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Archives: February 8, 2006

Investor's Business Daily: Leaky Leahy

George Bush: Master Spy

The View from Abroad

Backing Off of Hate

Global Nuclear Energy Partnership: Setting back the clock

Marx Goes to Church

An American tragedy—the plight of the US war wounded

The US Has Become a Rogue Nation- Paul Craig Roberts

NYT: Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities

Yet Another Bush Lie

Bush squirms as policies denounced at King funeral

Energy: doing more with less

Corn Power Put to the Test

USDA 2004 study concludes ethanol yields 67% more energy than is consumed


Olmert: We must separate from Palestinians, draw final borders

Rethinking Zionism

Join DFA in demanding real voting reform

PETITION: CA State Senator Bowen: "Tell Secretary McPherson to come clean"

HAVA funding to Leon County, Fl eliminated as resprisal for allowing Diebo

Steve Chabot is trying to trick African Americans into thinking the GOP

LISTEN LIVE to CA State Senator Bowen's Hearing Tomorrow! (Room # changed)

Westmoreland County PA -- HAVA lawsuit has day in Commonwealth Court

AP -- Diebold Considers Dropping E-Voting Unit

Diebold Reserves Right to "Manipulate the Data" Before Releasing it!

Awfully quiet for a site that is devoted to MA considering events of last

Booting up to different drives, I can't seem to make it work

I have to praise an Emeril recipe

any Italians here with a recipe for "Sunday gravy"?

I'm in the weight loss group *and* the cooking group. Does this mean...

Seasoning cast iron pans

Harpers tenure as PM is already proving to be interesting

Who Would Ever Have Guessed

The bloody arrogance of John Reynolds

Den Mother

Provinces reneging on health vows: report

Cartoon Crisis: Iran Renames Danish Pastries

Pension Program Savings May Be Optimistic

Lawmakers Fear Lack of Progress on Iraq

PBS,Frontline special."tracking sex slaves" EST only...9PM

Senators to probe Abu Ghraib testimony

Thousands of Katrina Victims Evicted

Hallibuton subsidiary KBR given contract for US detention camps

Pole appeals to EU court after abortion is denied

US Legislators Press Rice on UN Vote Against Gays

NYT: Republican Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry

Wayne Gretzky's wife named in sports gambling case

U.S. to cancel all debt owed by Afghanistan

Lawyers: Many (more than half) Gitmo Detainees Not Accused

Scientists Find 'Lost World' in Indonesia

First Selectman Of Westbrook Arrested

EU: Europe's Biotech-Seed Rules Ruled Illegal by WTO, U.S. Says

More Alabama Churches set on fire

NBC: U.S. citizen accused of aiding al-Zarqawi

Tax break on religious texts struck down

WP: Expectant Princess Has Japan Hoping for Fairy Tale Ending

Bush Plan Would Trim Survivor Benefits

Costa Rica election another blow to US trade pact

Conservatives Say Cut AARP's Federal Funds

Proposed rule on air masks in coal mines killed in 2001, resurrected today

Navy to increase numbers inside Iraq

86 Evangelical Leaders Join to Fight Global Warming

Minnesota lawmaker cuts short Iraq trip, military says (Rep. John Lesch)

Boxer urges Sheehan to not challenge Feinstein

West Begining to See Wide Islamic Protests as Sign of Deep Gulf

WP: Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran

State Department sees exodus of weapons experts

(John) Bolton, Timmerman Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Anti-U.S. protest blocks hotel over Cuban eviction

NYT: A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA

NYT: Republican Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry

Sessions' aide revealed on sexy Internet diary

First-Grader Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Entire New York Press Editorial staff resigns

NYT: Low-Fat Diet Does Not Cut Health Risks, Study Finds

Has BYU prof found AIDS cure?

CIA ousts al-Qa'eda hunter 'for lack of aggression'

BREAKING, FOXY NEWS: Forrest Caught Driving With Salma in Lap

Does anyone here know where I can find the shirt Cindy Sheehan wears

You know, the DLC has a point.

Warning Gheneys lips are moving on the Nightly News

Boston Legal -- new episode tonight

I AM the GOD of BOSCONIAN!!!!!

"May I speak to the home owner please"

Photo Caption Contest Time



I've got a little change in my pocket

My dog just picked up the phone and ordered a pizza

Go Seahawks! 2006 they take it all

My article for the high school paper- READ IT OR BE LAME

I hate Duke

Has anybody seen the new Pink Video for "Stupid girls"?

A good reason a dog shouldn't ride in the back seat (pic)

More poetry by me!

I just bought a strap-on orangutan juicer - did I get conned?

Rampaging Muslims attack pastry chef for making cheese danish

I just had a seizure on the plane and ordered 56 vodka rocks

What are the long term effects of the Air America musak on the brain?

No questions

Dog calls 911 after owner has seizure.

I had a dream last night. I want to share it with you all.

Choose my dinner

Should we infiltrate Tom Cruise?

Washington Nationals...what will happen

Just watched Black Sunday...

I've got a some type of a infection in my lungs and it sucks ass


Why do they call it "Shredded Wheat?"

"Is that hot cocoa?" "Yes." "With marshmallows?" "Yep, with marshmallows."

I just got home. Will someone please pour me a drink.

Dial-up warning: hi-rez (1600x1200) horse wallpaper pic

Man I am in a pissed off mood

Stop it!

I am bored.

What rhymes with Orange?

I just had a seizure on the phone and ordered 56 pizzas

Evolution-> humans -> God (for the lack of a better term)

Three words for this evening: Go North Carolina!

Love Ewe

Want to have some retro fun?

Truth or Dare?

anyone need a Hookah?

I met the most remarkable man today...

OK, Loungers....Post some personal things you know about me:

C.G. Religion poll. Religious, Atheist, Agnostic.

How many PM's do you get in a day?

YAY!!! House, MD is back on tonight!

Mick Jagger at 62: Sexy, silly or spastic?



Steelers QB Admit He didnt Score TD

I need a few hugs today

It's Time For......"Signs That You May Be Addicted to DU/The Lounge"!!

Meet the Newest DU Kitten!

What music have you listened to today?

Weird Train Story...About a sleazy 9 year old...No jokes

yer damn SKIPPY!!!

I just passed 9,000 posts! Woohoo!!!!

The "What's Robb's New Web-bidness Selling?" Contest!

Shaun of the Dead is on.

Tell your favorite bit of "Lounge Lore" here

Here's my home, Snohomish...where's yours?

Best song where a band sings about itself?

Best Invention Ever: Elevated Seat!

Love Monkey.....

Post a pic of you with something cool in the background...

Has anybody seen the film "Munich" yet?

I just had a seizure on the phone and ordered 56 call girls

For your earworm

Can anyone help with these iPod nano questions?

Okay - Just rented "Man on the Moon". What a horrid little creep.

Low-Fat Diets Disappoint for Cancer and Heart Disease (women ages 50 to 79

Scientists use Net game to forecast epidemics

Supporters, Opponents Pack NH Committee On Anti-Gay Amendment

NBC Abandons Plan to Attack Christians With Spears

Is anyone watching Crumbs?

Gay survey returns surprising results

Gay propaganda conspiracies

Senate To Vote On Homosexual Marriage Ban In Early March

Outing Cardinal Egan

Gay Bar Gunman's Fatal Wound Self Inflicted Police Now Say

Anti-Gay Muslim Cleric Jailed For Encouraging Murder

BREAKING: Rick Tocchet faces gambling ring charges...

ACC announces agreement to call a foul on Duke this week

I understand now why I was finding GD and GDP readable these last few days

A little more of Democratic infighting

this challenge got me thinking...

Question re RAW...

Another help me pick my pic poll!

Done and done.

KOEB Meeting -- 2/7/06

Big Bird One of the Budget Cuts.......Again

Civil rights is more important than impressing media "King Daughter Sullies Father's Legacy"

C-Span will rerun the funeral at 8 PM

We should find anti-muslim cartoons after 9/11 from freeps.

Scientists Find 'Lost World' in Indonesia

Amen! Atrios Said It All! (criticism of funeral)

Does anyone have a transcript of Rev. Joe Lowery's speech/poem?

Links for Video on Clinton, Lowery, Carter and *

Please DU this poll, thanks!

Call Judiciary Committee Senators Now - LEAVE MESSAGES

Is there a link for Lowery video at King's funeral?

Please support this woman! Help win back the House!

US senators to probe discrepancies in General Millers Abu Ghraib testimony

We Should Support Jack Carter For Senate

Tweety, McCain bashing OBama....surprised?

Don't ask me why I'm watching dr. phil. But since I am...

Technorati - a site mentioned on CNN that monitors Blog traffic. FYI

Do your kids have TV's in their rooms? Do you watch TV in Bed?

Dupe Please delete

dupe -- please delete

worst post ever:

Kos:Republicans desecrate Coretta Scott King's funeral

Socialism, NO WAY! Next time you wanna go somewhere, Build your own road!

Italians plan PROTEST "First Lady of War" visit to Winter Olympics

So where can I get Info on # of daily visitors to DU?

Who is Rev. Lowery?? (swiftboating of Lowery and funeral)

Feingold's Prepared Floor Statement on Warrantless Wiretapping

From Massachusetts with Love

coming up in a min. Tweety talk of funeral--he disses Carter et all

What Wiretapping & Griswold have in common

"W = M+M=Midland and Methodist; therefore W=laborer, working class"

Question About C-span Re-run of Funeral

ACLU: VA nurse investigated for critical letter (sedition)

What's your opinion on this eminent domain case involving a ditch

Were Bush and Pickles forced to sit in the sinner's bench today?

What's a guy gotta do to get impeached?

Is This a Reasonable Action Regarding a Job.....

Trust the Professionals? The Bush administration's credibility problem

May I present the President of the United States:

I think we got a freep on board

Iran daily holds contest for Holocaust cartoons

Keith Olberman will be talking of Roves black list and funeral.

Are there any video clips of Clinton's and Carter's speeches? nt

WTF is it with * and heads??? Pic from today's funeral >>>>

Transcripts From The Funeral?

Shocking! Talking civil rights at the funeral of a civil rights leader?!

"Can Couric become new generation's Cronkite?"

VIDEO- KO on the Coretta Scott King funeral

All in all, it was a good day

Should "Douchebag of Liberty" be an annual award?

King funeral...something I just noticed..

Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter would be better Presidents now. I miss them

Whose idea was it to have a private company hold election results?

If Little Lord Pissypants is going to pander at funerals he better....

The RePUKE scumbags have been reduced to defending wiretapping. LOL

Black History Month: Has it run its course? (from MSNBC)

Okay DU Psychologists, What Meds Will The Chimp Need After His Bad Day?

did advisors REALLY have to tell W it was important for him to attend


funeral wasn't even over and hannity with kemp was already dissing

2260 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Crashcart's on the Newshour >

Homeland Security

For those of you interested - here's Executive Order 12333...

What's George thinking?

Pretty white girl missing alert! - media rant

And DU'ers Objected To Exposing GOP's Phoney Outrage At Mrs. Alito's Tears

Could Dr. King's Eulogy have been considered "political?" Ya' think?

For those who missed the speakers today,Kennedy and Conyers

Lowerey is up again on the funeral on Cspan

Hammity - android or human?

Men who stare at goats. Roflmao!!

This may be your lucky day

MSNBC: Puppies Under Siege

If anyone needs Botox, it's George W. Bush

Did a wingnut ever send you a virus?

Scary prediction - "Beware the Iran of March- a must read-

John Bolton Insinuates That Iran Has Nuclear Weapons Program

55% of Americans think Iran ALREADY HAS nukes. 55% Americans braindead.

Have you ever noticed that inflation does not exist,

Kate Obeirne just STFU will you pulllllleeeeeeeeezeeee!!!!!!! Is

Think Dept. of Homeland Sec. tracks our Internet listening habits?

in the spirit of King, Parks and the feeling like its the 60's again...We

By pure coincidence

The proposed education budget is a scam

I want everyone reading this to swear to me...

VIDEO- Rove the Bully- Enemies List on Countdown

DNC: Bush's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Laura Bush*t doesnt like what she is hearing

The funeral was political by the very fact that politicians were there

Ok... I'm Gonna Say It This About The Funeral

Venezuela: US tries to dominate nuclear fuel production

Fidel Castro Honors Victims of Terrorism

The NSA's relationship with Reuters & AP

So did I actually SEE this on ABC re: King funeral coverage...

So I hit a post about a store clerk buying an apple....

A picture speaks a thousand words >>>

Even in death Coretta Scott King was Victorious

Exxon against America pursuing independent energy.

My take on Repube whining about how we say goodbye to our leaders

Program about Sex Slave Traffiking on Frontline now.

What was Coretta Scott King doing the day after MLK was killed?

Boston Legal's back. Happy B'day James Spader!

Afghan police kill four amid rage over cartoons...

What if the CHURCH BURNINGS are spontaneous combustion?

What's it gonna take to force GE to divest media holdings?

Why does the president's brother Marvin have such a low profile?

A universe where Gore is President and Elvis is still alive

Who will be the next Martin Luther King?

I'm watching Hillary speak at CSK's funeral

Jimmy Carter for President!

Lawyers say Many Gitmo Detainees Have Not Been Accused

Can someone give me the link to the article that

Watching the funeral rerun - I think Maya Angelou (sp) outdid everyone

Ineresting Russian Perspectives on Iran War....

Watching Jimmy Carter (Coretta King funeral re-play CSPAN)

Why do people make shit up to create problems? (Kid/School related)

Man, don't go to a Baptist service if you can't bear hearing the truth

NU prof denies Holocaust -- look at the name ... sound familiar?

Watching the rerun of the King funeral, I am very impressed with

Here's the solution to the Iran "problem"

How many Time reporters knew they were deceiving readers

What does the King family think about the funeral turning "political?"

PBS,Frontline special."tracking sex slaves" EST only...9PM

Respected leaders are using every public forum they can to diss Bush

Scary shit,we are fucked

While I disagree strongly with many political cartoons, ..

Since when is it okay for "news" people to openly editorialize?

What do they expect?

congressional protest: the empty chair

For Coretta

$100.00 Was deducted from my check because I was sick and didn't go to the

Stephen Colbert gives a tip of the hat to the American worker.

So, pResident Asshole

The DU What Words Did I Take Out of This Bush Quote Game

Carter was Governor of GA.

I don't know exactly where this should go, but....

You gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.

Analyst says Bushco has disregarded YEARS of intel on Iran's fear of

Citizens of the Colbert Nation, check in...

Steelers QB Admit He didnt Score TD

Wow! boston Legal just attacked warrantless wiretaps!

Is it Al-Qaida, or Al-Qaeda?

I read earlier that Carter didn't acknowledge * at the King funeral

Have you encountered "pay by touch"?

Okay, at first I thought it was inappropriate for the Rev. Lowerey

Colbert on Britney Spears.... He's a DU guy.

"Bush Gets Reamed At King Funeral..."

i was in albertson's grocery store today. i was waiting to pay

Life on a Mine sweeper-Living in fear.

"Bush squirms as policies denounced at King funeral"

Danish soldiers come under attack in Iraq

OK - I just got F**ked by Randi Rhodes - I was on hold for 3 hours trying

bush Reaction Photo To Reverend Lowery's "NO WMD" Remarks! Priceless!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Round Up

In case you forgot...Jim Crow laws

Paula Zahn (CNN) upset about political comments at Loretta King's funeral page look at this!!! FUNNY STUFF

Wellstone-considered creating grassroots, left-wing alternative to the DLC

*********NEED HELP RE: Rev Lowry COMMENTS at funeral*********

PHOTO: I don't think Laura wanted to be at Corinna King's funeral.

I was serious in my earlier post but it got kinda silly...

A perspective on Bush.

Cheney: "a great many lives have been saved...with this program"

The Moral Arrogance Of The Religious Rightwing Elite

Can somebody explain economic deflation to me?

I was in line at the cafeteria this afternoon when I noticed...

So where was The Silver Douche Bag today?

Ah shit - maybe intelligent design is valid after all

Check out this Gatling gun,,,,3,000 rounds per min...mounted

Attn Marc Maron fans

For the love of God, her life WAS political

BREAKING RITA COSBY MSNBC: PUPPIES! Threat to National Security!

The Democratic Party has become the Tina Turner of politics

Carter has said it--Where does Bill Clinton stand on the wiretapping?

Very interesting comments from freepersville in 2002 about Mrs. King

Martin Luther King on what he'd like said at his own funeral:

Wall Street Journal says Bush, Abramoff woes persist

OK, I am going to say it and take the hit.

TUCKER on MSNBC being a major hypocrite

Is anyone concerned that Castro (oil) has invited President Mahmoud Ahmadi

Having ** up on stage during the funeral was extremely provocative.

OK I'm going to say it: I think America is dangerous and we should worry

WAR WITH IRAN: What Are the Implications?

Exxon: " You will always be slaves, so stop trying to be free"

Laura Ingraham is blogging from Iraq

Does Anybody Have an .mpg of Clinton's Speech Today?

FRONTLINE tonight on the trafficking of Sex Slaves in Eastern Europe

***PIX from Coretta's arrival at Ebenezer Baptist Church*** Dialup BEWARE

bush was THERE for political reasons - and it blew up on him

Just replace the Q with an N, and away we go

My husband who usually ignores politics just made a good point

Anybody else have this song haunting them today?...

Everyone hates the media, but everyone needs it

Daily show coming on...

John Bolton and Kenneth Timmerman Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2006


Congratulations H20Man: 15,000 Posts!

Most contemptible Bush? (shocking photo warning!)

Y'all have today all wrong - Bush went today to FLAUNT HIS DISRESPECT

freeps are stretching this drizzle about a repuke sweep because

Coretta Scott King: This is what a leader looks like.

I had no idea I was being quoted on Conservative sites.

George Washington surveillence question

Ex-Reagan Official: Neocons/Bush are endangering America (part 2)

A Memo to Freepers, Republican Pundits and Other Dense Persons:

Can We Stop Iran From Being Attacked? What Can We Do??!!!!

Decision Already Made to Attack Iran- Scott Ritter

Idaho group wants all wolves in the state exterminated

Republican Who Oversees N.S.A. Calls for Wiretap Inquiry

We desperately need a reinstatement of the draft

MLK's Ten Commandments of Viet Nam (CSK Speech in April 1968 NYC)

Say Goodbye to FREE EMail

Question: If * could run for a third term, do you think he would win?

Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities

OK, THAT'S IT! I AM PISSED! Does everyone here get it or not?

OK, I'm going to get flamed - I think Iran is dangerous, we should worry.

COMPILATION: My own list of TOP JANUARY THREADS - add your own! (long)

So Where was Barbara Bush today?

Is nationalizing some industries part of the answer?

when will white folk stop telling black folk how to act?

Bryant Gumbel is a Racist. Anyone see HBO Real Sports?

Is There Even One Unadulterated Good News Item Out There?

Diebold Reserves the Right to "Manipulate the Data" Before Releasing it!

I don't care who the presidental candidate - this guy better be the VP

McCain is such a slimy opportunist

Rove on GOP senators: Our new talking point. Lapdogs of surveillance

Mass. Same Sex marriage Act

Bush budget: 90% more to Propaganda Bureau than to PBS

How would (any) National Healthcare system handle

Need an edit and input on my LTTE about Gonzales/NSA hearings Any help?

Is the Bush budget a Rovian ploy to help Republicans running in 2006?

Reno Gazette Journal Poll

* acting like fool at king funeral....

MSNBC: "Reverence tinged with politics."

Cheney on "The News Hour"

Russian Leader Expects U.S. to Attack Iran in Late March

Dick "Drunk On My Power" Cheney: "We have all the legal authority we need"

It's just like the Dems to exploit the death of Dr. King's widow . . .

Republicans Just Can't Deal With The Fact

Loving Ted Kennedy - he's earned that standing ovation at CSK's funeral

What Did Everyone Think About Boston Legal Tonight?.......

DNC: Bush's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Woo Hoo! Ned Lamont, Lieberman opponent, reaches 1,000 CT volunteers

Which African-American Senators/Leaders were absent from Coretta's Funeral

Excellent radio interview with Senator Joe Biden today on "Fresh Air"

Is it just me, or are you also having to flash your ID more often?

so...what was our message for this election year again?

WHAT!!!!!....No Commander An Chief Again

If you could re-write the bill of rights...

King Funeral: Hit this Poll G*ddammit!!

Jimmy and George ... they don't play well together .......

Why is Jeb Bush frantically shredding records?

So, what should Democrats do about Republicans who are

Majority don't even know Republicans control congress?!!

NYT Weds: Democrats say they're in 'weaker position than hoped' for 2006

Big Dog gets big laughs while Laura explains punchline to GWB

A serious question: Why are Republicans so uptight around black people?

Remember the words of John Dean in "Worse than Watergate"

NeoCons "need to stop pretending that Dr. King & his wife were apolitical"

Jack Carter, son of president, running for Senate in Nevada.

Rotten judgment in the state of Denmark

The Bush budget is a trillion little pieces of fantasy

Reform, Washington Style (Boehner $150,000 worth of junkets since 2000)

Gene Lyons on Brokeback Mountain

Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities

Tomdispatch: Alfred McCoy on How Not to Ban Torture in Congress

Death, Taxes, and George W. Bush

Fear of U.S. Drove Iran's Nuclear Policy

Jyllans-Posten needs to explain itself (anti-Islamic cartoons)

The Murtha Effect: Why Republicans Are Worried --Huffington


Federal Funds for Pet Projects Under Assault in U.S. Congress

No More Mr. Tough Guy, Thomas Friedman, NY Times, 2/8/06

Budget busters (not cutting Pentagon cold war requests is nuts)

The Wrong Wiretap Debate(liberal interest groups are refusing to compromis

Bush's Social Security Sleight of Hand

Bush's War on the Poor ....... Robert Scheer

A terrorist on every corner? ("suspicious." does not meet laugh test)

How Not to Ban Torture in Congress (why the McCain ban won't work )

Ibn Warraq

Bush’s new budget: We waited five years for this?

"Trust Me"? On what conceivable basis?

David Horowitz's Academic Hit List (ROBERT JENSEN)

As liberal Democrat calls for special prosecutor on Iraq, Democrats duck

CNN: The Nixon-Bush doctrine

Gaffney: We Need More Surveillance

The Neocons' Long War

Bush Should Have Wiretapped FEMA and Chertoff (Rep. CYNTHIA McKINNEY)

The Hidden Stakes in the Iran Crisis

Garrison Keillor: The Little Man

A Healthy Dose of Reality for Mr. Bush (John Nichols)

The Naked Hegemon

IRS Press Release on “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams for 2006

Encouraging vegetarians to become butchers

Feds Move to Protect Polar Bears

James Lovelock and Gaia's 100,000-year-long morbid fever

Has anyone ever seen The Emerald Forest

1,500 Cholera Cases Reported In Flood-Wracked Mozambique - AFP

W. Virginia State Mine Safety Chief To Quit - Charleston Gazete

Something Previously Unknown For Alaska Natives - Firebreaks - MSNBC

Aus. Tourism Minister Dismisses Scientists' Report On Bleaching

Bush Pushes Energy "Independence", Slashes Weatherization Funding

Death Toll Rises As Europe Shivers In Renewed Cold Wave - AFP

Invasion Of The Mitten Crabs - UK Estuaries, River Systems At Risk

2006 Wheat and Corn Crops in Jeopardy…Higher Prices at Checkout

What's Raining On Solar's Parade?

Atlanta city council to consider 'McMansions' issue

IDF foils suicide bombing planned for center of country

Foreign monitors leaving Hebron after mission attacked

Hamas names PM candidate

Israeli Leader Outlines His Goals for Nation's Borders

Watchdog demands IDF probe deaths of two Palestinian kids

Hamas sends Israel a message

Livni: Hamas-led PA a terror state

Hamas warns Abbas not to make decisions behind its back

You, too, can deny the Holocaust

FREE screening of LOOSE CHANGE 2 - NYC - 2/11

Like 9/11? Judge for yourself. ("Der Schuldige," Der Stürmer, #10/1933)

Voters' Bill of Rights

Have you filed an 'amicus curiae' on the Supreme Court case yet?

Anybody have this magazine?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday Frebruary 8, 2006

New Ad - and AEI/Brookings/Obama "national policy for election reform

Maureen Farrell.... Beautifully Sums Up The Election Fraud Consipracy...

Vilsack and SEIU at odds (child care providers and AFSCME)

This weeks Civic Skinny - Blouin vs. Culver - Vilsack vs. everyone

Check out the new Loebsack website!

Check out this ltte. First District people

What important issues does our legislature grapple with?

What do you think of this painting? Should it be hung in the Scott Co.

Loebsack Party!

Runtime error

Computer help for daughter in Germany

Katy gets DMN endorsement!

2007 Dallas Mayoral Hopefuls propaganda bus

Easy coffee roasting method

Is Alton Brown still making new shows on the Food Network?

So why do Italians call pasta sauce "gravy?"

And now a random fact about Chuck Norris.

So, is anything different yet?

I thought of something yesterday...A Liberal & NDP alliance

An Open Letter to David Emerson

Tory MPs riled by Harper's outsiders

a great emerson quote

Conservatives taking a page from Bush Republicans' instruction book?

Four killed in Thruway crash (another in a rash of fatal truck accidents)

Wall Street Journal says Bush, Abramoff woes persist

Bush 2007 budget quietly omits impact of policies on deficit

Danish soldiers come under attack in Iraq

Foto af profeten stammede fra grisefestival (hoax related to the cartoons)

NYT: Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities

Army charges soldier for body armor destroyed in battle

LAT: A Eulogy for King, a Scolding for Bush

Guantanamo inmate sues for libel

Panel looks at rescheduling election [Louisiana]

All Headline News: Polar Bear Species Under Endangerment Review

BusinessWeek/AP: Nortel nears $2.5 billion settlement

FL - Senator requests Bay Pines inquiry (VA Hospital)

The Bush budget is a trillion little pieces of fantasy

Vermont Guardian: Military resister to highlight Vermont anti-war rally

Bush plan would cut survivor benefits (social security again)

CNN: The Nixon-Bush doctrine

Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities

KESQ/AP: Brush fire rages in rugged canyon near Malibu

US initiates legal processes vs. group that marched to Guantanamo

Sheriff's new rule prohibits adultery

Bush asks governments stop violence over cartoons

Exxon: Bush's energy goal 'not feasible'

Cargo Ship Blocks Suez Canal

IHT/New York Times: House Republican splits with Bush on spying plan

Workers feel duped by Hertz; airport job moves rule out living wage

Again, forced apart

China Post/AP: China reports new human case of bird flu

Bush budget may sink his Great Lakes restoration plan

UK troops to leave Iraq before insurgency ends

Just gotta see..

That GOP hack, anti-science punk at NASA -- he doesn't work there anymore

Four NY Press Journalists Quit Over Cartoon Flap

Nigeria reports Africa’s first bird flu outbreak

Pentagon official voices China-Taiwan concerns

WCAX/AP: Protesters hope to be heard

Fear of U.S. Drove Iran's Nuclear Policy

Deadly cartoon riot near U.S. base

UPI: Russian MP gives date of U.S. Iran attack

Wal-Mart to Open About 1,500 New Stores

U.S. sets up new Iraqi prison system

State Department sees exodus of weapons experts (loyalty to * questioned)

Republican overseeer of NSA calls for full congressional probe (WOW!)

BREAKING: Fed of Amer Scientists Files FOIA for Plame PDB

A Eulogy for King, a Scolding for Bush

As liberal Democrat calls for special prosecutor on Iraq, Democrats duck

LAPD To Stop Releasing Cops' Names In Shootings

Army demanded $700 from city man (soldier) who was wounded

WP/AP: Congressman wants probe of logging study

NASA public affairs staffer who lacked degree resigns ( * appointee)

AP: Iraq Coalition Shrinking

Appetite strong for big trucks .... gag warning

(Canadian) Federal Court to review U.S. military deserter case

Spitzer eyes radio conglomerates in (payola) probe

Terrorists of Tiny Town(Homeland Security - no kindergartners at NASA)

Certified Iraq Elections Results Expected in Two Days

UPI: Lobby scandal also concerns White House

Bush defends spending cuts amid lawmaker qualms

British embassy attacked in Iran capital

Yahoo: Records Show Boehner Rents From Lobbyist

U.S. judge dismisses lawsuit seeking '04 election recount in Ohio

WP: Boehner Rents Apartment Owned by Lobbyist in D.C.

Ex-naval head seeks to be Democratic nominee for Senate

Jurors follow judge in urging Morales clemency

Police: Man Kills Prostitute Because He Turned Out To Be Man

ABC News/Reuters: Deadly bird flu detected in Nigerian outbreak

Senator Hillary Clinton defends contribution to abortion opponent

Injured soldier forced to pay for body armor will get refund

Boehner Aide Tied to Trip Set by Abramoff

Muslims react to Hamza conviction (BBC)

Some good news from Missouri

U.S. informant warned of London bombings

Sleight of Hand (In Budget is complete Soc Security destruction)

US judge considering plight of US prisoner in Iraq

Anti-US protest blocks hotel in Mexico City

White House wants states to track drugs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 8 February

Calif. fire started as `controlled burn`

Chavez calls Blair 'pawn of imperialism'

Feds Move to Protect Polar Bears

French rally for Jill Carroll (CS Monitor)

Going, going, gone? U.S.-led coalition set to significantly shrink...

Craigslist sued over housing ad bias

Gen. Casey Says Iraqi Police Hobbled

White House Gives Details on Surveillance

Senior House Republican wants answers on wiretap program

CIA staffer accused of burglaries

DeLay Lands Coveted Appropriations Spot

US's Rice: Iran, Syria stoke Muslim cartoon anger

Cheney: Little doubt Iran seeks nuclear arms

Rumsfeld upbeat about Iraqi Army-- says "I think they're going to make it"

Senators Mull an Internet With Restrictions

Sen. Clinton Urges Democrats to Speak Up

Gasoline supply surges on imports: EIA (Reuters)

Three More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq

LA Times: Pastors hope to spread Gospel, hasten End Time

State Tax Burdens Jump Across the Nation

Soldiers Face Debilitating Diseases (DU?)

AP Wire: Radio conglomerates eyed in 'payola' probe

Reuters: Two Killed As Afghans Stage New Protests Over Cartoons

NRA bill would OK guns in cars at work in Florida

Castro invites Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Cuba

Lobbyist's Ties to Lawmaker (Rep. Richard W. Pombo) Examined

Frozen Account Ruffles Nuns (Patroit Act)

56 call girls just had a seizure and ordered pizzas and vodka

You know what drives me nuts?

Fig Newtons and fake chocolate pudding. mmmmmmmmmm

I just had a call girl on the phone and ordered 56 Caesars

An update on the Janitor with an attitude

need help on how to reply to an email...

I just passed 9,000 posts! Man, did it hurt.

Help! If only to cheer me up. Am having severe attacks of hives

My sister-in-law said my house has bad Feng Shui

For those who are on a diet...

Be nice

Speaking of the "Rules"....

Howard Stern on Brokeback Mountain


Joe Lieberman is great.

Does anyone else's spouse/partner talk to themselves?

I lack purpose...should I...


Dammit.. I have lost the ability to have more than one window open

the soup appreciation thread

Attention Maureen Dowd Fans.....

Soup or Salad?

"What's Up Doc" with Barbara Streisand has just came on AMC....

Since I haven't crossed paths with Buffy this evening/morning...

Teen Using Restroom Falls Out Of Bus Window

94 Y.O. Man Shoots Himself While Cleaning Shotgun

I've Been Out of Town - Was There Some Sort of Game This Weekend?

Wednesday earworm. Very obscure, in honor of wildhorses!

Barry Manilow at his finest

Help me DU! You're my only hope.

Thank goodness for Arles Web Gallery creator!

Woman Saves Chicken (Named Boo Boo) Using 'Mouth To Beak'

Sunshine go away today

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

Today in the life of Paris Hilton

Uh-oh.. This won't end well

How many Yahoo message board posts are worth reading?


I was just reading in my GamePro magazine that ten years ago...

You are my sunshine

Who makes "The Rules"

Quotes by policemen...

Jan gas bill: $70.00...Feb gas bill $444.00...WTF?

Good morning starshine, the earth says hello..

That's so weird.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star...

Just had a kindergarten student make a Star Wars reference!

It's nasty cold here today

Somewhere beyond the sea

UPDATE on the Prodigal Landlord

Ever think about what D.U. would have been like if it was

I am so nervous about a test today...

Please stop buying tickets to horror movie remakes

Voters (humor)

Regarding Sid and Marty Kroft during the 70's...

Breaking: "Curious George" writer found dead in Florida.

Aaaaaaeeeiiieee!!!! I'm all out of 420....

Amsterdam 'No cannabis' signs big hit in US

Anyone here a Yahoo groups mod/owner? I need some help

Drunk in a bar

WWII pinup photos

I just removed a stable from a man's farm!

Movies that were as good as the book. Books that were as

You WILL respect the power of Orange Chicken

That is 2 hours of my life I will not get back!

Strip Club Waitress Accused Of Mailing Explosives

If a person is put onto the Ignore list...

Things you'd never hear at FR...


Beautiful woodwork..hmmm sure.. but the house?? wtf

Why can't we have decent passenger rail service in this country?

James Dean would have been 75 today.

Jack Johnson

Post the ugliest professional/corporate website you can find

How has "The Princess Bride" affected your life today?


Cactus lowers cholesterol more than oatmeal

Ever been to a cheesy Hawaiian luau?

What is this board's opinion of the White Stripes?

Prognostications for March 29 begin

I'm not giving the kitten back... how do I tell this person he's

Favorite quote from a movie?

Favorite quote from TV?

I have a massive unit.

Worst Song Ever To Ruin A Good Cover?

RANT: Idiots who wouldn't take my account turned it to collections!!!

Murphy Brown Appreciation

Did the DLC cave in on anything else while I was at work?


"Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" responsible for gay marriage

Now I feel relieved that I didn't get this internship last year

I know it's Drudge, but

Stones slam Superbowl censorship

My new comic strip

The great thing about the internets is

Finally did a new Bush cartoon...

yer damn skimpy...

Please hold my hand!

I just removed a staple from a man's eye!


County Bans Tattoos, Facial Jewelry, Levis.......

Pick your poison: (pic heavy)

I moved!

Most likely headline on FR type forum. (sarcastic humor)

Call of Cthulhu... done in Legos

I Just Removed A Man's Eye With A Staple

I just ironed and starched my tuxedo shirt. Ask me anything.

I got a letter yesterday from my daughter's school

Post your metric equivalents

Daddy! The top came off!

I can feel my mouth again... damn, it hurts!

Keith Richards: life-expectancy calculation

This pic's a keeper..."International Feline Beauty" contestant

To all the loungers I've loved before....

Hank Williams III

Why is the office so FRICKEN COLD????



BEST Cover Ever To Make A Shitty Song Good?

List Things that are Underappreciated

I just ironed and starched my tuxedo cat. Ask me anything.

Question about how tinyurl works: do the links work forever?

10 Answers. What are your questions?

The 2006 Banished Words List.

Cop Fired For Using Patrol Car Camera For Bikini Shots

Did anyone read the "Million Little Pieces" by James Frey?

Post a joke here- and leave out the punchline

Still need to make Valentine's Day plans?

Too bad the White House doesn't have a dental plan (Re-post)

Sooo.... I had to explain James Brown to a friend of mine today at school.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/8/06)

I'm off to Phoenix on Tuesday.

Song covers that don't exist, but should?

it's a lovely warm day in cold-ass SF today

What's the worst line someone has used to dump you?

The guy in the commercial who parachutes to his car after leaving

My dental hygienist told me yesterday that I had "feminine" teeth.

I need to buy a bed.

Cock tees: the right thing to

It's gunna be more upper 70's & 80's today in California....

DU cooks - Trying out new recipes, give me your favorites.

Mom of spelling bee loser fights for instant replay. Threatens USSC action



Anybody here can't take a joke?

Woo-Hoo! I just got my first official term paper back!

Post a punch line from a favorite joke.

Anyone here miss Six Feet Under?

There are ducks, and then there are GEODUCKS.. (anyone ever tasted one?)


Why do people exercise? Or attempt to persevere?

Do you understand what it is to be me?

Classic Navy Jokes

Anyone up for a game of MahJongg?

10 Random questions about your present and very very recent past

Who else DOESN'T watch American Idol?

Brown Creeper!

Name a random fact about oatmeal

Cockfighting: it's the right thing to do

Questions about Thunderdome

What celeb or historical figure do YOU look like? fun distraction

CIA Employee Busted In Panty Raid (Stole over 1,000 women's panties)

Who is burning the Baptist Churches in the South and why?

Well then. A four-shot latte from Starbucks woke me up

Describe DU using quotes from Apocalypse Now

Tonight is the best TV night!!

What songs force you to get up & start dancing?

So, I guess I am getting a new car!

Do you ever Miss your favorite actors or actresses

Married folks: Ever had a crush on someone else?

Favorite quote from ANY source?

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich is the BLT. True or false?

I need a yak thread!

It isn't so much the fault of the ref's, I place MORE blame on the NFL

Cover that's better than the original?

Worst Cover Ever To Ruin A Good Song?

Tom Cruise: "I’m not giving Katie the chance to turn into another Nicole"

Post a pic of whoever show up when you google (image) your name

Let's get our own cruise!

Word Association thread.

I need a kitten thread

How Right-Wing piggies try to kill Darwin theory

Looking for some good Christian rock groups

When a winger confronts you about "politics" in church - two words

Scientists force viruses to evolve as better delivery vehicles for gene th

Most Milky Way Stars Are Single

Democratic hotness.

Yikes. What a group of freaks.

Court Asked To Kill Proposed Fla. Anti-Gay Amendment

US legislators press Rice on UN vote against gays

Kornheiser in the ESPN MNF booth

Monday Night Football: Mike Tirico, Joe Theisman and Tony Kornheiser

Holmgren's comments about officiating to be reviewed by NFL

Best ad of the Superbowl season?

The Olympics are coming

Pirates sign utilityman DeCaster

Red Sox preparing big offer for Clemens

Gretzky's Wife Cited in Gambling Ring

Question for you guys with a website

Is there a link or a channel that has Max Cleland on?

Veterans, lawmaker join to fight plan to raise health care fees

How do you feel about Webb entering the VA Senate race?

i hate the media

Hey, did you notice the Private accounts for SSI in the budget

Mission imperative

The asbestos bill is being debated in the Senate now.

Any Kerry poll raitings?

They are going after the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...AGAIN!

Better late than never...just found this petition and it is still active.

Good article about "lame" excuses

Kerry wants public statement there will be no bases in Iraq

JK new E-mail: (Which I am still not getting.)

Dkos: Kerry and Clark coming to Band of Brothers rally tonight


As we hit 70,000 posts

Please Help - not directly Kerry related - Horse Slaughter

Barfbag news (it's good!)

OK, here is a quick "help me pick my photo" thread

A Tale of Two Scans (follow-up to my "pick my entry" poll)...

One I'm thinking of entering as a newbie.

does anyone know...........

NY Daily News:KO reamed by NBC News pres to protect Lauer

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/08/06: Drawing Fire

Go Canada ....... An area 2 xs the size of Yellowstone for Bay Airs.

? for Gonzo

Can anyone tell me what happens next with the NSA hearings

Muttering at the World Bank: Appointment of Loyalists Disturbs Staffers

Foto af profeten stammede fra grisefestival (hoax related to the cartoons)

looks like a blood bath in the Asian markets,,,,

Disaster relief info for destroyed AL Churches (Feb. 3)

$1000 Reward Offered For Bush Iraq Question

Bush-appointed Judges Most Conservative On Record, New UH Study Finds

RW political pundits need a big glass of SFU...!


Your Tax Dollars: Catapulting More Propaganda

Could someone help me we that latest 'Downing Street Memo"?

Bush Joke Vid.

What do we think of Webster Tarple?

OK I give up,I just dont get it

Why hasn't C-span posted ...

A Call To Arms: Everyone Place a "NO More Wars" Sign In Your Yard

It is not about the cartoon

Gonzales did not 'testify'

WaPost has transcripts of the Electronic Surveillance Hearing

Saudi man beheaded

Did anyone hear why Barbara Bush didn't attend today?

Saddam Tapes "Found" and House Re-opens Investigation into WMD

Stripes letter: Where we shouldn't be (Iraq)

What the dems need to do...from an unlikely source

A question....Say Bill Clinton was at Bush 1's funeral......

One message I would have loved hearing at CS King's funeral yesterday

Conservatives are like dinosaurs--incredible strength, no brains...

The only thing that would make americans riot like that would be

(TOON) Steve Bell: Forget the IAEA, Here's the IREA

When Castro dies.

Wow, our "liberal" media was sooooo Liberal today!

So the media is upset that someone put Bush in his place ?

opening a hole....NEW TOON 2/8/06

Anti-U.S. protest blocks Sheraton hotel in Mexico City

Boehner Rents Apartment Owned by Lobbyist in D.C.

Swiftboating of Heather Wilson will begin...

Venezuela's Oil Giveaway

Juandalynn Abernathy's musical presentation at CSK's funeral

Ex-U.N. Inspector: Decision Already Made To Attack Iran

LOL, Rs kick Frank Luntz out of their retreat.

Governor Threatens to Block Energy Leases Off Louisiana

Russ Feingold's speech on President's Warrantless Wiretapping

Lieberman's Lapdog Act Not Playing Well

CCN's Miles O'Brien to ask about "political rhetoric" at King service...

Rove needs to be indicted..NOW..

So...John McCain has accused Obama of:

Nuclear option against Iran/N. Korea in the works since 2005...

"All in the Family"'s prediction

Venezuela removes Exxon Mobil Corp. from project

Does anyone really believe that "wires are tapped"?

A guy from CAIR was on C-Span, just ended.

"The Convenience of Authority"....Oliver Willis

Time For A Preemptive Strike Against Iran

It's disgusting how Republicans politicize every event by looking for

Caption this Bush/Laura pic =====>

"Katrina Changed Everything" (funeral)

I need a picture/video of the wingnut host putting her fingers in ears

a wombat's view of the world

Why the aggression and greed?

I want an African-American funeral-- I'm putting it in my will.

c-span talking of the funeral call ins now

Funeral report from last night ("politicizing")

FBI 'gave prior warning to Britain about 7/7 bomber'

Canada unveils 16 million acre park to protect grizzlies

cspan talking about domestic snooping.

"Freedom Of Speech? - PROVE IT SAYS IRAN!"

Plan gives troops tiniest raise since 1994 (Way to Support the Troops!)

Is anyone else worried about state-sponsors of terrorism possessing nukes?

White House Debuts Iraq War Infomercial

What is the American dream now? Changed how?

Bush appointee, Deutsch, resigns his NASA post due to lie on resume

Truman Said: I told the truth and the Republicans thought it was hell

Separated at birth - Laura Bush, Nurse Ratched? ====> pics

You can't go home again.

Project X Directives and Updates....

I love both Hillary and Bill Clinton ---- Whether she becomes

after bro Jeb helped steal the election by disenfranchising black voters

Did Carter mention that Cheney voted against the MLK holiday?

The most "political" statement at funeral was silent...

msnbc just said another LIE!

DId you hear about the letter that John McCain wrote to Obama?

King Abdullah of Jordan looks like Jerry Mathers

why No Abramoff indictments?

Hearing on HHS-Medicare cspan now--Leavitt

Idea: Ask Senators to reveal WHEN Rove approached them

Muslims say Western media hypocritical on cartoons

Let's NATIONALIZE our Frigging Politicians.

Did Bush Sr. make a klan joke?

Ladies and Gentlemen, take it with me: the MEDIA MACHINE PLEDGE!

Boehner's D.C. landlord is veteran Capitol lobbyist (Deja Vu!)

A paragraph from Dr. King's Eulogy

A Funny but true Rep Charles Rangel (D-NY) quote

News Alert on

So, what Bush crisis is the post King funeral furor covering up?


Russian News: Cartoonists and provocateurs

Is there online video of President Clinton at the CSK funeral?

Funeral coverage - NOW do you believe Military Industrial Media Complex is

What's with all this manly kissing? Hell--I don't even kiss my own Father.

Anyone up for Stephanie Miller?

World has 7 years for key climate decisions: Blair

Looking for large PHOTOS of Coretta Scott King's funeral and video of Lowr

NYT online this morning - header about Dems

Take From the Poor, Give to the Military

at lunch the other day...I got off a good 'un.

Is the intent of the WH to privitize Medicare/Health?--Charlie Ragel on

Rich getting richer.

Republican Candidate Weld Altered News Clips Posted On His Web Site

DeLay to be appointed to Appropriations subcomitee over Space Programs!

Wolfowitz Appoints Loyalists at World Bank

Cost conscious health care consumer....DHHS' new creation

Will there be any hearing on the illegality of the wiretaps today

Red State Road Trip Video Clip

Anyone have other pics of Bush the Slouch.

"People need to begin to take responsibility for themselves,"

My guess is if Bush ever listened to people's opinions

Unreasonable costs of Homeland Security!

(VIDEO) Daily Show/Colbert Report on the cartoon riots

Anyone see Boston Legal last night?

My LTTE re: Coretta King and Republican values.

US appointed Iraq electoral commission to certify election results Friday

Bush calls for sell-off of Western public land

You notice how Poppy didn't even try to defend his idiot son

My call to "speak out" now makes my local "Speak Out"

Calif. fire started as `controlled burn`

WorldNutDaily: Bush didn't seek wiretapping OK for fear of leaks

If the good Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was alive....

Bush lover Britney and her motherly instinct

Greenfield: 'Do you really do this at a funeral?'

Hey! NeoConservative Jerks who don't understand funerals:

are you listening to the crap on CSPAN re: budget?

County To Suspend 'Cheating' Sheriff's Deputies (even if not married)

Dr. King and Coretta were activists

Is DU dragging for you too?

Who will Save America?

will the media stop covering black funerals live?

AOL Poll on the politics of the funeral...needs help

laugh you ass off. seriously. this is the road to victory.

Nuns bank account frozen, Patriot Act cited as cause

I have a BAD feeling re Iran/today's Wash. Post. Question: WHAT DO WE DO?

CNN is using EDDIE LONG a BUSHBOT to disucss the political

This HHS Guy Leavitt Is A Rat Shit Bastard! AAArrrggh!

M Halperin: On Torture Boy not telling the truth

DRUDGE and Rush Fired Up The RW Talking Points Before The Funeral Was Over

I haven't seen any reference to Condolizza being at the funeral

a better cartoon for our whole world (really cute)

Excellent story in Charleston WV Gazette about GI billed for body armor

DU this poll re Walmart.

Pres Clinton: "You want to treat our friend Coretta like a role model?

Locked Thread on Clinton/Bush/C. King Funeral Question....

Help: Seeking links to transcripts of funeral remarks

Ewe can wrote to me

So Bush wants to cut the death benefit to save $3 billion over ten years.

There is a band called Wolfe Blitzer

Calling it politics is an insult

Developing...Congressman seeks special prosecutor over U.S. plan

An ethical dilemma. Decision to be made by 10: 00 a.m. EST.

Damned Spammers have gone "progressive" now.

Holy Jeebus. Are you listening to the debate on the Halliburton

Breaking: Conyers Seeking special prosecutor on fake UN plane !

MORE Steve Gilliard....stand back, he's on fire

I want some great good news!

smirk did create a business, selling your stuff you surrendered to fly

Shrub Calls for End of Cartoon Riots

*:Heather Wilson ‘Puts Our Country First,’ Understands ‘What It Stands For

1/15/04 -Bush invites himself to MLK celebration then goes to fundraiser$

Grannie needs research information ASAP

Rev. Joseph Lowery will be on NPR show News&Notes this hour-

Legal Processes Initiated Against Group That Marched to Guantánamo

The Rich are Getting Richer, Faster: The Income Gap Widens

So the week-long Reagan-a-palooza Funeral wasn't a teensy bit POLITICAL?

Bush included SS privatization costs in this years budget!!

Black people are appalled by the politicization of the funeral

The Smaller the Man, the Bigger the Backdrop ---pix->>>

DU this poll. Thousands are adding to it every second. NOW!

Let me be the first to say it: I hope they spied on me

That cnn news blurb on CSK by miles o' fuckface...

I'm curious- did monkeyboy even mention the name "Coretta Scott King"

Media question, in case anyone knows, on the streams that come

The man to watch tonight at the Grammys: Kanye West

Bill of Rights question?

Bush to send Karen Hughes to ME to calm riots over cartoons.

'Giggles' Couric finally gets the bird.

Fake Cartoons: "Danish Imams Busted!"

Check out this LBN thread on the Plame/Libby PDB - FOIA request filed

The only opinion which counts is that of the King Family

Fast-Food Litter Tax Takes Effect In Oakland

We Share the Risk or We Do Without

Fitchburg Sentinel: A sleaze explosion in the House of Representatives

Robert F. Kennedy: Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

A question of sociopathy and Katrina

Latest Kerry email: You're Not Invited!

What is up with Avian Flu?

Quote of the Century! 2/28/51

ACTION- Ask YOUR Senator to do Podcast/MP3s of their floor speeches

GREAT TOON: If you have nothing to hide...

I would like to thank Georgia Republicans.

Dems made excellent showing in Missouri Special Elections yesterday

Since Carter created FISA, shouldnt he be invited to hearings?

Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan: You are absolutely right.

What the King family thought about the politics....

CAPTION: What is Laura Bush thinking right now in this picture

What is appropriate at King's funeral is no business of Wind bags

is anyone else experiencing SLOWWWW DU load times...?

Now we can add "Wellstoning" to "Swiftboating" to the American political

Iran my thoughts

If war with Iran comes, what then?

Where's Reid's War Room? Did Military Industrial Media Complex neuter it?

'civil rights activist -celebration of her life-turned suddenly political'

House majority leader's landlord is a lobbyist

****Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy****

It wasn't Bush's funeral, it was Coretta Scott King's!!!

Poll needs some DU help

Bush has been set up to be dictatior for life

How to get political opponents on the NSA "list"...

Lets make English our official language......

$70B for the war, $70B in tax cuts. The math would have balanced exactly.

Ah... the Giggling Murder and the First Lady of War don't look happy.

NYT cover: Bushes glaring at Clintons (king 184)

Ghost In The Shell SAC, you might be interested in this..

Ready for $262/barrel oil?

Hey...where's that picture of the Moran guy?

My Letter to Chairman Dean: Dems Demand Release of 6/19/03 PDB

What is a Neocon? Who is Cindy Sheehan?...

One min speeches-I think Virginia Fox (R) is bizarre Offers $1,000, Who Will Ask Follow-Up Question to Bush?

Cheney’s Credibility In Its Last Throes .... Liar, Liar ...

The primary reason for the bush administration's sabre-rattling at Iran

The President's Scandalous Budget

"But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night"

Help w/ poll --->>>

Gasoline Pump Prices in Japan Vs. America...

The Captive President (WaPo - Froomkin)

I sent this to Tweety

It's not the media. Reality is liberally biased.

Bush's Social Security Sleight of Hand ... (PHASE OUT of Social Security)


With the Stormy Janzen dustup...shouldn't more left-leaning take-it-off?

Just gotta see..

That GOP hack, anti-science punk at NASA -- he doesn't work there anymore

Maybe we should embrace the Pre-9/11 mind-set with vigor

Director of "Why We Fight" Q &A in NYC 2/9 and 2/10

Rice complains that Iran is using the anger over the cartoons to inflame

Daniel Hopsicker: Jack Abramoff & the Republican Black Hand

I didn't know that Coretta Scott King had spoken out against the Iraq War

Inside help suspected in al Qaeda prison break

Jeff Sessions was an asbestos plaintiff's attorney?

Here is the answer to the "How dare they?!" huffers over the funeral

Howard Stern Endorses "Brokeback Mountain"

"Hoover called King the most "notorious liar" in the country..." (spying)

Congress Blabbing About the Super Bowl On Our Dime

This just about says it all

Unseen Al Gore Campaign video


Wasn't President Reagan's funeral a week-long celebration of conservatism?

Interesting Freeper Comments About Republican Management Of The Military

Birds take a dump on Katie Couric


Are children better or worse under bush admin compared with europe?

Friendly Fascism by Bertram Gross... 25 years later.

Record defense spending in new budget

Duke law professor rebuts Bush claims

AOL & YAHOO to charge for mass emails. I got this from my pet rescue

Sibel Edmonds Rebukes Dennis Hastert Attorney

His Royal Petulance Watches President Carter Speak ---pix->>>

"That man, Clinton, STILL has SEX on his mind!" C-SPAN caller

Face it folks, Rove stole the funeral and ate your lunch

Need Phone # for Air America-HATE Doctor's Dental Nightguard commercial!!!

Appetite strong for big trucks .... gag warning

The next presidential election is 1,000 days away.

Evangelical Mutiny

Conyers: Is fact-checking so difficult?

Depictions of prophet nothing new

Any body got a list of what situations have worsened

Text of Gov. Clinton's speech at Mrs. King's Funeral

DU this AOL poll re: McCain/Obama - Needs help

"Bono, say it isn't so"

"Texas Taliban Sultana" -- Terri Leo, State Board of Education

2261 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Why bother?

A Eulogy for King, a Scolding for Bush

Lyricists: Can you alter the Byrds' "Turn, Turn, Turn" into "Squirm, ...

EXCLUSIVE EMAILS: Jack Abramoff Describes Relationship With President Bush

What really is free speech/free expression?

I'm travelling, and must be brief: Did they Wellstone Mrs. King's service?

The Psychological Damage Inflicted by our Media

Randi's on

Fix it Now (Medicare prescription drug benefit) - from Sen. Kennedy, DSCC

DU This Poll RE POS Bush Impeachment

Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

Democrats are thinking up excuses already

Kyra Phillips has a 'passion for Civil Rights'

Do more Liberals/Moderates or Conservatives Volunteer more?


Publisher's Note: The greatest sleazeballs of the 21st century

Lieberman backs McCain,blames Obama for not being clear

THE Most Important story on DU today.

At least no one brought up Who Shot MLK. Now THAT woulda been RUDE!!!

corretta scott king picture on car campaign

Where are the right to lifers now?

Am I uptight for not finding this funny?

Muslims urge cartoons law change in UK

Turn the spin around, people

ROFL, did anyone else see Jack Cafferty slam Blitzer?

I have 2 tickets to a mAnn Coulter talk

Keep talking limbaugh and the rest of the crew...

Rove Wins Again: WHY are we debating THEIR talking points re: Funeral?

Please post the comments you found disrespectful.. The whole quote

My letter tp the editor regarding wiretapping....

Dimson is speaking....'splaining his budget.

Rut Roh - New Hampshire Newspapers about to be swift boated

This is what happens when you replace a Republican with a Dem.

Cafferty nails 'Boner'

DUers near Fayetteville, AR... (crossposted to AR board)

Let's make a list of women / icons of the conservative movement.

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. The "Def Comedy Jam" Funeral

My "thank you" letter to CNN re: furor over CSK funeral

I have a bad feeling about the next few weeks

Tell President Bush to come clean about Jack Abramoff ACTION >>>

Phillip E. Johnson is coming to speak on my campus tonight

(repost of) Idea: Make Senators say WHEN Rove contacted them

Picture Time

here is another one of my favorites "The Great Dictator"

VIDEO- Bush on Martin Luther King Day 2002" Hang it"

The first thing and most important thing is to reject the premise

The soldiers were not politicians, but Bush politicized their sacrifice

Mr. "yerwithusoraginus" wants countries to "stop the violence"...

THE source of the cartoons was on NPR this morning

Couric about to get dumped by NBC ? (not just bird droppings)

There is another way to wake up people about this war besides the draft.

Iraq Vet, Tammy Duckworth, is running for Illinois Congressional seat

Why does Bush think everything is about HIM???

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. comments from the grave on e-voting fraud

Going round in circles about "tackiness" at the funeral with cons, so I

the way things are going,,,is it time to buy personal firearms?

Donna Brazille strikes again

An Interview With Osama Bin Laden's Former African Mistress

Chump ---pix->>>

2264 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Gang of 14, Big 8: Is it backroom politics in front of our noses?

Black conservatives. Were any at the Coretta S King funeral?

Evangelicals not so anxious for world to end.

Do you think that SmirkyNuts threw all of his budget money

First-Grader Suspended for Sexual Harassment

One of those "Print It And Put It On The Fridge" Cartoons

Some users are experiencing slow response time this morning

I have a problem with any religion/philosophy that advocates murder

Fight against ID & for science in Ohio

Re: The Funeral: Could have been worse. They could have sent Cheney.

There is a very simple solution to the problem of conservatives

MSNBC offering conservative voter outreach, for a price (Outrageous!)

Tomorrow does not belong to me.

Listening to last night's Mike Malloy show right now. Best radio anywhere.

How many Here have children in the military?

Injured W.Va soldier charged $700 for destroyed body armor

Amy Goodman on MSNBC's "Hardball" Now

They're just jealous...

the story about the soldier's $700 armor bill wasn't isolated

Laura Bush's Parents Guide to Raising Christian ladies

Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy

Church of England (Anglican) apologizes for its role in the slave trade.

REMINDER re bush's SS "plan" and his bullshit. Always his bullshit.

They published my LTTE in The Miami Herald

Rev. Lowery takes T. Carlson down a peg: VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT.

Has ANYBODY Here Seen The DNC's 'Wiretap' Ad ANYWHERE...

What Would the Prophet Have Done? - I will update with info to contact House Repubs

What ARE you people, SHEEP ?!

A better method of electing a president

Jerry Tang's story on Headline News tonight 8pm Eastern, 5 pacific

Raw Story: "Senior House Republican wants answers on wiretap program"

Iran and Syria behind the violence over cartoons. Ok. Where was the MSM

The Terror of President Bush

Have you seen our beautiful new Coretta Scott King avatar?

"My Space Generation" for Today's Teens & the Corporate Influence!

Okay here is the antidote for the pending cartoon wars

"Sweden Plans to Be World's First Oil-Free Economy"

Judiciary Committee demands answers from Gonzales (broken laws)

Wounded Soldier Charged For Damaged Body Armor

Fatso-Dick Cheney

Medicare/Automobile Analogy post your analogy here

Any comment from Mrs. King's family saying remarks made were inappropriate

Minutemen and Nazis lobby against Bush guest-worker plan in D.C.

Thurogood Marshall - what an amazing guy

I wonder what Resident Runt's nickname for JackOff is/was?

Ahmedinezad is a creation of Bush and western policy

Gonzales to Congress: "Go F*ck Yourselves"

It's just like Outlaw Josey Wales said...

Jane Harmon on the Newshour selling us all out.

Reagan Eulogies by Bush Jr., Thatcher, and Cheney --->

George W. Bush's Eulogy for Reagan >>>

The Bogus Fat/Heart Disease Study

Please DU this AOL poll : Were some remarks too political...?

Where's Karen Hughes?

IMUS be listening to a racist!

Unfortunately for conservatives, 95% of us black folks don't give a shit

Lou Dobbs: "Should we have shown the Abu Ghraib prison photos?"

Greasy and Disgusting - GOP Pigs celebrate TODAYS Cuts to social programs

The Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy

To Reframe Debate, Say 'Secret Police'

"Congressman Wants Probe of Logging Study"

Democrats need to ATTACH Fairness Doctrine to EVERY BILL IN CONGRESS

* is a genius.

Must watch video clip of Cafferty re Boehner's apartment

I attended a " Joe Lieberman retirement party " last night.

Bush Can Call It Chicken Salad If He Wants

Thoughts on "unitary executive" powers

QUOTE WOLF BLITZER: "What's Paypal?"

The Right-Wing ARE A Bunch Of Racists... They ARE The Ku Klux Klan...

Il Duce Smirky

Brown University Poll: Chafee in deep trouble

So, February is Black History Month......

Gonzales discovers Washington, Lincoln had access to electronics !

Did you enjoy the funeral? Please share here...

torie clark on hardball (got hammered)

A Young Bush Appointee Resigns His Post at NASA (Deutsch)

Whoa... Found This While Looking For Something Else...

Chucky ticked off at lack of invite to funeral (photo)

Republicans are only "respectful" to liberals when they are dead.

"U.S. Initiates Legal Processes Against Christian Group"

S.F. supervisors set to debate call for impeachment of Bush, Cheney

Where is Democracy Heading?

Has anyone seen a Picture of Cowboy Bush Jr. on a Horse?

Bush Unglued...What will it look like?? What can we imagine?

Republicans try to bring back "Saddam had WMDs in 2002" meme

The corporate media are not incompetent so quit saying that!!

Can you ban someone from a funeral?

fourteen defining characteristics of FASCISM-- this bears repeating....

"Bush"-- The new f-word

Both Republicans and Democrats agree Iraq is a mess but they're whipped

Fear factors greatly into how Americans vote

Does the accounting firm of Arthur Anerson still exist

Evangelicals Launch Fight Against Climate Change

Is it just me or has Carter become a gifted public speaker

If You Are A Republican...

$100,000 a minute on Iraq war, but no money for Katrina victims?

If only everyone couldn't have as much CLASS as Bush

Hooray! Georgia moves one step closer to the 21st Century!!!!

It is Free Market for Us, Pro-Active Government for Corporations.

Putting fear of Allah in oil market, Iran triggers desire for alternatives

Bush proposes cutting SSA death benefit; we're a "BURDEN" now

What Would You Call a Form of Government?

Going Upriver:The Long War of John Kerry

And when Ann Coulter dies, at her funeral they can talk about all that

As an avid book collector, I came across a 1956 Medical book

Listen to how the Atlanta black community feels about the funeral

Conyers calls for special prosecutor to investigate possible criminal mis


For all repuke trollers --->>

STOP THE PRESSES-House Chair calls for FULL NSA hearings!!!!!

I hate to say it, but Olbermann's Countdown is going downhill.

My absolute worst fear and nightmare about this misadministration

Rush Limbaugh comment re: Black babies?

Support Boxer's "sense of the Senate" Amendment....

Isn't it OKAY to discuss politics at the funeral of a political figure?

RS: Feingold CUTS DOWN BUSH in Senate Remarks!!!

What is "Ashura"?

Freewayblogger now @ #3. DUers let's make it #1! Support

Blind Cal student sues Target - Web site cannot be used by the sightless

Did you call your Senator today and oppose illegal Wiretaps?

What is finally going to "tip the scale" out of Bush's favor permanently?

There are 56 Democratic Veterans In Total Running For US Congress in '06!

Did you catch Bush's background during his latest speech?

Prominent Black Blogger: "We Don't Care What They Think."

Put all Relevant News to the Iraq War here in the Research Forum

Was Chimpy's presence at CSK's memorial intended to CENSOR??

Flash ! Email shows Bush - Abramoff ties !

These Words Chill Me To The Core

Air America News just reported that Condi blames...

Kos:Taking the Hill:Great pics of the Veteran candidates"Fighting Dems"

Birds shit on Katie Couric(Photos)

22 US Reps Want Impeachment Probe

E-mails show bush INVITED Jackoff To The Ranch in 2003?!?

Will media cover Vets' Rally w/Kerry-Clark-Cleland the way it covered Rove

Absolutely Beautiful Post in Steve Gilliard comments: STFU (Must Read)

* finally had to sit there and hear what people actually think.

Kerry wants key point for Iraq withdrawal made public - NO PERMANENT BASES

Open Letter to Mr. Rove: "Am I On The White House Enemies List?"

I can't believe that asshole is going after Survivor Benefits!!!


Do they have cartoons, as well know them, in Arab countries?

Vomit; Check out this New York Mets Forum posting and prepare barf bag

Bush has killed far more Muslims than Muslims have killed Americans


Newsweek: Bush buried Social Security privatization proposals in budget

2006 Wheat and Corn Crops in Jeopardy…Higher Prices at Checkout

The irreverence of it all .....

Down by the Riverside (Ain't Gonna Study War No More)

Whose Funeral Is It Anyway? ---pix->>>

Bush HIDES SOCIAL SECURITY Privatization in Budget.

I awoke this morning thinking about how hatred has filled my soul lately.

Working to organize my precinct, but some things I don't understand.

Don't know if this has been posted. Homeland Security seizing medications

EXCLUSIVE EMAILS: Jack Abramoff Describes Relationship With President Bush

My brand spankin' new response to "the other side"

Problem with bottled water

Why are so many people appalled by what was said at the funeral?

Where Can I Get A DVD Of Paul Wellstone's Funeral?

BREAKING: Fed of Amer Scientists Files FOIA for Plame PDB

Ag Sec Mike Johanns Makes Onion (Brags He's Ninth In Line For Presidency)

First Suicides from ProzacPaxilWellbutrin, now deaths from Ritalin!

Is this harmful? Justified? Why should I defend this?

Wow, look at Pickle's puss in this pic. Warning: from Drudge

Is there any video out there of Coretta slamming the Bush admin?

1000 days until Feingold is elected President

10 Progressive Caucus will become Committee Chairs if Dems take the House

The funeral organizers made a big mistake having Lowery speak

In What Ways Do We Mirror The Freepers?

This little light of mine - pix heavy

Q&A: The cartoons row

Have you seen 'Shawshank Redemption'?

USDA ignores The Law! Plans to Continue Horse Slaughter

What IS a black funeral?

Proposal: DU Group for Precinct-level Party Politics

I am getting so tired of hearing how crazy the Muslims are

Is this union-busting?

"Do I look like I just fell off the back of a vegetable truck, Wolf?"

Potentially good Fitzgerald/Plame news

"Iraq War Draws Veterans Into Politics"

Right-wing attacks on Coretta Scott King's funeral are utterly shameful

I am unveiling ------- DEMOCRATS PLEDGE TO AMERICA

Trapped Like a Rat

Yahoo headline: "Hillary Clinton Defends Contribution to Candidate." !!??

2006 U.S. Senate Elections ~~ Never say Never!!

Cartoons and King funeral provide massive smokescreens for trials...

Cartoon protests: Call for editor in chief to resign

What is the Domestic Spying Hearing schedule?

Raw Story: Dems say they're in 'weaker position than hoped' for 2006 (NYT)

Where can I find out more about Repub plan to bankrupt US?

Boehner banished Luntz from Republican retreat

Repubs are "tough on crime"

Dems and Repubs are the "same"

Boehner in bed with lobbyists...literally

Are there any online transcripts of Mrs King's funeral speeches?

Does every female Rethug that calls CSPAN cry

King Funeral:Imus: Time to gin up some outrage

Wasn't FISA passed in reaction to Nixon and the Hoover FBI (MLK Jr.)?

Hey karl, see what happens when you don't control the audience

Anyone see the movie Mike Malloy was talking about last night?

I was very disappointed to see Torie Clarke on the Daily Show last night

African American response to media: We don't care what they think!

"Conservatives" want to control what will be said at your funeral

I Think It Was An Affront To The King Family That 41 & 43 Were Even...

What proof do we have spying didn't apply to Bush's political enemies?

U.S. Propaganda Bureau to Get 90% More Funding than PBS

How do you interpret this part of our Constitution ?

CIA office worker busted in panty raid

Frozen Account Ruffles Nuns........(patriot act) Florida

What list are Specter and Durbin haggling about on CSPAN right now? nt

Dem & Progressive Women Should Take The Lead From Boston Legal And.....

WHEW! Haley Barbour is NOT running for President

Anyone else think that Roy Moore will use the church burnings

So, Where Are All The Post SOTU Poll Numbers?

Cargo Ship Blocks Suez Canal

Conservative Political Action Conference starts Thursday in D.C.

King Funeral:USA Today blog Mobbed by freepers

Big Spending, Big Government Republicans are not "conservatives" !


Dems need all office holders to sign a pledge of purpose; keep all rights

Iraq reconstruction funds may run out before projects finished

DHS expects companies will have to verify workers' immigration status

bushmilhousegang agrees with Iran against gays

Cantwells' response to my concerns about NSA wiretaps.

CSK - "White people telling blacks how to send her off?" New Wedgie

Gimme a "T", gimme an "R", gimme a "U", gimme a "T", gimme an "H"....

Where do the repugs get these amoral thugs?

Military- industrial- congressional complex - the rest of the story.

Updating you on my viewing habits, hint, no Tweetie for 2 weeks

And Lieberman Knifes Obama on Imus

Is Harry Reid a "Strong Leader"?

Boehner Aide Tied to Trip Set by Abramoff (with a West Wing tie in)

Should Saddam Hussein be executed?

Bush NH speech implies he wants to cut School Lunch Program

If no images of Mohammed allowed, how do they know what he looks like

How many Time reporters knew they were deceiving readers. . . .

I really think it was the "transformation experience" that scares the

Bush Hides Social Security Phaseout in Budget

Abestos Bill written by industry says Durbin--Specter on Sen Floor.

Boehner rents apt from lobbyist with stake in legislation he's written

If Bush Had "Inherent Authority," Why Seek Congressional Approval?

The Republican War Against Reality

Condi Rice. Keep poking at Iran and Syria or S.T.F.U?

Rove's article about "Democratic leaders" is up at NYT

Lots of developments on the Abramoff front today

Barbara Boxer--Why won't Bush talk about Abramoff?

I wish Power of Nightmares was released on DVD...

At rush limbaugh's funeral

George Washington's Far Broader Electronic Surveillance Program

self delete to post elsewhere.

Study: Bush Judges Most Conservative On Record

Boehner Rents Apartment Owned by Lobbyist in D.C.

At Mickey Mantle's funeral people talked of baseball

Danish Web sites hacked by cartoon protesters

Move on petition to AOL about changes in email delevery:

Is this how we want to take back the Senate?

Political Funerals have something of a long in point:

Have the Dems grilling Gonzo brought up NSA spying began BEFORE 9/11??

DU this Poll on the Funeral ! (

Someone explain this to me? Wellstone and King

george - Mrs. King's funeral WASN'T ABOUT YOU!

Question - why didn't Repukes/Conservatives bitch about the "govt.

So what do we stand for?

Bush Meets Carter at King Funeral.

Photo: "Let a smile be your umbrella" (A.K.A. "Bush arrives")

Why Should Anyone Believe that the “War on Terror” Is for Our Protection?

Want to see - can't find - Help! I want to see the cartoons

The rudest people I've ever talked to:

'The Bonus Army' Lesson: What Supporting Troops Really Means

Ex Navy Sec. James Webb seeks Dem nomination to challenge Sen. Allen (VA)

An email I just received: Warning from CDC-"Gonorrhea lectim ".

Democrats need to make the NSA issue much simpler.

CSPAN launch script for Mac users. This script will launch

Camp Wellstone is looking for happy campers! That means YOU!

Tweety's Ex-Producer now Joe S' give Conservatives a Voter Seminar

EXCLUSIVE EMAILS: Jack Abramoff Describes Relationship With President Bush

Latest Rove fax: Democrats grossly disrespectful at Coretta King's funeral

"Little Russ" bigtimes a small-college journalist (on his Plame Link)

Halliburton awarded $385M to build "emergency detention" centers

Lowery's poem at the end of his tribute: CSK's funeral

Big Teaser at ThinkProgress.Org regarding Abramoff with President Bush

you guys proved that Dems and their minions are INCONSISTENT

Stand by for a DLC "Infomercial" on Lou Dobbs

MYDD: Stand Up and Tell Us What You Actually Believe

Don't take your eye off the Thugs at the local level!

Freeper talking points on CSK's funeral

DeLay given plum committee job

Rove counting heads (& twisting arms) on the Senate Judiciary Committee

Is there an archive online of the entire funeral for Mrs. King?

Got A Question on China

Do You Think That Bush Got The Message.....

Rev Lowery/Tucker Carlson exchange: VIDEO

Bill Press Show had a good point re politicizing funerals

Today's "Is This Man Still Drinking" pic courtesy of WH photog Paul Morse.

The Shark goes after Colin Powell, check it out...

Do the Democrats have a cohesive 2006 campaign?

If there were a God...

Tweety gives ripping Anti-War rant!

Boxer's "sense of the Senate" amendment Offers 1,000 reward to any reporter who will ask

Hillary shoots, Hillary SCORES: "Republicans playing the fear card"

I pledge allegiance ... the new and not improved version - cartoon

Third Way Foundation > Progressive Policy Institute > DLC - FUNDING 101

why doesn't John Conyers have more support?

Only credible 2008 candidate in 2008...IMO

PLEASE.... D.U. this AOL poll on Coretta Scott Kings Funeral!

Suggested all-purpose response: "You're damn straight it was political."

Would you give up half your DU time for the 2006 elections?

Do you believe that post Katrina NOLA was a martial law dry run?

Maya Angelou - A Rock, A River, A Tree

Is it backroom politics right in front of our noses? Gang of 14 & Big 8

I watched the entire CSK funeral twice. Sen Clinton should not have spoken

DeLay makes partisan remarks about Reagan Funeral-Where's the outrage?

Great income inequality/democracy map of the world. -

Is it true: not one black Republican senator or Congressperson?

Democrats in Two Southern States Push Bills on Bible Study! DLC!

2008 Democratic National Convention (August 25 --> August 28, 2008)

Nurse investigated for "Sedition" for writing a letter to the editor

Who is the most obscure senator?

Memo to the DLC: "You're Fired!"

Working at county level, holding steps to rebuilding.

CNN just aired MoveOn's latest AD....

Well done my sister, well done, well done. Who said this yesterday

The Senate should pass this bill for comprehensive campaign finance reform