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Archives: February 9, 2006

From our humble Seattle rag, The Stranger

State Department Sees Exodus of Weapons Experts (political hacks in contro

Gasoline Crisis in Iraq (corruption, unpaid bills)

Evangelical association decides not to fight global warming after all.

Paul Bremer - New Canaan's Pontius Pilate

Pentagon spells out strategy for global military aggression

'Tough Choices' for Whom?

Sam Harris on the Reality of Islam

Losing Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan ...welcome to reality based world

Free speech in Europe: mixed rules

Exposed: The Secret Corporate Funding Behind Health Research

Bush Hides Social Security Privatization Plan in the Budget Proposal

Addicted to Empire, Not Middle Eastern Oil

Bageant:Welcome to middle-class lockdown; now shut up and buy something

Wave Energy Companies Selected for UK Ocean Test Site

Japan's Loan Helps Egypt Build 150 MW Solar Plant

Preserving a piece of paradise

"No stopping war while government's story on 9/11 remains unchallenged".

The Last Thing Karl Rove Wants

March 19th Bourne Rotary Blogging to mark 3rd anniversary

Delehunt constituents, please give me a nod

Courage, other veterans speak out against Bush

The Constitutional Crisis Continues

Minister's role as defence lobbyist questioned

Mulroney-Schrieber is on The Fifth Estate tonight

First Liberal leadership hopeful declares

Private clinic offers 24-7 service

Judge takes Congress to task in bankruptcy case

Bush appointee at Nasa resigns over censorship

(WA) State subsidy to Wal-Mart employees put at $12 million

Breaking News-CNN TV Russell Office Building Evacuated

U.S. Senate office building cleared; possible ‘nerve agent’ detected

KO Reports that Russell Bldg. "Terror Alert" is FALSE...

Free speech in Europe: mixed rules

Top US general says it will take time to instill democratic values in Iraq

New Poll- Iran Greatest Threat, Most Americans Think

Congress Hears Complaints About Medicare Drug Program

Admin. Seeks Rate Hike for Disaster Loans

CBS News/AP: Preval Reportedly Leads Haitian Vote

NYT: Army Effort to Enlist Hispanics Draws Recruits, and Criticism

House Committee Squashes Torture Queries

US fighters 'yards from BA plane'

Librarian files ethics complaint over Gallagher's stock trading

CNN - Senate Russell Office Building - Evacuated

U.S. Officials Meet Iraq Insurgent Groups

'Curious George' co-author found dead in Boynton Beach driveway

Male circumcision protects women from AIDS: study

Error may snag $39 bln US spending-cut bill

Tough U.S. Steps in Hunger Strike at Camp in Cuba

Brown May Testify on White House, Katrina

WaPo: Chief FISA judge warned about misuse of NSA spy data

Bush faces Congress revolt over spying

Cop Humor

Compare and contrast

The Bannister of Life

Sexual Aids for the Good Christian...

I almost ran over a pedestrian today

Wow! Great new product! It's what I'M gonna use from now on! (pic)

I feel special...

This is what is called "thinning the herd"

I just booked my trip to London, i have a question.

Top 6 Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work

It's red carpet time at the Grammys!

DON'T LOOK UP HERE (semi-copy cat)

Do help, dear Lizards. It has been a shitty day.

This one time... at band camp....

What did you do on the best day of your life so far?

Brussels Hosts Feline Beauty Contest (cute kitty pics)

I shot the terrorist.......

Is there a doctor...

Don't Look Here. Leave this post alone!

Anybody else watch "Bones"?

As Requested: Picture of Me playing my Guitar

Did you know? Some people's rugs are made from yak hair!

I think animals really know who to turn to. I mean really.

gee i feel important now!

I'm going to anonymously send flowers for "Valentine's Day"

Mr. Weatherbee (from "Archie" comics) should be played by Karl Rove.

New LOST tonight?


gee i feel impotent now

Who's been ignoring me since March? and my first ever pic here....

There'z a cat in my printer

Paul McCartney on the Grammys

Married, Partnered, other SO's, etc. Early Relationship Pics

Absolutely insane video of Fish

Aww crap.

L'Oreal High Intensity eye color advertisement. Looks like kids eating

Just saying Hi.Just got out of the hospital again, and some thoughts.

What the hell is happening with Denver?

Observations from a older woman

The Grammy's are on tonight?

Panda Obeyance thread


Yet another Grammy Spoiler

Another Grammy Spoiler

I have to post this now: LOST ROCKED TONIGHT (I'll try not to spoil)

How long did you lurk on DU before you actually started posting?

Who was the guy with the mohawk mullett on with Fantasia?

Grammy Spoiler

Have I shown you my Beaver yet?

Dr. DemoTex and I both had dreaded appointments today. Re: Cancer.

Sly Stone is THE MAN!!!

Even Burt Bacharach takes a swipe at Bush!!!

The DEFINITIVE guide to George W. Bush DU nicknames

Malloy's haggis is in the fire now

A question for my fellow beerbelly adorned DUers

Why can't even basic CSS code work between IE and Firefox?!

Come on people, it is spelled moron not moran!


Love Monkey = Sex and the City

The mask is off- I shaved my beard off

Shopping question for the ladies (boys don't look, okay?)

"I can name that singer in ONE NOTE!"

Who won the Best Metal grammy?

Need links to top Super Bowl commercials. What were the best?

Look what I made!

KANYE WON!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

It is 3 degrees where I am, with a wind chill of -10.

Make * deliver a speech you wrote! This is fun:

Lingerie thread - men stay out!

Did Bruce say "Bring them Home" at the end of his song

Post a photo on the last item you bought on Ebay.

So far, "Higher Ground" acapella kicks Madonna and Coldplay's ass

So whazzup with your sig line pic, y'all?

I LOVE Wipey-Dipes!!!!

The Freepers and The Grammys


How long did you live on the planet until you decided, "This is bullshit!"

everybody got nice names but me

"Germany's gay zoo penguins still fending off female advances"

Absolutely insane video of fish

Help, please, right away...

Bruce Springsteen for President!

Hey DU! I bless you in the name of the Father...

Is it legal to charge more for an item

Kanye West just HAD to wear those gloves, didn't he?

It seems RetroLounge does REQUESTS

Since I stopped smoking (it's about "tastes great")

A stray cat moved into our old barn

I'd rather watch American Idol than the Grannys and I'll tell you why.

In one week, I will ego-kick this thread.

Did you see this crazy post?

Most pain you've experienced aside from major injuries/illnesses

Project Runway Spoiler.

Gay Youth Radio Threatened By Yahoos

Teen Hate Crime Attack Sparks Debate

'Ex-gay' John Paulk's exciting new career

UCONN ready to demolish Syracuse tonight!

"Don't touch my Bone" - Video

Anyone know what's up with the Russell Bldg?

On DU : link that Durbin and Dodd are pushing for public financing

Vetpac and Band of Brothers on C-Span 2 right now! Max Cleland

Hearings tomorrow 2/9/06 Thursday.

In honor of our 70,000+ posts, a photo thread.

KOEB Meeting -- 02/08/06: NSA and Funereal Outrage Edition

Hillary's Speech

The next time the right brings up how much they admired Mrs. King

is the MSM fueling the fires of racism for our next adventure Iran?


Thousands of children given radiation overdose

J. Cafferty, slaps Wolf; Do I look like I just fell off a vegetable truck?

Lehrer asks Cheney about oil

AAR Now Has 89 Radio Stations

I'd like to thank the US taxpayers who are funding global warming research

How will Idiot Son justify not sending in GROUND TROOPS to Iran?

"Spirt Bear" Saved! Some Good Enviro/Animal Protection News for once.

KO Reports that Russell Bldg. "Terror Alert" is FALSE...

Wat the "meth" they were using up in the Senate attic? Hmmmm.

Senate Building evacuated

El Rushbo: My candidate for Worst Person in the World

Scary thought just entered my mind

bush says Iraq is progressing; Reality says bush is a lying idiot.

Homeless again in New Orleans: thousands of Katrina victims in the streets

Kanye West wins the Grammy

Confessions of a Former Dittohead

What were they doing in the building?

VIDEO- Olbermann on the Aftermath of the Coretta Scott King funeral

Tweety BLASTS former Pentagon spokesperson,Torie Clark about Iraq

Tweety covering the lowfat nofat issue again.... I ask some to consider

False alarm- So what does Rita lead with? You got it-

Ex-Haitian President Preval has early lead, spokesman says

CNN spliced out standing O greeting Lowery's WMD remarks at King funernal

The ebbs and flow of Tweety here on DU---Hilarious

Olberman: "Appears Over" - hands over to Rita: "Developing Story" - ROFL

VIDEO- Lowery on Countdown after the funeral

You know, in the event of an actual terrorist attack, the LAST thing I

My 5 minutes of Faux Noose tonight

DC in the Middle of a Possible Terrorist Attack

Anyone know if Fred Phelps survived his protest yesterday?

Even Sensenbrenner is waking up

Helicopter collides with plane over San Diego county airport.

Rev. Lowery coming up on Keith

Torie Clark on with Tweety right now.....see other threads on this

Looking for info on "anti-immigrant bill" H. R. 4437

Howard Dean on VPR tomorrow night to discuss party things.

Where was all the funeral outrage when Fred Phelps was picketing

I just turned on the TV to watch Obermann and did I just see


The Truthiness Teller (Stepen Colbert, 2/13 edition of Newsweek)

Barack Obama won a Grammy?!?!

Anderson Cooper right now! Terra alert in DC!! God I miss Aaron Brown

Hmm, nerve agent alarm at the Capitol?

Max Cleland and the Fighting Dems on c-span2 now.

On Scarborough Now: "The Politics of Impeachment"

BE THE MEDIA- A proposal

Not likely a False Alarm

What is the deal with Jesse Jackson & the King family?

Conformity: Is that Why There are still "Bush Supporters"?

An idea to reconcile anti-abortion, pro-death penalty.

1st week of Feb over; went fast. And 87 dead troops in Iraq so far.

Inside "Grassfire" - Listen to how the Right Wing organizes itself.

VIDEO-Edited and degassed version of Tweety and Clarke


DeLay Lands Coveted Appropriations Spot

Nerve Gas? - what a load of SHIT.

Doesn't it drive you nuts ?

Iraqi Plunder Here's What Looters Look Like (PIC)


Pro Drug War Con Wimps Out (Pulls Out Of Debate With Soros) Right Wing Rag

Hmm... "Apologist For Violent Protest..."

POLL this

Democrat Jane Harmon supports Bush/Cheney on PBS now (west coast)

DAMMIT. Canofun redirects to MSNBC for the TWEETY vid, and they require

The PNAC plan continues

Charlie Rose tonight - Alberto Gonzales and Laurence Tribe

Whoa. Tweety slapped Torie Clark down. Is this a transitional moment?

I just saw the Moveon Nixon/Bush add on CNN. Wow!

Alberto Gonzales Gets Ripped a New One

Republican Heather Wilson may be going against Bush on Wire Taping

Roll Call: Democrats Dropping PAC Head

Oh... I made it onto a winger's blog!

did al franken win a grammy tonight?

Tweety smackdown of Torie Clarke can be seen on MSNBC site, here.

UPDATE ON RUSSELL BLDG. Two Tests come back negative.

Im so glad Janeane Garafolo is on solo tonight! Ive missed her!

Why do rightwingnuts have the right to determine how Ms. King's funeral

Education: I just read a letter to the editor in the paper where...

As I set here tonight reading, watching boooga this boooga that

There was a White House Iraq Group, so is there a White House Iran Group?

Major RW Infiltration in progress tonight.

Caption poppy *

Frank Luntz banned from GOP retreat

A special thanks to the moderators.

VIDEO- Kennedy's talk at the Coretta Scott King Funeral

Tom DeLay given subcomittee seat overseeing the Justice Department. WTF?

Is there a site where I can find a summary of the budget?

He's An Idiot

Prairie dog denied endangered status

What Should the Democrats Do? (7 Letters) NY Times

2007 budget impact on YOUR state

Diebold May Be Getting Out of Election Business, According to Updated AP S

New Poll- Iran Greatest Threat, Most Americans Think

A disturbing fact regarding Bush's tax cuts!

If only some intrepid syndicated cartoonist would test Condi, now...

hypothesis: Clinton and the DLC neutered the Democratic Party

Finally! A Sane Person Says The US Will Not Strike Iran!


More infuriating: A bush supporter or an indifferent adult citizen?

stop the world and let me off

Tonight we witnessed the power of the Boogie Man. Terra

Relationship between Lowe's/Wal-Mart? HELP!

DU this poll

Sam Seder....Please Come back and Save Us....

GREAT Tom Tomorrow cartoon

So how about Cheney voting against the MLK holiday in 1979?

Right Wingnuts object when we here display the American Flag upside-down

I couldn't answer when asked what the Democratic positive message was.

Want to see where our Sec. of State feeling's really lie?

Who ORDERED the wiretaps on MLK?

America- Addicted to Oil or Addicted to Empire?

Dean: DNC files friend of court brief in VT over campaign finance reform.

"Total Information Awareness" is back, with a new name: "ADVISE"

Remember bush the Idiot said "the Taleban are no more"? Heh guess what?

Anybody know when next Senate NSA hearing is? Whistleblower testimony?

Terror Alert - Senate Russell Office Building evacuated

Gonzalez is on Charlie Rose Whining that FISA is Hard Work!

OK, caption the Chimperor.

USA Today describes Bush and Abramoff as 'close' in 2003

any links to pics of the shrub's face?

The Hill: Durbin, Dodd to Push for Public Financing of Elections

Impeachment begins in the House of Reps and THIS is what they are doing?!!

Can you demand a change if your PO is playing Fox News?

Tom DeLay to Oversee Justice Department

Why do we keep making excuses for Muslim violence?

House Committees need some CALLS!

What do you think Bushie would be doing without his family connections?

John Gibson on Carter and Bush

Two thought criminals meet at a red light. (( Hey Proud Patriot))

O'Reilly: "I don't want my funeral used as a political rally."

What the Democratic Party Stands For - Howard Dean's Answer in 30 secs:

Inside "Grassfire" - Listen to how the Right Wing organizes itself.

George Bush Don't like BLACK PEOPLE! (mp3)

Is there ANYTHING that Bush has done these past 5 years that was good

Bush is looking to "standardize" college education.

Springsteen just said "Bring 'Em Home" live on the Grammies

Lowery got 23-sec ovation on WMD remarks - and CNN splices it out

VIDEO- Springsteen at the Grammies-Devils and Dust

Union Busting topic in General Discussion forum

Bushit falling apart: terra alert on Capitol Hill -- nerve agent

"Scare at Senate office building false alarm"...THANKS, Uncle Karl!

From now on we should refer to them as the supine administration.

why was my post locked down for pointing out inconsistency?

Dan Froomkin asks the following question: and Steve Gillard answers

Appeasing the Geezer: Wolcott on Imus

Anyone watching Jane Harmon on NewsHour?

Who is more annoying, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly?

Capitol Hill scare is it the Fear Card AGAIN OR IS IT REAL?

Should Dem Senators Have their offices SWEPT

i hope this hasn't been posted yet . . . good article. john atcheson

A letter from my Rep. Give Jan some props. Please.

How was Dubya received when he actually spoke at the

Rice "Politicized" Memorials to Parks & the Birmingham Bombing Victims

No Puking Allowed.

Isn't this something the government should be doing?

White House Gives Details on Surveillance

Rep Heather Wilson on K O right now

Video of Tori Clarke getting her ass handed to her up at crooks&liars

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Bolivarian Revolution -- A Movement of Hope & Threat

DeLay Lands Coveted Appropriations Spot and oversees the justice dept

Democrats Could Use Budget Typo to Force New Vote

You need to look at the Michael Moore Web Site front page.

The Terror of President Bush

DU this poll on domestic wiretaps

What ever happened to ROSS "The Boss" PEROT?

Theme song to my documentary "Democracy By Deceit" - MP3

Roy Moore Is Getting Blasted In The AL Gov Race

A Very Good Reason To Get Worried (Seymour Hersh says)


Tweety gave it to a former Bushbot good today. Even if you can't stand CM

Interesting DLC History

The Hill found some"dems" to trash the band of brothers

MSNBC Producer/Matthews/Scarborough Getting Paid to Influence Voting

Willie Nelson introduces California to own brand of diesel fuel

The Politics of Science at NASA (Washington Post)

Illegal and Inept -theater of the absurd known as the Bush administration.

BusinessWeek: Shakedown on K Street

Molly Ivins: Think how lucky we were (on AG Gonzales)

Ridicule and satire

“Compassion Capital Fund’’ Jr;s a.k.s. "charitable choice"-& the budget.

The president's mouthpiece (L.A.Times Editorials)

Foaming campus cleanser sputters at Temple

U.S. spying on al-Qaida not the real issue (AJC editorial - Bookman)

Al Gore in the Philippines "Earth Is Now At Risk, Let's Save It"

Cheney: did he or didn't he? time for the MSM tap dancing contest

SF Weekly: Al Gore's S.F.-based Current TV is off to a rocky start

Information is power (barring access to birth/death records)

(USA Today) Dems in search of pithy agenda

TIME: Lobbying Reform Stumbles

Juan Cole: All cartoon politics are local (outrage exacerbated by Bush)

Russia’s new swagger leaves west groping for right response

Juan Cole: All cartoon politics are local

US shield blunts Israeli military option on Iran

State taxes rise across the nation

Just a little info on alternative energy and repukes . . .

(CA) Legislation targets airports, ports

84 Of 91 Swiss Glaciers Retreated In 2005 By As Much As 216 Meters

UK "Should Pursue" Carbon Capture - BBC

E. O. Wilson - "Do We Want To Destroy The Creation?"

Bryson, TX Desperately Trying To Finish Pipeline Before Water Runs Out

Automakers fast-track ethanol use

World''s First Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

PG&E Oregon pipeline would connect with planned LNG terminal

The Story of TOMMY TURD

New species in Indonesian rain forest

Uganda 'draining Lake Victoria' (BBC)

Sweden aims for oil-free economy (BBC)

Bush budget calls for selling of public land

Recent warmth 'most widespread' (BBC)

Bush 2007 Budget Underwrites Nuclear, Cuts Environmental Programs

How to Beat the High Cost of Gasoline. Forever! - Fortune magazine article

Israel’s “Apartheid Regime” continues after Sharon

A Muslim Call From Europe For Faith in Civility-Tariq Ramadan

Ouch -- Israel's security chief says he may miss Saddam

Syria: Israel behind bird flu

Putin to invite Hamas to Moscow

Egyptian military attache kidnapped in Gaza

Israel 'may rue Saddam overthrow' (BBC)

Palestinian and Israeli nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2006

9/11 Commission: Redefining the Scientific Method

Characteristics of Critical and Uncritical Thinkers

Overview of Computers and Elections

I was all excited about the proposed Clean Election (public funding) bill

OH: Judge dismisses case over recount - Prohibition against suing states

New law: illegal to annoy someone via internet-could this affect our work?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 2/9/06

Look out, a huge rolling stone is headed towards us!

NJ Appeals Court Reinstates Lawsuit Challenging Electronic Voting


Nussle's Wikipedia delete

Tell Grassley to oppose the repeal of the Estate Tax

Tell Stephen Lynch to sign HR 635 for Impeachment.... or else...

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Endorses John Bonifaz for Mass. Secretary of State

Who is the mayor of Gloucester (John Bell)? Media report that he endorsed

Anyone else from MN doing the Folding thing for DU?

I just bought a new iBook G4

Verizon Wireless Broadband access

State facing $4.3 billion surplus

i need educated: TEXAS politics. education especially

Buy the Lakoff DVD for cheap!

I want to bring a homemade pizza over to a friend

Support the troops who resist! Let the resisters stay in Canada.

Harper's Conservative cabinet using Bush's "talking points" technique

Gasoline Crisis in Iraq (corruption, unpaid bills)

Can you say Psyop? "Muhammad Cartoon" proved fake

Security scare forces US Capitol evacuation (Reuters)

AP: 22 killed in suicide bombing in Pakistan

BusinessWeek: Shakedown on K Street

TIME: Lobbying Reform Stumbles

EU mulls media code after cartoon protests

Cartoon Protesters Direct Anger at U.S.

(USA Today) Dems in search of pithy agenda

(NYSun) Ex-Officer Spurned on WMD Claim

Question about national health care, abortion

In a reversal, Los Angeles DA favors easing 3-strikes law

High school principal charged with harassment

Yahoo accused of complicity in second China dissident trial

US plans massive data sweep (blogs, news, emails)

US shield blunts Israeli military option on Iran

Ex-FEMA Chief Michael Brown: I may tell all about Katrina

Panel Explores Standard Tests for Colleges (WH appointed)

Yahoo accused in jailing of 2nd China Internet user

Abortion opponents going for 'fresh angle'

Records: Abramoff Paid for GOP Aide's Trip

Suspect in Argentina's 'dirty war' arrested

Senate Democrats Say U.S. Asbestos Fund Would Run Out of Money

AP: Ex-FEMA Chief - 'I may tell All About Katrina'

(R-Mont) Burns aide who took Abramoff trip is resigning

Préval way ahead, may have won outright (Haitain presidential election)

U.S. contractors kill 2 (civilian) Iraqis

NYT: Tough U.S. Steps in Gitmo Hunger Strike

AP Protests Use of (pig-calling) Photo in (cartoon) Controversy

Bush Rebukes Muslim Violence, Chides Press

Bush details Qaeda hijack plot to use shoe bombs

Yahoo accused in jailing of 2nd China Internet user (Reuters)

3 die as plane, helicopter collide in fireballs over El Cajon (CA)

Torie Chairman (UK) regrets party's anti-gay stance

Report Says Number of Attacks by Insurgents in Iraq Increases

US, Iraqi officials woo Sunni fighters

New role for Chile house of horrors

In Weld's Bid, G.O.P. Risks Losing Conservative Party Allies (NY Gov race)

NYT: Report Says Number of Insurgent Attacks in Iraq Increases

Tough U.S. Steps in Hunger Strike at Camp in Cuba

US military to release 450 detainees in Iraq

Official: U.S. to Free Iraqi Detainees (450)

Bush Describes Foiled Al Qaeda Plot Against L.A.

Bush to detail 2002 attack plot in speech

Expert on Congress's Power Claims He Was Muzzled for Faulting Bush

(Iraq) Utilities worse than before war despite U.S. funds

Agreement reached on Patriot Act

Five Killed in Shiite-Sunni Clash

Suicide Bomber Hits Shiite Procession

Tough U.S. Steps in Hunger Strike at Camp in Cuba (Gitmo)

Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 9, February

King funeral attracts anti-gay protest (Westboro Baptist)

U.S. Ships Block Yemen Coast

Oh sht! Harry and Abe...

Feds Probe (Arizona) District 20

Former CIA chief expresses doubts about NSA program (Woolsey)

L.A. Mayor Blindsided by Bush Announcement

Michaels traded from ABC to NBC for a cartoon bunny

Tentative Deal Is Reached on Patriot Act

Expert on Congress's Power Claims He Was Muzzled for Faulting Bush

Breaking: Cindy Sheehan will not run.

US plans massive data sweep (CS Monitor)

Two held in Curious George author's death

Former Feinstein staffer edited Wikipedia entries

Poll: Surveillance Wins Some More Backers

U.S. cutting military aid to Bolivia 96 percent

Reid Aided Abramoff Clients, Records Show

Russia’s new swagger leaves west groping for right response

Deal Could Break Deadlock in Senate on Patriot Act (not a done deal yet)

Lou Dobbs just reported the FAA wants to outsource Airline security..

Kidnapped U.S. Reporter Appeals for Help (Carroll)

The Hill: Small typo, big headache (could force re-vote on $39 bln cuts)

Capitol Hill Cool to Some Bush Budget Cuts (Social Security)

Hastert, Frist said to rig bill for drug firms

Rebellion Erupts in Yemen

Report: Oracle to cut 1,000 jobs

Conservatives divided on some Bush policies

Colombia is a “Failed State” US experts say

Pope meets Laura Bush, says worried about terror

Syria: Israel behind bird flu

Annan pushes Bush on US troops for UN Darfur force

Florida high school rescinds invite to Jerry Springer

White House Details Programs to Be Cut

Some BofA clients find debit cards canceled

Public Citizen Unveils the "Ethics Hall of Shame"...on Capitol Hill

Florida officials outraged as U.S. proposes oil drilling 100 miles from st

Oakland Settles Anti-War Protest Lawsuit for $400,000

Homeless man listed critical after beating by 3 in Riviera Beach (Florida

Peruvian suspected in 2000 voter fraud arrested in N.C.

Feds Recommend Warnings on ADHD Drugs

Hotel closure after Mexico-US row

Russia is ready to sell aircraft to Venezuela

Bush details al-Qaeda hijack plot

US plans massive data sweep

Experts say U.S. in Iraq for long haul

Man arrested during President's visit (Protester)

Miami senator appears to have lost top job (Repub. "exile" "conspiracy")

U.S. wants Russia to clarify position on Hamas

Laura Bush Approval Ratings Among Best for First Ladies (Gallup)

AP: Reid Aided Abramoff Clients, Records Show

French activist Jose Bove denied entry into US

Henry County leader (repuke) held after girl is chased

AP: Judge Gives U.S. Wiretap Response Deadline

Italy may put CIA agents on trial in absentia

Agreement reached on Patriot Act

Briton (Neil Entwistle) faces extradition for double murder

Sheehan To Decide On Senate Run (Announcement 11:00 PST today)

'Sorry, Yvonne's not here now' (a neg story on Hillary's GOP opponent)

Google's newest search tool raises privacy concerns

In Minnesota, veterans take to TV to build Iraq war support

Blind Cal student sues Target...Website cannot be used by the sightless

Violence jumps on US-Mexican border (over 100% increase)

Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information

CNN LBN: Abducted U.S. journalist Jill Carroll is heard pleading that her

Bush, Rice told to ‘shut up’ over cartoon issue

L.A. Mayor Blindsided by Bush Announcement (2002 Foiled Terror Attack)

Muslims want anti-blasphemy clause in (UN) rights body

Bush headed to Indiana on Feb. 23

"I can name that soloist in ONE NOTE!"

O K, I take it back (Kanye's gloves). Tommy Smith and John Carlos..

Boxers thread - women stay out!

I confess: I am an addict

Would Queer Eye please do the Dog / Bounty Hunter family

What kind of people generally post in your threads?

Senator Barack Obama won a Grammy!

Ah, hell with it! I am going "sleepy-bye". Night Folks! n/t

covers that you can't decide which is better

Sad story. I ran into an old friend today. His 7-yr-old stepson...

SPOILER is not that hard to type.

"It's A Living"

Remember that video of cats from "America's Funniest Videos?"

New Adult Education Classes to be offered (humor)

The MC5 is the worst band ever!!

A true story about a peace sign...


Grammys - Gorillaz?

Who's the snarkiest asshole in The Lounge?

Black Sabbath.

Herbie Hancock and Aguilera


The sandman will entertain you..Stay awake and enjoy

In your face and out of here.

what are the power tools of your soul and when do you use hand tools?

Step Right Up!

I just saw a really disturbing sex scene...

Kill this thread.

Goodbye DU

Other than the Grammies...

No cats were harmed in the making of this video

Damn, I did not win the Powerball

Cream or Creme facial?

MOOOOM! Make the scary lady go away!

The Beastie Boys Are Idiots

'Tis snowing. Yippee.

A poll for real men (Content warning - Might turn some men gay)

Who is this?

Today's Britney vs. Jessica thread

A different type of Hillary thread (regarding her GOP opponent)

Please confirm your flight information with Con Air

Thursday earworm. Bwahahahahaha!

Today, I spoke to the father of a soldier in Iraq.

Raed thsi

Sly was a disappointment last night (no comeback for him)

Can I get some DU lounge good vibes?

Okay, who has the pics of Terry Hatcher's see-through dress last night?

Abe Vigoda status

My eyes hurt.

Anyone have a link to the cartoons outraging the Muslim world?

Well, THIS made my heart sink like a stone.

I am sooo looking forward to the Sopranos next month

Oh, horrors! I broke the coffeemaker.

FUN video "A Pilot's View of a 3-day trip NY-Paris"

I used to route an army and never get winded.....

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

I kicked a kitten....

Since we're on the topic of music, P!nk won me over with her new song...

Were any other NC DUers surprised when they woke up?

Intact tomb found in Egypt's Valley of the Kings

Brown Freeper!

Singer Pink wants you to know: "I'm not a Happy Meal"

You got a lotta nerve

Some kindergarteners spend their time on ABCs... mine ...

...and for the 29th year in a row the Grammy goes to.....

I make my living off the evening news....

What's for breakfast?

This morning's "Woody" poll

I want sushi for lunch

Sly Stone's grammy perf. was a nice thought. He looked spooky.

Does anyone know if you can take metal knitting needles on an airplane?

The "dressing down" poll

I'm at the Library and Everyone Here is Talking on their cells

Black Adder on BBC America right now!

Lounge Lizard Men: Is this you?

Satellite radio conspiracy?

The secret of life is . . . . My mom was born February 9, 1941.

Okay people, what'd you get your SO for the big V-Day?

What is it about "Southern Man"?

What is it about Northeastern Westchester County NY Women?

So, i've been 'power walking' every morning

What's a permalink and why do I want it? n/t

Another passport help question

I'm just a mean green mother from outer space!


Let's DU Feedalot!


I'm obsessive-compulsive and it's snowing.

I'm using a popcorn smiley. Are you?

Oatmeal and coffee.....

Put a little shrimp on the barbie!!!

Anybody else used to watch Degrassi...and care to admit it?

Which person has more compassion and intellect?

Best Rock Song with Yodeling

Anybody dealt with American Income Life Insurance?

Just watched the Grammy's on fast forward...was Springteen the only...

I have two left feet

For those who use iPods and other digital music players: Remember this?

When was the first time you heard the term politically correct?

Do TV ratings take TiVo into account?

everyone invest in Kleenex

Is DU slow right now?

I think I'll just have an entire pineapple for dinner

ATTENTION GOPISEVIL: Injury Alert ( and where have you been?)

Funny? you want the funny? the "Duke Cunningham Act"

I have been away from a computer and DU for almost a week now so what been

Victim's concern over 'odd e-fit'

So I think I dyed my hands purple in a chemistry accident

DU is having network problems. It's with the ISP not the Servers.

What the hell was that all about?

And in the BFD department, "Microsoft introduces new security products"

I am the most progressive person on this whole website!

My office reeks of cheap cologne

Joined Weight Watchers today.

Housing question: Which would you rather have?

For those who like 80's hair bands...

The Simpsons vs. Family Guy

I have something very important to tell you.

I just HAD to buy a new uniform.

Do you want momma to kiss your widdle boo boo and make it all better?

Okay, who killed the fucking Lounge?

Can someone look at the current poll on and explain to me

Now THAT was funny.

I just dropped acid on a TV, ask me anything!

A question for the guys

I just dropped a TV on my 401K, ask me anything!

I think we need to have a serious discussion about "Cheez Doodles".

Hey, how about some fantasy revenge?

Ladies and Gentlemen: "A Joyful Noise"

Bitching about Pittsburgh radio, again

Wow! You don't hear much about____anymore.

Does anyone even pay attention to the Grammys anymore?

More condolences

NC DUers: Vote on a February meetup!

I just dropped a TV on my foot, ask me anything!

You favorite movie filmed in Richmond Va.

Creepy/cool story

Decisions, decisions, dancing with the stars.......survivor.

Name a favorite song you've listened to in the past 24 hrs.

so where do you take refuge when DU acts up?

So last night, I have a dream about two DUers with whom I

Break for a radio check.

I just dropped .40$ on a TV Guide, ask me anything!


Don't know if I should post here,

James Carville is speaking at my school tonight!!!!!

Nuns Find Out Monastery Ended Up On Anti-Terror Watch List

Frozen Raccoon Thrown Through Window Of Home

BREAKING NEWS: Terror suspect on the loose in the US with WMD

Lounge Ladies!

What honors did you receive in college?

Retarded Man Not Allowed To Ride Moped Again

Barry Manilow tops the pop charts for the first time in 29 years


Jenny McCarthy's "Dirty Love": a cinematic masterpiece

Favorite U2 Studio Album That Is Not "The Joshua Tree" (Poll)

Gosh - Nelly is "performing" on Ellen. How awful.

I just dropped 400 kg on a TV - ask me anything!

Must see show about Bush on tonight!

There's some WHITE STUFF stuck to my windshield

I just dropped 4K on a TV - ask me anything!

Bus Driver Slams Woman Passenger's Head Into Pole, Pushes Her Into Traffic

Your favorite new musical group?

Tush is Boast!!!

You're never going to believe this but I just foiled a Terrorist Plot...

When a person says "right smart" what does it mean? Example:

I listened to a love song with my crush today....

Bush is boast!!!


Valentine's Day is a dumbass tradition that people should ignore

Is it just me, or

Pink Floyd officially declared 'over'

Click me please! Boehner Gets Huge Overnight has made me go limp

What should I eat for dinner?

This is HUGH!!! From GD: Project X. Alpha. Zeta. The potato dumpling

Britney Spears on Baby Lap-Gate: "It is what it is, I guess"

How about a contest for the most evil earworm? Entries would

16% of those polled Agree....

This just pisses me off.

Is there anything more wonderful than sushi?

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/9/06)

I'll be taking a bit of a break from DU

My favorite girl hates humanity

Help! I need decorating help!

It's tea time!

When you foil a terror attack, do you:

ATTENTION LOUNGE: Even though i'm not posting as much during the day....

Who are your favorite PC game characters?

Androgynous names. Go.

I need advice on repug employee situation...

Bush is toast!!!

I just dropped 4K on hookers and blow, ask me anything!

Seriously was anyone happy about who won what at the Grammys?

I need a new song.

I think we need to have a serious discussion about "rap music"

Michaels traded from ABC to NBC for a cartoon bunny

I need a new Bong.

Here's a Grammy Controversy: Kelly Clarkson ignoring American Idol

So, while I can chat for a little bit, let's discuss LOST!!!

I just found this in my kitchen.

Say something great about a state you're not from

I just dropped 4k on a TV, ask me anything!

Name one good pop duet (song, that is)

Post some good anti-W bumper stickers

Did you put the shoe polish on the Teacher's Lounge toilet seat?

Jesus Christ, Sharon Stone must be REALLY Hard Up for Work.

Name a "real" band you'd like to see on American Idol

Hey! Let's have a drawing contest!

What is your favorite smiley?

Bassett Hounds...thinking about getting one...

My turn to ask some QUESTIONS.

I started a thread that started the whole world crying,


How many Pokemon can you name?

Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint?

U2? U2?

I just had to buy a new uniform...

Question about tonight's LOST (**SPOILERS**)

What exactly is a "shit eating grin?"

Can I get some love? It's been kind of a shitty fucked up week...

Cat watching cats.

Hey! Happy day! I was told by another "Dem" that I basically have no

T.V.'s. I have NOT dropped $4000 on a T.V., or a T.V. on my

Need movie suggestions to round out Plan 9 From Outer Space

Power tools vs manual tools

Suit Filed Against High Schools' Exit Exam

My 12 yr old son is going to his very FIRST school dance tomorrow nite!

Dinner with Dad

Ill-conceived 'supergroups'

I just turned down a free dinner at one of the fanciest, most expensive,

BREAKING AP: Parents Protest Child's Spelling Bee Loss

I think we need to have a serious discussion about "punk rock"

I just had my gall bladder removed. Ask me anything.

Great Elephant Rescue Story underway now

Revenge of the Forrelvis: more semi-random vocalizing

Atheist Societal Structure

Appx. 90% of American Criminals in Prison are Christian or Muslim.

Is Anyone Else Here Afraid of the Medical Profession?

French caver makes historic find (BBC)

Evolution of a polyphenism (in the lab)

New analysis shows three human migrations out of Africa

David got his wings last night, he is in a happy place now.

Mrs. King was Pro Gay-Rights and Same-Sex Marriage

Anyone know of a link or links to quotes where the Fundies advocate

Oscar Wilde's grandson's letter to Putin

Homosexual community to plant 'Pride forest' during Tu Bishvat (Israel)

Having Been A Member Of DU For Over Three Years Now...

Gretzky knew about gambling ring: report

Bob Costas/Brian Willams to host Olympic Opening Ceremony

Watching Soccer in a War Zone

Rooney accepts invitation for Steelers to visit White House

All five trophies! (image)

Is anyone following this on horse slaughter?

Governor tel# on speed dial?

Kitties in the Lounge!!!!

blacky pics

Okay Senator, what's on your i-pod?

Boston Globe about the BandOf Brothers event in NewYork

Kerry bill to target legislators convicted of misconduct

Who Loves You In D.C. (and Who Doesn't)

Another editorial in the BG on a Kerry's candidacy in 2008

Frappr Freeped again.

ATTENTION KERRYCRATS! Anyone not receiving emails from Kerry

Non-Profit Advocacy Group to Defend Veterans Who Debate U.S. Foreign Poli

JK on Ed Schultz today!

AGHHHHHHHH, did anyone see this? (Hillary)

Yard sale

Yet another "pick my pic" thread!

Some non-entries and a question or two

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/09/06: Plots Foiled? And The Politics of Fear

"No stopping war while government's story on 9/11 remains unchallenged".

Need links to top Super Bowl commercials. What were the best?

The Freepers and The Grammys

O K, I take it back (Kanye's gloves). Tommy Smith and John Carlos..

Kanye West just HAD to wear those gloves, didn't he?

KANYE WON!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Who can find 3rd party paid travel for Santorum?

Is there a website where I can DOWNLOAD yesterday's Daily Show?

All the Righties bitch about the funeral politization...

Letterman on Hillary's new diamond ring

making war on the poor (again) -- Trouble in the Garden


Best idea EVER for a Democratic campaign commercial...

Republican Congressman Getting Serious About Domestic Spying

Want facts on how badly Iraq war is doing? 2,264 troops dead

OK, based on this recent thread

Should I watch Gonzales..or will I lose my mind?

Sports Bar's 'Baby On Board' Shirts Prompt Lawsuits

Anyone who thinks these protests are REALLY about "cartoons"

Another Slap in George's Face --pix->>>

Many Guantanamo detainees not tied to 'hostile acts'

Will Republicans ever find a hero to replace Dubya ??

Mrs. King was Pro Gay-Rights and Same-Sex Marriage

Why do some people think all riot critics support the Iraq War?

Help! Un-FREEP This AOL Poll!! Presidential fantasy 2008

What if weathermen told us about the storms that did not happen

The difference between them and us:

The United States of America is the richest basket-case in the world

Will goats grazing be good for gazing in San Pedro?

Grammys - Bruce Springsteen's Devils and Dust stole the show!

Survey: Fuel economy ranks last with U.S. drivers

Capitol Hill Blue: John Boehner is just another Tom DeLay

Addicted to your computer?

imagine having to live with a painful hemorrhoid for ..eight years(maybe

Catholic Priest Shot to Death in Turkey

Toon Trouble

Get ready Dems. The Democrats talk about issues, the repugs

U.S. could fall behind in global 'brain race'

Wash Journal today-Repubs strategy-cast dems as "angry"

Let's DU!

The terror of President Bush

Become a Republican

Can you say Psyop? "Muhammad Cartoon" proved fake


White House Names Three to Intel Oversight Board

"Web Sites Hawking Phone Records Shut Down"

Some putz on CSPAN was pushing his astroturf site

Bruce Springsteen at the Grammys: Bring 'em home!

Now,Leavitt on cspan-call him re:medicare and medicaid

Venezuela's Chavez tells Blair to "go straight to hell"

This would be LBN, but no links up yet. 8:00am EST

Forgetting someone? How about the Saudis'

Did you know if a soldier buys his own body armour, if he's

Now it's a guy from the Minutemen on CSPAN

ABC this morning: Howard Dean

CSpan topic this morning WJ, Are the Democrats Angry

CNN: White House to release details of 2002 West Coast threat

"Lawmakers Fear Lack of Progress on Iraq"

Today's Assignment: One-line Zingers

"Election-Year Politics Imperil Bush Budget"

MLK talking about politics at a funeral?

Does Anybody Here Remember That Free Speech Has Limits ???

Are extremist fanning cartoon outrage? (this is outrageous!)

"Thousands Protest Nepal's King"

DU this poll "Was Coretta Scott King's funeral an appropriate forum to

Why the SOTU Address is America's death knell:

Congratulations DU : new DU members are still being welcomed in GD

Bernice King's speech at funeral

Things that make you go - huh?

On Good, Evil, and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Pope wishes first lady 'peaceful time'

c-span - 'angry' republicans calling in about border security

Soldiers Face Debilitating Diseases

VIDEO- My take on Bush School Loans Cuts

R's are like children who whine to an all too willing media echo chamber,

VIDEO- Bush Social Security Redux-Sneakiness Edition

VIDEO- Bush the Ass -"Unless You're Bush"

The History Channel has become the Bush Channel

Where's the media now?

DU this poll.

Lt. Col Rogers is on C-Span (WJ) discussing Dragon Skin

What is this CAFTA?

When my grandmother died, one of my cousins gave a eulogy

The President’s Scandalous Budget

Looks like Bush has just re-blessed the military coup of Pakistan

Wasn't there something else buried in the new budget proposal besides SS?

2 Great DDE Quotes I had never heard before:

Can you DU this poll on Tom DeLay?

(ShowtimeExt) "In Cold Blood" is on tonight ....

Why haven't we seen real terrorism in the US or Europe?

John Gotti vows to "take care of" the Mafia.

Jesus Christ: The Musical

Howard Dean is on GMA

A terror plot was foiled shortly after 9/11 Faux Alert

New word I saw on Wikipedia: "wellstoning"

Gannon-Guckert and PajamasMedia hooks to Rathergate

Kit Bond on CSPAN2 -Senate session about NSA eavesdropping

Funny--CSpan WJ had an emergency evacuation yesterday am too

Something is happening and it is good

Arlen Specter needs to hear from us on the subject of spying

Only nine more months until we turn their power grab against them!!

Bush speaking on msnbc--about foiled plot on West Coast

Mayor Nagin courts foreign aid

Has anybody heard a rumor of a rebellion at a US Base in Iraq?

For What It's Worth

Slither Sessions on the Senate floor now... NSA could have stopped 911

Senior Administration Official Resigns (Claude Allen)

Secret Court's Judges Were Warned About NSA Spy Data

Question about national health care, abortion

Pickles Visits with Pope Ratz.....

msnbc said WH aides said speech would give details about West

Dem spokesperson on Rep. Heather Wilson: "She talks a good game, but..."

C&L has video of Tweety's SMACKDOWN on Torie Clarke re: Iraq

Coretta Scott King's Wikipedia Page Graffitied

I need a list of stupid shit that Ann Coulter's said.

Another Reason to Love Canada, No Abortion Laws!

Entwistle arrested on murder charges.

Diebold may attempt to "hide the body" in restructuring plans...Bradblog

Wow! Great tool from ! Automated LTTE Form!

Arianna Huffington: Dems Have (Yet Another) Identity Crisis...

Bush wants an Iraqi court to prosecute an American citizen

A very small rant.

This photo begs a caption...

Bumper stickers I saw this morning.

a Minuteman is on cpan--lots of hatred and degrading of people in

Evangelical ministers meet , convert millions and hasten the Second Coming

This is an interesting development - from Rawstory

Rise of a Dictator among the ashes of Democracy-

Headline: Hastert, Frist said to rig bill for drug firms

Have an opinion? Share it with JABBS

Three More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq HOW MANY MORE GEORGIE?

Quid pro quo...or how China gets Taiwan? What do YOU think?

Damnit, I hate FauxNews!

Funny Image of the day. :) Enjoy

Is Anyone Else Here Afraid of the Medical Profession?

since when is anger a negative?

Why isn't there any coverage of DeLay's new appointments? Dam,

What was left out in the Gonzo hearing on illegal wiretapping

Framing the Debate buzzwords and phrases

Rawstory: "Abramoff has photos of himself w/Bush on display in home " appears to be down ..... what's with that?

DU'ers Prejudice Against Disabled Unmasked (Let's Learn A Lesson)

9/11 or cartoons you make the call

Democratic Response to Bush's LA Comments re: 2002 Plot Foiled

Why I believe a Revolution ot even Reforms in America will never happen

ACTION Stop Karl Rove's Wiretap Coverup >>>>

Military papers report about the debate about permanent bases in Iraq

Here's George yesterday morning - looks like he cried himself to sleep -->

Did Coretta Scott King talk about politics at any funerals?

EXCLUSIVE: Abramoff Photos of Bush, First Lady ‘Just Sitting In His Office

LOL Ozzie Guillen chooses vacation over White House ceremony. . .

Israel 'May Rue Saddam Overthrow'

Anybody else listening to Sen. Durbin talking on C-Span2?

What does this guy have to do to get impeached?

Watching *'s speech on tv now


*sigh* You only need to know one thing

Just watched the Grammy's on fast forward...was Springteen the only...

An Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan: Run!

Why the global rage hasn't engulfed Canada

Ex-FEMA chief: I may tell all about Katrina

Head of Ohio Restoration Project compares Non-Theocratic Christians to...

TSA Chief Suspends Traveler Registry Plans ($200 million tool for spying)

Do as I say not as I do

So, is it true Bush did NOT tie wiretapping to claim of 2002 foiled plot?

Guess what Americans. You no longer enjoy protection from

Child's cells retain protective effect on Mother for decades

DU'ers Expressing Uniformed Opinions About The Disabled Are A Lessson

Captions Please! ---pix->>>

Is PNAC overcompensating? Does PNAC need Viagra?

To those who think our side was wrong at CSK's funeral:

There Could Not Have Been a Terror Threat in LA

bush says we're winning in Iraq; Reality says WRONG AGAIN, lying idiot!

a taxpayer's response to SOTU Oil addiction reprimand

The Far Right's Secret Weapon - Concept of the Nuclear Family

say you needed a new primary care physician

Doesn’t the Discoveries in New Guinea Knock You Out..

GUESSING GAME! Guess TWO NATIONS in the Top 15 at-risk for FAILED STATE

Steph Miller just said "Brownie" is blackmailing Bush

DIRTY: Bush's thwarted attack on LA. Playing politics with terrorism.

My Partner's 2-Point Plan for the Democratic Party

Which flag is more appropriate: Stars & Stripes or Nazi flag?

Soldier Forced To Pay For Body Armor To Be Repaid

Bush trying to backdoor privatizing Social Security

From the way back machine:Infiltration of files seen as extensive

Even here the talk is escalating

Soooooo, just what will be taught in all of these AP science classes

PRAISE JESUS. Bush has saved us from Maxwell Smart...

DU this-Is the GOP strategy of casting Democrats as "angry" effective?

NY Times: Bushes and the Clintons are growing closer

Yahoo again under fire

creepy... see Neil Entwistle's eBay Feedback profile and auctions

Anyone know if such an automatic emailer like this exists?

Video: Wowowee Bomber says Sorry for Stampede

War on St. Valentine's Day

French Activist denied entry to U.S.

Tucker Carlson interview of Lowry...

Soccer moms take over the White House! (an amusing tale)

US Congressman sees "border war" with renegade Mexican troops

Bush's new plan to help the homeless...

Last night I heard that Senate staffers....

Cheney implicated? No prob! Just tell us how you've foiled a terror plot!

I don't like my W2 information available on a website - Useless paranoia?

"WTO Biotech Ruling Reveals Special Interests, Say Critics"


Now Cindy isn't running, is it too late for soneone else to step up?

Libby rolls on Cheney - Senate Repugs present Bill to change the law!

How long before we start getting warnings about terrorist nukes?

Family, divorce, and evangelicals.

If you missed it, Turn on The Daily Show replay NOW

The "Ole Family Ranch" in Crawford is a just a SET? - "Rancho Boguso"

Did Barbie become even more cachectic?

DU's unabashed admiration for Satan is really disconcerting!

ChiTrib Editor to Tucker Carlson - Backbone Flimsy as Bow Tie

How Anyone can believe this Scammy, Shammy Bullshit is beyond me.

French critic of Monsanto denied entry into US

Oliphant and Franken ripping Cheney and Bush apart.

Snotty Scotty BBQ Bingo! Brand-new bingo card!

What is up with Larry King and the "Witnessing" lately?

You are so Republican if.....

Why Bush Is Toast (A Proof By Contradiction)

Study Finds Low-Fat Diet Won't Stop Cancer or Heart Disease

How Howard Dean's deficit might stack up to the bush budget

Have you seen the video of 2/4/06 protest from National Mall to Whitehouse

CounterPunch: 200 Insiders Against the World

HuffPo: Bush Renames West Coast's Tallest Building - Liberty Tower?

How to win: Tell the truth about the Republicans

Pres. Bush is lying about the planned terror attack in LA...

Randi Rhodes says * said terror,

Moveon Take Action on AOL!!!!! Stop AOL's Email Scheme!

Naive question: how reliable are Murray Waas & Nat'l Journal?

DU intermittently wonkey for anybody else?


New Zogby Poll: 52% of Americans Support Impeaching Bush for Wiretapping

It's About The Oil

Well I'll be...! The US "msm" does it right for once! "ALLEGED"

Watching Scottie Spin

How bad is Bush? (new approach) -- "Personal Fundraising Central"

Somali-born Dutch MP (van Gogh film subject) defends Muhammad toons

Bush LIE. Claims to support free press, but US press ranks 44th in world

Chimpy unveils a bust at Nat'l Guard HQ? Someone pinch me.

BU$Hitler says 2002 LA terra plot thwarted...

Learning To Play The Game: The Foiled LA Plot

Hey Bushie, 'fess up - someone in college put you up to this, right?

Freep caller tells Randi "she's just like leftie Rush, only not as

Did anyone get and post video of the Band of Brothers on cspan Weds?

It is not enough to "criticize" the President's policies

cspan1 - Band of Brothers speaking for about 1 hour starting now.

Hewitt says Dan Rather had Axe to Grind and should've been Fired

Just think how much MORE power * would have if Iraq had gone "smoothly".

Anyone read the post in Latest Breaking News re: Reid & Abramoff? nt

CNN blatantly exploiting 9/11 imagery.

Former Feinstein staffer edited Wikipedia entries

"Liberty Tower", Library does not matter...

Go to CSPAN Now!!! Dem Veteran Candidates...

Thanks cnn, Why bother reporting on cheney leaking...

Do they have Internet access in Iran?

IDIOTIC freeper woman on CSPAN.

More Than 1 Million Iraqi Shiites March


BREAKING NEWS: Terror suspect on the loose in the US with WMD

As so many Americans like the US gov spying on them...i have an IDEA!

Randi has a live one!

This is a political marketing corporation

RW boycotting Austin Chronicle over photo of Bible between woman's legs

What Would Jesus Drive??

They didn't use this info politically for the 2004 Election? Bullshit.

Ugh. Reading "State of Fear" is like being raped.

Nora Ephron's hilarious riff on Tweety's man-crushes.

EVERYONE is fucking crazy. EVERYONE.

Breaking A photo has been found and it shows bush getting a check

Are they death camps?

No Gays allowed in kissing contest in Madison, WI

L.A. Mayor Blindsided by Bush Announcement

Feinstein: "I've never seen anything..the second wave was bonafide or not"

Should we bomb Alabama?

Tribe money wasn't dirty UNTIL Abramoff BRIBED his pet Repubs with it.

Osama has more videos than U2

Keith Olberman would LOVE this thread - please email him so that

House Rs are in a party retreat today???

No Bounce For Bush

Do NOT be afraid!

The Mayor of LA cries foul

As long as they're spying on us, they might as well take my phone msgs.

i need educated: TEXAS politics. education especially

Fellow DUers....Presenting Ms Randi Rhodes.....

Devil in the details:Plot foiled by whom?

Guess who the Repubs put on the Appropriations Committee?

Aren't the Alabama church burnings = terrorism on U.S. soil?

Never use someone's death for politcal purposes

Chris Mathhews on Hardball - Talking about Libby/Cheney

Easy democratic message.. "Republicans are WRONG for america"

Quaker group warns that bush's new budget undermines basic values

Take a look at our signs in Houston "Save America Without DeLay"

Scooter says Cheney authorized him! grand jury testimony

From Daily Kos "To The Republicans It's Your Funeral"

just heard on AAR 48% of our nations idiots

Some freep mail - Ted Kennedy didn't speak at CSK funeral, did he?

Please tell me what the term 'racist' means?

WTF! DU Is Slow And '' Cookies on DU Latest Page

Oh sht! Harry and Abe...

FINALLY -- Some relief for the abused pets in Waveland, MS shelter!

Cafferty just doesn't hide his disdain for Leslie anymore

DU just got very slow

Courageous student stays seated for pledge. Super patriots go nuts. should be funded by the Bush /Cheney families

Conflating The Media With A Gallery Displaying "Piss Christ"?

Anderson Coopers Blog. "I have a suggestion"

Who in the world is Jane Hamsher?

They're back at it again...

Al Gore's daughter coming up on Hardball

If Cheney Authorized Leaking (the media doesnt give a fuck)

another supreme court nominee?

any brave soul been over to the freepers

lou Snobbs talks of Reid/Abramoff connection, fails to...

Muhammad cartoon debacle: It's got black op written all over it.

Special Offer on "How Democrats & Progressives Can Win" DVD

Mayor of LA: WTF?

Who here is looking forward to Michael Moore's new film?

Senate hearings can be soooooo TEDIOUS,,

2265 Reasons why the DSM is Important

We must be careful as to which music we choose to dance

What do you think of Wiki?



When you foil a terror attack, do you:

You're never going to believe this but I just foiled a Terrorist Plot...

Is Bush getting desperate? now has to invent a 9/11 scenerio in LA

The cops arrested some protestors in my city last week.

Update 20 Bush: U.S. Surveillance Helped Stop Attack This

I single-handedly stopped a mad terrorist bomber from blowing up LA!

Jon Stewart/ TDS: Alberto and the NSA Hearing

Pls point me to thread--Cheney Spearheaded Effort to Discredit Wilson

Did I just hear that Tom Delay has been appointed to head

Gosh..I wish DU had a second Politics Forum. So much is lost with just

WH may a terrible mistake not informing LA mayor of details of plot.

If the right winger reps really wanted to show reform.....

BushCo: "this information allows us to get the dots"

Shoe bombs design and manufacturing

Twice today I've tried to steer discussions into the realm of peace

Poll about Los Angeles

(Trivia) Q : Who was behind the 9/11 attacks ?

Comey Asked By Specter To Testify Before Judiciary Committee

A Constitutional Amendment restore democracy:Paper ballots and Hand counts

Fox edited out applause following Lowery's remarks at King funeral...

What happens to us if the detention camps are real?

Bush administration releases photo of LA shoe bomber!

RW racists' effect on the nation

Ahoy DU ... Libby rolled on Superiors Operation X is a Go! Pix

US evangelicals launch green plan (BBC)

Question: Why are Castro apologists allowed to spam DU?

Aren't the cartoon protesters now demanding establishment of religion?

MSNBC Has It !!! - Libby\Cheney

CourtTV has the trial of the Dem activist who slashed tires.

anybody out there , help

Immigrants, Slave Economy & Low Wages linked in South's Traditions

Arianna Huffington: "Mother of All Wedge Issues"

Cindy Sheehan will not run for Senate

"Willie Nelson Introduces Alternative Fuel"

Amazing! CBS eve news covering Libby ratting Cheney out

7PM ET: CNN Covers Abramoff Emails

Ok, finally, the MSM is catching on to the Libby/Cheney implication...

Need opinions: Anyone e-file their taxes without a tax pro.. and if so..

Mary Matalin: Civil rights leaders 'nothing more than racists'

Everytime they say justice or law pay attention...

How Dems should respond to Bush's LA Comments re: 2002 Plot Foiled

email from Cindy Sheehan==any techie wizards out there?

Something is going on behind the scenes with this spy stuff.

Limbaugh likes analogy that Obama "is the Donovan McNabb of the Senate"

AWOL's "Service" Commemorated in Bronze ---pix->>>


Nazis call Minutemen "sellouts" - Hmm, Reichstag fire, anyone?

I call upon the House to begin hearings to impeach Dick Cheney

NEW spy cartoon... from David Ippolito.

I would turn into a Bushbot if they came for me {detention camps}

Has Randi Mentioned The Cheney\Libby Waas Article Today ???

An important question about Bob Woodward's frogmarch.

Must admit; bush is VERY GOOD at this...

Lou Dobbs just reported the FAA wants to outsource Airline security..

Yeah, that's the ticket! Yeah, that's what happened....

Bush To Claim Foiled Terror Plot! LIST YOUR FOILED PLOTS HERE!

2,264 US soldiers dead in Iraq. US troop death toll surpasses War of 1812

Tentative Deal Is Reached on Patriot Act

Smearing Harry Reid

BREAKING: Cindy Sheehan is not running

2/9 NEW TOON - bush budget sets sail

From Britain - Iran: the next war

Randi is quoting Capitol Hill Blue on Abramoff

'Now Joining the Bird Flu Summit...'

Transcript of Dean's GMA interview

" Bush is TOO liberal for me"

Freeps attacking Helen Thomas

The GOP's Five point agenda for America

I don't believe this! AP-Ipsos poll: 50% support spying?!!!$#@$%^

Danish Cartoonist Editor is a big Neocon !!

Osama tapes and random foiled terror plot details have replaced

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Endorses John Bonifaz for Massachusetts Sec. State

Is challenging a democrat in the primary working against the party?

WTF is this bullshit? Brown will inform unless he's paid off?

One more way this shoebomb story smells

Can states demand proof of US citizenship before

Notice in Bush's discussion of "foiled" 2002 shoe-bomb plot, no mention...

Have any DU'ers made $$$$$$$$$'s off "Mad Money Cramer?"

What would you do - a neighbor is arrested by Homeland Security?

First they wiretapped and came for the Muslims....

Do we do a media blast? * SPIED AS OF JAN 2001!

New American storm-troopers.

Selective Service and my son

"Creepy tales from eastern Maryland" mentioned on Rachel Maddow's show

L.A. Mayor Blindsided by Bush Announcement

DR. Rice: "With press freedom comes a certain responsibility!"

If you are a homeowner, have you visited zillow, yet?

Angry Soccer Mom

Would you believe that some horse's patoot actually is marketing this?

Re: Appointments for Brownie & Delay...

AFA sending offensive video to their subscriber list!(NBC Las Vegas)

WTF? On softball: george bush is the Most Important Person in the World???

sexually ignorant, misogynist Kan. Att. Gen.Phill Kline opened his

Support the troops who resist! Let the resisters stay in Canada.

"Sen. Clinton Urges Democrats to Speak Up"

DeLay To Oversee Justice Dept., the U.S. is 100% CORRUPT

"The Democrats Tiny Megaphone".........Robert Parry asks "Why?"

AP tries to link Reid (D-NV) to Abramoff, Josh Marshall crushes the piece

Suggestions on readings for my students

2004 Election stolen , is anyone able to add something to this debate?

MY HEAD IS EXPLODING - Corporate Media A-HOLES!!!!

A clever reporter just asked Scottie a wonderful question:

I've always loved this..."A Day IN THE LIFE of JOE REPUBLICAN"

Okay! Who's Responsible for Bush Making a Fool of Himself /LA Bomb?

GM v Honda

I Find The Reid/Abramoff Thing Discouraging.

Critical point being missed in Cheney/Libby/Plame story today?

Photo Array : Bush Voters (** Dial up Warning **)

Scotty/Chimp busted on "shoe bomb" bullshit...Scotty just snickers

"Geothermal pump gives free heat "

Grover Norquist Drowns in Bathtub

Isn't religion and sprituality supposed to be a POSITIVE thing?

Eulogy for the Martyred Children - DR. MLK speech- I think y'all will like

Another reason some of us have problems with cops

Air America's premium memberships?!!

An American Indian's View of the Cartoons

strongest central Democrtatic campaign theme for 2006

More Cheney dirt on the Plame leak from TruthOut...

"...We haven't been attacked in 4 1/2 years..."

"Chavez Calls Blair 'Pawn of Imperialism'"

Don't Invite Me To Your Funeral!

We are being manipulated.


Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

Want to avoid identity theft? Here's an Attorney's Advice -- No Charge!

People that glorify war or accept war are sick human beings...

Iranian offer of a two-year moratorium on uranium enrichment

Cheney 'Authorized' Libby to Leak Classified Information

Kerry calling out the Media on Schultz

National Review's O'Beirne On The Wrong Side Of Free Speech Debate

The heritage behind America's irrational militarism and imperialism

I _was all excited about the proposed Clean Election (public funding) bill

Who is Kate O'Connor, turncoat from Dean's Pres. campaign?

Has GD gotten weirder in the last couple of months?

Patriot Project launched to defend vets being attacked for speaking out

Charlie Rose (New): U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Republican Congressman Getting Serious About Domestic Spying

I've been away...can someone give me some good news ??

BushCo For Dummies.....

Does anyone know if it was usual for Reno to be sworn in?

Flash: It Wasn't A Nerve Agent In the Senate Office Building......

DLC advocates and supporters @ DU invoke Joe McCarthy to combat criticism.

Why didn't Patrick Leahy and the rest of the dems....

Boy those repukes punished Delay with seats on Appropriation & Justice

Military gets its orders: Limit access to students

When Clinton reduced the amount spent on Defense . . .


Photos: Madame Moodswing disembarks from her plane in Rome

Republicans Are Revolting (in more ways than one)

Tweety...has he ever bitch-slapped a male Republican ?

I am looking for an article that appeared a few days ago

FEMA's Brown seeks White House approval to lie, mislead and...

Spellings on cspan--"US competitiveness"-and education budget.

"If you are wrong on taxes and the economy, being a Vet -

The epitome of Bush's idiocy and ignorance

Democrats are "Angry" - Republicans are "Comatose"

The new and improved Republican Party

For all the nutjobs saying spying is ok with them

Some Republicans not buying spying

It's encouraging that Repukes want Bush to follow the law--I think?

C'mon Repubs ! Don't question your leader !

So now that we all know for sure * is trying for World War III

We should call Bush's "domestic surveillence what it is...

Why did the press report the SBV were unaffiliated with the WH?

DeLay denies Abramoff, turns to "Limbaugh" conservatives for money

CSM: US plans massive data sweep

Social Security private accounts hidden in Bush budget

Shouldn't we be calling the GOP the "Bush Party"

World Can't Wait--any comments or input?

The Repugs will be pushing every fundie Hot Button for 06 elections

Does anyone know if Scoty is going...

this a.m. I watched Dem. Steny Hoyer make fun of the democrats

Gonzalez Wiretapping Transcript

Third Way's Middle Class project says opportunity no longer appeals to us.

this country

Time to play Human Rights Jeopardy!! - Thursday's cartoon

What is the Name of the Subcommittee Delay Got On?

If it's Thursday, time for Bush/CNN to regurgitate terror plot list:

Here is how Dems can start winning on Wiretap issue - very easy...

MSNBC calls "Foiled L.A. Plot" a "Spying Success." Fire BAD, Spying GOOD.

Last night's Capital Evacuation - my concern is: office info left exposed

Let Condoleezza Rice and Bush and all the TYRANTS shut up!.

The Democratic Denial Of Reality

What I was talking about - American opinions on Wiretaps going up

Bush's 'principal domestic policy advisor' resigns suddenly

An all out Sunni-Shia war brewing in the Islamic world?

Lieberman has a problem

This Wraps It Up Quite Nicely!......23 Administration Officials Involved

Make use of the postal service

This never fails to rile me: Bushco and the Have Cake, Eat It Too Syndrome

Paul Hackett speaks in Columbus

Navy Reserve Adds Competing Memorial Statue

Olympic Sliming - who, when, how fast?

mAnn Coulter coming to IU bloomington

Randi Rhodes says * said Terror-terrorist-terrorism-97 times

Farm Aid, George W. Bush Style (new tax, plus two support programs cut)

US, not China, stands at strategic crossroads

C&L has The Daily Show's NSA Hearing / Gonzales vid clip...KILLER stuff.

"There isn't even a Wizard Behind the Curtain" - Senator Kerry

Jack and George Buddies? Wolf...CNN...Next up

So if Bush's story was true, then the plot to knock down the

Pledge of Allegience fiasco....Please DU this poll......

Faux is starting to believe its own garbage

How many of the "Band of Brothers" are running for the first time

Would a "conservative" really rather be spied upon then get a blowjob?

Wolf Blitzer yesterday

GOP wants to "bloody" Hillary "in anticipation of 2008 presidential run"

The Answer to Reid Allegatons

Randi is cracking me up

New framing idea for Plamegate ties-in to Mission: Impossible III

Bush signs new law: it's now federal crime to annoy someone via internet

Pew Poll: "None of Usual SOTU Bounce for Bush"

What McClellan really meant about scrub and jackie boy

One day at a time

There is hope for Idaho because of this...

Repub-controlled Congress and White House...Soc. Sec. failure? Dems' fault

Rotten in Denmark : Flemming Rose and the clash of civilizations

Tin Foil Hat Time, Russell Building

It's obvious Reid and Abramoff are in cohoots. A=B, B=C, A=C

fiduciary malfeasance buddies Joe Allbaugh & Michael Brown

Who Loves You In D.C. (and Who Doesn't)

International Commission Delivers Verdicts on Bush Administration

why does Chris Mathews have a show?

AP Photo: "Tommy, you're doin' a HECK of a job investigatin' Abramoff"

Fox Transcript: Cavuto interviews Oxycontin Pigboy Rush

Dems on Delay's Subcommittee Should Boycott the Committee

Gen Wesley Clark will be on Steph Miller show..

Gitmo officials use "restraint chairs," feeding tubes on hunger strikers

Dean is in Vermont Radio at 7:00 PM...Switchboard.

Domestic Spying apparatus moved from FEMA to ICE

Senate Republicans Reach Patriot Act Deal

Only on Fox: Cable channel aired photos of aliens attacking Library Tower

So, will Congress ever depose *'s Secret Service team?

Republicans love Bush because...

Aww Gee, thanks Raw Story..Did you really say not to give to the DNC?

Anybody donate to the DNC?

60 Minutes Covering $8.8 Billion Unaccounted For Iraq

What Radical Muslims don't get...

KARL ROVE threatening Senators who speak against Bush at NSA hearings.

Huff Po: The "surly" sit-down strike by Laura Bush at the King funeral

ACLU: Top Ten Myths About the Illegal NSA Spying on Americans

AWOL Memorial Bust ---pix->>>

Is there such a things as a 'decent' Republican? Country before party

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Endorses John Bonifaz for Mass. Secretary of State

Speak Truth to Power

FYI: Elliot Spitzer is going to be President of the United States

Catch the terrific John Kerry interview on Big Eddie. n/t

52 Veterans running for Congress- all are Democrats!

Top 10 Reason Why Bill Scranton Dropped Out Of PA Gov Race

LA airliner strike -Simple truths expose the lie....

Babs could not make funeral.. she was at a Rental Convention. (graphic :)

Band of Sisters! 3 Progressive women vets running that need some $$

Field Notes from Bush Country: The Closing of the Bushite Mind

Sweden Plans to Be World's First Oil-Free Economy

Kerry, Salazar Announce the “Duke Cunningham Act”

Why Dems Don't Win

Third Way's new website, their new projects. We need to be aware.

Protesters arrive early for Bush in NH - Bush gets dissed by Repubs!

(VT) Lawmakers oppose federal eavesdropping program

10 Progressive Caucus will become Committee Chairs if Dems take the House