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Archives: February 24, 2006

Gaffney as Paul Revere!?! It gets curiouser & curiouser...

Bush did-not-know strategy on ports puzzles some

Just Testing: Is the U.S. Government making anthrax bombs in Utah?

Great Ed. by Bob Shrum Re: Ports Deal, how really weird it has become...

Lou Dobbs/Vid/Bush Family Ties to UAE

The Guardian : On the road to the Rubicon

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Wind & hydro together.

An open apology to Steven Spielberg

Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons

Friends at DU I need your help - re 9/11 MIHOP or LIHOP

Nov. 2, 2004: Wiretapped?

We can't see as votes get counted in a black box

We Need Help in Confirming Election Fraud in Cleveland 2004

Daily Thread Editors Threaten to Strike - Cite Low Recommendations

Have countie$ con$idered the total long term co$t$ of e-voting?

Heads up, Iowa Clarkies...

Is anyone running against Tom Latham (4th dist.)?

Were not going to win in Texas in '06 aren't we?

Is Hector De Pena really a Republican?

Y'ever try this ..... ?

My probe thermometer has gone bonkers.

What's your favorite comfort food (either to cook or to eat)?

Canada's military priorities: more troops, closer relations with U.S.

Memos Detail 74 CIA Landings in Canada

NATO General: Foreign Troops To Remain in Afghanistan For “Years and Years

Hope dwindling for miners trapped in Mexico

Debt, lower wages clip net worth growth

Another School Shooting in Rural Oregon

Reid calls for congressional probe of domestic spying by Bush administrati

Libby's Lawyers: Fitzgerald not properly appointed

Germany admits its spies helped US in Iraq War

Delay Possible on Ports; Dems (Reid) Want Probe

Milan CIA prosecutor aims to end probe in March

Iraq Vet Accused of Stabbing Wife 71 Times

UAE Company *AGREES* to Delay Ports Takeover (AP)

Contractor to Plead Guilty in Bribe Scheme

Senator questions FDA-approved blood study

Blair faces torrent of criticism on human rights

Federal government agrees to stop funding abstinence-only program

AP Pentagon Told to Release Gitmo Transcripts

Violence Strains U.S. Strategy and Imperils Pullout Plans

CNN: Two arrested in huge England heist

UAE gave $1 million to Bush library

Memos Detail 74 CIA Landings in Canada

Foes and even friends in Mideast say 'America is to blame'

Iraq kickbacks 'known' to US, UK(P&O statement)

Pentagon: Ports uproar may pose security risk

DOD secretly continued intel program (TIA "data mining" program)

AFP-Documents show FBI questioned Guantanamo interrogation tactics-ACLU

Kaptur Wants Investigation of Possible Conflict of Interest in Ports Deal

Republicans Rally to Support (Tom) DeLay

Dubai wants IT business as well as U.S. ports

Judge releases Prince Charles’s diaries

UAE Company Agrees to Delay Ports Takeover

New Orleans' Uninsured Get Primitive Care

Arroyo orders emergency rule in Philippines

Iran least popular country in U.S.

UAE Gave $100 Million for Katrina Relief

Village Voice: [UAE] Ports: All 'Bout a Dealer Named Bout

80 yr old drives 9 miles wrong way on interstate

I'm sorry folks. I just don't have enough popcorn to go around tonight

Ah! A cup of coffee and two cups of tea in me

Company develops shocking shotgun shell

That Rick Moranis country album is funny as shit

What if your spouse/significant other/partner watched or read porn?

Anyone know a REALLY good guitar tab site?

I'll tell ya who's glad they don't serve beans at the Olympic village

Are there Blimps floating around your city? Like ALL THE TIME?

Sign up here for Halliburton Hotel roommates

Big Pic: Caption this stunt

I am the MASTER! Fortune Cookie Say "DS1 IS LAST DRAGON"

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds TONITE, 23 Feb 11PM ET/4 DILLA!

I have to admit I am a bit......

Thunder & Lightning Snowstorm...

Fuck it,I wish you all a very good Goodnight.

Sasha Cohen in the 2024 Olympics

I am still in Parent Teacher Conferences

Am I still alive?

Time to REP your Desktop! Post 'em if you got 'em!

Anyone here own a humidor?

Iranian Policewomen

Anyone familiar with the music of Natacha Atlas?

I have a DU related injury.


Dancing with the Stars: the band stinks!

A question for cat experts...

Oh my goodness...

POLL: Daily Show or Colbert Report?

OMG - these have to be the stupidest guys ever.


Check out this comic strip by a new DUer, it had me in tears laughing

How Did A Freeper get my cell phone number?

A poll inspired by MATCOM

I need an opinion? Splish splash?

'Fiddler on the Roof' in Japanese (video)

Your hyphen for the day "canker-blossom"

Does anyone else here think that Scott Hamilton sounds like he

Ick! I love this song - something must be very wrong with me

Anybody out there with a BlueStar range or cook-top? Salamander?

Kirkland Garlic Marinated Whole Mushrooms from CostCo.

People who make me sick, make me sick.

How do you find value of a stock certificate from 1906?

I just faced a ten-point deer.

Extreme Steam - One of my favorite sites. Thought I would share!

Refitting my canoe for rowing

Thank you loungers! I love you!

Does anyone here feel sorry for those who have lost...

Girl jumping through basketball hoop

I say this a lot:

Mmmm Mmmm

Post here and I'll insult you, Shakespearean style.

I just defenestrated an anvil from 72 floors up, so...

Am I the only one who thinks the Olympic medalists are wearing CDs?

Did you ever get a feeling....

I just faced a lifelong fear...

Night all!

Who Remembers Jacko?

Anyone got $8400 you can give me?

Post here and I'll randomly lock another thread.

I'm throwing up in the name of God....

Someone keeps leaving fundie magazines in my dorm's lounge area...

Today's Black History Month Thread #8 in GD: Please read!

What if I told you that one of my friends posted as me for the last 2 hrs?

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds TONITE, 23 Feb 11PM ET/4 DILLA!

What was your most popular thread?

Do you Know What Your First Word

OK, I have to post this since it applies to so many of you


Willie Nelson does reggae

Did any of you ever get around to watchin "Bleak House" on PBS?

My work schedule officially SUCKS!

So, where do YOU stand?

Does anyone here have experience with stuttering?

THE Olympics animation you've gotta see

Dear West Coast: Please share some of your awesome restaurants with us.

Good Night

I have got a cold. damn.

Dickens sucks!

I'm addicted to overpriced skin care

I have yet to see an unattractive female figure skater.....

How do you choose a money market fund?

One, two, three, four, time for a Cuteness War!

Any "Majority Report" fans around?

I just bought this CD and I think all of you should too

Why does it take so long to get a diagnosis for a disease like cancer?

"Men have much 'dirtier' minds than women, in general,"

Your friends here at DU have launched our new online literary magazine!

Could Michelle Kwan Have Won?

Fuck Dickens!

Are many married men hesitant to go to a masseuse?

Popcorn or woohoo?

The prejudice of many people on the Left...

What are the differences between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity?

Grapefruit Appears To Lower Cholesterol, Fight Heart Disease

Australian Cabinet Minister Suggests Gays Lucky Not To Be Arrested

Canadian Supreme Court Nominee Ruled Against Same-Sex Partner Benefits

UCLA Gay Think-Tank Honors $10 Million Donor

HHS Under Fire For Removing Gay Advice Section From Web Site

Agonizing Wait For Washington Gay Marriage Decision

Quick request for positive energy.

So where are the KOEBers?

Damn my brother hijacked the tv, I can't watch Keith

KOEb 2/23/06 Bush folds?????

The World According to America

A quote from CNN's resident spin meister General David Grange

Vatican to Muslims: practice what you preach

So, foreign countries are sending us spent nuclear fuel....

You Know You Are Still a Republican If ...

It's a small world, after all

CNN is saying that any further events in Iraq...

All I can say is, 'Nothing better happen to Lou Dobbs'!

Russian arms merchant funnels money, guns, and dope through the UAE

PBS gave good overview of Senaate briefing on ports--now discussion.

Gen Clark words on the UAE Port issue and the Civil

The Arguments for War in Iraq

Clark on Fox 9:55 a.m. EST tomorrow; should be interesting.

Arianna Huffington: "Civil War in Iraq: Murtha Told Us So"


Jack Murtha:"We've Lost the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People"

What we can thank Bush for in the future. Not in any order.

Clark 12/11/05: "We have a four month window in Iraq"

Cannot Believe What Tony Blankley Said On Hardball --- --

LIMBOsevic came out FOR the ports deal today - will the Dittoheads follow?

Uranium & Niger Forgeries:Look who Burba & Martino Talked about

People who make me sick, make me sick.

MrScorpio's Hottest Sounds TONITE, 23 Feb 11PM ET/4 DILLA!

Guess who is coming to my town????

Lou Dobbs sucks. Al Franken sucks.

How many here think tweety blows his nose, or picks his boogers?

I believe that Capitol Hill Blue is used here at DU to make DU look bad.

Grapefruit Appears To Lower Cholesterol, Fight Heart Disease

Delay possible in ports deal, Democrats want new probe

How An Effort To Ban Abuse & Torture Was Thwarted

Gaging the public on my mother-in law re: bu$h

How About Another Bush Approval POLL

Great Rant at AmericaBlog.Com: Re: Gordon England

Gordon England - Yes, he was a recess appointment

Calm my fears

Jesse is on TVNL Radio.... 9 pm ET


Bill Maher's Friday night line-up.

Is it really fair to the other competitors to

Breaking in Phoenix: man holding hostages/upset about family & employment

For me, it's all about Bush's failure to solve 9/11 & get Osama Bin Laden

Reid calls for congressional probe of domestic spying by Bush administrati

They wont admit Bush screwed the pooch

Okay...tell me...why is Lou Dobbs the only Truth Teller..allowed on Cable?

Saudis refuse to withhold Hamas aid

Tweety's brother is running for GOP Lt Gov here in PA

Hundreds of FEMA trailers are ready to roll

How did the Democratic party get my e-mail address?

I need the author of the ".......if you have too much education , you

Homophobes also make me sick

I need help for getting rid of unwanted calls.

I thought Jon Stewart was supposed to be on Larry King tonight?

Shrine Attack Deals Blow to Anti-US Unity--A Times (Iran twist)

FYI: David Swanson ( on Rense 7pm pst

What do you know --for sure-- about the Middle East. The need to get out.

Fiore animated cartoon---In great form as always

Was anyone surprised that Hannity supports the port deal?

Friends at DU I need your help - re 9/11 MIHOP or LIHOP

Ilinois Governor Confused by 'Daily Show' Bit

Anti choice people make me sick

Anti-Gun people make me sick.

So has anyone said yet they wish they'd voted for Kerry?

Dems - if Shrub had captured bin Laden, we'd feel better about ports deal

What is it about the UAE port deal that furthers your MIHOP view?

People Power in the USA

Where is the good news from Iraq?

Check out this new pic of Bush from his National Guard days.

Mount Flushmore: The Antidote to the Freeper Prayer Picture

Did Pickles get in vitro fertilization? I read she went to doc for "help"

The Ports: Another "4 Legs Good; 2 Legs Better" moment 4 G. Orwell's Pigs

Extreme Steam - One of my favorite sites. Thought I would share!

(TOON) Steve Bell: "Such is the end of Empire"

What's the latest on the PORTS story?

Dubai said statement wrong from press more later

freerepublic speaks re: ports fiasco

"Now that the USA has collapsed due to excessive military spending...

George Bush is a Prop

Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons

Shocking info about the attack on the the Al-Askariyah Shrine

So is the United States not allowed to have any national security?

Anderson Cooper just reported that Dubai Ports World

Liberalism the true 'mental disorder'

I've never been to South Dakota...

RE: Ports deal. Here are the official GOP talking points

Do republican's get it now?

I get kinda ticked when I hear W. compared to other presidents.

The right wing movement needs to be destroyed

Was this posted here? Bush nominated DPW official

Did anyone notice Bush released the Katrina Report today??

Why do fundie christians hate America so much?

Hate to say this,but I predict a Khe Sahn or Dien Bien Phu type of

Judge Orders Pentagon Told to Release Gitmo Transcripts

Should we go ahead with the Deal? DU this poll

Damnit -- Free people are free to have a CIVIL WAR

Bush is too uninformed about what's going on in the government to...

Colbert is hot tonight! The Pharm rip is great.

Unbelievably stupid comment from WH regarding latest Iraq violence:

Is America becoming a meaner place?

Congressman Conyers:13 Judiciary Committee Members Join Me

You're all on crack ,

Now THIS is a neat idea!

VIDEO: Protesters gather at Bethel College ( WNDU-TV South Bend)


today was AWESOME!!! (and sad...

GREAT response to the Right's UAE race card spin:

Vatican to Muslims - practise what you preach

Criminalizing abortion without exception is obscene, cruel, and immoral...

KGB In The Post Office.

I want to thank the Bush Administration and its war on Terror.

American Companies Should Handle American Ports

All Holloway all the time. A rant.

Last week's New Rules transcript

Chromium Evidence Buried, Report Says

Protesters greet Bush in northern Indiana (AP/Chicago Sun-Times)

The White House trying to get rid of Fitzgerald?

REMINDER: David Ray Griffin et all will be on Coast to Coast

If "They" are so dumb, what does that make us?

"happy to be there"

Does anyone think Saddam may be 'restored to power'? If Iraq

Did we do this? DID WE BOMB THAT MOSQUE?

An EFFECTIVE Democratic party would demand NATIONALIZATION of the Ports.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Roll Call

HISTORY LESSON as music video

An Open Letter to Those With the “W” Stickers

So Bev is making news down in South Florida.

Excuse me? You want me to believe you when you say that you've confirmed

What new name should Dubai Ports World be called now?

Do you feel it's "Arab Bashing" to oppose UAE's Control of 6 Ports in USA?

Black History Month Thread #8: "Did You Know?" (Abortion)

About that recent listing of 'worst presidential mistakes' which...

I am,...seriously torn about how I feel about my country, my people.


Your friends here at DU have launched our new online literary magazine!

A Marine Friend of mine was killed...

"DUBAI DUBYA"... Pass it on! Please recommend so it catches on.

Bands Saying NO to Hummer Commercials

U.S. at war with Iran by year's end

2nd Draft: The Constitution is the REAL Contract with America


This flap over the ports is pretty simple to understand.

Call James Zogby's call in show (Link TV) tomorrow on Dubai ports issue...

Freeper Picture (you should be near a toilet)

This report made my skin crawl... 4 men indicted for stealing BODY PARTS!

The Forgotten Child Abuse - Fundamentalist Parents of Gay Teenagers


Cleveland Audit Reveals Vote Count Discrepancy in Bush’s Favor–Need Help!

What I don't get about Dubai & ports..... Clinton tried to use the

Delay possible in ports deal, Democrats want new probe

Dobbs scores a 98%AGAIN! ..yet I wait for him to "turn" like Tweety .

Um, if Sunnis and Shia start killing each other

Have any of the other countries who will hand over their contracts to UAE

Moderators, I think we will need a separate CIVIL WAR section.


So.. is it just an innocent business deal or a National Security issue?

North Korea Buys Port of SF and SEATTLE along with China

MSNBC: Dubai’s brushes with groups tied to terrorism

WTF...Time says Bush is taking "a principled stand" on the port issue?

DNC: DeWine Ducks Bush, But Takes Campaign Cash

Dem. Rep. Harman: Bush sets up Repubs to take credit for (fake) progress

The USSR and Int'l Law

it is Santorum’s Virginia home that raises the hardest questions

Irena or Sasha.............I'm wating in suspense.............


Richard Perle on Tweety.

Photo: "I pledge to learn a lesson from this, Stretch"...

Why isTerry McAuliffe appearing on Cable News Shows ?

so now a republican(Libby)claims CONSTITUTIONAL rights violated

Iraq awash in violence; Bush denounces violence as a political act

Bought "All the President's Men" DVD this week.

Abortion clinic regulation bill rejected (in VA)

Cheney shooting accounts consistent

African American History Month Is All About George W. Bush:

Why doesn't the U.S. just have a going out of business sale?

Remember Rendition?

OK, Why the hell is Madeline Albright lobbying for the port deal.

The right wing movement needs to be destroyed

The American Media 101 (The media as GOP shill)

Karl Rove Flop Sweat Alert: "UAE gave $100 million for Katrina relief"

Senate Democrat chastises Bush on al Qaeda speech (security risk)

You silly people - the port deal is the Clinton's fault!

Kicking George Will's Ass Makes Me SOOOO Happy!!!!

The IRAQ War is SOOO Great!!!!!

What are you doing for the third anniversary of the occupation?

Screen Shot: Fox News wouldn't understand irony if it bit them on the ASS.

John Edwards New Blog !

America for Sale: The Cost of Republican Corruption

Bigotry aimed at our enemies only hurts our friends...

Conason: Business as Usual (* & his Arab friends)

Progressive, My Ass

Balance: the Dubai Ports deal - Molly Ivins

Texas hearts Dubai

Osama, Saddam and the Ports: NYT Krugman

Revenge squads stalk streets as war of the mosques tears country apart

Taking a chance on love for sale (Washington Times goes after W)

TIA Lives On (Defense Dept Syping Continues....National Journal Expose')

Massey (Coal mining) memo causes concern

Rep. Joe Barton , Citgo , and Chavez.

NY Times, w/same facts, changes Iraq conflict Headline

Bush family has been in bed with UAE for 20 years...

Free-trading Away America's Security (D Sirota)

Digging up Little Peanut (Jack Carter)

The Failures of Our First Amendment Successes, By Robert Jensen

History Lessons, By Chris Floyd

Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons

Useless Democrats

Morford - America, Narcoleptic Pit Bull

The Harm of Porn: Just Another Excuse to Censor

Emerging Euro-denominated Intern'l Oil Marker

Cheney's Vice-like Grip (Blumenthal)

Hung on his own Port-tard: Why the ports deal roils Bush's base. NYTIMES

Taste of the Future - David Ignatius

Arianna Huffington (Thursday): Civil War in Iraq

Federal Reserve reports Average Family Income dropped 2.3% - 2001 to 04

I need some help on stocks..........

California gasoline production tops 1 million barrels a day

Global Warming's Silver Lining

Oil Prices Jump $2 After Saudi Explosion

DEFRA Warns UK Water Systems - Prepare For Worst Drought In 75 Years

Budget Numbers Give The Lie To Bush's Pretensions On Renewable Energy

Chikungunya Virus Speeding Through Indian Ocean Island Nations

Temps Up 7-8C Abover Averages Across N. India As Crop Yields Fall

Bush's FEMA plan for HurricaneRita toxic debris in Sabine Wildlife refuge?

Here Comes Lunar Power

Aussie PHEV kit: $9,500 intro price -- $5K in 2007.

went to the auto show. puke

Thousands Of Seabirds Washing Ashore Dead In British Columbia

this is really scary stuff-methane bubble

Wind turbines gaining power (MA)

Photovoltaic System to be a Standard Feature on Hundreds of Victoria Homes

cost of installing solar panels?

Kadima still in the driver's seat

Transforming Terrorists: An Israeli Case Study

Music video eviserates BFEE

NASA and footage of FIRST plane hitting WTC

(AAR) Mike Malloy interviews author of "THE NEW PEARL HARBOR" - > mp3

NASA and footage of FIRST plane hitting WTC

all it takes to move from LIHOP to MIHOP is one phone call.

Movie Investigates 9/11. Loose Change 2nd Edition.

I Am A Conspiracy Theoririst; and proud of it!

For old times' sake ditches 'Big Brother'-style e-voting

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News for Friday, Feb., 24th, 2006

Help Ensure Voter Verified Paper Records in the 2006 -Holt Bill-4/6 class

Come and get it - newly updated free CD-ROM on stolen elections

Designed for "Failure"? Discovery of Diebold's Bugs & Cryptographic Key

PA: DoJ Threatens to Sue State For Not Outsourcing Democracy

FYI post: Eastern IA Airport to offer non-stop flights to Atlanta

Gubernatorial Running Mates - Iowa Governor

I hope Vilsack doesn't plan on trading our jobs w/India

Iowa's wind energy in USA Today

Ford Bell on MPR

Ask MPR to drop lawsuit against Al Gore's "Current TV"

Let South Dakota know what you think about criminalizing abortion

internet monitoring software recommendations

Demo programs with 30 lifespan: does my McAfee think it's a trojan?

honestech video editor 7.0. Opinions?

A question about that "tiny url"

What's the best way to clean crud off the bars & rollers inside

When does early voting end?

Ron Paul's response to the port issue

Texas Democratic Women State Convention 2/24-2/26 -Austin

Scott Ritter in Austin, Feb 25th, yes - TOMORROW.

Sabine Refuge; what hurricanes start, neglect might finish

A call for volunteers for Camp Casey in Crawford for April.

Heard Ernie Casebeer tonight- District 59 State Race

what can I do with polenta?

10 - 4! WOOOOOOOO!

Most Cdns. uneasy about Afghan mission: poll

Anti-War Congressional Democrat placed on NO-FLY List!

Port Agency to Break Lease in Bid to Block Dubai Sale

BBC: "ARAB FIRM TO DELAY US PORTS DEAL" (says PART of deal delayed)

Ahmadinejad warns Israel over blast in Shi'ite mosque in Iraq

No more abortion in SD

Ohio GOP e-mails detail Petro bias(vs. Blackwell,official accuses brass)

Ted Turner exiting Time Warner board

Louisiana Official Opens Probe of Court System

Manila Protesters Rally, Defying Arroyo's State of Emergency

(WA state) House orders news releases edited for forbidden phrases

Man aims to get back house (Identity Theft)

Bush: Iraq at 'moment of choosing'

Al-Qaida in Iraq's leader killed

Shi'ite militia, insurgents clash in Baghdad (Iraqi Security helpless)

North Jersey congressman calls for Iraq pullout (Rep. Steve Rothman)

WaPo: Role of Sen. Dole's Husband at Issue

Bush's Proposed Health Accounts Offer Tax Benefit for Wealthy

Ex-Aides to Ohio Gov. Plead No Contest

FBI objected to aggressive methods at Guantanamo

Oil Rises on Concern Attacks May Cut Nigeria Production Further

Bob Dole says he won't lobby on ports deal

Uganda President Museveni Takes Lead in Preliminary Vote Tally

US (*Co Admin) Extends Temporary Residency to 300,000 Central Americans

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

Seeing plot, Arroyo declares emergency

Two Senators Seek Special Prosecutor for Abramoff Ties

Federal Reserve reports Average Family Income dropped 2.3% - 2001 to 04

IRS: Charities (and Churches) Overstepping Into Politics

Port Authority sues over Dubai control of NJ port

Chickens coming home to roost in Saudi Arabia

Gunman takes hostages in Phoenix high-rise (Reuters)

Lawmaker's proposal: Bar Republicans from adopting

(Dem congressional candidate Peter) Welch calls for Rumsfeld ouster

(Gov.) Rounds Inclined to Sign Abortion Ban (South Dakota)

Grandma: Child groom to seek divorce

Aircraft demand slams durable goods orders (biggest slump in 5˝ years)

Ted Koppel in 'NYT': Iraq for U.S. Is 'About the Oil'

Smoking Raises Root Canal Risk

Iraqi Curfew Extended for Second Day

Ehrlich Is Inclined To Accept Port Deal

Ex-White House aide says CIA has records he needs

Kimmitt Failed to Make Good on Pledge, Fueling Port-Sale Uproar

Judge Hears Arguments in Blackberry Case

Iraq: Holy Shi'ite tomb attacked with rockets

Hyatt to offer Registered Traveler sign-up (This is BS 1984 sh......

U.S. Envoy in Baghdad Says Iraq Is on Brink of Civil War

Oil Futures Jump $2 on Thwarted Attack (on Saudi Arabian Oil Facility)

Bush, Rice Urge Iraqis to Avoid Civil War

Reid says Bush administration's 'incompetence' will aid Democrats

NCCJ and others launch campaign to rebuild Alabama Churches

Ford sued over Argentine abuses (BBC)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 24 February

DA: Alleged body part harvests were 'medical terrorism'

Bush Favors Redistricting Changes-Just Not Here (Secret Squirrel liberals

Reports: Blast at oil refinery

Tenn. Halts Immigrant Driving Certificates

Ohio lawmaker to propose ban on GOP adoption

Roving through Ohio (Rove to release all attack dogs in Ohio this year)

(UK) Arms dealer is freed after FBI refuses to disclose key evidence

Oil refinery attack foiled, Saudis say

(Actor Fred) Thompson joins effort to fund defense of Cheney's former aide

Afghanistan more dangerous than Iraq

U.N. panel says it can't consider Shoshone claim, blames U.S. (secrecy)

Rep. Doolittle Announces Re-Election Bid

Morrissey Quizzed by FBI

U.S. Judge: No New Orleans Election Delay

Bush Campaigns for GOP in Indiana, Ohio

El Salvador in US free trade deal

Washington told to justify port deal in (Federal) court (Reuters)

Ombudsman:US-sponsored anti-Venezuela front prepares political retaliation

Arabs fear Iraq sectarian violence spillover-Rice

Chertoff unaware of ports deal until after OK

Ill. governor confused by 'Daily Show' bit

Never Call Retreat (Hackett's "grudge" )

Army Charges Seven In Sex-for-Money Website

Just 17% Favor Dubai Ports Deal

AP IRS: Charities Overstepping Into Politics

Pentagon cites Iraqi army gains, losses(Zero fully independant battalions)

Venezuela cuts US airline flights

Fed's Poole urges faster rise in US retirement age

Former Sept. 11 Commission chairman blasts ports deal (Kean)

UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports

Iranian advisor: We'll strike Dimona in response to U.S. attack

Hillary may have the White (House) stuff (approval up 4% after GOP attacks

(London) Mayor is suspended over Nazi jibe

S.D. House Approves Abortion Ban Bill

Blogger bares Rumsfeld's post 9/11 orders (The Guardian)

Night Lounge!

It's Thursday night. Who wants to cause mischief?

OK, this is a nice documentary...

Pig balls.

I'll Bring Flowers

How many web browser windows do you have open right now?

So.....About last night.

Everybody send me a dollar or I will stop flirting in the Lounge!!!

Do prisons have email?

Here's a truly odd picture...

What qualifications does Ron Reagan have

I cannot sleep at all.....not even tired

American Idol: Are the girls not kicking the guys' asses, or what?

The high owl made me think of Alfred Jarry tonight

Sasha Cohen (spoiler for those who haven't seen it)

So what's Moby Dick's dad's name?

Okay, who heard Leno mock our cute gold medalist snowboarder

Have I thanked the folks who gave me hearts profusely enough

Ladyhawk has prompted me to feel guilty and THANK

Dearly beloved

Abe Vigoda: It's his birthday, and he's still alive. GO ABE!!!

I'm going to go sing in the shower.....

HELP! Adhesive Tape Rash!!1

carpal tunnel and late night movies! woo hoo!

I need Help and FAST!!!!

I'm digging "The Prisoner" on BBCAmerica right now. 3 episodes in a row!

Is it really hip to be square?

Biblical Zoo Puts Giraffe On Birth Control

Looking for a book -- think I need sci-fi fans.

Cute kid story

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

How do you DU?

Cool photo for trof and DemoTex. Well, anyone else too. But pilots

Autistic team manager put into game-scores 20 points (Yay!)

Here are some pictures of me & my cat.

Wooden Ships

computer question

NZ Catholic Church calls for South Park boycott, viewership goes up

Does that little squirrel from "Ice Age" have a name?

Where the honey is MissHellchurch?

Well it's time to go to bed

Human penis falls out of microwave.

I have two 'Net' questions:

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head character 'Artoo Potatoo'

Update on the cat/kid situation!

A song for all the women of the Lounge:

I have emerged from the dark ages.

Aishwarya Rai

Which brand of pickle is the crunchiest?

check out this marriage contract. probably from santourm's book...

Anyone know if "sugar lows" can cause anxiety attacks?

completely different version

Tinfoil Hat Mascot

To assure her comeback, Britney takes yoga guru's "sound healing course"

And the quote of the day is...

Well, I'm Back From Canada

Need Advice about taking a job ...

Have You Heard The "Coffee Pot Ghost" Speaking?

Wills that include your pets?

Need a word processing tool that converts to HTML easily

How smart is your right foot?

Breaking: White House had Prior Knowledge of Cheney Threat

2,000 year old SOUNDS preserved on pottery?

I'm off to Amsterdam for the weekend in half an hour!

Insert the words "Ancient Beaver" in you favorite bible verse.

So sad - the Brazilian BBQ place by us went out of business

Simba smells like Dolce & Gabbana For Men

Cheney/Quail hunting practice. Cute.


" You were just too good for me " - so why end a good thing ?

Cheer me up... Please?

British government thugs don't like the fact that Free Software exists

Need help here.


Spider, spider, on the wall

Extra time on your hands? Check out this maze.

Where's MrsGrumpy?

Wesley, it is time to try to control your wife

Last night I did my J. Dilla Tribute show... His funeral

VIDEO: Worst Job Ever

Jack Bauer's calender goes from March 31st to April 2nd, no one fools Jack

A worthy diversion

Why do you have to be famous to have a wikipedia bio?

Speedskating **Olympic Spoiler**

Just How Dirty Are You?

Post here and I'll cringe.

Wasn't there a thread here....

Real or Not?

Two whole days left! Anything else we can choke in?

Seriously, why won't that damn Lesbian thread die

7-Eleven To Change It's Image - Will start offering bananas & carrots

Nothing beats pastrami on rye for lunch

I am pretty certain this is a stupendously stupid question...but,

At Target, aren't you kind of like the "target"?


I also got a free sample of shower scrub today...Axe me anything!

Holy CRAP, they're going to build another Target in my city!!

Student Cited After Honking At Police (They used lights to run red light)

We'll be fighting in the streets

Remember you're a Womble!

Peter Griffin reads Letterman's top 10

I am going to go make chicken satay - Anyone want any?

A Song for all the depressed Poets in the Lounge Today

Woman Sues To Get Her Pic Off Smoking Gun Website ('Foxy Felons')

I was diagnosed with "fluke or flukelike illness.

Type in "Failure" at Google

On the far-away island of Sala-ma-Sond,

I just ate 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper - ask me anything.

Lounge, I am bored. I require entertainment!

OMG. Wow.

Fred Astaire, the greatest dancer ever in musical movies?

Nice choice of words



Paper cut underneath my fingernail!!


I Love Lesbian Movies

I love trashing Sasha Cohen even more than Bode Miller

Please dear DU Admins - Please add this to our smilie collection, PLEASE

I must admit - I am weird

a different kind of jigsaw puzzzle

What ethnicity is Paula Abdul?

Substitute one word in any movie title with "disestablishmentarianism."

Remember H.R. Pufnstuf?

Olympic Spoiler for KitchenWitch

Katarina Witt - now THERE was a wardrobe malfunction

This one time.... at skate camp...

It's no fun when them Asians win in the snow

Post here if you busted your ass after a triple sow-cow.

Surya Bonaly - now THERE was a figure skater

Leon Russell or Kings of Leon?

It's 4:20 EST

Is it wrong of me as a liberal to think that the Shriners are weird?

I'm really a cat, you see And it's not my last life at all

Awww Jobby Job

I think one problem with Olympics commentators

Microsoft Word is the crappest thing ever!

Got off early, got dinner in the oven, got the clothes in the washer...

Oeditpus eating a shark

Substitute one word in a movie title with "Kudzu."

Give Us Your Best Co-Worker Nasty Habits Stories

Microsoft Office 2003 Is The BEST Program EVAH!

LBC: Pastor Hospitalized Panic Attack (RE: Success of Brokeback Mountain)

My rice eats cats. What does yours eat?

My friend is watching porn in fast forward while making a conference call!

can someone explain to me what Jaycees does?

Are you mulling over a yes or no question?

Morrissey calls Bush a terrorist, hauled in for question by FBI/Brit Intel

Does anyone here believe in the existence of Bigfoot?

One more Sasha thread: you know it just kills her that she never beat Kwan

I Like A Good "Back-Scratchin"... Don't You?

PSA: Shopping without a car


Dear God in Heaven, I'm now in the 700 Club.

K-Fed to Britney: I'm naked because my clothes are in the washing machine

Gather 'round kiddies for Matcom's JOKE O' The Day!

an oldie but a goodie

Spell check is rally grate.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/24/06)

Japan's blondes vanish as women turn to dark side

This is it. Big day today.

I just made 5 gallons of chili. Ask me anything.

Anybody have a clawfoot tub?

Lots of talk about ice skating today I see....


I just got my Dean's List confirmation!!

OMG! Streaker at the Curling match *SPOILER* & funny Pic

I did it! I finally freakin' did it!

Earworm that most of you won't know

Substitute one word in any movie title with a sack of donuts.

Her name was Lola, she was a show girl

Here's a classic Friday afternoon Earworm: Pass the Dutchie!

Carpentry Poetry

My wife just gave birth!!! We're thinking of naming her Sasha...

Who the FUCK names their kid "Sasha"?

Kitchenwitch and other Twins fans...check out these ads...

I have two new crushes. I knew you'd all want to know.

Octopus eating a shark

Katarina Witt - now THERE was a figure

Boy, do the Olympics bring out hate or what!!??!!

Having a bad, world induced, depression day DU

Who else has not posted in either the kudzu or lesbian thread?

Does Dick Button call Scott Hamilton as his "mini-me?"

So I got a free sample of Axe shower scrub today

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

(PHOTO) A weaver's work on display in Tubac, Arizona, took my breath away!

Katrina survivor, lost cat reunited at last

Have you ever "fired" a psychiatrist (or other doctor) ?

Is it true that British hospitals have "Bars" in them?

Post your favorite amusing quote

I was diagnosed with "flu or flulike illness.

WHOO HOO! Just opened my acceptance letter for grad school!!

Was I overreacting?

I defy anyone to come up with anything more boring than environmental laws

Box Turtle?

Ladies... Would You Do This?? (WARNING: Gross!!) But Mostly... WHY??!!!

I hearby declare today, February 24th: "Beaver Day" in the Lounge

Anyone Else Here Remember Before Abortion Became legal?

I Went to Target Because You Guys Told me to.

Seriously, why won't that damn Kudzu thread die

And now, an East German car commercail...


Little Miss Tavernertot (Pictures)

When does MIDDLE AGE start?

My cat eats rice.. what does yours eat?

Hamel Camel???

I want to write some Emerald Nuts ads.

What do you own that you love the most?

Why's everybody all excited about lesbians and scrubbing the shower?

A friend just setup a new website. DemocraticWarrior!

Love for Floogeldy Thread

When you go shopping price or quality the factor?

Sasha gets skewered by the LA Times

If you crazy-mad love your ISP, kindly share

They should coat the American Idols in Corn Flakes

Substitute one word in any movie title with "gay."

Hey now - Sasha fell on her ass TWICE and still took the silver

Words that sound naughty, but aren't

Penis In Microwave UPDATE: Couple was using fake penis to pass drug test!

So I was almost arrested on the way to work, and I am pissed off!

Sideways character actually WAS drinking "F-ing Merlot" !

Death to Threadjackers! [View All]

Death to threadjackers!


Apart from the mean old atheists at DU...

Holocaust Denial: A New Religion?

My biggest problem with fundamentalism

Love your Mother: ..a mothering God isn't a feminist heresy

I'm not much into the bible although I was raised practically in church

U.S. Health Spending Will Continue To Rise, Reaching 20% Of GDP By 2015

Smoking Raises Root Canal Risk

Study on Placebo Effect: How The Brain Uses Expectations

Brain Anticipates Taste And Shifts Gears, Study Shows (Placebo effects)

New Evidence That Ability To Form Previously Lost Organs Can Be Maintained

What Led To The Emergence Of Social Behavior

Parton Threatened for Having Gay Fans

Bush names homo-bigot to AIDS panel (faith based $$, Justice

Lest we forget how the fundie campaigns always seem to enrich

Utah Governor May Veto Gay Club Ban Bill

France Gives Gay Couples Joint Parenting Rights

OMG, Ricky was right - guess we have to blame Elton and Rosie

Jim West Revisited - Wayne Besen

The Point Foundation is looking for a new Executive Director

A better way of scoring figure skating...

New Cat

on learning to trust intuition, et al

I think I heard a choir just now

"Mystery explosion nearby"

Hillary raising money now that can be used in 2008! Indirectly Kerry

Kerry Most Liberal 2008 Candidate

Franken mentioned JK's investigation of BCCI

Hey, how did your Senator rate?

So, what's going on next week anyway?


WhoHooo...... Just got a backpack................

O/T but: Morrissey questioned by the FBI

Sasha Cohen is 21?

Bill O'Rielly has a letter asking for KO to be fired but will not mention

hey, Patsy, here's a preview of the Friday night pot story

2287 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

AFP: US administration backs down in ports battle

Of course the UAE delayed it

Caught a military Freeper online on a online game..

Bush: India Is Responsible Nuclear Nation

Something must be terribly wrong. I'm getting worried.

Republican scolds "Hannity-Coulter" wing of party for being morans.

I guess it should be George "Dubai" Bush from now on.

Dave Letterman Top 10 tonite

The prejudice of many people on the Left...

Study: Single women tilt Democrat; many don't vote

Daughter got on direct with a call center

UAE Company Offers... vs UAE Company Agrees to Delay

Mike and Kathy Malloy are Celebrating their 9th wedding Anniversary

Why isn't this on the Greatest yet?

David Ray Griffin on Coast to Coast tonight....last reminder

Rove-"we need to win the hearts and minds of mod. Muslim governments"

Movie Investigates 9/11. Loose Change 2nd Edition.

Lessons Learned

In response to Bush's assertion that we should trust his port deal:

I just LOVE Bush criticism!: Bush in deep water amid gale-force winds

did anyone see this today about Chicago airport bomb threat

"RELIGIOUS CLERICS' authority growing in war-torn Iraq"

Can Iraqis visually differentiate between Sunni and Shiite?

Freepers are falling in lockstep now...

Bev Harris peddling her wares at Dkos

Why do the Democrats play it so safe? I've never understood this.

Serious question: Let's say the ports deal goes through. Then one day...

Why don't we fund health care like we do the military?

CA: Bowen Cites Illegalities of Diebold Certification & Calls for Reversal

NASA and footage of FIRST plane hitting WTC

This is the problem posted on Craig's List-Denver

'Daily Show' humor befuddles governor Rod Blagojevich

Will port deal make freepers and others wonder about Bush & 9/11?

Bush in the sandbox begets more Bushes

War of the Words (Terrorists in Iraq must be called "Death Squads")

Bush's "base" raises over 1 million for DeWine campaign


Please give me all the ties from UAE to Bush

More corporate welfare courtesy of the American taxpayer

Check this out! This Dubai company… they have a Kids Zone!

Was there ever a ROVE on the ballot? i.e. "Rove: Port Security Deal ..."

Having a bad, world induced, depression day DU

MPAA files lawsuits against several bittorrent sites

Every step of the way (Iraq)

Is there any way of donating towards the rebuilding of the Samarra shrine?

NPR Friday about 7:45 A.M.

Dubai firm says it will delay U.S. port takeover

Now is the time to pour on the "I told you so's"

Quid Pro Quo --- $100M to * administration from UAE for Katrina

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

Bush says Don' worry re: ports

George Will is on to something but not what he thinks...

United Arab Emirates donated at least $1 million to Bush Sr. library

Ok does anyone have the causalities from vietnam year to year?

DUBYA stands for DUBAI

"Daytime curfew" Uh, isn't that just a nicer way of saying...

Unreal idiot callers on c-span this a.m.

How many feces hits can one fan take?

John Dean: Why Worry About Communications BUSH&CHENEY Are Intercepting?

Juan Cole:You have a civil war now

Once The Beacon of Peace & Democracy-Now Just Global Flamethrower

Sale can be delayed (Rove) not good must be stopped.

Stephanie Miller for ya Friday morning!

Iran, China Close to Signing Major Oil Deal

Dubai company to CLOSE DEAL next on


So What Happens if Iraq is just a huge Civil War?

Isn't this what happened in Vietnam? Civil war?

Find a cure: Beat E.O.R.

The quote of the day...

dupe; please delete

US Ambassador tells Iraqis to save their country

New Borowitz Report - this guy is a genius! LOL

This guy nails what Dem energy policy should be.

I'm not much into the bible although I was raised practically in church

Check out this pic of Doolittle, taking a page from the Rove pr campaign

Bill in Ohio to ban adoption by Republicans

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

New Zogby Poll, in its entirety (Warning: LONG POST)

Smirky gives the same tired speech LIVE on cable news!

Po-Mo Wingers and Scientific vs. Journalistic objectivity

What the hell is going on with Cheney, Halliburton and the UAE????


When does a "brink" become the real thing, re: Iraq civil war?

UAE gets 21 ports, deal done?, and all that...what are we going to do

Toon of TRUTH.....A Must See......

UAE has agreed to a delay in the takeover to address concerns

UAE gave $100 million for Katrina relief

When can we call it "civil war"?

WH (and RW pundits) praise Fitzgerald and his Investigation: HERE

Simple but basic question -- and proposal -- about ports and policy

Given some of the mixed responses to the ports deal, I wanted to get...

Price of Oil Soars as Car Bombers Are Foiled at Saudi Oil Site

Michael Ledeen: Push Democratic Revolt in Iran

For Marc Maron fans--Birth Announcement!

anyone have a link to the image of bush/Cheney in Brokeback Mountain?

Tinfoil Hat Mascot

Can Congress override a presidential veto?

Mark Morford today

Iraq Blog Spot

Oreilly got the memo, get on board or else

cheney giving out medels on cnn now


HELP IMPEACH! People's Impeachment Lobby Feb. 28 - March 1

Is this legitimate?

Jonathan Moseley, the Exec Dir, US Seaport Comm. on CtoC--interview up

Defense Department's Data Mining STOPPED IN NAME ONLY ..SPYING CONTINUES

* speech is laughing at us...laughing at how stupid anyone has been

Why is Congress not in session this week?

Helen Thomas a panelist on C-Span

What the heck is wrong with him? (photo)

I suppose the Iraqi Song and Flowerfest will be postponed this weekend.

Guess who said this about which Constitution crushing president...

Need help here.

Don't honk at the cops.....

Tenn. Halts (illegal) Immigrant Driving Certificates

Iraqi Freedom Congress pleads for unity among Shiites and Sunnis

We are winning! Keep up the good fight! BUSHCO is going down...

What is the US doing to help quell the potential civil war in Iraq?

*IF* there truly is a Civil War in Iraq, I wonder.....

"Riddle me this"!

has anyone pulled together repub comments on the ports deal?

Edited - misleading news report...apologies...

So Willeford Was ALSO Drinking the Day Cheney Shot the Guy --- >>>

Governor "Smith" is confused. Blagojevich

(flashback) Relax! The Iraq war rebuild will only cost us... $1.7 Billion

Robotic Pharmacist 'SAM' Hard At Work

A worthy diversion

I Am A Conspiracy Theoririst; and proud of it!

IRS Finds Charities Overstep Into Politics

Has there been a poll of IRANIANS asking if they want to nuke us?

Patriotism and Money

It's not UNITARY Executive, it's URINARY Executive.

Booster Versus Denigrator-I went to a local Dem meeting last night

Hurricane Damage: 1,400 Toxic Barrels in Sabine Wildlife Refuge

If the Bush Administration 'authorized' leaks, then why on Earth...

DU help please. Is Capital Hill Blue a good source?

Lawsuits Filed to Block Ports Takeover

Want to post more anonymously? Use to hide your IP address


Granny Bee – Abortion for Men

** didn't know, Snow didn't know, Chertoff didn't know.......

What is your definition of a "civil war?"

Naiive question about media companies' executives

FAUX News: All-Out Civil War in Iraq: Could It Be a Good Thing?

Mitchell Wade Will Plead GUILTY-Noose Tightens Around House GOP

Daytime curfews in Iraq. Freedom is on the march all over!

General Boykin is on the job, Task Force 121(death squads)?

Isn't It Kind of Insulting to the War Hero to Get His Award from Deadeye?

Bush speaks to Legionnaires....Usual scared shitless of terrists stuff..

Japanese newscast provides hint about mosque bombing

Meet the Press - All Repug Sunday - Timmy's check must have cleared

The CIA's Pain Project

MANDY RANDI ..........Friday Change For Change Weekend Wrapup

Two Riverside students suspended for taking snowballs to school

Small San Francisco anti-consumerism group getting international attention

"There's supposed to be a curfew" (Healing Iraq blog)

Roe v Wade isn't going anywhere, cause then we'd get Smith v Jones

Google to Digitize National Archives Footage

Please Give Your Corporate Media News Addiction A Break Today

THE SILVER BULLET-Just 17%-Americans-Believe Port Deal Should Be Allowed

Marty Kaplan: W: "My Government"

I wonder if I will get arrested? re: "terrorist" t-shirt

Free Trading Away America's Security---By: David Sirota

Help - I need the picture of Randi and Janice on C-Span

A way to reach the other side

Can you tinfoilers explain what exactly is GAINED by the shrine bombing?

All RWers are not idiots - They are on the other side of the ideological

The ONLY way to preserve the country of Iraq

So the abortion ban passed the complete SD legislature, needs signature

Fox news talking about the o'reilly petition

Government - serve the public interest, dammit!!!

Rove: Every Exploding Mosque Has A Silver Lining

John Adams: "Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast

Have you ever got a repsonse from emailing the Admins?

could we be so ashamed of bush......

Fitzgerald's appointment is unconstitutional!!! (NY $un on Libby case)

Some say the Dubai furor is a false alarm. Maybe so. BUT---

Just in...SD passes abortion bill

New Blog from Riverbend about the mosques...

United at last? Friday 2/24 Toon

It's Intellectually Lazy To Blame bushco For Every Evil

So will Maher still insist

Call me crazy, but...

There are Americans - and there are Bushicans

Randi is crushing them with talking points! - Al Qaeda/UAE connection

O'Lielly: All kinds of Muslim crazies up in Canada running around

German court convicts man for insulting Islam (Reuters)

Why did no Republicans show up to the Ports Briefing yesterday

Shut Up George

Blowback: It’s like HARRIET MIERS ON STEROIDS (Clift-Newsweek)

Steven Hadley sounds and looks like G Bush 41!

Why are they calling it a Civil War?

Damn them! Phelps hate brigade turns up for Mn. funeral; confronts mom...

Mardi Gras now. New Orleans forever.

VIDEO- Craig Ferguson- Bush Impersonator and "Larry King"

Rats and Cockroaches

Big Dick Is Getting So Fat! ---pix--->>>

Bush administration the "sorriest excuse for an administration ... ever."

Am I a bigot?

Frustrated, annoyed, aggravated?

Re: "Laura Bush killing someone"

Bernie Ward: "It's the worst case scenario in Iraq" -- holy shit!

The Ports Controversy: If it exists, where does xenophobia slip into it?

More Sibel Edmonds on Denny Hastert, criminal

CNN's Cafferty: Bush said it's "his" government, so I tell you what --

MSNBC Live Vote: Will Roe v. Wade be reversed?

Great anti-W argument, especially for Family Guy fans

What's Wrong With George? ---pix--->>>

gw(ar)b, has there ever been a more globally hated world leader?

How do we purge PNAC from the nation? Who are they?

BILL MOYERS:"If They Let Us Down & Sell Us Out, They Should Be Fired"

Marijuana Package Mailed Without Address (but had return address...) DOH!

Brainwashing, propaganda, Components of Social Engineering, 101,103

Bad Luck, or Good?

Zogby saw this coming in 2003: A Coordinated and Bigoted Assault

Finally watched Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry

Neo-Nazis to march in Florida

Just received email re: Citgo, Venezuela government

Lingerie Store Loses Challenge to Restrictive Law

Cafferty just smacked wolf-face...

Eve of Destruction--written in the 70's still applies today

Vanity Fair Article by Woolcut on Bush "Dressed To Kill"

Question about Bills of Attainder

Why no KO on Hardball HotShots?

Now that the middle east is spinning out of control, where should Bush

T Bogg..."The Manchurian President" A must view photo show............

TOON - Port security courtesy of the UAE

Does Bush know that his administration is selling the UAE 21 ports

Does anyone have a link to the breaking story out in Mission Viejo, CA?

Jon Stewart explains how you War Dollars are being spent! Replay On now!

**NSA wiretapping not the only story Risen breaks in State of War**

New Rasmussen(I know but...) Dems Favored Over Bush On Nati'l Security

Coulter and Hannity--Mention This on Your Shows (if you have the huevos)

michael rubin on CNN(LOL!)

"Laura Bush Killed a Guy"

Has O'Lielly said peep about Fred Phelps.....

Anybody Here Ever Get To Put A Famous Freeper In Their Place?

Justice Department To Intervene In Voting Machine Case

CNN: 7 Members of 82nd Airborne charged with with soliciting

A political statement at Mardi Gras last night

Rasmussen: Democrats in Congress Trusted more than * on National Security

Want to remain a Constitutional Democracy?

Paranoid thought about Phelps: Talk me out of this!

New Rasmussen Poll: Dems Favored Over Bush On National Security

A photo of an Iraqi boy seen from a bullet-riddled mosque window

Don't allow yourself to be upset with every neo-con freak statement

Santorum Charity Low on Giving, Up on Fees

DoD Staffer's Notes from 9/11 Obtained Under FOIA

Easing fears of biotech food with BIO bullsh*t

Joe Scarborough...F*ck you. Saying Dems in Congress Hoping for Civil War

Tucker Carlson....F*ck You!:.."Valerie Plame and her loud mouthed husband

Dobbs poll:

Thom Hartmann: "The civil war has spread to Saudi Arabia"

Wow, Carville and Begala are really working hard for Hillary

3/04 NYT-BUSH Singles Out Dubai Co For Transporting Centrifuge/Nuke Equip


Gates of Hell Are Open-CIVIL WAR In Iraq Is Imminent (The Australian)

Fox: All-out civil war could be a good thing

"ERRR..I'd like to apologize to Dick Cheney for shooting me in the face"

Thanks a lot, South Dakota. Thanks a lot.

Limo Shot of Bush F**kfinger reveals more ominous: Brownshirt Corps

Does anyone have a list of the admin's crony connections to the UAE?

VIDEO-Lou Dobss-Which Governor LIKES the Port Deal?

Morrissey (yes, THAT Morrissey) questioned by the FBI

No Bravery (video) updated with the Holy Shrine Askariyah in Samarra

Lawsuit: "Fraud and intimidation" accusations w/ chimp's library proposal

Heads up on Liberal documentaries....

Thank you guys,

Medical privacy? You jest

What are *’s REAL goals in Iraq and would Civil War Help or Hurt?

Parents Put Teen On Street Corner After Suspension

Well Now! Pete King Saying IF Investigation Of UAE Looks OK

Is Fred Phelps linked to an 'accidental' death?

Anyone going to the Teamster's protests today (re: ports)

Being able to blow up tall buildings in NY and DC: Priceless (UAE & 9/11)

STOP the PRESSES! NY Times does it again! Changes WH Katrina report story.


Why's a Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel on the "No-Fly" List?

"They've all been in on the swindle."

Dobbs is on Wolfie next to debate Daryl Issa about the ports situation...

New Bush halo shot today.

If I Were the chimp I Really, REALLY Would Not Go to India Next Week!

Krugman's "Osama, Saddam and the Ports" at -- excellent

What's the deal with Lou Dobbs?

Popular response to Samarra bombing has been to blame the U.S. occupation

The economy is strong and getting stronger my @$$

2 Plame Whistleblowers Removed From Jobs by Admin (Jason Leopold)

CIA`s Pain Project

WE NOW HAVE 100% PROOF THAT Bush/Rummy wanted to attack Iraq on 9/11


The Hacketting of New Hampshire

About Fallujah-Appalled by a connection I only made today

Wow, Rasmussen has Approval of Port Deal at Just 17%

NSA investigates claim of "secret liberal lab"

All-Repug Show On MTP This Weekend:

Don't forget tonight Bill Maher RealTime on HBO

Every statewide elected Democrat in CT endorses Lieberman

"Only one of the six U.S. ports in question even has a working radiation

Is there a reason the dead person from Alabama is back in the news?

BRAD BLOG: Incredibly Bad Press for Diebold...From Coast to Coast...

Whoo! What's he on?

Listening to Randi re UAE- (has witness to arms deals, drugs, $laundering)

You And The Giggling Murderer Alone In An Elevator-It Gets Stuck...

If you could go back in time and stop ONE event, what would you stop?

The UAE deal is throwing a monkey wrench into the PNAC agenda

The Club Who Snubbed Bill Clinton

My conversation with a solider

Joe Klein has sold out. Is he being paid, like Maggie and Armstrong?

"Fierce streetfighting at my doorstep for the last 3 hours"

Question for all the DUers

VIDEO--Schuster on Plame/Libby/Fitzgerald Feb 23 06

VIDEO- Letterman's Top Ten Feb 23 06

Anti-War Congressional Democrat placed on NO-FLY List!

dear tweety matthews how many carlyle stock are you being given to

What are our leaders saying about UAE?

I'm so enraged I'm seeing RED: Phelps sign, 'THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS"

Would The Baggie Company Survive If Marijuana Were Legalized?

Has anyone heard this meme from the Religous Right or is it new?

William F. Buckley: "The War in Iraq Has Failed"

Libby in court today .....

3:24 AM --sheriff's helicopter has been flying overhead for the last hour

We caught them ignoring our security, but that's not their main game

gov richardson wants people to sign his petition on ports

Bill O'Reilly's petition to Fire Keith Olbermann

I just received a phone call from a 'polling group'.

Who wants a free Gore MLK day Speech DVD?

KFC plants hidden secret in new TV commercial

UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 U.S. ports, not 6 (as widely reported)


Medicaid (GA) to members: Sign over home or get out of program!

Zogby Poll email

Boy scales fence, puts fingers in fence, BEAR bites kid,bearS put to sleep

Which person, real or fiction, embodies the most Republican qualities?

Mosque Bombing: "Specialist Job"

Alabama is trying to steal Georgia's peaches

Pandora's Box Opened in Iraq

Royalty's Country's Corporation Buys Ports In Corporate Royalty's Country

Flame me if you want, but I think Mardi Gras looks like "Reality TV"

Within days Hannity will say he's been convinced that it's a good deal

Juan Cole: Bringing the United Nations Back In (to Iraq)

"For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield and *dial-up warning*

katrina report..... mention of those who made any survival possible...

Why Bush-Cheney Can Never Allow a Peaceful Transfer of Power

Are there any DUers who HAVEN'T donated to DU???

Who will fly the Tibetan Flag at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing?

South Dakota did advocates of Roe v Wade a huge favor

A Freeper On SD's Abortion Ban: This Person Get It.

Fought back tears this morning when answering my 5-yr-old's questions

A case can be made for trusting Dubai more than Washington

The Left Hand of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right...

C Matthews just compared Bush to

an email from a kool-aid drinker that needs responding to-

Fred Phelps story coming up on CNN News

The Prescience of Jello Biafra

Who the fuck is Atticus Finch?

FREEPERS: Brit MP & former cabinet member explains Bush & terrorism

White House Katrina Report says MILITARY should be involved, blames no one

FITZ PIX! --->>>

Listen Up: The Port Deal WILL GO THROUGH, The Repubs WILL FOLD


Now that the "good citizens" of SD have banned abortion, when can we

None of the Above. None.

Another pic of a warm kind-hearted Repuke Honey...

THIS is what I've been saying for YEARS!

Are neocons behind the outcry against the UAE ports deal? Answers here:

a freeper republican probably inspired by santorum marriage contract ugg A friend of mine just setup a new website.

WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY - Admits Defeat in Iraq:"American Objective Has Failed"

ACLU opposes creation of 'Catholic town'

Abuse rattles Indian call centre staff

"Everyone with a laptop thinks they are a journalist"..Helen Thomas

Hesiod post at kos is a MUST READ - he nails Hackett swiftboating to Rove

Xenophobia? That's What You're Going With?

Dubai Ports World Agrees to Delay Ports Takeover

Amazing video sets BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) history to Music !

I listened to a promo for the Oxycotin Man....

Secrecy Is The Enemy Of Democracy

Bush’s Proposed Health Accounts Would Be “The Mother of All Tax Shelters”

John Snow's lackey Robert Kimmitt: "Concerns were raised & were resolved"

Sherrod Brown on Big Eddie today..

Falwell: Supreme Court Takes Up Partial Birth Abortion Case

Dubai company agrees to delay U.S. port deal

Dubai officials, Osama cozy before 9/11, CIA says

Taliaferro: 3 Year anniversary of something NeoCons said would take weeks

Port Cartoons

truthout article - FRIGHTENING!

2007 - a peek into next year

Fox: Abu Asma, "Al Qaeda in Iraq leader," killed by Coalition Forces

"You told us this a long time ago, and were vilified for it."

Nat'l Guard Assoc. Tribute to GW?

Now We Know Why Bush Wouldn't Move On Port Security

This entire administration is a security risk.

AP photo: Stop illegal wiretapping; Bush broke the law

Photos: Maybe Karen Hughes can visit these folks, calm them down.

NBC failed to report the significance of DPW's government ownership

Republicans no longer believe in investing in America...

O'Reilly: "Al Qaeda understands it can never defeat the USA in Iraq"

Architect of neoconservatism now says it's a failed ideology

U.S. Agrees Not to Fund Abstinence Program (RW agenda)

Barton (R) going after Citgo for helping the poor; twisted priorities!

ILWU position on Dubai Ports World

Senate's North-South Rift Blocks Aid Bills

Need info re: German citizen tortured

Ride,ride now,spears shall be splintered,shields shall be shattered.ere ..

Danny Schechter Calls For March 21 Protests Targeting Media

Rice hears challenges to U.S. Mideast policy

Scooter's New "Defense"

Bush says Iraq faces "moment of choosing"

Contractor pleads guilty in Cunningham bribery scandal

Proof of early Iraq planning?

Question on the Dubai Port deal: I hear repukes say that this

Please DU This Poll

It's bad when the only people you can OOPS! I hit the button 2x

It's bad when the only people you can convince you are right are

Snow Says He May Tell Congress More About Investment Approvals

Lawsuits Filed to Block Ports Takeover (by Miami-based company)

United Arab Emirates

The DLC is the EXTREME right-wing of the Democratic Party

Tim Russert is a slimey right-wing hack. Only Rethug guests now

Hey, I was just thinking about Dubai and how the thugs are telling

Ill GOv's aides under investigation.

Whatever happened to Linda Tripp?

New Abu Ghraib Film

Just 17% Favor Dubai Ports Deal - Rasmussen

This is too funny. Bush was speaking at the Washington, DC Capital

Neo Nazi Parade in Orlando, FL tomorrow.

Local (VA)Teamsters protest sale of ports to Dubai company

Bush's demagoguery: critics of port deal help the enemy or are bigots

the Civilian inmate labor program - oh yeah

A sign some on the right care more about America than about Bush

Where do you stand on NATO / military intervention in Darfur?

Does anybody in this adminstration know a goddamned thing?

CNN's Play of the Week: GOP's 'Declaration of Independence'

Fridays Election Reform Daily Thread

If I supported ****, I'd be heading for the hills right about NOW!

Just because Dubai is in the news.. I have not forgotten:

Republican chair of 9/11 commission: deal should never have happened

The assault will come from the right. (II)

Froomkin Nails It: "The Underlying Problem"/Why Ports Story Won't Go Away

Everything Changed on 9/11 - You're Either With Us Or Against Us

Were you aware that the Pilgrims who died did so due to Socialism?

Free Impeachment poster

SF Weekly: "Greening the Left"

Bush is a wimp on terror (repeat loudly, often so that Repubs can hear) A friend of mine just setup a new website.

Dean says Heather Wilson tried to hide that she met with Boehner...

US conducts subcritical nuclear test - in Nev., underground

9 of 10 "Most Vulnerable House Incumbents" are GOP

I had a run-in with a LaRouchePAC enthusiast

Defense contractor: I paid $1 million in bribes (CNN/AP) {Cunningscam}

Put on your thinking caps!

I would be proud to have fred phelps protest at my funeral

What are the abortion laws in other countries?

Math points to Democratic gains in 2006 governors' races

Any news yet about if Wesley Clark is going to run in 2008?

if it applies to IRAN and IRAQ, why doesn't it apply to ARABIA?

Greenspan decries partisan politics, calls for 3rd party

Reaching the None of the Aboves: Winning with "Elvis" & Populism

How does the Supreme Court decide which cases it will take?

Cable News gets out the EXTRA LARGE KNEEPADS for BushCo Today!

Attention '06 candidates and wannabes ....... the word this time is ......

Nine Professors At Columbia Are Deemed 'Dangerous'

Libby's lawyers ask to dismiss perjury case

NEW GOP Meme on the DU: Why can't GOP types be on the DU - if nice?

Christian rioters kill and burn 146

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE - Dubai Ports World Opens First Facility in US

Bill Moyers: Republicans own the government lock, stock, and barrel

Joe Conason on Bush family's "many financial ties to Arab sheikdoms"

Photo: Seattle Longshoremen send a message to the Chimp-In-Chief

US to indict members of "public interest law firm" : Milberg Weiss LLP

How many dead Americans does it take?

We invaded Iraq because of the Euro

I don't object to letting the UAE take over mgmt of our ports.

Democratic Cop Lets Me Off With a Warning

Republican labeling us "MoveOn" wing really means NON-DLC (compromised)

Sinking Economy

Nominate your choice for a theme song for the Bush Regime.