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Fighting over marriage four decades ago

Bob Graham: The truth behind the San Diego two

U.S. Eyeing Alberta Oilsands

Worlds apart

Making Sense of Ohio's New ID Law

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News February 6, 2006

What about the Leach U of I President Rumor?

Tech help

Bomb threats against Canadian Jewish schools

WP: Handful of Races May Tip Control of Congress

US triples spending to stop Iraq bomb attacks-NYT

Voting machine firm's past questioned (possible Diebold purchase in Pgh)

Personal data on hundreds of Americans faxed to Manitoba company

WP: Stability of Mentally Ill Shaken By Medicare Drug Plan Problems

Iran's Already Depressed Economy Hard Hit by Nuke Crisis--Daily Star

Oil prices soar as Iran resumes nuclear enrichment

what a team DU has!!! wtg elad

Holmgren, you are a fuckin' idiot!

Pass the Maalox, please.

Hmm...Super Bowl ends, DU goes back online...

I bring these gifts for you their up in my bum....

Sour grapes

The Diebold Steelers

A pretty cool 404 web page

I am posting this from an undisclosed location

Who else suffered DU withdrawals and kept refreshing the home page?

OMG!!111!! We have DU again!

I have the blackout at approximately 5 hours, 15 minutes

I've got to say when they attempted to have a moment of silence

Narco Anarcho Narcissism --> What do you think of it?

favorite sounds from your childhood...

Ok, ladies, fess up, have you ever owned a leather.......

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

How do you make a puppet? Seriously


I just watched Mae West sing..

What meat can you not resist?

Seattle sports teams never win when it counts!

For the Steelers fans here...

we're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Seahawks played really stupid football ......


I am posting this from a Pittsburgh bar

Must.... stop.... eating chocolate covered pretzels


Hey, was there a sports game or something today? And also some

I'm glad Super Bowl is over.

A Stones picture from the Super Bowl....

I hate to break it to the PITTSBURGH STEELERS

Well, DU's back up...time to start postin' Jessica Alba threads again.

Okay, now I'm pissed: The Stones didn't play my favorite song!

Just a pretty picture (non-football related!)

What was the best Super Bowl ad this year?

Hasselbeck endorsed Bush anyway

That was the most memorable Super Bowl in NFL history...

Damn it, I'm trying to hide all the superbowl/steeler/seahawk threads

Steelers won Superbowl XL!!!

A Hearty Congratulations to the Steelers

Any satisfied AMD Turion users out there?

Tom Cruise can act.

An interesting thread in GD ........

DU Goes Down

What Black Sabbath song is in your IPOD?

So, what would you rather be blind or a midget?

badee buhdee bdee

Please, a cure for hiccups!

Harvard Study: 2600 Highway Deaths And 330,000 Injuries Per Year

Shouldn't somebody burn embassies because of "Family Circus"?

Online Petition on Bad Super Bowl Refs

I NOW understand why the Stones are still so hot.

What Did You Do While DU Was Down?

Did anyone see that interview with Mick Jagger earlier this week?

Hi! What did I miss?

A toast to the Seattle Seahawks and their fans.

This is why Dubya hates human animal hybrids:

Oh, Lord, here it comes.

Okay has anyone seen the documentary "Grizzly Man"

What meal can you not resist?

Worst. Officiating. Ever.

John Holmes Wins FBR Open

Did you watch the Rolling Stones live today and if so, what did you think?

Jesus Christ walks into a inn with three spikes.

Which do you prefer: Puppy Bowl or Super Bowl?

The Sour Grapes of Sports...It's part of the game.

As a Steeler fan, I'd say too many calls went the Steeler's way...

Do heterosexual people have "straightdar?"

That was the most forgettable Super Bowl in NFL history...

I Am Waiting...

Fascinating read on physics (with pretty pictures! :-)

Outrage at attacks on NASA

Have you ever mistaken friendliness for cruisiness?

Blast from the past... from an old Jet Magazine I was leafing through

Fighting over marriage four decades ago

Typical Jake Scott

Where are all those Seattle fans now!!!!

steelers win !

Props to Seattle

Okay Pet Lovers

Your Favorite meditation/healing CD's?

Depending on the poll results...

Iraq: The Musical

This is the way we need to fight

With zealous step he climbs the upland lawn .....


Am I the 1st one back? woooooooohoooooooooooooo

Hooray for the Admins!. . that was pretty fast!. . . n/t

That was the most memorable Super Bowl in NFL history...

Peter Werbe is discussing his visit to Venzuela and the World Social

Many MA DUers have been preoccupied with State's Dem caucus

Riding the "terra" wave

I Am Waiting...

This is the *second* escape of USS Cole bombing suspects!

5 hours, 8 minutes. ELAD ROCKS!!!!

Predictions: U.S Response to Iranian Oil Burse and Aftermath

World Can't Wait-CSPAN

In case you missed it.

I'm looking for the tin foil kitty pic...

Kos: The Swiftboating of the Congressional Research Service

We believe in love and lust,they believe in lust only.

News Hounds Media Digest # 68 - 1/29/06 to 2/5/06

A good liberal would welcome his Republican opponents....

Oil Comp Profits Anger Many Motorists-41% oil stocks held by pub pensions

Dean: This government has become more Nixonian and "Agnewonian."

Tough New Law Limits What Can Be Put in Household Garbage Cans

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting and interesting day...

Question re: Bush and the Constitution

Behind the Urgent Diplomacy: A Sense Iran Will Get the Bomb

List a country that the CIA screwed with.

al Qaeda terrorists escaped, along with USS COLE mastermind

LOL Hannity gets smacked down

A big difference between liberals and conservatives:

What will be Bush's excuse for not leaving office in 2008?

I've heard a couple wingers talk about the fragility of Islam

Bed time here

ABC Goes to Tape Delay for Stones Show

Will the current Muslim violence spread to Europe soon?

VIDEO- Good Will Hunting Quote about the NSA

Body of WW II Airman Found in Sierra Nevada is Identified

Pittsburgh Must Undo the Coup! (Stop Diebold purchase in Pittsburgh)

Pentagon database leaves no child alone

I just kicked in a li'l extra to DU to help out with the hardware upgrade!

So, are you prepared for the big NSA hearing tomorrow?

Band of Brothers to Gather in Washington on Feb. 8

We need to build a list of Dems to Donate to.

Just for fun how many of you have read any works by Marx?

DU is 85,000 strong!

Did you catch war pimp Tim Russert this morning?

Here's a fun thing to try!!!!

Col. Wilkerson: "I participated in a hoax on the American people..."

Getting really tired of the Condi Rice, media darling thing.

The delusional, fantasy world of the Kool-aid Cult.

Venzuela tightens free expression

Do we have the right to piss off the Muslims?

Powell's former chief of staff on Iraq intel: 'I participated in a hoax'

Report on the server upgrade Sunday

Correct me if I'm wrong , but didn't Boehner get

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio :"GOP Goosestep Rag"

There's C-SPAN "junkies" and then there's DU "junkies"...

Conservatives ask: Is Bush still one of us?

I am fed up.

Greenwald: Preview of Sen. Kennedy's questioning tomorrow

Signs you have an Errant Government

White House Letter: Bush is thinking ahead, already, to retirement

Muslim Cartoon Controversy: What the Media Isn't Telling You

Mrs. QUAKER OATS BUSH now telling us we need to eat w/our families!!!

Who likes Oreo cookies??

Alito Causes Strategy-Shift for Blacks

Battle for Congress Hinges on Handful of Races

Look up "chimptard" in the dictionary, and....

The Failure of Citizenship

We are all Danes now.

Sideshows on Iran's frogmarch to the UN

"Missile Defense Costs $10 Billion a Year. What do we get for that?"

Can Blogs Revolutionize Progressive Politics?

E&P/AP: Attorney General Will Blame Media for 'Wrong' Spy Program Reports

White House spying defense rests on shaky legal ground

The gullibility that led us into the last war could yet bring us a

NYT: 31 days in Iraq

End run around horse slaughter ban

IHT: Dying to tell the story? More (Iraq journalists) than you know

Worlds Apart: Is Israel the New South Africa (apartheid)

Vonnegut's Blues for America

"Beam Me Up, Scottie!"


Save the WORLD!!! Ban the Light Bulb.

Ray Nagin, White Rage and the Manufacturing of Reverse Racism

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Who Will Save America? - By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS - Disturbing article.


Pollution May Put Diabetics and Overweight At Heart Attack Risk

Bush Bangs Out Hollow Promises On An Empty Oil Can - Times of London

Indonesian Government To Take Over All Forests, Logging Companies

"We Should Expect Further Greenland Outlet Glaciers To Follow Suit" - BBC

"Seasonal Variation In Velocity Before Retreat Of Jakobshavn" - AGU Paper

10 Irrawaddy Dolphins (8 Calves) Found Dead In Mekong - 10% Of Population

Great Barrier Reef Has Maybe 20 Years Left - Bleaching Experts

crosspost: Allstate cancels some NYC-area homeowners policies

Budget Glance EPA

High Oil Prices Fuel Middle East Growth

"Rapid & Synchronous Ice Dynamic Changes In E. Greenland" - AGU Paper

Proposed massive multistate power line could test new law

Britain faces drought after dry winter

I put more air in my Prius tires and instantly got 5 more miles per gallon

"Lungs Of The World" Collapsing As Brazil Declares "State of Emergency"

World's Largest Photovoltaic Project Planned in Nevada

Sign the petition against Rattle Snake Roundups in New Mexico.

Did Bush Really Want to Bomb Al Jazeera?

Diskin: Shin Bet softer on Jewish terror suspects

Is Israel the new South Africa? (Apartheid)

Who is Charles Burligame, Flight 77 pilot?

Finnish Military Expert Explains WTC Demolition

"Do cell phones work on airplanes?"-- the Tom Burnett miracle

I've gone MIHOP, and the one person I discussed it with thinks I'm crazy

Election officials fear '06 season of the glitch

Revote in Ohio After More Votes Than Voters Recorded on Diebold Machines

Evan Bayh in CR

Grassley - kissing up to torture boy, wants whistleblower PUNISHED NOW!

And so it begins....the personal attacks have started

Great story on an Iowa family of soldier who died in Iraq

I finally got a LTTE printed!

Peace candidate to challenge Sabo in MN 5th


How do I store dvds on my harddrive?

Black History Month/A. Lincoln b'day event, San Antonio, Sun. 2/12

Red District Dems, adopt a district...

Parody website about "human-animal hybrids"

Grumbly Chicken

Impromptu fried rice

I need a good Southern collard green recipe!


David Emerson to/has Crossed the Floor!!!

Will Jim "make homelessness illegal" Flaherty be the voice

Here's a scary possibility for future elections.

Keep your friends close....

Tory hold on power may not be as secure as it looks

Powell's former chief of staff on Iraq intel: 'I participated in a hoax'

Specter Criticizes Rationale for Spying

Lebanon minister quits over riot

ABC News/Reuters: Oil soars $1 as Iran resumes nuclear enrichment

Ahmadinejad laughs off resolution

Los Angeles Times: Aristide Ally Is Ahead in Haiti Poll

Amnesty renews call for Guantanamo closure

AWB aware of Iraq kickbacks, former exec says

Weld's campaign site altered news articles

As case begins, eyes are on appeal

Homeland Security seizing medications from elderly, former Customs officia

Looks like Arlen wants to give Gonzalez room to lie.

Europe, U.S. Governments At Risk Over CIA Flights

Iraqi detainee dies in Abu Ghraib prison

ACLU Welcomes Senate Inquiry Into Warrantless NSA Spying Program...

IHT: Dying to tell the story? More (Iraq journalists) than you know

E&P/AP: Attorney General Will Blame Media for 'Wrong' Spy Program Reports

Sprint Nextel Cooperating In Domestic Spying -Report

ATF Director Is Linked to Cost Overruns For New Building

Sunnis build up their own militia in Iraq

Missing Davie (Florida) Woman Found Alive

WP/Reuters: Bush budget seeks to recycle spent nuclear fuel

Moussaoui kicked out of trial's final phase

Iraq's Sadr says US spreading strife among Arabs

3000 demonstrate for peace

American Killed in Afghan Ambush

Iran new focus of caricature protests

Leahy: Wiretaps illegal

Chechnya bans Danish aid workers over cartoons

BBC: Man apologises for bomber protest

South Carolina (R) governor OKs tolls for new road

Groups to help Iraq war dodger

Prosecutors: Man who attacked gay bar( Mass.) left 'desperation' message

Bush Asks Congress to OK $2.7T Budget 02/06/06

AG Gonzo says the President is his client. WTF?

why wasn't gonzales sworn in?

Kennedy: By Going It Alone, The Administration Undermines Our Security

IRAQ: Severe water shortage hits Baghdad suburbs

Attorney General Says Criminal Probe Continues in Leak to 'NY Times'

Iran Has Cut All Trade Ties With Denmark

IRAQ: Severe water shortage hits Baghdad suburbs

Under Bush's Budget, Deficit Would Decline, Then Mount Again - Bloomberg

Medicare plan could face tough test in Congress

Election officials fear '06 season of the glitch

Gonzales Faces Tough Questions on Spying

Authorities backed Damascus riots, say protesters

3rd pol mulls (Peter) King challenge (Dave Denenberg)

Britain defies U.S. with world abortion funding

Mental-Health Care Limited for Immigrants

Iranians hurl petrol bombs at Austrian embassy

Election officials fear '06 season of the glitch (voting machines)

Islamist Riots: British Muslims Ask, Why No Arrests?

Telecoms let NSA spy on calls (AT&T, MCI and Sprint)

Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project

Fox News/AP: Russia Warns Against Threatening Iran

New Amnesty International Report Reveals that Former Guantanamo Detainees'

First U.S.-Cuba Energy Summit declared success

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 6 February

WSJ: Tax Breaks to Boost Cost Of Bush's Health Budget

Costa Rica in election nailbiter; Arias just ahead

Son of ex-President Carter seeks Nev. seat

Britain Could Start Pulling Out of Iraq By May, Says US General

Clinton Rebuts G.O.P. Chairman's Attack on Her

Reid blasts Bush's Medicare cuts

Allstate cancels some NYC-area homeowners policies

Bush aims to tame deficits with domestic cuts

(UK) Cleric calls on Mohammed cartoonist to be executed

Stem-Cell Research Divides GOP in Missouri

States Eye Picketing at Soldiers' Funerals

IRAQ: Severe water shortage hits Baghdad suburbs

McCain flames Obama

MSN: Iran moves to curtail scrutiny of nuclear sites (remove cameras)

Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project

US defense industry frets about high Iraq spending

WP: Coretta Scott King's Four Children Speak of Her Illness, Final Days

Bush Wants Saudia Arabia to Ease Tensions

Nikkei hits 5-1/2-year high on firm economic data

Bush budget triples money from Alaska oil drilling

Lyric malfunction: Rolling Stones' sexually explicit lyrics bleeped out

Councilman Wants To Ban Smokers From City Jobs

Cuba, Mexico upset by US move to halt energy meeting

(High Number of) Troops returning from war zones dying on motorcycles

Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons

Nagin: New Orleans will seek aid from other nations

WP: Cancer Research in Danger

Blackwell choose Raga as running mate

Iran paper plans Holocaust cartoons

Four killed in cartoon protests

"MPACUK (Muslim Public Affairs Committee/UK) Condemns Friday's March!"

Pro-gun actvist blasts state Senate GOP; offers to help Dems


trailer baby

If you wake George W. Bush up at 3:00 AM, he sounds like...

East Coast DU'ers Is Jimmy Kimmel on right now

OMFG! Two men love each other.

I'm really impressed, upgrades can be a bitch. but it looks like our

Do you realise the sun really doesn't go down?

Tommorow is monday morning.

Who is the best Vice President?

how about them

Why do cats think it's endearing to claw your leg?

So. Why didn't the BFEE succeed in it's plot to blow up The Super

Giving a car to the Super bowl MVP is ridiculous....

Look up "chimptard" in the dictionary, and....

Yes, yes — referees are biased

Holy shit, CNN reporting Superbowl refs admit they were told to be bias..

In honor of Mistress Heidi's visiting virus

Anyone here have the book the Rainbow Goblins?

I hate that Deadwood and The Shield are both on right now!!

New yeti/penguin games..icicle climb & a new one with llamas

I'm listening to Buddy Ebsen singing "Your Cheating Heart"

Rate the officiating of the Super Bowl

Motorcycle Diaries v. Sleep? hmmmmmm

History Detectives is doing the car tape player

Africa needs water......... (another goodie from b3ta)


My dentist is really mean

Night y'all!

My Name is JCMach1 and I Don't Care Who Won the Superbowl!

Who Sucks WORSE? The Rolling Stones or Aerosmith?

Arcade Claw Offers Live Lobster Prizes

For Those Debating The Super Bowl "Conspiracy"

I have 25 posts till I reach the 8000

Well, of course we're going to throw poo at him!

Monday earworm.

For the "Batman" movies...

I have some questions regarding Va. Civil Law..... anyone?

Hey, want to see the worst movie of this (or any) year?

This is so funny!!

Who owns an ELECTRIC *SKULL* opener?

Who owns a DIESEL POWERED can opener?

Attention Detroit News Channels...The Super Bowl Was Yesterday!

The SuperBowl is boring! Bring on March Madness and the World Cup!

Man Finds [fake] Alien in Attic

I am back

Crazed woman in "Friends" T-Shirt confronts "That home-wrecking Angelina"

Post 8000 for me and for you ....

Oil furnace question


Who owns an ELECTRIC *JAR* opener?

Who owns an ELECTRIC can opener?

Who fans: Pete Townshend's giving away a free 20-MP3 album on his Web Site

Salute to the pure, untouchable sports, competitions and teams


I am Beck

Wow! what is happening with the Lounge posts?

Poor little Birdy. Chickadee flew into my kitchen window about 15

Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address

Post examples of badly translated English you have seen.

Going to Canada

If you don't remember Eddie the Eagle, then you did not...

How hung over are you?

The Cleveland Superbowl Party pix! (dialup warning)


Did anybody else get one of these?

Throw a flag on these Super Bowl referees (editorial)

Beware the Towel Man

Who's in the mood for some "Brown and Bubbly?"

The REFS in the Puppy Bowl II were pretty good!

Cool old photos from Sunnyside (NYC neighborhood)

Did Mick Jagger schwing up his own song yesterday?

The WORST thing about having your computer fritz out on you

Aretha Franklin has earned her own area code

Is DU loading faster for you?

Did you ever notice that Dirty Harry always happens to walk into trouble..

LynneSin where are you?? Come out and Play!

I saw an interesting bumper sticker on the way to work this morn!

Post 5555

'Saturday Night Live' is not dead

This moth is lovingly dedicated to Kellanved.

Ouch, F-Bomb, aw baby

Got "Candide" on DVD...Leonard Berstein was a FUCKING GENIUS.

Candidates for Best Goofy Happy Song That Also Doesn't Suck. Post here...

So... This rabbit goes into a butcher shop

Do you believe in dogs?

Weapons of mass deception?

"He continued the interview while bleeding quietly in his boxer shorts"

My husband and my son both have food poisoning.

What was more interesting to sit and watch last night...the Super Bowl or

Did anyone see Grey's anatomy last night?

switch to large fonts

Do you hate the font Comic Sans MS?

Looks like there was a prowler in the neighborhood

How hung are you?

Stupidest John Madden comment from the Super Bowl...

Does anyone have that link....?

I started a post in GD. This is going to get good.


Do you post on other discussion boards, besides DU?

What the fuck is with Neil Diamond's "Pot smoker's song"?

This is probably the nicest January-February stretch I've ever seen in MN

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw Bitched out !!!

A guy walks into a bar....

See the Nike commercial with AC DC "Noise Pollution"?


Question for people who are into punishing...

280 mile per hour model jet airplane?

Judge Leads Super Bowl Chant During Manslaughter Trial

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!

Can I mix two flavours of instant oatmeal?

You know, I have liked Billie Holliday for a LONG time, but...

My thread spawned a geek flame war!!!!

Goodnight lounge lizards!

Yay! Captain Crunch cereal with blueberries!

Lest we forget: HAPPY 95th TO RONNIE RAYGUN!

one of my cartoons has been "published"

A subject near and dear to lounger's hearts, no pun intended.

What's on * Ipod?

Screw Chuch Norris. Werner Herzog is the true personification of badass.

Vanity Post

SUP Peeps?

Help, I need free computer advice.

Faith in the White House....heh, heh....

Oh my, I am a grey!

Oh my god I am gay!!

Just had a funny thought,I think

Man Tried To Sell Cocaine To Deputy - In Uniform AND Sitting In Patrol Car

Oy vey, I'm a goy!

One of my fish had babies some time in the last month

I'm Sick of "The Dark"....Post A Compliment You've Had Recently!

What Musical Artists Sound Considerably Better Live Than On Record?

Oh my, Nod. I am Gay!

Teen Saves Woman's Life (Woman Saved HIS Life In 1999)

Would you use this picture in an art project?

The sun is out today.....and it feels like Spring.......

Monday funnies - Clinton, Gore and Bush face a firing squad...

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

Bud Light's "Magic Fridge" Ices Advertising Win

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/6/06)

We wuz robbed!!!!

Does anyone here do organic lawn care?

Peanut Butter + Carrots = YUM!

Project X!!! The server update was a success!

Super bowl ads. The best and worst.

OMG, Rachel Leigh Cook got rid of her ponytail... she is so gorgeous now!

Have you ever met a love interest at a protest or political rally?

DU parents, I have a question for you:

I know the real reason Bush is so scared of human-animal hybrids...

"Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse" - a murder mystery

What Movie Start Are You? -- Quiz I got in email


MR. DTBK PASSED HIS BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now we can get ready for a *real* sport

Things you have TOO MANY of

Super Bowl AD thread!

Vanity Post

Vanity Post

Oh my God I am Ney!

DU this poll- emergency contraception

Does the US still allow for dual citizenship?

Anybody watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship last night?

"Manly sport"...Daisy Air Rifles, choice of clean cut, alert American boys

How unusual is it for a 3-yr-old to write?

Oh sod! I'm gay!

chartreuse, anyone?

admit it---most of us here secretly wanted to do this:

HATED IT! Neil Tennant on the power of negative thinking

Where's Mutley_r_Us?

Check Out My Band Website......

I have an earache.

Are you a member of any patriotic or service organizations?

Sex Thread

name a popular movie that you didn't see

Bald Japanese Samurai

Mom told me on the phone that Pittsburgh City Schools have 2 hr delay

Get a Grip. Refs suck A Lot of the time. Games have been called worse.

You could have unclaimed property

Name something mean you did that you do regret.

Need your tips on taking a cruise.

Question for people who are into publishing...

All it takes to gain a pound of fat in a year...

Netiquette question: When did the "." and "..." response posts start?



Superbowl Trivia Question

Wow, I have over 19000 posts



Bhuddist monk goes into a pizza restaurant

History and "Christian" Political Agendas

The rapture, any takers?

Would Jesus forgive Satan?

And giving the Virgin Mary on toast a run for her money is.......

Celebrate the National Day of Reason - Thursday May 4th, 2006

Anyone want to play Guess the 18th C. Church Symbolism? [big pics]

Married Couples Forbidden To Have Sex Naked

I am who I am - Thank God I am

Muslim Chaplain James Yee from Guantanamo will speak Wed 2/16

Diet + exercise reverses Metabolic Syndrome & Type 2 Diabetes in 3 weeks!

WaPo Magazine: Darwin v. God

Outed in Iraq: Gay soldiers fighting in Iraq discharged despite recruiting

Question about ballot initiatives - can the GBLT community and their

Something y'all might enjoy

Pataki Signs Gay Funeral Bill

Settlement Reached In HIV Discrimination Suit

The new voice of D.C.'s subway is family

Gay Oklahoma commissioner questions anonymous calls

Turkey Balks on Widening Rights for Gays

Dem. For Fla. Gov. Supports Gay Adoption, Not Marriage

Fewer Than Expected Register For U. Fla. Domestic Partner Plan

Oh good, something else I'm now all pissed off about

I didn't care who won the game last night

Big Ben's XL Touchdown - A Photographic Tribute

WORST Superbowl EVER!

Ok, The Refs REALLY Fucked Up Last Night, Seriously

I'm a Steeler fan but the crowd showed poor class during pre-game

Brett Favre

I'd like to give it up to the Pittsburgh Steelers, World Champions!

I Hate When Fans Can't Admit That They Got Lucky

The fix was in. I'm boycotting football next year.

Big Ben and History

Jerome Bettis was the reason for Parker's TD run.

2/3 on my Predictions for the CB

WaPo/Michael Wilbon: "On the Big Stage, This One Is Nothing to Sing About"

Poor cat hygeine question

Best tasting canned cat food (to cats, of course!)?

I got a feral kitty to foster...

I'm really proud of myself.

Rate it down, folks.

Senate NSA Hearing today: Oh. My. Gawd.

Ode to Yellow and Black

Kerry in Maryland

Kerry's reactions to the budget

Some vet candidates can't afford to come to DC for VETPAC event.

Senate Foreign Relations Comm Hearings: Full Slate this week

Help need from kerrycrats

Boids of Mississippi


COMMENTS thread - Photogroup February contest: "Absence of colour"

SUBMISSION thread - Photogroup February contest: "Absence of colour"

I'm out tonight! BUT I hope there'll be

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/06/06: Gonzales Grilled

KOEB Help Please ..... AG not under oath for hearings.

So, is KO not good enough to be a Hardball Hotshot?

A major milestone for the emergence of a fair, sustainable economy

OMFG! Two men love each other.

I didn't watch the aftermath. Did Chimpy make a post-Super Bowl call

Seriously, Boehner, don't try to church your name up, we all know

So, no terra attack at The Bowl.

was Cheney & Wolfowitz right that oil revenues would pay for the Iraq war

Superbowl censors The Stones ("You make a dead man ****" in "Start Me Up")

Okay has anyone seen the documentary "Grizzly Man"

Love Field comes up short on comparison

Opps wrong forum

Can 40 years of progress really be erased?

Anyone have a spare copy of...

This system is MUCH faster.

The Case For Bush

NYT: In a State of Anxiety? No, but Anxious About His Age

I can't believe they put George Bush in a Super Bowl ad!

Flash back to 2001... who did Jr put in charge of anti terrorism efforts?

Super Bowl post from the lounge -- It belongs here in GD!

Jesus Christ walks into a inn with three spikes.

On Dish Network NOW - Chan. 256 - "Life of Emile Zola"...

Keep your protesting shoes on...

Shirley Franklin (D-Mayor of Atlanta) What an impressive woman

How much of corporate write-offs for debt could be eliminated

Powell's top aid apologizes for the Iraqi war LIES

preview for Softball tonight: " Will The Domestic Spying Happen Again"?

GREAT Book for Parents of Little Ones

What are you doing to protest NSA spying on American citizens?

Save the WORLD!!!

cheney got paid MILLIONS to start a war with iraq

Disclosure of a two-bit nothin' Valerie Plame's name

Republicans are lying weasels who hate America.

Republican "Jeopardy." Give Gonzo the answer first; let him agree.

Who Is Being Watched?

Sen. Grassley is such an Asshole!

Look at the bright side of Bush's new dictatorship

I thought Grassley and Specter were supposed to be moderates.

VIDEO- Kennedy Round 1 Questions

Did Grassley just say "Democrat Presidents"??

Someone please tell Fitz, Grassley says Plame outing is a "2 bit nothing"

Hey Washington authorized electronic survelance....Gonzo said so

Just ran across this on XM's site

Handful of Races May Tip Control of Congress

i'm going to intentionally provoke the eavesdropping of my phone calls

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 7

Clinton bashing at the Superbowl

Why is Property more Sacrosanct Than Human Activity?

Is there any good website giving the latest info on the bird flu?

Homeland Security seizing medications from elderly, says ex-Customs agent

How many people will be listening to CSPAN at 9:30 am EST

The Power of Nightmares:The Rise of the Politics of Fear

This Phillip Swagel is annoying. He's on WJ now.

NY Police Dept union sues NY Police Dept

When the GOP is out of power, I hope Halliburton never sees another...

Phillip Swagel on CSPAN.. are you shitting me!!??

3rd parties, two choices.

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 1

So I gave myself royal heartburn last night watching Hannity in that

That was the most forgettable Super Bowl in NFL history...

Hey, Bush! Those WMD's you were looking for? They're in my neighborhood.

What would you think of a County Chair

Fill me in please. What eavesdropping did Clinton...

Krugman: Dis-united Democrats -- and a suggestion

Carlyle said seeking 20% of China bank

Caller on C-SPAN

Arizona Wants Students to Decide What Education is...

Union action directed at Bush Board

Looks like Arlen wants to give Gonzalez room to lie.

When will someone come to Amerika and grant us Regime change.

Rutherford Institute: The Secret Police and Political Dissent

Did anyone see the interview w/Barbara Bodine on CNN this morning?

VIDEO- Leahy's Opening Statement

~ To My Fellow Democrats, Liberals and DUers ~

Leahy's Up.

Yemeni Prison Break: Restocking the Pond?

VIDEO- Specter Won't Allow Bush's Wiretap Video to be shown

We let the Wingnuts control the language. Spying v. Eavesdropping

speaking of detention camps . . .

Why have court cases if decisions mean whatever AG says they mean

Moral Authority, shoved down your throat

Robert Bolt Presented the Problem

Lebanon APOLOGIZES to Denmark

Jeff Sessions: Nearly 3000 Americans have no civil rights...

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 2

What is the point if individuals are not sworn in? Call Spector's office.

I am a little behind...Any other witnesses besides Gonzalez?

Bushco: Reducing everything to an OPINION

Only Thing Missing From Gonzales Farce? Mrs Gonzalez Crying

VIDEO: Senate Conservatives Refuse To Put Gonzales Under Oath

Support the troops - a history lesson by me

Warning! Spew Alert!!!

I don't think Specter is going to let Gonzalez or White House slide...

Syrian authorities backed Damascus riots, say protesters

More Big Brother, coming to a state near you.

Steve Bell on the cartoon hullaballoo

There's A Lot Riding On This Morning's Judiciary Hearings

Here goes the LIE FEST..."Torture Boy" won't be sworn in.

Does the President Possess the Authority to Order a Break-in?

Michelle Malkin spreads the hate with new video...

Super Bowl Police State

gonzales' prepared statement before the committee

Are the freeptards even happy with the lack of swearing in?

Squeaky! If you are acting in accordance with FISA, then why the

What question(s) should be asked that have not or probably won't

Bush's appointed Fascists are all 'nice.'

Is is possible to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Supreme Court?

THE DIXIE CHICKS ARE BACK!!! And just as outspoken! New Rock CD on the

What would happen if a Democrat refused to testify under oath?

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 4

Halliburton to build Homeland Security Detention Ctrs in US

We better be prepared to shower Specter with praise !

Did anyone bookmark the compendium of B** crimes? n/t

Disgusting Freepers

NYT - 31 Days in Iraq

It’s Monday, I think I’ll convert the Middle East to democracy.

Virtual March to Stop Global Warming

Those who live in Western states, do cats and dogs

Wow. Not even a level one yet.

So I don't watch the superbowl, and thus, NONE of the commercials.

Who could have possibly predicted that a few guys with box cutters

Protester removed from NSA hearing

Politician- Actor Grandpa 'Munster' dies at age 82

Help with Rangel quote. Fake?

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 6

When did this "pilot's sister" become an expert on constitutional law

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 5

Sauce for the Goose, then Sauce for the Gander……

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 3

There are more than one spying program that can involve US citizens

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 9

Bush in 2000: "the man’s running on Mediscare"-Today - * SLASHES Medicare!

New bill by Arlen Spector, gives Secret Service unbridled authority

If you know of Al-Q in the US why not arrest the fuckers!!!

Hint: Gonzales not being sworn in. Carry on.

the sister of charles burlingame, flight 77 pilot,

Costa Rica Prez Race: Close race between Nobel Laureate & Anti-CAFTA cand.

If You Are Not in the Upper 1% and Believe in the American Dream


Can we last until 11/06?

ThinkProgress on "Gonzales’ False Choice"

MSNBC: Do you care if phone company turns over records without a warrant?

Evangelicals Will Not Take Stand on Global Warming

Lunch Break ! Time to coach the AG !

Why is Gonzales there ?

sorry for the triple posts, every time I tried to post I got knocked off

Did anyone time how long it took the GOP to play the "Clinton card"

How about a Cuban RW-disinformation debunking thread?

Evangelicals Will Not Take Stand on Global Warming

How well would cartoons lampooning Jesus and pedophile priests go over?

I believe it is within every citizen's authority......

what just happened?

Anyone See O'Reilly Marithon last night?

Who is Charles Burligame, Flight 77 pilot?

We're watching the Dictator Confirmation Hearings right now...

VIDEO- Bit of Biden Asking AG how long war will last

Ten Stages of a Bush Scandal (The unfolding of the NSA story)

How will the media report this?

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 8 filler of meaningless information....

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 10

Is Israel the new South Africa? (Apartheid)

Kennedy: "It was a Nuclear threat then [1976] we have terrorism

Wow! Senate Dems showing clips of Gonzo, and Bush on no warrants

Holes in Gonzales' statement

Gun Owners Beware!

Maybe the AG should be shown this picture ....

US forces battle Sadr militia in Baghdad

More good news from Marc Maron's latest newsletter

No Valentines Day For ReligiousWingers - Day of Purity Instead - Info Here

I am now openly hostile to all religions

Tell me I heard right on AAR:

It was just a week ago today - Sgt. Peppers taught the band to play....

Hypothetical question here:

"Didn't Know I was Unpatriotic" .. (nice video)

If we can see the fascism, why can't our elected Democratic leaders?

Imagine the M$M headlines if Janet Reno & Clinton were spying on America??

Senator Roberts will have CLOSED hearings on Feb 9th on the WIRETAPS

Listen to Coverage on KPFA (Pacifica Radio) instead of MSM

Will Ferrell as Bush on global warming

When they ask, "would you want President Hillary to have wiretap power"

Photo: Who is Bush addressing?

re: wiretapping: Orrin Hatch is a hypocrite

Bush ordering people killed in the US is Unconstitutional

Can somebody get me a link ..... A.G. not under oath?

Examples of lies - the "Today" style

A cartoon of a "deity?"

Reading to stay sane for today's hearings: 5 NSA Spying Myths: David Cole

The GOP doesn't hate America, it just hates Americans

Does no oath mean Gonzales cannot be held in contempt of Congress?

Feingold just spoke the Pre-1776 line!!!


What's with Mrs. Buringame being on?

France says no confrontation sought with Iran

This is conservative? 2.27 TRILLION dollar budget

Drinking the Sand (as requested)

The Senate Just Finished an Extensive Hearing on Electronic Surveillance.

For the record - I AM NOT A FACIST

Google Wants To Build Its Own Internet...

Cartoon to riot by

Newsweek: The Truthiness Teller: Stephen Colbert

Plame leak was "was a two-bit nothing compared with this issue" Grassley

Evangelicals Will Not Take Stand on Global Warming

Are these cartoons anti-Islam or anti-Islamic Fundies?

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 12

Are we at war?

US torture: Where we are doing it now.

Is it a coincidence that Bird Flu is in Iraq???

IHT: Dying to tell the story? More (Iraq journalists) than you know

Can someone post a screencap of Gannon today?

You Wish, Chimpwad ---pix->>>

need a little giggler re: the cartoons? Here you go!

Why don't people understand??

E&P/AP: Attorney General Will Blame Media for 'Wrong' Spy Program Reports

lawyers - ? what does title "Commander-in Chief" confer on President

Did the committee forbid the Bush / wiretap clip?

First Iran, Now Syria. Boy, that Muqtada al-Sadr Sure is Getting Around!

Is Saudi Arabia behind an orchestrated "outrage" over Danish comix?

A picture says a thousand words.

Say goodbye to the Bill of Rights - listening to today's hearings so

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 11

Name ONE Repub who wouldn't HALT PROCEEDINGS till Janet Reno was sworn in.

Political yard signs needed - any recommendations for printers?

Now that "Gannon/Talon" is "outed", are they trying to recycle this guy,

Exposing Human Rights Watch and their motives for spreading misinformation

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 13

Caption this Gonzo the torturer pic...

Bush's budget: Major increases for security, $35.9 billion cut in Medicare

Hypocrisy- "We're not going to swear in this witness and we have the...

Gonzales refuses to answer: Is first-class mail of US citizens opened?

Delphi asks ill workers for health files

Go Leahy!!!!!!!

: Debate Begins on Asbestos Bailout Bill--call your Senators NOW

Democrats MUST get dirty. Really dirty

Is Tom Feeney the next Tom Delay?

I am work - BUT what did Leahy just point out - or in other words

I just realized who Gonzales sounds like.. at least over my computer

So far, Leahy is today' MVP

Has Specter ever been a Profile in Courage, in any way beyond words?

does anyone have a link. . .?

Evangelicals Will Not Take Stand on Global Warming

Granny Bee – Stealing from Old People

Specter has to leave hearings to go help out Cheney and Halliburton

torture question by Lindsay Graham (I think) if pres. order conflicts

Just saw Chris Matthews on MSNBC talking about spying

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 15

FISA - What is it good for?

The fight for our country is about WILL, not facts or ideology!

YAY! The US has a big new H-BOMB project!!!

Do you think we'd be able to get away with the kind of hatemongering

"Tees up" - Gonzo keeps using that phrase-THIS IS NOT GOLF

if my phone call to you is "rerouted" through India,Mexico etc"

VIDEO- Leahy Round 2

Swallowing the Iran propaganda? Iran is NOT breaking any laws.

Being Alberto Gonzales

Christian Wire: US press should print Mohammed cartoons much as possible.

Iraq War Vet, Blake Miller, suffers from PTSD. His "Marlboro Man" photo

VIDEO- Durbin Round 2

Everyone is an Al Qaeda suspect

Bye Bye Medicare

Reid just announced a motion to proceed on the Abestos Bill.

I get it now. Gonzo's defense is basically this:

WSJ Henninger: Ungracious Dems sat on hands during SOTU.

Project Echelon debunking thread

31 days in Iraq - A graphic summary

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 16

You know something that I would *love* to see is a Third Party

Reed Urged To Quit Race By Republican State Senators

I never thought I would miss Ashcroft

Which horror is worse?

"Its not a coincidence we have not been attacked again"

Terrarist: "They are spying on us, Holy @$&*, who would of thought?"

Playing with fire

Freepers are enjoying the Durbin - "Pajamas Media" exchange...

Republican War Against Science

WSJ says Funds buying stocks abroad.

Serious question re:IWR

Arianna Huffington: Russert Watch: Let the Games Continue

Did Schumer just apologize to Squeaky Gonzales about

Conservatives ask: Is Bush still one of us? (Cons pissed off after SOTU)

Gonzalez admits by default...we've searched homes without warrants

Who Issues Press Passes for Congress?

I think gonzo should be dubbed the Smirking Chump

Scotty up-CSPAN1

WSJ: As 'Neocons' Leave, Bush Foreign Policy Takes Softer Line

Need a link: the KBR "concentration camps" ?

After reading Middledemocrat's post, something occurred to me...

A simple question that says it all...

It's AMAZING that Gonzales would use Pres.Wilson's spying as justification

Is there a correct 'liberal' approach to the cartoon issue?

Anyone heard of a site that let's u upload big files so they can be downlo

So now that Bush wants to cut Medicare and Educational Programmes

When I first met Bonhoeffer by Jim Wallis ('Bonhoeffer' on PBS tonight)

Military pay study overlooks key factors (3 LTTEs, 2 from vets)

who was that yokel tossing utter softballs...

Gonzales just said that talking about the spy program tips terrorists off

Janet Reno's testimony .. a MUST read

I intensely dislike Alberto Gonzales

Has anyone been watching CNN today? Did you see Moveon's ad?

Mayor: New Orleans will seek aid from other nations

What about Clinton authorizing warrantless searches?

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 17

Esoteric Christianity and Exoteric Christianity

The new/old face of the GOP...he has his own media glorifying him.

PHOTOS: I wonder if Joshua Johnson enjoyed watching football....

The Alchemy of Time: Understanding the Cycles of Existence

Gonzo: "The terrarists some time forget that they are being snooped on"

Here's why Congress didn't legally enable the kind of surveillance ...

Councilman Wants To Ban Smokers From City Jobs

Just a thought...

My daughter just told me that one of her classmates came

Feinstein got a written statement from Gorelick

But what shall we tell the children? If the president breaks the law

US starts new H-Bomb project

Helen Thomas Told Scotty " You Know What Happened to Nixon"

A good reason to buy locally from small businesses:

Biden - I hope we arrested them if we Identified them - repsonse to AG's

Constitution Party is HQd in SCarolina and should be all over NSA story

What I am most po'd about as I watch this hearing today...

Heads Up: Glenn Greenwald, Constitutional Lawyer

CNN - U.S. Army helps officers learn Arabic, international business

Halliburton Relief Act.

Sessions is out of material

How far does this 'inherent power' extend? Is every agency deputized?

The Nation: Will Scooter Libby Graymail the CIA?

Do you launch a new window when you answer a poll?

Anyone see the interchange between Durbin and the Powerline reporter?

Man,Washington Journal is good this morning

Is Your Kid on Drugs?

HRW Global Report for 2006, let's read & discuss

Someone Explain Health Care Savings Accounts to me

So let's say some German cartoonist lampoons Jesus and American fundies...

Scrutator, Anyone?

Call your senators .... Halliburton bail out act vote tomorrow

Gonzales keeps talking about it...

The Republican Senators Need a Pat on the Head, a Cookie, some Milk

Gonzalez is so full of shit

Tweety feels like Thomas More 'now'

Newest theory on where Iraq's WMD's are....

VIDEO- Biden shows Gorelick letter about Physical Searches

New Political Review-Dole #2 Poll

Call CSPAN re:Gonzo 202/585-3886

Primeval Oxen Cartoon Sparks Outrage

The military interest in new brain-scanning technology

C-Span Callers Overwhelmingly Anti-bu$h Spying

A photo of the *'s. Captions needed>>>


Repub - "Under your theory of inherent authority, Congress has no power."

interesting link to maybe explain * visit to sandia last week

Cornyn lying about FISA.

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 19

A Real Washington Scandal!!

Well ,now, here's some good news

James Bamford coming up on CNN...Harsh critic of Bush security policies

Enron emails talking re: Delay and Abramoff

AARGH! Hillary advisor waffles on the "liberal" question

Colin Powell's COS was on NOW exposing the fraud of the Iraq War


There's really nothing left but impeachment.

Rs in Congress. It doesn't add up.

All The President's Men on TV right now, got me thinking (NSA spying)

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 14

Should we send an e-card to Rep Sanders?

Elizabeth Dole spoon-feeds moronic BS to party faithful

CNN and Fox website headline: "Cartoon protests turn deadly"

Pioneering Corruption

Captain Capitalism explains the economy

What was that that Kerry said about increasing Special Ops Forces?

Who gave the best punches? Re: The Gonzo show.

Response To The Constitutionality Of The President Authorizing Wiretapping

I got the letter today...

DUers - Check in with your Skype Address!

Did Arlen just Bitchslap Gonzalez?


I'm forming a new party: The Evil Party.

Here we go again: Rummy on new Hitlers and Lenins to take out.

"Iran's president...stands on the solid ground of international law"

Hearings back - Feingold speaking now - CSPAN

NSA: "We think it is necessary and legal to tap confessionals."

crooks and liars Helen and Scotty, go Helen

Specter: "Pres. may have a constitutional right to inherent authority, but

The cartoon controversy is throwing up interesting "bedfellows".

Why is John Baldacci in trouble in Maine?

Been out all day. Give me a synopsis of how the hearing is going.

DU this Dobbs poll - Can repukes clean up corruption?

My question for Debra Burlingame:

Has ANY dem tried using the following phrase:

Magic Arlen getting hacked off at Reid on CSPAN2 now

Is it confirmed that "Pajama Party" media guy was Gannon?

Q&A about Bush's $2.77 trillion budget

is everyone enjoying the dog and pony show?

AG Gonzo says the President is his client. WTF?

AG GONZALES, "the law can be cumbersome, burdensome..."

Lasting Bush Legacy...FRANCOPHOBES?

Bush Administration Found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

Concentration camps, spying, and violation of rights--a mother's fear.

"We only wiretap Al Q members." This really bothers me...logically...

"Revolt of the Elders." Republicans running against Republicans.

The price the world and the US are paying for Bush's presidency.

The Elephant in the room at today's hearings.

Is AOL kidding? Is Bush conservative enough?

VIDEO- Durbin-Pajamas Media WHO????????

VIDEO- Tapes Not Allowed to be Shown by Specter- Leahy shows during break

VIDEO-Protester Interrupts Hearing and calls AG a Fascist

VIDEO- Specter Won't Swear in Torture Pimp Alberto G--Senators Object

GET OFF YOUR ASS - Update: A Democratic turncoat in my neighborhood...

How to link in pictures without stealing bandwidth!

It looks like Jeff Gannon is back

dKos: "Important development In Gonzales hearing"

Bush's Tyranny for a Bankrupt Nation

VIDEO- Grassley says Plame is a Two Bit Nothing

The cartoon question:

Bio of Mirengoff, the "Powerline" guy harrassing Durbin >>>

This picture of Scotty is aching for a caption.....

I just checked and Vegas already has a line on whether Gannon

Stem-cell research divides GOP in Missouri

Take heart -- Gonzales is not the only witness

VIDEO- Gonzales- "President is my Client"

Another strange Zogby Poll.

VIDEO: Did Bush break the law? (Channel 4 UK)

Disgraceful - Gonzales' dithering about taking the oath.

How can you be taken seriously when you say your from Pajamas Media?

Christian News Wire: craigslist MUST do away with explicit ads!

It's offical - Gonzales is the Consigliere for the Bush Nazi Government

New Uniform approved for Secret Service Uniform Division

Every time I Go to meet the press, Avenue A downloads

How long until Bush starts showing up in public wearing a crown?

The new GOP meme: "FISA is an unconstitutional power grab!"

So did previous presidents use Echelon on Americans?

"That's a Classified Operational Detail Re: National Security

Sessions keeps talking about 3000 with "no civil rights"

George W. Bush (from uncyclopedia) like wikipedia only funnier

Jeff Sessions (Alabama) says Prez can kill a "suspected" terrorist

Official Senate Committee Hearing - Electronic Surveillance - Thread 18

I intend to steal a 42" digital-cable-ready plasma HDTV....

Fuck Convention!...

Respect the Law - ARREST BUSH!!

I work for Pajamas Media

Jordan/U.S.: Summit Should Address Torture Problem

Debuting at #1 -> Top of the Pop Charts!! "Hang on Stevens!"

Bush Light: Real Men of Genius - Mr. Secret Terror Prison Interrogator

I got an personal email from Michael Moore re: Sicko this morning.

Can we talk about the “program” for a moment?

Algae farms make case for Kyoto - Toronto Star

DU this poll- emergency contraception

Army Recruiters at the West Michigan auto show this weekend.

Federal food program cuts seniors who live in poverty

Bernie Sanders to appear with Venezualan ambassador for heat aid

"Feingold Pins Gonzales"

What do ALL of these Anti-Gay groups have in common?

VIDEO- Leahy Round 1 Questions to Torture Pimp Gonzales


I'm convinced we're on a high speed train to dictatorship

Gannon-Guckert next to protester at FISA hearings!

Notice Ali G's qualifiers? THIS PROGRAM does not authorize domestic...

From a Muslim Blog: "Stupid Cartoons, Even Stupider Reactions"

Muslims protesting world wide over a. . .Cartoon???

VIDEO- Biden's Round 1

At least one of John Kerry's staffers seems uncomfortable when...

Sign Moveon's petition - independent investigation of Bush's illegal spyin

SEVENTY THOUSAND DEAD!!! "Culture of life" My *SS!!!

VIDEO- Feinstein Round 1 Questions for Torture Pimp

the truth about ... the truth

Hold the President Accountable on Illegal Wiretapping! (Feingold petition)

VIDEO- Feingold Round 1

your milk and meat aren't as healthy for you as they used to be

VIDEO- Schumer's Round 1 Testimony

the Democratic Senators Who Supported Torture Advocate, Alberto Gonzalez

Helen Thomas: "You know what happened to Nixon when he broke the law. "

Testify under oath for a blowjob, but not to protect the Constitution?

bush started his illegal spying on US citizens BEFORE 911.

"This 12-Step Program Can Break U.S. Oil"

VIDEO- Feinstein Round 2

VIDEO Feingold Round 2

Wal-Mart Question: How many Wal-marts are within 20mi from your home?

Bush Budget CUTS are BRUTAL - Cutting listed HERE

Cindy Sheehan wasn't welcome -- but al Qaida supporter was?

VIDEO- Schumer Round 2

I'm worried. Page 95 of "A Nation of Sheep" reads...

VIDEO- Kennedy Round 2

I got a call from the DNC today

SPYGATE: Bush's War ON Freedom >>>

The ludicrous notion that a nuclear Iran = "the largest threat"

VIDEO- Biden Round 2

Why is Alberto Gonzales wearing a gladiator helmet?


Lifetime deals w/issue of segregated prom--GA, Taylor High


Bush Can Order People in the US Killed, Says Official

CSPAN CRAWL: "Rumsfeld says US considering military option against IRAN!"

Revote in Ohio After Diebold Touch-Screens Record More Votes Than Voters!

Human-animal hybrids

Baucus plan unites porn sites, Christians in opposition

Speaking of Nader and funding problems....and some Green stuff as well.

Cartoons of Mohammad: Freedom of Speech

Ex-Reagan official- Dubya uses spying to blackmail media & Dems

DU's Folding @ Home Project - STATUS UPDATE 2

BLET and UTU Brothers and Sisters and all others


Very poignant, powerful video: "No Bravery"

Invisible Ballots

I FINALLY watched "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Can someone please explain to me how this is news?

"They" killed 100,000 innocent civilians

So...Gonzales thinks discussing covert ops puts American lives at risk.

Question: If all the lawyers at NSA could review spying decisions..?

Gonzo getting reamed on C-Span... n/t

Robert Turner, lawyer said a stupid thing

FISA? We don't need no stinking FISA!

I HATE Jeff Sessions. Who could vote for that sanctimonious sh*thead???

Did anyone just see that guys T-shirt...? @Spying Hearings

I could have hugged Gene Sperling this morning

Reuters photo: Junior and Pickles, apparently "talking in tongues"

Oh, goody, Joe Biden on.....

The Repubs have their propaganda machine out in full force today..

Senators considering constitutional amendment to limit war powers

Bush`s most effective political tool is fear.

Why did Specter say that he thought the Pres. broke the law

No American should ever again swear to tell the truth

"They are spying on al Qaeda - not the American people..."

Why can't the Senate dems be like Richard Ben-Veniste?

If I were the President

Did I miss Feingold?

For those who deal with Freeptards who think the officials at the SB

smack his mouth HARD (boehner)

Need for ICBMs is a matter of debate (missle cuts = job cuts)

Today's Electronic Surveillance Hearings Indicate The Importance.....

Hillary: A Bit Angry and a Bit of a Leftie says...

A wiretap requires a court order. Nothing has changed, by the way.

Rumsfeld Agrees With Murtha - Get Troops Out Of Iraq And Redeploy....

It pisses me off that they continually invoke the "war"

Has AG Gonzo Adopted *'s Characteristic Smirk........

I wonder if the protester gets 75 years like the guy at Iran-Contra ...

Finally! Some competition for Peter stinkin' King

Just a wild idea

now we know the reason for the Bin Ladin tape:

Gonzales Hearings - Mark My Words: This is what is going to happen...

Why do they always invoke 9/11...?

Here are some links to help keep up with all the Gonzalez lies today

Human-animal hybrids (satire)

$35.9 bil in Medicare cuts, A.K.A. "modest reductions in rate of growth"

We are rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic unless...

Wait a minute. Didn't the repukes just pick a new leader from Ohio?

Clemons on Al Franken's show mentioned Wes Clark several

Photo: Rummy's doing "The Claw" again and Peter Pace is frigging ASLEEP...

SEE???!!!! Somebody agrees with me.

Kennedy's up!

Defending National Security MEANS Defending the Consitution FIRST

What exactly are the cuts to veterans health care in the new budget?

Time For The Deep Pockets On The Left To Pony Up

Now's the time to volunteer as a poll worker!

3000 people have no civil rights today per Sessions, over and over and

Just can't watch any longer,

Raw Story: List of Bush budget changes, 2007 (cuts and increases)

Photo: "Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ponders a response"

The last Republican call-in on C-SPAN (airport security comments):


Question, can Congress Un-Declare a war?

Restore the Rule of Law - ( petition)

Students protested military recruiters end up on a terrorist watch list

Complete this sentence: When _______ happens, Americans

That Concludes The Hearing? What Does That Mean?.....

Wes Clark was in L.A. Saturday-A Commentary

The Iron Cargo Cult and Its Appeasers

Bush Photo: "I'm comin''s the BIG ONE!"

92% Would Vote for Woman President

For all of us that have bashed Biden

Arguements for gay marriage

In future declaration of wars the children of the President and Congress

Howard Dean: One year as DNC chair

The Bush Budget 2007 Bottom Line: More “Entitlement” Cuts

Give em HELL Harry. I love it when these smug-looking Republicans

Boehner calls Iraq War "the greatest gift we give to our grandchildren"

Attorney General Gonzales' testimony for Monday - cartoon

The president's secret wiretapping program?

CNN disappoints again.

So if the Specter committee finds the wiretaps illegal then what?

Ross Perot DID NOT Cost George H.W. Bush the White House in '92

Gonzo just said that President Washington authorized...

FIRE "that woman" CONDI former Ambassador-Dean Univ. of Florida

Has everyone here forgotten that it was the Democratic Party

The Eunuch Caucus

Why isn't AG Gonzales testifying under Oath?

Jamie Gorelick built the wall that let 9-11 happen

Why didn't the Democrats on this Committee get up and walk out

If we invade Cuba (and obviously we can and will easily win)...

Tom Tomorrow!

Bushco isn't worried whether spying evidence is legal BECAUSE...

Helen to Scotty: You know what happened to Nixon when he broke the law.

What is the purpose of a political party?

Dems at Gonzales Hearing should refer to Bush as "His Majesty"

Why aren't US affirmative action progams based on economics?

I absolutely HATE these treasonous traitors. I really do.

Nominations for the top ten most worrying stories about Bush-co


Hotline on call: McCain Blasts -- And We Mean Blasts -- Obama

WE NEED TO TAKE THE FIGHT RIGHT TO THEM! Wes Clark's Winning 06 Strategy

70,000 women and girls died last year from back street abortions