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Archives: February 28, 2006

Johnson & Johnson hurts kids by supporting gay media!

Bush Is Losing Friends and Influence

The Life and Death of Public Records

Attack of the federalistas

The knack of turning tragedy into triumph

Year Into Revamped Spying, Troubles and Some Progress

United States Space Force (article in favor, must read)

Whole White House is Criminal,How Do You Impeach an Entire Administration?

Dems cool on Obama bill (The Hill)

Mini-Nukes against Iran?

Long-Term Numbers Looking Grim For Sea Turtles Nesting In India - BBC

Interesting Ken Deffeyes Interview With The Oregonian

Western Montana - Spring Now Arrives 2-3 Weeks Earlier Than 50 Years Ago

UK Confronting Possibility Of Water Rationing This Summer - Reuters

Climate Forecasts Rapidly Getting Worse - Stuff NZ

Acid Seas Kill Off Coral Reefs - Times of London

EU Space Agency Will Launch Replacement For Polar Satellite

Solar Company's Ads Banned From Australian Television - SMH

Garofolo: '9/11 was an inside job'

9/11 DU'ers Need Your Help Now! Re: Loose Change 2nd Edition!

9/11 Pentagon Not Hit By Airliner Question.

Makin Election reform an Issue going in to Nov.

PA: Citizens Respond to SOS's False Allegations of Voting Machine Delay

Allegheny County PA (Pittsburgh) passes motion AGAINST DIEBOLD!

Is anyone doing anything about Alaska?

Plea on behalf of Steve Heller, Diebold whistleblower

Blouin to announce pro-choice doctor (McGuire) as running mate

MN GOP to push anti-gay marriage ammendment hard


We need a, "Cindy Klassen rules" thread

Pam Anderson to host 2006 Junos

Reuters: US greenhouse gas growth rate rose in 2004: EPA

NYT sues Pentagon over domestic spying

Repsol YPF says Bolivian arrest warrant for executive a 'misunderstanding'

AP Wire: GOP governors say Bush's missteps hurting

Key al-Qaida in Iraq figure arrested (US ambassador: civil war risk over)

Singh defends nuclear accord with US ahead of Bush visit

Veterans May Face Budget Cuts in 2008

Key al-Qaida in Iraq figure arrested

Sunnis say they're mobilizing to combat Shiites, protect mosques

Democrats declare 'Orange Jumpsuit Week' for Abramoff birthday

CNN Lou Dobbs reported that "Dubai Ports World" have tried to silence him

Access fees on Amtrak tracks has some states roiling

(Ken Lay) Enron money man 'raided reserves'

Halliburton to be reimbursed for most disputed Iraq contract costs

Report says Bagram bleaker than Gitmo

California labor leaders take aim at Schwarzenegger

USA Today/AP: Circus company goes on trial in spy suit

Iraq violence threatens U.S. troop drawdown

Teamsters and longshoremen join port protest

(Charlotte) Pritt's political lawsuit against RNC set for trial this week

Rivalries, staffing problems threaten U.S. intelligence agencies

NYT: Refugee Crisis Grows as Darfur War Crosses a Border

Franklin Foer Is Named Top Editor of New Republic

Venezuela expands controversial US fuel sales

Arroyo cracks down on Left, Right foes (Philippines)

Utah House Kills Evolution Teaching Bill

Postwar Iraq Chaos Blamed on Poor Planning

Chilean President Says Leftists No Threat

Unions in push to help Democrats win Congress ($40,000,000)

NYT: U.S. Is Settling Detainee's Suit in 9/11 Sweep

John Conyers will be honored with Humanitarian Award

Baseball Hall of Fame Elects First Woman

Iraq Death Toll Higher Than First Thought (more than 1300 killed)

European Union resumes aid to Palestinians

Heather and Paul McCartney Visit Seal Nursery

I need someone to iron my newspaper.

Harrison Ford pleads: "Please stop casting me!"

Cat portraits?

See you all later....

Who's into opera?

I need computer help (relating to finding some music software)

So, when's the last time you whacked the mole?

PBS NC Bruce Springsteen London '75 Live.n/t

Who wants some popcorn?

Official DU Dubai tourism bureau thread:

Where The Wild Things Are

I need some numbers...

WTF? Buck O'Neil was NOT voted in to the Baseball HoF???

Musing about old photographs....

How the old world peoples came to eat potatoes and stuff.

I think we should have a lottery a la Shirley Manson

Happy Birthday Sarabear...

Police: Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine

Is it too early for spring cleaning?

What's Your favorite Don Knotts movie?

I'm a horrible person!

Do you ever listen to radio on the internet(s)?

i need to get these out of my bookmarks toolbar

Is it true....

Distillery To Revive 184-Proof Whisky

Let's play the "Fortnuately, Unfortunately" game re: the Bu$h presidency

My Camera equipment is here!

Larry King seems like his age is catching up with him - he's not as sharp

When you leave a person a voicemail and they do not respond,

River's Edge is now on.

My son is going to Europe for World Cup...question...


Walk the Line will be released on DVD tomorrow!!!

I am going to Bemidji for pizza, does anyone want anything?

Name THIS guitar player:

Creating Reality - How Am I Doing?

Get your bitterness/excess energy caused by the end of the Olympics....

Hey, Tigereye!

Can you guys help me find out if the Queen and King of Rex have...


Damn you ALL!!! Get back to the lounge where you belong!

I gotta show this one more time:

PSST... I have a thread on GDP

`Cause I've seen your fascist faces

Does anyone watch Flavor of Love on VH1

I gave a gift that I haven't given in a long time......

Today's Boondocks!

Anyone else have Throw-Crap-Out-and-Organize Fever?

I did it again. Guess I still have the talent.

Police: Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine

Clean your plate, there are starving children in China

The (semi) Official Yak Appreciation Thread.

Does Cleveland Police Logo Contain Image Of Pig?

Worst Lounge meme?

I need good vibes for my dad...

Watching Friday's Bill Maher...I am sure this has been

Even my parents can't stand Bode and Sasha

Where is Zuni????


The Apprentice: *spoilers*

Remember, tomorrow is National Pancake Day!

Mardi Gras music is the best!

Tuesday list thread

Name THIS guitarist

Some conservative policies I agree with

What's Your Favorite Gregory Peck movie?

We're getting wind gusts up to 50 mph right now in the Santa Cruz mtns

Are there any good open source word processors out there?

This is proof positive the we men are dumb, especailly when drunk...

DU Men: Is It Possible to Describe the Pain of Being Kicked in the Balls?

Today I discovered that I am related, by blood, to........................


play virtual online CURLING here.

Play "Cat Catcher"..

Farewell to Scotty, Gilligan and Fife

Do you remember your very first bank account?

Potheads, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Masons, Shriners, Damoncrats...

For my Lovely, Lurking Francophiles--> Paris, for You. *Dialup Warning*

I think we should have a lottery a la Shirley Jackson

Mean Gene Okerlund just announced for Hall of Fame

Hey Boston, we need a get-together

If you found the Da Vinci Code convincing, you may be ready for a more

Infections Linked to Women's Heart Bypass Deaths

The H5N1 Avian Influenza Resource thread


Fire, brimstone the surest way to say you're gay

Gays and the Black Church

Second Annual Day of Truth Hailed as Celebration of Free Expression

Buck O'Neill dissed by Hall of Fame??

I was wiretapped and disconnected while talking to Friends of John Kerry.

GD:P - Bush Admits Bin Laden's Tape Helped * Defeat Kerry

So, if the Senator from Massachusetts does run for Prez again

Delete dupe

KOEB - 2/27 - Ding dong the Neocon agenda is dead edition

Well, I'm disgusted!

A Tale of Two High Schools - New Orleans After Katrina

Abramoff's Birthday prompts "Orange Jumpsuit Week"...

Even Bill Bennett Can't Defend Bushco on Ports.

We need to start working on "get out the vote" organization NOW!

Legal wrangling nightmare over dead soldier from Iraq continues

Can't we just impeach him when he hits 30 percent?

Port Sale to UAE to close Thursday; 45-day review is window dressing

Will Freeperville Post The CBS Poll Numbers

VIDEO- Kean of 9/11 Commish on the Ports

SHAME on the House rethugliKKKons!

Coast Guard cites broad Intel Gaps regarding Port deal

Look at this comeback to Bush's current poll numbers

VIDEO- Zogby to Tweets- Invite us More

tweety vs. Trent Lott: Dubai deal. unbelievable

Schwarzenegger to Russert: "Your abs look good"

A ray of hope from none other than George Will....

If the Port Deal is Done in 2 Days, How Can it be Stopped?

So is all RW radio and TV on board with the UAE ports deal yet?

Is it true witnesses against Ken Lay get to keep all the $$$ from stock

Garofolo: '9/11 was an inside job'

What is your favorite network evening newscast?

Yahoo bans people from regestering with the word Osama in your name

O.K., Which Dems (& "Moderate" repugs) Will Cave On The UNpatrtiotic Act?

Great "Stones" wallpaper....particular for those of us that remember when

VIDEO- Neocon Failure

CIVILWAR - Damn Right - Over 1,300 Killed In Iraq This Week...

Republikans screwing up is all well and good I guess

latest posts from the iraqi bloggers

Will the real "Falafel N., The Shower, WY" please stand up?

Post Chronicle: UAE, Carlyle Group, Bushes & Terrorism: Strange Mix

Police: Man Hides In Bathrooms, Drinks Boys' Urine

VIDEO- Olbermann Takes on OReilly Again-Fox Not Facts

Sam Adams....the man, not the beer....truer words, etc:

Olbermann: "Ted Baxter strikes again"

I prefer to think of it as 66% DIS-approve of our so-called pResident!

O.K., Which Dems (& "Moderate" repugs) Are Going To Cave On DPW?

Is it just me, or does Larry King seem intimidated by Stewart?

Holy Blood. . .Bloody Hell

Bush hits 34 percent approval

Ltr to Orange County (of all places)

John Stewart on live w/Larry King.....8PM CST

Are they going to say the words?!! "Project for A New American Century"

CNN spends a lot of time obsessing about Karl Rove obsessing about

400 Pages of Docs Released In Enron Case-Broke Law in CA Elec Crisis?

No one knew Walter Cronkite's religion, nor Roger Mudd's, not Brinkley's

Iraqi Prime Minister Is Fan of Noam Chomsky; Invites Noam to Iraq

Texas Nonprofit Is Cleared After GOP-Prompted Audit

Why is George W. Bush turning over US ports to terrorists?

UAE May Have Gold and Platinum Deposits

here`s something to take your mind off rita

Another Reason for Port Deal: Bush Pushes Mid-East Free Trade Zone

NEA allowing chapters to join AFL-CIO

comments from a Berliner about touring in the U.S....

My port story 'rant'

Circus company goes on trial in spy suit

Thumbs up, Smirky. (photo)

WW II fighter ace Scott dies at 97; Flying Tiger wrote 'God is My Co-Pilot

Want to stop the port deal? - think "Breech of Contract" (a sticky wicket)

I propose a DU "Academy Awards" once or twice a year.

Happy Birthday Chelsea Clinton

If so much as a cherry bomb goes off in any of the ports--

Wal-Mart CEO sees 'too much politics' in proposed health bills

Gas Station Chain Fined For Selling Gas Too Cheaply

Okay, I'm a moran. So can someone explain to me like I'm 8 years old

Rivalries, staffing problems threaten U.S. intelligence agencies

I finally found it. The real War on Christmas.

interesting challenge

A speaker at a drug workshop today told the audience that DC area port

Fed Highway Admin going out of its way to buy Chinese steel for Bay Bridge

Army to Pay Questioned Halliburton Costs

RedState: Is It time to Abandon Dubai Deal?

How many Jewish executives are in the Dubai company?

Iraq makes terror 'more likely'

Dubai: Port Insecurity == 911 BLOW-BACK - Is Globalization Now Threatened?

And On the Other Side of the Drink Blair Approval Rating Falls to 28%

Riverbend: Sunnis and Shia showing solidarity in Iraq.

What repugs say to us about Arab port deal...

Bush now admits Bin Ladin helped him beat John Kerry

Agree to abstinence education and your kid will be tracked by the govt.

VIDEO- Dobbs/Peterson Smackdown on the Ports

Do you ever feel like we're in the midst of another Inquisition?

I'm pissed. Bush is Pres & I can't order California wines online.

Clinton visits, lawmakers climb over benches, Bush get's protests, India

Michael Brown: I was ‘left on the battlefield’

'Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008' When will it ever end?

How low will Bush's approval go before we finally get rid of him?

VIDEO- Dobbs and Levin Call out Snow on Investments versus Port Security

Not a Good Month for Bush Radio( LA radio world)

A little humor for those of us who are running low...

You KNOW there's going to be an Osama sighting very soon....

Only the mind of a BushBot...

Republican,...Thy Name is BUSH*!!!!

Is there ANY good news? Anywhere?

I was wondering why Dobbs was getting away with it - HE HELPED FOUND CNN

Bush approval rating hit's 34%

BBC Survey Shows The World United Against the Iraq War

Solar Company's Ads Banned From Australian Television - SMH

I'm working here in the lab near midnight cursing AAR!

Is Bird Flu overhyped? I'm confused.

What To Watch On Cable TV.............

What was Clinton's All-time low, approval rating?

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World Feb 27 06- O'Reilly

Republican Posters (Dial up warning Pic heavy) A walk down memory lane.

Caption this photo

VIDEO! Cheney Lied About Shooting Distance!

Hahahahaha! O'Lielly is KO's Worst Person in the World again!

Arab Ports Deal Saves Democrats and Impeaches Bush! Neocon Nightmare

WTF? We can't even manage our OWN ports?

Time to slam Scotty in an AOL poll!

Say something nice about W!

What gaffe will Chimpy make in India?

Bush 34%. GOP imploding. Why is GD so Loungey tonight?

FREEPS crying like babies over Chimpy's 34% job approval (CBS poll)

"Ninety percent of the population...has been displaced."

So I've Been Reprimanded By a Neo-Con...Come in and see why!

Have you checked out the poll on CNN/Dobbs yet?

Lincoln, Sherman burned in effigy at S.C. State House

The Flying Spaghetti Monster was shown on "Current TV"

Say something nice about a freeper.

Kickin' 'em while they're down. Let's finish these pigs off right now>>>>

John Stewart for president......

OMG...Only Rita Cosby could link Natalee Holloway to Ports issue!

Bush has an interesting debate with himself

VIDEO- Dobbs Basically calls Bush/Republicans Wusses

WHY does Malloy insult his listeners?

Will Dick "Straight-Shooter" Cheney resign before the '06 elections?


Breaking CNBC: I was GWB's Love Toy... And I love him. Joe Lieberman.

It's not that they implemented a plan for Global Domination...

For everyone waiting for liberal Christians to speak up...

Who wants to do a Photoshop job?

*** Save Roe ***

Bush Admin. to Deny Public Access to Birth and Death Records for 100 years

Need help reading seismographs – Is something weird happening?

Do you believe in Good and Evil ?

TOON: how a bill becomes a law in Bush era

Rumsfeld is trying to take over the internet

Never again!!!

Religious debate: Why does the Flying Spaghetti Monster allow Bush...

Bush is laying a wreath at GANDHI MEMORIAL!!!!!


Has anyone else here just given up trying to explain reality to them?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Not just South Dakota, another attack on women's reproductive righs!

If I ever get this desperate, please shoot me

Bush 34%- Cheney 18%

You won't believe what my daughter told me she did...

Why we no longer have color coded terror alerts - Bush Busted!

Can you guys lay of Bush please?

Do You Plan To Give The Democratic Party An Unconditional Pass In 2006 ???

CNN Lou Dobbs reported that "Dubai Ports World" have tried to silence him

Here's how I frame the debate on port deal and make them cry

TOON: hunting accident we were hoping for

Paul Krugman obliquely admits capitalism is destroying America:

Bush's ports deal doesn't help candidate Kean (NJ)

Quote by Hillary Clinton about.........

When Will The Longshoremen Walk Off The Job......

MSNBC: Repubs "worried" Bush will hurt their party. COWARDS!

SO...if the COAST GUARD warns Bush on UAE and he goes for it ANYWAY...

Fukiyama Leads the Charge of PNAC'ers who see their Philosophy in Ruin

In America Today: "It's WHO YOU KNOW, Stupid!

Our next presidential campaign is the perfect time for a Iraq war

Cheney has an 18% favorability rating. ha ha haaaa.

participate in a National Call-In Day, TOMORROW, Tuesday, February 28

Postwar Iraq Chaos Blamed on Poor Planning

Showed teaser of Bruce Willis on Letterman

Do you think bush knows how much he is "disliked"

Band of Brothers: 56 and Counting(vets running for Congress as Democrats)

Is wishing for Cheney to die from a heart attach illegal?

has anyone googled dubai

HEY! Brownie! You CRYBABY! Lord Bush let you DOWN. GET OVER IT!

NSA forum tommorrow- Comey or Ashcroft?

Syrian oppostion turns down U.S. funds (Bush can't even buy democracy)

Lawrence Wilkerson says Cheney and Rumsfeld are to blame for Abu Ghraib


Like butterflies flitting from one flower to another....

Now they're worried about what the (Arab) world thinks?

Halliburtin will get paid even though work not done

Iraq’s deadly surge claims 1,300

What terror warning color are we at?

DUers Lets not loose site of the fact that....

In LA, Bushbots leave radio by the boatload, AAR increasing listeners.


Wouldn't it be great if the DNC started pushing Jeb

Do you believe CampaignDollars = ElectionVictory ??

Bush Admits Bin Laden's Tape Helped * Defeat Kerry

"Neoconservatism has failed America"

Look Who's Supporting Joe Lieberman

What it would take to get attention for electronic election fraud

Hey Geeks! Comic-Book Superheros Get "Subversive"

Who will Replace DC as VP???

Time to draw line in the dust here. Do YOU support UNIONS or not?......

Out of (IL6th) district $$$: Duckworth 3%, but SURPRISE Cegelis 78%

Questions the press still needs to ask about 9/11 and intelligence

The Soldiers Speak. Will President Bush Listen?

Watch Out Below - Bush Falls Below 35%

Molly Ivins: Bush's carnival tricks

Duke Cunningham's Enablers

self-delete, meant to post as reply

When Americans No Longer Own America

Trust the President?

From Superpower to Tinhorn Dictatorship?

March 20-26: Begins Most Significant Political Crisis Since Fall Iron Curt

Glenn Greenwald: Latest Iraqi war casualty -- "personal responsibility"

Larry King transcript of Jon Stewart Monday night

According to Novak RNC has a 32 million dollar edge over DNC

Europe's chill linked to disease ---BBC

Bill Gross - The Gang Who Couldn’t Talk Straight

Exclusive: Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott - Jerusalem Post 2/28

Here it is...the cover story for the next stolen election

Daily Kos: Baker Key to Dubai Ports Mess

Global credit ocean dries up

A deeper look into CIGS cells.

Brooklyn fed up with the legacy of abandoned oil refineries.

Early Out Retirements At The National Weather Service

Reid Signals UK Armed Forces Must Be Ready For Resource/Climate Wars

Renewable Ventures to Fund up to $100 Million of Solar Electric Power Plan

Blair Vows Action On Climate Change Blahblahblahblahblahblah

Rolling Blackouts In Cape Town As SA Energy Crunch Intensifies - Reuters

Ottawa Mayor - We're Racing Against The Clock On Oil - EV World

Largest AK Refinery Threatens To Close Unless State Ponies Up $100M

Climate scientists issue dire warning

Conn. Approves Venezuelan Heating Oil

ADM Plans to Spend $2.3bn on Biofuels

Supreme Court Throws Out Gas Prices Suit

Sea Levels Rising And Florida Has No Plan - Palm Beach Post

Bird Flu Discovered In Germany In Domestic Cat - Testing Underway

Is it possible that we could run out of the worst fossil fuels...

One Post-Katrina Boom Touching All LA Residents - Mosquitoes

Three UK Climate Research Labs Slated For Closure - BBC

Global Warming Fuels Speedy Evolution

MT Governor's Call For Climate Panel Met With "Stunning" Response

Nordic Electric-Car Maker (Think) Goes Bankrupt

Tiny Microreactor Rethinks Biodiesel Production for Farms and Nation

China Claims Small Gains In Battle Against Desertification - Guardian

IPCC - "No Upper Limit" On Projections Of Rising Temperatures

Arab democracy is exposing the blind spot of US policy

An extraordinary conference (Uri Avnery)

Play About Demonstrator's Death Is Delayed

An analysis of Loose Change

911 True Culprits Exposed

Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training

Phantom Cloud over Germany (Chemtrail related?)

NYTimes scrubs 9-11 warning story 2 days before attacks

"Left" gatekeeping against the truth of 9/11

No Explosives? Prove it & Win One Million Dollars

Ballots !! Asst. MO House Floor Leader finds definition

Someone sent me an email about Bev and the Heller situation

How does this help? BSNews made to look 'real'

N.Y. won't get new election machines this year . . .

Vets For Peace Ch. 56 Circulates Open Letter on Election Conditions

Last day for bleever & mine HuffPo entry need K&R from ERers on GD

Polling analysis finds GOP in the lead (Moonie Times)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 02/28/06 BONIFAZ DAY

DMR article about labor endorsements - but it's the end of the article

Autorank proclaims 2/28/06 as "Bonifaz Day"

Plans are in the works for a local DU gathering....

So is this a new and improved Normie?

Ford Bell gains 7 points!! New Rasmussen poll.

I can't run an error check (scan disk?) on windows xp

My laptop won't charge up.

Okay, people - I can't decide: Bell or Gammage?

Austin get together this weekend (March 4ish)

Porky Pig (Tom Delay)

High court's hot potato: redistricting - starts tomorrow!

Today is Katy Hubener day!

I know you all have a favorite whole grain bread....

Use up those potatoes and mushrooms before they spoil

bourbon chicken recipe?

Please DU this G&M poll regarding Canadian combat in Afghanistan

Can win despite backlash, Emerson says

Canadians have you seen this about your health system

Account of recent sit-in protest & arrests at Emerson's Vancouver office

The knack of turning tragedy into triumph

Court Blocks DOD's New Rules for Workers

Ala. Paper Publishes Civil Rights Photos

Terror threat rose after Iraq war: Global poll (35 countries worldwide)

Senate Draft on Lobbying Clamps Down on Earmarks

WP: Court Blocks DOD's New Personnel System

Ky. Transportation Secretary to Face Trial

Bomb damages shrine over grave of Saddam's father

Peru's Flores Drops While Humala, Garcia Gain in Apoyo Poll

NYT: At Gotti Trial, Sliwa Tells of Stretching Truth for Attention

Protests Greet TV Debate on Genocide

NYT: Europeans Plan Partial Bailout of Palestinians

US settles suit by 9/11 detainee

NYSE to Close Archipelago Deal, Go Public Next Week

UN watchdog refuses to give Iran clean bill of health in nuclear row


Safe Newborn

U.S. GDP revised up to 1.6%


'1,300 dead' in Iraq sectarian violence

Pompeii of the East Discovered

Suspected militant attack kills 55 in India

Deal on spy program in works (Bill would let court approve wiretaps)

Bush Scales Back Goal of a Nuclear Agreement During India Trip

Iraqi police arrests man wanted by Saudi Arabia

Explosions hit Baghdad, killing at least 41 (GRAPHIC)

DIA chief warns of more Afghan violence

China Warns Taiwan Against Independence

Three bombs hit Baghdad, at least 10 dead (Tuesday)

Campaign Finance Rules May Get Overhaul in U.S. High Court Case

Supreme Court backs abortion protesters

Iraq government puts six-day death toll at 379(denying 1,300 killed claim)

LV may make bid to host Democrats

Irving expands on Holocaust views

Cheney Wows Local Republicans

POLL: 72% of troops say leave Iraq in a year (post to FREEPER SITES)

General Motors February Market Share Drops to 25%

Army recruiter's relationship to teens scrutinized

Testimony depicts campaign machine (Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel)

U.S. soldier killed, two wounded, in Afghan clash

Blast kills 16 near Shi'ite mosque in Baghdad (new)

Bush: Iraqis' choice is 'chaos or unity'

Gibbons finds friends in rural Nevada (birkenstock/human shields)

Libby knew CIA spy by name before it was published, filing shows

(Repub Senator Conrad) Burns says president's skull is "solid granite"

Iraq Violence Puts Troop Cuts in Doubt(young chickenhawk says not now)

Enron played 'fast and loose' with rules -witness

McGee plea is delayed

Historic pictures of US civil rights struggle published after 40 years

The West takes lead on climate change

State Lawmakers Revamp Lobbying Laws

Patriot Act Renewal Clears Final Hurdle (69-30 to limit debate)

Supreme Court throws out gas prices suit

Frist more comfortable with ports deal

1-in-10 US Iraq veterans have stress disorder: study

More than 50 killed in string of Baghdad attacks

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 28 February

Nonprofit: IRS audit spurred by DeLay ally was abuse

Supreme Court Backs Abortion Protesters

Dean: Bush Balancing Budget on Backs of Wounded Veterans

Bush reiterates port veto threat

Spy chief calls threat from port deal low (Negroponte)

Milosevic seeks subpoena for Clinton to testify (Reuters)

Following White House orders, Army cut supplemental request

ADL to U.S.: Freeze seaport contract with UAE due to Israel boycott

Group sues to get White House logs (Abramoff visits)

COLOMBIA ELECTION:Many candidates puppets of militias

IAEA: Iran Not Seeking to Produce Nukes

Consumer confidence plunges unexpectedly

Demonstrators in India Protest Bush Visit

Memorial eyed for slaves who helped build Capitol

Va. Schools Win Christian Poster Dispute

Bush: Media had more details on Katrina than gov't

U.S. lacked plan for rebuilding Iraq, report says(Bush never drew up plan)

Jeb Bush Asked to Explain Cruise Ship Deal

Bush says Dubai ports deal not a security threat (Today 2/28/06)

Byrd Regrets Vote for USA Patriot Act

Study: Gay Health Imperiled By Denial Of Marriage

Lawyer Seeks Halt to Guantanamo Methods

Hamas officials say Iran to fill funding void

Noe affidavit asks to disqualify Lucas County judges

Cheney issues challenge to Iraq war critics

Proposal would create 'New Orleans National Park,' Blanco says

Bush says bin Laden tape aided re-election: report

Bush: U.S. Won't Get Into Iraq Civil War

State busts nearly 9,000 who dodged cigarette tax

CBS Radio sues shock jock Stern, seeks damages from Sirius

U.S.-Owned Hotel Sparks Conflict in Mexico (re: Bush Treasury Dept order)

Gettysburg vandalism has many up in arms

U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006 (Zogby)

(U.S. Supreme) Court hears Anna Nicole Smith's case (Reuters)

Bill Clinton says U.S. should consider running its own ports

Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott

Bird Flu, Spreading in Africa, May Touch Off Pandemic (cat)

Iran: Ex President Khatami Says Holocaust a Historic Fact

Support DU and other Liberal Blogs: Take the Political Blog Reader Survey!

Two Oklahoma Soldiers Killed In Iraq

(San Diego) Airport authority, military on collision course

scotland falkirk wheel

i just want to say...

Oh, joy - I've got singles.

The horrible truth behind tennis balls!

Do you ever question your vanity?

Do you ever question your inanity?

Do you ever question your Hannity?

Post two nerds that really don't sound good together.

Hey! This is my 2006th post.

Pink's new video "Stupid Girls" is a hoot

I have never seen a color photo of the civil rights movement. Why?

what does it mean when a dog has a dry warm nose?

Okay, name *this* guitarist

Tonight I begin work on -- The Graveyard Shift

Uh, I Googled my DU username

*bleh* Just turned to the tonight show and powell walked out

i just ate a 39cent frozen burrito, ask me anything!

Mixin' Ain't Easy

I need help naming a show

catfish :-)

WOW - I have 200 posts or replies - OMG, I am a gabby ranting......

Anyone still up? Here's the next-to-last Black History Month Thread #11!

This item is out of stock

Favorite Lounge meme.

Hannidate: Is this for real?

Whatever you do...don't click on matcom's Goal post...

Do you ever question your sanity?

Oh, joy - I've got pringles.

Less than classically attractive but successful female actors

Finally! some free healthcare

CNN's Morning Show Is THE Lamest On TV

What do they call a late-night shift at the graveyard?

Tonight, I was called Gas.

Tuesday Earworm.

Is it fair to say Hollywood has offically run out of ideas?

I'm not in the mood

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Man sentenced for ride-by bottom slap


I broke my hand

OK. I admit I'm powerless over my addiction to DU.

Accident reporting protocol

Here's how you keep the local Democrats on their toes! LOL.

Don't worry Be Happy

Ok, I really do generally like kids, but dammit...

Work Rant of the Day - Emails that say "Call me"

Damn, 42 years old, Barney's dead, and I don't feel too good myself

Today's Earworm: Asshole

A lady bought a new Lexus.

I just saw the least politically correct movie ever - "2001 Maniacs"

Did you say solipsistic?

Weird ringtones, and some I'd like to see.

Pass my potato.

Postal Service honoring comic book super heroes (20 stamps)

Frog or Horse?

I'm wearing black trousers w/ a thin white pinstripe

They took away ...Those bastards!

"Daniel Craig is James Bond like a dalmatian is a fireman"

What should I give up for Lent?


I bought a house!

OK. I admit I'm powerless over my addiction to Richardo's beagle

Who else got the day off for Fat Tuesday?

I didn't like the band Hazel too much when they were around,

Are Condoleeza Rice and Donna Rice related?

Operator, could you help me place this call

This is great - Does Cleveland Police Logo Contain Image Of Pig?

Shrub and Tony at the Gay Bar

I Confess! tm....I am a little bit in love with Elvis Costello still...

Eddie of Zachary All is dead

Movies the critics and your friends hated or disliked, but that you love.

Why do the little icons for my favorites change to the IE icon?

Blue's Brothers Mall to be razed.

"Scooter," the new District Manager showed up today.

I HATE AOL --my story

I'm going to look at breaking a crown in positive light.

Cheney and a lawyer are out hunting in the woods when the lawyer

Who else is eating paczki today?

I'm eating ice cream and writing a screenplay...ask me anything!

My girls (dogs) are getting groomed friday!

"One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed."

Should Anna Nicole get a chunk of the Oilman's Fortune?

What companies are giving the best 30 year mortgage rate right now?


Barry Bonds takes a turn as Paul Abdul - pics...

Why has yvr girl fallen silent so suddenly?

Okay, name *this* guitarist, if you can!

Moana and Sarah

Who is the most wooded actor in Hollywood?

I come from the land where the oceans freeze

One can be the most brilliant person in their chosen field; however

Ever notice that "Diet" TV Dinners...


For Binka....

What's your favorite 80s charity single?

The CIA is conducting interviews for a new operative........

How can I get a screen grab of a video that's paused?

Remember Alf? He's back. In pog form.

Study Claims Gays Are Invisible on BBC

anyone know how to get lat/long from a google maps search?

My guitarist is really amazing in_______

Well, due to illness, I'm going to miss tonight's films for class...

Rumor has it that Arrested Development has been picked up by Showtime

This is what I call Ironing. (pic)

Why did "Buddy" pee in the dog food bowl?

If you're ever in the DC area, play an instrument, or wish you did

One more time. Name this Guitarist....

Okay, now name THIS guitarist!

Just for laughs ~

I didn't like Garden State.

Man Loses Thousands Of Dollars To Online 'Girlfriend' In Nigeria

Play Office Dare

fyi, when i post in all lower case...

Try This

Director Doesn't Mind Missing Katie Holmes Sex Scene From Movie

BREAKING: Cheney offers hunting trip to (any and all) Iraq War critics


Name THIS guitarist

My turn - name THIS guitarist!!

Will * ever be able to throw a 1st pitch at a ML game as an ex. pres w/out

4 more posts to get the #$%@ out of the 700 club.

Money order question...

Jessica Simpson's using this time to "cleanse" in her new $3 mil mansion

Goodnight lounge lizards!

Woohoo! Just got my "Walk the Line" DVD!!

Today is "Fat Tuesday"

A friend of mine named "Vet of the Week."

Hipsters, convince me why Biggie Smalls deserves legend status.

Want to win free coffee for life? Are you good at crossword puzzles?

Congratulations UpInArms!! 25,000 posts

Hooray! Arrested Development picked up by

Check out these pix from today's hail storm in the Santa Cruz mtns

Due to our slightly different musical and artistic tastes, I'm superior

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

So... These Three Blonds Walk Into A Bank...

This is what I call Irony. (pic)

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: WINNER ***

Has anyone else been depressed for the last week?

Have you seen the liquid lady?

It's time again to share your colorful expressions and colloquialisms...

Brum promise internal Butt probe ...(actual headline)

Wow, that's terrific bass!


I'm bored-time to harrass my brother.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/28/06)

Need to vent -- angry with a co-worker, can't shake it

post a pic of something yummy but bad for you

I already know who I'm rooting for on "Idol" Taylor Hicks

Pity me I have to watch American Idol tonight.

For your Oscar ...

What would you do to repair things? ...or just let them heal on their own?

Who is the most wooden actor in Hollywood ?

All "Hail" breaking loose in CHico, CA, marble sized hail, wind gust-scary

Is it better to have known sanity.....and to have lost it?

So it seems my relationship of five years is ending and I'm depressed

What are you grateful for today?

We been runnin’ away from

Indiana privatizing toll road - I think it's shit. What do you think?

I need a hug

5 Years Ago Today: The 6.8 Nisqually Quake, WA State

Colbert is great tonight

Hey all you cuties

"Are those real?"


I don't know a third of you a third as well as I should like, and

I fell off the wagon today...:(

Attention Sorkinistas and Fellow Sorkin Whores...

I. Hate. My. Bus driver. **RANT**

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Flannel or regular cotton sheets in the winter?

Whadja have for dinner?

Okay DU ladies, who wants to marry me, now accepting applications

Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE MAYTAG!!!!!????

MY TURN! Name *THIS* guitarist

And now for some GOOD news: Prescription strength chocolate

A Freeper-type from Hannity's "find your lover" site!

Just to make sure... Have ya'll checked your gas gauge today.

Is a Passport necessary to travel to Canada now.

You'll NEVER guess who THIS guitarist is. *smug grin*

remember Charlotte Church?

14 years ago today I didn't drink at my last bartender shift

I need a new browser.

Anna Nicole Smith???

Listen to my song!

I'm hungry for a big mess of greens, pot liquor, and cornbread!

Clear Channel Martini-Fest At Art Museum Turns Into A Night Of Debauchery

Image Google your screen name, what do you see?

Amazing Race starts tonight.

I want a kitty, but I have to wait!

Post A Photo Of A Celebrity Who Is NOT Holding Up Very Well At ALL...

Question about "Uncle Buck" and "Breakfast Club"...

Haven't been to the lounge in a long time

Support DU and other Liberal Blogs: Take the Political Blog Reader Survey! Creepy or not?

OMG there's a HUGE HOLE in this state! Harro from Arizona!

Boy Sticks Gum On $1.5 Million Painting At Museum

Is it better to have known love.....and to have lost it?

Is it better to have known virginity.....and to have lost it?

Due to our slightly different musical and artistic tastes, I hate you.

For reals, when are we having a N/C California meetup?

In honor of great E&E forum poster, Hatrack, Jessica and Britney.

Are Babies Atheists?

Was Machiavelli wrong when he said that 'man is more

Another Atheism

Religion in the comic books

Cocoa Consumers Have Lower Disease Risk

Anyone who wants universal health care

Professor chains self to gate, delaying chimpanzee transfer

Utah gets it right, while CNN goes for misleading headline

Atlantis slated to be first shuttle retired (CNN/AP)

Transgender woman arrested for using loo (bathroom)

Study: Gay Health Imperiled By Denial Of Marriage

Wilbon says Randy Wittman will coach IU not Isiah

Cat dies of bird flu!

unabashedly egocentric thread to announce my 14th anniversary

Every time I read stories like this,

Synagogue holds a town hall meeting with Sen. John Kerry: 2/28

2/28 - John Kerry on Commerce Committee Hearing on Dubai Ports Deal

Kerry related: BC topic is Catholics and the swing vote


THK op-ed on Medicare

Port Security Hearing Today (2/28) at 2:30 in Commerce Comm

Kerry: Israel Boycott Calls Dubai Ports Deal Further Into Question

Wonderful Blog article: Hanging out with John Kerry

My first Kerry slide show movie

looking for a telephoto zoom for a Nikon D-70

A Cardinal in the back yard.

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: WINNER ***

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/28/06: Anna Nicole & The Supremes

I made the Greatest Page with my Conyers post

New KO Blog: Passing the Buck

For those that might be ready to defend the best newscast on TV

NC woman beats and kills adopted child.

Today I discovered that I am related, by blood, to........................

self delete

Colon Powell coming up on Leno now

VIDEO- Letterman Jokes Feb 27- Bush and the Ports Deal

I'm related to Robert E. Lee. Big fucking shit.

MD Repub Senate Candidate Bills Taxpayers for Security for Political Trips

34% job approval? Free Republic is bigger than I thought.

I think Malloy is right about the ports deal

Any thoughts on this?

My visit to Louisianna, post-Katrina... observations and notes...

The Colbert Report did a great show on Religion tonight! Replay starting!

What would America be like today if Regan had not been president?

Don't Let the GOP Get Away From Bush/Cheney

This kind of reminds me of how the entire Iraq war has gone


Pearls of GOP Wisdom -

I am going to be on WPR this week (NPR affiliate)! (Sorry to post again)

Kos says Bozo the Hayworth may be vulnerable

Just a reminder.

You think Bush's decision to put the UAE in charge of ports is bad...

Paul Krugman's column on Bernie Ward's reading list -- streaming

The only way you will listen is if I have a pretty white girl singing my

Bush to visit Afghanistan despite Taliban attacks

Risk of civil war in Iraq is over

2,295 American troops now dead in Iraq

Great email I received from a con-------1st Commandment???

Just a Friendly Reminder, re: Covenant With Black America

TOON 2/28/06 -- last week...this week... next week who knows

O'Reilly v Olberman

Ohmigod! It's a NEW gay cowboy movie...

What repuke Told the Freepers to Call In on Randi's Show

Strong quake jolts southern Iran

The Case for Impeachment, Again: Criminal in the WH

AP: Dispute Impeded Red Cross Katrina Response

Grand Theft Baghdad....Charlie Cray article

IAEA: Iran Not Seeking to Produce Nukes

Republicans used to hang war profiteers.

Bush in India: Just Not Welcome

Seems to me we only have one real problem in America, the bush* pResidency

Phantom Cloud over Germany (Chemtrail related?)

C-SPAN Now:Today's SC Case: Future Of Campaign Finance Reform

How does CNN come up with such insightful and newsworthy headlines?

Clinton bought carpets, what'll Bush buy

Cheney to resign?

Is our National Security Being Blackmailed?

NY Daily News "Poll: W's out to sea " 34% approve!

Case for Impeachment: Long excerpt from Harper's

Please help, I want your views on this

Possible Terrorism

CBS's Overwhelmed by Choices story.

When the BushBots don't recall...

Marc Maron Returns to Air America Radio TODAY

Thinking ahead to '08 - "bulletproof" candidates?


Bush Cheney Rift set to grow

Byrd Regrets Vote for USA Patriot Act

So is * gains 3 or 4 points in the Polls

New Poll Shows Bush Approval at 34%

Ringling Circus Hired PI to Infiltrate PETA

Boy-people are pissed on wash. Journal today

self-delete - moved to LBN

Put terrorists in charge of our ports.........BRILLIANT!!!!!

*!* Happy 48th Birthday ... JACK abramOFF !*!

Tweety has gone totally over to the dark side.

Need some DU help please ..... respect time for some more victims

Losing on Every Front

C-Span - Intelligence Committee - Worldwide Security Threats on Now!

Talk radio secrets revealed

I have an idea for a shrine...

I usually disagree with Neal Boortz, and today is no exception.

New article about "Prussian Blue"

so now they are going to swear in the witnesses at the nsa spying

So tell me, who were we supposed to be protecting in Iraq?

Break the Problem..GOP will just change the Law

Who would've thought they could top last year!!

Honest Abe on Dubai W

"You Don't Know Dick": VP Shooting Action Figure Launched

TVNL Radio Challenges the Freepers! - Help me spread the word to them!

Are their battle flags not also part of "Southern Heritage"?


Here ya go georgie boy.. 34% approval sucks you know?

Question about Letterman last night--sorry if dupe

KERIK was Shrub's 1st Harriet MIERS - was wiretapped

When Bush attacks Iran

NOW! Live coverage of Senate Judiciary Hearing on Domestic Surveillance>>>

Barney Fife LIVES!!!!

DU This NewsHax Poll Re: UAE Port Deal

A job you might not want to apply for, unless you're Jack Abramoff.

Launch of We Believe! Ohio


My Thoughts On The Black State Of The Union

You can Protest in front of churches - can't block access to them

Your chance to Quail hunt with Cheney

Did you tell the President we are winning--Kennedy asks Negoponte

Bush's Achilles Heel

RE: Almost 90% think war is retaliation for Saddam’s role in 9/11

Ho ho hee hee ha ha ha ha

Is this True!??

Sen. Dems declined to support legislation Obama to reform lobbying

You folks are going to love this one

First Hand Account From An Army Interrogator at Abu Ghraib...

Stern-free radio going down the toilet; Moonves wants to sue HS

Hahahaha Negroponte

How's this for disgusting: Ralph Reed still favored to win Lt. Gov. race

Fund raiser idea: poke a lot of holes in an orange tee-shirt that says...

Predictable Boogeyman

Will there be a New Orleans to have Mardi Gras in 20 years?

CNN poll: Is Iraq violence civil war, or ??

Will this maneuver amount to a congressional pardon via legislation?

North Korea said on Tuesday it made nuclear weapons with its own technolog

does ole babs sit and pray all night when junior is waaaaaaaayyy out there

Bushists have remade the idea of scandal to include no consequences

GOP Corruption Exhibit No. 1: Price Lists For Bribes

Bush says bin Laden tape aided re-election:

Student newspaper catching heat over gun raffle.

Supreme Court Backs Abortion Protesters

I'm picturing a scene from a "Simpsons" episode...

If We Did Not Torture-Why Is US Paying Detainees In Torture Lawsuit?

Anyone Watching C-Span Now??

Remember Bush attacking Kerry on the Bradley Fighting Vehicles?

Did they plan this hearing with Armed Services to intentionally block ...?


Paul Pillar: Questions the press still hasn't asked about Iraq and terror

The Far Right considered using a 3rd party to push it's agenda


Safe Newborn

Katrina survivors are walking * poll killers.

The facts on the ground in Iraq have shattered the rhetoric from the WH

A call to arms for DUers and interested RWers. Stop this ports dea l.

Kerry on PortGate:"They look like Keystone Kops trying to escape blame"

Iraq News Isn't so Good Today

Once Iraq erupts into full scale Civil War - with pictures- so that the

I just qualified to receive unemployment once again....

#2 -Live coverage of Senate Judiciary Hearing on Domestic Surveillance >>>


IF the Bird Flu becomes serious, you CAN blame it on Bush...

Barbara Boxer coming up on AAR next!!!!

Oh, this was a good one (bumper stick seen the other day)

JASON MILLER: Miscreants, Murderers, and Malefactors

Trying To Show How We Feel About UAE.. This May Be Old Link!

Bush: Choice is chaos or unity (guess which one they picked, Georgie)

One Nation Under Psy-Ops

CBS Slants Bush Poll in Favor of Democrats

WaPost: A Reversal of the Tide in India: Indian Tech Workers Flow Home

Low poll numbers is NOT enough punishment for the Bushists' crimes.

What would have happened if Gov. Blanco turned LA over to Bush

Kansas Senate opens session to Prayer (chain email and my reply)

please comment - my LTTE on CT proposal for univ. health care

Is he that stupid, or is there more to the story?

The world finds it's too hard to do business with the US

This Should Be Democrat's Mantra For Mid-Term Elections

Why did Al Gore go to Saudi Arabia and give the speech that he did?

California Field Poll: Latest Marks for White House

Barbara Boxer on AAR now 11:34 CST. n/t

War on Christmas 2006

Discuss your ideas for reform

Breaking on MSNBC -- more Baghdad violence

Kerry, Akaka want Bush to stop screwing vets out of $$$ committed to them

Alternative Spring Break: Help Katrina Victims (CROSS-POST)

Young Democrats of Mississippi Convention 2006!

Is it illegal to print a charity's name on a t-shirt?

2008 Dem National convention should be held in New Orleans.

"Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008"

Torture & Death Squad Czar Negroponte on Venezuela "threat"...

Congress Poised to Pass Bill Taking Away Your Right to Know...

N.Y. won't get new election machines this year . . .

Ann Coulter speaks at Western Michigan University: A review

Science Fiction Writer Octavia Butler Dies

AL Jewish Community reaches out after Church arsons

Sectarian Violence Engulfs Iraq Following Mosque Bombing (WSWS 2-24)

How long have our ports been under Foreign management?

Co Presidency

"George Bush doesn't like black people"

Abortion measure could mean big legal battle

Former CIA Official To Press: Don't Get Fooled Again

Let's just have a National Tag Sale

Memorial service for Octavia Butler: Thursday, March 2

Halliburton reimbursed for overcharges.

Groups representing 15 million to protest AOL 'email tax' plan

Dubai port deal - some thoughts

HOUSE 2/28

DU this CNN Poll

Iraq is a shambles because Bush is an idiot and his lackeys are fools.

CNN poll: Is it Civil War yet?

"War Monger, Blood Thirsty, Neo Colonial MONSTER"!!!

Obscene or Just Insane?Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in '08

"Bolton Blasts 'Sex and Corruption' at U.N."

How open to newcomers is your area?

The Calm Before the Storm: Beware the Ides of March!

Virginia Foxx (R-somewhere) Don't believe the headlines--

wtf? Amid Iraq Chaos US Troops Conduct "Operation Band of Brothers"

Have groups ever protested INSIDE churches?

MO Secy of State Robin Carnahan (dau of Mel & Jean) dx with breast cancer

Tornado near Sacramento?

mildly amusing (CSPAN2)

DU this Newsmax poll re: ports

TVnewsLies Challenges Freepers!

The Ports Deal - Why Do you Oppose it?

Oh, so now we are the bigots and xenophobes.

Waxman writes Jeb Bush about role in facilitating Carnival contract

Direct Election of the President's Cabinet?

Just saw Frist talking about being against the port deal before he

VIDEO-Letterman and Bruce Willis (Cheney joke)

DU this troop poll !!

When did the media start changing?

Matthews on Bush and the port deal: "He looks like he's a wise man now

Bush has shown us that our enemies are his friends.

GOV DEAN:"If The Issue Is Defense, The Republicans Will Lose"

A friend of a friend just got fired for saying "I may go postal" at work

The charges of 1982...

Secret Service Sued For Abramoff Logs

Disgusting anti-Muslim video on YouTube

Flying the friendly skies... a little easier post-911?

Ken Mehlman now calls the Swift Boat Veterans 'heroes'...

Great defense of the West by an Arab psychologist

LOL! A new term! "The Felafel Wars!"

Who reallly owns Dubai Ports World?

Wow, a great defense of the West by an Arab psychologist

WSJ: A Law's Fallout: Women in Prison Fight for Custody

Rush Limbaugh chain email I got :

Did you think Iraq would get this bad?

Bush admits bin Laden tape helped him beat Kerry

IMO, if Dem votes are all counted we will take back the US government,

If I Could Turn Back Time...

Let's give the visiting Freepers a SaaaaaaLUTE!!!

Polls on other presidents

**Tonight on Countdown*** (Keith Olbermann)

Colbert and O'Reilly: Arrogance as an Art Form

Administration proposes euthanasia for disabled vets

POLL: Crashing the Gate vs. Exporting America

I hate when white folks use "Back of the Bus" as if they had no choice!

Medicare/Medicaid exist to line BIG "HEALTHCARE's" pockets.

CNN - Dubai: Hookah Heaven

"break our word and abandon our Iraqi allies."

Did Rep. Ernest Istook reinsert *tax return language* into budget bill??

Bush denies Iraq headed for civil war

Bush's nauseating reaction to the 2004 bin Laden tape

Can we please stop talking about racism?

Supreme Court Hears Ex-Playmate's Case

"I'd Rather Go Hunting With Dick Cheney, Than Go Riding With Ted Kennedy"

Brad Guest Hosts 'The Young Turks' Tonight (Tuesday) from 6p-9p ET

The Future of Port Security..cartoon from

Lowering food standards: "National Uniformity for Food Act"

72% of US military in Iraq say that we should leave within the year

"In the porcelain facility" Cafferty hits it again.

"A clarion call from the Heartland" ...South Dakota

Be nice to the damned Freepers.....

Jesus Christ, how many are dead? the RWer in the next office now says he's gonna vote for Hillary

grrrrrrrr... pics of dick

The TRUTH about Dick Cheney:

They have BS in Homeland Secutiy degrees now!

Libby has hired a memory-loss expert to assist him with his legal defense

so, all things considered, the "neo-conservative" philosophy

I would like to apologize to all Republicans...

Are you guys familiar with the Lita Sullivan case?

Anyone else watching C-SPAN coverage of the Senate Port Hearing?

Frist now says he is "more comfortable" with the ports deal.

Why we need to leave Iraq ASAP-from someone who is over there

Time for lunch. Make sure you stay in line. Follow dick. pic>>>

"One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed."

Apply for a University Teaching Job -- In AFGHANISTAN !

What's up with Ed Schulz? His station was sold the Christian

I just gotta do this, sorry (CRAWFISH)

I'm feeling a lot better about this Dubai ports deal

Hilarious and spot on- just do this......

I smell an exit strategy

New bumper sticker, need feedback.

Carl Levin on Tweety blasting Bush on nat. security.

We ought to send a note to dobbs,thanking him for having a set

Embrace freeptards? I say LIBERALS! Hug yourselves!

The Minnesota GOP’s Stealth Attack On Privacy - From Nixon's Playbook

John Warner offers The Republican Solution to virtually everything...

Bumper Sticker

Pumping iron, with Condoleezza Rice - her personal workout regime on tv

Tweety to talk of 'plunging poll numbers"-next (will look deeper into them

72% of Iraq GIs want pullout within 1 year!

just to let you know -our own mopinko got mentioned on malloy

Do you like ABC's "Commander in Chief?" It might be canceled!

Anyone watching port hearings on CSPAN?

Katrina revisited

We are paying ships to fly our flag?

Ports Tussle Overshadows Action In Congress On NSA Spying Furor (Newsweek)

How easy is it to confuse an old Republican with a Pigeon?

1-in-10 US Iraq veterans have stress disorder

I hate announcements that the truth is finally getting through to MSM.

Ports of Profit - Dubai Does Brisk War Business (CorpWatch)

IRS audited Texans for Public Justice under pressure from DeLay allies/GOP

Another Atheism

Jobs unveils Intel-based Mac mini (CNNMoney)

I saw a freeper bumper sticker last week

DU this poll! Canada combat in Afghanistan (frees up US troops for Iraq)

Just do this.. Hilarious and spot on...

How many dead in Iraq?

How a Bill Becomes a Law- Ted Rall cartoon

So how do the people of India feel about Bush's visit?

sad post...does anyone have link to DU threads pre Iraqi invasion???

Colin Powell is shilling again on Leno. It's Deja Vu all over again.

Patriot Act cloture vote at 2:30 in the Senate!

For your Oscar ...

Is the pandemic a punishment from God?

Don't Underestimate the Longshoremen...

Freepers freaking on port deal and latest poll...

Watching the Bush interview on ABC

How Can Sunnis and Shiites Tell Each Other Apart?

memorial poem for union soldiers in the Civil War

Intel plans $300M assembly plant in Vietnam

Condoleezza Rice Shows Gym Routine on TV

"I'd rather wear a blue dress than an orange vest."

Bush is not incompetent!

Really! Lou Dobbs seems to be SO MUCH BETTER..than Olbermann...

Does Lou Dobbs rock or what, anyone watching.

My email to Matthews on why people dislike Bush

People, I still don't know if I have a job yet.

Lefty "Populist Dems" are being rolled over with track marks on Backs..BUT


Lou Dobbs is now must see

Knuckledragger bumpersticker I saw today

WH press corps believe Bush wears his bike uniform under his suit

Lou Dobbs: Should you Learn to Quit Worrying & Love the Port Deal?

Reminder: Only 7 days till Cuellar v Rodriguez (TX-28)

Indians Burn Effigies of Bush Before Visit

Watching congess on C-Span....There's a House Chaplain?

many GOPers now AFRAID of GWB+his woes!!

Flu virus could hit 40% of American workers; US considered unprepared

Lying Lowlife Asshat on ABC now with Vargas --->>>

Sen. Clinton: Why did you vote with the Republicans re: Patriot Act?

Anybody think the Bushies AREN'T in the process of crashing & burning?

How did I miss it? A National Guard bust of King George???

Can I just take a minute here to laugh at Bush's 34% approval rating?

Fifth Column Movements---Are they coming for the anti-war folks?

Exclusive: Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott

Switched from Lou to watch Ass IN Chief on ABCNews

Bird flu and detention centers

NY Daily News & firedoglake -- Scooter, I suggest you start singing ...

How many poisonous plumes exist in downtown Orlando?

Incompetent, Evil, Both?

Sam Seder and the War on Christmas

CIA Notes Show LIBBY Knew Name Of V. Plame Month Before Cover Blown!

Lawsuit claims NSA illegally wiretapped attorneys


5000 to guard Little Lord Pissypants. "He is a much-threatened VIP."

I'm Nuts About A Freeper.

Remember when George W. Bush was a "popular wartime president"?

cnn reporting on 34% approval fall of bush

Important story that should not be missed - the Charlotte Pritt Suit

NYC burial ground declared national monument (CNN)

The 23rd Qualm -- "Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want. ...

Favorite Bush article of impeachment

Bush's Medicare Cuts Are Ruining People's Lives

Harry Ried is a Deadhead?


Why is it that news organizations dance around the subject of PNAC?

Opportunity Rocks ! Spring Break Alternative w/John Edwards

Should "Pappy" Boyington have a memorial at his alma mater?

The people in S.D. opposed to abortion shouldn't have one.

PHOTO: Hurricane? What hurricane?

Tweety is beside himself, can't understand why the American

VIDEO: Ms. Fundie from Trading Spouses SPEAKS! DARKSIDED!!

Black History Month Thread #11: "Did You Know?" (Vietnam)


Big Business vs The People ?

Ray Nagin on TV this morning - in 4-star General camo uniform.

AOL Poll on * and Dick's job performance

This is # 1 on Yahoo.

Lots of cities and towns voted to ignore the Patriot Act....

Did you just hear Bill Schneider talk about how bad Shrub is doing?

AUDIO/MP3 Justice Dept Hearing today on War Powers of Pres and NSA Spy pgm

Cheney seen retiring after midterm elections

"One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed."


DUers needed to click this link

We spent 10 hours in the ER yesterday...

Vote in Lou Dobbs poll tonight.

Friend of mine works in Dubai pretty frequently. Oil business.

HRH King George & the Sacred Cow Depart for Tour of India --pix--->>>

TOONS: Red State Spex Edition

Why does Bush smile and laugh when talking of Iraq and violence?

Any "Founding Fathers" Experts around??

Code Red on Health Savings Accounts

Email from Paul Hackett: Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America PAC

I thought Lou Dobbs was a bushbot.

What would Bill be called if Hillary becomes the first woman president?

Francis Fukuyama discusses new Bruce Bawer book on Europe and its Muslims

supreme court just ruled that anti-abortionists can blockade

Can Bush be considered a war criminal?

Harry Reid's blog has a new thread...

Heckuva Job Brown: I Told Bush on August 30 That NOLA Was 90% Destroyed ->


How much of the US economy is under the radar?

This is so good, I had to do a screen capture...

Rep Conyers: Who is going to ask Berlusconi about forged Niger documents?

List your favorite conservative myths here


Condisleeza Rice a leader to be admired?

Murtha called it, the GOP howled, the Dems cowered

Ben's BEST Friend Adam VanAlstine Or V As Ben Called Him Killed In Iraq

Should New Orleans be having Mardi Gras this year?

Dean says no foreign government should ever control our ports.

How much money does it take to be a "have" in today's America?

What happens When the Bird Flu Gets Here?

The chaos in Iraq was deliberately orchestrated by the Bush regime

Climate scientists issue dire warning

The Question Was Asked Here At DU....

The awesome competence of the Bush regime


Any Scholars of Islam in the house? Email being sent around that needs to

Here's how you keep the Democrats on their toes. LOL.

What did Oprah do that has murdering Joe so upset?

Drug smuggling made easy: Why GWB wants to sell America's ports to his...

Jewish Group Calls For Freeze of UAE Port Deal

Ned Lamont opens Norwalk, CT. HQ, Thu Mar 2nd, 7pm - Ill be there :)

Check out Lee Atwater's NAZI epitaph:

Want to better secure our ports, reduce outsourcing and return America to

Bird Flu is spreading to Cats

That cursed criminal Reliant electric bill increase

Media also free to not print cartoons

Dominos founder building town; condoms, bc pills, abortion will b banned

Canada's health care system sucks. US health care system worse than sucks.

Smoking Ban Poll

BUSH:I Didn't Know Victims Suffering-Until I Saw Them Screaming on TV!

"Punish all the guilty parties, whoever they are" LEDEEN Tells Raw Story

Greet the Freep!

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Some possible reasons the port deal will happen

Bush Poll Numbers DOWN because his PEEPS are PISSED. They are being TEASED

"Karl, my polls are down....what should I do?"

Coast Guard Warned of Port Deal Intel Gaps

Hillary/Rove I'm soooo confused

My local news yesterday.

Fox front page: Nothing says Freedom on the March like a row of body bags

I can hunt with Harry! Great Game

Scooter notes ID'd CIA spy

July 2001: Bin Laden received life saving treatment in Dubai

I'd like to dedicate part of a song to able bodied "conservatives"

Will Dubai Ports debacle give Congress the backbone to stand up...

Democrats declare it's 'Orange Jumpsuit Week' in honor of Abramoff b-day

Aristide's last days - St. Pete Times Fairy tale.. A. BEG to leave

If you are in Florida or have contacts in Florida, please read.

look at this crapoganda about Bush in Hindustan Times

55 years ago today.... Thank Gawd!

Stop the bird-brain pandemic now

Can Congress impeach Bush because of "badness?"

On 2d thought-Was Chris Mathews actually right?

The Hill| House GOP calls corruption report corrupt

Spy chief calls threat from port deal low (CNN) {Susan Collins}

Reagan's former Navy Secretary is running for the senate

Did anyone just see Sen Kyl: Bill to open schools to Military Recruiters

AFP Photos: New Jersey Longshoremen continue to show Junior their cojones

Neo cons jumping ship ..... Francis Fukuyama the PNAC Architect

Campaign ad to use against any/all republican members of congress....

Alternative Spring Break: Help Katrina Victims

Bush/Nixon/Clinton poll ratings comparison chart

The power of people to win democratic elections

I am looking for a previous thread

Does the Dubai deal have special importance to Bush?

"All the war & national security profiteering the GOP could eat"

Since there are a lot of freepers hanging out here these days,

Anyone wannna wager that after * leaves office....

Please, let's follow Clinton's comments

Death of a professor

Are there *any* Republicans left with honor and integrity?

Post your favorite pictures of Bush and co.

Job Posting with the MI Democratic Party

Coast Guard Retracting Doubts... On C-Span Coming Up TheY

When "conservatives" start crawfishing on their bush support

Byrd "regrets" vote for the Patriot Act, what about Alito?

Times of India: Nehru University Students Nail it about Bush—Devastati...

Photos: A bloated, grimacing Dick Cheney in Washington & Norfolk, 2/27-28

Took me 20 years to realize I was a Democrat

Hold them accountable. Just say NO!!!!!!!

Professionals like doctors and teachers are being targeted in Iraq

5000 Commandos & Snipers needed to protect Bush in India as effigies burn

Evolution debate continues (CNN/AP) {Salt Lake City, UT}

RW talking heads in full panic mode. Life is good.

Is synarchy real? Or has the term just become grist for LaRouche's mill?

Who was the Best Press room guy

Iraq: The Wages of Chaos

Senate panel attacks homeland security budget (CNN)

U.S. Capt., "It felt — at times — like someone else's war"

"Stay the course" - The latest from cheney

Texas redistricting heads to high court (CNN)

Uh so what are the differences between the DNC and the DLC?

Just say NO to war crimes!

One final push for Ava .......

If you don't have an Impeach Bush bumpersticker yet

Latest SurveyUSA Poll Shows Dem Gains Likely in Senate Races

72% of Troops in Iraq Think U.S. Should Exit in the Next 12 mos.

Why do Repubs keep saying the port owner isn't responsible for security?

MSNBC's calling the Iraq situation "Carnage." How's Rove gonna spin THAT?


something from Monday's Lou Dobbs is still bothering me

I'm Worried For Lou Dobbs......

Faces of the Evil Empire

McCain/Rice ticket in 08???

Faux News -22% Key Demo and -5% All Primetime from Feb '05

Something interesting happened the other day - Repugs in workplace...

34% means 20%, and 19% means none!!!

Cartoon time! Remember "anyone who harbors a terrorist ...."???

The Minnesota GOP’s Stealth Attack On Privacy(Republican Sypware)

Paul Hackett's email to those who wrote him supporting him

Pic-Heavy reminder (dial-uppers beware) of Bush's Katrina "protection"

Boxer grilling Dubai ports world chief operation officer on C-Span

Daily KOS' new poll on the '08 Democratic Convention Finalists

Re CBS Poll. How many registered Democrats are there?

The "Duh!" Moment of the Day - bin Laden tape helped * in "election"

Polishing the St. Ronnie statue... the Biggest 'Big Lie' ever told

Are we willing to follow President Kerry’s lead on Port Deal strategy?

Sorry if repost just got done watching Loose Change 2nd Edition

Free copies of Gore's "wiretap-gate" speech on DVD

Most Troops Want Swift US Pull-Out from Iraq

WOW! Anti-Darwin Bill fails in Utah

A view from outside the fishbowl...

John Kerry: Israel Boycott Calls Dubai Ports Deal Further Into Question

Bartcop Celebrates 10 Years of Kicking Flying Monkey Ass!

Here's a fun comparison

Disgruntled Moderate Conservatives Should Be Welcomed in the Party

How the Republicans will win in 2006 and 2008

Accountability Absent in Prisoner Torture (Where is McCain?)

GDP & Economy Update

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WAR PRESIDENTS/RULERS/DICTATORS/ etc never rule for long