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Archives: February 7, 2006

Alabama Church arsonists still at large

Specter: “That Just Defies Logic And Plain English”

Budget Fiction:A Trillion Little Pieces

When Promoting Truth Obscures the Truth: More on Iraqi Body Count

A few words from Walt Whitman - "Leaves of Grass".

Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee

US bullies IAEA into reporting Iran to the UN Security Council

Why Can't Muslims Take a Joke? (Not a Funny)

Anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation

"This System is Going to Collapse Soon," Warns [Comandante] Marcos

Sunoco (SUN) - Winner or Loser?

Do you have wetbacks in the US?

Iran to publish Holocaust cartoons

Has Anyone Seen This Video on 9-11?

AP Interview: New Diebold chief defends e-voting machines

BBV Serves it Up! Come and get it !

(VoteTrust has) Questions for The Election Assistance Commission

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News February 7, ,2006

Need some k&r loving for a thread on GD Politics

Diebold agrees to waive proprietary claims to GEMS database files, more!

The Volunteer Strike: Taking the Iniative back from our political 'leaders

Reilly's lead over Deval Patrick tumbles: now 39% to 30 % once 40%

Need to enslave a hard drive... can anyone help?

Now I am mad. HELP! How can I keep my e-mail address?

Attn. AllSugartooths: Call for input, chocolate chocolate chocolate cake

hey everybody, let's welcome Old Broad and give her some easy

New rule: The only way to sit as a Liberal/Cons./NDP/Bloc MP...

Meet your new cabinet!

"Lungs Of The World" Collapsing As Brazil Declares "State of Emergency"

Wes on ABC World News Now

McCain calls for G8 boycott of Russia

Anger over Prophet cartoons rages on in Muslim world

Russian agency rejects oil pipeline plan

Saddam intervened to fix port row

Oil industry disputes proposed budget trim (Bush Budget)

No blind eye on AWB payments: PM

WP: Cartoon Protests Stoke Anti-American Mood

US Treasury says extending tax cuts would cost blns

Another Departure at the CIA (Counter Terrorism Director Resigns)

No New Katrina Aid in Bush Budget

WP: Budget Plan Assumes Too Much, Demands Too Little

Bush Budget To Cut Deeper Into Education

Gonzales: NSA may tap 'ordinary' Americans' e-mail

FedEx tries to recall 8,500 faulty W-2s

Bush Budget Would Phase Out Timber Funding

Home-buying program has cash, controversy

Bush Budget Plan a Headache for Congress

Woman named in no-fly list sues

One Ambulance Per Minute Diverted in U.S., Study Finds (No Primary Care?)

Bush Orders Flags to Half Staff To Honor Coretta Scott King

U.S. Official: Iran Can Make Atomic Arms

Study: New Machines Await 4 in 5 Voters

Koizumi`s approval rating drops sharply

Asbestos Bill Sets Off Partisan Attacks

Muslims picket U.S. newspaper over reprinting of cartoon

The price the US and the world are paying for Bush's presidency.

Wow. Amazing how these dating websites work.

AARRGGHHH they want to change my e-mail address!!!!!

I wonder if my parents know?

THIS IS HUGH!!!!11!!!!!! Pickles is going to run for President in 2008!!!

There is a silver lining to this whole Muslim-cartoon nonsense...

Question for owners of woodstoves

Damn, the Stars-Nashville game.

Liberalitch's version of the NSA.....

Will Santino ever get the boot?

How Do You Keep A Moron In Suspense?

Implicit in the authorization for use of force includes oral..

World Series Trivia.

Three Flies Were In A Jar. One Male Fly And Two Female Flies.

I should be packing

I should be packing heat

I spent the whole day in GD, ask me anything

Worst made-up nickname in sports history

Should I go see Underworld Evolution tonight?


I'm going to page 6 to rescue some threads

Now that the Super bowl is over, can we get to the really important sport?

Anyone drive a PT Cruiser?

I hate painting

Please DU this poll

anybody drive a PT Boat?

Okay, I'm sorry about the sock puppet. Really.

Woody Allen's "The Front" starting now 9:40PM on Turner Classic

Oh my, God is gay!

Considering children?

Okay, I'm sorry about the sock puppet. Really.

Rolling Stones lyrics were CHANGED for Super Bowl

Don't ask me how I know

One of my favorite movies just started on TV: Chances Are

This Question Will Make You Sick:

Anybody here ever work as an emergency dispatcher?

If I 've never seen "Lost"

Okay, I'm sorry I'm a sock puppet. Really.

Red Skies at Night by The Fixx.

Hey BigMcLargeHuge

Funny Republican Friend Story

This is not good.

Okay. There was Gregorian, then there was New Age. Then,

Post your CafePress Products Here!

Great play (The Eyes of Babylon) visiting Lexington, Ky 02-18-06

REAL men handle the situation... (Red Meat comic)

Ben Roethlisberger is on Letterman tonight

I found this picture of a kitten I cared for, for a few days.

OK, as promised! Wildflowers, waves and a surprise...Dial-up warning...

"Air America Radio.....DOT COM"

Rule #7 On How To Avoid The Flu

Detox question

I just bought a rice cooker and a wok! Now I need some recipies.

Where do MyPosts go after they die in 48 hours?

US serial number gives clue to mystery of the alien in the attic

Which NFL franchise is the best since the Super Bowl era began?

DUer (Bluebear)'s Picture reminds me of a disgusting woman I dated.

"The Passion of The Christ" Is Coming To The Showtime Channel 49ers Greatest franchise in Supebowl era

So, anybody know a good cocaine rehab place?

Trivia question - can you name the top 10 airports in the world?

Fuck the Greens. Just fuck 'em.

Do you cover the toilet seat in public restrooms?

Oh say! I'm god!

Favorite Family Guy character!

A while ago I posted from my kid's speech team practice

I just got done watching Before Sunset

Am I the last to know that

Is there any beer worse than Budweiser and Bud Light?

Said goodbye to my brother tonight- Marine going to Iraq

DAMMIT. This year I want a Valentine.

Eye contact - Is it important?

I'd forgotten how hysterically funny Ferris Bueller is.

A ZombyThread for your evening leisure

L'amour! Qu'est-ce que c'est l'amour?

I want this mansion, is less than 300k! (post a pic of something you want!

Ho, boy... my oldest and closest (neo-con) friend is getting a divorce.

some songs speak way better than one that speaks for you

Why is Laura Bush called "Pickles"? (click for answer)

Post here if you are unlikely to get a valentine this year...

Another round of "words that sound dirty, but aren't."

Best Football Player Names:

Presidential Trivia Time.

Liberal Religionists: This atheist wants your websites, books and other

Muslim leaders asked to ban smoking

Focus on the Family's founder endorses Colo. bill that expands gay rights

DU Steelers Fans: use this as your avatar!

Jays sign Bengie Molina to one year deal...

More SuperBowl Trivia

Superbowl Trivia Question

In awe again...

EVERYBODY-Be expecting a miracle

Condi testilying to SFRC on 2/14/06, awww, that's so sweet

The Economist on Kerry/Gore (awful can't begin to describe this)

Interesting (not Kerry-related)

Ice field at sunrise

Please PM me if you are contributing to the tie fund.

Snork. Olbermann tattoos on Ebay.

2-6-06 Alberto VO Lie edition

So are Gonzo and Little Boots and the Borg high-fiving tonight?

Rolling Stones "Let's spend the night together" lyrics were CHANGED

Tired of losing elections? Then, BECOME A REPUBLICAN

Be honest. Morality, ethics, integrity:

Life is a Cartoon - People are the Coyote that can't catch the Roadrunner

Tweety Time: "Do you have an Al-Qaeda number in your Rolodex?"

CNN 20 terrorists escape from prison in Yemen. Freedom's on the march

Who's the asswipe on Hardball?

Trust me. Karl Rove would never, ever

BRB.. gotta get the tv set for KO

For those needing a lighter moment this sunday morn.

VIDEO- Graham Selection on Inherent Power

simply MINDBOGGLING CNN hitpiece on Hillary, with a little Dean

Are there going to be more hearings?


"You are talking complete nonsense," Perle replied - NOT

Did you pick out any soundbite that will be on the news ?

Is it just me or is DU BLAZING FAST tonight

Do not give up on the Buffalo quote!!!

The Trifecta

VIDEO- KO- on Wag the DOJ

Will Scooter Libby Graymail the CIA? - David Corn

Do we have the Gorelick letter yet?

keep our roadless areas roadless


Bush's illegal spying sort of explains Rove's "genius", doesn't it?

danish embassy in Tehran hit today--report on Keith Olberman now

Gonzales is a lying piece of shit

"Son of Ex-President Carter Seeks Nev. Seat" Go Jack Go!

I read the articles where a city in FL wants to stop hiring smokers, and

Olbermann said the "I" word! n/t

Watch '24' tonight, get brainwashed by BushCo at the commercial break

Helen to Scotty: You know what happened to Nixon

Can you believe some RWers are actually upset at '24'?

Read my lips, NO NEW KATRINA AID

Can someone explain the coverage of the "face transplant"

Rita Cosby Schadenfreude - BWAHAHAHA!!!

WaPo: Surveillance Net Yields Few Suspects

Is Libby "graymailing" ???

I wrote this book,

Who Will Save America?

Does al-Qaida have an 800 number?!

Q-4-U re: Domestic spying during Viet Nam .. my friend's hell.

Drug combination prevents HIV infection in monkeys

I have a plan on how the Bush fascists can catch BIn Laden....

Good God, **'s budget is delusional

The Hearing is repeating on C-SPAN 1 if you missed it earlier.

Ohhh No... Iran is a Threat to Us... Bomb Them

Nightly Joke from our best buddies .... Spew alert!

New Report: Unholy Trinity: Katrina, Allbaugh and Brown

I may not be the first one to ask this, but I have to:

This just in: The Iraqis were involved with 9/11

"The 2008 Anger Primary" - Tweety on MSNBC.

Bush is eavesdropping on political enemies....

C-Span, Dayum! They Hate This Fucking Giggling Murderer!

Golden Eagle, Ugly Duck ----pix->>>

Unnecessary Tax Cuts for the Rich + Extravagant Military Spending =

We'll run out of ammo before we run out of Chinese...UH OH BIG problem!

VIDEO- John Dean-Selected bits from KO interview

VIDEO- Specter Takes on Gonzo--Plus Link to Whole Page of Vids from today

Blogger/BlogSpot Network Outage

Why Bush MUST be impeached to PROMOTE DEMOCRACY in Middle East

Has anyone called Grassley's ofc re: calling the plame leak two-bit?

US Torture - the new abu ghraib

Gonzales said data on innocent Americans was retained.

CSpan caller makes good point - Congress not consulted until 2004...

"Islamic Moderate" is an Oxymoron: Ollie North

I Am So Screwed >>>

Swelling Asia import trade strains capacity of all major U.S. ports

Budget Plan Assumes Too Much, Demands Too Little

A President is not allowed to criticize his successor?

I have this neighbor...

Humpty Dubya

So Gonzales won't say the exact date the illegal spying was approved.

The attitude of Corp pigs at the taxpayer trough - bloat our profits!!!

an interesting moment in Kennedy's questioning

This guy gets charged for ILLEAGLE WIRETAPS, But * doesn't?

Top ten reasons there are too many Muslim cartoon threads on DU

If Bush is Commander in Chief and the military has a manpower shortage...

A Warm Winter in Canada Causes Tragedy - 1,500 seal pups drown

"Bob", Director of CIA's Counter Terrorism Center, Resigns Under Pressure Offers $1,000 Reward to Any Reporter Who Will Ask Follow-Up

Where are we with the bird flu pandemic?

VIDEO- Durbin Round 3

Gov Jeb Bush caught in middle of NCAA recruiting flap

Creepy, elephants silently wandering around the county....


OF COURSE this is a "totally different kind of war."

DFA joins Mainstream Moms, VoteTrust , Verified Voting for real reform.

People are pissed about NSA

U.S. crude oil imports from top 15 countries

While You and I were working two jobs to try and make it…..

Flamey McGassy

Is it time to disband this loser of a party?

So, if a newspaper had a picture of a mangled accident victim with no face

All the Dem Senators had to say how much they hated Al Qaeda. Gees.

Federal spending out of control under Bush, much waste

We need a new name for the USA. With the hearings confirming Bush...

Did you know? Washington and Lincoln "authorized electronic surveillance."

Court Papers: Valerie Plame Was Still Covert

Remember the "keeping our powder dry" Gonzales logic?

Have we ever had a freeper "mascot" here at DU?

Hey, Bill? Bill Clinton? I can't hear you. Are you saying something?

Why the hell are we questioning Alberto Gonzales? Where is Ashcroft?

NO CIA... NO NSA... could map our brains

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out

Bush** Going to Coretta Scott King's funeral is most like...

What percentage of Americans do you think will watch ANY of the hearings?

Boxer on the Colbert Report right now! new Show too n/t

Do the Republicans you know favor a war with Iran?

My brother (Marine) leaves for Iraq in less than 12 hours

Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps

How common is it for cabinet officers o not be under oath?

Sometimes it is just a cold blooded calculation.

Bush's Enemy List

This is an easy one democrats in congress, BUSH BROKE THE LAW

bush Budget Drops 1 MILLION From Food Stamps!

Laura Bush is IRRITATED by criticism of her husband's abstinence progams

Freedom - Aren't you losing it America?

The very definition of "irony"

Feinstein made a point - NSA is under DOD - doesn't that put Congress...

Looking for women's charity where they loan suits for interviews...

I have a mission for all DUers - Its a scavenger hunt for info

* Idea : New Legislation to Govern Media Accuracy *

Two Republicans give best arguments against wiretapping today: Specter and

We Currently Live in POLITICAL TYRANNY

31 Days In Iraq... See The Map Of Suicide, Mortar, And Car Bomb Attacks...

I wrote this book about war - and I know war.

Wes on ABC World News Now

Isn't "...breifed several members of Congress..." a conspiracy!?!

Dream Cabinets

An Open Letter to Bubba

Wow and Double Wow! RoveBush may have miscalculated on this spying issue


Once and for all---lying before Congress without oath is serious.

Spying and Lying: A Winning Issue for Dems... If They Stay Strong

" Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end!"

Reality check

After a night of TV watching I feel dirty and creepy

My Nine Year Old Son Made A Sign About bush. I Love It!!!!

"Democracy dies in the dark," quote from Judge Damon Keith

Wanna hear the new Freeper talking point lie about Iran?

Powell speech to UN a Hoax ...on PBS

An Excellent Documenter With Chavez

Anyone Know What Weighs 363 Tons?

KBR\Halliburton Gets The Contract For Our Internment Camps !!!

The overwhelming majority of Germans did not seem to mind

Bono's address at the national prayer breakfast

Rove Threatens Republican Senators...

It's 2006. Why isn't everyone going ape over voting machines?

2006: It's Like the 60's But Without the Counter-Culture

*****Could everyone please check your cities Annual Financial Report.*****

What are we becoming? Two stories on our rights making me ill

Has everyone seen this from Velvet Revolution and Brad Blog?!!!

As a teacher I am pissed

Study: New Machines Await 4 in 5 Voters

DU Folding@Home TWEAKING Thread

Head of DLC says "Opposing Wiretapping Dangerous for Dems..."

Is this a growing trend?

Mother of all ironies: Gonzales says senators could have done

Bush Budget: More For War, Less For Medicare

The All-Too Obvious Question ...

"Not With a Bang, But With a Whimp" Ed Naha on SotU- great!

Medicare: "Slow down growth = Medicare cuts

This Gonzales hearing drives me nuts!

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Green party and 2003 San Francisco mayor race

Why Greens etc. are better than Democrats

Why I am better than the Greens.

Dems in Congress, it's *really* simple... Bush broke the LAW.

On my way home from work, I little something to make me smile (pic)

Just got a letter from Sen. Robert Byrd

Band of Brothers (Veterans running for Congress) now 56 (and growing)

Follow Up to the Hearings...from Glenn Greenwald.....

When Life Is So Depressing, and it is so hard to just get up

My Churches response to the State of the Union

Olbermann: "The 1012th day since the declaration 'Mission Accomplished'"

Speaking of Chavez - Cows With guns

US general maps out strategic refit

Howie Kurtz: Jon Stewart nails hypocrites better than MSM

My prediction about the NSA hearings

So according to Gonzo's argument, when Wesley Clark is elected

Are the record companies deliberately avoiding political music promo?

Kerry Stumps for the Democratic Party

Since Gonzo says * can spy on anyone he likes, doesn't that mean that

A page of great quotes on the value of activism

Barbara Boxer on "Colbert Report" NOW

Former President Carter: Gonzales' argument ridiculous

So we are taunting Cuba now? This is so immature

We have some great writers on our side! (NSA story)

There is only one legitimate outcome from the NSA Hearings...

Memo: "Mr. Gore does not intend to run in the 2008 election"

Judiciary Comm. just passed Elito & NOW they care about "Slippery Slope"?!

Diebold agrees to waive proprietary claims

Tunnels on Bush's watch - lack of security

NSA Round 2: Dem Senators, Repeat after me:

DUers! What do you think of protesters at funerals? Vote!

Depends what the definition of "formidible" is...

Bi-partisan & non-partisan agreement: Bush broke the law

It's odd how willing Republicans are to be sworn into office

New gov't site,

Gonzales: 'Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, authorized electronic surveillanc

Remember When The "Greens" Said ...

CDA National Conv. Postponed Washington Univ backs out...........

Today's GOP

Dean in VT today, at AUW convention tomorrow, fundraiser with GLBT later

Diagnosing the Green Party: Narcissism Runs Rampant

DUers on Contagious Fest: In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey

Did anyone see the Nixon/Bush Ad by MoveOn?

Surveilling Gonzales

This Presentation May Be Too Graphic ...

There are Headlines and there are Bottom Lines

Prepare for Perpetual War: The real State of the Union

Don Rumsfeld Flips Off the Public's Right to Know About His $440 B Budget

Helping Bill O'Reilly-----Help sponsor a trip by Mr. O'Reilly to Darfur,

Holding Fast to a Policy of Tax Cuts (the limits of that polital promise)

Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee

Graham: ‘The Inherent Authority Argument…Seems To Have No Boundaries’

Blogging the Hearings: Chumps R Us

Liberals must break the chains of comfort

SF Chronicle: Where Does Spying End?

U.S. officials are shifting favor from Iraq's pro-Iranian Shi'ite leaders


Neo-Cons instigates: War on Cartoons!

Excellent interview w/ Dr. Craig Roberts

Molly Ivins: Kicking the Oil Addiction: Bush Lied, Again

Juggernaut Gathering Momentum, Headed for Iran (RMcGovern)

Bad start for Tories (Canada)

GOP caucus leadership) E-mails capture drama

The president's budget ("short-term optimism," )

Lamont Takes Steps Toward Running (against Lieberman)

The Deficit - In Calculating the Shortfall, Likely Costs Are Left Out

Slowing the Growth of Medicare

Budget Plan Assumes Too Much, Demands Too Little

"Election Reform since November 2000: What's Changed

Aiming at asbestos bill

They sometimes forget

Abramoff is just the tip of the iceberg. The big picture shows

Dems are) "Wiretap Wimps" (per NY Post)

Rove threatens to blacklist any Repubs - against bush wiretaps offers $1,000 to any reporter who asks followup DSM question

Another Bush Administration Week


How will EU react to new Tehran oil bourse?

Tax Cut Lunacy

Bush v. Science (he is speaking rapturously .....

Krugman: Unite, Democrats!

How Liberals Play Into Karl Rove's Hands

JOSHUA FRANK: Hillary and George -- Two Warmongers in a Pod

F.A. Hayek...what am I getting myself into?

Need advice on a good economics book

Help, Neil Bortz? something about fair tax act...etc.?

U.S. eyeing Alberta oilsands

US serial number gives clue to mystery of the alien in the attic

Panama's National Symbol, The Golden Frog, Facing Extinction - Reuters

UN Global Environment Conference Opens - Hmm, What Will The US Do?

Up To 35,000 Birds May Be Killed By Estonian Oil Spill - Reuters

4% Cut In EPA Budget: Fourth Annual Cut In A Row - Reuters

Dozens Of New Species In Rhode-Island SIzed "Lost World" In PNG

Terraforming the Earth

A question for hatrack and the other here:

Flights Reveal Intriguing Information About Ice Particles In Clouds

Calif. Fire Prompts Evacuation of Thousands

GMOs are about profit AND population control

Blair Backtracks, Blocks Proposal To Cut GHGs By Raising Jet Fuel Tax

50 Years For Cheakamus River (BC) Fish To Recover From 2005 Spill

Koizumi - Japan Will Not Lower Beef Standards To Please US Agribusiness

Alaska Showing Massive, Complex Changes As Climate Breaks Down - AP

Blair - World Has 7 Years To Make Vital Climate Choices - Reuters

Teflon Chemical Found In Virtually All Umbilical Cord Blood Samples

GM corn causes illness among Philippinos

Sweden, a Leader in Renewable Energy, Aims to End Oil Dependency by 2020

New BC National Park 2X The Size Of Yellowstone

Given that a number of people here in the Environmental

Hurricane Debate Shatters Civility Of Weather Science

Nuke plan is called science fiction

Lugar Calls On Bush To Open Global Climate Talks

Curve fitting the wind: A calculation involving the "exponential growth"

Earth in for another "ice age" in mid-century - scientist

Ford on President’s Ethanol Call: Bring it On!

Just one of the "joys" of living in an occupied territory? You decide!

UK considers curbing citizens' right to arrest alleged war criminals

The New Anti-Semitism, cartoon division

A Parliament of Prisoners

Back to the enlightened occupation

Hamas confident it can form government, control security

Letter to Dr. Ramadan Shalah of Islamic Jihad

No treating with terror

Israel Created the Conditions for Hamas's Success: Why Hamas Won

Two Fatah men killed in IAF airstrike in Gaza

'Hamas must back peace or go broke'

Condition of Baby Hurt by Kassam Rocket Shows Improvement

The Muslim protest

Court seeks more jail time for Hurndall killer

Neo-Cons instigates: War on Cartoons!

can anyone comment on this re: flight 93?

Anyone see the movie Mike Malloy was talking about last night?

Let Dr. Jones help you see the light . . .

wow, old school voting machines for sale on eBay

Let's put Electile Dysfunction on Public Access Cable TV

CA State Senator Bowen Looks To Improve Election Audit Process

Thanks for Recommending the Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thread

***From Democracy For America: Demand real voting reform ***

CA State Senator Bowen's Open Source Software Hearing -- this Wednesday!

Just got back from Pittsburgh, PA meeting on voting machines...

Fill out MoveOn's survey on election reform & tell 'em deal with e-voting!

If you can stomach it, Grassley on 910 am

I just sent Grassley an article about Rove pressuring Repugs on Judiciary

Special Event This Friday with US Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

North Shore Labor Council Dinner with Howard Dean


ENERGY INDEPENDENCE - White Bear Lake, MN, Feb. 7

Col. Klink's, er, Kline's concern for veterans is phony

Minnesota's Changing Climate

Printer help!

Voucher proponents "eating thier own" in Lubbock

House District 48 Debate podcast

Kickback Mountain

David Harris (TX district 6) has a nice piece on DailyKos.

Anyone know anything about Carolyn Boyle and Texas Parent PAC?


Teflon and George Foreman grills.

Surprise, surprise (Canada)

HAHA! My Dad isn't renewing his Conservative party membership!

Harper's 'evolution'? Puh-leeze.

Cons called Belinda a whore,are they doing the same now to Emerson?

B.C. to protect huge area (Good news!)

This article sums it all up for me - Re: Emerson

Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee

Euro gas pipe 'hits UK consumer'

CSPAN CRAWL: "Rumsfeld says US considering military option against IRAN!"

Two Explosions Kill at Least 7 Iraqis

How scheming lobbyist operated in Seattle firm

13 Killed, 11 Hurt in Afganistan Bombing

Nissan Will Cut Benefits for Retirees (health/pension cuts only in US)

Cambodia Aids Democracy by Pardoning Opposition, U.S. Govt Says

Turkey Prosecutes More Writers, Jeopardizing EU Bid

Prosecutor: Teen in Gay Attack Left Note

Hamza (Muslim cleric in UK) guilty of soliciting murder

Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee

John Cleese's `Fawlty Towers' Hotel to Get Makeover

Lawsuit seeks marriage rights for gays

German supermarket roof collapses

U.N. staff flee Afghan cartoon riots

Pennsylvania senator accuses Democratic leader of slander in lobbying asbe

EXCLUSIVE: Is CIA Leak Probe a 'Witch Hunt'?

Wiretapped Teles Who May Have Cooperated With NSA

Americans star in Turkish film vilifying U.S. soldiers

Planes involved in midair collision were destined for Iraq duty

Bird flu fears spread to southern Iraq (Bird Flu death in Southern Iraq)

Terror risk from WMD exaggerated, experts say

Bush Budget Sparks Bipartisan Protest

Rock the Vote Is Stuck in a Hard Place

(Italian) Protesters target Laura Bush's visit to (Winter Olympic) Games

CNN, Atlanta: Four U.S. presidents expected at King funeral

Danish Muslims Sought Help from Arabs (by using 3 FALSE CARTOONS)

UPI: Moscow museum to exhibit Mohammed cartoons

NATO Base Attacked by Protesters

La. Gov Blanco Admonishes President in Speech to Lawmakers

Bush's Remarks at Coretta King's Funeral

BBC: Black flags block US sign in Cuba

Surprise, surprise (Canada)

BREAKING, FOX NEWS: Britney Caught Driving With Baby in Lap

Bush 2007 budget quietly omits impact of policies on deficit

Compromise Proposed in Eminent Domain Fight

GM May Agree to Reduce Dividend as York Joins Board

Bush calls Danish PM with support in cartoon row

Rioters clash with Afghan police, NATO(Day 2)

Budget has little new for storm protection

WP: Utah Church Rehab Program Under Investigation

Breaking: RNC terror threat?

Retail Group Challenges Wal-Mart Law

China 'main threat to UK economy'

Iraq War Draws Veterans Into Politics

Ransom kidnappings fund Iraq insurgents

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 7 February

Who's burning the churches in Alabama?

Clear Channel in Miramar, FL evacuated following reports of explosives

Many States Not Up to Election Standards

2,000 homes evacuated as winds whip California wildfire

Violent start to Haiti election

Mexican (Gov't) standoff over (Starwood) hotel expulsions (of Cubans in MX

Democrats lambaste 'tepid' US response to Al-Qaeda escapes

Cheney resistant to change in U.S. spy program

Warrantless wiretapping warranted, Cheney says

Toyota Profit Rises 34% to Record on U.S., Asia Sales

CNN/AP: Hotel deadline expires Tuesday for Katrina evacuees

Saudi minister slams costly alternatives to oil

Rumsfeld: Corruption Could Hold Iraq Back (could damage Democracy)

Miss. Gov. (Barbour) Says He Won't Run for President

Attorney General Hits the Press for Reminding Terrorists That, Maybe...

Teachers, doctors protest budget cuts

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Bombings

Five Santa Cruz(California) churches target of 'hate crime'

Bush Proposes Cutting Dairy Programs

Bush seeks to slash public broadcast funds

January Was America's Warmest on Record

U.S. lawmakers study Saddam tapes for clues on WMD

Mainstream British Muslims in counter-demo in cartoon row

Fires Reported at 3 More Ala. Churches

Feingold: President is breaking the law

Soldier pays for armor

L.A. Stops Naming Officers in Shootings

Dutch Islamists post cartoons depicting Anne Frank, Hitler in bed

Scranton withdraws from GOP race for governor (PA - Swann vs. Rendell)

Poll: Growing Number of People Fear Iran

Russian Ultranationalist Leader Expects U.S. to Attack Iran in Late March

Exxon: America will always rely on foreign oil

King eulogists jab Bush at funeral (Reuters)

Horse Slaughter to Continue Despite Action

(Congressman Maurice) Hinchey says Bush didn’t want to capture Bin Laden

Iran's Khamenei: The Danish Cartoons Are a Zionist Plot

Ok, Archae's picks for best Super Bowl ads!

Getting your beard shaved on Letterman

Favorite Processed Cheez Food

I really need to get some sleep

Santa Claus spies on kids and nobody complains.

To all of those I may have offended,

Good move.

Well, it's 40 below

Holy smokes, IBTL becomes IBTD!

You are the Crown of Creation...

I miss the days when my threads could receive zero replies

11 minutes and counting


Kill time on MirkwoodMUD!!!


DU haiku (you try it)

This is the saddest ebay post I have ever seen

The Hal Morris Agency Museum

T&A thread

God I am depressed.

I'm going to bed.

Who wants to be the Lounge's Spocksperson?

Fun while it lasted!

dad? LOL

Word of the day: Parrot Help

Do you like to eat raw garlic?

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Need help figuring out which movie this scene is from

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KitchenWitch's word o' the week!

What's brown and sounds like a bell?

I have a confession to make - I have had plastic surgery

Am I the tallest female DUer?

I am only a Naughty Girl (TM) on days ending in Y

So what's a guy gotta do to get a spanking around here?

I have a confession to make - I don't need plastic surgery

please quit getting Plastic Surgery!

I have 5 Dylan LP's in excellent condition if anyone wants them.

Night, y'all!

The local sheriff was looking for a deputy

I got rid of every last LP (33rpm record) I had this weekend

What a cute ass.

What the admins REALLY did during the "downtime"

Link between Cancer rate and Hormones and Pestcides in Food?

You know it's not gonna be your day when....

My computer at home decided yesterday to die on me

Tuesday earworm. Bound to get stuck in your head!

Some humans ain't human

So, the landlord who said he'd call me "Monday, regardless" didn't.

I think my telephone might be monitored...

I kissed a girl! (video)

RIP - Inventor of tortilla chip (Rebecca Webb Carranza, 98)

Looking for a link

Police: "There was marijuana flying everywhere" (Car chase)

Gizmos that shave pills off clothes--are they worth buying?

NBC: "Cruci-Fixins" Will Not Be In Will & Grace Episode (Christians Upset)


Clintmax is a really good know? Appreciation Thread

Chanteuse, anyone?

Does NYC make anyone else feel claustrophobic?

Cheetos, anyone?

Oh crap!! I just realized I forgot to watch "24" last night!

No man's land hides exotic species

In 1997, Om Prakash Singh of India stood completely still

A: Bedbug.

Ever not get an apartment for a "suspicious" reason?

Top Ten Global YouthSpeak Words for 2005

Did you see John McCain on 24 last night? - PICS INSIDE

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

Check out these nitwits!!

Remember in The Two Towers when the Ents attacked Isengard?

I just Epoxied my two finger together

Battlestar Galactica Marathon SCI-FI 8AM Eastern

The last football player ever to tackle John Elway is gay.

The Super Bowl ad highlight/lowlight reel

Zealotry of the Recently Converted

I know how they can make the next two Super Bowls more competitive

(( Drum roll please )) Who is your favorite author?

A Baby Girl for Jon Stewart

I totaled my car yesterday

Lost a work colleague over the weekend

Half Moon Bay California any DUers in the area?

Whose fleeting fame will end first? Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears?

The most magnificent Arabian stallion I have ever seen. (pic)

I know you are.

it was beautiful

Chartres St., anyone?

So, I played hooky from work yesterday.

Anyone else just love doing Britney Spears?

Post here if you are unlikely to get a volkswagen this year...

Being in Pittsburgh for Super Bowl Sunday: An essay in words and pictures

Well, we're big rock singers

Anyone filing or filed bankruptcy lately?

Post here if you are unlikely to get a Ballantines this year...

I thought there was a History forum on DU. Is it gone or where can it be

I'm leaving for a week


Who else wears sunglasses inside?

Your dogs are bastards for admitting they'd eat you

Who put the ram in the ram-a-lama-ding-dong?

I am going to take a nap.

Who else wears sunglasses at night?

Why do fools fall in love?

Does God believe in you?

Holy Crap! I just found Shrub's motivational tape online.

Top Ten Reasons I'm Looking Forward To The Olympics

Am I the really bad mom, or the really good mom?

Okay, who's already been Valentine shopping?

I'm starting this thread because I know it will be popular

You can't send a PM to yourself! How annoying! How am I

Any other fans of Sweet Honey In The Rock here?


This is a thread about theScarlett Johansson and Keira Knightly nude photo

So, how often do you post something outrageous enough to get

Wonderful news: Pristine 'Lost World' found in Papua with many new species

MrG is going to kill me...

Neat Flash Application. See news as it happens all over the globe

Has anyone here ever used GoogleAdWords?

Anyone else just love doing yard work?

Josef K

Speaking of my fugly cats - I got one of them a sweater..

I think the :shrug: smilie says WTF far better than the :wtf: smilie does

Lost:: Am I the only one who

It's a fine line between funny, tasteless, and funny-slash-tasteless...

Photo: Britney Spears seems REALLY concerned about her baby's safety

*vanity post*

So where have the Sniffas been?

Notice to writers querying editors for assignments:

So I went for my free Lasik consultation today

Reading glasses suck.

Those that can, Do, Those that can't, Post, those that can't post

I have a question about the Bermuda Triangle....

Ever have one of those days

so did you guys hear about Tom Cruise driving Britneys baby around?

If I get a "read receipt" stamped 8:31 AM, and it's 5:01 PM where I am,

Eye contacts. Are they important?

Residential Trivia Time.

What's your favorite misheard or absurdist alternative song lyric?

Ok. I know how to bookmark pages outside of D.U.

Do you try to explain the Lounge to people?

It was 42 years ago today...

The "Wish my Daughter Good Wishes" Thread on her wedding this weekend!!

Bob Barker wants to remind you of something:

Cartoon Crisis: Iran Renames Danish Pastries

Facing a marijuana charge, prosecutor will return to job

stevie wonder was AWFUL today...

Which forum is more weird?

Favorite long-time video game character?

So, I guess things get out of wack if I leave DU for a while!

Atlanta DUers: I-85 traffic question.

I took a nap. Ask me anything.

I'm going to draw some cartoons that set the Lounge on fire with rioting

Nancy Grace Reports Own Mind Now Missing for 83 Days.

Five questions

Ancient Russian Manuscript Describes 19th Century UFO Sightings

If Bush were Native American, his name would be

Just got my oil bill, am down to three gallons of fuel oil a day


How do you make taco seasoning? Making Tacos 4 chillins...


Who wants me to put them on IGNORE?

I'm picking up my new kitten in 3 hours!!

I just had a weird IM conversation with my guy friend on IM.

Am I a bastard for admitting I'd eat my dogs?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/7/06)

For fellow Sim Lovers...Sims 2 that is!

How many people keep time with respect to DU?

I tried Redstone's famous Tomato Sandwich Recipe. WOW.

How do you get a depressed 15-yr-old boy to EAT?! Help, please?

Do your kids have TV's in their rooms? Do you watch TV in Bed?


How unusual is it for a 3-yr-old to solve partial differential equations?

Is it too much to ask?

John Cleese's `Fawlty Towers' Hotel to Get Makeover

Does anyone else live in a town where there isn't a damned thing to do

Would you start a business with a Republican as your business partner?

BREAKING, FOX NEWS: Britney Caught Driving With Baby in Lap

Favorite form of entertainment?

ATA Redux...Redux (Ask the admins, they might answer)


Ever have one of 'those' days?

In honor of my 10,000th post:

I think outdoor cats should be breaded in corn flakes before frying!

I hereby proclaim the greatest invention ever is TiVo.

Didja ever start a thread you knew would be a popular one?

God, what a couple of heels!

Buy this car to drive to work. Drive to work to pay for this car.

What's with the "Robb is a dingbat" option on poll questions?

I am not a psychic, but ask me a question about the future...

Atheists: 9 Baptists: 0

Today Is The Anniversary Of The Blizzard Of '78

Ok, I need to hear GOOD reasons why people hate J.J. Reddick

If you're like me, and I know I am

Ethical question

the wedding singer is going to be a broadway musical!

Who/what did you choose for your avatar and why?

Should we infiltrate the Freeper Cruise?

5 Questions

Mother always said....

Damn...those are some FUGLY cats. Not "snuggly"...FUGLY.

Best sports nicknames?

Things that cause disturbances in the Force?

(( Drum roll please )) Who is your favorite Arthur?

Favorite James O. Incandenza film?

Which is longer?

Had anyone seen or heard from datasuspect?

Nothing Is Done That Cannot Be Undone

I really love this place, especially back in my 'groups' days

What's the oldest personal computer game you remember playing?

Does morality ensue from a higher power?

Status of Women in Christianity and Islam

I for one am getting quite turned off by all this religion-bashing

If you're going to be an atheist, at least get it right

Why do I have to sit in the back of the bus, daddy?

I have an honest question for Christians, please.

I for one think that religion should be bashed on a regular basis.

Arab coverage of the "cartoon" debacle

Lebanese students hold counter-demonstration

Rev. Welton Gaddy, of the Interfaith Alliance, is standing up for the U.S.

Resveratrol extends lifespan of vertebrate

Looking at microfossils without disturbing the rocks

‘Lost World’ of wildlife found in Indonesia

Australian PM Dismisses Opposition To Tough Stand On Gay Marriage

Idaho Anti-Gay Amendment Gains House Approval

Gay Games Gets HIV Waiver For Foreign Athletes

What to do, what to do......

Now here's something that will make your head spin

New Hampshire Mulls Gay Marriage Ban

Fred Phelps Wanna Be Alert

Colts favored (4-1) to win NEXT Super Bowl

Attention Steelers Fans

Holmgren rips refs at Seahawks' welcome home

So is it true that Holmgren did not shake hands with Cowher at

another take on the Super Bowl officiating

Montana, Bradshaw deny missing ceremony over $$

Has everyone had their Daily Kitten?

Has anyone had any experience with Natural Balance dry cat food?...

cheer up!

Why would Ohians vote for this

Kerry loves small businesses, too!

Okay one more poll.

Was JK at the funeral? What about Obama?

Kennedy speaking

Can somebody tell me why Kerry insists in being in a list of people

For Beachmom: The other side: BGlobe 2/7/06 Kerry Article

Kerry catnip gem

Pix of Kerry at the funeral.

Which should I enter?

Another contest advice thread

Contest advice, please

I have no idea how to assess February entries against the 'theme'.

Which B&W should I put in the contest?

Help me pick my February contest entry...

Keith needs to write on his blog more....

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/07/06: Praising King

DUer's Brother Leaving for Iraq

Has Anyone Seen This Video on 9-11?

Watching Attorney General Boneless Weasel Testify.

James Blunt is Coming up on Jimmy Kimmel!!! (EST)

"I will not discuss operational details of ongoing operationS."

Is A.G. Gonzales Bush's Ollie North?

"Switch Grass" - the song

Who are we at war with? And how do we know when it is over?

For those whom didn't know...or who's forgotten

Does anyone know the number of days we're forced to endure Bush...

Feingold:what part of "show me the proxies" does the chair not understand?

How do you think Fred Phelps will die?

Suggest a Humorous Way to Kill Ann Coulter Contest

DLC poll

Why Does * Hate Nature?

When did Americans gets so afraid that they're unwilling to fight for...


Just in: Senator John Cornyn(R-TX) has emergency surgery.......

Leahy on CSPAN - repeat - NOW

The DLC Are:

How will Bushie react if they cut off his warrantless wiretaps?

Robert G. Joseph This guy is NOT good news Pay Attention here

Tom Tomorrow NAILS IT on the Illegal Spying:

This would have been Reagan's 95th b'day,Bush sends wreath

FOUR more US marines die in Iraq

So who really invented the telephone???

US defense industry frets about high Iraq spending

The Jack-O-Lantern Theory....

I love you Fidel

How scheming lobbyist operated in Seattle firm

Defense and Homeland Security spending increases.

Trust us, we're spying on terrorists.

The one question I would ask Scott McClellan

Caption Bush

Any other old phart Duers remember this Kingston Trio song?

India doesn't want the IAEA snooping around their nuclear stuff either


Washington journal- the budget,FISA hearings,muslim cartoon controversy

If you were Bush would you wiretap domestic opponents?

Gonzales Also Ends Up Defending His Credibility (L. A. Times)

Why are GOP senators on the judiciary committee, willing to play

What trick will Rove pull at the hearings today?

***From Democracy For America: Demand real voting reform ***

Coretta-Scott King's funeral on CSPAN later today

Peace activist slams ASIO treatment ( it's happening in Australia too)

O'Reilly lied about Air America

Sessions and Hatch Need a Little Starch In Their Backbone?

Google Blacklists BMW

Exxon's Profits Breakdown

Challenge to Republicans: Come on Guys Stop Being Fraidy-Cats.

McCain's attack on Obama IS partisan!!!

I love how it's now a "domestic spying program."

Let's talk about terraforming Mars.

FINALLY! Good News Out Of Iraq!

So, who wants to go setup a wiretap in Vilsack office?

If Bush had followed the rules re: FISA..... (Vilsak-related)

Anyonbody think it would be cool to march on Washington on Flag Day?

Looking For Wiretap Hearing Transcripts. Do You Have a Link?

Trusting google as it censors for China

Did anybody notice Gonzo's answers during his tapdance?


Why is it today we have no televised hearing on the illegality

Exceedingly Strange: In Hope for Heaven in the Future

Dear Neocons, this is so you can't say "Dems never offer solutions."

What will be the outcome of the wiretap hearings?

Something occurred to me re: Gonzales testimony

Anyone watching Rummy lie through his falsies ?

Gizmos that shave pills off clothes--are they worth buying?

Hawks have warplanes ready if the nuclear diplomacy fails

Be weary of wiretapping issue re: saftey or politics

King George II, Part I. Falstaff was a prophet.

U.S. nuclear-weapons scientists are designing a new H-bomb

James Risen on WNYC radio show now 10-11am...

All Hospices are NOT created equal

Many Republicans agree that Bush broke the law.

General Pace is on C-Span

Thousands Protesting President Bush on National Mall -Video-

Dianne Feinstein said something yesterday that should be amplified by all

What does Mike Malloy call Alberto Gonzales?

What Gonzo wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't, won't, can't, didn't say.

"Iraq is the most dangerous threat of our time."

GOP attacks non-partisan CRS for report critical of NSA spy program

Mayor: New Orleans will seek aid from other nations

Geez, is Huffington Post always this bad?

The Hillary bashing continues

Help me connect the dots - a group project

Washington 46th District Dems call for Cantwell censure

Here they are - Your DLC Leadership. Send them your thoughts -

How the hell do you leave a billion dollars a day OFF BOOKS?

Kristof of 'NYT' Starts Pledge Drive to Back Bill O'Reilly (Darfur) Trip

Rove counting heads on the Senate Judiciary Committee

Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh For the last Friggin Time; Wiretaps are legal!!

It's 1776

A little more on Vilsac. WaPo

Will the Republican Party rubberstamp Bush illegality ?

Will Judiciary Committee "swear in" the next witnesses ??

When I die and go to hell so be it

Are we facing a xenophobic boiling point?

CBS Radio News Adopts Bushspeak To Describe Surveillance Program

McCain not happy with Obama.

Happy Independence Day ... GRENADA!!!!

Kurtz on the Pitiful Coverage of NSA Scandal by Cable News

Washington and Lincoln authorized electronic surveillance?

McCain calls Obama insincere

Bush has gall to attend Coretta King's funeral after submitting a budget

(TOON) Steve Bell on the escalating protests

I wish McCain would have showed this much balls when Bush attacked him!

Times On-line - OMG - Outlines war with Iran - 57% of Americans approve?

King George Boogies On Down ---pix->>>

Anyone watching c-span 3?

Latest "Diana conspiracy theory"

Coretta S. King given tributes not easily won for her husband--

I support the right for the Iranians to mock the Holocaust with cartoons.

Don't like our spying on Americans? Well, there's more and you're paying

DNC lists conservatives who question Bush on wiretapping. DLC cautious.

I"m reposting Chavez video

Iran to take revenge on Denmark with Holocaust cartoons


War was declared Sept.14, 2001 (their argument)

George Bush is a wimp!

DU Survey on movies "family values"

Could Fitzgerald expand his investigation to Rove arm-twisting Senators?

Were you personally offended by the Jyllandsposten cartoons of Mohammed?

And from the "They all look alike" department: (This is SO depressing)

PROOF of animal-human hybrids... here:

Anti-incumbent movement against both parties next election.

It's all about POWER...

Muslims appogises to Norway and Denmark.

MoPaul has gone walk about again anyone know anything?

Wiretapped Teles Who May Have Cooperated With NSA

Session is on the Armed Services Committee too?

Tinfoil Hat Time - Proposed Amendment to stop Secret Societies

Protesters to target Laura Bush's visit to Games

I don't know who's worse, the maniacle religious wackos torching embassies

Did you see that? ** nodded right as the elder read

Democrats have an obligation to make domestic spying an issue...

VIDEO- Duh File-Gonzo says Washington did Electronic Surveillance

New DLC Slogan: "We can maybe do almost good enough

Trauma kills!

somebody please chain insane Linton Brooks to his basement wall

Minuteman Project head (FReeper hero) reinventing himself

Hey! Sessions, you stupid twit!!!

I'll never again worry about a church roof crashing down on me

Turkish TV: Priest's killer says it was to avenge cartoon publication

Bush is not honorable and he is not my commander and chief...

So True..

I found this wonderful video last night and posted it

Look at how the IDIOT IN THIEF

For the first time I'm afraid

LURKING FREEPERS: I'm calling you out on your patriotism.

Landlord Rigged Intricate Monitoring System To Watch Tenants

Is anyone at the funeral...

Photo-Op ..... Photo-Op ..... Photo-Op ..... Photo-Op .....

legal question: can the media be sued for withholding info from the

Russ Feingold at TPM - The Liar AG

Can we get a sticky thread with all Senate contact info?

Freepers and other * sycophants, how do you stop

A DLC shout out from a Nader apologist

We have shown that cartoon here on DU - are we next to be protested?

Compassionate Conservatism strikes again.

Official Coretta Scott King funeral thread 1

it's not just the nazi among us, it's also the pilgrims

Finally, a solution for the DLC supporters

ARRRRGGGGGHHH!!! Wingnut coworker insists that Congress...

Note To Dems: People make decisions emotionally, justify them logically

Is this cartoon controversy being used as a cover for the iran war ?

Bush's Remarks at Coretta King's Funeral

Great Moments in Hypocrisy--Coretta King funeral

Telephone provider privacy concerns? Open up a support case!!!

Maureen Farrell: Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush, Part 1

Rumsfeld says corruption poses a challenge in Iraq

Ted Kennedy giving a eulogy at Mrs. King's Funeral! C-SPAN 1!!! NOW!!!

Subject: The Evolution of Teaching Math, my neighbor sent me this

"Will words become deeds that meet needs"

Toast The Earth With Exxon Mobil

Per capita costs in Iraq from America's efforts $12,000.00.

funniest thing all day

DHS increases capacity to detain, deport illegal immigrants

Rumsfeld & Cheney; it's GOOD for Iran to have nuclear energy.

When we bring back the lions...

If you are thinking of converting your variable Home Equity Loan

Ya think the Neo-Cons are loving this cartoon thing......?

Need some ideas for content for a Democratic Newsletter

Kickback Mountain

Official Coretta Scott King funeral thread 2

If I could be adopted as a daughter or a granddaughter by someone I would

I for one am getting quite turned off by all this religion-bashing

Let Dr. Jones help you see the light . . .

So how many terrorists has Gonzalez convicted?

Take your medicine Mr. Bush....No censorship here

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 3

Tom Tomorrow: "The innocent have nothing to hide."

This is from another researcher from my Congressional Campaign

didn'tlittle alberto (pass the buck)gonzalez look like little chicken shit

My Bush State of the Union Nothing But Lies Letter to Editor PUBLISHED!

Jimmy Carter nails the wiretapping

Ass Clown

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 4

I hope Big Dawg's crowd response makes Chimp feel like shit.

OMG...did daddy Bush just insult Rev. Lowery about his WMD remark?

Look at Bush. You can't take him anywhere.

A little help refuting freeper email, please?

Bahraini court jails twelve protesters for two years

Scientists find liars' brains are different

World renowned garden writer Christopher Lloyd dies (not the actor)

Maybe Bush used NSA to blackmail Judy Miller?

Liberal Religionists: This atheist wants your websites, books and other

I'm guessing Babs couldn't be around all those Negra's....

Raw Story is reporting that PBS to be cut 157 million

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 5

Well, well, well, guess which RW uberdouche's coming to my school?

Wiretaps and FISA - What is the Conservatoid Rationale?

So who else thinks RW media will compare the King and Wellstone services?

I for one think that religion should be bashed on a regular basis.

Is it time to talk about a draft very seriously?

Republicans should change their symbol to an ostrich...

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin ROCKS!

Watching MSNBC.. Normally don't watch Tweety but it was surprising

Kuwait emir names brother as crown prince - Democracy busting out all over

Any Capitol Hill Blue defenders want to explain this to me?

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 6

Kenneth Star's name pops up in the Pellicano scandal

msnbc just show Jr talk at funeral. mentioned carter and 41 but I did not

Robertson: Europe committing 'racial suicide'; blames Sartre.

BTW - NYC DUers - Hope to see you at the NYC Gathering


Randi Rhodes anyone

Did you Know - JOD Files Friend of Court in Texas Redistricting Case?


How Far Right Have the Republicans Moved:

Jan 31 Protest still being felt in Greensboro NC

I cannot get over the ** family speaking at this funeral. So strange

If things don't change, what should we change this country's name to?

Need help debunking this "spam" letter:

Teflon in fast food packaging! Why are they only mentioning popcorn!!!!

Will Iran Crisis push oil to $130?

Map of Global Hazards in Real Time

John Murtha is "The Real Deal"

Why in the world did Bush attend the funeral?

Why'd all the people leave the funeral?

So Where The Hell is Babs Bush?

Denounce the Wiretap Hearings as a SHAM --- ACTION >>>

2258 Reasons why the DSM is Important

the earth is changing shape (for real)

This stands out from Fahrenheit 9/11- re wiretap defense

So... did Junior actually speak at the funeral or just sit in the back and

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 7

Is there video of Lowery speaking today?

Pix from today's funeral

Can people recap the Carter/Clinton speeches?

Danish Riots - I need a memorgy jog on a similar incident in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden interview on Fresh Air

Guess which President is front page of CNN

Integrity and openness in government..Wire our elected officials

would someone please post a link

Lieberman's Lapdog Act Not Playing Well (John Nichols - The Nation blog)

IRAQ: Children's mental health affected by US invasion and occupation

Exxon: America will always rely on foreign oil

Some people are afraid of Iran...I'm afraid of...

Oy. Caption this.

Paul Hackett sounds HOT

Ask the Republicans. . . . DOES CONGRESS EXIST? . . . . (fax #s)

Remember George Deutsch?...(censored NASA climate scientist)

Here's a great laugh!

Paul Hacket will be on Randi Rhodes for her second hour

I want to see Barack cold-cock mcCain...

Top Ten News Stories of 2005 (AP, Fox, others)

I'm off to the King Center - I want to feel the love

I don't care if Brittany's kid is on her lap


Has anyone Tivoed Mrs. King's funeral?

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 8--

Feingold : Congress has Lost its Way

Thousands of Katrina evacuees EVICTED from hotels, now homeless

Does this sound weak: I will fight to defend my country not enrich a few

Leaveit to Smudge: "King Funeral Turns Political"

Vets' ills mounting fast - 25% seek treatment at VA hospitals --->>>

"It's going to have to get a lot worse before it gets better"

Please Point Out the Fallacy In This Reasoning.

Those that can, Do, Those that can't, Post, those that can't post

Coretta King eulogists jab Bush at funeral - Some nice quotes

I think Coretta's daughter is doing a great job speaking...maybe she

Paternalism and the right to choose

Caption this . . . .

Slor will now speak on the cartoon riots...

do we really need 50% of our budget spent on defense?

Get ready for the bashing of the funeral............

TIME Mag: An Israeli Attack Against Iran?

What's the price of gas in your neck of the woods? SF - $2.63 regular

Goss at CIA Frantic to Find Agency Whistleblower Orders Lie-Detector Tests

Cooler heads, warmer hearts, patience and non-violence have proven,...

Randi just advanced the Idea that kkk Rove should be

Please call members of Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them this

Today, I met Jimmy Carter --->PIX

I have a question, did little lord pissypants speak at the Correta Scott

NASA nudge/political appointee Deutsch may have lied about his degree

CHENEY on wiretaps: "We have ALL legal authority we need."

Is an election a failure if religious fundamentalists win?

Testifying before a congressional committee should require

Justice Dept. official says Bush can order killings on U.S. soil.

"Warrant -less" Wiretapping Question.....

caption this * pic...

A George-a-thon (caution dial-uppers)

Shrubco Domestic Spying and "constitutional crisis":

When we're all locked in detention camps together, will the freepers...

Selective Trashing of the Constitution and Civil Rights

Impeachable Offense du jour

Meet pro-Impeachment candidate Chris Owens (NY-11)

Bottom line... I will fight to the death for the Constitution of the USA

ReddHedd at firedoglake -- "Murtha truly is the real deal."

Excellent Colbert Report tonight! Guest Sen. Barbara Boxer! Replay on...


Who looks more comfortable, Clinton or *?

What will YOU do to conserve energy, resources?

CITGO and Chavez

Castro invited leader of Iran to Cuba?

I am hold right now for Randi Rhodes about warrantless spying

Mother teaching her Child about hate (Sad Pic)

Charlie Cook says Dem chances of taking house in '06 is"within reach"

Reading these threads cements my opinion of the Right...

Just contributed to the Paul Hackett campaign

Official Coretta Scott King Funeral Thread 9

Who's burning the churches in Alabama?

Wayne Gretzky's Wife Cited in Gambling Ring

Why was Mrs. King's funeral held in Bishop Long's church?

Well, it looks like the Republicans have done it.

Rummy - Iraq: "it's going to take get the infrastructure back"

List Presidential Lies. ALL Presidents. I'll start: The Gulf of Tonkin.

Chris Matthews just really dissed Carter for talking of wiretops at funera

A word about the media "backlash" and "outrage" about the funeral today

OH my GAWD Bush 43 is a PERV

Would you look at how little lord pissypants is trying to keep his face on

Pennsylvania senator accuses Democratic leader of slander in lobbying asbe

I LOVE CARTER...he is so humble and respected and Smart

Does anyone remember "Operation Roll-back Al Qaeda?"

24 yr old NASA kid helping to silence global warming - LIAR

new toon 2/7/06 -- Secret Service thwarts t-shirt attack!!!

EXCLUSIVE: Sibel Edmonds Rebukes Hastert Rebuttal to Bribery Charges!

bush can wiretap all he wants! WIRETAPPING IS FINE. Just...

9/11 was NOT preventable by Warrantless Wiretaps - CALL * OUT on this LIE

George Washington's little-known surveillance methods...

At a comedian's funeral, would you expect jokes in the eulogy?

Caller calls Limbaugh Drug Addict on today's show

Geraldo - on Fox - right on about snoopgate - a last word thingy

U.S. Ag. Department's Inspt. Gen. says mad cow a risk

BRAD BLOG: Diebold Capitulates in Alaska...Sorta, as AP Lubes Up America!

As a Democrat, Al Gore, Howard Dean & Wes Clark speak for me!!!

Bumper Sticker Idea, need feedback.

VIDEO- Jimmy Carter at Coretta Scott King Funeral

OMG - you gotta love Hammity (for comedy sake)

Tonight at 8: The Coretta Scott King Comemoration - DO NOT MISS IT....

Bush to raise taxes!

Headsup! Jim Lehrer to interview Cheney on NewsHour (PBS) tonight

I am a participating member of Medicare;

Article belittles atheists....

Qaeda family annoyed by strange vans outside their home

Where is the 9/11 forum? How do i get there from the front page?

It occurred to me today the W is obviously following the Russian economic

Growing Number of Americans Are Afraid of Iran

WP: Utah Church Rehab Program Under Investigation

Please do not call these wackos religious

the "fifties" take a ride back to yesteryear,,,excellent memories

I wish they hadn't let the bushies speak at the ceremony

Funeral Backlash Thread: You know they're gonna be mad.

VIDEO- Carter at Coretta Scott King Funeral

MSNBC talking about Natalee Halloway

MSNBC Poll:Do you care if phone co gives your info to gov w/out a warrant?

"Why We Fight" a video must see

The smoking gun question regarding the NSA wiretaps

Bill Clinton is rocking the fucking HOUSE!!!!

PLEASE DU CNN's poll ?: Did Coretta Scott King

MUST READ remark from gkhouston; this is GREAT!

Richard DeVos, Hypocrite

Who gave * an earful at the funeral today?

Wounded soldier forced to repay $700 for lost body armor!

Danish Muslims Sought Help from Arabs (by using 3 FALSE CARTOONS)

Please sign petition to save AmeriCorps NCCC

If this picture isn't begging for your caption...

Will the US initiate the attack on Iran, or will Israel do our dirty work?

Cindy Sheehan: Numbers

Who is the greatest modern American?

For those of you who want to sign Mrs. King's Guestbook

Freepers! Get it into your heads already!

Someone Please Tell Me If This is True or Not....(Fred Phelps/Westboro)

Read this if you need a good laugh (Freepers)

Anyone here over the age of 40 checked out prices of pvt health insurance?

Dotty Old Poppy and Juvenile Junior ---pix->>>


Kucinich:This budget is not just fiscally bankrupt, it is morally bankrupt

Fla. Pastor Accused Of Throwing Puppies From Pickup Truck

Why we will not "win" Middle East wars

Sibel Edmonds Rebukes Dennis Hastert Attorney's Rebuttal to Charges ...

? about Hybrids and reduction of oil sources....

Careful People. Bernice King is NOT her Mother nor her Father

Carter: her handshake was worth to me more than a billion yankee votes

Suppression and Liberty

Okay, it's time to RIOT, Christians! Look what I found!

St. Bernard Parish City Council Absconds with trailers that FEMA

Hillary used to be on the board of Wal-Mart?!?!

Was GW Bush at Mrs. King's funeral supporting her life or just politics?

On Friday Bush Had No Plans to Attend Coretta King's Funeral --->>>

you gotta see this:

Remember TIA?...Does that dot connect to FISA controversy?

'Exotic hunting' thrives in Texas

** Summary of Bush's Wiretapping Defense, And How To Beat It **

Thank You Senator Durbin

VIDEO>Rev. Lowery: "We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction"

In Declaring Endless War: "No nation, could preserve its freedom.." offers $1,000 to any reporter who asks followup DSM question

Larry Johnson: "The Betrayal of Valerie Wilson"

FACT; Iran has the LEGAL RIGHT to nuclear research & energy.

Vote in this MSNBC Poll!! Politics Appropriate?

What Does DLC Really Stand For?

Why not Gore-Clinton (Bill) in '08???

Please help reach it's goal--their ad is amazing!

Single Issue Voting - How would you define it?

Finally got a freeper on another board to STFU over wiretaps

FEINGOLD on DKOS is asking we CALL SENATORS about NSA wiretapping

Is Jimmy Carter the most religious president ever?

President shook his hand and laughed

Little Lord Pissypants Gets an Earful ---pix->>>

wow, Kevin Griffey yelled " lazy fascist" at Gonzales

E-Mail I just sent to Tweety

Anyone have a link to the Clinton speech at Mrs. King's funeral?

Is civil disobedience (and arrest) now called for?

If George W. Bush had a thousand lifetimes and an army of speechwriters...

Lost World of New Species Found in Jungle

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Standing Ovation for Clinton!!! VERY, VERY LOUD

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

ACTION ALERT: Interview with Kenneth Harris of the Greensboro Seven

A RWer I used to work with was busted for Kiddie Porn!

CNN just aired ad!!! It ROCKS!

Karl Rove bribing members of the Judiciary Committee

Wow, GM Execs' salaries halved...

I Can Barely Stand My Friends Right Now.

Well, now we're seeing why the DLC is as screwed up as it is.

What Is The Purpose of Your Posts?

TN (Knox) Elections Admin will NOT recommend Diebold and ES&S!!!

Does DU Bash Religion?

Fuck John McCain.

JOE BAGEANT: Welcome To Middle-Class Lockdown -- Now Shut Up And Buy Some

Damn Right, Muslims are Protesting over a Cartoon...

Malloy plugged a great 9-11 docu last night... "Loose Change"

Fla. Pastor Accused Of Throwing Puppies From Pickup Truck

If You Believe Bush Is Worse Than Hitler


Thanks for keeping me sane, DU!

CNN: We won the Cold War, Capitalism prevailed

Photos from Mrs. King's Service ---pix->>>

********EPA Calls For Teflon Chemical Ban******** Please Read!!!!

Bush admitted to murdering 30,000 Iraqis on live national television...

Stephanie Miller is on - tune in!

Rumsfeld + Cheney + Wolfowitz + Ford = Iran's Nuclear Weapons

Uncle Sam's role in teaching jihad to Muslim fundamentalists

Jimmy Carter at Coreta' s funeral / must see video

READ!! -- NSA doc proves "Bush Authorized Domestic Spying BEFORE 9/11"

Boxer urges Sheehan to not challenge Feinstein

Kinky Friedman's campaign commercial

Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby, and me. (John Dickerson's side of the story)

Kate O'Byrne calling Carter "classless"

Anyone see the latest from Scott Ritter ?- OMG

I really wish you'd tell me what you're talking about.


The Bush family, the Cuban mafia and the Kennedy assassination

The President is Breaking the Law: Congress must do its job

The Budget Formula

300 hearings to 3

Just A Thought - I'm Posing This For Discussion - Should The Dems.....

Remember the "closed session" re Iraq prewar intel?

Purchasing A Gun - Getting FISA Permission - Analogy.....

Forgotten: Senate Resolution 143

I can't get the KBR detention camp thing out of my mind.

Dems talking points target Santorum

Gonzales: maybe terrorists forgot we are spying on them

Downsizing the Federal Government, State's Rights and National Security.

Nuclear weapon free zone (NWFZ) in the Mid East/World? What about that?

SO thats more domestic surveillance hearings or

I wanted to see the cartoons that the Muslim Religion's people have went

40 (Kentucky) House members sign on to state bill banning abortion

Any former CLEC managed canvassers out there? Sign in.

Gonzales sides with the written law over the President's intepretation...

"We can do better" Will this empty slogan translate to victory?

Have we started a concerted effort to oust the Vichy Dem Six?

Photos: "President Bush shares a laugh with recording artist Al Green"

can someone explain"the program we are discussing today"

The Oscar for gall goes to ... President George W. Bush

On spying, a lot of people, including Dems, are going to say

GOP e-mails: "1:01: Re-vote!!!! More ballots than Members!!!!!!!!!!!"

R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N Now!!! Class warfare and we're losing-fight back now!

Glenn Greenwald will be on NPR today with Powerline's Hinderaker

In regards to the NSA spying, is the genie out of the bottle ?

Questions Gonzalez should answer...

My Letter to Tom Vilsack

What was Gonzales' main talking point of the day?

BushCo Re-Evaluating Their Invasion Of Iraq......

smirk denies N.O. money - Nagin asks other countries for help

Note to Tweety: Comments made by Bush in 2004 are NOT "pre-9/11."

On Randi: One Simple Way to Totally Debunk Gonzales

Every American who has made/received an outsourced customer service call

O'REALLY WATCH: Kristof of 'NYT' Starts Pledge Drive to Back Bill O'Reilly

Leading with civil liberties (on Spygate) is stupid.

$1 Million Taxpayer Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign

Today's Common Dreams, reports Liebermann will have a primary challenge.

Has Bill Clinton spoken at the funeral yet?

Idea for a closet liberal with a homophobic freepturd "friend"

Can you believe 12,400 businesses in one building ??

DNC Finalizes Acquisition of RNC

Listening to Pat Leahy's speech. WOW

BEWARE: Wolfowitz and the Neo-cons may try to Hijack the Democrats

"When al Qaeda calls someone in this country, we want to know..."

Anyone else excited about Jack Carter?

British American Tobacco's 4 yr. joint venture in N. Korea

Bush pimps his tax cuts while Ray Nagin "seeks aid from other nations"

Stephen Colbert Interviews Barbara Boxer

AP Photo, WH Transcript: Bush "receives standing ovation" at King Funeral

America's Future: Republic Or Empire?

if you want to get Rummy, first you have to get Stephen Cambone

Why did bush even attend the funeral of CSK?

Charlie Cook: "Democrats do have a real shot at ending the GOP's control"

Bush 1 Discombobulated - Reading His Speech Like It Was The....

If the US nukes Iran, some of the neighboring

The Dem's missed a major opportunity and leave it to

How are Jews and Christians treated in the Muslim Press?

Question about the Cartoons

Bwa ha ha ha friggin HA. "Clearly agitated Specter lashes out at Reid"

When McCellan Was Asked About The Bush/Abramoff Pictures....

dkos: My Army Nephew - Disillusioned Patriot

Iraq War Draws Veterans Into Politics

The end is near. I have actually agreed with Pat Buchanan on something:

Gonzales Can't Give "Absolute Assurance" About Spying Program

Republican senators warmly embrace Bush's budget -- not

Vilsack is right and wrong....

Gonzales Ducks Question On When Spying Idea Was Hatched

Leahy, Dems and Repubs take issue with Bush's spying argument

Matthews falsely claimed that Bush's 2004 comment denying warrantless wire

Rove is busy

Someone should have called Gonzales out yesterday...

Report: Rove Threatens Republican Senators With Blacklist

Wire taps Can not be used in a Court of Law

I don't get this at TPM: Bush's spying might be constitutional

Now for some humor - "The Case for Joe Biden" (From newsweek)

Interesting Freeper views now

Bush Cronyism Hurts NASA

Great Bush impression--check it out!

King eulogists jab Bush at funeral

No, President Carter. Tell us what you REALLY think about Gonzales.

DU Office Pool

why is everyone so surprised by the violent reaction to that cartoon?

Abramoff is just the tip of the iceberg. The big picture shows

A message from Senator Ken Salazar

Another Brilliant Cartoon from Ward Sutton Repub -vs- Dem comparison

Awesome new ad from Move on...

I know he's an asshole. I still had to send him this e-mail.

Attorney General Gonzales Testimony - conclusion cartoon

White Rose stream isn't loading..

Someone finally says it: Bush and Bin Laden are partners!!!

Would we prefer a liberal cable network - like Fox?

New Frame: From now on, these panic-stricken weenies are: "Bedwetters"

Is the administration trying to wreck the economy?

From Buzzflash: Top 10 'Conspiracy Theories' about George W. Bush

Just had a thought ...

Yep, the Freepers are CONVINCED that we're (the left) in bed with Al Queda

Is it a black and/or white thing? Why do Blacks have bigger balls

Does EVERY Democratic leader serve the repuke Military Industrial Complex?

Clinton Defends Contribution to Casey

DU this poll on McCain/Obama! We're losing the first part!

when r we gonna get an apology from the Dems who voted for the war?

Emails MISSING from White House computers! (Fitzgerald investigation)

Can you please DU, Who is most despicable murderer of all time?

2006 DU Poll....Support Dems or Not ?

HEY George Washington used electronic surveillance

*Co targets PBS again

Remember the Big Shift around 1980? We can create a New Turning Point now.

Economic Populism 101: What Dems can learn from

Fweeps Furious About Funeral (Following Russel Limbaugh's Wellstone Lead)

DLC has a point.....

Do We Have To Paint the Bedwetters a Fucking Picture?

Did the Neo cons use 9-11 like Hitler used the Reichstag Fire?

Wes Clark Email: Leg-less Iraq Vet - She's Running in Illinois

Grandpa Munster Telling It Like It Is About Actual Activism