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Archives: February 27, 2006

Port Deal Threatens Bush's Standing in GOP

Analysts See Lebanon-ization of Iraq in Crystal Ball

What Civil War Could Look Like

Autistic basketball player creates mayhem at game

FBI Commits Domestic Terrorism on Independence Movement in Puerto Rico

Another White House Briefing, Another Day of Mutual Mistrust

Pit Boss:Blair's Dark Kingdom- Chris Floyd

RW whacko LTE on Gitmo

Perception is Reality

Pat Robertson & Wolf Blitzer

Thus I Refute Chyng Sun: Feminists for Porn by Nina Hartley

Tax Cuts Make Money - A Response

Professor claim solar panel breakthrough.

Congressional showdown looms this week on Cape wind farm

to all MIHOPers

To Ignore Is To Participate - Notes from the Hawaiian Trenches

Went to Dubuque...saw 3 Whalen signs on HWY 20

Problem with CD Drive on my laptop

Any tax experts/accountants around?

Bush appeal wanes for some Republican faithful

More and more Americans are turning to soup kitchens

Bashir threatens foreign forces

Paper: Three Escapees Surrender in Yemen

Inmates take over Afghan jail

Firms working for disaster communications

U.S. to release Guantanamo names

Anger over governor's no-show at funeral

Journalists Vow to Fight 1017--Philippines

WP:Curfew Takes Its Toll On Iraqis-Food Runs Short; Hosp. Lacking supplies

Political system faces 'meltdown'

Iran allows inspectors, pushes ahead

NYTimes: German Intelligence Gave U.S. Iraqi Defense Plan, Report Says

Marines' rebellion loosens Arroyo's grip on power

(Iraqi) Minister tells media to fall in line

Prelates warn of martial law, urge end to emergency (Philippines)

Puerto Ricans Protest Against FBI

Wal-Mart Urges Governors on Health Care

Blueprint to Give Power to the People--UK (revive "dying democracy")

Harris received illegal funding in earlier case

Revolt in Bangkok, thousands demand PM resignation

Most get news from broadcasters

US accepts 45-day review of Dubai ports deal

WP: Two-Thirds of Katrina Donations Exhausted

WP: Red Cross Spent $500,000 in 3 Years To Raise Its Profile

U.S. demands Israel reorganize defense export

Octavia Butler, prominent science fiction author, dies at 58

In this post I will be like Yoda talking.


For the remainder of the day, I will type ssing the "fsck" style

Where's the shøw where Mønicå Bellucci ånd Scårlet Jøhånsen shåre å bed?

Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend

The New World Order was definitely behind 9/11

Kate Moss salary doubles since cocaine "scandal" to £9.4m/yr ($16.3 m)

Okay, who wants to predict my future?

Please stop wanting to pull my finger!

Which song sounds more appealing?

NBC - Closing Ceremonies - Vernon Baker (East coasters?)

OMG, Lady and the Tramp is coming out on "Disney DVD"!

Any DU metalheads? Question about new In Flames CD "Come Clarity"

Orfay hetay remainderray foay hetay ayday Iay illway ypetay niay Igpay....

I'm in trouble.

George Michael arrested for drugs in London

Googlism: What does Google think of you?

I spanked Salman tonight. And I'll do it again.

'American' Dad thread (new episode)

My broccoli is shredding


Attention film noir freaks!! T-Men is on at 9:45 EST on TCM!

Do you know any "Stinky" people? Not homeless folks that dont have access

I håve been depressing før 4 dåys nøw.

So Nini has the shredder going...

Don't Lie To Me, Now...

Bing bong dingleberry poo

How should we celebrate our 25th Anniversary?

Bjork has had two new CDs since Medulla?

Fuck it - I'm lighting up my pipe. De la Concha Longfellow blend

Newest musical discovery for the new year?

Post HERE and NOW! Any breast-heaving prose from your spam!

Don't ask how googling "angled sideburns" led to this (warning, graphic):

I wønder høw øften this håppens:

What's your favorite number?

I planked salmon tonight. And I'll do it again.

I'm a geek... I'm in love with "Order of the Stick"

Bjork has 2 CDs that rock harder than Metallica

Ain't it the Truth. Sometimes the obvious is invisible to us.

Plate of shrimp

*Poke* *Poke* *Nudge* Hey you!

Oh for piss' sake. Now they've remade The Hills Have Eyes.

Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!

My brain hurts

New picture, new picture of me!

Bush is toast!

any legit at home businesses? Need to make 6 grand and can't give up job

matcom, I have to say, I have been admiring you for a Millenia!

I used my new camera to do a good thing today

What is wrong with Ike Turner?

Olympic Closing Ceremonies & We Get Brokaw With WWII Bullshit

Anyone own a Nikon D200?

Here it is!!!! I know you've been waiting: Black History Month Thread #10

What does your chest look like?

What's the best place to buy a used Mac laptop on the net?

Who's drinkin' what tonight?

Is America doomed to oscillate between the two extremes

Western DUers!

Dead Malls

Stacy Kiebler Should Have Won Dancing With The Stars!

Olympic Closing Ceremony Rant **Spoilers**

My doctor said my inability to concentrate is because of anxiety...

Tonight we should all be listening to Rush

I have'nt had a depressing thought in about 4 days now .

Apolo Anton Ohno

Truth or Dare!

Look alive, Jane Austen fans!

I talked to our beloved KitchenWitch today....and here's the scoop...

Tonight we should all be listening to Rush

A DIFFERENT Repug Chain Letter I Got Today (another 9:11 POS)

Mystery solved: The REAL face on that eBay sheet metal revealed!

Best National Anthem Melody?

Whåt långuåge shøuld I pøst in tømørrøw?

All this time I thought I could feel good about myself... turns out,

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Hooray for JULSY! 17,000 posts! / / / / / / / / /

2008 Nørwegiån Presidentiål pøll

Have you ever wondered how we got milk?

Post A Photo Of Any Celebrity Who You Think Looks GREAT For Their Age.

I am now taking applications for online girlfriend!

Laptop computer question

What's The First Digit Of Your Home ZIP-CODE?

Okay. Word association thread time.

What's the best soundtrack ever?

Send good vibes to DU's own buddhamama please!!!

This Dick Cheney quail hunting video game is NOT funny

Pics from last night's DU Gathering

I'm on my way to CA!

Would you ever NOT buy a house because of cats?

Is America doomed to oscillate between the two extremes

Wow! I take a break, and two of the 5 threads I posted in today are

Octavia Butler has died at 58

Leko leads 23rd Ciudad de Linares Tournament at half way point

Female Player of the Year

I want to post this message to GD but don't think I'll get a good reaction

Can you live a life without suffering?

This just popped up,

OT: I am finding these pro-UAE port deal posts in GD:P real interesting

Boston people need some help...

Extremely interesting read! Recommended...

Nuclear Iran SFRC Hearing 3/2

The Lionel Express

Mortars Slam Into Baghdad Neighborhoods

Student finds less bacteria in toilet water than fast food restaurant ice.

Time magazine Archive..1923-present.. ...enjoy

Let America Be America Again

DLC announces breakthrough: Accommodation with Bushites.

"The Dubai government has nothing to do with us"

Anyone know what happened at the Springer/Hannity "debate"

"Detainee" prison in Afghanistan is worse than Guantanamo.

Personal Story from Salon: "My Experience With Mideast Civil War"

Buzflash Editorial: "...No Choice "C" in the Battle to Restore Democracy"

Bush* has to personally approve or disapprove UAE takeover.

"Dubya of Arabia" -- A grand unifying force

Let's play a game. Does anybody have photos of Nick Tortelli from

All Things Reconsidered By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....


Red State meet Police State

If a US worker is hired by DPW, could bush* use the patriot act to

When The President Smokes Crack...

Looking For a Job? (Outsourcing the President)

Anyone heard of big-pharma group called "Powered by People"?

Anyone else catch Brian Schweitzer on 60 Minutes


Nina Simone night on Steve Earle (AAR) now

The Road To Partition

Has anyone read "Taking back America"

60 Minutes doing ports segment...on now (7pm west coast - CBS)...

If I may -- I've just got to brag about my evening with greatness

Iraq Civil War: "I hope they kill each other." No Exit.

oh no! bush is at it again! he`s trying to make peace

One big difference between shrubco's America and early WWII Germany:

We lost a marine and his funeral was today.

Ports deal and Free Trade

Missed Meet the Press today....Please give me a synopsis.

Thread #2: 2006 will not be our salvation-they CONTROL the voting machines

Political system faces 'meltdown'

Govt going to start requiring passports even for cruises

Sarah at CorrenteWire Blog BRILLIANTLY debunks George W. Bush's "ranch"

German Gov Quietly Aided US-Providing Saddam Battle Plan, Pre-Invasion

"Hunting Crashers"...I'm sure this has been posted...

Saudi Arabia Wins WTC Contract!

snicker snicker: "michelle malkin:unhinged" thus read my tv guide

No wonder we are in the mess we are in today, if true

This picture should make the troops feel good

Ann Coulter splits IU's crowd: 'Ms. Right' draws supporters, protesters

okay a question. ARe there any honest repukes left?

How's the housing bubble doing in your area?

Man, what a week. George Will says "this" is a civil

Why no more talks of how "dangerous" Iran is? Wilkerson, Colonel of Truth

Monday's Riverbend

Diebold<--->Lobbyist<---> SAIC--->Found 328 security flaws/26 critical

Pundits, if you were dumb enough to fall for the neocon line in 2002-3...

three new posts from the iraqi bloggers

Antonin Scalia: "I used to travel on the subway from Queens with a rifle"

NBA player speaks out (re: politics)

More and more Americans are turning to soup kitchens

Army to pay Halliburton unit most of disputed costs

No Good Journalists? Codswallop.

Bush calms GOP, "At least US Ports weren't sold to Gays or Blacks"

Camp Casey and Germany

"The Box".... The finest anti-war poem, ever

Democrats and Latin America-time to break with the GOP-DLC consensus

Add this footer to your outgoing emails

BooHoo, Matt PUDGE is TOTALLY unloved! But we knew that

Why Don't Dems Cheat Like The Repugs?

What about the ports that are already controlled by foreign interests?

Support for war comes with goodies for lawmaker's districts. Blood money.

Tell me about BACA - Bikers Against Child Abuse.

Anyone else think Olympic Closing Ceremonies were Bizarre?

UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports

Okay, I know it's DRUDGE but

We have much in common with moderates and conservatives

Are you listening to 60 Minutes?

TWN: "Bush has become the epitome of a Roman dictator"

New Meme -- George "Dubai" Bush


"This deal wouldn't go forward if we were concerned about the security...*

Economic question about returns on investments

I Post This For Robbie Mariano - Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends

U.A.E. Dubya Ports World Consolidation Thread

Gabriel W.: A 3rd Grader's view of Iraq

I just got this-I kinda like it ;-)

Black History Thread #10: "Did You Know?" (Africans Discovered America)

"......We put our cigarettes out on him....."

I'm watching Warner on the MTP replay, and can't help but wonder

Banning Republican Adoption

Owner of UAE port company went falcon hunting with bin Laden!

Someone posted pics of a cave/drug warehouse...

If the last 5 years were a movie, what would it be called?

Here's the husband of your nightmares. This guy is one sick bastard.

Pictures from KC anti-war protests

What Sneaky LEGAL Things Do You Do TO Get Our Message Out?

I have a question for Bill Clinton. Anyone else curious?

Thought Experiment (Duty to Escape)

Do you think this is "politics" or a possible "national security" issue ?

Gee a Dem running for Gov of Fl that does not believe in Photo Ops

Need some Book Info

"Safe" or "Dangerous" Mr. President??

Bush Policies Weakening Guard, Governors Say

How a Business Deal Became a Big Liability for Republicans in Congress

"Dear UAE, thanks for knocking me off the front page, hugs & kisses, Dick"

The Democrats' Opportunity: Are They Ready?

My letter to Meet The Press, 2/26

Conservatives urged to call into CSPAN and charge them with liberal bias

Bush, 6/28/05: "An Iraq Civil War? This will not happen on my watch"

What is the proper relationship between business and government?

Rove and company already predicting Hillary will lose in 08

Thomas Friedman drinks the Kool-Aid -- again

US Christian Leaders Apologize For Iraq War

Kennedy: 2001 Auth for Military Force does not auth domestic surveillance

so. the religious right wants to ban gay adoptions, do they?

The tide is turning in Kansas

Is This the End of FISA (Specter proposes new FISA law: read danger)

Okay, I admit this....I support the DLC

Arms Dealers Fight It Out for Sales in Booming Asia

Out of Touch with the Military's Reality

High Tea: Sounds Good, But May Not Be... re: recent Supreme Court decision

Children of the Machine

"My Dinner With Ashcroft": Great Schadenfreude Piece From The Natio

Bob Herbert: The War Machine (Ike saw it coming)

Global banking and its role in globalzation, three reports

Why DLC Dino Liberman must be defeated (Yale Daily News)


"If I were President" -LOL column from actual new RW newspaper

WP: Why Bush Has Trouble Just Saying No

UAE Port Deal: American Racism Redux

The breakaway Republicans

In Bush White House, incompetence rules

Republican Port Politics (Wash. Post Op-Ed)

The Paradox of "Democracy"

When Americans No Longer Own America

A Failure to Communicate

VENEZUELA: The threat of a good example

James Wolcott: "Commandante Kristol Unholsters His Cap Pistol"

David Irving reverts to extremism

Defeat is victory. Death is life

Which red states would keep abortion legal in a post Roe v. Wade world?

Plan B Battles Embroil States----Proposals Mirror Red-Blue Divide

AOL Hell

UK Radiation Jump blamed on Iraq shells

Krugman: Think a college degree is gonna help? ... Think again!

Mauian Went Shooting with VP

Harper's Lapham: "The Case for Impeachment"


Hank Hill, George W. Bush, and Benito Mussolini

Whistleblower Hero is Threatened with Prison for Exposing Diebold

Arundhati Roy (The Nation): Bush not welcome in India

James Wolcott: Early review of film "V for Vendetta"

Soupkitchen's first law of economics

a rising economic tide has failed to lift most boats

(VA GOP) Energy bill generates heat

Bush: India Is Responsible Nuclear Nation

Record Year for Global Wind Energy

South Atlantic tropical depression dissipates

here come the criminals again

Little beans, big dreams (biodiesel)

would this be possible? . . . even hypothetically? . . .

Kunstler's book, "The Long Emergency," is depressing hell out of me

Can Hamas Be Tamed?

Israel seeking goal with Arsenal

Blast at Israeli arms research facility: medics

Stop scaring us!

Gov't school plan struck down as 'racially based'

Self delete.

Report of San Francisco area 9-11 Truth event held Feb. 23, 2006

9/11 Revisited

Opinions requested: Options trading newsletter

911 Revisited - Excellent Video Presentation

For those who still believe in free-falling skyscrapers...

For the 9/11 debunkers - Can you debunk the scientific anlaysis here?

This Week was the tipping point on LIHOP/MIHOP in the media

Deconstructing the video of the South Tower "hit"

For those troubled by the lack of visible wreckage at the Pentagon...

Flight 77, the Fake War on Terror, and the Dubai Port Deal

Fayez Ahmed. Did he board United 175? Did he exist?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 02/26/ 2006--Screwing NOLA Voters

BRADBLOG: AZ Election Official's Diebold Tirade Caught on Tape

Why do Americans refuse to face Election Fraud, and malign those who do?

bradblog: Diebold Whistleblower Facing Three Felony Counts

Culver receives state machinists' endorsement

Kennedy: 2001 auth for military force does not auth domestic surveillance

The Expanding War in the Middle East, 1st Parish UU church, Arlington, 3/3

Danny Glover, John Edwards Rally with Hotel Activists for Workers' Rights

Healey splits with Romney and favors stem cell research

Hold Fairview accountable

John Kline receives a BIG FAT 0 from CDF

Add 2 more Dem votes to Colorado... I'm moving to Denver!

Don't know much about spectators sports, but, wasn't KG

Got this warning during a scan with

My PC won't access the Internet, and I'm wondering if it's my network card

Precinct caucus and resolutions - March 7th - be there

The Filibuster for Independence begins this Friday, March 3 at 6 pm

Please read this and consider. I wish I knew anyone

DeLay and Sam Johnson (R-Plano) use IRS for political retaliation

Anybody have a favorite Savory / Spiced Pecan Recipe?

What can I do to firm up these veggie burgers?

I'm cooking a lot more with lamb

Crash kills police officer who shot native protester at Ipperwash

PM Harper’s constituency

Harper wants immigrants' credentials recognized: McGuinty

I've learned my lesson. Can I come back in now?

Liberal tax cuts got cool reception

UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports

Arms Dealers Fight It Out for Sales in Booming Asia

Industry study withheld data on carcinogen -report (hexavalent chromium)

Europeans Seek Funds and Political Will to Save Biodiversity

16 Charged in Alleged Philippine Coup Plot

Gunman Kills Woman in Detroit Church

Red Cross says Myanmar junta stops prison visits (Reuters)

Taiwan’s Chen scraps unification pledges

NYT: A Presidential Passage Through India, Quickly

Nevada GOP chairman supports rule targeting impeached official

Saudi forces kill suspected militants after siege

Baghdad daytime curfew ends, but fears remain

Newsday: Sweeney returns to hospital

(Governor Mitt) Romney faults Bush on war, Medicare, and ports pact

Drugs arrest for George Michael

BBC: Bomb blasts hit Iran oil cities

Saddam ends hunger strike before trial resumption

Democrats Seek Probe of NSA Eavesdropping

McCloud star dead at 81

National Grid buys US gas company


FEMA, cruise ship evacuees try to settle

Army to pay KBR for most disputed Iraq costs: NYT

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obesses About Her

Google Video censors Iraq footage - for US only

White House welcomes review of Dubai ports deal


Polling analysis finds GOP in the lead (Gallup skewed in favor of Dems?)

Iraq 'to crack down on militias'

Fear of `Clinton in 2008' (Knight Ridder)

Document: Coast Guard Warned of Port Gaps

Document: Coast Guard Warned of Port Gaps

Democrats seek special probe of Bush's NSA program

US rejects new UN human rights council proposal (Reuters)


Paper: Coast Guard Has Port Co. Intel Gaps

From Cash to Yachts, Convicted Congressman Set Bribery Rates(Cunningham)

U.S. military releases about 390 male detainees in Iraq

Terrorism: al-Zarqawi Said To Have New Command Structure

Red Cross Spent $500,000 in 3 Years To Boost Its Profile--WaPo

Protest planned at soldier's funeral

White House Rejects Special Counsel

Civil rights icon tapped to defend Wal-Mart (Reuters)

(Rasmussen) 39% Say U.S. Winning War on Terror(36% Say Terrorists Winning)

Scott, "God is My Co-Pilot" author, dies at 97

Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low (34%!!)

African Fish

Sept. 11 Families, Unions: Change Memorial

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 27 February

Khalilzad: Iraqis say Carroll alive

Conservatives lose fight (Mercury News)

Schwarzenegger seeks levee assistance (Chertoff will tour area)

Marines to Deploy Troubled Osprey Aircraft

Sunni mosque bombed as Iraqi tanks deploy in Baghdad

Costa Rica Left-Wing Presidential Candidate, Solis, Vows to Obstruct CAFTA

Front-runner promises break with U.S. policies

Judge OKs press subpoenas in CIA leak case

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obesses About Her

GOP Governors Say Bush's Missteps Hurting

US greenhouse gases rose 1.7 pct in 2004: EPA

Iraqi forces capture Zarqawi aide - state TV

Andrew Young Signs On to Defend Wal-Mart

Bush sees democracy key to terror fight

Dennis Weaver has died.

Foundation chief nutured conservative movement (Milwaukee JournalSentinel)

Rawstory: NYT sues Pentagon on NSA

Democratic congressman calls for subpoena of Halliburton profits (Waxman )

Report: Mexican military carried out genocide plan

Brown's `Da Vinci Code' Challenged Weeks Before Tom Hanks Film

Army to Pay Halliburton Unit Most Costs Disputed by Audit

Reuters: Iran working on uranium enrichment: IAEA

Thousands to protect Bush on first India visit

Texas Nonprofit Is Cleared After GOP-Prompted Audit

Bush Policies Are Weakening National Guard, Governors Say (NYT)

Paper: Coast Guard Has Port Co. Intel Gaps

America's younger workers losing ground on income

'Public court' (India) holds Bush guilty of perpetrating terrorism

Apple's Jobs Fights Preservationists Who Want to Save His House

BRIAN DICKERSON: DeVos, Fieger hope commoner can relate

Eleven Cities Show Interest in DNC 2008

Four Inmates Die in Kabul Prison Rebellion (negotiations continue)

US worry over night in Pak- Bush may fly off to Afghanistan

Poll: Bush Ratings At All-Time Low

Birmingham News publishes newly found civil rights era photos

Utah law: Bans "violent" video games for kids. Parents will be felons if

NEWSWEEK: Congressional GOP Did Not Want to Explain (Port) Sale to Public

I'm going to be the "young hero" voice in a sci-fi radio play

Santa Ana airport...need deluxe hotel rec's.

LeftyMom, I have a secret crush on you.

So, in the newspaper today I see an article about this guy

I learned something new the hard way today.

Copy cat thread.

Decent bumpersticker site

Is it Heidi's birthday yet?

Is there a moderator up and online right now?

For your information

I'll Bring Champagne

OMF Gawd, I'm in Texas


Had a wonderful experience over the weekend!

Ohio Lawmaker spears effort to probibit GOP couples from adopting

OK - so I am an idiot!

Gimme back my bullets!

Gøød night (mørning), Løunge...I åm øff...søøn...

*****BROWSER POLL*****

Pete Fenson only has a birthday once every four years!

Until the morning .......

Goodnight folks.

Now that the Olympics are over - Is it Turin or Torino?

Original Jokes & Anecdotes...

I am in mourning....


Damnit -- song stuck in head.

Get your STOP DUBAI DUBYA Buttons, Stickers, Magnets Here!

Good night to my dear friends in the Lounge.......


It's An IRON MAIDEN Birthday Today! Happy Birthday Adrian Smith!

Lincoln Mark LT: ???

When you gotta go, you gotta go...but...

Ebay Question: How long do you give the seller to contact you after

Which attribute don't you like about your own country?

Holy crap! Darren McGavin died on Saturday!

**How Cold is it at Your Place This Morning?**

Do the words "Aeric Halaquept" mean anything to you?

UPDATE: Penis Found in Microwave is a Fake.

If your mother was diagnosed with a (3rd) recurrence of cancer (rant)...

Breaking News!

Buh bye Texas!

Maybe the New James Bond ain't so bad, afterall...

I call bullshit on Axe body scrub!

The pressure builds, you buy a gift


Can't believe no one has started this yet! Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor

damn stomach flu

You Guys are going to have to start posting faster...

David Gilmore or David Gilmour?

Octavia Butler has died

Who was more inebriated during the Olympics?

Destroyed mosque cartoon

I'm sad that Don Knotts died!

Monday earworm. For Heidi on her birthday.

Drugs arrest for George Michael

The things they come up with

Desperately in need of good clothes shopping karma!

Project Runway Daniel V- article and fashion advice

Would you buy (and wear!) this pair of pants?

so I was reading 1984 last night

I have an interview today. Good vibes and wishes?

IT workers in here:

I did it again...

Today is NOT my birthday - Ask me anything!

The spammers are getting bold!

Sasha is spunky, deliberate and focused

I just hung up on my repug mom - RANT

Its nice when an ex still cares about you as a person.

All my bookmarks were wiped out!

Anyone here ever heard of the Naked Post Olympic Party?

Drugs arrest for George Michael

Some asshat here @ work is messin with me. I AM NOT IN THE MOOD

Damn...Carl Eller arrested...drunk driving

My Snotty Scotty Cartoon (WH briefing today, this came to mind)

Thomas Kinkade in some trouble.

The lunatic is on the grass

why is curling an Olympic sport but not NASCAR

The look on Condi's face says it all.

Do you use Flickr or Shutterfly or...?

Dubai doobie doo

Ann Rule's blog is a mighty fine read, if you like to read about crime

Tell me it isn't just a little funny that

Today is my half-birthday!

We have abstract art, music, and dance - what about abstract cooking?

Yw wnedwcated prwles dwn't apprecyate the bywtys of Welsh!

Breaking News On Bird Flu


CONFESS!!!! If Salary was NOT an issue - what job would you want

Big mountain lion captured in a yard in Altadena

Just once...I want to give a "you are all losers" speech.

I am now taking applications for an online whatever you want to be!

Fellow Corel Painter IX users: there's a free IX.5 update available

Sean Hannity disappears.

Now that the Olympics are over: Who was the Olympic Hero? Olympic Zero?

Either the lounge has gone really wierd

I need video help! it's an emergency at work!

LOL - Nomination for "Most Amateurish Scam"

Know what I hate?

Dennis Weaver has died

In honor of the Olympics: Post your Sasha and Bode flames here

My visit to the tax office

Wow, I just clicked on "Lobby" for the first time in forever and it was

anyone else see Confederate States of America?

I am sad the Olympics are over


When you walk through a storm

Washington Quarter Designs

I'm hungry.

Know what I ate?

Severe ear drum pain with leaking clear fluid. Whoo hoo!

Keith Olbermann Does A Great Impersonation Of Ted Baxter!!

Tell me about your best friend

In conjuction with the baseball thread......what do you think of the WBC?

Quebec priests diss Vatican on homosexuality

Bill Maher: "If you're too lazy to peel your own fruit, get scurvy & die"

Know what I ain't?

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend

Yesterday, I came THIS CLOSE to winning a free iPod...

Peer into a cyberworld where liberals and conservatives coexist...

It's naptime

There's a secret to creating a 500+ reply thread.


Can somebody help me ID this Lexington, KY company?

Have you ever wondered how we decided to smoke weed?

Get behind *or in front of* a good cause. Draw A Cock. Raise Money

Grammar Gripe: Forgetting the Possessive Apostrophe

Is two weeks notice REALLY necessary? (advice please)

What is it like to really fly?

Grizzly Man (2005)

Andy Griffith was with Don Knotts when he died

Three. More. Days.

Yin Yang Twins (One Black One White!!) How COOL IS That???

Distillery To Revive The Making Of 184 Proof Whiskey

My Match Game tribute website....

Which North Dakota State quarter should've been used??

I received a Shut Off Notice today

Crashing The Gate - Who's got their copy?

Do you remember Green Stamps?

Once again it's time for REALLY BAD ALBUM COVERS

Best state quarters? Worst?

Can you pass 8th grade math?

Well out of southern Illinois


My dog just ate lighter fluid. Help

Need help broadcasting AM or FM short range (1/8 mile radius)


Open mike night tomorrow...I need 3 good acoustic songs to play

Yummmm . . .fresh sourdough bread rocks.

Be the Nth poster in this thread and win a prize!!

Woohoo! Muscle tingling is nothing more than mere anxiety!

After stapling my thumb, I will admit to Brit Hume tomorrow that.....

I'm here on DU, recovering from another all nighter

we havnt had a Snakes on a Plane thread in a while

I just stapled my thumb....

Where is sundog?

OK, the lesbian movie thread won't freakin' die!

Who here has tried Khat?

What the hell!

Name this guitar player


Who's Your Favorite Game Show Host?

Please respond to this poll

Oh, I know I'm unlovable.

I am the newest fan of the Acid House Kings

why is curling an Olympic sport but not baseball

OMG, jerry springer guests are REAL!!!

JOBS--has anyone here ever gotten a job through Monster

I use my turn signals

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/27/06)

Home alone again.

My Grandmother Just Died of Autonomic Failure

Post two words that really don't sound good together.

Can't go to Mardi Gras? Live Bourbon Street cams here.

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Happy Birthday Mobius!

"Dancing with the Stars" question

Just back from cataract surgery? Anybody have any advice?

DU Fantasy Baseball

Video Clip: Adopt "Pet of the Week" Pinky, a "very loving cat"

REAL worst names for businesses

Any of you ever tried the service on

"Snogging" is a really good word

What is your hobby?

Are relationships REALLY as screwed up as

TV Land remembers Don Knotts - Marathon tomorrow

Have you ever wondered how we decided to eat potatoes?

Today is my birthday! Ask me anything!

Montana Quarter Designs

So apparantly Bisexuality belong to the 90's....

A Tree That Grows On My Property Has A Large Branch That...

DU Climbers:

What are the dead malls of your town?

My sun could be a smile....

I'm leaving DU

This is an amazing video

List All of Your Tech Gadgets

Naughty girls need love, too.

ATTN: March/April babies

auto-fill/post from your cache thread.

Red Beans and Rice, with meat or not?

Ok, movies the critics and your friends rave about, that you think sucked?

What Olympic athletes did you develop a crush on in the last 2 weeks?

Nicknames for Karl Rove

Why is curling an Olympic sport but not snogging?

What can I do to get the static out of my trousers?

I've found a solution to billyskank's problem

This is the REAL goodnight thread

Is it right to teach children religion at an early age?

Is America ready for a Mormon president?

If A Person Claims To Be A Christian, Yet He Does "Un-Christian" Things...

Two EXCELLENT additions to the Skeptic's Dictionary

Whiskey May Have Anti-Cancer Benefit

comments needed on LTTE

Caveman blondes also had more fun

Vermont To Vote On Transgender Anti-Bias Bill

Coming out as Bi

T-Shirt Maker Uses 'Brokeback Mountain' To Assail Gays

Wives of transgenders support group?

Quebec priests dispute Vatican stand on homosexuality

Minnesota Catholics Divided On Gay Marriage Ban

Resources for a course on LGBT policy issues... got any suggestions?

Houston Texans to trade top pick?

Heh. Clemens gives up homer to his son...and then throws at his head.

First Woman Elected to Baseball Hall Of Fame

Etan Thomas' voice is one worth listening to

Great Book for dog lovers out there...even some of you cat lovers...

Birds and cats...peaceful cohabitation?

If a sensitive you trusted told you of an imminent lottery win, you would:


Port Security Hearing: Senate Commerce Comm. 3/2

Anyone remember this story?

Kerry and Akaka Push Government to Honor America’s Commitment to Veterans

The Republicans

Senator John Kerry to Speak on Security in Northern Ireland


Raw Story Find: New Dems show interview Kerry

THK news: Keynote speaker at Environmental Symposium

Where does JK stand on the Patriot Act and

Offline for a few days

Does this seem accurate to you?

Does Leslie Stahl particularly hate JK?

A delegation to testify before House committee, then meet with Kerry

George Allen in WaPo interview: Heaven Save us!

Local river house

A SnowFlake Macro Montage

Got Spring?

Young EDVs spotted .... Hope for the future.

Countdown Newsletter -- 2/27/06: Mardi Gras, 6 Months After Katrina

Hijacked: a PBS Documentary

2291 Reasons why the DSM is Important

We need more drug testing, background checks, et al

UT Tests Come Back Positive for Ricin

So, who wants to frolic with a bipedal primate?

For those who still believe in free-falling skyscrapers...

Are they in the process of implementing their "New World Order"?

Afghan farmers-- grow wheat for $1 or opium poppies for $500?

You will not believe this ad by Johnson & Johnson (AFA)

The PBS Frontline documentary on Meth is really worth watching...

Former CIA Agent Bob Baer re: Suicide Bombers on Discovery Times now

populism . . .

W: "My Government"

Karel (KGO) is substituting for Bill Press (whose Father has died) on...

Iran to grant gas contracts to European firms + more deals with China

The Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies are a Colossal Waste of $34M

IRS audited group after criticism (of Tom Delay)

It's not a club..... it's a gang....

World Court asked to decide if nation can be guilty of genocide

How effort to ban abuse & torture of detainees was thwarted-New Yorker

Powder at U. of Texas was not ricin

Fisk: Defeat Is Victory. Death Is Life

Does Bush support Communists?

Drug plan just one more con game run by Bush and Republicans

Olympic Coverage And Timing Of Dubai Ports Announcement?

Eateries Must Pass Army Base Inspections (Food Security!)

The Future

Simple Scotty's brother Mark on CSPAN later today

WTF? The Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student.

Fort Detrick Neighbors Jittery Over Expansion

Isn't it amazing how Mardis Gras has been the main story on

It's getting real hard for C-SPAN to find * supporting callers!

'Straw' Breaking Harris' Back

Life and Death struggle for Iraq

Bomb-sniffing dog stood next to a pound of explosives and didn't notice it

Did anyone see Lawrence Kaplan (New Republic) on C-Span this a.m.?

Help someone - who is Brenda Lagrange Johnson?

NPR: 45 day port review is so Bush* can save face...WTF??

"Unseen. Unforgotten." Newly released civil rights photos

strib: Displays of religion in workplace test legal boundaries

So....NYT's Columnist Tom Freidman writes the Bush Trade Policy?

Gulf War Syndrome Cover-up??

Looking for site with Paul Krugman columns -- Help requested

Not One Penny More for War!

Farrakhan: Neocons Zionists making America weak

Good Moring DU

MSNBC: Ports Deal: Do you support reviewing it or scrapping it?

Changing the Scene (SD boycott editorial)

Democrats are not the only ones against this deal!!


Does anyone know if there are no U.S. companies capable of

It is not the ports, stupid

Alan Greenspan Says Time Is Ripe For A Third-Party Presidential Candidate.

Jon Stewart on Larry King tonight!

Nobody noticed Associated Press story day of Cheney's hunting accident

comments needed on LTTE

It's the principle of the thing... P & O, UAE DP, our ports

Total Information Awareness (TIA) Lives On:

Schumer Introduces Bipartisan Alternative

Polls ... Polls ... Polls ...

JR thanking states who opened faith based offices. (msnbc) now

Byron York: A CIA Leak Trial Without the CIA Leak

Bush Policies Are Weakening National Guard, Governors Say

Octavia Butler: 1947-2006

The Port O Bush Presidency

The Term-of-the-Day is "embezzlement"

Anyone get shot in the face this weekend?

Occam's Razor - "The Bush Presidency"

Repost of my voter fraud LTTE - for those who STILL don't believe it

My major tinfoil hat theory...

Professor Bush-Master of scare tactics By Cynthia Tucker

Hilarious CNN website Dubya icon...

Latest on the UAE Ports--Bush attempting 45 day delay to avoid showdown.

Hey, Hey, TIA!! Never Really Went AWAY!

Quail hunting school! Match your skill with Deadeye!

Fake Assassination Post? Did you ever have a post just up and vanish?

Colo Gov Bill Owens(R)-Iraq rage a sign of progress

45 days for the ports. Are we going to help them rubberstamp this

Can you help Democracy?

Really, really stupid question...

Ferry to Alaska pawn in ANWR Drilling

Unseen. Unforgotten.

There is much in the Dubai story that we do not know....

Bush calms GOP, "At least US Ports weren't sold to Gays or Blacks"

My post got erased?

What three things would you like to see? How to win in 06'!!

Confidence in the War on Terror has also fallen sharply. - Rasmussen

Lower Taxes = Less Services

Is a Nuclear False Flag Op in the Works? TVNL Radio....on now

Countdown Keychain

Another Bush bike accident takes out Scottish Policman...

Clusterfuck nation, Kunstler's commentary on Samara

O'Lielly: "I don't do personal attacks here"

I don't hear anyone calling for William Buckley's head.

Has anybody read the ad to the left on this page (Hotel Workers Rising)?

CNN poll: Should a special counsel be appointed over eavesdropping?

Tony Danza on the ports

Investigation: The CIA's No. 3 Has a Friend in the Spotlight is Now Online

Heard On NPR This Morning That Patriot Act Is A Done Deal,

I need advice on DU etiquette

Co-pay madness

Goggles privacy concerns shot down by justice department

Is smirk really going to Afghanistan?

Big Dick & Little George Party On Down with the Governors ---pix--->>>

Doublespeak interviews John Kerry

Keith Olbermann is having Francis Fukuyama on tonight--could be important

Bush Should Not Visit Gandhi Memorial

Tolls could dot the Internet highway (if you pay you go faster)

100 Documents That Shaped America.

Here's what I don't get about the port deal(s)

Repubs free market at any cost - costing Repubs

Stem Cell Institute's Legality Goes to Trial - California

Sam Seder filling in for AL ALL WEEK...

Was Bin Laden a hit man at one time?

"Before ... there was no Sunni, no Shi'ite. We were one."

Snotty Scotty BBQ Bingo, new bingo card just for today

Toys for good little girls and boys

Which makes you laugh the most? O'Reilly or Olbermann?

*: "My answer is, the status quo empowered radicals"

Scotty is about to start 1pm eastern Cspan 1

meta-scandal analysis of the lamest duck in the west

Inside Iraq: Here come the tanks

Now I understand why all Zogby Polls have that "Investor Class" question:

Wiretapping, Cheney/shooting, Dubai port management -- all dead stories.

Another picture that screams "Freeper!"

How 'moving object' Bush crashed bike at G8 summit

"You're doing a heckuva job Brownie troop"

Help Ted Rall fund a libel suit against Ann Coulter

Schumer and Warner on Senate floor disscusing Port thing.......

White House rejects calls for eavesdropping special counsel

Diebold back in Cali, and my letter to the fishwrap

For dog people--a CNN Poll

The End of Bushism: McCain 2008?

I think that I will stand with the LONGSHOREMAN.

The US most dangerous Spy, Larry Franklin, working as a parking attendant

DAMMIT.. I want TWO press conferences..

Gold's power against autoimmune diseases defined

Who the hell would want to be the next president?

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obesses About Her

SF Gate: "The world's a cell-phone stage"

Cruella de Harris got illegal contributions

America for Sale: The Cost of Republican Corruption - Rep. Slaughter

Sen. Warner is up on C-Span2 discussing the Port Deal!!! HEADS UP!!

66% say Bush is India’s Friend (Survey in India)

Good book re: Islam

HL Comic: Bush Celebrates Black History Month

‘God is my weapons inspector.’ (Bill Tierney)

TV Presidents

having a great time signing o'reilly's petition.

My Snotty Scotty Cartoon (after watching today, this came to mind)

Chaney's Magic Buckshot

New Poll shows GOP LEADING IN THE 2006 RACES!

White House rejects calls for eavesdropping special counsel

Republicans to be banned from adopting.

How bout a sequel to West Wing?

Can someone please explain to me what The Am. Prospect is up to?

Anti-Bush tensions SCUTTLE Laura Bush's plans in INDIA

Georgia congressman failed to declare Abramoff client trip, then supported

WP: William M. Arkin >> Bush Visits Bin Laden Country

Sean Hannity disappears.

Wives of transgenders support groups

Email Intercepted.

Google Video censors Iraq footage - for US only

"Trust me" -- Monday 2/27/06 Toon

Democrats need to learn to talk in simple terms



I have a problem with Bourse. Enlighten me!

AP: GOP Governors Say Bush's Missteps Hurting >>>

Why do the Bushists have it in for the judiciary? Decisions like this.

Did anyone catch the Springer/Hannity debate that was held Sat.?

Yahoo: Bush now pays the price for politicizing national security

Prediction: DLC and Hillary will take Rasmussen poll as excuse to hawkify

In two days, our income may drop to less than half.

Am I to surmise that there will be NO INVESTIGATION of NSA wiretaps?

Shhh, don't say a word.. Lest you whistle-blowers be charged with crimes.

I watched "Fahrenheit 9/11" for the 3rd time early this morning.

Testimony on implementation of the Maritime Trans. Security

Senate bid by Katherine Harris R-FL hits some bumps

Before Dubai: Greenlane Port Security Bill vs. Bush Cuts


Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) requested IRS audit on TPJ on behalf of Delay ally

British Court Hears Dubai Port Deal Case

Reuters: Study shows Dems live longer....

Attention Journalists: Dubai Port Story....please follow the Money.

Bush skips Taj Mahal visit: "I'll be the President!"

One more reason to want Lieberman gone

Latest from River Bend

Ban Republican adoption of children, Good place to start!

I'm Sorry, but Sibel Edmonds Is....

First woman among 17 elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Do you trust your local papers?

Terra.. national security..terra..national security..terra

Is it right to teach children religion at an early age?

I got a letter from the US Dept of Commerce Census Bureau

So, anyone here going to India with Bush to visit their jobs?

RIP Don, Darren,Dennis

Murtha Coming Up on The Situation Room - CNN

Judge OKs press subpoenas in CIA leak case

Hillary's "Hundreds:" an investigation (HuffingtonPost)

I'm sure this is old news to everyone here, but I just discovered this

Murtha coming up on CNN- it's 5:16PM EST

Katherine Harris: Republican faithful are like our soldiers in Iraq

Caption this Rove and Card pic...

Riverbend has a new post up...

"The enemy has an uncanny ability to hide"

Caption this * pic

What's George Got Up His Sleeve? ---pix->>>

Sign nuclear agreements with India, tell Iran you can't do that

A Winning Campaign Commerical for ANY '06 Dem Candidate..

King George's next facial bruise will come from:

Flight 77, the Fake War on Terror, and the Dubai Port Deal

McCain better watch his mouth AOL POLL RESULTS

The GOP Fears Hillary?

My dog just ate lighter fluid. Help

Freepers flip-flop on Port Issue

CHINA, CHINA, CHINA .......Denmark, Bush?; Those are the PORT options

Is the 45-Day Review of ports yet another meaningless Kabuki Dance?

Clarke, Brzezinski, Hart, Nunn --Security brains must be heard on Ports

Vice President Dick Cheney is expected to retire within a year

Anyone look at today's Bartcop page?

Vin Weber, UAE lobbyist on the Port deal (I just knew it)

Anyone seen the AP story that Tweety is talking about??? Dubai

Democrats declare 'Orange Jumpsuit Week' for Abramoff birthday

Why do people have to lose something to learn?

Save CiC contact ABC

Hispanic gangs in New Orleans. Question.

Need to tap your big brains for a response on this...

omg, now Dennis Weaver is dead age 81

Do we need legislation to force Wal-Mart to offer benefits?

Ann Coulter's felony voter fraud to be investigated in P.B. County

Scooter's Web - The public face of the Libby Legal Defense Trust

Lou Dobbs Says Heavy-Duty Arm Twisting Going On In Congress

Dear Leader falling pretty fast on Rasmussen

I will ignore all posts that are about Tweety.

bio-hazards that weren't?

O'Reilly pulls a "Kerry!"

AFA Warns Sponsors to Separate From 'Desperate Housewives'

We are on the same side as the freepers on the Lou Dobbs poll....

What do you think of this picture?

America says "NO!" to ports deal...Bush says, 'ok let's wait 45 days..."

NSA Spying and Blackmailing of Congress Members.How to keep a Kingdom .

African Fish

Prosecute whistleblowers from election fraud? Read this!

Jon Stewart on Larry King

It's almost 7 p.m....You know what that means?

Brit Hume 'Wondering' HOW The UAE Deal Will Stay 'In The News' For 45 Days

Drudge: Cheney to retire after midterms?

While "genius" Rove obsesses on Hillary, his boy is at 34%.

Senate Democrats have declared it "Orange Jumpsuit Week"

Was Atticus Finch ever at a 34% approval rating?

Fed Reserve: Slowest increase in Americans' net worth in over a decade

Dubai Ports World...Could be the Big One?

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obsesses About Her

Is Apple buying Disney?

If you don't believe that legions of Democracts would vote for McCain....

Conn. hardware store workers see Jesus on sheet metal

Countdown Tonight: KO Talks with 'Ex-NeoCon' Francis Fukuyama

AOL Poll: Gregory vs. McClellan/ Press corps vs. White House...Grade 'em

Ha-ha Clinton was never as low as 34% and his second term

CBS News poll just broadcast, Chimp at 34%

CBS Bush approval rating ..... 34% all time low....

Republican headlines vs. Democrat headlines

Lou Dobbs Poll Hacked?

I Really wanted to see what bush* would do if his veto was over-ridden

DU this poll please;

CNN Poll: Should special prosecutor investigate legality of wiretapping?

how long before chimpy is in the 20%-29% approval range?

Ahhh, Heck...Maybe McCain is being set up to replace the Emperor...

Anyone care to Caption Poppy?

Veterans May Face Budget Cuts in 2008

Fundies starting their own town NOT KIDDING

History of the Dubai Ports World proposed acquisition of P&O

Civil Rights photos uncovered, published (CNN/AP)

Ken Lay nearly broke, may go bankrupt

"If not, George Orwell has replaced Jefferson as the preeminent architect

Psycho Path Voted Wackiest Street Name

I'm SICK of the RNC playing in our shit. What whisper campaigns

As the Bush left the White house, a Reporter Asked Him (joke) ......

New Video from Reverend X

When will Little Lord Pissypants' poll numbers SURGE to 35%?

YOU GO GIRL>>>first female pres not HRC but Kathleen!!!


DEAD WRONG - The LIES of the Bush Administration

I have a question

Ports are at risk for maritime terrorism

Sam Seder's on instead of Al Franken for the week

"Dear Hillary, Do not run" - Tampa Editorial

Another WTF moment from MTP...Rep. King (R-fucking idiot, NY)

Chester Good and Barney Fife

collection of Lou Dobbs threads from today for those who missed the show.

Bill would bar doctors from asking about guns

David Irving reverts to extremism

Freepers seeing the light?

no wonder Iraq isn't going too well

It's time to punch the clocks......The battle for America has just begun.

If you support this administration, you are my enemy.

Indie Rockers refuse big money from Hummer for use of their song


The Power of 10 Impeach Bush

Does anyone got Mardi Gras pix?

What will be w's next huge blunder?

Do you ever notice: Politicians always say "the Process is flawed"

Dobbs is set to REAM the junta, re: Dubai

Did you remember to love yourself b4 going out to save the world today?

Scott Ritter: "I'm not a big fan of un-mandated tribunals, but given the

Since we get no attention for millions marching on the streets do you

It's no wonder Democratic candidates can't win elections

Dubai: "Shut Up Lou Dobbs" Lou and CNN: "NO"

Interesting perspective on the UAE ports deal

Time Magazine: Cheney had 'thousand yard stare' after shooting BULLSH*T!

A letter from Sen. Obama regarding US Horse Slaughter Bill

Okay, you're top three for 08'

funny quote in Top 10 conservative Idiots

Republicans With Jitters: "We have a President who is not popular"

FREEPERS....if you got any guts read this.

POWERFUL, POIGNANT Anti-Iraq War Video (link)

The Boomerang

Please Nail The Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight

I AM NEW ORLEANS! Happy Mardi Gras!

Memorial to American soldiers by a DU member

'Da Vinci Code' Author Accused in London...HOW CONVENIENT

"Marc Maron Show" airs Tuesday, 2/28 at 10 pm PST!

MARCH THAW - several siginficant actions posted in ACTIVIST HQ

"Replace O'Reilly w/Phil" petition update: 2865 signatures, and counting!

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: AZ Election Official's Diebold Tirade Caught on Tape!

Who in their right f'n mind would argue the Confed flag is "heritage"?

CNN has finally grown some balls!!!

The Taliban's spokesman is now a Yale student

Bush Admin's First Memo on Al Qaeda Declassified (Richard Clarke)

Does the law require me to report a hit and run?


Hilarious Cheney animation

Local effort to get: Newark NJ Billbord "Bring the troops home. NOW"

Repukes must really be in trouble - my RW brother sent

Bush apologists are starting to crawl out of their holes

fred barnes - bush stenographer

Great Blunders in American Politics: Bush and and his Nefarious Crew

Will high court draw the lines?

Do charges of racism towards Arabs sell?

It's also about the economy, jobs, and Walmart...

Keep Discrimination out of WI Constitution!

Port Deal, London: Exec warns of "consequences" in stock transfer delay

It's not about Repubs vs Democrats - it's about "national security"...

Does anyone else see an ominous pattern here?

Duke's Psych Eval Cites "Culture of Corruption"

White House recently located and turned over 250 pages of e-mails

Greenspan: 3rd Party Candidate could move Dems and Repubs "back to center"

Barton (R-TX) Latest Republican To Fight Discount Oil Program For Poor

Can you help?

We need to spread the word: John McCain = Warmonger

More Signs The Port Deal Will Go Ahead........

The Alternate Universe Of Conservative Pundits

Three Cabinet Secretaries Approved Port Deal They Knew Nothing About

Peter King: "I don't see why Bush wants to fall on his sword for the UAE"

Is it True? RNC Melman says FU to all GOP 08 Pres wantabes except McCain?

Do you wanna' reach 100 million people in two weeks to Impeach Bush?

Corruption Fatique

About this 45-day "investigation" ...

Specter Joins DeWine In Trying To Legalize Warrantless Surveillance

"Not One More Penny For War" Day - 2/28/06

HL Comic: Bush Celebrates Black History Month

A triple dog dare for Bush in India

Rove says Hillary will win 08 Primary but Lost General Election

"His '05 proposals to revamp S.S. & tax code remain, but on a back burner"

When will we get it - their motto should be.."Party Before Country"

WOW! "Iraqi forces capture Zarqawi aide" A SENIOR aide! WOW! USA! USA!


Harry Reid up on the floor now

Really weird discussion about cameras in Scotty's briefing

Evolution is pseudo-science,

Schwarzenegger on MTP: "It freaks everyone out, and rightfully so"

If you or anyone you know or love is in FL15 please pass this along.

Coast Guard warned of 'intelligence gaps' in deal

Do Dem politicians even look at DU, Crooks&Liars, Media Matters....?

You say Dubai--and I say hello. Dumya lost his mojo on terra no matter...

Lurking enemies and a freedom agenda: What is Bush talking about?

Will the Hammer Fall?

"Sheriff Joe" email

Weren't we all told last week the Coast Guard would be

How long till we hear Condi Rice say

White House Rejects Special Counsel

34% approval poll now according to CBS bob schiffer

Show of hands: Who here is a seated, *elected* Democrat office holder?

Anyone watching Larry Kaplan on C-span repeat?

State Democratic Party in Wisconsin Also Backs Impeachment

Bernie Sanders sez Don't Outsource Port Security

Matthews cut short Schumer quote, omitting gist of concern over ports deal

JOSHUA FRANK: Senator Feinstein’s War Profiteering -- Enabling Bush

Well the media and the Republicans have decided-Hillary and McCain in 2008 is Now Online

First they are going after Jack Cafferty!

The real person behind all of Bush's problems...

cheney protest tonight, what should my sign say, He Shot Us All in the

Just because of this pic I would vote for Carl Sheeler (Senate,RI)

Who said this??

DLC and Republicans are The Enemies of the Working Class People

Plan B Battles Embroil States(morning-after" pill)

Fear of `Clinton in 2008' (Knight Ridder)

Rep. Louise Slaughter: The cost of rethug corruption

I love LOVE my governor

Reuters Pic: "President Bush waits for the media to leave the room"

CBS Poll: 34% job approval! 59% disapproval!

Psychological resistance to facing election fraud: Silence of the Scams

The Case for Impeachment (Harpers)

Shouldn't it be called Medi-scare, not Medicare.

Is anyone in this nation w/authority even questioning Bush's mental state?

Dem. Sen. Barack Obama to endorse Rep. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) for senate

Congress Daily 2006 Senate Race Polls

Who is aware of this voting change in New Orleans?

Important article cataloguing McCain's Bushification. Keep it handy.

DLC-supporting DUers, here's what you've been waiting for...

Now as a poll: Show of hands for current Democrat office holders

I'm a Centrist Liberal Progressive Radical Moderate -- How about you?

Something everyone is missing about Hillary

Is there a coordinated propaganda campaign on DU re. Hackett/Brown

Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obesses About Her

"Job Tracker for Working America:" Check out your State or Zip Code..

Who will become the new VP???

Which city would you like to host our convention in 2008?

'Public Court' Holds Bush Guilty of Perpetrating Terrorism Pass Bill Taking Away Your Right to Know What's in Your Food