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Archives: March 15, 2006

South Dakota's abortion ban: Watching the extremist right in action

A Stumble a Day ...

The Coming Resource Wars

Dancing With Dictators

Hotel U.S.A. (Courtesy of Kellogg, Brown and Root)

Study: Grief Fades Within 6 Months for Many Widows

Revolt against imperialism

Storm-Wracked Parish Considers Hired Guns

50 Javan Rhinos Remain - Keepers Prepare To Split Group - AP

Bleaching Moving Rapidly Through Great Barrier Reef - Reuters

UK Will Close 3 Leading Wildlife Research Centers To Save Money

More Than 2,000 Dead Oily Birds Discovered On Hokkaido - Mainichi

Argentina Interrupts TV Coverage For Huge Glacial Calving

Ozone May Play Larger Role In Warming At High Latitudes Than Thought

China To Send Real-Time River Data To Help Bangladesh With Floods - AFP

Cold Weather Slows Prudhoe Bay Oil Cleanup

Wen Jiabao Admits China Has Lost Control Of Pollution - AFP

EU Announces New Carbon Storage Pilot Program - AFP

UK National Grid Issues Natural Gas Supply Alert - Guardian

Southern Somalia Singed By Drought - 60% Of Cattle Already Dead - AFP

Residents protest forest sale (Missouri)

Interior Department Flip-Flops, Now Will Hold Public FL Drilling Hearing

Houston Budget Briefing For NASA Scientists Turns Angry

Prius, Civic hybrid owners save money, Consumer Reports now says

Olmert Congratulated Mofaz on Jericho Operation

An Open Letter to GW Bush! (It's a Civil War, Stupid)

Conspiracy Theorist Has Elaborate Explanation For Why He's Single

"Let's Divide Iraq as We Did in Yugoslavia!"

Give Foger's Thread Some Love and Rec's ERD ers

Should the ERD move towards the '06 campaign?

Dave Moore and Nikki Lunden to sing for Loebsack

What's going on with Betty McCollum?

Uh, ok, so did anyone see that Scott Chase, who

Ellis County DUers-there's a revolution brewing

Rabbi Michael Lerner - Austin 3/21 lecture and book signing

Texans - It's fruitless, but please bombard KBH and Cornyn with

First time in HOUSTON

Just received my latest toy....

Episcopalian Banana Bread:

Harper can go to Hell

First you say you do and then you don't, and then you say you will and the

FBI spied on Pittsburgh pacifists, papers show

Study: Grief Fades Within 6 Months for Many Widows

Stewart Simonson-Bush Bird Flue Lacky-Resigns!

Study: Bush Rejected More Storm Loans

R E G I O N: ‘China, India to usher in new Asian century’

FBI Informant Says al-Qaida No. 2 Lived in Lodi

Police: Former Bush Aide (Allen) And Raleigh Native Admitted Theft

Group calls for audit of March 7 elections - Pinellas Co, FL

Envoy Says U.S. May Ban Venezuelan Flights

UAE turns back on dollar in foreign reserves shake-up

New clergy group denounces divisiveness (to counter radical clerics)

USGS Assessment Significantly Increases Afghanistan Petroleum Resource Bas

About 8,000 US marines to move to Guam from Okinawa

NYT: Ex-State Official (Armitage) Called Likely Leak Source (by Bradlee)

11 Dead in Texas Fires; Cattle Burn Alive

Mine protesters clash with police in Papua province for second day

Tribal leaders protest large-scale mining (Philippines)

100,000 mass outside Thai PM's office

US vows no permanent bases in Iraq

Haitian protestors demand release of hundreds of political prisoners

More U.S. Troops Moving Into Iraq

Ecuador Indians protest US talks, economy hurt

W.Va. Senator Blocks Mine Agency Nomination(Byrd)

Scientists find bigger oil and gas resources in Afghanistan

House Leaders Back Ethics Rules

Rumsfeld and Pace Say Iraq Mission Is Succeeding

Bill Clinton Says He Always Stood Behind Hillary's Opposition To UAE Ports

Senate intelligence chief urges end to Iraq probe (Pat Roberts - Phase 2)

Four Governors Visiting Troops in Iraq

Aborigines take to the streets to demand justice (Melbourne)

Kerry to Put Hold on Bush Pick for Post

Bellevue representative switches parties (R to D) to run for Senate

Jay Leno apologizes to offended viewer(for comparing Cheney - LA shooting)

President Bush's Job Approval Ratings Continue to Drop (36% - Harris Poll)

Husband of Andrea Yates to Remarry

Seven gay rights activists arrested at Pat Robertson's university

Kerry chides Bush administration on broadband

Global child porn probe led to false accusations

Feingold assails Dems on Bush censure

Man busted in Calif. with billion dollar bills (Reuters)

Abizaid says U.S. may want to keep bases in Iraq

Sullivan Won't Attend Demers (lobbyist) Breakfast (NH-01)

Baptist Church Sued When Active Homosexual Barred from Wedding Party

Netflix - sent out disc on Friday's mail... they said they got it TODAY.

Why do y'all spell moron wrong? It's not "moran"!?

What if I Don't do a journal?

Bush "Sesame Street" Repugs take Hold of America's NSCouncil!

There are too many freakin journals to read!!!!

the story of the pitohui

the story of the ptui

Folks, help me decide what to watch on TV!!!

I H-A-T-E eczema!

I H-A-T-E Xema!

I COMPLETELY forgot how to use Soulseek.

I got a new name for the BFEE

Wanna see how backward my home state is now?

The story of Townes Van Zandt.

The story of the pituitary

How far can we take it in journaling?

What if a "tombstoned long time DU'er were sick of dying?

I saw someone pass out at 2:00 pm

How come most animated characters only have 4 fingers

Just Imagine Sand Art

I feel so honored Skinner replied to a post of mine...

I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor.

I'm performing my cycle at Crane Jackson's Fountain Street Theater

Donald Rumsfeld is

Not ready for LBN: Hawaiian Woman Shows Off Her BIG Mango!

Holy crap. . . . if you ever doubted how tough Honda engines were

BREAKING!! - Judge orders Google to put up this NEW LOGO...

Heeheeheehee! Mwahahahaha!

Thank you for the card with the cartoon nurse. Me and my wife

DU Mechanics "Bush grants India lucrative contract for outsourcing..."


I bet getting Tombstoned doesn't hurt as bad as zombies say

Tribute to Kirby

Hello. Bertha here. Just checking in.

No-talent ASS CLOWN Michael Bolton proposes to Nicollette Sheridan

It's official. I'm suffering from "Outrage Fatigue."

Amazing Race is on now!

I'm not angry today, so no ranting

My Favotite L Ron Hubbard Quotation

OMG! I'm supposed to feel BAD for a giant company!

Ok! I admit it...I DO like that Blue October "Hate Me" song.

Look what my little boy can do

Inter Milan beat Ajax

Some wild weather in Central CA today ---------> PIX **Funnels!**

The Guinness is doing a nice job tonight.

Why are People so Hooked on Phonics?

Rant of the Day

The bus company's name is Hotard.


if you can't personally kill what you eat

I think I may have lost my wallet

I bet having a baby doesn't hurt as bad as women say.

Misguided angel by the Cowboy Junkies.

I'm first!

monkey vs. tigers

"World of Warcraft", the text adventure

DU Chat, anyone?



Ever immersed yourself in a warm spring?

Any Baristas here that can answer a coffee question

Two questions: Do you have figs?

Two questions: Do you have legs?

Culpepper + Owens + Saban = Dolphins win Super Bowl XLI at home.

Anyone watching "Boston Legal"?

Most drug references in a single song


So for those whom had posted in my Ted has Cancer post



Will I get in trouble for posting this?

Crazy Shit thread

Greetings, greetings, and...

Heads Up! Keith is on the Colbert Report tonight - NOW!

University of Texas at Austin

"Moisten needle before inserting"

I LOVE me some Tig Ol' Bitties---let's discuss

Should I do that Journal thing?

What color are the sheets on your bed?

Husband of Andrea Yates to Remarry

I bet RimJob is getting a ton of PMs over at Freak Repugnant

So the fictional drug filth says "Better to be there than to be sober"

Vegetarians are really just sissies who can't handle their meat!

ROLL CALL: What music is playing NOW (on your stereo or PC)?

Anybody else create a journal by mistake?

I've compiled all my important posts into my DU Journal

How will you be celebrating Steak and Blowjob Day?

I got a wicked bad burn at work today.


Who is hotter: Taverner or flvegan?

Post here if you think Call Me Wesley has THE BEST journal evah!

Where's Left Is Write been lately?


I'm going crazy out at the lake

Why am I back on DU an hour later?

Men won't ask for directions . . . waste six million hours a year - ROFL!

My Tribute to My Daddy, Smitty, and DUL's Around

DUers who have flown on the Concorde (or those that wanted to)?

Supposed to be going to bed but LAUGHING at Mrs. V. and Paula Deen:

Oh for fuck's sake - Tom "Worse Than Tom Cruise" Selleck on Boston Legal?

Any Jefferson history buffs wanna assist with a homework question?

I bet getting hit in the balls doesn't hurt as bad as men say.

Favorite Poll Non-Sequitur Poll.

20 Thoughtful Questions...

I bet being staked to an anthill in the desert, naked,

What's with all the earthquake activity near Puerto Rico?

stray neighborhood kitty

Anyone interested in having a group book read?

Abizaid says U.S. may want to keep bases in Iraq

Please give me the facts. Did Kerry ever want McCain as VP?

A purpose for this thread --- censure (not Kerry related)

Two Kerry Stories In Media

Where should I apply to graduate school?

Well, the RNC attacks Kerry on censure resolution as well as Reid and


I really, really need to quit DU

Another help me pick my contest pic thread.

Rummy goes Batshit Crazy .... a must see.

More bullshit attacks on KO from the right:

Ed Rogers quotes Keith catch phrase on Hardball!

KOEB Meeting -- 3/14/06: Presidential Tunnelvision Edition

KO on Colbert Report now!

This is an official day of mourning in the ASTB...

Don't know what I'm gonna do with it but ...

Kauai dam burst.. Hawaiian DUers, please update us..

Headline in my local paper today...."Bush Sees Chaos/Carnage in Iraq"

OK, it's twenty-four hours later, how many democrats signed on to censure?

TWO versions of the senate immigration bill?

Just one letter to Senator Feinstein (my Senator)

Prostitutes retraining as geriatric nurses

U.S. military airstrikes significantly increased in Iraq

Town Meeting Season in New England, and once again I'll be

breaking: CBS radio news reporting troop levels in Irag going UP!

Three years ago, a prescient Brit wrote to Tony the Poodle...

Internet Backlash Stalls Jersey Civility Bill

The hottest places in hell are reserved for...

If the Bush Administration had ran the Apollo Program...

I just can't STAND it- Harwood says that even if Dems get a majority

YOU can be the change agent-see my local paper-LTTEs bashing *

Impeachment Talk Reaches the Mainstream

VIDEO- Wrangler's Giveaway Vest- Don't Shoot Me

Senate gives Bush his defense budget request

A tiny flicker of hope in an unlikely place

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World -March 14 06

They keep saying "we are at war," that POTUS can do

WH Has Rejected Hurricane Recovery Loans-At Higher Rate Than Any Admin

the major financial crisis of the next generation -- student loans

Senator Feingold needs to be rated up

How STUPID do you think WE ARE?!

Appropriate Response to 9-11/Terrorism?

After 911 would Saddam Hussein had sent troops to Afghanistan if Bush asked

Question: Why does Google keep our search-record information?

The Democrats are a bunch of pussies

I love the journals and think I will send a donation in

VIDEO- Dubai Ports World not Selling but Transferring to an Entity

Buy Ford vehicles!

Waiting Period to terminate pregnancy of minor/notify parents:

Stabenow Pic from Cspan: Dangerously Incompetent

Save Our Polar Bears! Stop Drilling In Alaska & Take Action!

In the Moussaoui case, who appointed the judge?

Dems Listened To Cheney Instead Of Feingold

Big thank you tip of the hat to liveoaktx!

Chicago Sun Times headline writer can't stop ripping Cheney

Any fallout from the Chimperor's dinner date . . .

So...where's Bill Kristol in the midst of all this death & destruction...

Senate intelligence chief urges end to Iraq probe

Official US Wounded in Iraq top 17000

Anybody watching CSpan Roscoe Bartlet talking Peak Oil

Large oil and natural gas deposits discovered in Afghanistan!

Pharmacists refusing to dispense meds (Plan B) - what other professional

Senate intelligence chief urges end to Iraq probe

When the spin is stripped away

It's not a Civil War in Iraq?

A Senate Maverick Acts to Force an Issue(Feingold)Wapo

rummy press conference replaying on c-span2 10:47pm est

Loudmouth Tweety and Ed Rogers

HEADLINE: Iraq Edges Closer to Open Civil War

Gotta have some Boston Legal

Can we at least censure Pickles? ------>

Know your DSCC. Learn about the groups in the Democratic Party.

James Risen's book

The amazing Will Ferrell death rumor debacle today...

BBC Told to Place Entertainment at Heart of Service--

Rita Cosby just had the guy who used a blow up doll

The Times to End Daily Stock Listings in April and Expand Data on Web Site

Who is more dangerous to America?

Men won't ask for directions . . . waste six million hours a year - ROFL!

Financial question: young friends totally in debt--what is a good debt

An $8.5 million dollar Sesame Street for Indonesia

An American Patriot Needs You!

Keith O on Colbert Report...starting...NOW!

Can Stephen Hadley be impeached?

CNN follows Bush photo-op with autistic boy with "How low can you go?"

Steven Colbert will be on "Whose Line Is It Anyway" all next week!

Rachel Maddow on carlson right now

Self absorbed idiots re: CNN now a reporter covering another reporter

Conservatives have gone mad

Bigotry aimed at our enemies only hurts our friends--it needs saying again

Pete Ashdown is running against Se. Orrin Hatch and has a challenge for us

Letterman has Al Franken tonight.

A Poem, Created Entirely of Freeper Quotes

Lets Pray for TIA,. . . thread #5. Let me tell you about TIA . . . . . .

What a series of headlines...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Flanders Festival

Sign the Petetion to Make Wayne Allard (R-CO) Apologize to Feingold!!!

Keith Olbermann on The Colbert Report! NOW!

Does ANYONE remember the "media" getting all "worried" about Clinton?

Nutso LTTE in a Mississippi Paper Today

So I'm watching a Nascar race on Sunday...

DU this poll on msnbc

Pictures of Dubai in 1991 vs. 2005--need info

Just sent Keith Obermann an e-mail

Puke`s trying to start boycott on Boston Legal`s sponsers.

Since when is being environmentally conscious a "left wing" thing?

Kerry to Put Hold on Bush Pick for Post

Howard Zinn-"Lessons of Iraq War Start with U.S. History"

Database of Government Documents on Iraq

A Peculiar Politician

Witness: Dog Handler Laughed About Inmates

Is there ANY such thing as a reasonable Freeper?

Idiot Repuke: Slavery Good for Blacks

MUST SEE VIDEO! Limbaugh gets his ass kicked!!!

Why Democrats cower: the good news.

Know your DCCC. Another arm of the Democratic Party.

Holy crap, Boston Legal is GOING OFF on BushCo and Americans

Unconventional protest method

Two Shows Tonight TRY TO WAKE UP AMERICA: Boston Legal and The Daily Show

I've seen these window stickers lately. Anyone know who/what this is?

Ack, Job employment dilemma.

Hackett on Daily show now n/t

Do you have a moment to help Impeach President Bush?

Update on KBR relocation and detention centers..says for migrant

Soft Drinks Found to Contain High Levels of Cancer-Causing Benzene

LDS church tells members to consider voting for more than just one party

Have you read about the Exelon Nuclear plant spilling the chemical Tritium

Hillary tells Democrats: It's Time

Third party dilemma - What to do when the "system" no longer works

She died too young.

Hurricane supplies, bird flu emergency rations. whatever...

Govt. OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, and open TO the people

Cong. candidate says no to lobbyist breakfast

Empty Envelopes for Empty Promises - An Immodest Proposal to Awaken

McCain: Trying to get a leg up on 2008 (not to mention '06)

Perhaps our choice is unity or tyranny.

I just have 1 serious question: Is * ever off that plane?

LTTE in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Can anyone tell me about Lois Herr?

Just out:Cobra II, the Inside Story of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq

Dem Senator Displays 'Dangerously Incompetent' Sign On Senate Floor

Torie Clark just lumped Donna Brazile and Wm. Buckley together

Did Katherine Harris resign yet?

An Idea That's Catching On....

Please DU this poll on Ned Lamont (liberal challenging Lieberman)

administration to repeat stunning pattern of rewarding people who screw up

Ever wonder how the right wingers took over our country?

Democrats! Here is why:

NSA Atty: "The Pres. Has Committed a Crime & We Have to Deal With that"

Tell the Senate: Censure Bush on Illegal Wiretapping

Bush: Roadside bombs "clearly produced in Iran"....WOW! Let's NUKE 'em!!!

Moveon has a push to censure.

For those hoping for a Feingold presidential run...

Boston Legal - That Was A Powerful Speech ....

2006 is the election we should all be working on...Everything else

Andrew Jackson - the only president to have been censured

Kerry says "Vote for Change"

Minnesota's Poll Tax Bill.... How many states are doing this?

Political Wire: Morris: McCain is No Front-Runner

Feingold's effort reminds me of Wellstone....Out there on the limb alone

Russ Feingold is a DEMOCRAT

Bush approval rating among Democrats is 97.73%

Russ Feingold; one man on a mission

My e-mail to Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI)

In disgust, I wish Feingold would talk about the stolen elections and....

Scarborough: "The president has NEVER admitted to doing COCAINE!!!"

Alan Colmes explains why he doesn't kick Hannity's ass

AP Photo of Bush: SMELL the CONFIDENCE...the unwavering blah blah blah!!!

what an understatement!!

blue staters need to step up.

Westville, NJ council members changing party affiliation to Democrat

Leahy to oil co.s:''Every time there is a merger the prices have gone up"

Sure he violated the law. So what? Republican quotes.

Where do Kerry, Hillary and the rest of the Dem '08 hopefuls stand

Paul Hacket just got The Daily Show treatment!!! Or maybe I should say...

Go Figure - Here's Some DU Threads In The Last 50 Minutes.....

Molly Ivins hits one out of the park!

Call me fickle - Al Gore '08 - here's why...

If you're mad at the Greens, don't bash Left Democrats

WaPo: A Senate Maverick Acts to Force an Issue

GOP helped deliver ‘Great Democratic Hope' (Montana)

A Peculiar Politician

MOGAMBO GURU: Unaccountable International Bankers And Commie Idiots

Iraq civil war seen drawing in neighbours

Lessons of Iraq War

Taliban's Iraq-style spring is sprung

"Ding, dong, the witch is gone!"

Artist's homemade gas chamber angers Jewish groups

Fishing for a Pretext to Squeeze Iran ....... Juan Cole

Bush, the Statesman ......... Molly Ivins

A threshold for impeachment

We’ve Done It Before, So Why All The Shock?

Gene Lyons on Barry Bonds

Kunstler, The Cluster* Nation Chronicle

Editor & Publisher: Barack to the Future?

Iran Regime Change

SeattlePI: What would Iraq civil war look like?

Detainee's Letter Reveals Despair, Appeals to "fair people" of America

I Long for The Good Ol' Days -

No, the Iran Bourse is not a casus belli (and another POV)

The Feingold Resolution and the Sound of Silence (fun time for Repugs)

Even Torn-Up Credit Card Applications Aren't Safe

(Ed Herman) Uncle Chutzpah and His Willing Executioners on the Iran Threat

WP's EJ Dionne: What Kind of Hater Are You? (very interesting study)

Mark Morford: I Am Done With Violence

Day of Reckoning For the Current Occupant :Garrison Keillor

COLA: One more reason for the understated economic news

US says will still need more foreign oil

India says Russia to supply fuel to atomic plants

Energy cooperative to use manure as fuel

Landfill power plant wins key township OK (NJ)

Oregon State Study Supports New Melt Results For Greenland, Antarctica

Arctic Cold Grips Wales, Scrambles Migratory & Native Wildlife Patterns

Sea machine makes waves in Europe

Brazilian tropical disturbance

Greenhouse theory smashed by biggest stone

Corn-burning stoves in hot demand

Senior Scientist To Oz Gvn. - Choose Between Renewables, Mass Extinction

Australian Coal Industry Voluntary Plan Will Raise $300 Million For Tech

40 miles

Australia Previews The Future Of A Climate-Destabilized World

Scientists Find Big Afghan Oil Resources

Crosspost: Mexico to revive mothballed nuclear power program

Welsh wave farm to power 60,000 homes

Computer Model Pegged Sunday Tornadoes 8 Days Out, Sees More Coming

Solarbuzz Reports World Solar Photovoltaic Market Grew 34% in 2005;

11 Dead, 840,000 Acres Burned As Texas Fires Continue - LA Times

Norman Finkelstein Speaks

Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s Murder

America: From Freedom to Fascism

Military Jet Fuel & Pyrocool

Is anybody keeping track of the micro-biologist deaths?

This guy has a lot of time on his hands...if your bored have a go.

Diebold whistleblower needs our help

An Analogous Event to the Warren County "Lockdown" - Colombia 1998

Can anyone help me out re: election reform issues in NY State?

for us new working stiffs on the Daily Threads

Daily Election News Thread....Wednesday March 15, 2006

Elections Chief Sancho gets vote of confidence

Stop the Election Day cheating -- Steinback in Today's Miami Herald!!!

is DFA finally waking up????

Rare interview with Ion Sancho from 2/28

Braley in online Congressional Quarterly

Harkin first to co-sponsor censure bill w/Feingold

Just want Iowan's opinions on the apparent ban on touch play

Day #2- Kennedy's office with NO support for Russ Feingold

Departure to Iraq ceremony is tomorrow for 3,000 Mn Natl Guard

Here's Lydia with another shameless self-promotion post

God on my license plate

Glen Maxey: No More Backroom Deals in the Democratic Party

Tony Sanchez throws support to Ms Piggy

Petty politics by Glen Maxey

Texans: I think we should write to all Dem Senators (+Jeffords)

South Texas Chisme has sent out a questionnaire

Juanita on Charlie Howard and the Creationism - too funny

Not another brazillian joke

Here's a nice graph

NAACP Voting Assistance Centers opening tomorrow!

Take Transtar's survey on the Rita Cluster*, I mean evacuation

White Asparagus

Eggless muffins, bread, and cakes

No more ox tail? Mad cow problem

Tokyo spire latest rival to CN Tower (CN still world's tallest building)

Am I the only one who thinks Harper is making us a target?

University of Illinois Editor Fired Over 'Muhammad Cartoon' Incident

Bush blames Iran for Iraq roadside bombs

Russian workers threatening to close down Ford factory

GOP lawmaker switches to Democrats, challenges senator

Romney rebuffed on health proposal

House GOP Leaders Propose Ethics Rules

Artist's homemade gas chamber angers Jewish groups

US: Many Utilities Collect for Taxes They Never Pay

Iraq civil war seen drawing in neighbours

Editor leaves Village Voice 2 weeks after fabrication case

EU urges member nations to endorse clean energy pilot project

The U.S. Department of Justice Is Asked to Block New Orleans Municipal Ele

US 'may want to keep Iraq bases'

Prodi deemed winner in Italy election debate (Guardian)

Ohio House OKs ban on pregnancy disputes (wrongful-birth suits)

Syria says new UN report on Hariri probe objective and professional

BBC - Forces target Karadzic 'network'

(Wyo Sen) Thomas makes Interior secretary list

NYT: Senate G.O.P. Blocks Tight Budget Rule (50-50 tie vote)

Saddam's Speech Results in Trial Closure

U.S. ID card scheme fatal for tourism: survey

Six gay-rights advocates arrested at Regent University

UN Security Council members meet on Iran

Indian Ocean coral may die in 50 years -researcher (Reuters)

Storm-Battered Parish Considers Hired Guns (DynCorp may replace police)

Air controllers fear delays under new runway rules

Court challenge to end horse slaughter rejected

O'Connor warns of dangers of attacks on judicial independence

Guinn, other governors visit war-torn Iraq, speak to troops

A surge in smog over the long haul

Ordinary Iraqi families getting ready to fight

Richard Armitage Likely Plame Identity Leaker

Reuters Baghdad Chief Cites Growing Iraq Dangers; Times Sq. Screen...

Bush Admits Rocky Start to Drug Plan

LAT: Talk-Show King Is Yanked From Chinese Airwaves

WP: Food Stamp Sign-Ups Low in N.Y.

Scientists Find Big Afghan Oil Reserves

Bush administration security clearance changes may impede gays

Reuters: Gunmen kill third Iraqi journalist in one week

Chavez denies inviting Hamas to Venezuela

More signs of disarray in Harris campaign

New McClatchy/KR Chief in Washington Promises Changes (less natl. news?)

WOW! 200,000 overnight for censure. [ petition]

Canadian soldiers fatally shoot taxi driver (Afghanistan)

Gartman and Partner Found Guilty of Trafficking Obscenity

Sources: Bush pressed to bulk up staff

White House defends Bush's Iran-Iraq charge (quoted Negroponte)

Mexico discovers 'huge' oil field

Terrorism: Video Shows Iraqi Children Playing with Remains of U.S. Soldier

Shi'ite clerics fear cannot prevent civil war

Grieving father has message for Marines at Pendleton

More U.S. Troops Moving Into Iraq

U.N. Ignores U.S., Approves (Human Rights) Council 170-4

GOP [state] legislator switches to Dems

NYT: Religious Broadcaster Gets Rich Contract for Next Book ($13M?)

Republicans' drive to cut taxes flags

Mexico to revive mothballed nuclear power program

W.House dismisses speculation about staff shake-up

Activated Guard, Reserve Troop Numbers Dip (more active duty back to Iraq)

Increase in military retirees' health premiums appears dead

Now there are three !

Child's killer sentenced to die .........Joseph P. Smith

Video Shows Iraqi Children Playing With Remains Of US Soldier

SeattlePI: What would Iraq civil war look like?

Murdered Redcaps had multiple bullet wounds (during 2003 Basra uprising)

Gen. Abizaid says Iraq not on verge of civil war

Belarus blocks EU monitors' entry

MSNBC Breaking: Joseph Smith sentenced to Life in Prison...

U.S. to Send 700 More Soldiers to Iraq

Troops only add to Iraq's problem, say most Americans

Gitmo Transcripts Paint Shadowy Portraits

Republicans Block New Security Scrutiny

Two U.S. soldiers killed in western Iraq

Czech MPs approve gay rights law

Steak Dinner Today For Soldiers Heading For Iraq (4000 Natl Guard lv Sat.)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 15 March

Mass grave reveals more Iraq victims

Travel ban proposed in scandal-rocked House

FCC: CBS Facing $3.6M Fine for Indecency (Without a Trace Episode)

White House rejects GOP lawmaker's call for shakeup

Bush Opposes Extending Medicare Deadline

NYT: U.N. Approves New Human Rights Council Despite U.S. Objection

WP/AP: Fed: Economy Carries Momentum Into Spring

California Rep. Gallegly reverses retirement, will seek new term

Orange County (CA) retrofitting 9,000 voting machines with printers

Ecuador tries to control growing Indian protest

Man Charged Under Little-Used Murder One Unborn

GOP Senators Step Back From Bush Budget

Former officials launch fresh look at US Iraq policy (James Baker!)

3 Bay Staters join call to investigate Bush (and possible impeachment)

Shock Therapy For Kids: Torture or Cure? (CBS2)

Weldon 9/11 tale unravels, but wait Congressman has more allegations, one

Condoleezza Rice warns against ring of fire

Sen. leading Katrina inquiry rejects subpoena against White House

Ed Sec'y sez Test Focus "fine, dandy"

US Peace Corps leaves Bangladesh

Senator to Sponsor Legislation Banning Funeral Protests

Getting a driver's license to get harder (Real ID Act)

Dubai Company To Sell Ports To American Buyer

Gore vouches for "Truth" (promotes his global warming film at ShoWest)

Laura Bush shares her fitness routine on TV

Powerful Voices Within Tehran Criticize Iran's Nuclear Policy

Katherine Harris to make announcement on Hannity show tonight.

U.S. May Hurt India-Pakistan Peace Efforts

Visiting Baghdad woman decries Iraq's fall into 'state of terror'


Enron whistle-blower says Lay launched bogus probe

Deputy in videotaped Chino shooting changed story, report says

BBC: Six taken ill after drug trials (UK)

11 Killed in U.S. Raid South of Samarra

Bush Approval Falls to 33%, Congress Earns Rare Praise (New PEW poll)

Harkin to cosponsor Censure Resolution!

Bush Picks F.D.A. Chief, but Faces Conf. Battle (re. morning-after pill)

U.S. Military Plans to Make Insect Cyborgs

US FCC upholds fine on CBS for Super Bowl snafu

Dog-Handler Recounts Abu Ghraib Conditions

Prosecutor: Moussaoui (death penalty) case may not go forward

Elections Chief (Sancho) gets vote of confidence

WP: DHS Gets Another F in Computer Security

NBC: Child porn ring busted, 27 face charges

Child's killer sentenced to die (Carlie Brucia)

AP: Justice Ginsburg Reveals Details of (death)Threat

CNNMoney: Spitzer brings fraud suit against H&R Block

3 dead, 2 wounded in shooting at Denny's restaurant in Pismo Beach, Calif.

WoW! That was EASY! Started my journal!

I am totally going to bed... with hiccups. Please check out my journal.

The New Cars on Leno's show

Just in case on this early wed. morn


Eyelids very very heavy,,,

I urge caution. I sense a trap.

What happened between 1983 and 1988 to change writing ability?

Lord of War -- Nicholos Cage -- Illegal Arms Dealing

maybe to smile


Good night DU...

God do I ever love San Francisco.

Spin-off of the "Big Mac" thread, who here worked at McDonalds?

IF you HAD to kiss one (with tongue) would it be:

Mmm, Bacon bits

A formal introduction to:

Let's play...What's Your Gimp?

Ok, what is the "Feminist Agenda?"

I love being worshiped

I wonder if Lunesta has the same sleep-driving effect as Ambien

You know, I know Aqua Teen Hunger Force doesn't make any damn sense

Sorry to have been such a git tonight - I am in the

happy birthday phil

god damn bud light to hell

I hear an owl

The Democrats Get Balls - movie short

Uh oh. They just closed Saddam's trial to the public

Thank god for Excedrin.

If you have daughters and also have HBO

Goodnight, and though I'm an atheist I thought up this little prayer...

Man Set On Fire Says He Would Have Been Better Off Naked At Nudist Park

I love being ignored!

Couple Fights With Homemade Bombs

Greetings from Dnipropetsvka! Some travel tips for the Ukraine!

Woman 'in heaven' as beer flows from taps

American Idol:How *bombed* was Paula Abdul last night

Car radio question

Jack Black Elopes!

Ok, who (besides me) remembers this?

Don't you hate it when you're going through "My Posts" & you find a typo &


Flu number four

And they wonder why we keep calling them nazis (ytmnd)

Honda minivans...warranties & mileage question

Answer these 7 unrelated questions....

I've lost 30 POUNDS in the last 7 months!!!

Teacher Fired After Biting Student

Share something you learned by going there

A LOT of weekend 3rd-Anniversary-of-War protest & rally info here:

Zone Integrity Labs firewall application...SUXS.

Damnit, I picked Villanova to win

Jolly Time popcorn sucks BIGTIME. Even moreso than George W. Bush

Funny joke I just heard!!!!

Funny joke I just heard!!!!

This is funny!!!!


OMG LOUNGE! BTBM just PMd me this awesome joke

I just gave myself a nasty paper cut (FUNNY JOKE INSIDE)


Did you hear?

Leaked episode of LOST ( Spoiler)

The Homosexual Agenda is as follows

So, how does resurrection work on DU anyway?

Monday's poll was on porn, Tuesday's was on Drugs, Today's is...

Joke Ressurected!


Daily Ear-worm thread, because they're so witty and amusing

We OBVIOUSLY need a picture post

In defense of my fish, who activated the carbon filter:

In defense of my hubby, who activated the spam filter:

Post your Favorite Simpsons quote ( HILARIOUS )



Make. It. Stop. Please, Please, make it stop.

Funny joke I just heard!!!!

Why do women get so offended when I ask to sniff their dirty socks?

26th Anniversary Today!

Looking for new music ...

All your base are belong to ...

for great justice!

But what if I want to discuss Donald Rumsfeld is giving

Beware the Beast Man ignores himself

Next guy that does the "Brazilian" joke...

as a great brazilian joke connoisseur

Lock all you want, we'll make more

Will the real Cathyclysmic please stand up?

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!

Dear Beast Man

Fat Actress

Screw the Brazilians...We need more of this...

I want no part of this silliness.

Please! Someone do an intervention for DS1!

POLL: Best George W. Bush Impression?

Hey lowcountry woman

Hey - DS1 - are you journaling all your threads today?

Jack just emailed me from pre-school

Sweet! Got an email -I'm the beneficiary of Slobodan Milosevic's fortune!

Dallas Remake: Your casting picks!

If Scotty McClellan was Press Secretary in 1860

Who is the moral leader of this country?

Is there a full moon tonight?

Toupees - hot or not?

Beware the Ides of March!

Kickin' all that booty....

Is the lounge on acid today or something?

Bears with guns: a timewaster

Stop me if you've already heard this: Rumsfeld is briefing....

What's in a name?

Opera marathon 'coup' for Cardiff

A joke my dad told me over 30 years ago

self delete

I'm angry. My ex just sent me an e-mail.

Laura Branigan

Should I copycat LaraMN's post?

question re: vets, reunions and children (no Brazilions!)

Georgie-Boy has a journal too:

I'm like the Tinkerbell of the Lounge

Just got back from my trip to New York City

Funny joke I just heard!

You can't beat me.

jpgray's DU Almanac

I'm cold... Obligatory ask me anything!

AHHHHHHHHH! The Joy Of Giving Two Weeks Notice!!!!!

What happens when you die?

This is not another Brazillian joke

Does anyone remember "The Tomorrow People"?

Scott Stapp says someone broke into his safe and stole the Sex Tapes

Your Guess: Date/Time the Brazilian Joke Will Reach A Brazillion Posts.

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Anyone want to talk about Brazilian music?

Your views on Feingold censure remarks.

Least Friendly State in the US?

Man Pulls Gun After Being Covered In Syrup And Oatmeal

How Many Lounge Posts can be posted on this thread in fifteen minutes?

Good Morning billyskank!

As soon as my favorite shows go off the air, I'm done with prime time TV

The cutest kitties on earth!

23 years ago today, I joined the Air Force

I wanted my 3,000th post to be special...

Generic Poll

I want to hurt the person who first sang "CHA CHA CHA" in "Happy Birthday"

"The Fresh Market" how great *IS* it?

Have you seen the watermark on new $20 bills?

Ides of March EXPOSED:

How about a Brazillian Joke Photoshop contest

I'm going to Mississppi

"Lost" *SPOILER* on tonight's show

From the WTF File: Ice Cube remakes Welcome Back Kotter.




School Band Director Fired Over Up-Skirt Photo Accusations

How many Goodnight Billyskank threads are we going to have?

It's time for 'Random Journal Roulette'

has DS1 gone mad?

Best Smiles In The World.

My absolute favorite picture of me.


Someone spank me for venturing into GD.


Do you think, if I asked the admins

So, I Bowed To Beer Pressure And Went To The Restroom.

from now on i will only talk to people with 4 digit user numbers.

Anyone here read/follow "I, Cringely"?

Where the hell is the Pfizer file?

delete , I was bad. and wrong. sorry.

A sad encounter...

Anyone here watch Da Ali G Show?

Historical news headlines as written today!

A Traitor to a Dictator is a Patriot

FCC Upholds Jackson Fine; Without a Trace, Others 'Indecent'

sweet dreams billyskank!

Sleep well Billyskank.

Here is a video clip that will cheer up anyone's day :)


Goodnight, Billyjack!

Funny things heard/read at work

Sweet Dreams Darlin' billyskank!

I went to the grocery store with 85 pennies in my Miracle Whip jar.

If you were in Minnesota right now, who would you do?

who thinks there should be a goodnight billyskank group?

Goodnight, Billyskank!

I am leaving DU

I was just let into my crush's intimate zone this morning!

What would you do? - Survival Test

This again? New "DaVinci Code" crap- hidden message in "The Last Supper."

What is wrong with Target?!

I just told my cat the Brazillion joke...

A personal message to James Spader:

Outing myself as a mail...

My new FAVORITE internet video.... you like?


Do vegetarians really taste better?

Outing myself as a boil...

I'll bet driving a meat thermometer into your ear...

Outing myself as a male ...

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith - does it tell us of Luke's uncle?

Why is cooked broccoli so much better than raw?

I just did Jennifer Granholm

Outing myself as a mohel...

Got a free 5 disc DVD 5.1 home theater system today

There are some nice Journals being created.

I bet giving birth doesn't hurt as much as women say.

I'll bet being rich, attractive, healthy isn't as great as everyone thinks

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/15/06)

Outing myself as a moll...

Ahem. For the ladies - what it feels like to be kicked in the nuts

Journals, 24 hours later, so what do you think?

People better read my Journal or I'm cracking skulls!

Do you want a peace of me? Well? Do ya?!

I'm wagering that when women give birth, it hurts.

In honor of the Rock Hall's 5 newest inductees,

I had a bad dream last night...

Do you think....

I've lost seven pounds in two weeks - ask me how.

Have you ever had a "Ghost" person come back into your life?

Do you know what Haluski is and do you like it?

How many of you are married but don't wear a ring?

Photography help needed!

Michelle Malkin is coming at you with a sledgehammer

Have you ever had pins to set a broken bone? check it out

All I saw was a ball of furry black out of the corner of my eye...

What did you say?

Visit my friend's glass art website...

The battle of the smartass doctors!!!

Billyskank is the new Kleeb

I went to the grocery with my 85 year old Grandfather

I'll bet being "Ron Jeremy" isn't all that great

domestic violence

Outing myself as a mole ...

what DU number are you? Im 32696

Are these Freeper's bumper stickers logical?

post dirty pictures from your photobucket account

Hot Damn - I struck gold today!

bummer, i thought these journals would contain our innermost thoughts

My life will certainly be quieter while Xema is away

So Jack's at preschool. It's his first day...

Wednesday earworm. I am uninspired today, so sue me.

I'm going to start a journal and it's going to be comprised of nothing but

post random pictures from your photobucket account

GD quandary: What's worse? Getting flamed or ignored?

Anyone here have the Video iPod?

Why Star Wars is as worthy as... dog snot.

"This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be!"

It is a sad, sad day for me today

whats the oldest pm in your inbox?

Once and for all-Which one is best?

Man Meets Girl In Bar, Man Tattoos Her Name On Arm, Man Can't Find Her

Good night billyskank.

100 posts to 10,000...ask me anything!

QUIZ TIME! How many pennies can a 1 qt jar of Miracle Whip hold?

How many flames will I get on this GD post?

Friendliest State in the US?

If you were in Minnesota right now, what would you do?

So, What's Your Personality?

Star Wars DVD special edition... what did they cut in the bar?

This is hilarious

So, I Bowed To Peer Pressure and Started Reading, "The DaVinci Code"

If we all know we're going to die, why do we take things seriously at all?

masamania has updated again

23 years ago, I heard a funny joke

Kitty pic thread!!!!!


nude picts of me

Funny joke I just heard!!!!


the next person who posts the brazilian joke gets it!!!!

I know what happens when you die!


I'm listenining to Joni Mitchell - Hejira. What about you?

10 Questions: What was the last time.........

I will only post worthwhile, meaty stuff from now on.

self delete

A tribute to my sister Renee:


Name a consumer product you liked that doesn't exist anymore.

Oshkosh WI has church/state issue on their hands

Original Sin: Is it just a cop-out?

Church wants to erect 99 foot high cross in St Louis suburb.

Greenpeace says illegal GMO rice in Heinz baby food

Blood pressure drugs may slash Alzheimer's risk

A Wrongful Birth?

Longevity, calorie restriction, and red wine. From Scientific American.

Transjobless - 59% of SF Bay Area Trans community live in poverty

Iraqi Shia Leader Calls Fatwa Against Gays

They printed my LTTE!!!!!

Update on the thread I posted earlier.

Protest Targets Proposed Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Amendment

Australian Lawmaker Proposes Civil Unions

Can someone help me with some ideas for my son to stop bullying? (m)

Boxing Photos: some interesting history .....

Cardinals new downtown stadium 90 percent complete (see pic)

Ask for Truth in Fur Labeling!/ Please take action

New pics of Chance:-)

I found a pet rabbit. Any advice?

What would you have done?

Question Astrology

The War revisited in light of Cobra II

Kerry keynote speaker at Sharpton breakfast next month.

Committee Hearings today: 3/15/06

New E-mail from Senator Kerry- ANWAR -see my other post. n/t

Something is not right with this censure story. It reads all wrong.

Not only are they desperate,

Kerrites, I

Kerry's statement about the Small Business Democratic Healthcare Bill

Update at We Love John Kerry blog: JK's Ten-Point Plan from NH

ANWAR fireworks today according to Kerry's office and MSN.

One MORE Kerry Story - Kerry to Block Bush Pick for Highways Job [USNWR]

First time visitor with a big question!!

More architecture ... not Alaska

Your Vote Counts! As requested, pics enlarged. THX for your Vote!

Experience Photography Project (Architecture???)

DU Journals

Oh boy, here we go again...

My spin on Lloyd Grove today...

So I have a date tonight, the problem is..

who is this guy on the DP show with Keith?

Countdown Newsletter -- 03/15/06: Spying on Anti-War Groups

Al & Keith! That was a wonderful interview.

My Change of Heart on Hillary

Husband of Andrea Yates to Remarry

My wifes rant on wimpy Dems & Nazi yes-men..

Just a reminder...Al Franken is gonna be on Letterman tonight

VIDEO-Letterman Top Ten-Signs Govt Running Out of Money

Update from Hurricane country

VIDEO- Letterman Bush Jokes

"A recent surge in violence..." - Update #2

What do we do, when they blame the media?

Additional Information on San Bernardino Sheriff Shooting

Bakersfield, CA URGENT!!!! (Need primary election sigs by Wednesday!)

VIDEO- Bush Impersonator on Mind of Mencia

Rerun of tonight's Colbert Report OLBERMANN interview on now

Coercion With a Smile

John Rosenthal.. his shelter has 100 % "graduation"..with full time jobs

Mike Webb blasting Dems for not supporting Feingold -- stream

Republican Rehab:

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Israeli prison raid

STFU!!! This is important.

"President Bush has our Best Interest at Heart."

Tactical nuclear weapons approved for American consumers (satire)

CIA Wins 2006 "Rosemary Award" for Worst Freedom of Info Performance...

It's official. only 38.8% of American love America. The rest? HATERS

VIDEO- Al Franken on Letterman- about Cheney SHOOTING A MAN IN THE

"I'm walkin' to New Orleans" -- people are in the streets!!

Perhaps its time to remember that the Jason McElwains of the

Dean and Mehlman in front of the AMA...

Taliban's Iraq-style spring is sprung...

U.S. Military Plans to Make Insect Cyborgs...

RE: Senate Hearing on Gas Prices and Energy Industry Consolidation

3rd Case of Mad Cow detected in the US

The cost of this war could pay for social security for 75 years..

Condi is MAD at the world: Be PATIENT with Iraq! It's very HARD!

Monday's poll was on porn, Tuesday's was on Drugs, Today's is...

Can our democracy be defended or can democrats win

anyone have a link to a story that was posted last night..

America: From Freedom to Fascism

Truthiness at the WashPo - excellent rant by Aravosis

Two of Smirk's nominees blocked

Ukraine Attracting Shady Candidates

A Stumble a Day ... NYT editorial says the Democrats hit the right note

Ohio House OKs ban on pregnancy disputes

Bush Regime's Ambitions

Condi on Iraq: "US will be more than pleased to stand down..."

Best Bush pic ever? Involves a bicycle and pink and blue socks.

Anyone else get sad watching Paul Hackett on TDS?

U.S. judge to allow investigators a peek at search-engine data

Mark Morford - Done With Violence

WaPo Reports on ACLU Disclosure Of FBI Monitoring "Left-Leaning Groups"

My conservative Christian Boss is fed up with Iraq.

Use of Implanted Patient-Data Chips Stirs Debate on Medicine vs. Privacy

I don't know? Maybe the Dem's ain't got to do nothing?

WJ: " A fiscally responsible HOOVER republican"...bwaaaahahaha

Saddam calls Iraqis to unite against US, judge bans media from courtroom

Here's a challenge for you: Imagine you are a state trooper.

US tells China to cut trade surplus

Poverty-Stricken Africans To Receive Desperately Needed Bibles

We need to ask an important question of the Government

My question to you: concerning Bush and Feingold...

A primary issue that the Dem candidate must address

Bank boss says deficits paint bleak picture in U.S

Just found an interesting flash presentation on

Our Super-Patriotic Oil industry to fight Congress over royalty payments

Blogger's how-to for abortions stirs debate

Not new, but with pictures, so I had to share...

U.S. plans to reduce mad cow testing

Mammoth oil reserves have been discovered in Afghanistan.

Fed to scale back on Mad Cow Testing. WTF?

Top U.S. Military Official: No Evidence of Iran Involvement in Iraq

What could we pay for in the U.S. of A that we are wasting on this war?

Question: Why would Iran support IED attacks, if IEDs are done by Sunnis?

Why didn't the lie about Iran supplying weapons to Iraq get any traction?


How long til the next vote on the debt ceiling after this week?

Here's a minister who gets it . . .

"Ding, dong, the witch is gone!"

The Bushism for today is:

It's official: George Bush has been misunderstood!

Russ Feingold: My Hero (Bill Press)

Does anyone have the mass media email list handy?? n/t

Half the city back in 2008

Three cheers for British Lt. Malcom Kendall-Smith

Should the U.S. provide visa's to Iraqis?

Grassley, Iowa, Senate --Dems want to extend signing up for Medicare-D

A Comprehensive List of Things Bush Has Gotten Right and Wrong

Happy Ides of March Day!

Democrats whisper in the hallways....

Tom Joyner Morning Show...When do you know it is Civil War (Iraq)

Email rant I received about wimpy-Dems & Nazi Yes Men...

Could you run a competitor out of business ?

Exactly how tall is shrub again?

Use of Implanted Data Chips IN HUMANS Stirs Debate on Privacy -->

The Dunce of Dubai--It's sad, really. And embarrassing to watch.

Democratic sponsors of Censure - For Bill Clinton (firedoglake)

My representative, Betty McCollum, signed on to H Res 635 yesterday!

Re: Drop the "Incompetence Theory"

Feingold's Resolution to Censure George W. Bush- Video and Transcript Here

Oh good lord, another stupid Bush...

Public Hearing Transcript Taken Off Line

Bill Frist says President not above the Law !!

Has anyone talked with the DNC about the Censure Resolution?

Is anybody keeping track of the micro-biologist deaths?

Has anyone else called their senator about Censure?

Someone help refute my repug colleague

Bush impersonator

Women's rights haven't fared well with Bush

Pic of great American with the mentally disabled.


(VIDEO) The full Paul Hackett/Daily Show segment

Does anyone have a working 800# for Congress?

Americans raid house kill women and children.

Imagine, if you will, you are a state trooper.

Bumper Stickers Saw Going To Work This Morning On Back Of A Car

Pelosi says Bush and Republicans are corrupt and incompetent

Would you attend a speech by Sandra Day O'Connor...

LTTE, need advice

NYT: Study says RFID tags are vulnerable to viruses

Profiles in Cowardice

Democratic Senators: Get some FIRE or find another job

Spike Lee: "I’m not going to vote for that woman. No. Way.”

Artic drilling AGAIN today debate. Call your Senators Today!

O'Connor warns of dangers of attacks on judicial independence

Trippi: Playing with Dynamite to write off us NETROOTS

On censure: List of States to concentrate on - Highest "Clearly broke Law

Iraq: the solution

So, I'm walking through Westlake Center in Seattle on Saturday

Six Degrees of Keith Olbermann

Current Count: 4 Senators for Censure

Is President Bush Autistic?

King George Pressured to Add an "Adult" to His Staff -->>>

It's the Ides of March--time for a toga party

Meet the Fine People of Newfane, Vermont ---pix--->>>

Six more months before 06 Election...Democrats better be busy

Beyond "Boston Legal" - a must read speech

AAR - Al Franken just welcomed the St. Louis affiliate - any of you

What a fantastic graphic... (Re: Vets March to New Orleans)

Two fight for lives after drug trial poisoning!

So Dubai May Not Sell American Port Operations? It Was Bait and Switch!

Palestinian State NOW! Free Mumia! and by the way...the Occupation of Iraq

Mark Morford: "I Am Done With Violence" (a worthy read)

Will it be possible to roll back all the damage the bush* presidency

We should be ashamed. I AM!!!

The Iraqi side of war >> Swedish journalist speaks of his 3 years in Iraq

How many people died from Katrina and the aftermath?

ATTENTION!, Alien Impregnators.... (Bad Reporter)

It's not worth contacting my Republican Senator about Censure...Really?

Enough of the D.C. Dems By Molly Ivins

Stop the Election Day Cheating - Or it Will Spread Further (Miami Herald)

Censuring the president-by kos

Writing by Suicidal Detainee Reveals Depths of His Despair (WaPo)

Woman who says she was fired for bumpersticker is offered job

Dems Slash Feingold Move on Censure from Raw Story

I think DU needs a "Worst" page.

Baby It's Cold Outside: The power of nightmares and the politics of fear

What the heck is wrong with Pat Robertson's head

US court told Israel subjected American detainees to 'traumas'

About 100 senior citizens rally against food cuts

Big Brother is watching you

Billboard in Houston: 1070AM LIBERALS HATE IT!

Contact Senators to support Russ Feigold.

OMG! You'll never believe what Ann Coulter just said !!!

EXCLUSIVE! Cheney Shooting Incident: What Really Happened

Any respect I had for Arlen Specter

Feingold Voted To Impeach Clinton Rather Then Censure Him

Ordinary Iraqi families getting ready to fight

More fun with Freepers

Open letter from the Iraq Freedom Congress on 3rd anniversary

Explain to me like im 4, how does the censure harm dems on homeland sec...

Comments on Feingold resolution from some Democrats

Pa. seizes paper's computer hard disks

"Curt Weldon 9/11 tale 'unravels'...also says bin Laden died in Iran"

Immigrant's rights demo in Chicago, Fri., Mar. 10 - LARGEST IN HISTORY

B** Lie No. 1,000,000, but who's one, of course

Our Democratic leaders on the record on Censure resolution

U.N.:New Rights Council Offers Hope for Victims

They're all Unitary Executives, now.

Has any Senator came out publically in support of Feingold?

I just rejoined the active-duty military.

Spike Lee: “Seriously, we’d like to find that woman.”

Mexico discovers 'huge' oil field

If Joseph Smith gets the death penalty...

Impeachment vs Censure and timing

Maybe if I just wait for awhile the mugger will hit himself!!!!

Sharp rise in CO2 levels recorded (not good)

Arianna to Clooney: Your Problem Is With Your Publicist

Keith Olbermann is about to come on Al Franken's show

Download a Receipt for Your $225.6 Billion Purchase from DOD

Olbermann: NBC Execs Don't Like The Administration Criticized!

Shoot! Missed the WH daily briefing. Anyone catch it today?

Feds raid medicinal pot grower

Need examples of how the rich use government more

Peace is now illegal

Need help changing image with "Don't tread on me!!" to "Don't Spy on Me!"

yy4me, how about a second thread for that Feingold support thread

Ann Coulter wants the US to invade Iran and China

New Logo for the "Chirping Cricket Democrats"

Molly Ivins: Enough of the D.C. Dems!!!

need help - watch video

All Hail the Culture Wars

Just a couple of days ago, I was in the airport talking about...

H.R. 1606: Time to ACT-NOW!!!!!

Is Kerry relevant to the passage of censure?

GOP will force new vote on drilling (5pm)

Religion and the Abortion debate

anyone know of a link to watch

A Wee Bit O' Irish Humor to Lighten the Load and Celebrate the Holiday!

If Bush and Cheney were movie monsters, which ones would they be?

Please DU this poll.

Marked for Death / Canada's Seal Hunt

UN creates new rights body; US votes "no"

Ed Schultz reporting Boxer is onboard with Feingold

C-Span: WTF - Repigs voting against communications for 1st Responders

I don't know about y'all but my Troll-dar is off the charts.

Gov Dean:"Feingold is a Traitor'That's what Republicans want you to think"

Would someone, anyone please tell me

Resolution relating to the censure of Bush, Cosponsors (None)

NEW RULE: No Ball playing in the house or senate... 3/15 toon

Now I really know it: Freepers are too stupid for words: Gitmo Cookbook

We could lose on ANWAR today - Please Call senators!!!

New type of computer attack: Ransomware

The Daily Show now available for your iPod

What would it take to have year-round hurricanes?

I have been calling the Democratic Senators on the censure resolution

When will the right wing begin to criticize "V is for Vendetta"?

Fake general, pliant media, master manipulator and our way into war

Priest rips Sandra Day O'Connor over "dictatorship" speech

Why are Democrats opposing the Feingold measure? This is why!

Freepers attempted to reserve Fayetteville antiwar protest site

Conrad & Judd whining that Senate may have to be there till Sat noon

Welcoming the Stranger

To Feingold Critics: How long do we wait for the Democratic Leadership...

Now there are three !

Why I wore an orange jumpsuit in Congress

Am I the last one @ DU to find out about ActBlue?

Newspaper interviews blogger. (me)

Refresh my memory>>>Weren't the Pols saying there were better fish to fry

MY Craig's List responce

US accused of killings

Kerry Aides Predict Fireworks in Senate this p.m. over Arctic Drilling

The Wal-Mart Tax - from the AFL-CIO

Batting for Democracy! Dream of A Million Voter March.


DFA: Paper Ballots just good horse sense. Video, petition to sign.

Wimpy Dems & Nazi Yes-Men

More bad news for the Katherine (Hanging Chad) campaign.

I think someone is trying to scam me.

Bush slips down to 33 percent in new poll, Dubai deal is cited...

Bush & GOP doing poorly in all polls

On Randi, tape of Soledad and Feingold.

St. Louis area DUers: We're getting Al Franken (1190 KRFT-AM radio)!

Eat up, folks! USA to SCALE BACK mad cow testing!

British Officer Contends Iraq War Illegal

Abu Abdullah

cross-border insurance plan targets Hispanic immigrants

AAR reporting administration is against HPV vaccine for women...

"Think of paper ballots as the "back-up" for our elections." Watch the ...

UN creates new rights council over U.S. objections

Schools agree on Bible reading by students

BRAD BLOG: More National E-Voting Coverage, Plus Videos & Much More!

Puzzle: Put These Bush Numbers In Ascending Order

(VIDEO) Olbermann on the Colbert Report

Do the Dem 'powers that be' decide the ticket, or, the people?

Is America a nation that supports killing innocent children?

Activated Guard, Reserve Troop Numbers Dip

Mass graves discovered in Baghdad

EXCLUSIVE: Matthews Received $35K In Speaking Fees From Interest Group

Feingold, Kerry & the 'Strategists'

Food for thought on Feingold and Political Theater

Tweety's Obsession with Repukes is tanking his ratings

Feingold has a journal at Kos...Will he have a journal at DU?

Internet Backlash Stalls Jersey Civility Bill

Caption the Chimp! (photo)

Parole Decision for Sirhan Could Set Up Dilemma for Governor

NC Republican Approval rate of Shrub slips 9 points since 1/16/06

Will It Take A War With Iran To Impeach This Bastard?

"I'm a little teapot."

Lou Dobbs Poll: paying Americans decent wages actually improves

So, I just linked to a rightwing site with an interesting . . .

Pro-port deal amendment just went down in flames in the House just now

Senate: seems like all Democrats Amendments have failed

Just curious - Wasn't Laura (pickles) Bush put in charge of gang

Will you still use Google???

WalMart sucks. they are so out for themselves just like the repukes

Federal Prosecutor Says 'No Point' in Continuing Moussaoui Trial!

WP falsely reported .. Americans approve of Bush's "wiretapping tactics"

I'm thinking of Walt Kelly...


My final word

Bush's Dangerous Wishful Thinking

NORTHWEST AIRLINES being investigated for unlawful pension shenanigans

"Scientist: Keep Oil Platforms As Reefs"

"Scientists Find Big Afghan Oil Resources"

(TOON) pabloonpolitics speaks on the censure issue

Rummy is driving the crazy train to coo coo town: Video

Remembering the Iraq War's Pollyanna pundits

Snotty's on!

Who Is the Attorney Behind Moussaoui Case?

Cnn headline news "these are the top stories we are covering right now"

Shrub's new LOW poll numbers, From Lou Dobbs Show

you know we're in trouble when former iron curtain countries....

WHICH Poll has Chimpy Job Approval at 33%??? (Dobbs)

Who gonna see V for Vendetta this Friday?

this is geared more toward the women members of DU. we've

Need advice re: our current police state

Mmmmm... Koolaid good...

Dobbs doesn't mention James Baker, III's CONNECTIONS...but slips

44 Words


Calling Will Pitt !! (Again....) Please start a DU thread in SUPPORT of

Is there anything you folks actually like about the Democratic Party

E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment, for those under 30):

Dixie Chicks on OLielly 8pm wednesday USA Time

Looks like GWB is going to overtake OBL

Democrats vs. Republicans on the War in Light of Cobra II


Need help with response to freeper.

Carnival of the Liberals #8: The Haiku Edition.

India 'secures Russian uranium' ..(Pssst.. georgie, guess what?)

Abortion: We have bigger fish to fry

For the Ladies

Last night's Daily Show NAILED it!!! I know some of you didn't like it


Bimbos for Bush

I knew I loved brian eno..... read this.

GOP steals Menendez's idea (on port security funding)

LISTEN LIVE: Feingold on Ed Schultz right now! 4:08 p.m.

Escalation - More U.S. Troops Moving Into Iraq

F**king, spineless, gutless, b*llless Congressional Democrats

Planning to move ? Dutch Immigrants Must Watch Racy Film

They're scratch'n their asses and winding their balls over travel ban!

FBI Agent for CIA Leak case Jack Eckenrode Retiring

Republicans trying hard to appear ethical and critical of Bush

Freepers Foiled! - "Fayetteville Park's Booking For Rally Changes"

New PEW poll: Bush approval . . .33%

The legacy of Anne Braden

"There is no political solution"

Glenn Greenwald on what I call "Drumitis" -- A chronic, lethal beltway ...

Republican Senator said WH needs new blood so I wrote.....


It Is Not Dean's Job

"The Democrats are the gift that keeps on giving"

Bolton is on with Lou Dobbs right now

Harkin to co-sponsor censure!

United We Stained

Anne Rice: Johnny Depp Would Make A Good Jesus

Katrina Coroner Louis Cataldie interviewed on "Fresh Air" today!

Can't we even catch our own snapper anymore?

My Rant...Forgive my French!

Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs againt Iran: This Way Lies Madness

US raid on home killed 11 family members (**CAUTION GRAPHIC PIC**)

Aunt Bea on the issue of slavery

Republican Dad to Democrat Son: Switch Parties or I Won't Pay for College

Somebody give me the number for Harry Reid's office. This is bullshit.

The type of idiocy we're up against -- a true response to TIA's research

Bill O'Reilly's forthcoming book: COVER REVEALED!

(VIDEO) Paul Hackett 's spoof ad on The Daily Show

Shocker: Senate Republicans Screw Veterans Again

Budgeting for Poverty

(VIDEO) The must-see speech from last night's Boston Legal

Pickles shares her fitness routine on TV

Day of reckoning for the Current Occupant-By:Garrison Keillor

Why are you a Democrat?

Controversial South Park episode is being aired tonight

New 50 state Bush approval poll just released (champagne anyone?).

Resources for evangelicals thinking of quitting the Repubs?

O M F G - Have you read this quote from Jerry Falwell's auto-bio?

Islam Fatally Flawed, Says Voice From Corona via Al Jazeera

40 Ways in 40 Days: Remembering the Survivors of Katrina (Day 10)

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberian President speaking before Congress

It's Time To Forget September 11th

"Feingoldian backbone" I love it!

Lloyd Grove fires back at Olbermann after "Worst Person" award...

DHS Threatens Peace Veteran! I LOVE This Man! He Recorded them!

"Democrats Are Gun shy ... "

Why I think Feingold may have misstepped

Anyone catch Gen. Abizaid's war-drum rhetoric talking of perm. bases??

Catholics, can we eat meat this Friday? (St. Patrick's day)

Found! Super-secret 2006 GOP Message Memo!

Hey DU Shooters! I've Got A Question

Backlash causes city to reconsider using library taxes for [Wal-Mart]

Dean: "Feingold is a traitor"

Rep. Curt Weldon: "bin Laden has died in Iran"

Greider on Feingold: "The Country should Rise Up and Sing"

Joseph Smith was just Sentenced to Death

Kansas Bd of Educ. responses re;Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

The point is not to pass censure. The point is to make it impossible

You heard of - well, how about

Fess Up......How many DU'ers have watched "Fahrenheit 9/11?"

Democracy in Jeapordy - Americans can't afford to protest

Did Pres KNOWINGLY Violate Constitution on BUDGET?-Rep Waxman Letter to WH

NEW PEW---Bush Approval Falls to 33%---LOWEST EVER!!!

This post may be a complete and total waste of time...

When Would Jesus Bolt? (evangelicals leaving the GOP)

How convenient: 27 Charged In Child Porn Sting

Dick Armitage vs Stephen Hadley

Sick Koolaid Drinkers have threatened Mike Malloy's Baby Daughter

OMG! LOOK at this F***KING AP Headline! *Warning Graphic Photo*

War Under the Street Lights (On Three Years in Iraq Part 2)

Ask for Truth in Fur Labeling!/ Please take action

Clooney to Arianna: I Did Not Blog

2008: Warner is a "map changer"

Army's Entire Collection of Abu Ghraib Abuse Photos on Web

Americans are among the stupidest people in the world.

Is It Possible George Is Getting Stupider? ---pix--->>>

I know why the Bird Flu outbreak is SCHEDULED for six months from now...

"Remembering the Iraq War's Pollyanna Pundits" (FAIR)

Is Harley-Davidson running out of customers?

Should Staffers for Democrats in Congress Identify Themselves at the DU?

Senators & Censure Bill - 4 Dems In & 40 Dems To Go - Let's Call !

Where, O, Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go...

Stop telling me what side I'm on!

Armed guards for a cellphone company killed two Chalabi guards

From DailyKos: List of Democratic Senators supporting Censure!

I Hate Liberals

PROTEST WEEKEND! - Third Anniversary of War Protest & Rally Collected Into

AP Lifts from the small press again and won't correct

The single most powerful statement you can make to support censure

What's behind the TSA's witness tampering?

"Tabloid-Style 'Larry King Live' Is Losing Viewers and Credibility"

We KNOW Kerry supports censure - hound those not supporting it and

NAACP Voting Assistance Centers opening tomorrow!

A side effect of the censure resolution

Afghanistan to drug lords: Invest profits here at home

A Stumble a Day ... (NY Times)

I Don't Know If Feingold Was Right But Once

Day #2- Kennedy's office with NO support for Russ Feingold

Does Dean support Fiengold?

Johnathan Turley at Conyers’ NSA Hearing: Bush Committed a Crime

Let's not drop the ball on ANWAR ! Our Senators need to hear

Roll Call reports that Harkin will support Feingold censure move

Sen. Boxer on board with Feingold

WOW! 200,000 overnight for censure. [ petition]


Kerry aide: "fireworks in the Senate this afternoon over Arctic drilling"

Catch the Colbert Report rerun at 8:30 p.m....It's a keeper

Please sign's petition to support Russ' Censure Resolution!

Feingold - one man standing up and speaking out

Would you dance with the devil (*) if it would help a favourite cause?

Repukes want to stop constitutionally protected expression of religion

George W. Bush as the New Richard M. Nixon

Bakersfield, CA URGENT!!!! (Need primary election sigs by Wednesday!)

Study Shows Bush Rejected More Storm Loans than Any Admin in 15 Years


Banned from FR again

"Bush's Fantasy of "Progress" in Iraq: What is he thinking?"

We're approaching 3 years in Iraq. What are the costs?

GOP decries slim pickings (White ‘racialist,’ former clown on primary...

WaPo: A Senate Maverick Acts to Force an Issue

Moran doing a good job on Washington Journal

Furious and Frustrated, the local level.

Communists or Republicans?

Jim Moran on Gore 2008.

Need help finding article

Does Gen. Clark have a Current Website?

IRS Complaint Filed Against Norquist's "Americans for Tax Reform" - Yay!

"...lack of attention of a high order."

The Repubs are addressing the NSA while the Dems

Need input - how to write to elected officials.

1. Did Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling commit fraud at Enron?

Is there any way we can withhold their paychecks....

You know, if Bill Clinton came out and publicly stated

Oops, please delete

If Feingold runs for president he's got my vote!

Boston Legal on ABC tells it like it is!

darling Gen. Pace said about torture " we don't do that"

Beatty Urges Dems to Beat Schwarzenegger

Franken will be on Pumpkinhead's hour show...

'I'm learning how the American Government has failed its people.'

Want to hear a textbook example of "freeper a-hole"?

with bushmilhousegang help Israel is being criminal again

Just called my two senators

Blog Power, from John Conyers:

Some Good News from a Red State Legislature

Which Democrat best understands the serious threat ...?

Anyone want to contact Mr. Feingold to thank him for doing his job?

WP's E.J. Dionne Jr: What Kind of Hater Are You? (very interesting study)

Greenwald: Great Piece on Dem Senators In Retreat (Censure)

Did anyone watch Washington Journal this morning on CSPAN?

Gearing up for 2008, thinking about 2004

Fightin' Russ Feingold.

a sentence that should be embroidered, framed and hung

Crapo (R) donations questioned

"The following Democrats have come out for censuring the President..

I wasn't off yesterday when I posted this

Called Reid's office about censure...

When Kerry called for Rumsfeld to be fired for Abu Ghraib, who backed him?

Catholic church messing with House Dems

My letter to every Democratic Senator + contact info for every one...

Do we need Kerry and the Democrats to support censure?

Government to scale back mad cow testing

New Rasmussen poll out; Americans believe Iraq is a failure

Harkin is on board with censure!

The one man who could turn censure around...

Let us propose a constitutional amendment to ban divorce

Politicians 'drinking their own bath water'

Port deal argument was BAD LOGIC...

3% of Americans think we went to war to liberate Iraqis

Dean supports Feingold; floats petition for Allard to apologize

Rush, if you're out there watching I want to take a minute to wish you

My Message to Sandra Day O'Connor - take a flying leap...

NYT Corrections: NYT Mag cover photo of Mark Warner was altered

Just rec'd a GOP census document/questionnaire. Let's fill it out!

This rant is about YOU

I am tired. Ok they win. They throw fuel on the fire systematically.

AZ Candidate quits: Can't "overcome the far right's dominance" of GOP

Slimy Bush** - Rove using Jason McElwain (autistic basketball player)

Billboard Clear Channel won't let you see

Dems won't vote to censure Bush? Send them something special.

Do Democrats favor using live PUPPIES as skeet shooting targets?

KERRY: ANWR Vote Today!!!! Call Your Senators NOW!!!!

Ned Lamont v. Joe Lieberman

"The Feingold Resolution and the Sound of Silence" - Dana Milbank

Why push for censure?

Diebold whistleblower Stephen Heller needs our help


Senator Russ Feingold: "A Peculiar Politician" indeed!

Impeach Bush, Currency, and 5th Columners - Wednesday cartoon

Little envelopes of white powder -- what else could it be?

so what do you do when there are TWO good dems on the ballot?

Send Mickey Mouse ears to the mice. They need bigger ears to hear.

Obama speech at the presidential roast yesterday...

Presidential Preference Poll

Lush Limbaugh calls Democratic Underground "KOOKS" today!

Censure willing to support this instead of Impeachment ?

Harman vs. Winograd, Tough Choice?

Whats the real reason for the censure no go?

Why aren't Democrats supporting Russ Feingold's censure of Bush?

Feingold LIVE on on Ed Schultz show! It's 4:09PMEST

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: The Chirping Cricket Party

The unanswered question: What are Congressional Democrats afraid of?

Miami Herald: "Stop Election Cheating " Brad Friedman quoted in MSM!

Reporting on My Call to Senator Reid's Washington DC Office..

anybody know about a girl that read racist poems

Thom Hartmann wrong on DLC characterization

Dean is boosting the party from bottom up

Boston Legal To The Rescue! Watch It - It Will Do Your Heart Good

Why won't Dem Senators back Feingold on Censure?

Every SINGLE Democrat in the land, including elected ones,

Has John Kerry had enough time to "take a closer look" at Feingold's bill?

Clooney said it, but he didn't blog it.

America's Balance Due - $43 trillion. We are BANKRUPT