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Archives: March 20, 2006

Afghan teachers, students go to school in fear

Bush's Iran plan a time bomb with explosive results (The Age / Australia)

Facts make women's Plan B an easier pill to swallow

In risky move, (local) newscasts adopt (add) product placements

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 237

Democrats' Key to Success: the Spiritual Left

Protesters attack Newmont camp (Indonesia)

Wolverines World-Class Travelers, Radio Tracking Study Shows- ENN

Consensus On Kempthorne - Nice Guy, Charming But Lacking In Substance

Biofuels won’t power world alone

Finland's Goal To Cut 10 Million Tons GHGs (About 12%) By 2012 In EU Plan

Copper supply worries hit globe

Soapstone Fireplace

Isn't starving people because they practice democracy and elect

Rabbi calls for 'UN of religions'

who are these 4 guys? looks like maybe FDNY bomb squad

Anita's thread needs 5 fricken votes

According to Diebold, 193+198=369

Tomorrow I talk to CA SOS McPherson - what questions should I ask him?

Candlelight vigil covered on KCRG tonight (Sunday) at 10pm


Appetizer recipes for a games group....

Liberals announce new rules for would-be leaders

Anti-Thaksin protesters defy cops (Thailand)

Maoists, parties reach fresh pact for anti-King movement (Nepal)

BUSH.....No Apologies For Iraq

Looting of archeological treasures continues in Afghanistan

Bomb blast rocks Pakistani police van, killing 7

Afghan FM says Osama, Zawahri and Mulla Omar all in Pakistan

Justices Reach Out to Consider Patent Case (SCOTUS)

An Armchair Tour of Media Reports on War's Anniversary

Blair hits poll low in sleaze row

Latin American Leftists Redefine Politics

US objectives in Iraq prove elusive

WP: Increase in Contracting Intelligence Jobs Raises Concerns

Senators' trip kicks off critical US-China period

Unsafe imports slip through regulatory net

Rumsfeld singled out as crisis deepens in Iraq(American army general)

Grim find shows normalcy still eludes New Orleans (2 bodies found)

Withdraw French law or workers walk: union

Former ambassador urges public dissent (Joe Wilson)

'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills'

Iraqi police report details civilians' deaths at hands of U.S. troops

Have any of you heard of the band "Mondo Rock"?

I changed my signature. Check it out

Will Josh finally kiss Donna on West Wing tonight?

Strangers googling each other on the internet?!

March Madness Bracketologists: What Teams do you have a hard time

Don't forget tonight's Boondocks has Ronald Reagan and White Heaven

How come Sierra Mist can poke fun at airport security?

"The War at Home" - funniest show on tv this year!

I have ex-or-sahhhhhzed the demons-uh

Who's watching West Wing?

Frakking October!!!!!!

Did a walk-through inspection of the condo I am buying today....

You run and you run to catch up with the sun but its sinking

"40 Year Old Virgin" (Movie)

Adult Swim Poll

Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle!

Excuse me, has anyone seen the ZombyWoof?????

Do you travel and stay in hotels? Watch Dateline NBC right now.

Anybody watching "Perfect Disaster: Supertornado" on Discovery?

That cat's something I can't explain...

Folding Clothes.....

I'm studying for an exam in an interesting way...

OK, you're a superhero. Would you rather fly or be invisible.

ZombyGrandson, a balloon, and some fries!

Granola recipe

On my first day of college

I miss making fun of Rumsfeld's gestures

Why are foul shots so fucking hard for basketball players?

Post a Movie that the Critics loved, but you hated.

I just won 10 dollars on an instant scratch off ticket

Took the wee one to see "Shaggy Dog" today

Synonyms for "cool" throughout the generations?

Anyone else watching the disasters on Discovery Channel?

"Boondocks" thread (Reagan and White Heaven)

Anyone else watching the disasters on Discovery Channel?

Heads up Austinites, Central Texas!!!

I lost my brother-in-law today

Serenity model in the works.

picture of my bear breasts (dial-up warning)

***OMG!! Who Else Is Watching "West Wing"?***SPOILERS FOR WEST COAST

a new citizen

Classical Arts Bookends in Chicago

TV shows

Ahhh... I love the smell of flame wars in the morning....

Constitutionalized or Constipated?

Why shouldn't I work for the N.S.A.?

Fuck it, I'm smoking in the house tonight. Nobody here to tell me that

Forrest Gump is ignoring me

Is getting laid the same as...


Uncle Sam wants to get him a piece of that!

Operation Blackbird

OK, what kind of energy drink are you imbibing?


Do you ever feel like everyone at DU is pissed off at you?

Post a random picture...

Why shouldn't I work for the NSMA?

Truck driver joke

Synchronized or Syncopated

Is there any TV series you'd LIKE to see as a movie?

Post a pic (less than 50k) of some of your ancestors from 1917:

Jeebus take the wheel, cause I can't drive for squat...

Perfect shirt for Call Me Wesley

*******MILESTONES******* 3/19

best soundtrack ever for a movie

It's Almost pics from my garden......Dial-up warning...

My son James was brought home by the police today, I'm so proud

L. Ron Hubbard: "It was my responsibility that this world got an A-Bomb"

Isn't the Circle Game one of the most touching romantic songs

Is getting laid off the same as getting fired?

I can't get my computer out of Safe Mode......

"Vendetta" Bloodies Box Office 1#

Okay, who else watched "Big Love" tonight?

Has "The Sopranos" jumped the shark?

Let's Pretend We're Sweethearts.

Whatever it was that I did in a past life.....

There's always room for a cat photo thread.

Somebody needs to cut me down to size...I have an answer for everything

Bird Flu-Any one a tiny bit worried?


Definitive proof that god doesn't exist:

Nigerian bishop claims to bring the dead to life

'Buddha Boy' comes into contact, disappears again

Perhaps we could consider other additives:

Periodic discussion/commentary on Guns, Germs, and Steel?

Tigers are third in the American League, 3.5 ahead of Spankees


*New Matthew message*

Journalist who reported fairly on Kerry v. Bush under attack

Christians and Muslims Working Together!

Dumbass journal question

If you're a Libertarian who owns a SUV and complains of gas prices...

Scholars for 9-11 Truth hold press conf outside Moussaoui Trial

Three years ago tonight....

Bush still sees no reason to apologise

Lou Dobbs said Good-by to Lucia Newman - anyone know why?

Kung fu legend's death linked to epilepsy (Bruce Lee)

Robbers Try To Rob Cashless Credit Union (DOH!)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask

Peace Demonstration in Alameda, CA (Photos)

Isn't starving people because they practice democracy and elect

Timeline:The Last 3 Years In all Its Horror (Thinkprogress)

Durst gets it. "Don't Impeach- Impale

Turn on 60 MINUTES: global warming & bushie admin. n/t

Is there such a thing as political bigotry?

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Three LTTE's

Dinosaurs on the ark

"cried over the war?" WTF? Get out and vote over the war!!!

"This army is different....these soldiers are 'volunteers'"...

Two Great Comics from Today's Paper (I don't have access to Opus)

We Dems in the "Wilderness" are looking for "Attilla the Hulk" with some


'Flake factor' plagues Harris Senate campaign (Carl Hiassen)

Susan Sarandon to play Cindy Sheehan in a movie

Feingold fans: Chat going on at

Mike Wallace&Gromit, Brian Williams and Roe v Wade (comic)

"Trapped in between life and death" - a heartbreaking story

Law and Order Criminal Intent doing Abramoff/DeLay

WW II videos make you think....

V is dominating box office receipts

The Guardian (Monday): Rumsfeld singled out as crisis deepens in Iraq

Cheney admits he's been working on Domestic Spying for the past 30 years

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots is now in Journal format

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave...

Happy 3rd Anniversary; The USA and Iraq .... will the love grow?

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

3 Years After.......Shock and Awe......What?????

My son James was brought home by the police today, I'm so proud

Caption this pic of Cheney

What Does It Say About A Country That Wouldn't Elect Murtha, Or Conyers...

So there is a Willie Nelson BioDiesel fuel company

I want to give much appreciation to Skinner, EarlG and Elad

11 Lies in Bush's declaration of war 3 years ago (it was a short speech)

VIDEO- Abdullah (Afghan)- Where's Bin Laden? In Pakistan

On right now -- Seymour Hersh

Anybody watching The West Wing?

A Top-Down Review for the Pentagon, Rumsfeld Must Step Down...

So Chris Matthews thinks we should invade Iran to boost Bush's rating

Does any repuke that represent you have a pic w/ Abramoff?

Spreading Democracy around the world!

C-SPAN 2... Book TV...NOLA pics by Dallas Morning News!!!

Crossing Jordan: Cronyism

2% of Iraqis polled believe Ahmed Chalabi to be honest.

Hopes fade for Bush to turn around political fortunes, analysts say

Patriot Act game pokes fun at gov't

Candlelight vigil in Iowa - just got back

Being the Media-Your comments on the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq War

Vault Soda Commercial

Has ANY Presidential administration in recent history been so loath to

700 families in Samarra driven from their aid available yet.

Freepers must be some of the stupidest, vile human beings on....

What does Vernon Robinson mean by "go native"?

This White House believes good PR is better than resolving the issue...

Juicy bit from the Libby filing: What does this mean?

Bush Still Upbeat on Outcome In Iraq, no brain no pain...

VIDEO- McLaughlin Report on the Debt Ceiling "Hey Big Spender"

I bet you Australia's government doesn't abandon it's people like* did

BUSH.....No Apologies For Iraq

Wow, just watched "Good Night & Good Luck" for the first time!

Guess how much a pack of cigarettes cost in Chicago?

BoOnDoCkS is on NOW!!!

"There's no right to smoke, there's a right to clean, fresh air..."

"Let the Dollars Soar" (Ashcroft)

When you were proud to be an American, why were you proud?

Is NPR growing a set at last?

OK. J.Hanson says that the Clinton WH was...

Schlosser and Yates: Two women who are casualties of postpartum psychosis

"I shouldn't even have come"

60 Minutes NOW: James Hanson on Global Warming

Military Intelligence Groups and history repeating itself...

Attended a Dem St Patrick' s Day dinner and had to endure a smug repug

Grassley Wants Non-Profit Accountability

Just so you know...the new tactic

V for Vendetta & Nov. 5th

As President, The Shrub Is Inarguably Incompetent.

WTF?....The George HW Bush aircraft carrier is being built.

Responding to LTTEs of RW hate and poison...

More than 1.5 Million Demonstrators Poured into the Streets

Should Cheney step aside before Bush's term ends? (poll on AOL)

Jennifer Loven, A True Journalist (Now Under Attack From the Right)

Anybody notice the political "comments" in The Big Love ?

NYT: Barack Obama's soaring expectations, perfection problem

Two questions about Cruella DeVi...I mean Katherine Harris

"Devil Politicians" who support abortion...

Indiana sheeples are no longer strongly behind the war!

Democrats Lead by 15 Points in U.S. Congress Ballot (GQRP/ POS/NPR)

Britons Split Over Blair's Possible Resignation (ICM/ Daily Telegraph)

Iraq Mission Will Be Seen As Failure, Say Americans (Rasmussen)

Poll: Would things in Iraq have turned out differently if . . .

God Bless Al Gore

GOP Struggles To Define Its Platform for 2006 Elections

Conyers' blog: Serious Disconnect Here

If threat of censure gets the Repubs to investigate, it will be successful

If Bush Ruled the World

If we take back the congress...

Reuters: Cheney says he won't resign, will serve out term

Spector: Electing Santorum my "top priority in 2006"

Bill Richardson, Wesley Clark campaign in New Hampshire

Seattle Protest Video *sights and sounds* 7mb

Give me your best anti-"corporatist" media rant.

Be careful when using the 'I' word

GOP Struggles To Define Its Platform for 2006 Elections

If Americans don't do something about the Bushbots, democracy will look

2008 begins in 2007 (prepare for an intra-party battle royale!)

Our repub friends, family and coworkers who are still drinking the koolaid

Bush wiil not apologize for starting an illegal war in Iraq

Time Magazine: Operation Swarmer, little more than a photo op.

John Murtha: "When I go by the graveyard over there at Arlington...

Republicans for Impeachment (David Swanson)

The third anniversary of the disaster

"If this is not civil war,"..."then God knows what civil war is."

ominous intrusion of radical Christianity into politics and government

Need best quotes underestimating the cost of war for my new PRICELESS

Media Avoids Covering Vote on Permanent Bases

Rumsfeld: Leaving Iraq now would be like handing Germany back to Nazi's


Team Bush is afraid of us!!!!

So Mark Warner's friends compare him to Lieberman??

Pictures of the Portland anti-war march (3/19/06) *dialup warning*

New generation follows Guevara’s Bolivian trail

FT: Prospect of anarchy on rise in strife-torn nation

In memory of those who have died in Iraq

Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Crooks, cronies, have a lock on DoD: A Contractor's Purchase on Power

Ailing vets overwhelm system

Seattle Times: Talk with Iran, about anything

Gary Younge (The Guardian): Misadventure alienates most of world from Bush

NY Daily News: Soldiers' families dubious of Dubya

The Wayward Media - Bill O'Reilly's Baroque Period (New Yorker, 03/27/06)

New Boss at Interior Funneled Corporate Contributions

Wanna Make This About Who’s Hurting America? Bring it On!

Chris Floyd: Children of Abraham

If gay marriage is OK'd, definition of bigotry will expand

Bush Still Upbeat on Outcome In Iraq

Twist and Hate -- The Smearing of Paul Craig Roberts


Walking to New Orleans

Some troops headed back to Iraq are mentally ill

A Top-Down Review for the Pentagon .... scathing op-ed by US General

Revelations add to Picture of US Torture

The tragedy of the Iraq invasion is that there won't be another

Iran: Time To Leak: Katharine Gun

Libby to Fitzgerald...

The Attack on the U.S. Dollar and Energy Needs

FEMA wants Hurricane relief Money Back (they really do)

Newsweek: The Democrats' Disciplinarian (includes Campaign Plan)

Greg Palast: Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq, You Fools

Trading the Hummer for a Honda (1 Finger Salutes gets to Hummer Owner)

America's Last Throes

Skinner's Iraq War Strategies That Would Work Better and Cost Less

UPS Uses Political Clout to Press for Cuts in Pension Benefits

This is the day the Iranian oil bourse was supposed to start..what

At World Forum, Support Erodes for Private Management of Water

Long line of cars

Across The Planet, A Net Closes On Nature - US Pushes For More Drift Nets

Tourists Choking On Hong Kong's Smog - AFP

Stew Udall Still Active & Agitating For The Environment At Age 86

Last sheep grazing allotment in Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness area sold

Alps' Glaciers Melting Post-1970 300% Of Rate 1850-1969 - Independent

Arizona, New Mexico Launch Southwest Climate Change Initiative

Libya's thirst for 'fossil water'


70% Of India's Irrigation Water Comes From Unsustainable Aquifer Depletion

Howard warms to India nuclear sales (Oz)

Citizens Of Tuvalu Discuss Where To Move As Waters Rise - Telegraph

Australian Greens & ACT Unimpressed With Howard Climate Plan

More Talk, No Action From UK - Gas Tax Unchanged For 3rd Year Straight

Rift Valley Parks' Animals Dying From Bloat After Rains Finally Come

Huge Costs of Nuclear Power - UPI article - very interesting reading.

IDF: No aid crisis in Gaza, shortages are PA's fault

Gaza gunmen trade fire with PA forces, storm gov't buildings

We are fed up

Emirates Aided Kin of Palestinian Militants - NYT

Baruch Marzel: IDF must assassinate leftist Uri Avnery

Do the Palestinians really want a state?

Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack.

A Prayer At The Equinox, For 9/11 Truth. Please join us.

Anyone know where this thread went?

Big story on 9/11 truth movement in New York Magazine

EXCELLENT new article regarding . . . .you know.

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

saturdays ERD finished with 43 votes YEAH RIGHT ON FOLKS

watch my race tomorrow, will ya?

LISTEN: Monday 3/20 11am PT - GuvWurld Radio Interview on KHUM

Legal Action to be Filed in CA to 'Halt Use or Purchase' of Diebold Equip

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 03/20/06 – Amazing MSM Fraud Story

Brad: Hursti looks inside Diebold machine -a first ! Photo essay!

WA Progressive Dem Caucuses Adopt Voter Confidence Resolution

Culver gets UAW endorsement!!!

Loebsack Help

Last week's Civic Skinny....WTF Blouin courting (more) republicans?

Sun. 3/19 7pm: Our humble vigil, Women in Black and a decent cop.

Join ACORN to Raise the Minimum Wage - March 22

Bourne Rotary Blogging Photos and tale

DFL and verified voting

If gay marriage is OK'd, definition of bigotry will expand

Slow or non-loading screens.

State Convention hotel

KAB: Night of the Living Bloggers

OMG! Dallas judge Don Adams and wife Linda in car accident.

Glen Maxey's answers to South Texas Chisme Questionnaire

Charlie Urbina-Jones' Answers to the South Texas Chisme Questionnaire

2006 : A good year for Democrats by Glen Maxey

A friend at a nursing home has requested that I get her an application for

thickening soups

Families want national daycare: Report

Liberals back Tories on Afghan mission, reject calls for vote

Okay, so what happens if an election is called before December?

Harper cleared in Emerson ethics probe

Hi Folks! Question about moving to Canada.

San Diego U.T: Some troops headed back to Iraq are mentally ill

Report: Blackwell took $294,000 from brokers, bankers

Iraqis May Protect Volatile Areas by 2007 (Gen. Pace)

U.S. Military Frees 350 Detainees in Iraq

Official: Some New York FBI agents don't have e-mail accounts

Iranian police kill 10 'bandits' near Afghan border

The Letter of the Law -spying on terror suspects without court approval OK

Iraqis creating council to oversee economy, security

Nine more bodies found in Baghdad (186 bodies in the last 8 days)

Letter of the Law

U.S.-Iraqi forces kill seven north of Baghdad (mother and 13-year old son)

Security fears close Baghdad Airport

CNN: Rumsfeld's Iraq-Germany analogy disputed (Brzezinski: "demagoguing")

Cruella Deville thinks one of the voices in her head is God's

Millions of Britons struggle to pay sizzling fuel bills

Congress probes IRA link to Iraq

Russia lashes out at US national strategy

Three years after invasion Iraq deadlocked over government, faces civil wa

House Republican Retirements Hamper Drive to Retain Majority

Democratic Congressman Sabo Retiring

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll

In state's (CA) GOP heartland, questions

NFL Commissioner Tagliabue announces retirement

Spy for Israel Loses Supreme Court Appeal

Humphrey, cat of scandal, dies

UNHCR 'expelled from Uzbekistan'

Investigation has DeLay stuck in legal limbo

Tropical Cyclone Larry Slams Into Australia

Stinger missiles in Afghanistan a threat: US

GOP Hopeful Missed Reagan Vote (NY Senate race)

Bush staffers ejected 3 at speech (truth different from official story)

Deaths fall for U.S., rise for Iraqis

Biden says Iraq in "low-grade" civil war

Kadhafi says Saddam still legitimate Iraqi leader, government illegal

Bush signs debt limit increase to $8.965 trillion

Bush Says U.S. Backs NATO Force in Darfur to Provide Security

Liberals back Tories on Afghan mission, reject calls for vote (Canada)

Bush lays out case for progress made in Iraq

Remains of two Katrina victims found

Agent Who Arrested Massaoui Blasts FBI

Bush says U.S. military will defend Israel from Iran

US House panel eyes predatory lending bill

(Paul) Hackett joins fundraising fight for vets

PoliticsNH: Sullivan Backs Censure Resolution

Pro-Israel lobby in U.S. under attack.

Brown wants to tighten trade security

Typical U.S. family is shy on savings

Convicted US banker wins appeal


Bush draw protest, support (Cleveland)

Bush to Share His Optimism on Iraq

Amazon Says Technology, Not Ideology, Skewed (Abortion) Results

US rejects Belarus poll results

Iraq war protesters try to deliver 'coffin' to Rumsfeld

More Deaths As Iraq War Enters Fourth Year

Parents of caged kids lose custody

Lawmakers get out of the House .. (in session only 97 days this year)

Wal-Mart bank draws more congressional fire

Best job market in 5 years for grads: report

Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn (NYT)

Doctors at Baghdad hospital strike (abused by Iraqi security forces)

Iraqis Think U.S. in Their Nation to Stay

Cheney says he won't resign, will serve out term

UAE, US hope for free trade deal by mid-year

Peace protesters to stage `die-in' at Pentagon today

Wal-Mart to hire 150,000 Chinese

Bush: Iraq Center Of War On Terror

Dubai's $1.2 Bln Bid for U.S. Weapons Maker Delayed (Update3)

Whitewater investigation finally ends

Pentagon feels fuel price pain

Buffett predicts dollar stumble

Geico accused of unfair auto insurance rates

NBC: Iraqi diplomat gave U.S. prewar WMD details(No WMD's)

Mich. Governor to Sign Ultrasound Bill

Bush Approval Steady at 37% (Gallup Poll)

AIDS leaves 9 mln African children without mothers

Voices of veterans rise in protest (St. Pete/Tampa :) :)

Britain Announces Increase in Minimum Wage

Dell to double its staff in India by 2009


FBI Agent Testifies About Moussaoui Arrest

Iraqis Accuse U.S. Marines of 'Massacre'

How to spot a baby conservative (whiny children - study)

GA House approves Bible course in public high schools

Two 'Monty Python's Personal Best' shows starting on PBS!



it's a cloud thread! (shhhhhhh...)

I'm changing the name of my show to "The Servative Hour"

Has anyone seen XemaSab?

DU this poll:

I have 40 pages to write in two weeks, but all I want to do is have fun!!!

see, I'm not the only brazilian joke abuser

What, if anything, have you bought from an infomercial?


What do you think of people who have journals with nothing in them?

DU this poll


I am so afraid to open up a post right now! It's safe in here.

How much would you pay for this scenario:

I started a joke that left the whole world....

OMFG! I just thought about this! What if *'s declining numbers is a plot

what if the Brazilian joke is Roves secret plan to destroy DU?

Has anyone seen SofaKingLiberal?

Ann Coulter's new book's release date is 6/6/06. What's up with that?

Anybody else out there subscribe to Paste magazine? If so...

I will not be Igor

I will not be Eggnog!!

goodnight everyone!!!

Anyone watching Forrest Gump on TNT?

I need help w/Skype or a cheap cell phone or even cheap voice mail

CaliforniaPeggy: It was my responsibility that this forum got an F-bomb.

Bee vs. Hornet: No Contest

Tornado Warning


has any one else read the murtha article

Unimportant Lounge Poll

so Donald Rumsfeld is giving the pRez his daily briefing ...

At what point does the 'brazillion' joke cease to be funny?

With all the advertising at the movie theatre

Shhhh! Everyone behave.

Please check this post in GD out. I know some of you don't

Are there any mods in the house?

Look at this cool t-shirt I bought today!


A solemn promise

More snow today (the vernal equinox) than the last two months...

Woo hoo! Poms and Canadian, read and weep. Yanks, celebrate with me!

How do you describe yourself, lounge?

I had a really good day today.

Ric Ocasek doesn't want to rejoin them, and Benjamin Orr is dead...

Well, I am done spreading mirth and mayhem in the Lounge for the morning

New STD Alert!

Testing my new web space graphics repository (pic)

I just cut my hair off... again.

Book'em Danno MIS-fashion One

My Real Name is... Emmanuel Goldstein!

What are you listening to?

Travelin' Soldier

Help - I need a computer genius

Silly question - any jewelers in the house?

Humphrey dies

Party in my head!

OH NO - CRISIS - Row prompts Eurovision withdrawal

Bummer thread: Anybody else get really depressed this time of year?

Tiger Bites Drunk Man At County Fair (He stuck his arm into cage)

A controversial question here.

So, who do we have to harass to get...

Have you ever wondered just how good a baseball player Bugs Bunny was?

Nope, another Monday and the view hasn't changed

Good news everyone! They're making 26 new Futurama episodes!

I'm sure this has been covered here repeatedly, but I need movie help

One more recording from Forrest

The Best of 'Misunderstood song lyrics'

Nasrudin Tales: Lost in the Jungle

*GASP* I think I just committed to going to church

What color are Condoleeza's legs?

Here is a neat clock, check it out

Snakes on a Plane (trailer)

My dad just called me to wish me a

So, my nine year old wins her first Field Hockey game of the season

Yay! My good friend will be attending the trade show this weekend!

Trump is a father again....I hope the kid has better hair!

Fun with headlines: "What followed the Big Bang?"

Joi Lansing - "Trapped In The Web Of Love"

Monday earworm. Who really knows what the lyrics are? Banned in Boston.

Shani Davis wins World Allround Championship

What the hell is an "Indiana dog"?

Help settle a bet! Answer this SATesque question...

Am I the only person who HATED Saw II?


Saw "Curse of the Were Rabbit" This weekend

I didn't even recognize myself

Attention Office Building Management:

I still smell tobacco on my fingers

"Rock Star" Supersized -the band doesn't actually exist

Drunk Mom & Drunk Dog Show Up At School To Pick Up 10 Year Old

Rented two piss poor movies over the weekend:

NFL Commissioner Tagliabue announces retirement

"The Office" outsourced?? 10 Web mini-episodes focus on Accounting Dept.

Eight hours of blissful sheep!!

I think I've had enough coffee now!

Harrington... CUT!

Government cat Humphrey dies

Man in the Dark (something to play with.)

Sims 2 addicts: Have you tried "Open for Business" yet?

Cingular Subscribers - CHECK YOUR BILLS

I am taking my 85-year-old Grandfather to get his driver's license

when someone sneezes what do you say?

13 days until opening day!

Daylight again, following me to bed

my roommates are taking me out for my birthday tonight...

PC PITSTOP, any good?

Star Trek (Original) fans - A new show is coming on G4

I haven't seen your favorite TV show...and that makes me superior to you.

I THINK I know how to post a pic! Here goes:

I'm an idiot.

I read 7 of the 10 original V is for Vendetta comic books this

Well I broke the what?

Spring arrives today! Post what you want to Renew in your life here:

I can't believe I bought this POS off TV. WTF was I thinking?!?!?!

Eight hours of blissful sleep!!

Woohoo! I just got my DEV2.0 CD/DVD in the mail! (Next generation of Devo)

what if ____ is a plot by Rove to destroy DU?

Things that you misread because your mind is in the gutter

Bad news everyone! Billy West was wrong about the 26 new Futurama episodes

I love Bush!

Six-Legged Lamb Born In Belgium

Beastie Boys Think Dolly Was Robbed at Oscars

Should I get Skype?

anyone use priceline? or any other cheap flight alternatives?

Good morning, Lounge! How was your weekend?

Ahoy there my fellow US Navy sailor people.

Your Favorite "Great Ape".

Send good apartment finding vibes towards me please!

ROFLMAO Bumper sticker I just saw


I have a deep love for animals, much deeper than for people.


More Tranqs posters I done made

Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?

I'm participating in a migraine research study

I just had dulce de leche cake and fried ice cream, and

bla bla

Breaking: English to replace German

Woo-hoo, got a really good job offer

Holy Crap! Enough with the primary ads!

Microbial sex on Mars... in the future...

Ironic story re: V is for Vendetta

ARRRGH, Freakin' GD . . .

Is it cool/allowed/possible/kosher to shamelessly self promote

21 hours, 21 minutes, 48 seconds to go.

Did anyone see Bushie's speech on TV just now. One question

Q: Why did "Jonestown" jokes never catch on?

Like PC strategy games? Try GalCiv2

How did I get this buise?

The bunnies doing brokeback mountain

Today's Birthdays Are A BABEFEST!

Inspired by Estimated Prophet - Worst rejection letter from editor stories

Springtime is nigh. So what will you be expecting?

Aviso: Tribunal Superior Eleitoral

Who is the biggest ass of all the pundits, talk show hosts, or TV

I got my first rejection letter over the weekend

How do you like your pork chops?

Who wants to flirt with me?

I will not be ignored!

Goodnight you all!

JPG from PC to External HD to Mac burned to CD, back to PC?

ok, whats wrong with this?

I wanna complain about the bill posters by the road for Basic Instinct II

Will winter ever be OVER? :'(

Vegans are complete loons

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/20/06)

Tweezers, your only job is to tweeze. Do it!

I hate rainy weather!

Congratulations bridgit!! 10,000 posts

`Brokeback' to hit DVD while still in theaters

I think my friend is going to kill himself

:woohoo: my house was just broken into!

I'm absolutely in love with Radiohead

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

My favorite color tuxedo!

Anyone here use Bare Escentuals Makeup

I killed my TV!

Our Planet Earth From Space...amazing photos....

YOU WILL..................DO AS I SAY................

Do you garden?

Attn: Fellow hinterlands nerds: Jeopardy test online 3/28 8pm ET

Kirstie Alley: "The worst possible dilemmas evaporate with Scientology"

This Is the Dangerously Amused appreciation thread!

How much does a sports championship mean to you?

What trivial annoyance bothers you and no one else?

Happy Vernal Equinox

Congratulations KitchenWitch!! 25,000 posts

The Smiths turned down $5 million reunion offer

'Lord of the Rings' Takes the Stage

Can anyone update this DU location map

Anyone got a robe I can borrow?

Why do you have to be famous to have a wikipedia bio? *female* puppy dog is humping everything in sight.

Nekkid (baby) Pictures

What SPORTS and COACHING myths annoy the heck out of you?

Finally, something that makes women happy!

A question about moving to Canada. *cross-post*

Has anyone read Tracy Chevalier's books? Any good?

Who is the worst fictional President?

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

Please consider joining DU's [email protected] team.

Are Loons complete Vegans

Is atheism a philosophical dead-end?

Theory 2: As religion is fairly benign by itself, it should be left alone

Interesting website: Info on the Judaic/Christian/Islamic Pantheon...

Jewish and Islamic Organizations That Assist Katrina Survivors.

Hot chili peppers might help fight prostate cancer: study

Harvard alters doctors' training

Zapping Zits with Light

Could passenger pigeons fly again?

DU this poll: Make it illegal for gay parents to adopt children?

Has anyone seen "V for Vendetta" yet? (Warning: Spoilers)

If you need another reason to support Sen Russ Feingold

Liberal Islamic scholar forced to pull out of gay rights speech

Gay Equality Riders Arrested At Oral Roberts U

Religious students help erase antigay graffiti bias against gays in book searching

Los Altos' gay teens feted

Netherlands' Gay Marriages Level Off

Gay Marriage Case Heads To Connecticut Court

SLDN: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Unfairly Targets Lesbians

Minnesota Eliminates Funds For AIDS Hot Line

If gay marriage is OK'd, definition of bigotry will expand

Nets Investor & Brother Of Nets Owner Calls For Bush Impeachment

How many of you are rooting for Cuba tonight?

NFL commissioner Tagliabue to retire in July

Experts agree on this one-Zag's Morrison needs to drop the "mustache"

Detroit Lions fans-Harrington is GONE!

Count me on the GMU bandwagon

New baby pics, as requested:-)

Info on Pagan Groups Assisting the Gulf Coast and Katrina Survivors.

A website worth looking at

An update (re: daughter)

Spring Equinox: The time in NOW!

AgoraVox -- new "citizen media" forum

McCain hires advisor who is linked to Swift Lies and DeLay/TRMPAC

The President and the Straw Man

Saw V for Vendetta last night.... OMG

What to make of this

vote Dkos' new 2008 straw poll, if you're so inclined

3/20 - Kerry Announces Brigid O'Rourke as Massachusetts Press Secretary

MFSO Letters to Sen. John Kerry

Now I have a headache - Where were these guys during the campaign,

Anyone paying to the situation in Belarus?

Spring showers

What are these buildings?

Boo_Radley, I have a question for you...

Mr. Touchdown goes to Washington (Dial up warning-10 shots)

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 14)

Bolivia urges UN to defy Washington and legalise coca

VIDEO- Clift on Republican Hypocrisy on National Sovereignty and Debt

'UK troops 'could begin Iraq withdrawal in weeks'

Can We Consider This Progress On The Path To Impeachment?

Disposing of old vitamins

Year Four losing 50 to 60 people a day

New "Bush Resign Now" image rolled out -- copy and use

Libby names Hadley and Armitage [Plame] press ignores Hadley

March 19 2006 in Iraq

Swarthmore College Launches Daily War News Radio -

Our broken government continues to fail the service members

AP/Pickler: "Bush Marks Anniversary, Never Says 'War'"

Thanks, moderators, for the redesigned format and journals

Mother Goose and Grimm on Superman's New Job

The Moral Lowground - PNAC/Bush's Biggest mistake. Retaking the Highground

if 30-200 people per day were dying in your state from violence/bombs...

Water Crisis Looms in India as Drilling Depletes Resources

Notice no antiwar music allowed airtime courtesy of Rove

999 Reasons Why I can't be a Republican Anymore #32

Who are those Bushbots?

Battle Hymn of the People

Iraqi police report details civilians' deaths at hands of U.S. troops

Civil War in Iraq: Looks like death..Smells like death...It's death

NW Missouri family leads walk for soldiers' memorials

CSPAN WJ-Fred Barnes wants Condi for VP, Joementum for SoS

The " Do-Nothing Congress"

Separation of Mosque, State Wanes in Indonesia...

"I think she ought to read the Constitution again." - Rep. Tom DeLay...

'V' victorious at weekend box office ( :)

Regional vultures circling Iraq...

Moral Relativism

Cheney: Iraq not in civil war, predicts success...

The Economy - A Personal Observation

Hey, what happened to N. Korea boggieman? Weren't they the biggest

meeting with Congress Critter today, need help

Face the truth.

Why haven't the Democrats pushed energy independence ?

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Dewine,Voinovich and LaTourette blowing off bush in cleveland today.

American-owned? Think again

Bush's big buddy Gaddafi says expects more anti-Italy violence

* Trying to sell Medicare "reform" to seniors...

(MZM)Wade's Cultivation of Cunningham 1 Part of His Tactical Assault

Haditha : an Iraqui My Lai ?

The most subversive people are those who simply ask questions

MSNBC; " Iraq war; Do you remember? " Amazing! Almost a real media!

Foriegn outsourcing

Anybody with a nearby gas station that's closed in protest?

The Repuke 2006 Fred Barnes.....deserves a "must read"

Dell to Double Its Staff in India by 2009

Nationalist retakes lead in Peru presidential poll

War of the Worlds: What About Peace?

"You are a donkey, Mr. Bush," said Chavez

Was that "Ode to Republicans" poem from a DUer?

Father Loses Taste for Revenge in Iraq

The Babe Hound, Right?

Dubai Company May Take Over Some US Weapons Plants...

Why I didn't march for peace this weekend.

NYC: this week feels like pre-Iraq invasion. Iran war coming soon?

Killing Women and Children: The “My Lai Phase” Of The Iraq War

W.House pushes more schools to drug-test students

'Rebellious movie goers' saw V for Vendetta over the weekend...

How I'd reshape shrubs administration.

Iranian Oil Bourse opening tomorrow (March 20) ??

Hugo Calls bush a Drunkard and a Coward

Weekend Box Office Gross

Voice of Fry from Futurama gives props to Air America Radio

C-Span: 3 yrs in Iraq and who better than Danielle Pletka to have on?

Two Tax Total : Pollution and Property (Land Use)

Pakistan Bribed 9/11 Commission?

CSPAN caller just suggested international election monitoring and........

Why We Should Leave

Three Years.....

"Even If Bush Uses All The Demons, Devils & Dictionaries (BBC)

Help me answer these questions. Repug email. Thanks

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels? LIP SERVICE!

Chad "We're Bush People" Hedrick gets thumped by Shani Davis again

Ex-Iraqi Prime Minister Who Ran A CIA-Financed Terrorist Group Says...

Fewer Protest Iraq War's 3rd Anniversary

Why do US Deaths In Iraq Drop Off In The Spring Each Year?

The question is still out there regarding Iraq, but no one will push it

Kansas City Star Article w/freeper comments

Top Ten Catastrophes of the Third Year of American Iraq .... Juan Cole

From Philadelphia Inquirer: The Impeachment Circus is Coming to Town

V for Vendetta - 26 Million and biggest seller this weekend -

Bush appointed a "one time" US funded car bomber as Prime Minister of Iraq

Clinton MURDERED thousands--at least as many as Dubya

When they lay down the USS George Walker Bush, what should it be?

Administration Blocks Ex-Hostages' Bid for Damages From Iran

Preemptive War Doesn't Give us Control

Krugman: Calling wingers on their opportunistic Bush "bashing"

Iraq war enters 4th year, more deaths.... STOP THE MADDNESS

I'm just waiting for the day the international criminal court hands down

Dear Soldier

Why is it called a "civil" war

Nice satire of the Iraqi Civil War to US Civil War

Sen. Durbin Says Censuring Bush Premature

Take everyone you know to see "V for Vendetta"

Sun. 3/19 7pm: Our Vigil, Women in Black and a decent cop

What About The Pro-War Rallies -- Hillarious FR Pix!

Juan Cole: "Top Ten Catastrophes of the Third Year of American Iraq"

FOX: who you gonna believe about civil war, Bush or Zarqawi?

The integrity bankruptcy of CBS News

Repubs Use Tactic For 1st Time In 20 Yrs - "SPEED VOTING"

What the..?! Saddam's torture chamber converted for US?

WP: Winters endangered in American North

Biden News Conference on CSPAN 10:55am US Policy in Iraq

"Don't Worry, Mr. President, We Have Kansas Surrounded" (US News & World)

HEADLINE: Bush Urges U.S. to See Progress in Iraq

Compassionate Conservatism At Work Cuts To Food Assistance

Was the 2004 Election fair? A lingering question.

Dimson's next job....

Dubai's $1.2 bid for U. S. Weapons Maker delayed

Today I did it, I handed it right back to a neocon..........

Laura trying to kill Bushie with second-hand smoke: comedian Margaret Cho

AIDS leaves 9 mln African children without mothers

Anyone have a TIA report?

Telephone Hip Hop.....A New Medium?

Allowing Pregnant Women to Use Handicap Parking Spaces: Yea or Nay?

Major fraud: "American law was suspended, Iraqi law was suspended..."

self delete

"We are Implementing a Strategy..."

More than 40 victims in 2 days of violence in Iraq, and Bush is optimistic

Susan Sarandon is set to portray Cindy Sheehan in a biopic movie

Law&Order CI last night: Crooked congressman,lobbyist,casino gambling

RUMOR: Rummy on the brink of "retirement"?

Justices May Further Restrict Domestic Violence Testimony

Cheney Dismisses Suggestions of Shake-Up: "Ignore background noise"

For the cat lovers: Humphrey the Downing St cat has died

Whiny Children Become Whiny Right Wingers (Scientific Study)


Anchorage Daily News editorial writer "gets it"

West Wing...who wins?

Who anything about solar energy?

Ann Coulter's new book's release date is 6/6/06. What's up with that?

Lawmakers get out of the House

Thom Hartmann talking "Boston Legal" NOW! -- streaming

A Prayer At the Equinox for 9/11 Truth. Pleasae join us.

Caption time again!

Is it a coincidence, given the current administrations actions...

Sexual Assaults up in Military - "our programs are working"

Cheney: Insurgency STILL in its last throes

Happy Norooz! (Persian New Year)

MSNBC Poll is Iraq in the middle of civil war?

"They've indoctrinated young men into their hateful ideology" - Bush

Now THIS is going to be an AMAZING MOVIE! (from Richard Clarke's book)

Chimpy Taking Questions Today At His Town Hall, Rah Rah Iraq Meeting!

Is Cheney bullying the CIA again?


Sam Seder on the phone with clueless moron...

T minus 90 minutes and counting!

Suit Claims 23 Docs Provided Diluted Drugs (at full price)

Hey dumb Americans, are you going to wake up?

Bush Marks Anniversary, Never Says 'War'

Ignore the emperor's speech. Read the truth from Juan Cole.

"Pick a Progressive Patriot" Begins Today

Guess who's going on about the state of education in Texas?

Self delete

Please critique my LTTE about Lieberman

Corporate Interests' Pillaging in Iraq - Not Patriotic!

Humphrey, cat of scandal, dies

On Iraq, Plenty of Scores to Settle Even If the Dust Hasn't

Has that "liberal media" myth been damaged much?

Jason Leopold: Fitzgerald Previews Government's Case Against Libby

Iraq postwar?

Heads up: Sam Seder is hosting the Al Franken show on AAR

Nope, no onion-puller jobs in the classifieds here!

GOP Roots for (Democrat) Suozzi in NY Governor Race

First question to Bush in Cleveland was about Kevin Phillips' new book!

I got a call from my local paper regarding my LTTE, but I am confused

Snarlin dick determined to persevere

Protesters place flag-draped coffins near Lieberman's Hartford office

Military retaining more gays

Americans won't pluck onions

Australian Cyclone Larry update, strongest storm since 1974

My confidence isn't shaken

Bitching to MSNBC and CNN

"do you believe apocalypse is near"?

Sundance channel is showing "With God on our Side" now

Oakland Nears Final Payouts for Protesters Hurt by Police

my letter to ed. re: Chris Murphy (D) v Nancy Johnson (R-incumbent) in CT

BULLSHIT!: "We (bushies) provided more Pell Grants than any other"

Josh Marshall asks if the DOD site is destined for a "Scrub"?

Roberts trying to end Iraq investigation

What should we do if Bush tries to invade Iran and/or get a 3rd term?

Need a job? Homeland Security is hiring!

VIDEO- Bush "Democracies Don't War"

Poverty Simulation gives inside view into life with low income

Bush's answer to why we initiated war with Iraq: "Democracies don't war."

If Bush Ruled the World

I just bashed the MSM on local radio—Ask me anything!

Blogging at the rotary yesterday- small tale,2 photos

T minus 30 minutes and counting!

Don't forget "The Guy James Show" returns today at 3pm eastern

Get this: Bush wants Belarus to vote again

Do you think this creep voted for Tom DeLay in the past?

This pic of * is just plain creepy.

You gotta check this out!.... "The Young Turks"

Here is the real question the pollsters should be asking

Watching Gitmo detainees` videoconference on C-Span?

President Nutz McBananas Bush Just talked about.

Guy James will be back today!!! :)

Anyone listening to the former Gitmo prisoners on CSpan?

Were they just talking to Gitmo Bay detainees on CSPAN1? n/t

What do you call a nation who INVADES an INNOCENT NATION?

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS): Chairman of the Senate Cover-up Committee

Cho: Bush too lazy to be Hitler...

Anyone watching these released prisoners from Gitmo on CSPAN

Here is some optimism for you: CNN Poll: Is bu$h effective in Iraq PR:

Sherrod Brown staying off message.

50 State Strategy, compilation of links by state. Good post at Kos.

Happy New Year - Iran

How to spot a baby conservative: new study says whiny kids more likely GOP

Fitzgerald Previews Government's Case

Church that celebrates soldiers' deaths to picket Maine funeral

Iraqis Accuse U.S. Marines of 'Massacre'

Anyone Able To Stream Guy James?

Nixon, students and the wild beast - a nightly debate at Lincoln Memorial

New Yorker Does O'Really...really, really well

VIDEO- Jerks and Smirks for Question 1 of the Cleveland City Club

Ret.Gen. Paul Eaton: Rumsfeld has put the Pentagon at the mercy of his ego

Afghan Man Faces Death

I just sent this e-mail to Rush the Junkie

About the Journals

OK, State Dept. mouthpiece is telling Belarus how to have an election

Real question ..... is the President crazy?

Leahy and Jeffords support Hearings on Censure....

So how do you think Chris Matthews will analyze Bush's speech?

For my 1,000th post celebrate participation in democracy


How long does U.S. plan to stay in Iraq?

TPM: McCain Takes on DeLay Accomplice

VIDEO- Bush "I didn't say there was a direct connection between Saddam and

Wal-Mart to Hire Up to 150,000 in China

Bush signs debt limit increase to $8.965 trillion

DU this poll - Are you disappointed with GWB?

Libby's lawyers reveal officials likely to be called as witnesses

March 2003 - Statements by Governments who Supported Invasion

When will they roll out: Four more years! Four more years!

Cleveland welcomes the Chimp in Chief

Walkin' to New Orleans... freedom IS on the march.

Roberts: Dems belong to "Committee Against Everything" Bush does

How come oil is down 2 bucks a barrel today?

Best of ANTI BUSH from Foreign Political Cartoonists ......

Should War supporters "Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is"?

George Washington's Farewell Address warns against political parties.

March 20th in Iraq

Outsourcing our intelligence work. . . .

Bush Admin props up Christian killing regime!

Chomsky Live Radio Call in Tonight 3/20 5:30pm Pacific 8:30pm Eastern

Bush went in for OIL not to get more but prevent Iraq producing too much



Another 16 Words

New Orleans students and 2006/2008 elections

Gitmo Theater: San Francisco protesters mark Iraq war's anniversary (pics)

Nervous, while waiting

Joe Bastardi; Major hurricane could hit Northeast this year

NYT: Bush now takes some tough questions, from unstacked audiences

"Every Day"

Immigration Reform - Action Request

About Iran, Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice...

Tal Afar - The best he can come up with?

I hate the word "glitch". I hate it.


Scientology and Viacom??

Why does Dick Cheney have that sneer?

Bush is an A**hole

Freeper post that just made me sick...

Iraq by the Numbers (Washington State version)

And, "up" is most definitely the new "down"

It Tolls for Thee, Chimp ---pix--->>>

A Disillusioned American Soldier's Return From Iraq

MUG SHOTS Can't Tell the Players Without A Scorecard

New Democratic Talking Point to Win 2006: Bush IS THE Rubber Stamp

Brokeback Whitehouse,,,saga of 2 gay leaders..

Jack Cafferty's 7pm question on lazy congresscritters

Kurtz: For liberals it's payback time

Susan Sarandon to portray Cindy Sheehan

Army Dad loses taste for revenge in Iraq.

He can remember Vajpayee, but he can't remember Singh?

Feingold kicks ass in the Daily Kos poll. Is he the alternative to Hillary

Carville and Matalin to Star in Lifetime Reality Show

Republican Sex Offenders and Pedophiles.

Bring Former President Fujimori to Justice/International Justice

Do we stand a chance to reclaim in Nov. 2006?

Posted before? Iraqis killed by US troops

South Dakota Governor Rounds Approval rating falls 14-pts in 1 month

Katrina Voters Screwed--The Origins (from 3/1/06)--Scoop Exclusive

What will be the result of Bush's apologia for the Iraq Invasion?

How about a DU group for journals?

Feingold on Charlie Rose *** Great bits from transcript + Video link ***

question about Law School-does ideology matter?

The Elephan in the Bedroom

Bush saying 'look past the violence to see the progress', is like saying..

What Bugs You More about the DLC

Worst US President?

David Shuster and Dan Abrams are laughing at Scooter Libby

Tweety has a Freeper on Tonight - Also Military Families Speaks Out

Faux and Friends

The end of Gandhi's dream: India's economic boom and bust

How many Liberty University students have volunteered for military?

He's looking as old as his father

Maybe this is a hopeful sign!

Happy Stinkin' Anniversary, Iraq War

This is THE quintessential Bush picture

Good news from Mexico. Lopez-Obrador leads in polls.

Heads Up NC'linians! Mark Crispin Miller/Chapel Hill/Election Fraud!

L.Dobbs asks: Poor policy or poor communications?

Three American Superheroes Coming To Save The World!!

DeWine joins Dems on health amendments

Thousands Feared Homeless in Australia

The MSNBC faked abduction

Bush pledges to stay in Iraq to the last drop of someone else's blood

The British cat who voted with his paws

Rumsfeld's Iraq-Germany analogy disputed -

B*sh about to get his ass kissed from "audience"

I just had a horrid thought about Bush, Sr.

Iran-Contra Figure Calls For Rummys Resignation (Part III/L. Alexandrovna)

did anyone catch bush blaming "previous"administrations for believing that

Why do the news people say we're "entering the third year of the war"?

We should be totally ashamed of ourselves ! Anti War Protest Apathy

NBC News: Sabri (Iraq Foreign Minister under Saddam) was Paid by CIA

Dell plans to double staff in India

Parkinson's drug possibly tied to compulsive gambling....

If you miseed it Fri ** Link to video: Russ Feingold on Charlie Rose **

Conyers and Murtha get it. Feinstein needs to read Norman Solomon.

Cat Evicted From 10 Downing Street Dies

NFL commissioner retiring, Condi Rice wants job

I'm having so much fun watching Lou Dobbs every week night

What's a good ISP?

Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now!

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont interview on local TV

Does anybdy know...

Your position on the last two wars as time has passed...

MSNBC (Abrams, Tweety, Olbermann) advancing on CNN 6-9 p.m.

Media coverage is always good for a chuckle, even local stories.

Iraq: 992 people killed since Feb. 22 is a sign of progress to Bush

How to spot a baby conservative .....

Is Al Gore our 2008 Bigfoot?

3 Year Anniversary: 1,372,972 American Civilians Killed *PART 2*

I wonder how many conservatives think slavery was/is a good idea?

OK, the College Republicans at my school have put up weird posters

I said this before: It's all about the water resources.

Heads Up: Kevin Phillips coming up on Lou Dobbs

anybody watching the Guantamo Forum on CSPAN? 11am

Can Someone Re-direct me to DU "ELECTIONS Forum?" I need to post

limbaugh to be commissioner of football?

Dons flame gear: Do we lefties really do pull the race card too much.

Today!!! 3-5 ET, The premier of the new DAILY Guy James Show!!!

Marines accused of 'massacre' in Iraq (Family of 15 & 3 yr old)

Let's Unite Now behind Tom Daschle in '08

Were Republicans against intervention in WW2?

FBI agent warned of possible hijacking before September 11

LOL !!! - Newbie Freeper BOLDEAGLE, Proves Libby Innocent !!!

A remedial O'LOOFAH primer in The New Yorker

This freeper says we should end miscarriage!

GOOD NEWS! March 2006 Hurricane Forecast revised DOWN, Bad News...

Most judges on the courts were appointed by Republicans?

Do you think Iraq is in the midst of a civil war?

What can we do about this Anti-Contraception Bill in Missouri?

Most Americans must pass a drug test after a work-related injury

Stars & Stripes letter: Bush damaging USA

My Quote Of The Day (In My Third Grade Class):

My 1st Time on C-Span Washington Journal & I read my poem!

Air America Stream Has Just Died........

Well well, neocons

Chomsky Live Radio Call in Tonight 3/20 5:30pm Pacific 8:30pm Eastern

EXCLUSIVE: Diebold's Toilet Paper Democracy -- a Photographic Essay...

Some head freeper is on MSNBC right now

Jerry Falwell's Flip Flop

DU This Poll Regarding * in Cleveland

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq War: Faded Yellow Magnets

46 Republicans just voted (on March 16) to privatize Social Security

Hold Bush accountable, senator says

Live Blogging the Situation Room

Whoa. Mitt Romney Would Be A Formidable Candidate

Doubt In GOP Heartland...

So, today Bush is pimping his war to celebrate their 3rd anniversary

You can help displaced Katrina victims vote

If we win in 2008, how should the next President govern?

Charlie Sheen interview stream

Unwed Fathers and State Registries

2nd Report on the Guantanamo Detainees: Revealing Inconsistencies

Loved how Dobbs just smacked John Fund for interrupting him!

FBI agent in Moussaoui trial predicted HIJACK terror in AUG 18, 2001, memo


Little Lord Pissypants and the Very Scary New Backdrop ---pix--->>>

Tinfoil Hat Warning: AIDS being used to wipe out non-whites.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm "liberal" enough for DU.

Do you have any books you'd like to donate to New Orleans?

Do you support the DLC?

The Time Traveler's Dilemma

Bush To Cleveland: ‘Anybody Work Here In This Town?’

Marines kill 15 civilians including a 3 year old girl.

I heard that today someone asked * if he thinks we're in the End Times.

My letter canceling my Wash. Post subscription.

Bush Falsely Claims He Never Linked Hussein To September 11

VIDEO- Feingold on Dems Standing up

Many people have asked for the ability to post directly to your Journals.

Why DU journals are cooler than "real" blogs.

CBS introduces us to B*sh's "straw man".... . really!

16 y/o rape victim sues Orange Co. GOP fat cat and his thugs (L.A. Times)

Outlawing tobacco?

My niece is being sent to a Xtian re-education camp.

New filing in Libby case clarifies Plame's role at CIA

An Alarming Development

are americans culinarily illiterate? could you survive w/o fast food?

40 Days in 40 Ways: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 15)

My son the Sandwich Artist shows up on TSA "Watch List"

What do you think about people who say "Grace" conspicuously


In South Dakota, Rounds' Approval Plummets After Signing Abortion Ban

Just saw "V for Vendetta." Where can I buy my mask?

Republicans Get It: Shrinking Unions Key to Defeating Progressive Agenda

Orange County Register: Border issue exposes GOP rift

So where is the concern of 10 year limit to reverse pollution?

DFA training CA emphasizes ground game over TV presence for winning.

Seattle P-I: U.S. House meeting for fewest number of days in 60 years

Rumsfeld Must Step Down

Newsweek: GOP looking like the Dems ("Rebellious and Disorganized")

When these thugs have to admit civil war in Iraq, what will be the

Themes I wanna hear in '06

FAUX News Sunday with guest Sen. Dick Durbin

Signs and Confirmation the Repubs are DD&B: Deaf Dunb and Blind

Katrina Fiction. Honest insight

Congressman Doolittle, wife profited from Cunningham-linked contractor

Chavez blasts Bush as "donkey" and "drunkard"

Iraq – Who’s really benefiting?

Some Snips from Pundits We Need to Read: Clift/Alter & Digby's Reply

Washington Journal: Let's call Gail Norton!

Crooks & Liars: "Brit Hume's head explodes as Kristol defends Feingold!

Why Clearing A Cop's Name Matters In Abramoff Scandal

Has Tony Blair's Heir Apparent Upset the Bushies Over Iraq?

Biden on C-SPAN discussing Iraq.

Belarus: where is NED now?

Follow-up from Leahy email...

troop suppression question

Weapons confiscation after Katrina

David Frum after Iraq visit admits "Not Going Very Well"

Yippee! Franken's on vacation for the week.. Sam's sitting in

Statement from Feingold re his censure motion as Senate heads to recess.

What is The South doing to African-Americans that makes them so polite?

N. Korea says smirk - must have the "spasm of a lunatic"

Santorum's reelection is Specter's "top priority"

the world's worst terrorist IS a lie personified. BUSH LIES!

WaPo: GOP struggles to define ’06 election message

what would happen if Dems changed frame to OIL instead of spreading

I've never heard Mitt Romney talk much before this morning when an

Agent Orange victims fight back

The Idiot is on CSPAN Radio now.

What's wrong with Feingold?

Artificial Insemination, Lesbians and the religious right

are you a WOLF, a CON or just SHY? Too many names too little wisdom

Leahy supports censure; says investigations should come first

at Counterpunch interview with Dean & Nader article on Dean

Cruella Deville thinks one of the voices in her head is God's

Why does this TOON remind me of something?

Is EVERYONE at DU a government PET?

How's that oil boarse...?

Rumsfeld Toast? Blistering Critique By Retired General Eaton

9 Dec 45 - the equivalent day in WWII

MSNBC Poll is Iraq in the middle of civil war?


Rumsfeld's Iraq-Germany analogy disputed

retired maj.general in charge of training Iraqi military:Rummy, step down

Senate intelligence chief urges end to Iraq probe

PA.8th Dis.: Iraq Vet/Prosecutor vs. Rightwing nut vs. converted? Democrat

Bush actually stimulates the Afghanistan Economy!

9/11 and a limp dick

WOW! MSNBC says Bush's Iraq strategery is WORKING! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Bradblog: Diebold's Toilet Paper Democracy - Photographic Essay

Sherrod Brown is on Big Eddie right now!

why doesn't Casey Sheehan have a grave stone?

Cleveland, Ohio Economy Under Bush ===>

A simple answer to those who say "Stay The Course"

CNN Poll: Bush Admin effective RE: P.R. on Iraq efforts? (9% yes...bwaha!)

Iran Contra Neo-Con Says Osama bin Laden Died in Iran a Year Ago....

Photo: "Bush works the rope line" in Cleveland. Next up: Lap Dances?

They didn't ask if BUSHIE still supports Dubia at his speech today

Any sites showing how incumbents voted on IWR?

Why did it take 9/11 to make Republicans understand

GOP struggles to find 2006 message! You think?

the "DAMNED" president doesn't care and gives the fools Apocalypse

Photo: "Bush grabs a bell that was rung to mark his arrival in Cleveland"

Katherine Harris: "God wanted me to make public service a part of my life"

Santorum's Daughter Debuts


One of the reasons the Dem's aren't putting out a unified

F for Feingold - Monday's cartoon

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