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Archives: February 3, 2006

Smothering the King Legacy with Kind Words

National Journal- Iraq, Niger, And The CIA

The Idea of a Local Economy

Stealing from the future (or how to destroy the planet in seven easy steps

Christian Coalition Urges the U.S. House to Pass Bartlett's 'Holly's Law'

Big Oil Screws America Into the Ground

A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court?

This isn't an article but check it out, a real interesting site

WP: City Fears for Its Soul-New Orleans Worries That Its Unique Culture

The March of the Straw Soldiers (NYT editorial re: spying))

Report Suggests Cancer in Tasmanian Devils

Bush Energy Proposals, Speech Underwhelming To Observers - IPS

GM cotton crops perform poorly in India

First Test Drive Of Hybrid Camry - LA Times

Can we talk about alternative fuels? NNadir has some good points

High Court: State must explain why it won't move fence in Bil'in

De-Demonize Hamas, Support Democracy

Parents wonder how the IDF shot their 9-year-old daughter

Scholars for 9/11 Truth: The Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax


Supreme Court to reconsider campaign spending limits

Wetterling is running for the 6th Congressional District House Seat!

Help put Democracy for Houston on top!

We had a 10 minute dinner tonight......Yummy!

I'm 'on notice' ...... and made my mea culpas ..........

Solicitor Giese decides to become a Democrat [SC]

Lag in Forming Iraq Government Troublesome

CNN/Reuters: State seeks to block 'No Child Left Behind': CT rebels

Patent office to re-examine JPEG patent

Gore Helps DSCC Raise Money

What Every American Jew Should Know About John Boehner

NYT: Medicare Drug Spending Expected to Be Well Below Estimates

High-security centre to house terror suspects (Canada)

Liberian president fires entire ministry

NYT/AP: Witness: Skilling Misled Wall St. Analysts

Gunmen shut EU Gaza office over cartoons (CNN not showing out of respect)

(Mayor Bloomberg's) Companion Suggests 'Machinations' Cost Her a Job

King to lie in repose in Georgia Capitol

Insurgent attacks kill five US troops in Iraq

Iran Threatens Full-Scale Enrichment Work

Panel Leaders Flunk U.S. Ocean Policies

NYT: Democrats Call for Special Prosecutor in (Abramoff) Lobbying Case

LAT/AP: Bush to Request $439.3B Defense Budget

LAT: Mortar Attack Sets Off Iraqi Oil Plant Inferno

WP: Amazon and Oil Prices Knock Down the Markets

BBC Update: US official admits Iraq aid theft

Congress Extends Patriot Act Five Weeks

Canadian border worries American officials

NYT: (NYC) Police Officers Sue Over Police Surveillance of Their Protests

Nazi items in home of alleged gay bar attacker

Medicaid cuts to affect 13 million

NYT: King Funeral Has Surprise in Site Choice (megachurch, not Ebenezer)

CNN/Reuters: Bolton presides over empty U.N. room

Feds turn eye to healthy marriages

Who would invent this, and more importantly - WHY?

Official Repub majority leader pun thread

Kids gone ALL wrong....>>>cute overload warning.

A Pillow of Winds..... Pink Floyd appreciation thread....

No one ever PM's me

I'm close to 3000 posts Ask me anything*

No One Ever PMS's Me

Michael Shiavo to do interview next on Olberman

Ain't no more Telegrams.

Krazy Kat pics...

I have a sinus infection and am supposed to fly next week

Faxing via vonage (or other VOIP service)?

It weren't god who made honky-tonk angels

Ladies: Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find this picture

Woohoo! Yippeeeee! Wooohooo!

Home improvement question...any contractors on?

Do you have a friend always wanting you to post silly things

Post here & I'll describe a wet dream I had about you.

Is your cat right-handed or left-handed?

Saved: dog hanging from leash caught in elevator

Fishin' Poles? We don't need no stinkin' fishin' poles

Man Who Killed Mom To Be Released - He Ate Her Eyes Out

Name the point when "The Sopranos" jumped the shark

What are you NOT doing *right now*?

Here's a treat for you Survivor fans

Has anyone here ever been kicked out of a restaurant for sharing...

Okay... Today officially sucks

You know what I'm sick and tired of?

Cookie poll

Hey, did you guys get the memo?

Logic of Wire tapping (OK, maybe not!)

take back Senate t shirt

Okay, Okay... I have an Idea... Let's swap lives

Sopranos fans--It's official.....

Fascism Anyone?

kid needs math help - I'm clueless

Things that come in threes

Should I change my computers date to 02/06 to avoid the bug?

Time for something light - Survivor on CBS in 5 minutes.

Tony Bush

Is GWuBby more or less polite than other names for W?

My next CD/mp3 purchase: Optiganally Yours.

Anyone use Rhapsody?

Movie gonna come out: "Man Of The Year"

A donkey.

Stop the War on Candlemas!

Museum will have Abbie’s trash, Rubin’s road kill

"ROAAWWWWLLLL", Translation: "I will eat your soul."

What's gray and comes in quarts?

What The Hell Is Switch-Grass???

Yes Merh - I got your email

Rebroacast tonight Of My Radio Show

! daerht sdrawkcab epyT

Video essay: the Amen break and copyright law.

What is this about the Kama Sutra email virus?

SF DU folks - best time to spend a few days there?


In honor of my 1,000th favorite quotations...enjoy!!!

I don't like to complain, but boy, this really fucking hurts. A lot.

Grey vs. Gray

Nadler on Colbert Report! nt

Oh, ferfuxakes.

DU this poll (Colbert)

STOP IT!! You guys....I'm trying to get some work done here.

Do you have an ex whom you will always hate a little bit?

DU this poll

Okay, I cannot stop laughing!

What ever happened to Arwalden?

Any Battlestar Galactica fans around?

Am I the only Box of Frogs fan?

I wanna see Ritchie Blackmore beat Billy Joel to death with a broken strat

Name the point when DU "jumped the snark"

He steals from the poor and gives to the rich

Is Lewis Black off the Daily Show forever?

Unseemly jesters check in. Volunteer to be spocksmen.

Things from the past I REALLY miss.

I fell in love with Leslie Caron tonight. Again.

Is Britney Spears pregnant again?

If the Seahawks can neutralize the Steelers fierce power rush & blitzes...

Do you have an ex with whom you will alway be a little bit in love?

I have THE stupidest guy friend. *Funny story alert*

Name the point when DU "jumped the shark"

tommy the cat is my name and I say unto thee...

How do you like your bass?

Life is moving forward


merh - can you email your porn to MrsGrumpy please

Tell me if this lacks class or not....

actually, merh, can you email your porn to... uh .... me.

Billy Jack or Billy Joel?


Anyone around here familiar with Finnish real estate prices?

Is this cannibalism?

Any Rockhhounds going to the Tucson show?

Make your own * speech.

Mini Minnesota Meet-Up-w/pic

In relationships, and their associated problems,

interviewing mr chomsky tomorrow - any advice?

"The Daily Show"......isn't as funny lately.

What the fuck happened?

Junk Mail From FEMA

Pick a DUer to be LOCKED in an elevator with

Single Again

And I was worried about DU censorship

Favorite Tetris piece?

This guy shut down the Ghostbusters:

If we had a party in NYC would anyone even come

Boy George Pleads Innocent! (This guy should go to jail for life!)

Before & After (photos -- dial up warning)

A guy sticks his head into a barber shop and asks...

Yes Virginia - There is a Santa Claus

Free Air America podcasts to end on Feb

Bomb threat because Prophet portrayed wearing a bomb-shaped turban

State 'abstinence' head faces an ethics probe

Unhealthy obsession

Soldier’s widow testifies on measure

Comm Comm Hearing 2/7/06 Net Neutrality

Another letter to the WH

Does anyone have a take on this? Primary challenger against Lieberman

Another (sigh) 2008 poll

Please see this.

Has Sen. Kerry released anything regarding gov't spying yet? nt

KOEB 2/2/06 The "SOTU" Address "I didn't mean it" program

OK, so Keith's a maverick. But which one?

Sudden death tie run-off!

Combined tie results so far


volume glitch on SOTU; Bush trying to sound like Iran instead of Iraq?

Faithful Ohio (aka Leap of Faith)

Is there a log/list of tombstoned usernames?

This may help to explain the sudden influx of anti-Sheehan sentiments

Shouldn't they be interviewing Frist for this puppy-heroin story?

FALWELLs a POS! Gambling & Defiling Environment are AGAINST GOD's WILL!

Tweety: "Is oil the latest enemy Bush has concocted?"

Coulter, Hannity, Falwell, Carr, Savage, Robertson, Dobson...J'ACCUSE!!

Is it true or false that a person was kicked out of a Clinton SOTU?

Another *shrub* rant...

Time for something light - Survivor on CBS in 5 minutes.

HALLIBURTON: Sorry about your kids!

I'm 3 posts away from a 1,000

More $ for alternative fuels research? Great, since he JUST CUT the $


Craig Crawford just called Bush a LIAR!!!!

Blair's whips fooled by "West Wing" plot

CNN Has PUPPIES!!!! And Wolfie is an IDIOT!

VIDEO- Countdown covers the UK Bush/Blair Memo of 2003

Gay Actor in Missionary Role Stirs Flap

"Yesterday's peacock is today's feather duster"

Woohooo! Bob Kincaid read my email on the air!

How long will it be before someone makes Coulter's Nazi view reality?

Fourteen Defining Characters of Fascism

Do we have an impeachment research group? And, if not let's start one!

Jesse (TvNewsLIES) on Revere Radio - 9pm. ET!

O'Lie lly get Worse person again. te he (Keith Olberman)

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy

Hey, fellow DUers...can I get a witness?

You know what I'm sick and tired of?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World Feb 2 06

Anyone watching KO

My book came out this week.

Whackos upset over the Toles "battle hardened" toon

Who is the League of Conservative Voters?

Cindy speaks for Cindy

Michael Schiavo is on Olbermann

YES, we make a difference when we work together.

Santoriam compared someone/something to Hitler--anyone know

Refineries cut production to protect gasoline profits

Which SOTU speech was this pic from?

Yeah-KO covering the UK Bush/Blair memo!

Our latest installment of DINO-huntin: Henry Cuellar (TX-28)

Another top 10: Things LIEBERMAN would never say

DiFi on CNN doing an excellent job on the wiretapping story

Republican Insanity !

Where have I seen these before????????

Senate still in session tonight

I'll draw a picture of whatever/whoever I want and don't care who it......

I never viewed Cindy Sheehan as a leader.

Channel 4 News tonight reveals White House memo

How come we keep hearing about Iran, when

Bush said "You are equally American if you're a Hebrew"

I got a call from the DCCC today.

The problem is that we all aren't all wearing shirts just like Cindy's.

I just heard that Fiengold voted NO to the extension PA--did I hear

in support of T Toles

What does world events of today

What republicans want

My 7th grader is studying the stock market and the Depression.

Raw Story - Treatment of NASA whistle-blowers under scrutiny: Developing...

a sutton impact cartoon that sure seems to describe both parties pretty

US media at 'all-time low'

"THE FROZEN REPUBLIC"...... anyone read it?

Did you hear.... Venezuela is joining forces with Iran and N. Korea..

Bush/GOP Supporters Defined in One Cartoon


How is freerepublic responding to Mrs. King's death?

Anyone reading "Rogue State"....

Alito Makes Surprise Ruling in Lethal Injection Case

Looking to buy stamps and help a great cause-carrie underwood kisses

Critical security flaws fixed in Firefox update

Iran 'has negative role in world'

Iraq War Sign Next to Army Office Removed

OMG! THE DAILY SHOW: Robert O'Harrow's book: "No Place To Hide"

Tell me again (photo)

More nuke plants coming to Florida soon if Jeb gets his way

Themes for November... thoughts?

God and du help me, I have to go to my first Iraq soldier funeral

From Bobby Eberle and Jeff Gannon: Saddam sent WMDs to Syria

Carter: Give Hamas a chance

The "Feingold Standard": votes NO on extending the Patriot Act

Roberts v. Alito... Were We Betting On The Wrong Horse ???

VIDEO-Craig Crawford calls Bush a Liar

Jeb Bush doesn't speak for me

What Every American Should Know About John Boehner

"Do Dems Have a Death-Wish?" . . .

How Many Here Know the Words, Works and Wisdom of Wendell Berry?

Homeland Security Seizing Medications From Elderly

Secret Service Investigates Violent Essay By Seventh Grader

If you were rich....

Regarding the missing White House e-mails...

"Song parody that ends the war." ?

Take the 2008 Dem Straw Poll

Deep Down Americans Are Just Afraid Of Being Killed...

Bush to Request $439.3B Defense Budget

The RW is after Cartoonist Tom Toles) is there a Defense Site for Support?

Dear DUers: Will you please go here and find Iraq the Musical

I'm posting this one for Tom Toles!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Need suggestions for my Real Men of Genius parody campaign

Jeb is busy at the shredder...Abramoff connection?

"Frodo failed. Bush has the Ring."

Senate is currently voting on 70 BILLION dollar TAX CUT BILL.

Public School Halts Reading Of Lord's Prayer

WANTED The Right to Just Say "No"

Human-Animal Hybrid...Bush is going to Attack the X-Men?

So Bill O'Reilly tonight defines my sensitivities. Thanks, Bill!

Jumpin' ship

Jeb shredding state records? (related to gambling/Abramoff)

TOONS: Goodbye Coretta Scott King

ok this is funny

No global warming? Fine with me. I'll take 1 of the warmest Jan.....EVER

My Reply to Joe "Cave In Now" Lieberman's email

Howard Dean called Boehner's election a sign of hypocrisy.

LBJ did not need to be sworn in after Kennedy's assassination.


Who here listens to Hannity?

Why is the White House stonewalling on the Katrina investigation?

Jusge REFUSES Christine Todd Whitman immunity re: 9/11!!!

Fine, leave the US if you want...

Letting our fellow Americans die on their roofs and in their attics

Republican Chickenhawk Bob Beauprez Desecrates Military Uniform

In support of the brilliant Tom Toles: Post your favorite TT cartoon here!

The End of the Internet? IMPORTANT

Fuck you limbaugh you gass bag...John Spencer was a great man

looks like Boeing is sending their Aircraft assembly to china, 20% of the

Besides oil, what industry does the Middle East have?

Is it Fascism yet?

Email Tucker Carlson !!

I have a really good feeling those missing emails will come through for us

Have you seen these caricatures that are causing the uproar in the ME?

Spread the Word PROTECT SEALS from heartless killers

Two Amazingly Damning Stories Re: Bush/Cheney Today (Impeach Already!)

Has television replaced politics?

Damn. Now Jon Stewart is ragging on Cindi

Parents unveil the dark side of

Link to video of Jeff Gannon attending the HML closed door vote today

Sorry I have been gone

"We need new energy sources" So sez Don Evans, standing up for

The 'crowds' memes

Great - now we're bribing corps to keep them from killing miners.

US, Iran work together to ban gay groups from U.N.

Afghanistan gets more bilateral aid from Canada than any other country,

CNN covered Boehner ascension without noting PAC check distribution

Okay, where is the definitive "Bush-ism"...

Why is Bayh repeating Republican talking points?

I was gone for a couple of hours...Why is the Senate STILL in session?

"Michael added...until last year, he was a Republican"

O'Donnell turns missing Plame email story into a Clinton attack

New democratic campaign slogan....

"With all this gerrymandering"... "the public doesn't get to vote..

Let's list the SOTU bold-face LIES! Here's One! $28 million CUT at NREL!

An excerpt from

Pukes Can't Give Up the Perks

Minority Lawmakers Unite After Katrina

Budget Cuts approved - All Dems vote against it. Don't forget it.

Bush Admin coverups rampant at NASA, too - more misadministration.

You know what really pisses me off about the GOP leadership race?

Who's Henry Cuellar and why did he sit with the pukes in the SOTU?

Letter to *

Why do Americans rate Bush HIGH on security when

The End is Near

Louisiana governor defends decision not to federalize Guard units

Clark: we've been "kicking in the door and roughing up the women" in Iraq

un-freakin-believable! repubs only allowing 10-min debate on...

Drug companies run America and pocket taxpayer $$$$

Please help with a research request

Senate Passes $70 Billion Tax Bill (Crap!)

Mike Malloy on Live Video....

Tom DeLay Broke?

Perhaps next GOP - Abramoff scandal scapegoating: on Lou Dobb

What Do We Stand For, In Broad Themes?

Is it too late to get tickets for the DC demonstration Saturday?

WP's Dan Froomkin: WH Briefing - What the President Meant to Say

Who are these "Christians" that support Bush?

Do you believe there will be a Presidential election in 2008

Are you currently being seduced with the idea of leaving the US?

Remember the Iron Eyes Cody anti-pollution ad? We need

How many idiots can fit in a single country?

The DNC just called. I think I'm off their Christmas card list.

Feb. 4th-- World cant Wait-- DC protest- R- U- Going?- I am

Nothing will change unless we get Congress back.

Senators Boxer, Kerry and Lautenberg push WH for Abramoff disclosure

Please call this number to express your outrage over gay marriage!

DLC - Corporate Moles Destroying Our Party

When is it enough?

Team B.....Interesting

It Is the Total Information Awareness program

What Bush Did Not Say - Article in Mexican paper - Must-Read

State of Delusion - Krugman, NY Times 2/3/06

Weary Iraqi medic barely copes with collecting the bodies, parts

BBC: US official admits Iraq aid theft

Exile on K Street .... very interesting article from The Naiton

Can Justice Be Trusted? ....Abramoff, the White House & the Justice Dept.

Under Bush, The State Of The Union Is A Mess :Bill Press

Robert Scheer: ENRON ENABLERS (how revolving door made it possible)

No school, no books, no teacher's dirty looks

When It Comes to Reform...

FBI Using Info from Rt-Wing Think Tanks to Target Enviros--I do not

Hellfire and Damnation: The Washington Consensus for Murder-Chris Floyd

"As a student of a 12th-grade government class, ..."

Surveillance Prompts a Suit: Police v. Police

How Fox Was Outfoxed (by CNN, MSNBC)

Don't Expect President's Budget Plan to Do Much to Close the Pay Gap

Vote-PAD: The Simple voting device that MAY SAVE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY

Spying, lying, and saying no

The Pangs of Your Sadness Shall Pass...

George Bush's Ministry of Truth

Sacred, profance meet over breakfast H-L

Jonathan Steele (The Guardian): Bush just has to face it: he is wrong

Helen Thomas: Rove leads Bush on GOP campaign trail

A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court? (At SOTU)

US State Department persona non grata retaliation was not unexpected

Congress’ Cushy Pension Plan: What They Have That You Don't

A must read on Dubya's credibility gap

Lies About Blowjobs, Bad.... Wars? Not So Much

Judge sets Libby's trial after elections


Ohio to Make GOP Hold on State Permanent

Democrats followed Weenie rules in response to State of the Union

Hole in the Future

The End of the Internet? (Plans of Telephone & Cable Companies)

In SoTU Dubya talked about Cellulosic ethanol 6 yrs in the future

Best paper that proves tax cuts contribute to the deficit??

It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both

New Cold Wave Sends Siberian Temps To Record Lows: -69F In Magadan

New Climate Legislation Coming In Senate - No Chance In Hell Of Passage

USDA Fought Retesting Of BSE-Infected Mad Cow - WP

Please sign Petition for Help Wolves

The month of January

German Company Buys Shell's Solar Division - Reuters

US wind industry ends most productive year, no slow-down for 2006

Hamas defies pressure to recognize Israel

Why Hamas won

Killing Zone Palestine (video)

Palestinian Refugees Call on Bin Laden and al Zarqawi to Protect Islam

Gaza closure choking Palestinians

So-called "UA 93": Secondary debris fields at a coal mine

Video: From the Wilderness - The Truth and Lies of 9/11

No tin foil hat here.

Why the 9/11 hijackings were fake

Why did the Pentagon fabricate photos following the attack on 9/11?

FL: AutoMark Certification Delayed

Got an e-mail about HR 4666 - is this a good bill?

A Bit More Background on the Hursti Test

Election Reform News & Related Events for Friday Feb. 3rd, 2006

money talks: my letter to moveon 2006 election plan

Help save Pittsburgh! Blast the Post-Gazette with info about Diebold &...

More scuttlebutt about Jeff Dean from his own testimony.

Seymour Hersh to speak at (Newport Beach) library

Vote in IA Gov. poll KMA Radio Shenandoah Ia

Anyone watching the Sec. of Ag race?

Help Win Two Pro-Equality Seats in the Massachusetts Legislature

Tally of war dead removed from candidate's window in Duluth

"The End of the Internet?": analysis of telco war on open networks

Houston Political rally sponsored by over 20 clubs

"Dear lord this kid needs to eat some vegetables" Sloppy Joe Recipe

In a cake, can I substitute cake flour for all purpose flour?

Allan Rock rules himself out

Jeb shredding state records? (related to gambling/Abramoff)

Parts of Portugal could become desert - report

Son's Senate bid brings Jimmy Carter to Nevada's capital city

Foreign Companies Eye Oil Reserves in Iraq

Egyptian cruise ship disappears from radar

Australia wheat inquiry threatens rift with U.S

Egyptian Passenger Ship Sinks in Red Sea

U.S. Senate Extends Anti-Terrorism Patriot Act Until March 10

Democrats Outmaneuver GOP To Kill Maryland Anti-Gay Amendment (Yes!)

Egyptian ferry with 1,415 on board sinks in Red Sea

No school, no books, no teacher's dirty looks

Prosecutor Seeks Texas GOP Bank Records

How Fox Was Outfoxed (by CNN, MSNBC)

Navy Commissions Anti-Terror Force Unit

Pledge of Allegiance lawsuit settled

Hamas defies pressure to recognize Israel

Taliban launch attacks in Afghan south, 19 dead


Hundreds of dead pets dumped

Make Industries' Tax Breaks Permanent, President Urges

LAT: Officials Closemouthed on Eavesdropping

Libby Returns to Court in CIA Leak Case

Republicans Campaign Against `Borrow-and-Spend' Republicans

NASA's Inspector General Probed

January Job Gains in U.S. Probably Reached 250,000

Nuclear lab brings out the big guns

Senate GOP defends wiretaps

Iraq Christians on edge as cartoon row escalates PTO [U.S. Patent Office] Announces Outsourcing Proposal

U.S. official chides study blaming him (Chertoff blasts GAO's Katrina rpt)

Trial date for Libby in CIA Leak is in 2007-how convienient!

JPMorgan faces $2.2 billion fraud (and racketeering) lawsuit over bonds

Man convicted of bridge plot seeks evidence of NSA spying

Utah Church Accused Of Forced Labor

AP Bush to Request $120B More for War Funding-- (my gawd!)

CNNMoney: Unemployment rate lowest since 2001

President Bush Job Approval (Rasmussen showing post-SOTU decline)

Greek PM's phone tapped for a year

Ga. Child Groom Runs Away From Group Home

DOL reports 193,000 new jobs in January, below forecast

Palestinian Refugees Call on Bin Laden and al Zarqawi to Protect Islam

NYT,pg1: Women, Secret Hamas Strength, Win Votes at Polls and New Role

Taps found clues, not Al Qaeda, FBI chief says

In N.M., Bush Touts Innovation, Education

Massacre of 6 moves Sulu villagers to tears

US trainer says Iraq police helping secure country (must learn "values")

Colombia Coca Growers Find Quitting Hard Amid Anti-Drug Assault

Labor secretary Chao pushes career training

Public high school halts Lord's Prayer recital on public address system

Don't Expect President's Budget Plan to Do Much to Close the Pay Gap

Phones of Greek, U.S., officals tapped

NYT: Gains Seen in Redesign of S.U.V.'s (fewer deaths in other vehicles)

Pentagon Announces Sweeping Defense Review (Refers to 'Global War')

NY mayor donates $100 mln to stem cell research

Sacred, profance meet over breakfast H-L

File-Destroying Worm Causes Little Damage (in Asia and Europe)

WHO sends Tamiflu to Iraq after bird flu confirmed (Rumsfeld has stock)

Video by the Jihad Battalion Ridicules American Media Reports From Iraq

Senate intelligence chair endorses domestic spying (Reuters)

NYT/AP: Kansas Court Blocks Abortion Records' Access

US `can beat' North Korea (Gen'l Pace)

US sights set on China

White House aide's trial set for after US poll

Iraq War Sign Next to Army Office Removed (voluntarily, by creator)

Venezuela Chavez To Receive Unesco Award In Cuba -Report

DOD to take greater role in bankrolling foreign militaries

Taps found clues, not Al Qaeda, FBI chief says (Mueller)

Venezuela Rejects 'Terrorist' TV Allegations by US Congressman

Iraq war is costing $100,000 per minute

Ready or not, security targets kids (Homeland Security's new mascot, Rex)

Groups (OAS) request probe of U.S. role (in ousting of Aristide in Haiti)

Bush hug boosts Democrat opponent's fundraising

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 3 February

Americans Forced to Supply Iraqi Military

Judge Orders Padilla's Shackles Removed (Bushie lost LOL

Harry's Nazi gaffe linked to 10 attacks on Jews

Judge nixes army training in Hawaii valley

Former weapons inspector warns of US-Iran war (Scott Ritter)

Sen. Roberts Backs Domestic Spying

Post-9/11 air quality cover-up continues: Democrats (Reuters)

CNN/AP: World's deadliest germs moving to Boston

Gov. Jeb Bush urges end to U.S. oversight of Everglades cleanup

Wal-Mart urged to stock day-after pill

Computer threat from Nyxem virus (BBC News)

Falun Gong Protests Exclusion From Parade

Cheney says he's feeling fine

(Bill) Clinton to help Katrina victims claim tax credits

Pentagon Drops Plan to Cut National Guard Strength

Gallup: More Than Half of Americans Feel Bush Deliberately Misled Country

LAT: Mexican Clinic Where (Coretta) King Died Is Closed

Foreclosure activity up 15.6% in California

Bin Laden Artwork Now Hanging In New York

Update 2: Friends Raise $2 Million for Libby Defense

US sides with Muslims in cartoon dispute

Egyptian cruise ship disappears CNN

NTSB: Trucker had little sleep before wreck that killed 7 kids

Judge Sets Trial for Libby in CIA Leak (January 2007)

U.S. Expels Venezuelan Diplomat

Pentagon plans new arms to meet rivals like China (Reuters)

Anti-semitism in UK 'unacceptably high'

New weapon could mean the end of collateral damage

Cameraman in Calif. Airman Shooting Held

Somali 'pirates' charged in Kenya

BBC: Sharp increase in UK bankruptcies and reposessions (!!!)

Anti-gay church to picket King's funeral

Senate Passes $70 Billion Tax Bill (18 Dems voted "Yes")

Veterans Call on Beauprez to Apologize

'Faust' Opera Video Stirs Angry Parents

5 southern baptist churches set on fire in Alabama

Just a pretty picture to take your mind off whatever you were thinking of.

Anyone having a "non-super bowl party?"

favorite protein powder?

Visitor trips over shoelace at British museum, shatters Chinese vases

Sirkowski on the Muslim cartoon outrage

Oh crap. In the new Kingdom Hearts game...

The original "Sabrina" is coming on TCM.

Top 10 weirdest USB devices ever (eye massager, heated gloves, sex toys)

Anybody worried about viruses while doing Kama Sutra positions?

Anybody worried about this 'Kama Sutra' virus?

I'm going to bed.

Daily Show: Hodgman - Nuclear Schematics...

Dang, I've missed another fun night in the Lounge......

Well, y'all are willing to put out

Okay, you nasty Boys and Girls!

WTF is going on here?????

We're going streaking!

Menopause Jewelry

Hey billyskank

Any other usenet freaks out there?

We're going stalking!

The rarely photographed South Florida Squirrel Must see.....

Leaping Crocodile Slams Into Car

I think I'm losing the will to live

Happy Birthday Morgan Fairchild!

Naked Man Attacks Moving Cars


Hooters Opens Vegas Casino Just Off Strip (no Pics)

Heather Locklear files for divorce in LA

What do you think of "The Office" on NBC?

One-year-old gets conscription notice from Russian Army

the last Super Bowl I'll really care about

Man, Driving Lexus, Steals 5 Year Old Girl's Necklace

Boy George without his makeup.

Friday earworm.

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

Help me pick my next 'Red Baron' name

Your worst blind date ever....

"Alleged" Burglar Gets Stuck in Oven Vent - --- PHOTO

Woo...Dilemma time.

What is your theme song?

Happy B-day Retrolounge: Write your Birthday Poem for RL right here



Big ups for BigMclargeHuge!

There is a sockeye epidemic at my school!!!

woohoo, just scored my John Prine tiks!!!

Fortunately, it was before lunch that I saw this.

There is a walleye epidemic at my school

Who here is lives near or in John Boehner's district?

BREAKING-Another Georgia runaway story (15 yr. old groom)

Why oh why do my questions go unanswered?


Untied Dyslexics against the Grammar Police

President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

Bored? Have lots of extra change?


I wish the rapture would hurry up and happen...

*SIX MONTHS SMOKE FREE * ~\ <--------- X

The GOP owns so depressed

3 days of this earworm

What's for lunch?

Question that isn't about politics.....

A letter to Tide - LOL

Unpaid Paris Hilton storage locker bill reveals "King Tut Tomb Of Scandal"

Ski Telluride

Health Q and A


Models and extroverts: Going to a photographer

Which company should I use toI buy a domain name from? Godaddy?

Whould I call 'im back?

There is a Pinky epidemic at this thread!!!


Don't open, if you are offended by lap dancing!

I can't wait until April 15th

Breast-feeding too scandalous for Victoria's Secret store

Ever heard the expression "fuck and alas"?

Time for Pet Einstein

This is my 9,265th post!

Okay, this is funny.

OK, what does Paris Hilton actually DO?

Next time you want to compare Liberals today and Jewish people in ww2

The End of the Internet

Nature's perfect food?

If women can post threads about murdering men, men can post T&A

WWYD: Person you must correspond with keeps sending viruses

Ahh - original Nintendo - it's like being a kid again!

what DU groups do you frequent?

Favorite Brown

HELLO!! *SURVIVOR thread***

Corgan, Chamberlin revive Smashing Pumpkins

What is going in with health care in this country?

Back in September I predicted the Super Bowl teams

I need a hug...ask me anything!

Awwww MY NUTS!

I'm accepting bids on my corn muffin

Something to make you smile

'Cows With Guns' video

Air conditioning on February 3d? Time to get a new groundhog

Touched in 'special ways' by His Noodly Appendage

Heather Lockyear and Richie Sambora to Divorce

The Cruise of the SNARK

Anyone seen those Border Patrol commercials on TV?

It's Friday. Time for another installment of "Before & After"

you may have heard of birthdays but I'm celebrating my DEATHday

Anyone hear Flora Bush's music video on C & L's?

OK-Time to come clean-my favorite band is ......*drum roll*.....The Police

Everybody stay off the road

Tonight's topic on my show which no one listens to is TREASON.

State OK's Drunken Bicycling and Horseback Riding

Damn it! Damn it to HELL! I am sitting here in my bathrobe, with hair

post some new tricks in this thread

Amusing nicknames for people in various professions

electric bill

What Seinfeld quotes have become part of the lexicon?

Has this ever happened to you?

Favorite mildly obscene Caravan album title

I don't like matcom's new job.

40 Drunken Songbirds Die In Austria (Flew Into Windows)

btw, it's also "One Trick Pony" week

I can't stop laughing about TDS's Switchgrass Machine

my new favorite band:

Vote for the new and IMPROVED popcorn smilie

Why do some people find it necessary to be so rude?

Check out this fun poll. What kind of liberal are you?

A free car, a free house, and no taxes for being a certain race?

Noooooooooooo! IIDB is down for maintenance.

Nana Mouskouri: The Lisa Loeb of Greece?

Thread for inane sexual homophones that are bored even with themselves

UK Women ditching g-strings for boy shorts, survey finds

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench...

SNARK WEEK was the Jaws the Revenge of theme weeks - **important**

Happy Birthday Patrice~!~

It's Friday, People!!!!!

Sign seen at recent dog show

lightbulb joke

I'm not quite sure I understand why, precisely, drivers with a buzz have

Just thinking - What would the I Have A Dream Speech

Lets play a game.

My new celebrity crush . . . . .


Is Science Experimenting with Human and Animal Hybrids?

Medical Services - A doctor told his patient after reviewing his x-rays...

Chicken Wing Eating CONTEST!

Goodnight lounge!

Has anyone seen DanCa today?

Any other Toadies fans around?

I just realized...I type in teenage slang!

"Cheney's documents are written in blood on batskins"

Chappelle on Oprah this afternoon

Hi, I'm Wilford Brimley, and I have diabetes...

My wife just lost her mucous plug.....

Why do I want to shoot myself after I finish a long, creative project?

Why is it unfair to call Bushco liars? Its really as simple as this:

Change your avatar if you post in this thread

Does anyone know where I can get

Steeler Fight Song Within ! Here We Go, Steelers !

How many bookmarks do you have?

"Suppose you were an idiot.

I've lost so much weight since getting sick, I can't wear my wedding ring.

I just saw Capote.

Self Delete

My handmade gift idea for a Friend

A whole day with no DU! The horror...the horror...

Purchased my 1st new pair of shoes in 3 years-ask me anything!

Michele "The Eternal Scowl" Rodriguez kicked off ~Lost~

How much would you pay for a used car?

Lisa Loeb, is that any way to get ratings for your show?


Post All Of Your Boehner Jokes Here

Just because you can always use another one....

My favorite Chinese food place now delivers!!!!!

my husband is going to a wedding in new york. it's his niece.

Celebrate with me! I just got to 16,000 posts!

Oh jeez... what other cities do you want to rag on???

Just want to be sure everyone knows that Molly Ivins'

There is a pinkeye epidemic at my school!!!

An owl can turn it's head 270 degrees !

God am I beat

Keyra Agustina

It's like, 25 degrees outside, yet I'm eating ice cream! Ask me anything!

This thread is about YOU!

Friend w/ Mac having problems streaming AAR. Advice?

I'm getting ready to go meet some DUers; ask me anything

Great! I've been saying we need a draft because of this

Deep Purple is a fricking one-riff band that time has passed by

Who are your favorite drummers?

There is good news at Casa de Lara.....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/3/06)

Name something after Ronald Reagan!

What's NOT to like about Michigan?

I recently switched from an automatic coffeemaker to a French press.

Sony to scrap AIBO (pulling the plug on robot dog)

A portrait of Sugar Smack

Come see me play in Atlantic City, NJ this Saturday, Feb. 4!!!

What's a good food to make for a group?

So I've been jammin' to "Torture Never Stops" from YCDTOSA Vol 1

pictures of a sad and beautiful ceremony for one of our soldiers

Doctors Office Gave Lesbian Anti-Gay Literature

Laugh In, The Smothers Brothers, All In The Family ... Where Are You?

Musicians you adore but probably no one else on DU does

Hey DU, anyone catch Sharpton givin it to the Boondocks?

He came from somewhere back in her long ago

If I hosted a DU meet up at my house: Would you come to it?

Deep Purple, Mark II is WAY better than Led Zeppelin.

There are 48 people fasting today for George W. Bush

Downtime this Sunday (Feb. 5th) around 4pm eastern

I am now in possession of

Any big weekend plans?

I Need a Little Help From DUer Johnny Cash Fans! PLEEEEZE?

The Noise and the City

In your opinion, is marriage a natural arrangement for two people?

What does this pic make you think of?


Is killing your neighbors for bad 3 a.m. music justifiable homicide?

my cat died

Is Dungeons & Dragons Satanic?

Why are the religious so often in need of having their feelings protected?

Question comparing "no graven images" for Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Children of Abraham ((video documentry))

What was recent study in JAMA comparing effectiness of heart operations?

Agency Fought Retesting of Infected Cow


"When Trust in Doctors Erodes, Other Treatments Fill the Void" NYTimes

crosspost: NASA's Inspector General Probed

Evolution mystery: Spider venom and bacteria share same toxin

Same-sex couple in tax protest; Refuse to pay on $2 million

Rolling Stone: God's Senator (Ick)

ESPN guys picking Seahawks (Chris Berman, Mike & Mike)...woohoo

Raptors trade Jalen Rose to Knicks... Peyton Manning is NFL Man of the Year

The Modern Day Cynic's Super Bowl Prediction

Remember the Antonio Davis-in-the-stands thing?

Astrologers, Venus,

Mercury retrograde and apartment hunting

BGlobe article on Kerry post on DKos: Not bad.

John Kerry Calls on President to Support Small Business Owners

So, what does this mean Election Fraud pros?

Please read bigtree's thread in GD on Military Industrial Media Complex.

Did you see Channel4's report on the Bush Blair Memo?

Michael Crowley (TNR) is at it again


Evan Bayh saying something Dems are afraid to say ?

I think I'm starting to "get" Kerry's stance on Chavez and Venezuela

Friday diversion: Getting to know you

Canned music

Poll: Contest theme for February


I sure hope we have HBO in the hotel

These people cannot a wall, invade, send cruise missiles

The most ridiculous poll on CNN yet:

World's biggest miner BHP drawn into Iraq oil-for-food inquiry

F-word Corporate Groceries

David Gregory on Conan is hilarious--telling stories about stupid Bush

Is this a sad photo ?

This is a gem (Smirking Chimp)

Looking for article on House voting

"Should any political party attempt to abolish social security,

Looking for links to Nightmare video - Parts 1 and 2

Good old boy ethics .... or how big energy runs our country.

"We have lit a fire and the wind could take it a long way"

Former Sen. Danforth Calls For Moderates To Take On Christian Right

hello, is there a doctor in the house???!!!!

Menopause Jewelry

Molly Ivins cancer returned?

Power company Calpine lays off 300 employees (10% of workforce)

MSNBC "Countdown" repeat on now. Olbermann examines contradictions in

Re: those H1B visas

PG&E Predicts 23% Rise In Heating Costs This Month

A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court?

Does anyone know what's going to happen to the drug smuggling puppies?

by any other name....held hostage by a small clerical toon 2/3

Belafonte on Air America

From Kos: The longterm and carefully crafted plan of secrecy by this WH

This whitehouse needs to be impeached

Protester at Rummy's National Press Club appearance.

Rs at their press conference to announce new House leadership team.

More details on the Black demotion in the Abramoff investigation - yikes!

More Abramoff scandal - now sullying the religious right (who knew?)

Bohner (new House R leader) on CSPAN next taking calls

i hate the assholes!

Would this analogy apply to what's happening in Iraq?

for Skeptical Chicks

"at the urging of White House..." THIS should be the headline!

Ferry Carrying 1300 Disappears

My Form Letter From Sen. Lieberman

Rupubs are spammers

The Secret President

Burton (R-Indiana) wants all the info on missing White House emails

CNN Poll: How would you describe the Patriot Act as a tool in the war...

Katie Couric Says NBC Lies

20 members of US Congress now support probe, impeachment or resignation

An Omnibus Impeachment Bill

tasers: because we all know what a threat a 75 y.o., 152 lbs man can be

Landrieu on Washington Journal next if you want to discuss any

Cartoonist Toles took a lickin last night from the Pentagon

anybody watching this Warmonger on WJ?

White House Defends DeLay Redistricting To New Supreme Court

Did Lieberman vote for the filibuster?

New Orleans Worries That Its Unique Culture May Be Lost

just got a letter from lie-berman and here is my reply...

Here is the 100th British soldier to die in Iraq ---pix--->>>

Tin foil hat time - detention and processing facilities

The Republican Congress Has Moved So Far to Right

Iran and the jaws of a trap


Operation Takeback America - Stephanie Miller - Friday !!!!!

CNN poll regarding the Patriot Åct

So I figured since Yahoo would turn my records over anyway...

New House Republican Leadership Dog & Pony Show CSPAN now.

If the dollar takes a dive

Pataki was in Iowa yesterday. Thinks he's going to win a

Which of these two countries will the USA invade and occupy next?

Pat Buchanan: Bush running out of alibis

Rep. John Boehner’s & Sallie Mae .... Their tight relationship

Cheney snarling on Laura Ingraham show now

Betting against U.S. dollar may be good buy

Boehner Rises Above Taint (humor)

twenty-one million posts on DU by morning....

The Truth About John Boehner (Just for Laughs!)

Turkish bird flu outbreak raises questions

Wouldn't it be sweet if the repubs got a Supreme Screwing


Attention Camp Casey Alumni. The matriach of the Crawford

Did Libby's Defense Inadvertently Leak the Deleted Emails Info? --->>>

Best Headline Ever?

Help from US was refused and seach efforts abandoned--sounds fishy

Surveillance Prompts a Suit: Police v. Police........

Just for fun. Warning coffee spew alert!

(TOON) Filibuster Veterans For Truth *sigh*

Want your kids' grades going to the state/feds?

Letter from Pay Pal -- Should I trust it?

Whoo Hoo! Air America coming to Buffalo!

!?!?!?! poor blacks in Chicago are now much poorer b/c of new IL law !?!?

Nice to be backed up by a whole table of people

Deliberate destruction of U.S Military?

Pentagon to Release 20-Year Plan Today

A new Bush campaign ad is on Cabal News Network

Who's your Daddy, CNN? ...... guess what ... Time Warner hires Delay aide

Why are they even wasting time with this charade?

"Sens. Seek Stricter Global Warming Curbs"

I want "under God" out of the mo' fo'in' pledge

Iraq: The Musical...Please DU this!!!! Thankyou!

"Prosecutor Seeks Texas GOP Bank Records" Earle's at it again!

About that Danish cartoon - It's a convenient distraction

Lawsuit: iPods may cause ... eh?

Attack on Stem Cells ???? Animal Hybrid comment -

Thread vanished: doesn't appear in MyPosts or discussion forums.

"Crackpots" Are Here To Stay And Dissent

Protecting the children, The vanguard of fascism.

What are the odds Repubs will vote themselves another raise....

David Gregory on Conan last night: Anybody see him making fun of *?

I heard something about Sibel Edmonds this morning on NPR

The smoking gun tying Delay to Abramoff and Cunningham...

"Government Revises Tornado Ratings Scale"

NASA Inspector General Probed

What happened to part two of the Iraq intelligence investigation?

What Is A Cartoonist's Job?

Interesting view of our future!

Evangelicals to launch 'Christian AIPAC'

Ha Ha Ha! Should Read "Illegally Acquired Intel" -pix->>>

Throw the Chimp Around!

Aljazeera English on air by spring

C-SPAN: "Blacks and Democrats" denied "freedom" to Iraq - WTF?!?

Somebody needs to investigate: Unemployment down; layoffs up?

So both the WH and Downing St. won't deny the existance of the memo....

RIAA defendant 'has never used a computer'

Do you all think Fitz briefed the GJ after Libby left the courtroom today?

Heartfelt thanks from the staff at the Coalition on Human Needs

What Made The Egyptian Ship Go Down?

State of the Union 2006: By the Numbers (it ain't pretty)

Bush cut HOPE VI

Christian booksellers fear being run out of the business by Wal-Mart

What happened with the virus to be ignited today?

In The World After 9/11 We Must Be Wise With Our Resources.

Pelosi, Dean, Reid: So when will we know what WE stand for???

The Stockholm Syndrome in America


Why Not Follow the Advice Luntz Gave to the Republicans

RW DPipes: blame Muslims and Danish socialists for everything

So, I hear Scooter Libby will not go to trial until 2007?

Think About It...

Serious Question: Does Tom Toles need visible support?

"When we have the courage to speak out -- to break our silence --

Spying: bypassing FISA once or twice vs. 1,000 times

US can "beat" North Korea

- - - MORE FITZ - - - pix - - - >>>

Question About The NSA Wiretaps

Sen. Roberts: " you really don't have any civil liberties if you're dead"

Why is Rummy sounding more and more like Murtha these days.

No tin foil hat here.

We may start pulling troops out of Iraq by May

NEW Grand Theft Election: "Nixonians Pt. 7: Newton's 3rd Law" Iraq War

Utah 'Faith Based Rehab' Church Program = Slavery/ Free labor

Bush's Addiction

how can we face the future we are shaping?

Chao: "Our economy is not too hot, not too cold, it's just about right."

Gotta love Faux News: What should we do about Iran's threats?

did Jack Crooks serve kool aide?

I say we call another Constitutional Convention....because...

Covering up crimes by classifying documents by this government

MSNBC says unemployement lowest ever! lol

Where's Scooter getting his money these days?

Something that I have always wondered about the Patriot act...

Don't open, if you are offended by lap dancing!

"Abramoff's Evangelical Soldiers " Max Blumenthal

What Is the Best Source of National and International News?

The Day The Music Died

'Faust' opera video stirs angry parents

Bush Economics 101: Investors "worried" about accelerating wage growth

UT student columnist defends outsourcing

U.S. and S.Korea can defeat North-U.S. general says

Dan: KKKarl didn't set me up - plus, "I'm an American" (vs a "Lib")

After 9-11 The Corporate Citizen Should Not Cut & Run

Hugo Chavez - Not somebody to be embraced IMO...

Okay, when I hear Bob Barr's voice, I tune out and don't care!

NYT's nuclear forensic team story a veiled warning to Neocons?

Voting Systems Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

This poll need some du love.

A message from Bill O'Rielly . . .

Talking point for democrats

Why we are behind the curve, but catching up...

Looking for a graph of US War Dead.

Libby January 2007 Trial Date Due to Lawyer's Scheduling Conflict

Anyone else listening to Franken trying to blow time waiting for Bob Barr

Faux Newz: Iraq War Veteran Would 'Do It Again in a Heartbeat'

What is the political bent of the Human Rights Watch

MoveOn plans three day CNN blitz on wiretaps -$80,000 buy with AD

Throw Roe vs Wade out with the bathwater.


Not one al-Qaeda member was caught in the US with wiretaps

The Cartoons several threads are referring to...

Hey Dana, you forgot one!!!

Fla. Children Decide To Forgo Trip Rather Than Sell Unhealthy Candy

Abramoff scandal should be a leveler for Democratic upstart candidates

Lalo Alcaraz cartoon

Another All-ReFUCKlickin' Show On MTP This Sunday:

Please call your Senators/Representatives - tell them Iran is a lie.

They are trying to crucify Tom Toles over his soldier cartoon.

CNN, MSNBC rout Fox on web, if not on screen

Has anyone else seen these stupid new "Join the US Border Patrol" spots?

Sheehan: I'll accept your apology, but only from George.

Barack Obama slaps Tim Russert

Well, what do you know. Senator Clinton said something I agree with.

Rumsfeld: "Terror Threat High"- Rumsfeld: "Terrorists Have Failed"

---He's Back! FITZ PIX! ---->>>

Cheney:"You only resort to military action when you have no other choice."

"Schwarzenegger Campaign Funds Nearly Gone"

Wonderful piece about what newspapers are supposed to be -- please read...

Please check this thread out it is dying and needs help - Important!!!

CIA leak investigation 'slowed down,' due to Libby's 'messy handwriting'

Does anyone have a link to an uncensored version of the cartoon?

It's Friday, Ya Bastids!

Favor to ask: I need that picture of * trying to open that

Question comparing "no graven images" for Judaism, Christianity, Islam

The Democracy Alliance--request for your questions>>>

Society is breaking down

Who really won the elections in Iraq last year? Any word yet?

Cheney's (MLK) holiday hypocrisy

It's Friday, Randi! Bounce Your Boobies with Rusty Warren!!!

How do we escape this "parallel universe" ?

Who were Libby's 'superiors' that were mentioned by Fitzgerald?

Charlotte Church calls President Bush a.....

Is the internet and DU a little ( a lot ) slow today, or is it

Set your TiVo's: Colbert is on Conan tonight. nt

Will anyone be protesting in DC tomorrow? How about on March 19th?

Watch out, W -- Tweety and Brit Hume think Boehner is hot!

A New Downing Street Memo Has Been Released

Flippin' Sweet!!! My book from Amazon came with a free dvd!!!

So, I take it the Bush-Abramoff photo issue has disappeared into the ether

Miles O'Brien just shot his load

While certain DU'ers are protesting Chavez...

stuff you may not know about Opera's lies and her books

It has been such a warm winter here in south Texas that

New Progressive Catch-Phrases? I've got a gem...

Eco warriors working within the system

Great article re: Detroit's majority leader BONER doing?

Help! I've fallen into history and I can't get up!

Why were there no headlines CLINTON & SCHUMER - Liberal NY Dems Vote Yes

Surprise, surprise; Internet Censorship programs favor right-wing sites...

Info coming on Ike's role in Bay of Pigs

Egyptian Boat sinking

How Much Does King George's Permanent Campaign COST US? ---pix->>>

Why does Bush hate us for our freedoms and rights?

fox news or naked news-you decide

Sen. Pat Roberts is pissed with Howard Dean

My marathon shirt

NEOCONS planning: 2004: Will IRAN be next? Are they DOING IT AGAIN?

Depleted Uranium Weapons Tests and Incidents (Good website)

The Weeble Presidency

These freakin' RW think tanks are killing this nation.

Bushco's jibes against Iran and Venezuela are just jingoistic jealousy

Duer's here's the Huffington link for Freewayblogger rate it UP PLEASE!

Just a thought on the Tom Toles cartoon

Bush to Request $120B More for War Funding; tell him 'NO'.

Rumsfeld and Negroponte Amp Up Attacks on Chavez

So......did the Security Council get sent to the front office today?

Camp Casey Flashback (WARNING! Not for the faint-hearted!)

NSA wiretaps found clues, not Al Qaeda - clues to Cheney's patsies?

Lest we forget; The Nazi Past of the Bush Family;

Time to issue fatwa against smoking: Muslim doctors

Not a laughing matter -- I think the window is still open

Ask Chris Matthews to Come Clean on Abramoff: Rep Louise Slaughter

BBC4 Bush and Tony Blair's pre-war meeting

Some potentially very bad news about Libby

"Rumsfeld Likens Chavez's Rise to Hitler"

What is the most embarassing anti-pot propaganda you have every seen?

Outrageous Theories

I know some hate this, but Tweety did it again!

How many members of bush administration have a criminal past?

What is the good news for our side ?

Why Rove Will Fall

Alterman: b.j. lying - BAD. Lying about war - eh, no big deal.

My Problem With Chavez

The End of the Internet?

Thank you for offshoring! When N Korea attacks, they'll aim for India.

Conservation Report Card

With NAFTA allowing free take on Canadian oil...

Something I've been wondering with Fitzgerald's case

It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both

Bush's historical predecessor

Video by the Jihad Battalion Ridicules American Media Reports From Iraq

The glaring disparity in wealth - the Suberbowl in Detroit

If Hugo Chavez was a RW'er...

Randi said Prince Faisal was standing behind Laura Bush at the SOTU

AIPAC/PlameGate - Paul McNulty - Will he still be the PROSECUTOR??

Why are the religious so often in need of having their feelings protected?

WTF Headline of the Day: Sheehan, Young arrests net apology from chief

What to do with this?

This one is for all of us DUer bloodhounds...

Documents Reveal New Details of Libby Conversations

Caption this * and mrs. * pic

Can someone please explain to me why that weirdo Fred Phelps

Larger fish to fry?

Get Your War On: The Play (??????)

Bono's best sermon yet: Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

James Bamford suing NSA

When is Bill Maher coming back?

A challenge to Skinner, Elad, et al.

Six Alabama churches set on fire...arson. I hate when people do this.


Does the US need to outgrow Majoritarianism to survive?

So, are the original cartoons of the Prophet, part of Rumsfeld's propagand

This happened a week ago, close to where I live.( hate crime black church)

"Senate Intelligence Chairman: Bush Can Spy"...Rat Bastard Roberts!!

Which country be next for "liberation"?

Ratshit Senator Saxby Chambliss

6 US troops died in Iraq said CNN just now--Pent. released one more

Fred Phelps plans to protest Coretta Scott King's funeral

World's deadliest germs moving to Boston

Didn't the New Republic used to be progressive?

What's wrong with this picture?

Pittsburgh, PA: Stick It To The Man (Penguins Redux) MP3 - Crooked Politic

Patriot Act Extension SHAME List:

A peek into the world of Saudi female prisoners

IRAQ BODY running out of money, please help if you can.

Actual UPI Headline!!! "Jan. 2007 trial date for 'Scotter' Libby"

The more I think about it, the more Noam Chomsky is just DEAD ON

I'm very impressed. Lynn Cullen responds to her emails.

Bush on wiretaps 4/20/04 (hmm, very interesting)f

Religious intolerance. Still the #1 cause of violence and wars.

Hybrids' dangerous drawback-taken from article

Video Targets Cartoonists

CNN / Kitty Pilgrim just called Evan Bayh (D-IN) , Edward Bay.

Alaskan ice floe crashes into oil-laden tanker

Yes, Clinton lied about sex....but the law is the law....

When does the symbol become more important than the concept?

Tolerance of Intolerance; Intolerance of Tolerance

People will fight when...

Kiss your computer jobs goodbye! H1-B caps may end.

Mohammad cartoons row resembles dialogue of deaf

Some Jesus cartoons to compensate... (dial up)

*:"part of my foreign policy is this..I believe that there is an Almighty"

Which fictional character do you think best embodies the GOP spirit?

Schumer: Allstate Fears Are Scare Tactic (and a bit of tinfoil hat time?)

The cartoon controversy . . . context

Just think - somewhere, in a parallel universe...

My LTTE on Avian Flu "Pandemic"

The Coup of America is DONE. Ohio will be Repuke Forever, So Goes The USA

Curious about a USA legal term

Limbaugh: Don't get between liberal women & morning-after pills.

Pat Robertson at it again: Wants Chavez taken out...

A concern about our representation of DU.

Are cartoons going to start a middle east war?

Free means Free. Cartoons, speech, protests, all of it. nt

What kind of liberal are you?

Wanna be in Michael Moore's next movie?

* Wants $439.3B Defense, $120B More For Wars, $70B More for Tax Cuts

another creepy bush photo

Women complain of naked man attacking cars

Conflict of interest for Christine Todd Whitman?

FBI Probes AIPAC Leak of Classified Iran Docs to NYT

(TOON) Steve Bell weighs in on the cartoon furore

for those who haven't seen the british video of the Bush Blair meeting

It's happening. Middle America is cutting back. Beer sales are down:

Lieberman was censured!

Contemporary war protest songs....

I think something is happening in Vermont....concerning Bush impeachment?

FITZ Leaves Court, PLUS, Artists' Renderings ---pix->>>

LV Review Journal: "Tribes gave to Reid after hiring Abramoff"

Wiretap AD's airing on CNN - starting Monday !!!!!

There goes the neighborhood.

Is Jon Stewart's criticism of Cindi and Chavez warranted?

What's in the Bag? --pix-->>>

Norm Solomon:The Military-Industrial-Media Complex Is Spinning Us to Death

Response to classic conservative argument...

Anyone think the Mohammad cartoons were designed to do just what

No Bravery (flash)

I must admit, GW Bush leads me daily along a religious path

"Prosecutor Seeks Texas GOP Bank Records"

A Islamic DUer's take on the Cartoons

Majoritarianism is a poor technique of argument

'Why Democrats lose' (THIS IS REALLY GOOD)

I'm taking a public stand in Norway, please help me DU

This cartoon flap is quickly becoming a very big deal.

The Nazi Comparison trope is hereby invalidated.

California Deputy shoots unarmed Iraq War veteran for no reason...

Opponent of Bush Hugger Gets Donations post-SOTU

"9/11 changed everything" ... no, it did NOT change the Constitution

Don't get between Rush and his Oxycontin

How's this for an unFreeping?

The Cartoons: How Serious Is The Fallout?

How I know there will be a MIHOP attack in the US soon.

A message from Cindy Sheehan

Fitz's letter to Libby lawyer tosses up another gem!

Okay, check out how smoking Pot leads to aggression?

You'll never believe what I found last night!!!

Downtime this Sunday (Feb. 5th) around 4pm eastern

Any DUers want to be in Michael Moore's next movie?

My 9 year old son just took my breath away.

Who will be the peace candidate in 2008?

Thoughts on the NBC "pedophile stings"

United States is technically bankrupt !!!

Another HUGE scandal awaiting Bush/Cheney, this could

What comes out of YOUR pocket for healthcare premiums/co-pays/meds per mo?

Official DU Hugo Chavez Right-Wing Falsehood Debunking Thread

18 Democrats Voted To Enrich the Rich…

AMAZING, POWERFUL piece of work done by one of our fellow DUer's:

The Profit-Tax = Good....

War Crime President...

Can't Somebody Stop This? Citizen's Arrest!

Barney Frank Blasts Condi's UN Gay Position

So is there actually something the Republican party ISN'T being...

Very simply put

Have the naysayers of election theft at DU...

Are elected Democrats aware of the challenge we are facing ?

Photo: "Is This Man Still Drinking / Snorting," February 3rd 2006 Edition

Ten Things Every American Jew Should Know About John Boehner

They're destroying our country!

New House leader Boehner is a status quo, rubber stamp Republican

Congress blocks embarassing report.

Why is IRV good for Republicans, but not good for Americans?

Reporters urge high court to consider confidential-sources case

A Day of Reckoning Coming Soon

Spreading the word............

Is this administration IYF, or am I misreading them?

Has anyone seen this ? The FreewayBlogger sings!

bush needs to come back to New Orleans

The US's role in suppressing indigenous tribals..when is it going to end?

Could we get control of the message using a DUer tag team?

Need some help on terminology, please !

NYT on Bush's army of straw men and a fleet of red herrings (spying)

Rove Not a Genius

"The Mother of All Downing Street Memos ?"

Bush Is Running Out of Alibis, by Patrick J. Buchanan (a must read)

Is it me or does the MSM really protect criminals of the Bush admin?

Department Of Corruption, Bribery, And Incompetence

Bush CUTTING Budget for RENEWABLES Next Week!

correcting information

The horrible chicken man is spreading bird flu to human populations.

Little Lord Pissypants admits a mistake!!

those who...speak w/authority of Scripture may find themselves under oath

S.I.C. Chairman (Sen. Pat Roberts): Bush Has Authority for NSA Program

Photo: "But I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

What do you think

What Isolationism? Andrew Bacevich - Huffington Post

What's The Latest On Ariel Sharon - I Haven't Heard Anything About....

Photo: Bush, in Nashville, with another bad case of Osama Finger

this sunday is presidential election day in costa rica

Killing Zone Palestine (video)

Ohio's HB 3 makes election fraud the law. Ohio is only the 1st state.

Falwell's Baptist College Debate Team Very Active, Hope to Change World

Free Speech Is An Illusion

The Holy Trinity and the State

Dear Egypt:

Bush's State of the Union Address Ignores Social Crisis in America

Cheney hypocrisy shines during SOTU; voted against MLK holiday

Some Party's Lost Their Marketing Mojo

Let's put it to YOU in Texan: "If you'd have tapped al-Faisal's phone...

Great! I've been saying we need a draft because of this

before Kansas statehood they took wives as hostages

EDITORIAL: What Mr. Powell doesn't get

If we held them accountable for what they MEAN instead of what they SAY

Canadian Health Care Question

Americans Forced to Supply Iraqi Military with ammunition, food, fuel

Could someone link me to the cartoon

Am I the only person who does not understand why we should be mad over the

Froomkin: Why does the press ignore Bush's credibility problem?

Bogus Boehner-Blount Ballot Box ? I heard Randi Rhodes say

Major Tammy Duckworth, in Illinois CD race, her story her fight/our fight

Where is Neil List and where is the DU Activist Corps?

AZ Repukes have the answer: Dems should sue Prez

Interesting Quotes

WHY Am I Listening to David Brooks on NPR at 6:00 & PBS at 7:00?

Link to a poll you may want to take..

Bush Wants Us To Have Confidence In His Leadership

Who said this?

Bush: "I think you need to take (Condi) at her word, she's not running"

My asshole Senator, Bill Nelson, responds to my e-mail telling

I can't vote for a Dem. who says "nucular"...

Obama to McCain: No Thanks on Reform Task Force

Hmmm...Rove "carries his files after meeting with Bush" (AP Photo)


Cold Chills Time: MoveOn ad morphs Nixon into Bush (from Raw Story)


OPEC to Bush, "Drop Dead"/Texas to the Rest of Us, Say"Please"

Bush's Team of Miscreants - Karen Kwiatkowski: Huffington Post

Pat Roberts: Bush Can Spy

NAACP's Bond Compares GOP to NAZI Party!!! Rate it up!!!

John Edwards in Vermont February 8, 2006

Downing Street Memo, Part 2 - Blair-Bush Deal Before Iraq War Revealed

Freedom is on the march!

The Force of The Big Lie

My invisible friend is better than your invisible friend.

Jeb shredding state records - Send to all newspapers

Buchanan plants the shiv in Chimpy:"B*sh is Running Out of Alibis"

Sheehan v. Bush, and American freedoms - Friday cartoon

Perhaps Democrats should go completely silent ??

Caller on Randi Rhodes Just Said Emails Are Retrievable!!

Another Key Conservative Comes Out Against Bush's Warrantless Surveillance

Every clown needs an audience (ignore the splinterists).

If Senator Clinton finishes poorly in Iowa and New Hampshire ... (POLL)

Good Ole Russ Feingold was the ONLY Dem to...

Please explain how we can overcome the Diebold machines in 08

My repub garage mechanic wants Clark for pres. in 08!

The weapon that could defeat the US in the Gulf

Why Dems have a long way to go with Liberals

Question about who is leading the effort to dry up funding to the DNC.

Challenge: My eighth-grade son's History teacher has challenged him

Them Wesley Clark Dems are good folks!