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Archives: February 5, 2006

Black Sunday (1977) Remember that movie?

Why 500m peasants scare the US

For those who cannot believe Bush and Company

For the "No Plane At the Pentagon" Skeptics

Need People who can speak about use of "dual" voting systems at 1 election

Democratic gubernatorial candidates drum up support at caucuses

If Christy Mihos runs as an independent, Healey has a snowball's chance

Shut Out in North Andover at Dem Caucus (From BlueMass Group)

Reilly Spin

Amazing Apple/Intel videos, the war is over

Problems with Windows Media Player streaming video?

Dewhurst punishes two senators (one of ours - Shapleigh)

I really like brown rice

I invented a new appetizer,

Slow down, turn left: Axworthy on Liberal leadership

Betty Friendan died?

Sunni leader killed for joining ceasefire talks

Oil revenue flowing to insurgency

Queen's Speech to set up Blair-Brown handover next year

TIME: How Gonzales Plans to Defend Eavesdropping

NYT: Evolution Measure (surprisingly) Splits State Legislators in Utah

(CA Rep. Duncan) Hunter wants more thorough study of military

WP,pg1: 2007 Budget Favors Defense: 141 Programs to Be Cut or Halted

PG&E Will Pay Residents Who Sued Over Groundwater Pollution (Brockovich)

Chavez makes call to arms

Aristide Supporters Rally Before Haiti Vote

US blames Syria for not protecting embassies

WP: Most Spying Targets No Longer Suspects

Smooth Jazz Chanteuse Sade, or Egotistical Hedonist Marquis de Sade?

Lets form a DU Rock Band!

Heloise: How to clean up powder after your home's been dusted for prints

New and unusual Ebay scam email.

hello, everybody ...

If you could BE any human-animal hybrid you wanted, what kind?

It's sad how popular and loved tv commercials are

Is anyone having trouble accessing pages on

Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Hey, we haven't had a code brown thread in ages! Who's code brown tonight?

Rented "The Aristocrats" the other day...

Bush countdown for Mac users

Rented "The Aristocats" the other day...

Bye, my lounge lizards; the nighthawks don't know me!!

Problems with Windows Media Player streaming video?

Pick a number


The coronor in "Grizzly Man"? Is that guy weird or what?

Chris Rock on HBO tonight

Flying squirrel

Oyster Lovers Check In

Grrrrrr!!!!!! Oh, the hassles of co-parenting....

Please, please put me in the "700 Club"! I CAN'T WAIT!

One Word Post replies:

Steve Martin and Prince on SNL

Ladies, can we talk about bras?

Chris Rock HBO tonight

I'm watching "Riverworld" on SciFi.

Bad dreams: Describe one you've had recently


Please help a doofus with his Ipod nano

I have 30 HS boys in my cellar right now

Poll Question: Dinner or Supper?

"Al Qaeda Caller ID" - funny video for you to enjoy.

Friends shouldn't let friends visit GD. Discuss.

Things you would use the hell out of if they existed:

Just finished watching "Evita" on HBO

How will you spend the Sunday downtime?


My Twenty Thousandth Post

Spring in SoCal. Pix of wildlife (dial-up warning)

What good are panties, if you cannot get them into a wad?

Dating Poll: Guy in his 40's, woman in her 20's

Is the modeling industry a sexual predator?

I need a new book. Suggestions?

Rachel Ray scares me.

Rock. Lobster.

Why do people refer to certain musical enjoyment as "guilty pleasures"?

Does Revolutionary_Acts04 need to update her name?

Superbowl and the Stones

Alright, time's up - let's do this. LEEEROY JENKINS!!!

stage II of my acrylic painting

tipping? do you tip waiter/waitress only or tip the Starbucks guy?


Has anyone here vacationed in Puerto Rico?

Nostalgia Nite in the DU Lounge.

Name some ordinary things you DON'T own.

I can understand Muslim anger. But c'mon. >

Name something mean you did that you don't regret.

Steve Martin Is Hosting SNL

hubby's dad builds custom roadsters, wha'cha think...

Politics and reality notwithstanding, which of these

Do you think celebrity deaths really come in 3's?


Police: Teen in bar attack injured in shootout

Website of Mass. alleged bar shooter is found and archived by PageOneQ

Now that the new NFL Hall of Fame is announced, is Phil Simms in

A break from news

What I've Learned: John Kerry (Esquire Magazine)

We really need a pic thread.

Snow day

Saturday night laugh

Some more from the road

Latest propaganda from the DHS

The vanishing wisdom of love

Betty Friendan died?

One less Republican on the streets - gay bar shooter caught

An interesting phrasing of a high school knowledge bowl question...

Today Secretary Of State, Tomorrow NFL Boss?

Rumsfeld's QDR Report for "The Long War" released today

I love 'The Onion!'

Do freeptards talk about us as much as we talk about them?

Goodbye, Grandpa! We'll miss you and Herman!

Carville and Begala on Russert tonite 8 EST......n/t

I must go to bed now, I leave you with this, I love my brethren

Interesting article on SUV buying, and the motivation's of

US Detention Camps For Political Subversives (Halliburton contract award!)

JFK's killer and his wife, the uterus from hell on CSPAN now

Well, I find when I do searches now I ONLY use Google

Superbowl and the Stones

How can you access old federal court cases?

"IMAGINE", by George W. Bush

My bet---MoveOn's morph ad will have huge impact.

If it were up to me - no one would be able to get a tax refund unless they

Does anyone else fear that bu$h will maintain the presidency in 2009?

I Love To Go Shopping...WHY????

Rhode Island Hospital to train Army Reserve medical teams

It's unfair and inaccurate to compare Bush and Nixon

Bullshit Zogby Question re: War

I can understand Muslim anger. But c'mon. >

Are you as tired...

Is there any truth in truthiness?

Want to play where have I seen that face before of creepy bush people.

Why Hasn't the Blair Government Fallen?

No need to think about my 1000th post anymore...


Rosland Kurita responses to Harold Ford's recent actions at STOU

How about a Caption for this pic >>>

Where is Coretta Scott King going to be laid to rest?

Was that violent post.........

Remember that old crap, "War is GOOD for the economy?" Well...

Cindy Sheehan Broke the LAW!

Most Spying Targets No Longer Suspects Sources Say

Is Bush starting a war in Iran for the 2006 elections?

2007 Budget Favors Defense,141 Programs to Be Cut or Halted

War Can Not Solve Our Problems.

LA Daily News: Cancer in our own backyard

Who will inhabit the Halliburton Homeland Security Prisons??

Film: Why We Fight

The Failure of Citizenship

DU down tomorrow 4:00, rumor terrorist may attack during Super Bowl

Secret plan to keep UK troops permanently in Iraq

Stupid-ass Freeper just HAD to throw this into MA gay bar attack story

Large prints of the Danish Cartoons

Crank it up and post your favorite protest video songs here.

Paul Wellstone: The Life of a Passionate Progressive on CSPAN2 now

Are you worried about a terrorist attack during the Superbowl?

"We" take over their countries, "we" rape their women & use them as bait,

WSWS: ...anti-Muslim cartoons: An ugly and calculated provocation

Having Freedom Of Speech Comes With Responsibility.

SundayTalk Shows

The Danish Cartoon: Rush Limbaugh should sell it on t-shirts

The Danish have done this sort of thing before. (10/15/05)

Who is George Deutsch?

Protesters scaled the Danish site amid chants of "God is great",

Where is the information on todays step down rally?

Did George Allen spray Nazi graffiti around his high school?

Finger-in-chili hoax hurts annual sales at Wendy's restaurants

Has anyone here seen Lord of War? Really good and political!

I've HAD IT.

A Circle Completed Today

Teen Wanted In Gay Bar Shooting Is Caught

If you don't like 'We can do better' what's a better slogan?

Libby Implicates Cheney In Plame Case

15 year old peace activist checking in.

About these detention centers and our military/police.

Time to take a page from the republican playbook.

Trey Ellis, Huff Po: Karen Hughes' Program Isn't Working Too Well

Are Bush And Blair Guilty Of First Degree Mrder?

Take a break and watch: Iraq the Musical

The hypocrisy of the right on Mohammed cartoons...


The emperor in chief (cartoon)

Bono, Al Gore highlight Democrats' get-together

Today Secretary of State-Tomorrow NFL boss

NSA expert joins lawsuit opposing wiretaps

Time's up!

Okay ... so which state will they fuck with next?

The Neil Lisst Cartoon Weekend Review - all 5 cartoons here

Let's start a petition to DRAFT GORE, 2008

I'm starting to think that US political parties are manufactured psyops.

55 veterans running for Congress as a Democrats. (and growing)

US Media Ignore UN Study on Iraq 'Peace-Building' Methods Backfiring

False Patriotism - Adam McKay, Huffington Post

The great T-shirt brigade From The National Catholic Reporter

A Few Thousand Protesters Brave the Rain (WaPo)

Bush Is Running Out of Alibis (Pat Buchanan)

(Great Barrier ) Reef 'gone in 20 years'

More Deception from the Bush White House (Paul Craig Roberts)

Rumsfeld's Scheme to Spy on Your Kids

Why Iran? Why now?

Era Ends: Western Union Stops Sending Telegrams

The Valley's Not So Civil War

A story to undo ALL Bush's support...with a little help from the top.

Stop the Gag on Global Warming

Summary of NEo-Con tactics (they don't have beliefs, only tactics)

100-M.P.G. Cars: It's a Start, Nicholas Kristof, NYTimes, 2/5/06

Fred Kaplan: The disappearing secretary of state

Dems’ new face is not their spine (Gov. Tim Kaine)

Bush bangs out a hollow message on an oil can (The Sunday Times)

The Observer (London): "Al Gore: the second coming"

An Open Letter to Bubba

Bush: Addicted to Empty Rhetoric (Arianna Huffington)

Tolerating Death in the Mines, NY Times Editorial 2/5/06

An African World Vanishes As Lake Chad Retreats, Dries - FT

Six-Year Warming Trend On Kenai Threatens Insect Life, Salmon

Muffled Warnings From The WH On Climate Breakdown

Two Major Greenland Glaciers - 300K Apart - Double Flow Rate In Two Years

what is your opinion of, the possibility of 'hot fusion'?

Dumb question on tar sands...wouldn't it use more energy to extract

Palestinian kills Israeli woman, wounds five

Israel will transfer millions of dollars to Palestinians, but threatens la

Deja Vu

Abbas holds key talks with Hamas

Arutz Sheva: Terror Groups Threaten to Bombard Central Israel with Kassams

Deja Vu (Israeli reaction to Hamas same as earlier reaction to the PLO)

Dutch Islamists post cartoons depicting Anne Frank, Hitler in bed, Haaretz

Millions missing from PA coffers

PBS Video of WTC Construction


Re: the steel-concrete core controversy:

so when it's proven, acceptable knowledge

Reason #1053 Why the Official 9/11 Story Makes No Sense

We need to separate the realistic from the unlikely


Beckerman: Important Books, Videos, and CD's about the 2004 Ohio Election

Heads Up: Kristina Vanden Heuvel speaks out on Diebold: C-Span

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, Feb. 5

J. Kenneth Blackwell Angered by MelissaB's Posts on the Daily Thread!

SILENCE, What do we do to break it

PA: (Diebold's) Past Questioned - (But what about those other guys?)

Patrick leads Reilly in delegates by 2-1 margin

Minnesotans - have an opinion you want to give on camera?

New desk top

How much does Glen Maxey want for TDP Chair?

Tom DeLay calls ethics reform a vast left-wing conspiracy

What Are You Fixing for Superbowl Sunday?

Mexicali Dip No One Can Resist

Florida Tomato Growers Council keeps the best tomatoes away from us

Same-sex vote `too close to call'

Frist says military action a posssibility against Iran

US military plans for 'long war'

U.S. Military to Free 50 Iraqi Detainees

Bankruptcy, insolvency jump in Britain

NYT: Postage Is Due for Companies Sending E-Mail (AOL Yahoo)

Pentagon gets some authority to give foreign military aid (usually State)

Silencing dissent a growing trend


Violence Spreads Over Muhammad Caricatures

(Australian ) PM knew of 'wheat kickbacks' (to Saddam Hussein)

Brisbane Courier Mail: Kickback cash may have paid suicide squads

CNN Breaking: Mastermind Of USS Cole Bombing Escapes Yemen Prison

Vent away in cyberspace

WP/Reuters: Protestors force diversion of Olympic torch

Berlusconi derides polls showing his bloc trailing; says he commissioned o

ABC News/Reuters: Bus bomb kills at least 13 in Pakistan

Bomb rips Pakistani bus, killing 12

Are the cartoon protesters propaganda led?? *pic*

CBS/AP: Interpol: USS Cole Attack Planner Escapes

UPDATE: Massachusetts gay bar shooting suspect dies (Reuters)

MSNBC-Bernie Sanders collaspes

Yahoo! News: Bush's Top Campaign Staff Defecting to GOP 2008 Hopefuls

DU just hit 85,000!

Future of Nato at risk, says Reid

Feminist Author Betty Friedan Dies at 85

Most spying targets no longer suspects

Arutz Sheva: Terror Groups Threaten to Bombard Central Israel with Kassams

Iran Ends Voluntary Cooperation With IAEA

Dems get an early start on primary (NH-01)

Bernie Sanders Alright After Collapse

Detainment Camp Contract Goes to....HALLIBURTON

Fighting claims eight lives in Southwestern Pakistan

Boehner Says Iraq Carries Risk for Republicans

ABC News/Reuters: Haiti election may pave way for Aristide's return

In Change of Plans, Bush Will Attend King Funeral (minister has WH ties)

The State of the Union's Mystery Suspect (Hasting's Guest Abused)

Danish embassy in Beirut torched

ABC News/AP: Specter believes spy program violates law

Stocks Face New Rate Fears

WKYT: Horse group upsets GOP by contributing to Democratic candidates

Eavesdropping targets only al Qaeda - U.S. officials (Hayden)

On eve of hearing, split on spying (Repukes not marching in lockstep)

Remember Darfur?

Fourth-ranking figure in al-Qaida arrested

Judge takes Congress to task in bankruptcy case

MSNBC BREAKING Bernie Sanders collapses

Muqtada Al-Sadr arrives Damascus

Suspect in gay bar attack dies after shootout

Half U.S. adults oppose federal healthcare

Can the President Order a Killing on U.S. Soil?

NYS Senate leader Joe Bruno (R) calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq!

GOP Chairman: Hillary Shows Lot of Anger

McCain calls for leaders to boycott G8 summit in Russia

Newsweek: The Cia Leak: Plame Was Still Covert

40 States Re-Examining Eminent Domain

Feds seizing Canadian prescription drugs

Prince was killin' on the guitar on SNL tonight

Does anybody know who's hosting SNL tonight?

Is tonight's SNL new, or a re-run?

Need a picture of a Black & White & two yellow kittys together

I wanna root for the Mice

Look at these beef sticks .............

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! GO THINGS!!!!!!!11

Y'know what SUCKS?

val kilmer as doc holliday in tombstone

Superbowl is a bunch of shit.

im buzzed on elderberry wine - ask me anything

Those who want peas, post here.

So... Are there any good sports on TV tomorrow?

The Superb Owl

Somebody has put me on ignore...

It's Picture a Post time

For all those DUers who think there's gonna be real war soon...

I am having a dance. Come on.

Old Lady Pwnz Mercedes Guy - Great video I saw while leaving for the night

I thought it wasn't known as Prince, anymore.

alas, it's white russian time

OMG!!! this is worse then Iraq, Iran, 2000, 2004, and wiretapping!!!!!!!!

Fuck the vodka.... it's Irish Whiskey time!

my mother thanks you

Peanut Butter

Night, Lounge!

Y'know what I wish?

If you're awake and you know it, clap your hands! Clap your hands!

What time can we check back in tomorrow night?

"One morn, a Peri at the gate Of Eden stood... Disconsolate."

looking at Danish cartoon..what is the BIG DEAL?

What's your favorite form of torture?

Well, it's 04:55AM and I'm off to get some Z's.

Aug 28 is Joan_Alpern day

Cold Pizza for breakfeast . Yum.

Rev Acts rip off: name something you did that you are proud of


Question for Mozilla Thunderbird users....

I'm listening to a sermon by MLK, Jr.


Super Bowl Battle Of The CHEERLEADERS!

has a horoscope ever actually helped you??

Computer terms from A to Z.

If you could pick one food to be calorie and fat free, what would it be?

Going to the movies today


so hey, anybody know what time the game starts?

Bong? Where is Bong?

How many around DU are die hard "King of Queens" fans?

Want to see one of the weirdest strangest things Fort Worth has to offer?

So, Hayao Miyazaki?


Ye Gods! I am in such pain right now...

Pay Pal E-Mails are bugging me this AM

favorite misspelled word or name in past 5 years of news?

Did you see the Simpsons when Homer gets eye surgery?

Eek.. wouldn't want to meet up with this guy

A little light wake-up music for a Sunday morn'.

Forget the chokey

I'm watching "Weed" on Sundance Channel. It's about the Cannabis Cup..

Alright, back to work...

Here is what you have all been dying to know (warning - bad picture)

pfft to Sara Lee - what is wrong with Little Debbie?

Steelers steal the day

pfft to Rachael Ray - what is wrong with Sandra Lee?

Il Divo: proof of the end-times, fabulous practical joke or Devo reunion?

Graphic designers - Please be careful as to what you design. Exhibits A-C:

Raise your hand if you could not care less about the Olympics!

So what's on the Super Bowl menu?


So, who is coming over for CHILI tonight?

What do you think of the Rolling Stones Super Bowl T-Shirt?

greetings from Florida!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/5/06)

You people are a BAD influence

Actually, I start a lot of posts with "actually"

I've really gotten into thsoe home neatness/organization shows.

DU Crooks: What is your favorite file in a cake recipe?

I have you in the palm of my hand!

Quiz time: Do you have a female or male brain?

The Truthiness Teller

HEADS UP: Almost 85,000 members now (nt)

The End is Near!

CNN Calling This The 'First International Superbowl'

Black Sabbath...Love 'em or Hate 'em?!

Would you change dentists if they made these remarks to you?


"It's OK, people like you are welcome here."

Upload ringers to your cellphone here for free!

"Matriculate the ball downfield"... I've been watching the old NFL Films

I just clicked print on a 258 page Word Document, ask me anything

Oklahoma vs. Kansas basketball game

What are you going to do while DU is down today?

16. Dopeler effect:

Note the Hinchey sticker...

Old news? Camp Snoopy lost its beagle.

Spam Ads for stuff you don't need--and are afraid to open

Goodbye y'all!

Please help settle an argement with my 4 year old about DU

So, how many sacks will Pappa-Mow-Mow have tonight?

Nice! My friend just sent me photos of his severed finger.

~~~~ Project X Maneuvers Postponed ~~~~

I just found out Goodwill won't take all forms of used clothing.

Cowboy/Steeler Super Bowl Question, in Moribund Football Group:

I'm thinking of growing my hair long - how should I do it?

AHHHAAAAHHH it's 4:01 and *I'M* still here!

For all the Pittsburgh fans: GO SEAHAWKS!

Super Bowl Poll for those who hate football:

FACT: Brett Favre Gave the Game To John Elway...Super Bowl XXXII

What do these coaches put in their hair????

Has anyone here who loves football ever SKIP a Super Bowl?

Our Super Bowl party got cancelled -- time to SCRAMBLE!

Why do you watch the Super Bowl?

Did you watch the halftime show at the Puppy Bowl?

Did Detroit's music scene get royally dissed by Super Bowl XL?

Anyone notice we passed 85,000 user registrations?

Sailor Gets Angry Reply To Bottle Message

Wish-fulfillment poll: Who will win? Seattle or Pittsburgh?

Seattle is replacing their team with Chuck Norris - and they'll win!

I think Adrien Brody is kinda sexy. Who's with me?

Junk faxes

Apparently, the sports talking heads still haven't figured out

My goddamn HS internet connection keeps going out!

all hail, Mistress Joan_Alpern

Help,I need to stop smoking.Any tips.

This could be bigger than 'Brokeback Mountain'

Right now, DU reminds me of

Your list of great people in history!

Super Bowl Pre-game .......

UFC 57 main event recap

Kitty Half Time Show

You know how I know you're gay?

I had to write a blues song for my Graduate 'American Music' class

DU cooks - What is your favorite Chicken Fried Steak Recipe?

Maybe it is best that Kerry lost the election.

A reprieve ? could it be?

I give the British Monarchy another 20 years, tops.

Famous Goodbyes: "Here's lookin at you kid"

SeattleGirl turned my Joan_Alpern day thread

Exercise update

Sorry if this is the wrong forum...Mac question

Ever been to Provincetown, MA? What's a good place to stay?

OK guys, fess up. Did you ever own LEATHER pants?

I hab a code id by dodes,

Superbowl poll....

You know how you know I'm gay?

Heads Up: Puppy Bowl II begins on Animal Planet at 3 PM EST.

Do people from other planets lurk on DU?

Raise your hand if you could not care less about the Super Bowl

What was the first and last concert you attended?

Seeking advice on DIGITAL CAMERAS

Three-peat! Oxford NJROTC National Drill Team & Color Guard Champs!!!!

Favorite album & song by Yes?

Man my computer sucks!!!

For those needing a lighter moment this sunday morn.

Aaggghh, my eyes! My eyes!!!!

President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

Anyone feel like interpreting my dream?

I have to say this pre-emptively:

What's the best way to spend a lazy

Is it just me or is anyone else sick of the Olympics already....

For all the Seattle fans: GO SEAHAWKS!

billyskank appreciation thread

evening earworm

pfft to Sandra Lee - what is wrong with Sara Lee?

furry happy monsters

"Sims" creator Will Wright working on something even stranger...

OMFG!!! Whatever you do, do not click on this link....

What have you done that NO other DUer has done.

What I did with my day yesterday

Dammit, I'm not going offline

You ever watch 'The Bounty Hunter' w/Duane 'Dog' Chapman?

Question about Doomsday prophecy

Christianity is not ethical

Anyone know of any books about the "historical" Moses...

Jesus is still here and We are still killing Him.

Diabetic Brothers Beat Odds With Grit and Luck

Physiology versus Psychology ---> Medicine versus Psychiatry

Same-sex vote `too close to call' (Canada)

Homophobic Racist Reggie White named to NFL Hall of Fame

May I Ask For a Mutually Beneficial Favor From GLBT DUers,...

Are there ANY states where gays can marry...?

Dems’ new face is not their spine (Gov. Tim Kaine)

DU Fantasy Baseball League?

My boy Pippin ate a stick and is in misery. So am I. The little wanker

On radio stations receiving Art Bell now on....

Oh, so McCain has dumped Kerry for Lieberman as "best Dem friend"


A Kerry-hating group I used to be in has died. Is it wrong I'm happy?

The party of whiners

Bernie Sanders Collapses

Nice article about JK at a MA town caucus (Arlington!)

Men of the Week - Guess who?

I am going to torture the shit out of all of you RIGHT NOW....

Who do you honestly believe the 2008 Democrat Presidential Nominee will be

What is it?

Clouds and sky (not dial-up friendly)

I Wish Keith Had His Own News Team

Yet more about the NASA dipwad who tried to silence a scientist.

Chris Rock HBO tonight

"Talking Points" is concerned that . . .

Next on 'Oprah' -- Leaders Who Lie

Barney Frank: "Condoleezza Rice, I HAD HOPED FOR BETTER FROM YOU!"

Maybe the new KBR detention centers are for Draft dodgers

How many consumables can a consumer, consume?

impeachment NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help un-Freep my tiny hometown paper....

Generational naming conventions... Boomers, X'ers, so Y?

Amnesty Intl. upset over UK's trend to let war criminals off hook

Truth, Torture, and the American Way on CSPAN2 Now. Anybody else watching?

"The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr"

WJ CSPAN this morning: Women stink, we want war, it's not about

War should be like conception

We need to define the GOP: Racists, religious wackos, Sexists, Homophobic.

IWT (independent world television) is not responding, is it OK?


If I were a biology teacher and I wanted to get 15 minutes of fame,

An important mission. Reach out to "traditional democrats"

In Ohio, the State Board of Ed runs on staggered four year terms...

Evolution and designers

Freewayblogger has some new pics up..

The Weight of Words--Administration or Government v. Regime

Refer USA to the Security Council (wmd's)

i just saw "the god that wasn't there"

WP doing serious damage to * NSA spying assertions

Blair: I'll hand over to Gordon next summer

just finished a Zogby poll

Lookie who WJ turn to for objective commentary on Iran

"Kosovo debacle"? Would that be the zero US combat fatalities suffered

Pentagon Database Leaves No Child Alone

Sunday talk shows - Thugfest....

Betty Freidan's legacy?: WJ CSPAN question

Why donate now?

Where do we go from here?

Department of Homeland Security: ever-vigilant against vegan menace

The price of being brown in America

Want to see one of the weirdest strangest things Fort Worth has to offer?

Hayden on MTP-why should we have a program run by this man

Washington Post : US eavesdropping finds few suspects

considering what's at stake,

Why in the nobody fighting for sinners rights, but me?

23 al-Qaeda suspects escape from Yemen prison

Dutch state poised to return art looted by Nazis to Jewish heirs

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

VIDEO- John Boener says Iraq War gift to children and an investment

Enron was George W. Bush's #1 corporate donor in 2000.

Turning Your Back In Protest At A Liar - WaPo

Contest : How can I best deface 2 Tom Delay signs?

What do you think of the Rolling Stones Super Bowl T-Shirt?

The Constitution: Bush had to destroy it in order to save it.

Jeff Sessions is the biggest Shill ever...

OpEdNews: Action Alert! Contact Dems on Senate Judiciary Committee

US farmers want AWB prosecuted

Cartoons - i wonder how 'our' religious fundamentalists would respond

Meelyman SPEWING on This Week

Its Hard to Believe Iraq Has Achieved Republican Democracy!

Our military is going to help China set up its military? Did I hear that

I hate it when THEY are right....

Secretive RW Council for National Policy to meet in Las Vegas soon

"CBC News Sunday". What a great show compared to the garbage we have.

if you get a chance. . .

VIDEO- McLaughlin Report on Bush "Isms" - Protectionism, Isolationism

Can anyone explain why Iran's threat to sell its oil for Euros

Old blog entry

I've decided what it is that i want to see from my Democratic reps in DC-

Boner is an ass

Why Should We Be Concerned with Iran or N. Korea having ICBMS?

I want to thank Sonia Dorman, writer, who loaned me her copy of

Where can one get the DVD "The Revolution will not be Televised"?

Quick scan of Pundit shows with Generals: Nazi Uniforms w/Talking Points..

VIDEO- Boener on Privately Funded Travel

Think Global - Act Local!

Anyone catch "My Name is Dubya" on MadTV last night?

VIDEO- Hayden dodges question of what happens to data if not needed

Here's a big phew

If we're not going to let developing nations have WMD...

Larger lying sack of shit

With Iran close to nukes, should they make one, who will they attack?

These Bushies are freaking me out....

Yemen escape

Good news! The skinhead from the gay bar attack was shot and died.

President of Egypt apologises to Galloway

Bill Clinton's take on the Danish Mohammed cartoons

Sarah Vowell's new column in the NYTimes

War with Iran.. Is it comming for real this time

Did Detroit's music scene get royally dissed by Super Bowl XL?

The Chickenhawk Song

LAT: "The Valley's Not So Civil War" (RW Fresno)

John Boehner: Iraq war may be the best gift we leave our children.

Islamic leaders lie ot their people to fuel the hatred

Teen Wanted in Gay Bar Rampage Is Caught After killing Cop & Passenger

Tweety dissed the Chimperor top to bottom on his show this morning

Vent away in cyberspace

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Nixonions Pt. 8:13 Ways of Looking at War"

what if all of us really boycotted tweety, et al...

Vonnegut's Blues for America

I was afraid of a star

Another racist post I saw on another board

Replay of Belafonte interview on Politically Direct

Democrats are people of faith; Republicans, religious radicals

How sick is this...

When we outsource our jobs, do we outsource common sense along with them?

Have you all seen this: I doubt Robin Williams actually said all this!

YAY bush! Let's just MASS GRAVE them useless Americans!

I asked this before, but I'll repeat. . .WHAT IS WRONG WITH TEXAS???

Blunt or Boehner ? Which is more ethical ?

'Spooky' hearings

Rate yourself using debt-to-income ratio...(scary stuff)

Man Held in Bar Attack Dies After Shootout

Boehner lied

Detroit's homeless to get increased "attention" and 3-day "party"

TIME Exclusive:How Gonzales Plans to Defend Eavesdropping

OMG - Newsweek - Plame was still covert!!

Iran Oil Bourse opens 3/20; Fed stops publishing M3 3/23; dollar collapse?

I believe that....

Need help with LTTE on domestic spying.

it is five o'clock in the morning, just about.we are all up worrying about

Stuck on a phrase. Help!

Wanna see a cartoon that really pisses ME off?

Monitor the Freeper thread on Bernie Sanders here

What to do while DU is offline!

Poll middle right hand side-about Iraq

Venezuela's Chavez considering arming one million people


Bush Team: Again, Not Too Bright

Why was the OJ Simpson trial nationally televised but not the Enron trial?

(Rawstory)Senators considering constitutional amendment to limit

Complete this: "If Germany ran NASA, ________ ."

"The Boondocks" added to 'my' local newspaper

Woman Accused Of Beating 'Late' Daughters With Belt

Margaret Carlson whips * Ass!

Anyone see the Progressive Dem Caucus' State of the Union

~~~~ Project X Maneuvers Postponed ~~~~

FireFox developers address "Homeland Security"(Funny Extensions)

Fla. Girl Pushes For Wheelchair Barbie

President can order a killing on US soil?

As DU winds down to it last minutes let me take a moment to say ....

Superbowl poll....

Hanitty sandbags guest on crooks and liars Re: Cartoon

"Earmarking" The bridge to Nowhere"

NBC's hypocricy

Watch Katrina vanden Heuvel...

Ken Mehlman calls Hillary "angry"

Superbowl as a National Holiday?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum...Mac question

Great analysis of Freepers on HuffPo

Reminding DINOs Who They Represent

Super Bowl Pre-game .......

"Democrats don't want to be portrayed as weak on defense..."

CA man kills his sister and her husband because of their "liberal" views

senator Brownback for republican prez. candidate in 08?

OrlandoSentinel: Jeb Bush enjoys sweet ride of booming real estate taxes

Something else to do during DU downtime.

Elad, We Put Our Whole Hearted Faith In You. We Will Be Awaiting DU's

45 minutes to DU downtime - Just hate it when my touchstone

DU About to go OFF-Line! Good Luck Elad! See you all on the other side!

The signs for Iran War propaganda are clearly there. However, even

Two presidents, their missions accomplished

Oh *&^%*!

Question to Muslim DUers who want non-Muslims to be respectful.

USDOJ subpoena of Google

DU just hit 85,000!

2252 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Something I'd like to see...

Do not go gentle into that good night—

AUDIO- MP3- Specter on MTP talking about the Domestic Spying Hearings


Clinton, Carter, Bush-1 and Regan Attended Funerals

When the DU shutdown occurs will I get that dreade page

Before we go down I want to thank all who makes this experience

Cindy Sheehan rerun on CSPAN I right now.....3:44 PM CST

Do people from other planets lurk on DU?

Censorship Quotes

Has anyone seen the cartoon that led to the invasion/destruction of Iraq?

Who will give the last post before DU shut-down?

Last minute reminder, DU panic room on Yahoo

Cartoon Riots: Has The Liberal Line Been Crossed?

Addicted to Oil

Bernie Sanders Collapses at Military Funeral, but is "All Right"

Good bye, DU

Excuse me if I am wrong. I thought OBL masterminded the Cole attack?

Kerry campaign wiretapped? Were there any anomolous events

Ever wonder if your neighbor really is a Repuke?

Tell the FDA to stop prescription drug ads

AOL & Yahoo to charge postage for email

Please caption this photo >>>

Could there come a time, when we won't be able to leave?

Guy who attack gay bar has a myspace site... his friends support him...



Personal data on hundreds of Americans faxed to Manitoba company

Pacific News:Read front pages to see how political corruption hits home

What, Yemen suspects escape AGAIN?!?! Are these supposed

RawStory: Senators consider constitutional amendment to limit war powers

Exclusive: Can the President Order a Killing on U.S. Soil?

So, Bush's bodyguards are bucking for a bigger bubble

Anyone good with political/historial quotes?

Halliburton to construct HS "detention facilities" in US: $385M DHS award

US economy in great depression?

Bernie Sanders has collapsed

Democrats in Marin back impeachment

Do you know what's in the Patriot Act? What's set to go, what stays in?

Claiming the cartoonists and publishers are inciting violence is senseless

If the U.S. is"addicted to Oil," does that make Bush "Pusher-in-Chief?"

There is an evilness in the land, a blight on the nation.

It saddens me to see our most ardent truth-tellers aging.

While DU is down that will give us a chance to visit

Vermont; Town Resolution Seeks to Impeach President

PBS NOW must see.

Jury is Asked to Accept that there was “No Evil At Enron!”

Nobody Wants War

Why Do Greens Mostly Attack Democrats?

"We Want Blood on the Streets of England"

Are the cartoon protesters propaganda led?? *pic*

IMO, Boehner's first Sunday appearance as Maj Leader doesn't bode well

What do you mean, we don't have any ideas?

Strict constructionists can't say 9/11 changed everything -

What do you think about Air America charging to download shows?

outing a CIA agent, illegal wire taps, lies that got us into Iraq

LOOK AT THIS!!! "Specter Believes Spy Program Violates Law" woohoo!

US Media at 'All-Time Low' (no fucking kidding.)

GOP Now Moving Closer To Rationalizing SUMMARY EXECUTION

53% Say Iran War Somewhat or Very Likely

(I hear ya, rndmprsn!) GOP Chairman: Hillary Shows Lot of Anger

What is your opinion on nuclear energy as an "alternative" energy source?

At the heart of the problem...

Did anyone go to the World Can't Wait Protest Yesterday?

Please go to google and type in "asshole"

Parallels between the Mid East Conflict and Southern Racial Conflict

Ralph Reed's First Try for Running For Office Is Failing

Diabetic Brothers Beat Odds With Grit and Luck

Campaign update. Rick Chapman for Senate

The End of the Internet?

NeoCon Perle wants to strike Iran quickly

Actual Danish cartoons (that caused the violence)

alright folks. get a grip. when people burn embassies for their "cause"

Good for Turin.. They wouldn't allow destruction of trees

Do you think they Bush Gang is wiretapping Fitzgerald?

It's great to see Arabs demonstrating in the streets all over the world!

Is right wing setting trap for progressives?

Bush has NO INTENTIONS of leaving OFFICE in 2009

The "detainment camps" are for anyone who the Bush Administration wants to

Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz

Thoughts on the Muhammed pictures uproar from my blog

Freedom of speech in Scandinavia


Does anybody have a link to the story about KBR getting

i noticed some funny things about the islamic protesters

Pssst...pass it around.

Now they can intercept your mail, monitor your telephone/email...

"There really is not a lot of evidence for evolution"

Islamic prayers could be illegal under new laws (Australia)

What's the worst thing that a conservative has ever said to you?

Judge rips Congress in bankruptcy case

Zombie shoppers with Dead Eyes in my Malls.

You are being LIED TO to start another WAR, this time, with IRAN!!

Is Karl - Kaa?

went to one of the draft feingold sites and

It's time to channel our opposition toward the Republican Party and....

any info on the demonstration today in DC? Any pics? Who was there?

Friedan, Who Ignited Cause in 'Feminine Mystique,' Dies at 85

BushCo WWIII: What's the cause -- Incompetence, or Evil?

Is NASA useful?

D-Senate Campaign Cmte: $25,252,409 ~ R-Senate Campaign Cmte: $10,539,068

I heard something onTweety (I think) about Bayh talking about

Is Spreading Democracy Working? Are we safer with...

Political scandals appear to weaken the GOP in Ohio

Anyone See Tauscher -CA (D) and Linsey Graham-SC (R) On The Today Show....

How you know the DLC is a malevolent force.

FNS-Gen. Hagley continues LIE that FISA is too slow

MTP-It's official Boehner is a boner

OH Repug regrets changing donation rules now that Dems ahead

Call center outsourcing - Why any American can be spied upon.

For those who cannot believe Bush and Company

Please educate me. Why Feingold??

Breaking Re: U.S.S. Cole Event Mastermind

Let me see. Not increasing medicare is not a cut, but dropping the tax

Daniel think tank man Pipes said:

US Senate Candidate's Billboard: "Be Patriotic, Impeach Bush"

Help me respond to this letter in my local paper.

Irregularities in OH 2005 vote (*tinfoil hat on*)

Will Bush say that Jamal Ahmed Badawi can run, but he cannot hide?

* puts U.S. is back in assassination business

"irate" EPA scientists/soot & dust pollution vs bushmilhousegang

Kos: Lieberman off his rocker

Did the Reupblicans just try to steal their own election?

Sen. Baucus, Conrad, Dorgan love their nukes, say we need to keep

Garrison Keillor: We put the Larsen back in larceny...

Kentuckys Underground Economy...

The power of persuasion -- Brent Wilkes and Republican bribery

C&L Vid - Boehner on MTP: Meet the new boss. Placeholder for the old boss.

Blue Fridays: Drumbeat to Impeachment

So how many of the Cali. GOP congressional delegation is at risk?

The Collation of the Willing is shrinking ..... Japan to bug out.

US eavesdropping program listening to 'thousands': report

We must remind our brothers and sisters that freedom is a LIBERAL concept

Yahoo! News: Bush's Top Campaign Staff Defecting to GOP 2008 Hopefuls

New GOP meme I'm getting a whiff of: We are SO bi-partisan!

NEWSWEEK: Bush's Top Campaign Staff Defecting to GOP 2008 Hopefuls

Just a Reminder: TREASON is a Capital Offense

It's time for Democrats to call for change in way we fight terrorism...

Who are you? I really wanna know?

I Counted Six Blacks In the Runners Crowd At The N.O. Marathon....

why do I have to look at an oreo cookie toothed tiger on super sunday?

So this Boner is their REFORM candidate? lol!

Is there a power struggle between Bush and his puppet masters?

What best describes Bush?

Pardon my naivete - What is the majority in our Party?

Did Bush spy on CBS re NG desertion story?

"Talkin' Texan" means big time lying....

I don't mind if Shrub spies on Al Quieda

WaPo: Tasting Victory, Democrats Fight Instead

Why blame the Democrats? What about the Rethugs?

Utah Democrats stepping up efforts

"American goals to repair Iraq's infrastructure will never be reached..."

What are the most outrageous things Lieberman has done to screw us over?

Burning embassies over a CARTOON? WTF?

DUers, poll on Hillary being freeped!.Pls vote

"Is President Bush's plan to spread democracy turning into a fiasco?"

What is the Difference Between Liberals & Progressives?

Boy! Wolf is sure willing to give Duncan Hunter his say...

Carville's smoke-filled rooms making party decisions? Or the 50 states.


Damn, Bernie Sanders collapsed to the floor. Just on MSNBC .

Today on Face the Nation a very blase and cynical Schieffer along with

Something just isn't adding up for me re the Syrian embassies...

A story to undo ALL Bush's support...with a little help from the top.

Dear Senator Cantwell

Democratic party should call the GOPs bluff. Bill of Rights II

Four questions every candidate should be FORCED to answer!!!!!!!!!

What is your responsibility in a democracy?

Arlen Specter says, "This is a big, big, big issue..."

US Senate Candidate Sheeler (D-RI) Says 'Impeach Bush!;' Billboard

Did You Know That Islam Prohibits ANY Image Of Mohammed?

NYS Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno (r) calls for immediate withdrawal