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Archives: March 2, 2006

UK Judge to Rule on Ports Deal, NY Times 3/1/2006, 12:01PM ET

Report: Afghan Opium Stymies U.S. Efforts

Ex-FEMA Chief Says Bush Was Overconfident

Long Arm of Law Reaching Up U.S. Women's Skirts

Tajikistan moving ahead with demolition of only shul

What to Do When the Emperor Has No Clothes - Garrison Keillor

Where was the business media? (Dubai Ports World)

Dubious Dubai Deal -- Robert Scheer

James Wolcott: Permanent War for Permanent Fuckwits

Top 10 cars named -- and none are American

Divers Work the Gulf Floor to Undo What Hurricanes Did

Climate Change: Thawing ice and _______?

Why peak oil is probably about now

Resolving the energy crisis: nuclear or photovoltaics? (Nature Materials)

It has all been LIHOP/MIHOP

NM Gets Paper Ballots!....on Paper, Anyway.

demodonkey & attorney on Pittsburgh TV; Lawsuit to State Supreme Court

"2006: Do you know how your vote will be counted?" Great article

I want to let you know

WOW! ** CA's Sen Bowen Rips rethug SoS over Diebold Certification ** (3/1)

Massachusetts gets a C- for mental health care system

Give MN Citizens in Defense of Marriage your 2 cents worth

Can too much protection slow a computer down?

Does a Pop and a Puff of Smoke = a blown motherboard?

Almost time for PEEPS!!!! 46 days until Easter.

Boiled Flamingo, anyone?

Ralph does it again

Emerson's words do not match his (in)actions.

BBC: Lib Dems set for leadership count

Lawmaker: Port deal never probed for terror ties

NYT: U.S. Easing Fines for Mine Owners on Safety Flaws

Barroso knocks economic nationalism

Berwick PA Nuclear Plant? anyone know?

What to Do When the Emperor Has No Clothes - Garrison Keillor

Americans’ answer to what are your rights? ’D’oh’

(National Guard) Recruiter Gets In Hot Water Over Craigslist Ad

Berlin File Says Germany's Spies Aided U.S. in Iraq

US officials make amends for 122-year-old lynching

Prosecutors seek more records on DeLay's 2000 trip with Abramoff

US government long-term promises top $46 trillion

U.S. Easing Fines for Mine Owners on Safety Flaws

NYT: Doubts Back Home Fuel G.O.P. Worries Over Ports Deal

Saudi Group Alleges NSA Eavesdropping

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-FEMA Chief Says Tapes 'Speak For Themselves'

NYT- US Sues, Citing New York Delay on Vote system(HAVA)

Alito thanks Christian right leader for supporting nomination

U.S. Reviewing 2nd Dubai Firm

Breaking on Blast heard near U.S. consulate in Karachi, Reuters

Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal

Mayor Ray Nagin's Response to AP Bush/Katrina Tape (Video)

Error May Have Cost U.S. $7B in Royalties

NYT: Prisons Often Shackle Pregnant Inmates in Labor

Any good sushi places in or around Toronto?

Now I bring you a song of great emotional import

" I hear ya" is the nice way of saying "I'm disregarding everything u say"

Hehe...The Roof Is on Fire

Are there good herbal remedies for muscle relaxants?

I got my hands on Star Wars Episode IV - the original cut, ask me anything

Did you ever stick a wad of gum somewhere other than in the garbage?

Can someone help me quick with an Outlook question?

What question do you absolutely hate?

I really must stop torturing ZombieNixon.

Ever had a phone interview for a job?

anyone ever have more Recs than Replies to a post?

Sorry y'all, but you're wrong. The UAE truly is good for us.

How come when i wake up, my teeth ache and feel pliable?

should I do my taxes tonite?

O’NATURALS IS FRANCHISING! First ever Organic Fast Food Chain!

Please write/email Russ Feingold (here) a big Thank you for work on PA.

My cats get the crazies every night

Olbermans worse person in the world

Can the English language survive after Bush? Great "Bu$hisms".

Are there any "Get Fuzzy" Cartoon Fans here in the Lounge?

I still had until 8 or 9 o'clock to talk Jimmy out of killing Morrie,

Should I have chosen 'HypnoToad' as my pseudonym?

Oh, for the love of PETE!

Last night I got a job offer at my favorite jazz bar

Holy Ghost Enema... Rabid Fundie Alert...

Gawd, Yall!

Bad poetry thread

wow-check this car out-0-60 in 4 and 50 mpg on bean oil

What Air Force cadets do when no one is watching

I have discovered the goodness of Syrah and chocolate

Can I be done being a grown-up now, please?

Tuesday was big-boned.

Stupidest Advice Ever

Appropriate age for an adult to NO LONGER WEAR Underoos?

If it wasn't illegal, I'd shove about five commuters a day down....

I came across this old poem ...

For the love of Pete!

What's for dinner?

What's on the devil's ipod?

You see, it seems that there is a rumor spreading around.

OK, I'm at 4690 posts. My birthday is next week.

Pentagon mulling 'stealth sharks' to patrol the seas: New Scientist

Does anybody know what Allenberg is eating for dinner?

38 hours till my root canal

Pet Peeves:

We're going to crash!

Freakin', frickin' or friggin'?

Anybody want to have some fun? LOL.

I'm home! Did you miss me?!

It is 35 days until Bert Blyleven's birthday

Heads up...George Clooney is coming up on Barbara Walter's show

How Long Ago Was The Last Wedding You Attended?

Why does everyone here sate me?

I'm installing SimCity 4 Deluxe right now, but I'm a linux user. Ask how!

What are the greatest "greatest hits" Rock n' Roll albums?


I'm eating cereal for dinner.

jesus christ Colbert's writer's are off the hook

Dear everyone...please don't hate me

Daddy is a perfect shit.

I just watched The Salton Sea last night for the first time...

Something amazingly good happened today!

Does CG use a macro to type in the popcorn smiley?

How many do you think have -you- on ignore?

Today...My Baby Girl turned 16...

FSU BEATS DUKE!!!!! Sorry Blue Devils.

Good night, Lounge.


Greatest slow dance song ever?

Yes, I'm watching American Idol. Shut up.

How can kids eat this nuke&puke crap?

St. Louis locals - need help

WOW it sure is SUNNY in this state!

they opened a new IKEA nearby, cool stuff resonable prices...

I may have fractured my wrist


Good evening Lounge lozenges!

Please, please assure me I have died and gone to hell!

Picture time!!

Why are you a Democrat

Cats love milk

On Becoming a Bigot.

"You Might Be Evangelical If..."

Universal Stem Cell Principles Proposed

Michelle Williams snubbed by alma mater

Hard To Tell GOP From Democrats On Social Issues

Radical Islam - It's All The Fault of Women and Gays

A new twist on the gay adoption issue.

Gay Texan asks campaign 'redemption'

enjoy it while it lasts, Pirates fans!

Hello All, I suppose this must be the week for saying goodbye

Kerry on Katrina news

Photos from yesterday's Dubai hearings

Kerry must be doing good things - Anti Kerry posts are up on GD

Would anyone be able to help me evaluate an ebay camera...?


Here's an interesting revelation about Nancy Grace

KOEB - 3/1/06 - I drove my Chevy to the Levee edition

O’NATURALS IS FRANCHISING! First ever Organic Fast Food Chain!

Are they psychotic, thieving tugs because

Hewlett-Packard to get $47 Million in Gateway patent settlement

So what's the deal about NO investigation prior to the ports deal?

GOP United In Covering For President, Just Not Sure How To Do It

Lawmaker: Port deal never probed for terror ties

Dean up on Wolfe NOW! n/t

A tuft of Andrea Mitchell's bangs is stuck to the tip of her eyelash and

VIDEO- Corrine Brown on Port Security

Watch your debit cards...more info has been stolen

South Dakota and Abortion

free music - "sorry everybody" volume 1 compilation cd is available

Wolf will show levee video now on cnn.

30something Dems time on CSPAN now

Dean: "The American people deserve a different kind of leadership"

Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North

RW taught us "Slime & Bigotry Works." Now we join to kick the DP Arabs.

So does anyone think georgie might apply for Indian citizenship?

O'Reilly: "[T]he homies" in New Orleans aren't "going to get the [reconstr

"Listen to my advice for once," Mubarak tells Cheney. Don't feed terror


Dean Calls Lieberman An Outlier! LOL

So now Bush says its important to capture Bin Laden. Anybody got the

REPOST: Climate 'makes oil profit vanish' (BBC)

Wow. "Only * could take a disaster of biblical proportions and make

Let's not make this fuzzy: Rep. Katherine Harris lied (Sarasota H. Trib)

Katrina tape - the final nail?

Why does US media call it New Delhi, and foreign press call it Delhi?

Modern liberals don’t care about low-income kids

Bush has no trump cards left.

DOJ Sues New York State Over Voting Rights

How a bill becomes law....

Newsweek: Who Knew What?

Is Gee Du(m)b trying to get impeached?

Takebackthemedia mentioned in E&P for creation of Libby Defense Fund site

Fox News: Iraq Civil War “Made Up By The Media?”

Kerry on the Katrina Revelations:"Where Exactly Does The Buck Stop in WH?"

Keith O. "Worst Person in the World"

Fox News: Iraq Civil War “Made Up By The Media?”

Fun Abortion Litmus Test

So, bu$h Gets Patriot Act Renewal & Port Deal, Even With His POlls In The

Does Bush WANT to destroy the world?

keith olberman NOW--'caught on tape" levee and Bush.

The Al-Qaida threat has been overblown

A thought on the polling of soldiers who want to get out of Iraq

See if you follow my crazy theory... (about new anti-abortion bill frenzy)

SUPPORT THE TROOPS (Poll: They want to come home)

I'm with Keith -- I think CBS' lawsuit against Howard Stern is crap

Clooney on Baba Wawa NOW!

Maybe Brownie did do a "heckofa job"

You've gotta give it to Dean...he has 5 Minutes with Interruptions with

West Wing Alumni coming back for final episodes!!

Presidential Visits to India: Then and Now

Good grief..can't Bush say ANYTHING without stammering and stuttering??

Bush to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi during India visit:

How exactly did AP obtain the video of Bush being warned of Katrina?

Why the touchy-feely PR on Condi?

Tweety's affect is peculiar by any standard

We are blue. They are red. It has not always been that way.

Call him Mr. President

is it just that we are democrats or is it that the democrats in congress

If there is a terrorist attack in the US because of the ports deal, can...

2,290 Funerals Held- George W. Bush Attended Exactly ZERO

Imagine It Now."No One Could Have Imagined That UAE Port Security Would

Anderson Cooper reporting what an asshole Bush is

A prediction before I check Free Republic about the Katrina tape

Bush warantless wiretaps conversations between lawyers and client...

Bush* pisses on miners graves.He has eased fines for safety flaws.


How Santorum got $8.5M for his charity's biggest donor

Democrats Vow Not to Give Up Hopelessness

USA PATRIOT - Feingold reads constitution on Senate floor

Happy Birthday Harry Belafonte

And now, for a word from Bush's "base"

Russ Feingold is the leader of the Democratic Party!

Lawmakers still angered, but resigned to Bush victory on Ports

A picture is worth a thousand words - check out this photo

Bush could eat babies on live TV and his supporters wouldn't care

DHS said Katrina tape was given to Congress "months ago"

Bob Ney is handing out golf tees!

Raw Story doesn't mention my creation of whole website, ridiculous

Boondocks to go on a 6-month hiatus

OK, I admit it - I'm a little bit in love with Russ Feingold.

NYT:The Dubai Ports Deal

Tin foil hat moment... Dubai promised Bush OBL for easy access

Lou Dobbs tonight said he is not a Democrat or a liberal.

Why is it that most state populations fighting to ban abortions are the

So Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush are sitting around...

Bad Santa playing in the background... Bush makes him look good.

N.Orleans mayor "shocked" by pre-Katrina Bush video

Get Your... Free... Politcal Song,... Right (er, I mean ) Left Here !!!

Congressman Conyers:Patriot Act Passes Senate and Bush Flees 34% Approval

When the storm came rushing in by Stephan Smith

Bush in Afghanistan. Have they caught Bin Laden?

Just wanted to share my classroom experience this evening.

Researching WHO wiretapped MLK. Was it RFK, Hoover or Clinton?

Flawed protection: Armored vehicle

I think Brownie timed the release to coincide with Mardi Gras

dupe - delete

Bill O'Reilly at 26 .... warning clicking on the enclosed link could be...

Writers slam Islamic 'totalitarianism'

Question: Why is the conflict between Iraqis called Sectarian rather than

Has the tide turned? Or... is the media FINALLY reporting

Something old, something new

Young Bill. (O'Lielly) For those with a strong Stomach. (dial up warning

DHS saying Congress had transcripts (not video) 'months ago"

Japanese automakers sweep U.S. rivals

Oh Lord - Bolton is encouraging countries to pull out of non-proliferation

Letterman: Condi rice is on tv doing her workout. The Republican workout

DU this UAE port poll in this RED region paper!

TALKERS magazine Top 250 out (including the "Heavy Hundred")

Carlson just said it was Brownie gave the tape info to AP

The averagepay for coastguard reserves?

Berwick PA Nuclear Plant? anyone know?

Rephrase: Why is it those that oppose abortion are arguments to encourage


Activist Killed, Woman Arrested for DUI after Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash

Arianna Huffington is the guest on The Colbert Report tonight!!!!!

Are you excited about our new health plan, Medical Saving Accounts?


Are You Open To/Do You Plan To... Openly Protest This Government In 2006 ?

Freeper Wants To Stone Adulterers To Death

Has the lying sexist pig Nancy Grace addressed the story on her show?

Indians chant "death to Bush" during der Fuhrers visit to India

Andy, Opie, Gomer talking about Don Knotts on CNN right now ....

If shrub is impeached, there's no one better down the line!

Fresh Face Presidential Poll '08

If only 9/11 hadn't happened...

Need answer quick!!!!!!

3rd Grade Politics: "Ahhhh! I Hate Bush"! Reply: "He Brought Us Freedom"!

So I'm sitting there, watching the coverage of the Katrina disaster....

So, did Bush visit with Osama bin Laden while in Afghanistan and/or

I am the smartest person in the US (and maybe so are you)


wow-"So you'd like to... " Impeach King George !!! "which DUer did this?

Keith is so sweet!

The Vice-President Shot a Guy in the Face and Nobody Even Cares

Woman has kids taken away , case worker was having affair w/her Xhusband

Life Finds a Way- Colors of Mardi Gras (Pics)

There is a War in Iraq- Words, Stories, Pictures- No More War

"Where do we get such men?"

DAMNING Bush/Katrina Video LINK HERE------------------->

Bush and UAE: partners in the drug trade

Why do Republicans hate women?

The Kennedys. MLK. Wellstone.

I'm doing a research paper on Watergate and need info

Colbert Report is a DO NOT MISS tonight!!!!

Bush lied to us about Katrina and the video proves it!

ever since a DUer compared Rita Cosby to a Blow-up doll

"The Great American Eagle Tragedy" - Earth Opera is now SO RELEVANT!

9/11: No one could have imagined/Katrina:I don't think anybody anticipated

Remember the first time you saw The O'Reilly Factor?


Other than potato chips, what is still made in America?

Timing of video - Mardi Gras - INTERESTING.

Keith Olbermann: Nancy Grace the worst person in the world!

What if Brownie alerted AP to the existence if the tapes?

This might be a great letter to print and give out to our own officials. >

So....who leaked the Bush Video to Matthews? The one about Katrina

"Who cares, a flooded NO is a good thing."

Sun Aug-28-05 10:49 PM OMG, I've never read a Hurricane Advisory like this

So what do we [Americans] do better than any one else???

Gorbachev, almost 75, sounds off on U.S

Carnival of the Liberals #7: The Video Edition!

My Boss is a Goddamn Rightard

Nationalizing 2006: Bush as Nero

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World- Nancy Grace

Vote Up NORML video at Current TV

Jack Cafferty just read my email on the air! Was anyone watching?

What George Did After Getting Briefed on Katrina ---PIX--->>>

People are finally ready to listen. But are we ready to say something?

Distressed at the irreverent slang used to describe Muslims on DU

Basically, they’re scared….

TOONS: On the waterfront edition

DUers...have we been neo-CONNED??? (commondreams)

"The Guy James Show" returns on March 20th---New schedule!!

Iraqi Women Make Rare Trip to the US for International Women's Day

Hotline: Coffee Talk With Ken (Mehlman) And Howard (Dean).

Crooks & Liars: Vid Clip of the Bush Katrina Early Warning Video

Looks like Delay's re-map of Texas may hold. SCOTUS influence

Video Footage Shows Bush, Chertoff Were Warned of Katrina's Potential Imp

Anyone else find the name "Dubai Ports World" kind of

Bush video handed out to media the day it was shot. And the lazy or

'Misspoke' .... ? 'MISSPOKE'???????

Tucker Carlson's daddy on Scooter defense fund advisory committee

NEED A LITTLE HELP Bush poll numbers

Congress Bill Takes Rights To Know What's In Your Food

Kate O'Bieren is on Tweety, she looks worried and weary

"You old commander in chief decided to stop by for a visit."

Time for a boycott? Port deal

now DU this msnbc poll re: Katrina

Okay. I not buying that the media never viewed the Bush tape until now

Scenes in India, then and now

Alito has sent a THANK YOU NOTE to James Dobson..(!).

Flaming Nostrils of Justice gets hers! Hahahahahahahahahaha

The West Leans Left (The Nation Takes Notice Of Schweitzer)

Poor Scooter Libby needs your money for his defense

Fourth Indictment Expected In (NH) Phone-Jamming Case

OK, Bill Moyers...How would YOU suggest we inform Bush he's NOT our King?

Lieberman: Our Troops Must Stay

Gonzales may be conceding NSA surveillance is beyond Bush's acknowledgment

I dont usually do these - but Caption this - its NOT photoshopped

Wireside with Mary Matalin

I'm Pissed - What Will It Take???

Even With The Knowledge That * Knew About The Potential Of....

American fatalities resulting from...

I experienced a bit of cognitive dissonance while driving .......

Hoover's Southern Strategy in 1928

Can Bush now formally be charged with some form of homicide?

Brown looks like a scape goat to me after that tape.

Cases For Impeachment?...Or Trial For Treason?

Sheriff faces federal charges for seizing ice trucks after Katrina

U.S. Reviewing 2nd Dubai Firm (components for military aircraft)

One thing that really upsets me about Lieberman ....

"Election 2006: Do you know how your vote will be counted?" Great article!

Feingold reads the consitution on the Senate floor

John Kerry on the New Katrina Revelations and Video

Two Million for Roe: Join the Roe Call Now

Bush's 8/6 Mentality -- from terrorism to hurricanes

All of the people, who say that Senator Lieberman ISN'T a Democrat

Cherie Booth: torture is terrorism of the state

In Mexico's New Politics, Wealth May Be a Liability

Bush Goes Politically Deaf, Ends Up in Mess (Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg)

Arianna Huffington (Wednesday): Bombs vs Bombshells

Can you believe George Will wrote this?

More Torture in Occupied Afghanistan

Torture: from regress to redress

MY Letter to James Dobson

Molly Ivins: The Ultimate Mistake

Salon: A deluded king and his court lickspittles

"Hitler was a liberal"

"Follies" Digby ......A Must Read for DU'ers...

Sarasota HeraldTribune: Harris misled us; now we know why


The Liberal Agenda--framing the Democratic agenda

Gore Vidal on Bush, the failure of the media and memory

SF's For Impeachment, But Not Nancy Pelosi

Daily Kos: A Plan to Elect the President by Popular Vote

the coming bankruptcy of America Lateline - Australia

NYT: Fewer Audits Being Done of Oil Leases on U.S. Land

Half of new homes must have solar by 2020 (San Luis Obispo) Council rules

Oil up as Nigerian militants threaten more attacks

Record-Breaking Heat Throughout NSW, Queensland Summers

It's A Green Credential Pimp-A-Thon At Geneva Auto Show - BBC

TX Passes New Landfill Laws - 21 Cities, Companies Grandfathered, Exempt

State Talks Up "Success" In S. FL Environment - Locals Do Not Agree

China Scores 56th Out Of 59 Nations Surveyed For Efficient Resource Use

China's New Oil Reserve Facility Still Empty - No Decision On When To Fill

Yucca plays D.C.

Drought Monitor Looking Pretty Fugly This Week

Lake Monona (WI) Thawing 3 Days Earlier Per Decade Since 1800s

US Senate Bill Would Give Same Biz Tax Break To Hybrid, Hummer Buyers

New Climate Study Probes The World's Largest Ocean Current

You can deduct $106,000 from your taxes (in first year) for a Hummer

Sumatran Rhino Numbers Off 50% In 10 Yrs - "No Sign Of Stabilizing"

Lack of turbines could put drag on wind energy

Wind, wave, wood (Humboldt Co CA)

ABC News - Earth Now "Melting At Both Ends"

Ethanol To Power The Future Of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Abbas says signs of Qaida presence in Gaza, West Bank

Invasion of Balata

Don't say you didn't know

Mass Media Brainwashing: If we saw it on TV .. then it must be real !!

The British 9-11 Truth Movement

Don't expect any help from the Democratic Party re: 9/11 truth

The Existence of this Katrina Warning Video Refutes MIHOP

MIHOP should no longer be seen as "off the table"

why were the "19 hijackers" not at all concerned

Logical Fallacies in Scientific Writing

What Is A Strawman And Who Uses The Technique Here?

There have been TWO Mohamed Attas

NVRI Comments on Supreme Court Review of Vermont Spending Limit Law

Election Justice Newsletter - spread it around!!!

State elections boss defends mandate for electronic voting machines

Is anyone else going to puke if they read "Hanging Chads" in a MSM...

PA: Rendell Commends Court for Allowing Electronic Voting Machines...

Bob Fitrakis needs signature gatherers to get on OH ballot for governor!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 3/2/06


A Plan to Elect the President by Popular Vote

MD BOE admits hackable code on their Diebold machines in letter to gov.

Summary of CA Diebold Security Report useful for ER activism

Have y'all seen the Berkeley report on Diebold code yet?

Urgent: Call Senators about anti-immigrantion bills

House passes three veteran-related bills

"The evil Liberal Agenda" LTTE I wrote

Campaign Spending Limits Argued Before Court

Who remembers the "Rally for the Republic", Faneuil Hall (1/3/05)?

Have there been any polls taken since the airing of

So what the hell are MN Republicans up to now?

I need to use Photoshop to print a picture

Problems with my Yahoo home page

A question about burning CDs

who are the DINO in Texas?

DeLay team canvasses for clues in Dist. 22


Are we gonna cook and be eaten alive this summer or what ?

So now we know the red-handed truth

Still undecided? Separate real Democrats from phony DINOs with this tool

Redistricting's fate may hinge on whether new map is biased

It's official: Glen's running.

So anybody in Rockwall going to vote for the dog?

Remember the new evolved, moderate Harper?

Cdns should support vital Afghan mission: Harper

Former Taliban Spokesman Finds New Haven -- At Yale

Israelis ask Oscars to drop suicide bomb film

Israeli gang wars prompt US State Dept travel warning

US troops believe mission was "to retaliate for Saddam's role in 9/11 atta

Senate opponents concede renewal of the Patriot Act

Saddam admits to reprisals following assassination attempt

In Mexico's New Politics, Wealth May Be a Liability

Suspected kidnapper arrested in Baghdad

Bush knew exactly what was coming: Moveon says pass it on

Suicide bomber kills 4 near U.S. consulate; diplomat dies

Bush and Singh Agree to Terms of Nuclear Power Accord

China: Guangdong bag snatchers may face death penalty

Japan to Seek China's Feedback on East China Sea Development

Cuban academics denied visas for meeting (In Puerto Rico,per Bush order.)

Dubai Seeks U.S. Approval for Military-Parts Maker

Second UAE Company Confirms U.S. Probe

Gunmen kill 11 People ( 7 soldiers, 4 police) Northern Iraq (Samarra)

DeLay team canvasses for clues in Dist. 22

CNN: (Bolton says:) South Asia Nuclear Arms "Legitimate."

Dems press C-Span to cover Rules panel

GOP same-sex marriage CD stirs up a technological tempest

Bill Clinton advises Dubai as Hillary attacks its US ports deal

Kenya admits armed raids on paper

U.S. panel (CIFIUS) objects to software handover to Israeli company

Update: Video Shows Bush Being Warned on Katrina (Wash Post page A1!)

GOP to hold 'mastering blogs' session with Stephen Colbert

Brownie: I Told Ya So

Senate Considers Independent Ethics Office

V.A. Nurse Accused of Sedition

High school teacher's comments investigated by district ( Bush Hitler?)

UK: Sir Menzies (Campbell) wins Lib Dem contest

Redistricting's fate may hinge on whether new map is biased

EU Agrees to Meet With Iran, Stepping Back From Nuclear Demands

Where Prostitutes Also Fight AIDS (Brazil)

US Forces in Iraq Detain 61 Al-Qaeda Members

Abbas: Qaeda Is In Gaza, West Bank

State elections boss defends mandate for electronic voting machines

Baghdad official who exposed executions flees

EPA May Let Ethanol Plants Pollute More

First-run indie films going on cable (Comcast - like F911)

Govt. Eyes Error That Cost U.S. Billions

Pentagon mulling 'stealth sharks' to patrol the seas

Hurricane Evacuees Leave FEMA Hotels

Senate Votes To Renew Patriot Act.

Violence rages in Iraq (3/2)

Teen Dumps Mercury on Girls Leaving School

Bush Ushers India Into Nuclear Club

Hey DUers!!

Iraq Bans Vehicles After Latest Violence

Performance of Iraqi Security Forces Mixed

Poll: Americans oppose port deal

UAE warns of threat to investments in political row

Pelosi: 'We Have a Port Security System That Is Full of Holes' - Baby Brother site to goes active.

UK: High Court clears P&O's takeover

Defense chief cautions against too many troops in Iraq

Vermonter killed in Iraq


U.S. to sharpen focus on Iran

Soviet Union ordered Pope shooting: Italy commission

(Pat) Robertson Loses (Religious) Broadcaster's Board Seat

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 2 March

Statement by Reform Groups on Action of Senate Homeland Security, Lobbying

New Orleans Renews Search for the Missing (300 to 400?)

Crude spills from Alaska's Prudhoe Bay pipeline

Alito Should Clarify Remarks Made in Thank-You Note to Televangelist

(AP: MA. Lt.Gov.) Healey breaks with Romney on gay adoption exemption

Ports deal to close by Monday: official (despite "45 day review")

Honda cleans up in Consumer Reports picks

Jaafari allies defy calls for him to quit

Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Dems target UAE for boycott

Lockout Puts Steel Community On Edge (AK Steel, Ohio)

Reuters: Senate panel OKs lobbying disclosure reforms

Ohio Woman Says Kids Requested Cages

Jury convicts animal welfare activists in federal terror case

Israeli agent: Soviet mole framed Pollard

Ohio Secretary of State Posts Personal Info on Web (Blackwell)

Harry Browne died

UAE warns of threat to investments in political row

Religious broadcasters foresee lost viewership

Pace: Torture, Killings Widespread in Iraq (as bad now as under Saddam)

Pak has its own options post-Indo-US N-deal: Musharraf

Seven quit charity over policy of bishops (Massachusetts)

UN investigating anti-Semitic incidents in UN security service

Breaking News: Explosion on University of Idaho Campus

White House, Dems wrangle on Katrina video(WH: Dems Falsely Attacking *)

Maximum Sentence Urged for Cunningham

Costco's 2nd-Qtr Revenue Increases on Holiday Gains

Poll: California's Governator May Be Terminated

Republican senator plans foreign divestiture bill (kill bill)

Bolton's UN punctuality drive comes to early end

KRT Wire: GOP growing increasingly angry, frightened by Bush's missteps

Company rethinks firing man for being with dying wife

Reuters: US ready to sell advanced arms to India -Pentagon

Calif. School Suspends 20 Who Saw Web Site

Cheney Urges Americans to Save

New U.S. $10 issued today

U.S. Jobless Claims Probably Rose Last Week, Economists Say

Senate OKs Patriot Act renewal, sends to House

Sweeping Changes at MSNBC

U.S. minority politicians to meet on backing Israel on Hamas

BREAKING: "What Bush Was Told About Iraq" : National Journal

Teacher caught in Bush "rant"

U.S., India Reach Agreement on Nuke Deal

PLEASE rec this thread! (Read it, you'll see why)

I dare you to watch this video, and not even smile.


How y'all doing?

True wit is nature to advantage drest

A guy walks into a bar

A guy walks into a bar . . .

We made Tucker Carlson's show!

I can inherit a degree?

Bum bum ba-dum dum...

Really obvious Bode Miller joke...

am I going to have nightmares tonite?

OH BABY!!! One and a half months till I go to CANADA!!

I am thinking

I am drinking.

I am winking.

I am inking..

isnt it time for Crazy Guggenheim to get us some snacks?

Does your TiVo record bizzare stuff or am I really special?

I'm watching 'The Phantom of the Opera' 2004 version.

What's up lately with Monty Python?

Hmmm... a small spate of minor earthquakes

I am Lincoln.


I am thinking...

I am blinking...

I am shrinking...

Goodnight DU!

I am sinking.

I am linking

I'm off to slumber.

something just bit me....

Man Shows Off OnStar System To Girlfriend - Arrested For Cocaine

Anyone have pics of bush and troops yesterday?

It's like 'rats deserting a sinking ship!

Nighty night, everyone!!

Music...Okay, money is no object, nor is the mortality of any

Why is it that I giggle every time I see the name Felix Frankfurter?

I am kinking

Seriously... I've been very bad....

Oh My God

Goodnight, my lounge lovelies!

I'm Stewie Griffin and don't let me catch you in Quahog!

Is Enigmatic still up?

MatcomNews Update Scott Stapp Says Sex Tape "Released To Hurt Solo Career"

Teacher May Be Suspended After Student Urinates In Closet

It's disturbingly quiet in here

I'm stoned on Vicodin!

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

Things to make with stuff lying around your kitchen:

Mrs. Grumpy

Snow coming...

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie......

How many typos before your drinking skills go all to hell?

Today's Spiderman thread

Anyone in NYC Want to Go See the Knicks vs. Bulls Friday 3/3 (Tommorow)?

This one was actually funny.

Thursday earworm:

I'm going to take a nap.... Keep your knees loose

How many drinks before your typing skills go all to hell?

Just saved $1.00 per gallon on gas (Fuel-perks RULE, baby!!)

RE: Matcom's post (Woman Faces Jail If She Doesn't Watch Video

I've been noticing a lot of eider bashing lately.

The Other Thursday earworm. Stuck in my head for several days;

Want to see somethig really gross?

Amazon has a Monty Python poll

Back from a loonnng absence...anyone still remember me?

Bush's Katrina briefing, as imagined by my S.O.

Things that piss me off....

Waaah!! I want the new action figure that all the other kids have

Free USB Flash Drive from Microsoft if anyone wants one

Post a picture of something you want

Why are the stories on my Yahoo page 1 month old?

How long was the shortest wedding ceremony you have ever attended?

Police: Woman Fakes Death To Avoid Paying Traffic Tickets

Hmmm... 4 posts away from 15,000.

Has anyone out there had an internet romance?

What if I made this my sig line:

Can YOU juggle to music?

Has anyone out there had an internal romance?

I'm thinking of taking up a life of crime

Anybody have a cell phone but no land phone?

Meditation time again. This time for prosperity. Who wants on the list?

Ford motor company has no design sense

What I'm listening to right now: You may be dreaming You may be bleeding


DU Bumper Stickers

Enjoy William Shatner's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"...the VIDEO.

Oh No! Not the Comfy Chair

Is there a way you can find out who's plotting against you?

Bay's English muffins rock!


does anything really matter?

Law firm web page for your amusement

There is NO REASON for you to use that voice-operated speakerphone crap.

Sad News: Jack Wild (Jimmy on Puff 'n Stuff) is dead at 53

Heard about that Willie Nelson song? Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly...

I was awoken from sleep by a huge charley horse in my calf!

The 'sea sponge' defense.

How do 'they' not get "They will know we are Xtians by our love"?

is there a way you can find every thread someone else is posting in?

Quail Huntin

Renowned Psychiatrist Bilked By Nigerian E-Mail Scam ($1.3 Million)

Sorry to beat this to Death....F*CK MAYTAG and the horse they rode in on.

OH GOD YES!!! The Real Housewives of Orange County

What is up the the *tag* threads?

who knew?

John Cleese is not dead. E's pining!

Toronto DUers check in here please

People who say ____ are dead when they are not...

I get it now - patently offensive things are, by default, A LAFF RIOT!

Update on the hairs in my bed!

Deal .... ..... .... or No Deal?

There was a flame war and I missed it?!?

Does anyone have fond memories of Howard's Johnson?

PATENTLY OFFENSIVE THREAD WARNING....prepare for a laugh riot...

texas1928 has a nice

Since when did I lose the ability to sleep by myself?

I am linking. Post a link to your favorite funny website.

Ah, so warm and fuzzy!

President George W. Bush is dead

Sunshine came softly through my a-window today

Well, our contract isn't being renewed, but

How many degrees do you use to cook your bacon?

That's it! I gotta go yell at the bank...again!


Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead

Green Prius Driving DU'er sighted here in Brockton Mass!

935 posts from 1752...come help a guy out...

Lost was a doozie!!

Abe Vigoda is still alive.

There I go, there I go, there I go, there I go

I. Hate. Evangelicals.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

I've posted more in the last 24 hours than the entire last 6 months

I voted today

Have I ever been overly flirty here?

Anyone here going to follow the WBC

Do you turn the microwave OFF before you open it?

A pooped puppy - this picture just cracks me up!

SHARK!!! there are sharks in LBN!! ( this is too funny)

It's so damn dark and gloomy outside...

Password Cache in erase? Fear hackers,worms that call home

So I'm all set to listen to the first Dodgers game of spring...

Early one morning the sun was shinin'

Taking a break from DU for Awhile

My work just called....

How old were you?

Fess Up!!!! You really dig Molly Hatchet!!

Homelessness in NYC

Prepaid cell phones: Personal experiences?

I want a cookie

Rats love "Greenies"

*LOL* A little walk down memory lane...

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Republicants, Corrupticons, or Blamicans which fits better

Dodgers win! Dodgers win!

Michelle Williams dissed by her Xtian HS Alma Mater because of Brokeback

"for pete's sake preschool"

How many dogs do you own?

Ever stick a car key in an electrical outlet,

Having a good day; found "1984" DVD on Ebay for $9

No! No more snow!

Quiz - Who is your baseball player soulmate - in honor of spring training!

All you DUers posting at work - you are absolved for the afternoon

Holy Crap! Who knew it was this late? We only have 25 days left to shop

Welcome to the new and improved milquetoast me.

I know we're pretty much all sick of it here, but...


WillPitt smokes Oklahoma ditch weed

Ah! Nephew attack! (pic heavy)

Don't take the car! You'll KILL YOURSELF!

Whoa! I think that's the first time I've ever seen lightning and heard

Anyone read Vonnegut's "Man without a Country"?

Don't you just looooooveee dealing with big companies?


Talk me out of quitting my job right this second

Cosmicbandita and I are playing TAG

There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals...

Have you ever stuck a 9-volt on your tongue

Graham Chapman is dead.

John Cleese is NOT dead.

Random acts of rebellion

Should I stop my birds from killing cats?

Damn B-I-N-G-O earworm!


Dear God please let me win the lottery

OK, I'm totally freakin' bored and need to make fun of...

Anyone missing a Chocolate Lab?

I accidentally hit "post" instead of "my posts"...

I knew i should have checked in here before i watched---

I just had my foster cat put down

Bill O'Reilly, Fly Guy

How many degrees are you from Canadian Bacon?

Prayers for my safety (maybe)

How many degrees are you from Menachem Begin?

What's your favorite kind of shot glass?

this has been a long day and my intention is to lighten it a tad.

Damn Cadbury Mini-Eggs!!!

75 Year Old Grandma Beats Burglar With Trash Can Lid (Grandpa Smacks Him)

I'm on my way to HoHoKam -- Cubs spring training opener!

I'm a clonkey-bonkey donkey,

Anyone here know what "The Landmark Forum" is?

How many degrees are you from Kevin Bacon?

935 posts away from 10,000... Come on help a guy out....

You're in hell, and have to watch a movie over and over again

Congratulations 0007!! 30,000 posts


Is it OK for me to complain about "kids these days?" (RANT)

That's it, I'm not buying another Dominos pizza

How many degrees are you from freezing?

Congratulations benburch!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations BlueEyedSon!! 15,000 posts

Is it better to have had lunch.....and to have lost it?

Stapp: Someone is trying to sabotage my career with those sex tapes

My boyfriend has been unemployed for two months

John Cleese is dead

I'm in PAIN right now

So I've decided to give couples counseling a shot

Scott Fucking STAPP: Sex tape released because "someone wants to hurt me"

Could we please coordinate our flame wars?

I've decided, for the sake of the children, to make a 1:1 model of earth

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 3/2/06)

What music are you listening to?

Pet Owners: Are Your Little Fur-Babies PICKY EATERS?

How many cats do you have?

Some Product

H.R. Puffinstuff star Jack Wild dies.

I can't believe this actually worked.

Congratulations HypnoToad!! 35,000 posts

Rank your local sports teams in terms of popularity.

Your cat's (or cats') voice(s)...

Thanks, Lounge Lizards!!! (Collected Black History Month Threads)

charles mingus: jazz god or jazz god

I love you all!

I got a job!

This looks like the most incredible game ever

How do YOU define bizarre?

For the family that hates to mow their grass:

I am looking for a dead horse to beat

I just heard the most disgusting commercial

Have I ever been overly offensive here?

Did the spank smiley always have the sexual connotation

Have YOU Seen Bill O' Reilly? I Mean The 70's VERSION In Fur Coat? (PIC)

I just resurrected the Lesbian thread. Ask me anything.

What to listen to after Dead Can Dance?

Raw vegetables- God's punishment for being fat.

Question: Infant-based soy formula:

Job Update: One more interview.

velmad is posting during the day......

Friday list thread


My new baby girl looks at me and snorts

Should I stop my cat from killing birds?

Lentil Soup for Lent...Post your favorite recipes here

What Was the Greatest Era for Rock and Roll and Why

Picture of me and Vash the Gal

Question: Soy-based infant formula:

Name That Movie Quote Thread

Any 'My Name Is Earl' fans here?

Holy hell!! I just won the lottery!!!!!!

Is it true that the British eat songbirds?

I am in a lot of trouble

* sigh *

ICY-HOT M*A*T*C*O*M - Straight Jackin!

WOW Ferrari Enzo _____Half Off!!!

Goodnight everyone!

FDA links child deaths to chelation therapy

The Most Common Medication Errors

Indonesian 'Pompeii of the East' discovered

Chimps Prove Altruistic and Cooperative

picture of an earthquake . . .

Washington Court to rule very soon on equal marriage case

What a dumbass name for a sports stadium

Anyone in NYC Want to Go See the Knicks vs. Bulls Friday 3/3 (Tommorow)?

99 NCAA Teams Get Penalties

Did I see this correctly?

Just had my foster cat euthanized

ringworm question

An online experiment in ESP

What does it mean to dream about vampires?

Bush and Kerry Get Different Receptions in India

Kerry talks comedy, politics - Townhall at 6th and I Synagogue

Biden said he might vote for McCain if he gets the nomination

Nuclear Iran hearing in SFRC: 10:30 AM Thurday 3/2

Anyone watching the senate?

Didn't Kerry do something like this once?

Kerry Raises Quick Cash for 3 Vets

For the first time I am deeply disappointed in both Kerry and Kennedy.

And..............they're off . . . .

So I guess it must be asked. What should the next contest theme be?

Expect more Bill-bashing, loofah-loathing and falafel-flapping tonight!



Great LBN thread....KO related :))))))

Life as a Sequoya

Rethugs try to spread Katrina blame. Doesn't work. Here's why

Anderson Cooper on Hurricane Katrina

Southpark: Having Mel Gibson's only word Klingon: Kaplaw!

Um... Blitzer: when Clinton signed with foreigners it was before 9/11

Environment, Plamegate, Medicare, Data Mining, Katrina, Port Deal, etc.

"OK big boy....I'll just overide your veto!"

Many in Congress Insist on Chance to Scuttle Ports Deal

Quail hunting school

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."& Laura's

How are they going to try to weasel out of this one?

Just how much did we just spend on that phoney Katrina study?

If you were stranded on a desert island..

Bush*t was told that Levees could be breached!

3 battalions, 1 battalion, none.

Katrina (Do we have another August 6th 2001)

Is anyone else not getting anything on the KTLK stream?

White House Warned of Civil War in Iraq in 2003

Report: Bush says bin Laden helped in election

Bush disagrees with South Dakota abortion ban

Seriously, before Bush got in office, did you know there were this many...

We need to remember the weather service warning for Katrina

Police: Woman Fakes Death To Avoid Paying Traffic Tickets

Looks Like Brownie DID Do A Heckuva Job After All...

Missouri man sues over firing, claiming religious discrimination

media reported Bush's 8/28th Katrina videoconference on 8/30


Buyer's Remorse

VIDEO- Letterman Bush Jokes March 1 06

Bernie Ward discussing the FEMA tape and Bush lies -- streaming

Video and transcript of Howard Dean on CNN today.

Where Can I Get Randi's Show From Today?

Pockets of RESISTANCE in SD !!

Right-side up, upside-down caret ( ^ ) theory?

Chad Hedrick was awarded another medal

The NWS published this SUNDAY, 8/28/05. Then Bush went to eat cake.

Of all Freeper denial I've seen, their reaction to the Bush/Katrina video

Child Brings Cocaine to Second-Grade Class . . .

Clippers over, Maron on

Viewpoint: Impeachment moving toward center stage

on the way out from work, the security guard had brown/bush on the radio

Thinkprogress: Presidential visits to India - Then and Now

MSRNC CRAWL, "AP video shows bush was warned about levee breach

Was the CBS poll finding a tripwire? Did B*'s poll rating have to hit

A new article by me in Raise The Hammer

In the Field With Bungalow Dick, LLC

FAUX....48hrs from now..."WAS KATRINA GOOD FOR AMERICA?"

As a person, Bush* should feel defeated...

Louise Slaughter for President!

Washington Journal time

(Indian) PM teases Bush for not going to Taj Mahal

Did I miss something, or is the Today Show so far ignoring the Katrina

D.Gregory via India on Imus show -msnbc

Moveon Katrina tape: Bush knew exactly what was coming

V For Vendetta....

This doesn't belong here but here I am again I just had to call the police

Big donor to Rick's charity was seeking federal aid

How many unborn children were lost in hurricane Katrina?

Come on, Washington Journal. Surely more people than those at AEI

Computer Expert in Flash Question

Newsweek: Un-Explainer in Chief

This letter from Alito to Dobson...

Santorum Quid Pro Quo - Lord the 'pukes love their $$$ corruption!

Olbermann replaces O'Reilly!!!

I heard Katrina briefing on The Rachel Maddow show this morning!

transcripts (not video)-given to Congress "months ago" says DHS-Katrinia

FSU BEATS DUKE!!!!! Sorry Blue Devils.

How many Americans did Bush kill during / after Katrina?

How's that Kuwait Liberation working out?

England's Cindy Sheehan speaks out. fight fundies war support w/this!

"Don't read to much into the Katrina briefing video?"

How many ways has the GOP ignored "state's rights"?

Joe Biden is on Imus right now...

Does Thom Hartmann know what the hell he is talking about?

Considering calling Stephanie Miller this morning

Another reason why I love Stephanie Miller

So, where did the Chimpy/Katrina tape come from?

Cingular wireless going UNION! ----DROP YOUR CELL PLANS

Saddam destroyed farms in retaliation, Bush destroyed farms in retaliation

Gary Hart is on WJ! 9:18am NOW

And in related news....

Sphinctorum joins growing list of ethically challenged Repugs.

3/2/06 toon - It's the HOCUS-POTUS SHOW!!!


Stretched to limit, women stall march to work

Ex-Official: Iraq Abuses Growing Worse

Photo of Pickles with the Bush clan

Jay Leno's wife: "Crush this government with pressure" (about Afghanistan)

Michael Brown as a Christ figure

March Issue of National Geographic shows the diff between Rich and Poor

Hey Hey. What Happened To the Color Codes?!!! What Color Are We Now?

Long War, Inc. - by Mark Fiore

Wait a minute, the Al Qaeda Memo got buried

How my S.O. imagined the Katrina briefing

Preparing Another MIHOP.

"Go to the hospitals in the wealthiest neighborhoods."

House in Session - C-Span - Katrina Relief Bill up first 10:02 a.m.

Bush coming to Pittsburgh raise money for Santorum (YIPPEE!)

What is it with ABC and their new Al Qaeda mastermind?

Anybody have a cell phone but no land phone?


New 2fer: Judith REGAN recycles another ex- and didn't know a BinLaden

REASON why B*sh did not ask a single question @ Aug 28 Katrina briefing:

Warmongers giggling at a pacifist's memorial

Blumenthal: A deluded king and his court lickspittles

bush signs a deal with india that is illegal?

Man Fired For Taking Off To Be With Dying Wife

What Are The Prospects For The Patriot Act Extension This Afternoon?

Former Taliban Official Enrolls at Yale

What was a "good thing" now doesn't actually exist (Pics)

Don't Look Now But I Think Saddam Is Going To Win His Trial.

'Conyers Aides Say He Used Them as Servants'...Well, it's Conyers turn

OTC Pregnancy tests will be next

With decision making like this how could GM have gone wrong?

Requesting news about Monty Python.

Open Season on the White House

ROFL...Stephanie Miller's show is funny as hell today. nfm

Bush in 2001: Reservists will "check shipping in ports"

Heating assistance to low income?

Caitlin’s Law Approved by OK Senate Panel

Well, there they go again...

President Lebowski

Is there any doubt NOW???

Homer vs. the 5 freedoms: My weekly newspaper column

How safe, smart, or wise is it for Bush to visit Pakistan?

Breaking???: Ex-Conyers aides making charges against the Congressman

"Israeli firm endorses Dubai ports deal for United States"

E&P: WaPo Cites 'Pressure' on Iraq Death Count

Iraqi Women Who Lost Family Members Denied Visit To U.S.

DC DU-ers, let's take Steph Miller & Jim Ward to lunch!

White House comment on Katrina video.

Imus in the Morning was GREAT today!!!!!

Help: what military official stated that Blanco ceding control of the NG..

2nd Dubai Firm Set to Take Over U.S. PLANTS! Is This America Anymore?

Bush Under Risk

Did I just hear

Question: Is the fact that the crew who looked at the ports deal didn't..

Thanks India

Katrina - what would other Presidents have done?

'Poll: Schwarzenegger Faces Tough Election' Go CALEEFORINIA!

Rawstory: Dems Move To Force Port Vote; Letter Decrying Ports Deal

One thing about W is we don't have to worry about what the people

Arundhati's take on the Bush visit to India

At what point will the Katrina "missing" be considered dead?

Stop getting credit card offers by mail

If you have a uterus, raise your hand...

Laura Berg, VA nurse accused of sedition, on Democracy Now

42% of Federal Income Tax Dollars spent on Military Activities?

Batman to take on Al-Qaeda

Lamont could help re-establish Dems' hold

Something about the Repub speakers in the "morning business" on C-SPAN

I know I'm spitting in the wind here,

Waxman on floor of House Opposing Food sately bill--

Do you think Lou Dobbs will destroy Clinton One today?

Feingold is on the Senate floor! NOW!

Let's Outlaw Vasectomy

CNN: (Bolton says:) South Asia Nuclear Arms "Legitimate."

VIDEO: It could happen tomorrow -- are you scared?

Tweety's Hardball also on at 11PM next week - End of Bow Tie Boy?

garrison k...... another brilliant take on the obvious.

Must Read -Iran/USA - Release of global world crisis

Job offer just came in my e-mail....

Anyone read Maxim?

Apparently, bush hates coal miners.............

YO! Bushbots! MR bush MR bush Mr bush

Waas:Bush received classified info casting doubts w/ justification for war

'Miss. House Advances Bill to Ban Abortion' This state has been DESTROYED

Q: Who is going to write the encyclopedia detailing *'s crimes after...

Medical Study - Fake blood given to trauma patients WITHOUT permission

US troops believe mission was "to retaliate for Saddam's role in 9/11 atta

Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Credit Card Bill Outs DeLay Trip

Will Iraq Eventually Be Divided Into Two Or More Separate Countries?

Debating the Food Safety Label Bill in the House now, CPSAN1

What is your reaction to racist jokes, jokes about rape, jokes about gays?

Could this help stop these horrible anti-choice laws?

I think the main problem that the freepers and neo-cons have with CBS...

Director Of Baghdad Morgue Had Fled Iraq - In Fear Of His Life...

Food poison


New South Dakota State Flag

GOP to hold 'mastering blogs' session with Stephen Colbert

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day

Bush on the Couch

Extra Heavy-Duty Tin Foil Alert re; Plame, Brewster-Jennings, UAE :

Director of Baghdad morgue flees Iraq after revealing 7,000 killed

LAT: Differing Views of Race in L.A. Collide in 'Crash'

The Staged Capture of Osama.


V.A. Nurse Accused of Sedition

it's starting: Unintended Pregnancy Linked to State Funding Cuts


Impeachment... before or after the Nov. election, or no impeachment?

Osama Bin Laden to run US Postal Service

Robert Byrd on Senate floor...NSA ILLEGAL SPYING! C-SPAN 2. NOW!

Is there a transcript of that Katrina videoconference briefing *?

Silly Food Safety hearing observation...

Great Caption! Thanks, AP! ---pix--->>>

Harry Reid petition for Katrina Commission, NOW (sorry if duplicate)

Review PanelThat Approves Ports Deal To UAE-Denies Israeli Software Co.

In an exclusive interview, Brown talks about the release of the video.

Senator Byrd is now taking the Senate Floor - C-Span 2

Fla. Officer Accused Of Planting Drugs

State senator saves opponent's life with Heimlich maneuver.

Well, our contract isn't being renewed, but

Quietly, US BUYS $38 Million Of Depleted Uranium Tank Shells

Israeli Sub Fleet Chief - We can hit targets overseas.

State: US does not hamper creation of Russian joint enterprise with Iran

Bush considers Pakistan an "ally". But is Pakistan helping al-Qaida?

Are dreams just as dead now as they were in 1931? Has Bush killed off

Nancy Pelosi is on C-Span2 - Weekly News Briefing

Bush go to Iraq, for what?

backlash from my ltte?

For Jeebus sake, someone tell Boehner to lay off the fake tan bottle

OMG! Who knows about Minerals?

Waas: Bush, Cheney informed in October 2002 of evidence against Iraq nukes

Who is in the room with * on the Katrina briefing video?

House Repubs Could See up to 40 Retirements

Media Sat On Katrina Video For 6 Months

Proof that ducks are made of chocolate! (And Saddam had 9/11 role)

MIHOP should no longer be seen as "off the table"


VIDEO- DeLauro on the Food Labelling Bill Republicans are pushing

Man Fired For Taking Off To Be With Dying Wife

Senate Roll Call sheet:

VIDEO- Waxman/Stupak on Food Labeling Bill -Co on Meat

Imagine if we had * instead of FDR during WWII

I found a CREEPY video making fun of Bush/Christianuts

Rahm Emanuel reading soldiers' names on House floor

Former anchor (Aaron Brown) questions TV news priorities

It's Feingold-A-Palooza on the Span2 this week!


"I hope people don't draw conclusions from the president getting a single

The Liberal Agenda

Bush cabal uses Iraqi violence as excuse to halt promised troop drawdown

Tom DeLay: "Thank God there are still more that love me"

Exclusive!!! Photo of Chimpy laying wreath at Ghandi's memorial

Anyone else watching the pursuit of the stolen police SUV in LA?

It has all been LIHOP/MIHOP

What outstanding questions do you want answered about ports deal?

Making Every Vote Count: By Bill Richardson

I'm searching for that recent poll graph

What's Grover Nordquist been up to lately?

VIDEO- Cleaver on the UAE Ports Deal

VIDEO-Waxman on Food Labelling Bill - NO HEARINGS in 8 years

FREEPER Racism, Hate, Contempt for Human Life at the FREAK SHOW

What is going on with Drudge?

Cheney Urges Americans to Save

Alito says a big "thanks" to Dobson et al.

"Evictions may foreshadow Iraq civil war"

Abramoff's Credit Card Bills Show Heavy Spending On DeLay...

High school teacher's comments investigated by district ( Bush Hitler?)

VIDEO- Mark Udall on Food Safety Labelling- Getting Exemptions

Office of Iran Affairs to 'facilitate change in Iranian policies'

Internal Nat'l Guard Docs Suggests Units Engaged in Spying In 10 States

We Are All Harry Whittingtons: By David Michael Green

My Trip to Visit The Indians, by George Bush

The Existence of this Katrina Warning Video Refutes MIHOP

"The View" talks politics with Alec Baldwin

Anybody see Trent Duffy, asst. WH press secretary , defending

Anybody watching the "Truth Squad" in the House of Reps?

VIDEO - Olbermann covers Fascist Francis Fukuyama

Welcome to SD: Charges of soliciting sex from a minor

DNC presents James Dobson's greatest "hits" with links.

VIDEO- Lynn Woolsey on Nukes (India) and the Bush administration on energy

Wisconsin Malloy fans

Let's make a list and check it twice...

"I could have a beer with this guy" and other stupid reasons

Bush lied right from the get go.... He pointed to Ken Lay

Hurricane season could match '05: UN

kids build soybean fueled car - for real

Is Bush the Subversive Fifth Column? Read This Article re: Ports China/UAE

Hey DUers!!

Johnstown Flood killed 2,200 in 1889 - no Halliburton handout...

What is Giulliani's Position on the Ports Issue?

5 Dems Oppose Patriot Act Renewal: Byrd, Akaka, Wyden, Harken, Levin!

Hey DUers!!

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs' if this has been posted, sorry

Did 308,000 Cancelled Ohio Voter Registrations Put Bush Back in WH?

Dancing dictators...


Suppose that Dubai is another Harriet Myers-type bait-and-switch

Did the British bring the Mullahs to Power in Iran?

Faux news poll: Approval rating down to 39% (and this is a Faux poll)

Why do we need a military?

How many other DU folks have thought, since the presidential

Derbyshire (2nd tier pundit) throws in the Iraq Towel as well

VIDEO- Kaptur (OH)-Why Should We Trust the Bush Administration?

What is it going to take to get Bush impeached????

Let's start taking this impeachment business more seriously

Maybe this NSA spying disclosure is the straw that broke the camels back

Finding a loophole in state prohibitions of abortion

Listening to Jeff Sessions talk down the HEAP program

'36 People Die in Unrelenting Iraq Violence' Is it Civil War yet?

OMG! President Clinton could have filed Sexual Harrassment

DU this poll - re: fault for federal response to Katrina

Good Form Dept. - Shot in the Face Etiquette from the New Yorker

some preliminary findings, in case anyone's interested

If NO is rebuilt without concern to the displaced African Americans,

It's the poor white trash that put these ruling elite into office

India turns out for bush. Pix

34% here 39% there 38% over there -Take a guess

Sign Barbara Boxers petition to Rumsfeld

If you could pick the people on our currency, how would you arrange it?

Zim Israel: "Let the US fight them over there so we don't have to here"

Instead of just bitching about anti choicers why don't we confront them?

We love 'em, We love 'em not, We love 'em, We love 'em not

Neocon Insiders: Who is John Fund?

I know the reason Ohio is a red state;

People seldom at home are undersampled... Gallup on Caller ID 3 times

William Pitt email about Illinois 6th - Duckworth v. Cegalis

Anybody have those 3 toll-free numbers for US Senate in DC

Timing is everything...

GWB is too fekking stupid to be POTUS!!!

Jerusalem Post: Dubai's boycott

Duncan Hunter to Introduce Legislation to Kill Port Deal

Anybody Know If Tonight's Impeachment Forum Will Be Televised ???

Why Is Neocon Gaffney Against The Dubai Sale?

Can I put the word Hannity on ignore ? :)

Robertson Loses Broadcasters' Board Seat

State Dept. to create "special office" to deal with Iran?

"We're not in Iraq for the oil, we're not in Iraq to stay"

A Great Way to Make Amends to the World

Are we seeing the Pugs distancing themselves from chimperor just in time

Fuck it - let's just outsource everything

Colorado law may prohibit unauthorized taping (Boy taping teacher)

Govt. Eyes Error That Cost U.S. Billions

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children

Who was behind ZIM Israel?Shaul Eisenberg

Heads up!!! Dobbs is looking at the 2nd Dubai company who is planning

So in 2008, can a new president reverse the UAE contract?

A Message For Mississippi -- If You Truly Cared About Children...

this has been a long day and my intention is to lighten it a tad.

DU HELP: Is This Notification of Winnings and Check a Fraud????

My Tiny Town In Vermont Has Lost ANOTHER Soldier In Iraq

I'm I missing something here?

My Fears about the Future in this Country

"breached" vs "topped" or "rolled over" ??

I smell a rat about this overnight in Pakistan

My rant on HuffPo thread re Katrina. Locals to blame? BULL!

GOP to hold 'mastering blogs' session with Stephen Colbert

What is on Lou Dobb's face? (nt)

Anybody watching the LIHEAP debate in the Senate?

GORE VIDAL - Nails It in a Nutshell...

All FReepers/fundies need to watch Soylent Green.

Port Fear

Steel Workers Hit By Another Lockout As CEO Pockets Millions

Are you happy with the results of REPUBLICAN ONE PARTY RULE?

'Torture Boy' Signals More Spying' GONZALES recanted testimony!

We Will Not Be Silenced/VidLINK

It's NOT just Bush hating. There's a reason why Dems oppose ...

How will history judge Bush Inc???

Senator Byrd introduces legislation to investigate secret spying program

Lurkers, please read this article if you support the Patriot Act


CONTEST!!! Come on, DUers!

My Neighbor....Quit The Church

Bush Approval Rating Hits Low of 36 Percent in Quinnipiac Poll

Republican fraud in California

Lou Dobbs poll just up

Joe Liberman was almost Vice President of the U.S.

Pictures of the last president in India

What do people think of government-funded Independent News ?

A deluded king and his court lickspittles-By Sidney Blumenthal

Memoriam Link

U.A.E. Cited in US Human Trafficking Report 2005

Anybody listening to Ed Schultz?

Looking for the article Malloy read about the AAR deal

Crowds protesting * in India today (WOW)

You know...watching Lou Dobbs I'm struck that DU'ers have been OnTop

Dean on MSNBC: They lied about the war, they lied about Katrina

Why in the hell should bill clinton be advising Dubai on the port deal?

So we're giving India nuclear material

What ever became of Oral Roberts?

Christian courtship...

Holy Crap. Bush Drinking? Photo Evidence?

About the NSA-the issue not IF they spy but WHAT they do AFTER

NSA Scandal Now Includes Spying, Perjury & Pres. Lying (Glenn Greenwald)

America is Being Sold to the Lowest Bidder

Which would you want more? Control of Congress or Presidency?

New at; An archive of the Peter B. Collins Show!

Somber map of the service men, women who have died in Iraq & Afghanistan

Bush gives most compelling evidence in favor of evolution!!

Fruitcake Lady! this is a a funny assed video if you haven't seen it.

Boycott South Dakota - abortion rights in jeopardy

Do you think they are sending dick a message - pic >>>

Feeding frenzy over at the ChicagoTribune blog

OK. I've heard Orleans Parish was left of the state of emergency, BUT...

Calif. School Suspends 20 Who Saw Web Site - Huh?

Is Now The Time For A MASSIVE Impeachement Protest In DC?

VIDEO- Breach of the Levees versus Topping (Ronald Reagan, Jr)

Actor Jack Wild Dies at 53

Does Condi travel EVERYWHERE with * and Pickles?

Lou Dobbs starts with: pRESIDENT *'S POLL #'S PLUMMETING!

* is still making faces for the cameras - pic >>>

Happy birthday Russ!!!!


Headquarters for Iran Regime Change To Be Located In Dubai

Is everyone looking forward to eating Mangos?

If the shrub gets impeached, will you travel to DC to bid him farewell?

Collected Black History Month "Did You Know?" Threads Here...

HELP--question on pbs--does anybody here remember the names/titles

Port sale: It's all about dope. (Daily Kos)

Fred Phelps...

James Dobson and a tiny dog named Siggie...terrifying and sickening.

Katherine Harris to be featured speaker at "Reclaiming America for Christ"

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll -- Americans oppose port deal (66%-17%)

Rowling "Lures Kids to Satan"


Employers of undocumented workers are no better than crack dealers

Falwell Asserts Jews Can't Go To Heaven

MSM Promoting INDIA Every Day This Week: HERE'S WHY -->

Would you DIE for your country? How about "be a little inconvenienced?"

Can We Talk About This? Rushdie And Others On Islamic Fundamentalism

"Thousands"? LOL

"Pro-Life" group encouraging vacationing in South Daktoa

Final Senate roll call vote on PATRIOT Act

Too big a payment on credit card - HS investigates before credit applied

lou dobbs said it last night.

__________________ would be a better president than chimpy!

Everybody matters...

Help Please, Critique this Democratic Campaign Ad Idea...

When we win back the presidency - my dream list: (please add yours)


Lies About Hybrids

Would someone please help? (Lobbyist research paper)

Why can't we shut down Gitmo?

High school teacher's comments investigated by district (Anti-bush)

VIDEOS: Katrina Media Coverage '05 Collection

Cable News Junkies: DU this poll!

RW Talking Point: Topping is not Breaching

My sincere apologies, Michael "Brownie" Brown

'Lobbyist's Credit Card Bill Outs DeLay Trip' BUSTED! Again!

The attack on the UAE deal lets Congressional Republicans off the hook

Head of Israel's largest shipping co. supports UAE port deal

We're Sorry Dick...........

Lou Dobbs: President Trades Nuclear Technology for Mango.

Just remember, there were no Nazis in Germany in 1948.

VIDEO- Dobbs-Nukes for Mangos

Rawstory: Al Qaeda bragged of infiltrating Emirates government

Why We Act: BY John Conyers

Never Forget the look on his face...

Take a quick break -- this video is FUNNY!

Blogger posts at-home do-it-yourself abortion manual

"No One Could Have Anticipated..."

Freedom of Religion totally scares the Right Wing

VIDEO- Kucinich 1 min speech this morning about 9/11 and Katrina


I Honestly Don't Like Asking this Question...

Prisons Often Shackle Pregnant Inmates in Labor

Prisons Often Shackle Pregnant Inmates in Labor

Stars & Stripes letter: "the president is to blame"

ALERT...Anti-War-K.atherine Harris March In Sarasota County Set!

Unsettling Rumor About the U.S. Military

Boy Who Taped Teacher on Hannity right now

George Bush - Please Don't Come Home.

Portland DU'ers!! MeetUp Saturday March 4th

My last TOONS post at DU

I'm having some problems with my employees

Penguins ---pix--->>>

How would LBJ have handled Katrina?

Simple solution to RW talk radio...

Little King George Parties On ---pix--->>>

VIDEO- Kucinich on the Food Safety Labelling Bill March 2 06



New Democracy Corp poll out - "It's About Bush, Stupid"

Faux news...Consulate blast injures at least five

Prediction: Bush Poll will go down into the Teens, Twenties at best.

What if that Bush tape were of August 6, 2001?

D’oh! More know Simpsons than Constitution (MSNBC)

Attn: Letters from former ambassador to Uzbekistan on torture

Pakistan Bombing Pre * Visit Gives * Opportunity To Talk......

UAE Port deal - behind the curtain

"Tigers eat their young." Something scrub should have thought about

Now That We Have Photographic Evidence That * Knew The Levees...

Media Matters: False statements, missed opportunities (ABC Bush interview)

Diebold still toying with selling off the voting section of its business

A point to ponder

Page Surrenders To Face Felony Charges

Is It Me Or Is There A Concerted Effort Going On Lately To Make * .....

Falwell: A Gracious Correction Of The Jerusalem Post

A plan for Saddam to escape ?

John Roberts on CNN now?

I'm psyched, DU! Ned Lamont's first campaign meeting is this Sat.

New York Is Sued by U.S. on Delay of Vote System

If Bush had only restrained himself to Afghanistan and Osama...?

Shays endorsement of Lieberman is attempt to win over Democrat...

Right wing spin machine cranked up for bush (Katrina)

Pizza Magnate Seeks Catholic-Governed Town

Secret talks going on within Bush Administration ?

Texas Governor's Race

If I were Harry Reid, this is what I'd tell Joementum....

Congress Bill Takes Rights To Know What's In Your Food

Cheney urges Americans to save (Is Ken Lay in jail yet?)

Congress announced today that they would outsource the job of President

Travel Agency Subpoenaed for DeLay Records

CSX / Dubai Ports Links

Reaching out and getting a few laughs: Ken Gordon for Colorado SOS

George Bush Is A Liar. He Lies He Lies He Lies. Seriously, He Lies A Lot.

FOX ALERT: Man has political views contrary to President Bush...

I just figured out that the old primary way is the best way after all .

AP Photo: Bush does his patented "neck hold" on India's P.M.

No Investigation Of Ties Between DP World and Al Qaeda!?!

Press con in India shows a Bush suffering from brain damage...he

VA Nurse Accused Of Sedition Because She Wrote A Letter About

Stephanie Miller.....Impeachable...Bush and Katrina.

it's started: Mississippi One Step Closer to Criminalizing Abortion

Air America Phoenix appreciation thread

What's the latest on the right wing attacks on William F. Buckley?

UAE warns of threat to investments in political row

The MS legislature is doing more than trying to ban abortion

Warbloggers Already Blaming "Smelly Hippies"

White House fires back at Katrina critics

W. H. "Setting The Record Straight" Press Release (8/28/05 Video Conf)

We should not be harsh on Bush about the Katrina video conference

How many more excuses do they need to impeach the bastard?

White House, Dems wrangle on Katrina video

Just 978 Days To Go....

OH DEAR! The Clinton's may differ on Port-Gate!

Students Protest Aurora Teacher's Suspension For Criticizing Bush

Interesting tidbit from Fox News poll--Reep voters hate themselves!

Rep. Duncan Hunter vows to kill "port deal"..

Changing "Default values" can change politics

Bush Approval Rating Hits Low of 36 Percent in Quinnipiac Poll

After the briefing ..... "He never even asked a question"

Cheney "targets" Ohio

CNN Exclusive: Israeli company says DPW OK, but UAE says

I'm smelling a whiff of 'indictment' in the air ........ - Baby Brother site to goes active

I LOVE Auntie Pinko !

I was just wondering how Mississippi is doing after Katrina hit

Freedom marches because it can't drive: Iraq's ban on private vehicles

Blackwell Hires Schiavo Figure

Samuel Alito thanks James Dobson personally (Carpetbagger Report)

U.S. Diplomat Killed in Pakistan Bombing

Will Bush abide by the Patriot Act? What about Alito and Roberts?

JOSHUA FRANK: Call Him Senator Con Job

Why do national dems care so much about the Cegelis/Duckworth race?

Pakistan Times: Bush WILL NOT BE DETERRED by "risks" of visit

City supervisors push impeachment of Bush (we don't need a military?)

So has Bush dared to say the magic word? - Baby Brother site to goes active.

Going into business is like being a crack addict

Well you gotta give credit to scrub for one honest thing he said

A new Head for Homeland Security?! Thursday's cartoon

Today's Duckworth lineup: H. Clinton; J. Wilson; B. Boxer; L. Evans

Did CSPAN carry the "Is There a Case for Impeachment?" forum today?


Kerry Raises Quick Cash for 3 Vets

Iraqi Women Make Rare Trip to the US for International Women's Day (3/8)

Just to be fair with Bush

Wonder how Mary Landrieu is feeling right about now?

Everyone at DU – Wake up - Bush is NOT incompetent, he…….

Healthcare, Iraq - Cegalis, Duckworth and the soul of the Party

Somebody is trying to provoke a civil war in Iraq: Robert Fisk

Senator saves rival's life

Rumor that VP Cheney will resign and an appointed McCain will come in

Fox News Poll: 39% Approval for Bush, 69% Oppose Dubai Ports Deal

Keeping track of our Representatives

Did Bill Clinton just shoot Hillary's chances for the 2008 election?

Kerry just voted in Favor the Reauthorization of the Patriot Act

Bush & Kerry Get Different Receptions in India

After reading Robert Parry on Consortium News


59 Dem co-sponsors of HR4167

2008 whisper campaign already started

President McCain: sooner than you think?

Nancy Pelosi Rejects San Francisco Board of Supes Resolution to Impeach