have thunk it!!!

Censure Resolution, COSPONSORS (2), Waiting for the investigation...

Must see: Full transcript of Bush response to Helen Thomas ++

Anyone listen to Democracy Now today?

Finkelstein's Beyond Chutzpah...Under Chutzpah

Helen Thomas is great???

Middle Class Advocate will win Presidency in 2008

My Grandfather said O'reilly went apeshit tonight

War Vet Drops Out of Race for House Seat (Tim Dunn)

Two ships pass in the night. One ship doesn't want to be seen with Cheney.

Debate rages over media’s role in Iraq war

Feingold at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Leadership Awards

OUCH: The Planet of Unreality

Bush’s Poll Ratings Continue to Plummet

Republicans blame the press on Iraq, what a bunch of retards

like Claude Allen, con the president pulls is price-tag swapping

Did Bush's Recent Press Conference Change Your Opinion Of Him?

Bush didn't use the word "war" at all in his brief remarks

They knew it would be a bad idea to trot out Bush today...

*Bush's troop withdrawal statement - - - - - - - - watch out.

What Bush really meant to say today in his press conference (MP3)

Don't anyone faint but I THINK * was OFF the plane today

Some February fundraising comparisons from the blogs. DNC, etc.

Bush pathetically trying to answer a question on Tuesday

George "The Chimp" Bush is set to appear in my town Wheeling WV

C&L Vid Clip: David Gregory & Laura Ingraham Dust-Up

Jeff Greenfield is a major tool.

Caption this!

DNC: The Un-Sweet Sixteen: Breaking Down the Brackets (March Madness)

McCain’s PAC man draws fire

MSNBC Poll: "Do you agree with Bush RE: progress in Iraq?" (83% NO)

Tucker Carlson: "Thomas uses W.H. briefing room to air political views"...

GW Bush is not dumb and he is not insane.

ABC doing a whole segment on K Harris

The Next President Will be Inheriting this Evil War

Santorum: "I encourage you to let your voices be heard from the pulpit"

Shame: If this has been posted already. Read again any way and when you

Robertson lashes out at professors

re: The Daily Show .... I have done a search,

Illinois District 6: Cegelis 40.3%, Duckworth 43.7%

I need some help fighting William Kristol at my school

I keep going over this scenario in my head

Colin Powell - Express your thoughts on the man

Gore in '08? Will you support him? How do you think he will campaign?

Advise for Democrats

America is Not God -- Bush's Delusional Speech

LTTE: In Vt., more outpouring than outrage

How can a moron such as Bush, never have the chance to become President?

The march of folly, that has led to a bloodbath (Robert Fisk)

To the Guy Who Called Me a Traitor (ARNOLD OLIVER)

How can a moron such as Bush, never have the chance to become President?

Back to the Big Lie (Nichols - The Nation)

John Pilger: Blair insults our intelligence

Dissident Voice: Death Squad Democracy

Top U.S. Court Limits Investor Suits in Merrill Case

Washington's 2006 National Security Strategy Confirms a Policy Void

Won’t Get Fooled Again: The president, protests and profanity

Nice Red State LTTE (Mobile Register)

Arizona Republic Editorial: The West Wing needs housecleaning

Ohio police dept.'s aren’t reporting property seizures

Gene Lyons on bickering

A Punchy President Meets the Press (bush says he has a lot on his mind)

Iraq War: Air of permanence

NY Theatre drops Rachel Corrie play (the usual hypocrisy)

Thumb your nose at Hastert

Iran: Power-Broker

The Double Standards of the United States

Republicans and the religious right

From Senate job to nuclear lobbyist — twice

Counterpunch: Mysterious Photographers of Nothing

SUSAN SARANDON to play cindy in movie

Gutless wonders: Dems haven't shown any spine against Bush ..

My plans for the next Prochoice protests in front of the Supreme Court.

Inside Scientology (Rolling Stone)

Rub it in Hastert's Face!

Mr. Bush Unvarnished--WaPo (Unintentional humor?)

Katherine Harris Gets a Telephone Call From God

Al Gore in 2008?

Wal-Mart Targets Upscale Shoppers

Miami Herald: (Katherine Harris) Shying away from reporters


9% of Americans would agree w/attacking Iran. To Bush, that's a mandate--

What's the Matter with Law Enforcement These Days?

Why Republicans aren't Christian

Court Makes It Harder for Investors to Sue

Is the bottom about to fall out of the economy?

Feinstein takes aim at global warming

George W. Bush and Peak Oil: Beyond Incompetence

Proposed Mackenzie pipeline spurs coal gasification mega-plan (Canada)

Australia Counts Cost Of Cyclone Damage

The oil is going, the oil is going!

Oz Cyclone 1st Estimates - At Least $500 Million Loss Just For Crops

Radiohead Singer Yorke Turns Down Climate Meeting With Blair - Guardian

Migratory Bird #s Declining Rapidly In UK - Overall Totals Down 20% 76-01

Ontario Renewable Energy Policy Breakthrough Hailed

Australia may be face of {global} warming (CNN/AP) (REPOST)

Cat-5 record for 2005 season updated: Four cat-5 hurricanes

Insurance costs for Nuclear Power - a closer examination

US Oil Majors Lag EU Rivals In Stance On Climate Challenge, Liabilities

Polar Ice Sheet Melt May Raise Sea Levels Faster Than Anticipated - AFP

Hamas snubs PLO call to alter agenda

Israeli Human Rights: Starve the Palestinians

France: Anti-Israel acts like anti-Semitism - hmmm...

AP Erases Tape of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy

Strangled in Gaza

Charlie Sheen believes 9/11 was a controlled demolition.

Charlie Sheen & Webster Tarpley on Cnn Headline News

Which best describes you?

Anti-Semitism and the "New Jews"

CA SoS Sued for Recertifying Diebold *** Sen. Bowen Comments, 3/21

NH: 3 Motions Seek to Keep Tobin the Phone-Jammer Quiet, er, I Mean, Free

$$$ Counting Time, But Not Money, Could Be $aved After Election $$$

CA: McPherson approves Sequoia voting machines

OH-party leader recorded making threats (Blackwell campaign chief?)

rare SOS public hearing - re Diebold - Austin - Thursday 3-23

IL: Uncounted Ballots Cast Doubt On County Elections

my thoughts on the cegelis campaign.

what a train wreck!!!

historic reminder on the Sequoia systems .."When Suspicions First Arose"

TX--Statewide candidate (Smith (R))-- "serious mistakes were made"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/22/06 --

Elections officials threaten legal action against supplier ES&S

The "Consent of the Governed" Applied to Elections

State tested system seven ways to Sunday - didn't find anything wrong

Is Bruce McPherson related to Sally McPherson, SD Registrar of Voters?

"In God We Trust. All others we audit." From an auditor friend...

From RapidResponse on verified voting machines

Anyone know what's up at the Iowa House in Des Moines?

Shrubeenie to campaign for reverse Robin Hood

Milking it for every drop

Same-sex marriage opponent admits to fantasy of three-way sex!

Anyone else going to the SD 41 DFL convention on Saturday

Texas counties and related voting problems during 2006 primary

Austin DUers...where do we want to meetup this Saturday (3/25)

rare SOS public hearing - re Diebold - Austin - Thursday 3-23

DeLay Expects charges to be dropped after election

Charlie Urbana-Jones in Corpus Christi March 28th

The Democratic bone head political play of the week.

Prosecutors Want DeLay Charges Reinstated

How elections are lost or stolen

Exciting New Tool: Requests for Mail Ballots Made Simple

Tofu? Can it be ground and used in place of hamburger meat in recipes?

My bread machine is malfunctioning.

All passengers, crew safe after Canadian ferry sinks

Looks like Duckworth will win...barely

Iranian President Wants West to Apologize

Road map is a life saver for us.. (Bush says God told him to invade Iraq)

Women of God

Iraqi video details end of alleged attack (AP Wire)

U.S., Iraqi Forces Trap Dozens of Gunmen


Families have a lot riding on stem cell debate (Michigan)

German Politicians Consider Sanctions Against Belarus

Auction block is end of the line for corrupt congressman's loot (duke)

Navajo Nation president calls for true consultation at BIA meeting

NYT: Study Says U.S. Companies Lag on Global Warming

WaPo: Grants Flow To Bush Allies On Social Issues

ACLU Wants Answers In Government Snooping On Peace Groups (WA State)

New Scrutiny for Law on Detaining Witnesses

Please DU this poll!!!

GOP Sen. Burns Faces Primary Challenge

Car bomb explodes near busy Baghdad market - police

No violation found in propaganda work

Suspicious Package Found At White House

Vouchers, class size up in air for GOP

New York, California worst for U.S. pollution

Iraqi Cameraman for CBS Faces Trial

Haitian children face greatest challenges to life in Western Hemisphere -

Italy's Berlusconi burnt by fiery temper

Top N.M. Dems don't join (Bush) impeach call

Court to Decide Future of Detainees' Suits

Huffington apologizes for Clooney 'blog'

Abortion-rights groups back Casey opponent

US Plans To Renew Ties With Iran

Religious Death Squads Killing Gays in Iraq

Row looms over next Arab US deal (Doncasters - UK weapons programs)

Fears over Afghan convert trial

Rockefeller, Byrd to skip Bush speech

LAT: N.Y., Calif. Air Is Dirtiest, EPA Says

Jordan orders Zarqawi to surrender over hotel attacks

Chinese President to Visit U.S.

Kids displaced by hurricanes reunited (good news for a change)

From Senate job to nuclear lobbyist — twice

GOP Trails Democrats in Senate Fundraising (Dems Lead 2-1)

Huffington apologizes for Clooney 'blog'

Abu Ghraib dog handler gets six months

Florida to Link Teacher Pay To Students' Test Scores

CNN on-air: "Suspicious package found on White House grounds."

Spitzer fires new shot in Grasso pay war

UPDATE 1-Carlyle invests $25 mln in China loan guarantee co

More journalists killed in Iraq than in Vietnam

Governor (arnie) won't oust Reiner from commission

Voting machine woes force ballot backup

Iraqis tired of US-run show at criminal court

(Update) White House Package Harmless

Longtime A.P. Correspondent Ousted From Job in Vermont (For Leahy column)

Suicide Bomber Hits U.S. Convoy in Baghdad

Afghanistan says court to decide fate of convert

Former Iraqi minister refutes NBC report he told CIA about WMD

NYT/AP: Official: FAA Didn't Know Moussaoui's Plans

(Mass) Gov panel clears DSS in tragic beating

NKorea weapons 'could not hit US'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 22 March

Wolf at door for homeless shelters (won’t share data with city govt)

Republican Split on Stem Cells Creates Political `Wedge' Issue

Sun-Herald -2 barge workers killed (Gulfport, MS)

Abu Ghraib Dog Handler Is Unrepentant

Europe sees more Russian gas disruptions

Supreme Court Backs Searches in Some Cases

Argentina fires drinking water supplier

US targets "misinformation" on Iraq family deaths

Russia digs in against UN Council action on Iran

Senators Ask Rumsfeld To Simplify Military Voting

Bush to speak in West Virginia about Iraq war

Big Water Companies Quit Poor Countries (Privatisation failing)

FULFILLING DEMAND: GM to boost output of its large SUVs (WTF?)

NYT: Enron Ex-Treasurer Says Lay Endorsed Accounting

Iraqi Cameraman for CBS Faces Trial

Ferry sinks, passengers taken to Hartley Bay

Demand for home loans at lowest level this year

Voter registration firm hired by Riverside GOP under fire

(Sen. Craig) Thomas doubts Iraq in civil war

Ed Meese stumps for local candidate (slams Reid)

Bush Approval at 38% (Zogby Poll)

Republicans slam Democrat plan to hit Bush from (military) bases

Eta declares permanent ceasefire

American Research Group Poll: Bush Approval 37%

IRAQ: Aid agencies unable to enter Samarra (Blocked by US Troops)

(Harry) Reid criticizes President Bush as 'dangerously incompetent'

Predator controlled from Nevada crashes in Iraq

Republican defends Democrat's comment

N.Korean defector says disabled newborns are killed

Thousands of Russian women sold to slavery abroad

Asian workers riot in Dubai

(Katherine) Harris will "not own anything" after Senate race

Charges Dropped in Fla. Student Sex Case

Man Convicted of Rape Despite Having Twin With Same DNA

Studies Spot Obstacle to Human Transmission of Bird Flu

American Arrested in Bolivian Bombings

Iraq Vet Duckworth Wins Democratic Nomination In 6th

Irons (D) wins Alabama House District 1 race

Did anyone else just see Martin Short on The Late Show?


Get a Motivational Phone Call from any of 81 A-List (not) celebs


Okay, the Rupture just happened

Take a look at this. LOL.

39 years ago today, a baby was born.

I'm Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at this. LOL. Even funnier than Crazy Guggenheim.

Elvis face in the clouds? Photo


"Airplane" now showing on Comedy Central!

Anyone want to Piss off Hastert?

Only song by Toby Keith I like!

I have finally figured out the cure to my insomnia .

Unattended Toddler Leads to Arrest at Tulsa Strip Club

Wanna see my grandnephew? (Extreme Cuteness Alert!)

Up late again tonight

Alright, Fleabert destroyed any semblance of dignity I might have had.

Night everyone!

I finally have a post on the "Greatest" page!

Hello fleabert

When you flip someone off...

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Hans Brinker

I am the most pure liberal on DU.

Field Trip Today! Yay....Okay, not really, but...

I don't come here often...

Could someone get out the vaccuum in here

9/11, London bombers, vaccines, asbestos, Nick Berg, Wellstone, UN bombing

I need to get this out of my chest. (WARNING: grody to the max)

That Larry The Cable Guy film looks like a definite think piece...

How to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you need a new job

My car got broken into tonight. Fan-fucking-tastic. (pics for y'all)

Post 2006 in The Izzybeans' year 2006

i LOVE all the Debra Lafave coverage

Does your kitty like heights?

Okay dammit, how come nobody told me that all three seasons of

Record Bass Caught (25.1 lbs) - Catch And Release

One on one I'd beat Bush

Laura Bush's Miracle Twins (possible with the help of fertility)

How sad.. "No Whammies" show host & wife died in crash

I have a mild rant going in GD

I hate this damn cough

Passport photo critique

Hey! It's almost the weekend!

Toddler Wanders Into Strip Club (Dad Left Him In The Car)

Which European nation has the friendliest greeting?

I just found out that Chipotle is owned by McDonald's

Tell me, is this true?

Major annoyance: Reporters reporting on other reporters reporting

Shrub Twins: "miracles" - immaculately conceived - space aliens

Why am I not surprised that these peiple were dumb enough to get

look out for the flamewars today

Dog Thread

Happy... BIRTHDAY... to... William... SHATNER... 75... TODAY...

Super Bowl trip adds 4.5 years to prison sentence

I freaking love biathlon:

Game: A through Z of television shows>>>>>

OMG! Meet the T A L L E S T woman in China!

Prince did what to my house?!

Me, the obsessive worrier

Try the "bush shoot out" game.......

Spam has gotten so weird

Ugh...barking dogs...

Yeah! It seems that my "name" is starting to get around

girl ball-peens abductor,escapes

Happy Birthday George Benson.

Well aren't I the good little CAT STACKER

FYI- some Good News- all but 12 "Hurricane Kids" re-united with family


It is time for another "I performed my own vasectomy" thread.

Led Zeppelin Viking Kittens! what is more DU than this?

Sick of voting for a losing party then switch to the Republican Party. lol

Afterglow, the new Inxs song is really good....

Okay, the rupture just happened...

If I commit to a new job, how obligated am I?

10, 20, 30, 40,

I wonder if this new show "The Evidence" will be any good

Remember the guy who cut off his penis and threw it at cops?

Create a SouthPark version of your favorite celebrity!

Anyone know anything about the Air America music bumpers?

It's about 40 degrees outside, I'm wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and

self delete

I wish I could take my bed to work .

Antichrist survey

2, 3, 10, 12, 13, 20, ...

HAPPY ........... BIRTHDAY ............. WILLIAM ............. SHATNER....

Earworm ....

Who else does NOT have a Sandmine?

Evil face in the clouds? Photo

One month to Silent Hill...the Chained Thing wants a word with you...

The mask used in Halloween was the face of Shatner!

6 Questions for rbnyc

Help from my Richmond friends

Is it just me or is SPAM getting more and more bizarre?

Miami dancer says bulging bust got her fired

What's the best DU user_id you've seen recently?

What would happen if an Arquette married a Baldwin?

Any "Prison Break" Fans Here?

Texas Love Song -The more things change . . .

I won the lottery too!!!

Naked 'Green Machine' juice smoothie thingy

One of the greatest, underrated movies of all time:"Blood Simple"

Post something that didn't really happen to you today.


Anyone but me foolish enough to go to check out freepville and see their

Hump day earworm.

OK, The Web design people at my university are morons.

Tatum Delilah, Astrid Elizabeth and Fiona Nicole:

Small talk

YES!! "Jesus, take the wheel" (VIDEO)

Anyone know anything about those Sattelite Dishes that get intl programs?

Your Grateful Dead minute

Cocktails can save your life!

One month to Silent Hill...Pyramid Head sez HI!

Thank you and enjoy the buffet

i just installed trillian, ask me anything!!!

to those who rasing intelligent children

I Told You So:

Interesting: Just heard that Samuel L. Jackson....


2006 Democratic Underground Anti-Virus Poll

Free association of fiction.

Call Me Wesley is about to fall off the journal most viewed list

TV or movie characters--their fictional political bent

Caption Dumbass

I am an blithering idiot. an IDIOT!

matcom news flash: Man's pantyhose leads to his arrest!

i just installed tribbles, ask me anything!!!

YAY AMERICA! 65 Y.O. Stands On Street Corner With "Hire Me" Sign


Today there are 44 people farting for Bush.

My journal is all about me.

Hi. We're Mr. and Mrs. Peters. I believe we have your Aunt Bertha's figs.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to Undergo Surgery

Teen Thrown 1,307 Feet by Tornado (Fordland, Missouri), breaks record

Student Hoping MTV Can Find Him A Girlfriend

What exactly is Geraldo Rivera's appeal?

eBay seller offers "20Gb Ipod Recovered from Airplane Toilet –Blue tint!"

My mouse squeaks.

I just got the best job today!

There's a Great Blue Heron on my dock.

My good friends, who already have one of the cutest kids in the world

Best Journal Redesign

DU Funbox: Snarky, witty and capture the moment responses


for weeks, I have been trying to decide what to post for my 15,000th post.

My place is of the sun and this place is of the dark

There's a Great Blue Heron on my dick.

There's some great blue heroin on my dock.

joke for the day.

I just got the dribbles, ask me anything!

Where is BillySkank?

Today is my anniversary.

My Journal is now the Daily Poem Archives

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/22/06)

And now - time for some quality musical stylings from K-Fed


So this is how I post to my journal.

Man Arrested After Asking Police To Test His Crack Pipe

There's a Great Blue Heron on my duck.

Radio host fired after saying "coon" during Condi Rice discussion

My daughter turned 13 today

Dingbat Poll

Road trip music

Native Americans still shocked by US invasion of Iraq

Uno! Dos!

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Texas Police Arrest People In Bars For Public Intoxication - Massive Sweep

post here if you have nothing to do with the Kudzu thread

Tatum Delilah is a terrible baby name. Help Iris pick a replacement:

Inappropriate places for phone conversation.

Journal question: How do I get smilies to show up

Do you love animals? Could you use a warm fuzzy right about now?

TSS450PLT infinity speaker system

"If I have _____ in the kitchen, I can always make dinner." NOT take-out

Challenge: Name a work of fiction set in every state and province!!!!!

Who else does NOT have Minesweep?

'People like me because...'

What lounge "in" jokes are just too tired?

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Sex in the workplace

Hey DU'rs! Check out my agency's new website.

This guy's a freakin' genius (dialup warning)

Tell Hastert his days are numbered

Post an image of Jesus appearing in your food or around your house.

Okay, the rapture just happened...

My favorite bin Laden (major babeage alert)

Sexism in the workplace

A question for Allman Brothers fans

Animal lovers! Buddhists! Come one, come all!

How is it that I can post swears,but Skinner uses @&%#+! cartoon swears.

FUNK YOU!!!!! Favorite Funk Band


There's a snake in the grass. What do you do?

I think God just told me to quit my job

I beg your GD/P indulgence--S. 1955 is out of committee

OMG, The Shield... oh.... man..

80's Children - Remember this Cartoon?

Anyone quit smoking out here? I havent smoked a cigarette in 21 hours...

so my uncle loves cats...

Cool and useful or really dorky? You decide.

Things you'd rather do than sit through the Larry the Cable Guy movie

Today there are 44 people fasting for Bush

Ahhhh the 80s

Book Deal for Stephen Colbert, Man Who Coined "Truthiness"

Face It, The 80s Sucked

Isaac Hayes did NOT quit "South Park" on his own.

Robb called me a dingbat

"2008 + Reasons to Live"

post something obvious!!!!

New rule: Cat Threads

My Teenage Daughter Embarrassed Herself in French Class

I'm in a Hawaii state of mind! Join me for a pictorial romp! (PHOTOS)

Note to self

How happy is everyone today?

I won the lottery!

Pics from the first international DU meet-up

What Do You Do When You've Been an Idiot?

Questions you would ask God

Who else does NOT have a Landmine?

40 things you would NEVER, EVER hear a Redneck say...


You might be a Yankee if...

6 Questions:


How does one "kick" a message?

Why did you choose the avatar you use?

Location of Schools and the NCAA Tournament

my last post before i grab some sleep: american idol

a special message in my inbox this morning

*&^#@$& credit card company says they get mail on Sunday.

Newborn kitten photos! Get your fix


This is not really news to me, so I am not complaining. Just an

'Misquoting Jesus'...anyone reading this?

Why are the two obvious examples of evolution, mankind and dogs,

Interesting Article: "The Good Old Days"

Women of God

The Age of Autism: Allergic responses

FDA Hearing to Weigh Safety of ADHD Drugs

The Sun's New Exotic Neighbour

'Lack of deep sleep led to dinosaurs' demise'

SF Archdiocese Assailed Over Threat To Ban Gay Adoptions

Homosexual Marriage - a question

Spitzer Endorses Gay Marriage

A 16yo takes on Sen George Allen (R-Va)

ACLU To Defend Blogger In Ex-Gay Suit

Utah Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay Parenting Bill

Sacramento newspaper gay rights poll:

Why is it so hard for the politicians to use such simple language?

Cincy's search for new basketball coach includes some hot prospects

Bush to attend Reds' opener on April 3rd -- BLECHHH!!

Just finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows.

Pics of my new foster dog and a question for other rescues

How do I handle a momma cat who doesn't want me near her babies?

What's your cat's current favorite cat litter? Is it relatively dust free?

OK, I don't know if I have Jupiters new red spot to thank for this...

The president is about to be found in bed with either

Very cool response

Republicans release Ad that Mischaracterizes Feingold's Censure Resolution

I'm trying to find the audio for the Ulster speech

Kerry in Puerto Rico

THK Kerry to be Honored with Award in the Field of Suicide Prevention

When is it too late

Kerry's Defense Fund - against the 'Stolen Honor' lawsuit

The OTHER dems finally get on board??

We Love John Kerry update: we love THK, too!

A disturbing dream - natural disaster and MY CAMERA !!

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/22/06: War on the Media

63% of the people want US troops out. What people? The Japanese people

Grants Flow To Bush Allies On Social Issues...


In Death and Service, Soldiers are only Army personnel

The V-Chip on one of my TVs blocks FAUX

Dayton Daily News fires back at misinformer Bill O'Reilly

Um... Is Faux News Channel (Cable) 'Dark' In Your Area ???

US asks Arab countries to pressure Hamas to deal with Israel

I thought Bush said previously that the Iraqis would decide when we exit..

A shameless plug for a great blue company!!! The Organic Wine Company

Jesus! Doc goes to help Africans, gets killed by crocodile!

Saudi govt bars men from selling lingerie

"I did notice that nobody from the Democratic Party has actually stood up"

Bush joke

Have you ever had a town hall meeting with your Senator or Congressperson?

Iraq Veterans-- a huge new wave of homeless men

who was that precocious little blonde girl on Leno tonight?

BBC runs special report on Iraqi civilians killed by US troops

Like a big bag of stupid...

Warning, Lib Republicans: Your Pro-Homosexual Record Will Cost You Votes

Choice -- new toon 3/22

Mother Goose and Grimm -- Paul Revere Riding again :) :)

Baron von Bushhausen ( Toon waiting to be made )

Regarding this "Noah's Ark" thread...

Grants Flow To Bush Allies On Social Issues

My LBN Tread was moved -- against the DU rules...

Voices from the UK: "Well, well, well. The penny's finally dropped."

The rise and rise of the un-West, Rice maintains Iran the challenge...

Gunmen Kill 20 in Breakout at Iraqi Jail

ADHD has become speed drug of choice - addictive

Documents Show U.S. Spied on France

Do you love animals? Could you use a warm fuzzy right about now?

Cook County, Illinois, is a total train wreck tonight.

Bush choose Helen Thomas as the best foil so he could go back to his

New probe into US killing of civilians in Iraq

A cruel question I wish Helen Thomas would ask.

LOL! C-Span Caller: Repukes calling in are like Jimmy Jones Followers!

What did we expect?

Post # 2000 Pinch me!

Lapham On Impeachment Coming Up On C-SPAN

Local party leader recorded making threats to elected official

The vilification of North Korea begins - OMG, they're killing babies!

Just heard from a friend in Spain that ETA has announced

Supreme Court to Rule on Patent for Your Thoughts ...

What is plan


Wal-Mart Sushi Arrives in Plano, Texas

I know this is a risky statement to make BUT:

So, how's your state governor doing these days...

Just a sad story about one Afghan girl.

Another question about The Idiot's Q&A Yesterday

Here we go again with the AAR stream.

Colin Powell: "Leadership Is All About Followership"...

Bar Sweep Sparks Controversy In Texas

Helen Thomas is the epitome of "Fair and Balance"

they are talking of the Helen Thomas question on Imus.

ACLU or RW'er

The Idiot's Q&A Yesterday

Reply from Sen. Patty Murray(D) to my email re: censure/impeachment.

NYT-MUST/MUST READ (MoDo) Fly Into A Building? Who Could Imagine?


Who can believe this twit on CSPAN now? We are going to rely on

Anyone with an opinion to share on Bill Press?

How "rigged" was yesterdays news conference?

Fair and Balanced: Meet Ben Domenich

How long before Bush calls on Helen again?

Iraq Propaganda Program Cleared as Legal by Inquiry. But is it Right?

Local Utah radio show BASHING BUSH NOW

Let's NOT Forget: Bush "was thinking about invading Iraq in 1999"

"Those lies Again"

Saddam's FM was on CIA payroll

I just emailed this LTTE. Think they'll print it?

George Bush is not running again....but his accomplices are...

Happy Happy Joy Joy Bush to give a talk in West VA on Iraq

Dumbya to the troops in Iraq: You have been abandoned.

Iraqi Cameraman for CBS Faces Trial

VIDEO- Helen Thomas on MSNBC- as young woman with Nixon

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on Bush's latest speech

Just for funsies!!!

So, when are we going into Iran? (I mean officially, not counting the

French racism report causes controversy

NJ-Sen, OH-Sen: Running scared from radioactive Bush and Cheney

WOW! Dems Lead GOP (2 to 1) In SENATE Fundraising!

Shrub Twins: "miracles" - immaculately conceived - space aliens

Why we should have a healthy fear of the military...

Elayne Boosler & Mario Solis-Marich

Russ Never Sleeps

American Arrested in Bolivian Bombings

Can any nurses out there help me???

Pentagon Reporter: Shock & Awe-type Action May be Coming to Iraq Soon

CIA: Ex-Agents Must Get Approval To Blog-Larry Johnson Smells Censorship

For those following the Lafave sex scandal - Mom speaks:

Has anyone here ever tried to get on Hammity's program?

How Stupid -- Man Asks Police To Test Crack Pipe

How can so many veterans back Bush*

IRAQ: Aid agencies unable to enter Samarra

"These guys could fuck up a baked potato"

Breaking News: Washington Post publishes a cat scan of bush's brain.

Prince did what to my house?!

Imus promoting child molestation on TV...

Raw Story: "Mea culpa: Redesign reversal, and tell your friends"

Rumsfeld: Iraq can maintain war without US help

Iraqi Cameraman for CBS Faces Trial

Bush, like Johnson, is hearing voices

WOOHOOO!! C_SPAN caller asking Bushbot to explain PNAC docs

"Plan for Victory" is the big banner in back of podeum for speech in Wv.

Scientology Riots Erupt (Bad Reporter)

VIDEO: Nightline trashes the "you only report the bad stuff" talking point

Charlie Sheen believes 9/11 was a controlled demolition.

TOON: Bush caught by Hurricane Latrina

Republicans vs. Civil Liberties -- 1862 Edition

Norm Coleman says he's not going to run?

Helen goofed in her question yesterday and allowed B*sh

War Crime Alert - US troops blocking aid, violates Geneva Conventions

Did ANYONE hear one word from Helen about Afghanistan???????

Abu Ghraib, Haditha, Abu Sifa

Pissypants Just Looks More and More Nixonian ---pix--->>>

Iraqis tired of U.S.-run show at criminal court

Chimpeach! (Today's bumper stickers)

"In Defense of a Play" - a letter by Harold Pinter, others

Did this quote originally come from the Wa Po (reality-based community )

VIDEO- Richard Engel-I've Never Seen Iraqis so depressed

A "Liberal" war supporter defects, admits it was folly to trust Bushists

Russ Never Sleeps

Russ on "The Daily Show" Tonight

VIDEO - U.S. Investigates Killing of Iraqi Civilian Family

Chimpy giving ANOTHER "unscripted" Q & A Today

Joint Chiefs of Staff Essay Condemns Bush GITMO Policy

City approves ban on feeding homeless downtown

Don't miss Democracy Now if you are following Rachel Corrie...

Carville kicks ass

US Troops are Blocking Aid Agencies From Entering Samara

Is Chimpy screeching yet? Time to turn on the telly?

WE are the majority!!

Bushitter keeps talking about freedom...

BushCo has abandoned the claim of a "coalition" fighting in Iraq

The idiot is on MSNBC and Faux

Conyers on Hartmann Now...

If we are going to report on the number of schools built in Iraq,

Does Mr.bush know that Afghanistand and Iraq are 2 different countries?

Given the Fact That POS Bush Drops in Polls Every Time he Talks Now...

Bush admitted that he's LOST the war on TERROR

Don sL-IMUS is a self-hating scumbag

There ya go! Truth nugget

The Taliban have established a foothold in the Pakistani tribal areas!

There it is again..

If a person can get that far with a "suspicious package" how safe

This is like one of those old Hercules movies - out of synch...

CNN is becoming the "suspicious package" network

a seriously upset Wash. Journal caller made a funny


NOW fighting back in Pa. - Sandals over Casey

Paramedic who worked at WTC morgue dies of respiratory illness

Quick question

The Media Made *, And They Can Destroy Him

A Short History of the Bush Administration Apollo Project

Helen Thomas to be interviewed on msnbc "coming up shortly:

I wonder if they have a Bush double ready yet.

Just one more "unscripted" appearance and everyone will be calling for

Visa Debuts RFID-Enabled Payment Card

Bolivia to nationalize natural resources by July: president

Top CNN Story - Family Survives After 17 Days in Wilderness

AP Erases Tape of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy

Sam Seder (Al Franken Show) just had a Limbaugh clip

Souter denounces first dissent written by Roberts

RUSS on Daily Show Tonight !

Tom's of Maine is being purchased by Colgate-Palmolive

Vatican change of heart over 'barbaric' Crusades

When Will The Swiftboating Of Tammy Duckworth Begin?

Something is seriously wrong with the presidents' brain...

Turned on CNN to see *

Interesting: Just heard that Samuel L. Jackson....

War on Cows!

another clue proving a metamorphosis

Where did they get this fuckin' crowd? Standing ovation for ripping

I'm going to miss Sam Seder

Illegal War...Illegal Wiretapping...WHY IS THIS MAN NOT IMPEACHED!!

Ned Lamont to be on Franken's show today (Seder hosting)

Ex-Iraqi Minister Says CIA-WMD Report TOTALLY Fabricated

Ned Lamont on AAR right now

Breaking News: Bush loves living in the White House

Lalu Prasad Yadav - a name to bookmark in case we regain control

WTF does "Educator in Chief" mean?? (Mr.bush's latest self label)

Tweety Matthews: We only show good economic news, not bad

I don't see what the point is with the play-by-play of the Bush speech

Did you see the SS agent that look the Pamphlets from Bush

Am I being selfish?

Thoreau, the original American liberal activist

After listening to Bush today, can anyone deny we need some masks made?

The Monkey is ready to take the stage in W VA!!!!

* just said how important it is to have integrity in politics

Analysis of speech and Q&A

How will * supporters react when/if Bush is impeached or leaves office?

Secret Service: WH mysterious package was done by repeat offender

The Clooney Collection...

My, What a Big Backdrop You Have, Little Man! ---pix--->>>

Leave it to W

Oglala Sioux Tribe President stands up against SD abortion bill

Parents Upset School Gave Kindergarteners Clorox

"strangers stand up and say we are praying for you"...Bush

oh dear God the hand picked Bush crowd is also blaming the media!!!

The Monkey is ready to take the stage in W VA!!!! >> Thread #2

Shrub's in the Greenhouse Again.

Wine critic, Robert Parker, bristles at Bush comparison

The Soldiers speak

Supreme Court Has Chance to Make Significant Law Regarding War on Terror !

This is HUGH!!..I'm Series!! It's like being "stocked" by a spocksperson

How can rich M**F**s even talk about problems with Social Security

BREAKING: "Suspicious package" found at WH....right on cue.

WaPo blogger Domenech: Coretta Scott King was a communist

The Ballad of Dubya the Kid

Breast Cancer

Zogby: Bush 38% approval

I need links to Bush linking Iraq to: 9/11 or al-Qaeda or terrorism

Humor item of the day

VIDEO - Murtha Responds to Bush's Press Conference

Bush/Rove Joke

So, just how do you get a "suspicious package" right next to the...

Quote from CSPAN caller:

Please DU this poll!!!

How long would * have lasted as CEO of your business?

Bush video, Ohio 2004

Ex-Enron Treasurer: Skilling, Lay Lied

Top 10 Reasons Cheney Won't Resign

How many schools have we built in Iraq, and how many do they need?

It's not about Repugs vs Dems but Hawks vs Doves

CondiBot just says NO to NFL post....

My LTTE ragarding Repub support of wiretapping...

Some crazy idiot is up on the CIA BLDG in Pittsburgh with a gun!!!!!

Just Like Nixon, Plus Backdrops ---pix--->>>

Democracy: What A Concept / Campaign for a National Popular Vote

Do you know who has delivered the best smack down of the far right so far?

Dubai Funds Neil Bush's Company

This Tammy Duckworth isn't going to know what hit her in the fall (Il 6th)

Every morning Washington Journal has some Hack trying to sell the war

FAUX News: Too late, we're already probably at war with Iran.

Why the economy won't fail.

I sure don't see the Media giving Democrats much air time.

Little Lord Pissypants ENDORSED Iraq's Islamofascist constitution

South Park and politics

whats up with Harry Reid and this?

the Fox news panel agreed that it is the media's fault


I Love Helen! Curious About Something . . . . . .

Stars & Stripes letter: "I don't like George W. Bush."

Anyone quit smoking out here? I havent smoked a cigarette in 21 hours...

Yes, bush the psychopath really did say this...

Bear Stearns warns against airline stocks due to 'imminent' bird flu!!!

From the Illinois' Sixth (Cegelis vs. Duckworth) to PDA

Was that Iraqi General on The Daily Show legit? WMD's?

'It's my turn to talk,' says Michael Schiavo

Newspaper Sues for NSA Wiretap Docs

Another Awesome Freeper Post - Proving * integrity!

If underemployed/unemployed, read this.

Men, I need a show of hands

Helen Thomas will be on the Guy James show TOMORROW...

Looks like there may have been at least one dissenter at the * love fest

I also frequent a football message board

April May Bring New Medicare Drug Problems

Our local Democratic Club had 7

Did you See? Lewis Lapham (Harpers Mag) Impeach Bush/C-Span WJ

The Contract with America...12 Years Later

How many guys gave their virginity to an older woman?

The United States Debt To the Penny

****See the CRASHING THE GATE ad HERE***and tour dates

Distorted propganda about new Walmart in Atlanta.

So Bushie wants kids to learn more science and math...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)

I think I have seen the future.

Supreme Court splits on police searches (rules for the People!)

Anyone seen any reaction to *'s little love fest today?

how many plants in the audience ...

Excused juror in Lodi terror case skeptical about alleged confession

The Savage Weiner: War in Iraq is 'White Man's Burden'

The “My Lai Phase” Of The Iraq War


I have come to the conclusion that Humanity is doomed

Best idea ever!!! Randi Rhodes on Bill Maher's panel

March 22nd in Iraq

No terror attacks in US since war of terror?

Federal standardized testing for colleges coming?

Rightwingnuts say a painted school is MORE IMPORTANT than DEAD Americans.

Welcome To Shrub's Townhall World... Media's Wrong, Shrub's Right

Which one of you is feeding bananas to Bob Dole?

* speech covered live, right now...

What was that on my TV? A mock People cover with Wolf as Sexiest Man...

Is it really all about winning or is it about getting policies we want?

Help need link to: Gore really won in 2000. The article that stated

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leslie Blitzer!!!

Who Was Impacted/Affected by/Learned the Most from 9/11?

This happened at a VA hospital of all places...the tide continues to turn

David Schuster on Hardball last night

LTTEs that probably won't be published, part 1

Abu Ghraib dog handler gets six months

LTTEs that probably won't be published, part 2

LTTEs that probably won't be published, part 4

89-year-old woman blacklisted by McCarthy to be honored

Today's dog & pony show was Rove's attempt to shut the media up

I was hearing it on Wisconsin Public Radio today

New Bushism alert

LTTEs that probably won't be published, part 3

I was hearing it on Wisconsin Public Radio today

Countdown tonight: War on Media, guest Helen Thomas

ALERT: IRS wants to sell your tax return

Red State Family Values

Caption this pic of the godly administration!

Bushisms as a classroom tool. My son's 6th grade class has

75, 30, 28, 23, 23, 22, 6, 5, 5, 3, 3.

The Educator in Chief. He really said it...

'Missile' Crocodile Grabs, Kills Well-Known Infectious Disease Expert

Bob Dole just reminded everyone that 3000 people died on 9/11.

So, GWB says it will be up to "future presidents"

'Lack of deep sleep led to dinosaurs' demise'

Heads Up: Court TV Has A Segment On Haditha

How is an electronic voting machine any different than an exploding tire

Freeper e-mail of the day

Man was choked, taunted at work wins $1 million abuse case

Bush to campaign for SANTORUM: $10,000 for a photo with them

Fred Barnes demonstrates how to live in a fantasy world w/o imagination

Hey tucker carlson, you milquetoast punkette!

It Stops Tomorrow - March, 23, 2006

From Freeperville: The Cult of Dumbya Lives !!!!!!

The Bush Presidential Library

Lou Dobbs talking of Bush speech today

Finally,Well worth the wait

Reid: "We Don't Want to Stay the Course, We Want to Change The Course"!

Lewis Lapham and his book on Impeachment

Did Saddam move his WMD's to Syria? You decide.

School Cancels Diversity Day Over 'Ex-Gay' Demands

Long Time AP Correspondent FIRED For Posting "Partisan" Column

Randi to be Lou Dobbs regular?

Daily Show 3/21 guest says WMD's were in Iraq and moved to Syria?

I just Emailed Helen Thomas:[email protected] a gigantic THANK YOU!

If Saddam had WMDs, why would he move them to Syria?

How now, Mad Cow?

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep it kicked:)

VIDEO-Jerks and Smirks - Suck Up Bubble Audience Edition March 22 06

Ashcroft, 1st AG to become a "help" in homeland security.

Bush said "I'M THE EDUCATOR-IN-CHIEF!" I can't stop laughing!

Randi is totally smacking down a RW/freeper caller RE: abortion

I am HUMLIATED! I've started to watch Tweety and Lou Dobbs!

Make her spend it all!

Democrats sweep... A sign of things to come?

Gonzales Points Finger in War on Drugs:

When Law and Ethics Collide — Why Physicians Participate in Executions

Heads Up everyone tomorrow on Lou Dobbs - Chinese.......

Thanks, DU.

No nooz on Claude Allen anymore?

Convicted Soldier Unrepentant in Court: Dog Handler at Abu Ghraib

Army Still Trips Over Cover-Up

Editor fired for running Leahy's opinion - how can we fight this?

Bush truly is our "Educator in Chief."

Rumsfeld: Iraqis Now Capable Of Conducting War Without U.S. Assistance

July 5, 2001 Richard Clarke warned the FAA of impending terrorist attack

HAW HAW: Katherine Harris Vows to Sell Her Assets to Pay for Campaign!

LOL!! Tweety Says Cheney Should Go to Iraq with His Rifle! hahaha

It was OK for Phelps to protest AIDS victims funerals

I Think We're Going To Whomp The Repukes In November

Bush should NOT be impeached! (I'm serious about this.)

A message to Congressional Dems; FIGHT OR GO HOME.

Scariest bumper sticker ever!

After 5 years of * we have all had it up to our eyeballs (animated gif)

Carlson on MSNBC lying in promo openly...

MSNBC live vote on Congress and staff moving into lobbyist positions.

Christians distressed by The Da Vinci Code-ready to refute...

Russ Feingold will be on the Daily Show tonight

KERIK: "Arab nation's SYMPATHY for the US could be in doubt" re: Ports

Chavez: Bush is a Drunken Donkey (Pics)

CNN: Drywall Jesus

A Right Winger's Confession --- Makes Me Want To Puke...

Olielly rips into Helen Thomas

19 'arrested' on Monday - Sit In at Ron Wyden's office

Yesterday morning on the West Coast: waking up with George W. Bush

Wow! This poll doesn't even need to be DU'd!

Why isn’t the Christian Right yelling to high heaven because of Afghan man

Just a question about gay marriage and polygamy.

Savage: American Imperialism over Muslim imperialism

"Friends don't let friends vote Republican" (Elephant with strike-out)

Three Names, Three Stories, Three Lives

Iran poses threat to dominance of the US dollar

Some classes are being divided up by sex......

Domenech called Coretta Scott King a Communist

"I am the President of the United States and I am scared...

I'm Famous!!! (Edited to add op-ed piece)

Ok, someone pleae help...

Image of Jesus in drywall heals the sick

WTF is wrong with Kansas? Why don't we expel them and be done with it?

Helen Thomas: They didn't do anything to you, or to our country.

Lou Dobbs Quickvote

How can a moron such as Bush, never have the chance to become President?

The most important information of the day: Clinton admin, caught,

Tonight on Law & Order looks like a must see

The Pubs are always using the line: Support the President in Time of War

List of things "going well" in Iraq?

Religious Death Squads Killing Gays in Iraq

my latest ltte re: my son and the war

How many GM workers will take $140K to "sell" their retirement health care

In honor of all the Electronc Voting "glitches" yesterday....

Bev Harris burned ANDY. And we're surpised she burned a source why?

OK, we invaded, overthrew your government, tore up your country,

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings!!!! IMPORTANT!

Bush and Iraq: Image vs Anti-Image

(VIDEO) Randi Rhodes smacks down Bay Buchanan

I need your help to determine how to handle situation- re rotary blogging

U.N. warns of worst mass extinctions for 65m years

Bully for CNN! They didn't follow the marching orders...

Holy Crap! Up to 56 million American jobs could be outsourced.

Sibel Edmonds files motion in court to recuse Judge Reggie Walton

Traffic cops in KS will start fingerprinting motorists

Right-wing's love and hero-worship of George Bush makes it impossible...

17 yr. old girl lost in Egypt - nobody cares

"HBO's 'Big Love': Combination of Sexual and Cult Fascination!!!"

RICE hits sour note: major Liverpool orchestra may boycott her visit!

Democratic Underground: "I wish I knew how to quit you!"

**Update on missing Milwaukee children**

The Budget and the Damage Done

F***! Langugae alert (DUH!)

Posted this letter behind my front door, on my fridge and by the computer.

Lou Dobbs poll: Is the media to blame for opposition to war?

Flight instructor warned FAA, breaks down on stand in Moussaoui trial

Terrorist Surveillance program in action

Roses for Helen Thomas like we did for Barbara Boxer?

Leaked letter in full: UK diplomat outlines Iran strategy!!!!!!!!!!

Condi as a belly-dancer?

Mark Warner for President - 2008?

A Strong Christian Woman

Milwaukee boys vanish while this story won't be 24/7

What do you think about legislators deciding morality issues?

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 17)

Veterans: How do you feel about the issue of Universal Single

Does the Bible forewarn of Bush?

Afghan man faces death for abandoning Islam

Witchunt in Colorado: X-tian Teacher suspended for showing Faust

Just the sheer thought of gay marriage puts my marriage at risk

To my friends at "Democratic Underground,"

"The only moral abortion is my abortion" - A whole page of hypocrisy

I think I may have touched on how to counteract fundies.........

Bev Harris burned her source

Democratic law students meet at Harvard with Dean to organize.

13 suggested audience questions for Bush's next public appearance

AIPAC works against US interests - JERUSALEM POST - study

Meet Ben Domenich

"Maybe we can (get something going) in Iran"

Feingold connects at home - Rural Constituents Applaud Censure

What did they tell you to say? And I have a follow-up...

Where is the quote by George W Bush about if he had a chance to go to war?

The thirsty fine line between truth and fiction...

The GOP - you gotta hand it to them!

Help please--does anyone have the link to a thread a day or so ago

Jewish attacks hint at deep malaise

Grants flow to Bush allies on social issues

The theocracy of George Walker Bush . . . its legacy . . .


Compassion in Action? at least $157 million to conservative groups

Question - Would Iraqis elect Saddam if given that option?

ETA has announced a permanent cease-fire.

Can't find text of speech yesterday, did idiot-in-chief use the

My Helen Thomas Fantasy

A Media Matters 50-state strategy

C-span now. Lewis Lapham. Impeach.


Lewis Lapham, Harper's editor,on C-Span to make case for Bush impeachment.


Republicans slam Democrat plan to hit Bush from bases

MSNBC brownshirt Randy Meier continues the swiftboating of Helen Thomas

Dear Mr. President:

DNC: The Un-Sweet Sixteen: Breaking Down the Brackets on Repuke corruption

Even if WMDs found, would it justify invading Iraq?

Is it part of the Bush/Rove strategy to "attack the press"?

Can someone explain the up coming Medicare penalty.

We need more people Like Ruben Zamora in politics.

On DU, there are plenty of threads about the press conference

Why don't we tax the Iraqis?

"We The ISP" - our last bastion of FREEDOM

Is it only CBS that has a cameraman under arrest in Iraq?

Help Nick Lampson kick Delay's butt.

What's really in the suspicious package at the White House?

Photo: Bush "walks to Air Force 1," confidence oozing from every pore.

FreepNationalReview predicts: March to the Senate (state by state)

He's Right About That - "He Can't Look Mothers In The Eye" ask

How can anyone buy into this Bushit?

GOP "peace room" to counter attacks from Reid's "war room"

Please sign this petition re: Katherine Harris

Bush uses the "faith-based" funding issue well, doesn't he?

Lots of catterwauling from right wing radio about the lack of good news

Philly Inkquirer's Dick Polman on Gore possibilities

Delete. Dupe of Harper's Impeachment (C-SPAN)


I'm waiting for the inevitable "Suspicious package on USS Lincoln" joke...

exiles stunned Bush seemed unaware of Sunnis and Shiites existence

Senator Feingold and Electability.

I Thank God That You're My Commander And Chief.... Keep Telling

Cheney says claim insurgency in its "last throes" was "basically accurate"

Blagojevich (D) v Topinka (Nazi), IL Governor's Race

Those People Behind * All Have Sour Faces....

Doctor group decries hospital's care for poor - at Senator Frist's Hospita

Invitation from BERNIE SANDERS: AL FRANKEN comedy benefit

smirk bribes religiously insane with $157 million of our money

Russ on "The Daily Show" Tonight

Weren't "conservatives" opposed to good news about Iraq before the war?

OC weekly Blog: Corruption breeds bargains

So W is very sure he'll be passing our troubles to the next president?

C&L Vid clip of Helen Thomas putting Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer in his place...

Durbin: Hearings Needed On Warrantless Surveillance

Ny Daily News: I'm boss, Hil tells Bill

Elaborate U.S. bases raise long-term questions

More "compassionate conservatism"

Bush to American Public:

How will Bush Presidency end?

Boxer email:-- support of Bill Nelson against Katherine Harris (FL)

Bush: "It's time to get a government in place" (In Iraq, not here at home)

"Eternal fascism" - Any of this sound familiar?

Michael Moore question: did he ever claim Flight 93 landed in Cleveland?

Is it the story of Aiofe

"Fox Fans" SPEAK OUT on Bush & Iraq: "He is showing his resolve..."

Meet Denny Hastert's Dem opponent, John Laesch!

HARPERS EDITOR ON C-SPAN will tell YOU why we must Impeach, CALL HIM!

Chavez: Bush is a Drunken Donkey (Pics)

Judge in Libby Trial Hides Financial Background

"cut and run" ... you mean like bush is doing with Social Security, NOLA

Bush in WV, Smirk Overdrive: "I'm PULLIN' fer mah LONGHORNS!"

Quick Question: Weren't we a "Nation at War" when Clinton was Impeached???

Bush,Rather and Rahman...

Statement Of Sen. Patrick Leahy On Sunshine Week 2006

2006 Dem Prospects - Steve Clemons (New America Fndtn) Norm Ornstein (AEI)

His Royal Chimpness can't even protect the WHITE HOUSE

The Rethug Ad against Sen. Feingold UPDATE WITH TRUTH SERUM

'American Theocracy,' by Kevin Phillips

How in the hell are these witnesses helping Against Moussaui?

Prosecutors Want DeLay Charges Reinstated

And so the pointless exercise of voting by machine continues...

New website opened. DemocraticWarrior. You are invited to signup.

Rawstory: Group files IRS complaint against pastor network aiding Santorum

Does * Go To Church Every Sunday?

O'Reilly: Press undermines Bush, thinks he's a dummy, don't like him....

Who wants to piss off Hastert?

Fox News' Cameron Spins For The President, And Bush Happily Plays Along

Enter the Natalie Portman character - Wed cartoon

Neil Cavuto-- "We're already at war with Iran

Must read article from Observer's Chris Lehmann on Feingold and the Dems

C-SPAN - Bushie focuses on COCAINE... It's hard to break an old habit!

Bush was required to link Saddam to 9-11 to get his war

Softball question time: "do you like living in the White House?"

"Hey AL GORE lovers: You must see this!"

great piece about "the media only reporting the bad news in iraq"

Who can beat the right wing media juggernaut?

Does anybody get the feeling the DLC is jamming us with Hillary?


It's about time.

Would a Clinton Clinton ticket be legal?

General Clark *hearts* liberal votes, buys stereotype about liberals.

Enzi Bill Needs to be Stopped

Rasmussen: "Montana Senate: Burns burnt?"

"TCNs" or third-country nationals employed at Gitmo

Mississippi outlaws sex toys

Cegalis-Duckworth Race update.

Bush's Strange Speech Mannerisms

Should Moussaoui face a death penalty?

Will GM buy me out please?