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Archives: February 25, 2006

Man's Shirt Erupts in Flames after he is Shot with Taser

Fear of informants has stoked climate of fear in Baghdad|Knight Ridder

"Juan's world"

Writer Who Exposed Child Sex Ring Fears Worst Is Yet to Come

Why is US again hard on Sudan?

In Defense Of Dubai

A dot-org with a name like "armor"

Nuclear Waste: Handled by Robots Only

Essay: Why Rice Failed to Find Arab Support on Hamas

Europeans Suggest Directing Aid to Abbas, NY Times, 2/24/2006

What I really do think happened on 9/11

The Diebold poster site has 12 great new posters! Worth checking out.

AK: Division of Elections Denies Request for 2004 Election Records

Election fraud complaint form: You have to do this, it's brilliant

Death Penalty a no-go in Iowa Senate

Do you like my new picture?

Texas Republican Congressmen are funny...

DeLay trailed Lampson in fundraising early in 2006

TX: Heated Primaries Inspire Hot Early-Year Fundraising

PM and premiers end meeting without promise of more money

Lamont vs. Lieberman - "magnetizing darkhorse"

UAE deal = another Bush crony favouritism deal

Suicide bomb attack at Saudi oil refinery

Air NZ worker in 'gay rights' ticket row

Reuters: Dubai port company hopes for short delay

Pentagon: Iraqi troops downgraded (No battalion can fight w/o US support)

Arabs Tell Rice Violence Like Iraq's Could Spread

Reps. Harris And Goode And The Wade Indictment

Identity of Official to Be Kept From Libby

FBI puts Zarqawi high on its list: Al Qaeda leader wanted for questioning

Religious Strife Shows Strength of Iraq Militias

Feds plan nuke waste depot on Indian land

Santorum Charity Low on Giving, Up on Fees

Vatican hosts conference on embryo ethics

Cancelled home orders: Latest bubble prick?

AP Adviser Says White House Set on Ports Deal (will NOT do review)

Republicans defy Bush on ports management

Medicare May Now Limit Drug Plan Options

German Movie Chain Pulls Anti-American Flick

Pentagon to Identify Detainees


I have *way* too much sh*t to do this weekend

Favorite Hooters album?

Yeesh. Russian vodka - from the Mother Country - is nothing

California: T-2

Y'know, people complain about GD but I think it's fun!

I got yer cat picture right here!

Is anyone else feeling intense anxiety?

Does anyone else want to shave that thing off Apollo with a rusty razor?

Conputer question

I just gave birth!!! We're thinking of naming him Sasha.

Today would have been comedian Mitch Hedberg's 38th birthday...

I think I'm in love.....

It's raining outside and Evie won't shut up.

I love it when you post a long one and the spellchecker says....

My baby turned 17 today.


I have had my first glass of wine since last week-end

Holy Jesus, Jessica Simpson not only butchered "Boots" but butchered

Why do you drive slow in the ...

Olympics Rant - Figure Skating Fan Rant

Friday earworm. I am going to have to violate my "do each earworm only

People from Chicago who kick ass.

I did it. I kicked the habit. Scout is now a non-smoker.

Has anybody used Microsoft's Explorer Seven ?

Meggie and Father Ralph

help me rename my blog

Vote on whether to keep my Web site

Snark or mellow

Reading Dogs: Program Uses Dogs To Help Young Readers

Stonehaven Chardonnay

Tell us about a speeding ticket you got.

Party Time!!!


If I were President

Im drinking, lost 20 pounds, happy to be here

Okay, Olympics are almost over....which sport do YOU want to take up?

Man I ate a Ruben that was this big tonight....

Okay, if I pass this earworm on to others, perhaps my curse will be lifted

So Comedy Central has this thing called Laffa-palooza...

My name is Finlay.... and I like to fight!

SciFi Friday!

A few SoCal DUers for your viewing pleasure

If you like space pictures

Time for the proper use of heir, hare and hair.

You know what tastes really good?

Sasha vs. Bode vs. the Olympic Curling Streaker

Turn down the horns, or you can't be emotional

Anyone ever see the movie "The Tao Of Steve"?

Funny thing happened at work yesterday read on

Ok, Bill Maher is irritating tonight

Okay, you jerks. My real name is Sasha.

What does a Golf Course do to property values?

Why is it whenever I go read GD I feel like this:

My first attempt at "Osso Bucco": Italian comfort food. Excellent!

Ok. While we're ranting about driving/car pet peeves....

Anyone else into Project Runway ? Or "reality" shows in general?

Oh no! Sheryl Crow has breast cancer

( H )


Want to be kind to someone tonight? GD is calling

We've just had an earthquake here in Ottawa

Alright.. Which Numb-skull told me the Wedding Crashers was funny...

This blog entry is funny *WARNING GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS*

Funny pet story

Steven Colbert is a F*&%$n Genius.

Job opening. Position: Project Staff Engineer. Grade: E4. S-10-05

I turn to you for advice re: personal liberties

Ok, 2 year anniversary of my husband's death. Need vibes.

March 17th on the Sci-Fi channel...

For God so loved underwear that He gave up His only Son...


FUCK!!! this is why i never leave the lounge.

I am so sick of people...(A Rant)

I'm making an open challenge to Bigfoot......

Tooth pain....tell me some stories

Men! The Liberal Media doesn't want you to get laid!

star trek, star trek, star trek....

Who or What the frack is Guyus Baltar? And why doesn't he like Xena?

Which Famous Comedians Are NOT Funny? Which ones DON'T Make You Laugh?

Chicago is better than the city you live in.

What do you think is meant by the tree of knowledge of

Did Jesus really exist?

Taking a long view toward religion and Republicans, which is the most

Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign - Must hear/see commercials.

NASA's Next Leap in Mars Exploration Nears Arrival

Frog killer found after 6-year stakeout (CNN)

Bill Would Block Republicans From Adopting Children

Governor's appointment of Nation of Islam official draws criticism

Asking for light and prayers.

Kerry referenced

Great article (not Kerry-related)

Brief footage of Kerry in CO

Media Matters on Dems and Port Security

Kerry radio interview from Colorado this morning, 2/24

Taylor Marsh on Kerry

KOEB Fire Bill O' Reilly Petition

Oh my family jewels it's the Foxy Felon!

Please sign my petition to have O'Reilly committed.

KOEB Meeting -- 2/24/06: O'Reilly's Hat Trick Edition

Rita Cosby's career @ MSNBC is now over

So, the port deal isn't even legal, is it?

The Port deal is DONE says the WH-no review--cnn Wolf now.

AP: Two iraqi policeman killed immediately after curfew was lifted

Michael Moore is Exec Vice President of Dubai ports company!

Think long term......

Iraqis Unite Against a Common Foe.

Issa and Dobbs debate on cnn Wolf NOW

100,000,000 dollars from the uae

Attacks On Shia Shrines Is Due To Success Of **** Strategy

Jon Stewart on Larry King tonight; FYI. nt

What Did CNN Say Michael Moore Said???

Eyewitness accounts from Samarra

Quick!! Rearrange the deck chairs!!

Ann Coulter splits IU's crowd (Calls ushers Democrats)

I am glad they raised the cigarette tax here in Colorado

KO about to bring up the "21" port issue and he is raising hell

iTunes just sold it's billionth song

I fucking hate the DLC!!! DINOS LED by CROOKS!!!

Just remember....that "Open Forums" invite MANY.....and it might Invite

Just listened to Hannity and Savage(guest host)!!!

Montana senator blasts Bush's public land sell-off

YES-KO takes on ANOTHER faux news blabfest: "what are they going to do..."

VIDEO- KO on the 21 Ports Plus Dems Trusted over Bush-hah!

ON C-SPAN Tomorrow at 9AM: The State of the Black Union

Yeah, KO! Just mentioned 21 ports, not 6! Someone's setting

Times too tough to donate to DU? Well, you came to the right place

Repub politician harassing Citgo for cheap oil deal to poor Americans

This abortion ban in South Dakota has me really worried

Republican Rasmussen Poll has the Spoiled Brat at 44%

Alert! -- New FBI web tracking methods.

So I got a letter from the FCC today.

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World (Neil C of Faux News) Feb 24 06

The Duke's Lawyers are now pleading HUGE EGO

Ports sticking with Republicans. I spoke to my *-voting brother

What is Sistani's role in the current Iraq situation? Why don't we

Talking points for my radio show.

We Need to Ban Privatization of America

The Republican Welfare State

how to peel off swing voters and some cons: NOSTALGIA

HAHAHAHA -- Keith is going to talk about O'Reilly's stoopid petition

Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency for Valley Levees

Agency approves six-lane highway through California state park

basic question about the UAE port deal:

So Was Libby's Dismissal Dismissed Today ??? - Who's Got The Details ???

What I really do think happened on 9/11

George Washington knew..........

My LTTE on the Cheney Shooting

Time To Say Thanks

They didn't have to torture people.

OK, I have fucking heard everything now...

Junkies Run America

Another Conservative turns against Bush

GOP Leaders Draw Back From Bid to Block Port Deal

VIDEO- Hadley- Bush says FECK YOU to the American Public over ports

Identity of Official to Be Kept From Libby

"Not ready for prime time", "not politically experienced." A rant.

Caption Scalia

Bush didn't know he was the President

Journalists, heads up. *'s all-out war on you is coming fast.

Does anyone else think AAR should do weekly segments with Mark Crispen

VIDEO-DC Democracy Hypocrisy

Heather Wilson on Bill Maher...

Lawrence Kaplan, neocon abettor, baits and switches on troop levels

Zarqawi and "Al-Quaeda in Iraq" question

PBS' NOW Reaction Thread


FYI for Maher fans. HBO-Bill Maher at 10pmCT, guests here:

CNN Pundit: Mosque Bombing Shows Bush Strategy Is Working In Iraq

THIS would work better than you think...

For the first time ever, Americans have a slight preference for Democrats!

The wing-nuts: do ya think they get it yet??

Grandma always told me to look for the silver lining, so...

Oh no he di-int. Tweety says BUSH = ATTICUS FINCH

40% of the Senators are millionaires

VIDEO- Issa/Dobbs Port Debate

RW mad because S. Dakota law allows exception to save the mother

When Dean said it, he was a traitor.

Good column from KC Star re: Fred Phelps

Murray Waas: Bush Administration, CIA Leak and Bob Woodard

Joementum on Schiavo

We NEED to do something about these people(Cosby)

VIDEO- Rockefeller on Bush Blabbing Classified Material (KO)

A good sign: IMPEACH BUSH stickers are selling like hotcakes!

Who gives a damn what Chris Mathews aka Tweety says?

Dammit! I am such an idiot!

Condoleezza Rice ASSURES UAE over port deal: "NO doubt about takeover"

When Tom Delay Abandons Ship Bush is Truly Facing Disaster

The Irony Of The Missing WH Emails

Are Women in the UAE's allowed to have Abortions...Anyone know?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in- Fridays my day to play

Ha! Countdown says Card told Bush last Thursday-CAUGHT!

Did they ever find out who was burning churches in the South?

Clooney relishes 'traitor' attacks

Does this look like the face of a person who understands human events?

Sheryl Crow Has Surgery for Breast Cancer

Complete this analogy: Atticus Finch is to George W Bush as....?

Keith Oberman getting ready to talk about O'Rielly starting a petition

Adobe CEO's salary dropped 10% (but he got $10.5 million in stock options)

There Is One Poignant Question That Could Torpedo The UAE Deal !!!

I do thank you guys,

Lou Dobbs just handed the Dems the '06 elections

Just a reminder: "Bush Lied, People KEEP Dying!" (GRAPHIC)

Controversial Web Site Reveals Cheating Men

I had to share what happened to a new young protestor today

*** Friday TOONs: The "No Pics of W" Edition ***

*** More Friday TOONs: Dubya ***


Freeper views on the SD abortion issue

Homeschooling group: Save children from the HELL of govt. education!

We are entering a VERY dangerous period

I was in a political discussion with a man on the trolley today.

The Right(eous)ness of Howard Dean

So i am sitting on an airplane (Port Security here, big-time)....

BOOK TV Schedule February 25th - 27th

VIDEO- KO on O'Reilly's Petition to Replace him with Donahue

UAE deal = another Bush crony favouritism deal

Rumsfeld Zeros in on the Internet

DU Folding@Home - Thread #9 - Put your PC to work to fight disease!

Just got a call from the Republican Congressional Committee

Josh Marshall: Repug Reps in Wade Case Named

Personal question

Thomas Kean, former NJ Gov (R): "I think this deal is going to be killed"

An idea for an anti-Repuke commercial / "cartoon"

Those levees are just fine, just fine. Lets help the people in Texas.

What need to widen our focus, because we nearly missed this

Uh, what's F stand for in FBI? Positive aspects? Do you enjoy it?


Iran: We'll strike Dimona (Israel's main nukes) in response to U.S. attack

IRS Delivers Warning To Ohio Pastors Mixing In Politics

Bartcop spinning anti-Bush song "Fear Tactic" by Indiana band "Philpot"

Lamont vs. Lieberman - "magnetizing darkhorse"

John Dean on why everyone should be concerned about Bush's spying

Please, I need feedback.

Politics in the Workplace (Marin County, CA)

Don't let the Rubber-Stamp Republicans get a pass

Crosby Hoodlum Vote

Oops! Turdblossom, we have a problem

Senator Cant-Be Elected Again-Well Responds To My Port Concern

Barbra Streisand's new statement, mentions Mark Crispin Miller's

Rumsfeld Zeros in on the Internet

Ann Coulter to student: "Does that mean you want a dictatorship, gay boy?"

Reid says Bush administration's 'incompetence' will aid Democrats

Bush: Our job base is growing here because India's buying air conditioners

WOW! Guys! The Dams are starting to break!

NO, YES, NO: Alaska Won't Release '04 Election Data, Cites 'Security Risk'

Rita Cosby: "Dems going after the hoodlum vote..the African-American vote"

Take over of US Ports "Postpone". Opposition Continues to Grow.

Bono Among Nobel Peace Prize Nominees

White House 'Discovers 250 Emails Related to Plame Leak

The Other Shoe Drops: The Insanity of the UAE Ports Deal

Bush is to Blame for Destroying Iraq ...... Robert Dreyfuss

U.S. Holds Its Breath in Aftermath of Mosque Bombing

How Costly Is Too Costly? ... It's Time to Hold the NeoCons Accountable

Abortion-rights advocates threaten to boycott S.D.

A Philippine civil war is now a real possibility

'Venezuelan humanism vs US terrorism’ — Chomsky

"It Didn't Work"

In a state of panic, the US-Arroyo Regime digs its own grave

Jane Hamsher: NARAL and Planned Parenthood: The Enemies of Pro-Choice

Wm.F. Buckley tells Bush how to concede defeat in Iraq.

Explosion of violence reveals weakness of US position

Bearded Arabs 1; American ladies 0

Ports and Politics

In Dubyous Battle (Lame duck or paraplegic parrot?)

Venezuela: Creating socialism in this century

A Tyrannical Act Of Desperation (Philippines)

NYT: Younger Clerics Showing Power in Iraq's Unrest

A wonderful bit of history: Khrushchev's "secret" speech anniversary.

From Che to Chavez: Latin America revolts against the empire

Dahr Jamail...."Who Benefits?"

Bill Moyers: Saving Democracy ....truly a MUST READ!!!

Bush Was Correct , The Mission WAS Accomplished.

Shell told to pay Nigeria's Ijaw

Japan utilities eye summer oil as LNG hits records

Bush policies revive push for Yucca dump

fuel ethanol, factor of ten gain, in liquid energy content

Bush Seeking Nuclear Deal With India

Turn the Eat Around (urban agriculture)

Wind farm options bought in (Aroostook) County (ME)

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Palestinian planning suicide attack arrested in Jericho raid

Hamas willing to negotiate with U.S., but not with Israel

The Unholy Alliance Strikes Back: Settlers and the Military Work Together

Hamas helps other groups fire Qassams from Gaza

Injured anti-fence 'anarchist' speaks out

Haniyeh: Withdrawal to '67 lines condition for deal

Israel planning 'apartheid' roads

London mayor Livingstone suspended from office over Nazi gibe

Marwan Alshehhi's unusual cell phone

Warren County OH: I met D candidate for OH senate for Warren last night

I got a very encouraging reply today from the SF Chron's readers' rep

May I recommend the Daily Thread?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 25

Eureka Times-Standard: Voting Machines Certified, But With Conditions

FITRAKIS: Pressure OH BOEs to Issue Photo Voter IDs

Staff & Consultant Reports Up on SoS Website CA for wares for Mar. 1

Need C. Ellen Connaly Kerry out polling #s for these OH counties

Can someone please explain in English

Bill Dix - Don't help out those foreigners

Conservative/Liberal voting records of Iowa's representatives

Thank you Mike Hatch (or, at least, your office of Consumer

Found a great free app for checking bookmarks

My CD-burner ate my CD-drive; now what?

Primary ballot propositions

Matt Glazer on Mark Warner (yesterday in Austin):

Texas Du'ers...what say you?

Ricin discovered in UT dormitory (Austin)

What are your weekend food plans?

Sheryl Crow Has Surgery for Breast Cancer

I.R.S. Finds Sharp Increase in Illegal Political Activity

Identity of Official to Be Kept From Libby

Virginian Pilot: Local Teamsters protest port deal for Dubai company

Writer Who Exposed Child Sex Ring Fears Worst Is Yet to Come

All Headline News: Two Suits Filed To Block Port Sale

China anger over EU shoe ruling

Contractor Pleads Guilty to Corruption (Katherine Harris)

NO, YES, NO: Alaska Won't Release '04 Election Data, Cites 'Security Risk'

Japan may announce Iraq pullout next month: paper

Bush Admin. Won't Reconsider Ports Deal

Poll: Just 17% Favor Dubai Ports Deal

DeLay trailing Lampson in cash on hand

Tampa Tribune: U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris Got Illegal Donations

Reps. Harris And Goode And The Wade Indictment

Japan may announce Iraq pullout next month: paper

CNN: Pentagon: Iraqi troops downgraded (Need US to fight)

G.O.P. Stalwarts Line Up Behind a New Jersey Name (Tom Kean, Jr)

Gunmen Attack Mosque in Western Baghdad

Bush Admin. Won't Reconsider Ports Deal

Bill seeks to improve tracking of vote hauling

Problem Halts Tenn. Uranium Tank Project

Kean Rips Proposed Arab Port Takeover Plan

Explosion of violence reveals weakness of US position

Senator Introduces Bill Creating Guest Worker Program

Anyone watching 27news EAU Delphi Rally?

Iraq's insurgents focus on creating civil strife (Spin spin spin)

S.Korea confirms human bird flu carriers

Eminem's Copyright Case against Guantanamo

AP: Clinton criticizes port deal during Miami visit

Pentagon denies Wolfowitz approved Guantanamo interrogation tactics

Two constables found dead at Iraq embassy after duel

When Uncle Sam comes marching in (Philippines)

NYT: Younger Clerics Showing Power in Iraq's Unrest

'Appalled,' (Former President) Ramos says of Arroyo’s state of emergency

Japan may announce Iraq pullout next month: report (Reuters)

Bush Speaks to Iraq Leaders Amid Violence

AP Attacks surge in Iraq despite curfew

Small fire reported at Iraqi Embassy, Washington DC

Sunnis and Sadr's Shiites make peace

Filipino Police Arrest Opposition Leaders

Thousands of Filipinos Rally Against State of Emergency

AP Wire: Poll: Nelson still far ahead of Harris in Senate race

Parisian Jew's killers also targeted humanitarian activist

Al-Qaida says it hit Saudi oil facility/ Al Jazeera

Just heard Don Knotts died at 81

Don Knotts, TV's Lovable Nerd, Dies at 81

Former GOP employee testifies about political work on state time

MT Governor Brian Schweitzer will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday

Protests dispersed, 22 nabbed, charged (2 stories-Philippines)

AP: Charleston Teamsters protest Bush administration port deal

Iraqi Government warns of 'endless civil war'

Bombs, Bullets Kill More Than 50 in Iraq (demands for occupiers to leave)

Russia wants to complete Iran nuclear plant swiftly

U.S. to Continue Sending Palestinians Aid

Polygamist Judge Ordered Off Utah Bench

Attack Shows al-Qaida Can Still Strike

NYT: Democrats See Hope of Winning Governors' Seats

Pentagon report: Insurgent attacks hit postwar high

Kaine Order To Shield Gays Called Unlawful

Schwarzenegger appeals to disaffected Republicans

H&R Block Fumbles on Its Own Tax Return

Democrats hammer Bush on Dubai ports deal (radio address)

Wilmington port workers join protest

Clooney relishes 'traitor' attacks for questioning US policy

Ricin Discovered in Texas Dormitory

Qaeda Claim: We 'Infiltrated' UAE

Homeland Security Objected to Ports Deal

White House 'Discovers’ 250 Emails Related to Plame Leak

Unions fight for safety of port workers at rally

US meets resistance on isolating Hamas

Fights Break Out at Florida Neo-Nazi Rally (Guardian/AP)

Bush to work from mini White House in India

NOE INVESTIGATION--Witnesses say they funneled donations (Coingate)

Cartoons depict Jesus, cause stir at Radford University

Don Knotts has died

Riots erupt in Dublin

(U.S. Rep. Katherine) Harris Got Illegal Donations

Depression gene found

Check out this reply to a post I made on another board

I just watched "RENT" on DVD - Wow.

Kids got the afternoon off so they could watch CURLING

how long does a bottle of beer keep?

They say that "The Cult" will perform on Craig Ferguson's show, tonight.

Ok, Intersting...

What is the proper wine to serve with Boston Scrod?

I just tried to change my tivo with my mouse

Wetzel my bro, are you with me on this?

All right, what'd I miss?

Here's today's Black History Month Thread #9:

I'd like to have my own personal Hannah Teter....

I ran through traffic cuz you guys told me to. OUCH!


The Dick Cheney Shooting Caught on Tape

I actually said this to a girl yesterday......

I was dead tired 5 hours ago

Okay, I'm a believer! KO freakin' *rocks!*

I'll bring Ex-Lax

Worst. Job. EVarrr. (video)

I'm not a huge fan of babies, but

I'll bring Chocolate


Some cybersex for yvr girl

Should I start riding bulls again?

Ugh! Bandwidth Thieves!

I can't sleep.


Beer Troubleshooting Guide

Is there a good discussion forum @ automobile repair?

Does anyone here love DICK as much as I do?

Grammar Nazi-ing....(After a trip to GD)


Okay, I have two TV's on Two Radios and my computer....

just a silly cat story I thought I would share with you

Crackpot vigil here.

Why would a space heater just stop working?

Bored? Frustrated? Need a break from the madness?

Man, if I would have known a rant of mine would end up on the home page...

I woke up at 3 this morning and ironed.

Saturday morning PSA straight from VA.

Gotta share this salsa/relish recipe I came up with

What's on the itinerary today?

the thing is my number jump whenever i post here

Ethics poll: If you found a nude picture...

The Saturday Tom Selleck Wearing a Wool Vest thread

Watch this and weep for the kids these days

Is this grounds for tossing your cat out on the streets?

Calcutta Cup about to get underway.

Crackpot virgin here

Opposition to the port deal smacks of Xemaphobia!

Due to financial problems, I've decided to sell most of you

Interesting meeting with a homeless man yesterday..

I want potato chips

Computer geniuses: Laptop battery out, if use lptp as desktop?

We took BabyG to see "Curious George" last night...

Is it me or are the LaBeque Sisters absolutely amazing?

I just got a PM from the mods about a DU name that I had almost

I met the most erudite panhandler today

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

Sex Pistols turn down Hall of Fame honor

Tomorrow is my 5th annual 29th birthday. Ugh.

Just the place for a Snark!

The Saturday Mrs. Tiger Woods Thread

A Fantasy

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/25/06)

Boy I hit Vinyl LP Jackpot today

If you laugh at this, you are evil.

Bush, Chertoff and Brownie : "Balls to the Walls"


Can someone tell me the origin of the phrase "I Call Shenaningans"?

Our little girl just read her first book out loud!

Nice Job, Julia !

Sex Pistols Flip Off Hall of Fame

Here's a Monopoly game I would love to buy

Holy mackerel, Bode Miller went 0-for-5 in medals for the Olympics

Britney Spears is PRICELESS! ( says so right on her shirt!)

My cyber date stood me up

Ex-girlfriend tries to run over boyfriend, then attacks with a screwdriver

The thing I want most this year is...

Final Olympic Spoiler ***giggle***

Funny WoW videos

The Saturday Monica Bellucci Eating Grapes Thread

Thieves Steal $26,000 Worth Of Beer

I need a big outside dog . . .

The only thing woman are good for is ..

Freeper tatoo of the day:

The Saturday 'For The LADIES & GAY MEN' Thread

Have you created anything lately that you want to share?

What athlete should Nike have given a zillion dollars to instead of Bode M

Celebration of Life Party

I'm a Grandfather!


Help with my Black History Month Thread:

babylon 5, babylon 5, babylon 5....

You know your desk is COMPLETELY out of control when...

Take a tour of the Cat's House

My nephew is driving me crazy!

David Duchovny:"How's That Big Time Movie Career Going?"

Wow, Arakawa looked great in the champions skating gala....

The Saturday Jennifer Aniston Eating Cherries Thread

I am taking online applications for a girlfriend.

HOLY SHIT! Anyone ever used

Taking apps for online gf

Its SAturday night - lets PARTY-- I got the Stohli whos got the Pretzels

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Spaghetti: With noodles or without?

Don Knotts, TV's Lovable Nerd, Dies at 81

The Saturday "Only the Shadow Knows" thread

Watch this -- it will make you laugh. Promise.

Sherlock Holmes appreciation thread!


Chili, with noodles or without

Most Haunted on the Travel Channel is freaky as hell

Substitute a movie title for the word "gay" in a sentence.

Help! Annie Get Your Gun fans! Stylin' needed!

Uh Oh. It's Spongeback Mountain:

The foley work in "Fletch Lives" was completely sub-par

Have you ever wondered about the sexual orientation of a homeless person?

4:15 and snockered.

Have you ever had a politician knock on your door?

The Fire Truck Joke

36year old woman has sex w/her 11 year old student

Johnny Cash in San Quentin is on CMT now.

Hey Joe der dey go

Old Bush joke

I always feel guilty about waking up at 3 PM

I think I found a way to salve my enviro soul...

**Oh My...."Life" Lessons I've Learned This Week--SNARK ALERT**

Effing stupid boob tube press rant--"Who knew Biloxi was a

George Harrison, born 2/25/43: "Love one another" (his last words)

Sex Pistols spit on Hall of Fame Honor

What's your druthers?

Don Knotts, TV's Lovable Nerd, Dies at 81

Introducing a new cat to the house, our old one is hiding INSIDE the couch

Don't you just love calling in sick, and being told no.

*** Olympics Spoiler - Mens Special Slalom***

So, I got this Metallica CD...

You wanna see something REALLY fucked up?

I have been waiting 7 hours for a comcast tech to show up....

My son's 12. Joking about child molestation on DU is just WRONG.

Darren McGavin has died also.

Finally I'm out of the 700 Club

"Look who's trying to add some flavor to her life." ...RANT

I can't quit eating pretzels....


Underarm deodorant. Spray, Solid, Gel or Powder?

Dinner at the Beasties: Mexican Black Bean & Sausage Chili.

The Great Chili Confrontation: After Action Report

Found a great free app for checking bookmarks

Which airlines do you think are the worst?

FX Poll

I am trouble!... what are you?

My Morning Jacket

How are you all doing?

Colonoscopy scheduled Monday

Just heard Don Knotts died at 81

We need regime change. Who will invade and rescue us?

Does anyone else read the classics on line.....

Stories From the Road

allo? allo?

My iPod Nano arrived today! Ask me anything!

The "Say Something Racist" thread

sniff I have a code.


6 more days till my root canal

Post a link to the wikipedia article for..

!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!

Saturday earworm. Obscure, for wildhorses.

I'm sitting at my son's high school while he helps work on the set

Anyone want to quit smoking with me?

my husband just made cinnamon scones


Chili with beans or without?

Latest update on the Folding Team here at DU

I am taking now applications for online boyfriend!

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST SHIT!!! I'm watching Battlestar - HOLY SHIT! Spoilers.

May as well just kill myself right now

It's PICTURE thread time


What I Believe - Science and the Power of Humanity by M. Shermer

Another Take on Gospel Truth About Judas

Eavesdropping on Christians -- a mini-review of Saved!

Analysis:Pope's red hats mostly political

Studies Show common foods (drink) may be effective in

Parkinson's profile suggested: hard workers, straight arrows

Is there a way

Gay buying power projected at $641 billion in 2006

It really is all or nothing - compromises cost every single one of us

Do Prep Schools=diploma mills for athletes?

my thoughts on the Olympics

as an old skool laker fan sporting an old skool clipper av..

Renfield LUVS Cat Attract Litter

African Grey parrot site with lots of funny videos of her talking

REPOST: Article possibly related to Matthew's 2/18 Special Edition message

Profiles In Plastic - The selling of a candidate

The Debates: Kerry vs. Bush on the Ports

Hey, I'm registered to go here next weekend

New Element Discovered - for TayTay

This is news

Wind initiatives a hot issue

I wish Kerry would have made this list

According to this poll

Get Well Soon

Hey Beachmom and Fedup - wear your blaze orange on Monday.

Photos from fundraiser for Ed Perlmutter


Ohhhhh, this is weird.....

You know, Keith really isn't all that good, plus he's funny looking....

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…Your Revolution

Does anyone else watch "Foreign Exhange" on PBS with Fareed Zakaria?

IRS: Charities Overstepping Into Politics

Richard Pryor tribute on Comedy Central.

Bush Admin. Won't Consider Ports Deal (new)

Damn. Cunningham received 1 million in bribes from defense contractor

Campus emails, phones open to FCC

I don't want to pay my taxes. No WAY that Chimp gets my taxes.

Bill Buckley’s Crocodile Tears

US military denies Iraq on brink of civil war

The 82nd Airborne Guckert Brigade!

Analysis:Pope's red hats mostly political

Hmmm..wonder how Israel feels about wrapping people in their flag?

Americans work more, seem to accomplish less

Maryland Bill Aims To Put 'DUI' On License Plates

Hey Back East and Mid-West,, how was Real Time tonight?

Quick - Disabled vet online.. I'm talking to him... need website to change

Identity of Official to Be Kept From Libby

Jon Stewart will be on Larry King...

The "only for rape or incest" Republicans are full of it.

Well I noticed Harry Reid's blog...

Abraham Lincoln on liberty (thought provoking)

So both Fukuyama and Buckley have declared the war a failure now?

Rush Limbaugh drug charges?

Can we get Lebanese cheap labor for our Nuclear facilities?

Gotta share this salsa/relish recipe I came up with

Bored? Frustrated? Need a break from the madness?

Karl Rove is SOOO like Boo Radley

top 10 idiots of Muslim world

Article the LATimes SCRUBBED: "When writing truth is a crime" IRONY ALERT!

France Broadens Gays' Parental Rights

Oh great, now Bush is planning to invade Sectaria.....

why bush is like atticus finch (1:45 a.m est)

Don't Worry - Toon 2/25/06

POPPY BUSH: your son is a failure.

"Who will fight these wars without end? Who will pay for them?"

YEAH! Let's hear it for GAYS IN THE MILITARY!

I'm Sick of the Talking Heads Questioning the need for Mardi Gras...

Followup on military train movements out of Denver

will our AMERICAN STEEVEDORS protesting the UAE take over of OUR PORTS in

My Question to Rummy...

Cock-a-doodle-doo! The chickens are coming home to roost...

Now, has everyone got this straight: it's "The Long War"

Democrats ahead of Bush on national security

How much booze did this crew polish off?

donut store encounter

Iraq's defence minister says a civil war will never end

Does anyone get to see a show called "Liberty News" on TV?

Giuliani engaging in a Puke Fest on NBC's Today Show

National Enquirer circulation plummets

Is YOUR Representative Or Senator Here?

To followup the war vote thread, I present those who tried to stop war

Teen arrested over MySpace photos

NSA Shopping In Silicon Valley For New, High-Tech Data Mining Systems...

A reasonable freeper..yeah I almost had a coronary

Somewhere, over the rainbow....

Hmm DU this photo?

Clinton slams port deal in Miami

Attacks Surge in Iraq Despite Curfew

Okay, all you who have been spied upon, speak up!

Bipartisan Group of Senators to intervene in ports deal

It's no ACCIDENT that certain Democrats are chosen to appear on talk shows

"It don't worry me, it don't worry me. You may say that I'm not free, but

Are You Certified Dick?

Ronald Reagan's image on Mr. Rushmore? I have a better suggestion.

Libby's Team Plans to Subpoena Reporters & News Organizations

John Murtha was Right, US Troops Are in the Middle of Civil War

Tavis Smiley to Host Black Leaders on C-SPAN

Revisiting the Watergate Tape Controversy

Abortion, right on time.

"This is Hell" - 4 hours of live streaming LIBERAL radio -- 10am-2pm EST

Does anyone have the photo of a soldier's coffin on a commercial flight?

Blogger Bares Rumsfeld's Post 9/11 Orders...

Henry Cuellar thinks us regular folk are "special interests" (TX-28)

here`s a good list of iraqi bloggers reports in iraq

Piece of advice from former Senator - take the time to individually

Should handouts be stopped in N.O. ?

Stephen Hadley/UAE Deal - "There's nothing to reopen."

If America were Iraq, What would it be Like? .... An Eye Opener

Why the Congress should declare Ports sale null and void ?

Cindy S. will do live interview at 5 pm on Fox show.

The Actual ports affected by the DP world deal

UAE blocks Boing-Boing

Heartbreaking, horrifying report of child atrocities in Uganda.

HUGE funeral in Tenn. for 21 y/o soldier

Fweeper complains most troops in Iraq talk of "Repuglicans" and "hangings"

Aha! Who's resposible for the UAE Ports fiaso? BILL CLINTON!

UAE issue a bit like Iran/Contra. Be afraid of Terrorist Countries, yet

Yahoo:Homeland Security Objected to Ports Deal

Stop Political Diversions

Huge March Planned for Eve of Katrina Evictions

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are the largest in the

Conyers:The Case for Impeachment - Harpers Magazine Cover Story

Why do we all tolerate CNN and Larry King (the king of kink)./

Homeland Security Initially Objected to Ports Deal

Shell told to pay Nigeria's Ijaw $1.5 billion

Baghdad free lance reporter fed up with US failure to accept reality

Another Take on Gospel Truth About Judas

Harris Got Illegal Donations

Thank allah you called. You're on the way over to pick us up, right ... ?

Iraq's insurgents focus on creating civil strife (Spin spin spin)

Subject: Getting Blues Involved

Bush sides with Iran to block victims rights to sue tyrants for abuses

Am I the only one who can still post here?

Anyone watching 27news EAU Delphi Rally?

"We will either Bring Him to Justice or Bring Justice to Him"

Philly HS Sports: "... we will awaken to the news that Bush has resigned"

Problem Halts Tenn. Uranium Tank Project

Family pleads guilty in student loan fraud

Ohio State Senator Bob Hagen and banning adoptions by Republicans

Need a confirmation-Seems to me "pr_wh" in an AP URL means

SPAN alert - Gary Hart to discuss religious fundamentalism - On now

I resent when African Americans say...

"Arab bashing" and the UAE in perspective: a one act

in case of nuke war BBC plans to "distract" the population

NYT: US spends huge sums to spy on phone calls of American citizens

Solution for AP math and science education, esp in rural US

6 Months After Katrina- 1926 people are still missing

Small Fire Extinguished at Iraqi Embassy in DC

Bill C. could juggle four balls, keep out of ground wars, be

Speculation on UAE deal: how does this play out?

Tavis Smiley back up on CSPAN

FIRE THE SECRET SERVICE. The UAE should do Bush's security detail.

Do you want George Bush in charge if bird flu goes pandemic?

Brazillians Are Against The Bush/UAE/9/11 Bombers Port Deal

Bush in the sandbox begets more Bushes Morford-SFChronicle

Is this happening in YOUR states, too? It seems to be a growing trend.

Is there a reason for the sudden overall global insanity?

Re: CNN report on ricin being found in a laundry room.

Petition: Replace O'Reilly with Donahue

How do you explain the koolaid?

"We can do better" is pitiful

VIDEO- Tavis Smiley on Bush not mentioning Katrina in SOTU

Guantanamo II

a slideshow of genocide

is anyone familiar with the Clinton-George The First corruption story?

O'Reilly Lied About Cronkite & Called Him Insane

AP: Smart cams, armed guards, iris scans and more to protect WTC site

Criminal crossroads:Dubai where Iran building bomb

Why is CNN talking about Ricin in a Texas dorm

Long path to Iraq's sectarian split

Pentagon-Controlled Iraqi Nat'l Guard Implicated in Samarra Mosque Bombing

It's interesting we're not hearing about more poll results.

Vision America: The War Against Christians

Anguished relatives still await word on 131 kids (Katrina)

if they managed REALITY better, they wouldn't need PUBLIC RELATIONS

Ricin found in UT dorm

When does the world come to a consensus that Iraq is in a civil war?

Hey maybe we can get Pakistan to do our airport security?

George Dubya Bush to "participate'' in a cricket match in Pakistan

G W Bush is PRO-LIFE!

VIDEO- Sharpton on Bush/WMD/Hurricane and Nod to Belafonte

Libby's Team Plans to Subpoena Media to raise doubts

VIDEO- Cornell West on the MLK Funeral-Nod to Belafonte

A War on Terrorism is Impossible to Win...

Once again, thank you Dr. Dean!

VIDEO- Henderson on the Vote

NOE-"So Eager To Become Bush Pioneer"-He Laundered Money to Bush Campaign

More Saturday humor!

Opinions wanted - Is Tavis Smiley electable for President?

If Congress Doesn't Start Cleaning House-Fed Prosecutors Say They Will

Bush Defends U.S. Baby-Monitoring Program

If Chimpy IS impeached....

Rita Cosby equates hoodlums with African Americans


So, do we bombard the SD LEgislature with requests to ban Viagra

"I' (photos)

200,000 ready Iraqi troops? Did we say 200,000?

Is this song about Ann Coulter wrong?

Streets of Baghdad CLOSED. Freedom is on the march!

Bipartisan Group of Senators want to force vote on Dubai port deal


Hunger strikes "sanitized"

VIDEO- Sharpton-When Did they Free You and Keep Me?

Handing over the ports to UAE is like.....(add your line)

So they haven't liked David Gregory for a while now...


Port Security IS The Issue, Here

Payback time in Iraq...

No Ring of Fire Today?

A Twist question on Peak Oil?

From Allah to the Democrats

Everyone is a little bit racist.....

From Farrakhan to Danish Cartoons

Is the blogosphere mostly whitebread?

Who is Tavis' surprise guest?

Soldier Arrested, Sons Held Overnight

I got polled this morning on a Jeb Bush 2008 candidacy

Weapons of Mass Distraction now showing on Link TV

What would you say to pResident Bush

Do you feel safer when you fly when they ask you to take off your shoes?

Thinkprogress: Katherine Harris Plays Dumb (not a stretch for her)

CRONKITE and orielly


Cindy S. will do live interview NOW on Fox (after commercial)

VIDEO Farrakhan on Condaleeza Rice

Ex-9/11 Commission head slams port deal

Why should a humans life be worth more than the lives of 2 innocent bears?

VIDEO- Tavis Smiley calls out Republicans Who Didn't Show Up

VIDEO- Sharpton on Civil Rights and The Vote

An Open Letter to Senator Dodd

More interesting info on the UAE deal

Dubai Biotech in Baltimore hun!

George Bush: the "anti-liberator"......

Defense contractor admits Cunningham pay-offs.

How would the koolaid drinkers react if Bush started to just execute...

How the Savings Crisis Led to the Port Crisis

How can people be so ill-informed?...Posted on Craig's List

"Mercifully, Chad ('We're George Bush people!') Hedrick heads home"

Bush Admin Lying AGAIN About Insulting Arabs in Port Deal!

email Tweety+his network +sponsors : he compared W to Atticus Finch!!!

Just heard on CNN- Vietnam vets being called to Iraq.

Ponderings of an arm-chair economist...

Does capitalism = consumerism = materialism?

Don't miss Tavis Smiley's :"State of The Black Union" CSPAN

To the"Tough on Crime Administration" - we're not buying the UAE deal.

Think Progress: Katherine Harris Plays Dumb

Fights Break Out at Florida Neo-Nazi Rally (Read; Racist)

I got searched in the Jersey City PATH station last night

"Prepare the Noose"....Greenwald presents two "traitors."

If I went on a hunger strike against the war, would the Gestapo come

"Political Beliefs" should become a protected class under Title VII


cheney / rumsfeld hunting in maryland

Official Black State of the Union watching thread

My sentiments about Coulter exactly: $he $ee$ $$$ in outrageou$ne$$

Freeper Tattoo o' the Day:

Growth in U.S. Population Calls for Larger House of Representatives

LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

Roves "Head Pressure" Increasin to Critical Mass Levels, Temp and Pressure

Incredible pot bust in TN

If you believed in any way that Iraqi forces were ready to take control

Will the United States be charged with war crimes?

Cindy Sheehan: Speak For Yourself

Vote in this Rapid City Journal Poll re SD Abortion Bill

The Nazi Youth is one mile from my front door

I don't know how to deal with this...

*** Saturday TOONs: Ports ***

Eminem's Copyright Case against Guantanamo

Bush Port Security Jokes Wanted.

What will you do?

Planet's Population to Hit 6.5 Billion Saturday

Truthout and Jason Leopold reported on CNN today

Fundies Gone Wild!!! - Just saw this on CNN - Funeral Protests...

Major General Smedley Butler, USMC *WAR IS A RACKET*

Iraq Vet Accused of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

Any Veterans for Peace Here?

Fucking CNN. Kicking for Support for Sheryl Crow.

Lexis Nexis for Donahue slamming O'Reilly, FUX? (WARNING: XXX- content)

How is it they went from 160,000 trained Iraqi Troops to NONE

My Grandmother passed away this morning...

O'Reilly: U.S. should leave Iraq

The Debates: Kerry vs. Bush on the Ports

Be Nice- 5th Largest Gas Reserves, 8% of World's Oil UAE

United Air Lines Thievery

Harry Belafonte: "George Bush is a terrorist"

Teamsters: Bush/UAE Port Scam a Precursor to Union Busting?

Political Action Day...No One More Penny for War

VIDEO- Harry Belafonte on Terrorism at Black SOTU

Keith O. Has 7th Highest Rated Show on Cable

Another Way to Look at It.

Let's have some fun - what do you think a George Bush prayer sounds like?

My morning with Katherine Harris

Who are our soldiers standing (and fighting) with? Whose side are we on?

If Our Founding Fathers Returned Today...

GOP have lost 06. Breaking news on CNN, IE: Ports

DIALUP - PIC HEAVY: GOP Theme Song, inspired by DU'er Chieftain!

The Bush Family Are America's Romanovs

Just spoke with a military doctor who returned from Iraq

"Addiction to oil" speech by Bush surprises Saudis.....uh, oh...

Time Favors Liberals


What is going on with CARTER?

Who did you vote for in 2004?

Just thinking of a slogan for Dems: "Re-elect the Clean-up Crew"

Replace Bill O'Reilly with Phil Donahue petition on Huffpo

ACTION ALERT!!! Oppose H.R. 4167 "Food Uniformity" Bill

"every war death is in vain, inspite of what others tell you"

Huge March Planned for Eve of Katrina Evictions / Support H.R. 4197!

Nerve gas to be dumped into the Delaware river.

VIDEO- Harry Belafonte's Closing Remarks-Burning House

FBI memos reveal Gitmo interrogation techniques: Israeli flags, gay porno

It’s the Media, Stupid

who did you vote for in 2000?

Black History Month Thread #9: "Did You Know?" (Ida B. Wells)

What's it gonna' take to dominate 2006 federal elections?

Have you signed up for "Independent World Television" emails?

STOP the presses: Al Queda claims to have infiltrated UAE in 2002

Katherine Harris (Florida Selection 2000) linked to bribery scandal

How Do You Feel?

DC Burning

Gary Hart, Jimmy Carter, Wesley Clark: Why so calm about Ports Deal

Abortion-rights advocates threaten to boycott S.D.

Unions fight for safety of port workers at rally

Taking a Roll Call on Union Members and Labor Activists

36 Governor Races Bound to Redraw Politics

Republican Irey might run against Murtha

(BBC radio:) Democrats fail to find a message

Possible theory about the "Hackett job".

Sean Hannity's interview with Albert Gonzales..annotated smileys edition

Should Congress deny the $70 billion more to Bush for war in Iraq?

(Katherine) Harris admits link to corrupt donor

Remember Baghdad Bob?

I.R.S. Finds Sharp Increase in Illegal Political Activity

A Friend Told Me About A Proposed Longshoremen's Strike If...

Santorum Charity Low on Giving, Up on Fees

Bush's week on the port contract

Port deal lacks common sense, N.J. governor (Corzine) says in broadcast

What Are We Gonna Do?

Bush Admin "review" focused on DP World only, NOT UAE Government

DHS objected to ports deal, then changed, and Dubai firm issued ultimatum

Schwarzenegger to GOP: "Let us renew our party by rebuilding our state"

Bush Radio: "Troops remain upbeat, focused on ridding world of terrorists"

Democrats need to think of their agenda in case they win back the House

National Journal: 100 senators most liberal to most conservative

Look at this map, and you'll see the REAL reason for the deal

Bill Marha

U.S. to Continue Sending Palestinians Aid

Bush Regime Theme Song - Incompetence Bracket

"Prolife" group AGAINST SD law outlawing all abortions. The end is nigh.

What does it say about repub's when they are more upset about the ports

Bush Regime Theme Song Poll - Evil Bracket

Bush, Rats & a Sinking Ship

Congress is getting an earful

Why Bush Has Trouble Just Saying No (Trying to make Repubs look tough)

british troops video

Help! I've again run out of Impeach Bush Chain Flyers!

United Arab Emirates Donated At Least $1M To Bush Library

Help Respond to South Dakota Anti-Abortion Bill

Cindy Sheehan says "Speak For Yourself!"

Photos: One grieving father, one clueless MOTHER.

Pamela Willeford was drinking wine "AT LUNCH"!

If Iraq Ends Up In a Civil War....

Screen Shot of a SWEET item from AP & CNN: "Republicans Jumping Ship"

Take example from the former Yugoslavia

Framing the Ports Sellout

I got to meet a US Senate candidate this week!

The Case for Impeachment - Harpers Magazine Cover Story (short excerpt)

Roll Call: Union Members & Labor Activists - Please Check In Here..

Fox News asks: "All-out civil war in Iraq...Could it be a good thing?"

If Fitzgerald Knows then Why Isn't He Telling Us???

More Reason to hate Paul Bremer

Carter and B.Clinton making Pro:Dub. Deal noises. Beam me up Scotty,no...

India LOVES Bush..."B" (Bully) "U" (Usurper) "S" (Satan) "H" (Hitman)

Who started the flap over the ports? A leading neocon!

the Dems are "F**CKING NOWHERE" on Iraq

NY-Gov: Its offical, Suozzi to challenge Spitzer in primary.

Santorum's charity: Only 40% goes to donations.

Outrageous Fed Foot-dragging: May 12, '04, EPA PORT Plan DRAFT!

Cheney in Norfolk VA, Monday supporting Drake, anyone coming to protest?

What did you do today to try and get a democrat elected....

A tale of two ways of running a campaign

Lou Dobbs needs to be educated about Progressive Democrats

Congratulations to DU Admins for Posting This Critique on Front Page

You don't seriously think Bush will lose on the port issue, do you?

DNC nails McCain on Bush and port deal

letter from todd tihart...don't know why I got it, but he is flailing

Lawfirm that goes after corporate wrongdoers-members facing indictment

Just found this 3 min. video on Buzzflash and found it to be brilliant and

When can we state the obvious about Iraq and Saddam?

Creating a Global Ports Empire

Soldier arrested! This family could use some help.

Ted Rall Flight 93 Cartoon

Please DU this poll! It HAS freeped all over it!