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Archives: February 26, 2006

Bush trips up trying to balance security fears with free trade

TIA (Total Information Awareness) Lives On

WaPo: Bush's Response To the Ports Deal Faulted as Tardy

WP: In the Battle for Baghdad, U.S. Turns War on Insurgents

Would Justice(Department) Clean the House?

UK Sunday Times: Dubai Ports row has left Bush high and dry

Many don't feel Britain's booming economy

What the ports controversy says about Washington’s “war on terror”

Paking It In (Pakistan is key!)

Sharia law? Don't even think about it

Help with E85. I just found out that my guilt ridden huge SUV can run on

Canadian company to look at coal as a means for nitrogen fixation.

PA officials: US, EU have retracted aid threat

Hamas leader lists terms for recognizing Israel

Videos: Controlled demolition of WTC7

I had a personal phone call from Ford Bell today

Precinct Caucus Reminder Thread: Tues, March 7, 2006

Omaha Steaks coming to our area

The Hargrove expulsion: A wrong-headed move Layton needs to fix

If you wanna hear a lot of bragging about Cindy Klassen.....turn to NBC.

Dubai bid includes Vancouver

(AP) . . . (FL death row) Inmate Freed for Insufficient Evidence

UK Sunday Times: Dubai Ports row has left Bush high and dry

Canada Angus Reid: Dubai Ports Agreement Rejected in U.S.

Ken Lay now facing 'financial ruin'

Democrats hit Bush on security

Many don't feel Britain's booming economy

WaPo: Bush's Response To the Ports Deal Faulted as Tardy

Documents from Muslim Charity Seized During (Ohio) Terror Arrests

China denies EU claims of dumping shoes

Don Knotts, TV's Lovable Nerd, Dies at 81

NYT: New Orleans Running Out of Options as It Scrambles for New Loans

LAT: Iraq Now Has No Units Able to Stand Alone

Lebanon admits it okayed arms transfer to Hezbollah

Shrine attack sets back U.S. gains in Iraq

Revealed: toxic gas threat to air safety

Takeover Threat: Philippine National Police chief warns media

Durable goods orders tumble

More enlisted personnel leaving armed services

Shiite Militias Roam Free Despite Curfew, Occupy Sunni Mosques

U.S. Supreme Court to hear (oral) arguments Tues on campaign finance . . .

FEMA: New Madrid earthquake preparedness is agency priority

Governor Names Justices for Own Case

Iraq's death squads: On the brink of civil war (Interior Ministry blamed)

Bolton: UN troubled by "sex and corruption"

'Riot' at notorious Afghan jail

Gaps in Security Stretch From Model Port to U.S. (NYT)

Mistrial in Case of Girl's Severed Arms

A Face-saving Dubai Deal in the Works? (Time Mag)

No drinking,no smoking,no lusting at pics in magazines.

Don't drink and drive!

I escaped. I wandered into LBN. Bad idea, but I made it back.

DUer in blue Pontiac Vibe on PCH in Lomita, CA?

I was just surveyed by Nielsen

American Idol or Billy Idol?

Armegeddon is on TNT in 3 minutes (EST)

I'm hungry. Went to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet and came home crazy.

How can my friend sabotage her roommates?

I suspect my sister's dog of having some kind of neurosis

I found a gift for Rabrrrrrr!

Man forced to marry goat in southern Sudan

Who's gearing up for baseball season?!?

Anyone else think it's totally cool that Sweden and Finland

Name my voodoo dolls.

RIP - Bella May 1995-Feb 2006

Comedian everyone except you seems to think aren't funny?

I don't want to go.


You know one of the things I love about DU?

How's everybody doing?

Important info from Center for DIsease control! URGENT

My boyfriend quit smoking this morning

Your Favorite Don Knotts Movie?

Anyone else get some

The Most Extreme (disgusting animals behaviors)

One of the coolest things about Vancouver, Canada

Only me..just saying Hiya.

Barney Fife dies

Toy Story 2: Requiem

OH you pretty things..Sleep well,may you're..

Favorite "Don Knotts" Episode


And now, a random reggae moment, brought to you by the New York subway

I should have never Sonic Sized those Tater Tots.....

Darren McGavin dead at 83

I am lost in the dark... CAPTION me!

I found the perfect bicycle for me!

"Serial Mom" is on right now on the Lifetime Channel

King Nothing

I am so sad; our KMart is closing and becoming a Sears

Favorite Barney Fife quote?

Darren MCGavin Dead at 83

Post the lyrics to a song you hate!

37 MINUTES!!! My best time for a 5K ever!

I'm bored. Ask me anything.

I avoided posting in over 50 articles between Wednesday and now.

Don Knotts' death is going to have a bigger impact than expected.

I'm sure we've done this many times. Once more, boomers, songs from our

How would you have handled this?

Darren McGavin, Father in "Christmas Story" Dies at 83

Need advice on how to deal with my controlling mother.

Did anyone watch "Mrs. Harris" on HBO tonight?

Paxil Flu - anyone else ever had it?


Ann Coulter Weds

Damn! Nobody carries under size 6 in ladies shoes anymore!

Should they bury Don Knotts with a bullet in his pocket?


I'm crazy. Went to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet and came home hungry.

Okay - I'm growing out my hair.................

Other Than Chess Or Checkers...Can You Think Of Any Good Two-Person Games?

Atlanta area DUers save burythehatchet's sanity

Classical music enthusiasts! Which song(s) do you hate?

If you were going to build your own home, what features would

Cigar afficianados! Ever have a Partagas Limited Reserve?

Anyone get Wall Street Journal online? I need an article...

I just flew in from the West Coast, and boy, are my arms tired.

Does this place exist?...


Our puppies. Four weeks old now.

Abused puppy dies early Saturday

Darren McGavin, Father in "Christmas Story" Dies at 83

Quick! Name a good, fairly recent (since 2000) movie!

It's peanut butter jelly time..........

I just drove across the country (N.J. to L.A.). Ask me anything

During Sex....

Question about anomaly noted in Yellowstone Seismicity Maps

RIP - Bella May 1995-Feb 2006

Smelling flowers and seeing 555s

Push for pay increase resonates

Friends of John Kerry

BBC News piling on: The "failure" of the "American left"

John at Burger King story

Kerry's Backbone Award from the Progressive Democrats of America

NYC just ain't the same without the KOEB

Found a great free app for checking bookmarks

I'm mad as hell' and you know the rest (CNN) {Network, the movie}

The future of NEWS?? EPIC? Must watch!

Man forced to marry goat in southern Sudan

Pix from "Save Our Jobs Rally" in Warren Ohio today

RIP - Bella May 1995-Feb 2006

Hey check this out....

1900 still missing in Katrina

Old Corporate Loans to Execs Still Stand

Canada Angus Reid: Dubai Ports Agreement Rejected in U.S.

Anyone else get a bullshit email from Sgt. Greene?

A post about Kerry's left over money

Scotland on Sunday: Neo-cons lose the ascendancy as toughest battles loom

GOP working on solution to ports deal

the port security issue has always been brought up by democrats

Is big brother getting under your skin?

A Judicial Green Light for Torture (NYT Sun Edit)

Barney Fife dies

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm

CNBC might worth a glance

Anyone listening to Bruce Bartlett on cspan After Words?

Ken Lay has a chance to uphold a viable Republican value....

Defendants in the dock at the Ango-American War Crimes Trial of 2010

"Now that Bill and I have Tivo, Bill and I rewind it and yell again,"

Project X: Update/Resource #7821

Clooney's Good Night and Good Luck was OUTSTANDING

The solution to the SC/abortion battle: a constitutional amendment

WH issues BULLSHIT press release tonight on Port "Myths"

Chasing Cheney in the Ambulance: DeadEye Dick's life support system

Protests Planned Against Media War Coverage

Your Mathematics Lesson For Today...

GW Appoints Noelle Bush New Head of DEA

Some UAE statistics courtesy of infoplease...

Solutions for Iraq: A Panel Discussion on CSPAN2 now

EU claims that China's dumping shoes are bogus. Here's why.

In which continent/region do you reside?

Ann Coulter Weds

Being Poor's the Real Crime as Cops Nab Trash Thieves

perhaps another reason shrubco doesn't want to piss off the UAE-

Is the port deal, about Bush deciding to hand America to the UAE?

Karel's on LIVE now. What happened to his "Listen Live" button here?

Why Don't We on the Left

President Ford's son on cspan...

the necessity of well-funded public schools

Baghdad is in its "final throes"...

Post #600......will Bushco ever admit civil war in Iraq?

I can tell you right now what is going to happen to the Port scandal.

Fundies knocked on the door, and I mistakenly answered.

Here's What Unions in Boston are Doing on Port Deal

Paul Questions Bernanke on M3, Inflation

Things GW Lost : Twin Towers, OBL, Anthax mailer, Ports, Iraq,

Any word on Jill Carroll, the journalist that's being held hostage?

Sunday Talk Shows

What's the law have to say about people taking pics...

Is it too tinfoil to wonder whether this port deal indicates that repukes

Jamaica about to have her first female leader

My daughter's applying to Law schools - She said Pepperdine?

George Bush Has Lost The War In Iraq

Are you for or against Stem Cell Research?

Ken Lay now facing 'financial ruin'

Barbara Bush a no show despite threat to "deal with" Cindy Sheehan

Displaced LA: Absentee voting info. (Please bump)

2008 Prez election contenders: Hillary Clinton (D) vs Diebold machine (R)

November will be about abortion. Isn't it obvious?

Bush chooses posh tailor from India to "drape him in Western outfits"

SD is proof that the Republicans are the pro rape party.

News article from 2 months ago: UAE: An Unlikely Criminal Crossroads

Garrison Keillor: Fit to command

NSA/Russert Show Thread #2

Important: MUST SEE!!!!

UPDATED!!! A Homage to the TRUE Daughters of the Revolution

Diebold poster site has 12 great new posters worth checking out!

Eleanor Clift: Blowback for Bush on Dubai - Can the Dems capitalize on it?

Bush and his government

From an Howard Dean speech in 2003:

Bush crashed trying to 'pedal, wave and speak at same time (old, new info)

NYT: If Iraq collapses, what do we do with our 130,000 U.S. troops?

Are we seeing the creation of the propagandists?

45 Days And Counting - Special Congressional Election - Francine Busby!

They Broke it... They Bought it

During 911 he's reading a childrens book, During Katrina he's on vacation

Let's say these wolves remain in power long enough...

Are Form. Pres` Carter and B.Clinton in Sup. of ports deal as Strat. to...

US Ports

Do you have e-mail from right-wing relatives?

Minneapolis Radio host calls guest "an Iraqi idiot peacemaker".

Sign this petition to replace O'Lielly, the modern day McCarthy.

Giving the rightwing Xtian nut jobns what they want?

I chat in yahoo with the freepers

Finally. A newspaper that at least speculates why Rove & Bush Co.

Is it the hippies fault or is it Money or is it.....

16 + 5 = 2006

The 2008 Presidential election will be Mark Warner (D) v George Allen (R)


Christian Allegiance and the Future of America

The Second Founding of Bolivia

Hackett's exit wasn't all others' fault

An Odd Map, A Big Flap:Texas redistricting comes before the Supreme Court

"David Horowitz's Odd Gripe" (funny & sad; Horowitz is such a whore.)

Did anyone else read story about Bill Clinton Supporting PORTS deal?

WP: An End to the Soft Sell By the British in Basra(avg 1 per day)

Ports issue is one of many we face (Bryan-College Station Eagle)

The sheik behind the port deal (its about the global economy stupid)

Shiite Militias Roam Free Despite Curfew, Occupy Sunni Mosques

The Boston Globe: When teen sex education goes too far

Women, Islam, and the New Iraq

"Dueling officials slowed storm response" ( White House' "report" )

Booming India finds that America wants to be its new best friend

Bush appeal wanes for some Republican faithful

Fears over a 'new Saddam' as Iraq battles to avert civil war

Could someone help me find a Wall Street Journal article?

At MARC, A Snapshot of Post-9/11 Success


Muslim World Is In Crisis But We've Had a Hand in It

You won't see this story in the media in this country

Sarah Vowell: When Bush Falls in Love

Michael Kinsley: The Republican War on Grandparents

Danish Cartoons: Racism Has No Place on the Left

Factory farms blamed for spread of bird flu

Congressional Action Could Kill Planned Wind Farm, Backers Say

The Inferno: A ghostly Mardi Gras

Acid seas kill off coral reefs

My town is looking to build a wind turbine

Ban on salmon fishing considered along Oregon, California coast

Book plug: Marc Reisner's "Cadillac Desert" (book & PBS? docufilm)

Saving dwindling species: States should play a greater role in protection

Farmington (ME) farmer sells his BTUs by the bushel (corn fuel)

Eastman Chemicals coal gasification plant in Tenn. on line since 1983.

Nuclear sleight of hand

Wood burning said to be worse than anyone thought.

'I don't consider them monsters' (Avnery)

Palestinian leader issues warning

Mofaz: Don't believe Hamas

NYT: Israeli Minister Says Palestinian Leader (Abbas) Is Irrelevant

Sharon turns 78, still comatose

Olmert: No separation between Abbas, Hamas

Hamas: Haniyeh did not say he wants peace

Fearing arrest, IDF officer cancels studies in U.K.

Eyewitness to the controlled demolition of the Towers

Garofolo: '9/11 was an inside job'

Eyewitness to the controlled demolition of the Towers on 9/11

What happened to all of the gold stored in the WTC?

Boring Post: TGDC Plenary Meeting - 3/29/06 - Send Comments

EAC issues FY 2005 Annual Report

Must see videos from the Black State of the Union Address yesterday

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, Feb. 26

so, i am going to be a poll watcher

cross-post: two new Supreme Court cases will affect future elections:

Surveillance/data-mining and Election Fraud. Is there a connexion?

Punch Cards: Why they were Bad

Klobuchar phone bank address???

stupid browser tricks: using "folders" as links

AntiVir upgrade/registry cleaner

Report. Democratic Rally in Houston

Anyone know how to contact Hank Gilbert for Texas Agriculture Commissioner

K-K-Krazy Republican candidates for Texas Governor

Someone put together a debate between Murff and Henley

Lieutenant gov. & Ag. races

desperately seeking machaca....

what was I thinking? what should I do with evaporated milk? for some

The Olympic hand-off - fuck, I'm embarrassed

Any Newfies out there?

Reuters: Republican leaders seek port compromise

(Katherine) Harris (R-FL), (Virgil)Goode (R-V) surface in Cunningham case

An Odd Map, A Big Flap:Texas redistricting comes before the Supreme Court

Darren McGavin, Father in "Christmas Story" Dies at 83

Lebanon admits it approved weapons transfer to Hezbollah

Mexico's Former Ruling Party Stumbles on the Road Back to Power

Democrats Look for Historic Shift in Governors' Races

Massive rise in child porn sites

Officer calls for Philippines protests

Blast heard near Shi'ite shrine in Iraq's Basra

N.J. lawmakers tackle ports issues

Don Knotts Dies at 81

Political gifts by churches break IRS rules

Renewed violence rocks Iraq amid calls for calm

Switzerland reports first bird flu

NYT Dubai Expected to Ask for Review of Port Deal (JR= face-saving)

High Security Prison in Afghanistan taken over by inmates:

Iraq leaders unite to avert civil war

Bomb Explosions Kill Two GIs, 3 Iraqis (AP edited & updated)

Israel welcomes Hamas leader's move on recognition

Death squad victims piled by the hundred in Baghdad

Homeland Security balked at ports deal

Justice Dept. Rejects Google's Concerns (AP)

Specter Proposes NSA Surveillance Rules

In the Battle for Baghdad, U.S. Turns War on Insurgents

Smart Cameras, Guards to Protect WTC Site (AP)

Some Republicans question faith in Bush

Gunmen fire on teenage soccer game in Iraq, 2 dead

Marine standoff at Fort Bonifacio over (Philippines)

Officer calls for support to sacked Filipino Marine

British troops sent to stop al-Qaeda's drug funds

A Magic Way To Make Billions (*Co Budget Boondoggle)

Inmates riot in Afghanistan prison

Iraq Attacks Kill 27, Including 2 U.S. GIs

Top Shia cleric calls on tribes to protect shrines (al-Sistani Militia)

High Court bid to block P&O deal (US company will try to block)

Poll win puts Ugandan president Museveni alongside despots

Spain defends former PM against meddling charges by Mexico

WP: Russian Relations Under Scrutiny

Proposed National Guard cuts raise governors' ire

Bush Plans to Urge Settlement Over Kashmir

Post-Katrina rebuilders trust levees

World Court Asked to Rule on Genocide

Pope condemns violence in Iraq

FBI: Substance in Texas Dorm Not Ricin (gee who could have guess this

In a badgered state: Israel grapples with own model of Wisconsin Works

Tehran's British Embassy firebombed

Supreme Court Justice Champions Hunting (Scalia: Hunted w/Dick & Lived)

US leader crashed by trying to 'pedal, wave and speak at same time'

U.S. quietly expands Afghan prison

Minutemen Take Campaign to Maryland

Falkland fear as Argentina steps up show of strength

Iran says has basic atomic agreement with Russia

"Ex-Gays" Promote The Straight Life

Tens of thousands expected in Paris march protesting Halimi murder

EPA OK'd plan to dump nerve agent into Delaware

Surprise! Bankruptcy filers really are broke

Irish flu - anyone else ever had it?


Did you ever know that you're my hero?


OK, so if a "dupe" is when you mistakenly post twice...

Don't you hate burning your tongue?

I had CPR training today. Ask me anything!

Knock Knock

I have to go walk to the store

Looking for a smiley face

Anybody else having troubles posting from Firefox

My shed is snaking.

I know you are but what am I?

which is best: orkut, myspace, hi5, friendster or another similar website?

It's not where you were...

I droppedmy keyboardandbrokemy spacebar!

Don Knotts aka Barney Fife dead

Abe Vigoda is NOT dead

Is XemaSab's thread a fine example of Engrish?

When you have a skeleton and too much time on your hands

Is ZombieNixon's thread a fine example of sheer cruelty?

I've never seen a teevee station do this

I passed 11,000!

'Top Gun' is on

What a weiner!

Goodnight, my darlin' lounge loves!

who is still awake?

They Call Me Bruce...

Who on DU has read "Ultimate Sacrifice" by Thom Hartmann

There's not much time....

so yesterday i got a pair of new 'Transition Lens' eyeglasses

What the fuck is this thing?

WELL, Nobody else made coffee so y'all have to drink mine....

The Greatest Hot Dog Stand in the World

Jay Leno's Quote

Happy Birthday, Man In Black: JOHNNY CASH, born Feb 26, 1932

My sweetie just bought me a new star! She's the best!

For DU'ers Better than Viagra.

Wish me luck... I plan on walking into a total shitstorm..

I dreamed of Joan Alpern last night

What's the time?

Why do employers F* up procedures and then push blame onto the employees?

Fargo is better than the city you live in.

Amazing sand (Pls move to Lounge)

A heartwarming story from ginbarn

Bode Miller let us down at Torino. How should he be punished?

Grateful and angry

PLAYING NOW: My Morning Jacket -

Complete this: "Bode Miller! You won zip! What are you going to do next?..

Do you think we'll reach 86,000 members today??

Question About Damaged Paper Money?

So at target last night...

Quail huntin' made easy. Funny....

Greatest Katherine Hepburn Role:

Off to the Grocery store

Well anyway, Scalia probably won't go hunting with Cheney again...

God, I hate Nickelback so much.

Ouch! I just received my erection enhancements

Normally I hate the term, "SA-WEET!" But this is!

"Well, that's one way of solving your energy crisis"

I need advice on which pc speakers to buy .

Just lovely. Malware goes commercial.

What a bummer, the Olimpics are over..........

I'm extremely neutral about Nickelback!

Paula Deen's cooking with Velveeta!!

Brazil Art Heist Is Cloaked by Carnival

Well I was up half the night working. Then I worked most of today. But

Greatest Sports Conferences or Divisions:

I feel bad for dead bearded guys who aren't Jesus

BBC America is having an Absolutely Fabulous afternoon

TV Land sets Don Knotts (Barney) tribute for Tuesday

OMIGOD! What a moment to discover that I have just

Man yells at cats ***WARNING: Strong language***

If I were president...

"How do I get to"

Oh god! Oh dear god, no... huh,huh,huh ...god no! Nooooooo!!!

Oh writing Gods...give me inspiration to finish my paper

Attn DU'ers who are into online gaming.

Hey Canadians, what's the weather like where you are now?

Art /not Art - You decide

Something for animal lovers

I can't believe NBC isn't broadcasting the Closing Ceremonies live

Are the BAFTA (Brit Oscars) anything? So far CLOONEY & KEENER

My latest art acquisition.

Dear Grammar Police. I Hate to do This.

It's Sunday afternoon, that means cheeseball movie time!

Proof positive that the younger generation is truly fucked up:

Attention people who I hate!

So, John Rocker has a profile...

Have you stock up on Paczkis yet?

Jesus shows up on a hunk of sheet metal and heads straight for Ebay (pics)

Halle Berry or Tyra Banks?

Johnny Cash Would Have Been 74 Today

In 'The Remains of the Day': Ivory stereotyping Norwegians?

After five years as a DUer , I just put my first person on ignore

If I were in charge of CTU...

Even in Japan, people have WAYYY too much time on their hands...

Browned Beans

I just need a few hugs. I have been out of town and away from my computer

The Aristocrats (2005)

I just got text messaged a chain letter.

Have you ever been on a thread killer streak?

So, at this party in Kitts last night

When you take polls, do you:


We're at 86,000 members!!!

If you multi-task while on D.U., what else are you usually doing?

Are recreational drugs needed to enjoy Bjork???


Major US cities without a pro-sports team that could support one?

Substitute the lounge for something amusing

Oh, joy - I've got vinyl siding.

OMG....Repub Chain Letter "Something nice will happen to you at 9:11"

He looks fucking constipated, he does:

Are there any other Project Runway Fanatics in the house ?

computer HELP needed please! sound card/modem issue

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/26/06)

ZombieNixon has started a lounge movement...

Jon Stewart & Clooney share a bed

tax question

Vince Young might be really stupid

White House Had Prior Knowledge Of Cheney Threat

Post here for your special

My snake is shedding

O rosa bella

Transamerica...has anybody else seen it?

Jon Stewart & Clooney share a bed

Best curmudgeon utterance:


New World Order

Have you heard of "Blake's 7"?

Take me drunk, I'm home again

Besides Amazon where can I buy books online?

Underappreciated 90's bands- post them here.

If I Were President...

Con man sells holy hardware on Ebay.

Overappreciated 90's bands- post them here.

Substitute a word in a movie title with Pull My Finger"

Interesting Facts:

LOL - TWO people who don't donate just called me a freeper.

Blazing Saddles (1974)

what do your closets look like?

Senseless POLL #82: James Spader '86 v. James Spader '06

Jesus Shows His Face On Sheet Metal! Man Auctioning Jesus On eBay

"Honey, put your eatin' teeth in, I'm bringin home some chicken"

Today's Revolutionary_Acts04 birthday!!!


Owl picture thread? In addition to cats, I like owls. I will start:

I just got back from the GA DU meet up in East Atlanta at the Graveyard

"sweet home alabama"

Ever have a totally insane/surreal encounter with a stranger that


When you die, do you want to be buried, cremated, mausoleumed...

Før the remåinder øf the dåy, I will be typing in Nørwegiån.

Which famous person`s death affected you ?

Pollyannas unite!

Cat nesting behavior

Oh, joy - I've got shingles.

From the people that brought you the Church Sign Generator

"Do you want to see my dick?"

Ouch! I just received my escrow analysis

*Warning* Product Packaging Complaint Thread! Add your gripe here:

Have you ever been in a fight? The kind with fists hitting faces?

*Haven't Seen One of These In a Time--Post a Screenshot of Your Desktop!*

Free association thread - movie titles ONLY

It's Sven and Ole time!!! It's Sven and Ole time!!!

George W. Bush: Great President or The Greatest President?

A Gospel Of Intolerance

Reshaping Bedside Manner in a Diverse World

What is this tool?

Anti-gay billboard changed and made fabulous

Props for Anton Apollo Ohno

Latest on Vivi, the missing whippet at JFK

Golden Retrievers and Cats - Can the co-exist?

I let my kitty sleep with me last night

Update on my kitties...

A very frightening cartoon film strip: become a Republican.

Let's get real

Did Kerry really endorse Pearlmutter? Please...

To Be Respected in the World

Kerry as a representative of the religious left?

Iraq: What will happen? (Iraqi bloggers continue the conversation)

Mitt "The SHIT" Romney running for president in 2008?



This is the first time I am irritated by my low poll numbers

My "Not quite good enough for the Macro Contest" Photo.

Olbermann Signs Up For O'Reilly Quest

So what do you do on weekends when Keith isn't on?

Don Knotts, TV's Lovable Nerd, Dies at 81

Darren McGavin dead at 83

Darren MCGavin Dead at 83

Don Knotts' death is going to have a bigger impact than expected.

Singer Sheryl Crow hit by breast cancer

Schedule of ships in Dubai's gigantic Jebel Ali Port

"Iraq's death squads: On the brink of civil war"

Bush says U.S. too reliant on Bode Miller for its disappointment needs

Time cover story: One Thousand and Sixty-Five Days To Go


Bolton Blasts U.N. 'Sex and Corruption'

Nate Clay: LIVE streaming liberal radio -- What happened to his "Listen ..

Fla. NAACP Leaders Call For Arrests Of Juvenile Boot Camp Guards

Peace is not Something to be Sought -- it's Something to be Made!...

An Old Song Is New Again

why do we never hear about the Saddam 'trial' from the MSM anymore?

Frist optimistic about ports deal

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore!

Amazing sand (Pls move to Lounge)


AFA going after a Chimp supporter.

On C-SPAN2 NOW (EST) - Paul Wellstone's legacy... n/t

Kimmitz's "Long War"--Who's ideology is it?

Dobbs Poll: Limit Ownership & Operation of US Strategic Infrastructure?

Do you believe you are smarter than the media?

Taking Spying to Higher Level, Agencies Look for More Ways to Mine Data

March Planned in D.C. for Eve of Katrina Evictions

Encarta's word of the day


Dubai Ports Ready to Wait for Security Review

Protesters demands ROTC ends recruiting at UIC

Mike Huckabee Is A LYING POS

What would you do if you were president? - A Game

Frist flip-flops; his "comfort level is good" & now supports UAE port deal

Arroyo "mops up" coup plotters and nuns clutching rosary beads

Did anyone else read story about Bill Clinton Supporting PORTS deal?

Remember when the US appointed government tried changing Iraq's flag?

Tony the Idiot on CNN

The "failed insurgency" - 2 more dead GI's in Iraq today.

The stress of marriage shortens your life by a year (if you're the wife)

The Ballad of Barney Fife

My uncle is ready to impeach * and Cheney both.

Again please du this poll on abortion

Ha Ha Ha America - a Short film from Sundance

Why a New Madrid Earthquake Would be So Bad

MTP--is it only going to be Republicans once again?

Newest right wing talking point - Hysteria

The Ultimate Fox News Screencap

Frist says he's OK with ports deal(spineless moron)

Bloggers at the Gate - Some good thoughts & ideas from The Grassroots

Dem Imperative: Bush's "Unitary Executive" Notion Must be Obliterated

Dems looking great to take governor majority....Huge one guess where ?

I see why many want Gov. Schweitzer D-MT to run for Pres. in 08!

Bush supports Socialism

Why's a Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel on the "No-Fly" List?

TODAY'S NEWS SHOWSGuest lineup for today's TV news shows

[email protected] - Let Them Know What You Think About The Port "Deal"

New US Health plan: Win an appearance on "Miracle Worker"

GOP compromising our SECURITY. HAMMER IT HOME.

Is "Six killed and 38 wounded in Baghdad" worth posting in LBN?

"People, we gotta stop..."

Warner: 'We must support the troops by outsourcing ports to DP World'

Get a load of this paragraph about free trade and fair rules:

What's up with the families of 9/11 victims? Is the MSM shutting them out

Abstinence only training, S.Dakota required reading....

Bush regime begins to demonize Russia to throw them off of helping Iran

What Does This Mean...Russia/Iran Nucular Enrichment

We Could Take Over Government Monday Morning If We Wanted To

Dubya: "I'm a cricket match person"

Katrina Reports at 20 paces... new toon Sunday 2/26/06

Great Synopsis of issues: Wealthy Arab nation a conundrum for Bush

GREAT Thomas Wilner article on U.S. gulag on Cuban soil, GUANTANAMO!

Hadley on Late Edition--* admin. not against review of ports deal

Who's Number Is Up Next? They Just Called Number 2,290

Afghanistan prison riot spreads

Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mohammad Omar will likely die from...

Rice assures U.A.E. on ports deal

C-Span NOW : hearing on port deal - senators debating

Will Bush need to convince Blair to pull plug on Ports Deal by not

CNN: Ricin A False Alarm?

CNN: No Iraqi battalion capable of fighting without U.S. support

Authorities: Powder in dorm likely not ricin......nevermind.

A Democrat managed to balance the budget and begin paying down debt

Need full text of Smedley Butler's speech he gave 1933 to VFW for daughter

Freeper Fight !! Neo Nazi vs Skinheads

VIDEO- Leno on Bush and the Ports, as shown on This Week

VIDEO- George Will on Iraq Civil War and Lack of Government

Ex-Envoy: Iraq Near Low-Level Civil War(London)

VIDEO- Dubai Ports- I Didn't Know Nuttin-from This Week

What cute little names do Freepers, Republikans

Are the damn Olympics over today?

Kristol:We Have Not Had A Serious Three-Year Effort To Fight...

dupe - self delete

RE: Dubai Port World, 'State Owned Corporations' and the GOP

Freaking Ronnie Reagan Sliver "Proof" on sale

Mamie Van Doren blog

I look forward to Jon at the Oscars!

The image of 'people that look like terrorists' controlling our ports...

Jon Stewart:""I'm Hoping That The VP Shoots Someone, Around March 3 or 4"

OK, OK, OK! First the 45 day whitewash, then Dubai takes over

Iran slams US for creating terror groups

VIDEO- E J Dionne on Bushco Reaping What They Sow

A homeless man was lying on the ground, at a busy intersection.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

VIDEO- Jon Stewart on how Bush found out about the Ports Deal

Details of Bush '05 Bike Accident released -"Hit by moving/falling object"

Peak oil is a hoax? Discuss.

George Will: “This Is A Civil War”

todays weirdness

Innovation and Opportunity Built America. The Reach for Empire will kill..

DU Must see movie: "Orwell Rolls In His Grave"

Jaw-Dropping Pentagon/Repuke LIES, exposed. Our boys are dyin' for this?

Americans don't like "brown people" spin from Zakaria & Friedman/Pundits

Attention FOXNEWS....Pregnant woman missing since Saturday

Must see videos from the Black State of the Union Address yesterday

Lorraine Day M.D. on Bird Flu Hoax - Mindblowing/Shocking!

Is Bushco Setting Up a Nuclear 9/11??

Hey! In case you missed it...

Christian falangists

"Submission" by Theo Van Gogh

Who saw the Russert-Warner interview this morning? RE: UAE.

You know what annoys me about the McLaughlin Group?

VIDEO- George Will- Republicans are having a Schiavo moment of hysteria

The odd beauty of forcing the UAE port deal down out throats...

How an obscure maritime takeover turned into political shipwreck-Newsweek

P&O's 21 US Ports, interactive map.

Am I missing something.........Internet access

"We've got enough oil out there to turn the planet into

VIDEO- Letterman- George Bush "Strategic Thinker"

As torture in Iraq was being exposed, Rumsfeld grovelled before Saddam

CNN reporting stories about itself... again.

Excellent radio program now

Jack Cafferty - In the Money - CNN - now

Beware the "Phone Test" (please delete if dupe)....

TOON: Cheney's interview with Fox

Right wing coffee house


Updated Church sign seen in Houston Antique Store

DUPE !!! - Supreme Court to Vote on Election-Law Cases - LA Times

Interesting Libby\Plame Tidbit Here: (Anybody Know What It Means?)

Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army Now Has Uniforms!

Infobesity - producing far more information than we can absorb.

Bush 'tort reform': Texas patients can't find lawyer to take their case


"Big Mother" knows what you had for lunch

Who Lost America? (gallup poll)

Martin's way....

Mouth-droppings from Tweety at a recent live event

Santorum charity fell short of giving goal (60% spent on "overhead")

What's your prediction re: the Port controversy outcome??

Tim Russert and NSA data collection discussion video. Must view this!

What does Sibel Edmonds and Scooter Libby have in common???

So, I was in Las Vegas for my husband's birthday the other day....

Taiwan president cites "Brokeback" in speech

Massive rise in child porn sites

RIP Darren McGavin - 83

I won't believe that we have "lost" the port issue until

A letter to the future...

No Surrender, No Retreat.

Neo Nazi Parade in Orlando outcome

CNN: Home sales slowing but "biggest & most luxurious leading the charge"

The Confederate States of America (film)

A strategy for October

What did Bush say after 9/11 re: countries that support terrorism?

Port Security Puts CNN's Dobbs on Attack

Space Based Lasers Replaced With Smoke And Mirrors

Speakers call for roadless area protections

Gov Brian Schweitzer (Montana) to be on 60 Minutes tonight

Lyrics to "Integral" by Pet Shop Boys--Anti-ID card song

'christian' Right group suspected to be behind the 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Jon Stewart & Clooney share a bed

XPost: Please, if you don't visit LBN, READ THIS:

Gen. Wesley Clarke links tied to data mining company

N Carolina GOP requesting church records -- they're at it again

No-Name Presidential '08 Poll: Choose Your Deciding Issue:

Dubai Ports row breeds bad feeling among Arab businesses

Ya wanna see something funny? Malkin is bombing in front of her AlmaMater

Let the astroturf begin on the UAE port deal.

VIDEO- Bush's Hypocrisy on the Ports and Terrorism

AUDIO/MP3- Kerry on Port Security from Presid. Debates


Frist changes position, says he now supports port security plan

Could the Bush admin be getting a new Hussein?

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived 'Peak Oil'

Strange political fault lines in the UAE port controversy

Do you believe journalists are human beings?

How about that Dem governor that was just on Washington Journal?

When Bush ignores congress and rubber stamps the port deal.

"What happened to my politcal capital?".....*pic

A "protestor?" just ran up to the mike at the closing ceremonies & shouted

As the UAE port deal goes through, this seems like an appropriate quote

US taxpayers to rebuild Golden Mosque in Iraq

The Global Class War, C-SPAN2, 5pm EST

Stop the port deal web site

US Leader crashed trying to pedal,wave, and speak

Olympic flag passed onto Vancouver mayor for

LMFAO! Google "asshole" and click "I'm feeling lucky".

Russert just let Sen. Warner lie lie lie like a dog, RE: Iraqi Army!

Today Is Johnny Cash's Birthday, - How 'bout A Cash Appreciation Thread?

I have a slightly wicked idea and this is one all here can join on...

It's NOT About Anti-Arab. It's About PRINCIPLE and SECURITY.

George W. Bush in two words:

Dean and Cegelis on Air America Radio Tonight...

The October, '06 Surprise

Cheney and friends shoot 417 pheasants on "canned hunt"

World's smallest and thinnest RFID chip...have a look

Is this for real?

What's next? It's COMMON SENSE to keep foreign ships out of US ports???

MTP on the Ports - anyone watching??

Michelle Malkin made a fool of herself in front of her Alma Mater,

Soooo, has Rita Cosby been fired yet?

Videos-An Easy Way to see all the CanOFun videos

AOL Poll: Which country, Afghanistan or Iraq will achieve peace

The UAE Port Deal is Not About "Arabs"

(VIDEO) Fresh New Rules

Don Knotts Dies at 81

Students suspended for bring dangerous objects to school - snow balls

They ridiculed Fahrenheit 9/11

"A few principles for thinking about corruption" - from Slashdot!

So how would Stolen Election postulators react if

so who's going to tell the people? . . .

Shouldn't Progressive Dem Mean Optimistic with Teeth!

Russian Relations Under Scrutiny - Cheney's insatiable paranoia...

question about tipping food delivery people

2006 WILL be our salvation so get your a*s out and vote.

The UAE and Venezuela: A tale of two NeoCon Bogey-Men

This poll is being freeped

Critique to a World War II Conservative Vet Against Abortion

What do you think * has in his pocket? pics>>>

Ever wonder where * and his Cabal are going to hide when they flee in '08?


Feel like really aggravating Repug's in March?

Get out your tissues . This is so great !!

Reid: Bush admin will be noted for "incompetence." No, Harry.

Scary experience I had at a RWer's house

Life and Death of Public Records Barring Access for 100 years!

A Bench With A View (Part #2)

Do you like the "Be Patriotic Impeach Bush" Billboard?

Democrats should not hesitate to use the word "incompetence"...

FOX's Sean Hannity fundraising for Rick Santorum

I've said it before, now I'm saying it again...

Some brave woman needs to take life insurance out on her fetus

One Hundred Thousand Dollars a Second

2006 will not be our salvation - they CONTROL the voting machines

disturbing experience with a freeper in a halo game.

did you hear that woman from AR just say CSpan is too liberal??

Great News!!! Solar Power Breakthrough! Much Cheaper! Great Efficency!!!

LATimes: "Supreme Court will hear TWO ELECTION-LAW CASES" -big effects

Bush's Handling Of Crises Is NEITHER Pre-9/11 Nor Post-9/11 ====>

If you could amend the US Constitution...

2008 presidential primary poll (again)

US labor leaders set to unveil political strategy

Port security investigation is a face-saving game for Bush

John Snow's comments to CFR on Feb 24, 2006

Candidate Berg denounces Iraq war, Bush

Sen. Byron Dorgan letter: Dangerous decision on U.S. ports

UAE Taliban Recognition Mainly Political (more nutty logic for port deal)

Didn't the GOP quash the sale of a US oil company to the Chinese

Need bullet points for new flyer IT'S THE INCOMPETENCE, STUPID


So They're Going To Give * A Pass Again On This Port Deal.....

Teachers union president slams Schwarzenegger over `core values'

Virginia bill would bar doctors from asking about guns

Incredible damage done to Bush and the GOP this week from ME insanity.

The only way Bush can win this "port sale" controversy.....

Members of Congress begging a foreign gov. to allow them to do their job

Jimmy Carter agrees with UN - Quantanamo Bay should be shut down!

Patriot Act renewal set to come before senate this week

Objective press; preferably well-known or up-and-coming; are there any?

The lines are being drawn in the Republican Party...

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!! or Revolution NOW!!

Flip-flopping Frist now feels "pretty good" about Dubai Port Deal

Fighting Dems - Colorado Brigade


Ports Deal a "Shameless Sell Out of American National Security"


Financial Times: Dubai Ports row breeds bad feeling among Arab businesses

Let Them Vote!

Poll for WA State Voters

Hadley: Iraq violence "presents real opportunity for the country to unite"

Think Progress: Bush’s “Face-Saving” Charade on UAE Port Deal

(Chalabi, others) Special Guests of Mrs. Bush at the State of the Union

Hannity fundraising for Santorum


Some FACTS on Ports "Firestorm"

AP: 'Abramoff-itis' prompts state lawmakers to revamp lobbying laws

Ohio protestors prior to a Rove speech

LATimes editorial attacking Barbara Boxer!

So what is Bush's Total Death Toll Now

I'm sick of petitions, esp. by politicians

Singer Morrissey questioned by the FBI?

I am listening to Thom Hartman and he mentioned The New World Order

DNC Convention in New Orleans


Cheney reception, Norfolk, TOMORROW: "to show him Americans still care"

Gov. Brian Schweitzer To Be On Sixty Minutes Tonight

Scramble to Back Port Deal: Making of Political Disaster

So, just exactly how will the ports deal make it past Congress?

If you come out against ports deal, you might make the Arabs angry?

Open letter to Ohio Duers. Please try to heal your rift

(Robert Fisk) Defeat is victory. Death is life

The year is 2026

You're a racist if you're against the UAE deal?

One hunter’s letter to the Vice President

White Rose

NSA domestic spy scandal links to Jackson Stephens Systematics

Three More Reasons Why The UAE Shouldn't Be Entrusted With Our Ports...

DU this Democratic Governor's petition on the port deals

a little idea

Bush/Republican Agenda vs. Democratic Agenda

Time: Bush response to Cheney, Iraq, Dubai, has "been surreal"

My LTTE Published in Saturday's Local Paper in a very "red" city.

This is my first post and it's a long rant.

Bush's War Rhetoric Blows Back in Port Furor -LAT


Dean, "former Aspen ski bum" rallies troops in Aspen today. LOL