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Archives: March 11, 2006

Watch What You Say

Buster's Secrets of Nuclear Success--Animation

A Q's Web of Terror.....MySpace

4 Characters in Search of a Prosecutor: Miller, Boykin, Cambone and Feith

Watch What You Say

The British are welcomed in Baghdad

NYT:About That Rebellion ...

Bush Jokes are No longer Funny

Anyone watching Link TV ???? - President Al Gore

Obama introduces nuke disclosure bill

Hamas seeks support from Saudis

EU warns Hamas over Palestinian aid

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask

Comparison of Thermite Reaction Demonstration to Video Footage of Material

Webster Griffin Tarpley Launches New Radio Show!

Brad: ES&S Improves in Ohio! E-Voting Machines Only Fail 10% of Time!

My answer to Pelosi's DCCC latest request for contributions.

Thank you, Ion Sancho.

So if, at Kirby Puckett's memorial service Sunday at the Dome,

Watch it think.... if only our legislators were so quick.....

Question with my computer

Outrageous effects..... not to be missed.

DU Caucus at the Convention. First of all, who is going?

Gay Activists Arrested at (Falwell's) Liberty University

Abortion Rights Activist(Kate Michelman)Weighs Senate Bid(re-electing GOP?

Fuels cells to change laptop use

Gale Norton to Resign

Census Report Foresees No Crisis Over Aging Generation's Health

Body of Teen Who Died at Boot Camp Exhumed

NYT-Judge Tries Compromise on Briefs Libby Is Seeking

Police battle Sorbonne protesters

FBI warns of possible terror threat at sports events

Former White House Adviser Arrested

'Washington Post' To Cut 80 Newsroom Jobs, Sources Say

DOD IG reviews possible KBR overcharges

India does illicit nuke deals: report

US defends Guantanamo force-feeding

Bush admits al-Qaeda still biggest threat to U.S

Feds May Relax Rules on Endangered Turtles

Halter gains endorsements/criticisms in new bid for Lt. Governor

'Worst case’ of child molestation goes to court

Radical Shiite cleric calls U.S., Britain and Israel the ''Triad of Evil"

U.S. Hostage Tom Fox Killed in Iraq

Bush aide, appeals court nominee arrested for shoplifting

Pritt libel case set for jury today

Cuban medical team services lauded (Pakistan)

Nephew takes stand in support of Bush (Pierce - Neil's Kid)

DNA Matches "Fatal Vision" Convict's Hair

Disney DVD not playing on computer?

Don't look!

Amuse me with your best humor bookmark - I'll trade

I am so damn tired

San Diego feels like Tierra del Fuego today!

I'm going to sit at outside at the Tiki Bar

The HAMDOG?!?!?!

Minor league team features a "Doughnut Burger". NASTY!

Has anyone tried that Hoodia for weight loss?

Wow!! LOUD thunder crack just now near Seattle!

Al Gore's Presentation On Global Warming

Yes, it's the nite all us troless are coming out -

So I'm driving home from work (a poll)

What isn't your All-time Favourite Seinfeld Episode?

It's SCI-FI Friday, ya bastids!


Why is Robb a dingbat?

Rat-Fuck discovered.

Has anyone here seen "Crash?"

Anyone here a porn again Christian?

Here is the perfect way to peel a potato ( video )

Congratulations oneighty!! 10,000 posts

I did not need that last bucking feer

Words worth repeating? You decide.

I love to dry rub my meat!

I shopped at WalMart tonight

Nihilists! Fuck me.

A website for the Lounge, if ever there were one...

Why did I agree to switch shifts tomorrow? WHY?!

It's freaking hailing in SF -- and it's supposed to snow tonight.

Wanna have some fun? Bring the popcorn and weapons! LOL.

Wafah Dufour's new reality show

The Challenge: GUESS the song from my MIGHTY AIR GUITAR RIFF.

Please settle a domestic/culinary dispute.

What's the time in Yanksville?

Flame me if you want, DU, but...

Friday movie: Cat Ballou

Okay lounge I need your help- what should my 9,000th post be about?

Who Is My Mail Man Cliff Claven?

Dr. Who premiere next Friday at 9!

Check out this thread.

Any fans of the Cramps?

Luna died--a whale who liked to play with

something funny I said in a stationer's in NYC Monday

I posted this in GD. Not a flame thread, but it's food for thought.

All of a sudden feeling really depressed

Anyone else watching Trading Spouses now ? Very weird! Eastern

Our cats are freaking out because we are rearranging

American Idle Thoughts

Freeper encounter

"I stayed with her through the bottle of Scotch.....

THE most amazing sidwalk art ever.

I put myself on ignore

Ever killed another DUer?

In the past 2 weeks I've had 2 friends in the hospital.....

Which is better to use from an environmental standpoint?

HEY DU!!!!

3 of my students decided to do an imitation of el pretzeldente today

Girls Girls Girls

My goodness, I just had a rather disturbing idea

Al Gore Is Still My President

What do these two things have in common?

Fun conversation in a bar tonight

YO! - DMC has a Myspace account!

Holy shit - Villanova's Allan Ray's eye was popped out of his skull!

Oh ..... My...... God......

Post here and I will give you a compliment *VACUUM REDUX*

I love french fries...

Thunder, lightning & hail in SF just now (pix)

Any "Sports Night" fans out there? If so, y don't ya check in!

I just saw "Hairspray" the Broadway musical

What do you have that's perky?


New Battlestar Galactica thread- now that its over

what do you do to end the hiccups?

Anyone watching I love toys

Must be spring. First dogie in the yard.

I had a pretty good day over in GD today

Is it ok to refuse someone a freecycle item because of ignorance?

A summary of my previous 8,999 posts (just in case you missed any)

Check out my new tower

Post here and give me a compliment.

My little cheer kids need mojo! Please send us good vibes for tomorrow and

A big Lounge welcome for my friend... Gertrude Hasenfus!

Fox's Mike Straka: Teri Hatcher's "disingenuous" Vanity Fair revelations

Wafah Dufour


Havin' me a Redhook ESB.

Best method for killing ants. Any ideas?

The most amazing sidwalk art ever.

Oh yeah?! What are you gonna do about it?!

I'm front.

Question for anyone who gets YES magazine

Are Joan Alpern and I the only DUers who feel old? Can anyone else relate?

When is Sturgis Dyke Week?

No- seriously. What's the BEST movie ever?

Ever killed another DUer's Thread?

Whatever happened to

This is my desk on drugs

Gay Activists Using Bad Science

I Have A Dream Foundation Accepts Gay Mentors - Slaps On Warning Label

Quoting Bible to attack gays is hypocritical

Good blog by the author of "Geography Club" Brent Hartinger.

Another Syracuse miracle !!

weird aura

What's going on here (not Kerry related)

Organization Helps War Veterans Find Jobs At Home


Where are ya ladies?

KOEb 3/10/06 Dictatorship!

Keith: Up close at Spring Training ' COOL Guy!


Phelps decides to stop funeral pickets

Larry Johnson: Brer Libby and the Greymail Briar Patch

Breaking - Osama spotted on Moped loaded with firecrackers

Bush and 'Caine Photo from TX!

Utah Repuke telling NOLA what to do and Mary's response

VIDEO- Dobbs Commentary on Bush and Congress

There may be reason to rejoice on KnightRidder sale. Latest word is.....

barbara's "pretty little brain" must be smoldering

Soldier Is In Iraq As He Loses His Whole Family In A Car Accident.


Anti-Abortion Advocates? Bring 'Em On, Texan Says

I was proud of my Mom earlier today

VIDEO - What and who is the Carlyle Group (controlling our ports)

Where are the steam rollers? re: Tim McGraw Faith Hill

Worst case scenario: John McCain wins nomination. Who can defeat him?

Thom Hartmann Just Did IT

World's billionaire population skyrockets

GOP - Great at getting elected, horrible at runnning the government...

Photos that don't need photoshop: Dead-eye Dick

Help! I need to make some signs for tomorrows counter-protest.

Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. Terra Alert! Terra Alert!

Repug Polling DOWN! What to do? TERROR! TERROR! TERROR!

Sunday talk shows.

VIDEO- Halliburton and the Carlyle Group and Dubai (Dobbs)

Most Democrats will put country over party.

Cute commercial just now for SNL

I just got polled by local news 10.

Anyone watching Link TV ???? - President Al Gore

Organization Helps War Veterans Find Jobs At Home

"All People, One Party!"

Homophobe Extraordinaire Paul Cameron in Weekly World News in 1984?!

Now They Are "HVBIEDs" Killing Our Troops! Does That Make It Better?

gwb worried about the message the failure of the port deal will

Iran's first nuke plant called BUSHEHR!

For Cripes sake People! If I see one more post which says

DPW Out, Halliburton In. I hate being right all the time

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World- March 10 06

I have tickets to a Spring Training game. I will have to update

K.O. to be on C-Span? I missed the details. Did anyone else

How strong is the hatred for Hillary here?

Frankly I Prefer EDWARDS/BOXER or

So What happens when Cuba plays the USA in the WBC final


Former White House adviser arrested

Songs that rocked......Far right Golden Hits

Air Force Col Robert Bowman Running for Congress- Needs signatures

New picture of Micahel Chertoff.

"Live Like Frist" -- chuckles galore ... And, the DSCC did this!!! ;)

Is anybody protesting the GOP convention in Memphis?

Senate deal with White House violates Constitution

Great Pic Of Cheney

cartoon ....selling off public land to feed the war

BRAD BLOG: MD House Votes 137-0 to Ban Paperless Diebold Voting in '06!

BRAD BLOG: ES&S Improves in Ohio! E-Voting Machines Only Fail 10% of Time!

Shit, now I get it (I finally heard O'Reilly's threat)

Question on my computer

Interesting Congress bashing & Impeachment talk at Freeperville

ANIMATION: Cheney lap dance

Thom Hartmann on the port deal: It was good cop, bad cop ...

Mark Twain: "We have gone there to conquer, not to redeem.";

"EPT Security. Protecting South Dakota's Unborn. Since Monday"

Court rules that Libby has right to CIA documents. Is this GOOD or BAD?

Reporters Exempt From Eavesdropping Bill WaPo

Jazz Funeral For Democracy DVD Nominated

Gas prices up ANOTHER dime in the last 2 days.

What do you all think of Marc Emery???

Port Deal's Political Fallout Not Over

Got Stoli? Nonprofit aided Abramoff clients

No, the Iran Oil Bourse is not a 'casus belli'

Leno: Dick Cheney Action Figure Satire

U.S. Hostage Tom Fox Killed in Iraq

THE most amazing sidwalk art ever.

So what exactly did Kurt Vonnegut mean when he called * "the

100,000 Children Have Participated in Mass. Child Identification Program


VIDEO-Graydon Carter-Why Bush Speaks to Audiences As If They are Idiots

This is what the Freetards think of Norton------>>>>>>>>>

Bush Goes on Offensive To Explain War Strategy

When does everyone think the first elevation in the terrorist alerts are

Note to Mr Bush..

US Peacemaker Tom Fox Murdered in Iraq. ....

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- Fridays my day to play

"He invaded the wrong country.

Remember the '70's TV shows with the crazed Viet Nam vet.

Oh, here we go again; terra terra terra.

a joke site??? 'church of the fetus jesus'

Hillary's Resume..

Help needed....who said, before the Iraq war, there were no WMD?

Battlestar Galactica more relevant than our news (SPOILER WARNING)

Who can make this into a heavy-duty bumper sticker?

Do you donate to the DNC, to PACS, or individual candidates?

Be amazed.... be very very amazed....

Can we get a Hillary Clinton Haters forum or a Anti-Hillary '08 forum

Pass this program along to YOUR state's unions - Helmets to Hardhats

My Bestest FREIND from Childhood turns out to be a "BUSH BOT!"

Folks this is what we are up against.. Next country to invade?

Local NJ protest- every Friday . Pics from 4 weeks ago, Impeach Bush pic

Senator Kohl (D-WI) stands up to Rumsfeld

What Is This Man Thinking ???

A virgin christian who is raped is eligible for abortion in S.D....

My Fun With Bush BumperStickers Today.....

KO's lead story: O'Connor's reference to dictatorship!

Oh FFS! Terrorism warning for the NCAA tournament?!?!

Looking for a pic someone photo-shopped the other day...

(IMPEACHMENT) SHOULD READ !!! - Sorry, Got Fed Up With The MUST Stuff...

The Supreme Court in 08 trumps the Democratic Nominee

Hillary Clinton's full and complete voting record

More Abramoff fall out

Check out Katherine Harris's house on Zillow!

BRAD BLOG: 3rd Ohio Election Official Indicted for Gaming 2004 Recount!

Sandra Day O'Connor can kiss my fat, black ass

'Hooded' Abu Ghraib ex-prisoner talks to New York Times

America's Growing Culture of Cruelty--why? And what to do about it?

Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at Zoo

Repuke Larry Miller is very quiet on Real Time tonight.

The Case Against Hillary Clinton...

Michigan might raise minimum wage by 44%

People Keep Yammering About '08 Candidates And Their Positions On Issues

BOOK TV Schedule March 11th - 13th

Anyone else having problems with DU?

Something beautiful happened in Chicago today. . .

My new, new UAE port deal prediction

Chimpy Bunnypants' nephew proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

S.J. Mercury: Dubai's Western-oriented image couldn't save ports deal

Former Justice O'Conner: "Right wingers threaten Constitutional freedoms"

Group Tied to Democrats Targets Medicare (and GOP)

Bradblog: ES&S Improves in Ohio! E-Voting Machines Only Fail 10% of Time!

Top 10 GOP Sound Bites: SOTU Edition

Discrediting People for Peace

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Sen. Pat Roberts"

slanthead's fill-in

Hamas on the move!

Delay has a hard battle ahead of him....Thankfully

The funniest political ad ever

Frist expected to win a GOP straw poll after packing conference.

How's ya feelin about our DC Dems

The axis of "Good"???

My favorite ticket would be Clinton-Landrieu

HR 550 "I Count" Lobby Days

A Look at Foreign Kidnappings in Iraq

Can someone photo-shop this please?

Oil Spill in Alaska... Alaska’s Environment: Priceless

Israel says Haniya could be target

OK, five of the 11 most recent GD-P threads are about HRC

FBI Terror alert possible at sporting events! We knew it was coming!

Satisfaction with Congress Falls Again in U.S.

Why is Hillary the only female candidate we have??? Disgraceful.

Third Party candidates in 2006

WH In Effort to Save Face for *, Asked Dubai Co. to Pull Out of Port Deal

Photo: What the HELL is Bush thinking? Read his mind...if you DARE.

The GOP drew DU into the Hillary stuff.

Why are there so many Hillary Clinton Threads? (negative and positive)

Former White House adviser arrested

Photo: Firm resolve, never waver, terra terra terra, blah-blah-effing BLAH

CALL TO ACTION! Help Defend Freedom of Speech @ Our Universities!

the GOP is ripping huge holes in itself. what's our plan? what's our

SOUTHERN REGIONAL MARCH! Peace in Iraq - Justice @ Home!

The Republicans will be really really mean to Hillary.

Can Mark Warner Stop Hillary in 2008? (Sunday's NYT Magazine Cover Story) DU "Lockstep With DLC'ers....and shoud those of us

ACTION ITEM: Donate to Lamont!!!

Jon Stewart is on CNN Global Edition in Central Europe!

Ads in DC subway/febuary/abortion. .preparing us?. I took a picture . . .

Vermont Paper Embraces Impeachment Push

DNC: Republicans meet amidst chaos, coming apart at the seams

Another R retires and almost too late for Republicans to find a candidate.

HOLLYWOOD awards more than Oscars to a REAL winner...

Has RFK Jr. ever considered politics?

Lieberman has a Challenge within the party! Ned Lamont...

Wes Clark Jr. says Hillary will win primary

NY Daily News New Yorkers think Clinton will run, don't back her

To those of you who want "Hillary-bashers" to STFU

Contractor Bilked U.S. on Iraq Work, Federal Jury Rules

Anyone here still love Howard Dean?

Disintegrating Iraqi Sovereignty: Iraq's Sovereignty Vacuum

Army Creates Realistic Training in Germany

Ohio GOP kingmaker faces serious threats in '06 ...scandals, infighting

Martin Sheen: One person can make a difference

The Democrats: Still Ducking

Osama and George

The Shots Heard Round the World were not a government operation

Enthusiasts Trying to Revive Polka

And all this time I thought is was WMDs, OH WHEN WILL I LEARN???

Help starting my own subversive newspaper? (Wasn't sure where to put this)

NYT- For Muslim Who Says Violence Destroys Islam, Violent Threats

For Muslim Who Says Violence Destroys Islam, Violent Threats

US academic says targeted by FBI over Venezuela

Robert Fisk: The erosion of free speech

The Conservative Epiphany Paul Krugman (ToppleBush version)

Dobson site denies lobbying Norton for Abramoff (yeah right Dr. D!)

After Four Years, Iraq Withdrawal Elusive

Lap Dogs of the Press by Helen Thomas

Carlyle Group to raise $1 billion U.S. infrastructure fund (port related?)

Externalizing the Cost of War

The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran

Quoting Bible to attack gays is hypocritical: By Leonard Pitts Jr.

Whistleblower's wife thanks public for support

EC warns of €1,000bn power challenge

US-India nuclear deal could be worth 100 billion dlrs ($)

Owners of hybrid vehicles max out Pennsylvania rebate program

it's RAINING in Phoenix--Finally! only 143 dry days.....

Norton Legacy: Drilling, Land Sale Plans

Canadian seal kill starts 03/29

Politics & The Environment . . .

Wise up to nuclear folly (Amory Lovins)

Regulator Warns on China Environment Woes

Westman to spend $1.5 B on Manitoba wind power

Israeli Arab assaulted for dating Jewish girl in Kiryat Yam

Women's day in Palestine

'US not doing enough to stop Iran'

British FM: Israel and Iran Both Potential Threats

Israelis Were Warned on Illegality of Settlements in 1967 Memo

Experimental Weather Modification Bill Sen. #517-House #2995 Fast Tracking

Disinformation ..... still desperately propping up the controlled media

Experimental Weather Modification Bill Sen. #517-House #2995 Fast Tracking

what is this white flash coming 12 floors above the crash floor

New TIA thread here...TIA Election Friends come help please..

Need a hand or a few hands in GD:

Diebold ExpressPoll 4000

Cross post to GD Pol: " Let's get real about our rigged voting system"

Cross-post to Land Shark GD post - 2 quotes

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 11

While you were away from your desk - McPherson certified Hart/Intercivic

Orange post card campaign to support Verified Voting lobbys Days II ...

How to help Ion Sancho -action needed ASAP for Mon.meeting-Vote Trust USA

I have a question about Black Box voting

NASED May Respond to CA/ITA Report on Diebold's Interpreted Code

Iowa Citians? Are you marching 3/18? If so

Iowa City Radio Personality Tells Clear Channel to Take a Hike

Gabrieli edges closer to running for governor

Why did Catholic Charities get out of the child adoption services in MA?

Becoming a delegate to the Texas Convention

Lamb Shanks

Doctoring up some plain yogurt

Can somebody tell me where

Is anybody going to watch The Tommy Douglas Story on CBC?

NYT- Push to Tighten Lobbying Rules Loses Strength

Kerry attacker now a Crist backer

WP- U.S. Presses China and Russia for U.N. Council Action on Iran

Brownback tops private-paid travel listThe senator's trips were worth more

(NYT) Former WhiteHouse Aide is Arrested on Retail Theft Charges

AP Enterprise: Blackwell schedule shows more contact with pastors

Got Stoli? Nonprofit aided Abramoff clients

US test follows N Korea missiles

U.S. sanctions Syrian bank in terror deal

Legislator apologizes for sharing denigrating e-mail

Calif. GOP halts fee-based voter registrations amid fraud probe

Bush concerned over collapse of Dubai Ports deal

Santorum's 'charity' questioned.

(AP) (ex-head NARAL) Michelman May Run for Senate Seat in PA

20 Suspected Insurgents Detained in Iraq (from Sunni mosque)

U.S. Military denies reports Abu Ghraib to be closed

Madrid bombers not tied to al-Qaida (It Was Western Intel, Big Surprise!)

Army Creates Realistic Training in Germany

Gunmen kill senior editor from Iraq state TV

FBI hires Lockheed to upgrade it computers

Bush Goes on Offensive To Explain War Strategy (to hit 'pessimism)

Colo. Teacher Accused Of Bias Is Reinstated--WaPo

WP: Panel on Eavesdropping Is Briefed by White House

GM Canada workers vote to accept job cuts: union

Did I miss the Sandra Day O'Connor discussion?

Milosevic found dead in his cell, U.N. Tribunal says

Dean Criticizes GOP on Ports Security (radio address)

Stop your meddling, Iraqi minister tells US

who is this man with Claude it Abramoff?

No alien attack; no green men

NYT Sunday: A secret history of the Iraq war...

Kirkuk dispute bedevils Iraq's political crisis

Jury finds Wis. state rep. guilty (more corruption)

Republicans Fret at GOP Political Straits

McCain calls for GOP loyalists to support Bush

Russia Proposes New Iran Nuclear Talks

Milosevic Death May Affect War Tribunals

Foreign operation of airports to be reviewed

After Four Years, Iraq Withdrawal Elusive

AP Tom Fox Is 5th U.S. Hostage Killed in Iraq (At least 2,306 US troops)

Bush Confident Iraq Will Avoid Civil War

4 Iraq veterans in Japan commit suicide

NYT: Symbol of Abu Ghraib Seeks to Spare Others His Nightmare

Blackwell Met With Ministers More Often Than IRS Complaint Alleged

Ex-NFL player graduates from Marines boot camp in San Diego

'I will not shed any tears for him': Holbrooke on Milosevic

Milosevic feared he was being poisoned: lawyer

Friends of murdered US hostage urge no retribution

Watchdog: What Ever Happened to the Civil Liberties Board?

Iran Threatens to Use Oil in Nuke Standoff

Peru president gives poll warning

U.S.-Chilean history haunts Rice visit

FEMA Will Not Pay For (New Orleans BNOB) Planners

Evolution fight moves to Britain

Slobodan Milosevic Dies in the Hague Prison

Analysis: States steadily restricting info

Morales gives Rice coca leaf-inlay guitar

Bush Shocked by Arrest of Former Adviser

Dems Give Nod to Earlier Primaries

Report:Web Searches Can ID CIA Employees

Study Warns of Lapses by Port Operators

For Muslim Who Says Violence Destroys Islam, Violent Threats

Rice Hails Democratic Triumph in Chile

Nepal's 'Buddha' boy goes missing (BBC News)

Alert mdmc - from prolesunited (General Discussion)

My promise to DU.

hm, coffee flavored KitKat'z...

Have you seen this---it's hysterical.

Is HypnoToad on Your Ignore List?

Guess it's my turn to ask for good thoughts...

OW! I just accidentally shot myself with an airsoft gun

Wow, those "Best Buy" "CompUSA" electronics stores are such rips.

Has anyone seen "The Libertine" with Johnny Depp?

Awww! Look at us!!

Ohmigosh. I have the day off!

Has Anyone Heard from MoPaul???

WOWOHWOW!!! What a great day for finding great Vinyl LP!!

Now that I am an American...I Promise that i will...

Has anyone ever snogged another DUer?

I've decided I want a DU girlfriend, so we can cyber snog

OMG, a guy gets killed in a duel!

A coworker lamented on not being able to find aloe vera tablets...

Sexiest man in the last century;......

What do you think?

Guess I'm in a 'sexy' mood tonite........

A Bucket of Snot

Stupid Lada Tricks.

Who wants to wish me luck?

This is got to be the most humilating video I have ever seen on the 'net.



I'm in Minocqua, Wisconsin. It's 12:39. A stuffed Russian bear is attackin

My cat is snoring....




Another request thread for my show

Damn! Still can't get Marc Maron

I've almost polished off a bottle of 2004 La Crema Chardonnay.....

Good Night All.,....

Drunk girls on 20/20

I am freaking off.

I shot a man in Reno....

You stay classy DU lounge

I said "Good Night" , but I'm still here.....

Error in McAfee virus definition file update exterminates Excel

Define "Freeper"

Friday nights suck when you have to spend them alone .

Anyone hear about this bummer

Well good night DU

Which Star Trek villain are you?

Okay - it's 11:40 PST - the 2004 La Crema is beginning to kick in now

Where has ForrestGump been?

"Procrastination isn't the problem, it's the solution. So...

I never thought I'd do it but - KITTEN PIC!!!!

Man Wins Rock, Paper, Scissors Contest - Gran Prize = $50,000

Woman Sells Advertising Rights To Pregnancy On eBay

it's RAINING in Phoenix--Finally!


Mayor Wants Nude Cycle Race Called Off Due To Lack Of Helmets

*sigh* Just got back from the crematorium

I went to work in a SNOW storm yesterday.

GOPisEvil's fashion tip of the day (actually yesterday).

"The Message"- Grandmaster Flash And The Furious 5

here is a joke for the midday

Oh RetroLounge...

Who wants to be spanked? And this is NOT a sex thread

On days I don't have to work, I usually get out of bed at:

Saturday earworm.

Walkin the dog

I have'nt been able to sleep in 48 hours ... ask me anything .

HELP! I am really desperate

I wonder.....sometimes when I post in other people's threads, or.......

HA! Mrs Matcom Went To The Store - SCOOTER'S OUT!!

Rebroadcast of the HOTTEST SOUNDS @ 6PM ET/3PM PT Tonight

dressed to kill

Coming up at 3:30am EST on TCM...Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers!

Important notice about upcoming changes to Free Republic

A woman sits down next to a cowboy in a saloon, she says, "Are you...

I can't come up with anything for a writing sample for a potential job

Sexiest male singer of the last century....

Congratulate me, I'm well over......

Bettie Page - A Golden Age for a Pinup...

13,000 Posts

So here I sit googling images of birds and rodents for the cat on my lap

Alabama State Rep. Pissed Off Someone Took Parking Space - Deflates Tire

It's that time of year people..... teach your children to have a

just saw crash for the first time

OMG - anyone have a link to the pandas?

Best Creedence Clearwater Revival album?

Who should get replaced on Mount Rushmore

Sexiest woman ever - Salma Hayek. Here's proof...

I've made 223 Myspace friends since 24 Feb

Ever HUGGED another DUer?

progmom on the air - post your jazz requests here

Dig This:

Woah! There are about three inches of snow on the ground outside.

Sopranos question

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/11/06)

Let's resolve this childishness once and for all - my new sig pic:

Spooky encounter with the afterlife...Dream interpreters needed

Best smilies?

Why do radio assholes play Money and not Time when Dark Side is overdue?

post there and give her a compliment

32 minutes, 45 seconds to go.

Police: 'Flashing' Man Killed After Kicked Out Of Car

HELP! I'm becoming a cat person.

Kitty Amusement

Paging Bertha Katzenangel

For those of you who know who I am, what should I have for dinner?

One of my favorite catalogs just came in the mail.

A summary of my last 299 posts....(Bet you've forgotten this tidbit)

Chameleons are amazing...

Ah, drunks...

What we must focus on NOW: (You'll see why I didn't post this in GD)

Won't You Try Saturday Afternoon...

Any updates on Truth Is All?

The mirror of the soul (pic)

Songs you want to hear performed on American Idol

The Official Inane-Poll-For-Good-Thoughts-For-Robb's-Dad

I'm an idiot. I just bought a ridiculously expensive bottle of Noni Juice

g2g, and a very special (yez Bastards sans Brazillion edition)

Smilies that don't exist on DU, but should:

Stopping wasp/hornet nests?

Yet ANOTHER Kitten Thread!!!!(Dailup Warning!!!)

Good Morning, Americans!

who's the sexiest person in DU history?

What makes a bad movie? For starters, take a look at ‘Plan 9 From...

It's a beautiful day here in cenral Texas...

Sheesh. 5:48PM. I've to go out for dinner!


I'm about to go to the Hostess thrift shop

Gosh dammit. This irritates me more than anything else.

Ever kissed a Freeper?

I _love_ this woman! (The fruitcake lady gives advice.)

Breaking: Newt Gingrich's brother dies in detention

My first night as a cocktail waitress was good but DAYUM...

I need a bang stick (not a gun) for coyotes

Post a pic of your favorite American "Muscle Car".

Dick Cheney for Medal of Freedom?


Time for another episode of "Jesus' Face Appears In....."

Omigosh...I Deserve to be Taken Out and Killed!!

Top Ten Worst SNL Cast Members Of All Time

So a horse walks into a bar...

When I say "subs", what comes to mind?

Did you know...

where is the suggestion box?

How many people make for a good gathering?

I had myself all worked up to be butch with power tools, and . . .

Sexiest Man of the Last Century...

Porn. I would post this in GD, but I don't have that much of a

Results from my saxophone competion...

It was a dark and stormy night...

F1 (Formula 1) - 2006 season discussion thread

I just had the best Saturday afternoon.

When I post in other people's threads, I wonder, where are my own clothes?

Who was it that hates Thomas Kinkade with a passion?

Chuck Norris vs. Ninjas!

I'm Bummed Out!

Sexiest woman of the last century...

PETA protester bares skin, attracts attention downtown (Lansing MI)

Alas I've been put on a diet!

700 Club Prank Call - Hilarious

Funniest Fucking Thread I Have EVER Seen In GDP!

Post a pic of you and your bestest friend

A portrait of...fleabert

Goodnight Lounge!

Finally In2TV has started, free old tv programs to watch online

What is your earliest memory?

Any fans of both the Grateful Dead and the Dead Kennedys?

Why I Am Not A Christian == by Bertrand Russell

Why Progressive Evangelicals don't confront fundies collectively

I Say Creationism And ID DO Belong In The Classroom

More Vitamin C Means Less Inflammation!

Cassini finds Saturnian moon, Enceladus, probably has liquid water.

Annie Proulx Responds to Crash Win

Why did Catholic Charities get out of the child adoption services in MA?

Are 'ex-gay' ministries therapy or spiritual abuse?

Another Bush 'Family Values' Hypocrite: CLAUDE ALLEN ARRESTED

Exodus: 'An Ex-Gay Hotel California'

Black clergy's silence hurts gays

What exactly is Daunte Culpepper's problem with the Vikings?

Levon Aronian wins Linares chess tournament with last-round win over Leko

Jordan is back on the court

Drew Brees to the Saints??

Duke: The most overrated #1 seed ever?

Awww...Miro and 4 month old Oberon (pic)

Leash training kitties

I just got this in my inbox.

Prayers and Light for the family of Tom Fox

Welcome to the 2006 election year

About PTSD - Terrible story

GARY HART - US Army in jeopardy in Iraq (Cross posted from GD)

JK Photos Today

Yet another anti-Kerry post on DailyKos

The "fresh face" argument. Yes or No?

Here's our answer

Help me pick my...oh, you know!

Seriously.... Michael Musto annoys the hell out of me....

OK, so this has nothing to do with Keith, but it amused me.

Keith at Phillies Spring Training 2006 - 3 photos

I Say Creationism And ID DO Belong In The Classroom

just saw a documentary about the Pinatubo eruption

3 things that would improve our "democracy" & society. Right NOW.

Charlie Crist could be Florida's first gay governor. It's a very

Elections Need Fewer Pollyannas, More DEFENDERS; The Death of Democracy

A "bear" of a story..... warning for the weak hearted, Iranian link

\_\_ -- I need 9 good DUERS---_/_/ for the "Daily ERD News Thread"

Have you ever just woke up and started thinking about Foreign Policy?

2307 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

* on CSPAN .... He is just fucking nuts.

What's the lowest job rating Bill Clinton ever got?

We've got another OPEN House race today - CA-24

March 18th

Santorum's 'charity' questioned.

What is your first reaction to this short video clip?

Democrats strategy is working perfectly !

I shot a man in Reno....

ES & S...and V-VPAT new voting machines in our county IS THIS GOOD???

I'm looking hard at Libertarianism..and here's why....

Warning! Funny Lounge thread! Not for the faint hearted!

i saw Bu$h on CNN criticizing...."non-transparent"... tyrannical regimes..

I hate WLIB's stream need my Mallloy

as a Vietnam vet I wonder what the Vietnamese think of us now

Bill Maher tonight --whats the deal with Larry Miller...?

Freeper Hate in Overdrive over Christian American's Murder

"O Harmony"...The lubrication of love and life! New DATING service!

Industry already working to make your DVD OBSOLETE!

In a nut shell....Saturday 3/11 toon

got a repug by the short hairs yesterday

Why I Am Not A Christian == by Bertrand Russell

bu$h regime getting desperate - using 19 year old nephew to defend

About that Rebellion.... (NY Times)

100,000 immigrants protest Sensenbrenner bill in downtown Chicago

U.S. Military denies reports Abu Ghraib to be closed

What if the situation was reversed; the US taking over UAE's ports?

'i grew up when liberal meant taking care of your people" Wash J. cspan

Attn: DUers! Special radio interview today at 1p.m. EST

CHUNGs doing Enron - More time than Tweety in 4 years

DN: how Britain Secretly Helped Israel Build Its Nuclear Arsenal

About That Rebellion ...NYT Edit

Corporate Media Fear Mongering - Check out this headline ...

Annan accuses US forces, Iraqi authorities of violating international law

Tony the Idiot on CNN

How are NAFTA and GATT related to Dubai ports sale ?

Luna, the killer whale was killed

What is the difference between "sectarian violence" and "civil war"?

So nice of McCain giving his votes to Chimpy as a vote of confidence...

British cabinet minister & Cold War sex scandal figure John Profumo dies

'Entry Fee' for Presidential Race Could Be $100 Million...

US Defends Force Feeding TORTURE of GITMO Hunger Strikers

BREAKING NEWS! Former President/War Criminal Found Dead .....

book Tv. Fukyyama on cspan

Lou Dobbs best friends. He talks about how great they are constantly

Terrorists find innovative uses for internet

Is there hope that Iraq vets will release pictures that they've taken?

Olberman on c-span today? What program? Time?

Download your SD State Sexual Act Reporting Form here

Il Douche thinks he's Lord Cornwallis...

Who are the real fanatical fundamentalist extremists any damn way?

How do YOU define civil war?

Do you think the Repubs will have a real primary in 08 or a coronation?

During a "Curious Encounter" Bush Punches Congressman, Pinches Cheek

Christopher Walken 2008?

we need to be on the lookout for moles/trolls I have a stalker

Collecting vinyl? Rare album. (graphics warning)

I pray that hillary does NOT run...

Its snowing in the Bay area. Snowed in San Jose,

OMG - anyone have a link to the pandas?

Slobodan Milosevic Is Found Dead in Prison Cell...

Why did Claude Allen resign from the Bush Administration?

The "alleged" AL Q warning as posted on MEMRI.ORG

Never forget

Need a good website with a scandal list since Bush came into office

Study Warns of Lapses by Port Operators

the best reason to vote for democrats:

what happened to Louise Slaughter's report "America for Sale: . . .

A Miracle Has Occured! The chimp is 'Working" on a Sat. at the WH!!

Republicans "Pee-Wee Herman" moment


the seven week Equality Ride

The Republican Leadership Brazenly Displays Its Racism

Could this be how Nancy RAYGUN convinced John ROBERTS?

Input needed!

I need a "slap in the face " line for abortion clinic protesters!

Did anyone mention Norton's resignation? the MSM? DU?

Did I miss the Sandra Day O'Connor discussion?

Now that Milosevic is dead, send Bush to The Hague

The Big Buy: How Tom Delay Stole Congress (New movie)


Carlyle Group explores acquisition of port operations

I like the sound of...

Anyone been to the "ComeArmageddon" blog lately?

Reposting in case it was missed in the California forum

Whatever happen to the Frist's insider trading issue

Claud Allen arrested on theft charges....Washington Post

Globe mag's cover of Cheney and "the other

Does anyone know what is wrong with TIA and if there is an update on how

Has anyone seen the documentary, "Why We Fight"?

Price for small electricity projects to be announced - Ontario

another dead body found in an attic

Nostalgia on steroids..... enjoy the memories......

Help with a Poll

DPW Could Continue to Hold 49% of the Company Managing Our Port Security

Author Joan Mellen/Shadow Gov, JFK, 9/11 C-SPAN 2 NOW

If you bought an Anyone But Bush item from DU I have an idea!!!!

Washington Post to reprint RNC releases as news...

If American oil empire collapses, will Israel settle with Palestinians?

Joe Lieberman's MySpace

The US has BIG problems - what needs to be fixed first?

For six years the repukes have controlled the agenda

Robert Cornwell examines intellectual collapse of the Neocon Movement

Judge orders CIA to turn over intelligence briefings to Libby

Secret Prosecution; Secret Judicial Decisions; Illegal Surveillance

Symbol of Abu Ghraib Seeks to Spare Others His Nightmare

John Burns, Back from Baghdad: U.S. Effort In Iraq Will Likely Fail

What do you think of Alan Colmes?

Experimental Weather Modification Bill Sen. #517-House #2995 Fast Tracking

GARY HART - US Army in jeopardy in Iraq

FOR LIBERALNPROUD: My Quick Photoshop Of Bush Gettin What's Comin

John Burns, Back from Baghdad: U.S. Effort In Iraq Will Likely Fail

Maintaining white supremacy in the U.S.

Company raises price of 60-year-old cancer drug by 607%

Even Eritrea is on our ass over Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay

Cincy Mom Deported After 18 Years -- Freedom On The March!

Why does DU lock out threads? It seems random because

Israel Deploys Nukes In Subs!

Bush, Pundits & Dems FEIGN "CONCERN" For Nat'l Security - David Sirota

Claude Allen was Bush's White House "Coordinator" for Katrina Response!

Caption this pic

Scarborough Country: Where Idiot Judges Are Liberal

Terror warning to arenas...

Politics & the Environment . . .

Behold The Power Of Photoshop And Boredom!

Alaska hit by 'massive' oil spill - 267,000 gallons of Crude Leaked

Did Anyone See Battlestar Galactica Last Night?

A suggestion to Dem candidates on getting the message across.

I don't believe that * is going the Lame Duck route . . .

republicans, ooh, scary . . .

Any fans of both the Grateful Dead and the Dead Kennedys?

Ed Schultz Show: Clark on Iraq...very detailed analysis and recommendation

300 miles of the most liberal coast line in the world--Great liberal radio

3-yr Study-Lapses At Ports Could Allow Terrorists To Smuggle WMD Into USA

What's Condi doing in South America?

What happens when you click "search" for files or

Will Somebody confirm what I thought I heard on MSNBC?

Neocon Advocates Civil War in Iraq as "Strategic" Policy

Freidman book getting picked apart on CSPAN2 3pm

Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia's Former Leader, Dies in Prison Cell

Any college basketball fans out there?

Framing issues is what liberals and progressives must do.

(VIDEO) Joe "Ladykiller" Scarborough jumps ship

What can Iran do to defend itself?

Bush-GOP NSA Deal May Bar Impeachment

Now that Moussaoui has been convicted...

Did you know that Iran has submarines???

Wardens yank dogs from Katrina zone

(FIORE) Buster's Secrets of Nuclear Success

I just heard a CNN reporter say "a series.... serious topic.."

I vote Greg Haidl most irresponsible, disgusting Republican brat.

NYT Sunday: A secret history of the Iraq war...

Need technical assistance in posting links

They go after the gansters at the ports but leave the gansters in the WH

great pics of immigrant march in Chicago (Fox).

Professor Bruce Cumings on CSPAN2 - Modern history of Korea 5pm east.

Doonesbury begins Abramoff-inspired storyline

Bid to Give Bush the Boot - PLUNGING POLLS, SLEW OF SCANDALS &...

Jeepers Freepers

Peace Group Mourns Dead Hostage...

Forget the Arabs in the port deal. Its the ITALIANS we got to worry about!

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Feingold, Obama, Dean, Edwards)

Blast from the past; McCain shoots down tax law that benefits offshorers.

Intimidation or sloppiness? GOP robo-calls sowing voter confusion

This king of Swaziland sound like a real swell guy

For your viewing pleasure - Photo of Gale Norton and Jack Abramoff

John Kerry Live on C-Span tonight at 7:00 EST

George in the Army (funny pic)

Headline of the day: "Milosevic Death May Affect War Tribunals"

For a cold rainy day, a song that just gets more relevant as the days

who is this man with Claude it Abramoff?

? What is worse shooting a man after drinking then covering it up or

How quickly it changes

McCain loses straw poll for Prez in 2008 at Republican meetin in Memphis

Israeli Sub Fleet Chief: We can hit targets overseas

Pixel this: Dad tells son switch to GOP or else

Q: Should the Hague upgrade its prisoner treatment before Bush arrives?

(Firewall)-Couple of Iran/Contra questions if anyone knows

Check out the posters I made for our anti-war rally (PIC HEAVY)

French students wake up - back to 68???

Liberal podcasts...look what I found

US urged by UN to "freeze" "desist" and "stop" actions taken or threatened

Australian media interviews Americans - see what's wrong with our country.

Freeper is blaming Target and local officials...

Maureen Dowd---W.'s Mixed Messages

In Ten Words or Less...Tell Why Bush Should Be Impeached...

Pierce Bush? Back It Up Boy, Get Your Ass To Iraq.

You know the story about Tom DeLay and the cigar in the restaurant?

My Ltte To NPR's All Things Considered

Bremer 2001: Bush will "stagger along until there is a major incident"

What`s Hannity`s excuse for not serving?

Why wont Feingold run?

Where we stand now... what are the best chances for picking up seats

Harry Truman on "white is black"

John Kerry LIVE C-Span 7:00 p.m. EST 3/11/06

NeverLand for sale $37.08 Jacko has to sell by court order

Bloomberg slams ports deal critics

Statement from Christian Peacemaker Teams on the death of Fox.

Cindy Sheehan's Arrest at UN/ Video

If Bill Clinton could run in 2008.....

We don't need a Hammer in Congress, we need a BROOM!

The Bush-Hitler Comparisons Are TRUE and VASTLY UNDERSTATED -->

I am so sad about the death of CPT-er Tom Fox

What was Ceasar * yammering about yesterday?

is this a dupe? Sandra O'Conner For Preznit

And so it begins... Blame the Unions, Get Longshoreman out of the Ports

Feingold will be on This Week with Snugglepuss (ABC) tomorrow

McCain: "Anybody who says Bush is lying is lying"

Why is Reagan considered a good president? I started reading Firewall

Dear Supporters of Decent Republicans...

NYT Sunday Splash: A Secret History of the Iraq War-Reliant On US Mil Docs

Billionaires, up 15 % from a year ago..

I saw " Why we fight" (Spoiler) ask me anything

Scientology Finds Group Suppport In AZ Legislature

Why is there a Liberal, Kansas??

gwb thinks God has annointed him. Two statements yesterday that prove it.

"Now here's another fine mess you've gotten us in to, Dubya."

An Open Letter To Freepers: You Really Are Utter Scum

Males vs. Females in Progressive Media

CLAUDE ALLEN's Replusive Resume ( presidential advisor and Target thief)

DUI defense lawyers challenge breath test...

Vet's Letter To Pres:“I Return Enclosed the Symbols of My Yrs of Service"

Okay, so who wants to set-up a gift registry for Claude Allen at Target?

I used to believe in the death penalty for pushers...

'V for Vendetta' Right or Wrong time to be released?

"Pro-life and anti-war."

* to Address the Foundation for Defense of Democracies @ GWU this Monday

To shake hands with the devil....

Prayers and Light for the family of Tom Fox

When approval polls are at 34%, the polls are obviously skewed liberal.

Anti-fascist rally turns violent in Italy

Joe Scarborough:"I'm embarrassed right now to be a Republican."

Will the murder of Tom Fox turn American Christians against the war?

Love and Prayers to Truth is All ! Thread Number Two

Ring of Fire talking about Patrick Henry College..OMG

I am SICK Of Getting My Car Keyed but I Don 't Want to Take my Stickers Off

You know, republicans HATE Hillary. It would be a waste not to use her

Dean accuses GOP of 'pre-9/11 mindset'. Weekly radio address.

Allen eager to help shape Bush's vision of an "ownership society"

YEEEHAAAA!.. Need A Good Laugh?? This Is Special!! Gotta Love It!

Good site for impeachment bumper stickers etc

Civil War Rips Uganda Apart

Fitzgerald's Pot of Gold

Impeachment: Which Democrats Are Blocking Us?

Just saw a car plastered with NADER 2004 stickers...

Bernie Sanders signed on to H Res 635 (the Impeachment Committee)!

What do you do when you really, STRONGLY disagree with other Dems...

The George W. Bush version of the US Revolutionary War

"Air America" bumper sticker incident: Supervisor may have been joking.

Boston Globe: Kerry Takes Another Look at Presidency

Cheney caught with another woman!!!!!

Unemployed Check In Here

Gore's the perfect 2008 candidate. He would annihilate any Repuke challenger

GM Canada workers vote to accept job cuts: union (from breaking news)

7/05: Fox News: (Conservative) Criticism Widespread for China Unocal Deal

Now seriously. If Bush came out and told it how it really was.......

NOW program -Layer of Secrecy Over Government, next week. N/T

C-Span 3 about 2:39 tonight...Dean and Perle....shoe throwing event.

Money's Going to Talk in 2008

Bernie Ward on KGO asking "What would you say to appeal to voters"

Anyone heard of Chris Matthews getting paid for speaking

Bush-Rove-Allen Photos: "And Claudie, you're doin' a HECK of a job..."

What is DU's opinion of the United Arab Emerites?

Very Fancy Frist :)

LTTE: We all will pay for administration lies

Bush ignores criticism, but thinks port deal collapse will hurt US.

Tomnbstone me now, Skinner

It's de ja vu all over again! "A series of speeches..."

The Democratic agenda will be dictated by Congress, not the President...

Anybody read Molly Ivins newest column on the SD abortion

do not let them frame our ticket or our candidate

Bush Radio: Junior celebrates 3-yr. Anniv. of "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

GOP lawmaker in trouble over racist Katrina email

Frist is the one to beat in Tennessee

Heckofajob Brownie to take phone calls on CSPAN WJ Monday morning!

Another republican has turned

Remembering Sam Rayburn

Pat Oliphant hits another home run.

S.D. Rep Napoli made hypocrite of the wk. at buzzflash

GOP revolting against bush? Not so fast says the NYT

The Democrats: Still Ducking

Blackwell's use of 'Patriot Pastor' Parsley's luxury jet revealed.

Jobs numbers: Does anyone really believe this crap??

if the shoe fits...

Bush had nominated Allen to the Federal Appeals Court??? WTF???

When freepers were appalled at the secret FISA court

Bush Shocked by Arrest of Former Adviser- ABC news

Reps - The gang that can't get anything right.

Dems in Memphis have a billboard for the GOP convention

How Bush Sneaks Nominations /Claude Allen, Gonzales and Chertoff ,Through

Depleted Uranium poisoning keeps going , $38 million more ordered

AS Many As 100,000 Marchers Take To The Streets To Protest

Alberto Gonzales on Claude Allen...

$100 million "entry fee" by end of 07' for Presidential hopefuls.

Feingold Listening Session transcript online

Madrid bombings were response to Iraq War, not Al Qaeda

who is the man with Claude Allen in this it Abramoff?

For those of us who may be disappointed, to whatever degree,

Do early front runners ever win the presidential nomination?

Dean Criticizes GOP on Ports Security

Chris Matthews on MSNBC said Iraq is not being mentioned at GOP conference

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Ion Sancho: A Tale of 2 E-Voting Vendors"

earlier dem primaries article

This is the most offensive Republican ad I've ever seen

How/When did China go from Communism to Capitalism?

Bush's War-A-Palooza Stump Speech Tour. THAT should turn it around.

Some Republicans wary of Bush ties before election

I'm confused...can someone explain this GOP straw poll thing?

Who thinks abortion will be the #1 issue in next election?

has anyone heard about McCain not taking place in the straw


Heads Up! Russ Feingold will be on "This Week" this Sunday

Rumsfeld's Free Pass on Iraq; Senators didn't ask, weren't told

Just for fun, post photos of Lieberman kissing Chimp's ass.

Frist speech falls flat before Republican Conference home-state crowd

Democrats - the Wimp Factor. MUST see clip!

NAACP Opposes New Orleans Elections Process

White House Aide Caught In Shoplifting Scheme

Claude Allen & "Covenant Life Church Members" can afford $950.000 houses?

Michelman Drops Potential Indie Bid in PA-Sen

Arianna on Clinton, Kemp and the Dubai Ports Deal (MUST READ)

What would happen if every time the Bushies mentioned "War on Terror"

Why there will be more "miraculous" republican wins in 2006

Rush was happy when Tom Fox was kidnapped

What is sad, Mr. Bush, is some people MUST shoplift to feed their families

Bush photo: "Go to my happy place Go to my happy place Go to my..."

Interesting Zogby questions...

Sen. Edwards, the NAACP, college kids and Katrina

"If John Wayne were alive, he'd be rolling over in his grave."

Our President made Love; Your President made War

Keith Olbermann -- CSPAN Q&A --8 and 10 PM EST -- Sunday

Need Separate Forum for 2006 Elections - Are You With Me On This?

Jimmy Carter and the Cold War

For the second time, Daily Kos has censored me

Check out this email I got from Patrick Leahy! Wow - unexpected from him.

U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq

Feingold supporters: Can A Jew Be Elected President?

Just HUG him, Senator: "McCain sees Bush suffering hard times"

A " Vote Dem" Video with National potential?

Why do people have a hard time with this being DEMOCRATIC Underground?

Message to Progressive Democrats: Hillary Won the 2008 Nomination

is the Democratic Party getting out the best message?

General Wes Clark Emerging as THEE Heavy Dem Hitter..2006

A Woman Who Isn't Hillary - Francine Busby - Has An Election In 30 Days