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Archives: February 4, 2006

JASON MILLER: Evolution Is Intelligently Designed

Still ‘NO LAW’ Against Free Speech (editorial on Sheehan/SOTU)

Apathy of Biblical Proportions- Monica Benderman

Voices Carry

Get Well, America! II

Preparing the World For Another 9/11


Labor Department Overstates number of working Americans by 3 million

New EPA Soot Limits Faulted by Scientists

Shorts in Maine in January? Yes...

Where is the best place to learn pros/cons of geothermal?

Landmark Vt. Farm Tries Grass Pellet Heat

Cross Reference To Downing Street Memo II

Danish minister apologizes to Abbas over cartoons

Anger sweeps Middle East over cartoons of Mohammad

911:Jim Fetzer on AirAmerica/Charles Goyette Show

9-11 Commission Report special on the History Channel now n/t

Prof. Jones' Utah 9/11 Seminar - Feb. 1, 2006

Wonder Why It’s So Important That Towers Did NOT Have Concrete Cores?

FL: Two Counties Facing Loss Of Federal Elections Money (Armtwisting?)

Fallon discusses campaign finance donations

Mesaba wants low paid employees to take a big cut

GET OFF YOUR ASS [Texas Edition]

Disaster is a Learning Experience

U.S. air patrols planned over Sask.-Montana border

AP: Cheney, Rumsfeld Fought for Wiretaps for foreign intel 30 yrs ago


What about Mike Malloy???

Oil Habit Is Hard to Break Under New York Tax Code

Havana invites U.S. executives to fight embargo invest in CU energy sector

UN council, bowing to Bolton, sets daily briefings

NYT:New Details Revealed on C.I.A. Leak Case(Cheney told Libby;Libby lied)

WP: (court) Documents Reveal New Details of Libby Conversations

LAT: Attack Jolts Iraq Oil Business as Civilian, Troop Tolls Rise

Prosecutors come out slugging at Enron trial (Reuters)

IAEA postpones Iran meeting until Saturday

WP: Generic Drugs Hit Backlog At FDA (BushCo not trying to speed it up)

Snow: future holds jobs for "city of looms" (Reuters)

WP: Boehner Suggests New Tack on Lobbying

NASA Chief Backs Agency Openness (more NASA scientists contact NYT)

Scientist: Bird flu not biological weapon

Police seize medical marijuana from AIDS sufferer (Canada)

Entire Darfur village of 55,000 flees after raids by Janjaweed gunmen

AP/Yahoo: Similar Wiretap Debate 30 Years Ago (Cheney/Rumsfeld)

Blunt: Media Drove Leadership Race Outcome

NYT: Bush to Propose Vast Cost Savings (cuts) in Medicare Plan

Iraq war vets enter US political fray (Reuters)

WP/AP: Bush Picks Telecom Lawyer for FCC

Boehner's Empire Resembles DeLay's

WP: Judge's Report Shows Cheney Aide Is Accused Of Broad Deception

NYT: KBR -$385 million for building temporary US detention centers

US crops left to rot as Mexicans leave the fields for better-paid jobs

Don't usually post joke..but cute

Cool Roger Waters Video Segment...

Check out this woman on who calls herself "very liberal"

Bush Creates New Dept of Corruption (the Onion)

Post here and I'll do the right thing

It's amazing how lies can just roll off some people's tongues

I promise, for now on, to do this:

How many birthmarks do you have?

Ladies, Ladies, look I'm a lone wolf - you can't tame me

Why do I feel like I'm in a high school on a really bad melodrama?

I recently switched from an automatic post duper to a French press.

"I don't have a photograph, but you can have my footprints...

I'm about to attack someone, verbally .. but no ...

I hate when people talk behind my back...

SoCal Police officer held in sexual-favors cases.

James Bond director arrested while dressed in drag

New formal debate at Naturalism vs Theism

Today, for the third time in my "career",

I recently switched from Thor's Hammer to a French ball peen.

Lisa Loeb is too good for Tom Cruise

Share a pop culture wet dream with the class.

DU Writers! Take heart!

Dave Chappelle wants to give his money to charity?

"Diamonds From Sierra Leone" -- what a fantastic song

Trading Spouses

My dachshund thinks he's a lap dog.

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

Given Will Pitt's propensity to apologize for past posts, isn't it about


Nobody ever told me dogs pass gas. Geez.........

Over time I've become a pretty darn fast typer...

So Lance buddied up to that jackass, and Sheryl dumped him

An owl can burn 'til dead--270 degrees !

Be Angry At The Sun

Speaking of dick taters,

BlueJay, XNASA and terrya are enjoying a night on the town in Chicago

Great bumper sticker...

Are you ready?

I recently switched from key lime pie to a French kiss.

Do you ride public transportation to work? If so then why?

Manwich tomorrow!

The 100 Worst Senators

Why are so ?

will there be a Puppy Bowl on Animal Channel? I hope so.

Sushi Tomorrow!

What form of government is the Lounge?

Favorite "Reality Show"

OK, finally got a scanner. Now, how do I get pics loaded. What is that

Skip's granddad passed away yesterday.

i've been through some shit tonight

Hey, Google "Packermania," It's A Class I Taught Last

So what are the "food groups" these days?

Question for ipod users: I would like to shift my library

I see what happens now to kids that have names like "Boenher"


Hard drive crash.

Hi there! How is everyone? I just got back from a Mardi Gras

What's NOT to like about Michigan State?

Men: What type are you in the bathroom (an oldie but goodie)

Damn, I am supposed to go out - now I just wanna listen to Lightfoot


if Bush was a Hindu

Why do I feel like I'm late for one of my high school exams?

Bono or Bob Geldof? The ULTIMATE rock star pomposity poll!!

Is This the World We Created?

I cant help myself....Bono is a wanker...

Whats going on at 4pm Eastern Time Sunday?

Things you should never buy any kind of:

Battlestar Galactica Feb 02-03-06 *Spoilers*


Post advice on something you know nothing about

What guilty pleasure(s) is lurking in your music collection?

Toilet paper -- wad or fold?

Galactica up next!

Things you should never buy the cheap kind of:

so - what's the story with Gordon Lightfoot???

Any one have XM Radio or Sirius?

Anybody d/l and using Seamonkey yet?

Things you should never buy the expensive kind of:

Dammit! I hate writing papers.

Chuck Norris is dead at 65

It's starting to look a lot like California

Will you be watching the Superbowl on Sunday?

What is the first record album you ever bought? (Full-length LP or CD)

I'm gonna watch an old Northern Exposue episode at 10:22 pm

Say something nice about another DUer behind their back!

Check out "Grizzly man" on the Discovery channel

A beer blogger's State of the Union

evening earworm

I recently switched from an automatic rat stomper to a French press.

They hate us for our bottles.

Official Language of the European Union

How many scars do you have?

How many births do you have?

What should this post be about?

Is Buddhism compatible with Christianity?

The True Tale of the Garden of Eden

Does someone recall this, have a link? RW released a "comic" a while

God Without Religion

Any "ringing in the ear/tinnitus" sufferers out there? I've had this for

Howard Dean elminates GLBT Outreach Position at DNC

Idaho Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage Advances

West Virginia Anti-Gay Amendment Gains Steam

VT Senate Orders Governor To Restore Gay Web Site

Lesbian Files Complaint Against Doctor 'Who Prescribed Anti-Gay Treatment'

Anti-Gay Utah Bill May Be Replaced

India May Repeal Anti-Gay Sex Laws

Donn Handicap and Strub Stakes Past Performances

I have a question for those who feed their cats raw food

Bill Moyers - Alito Filibuster "Thank and Spank" list

You can download "Why We Fight" on the internets.

The card with the ties should say what?

NYC gets ready for the EDVs

KOEB 2/3/06: Friday Night Party Edition

So are we done with tie-ing it on?

Since Bush is openly against offshoring, won't that lead to a scandal too?

Tweety Trying To Find A Way To Put Blame On Left For Burning

Riverbend..Badgdad Burning

Sign on the back of a car: George Bush gives me gas. n/t

Igniting the Ignorati

DU this poll- Patriot Act: Useful or Useless?

What Supreme Court nominee/appt was born on April Fool's day and

My LTTE will appear in tomorrow's Orlando Sentinel

Nepotism/Cronyism can get you killed

My fiance and I pray for President Bush every night

Awesome Move-On Commericial/To be aired soon

Stand Your Ground

Does anybody know..

Guess who was in favor of warrantless wiretaps during the Ford years?

Remember how Kansas A.G. wanted the records of women who had abortions?

We never really discuss race around here....

What Can The Bush Administration Do To Me If...

The Mother of All Downing Street Memos? -- David Corn Comments

DOD to take greater role in bankrolling foreign militaries

Doctors Call For Stop To Ultrasound 'Keepsake' Photos

The End of the Internet?": analysis of telco war on open networks

Friday Homophobia Alert

CBS correspondent John Roberts joins CNN

Zogby: Two-thirds majority in US backs joint military action again Iran


Armed agents raid Security Aviation, “rocket pod launcher,”

Rep Louise Slaughter gives props to Kos; continues to call Tweety out

the teflon president

The most excellent freeway-blogger strikes again. Watch and listen.

What would you do if you just found out that your 18 YO daughter

DU Help Russ Feingold get this to the Public

Hard drive crash.

Why it's not entrapment (Stone Phillips, Dateline anchor)

I feel this issue is serious enough to warrant a GD discussion: Gays and

Bush wants to spy on Americans, but he uses EO's to protect the Family

Larry Wilkerson on PBS "NOW", now (in some markets, anyhow).

What about Mike Malloy???

Chavez talks about "internal decy" toppling the US.

Is he "beaner" or "boner" or just another fucking nazi?

Woodruff reported "insurgents particularly afraid" of his unit just before

Bush to Blair - "wouldn't it be cool to like, paint one of our planes

9-11 Challenged Our Way Of Life—We Will Win Through Strength

Check out "Grizzly man" on the Discovery channel

It's a cluster screwing...GOP government and Corporations

How would you respond to this?

Skilling to skeptical financial analyst, "Thanks asshole"

"Protests" in the Middle-East Amount to a Boycott of Lurpak

Pic-Who's this with The Fanged Chimperor?

New one on me: Exiled Mothers... your take?

George Bush's Ministry of Truth

If Iran went to the Euro right now

Should this not Totally Destroy the Bush Presidency?

Alito Filibuster "Thank and Spank" - Bill Moyer

Did anyone just see PBS's "NOW"?

Friday Mandatory Mike Malloy Truthseekers check in

Tweety should be marginalized.

Leon Co., Union Co. in Florida ordered to return federal elections money

CBS news at 5:30 p.m. tonight..."Ten's of Thousands in Jordan

Nora O'Donnell reporting on the missing White House 2003 emails

North American media shy away from Muslim cartoons

Tax Talk Goes Orwellian

LA Times op-ed: A Capitol offense, by Cindy Sheehan

Why did the MSM ignore these recent church burnings?

"we're addicted to oil but I'm going to keep giving them tax breaks."

Iraq: The Musical

Bush - Why should the American public trust you anymore? - WaPo

Take The 'Profiles In Courage' Challenge !!!

M Waas: "Fitzgerald Court Papers: Bush Was Briefed on Joe Wilson"

Don't tell me boycotts don't work. Just heard on radio that the Danes

Ralph Reed's First Try for Office Falters

Light bulbs: Not such a bright idea (BBC)

The Pastor Who Defied Hitler - on PBS

Wilkerson on NOW: Helped play hoax on America re Iraq!

“The sword of Damocles hanging over Rove”

Tired of lousy faux-democratic Public Policy? Try Citizen Panels!

So they caught the guy who stole my laptop

Is working 24/7 a form of serfdom?

AP: Cheney, Rumsfeld fought to impose wiretaps thirty years ago

If I'm not mistaken, can't emails and other documents deleted

HILARIOUS Starbucks hoax. "Starbucks denies coffee to Marines"

Progressive Muslims Support Cartoons: We Should Support Them

New TV Ad: George W. Bush is Breaking the Law

Tweety says gays may have torched churches in Alabama

Wouldn't this be a great DU Project ?

Dear President Bush: I am praying for you

There he goes...Tweety blaming church burnings on the left..

Jeezus h.keerist...Wolf Blitzer is the Ron Burgandy of the MSM, only

Video The Opposition to Chavez

Are any of you finding it hard to Care about this "stuff" anymore?

Bush took Al Gore's advice for the SOTU speech...

Unschooling: DIY education for children. Your comments?

The Book of Daniel was a big loss

Cartoons Offensive, but so is violence, Canadian Muslims say

A beer blogger's State of the Union

Bono Speaks the Truth to Power - POVERTY

Need a list of who voted against and who voted for alito -

NSA demands financial records 1 million New Years 04 Vegas

Records junkets found connected to Bush

It just doesn't seem to matter or register with the American people

"Were We Misled?" A panel next Wed, 2-8 at NY Ethical Culture 7-9

Hillary Clinton Returns Wal-Mart Cash

If you caught Pat Buchanan on Countdown, you'll know that because the Dems

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Weekend Wind Down

Concerning impeachment, something I think we should all do November 8th

Anyone tried to get onto Craig Crawford's website today and had

The Pestilent Presidency (an essay)

Rep. Louise Slaughter makes a personal request.

Question about Wes Clark

Why not listen to what Julian Bond really said?

The Iraq WAR VETERANS that are running as Dems in '06 races....

Why should I vote in the Democratic Primary?

From the Dept. of Ass-Smooching (Chris Matthews Division)

Poll shows many Americans are dumber than Bush!

I need a laundry list of Repub criminals during Bush

Dems abolish gay outreach post

Fitzgerald Court Papers: Bush Was Briefed on Joe Wilson

DId anyone watch Fox tonight (sorry)?

Looking for a remote that automatically mutes out GWB

Howard Dean eliminates GLBT Outreach Position at DNC

Will McCain run?

Bush Is Running Out of Alibis (conservative site alert)

The..."war on terror" - relabelled The Long War in the Pentagon...?!?"

TDS, Oh my gosh! In GOP vote for Maj Leader more votes than Reps, voting

Stroll down memory lane: Tom DeLay's 1994 perjury

53% of Americans Feel Bush Deliberately Misled Country on Iraq WMD

DLC stands for Democrats Love Corporations! *warning* *rant*

A personal thank-you note to Momcat, Wordie and everyone else

Three decades, same cast of crooks (Bush I, Cheney and spying)

Clarkies: Best running mate for Wes in 2008

Freedoms are now down the drain

War plans: Not a last resort--------These two clips should be sent

Some lie about 'sexual relations", while others...

More Allegations of Libby Lies Revealed

Boehner's empire similar to DeLay's

To spread democracy abroad, respect the law at home -CS Moniter

My President is an Alien - Bob Burnett

"The Biggest Secret" (Thomas Powers, NYRB)

US Media at 'All-Time Low'

Terrorism's Little Secret - Deepak Chopra, Huffington Post

SPYING - Accountability needed with president, too (Sensenbrenner)

'Power of Mischief: Military Industry Executives are Making Bush Policy an

Dowd-Didn't See It Coming, Again--(WH is "culturally illiterate")

White Anti-Gay Group to Protest King Funeral

Iraq war is costing $100,000 per minute

ROBERT KUTTNER: "A more democratic world rejects Bush's globalism"

The Pig Man Threat Across America - Bob Cesa, Huffington Post

The Guardian: * and the Neocons failing grand plans

Oilman Plays Ozone Man - Maureen Dowd

I need some talking point for my radio show

Seal herds taking refuge from warm temperatures decimated by blizzard.

Amb. to U.S. raps Washington Post, LA Times for Hamas op-eds

Settlers blamed for violent clashes

IDF artillery units shell Qassam launchers in northern Gaza Strip

Ayalon slams Hamas article publications

Anti-Hamas measures launched in Congress

Llamas joins Israeli troops on frontline

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

Haven't you realized by now that Osama will go down in history...

Yahoo News Business Section Declared Crackpot Site

Steel core: WTC 1 and WTC 2

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

Is Rove planning a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl?

Angel is next

How we vote: A mandate, a mess

PA: Verified Voting Reviews Diebold TSx Amended Certification Report

Keep Them From Forcing Electronic Voting!

Supremes going to talk about electronic voting!!

Nominate the Daily News thread with your Morning Coffee

Does anyone have contact info for Al Gore? Election Reform activists

Sending Kittens to Frist Unless We Get 25 Recommends for the Daily Thread

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 4

Election Tampering "at the Behest of...State...Federal Republican Parties"

DUers "Bush Cheated" video now up at Huffington Post.

What have you heard: Iowa Mutual Aid Compact?

Brave Liberal goes to hear Vander Plaats speak


Delegate Leanings

So, who got elected as Delegates to the DemCon?

Attention Sfi-fi & Fantasy fans!!!!!!

Bluebonnet fields

The media treatment of "repairs to 24 Sussex Drive"

Indian leader seeks federal aid

Judge Sets Trial for Libby in CIA Leak

Bodies of 14 Iraqis Dumped in Baghdad (seized by Iraqi police)

Ability to Wage 'Long War' Is Key To Pentagon Plan

Sunni leader says Interior Ministry killed 24 Sunnis in Baghdad

U.S. strikes back against Venezuela

CNN/AP: Coretta Scott King honored at Georgia's Capitol

Iraq war did not create wave of terrorism-Rumsfeld

Nominee to Give F.C.C. Republican Majority

Were is our allied US when Syria is burning our embassy

Rewards offered in AL Church fire probe

Aides Re-edited News Articles on Candidate's Web Site

Captain was first to flee, say survivors

Fierce Fighting Kills 37 in Afghanistan

'Grandpa Munster' Al Lewis Dies at 95

Feminist Pioneer Betty Friedan dies

Video Shows Moments Before Insurgent Attack That Injured Woodruff, Vogt

Nerve drug enters wheat scandal ( Australia)

Fierce Fighting Kills 36 in Afghanistan

The Donald's Choice For Florida Governor Is..

LAT: EPA Panel Advises Agency Chief to Think Again (scientists revolt!)

Prisoner's Transfer To Iraqis Is Blocked (because he could be tortured)

WSJ: FAA Might Tap Private Money To Fund Upgrades

DoD Identifies Army Casualty ( # 2250 )

Rumsfeld: Iranian regime is world's leading sponsor of state terrorism

Fighter jets force down small plane flying too close to Bush ranch

Iran to halt snap nuclear checks

Gov. Granholm calls on Bush to aid manufacturing in radio speech

Merkel likens Iranian president to Hitler

CALIFORNIA/Bush gets bill slashing foster care aid

CNN Breaking: Danish Embassy in Damascus Set on Fire

CNN: Manila game show stampede kills 73

U.S. Mum on Punishment It Seeks for Iran

Bush Job Approval (Bush Rasmussen #s DOWN Full Polling Cycle After SOTU)

Cuba's oil bid angers U.S.

Silencing dissent a growing trend (Knight Ridder)

Iraq war did not create wave of terrorism: Rumsfeld

This is new, folks -- NYT: Oil Graft Fuels the Insurgency, Iraq and U.S.

Gonzales in Familiar Role As Bush Defender

Teen wanted in Mass. gay bar attack hospitalized after shootout in Ark.

IAEA to Report Iran to Security Council

Pelosi optimistic about party's chances to retake House

Top Al Qaeda convicts escape from Yemen jail

CNN/AP: Empty spacesuit orbits Earth, transmits, goes silent

Republican hopes of regaining initiative fall flat

Army Teaches Troops How to Pick a Spouse

Galloway refused entry to Egypt

Pentagon Lays Out "Long War" Stragegy

Danish cartoonists fear for their lives

N.H. Town Rejects Plan to Evict Souter

Feminist Author Betty Friedan Dies at 85

Venezuela's Chavez Wins Hearts Among the Poor

i'm drunk

Believe it or not

Prophecy 1.

Prophecy 2.

Loneliness Really Sucks!

Always single.

Remember when Christ turned all those navel oranges into quail eggs?

I'm bored. Entertain me.

Just watched "The Descent". One of the scariest movies EVER!

This thread is about EWE!

Which Desperate Housewife are you?


I have a crush on an 18-month-old

I had a really hot sex dream about my insurance broker last night.

Go Ahead and Die!

Blessed Be

I didn't realize what a bitch I've been the last few days

Wrestling Fans: A Goldust-Boogeyman Feud

North by Northwest is on TCM right now

True or False????????

What are some of your favorite pictures and why?

Wrestling fans: Between the two, who has the best



Hugo Chavez isn't perfect.

I mis-spoke and I think I pissed somebody off on accident

EVERY cell in my body is WEARY *sigh*

The Jerk!

Goodnight, Lounge!

Al Qaeda Caller I.D. (funny!)

Dammit, it's 'Super Bowl'

nationstates players

What's new DUers!

Super Bowl

Check out the shirt I just ordered.


Superbowl will be on 5 second delay ... TITTY ALERT!

Detroit Super Bowl Party Pics

BLog from would-be writer of "Snakes on a plane"

Should I put chilli on my pizza?

What was the worst record you never bought

I love Marty Casey and the Lovehammers' new cd

New term for *'s speaking style!

Post your measurements .........

EEEeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!! I had a dream that I woke up and I was a.....

Mmm... Don Julio tequila... tasty!

Feeling fresh now

CNN: Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong SPLITTING UP!

Has anyone flown to New Zealand?


Anyone following this SuitSat thing?

Fake bake.

Has anyone flown to New Zealand?

For jpgray, wherever he may be: "Born Again Cretin"

Anybody Ever Try the Radio Fence? (aka "invisible fence")

Some of you Saw Brokeback Mountain

Delete multi post

PSA for a Saturday morning: bathing wisdom.

What is the wierdest concert line-up that you have seen?

How early is too early to call a youngish potential landlord on a weekend?

I mis-soaked and I think I pissed on somebody on accident.

What long lasting effect does 12 years of heavy drinking have on the brain

Just a random observation while shoe shopping.

This thread is for KitchenWitch

How do you reclaim interest in something you lost some time ago?

If other people drive drink, can I also do it?

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow break up, end four month engagement

Which cult leader of the 70s should have survived and prosper?

When the Super Bowl is in Detroit, shouldn't the halftime show be Motown?

I bought three new books last night. Which should I...

It is raining like a mo-fo here in Winston-Salem, folks.

This Manchester United/Fulham game is exciting as hell!

Please, someone post a link to the cartoons

help theres a groundhog in my daughters bed

web developers, a quandary:


progmom on the air - post jazz requsts here

I am fucking adorable. Fuck off:

A First Pic Of Ding, With Liberace, When I Was 16. . .

CSS Support Could Be Internet Explorer's Weakest Link

Kire has 8000 posts!!!!!

Hey newyawker99

Name an agonizing movie moment...

So, while I work on my paper, I am going to listen to Satyagraha

What's a cool song I should download onto my iPod?

Baby, don't get hooked on me.

Important safety tip for gents

I have the hiccups

Columbia Records offers Jessica Simpson $35 million to renew her contract

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Separated at Birth? Tweety... and Campbells soup kid?

yo check it. In the time of chimpanzees Bush was a monkey...

Finished watching "Tour of Duty" TV show last night...

Does this count? (My Cartoon of The Prophet Mohamed)


MrG is leaving me...

My Two Favorite Guys...

Most irritating NFL fight song.

Whats' the easiest way to remove wallpaper? MIL visit ! Gotta gussy up!

oh look, it's a little wannabe boy-king-caesar-tyrant...

About that flirting thread I'd made...

What was the worst record you ever bought

Has Chris Matthews lost his mind?

Book of Daniel fans...

Mind if I talk about my Father?

Tippi Hedron's Spirit Haunts My House.

My two thousandth post a pic of yourself

A street for Merle Haggard (what would you name a street if you could?)

Post something here and I'll tell you I find it surprising.

Six years ago I did something very wrong

We are having a major thunderstorm!

I am loving the new NHL shootout rule...

true patriots need their Salt & Pepper to reflect it, i guess

The Ultimate badass showdown

Things are looking up, I don't mind saying...

I have no clue.

My car is so skanky!

Goodnight lounge!

Holey moley!

Just trying to get a breather...

three cheers for terrya

why is it that except for all of you, all the cool folks have left DU?


I Feel Bad for Dateline's "Sexual Predators"

I am addicted to Photobucket's "recent" button .... (dialup warning)

Right, I'm outta here.

hello from...SINGAPORE

there is stuff in my big freezer dating back to the Clinton adminstration

Liquid Lady video. Is this for real? It's absolutely insane!!!

Why doesn't the Chili Dog and Heineken Emporium exist?


What should I do this afternoon and evening?

For real editing, frontpage SUCKS.

I just fingered over 3000 pounds.

Oh, everytime it rains...

Want to hear something ironic?

And now, it's time for something completely different

My dog is a 6 year cancer survivor.

Postapicofyouandapet (I don't believe in spaces)

Galaxy Quest on TNT right now!

Trying to figure what to do for my 1000th post ...

Hey Kids! It's Rachael Ray Olive Oil! (EVOO ™ )

Suck it, Trebek!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/4/06)

I'm 300 posts away from 20,000.

GAWDDAMN! BBQ Chicken, Maple Baked Beans, Honey Cornbread For Supper!

RIP Betty Friedan

Sad kitty

Caption this!

I just finished my taxes. Ask me anything.

heres a good laugh from a very special friend

Somebody say something cheery.

Is there a large Hmong population in Wisconsin?

alittlelark could use some of your good thoughts..

How many of the 7 continents have you been to?

no problem buddy, we can fix that.

Got a Nerf hammer at Lowe's today.

Classic commercials--the better to quote from, my dear!

Has anyone HERE gone to Gustavus Adolphus College?

Things you should never buy:

Show us pictures of your special areas!!!

RIP "Grandpa Munster" Al Lewis

Dear lounge, I present: yvr girl

Hey! I just found out Call Me Wesley's sister is a great artist!

I just went over 3000 posts.

Any other fans of Miss Swan out there?

Hook is really a cute movie

Where is the breakfast thread? A lightly toasted bagel, Zingerman's cream

What is your current musical guilty pleasure?

Want to see one of the weirdest strangest things Fort Worth has to offer?

Anyone know of any good Taco parties going on in the area?

I know I'm alone, but Angelina Jolie ...

It's "post a picture" time!

Bad eBay experiences?

The fuckers, the bean counters, the lawyers, all these assholes

Do you think pedophiles are really able to use the internet to rape kids?

In opposition to billyskank's nice portraits, I offer you lousy portraits

post your self-portrait here


no name no slogan and Fenris, separated at birth!

I'm looking for the tin foil kitty pic...


Cheap Trick...Love 'em or Hate 'em?!

I'm so gay.

Pic thread! (I finally got a scanner!)

Winter Blues. Do you get them so badly that nothing is good?

How long ago are the 50's?

I'm getting my hair cut today....what look shall I go for?

Saturday art: "Eight Wishes"

Saturday OH DARK HUNDRED earworm

What do you do to break out of old habits and mannerisms?

Self delete

Lemme know

Frey's lies. Who has thought their life could be a better book?

In 3 hours, it'll have been 24 hours since I'd last eaten.

I'm cutting the cord. Er, Dish.

Important safety tip for everyone

Oh the shame!

For those who play World of Warcraft.

If you could have any human-animal hybrid you wanted, what kind

Has anyone heard how goodboy is doing?

Humanity itself isn't the problem, our particular culture is the problem.


Fred Phelps Confronted

I deeply dislike the insinuation that any hate crime perpuated

I just watched the Lifetime Movie Mr. and Mrs. Loving

Bush Admin Equates Gay Rights Groups With Pedophilia

Survey on equitable marriage rights - state & federal

Bush Admin Equates Gay Rights Groups With Pedophilia

Women's Tennis Fans...A Shocker

NFL Hall of Famers announced!

UCONN wins!!! Duke wins!!!!

Fear not Steeler fans...Troy is OK.

UFC poll: Randy Couture or Chuck Liddell

One of my local animal shelters in desperate need of help

cat fight of doom

Is it ok to lie to someone that their pet is cute when it's not?

Vet Office closing - found out what happened

Another quite vivid nighmare

"the sins you are will be the sins you are ruled by"

How do I find a good astrologist? I feel the need to

Update!! The Abuser was suspended last night.

What are your secrets to good health?

Bono at National Prayer Breakfast

Hey, I got elected a delegate again!

Op-Ed: A Real Way to Honor America's Troops

Protest rally today

Portrait of a national icon

What I have been up too...

yup, I better join this group

Happy birthday to WolverineDG!

Congrats To Rev Cheesehead! She has a new job.

Will you be watching the Superbowl on Sunday?

Court TV not covering Enron trial?

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations,

Chavez is acting in American interests

Miami Herald columnist: We are avoiding hard questions about 9/11

question about Mike Malloy and Majority Report

Mike Webb expects to have Joe Wilson on the phone soon (10:30 Pacific)

Why do Republicans hate Americans? And our troops?

Bernie: Dems gave warcard to Bush -- Where would Dems be...


Superbowl will be on 5 second delay ... TITTY ALERT!

That bobble-head libby dole: "Is there anything the Democrats won't do?"

Glad we could help: "More Chinese are becoming millionaires"


Okay, this scares me! This scares me a lot!!!

Next month's energy bills are going to be BRUTAL!

Nothing changes with Repugs, except for the latest front-man they...

I am coming up on CSpan!


CSPAN caller: "Why I became a Republican."

Granny Bee – What a Week!

Haves, have-more and those that get the business!

Quadrennial Defense Review

bush's war spending approaching cost of Vietnam

Letter to Leahy and Specter: Why the NSA Spying is Legal

Guardian' Reports New Memo on Bush and Blair and Plans for Iraq Invasion i

These missing Cheney e-mails

It's not a hate crime; it's terrorism.

A Boehner in the Henhouse

NEW TOON 2/4/06 -- on the "patch"

So now shrub is going after their agriculture sector

Is "Nation Building" a Republican or Democratic idea?

Yahoo, Google, and China

Great LTTE


US media at 'all-time low'

My LTTE is in today's Orlando Sentinel!

Heads up! Bono's "Prayer Breakfast" soliloquy up on CSpan

Any word on the planned demonstrations

Debt Clock, ticking away to our demise, what can you do to

Wake up, America...

Well all righty then...

CNN still using the same photo of Iran's "nuclear plant" from a year ago

Has anyone flown to New Zealand?

Iran launched 'secret' rocket test

Is "touting" a normal behavior for chimpanzees? Can it be stopped?

Wow. that was an emotional experience


Army To Teach Troops How to Pick a Spouse

Is the rhetoric starting to bother anyone else??

Y'know, I'm TIRED of listening to Bush/Hitler comparisons...

Webpage of Mass. Gay Bar Shooter found and archived by Page OneQ

Rep. Louise Slaughter: Ask Chris Matthews to Come Clean on Abramoff

Need the name of that new liberal station, something like

The question they REALLY need to put on a poll

Bush Attempted to Sabotage U2 Mission -- Gulf of Tonkin II

A necessary observation on Chris Matthews :

Mrs. King's funeral procession on CNN now.

Echoes of Nixon and post-Nixon days

Clueless repug moderate has decided Dem Party over and done -

Wish Lester Maddox was alive to see Correta Scott King Lie in State.

Don't be fooled by Sonny Perdue's sudden reverence for Mrs. King

I Am Curious About Something

Iran has been referred to Security council!!

Kuwait's biggest field starts to run out of oil

Online Town Hall Meeting now (Sat. 11 am CST)

Nora Maccoby---patriotic duty to invest in Green stuff--cpan now.

DOD Announces Readiness To Deploy Troops On U.S Soil.

A friend just aske if there's a "Patriot Act for Dummys" site?

Those troublesome cartoons can be viewed here:

Bush boy says: "Technology is changing the way we think."

I just found out that C-SPAN reversed their decision to cover the demo!

We Can't Make It Here Anymore

No more than the war on drugs has eliminated the use of

Folks, we have a battle on our hands

Your gasoline purchases at work

nobody speaks for me, but myself

VA Lawmaker Proposes Castration For Sex Offenders (Here we go again)

Keith Olbermann has got to be the best in the business

House Democrats Talk to the Nation

Great Quote for Pro-War People

"god is with us if we are with them"--Bono at the prayer breakfast--

Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

LAPD Pursues High-Tech End to High-Speed Chases

WA State and OR State is having a sever hurricane force wind storm!

PLEASE join us in the townhall meeting discussion

Tribe opposes plan to kill wolves

i'm confused. someone on the TV news (don't remember if

Remember: Iran has NO nukes.

Muffled warnings on global warming

I was trying to retrieve my emails from Mozilla this morning

True or False...

To be pro death penalty ...

Any info on D.C demonstration?

watching Mr. Smith go to Washington on Showtime

Tweety thinks maybe liberals and gays burnt the churches

IRAQ - The Musical

Alito's 1st decision - he sided with the "liberals"

So, do Denmark and Norway now have justification for war on Syria?

"Apparently" we've lost two major industries under Schrub (Perspective?)

Jimmy Stewart, Where are you? (Mr. Smith)

We need to get local - PATHETIC turn out at local Democratic Caucus

Land of the Free? Yea right!...

So whose at the Pig Farm this weekend?

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

Security Council authorizes planning for UN role in Sudan's Darfur

any news on Jeb shredding Abramof and casino, mob murder investigation papers

Just got off the phone with my fundy mother.... (choice)

If you were an Iraqi would you consider an attack on the U.S. o.k.?

okay, my poll got locked, but I still don't know how to say his name

WTF is going on?

Re: 'Report: Cheney Told Libby Of CIA Identity' - UPI - Is This New ???

URGENT appeal from the women of the US, Iraq & women worldwide...

I get sick of conservatives blaming liberals for poverty

A little tinfoil thought on this cartoon stuff

As Long As We're Getting Rid of the 4th Amendment...

My Mohammad Caricature

Take That! Tweety!!!

Unfortunately, it looks like Scott Ritter may be right again

And one more gem from Fitz's letter and this one is a 24K one !


30 years ago debate over wiretaps similar

Widow Wins Suit in Postal Worker Suicide

Who here remembers when Texas Westerns all black team beat Kentucky's

No matter how much they try to hang China on Clinton,

DHS propagandizing kids

Tom Toles speaks for ME!

Were is our allied US when Syria is burning our embassy

Micael Moore : "Send Me Your Health Care Horror Stories"

HEY DU! Time to mobilize! Get on your phones, faxes and e-mails.

People: What's with these DANISH INFIDELS?

Considering a move to Canada? Think again!

Nixon-Bush morph from!

"The Rita Cosby Club...A place to talk about and RESPECT Rita Cosby"

"Expert" on CNN just said always do what the police officer tells you to do

Interesting thing at my pharmacy.....

Protest in dc today--updates!

Thank You DU!

Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Coretta Scott King Funeral (Feb. 7th)

Now, HERE is a headline that should make every DUer do a happy dance!!

Impeachment fantasy


So sick of hearing "actions of Sheehan are dishonoring her son"....

Just saw great bumper sticker

You're free to speak.

My dog is a 6 year cancer survivor.

Is Rove planning a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl?

Something I like to throw at RW'ers

Question about NSA spying

And now for something lighter: FReepers react to NFL Hall selections

Here's an interesting fact: Mohammed Bin Laden, Bin Laden's father...

Pakistani Paper's Editorial on the Cartoon Flap

WOW! Risen's book begins with Shrub slamming the phone down on Poppy!

isn't there supposed to be a march on the White House today?

$251B already spent on war could fully immunize every child in the world &

Bush Impeachment On Vermont Town Meeting Agenda

Some of the Muhammad Cartoons Are FAKES

George Bush celebrates Groundhog Day rock!

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

Down the memory hole?????

another bright statement from a right wing radio station. my

Social Security equals welfare....

Chavez rallies tens of thousands of supporters amid clash with US

Defense Department says it is spending $100,000 per minute on Iraq War

Does anybdoyknow...

America is a Continent

They've got to be kidding?

Why can't Congress repeal the war resolution ?

Need help with neo-con friends.

Why The Cartoons Weren't Worth It

Spreading the truth about terrorism is the key to waking people up

How can Bush continue to laugh & crack jokes as often as he does?

Feminist Author Betty Friedan Dies at 85

Major protest...Sing him out of the room with rousing "We shall Overcome"

Fitz letter raises a Question: Condi a person of interest?

It Was Cheney!

Stopping a young Republican on a Snowy Day. by R. "Botany" Frost

National Debt increased 51% under Bush

Wow... 'When Two Worlds Collide: Rove v. Fitzgerald'

Does Posse Commitatus Preclude Our Military From Deploying Domestically

Question: Cuba baaaad Commie! China Goooood Commie!

Op-Ed: A Real Way to Honor America's Troops-- By John Kerry and Lane Evans

Urgent advice needed - Anyone on blogger?

Eighty Percent Of Al-Qaeda No. 2s Now Dead

Concerned about the Super Bowl

Bill Maher coming up on Ring of Fire!

Freeper thread on Betty Friedan's death

Kucinich: "spying on Americans is illegal, unjustified, a gross abuse"

I hope our guys on the Judiciary Committee are doing the homework

VIDEOS- Selected from the Democrat Town Hall Caucus today-DEMS SPEAK OUT

ROTFLMAO!!!! Read these!

Conyers: Latest on Impeachment Inquiry

It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both

Driving down Auburn....

Bush and Jack Abramoff photographed at Brokeback Mountain

How should we "honor" Fred Phelps when he dies?

Looking for info on Democrats killed in plane crashes

Randi's Rant: Who Was Sitting Over Laura's Shoulder at SOTU

PHOTO: "There was this hatchet coming right for my face...."

How the cartoon issue reached critical mass (new info)

Permanent bases anyone?

No more letters from Lt. Avery. The death of a penpal hits home.

Republican Sex Scandals. I knew there were some, but not THIS many.

Bush to attend Coretta Scott King's funeral

Does anyone have the link where the US admitted it was for OIL?

5,300 people still missing from Katrina.

* Final word on anti-musim cartoons and embassy violence *

Better a guilty man not be brought to trial than he should be aquitted

Terrorist Attacks on Super Bowl ?

Little Testimony Ties Saddam to Crackdown

Is it my imagination or have the number of members

Pics of STATE of the Union World Can't Wait or other... FEB 4th?

Fred Phelps; Former Gore Supporter? WTF!

Gary Hart: Rove and Bush and Their Non-9/11 Worldview

If you think the Danish cartoons were haven't seen "Holy War!"

I need help PLEASE

How does it further the Muslim cause?

I was banned from the ABC Message Boards

What Democrats need to do to win: Go to church

How Gonzales Plans to Defend Eavesdropping - Time

Can anyone point to that thread with the toons of Jesus

Ted Rall to Hannity: "Your word is worth nothing...You have no integrity"

Grandpa Al Lewis has passed away (announced on WBAI radio) n/t

The demise of "Commander in Chief?"

Mike Papantonio just went all the way off on the "Hollywood Right"

Teen Arrested At Taco Bell 'Party' Speaks Out

"Al Qaeda Caller ID" quick VIDEO - so funny till the end, scary!

LOL !!! - Check Out This Headline !!!

Does this count? (My cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed)

********Superbowl security question********

Book TV Schedule February 4 - 6

Will this new "Downing Street" report grow some legs? "Is Karl Rove Planning a Terror Attack on the Super Bowl?"

H.RES.635 - recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment

Georgia state troopers carrying Mrs. King into the Capitol: THIS...

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Says Bush Guilty of Impeachable Offenses

As a Democrat I am getting tired of Dems' Incompetence

Why isn't this on EVERY news channel today? B** BLATANT lie??

The Danish cartoons crisis: Let's see some Egyptian editorial cartoons ...

Interesting. Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong break up.

If you support the Muslim reaction, then you support Bush's War in Iraq

Crap, what do I say to my 4 yr old daughter?

Roll up... Offend an atheist competion

"Your Move...."

How To Get Europeans To Support Attacking Iran- Why Not Run A Cartoon

Let's see how many DUers can get banned by ABC!

White Rose has a problem, and YOU can help!

The swiftboating of Clark has already begun....

Voting Systems Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

Of Course They Are Warmongers

Cheney and Rumsfeld sought expanded wiretapping

Why President's eavesdropping without warrant is unconstitutional

The State of the Union in 60 seconds

President of "City of God Against the Pagans": Bush And His Crusade!

The Speaker of the House and new Majority Leader lie on C-SPAN.....

Any poll numbers after the State of the Union and its fallout?

Supreme Court battles, and my battle with freepers

Republican Wedge Issues, 2006 Edition

This week one of my AP US History students described * as....


A clear and present danger to America

Chris Matthews Full of BS

Its the simple way that will win in the end.

The Pentagon's "Long War"...clandestine troops in "dozens of countries"

Bush and Rummy on the same page: compare their Iran talking points

Newsweek: Tale of Two Presidents

Rummy compares Chavez to Hitler

gold necklace for Nora Maccoby of Nature's Partners

Bush radio: Take math & science classes and make my tax cuts permanent

Open letter to President of Iran:

2 senators propose drilling deal - Gulf of Mexico

about those death threats

Saddam's trial is a 100% joke. No one seems to even care

We are paying a half million dollars a minute in interest on our debt

Q: Do you want him taken out? A: Not now, but one day, one day, one day.

My advice: invest in Halliburton and Bushco Oil Companies

CARTOON CARNIVAL - The Joint Chiefs have a Suggestion

House Democrats Talk to the Nation: Online Town Hall Meeting

Where is the politician that can tell the truth ?

Bush and the "Heck of a job" rubber stamp Republicans in Congress

Trump raises money for Crist (Florida governor's race)

Here are the cartoons tht must not be seen........BULL!

GOP bigwigs open wallets for Harris

Maxine Waters: Bush's Impeachable Offenses


Far Left ("progressives") - amateurish, whining non-Democrats


Why is this rat bastard Roberts unchallenged on this bullshit?

Detroit lost cars, Hawaii is losing pineapples

Can Peter Bergen be so dumb???

Viewer Alert -- Coming up on "The Tim Russert Show"@ 7 eastern

Chris Matthews smoochy-face with Don Evans

Feingold's appeal crosses party lines

I bet someone $20 we'd see US military action against Iran this year

Senator Lautenberg's analysis of SOTU


NYT: Cheney told Libby of CIA identity

Rumsfeld: Iran Regime Sponsors Terrorism

Jeb's Everglades kiss off and pocket stuffing

On, just now, but now it's gone --

Why addressing class conflict will get Dems back in the majority.

Who says they aren't Nazis???? Frightening!!

Some background stuff on the "cartoon crisis" (posted elsewhere before)

Does Pelosi have the guts to start impeachment hearings?

Select Intelligence Cmmtee Hearings Will Re-run Sunday 10 am EST

Good news out of Nevada. Mayor Oscar Goodman may run for...

As a WesWinger, I'm digging all of the love Wes has been getting, but. . .

Democratic SLEEPER: What if Granholm ran (D) for president?

Hawk McCain Calls for military action in Iran

Have you noticed that the farther

USA Today: Has today's political discourse come to this? - group of Dems

Were is our allied US when Syria is burning our embassy

Newsweek's Eleanor Clift: Management 101 (Kaine/Dems = good management)

Best way to measure the strength of the economy?

The SOTU in 60 seconds. Hilarious!

Hillary snubs Wal-Mart donations

NSA Spying Myths

Feingold says "the President is living in a pre-1776 world"

Why the threats against Danish cartoonists and not against Ann Coulter?

The DLC: They Kill Cute, Fuzzy Kittens.

if we're serious about impeachment, we should have a replacement in mind.

Gary Hart on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"

Take Action! Block War Funding!

10 Progressive Caucus will become Committee Chairs if Dems take the House

DLC - Corporate bidding, Democratic Primary winning, and our Congress.

651,206 people

"Folks, Get a Clue"

It is over folks

Fuck 'The Man'! --Deprogram yourself--

Unemployment Deception