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Archives: February 22, 2006

IMF measures wreak havoc on Iraqi people

True or False or Both?

Check Your Conscience at the Door: We're Building an Empire

Paranoia about Dubai ports deal is needless

What Would Democrats Do Differently?

Nixon’s ’68 Comeback Offers Clues For Gore (from NYO)

San Francisco pilot plan to save the earth from global climate change.

Minnesota moose: No bulls ... or cows

Hamas could be just what we needed

Randi Rhodes Opens The Door For 9/11 Truth - Audio Inside

Maps for ClaraT

Just got back from stirring up trouble at Chabot's townhall at the Urban

Officials say "Trust Us" When Very Basis of American System is Distrust!!

Feb. 23 at Harvard: 'Rights on the Line: Vigilantes on the Border'

What do these towns have in common?

Flight Sim 5, great program, or the work of

I voted today!!

My racist homeowner's association will be getting a

Anybody working the polls for Early Voting?

Chris Matthews appears to be defending Bush's decision......

Summers stepping down as Harvard president in June

Comptroller probing sale of Olmert's Jerusalem home to offshore company

Motorcyclists Roll to Soldier Funerals

Guantanamo actors held at airport

Family, neighbors of terror suspects search for answers

Pakistan Mulls Building Trade, Energy Corridor to China

AP Wire: Coleman to hold hearing on ports deal

OS X flaw exposes Macs

Overtime lawsuits starting to proliferate

Pataki transferred to Manhattan hospital, undergoes surgery

House Democrat says White House nixed NSA briefing (in December)

GOP Senator eyes public financing bill(Voinovich on Dodd, Durbin proposal)

Colorado Gay Benefits Gain Traction

Moussaoui Team Seeks Rep. Weldon Testimony

Hecklers Disrupt Scalia at D.C. Appearance

Kucinich's brother running in neighboring congressional district

Calif. Execution Postponed Indefinitely-Yahoo

States going after employers of illegals

Report probes (98) US custody deaths (in Iraq and Afghanistan)

Neocon Architect Says: 'Pull it down' (Fukuyama Recants)

Scandal-hit Vatican banker dies (BBC)

How many times do you wash your hands?

I am raising a cereal bowl!

Crater feature on Saturn's moon, Tethys, named after Janet Jackson

Well, I called 'im back but he never responded...

Idea for new Winter Olympic sport

Isn't that cute...

Ferrari vs mercedes..120 mph on Pacific Coast Highway

Student eats trousers college professes...

I might be NAKED. Ask me anything.

Go Edna! This is hysterical.

Live young!

I might NOT be naked. Don't ask me anything.


I'm wearing only a burgundy bathrobe. Ask anything you'd like!


If you ran up 6 flights of steps... at a 5 minute interval between every

I'm listening to Bach's Mass in Bm...

Hedrick vs. Davis -- -head to head, right now on TV. EST

Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney.

Frontline: The Insurgents on PBS next:

When was the last time whoisalhedges was flacid?

San Francisco Zoo Web Site: "No matches found for trouser snake"

My own "While You Were Out"...

I have no clue where to go... So, where should I go? For vacation!!

In vino veritas!

So, here it is. It's that time o' the year again anyway...

Check out this cool assignment I have to do for my Shakespeare class...

Electrical question

OK, I have now officially lost my mind.

Wow, a male nurse at the clinic looks terrible...

What gases you out?

Behold! 534 recipes for Dorito casserole!

Carpe Crustolorum.

Let's have a contest for a new, stronger name for *

the women of the Winter Olympics are amazing...

The 7 foot 4 inch woman is an internet hoax??? Did you get burned too?

I love Olympic curling!

Haha, the cat hates Club soda

Yo howdy

Favorite Olympics?

What haven't you listened to today?

What have you listened to today?

You know what the best part about eating a low fat Salad for dinner...

I'd love to see "Hannity and Colmes" change to "Hannity and Clooney"..

The Critic?

Hmm, I think I just became a fan of soccer(or football if you prefer)

That female Turkish ice skater did great...

Need the link to Cheney Plays Folsom

I'm at 5067 posts!

You may have seen this one before...

What's your favorite recipe with garlic as an ingredient?

I love the lounge because _________________

Is there anyplace I can watch the Olympics Online?

I questioned the pop

Our darling Chihuahua, Spike, got hit by a car tonight.

The Coral...

I guess it's true. The filthy fucking rich ARE better than the rest of us.


Computer ISP question?

Had (yet) another dream last night with Chris Isaak in it.

UNsynchronized Woohoo Chorus: A brief history.

Dilemma - need your votes on this.

My life is now complete. I have a live Wesley Willis DVD.

Y'all have me on ignore, or what?


What grosses YOU out?

Attention! I've invinted a new word for your lexicon!

What's your favorite frozen treat, not ice cream?

OK, fess up. Are there any NAUGHTY pictures of you?

What? Can a sheep be "popped"? Really? Please explain this to me.

What would be cool sounding names for heavy metal bands that

(Openly gay) Seattle cleric a finalist for California post

FDA Asked to Prohibit use of Carbon Monoxide in Red Meat

Utah Moves To Block Gay Parent Visitation Rights

Boy George slams gay marriage sham

Gays Rebuff Hillary

New Canadian Gov't Sets New Rules For Supreme Court Appointments

Gay Seattle cleric finalist for Calif. Episcopal Bishop Post

Tab Hunter and Harry Hamlin on Bill O'Reilly

Colorado Gay Benefits Gain Traction

(Openly gay) Seattle cleric a finalist for California post

1500 meter - spoiler unless you've seen the race

What time is the speed skating to air? ****SPOILER****

Is it wise to invest heavily in a relationship w/o a Saturn connection?

Manifestation Check-in Group : Check in thread #2


Drug benefits and special interests


Ahm, this just struck me as funny.

Do you guys know that every single

LCV Releases Scorecard. MA Rocks.

Well now I've done it!

KOEB Meeting -- 2/21/06: Finding His Veto Edition

I am baking a Golden Peach Pie right now...

A little slide show to entertain you all...

A Request for my cousin

SCANDAL: Bush nominated PORT DEAL exec as Maritime Admin in January

Ca. Secretary Of State Re-certifies Diebold Voting Machines

Dinner at the Prophets

Listening to Ileana Ros Lehtenen talk about

MSNBC covering the Bush Admin ties to UAE ports deal.

Reep '08 Convention to be hosted by UAE

Curt Weldon and Bill Press....separated at Birth?!?!?

Bush really IS a uniter!!!!!!

UAE has no plan to normalise ties with Israel

Port deal: The difference, Mr. Bush, is... "9-11"

Here is a stupid question

Who was just played on "The Majority Report?"

Chimpy's Terra! Terra! Terra! Bug-a-boo Bites him in the Ass

Was UAE on the "invasion list"???

I miss the Cheney threads since this port deal thing happened...

Why is it

Tweety is all over the board on the port issue

Graham & 5th column - let's get it right before we tar & feather

the ports issue is a way for repugs in congress to distance themselves

Why doesn't DU take up a collection to buy a few ads in various papers??

WHOOHOO! mccain can kiss presidential hopes...

Is the Constitution at fault for the mess U.S is in?

I say the ports are a form of protection money, they've heard in...

Repubs are so mad about this port deal that when they vote...

Freepers overwhelmimgly oppose Bush on UAE/Dubai Port deal

McCain - "The president has earned our trust in the war on terror" - just

Chris Matthews appears to be defending Bush's decision......

Could the port scandle lead to the Republicans FINALLY let Bush go home an

Report probes US custody deaths

NCLB and Military Recruiting - great video!

Bill Maher coming up now on Wolfie.

The good thing about the UAE port deal.

George Bush* is walking into a bi-partisan buzzsaw. KO

How come we can't control our own ports?

Message to Bush : Main Differences Between Britain and the UAE

Keith O is on.......... Running with Port Authority

So Bush cares about racism? Funny he didn't show it after Katrina...

"There about 150 people that work in my office and many are libs..."

Plans for Easter in Crawford at Camp Casey

Is the U.S. at War with the United Arab Emirates?

The quail speaks!

FRAME IT! BUSH's Bush VETO THREAT shows that he is weak on SECURITY

Any thoughts on why Bush is hellbent on greasing the UAE's palms?

Kohlman (on KO) is another liar. He said at least the port deal has

Dubai skyscrapers, bin Laden Construction Group, etc.

Let's compare Iraq's record to UAE on terrorism


If we want Hamas to recognize Israel, why not the UAE too? n/t

Since UAE is so invested in the US, wouldn't security be a priority?

A Funny from My Hair Stylist in this Red, Red Town

I think 9/11 brought out the very worst in Americans

UAE in the 911 report

'Bizarre' Electrocution Prompts Home Builder Lawsuit (not a UAE thread!)

Holy smokes Lou Dobbs!

This week on The Daily Show

Will Bush Throw More Money @ Port Security To Secure Deal?

UAE Tax Haven: A Complete Index-Resources for fleeing Americans

More Cafferty e-mail: stunning.

oh and the only governor that thinks it is a good deal is Jeb Bush...

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry handles

Cunningham starts defense fund

US negotiating Free Trade Agreement with UAE

I have a new religion that involves hallucinogens

Where Should the RNC hold the 2008 Convention?

Breaking! Bush turns over US Mint to Saudi owned company

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World-Orrin Hatch

it's treason, ain't it???

Who will Bush outsource the football to?

"PDB" August 6th, 2001 - Kindly reminder

Chocolate Makers Cater to Health-Conscious

Few Biologists but Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition

CNBC Poll on Port Deal

Something stinks...............

Bush toady on CNN: PORTS more secure if owned by ARAB government

CNN/MSNBC Coverage of "Take Over of Ports" is Great! BUT BEWARE!!

Anybody else watching CinemaxE tonight?

So us LIHOP'ers aren't looking so crazy anymore

Must See TeeVee - Do NOT miss this program - Frontline

If the panel approved the port deal without all members involved ..does

Welcome to DU, name removed

We need to start a draft Bill O' Reilly for Senate group

Who thought in this lifetime I would agree with Frist and Hasert

Rich Republican Tax Spenders

Scalia angry at questions following AEI speech

Horrors of Camp Delta are exposed by British victims

Drug Plan's Start May Imperil G.O.P.'s Grip on Older Voters

Frontline: Inside the Iraqi Insurgency Starting now 9pm

Hey Harvard peeps: Ding-dong the asshole's gone!!

UMMMM.... ERRRR.... UMMMM.... DUHHHH.... *cough*....*hack*....

For those hoping to win over the freepers r.e. UAE

So are we going to have foreign gov'ts running part of our military next?

Bikers roll to counter Rev. Phelps anti-gay protests at soldier's funerals

So, has anyone heard how OxyRush is handling the Dubai sale?

Looks like they found Cheney's prescription bottle at the scene..

Here you go.. 15-second campaign spot about port security

Huff Po: OBL, "and this bird you'll never change"...

Are These Bastard Finished Raping.......

What if BushCo "gave" Guantanamo "back" to Cuba?

Boxer laying it out on Scarborough...

The Brave Sir George (Pic)

The meme re: ports. BUSH's PORTS PLAN is WEAK ON SECURITY

Repug strategist on msnbc is playing the race card on Boxer re" ports

Bigger bush threat to America: govt spying on citizens, ME over US ports?

I'd rather fight 'em over here than fight 'em over there....??

Rush is in favor of the port deal, so you know what that means

Finally an issue both the right and left can get behind


Link to Jack Cafferty video?

In John They Trust: villagers worship a mysterious American

Anyone Having Real Player Issues w/Air America? During Commercials

Joe Scarborough giving his repuke guests hell on MSNBC

The Definition of Bush Derangement Syndrome

Freeper post of the year!

New plan to ban online gambling sites from US

A letter to the righties of this world

Court Allows Church's Hallucinogenic Tea

The Colbert Report is also back new tonight!

Libby set up website today--legal defence fund-(Bush/Cheney endorse-

explain your anger towards bush...this ought to be good

Where do they find them, these fawning, mewling courtesans?

"Shazam mommy, I didn't know nothing about no seaport thang"

It's a New Daily Show Tonight!!!!!!

Mike Malloy just presented an ineresting theory...

Misinformation about UAE Continues: Mark Foley (R,FL) on Scarborough

VIDEO- KO on the Ports-Selected Bits

1500 meter - spoiler unless you've seen the race

Provocative T-shirt show banned in Poland (hmmm similar to cartoons?)

Question, re: Candy Crowley comment

Do you think that Deadeye really cares about Halliburton money?

C-SPAN removes Scalia conference?

VIDEO- Bob Menendez on Port Security

Iranian expats complacent in LA BBC World Video Report

American Buddhist Lama Surya Das on The Colbert Report tonight?!?

Democratic Underground vs Republican Underworld

Ill Clinton misses press conference

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth

The point is that Bush is outsourcing our port security to a foreign govt.

Where is DEAN on this ports issue?

Do we (US Government or US company) own and run ports in other countries?

Could Portgate be a stunt to help Republican Congress members in 06?

Has chimp got anyone on his side besides McCain?

Russia tries to save Iran from USA's military attack

Maher: We gave the finger to privacy a long time ago (about wiretapping)

Most People Are Selfish Assholes

Surprise! McCain all for the sales of our ports to UAE

Dubai Ports: The Bush base is solid

Pentagon thinks Saddam bought WMDs in Russia and hid them in Syria

Ok, SORRY for another Freeker post on ports, but THIS one is a must see

Call your Senator and demand nationalization of our PORTS.

Is bush smarter than the people that voted for him?

The fact that your enemy agrees with you does not always mean

Is there a chance freeps will connect the cronied dots to global fascism?

If you missed CNNs MOST EXCELLENT coverage of the Ports

BUSH wants a foreign government to own our PORTS!

Bigger vegetable (lack of brain function) Reagan or W?

Is the seaport scandal a trick to ultimately get Haliburton the contract?

Oxycontin Pigboy Rush Limbaugh breaks up with CNN sweetie Daryn Kagan

bush is a lame chimp president....expect more corrupt actions like...

Rumsfeld Just Learned of Port Deal - but approved it on the 13th?

And Then Along Comes Mary (Matalin) pic

Predictions on Bushs next poll numbers ?

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Welcome Back Mike

I'm on hold with Mike Malloy!

My good neighbor just sent me this, the same guy who drives an EV

The Report From Iron Mountain

Why would Carter approve of the sale of the ports to the UAE

any DU legal types want to give me some free advice?

Some basic facts on this "port deal" are not getting mentioned

Bush IS a uniter!

Group Wants Confederate Monument Removed

The U.S. has a TRADE AGREEMENT With the UAE:

Mandatory Boston Legal thread

Nikita Khrushchev, Port of New York, 1950's


Frontline: The Insurgents on PBS next:

Carlyle Group to acquire Multiplan, largest independent PPO in America

You need to read this old LA Times article on Bin Laden and the UAE!

Why were our ports ever sold in the first place? To the Brits or

*** Tuesday TOONs: Cheney, Ports, & Olympics ***

Who is your favorite president?

July, 2001, UAE: Osama Bin Laden stays at hospital in Dubai, UAE

Help with a project...need some great protest songs of the '60's era

DU and the UAE Story

Do Larger Breasts Equal Lower Grades? Online Voters Say 'Yes'

Port Insecurity == 911 blowback - Is Globalization Now Threatened?

Did you ever support Bush? If so, when and why?

Funny how the UAE had real ties to Al-qaeda yet we invaded Iraq

At what price point would you convert to solar power?

100+page "Culture of Corruption" Report from Rep Louise Slaughter:

Anti-Arab hostility surfaces over port buyout (from The Progressive)

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

Al Sharpton's Radio Show

Don't Feed the Beast By Using the Hate Wing Term "Partial Birth Abortion"

Dubai/UAE US port operations sale ***THREAD COMPILATION*** Please add!

How much wind and solar power would $1,000,000,000,000.00 buy?

Did Germany, Japan or Italy manage US ports during/after WWII?

CNN is channeling DU - "Raw deal over U.S. ports?"

I cant give you the exact quote

Bush cabal still planting stories in Iraq papers; it still isn't working

Check out the rerun of Scalia's performance on C-Span. Now!

Comic: This time even Repubs. PIssed Off.

Freeper Wish "Stop talking about VEEP!"

Worst reason to have a United Arab Emirates company to control US ports?

This Seaports deal is getting a lot of folks very, very angry.

Bush's Hamas Fatwa: "My view is we don't have a partner in peace"

Who cares that UAE may run our ports

Homeland Security NOT

So this idea of global management means that our military is for hire

Frontline: The Insurgents on PBS next:

Alito hires Adam Ciongoli aid to Ashcroft

Another poll... cause me love them pol's (PORT Issue)

I gotcher 'faymblee vay-yews" ... right here in Statisticsville

Every Ohio Republican and their party now trying to appear ethical

We Need Some Ballot Referenda Of Our Own


Loony RW-group - The Presidential Coalition - Ad in today's Usa Today

Dubai firm raises stake for P&O

Fighting for our Port Security in Dubai so we don't have to here at home.

Sodrel Introduces Bill On Prayer In State Legislatures

Longshoremen To The Rescue - How About This......

What does the UAE have on Bu$h?

'Taking On the Chickenhawks' is the

Look down the road...

NewsHour: "PRESIDENT Cheney.......oooops"

MoveOn Constitution Vigil

Are We The Being Suckered In By A 'Rove Job' On The Port Issue?.......

What Ratio Of Our Port Operations are Internationally Owned?

Band of Brothers PAC needs help

Chuck Schumer & Michael Savage make friends

Thank You DU!

We lost a long-time anti-war trench fighter to cancer .......

question for the "pragmatists".

1/17/06: Bush nominated exec from Dubai Port Co. to Dept of Transportation

Port Insecurity == 911 blowback - Is Globalization Now Threatened?

Arab Americans see bigotry behind ports uproar

Vote Rigging Programmer Clint Curtis Runs for Congress...

White House Had Prior Knowledge Of Cheney Threat (Onion)

Mahir Ali: Collateral damage in war on quails (Cheney hit)

P-G LTTE: Diebold "welcomes scrutiny"

President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals (Onion)

(CFIUS) Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States

CNN: Your e-mails: Raw deal over U.S. ports?


Port Security Humbug--WaPo (Supports Ports Giveaway)

Who will speak?

I Didn't Call John Stossel a "Corporate Shill" -But I Should Have!

NYT editors oppose port deal: The President and the Ports

Deny Anything, Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But Not the Holocaust

Gene Lyons on the Cheney shooting

WAPO Comes out in support of the port turn-over to UAE.

P&O Agrees to 6.4 bln bid by Singapore's PSA Intn'l/1-26-06

UAE royals, bin Laden's Saviours

Who's spending big now? The 'party of small government'

Bush Nominated UAE Port Exec to Key Post in January

Breaking News: Corporations Found Running Ports!

The Continued Ethical Challenges of Mike Huckabee


We Are Iran: The Persian Blogs

If America were Iraq, What would it be Like? ......... Juan Cole

Rumsfeld Changes His Story on Planting Reports

"Why America hates the D.C. media" ..and other RW bullshit

Cafferty File - Furious Emails on Sale of Ports/LINK/VID

Ship of Fools:Free Trade Fundamentalism Trumps National Security-C. Floyd

Shrines destroyed...possible Civil war in Iraq?

Who attacked the shrine in Samarra?

In the Middle East, a serving of boiled Rice

Slicing Away Liberty: 1933 Germany, 2006 America

Growing criticism puzzles many in shipping industry

Dubai firm running ports no big deal

Fukuyama: Neocon'ism has evolved into something I can no longer support

Editorial: We Dare Not Speak Its Name by Rev. Rich Lang

Pension Bill status 2/21- House and Senate Must Now Reconcile Reform Bills

Backroom (GOP) Deal in Washington Threatens to Kill Cape (MA) Wind

Bush's long-term energy strategy begins with short-term cuts to energy eff

Norway Firm Plans World's Biggest Wind Park

(Wisconsin) Senate gives big yes to wind, solar energy (RPS)

Bush Urges India to Separate Nuke Programs

Evergreen Solar Announces $100 Million Sales Agreement with S.A.G.

Anaerobic Digestion Found to Produce Renewable Energy

Houston may face gasoline shortages (Also East Coast, TX, Summer)

Report Profiles Nuclear-Plant Attackers

Amazonian terra preta soil can transform poor soil into fertile

Olmert: Hamas is not a threat to Israel

Bin Laden's Pre-Election Video - A Detailed Analysis

General Ivashov: “International terrorism does not exist”

Revisit time - did Cheney order or not order the shoot down of Flight 93?

California: Last Friday as Millions of Californians were preparing

Brd. Cty Election Spvr. Brenda Snipes at my Dem Club meeting tonight

CA: Whistle Blower Pleads Not Guilty in Diebold Memo Case

What's wrong with the Holt Bill? (We ought to talk about this.)

Brad: Why do Diebold's Touch-Screens Have Wireless Data Transfer Ports?

Debra Bowen on DKos: Can the Diebold takeover of CA elections be stopped?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday Feb 22, 2006

This week's Civic Skinny 02-22-06

Blouin gets AFSCME endorsement

In South Dakota women's reproductive health care rights

anybody going to the 'protect the constitution' rally at the capitol today

Let's start a letter writing campaign against the pro-war ads in MN

Entenza's labor problems

Amy Klobuchar to be on MPR 11am Thurs 2/23/06

Windows Vista Build 5308 - Screen Captures

Nueces County funds Rangel pharmacy school

Richard Morrision now attacking Senator Madla too

Any suggestions about plumbers in Austin? I'm trying to find someone

Well, well. Ron Kirk endorses Chris Bell.

107 House race heats up in the blogosphere

I can't believe it- I actually got a call back from Cornyn's office

Do we have any Tarrant County people in the house?

Free Trip from Austin to Dallas

Spice rack ideas?

Does anyone have a Bunn - NHB?

I am not a "fancy" cook & I am no food expert...

On Canada's Complacent Left

Team Canada loses 2-zip to Russia, bounced from Olympics...

So who's wining hockey gold?

AP: Bayh to introduce bill requiring port security oversight

Report says 98 dead in US custody in Iraq, Afghanistan

Russia tries to save Iran from USA's military attack

The Continued Ethical Challenges of Mike Huckabee

Religious charities accuse US of interfering in their work

Explosion destroys Golden Dome, Shi'ite shrine

Miami Herald/AP: Bush defies GOP on port deal

Two-thirds of US detainee killings 'go unpunished'

Tampa steps into port deal debate

Democrats Shying Away From Ney

UN faults Israel for halt in funds to Palestinians

Companies offer space services for remains of average people

Planting Stories Under Review

Exiled Aristide vows to return to Haiti

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry handles

Ex-Okla. insurance commissioner sentenced

Democrat: White House chief of staff nixed NSA wiretap briefing

AP: Democrats and Republicans line up against port deal

Brutal murder was anti-Semitic crime, says Sarkozy (France)

GOP Achievers Want to Compile $5 Million for Libby Defense

Libby's Lawyers Deny 'Greymail' Claims

NY Daily News: White House Has Ties to Dubai Firm

Iraq: Al-Sadr Blames Sunnis For Bombing

AP Bush Didn't Know About Ports Deal

(Sunni) Cleric killed in Baghdad after attack on Samarra shrine

(A-01, WP) Federal Wildlife Monitors Oversee a Boom in Drilling

U.S. Jan. CPI up surprising 0.7% on energy costs

Pentagon recalled Lewis’s(R-CA) approps staffer (broke GOP and DoD regs)

Security fears about infiltration by terrorists(BushCo "Portgate" concerns

Human Events: Congresswoman Says 'Hell No' to Bush's Ports Sale

AP Wire: Haiti's Preval Says Aristide Can Return

N.J. will file suits to block transfer of port operations

US troops taught Iraqi gestures

Conservatives back Faso for gov, split from GOP (NY Gov race)

White House woos Congress on ports--Rep. Foley: Veto could meet override

UK connection casts dark shadows over Berlusconi poll battle (bribery?)

Ohio Democrats shying away from Ney race

CNN: Bob Dole hired by Ports company to lobby Congress

New FBI Computer System Exceeds Costs

Lt. Gov. Landrieu to Take On Nagin in New Orleans Mayor Race

Analysts: Health Care Costs to Keep Rising

Health cost to double in decade

Dubai's Port of No Return-ties between the UAE, bin Laden, and the Taliban

Poll: Faith in Gov't Readiness Falling

Terminal at IAH shut down due to security breach

Italy condemns Prophet cartoons as furor continues

Audit Says Ohio Owed $13.5M From GOP Donor

(NYT) Rice, on Tour, Finds Egypt Unreceptive to Hamas Aid Cutoff

Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval

Port Deal Pits Bush Against Party, Puts Two Key Goals at Odds

Death Toll Rises in Nigerian Violence

Daily Record: N.J. will sue to stop Arab company's port takeover

Google infringes on nude photo site: court papers

US accused of blowing chance for Iran deal

Reform bill could 'sweep away parliamentary debate'

Coincidence? Anthrax story tops UAE story in NY Five O'clock news.

Polish Radio Station To Broadcast Into Belarus

Utah House passes parental rights (anti-gay) bill

NYC man accidentally exposed to anthrax

Roll Call: Administration to Brief Frist Aides on Port Deal

Shrine Bombing Brings Deadly Reprisals

Reports: Drug prices rise under US Medicare plan

Ex-Tenn. Lawmaker Gets a Year for Bribery

There's no doubt about (Rep.) Myrick's opinion on port deal ("HELL NO!")

Abortion bill passes the South Dakota Senate, 23 to 12


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 22 February

Iraqi Sunni prisoners killed in apparent reprisal (Basra )

Far-right UK party to print Muslim cartoon

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty ( #2280 )

Reuters: News to launch new US broadcast network in September

Colombia's Army Chief Forced to Quit

CBS Correspondent Killed Story at Pentagon's Request

Iraqi cleric Sadr vows revenge over shrine blast

AP Wire: Rendell says port may not renew lease of Philadelphia terminal

Does The UAE Port Deal Make LIHOP\MIHOP Even More Plausible ???

Houston may face gasoline shortages (Also East Coast, TX, Summer)

Aristide to return to Haiti soon

Iran offers to fund Hamas government

Dubai Ports World Hires Bob Dole To Lobby Controversial Deal

Reuters: San Francisco to test turning dog waste into power

IB programs elsewhere also attacked as going against American values

Bush condemns mosque bombing, urges restraint

Moms' Genetics Might Help Produce Gay Sons

Fed Vice Chair Ferguson resigns

USGS: 6.9 Earthquake in Mozambique 21.22S 33.32E

Probe Sought in German Role in Iraq War

Iraq "Being Pushed Towards Civil War" says Iraqi President

WP: Lowery Defends His Criticism of Bush at Coretta King Funeral

WA: Group to file initiative that would require all voters to reregister

U.S. Concedes to Force-Feeding Detainees

'He was using Enron like a damn ATM' (Ken Lay)

Dover, Pa., School Board to Pay $1M

Intelligence agencies scrutinized ports deal: White House

Tampa Officials move ahead with deal with UAE to handle cargo at ports

White House: Bush didn't know of port deal until it was done. Details soon

Lawmakers call U.S. wrong to push eviction of Cubans

Sectarian violence sweeps across Iraq (29 mosques attacked)

Blackwell draws first blood, continues assault during Lima stop

Detained Egypt, Saudi suspects lynched in Iraq second city

AP Wire: Feinstein: Ports 'ought to be governmentally operated'

Gallup: 55% Now Call Iraq War a 'Mistake'

(Treasury Secretary John) Snow: Dubai port rejection would be bad signal

Explorers discover huge cave in Venezuela

WP: Press Can Be Prosecuted for Having Secret Files, U.S. Says

(Reuters) 1in 5 US dollars to be spent on health care: study

Controversy May End Calif. Executions

Unmarried couple denied right to move in

Iran: Supreme Leader Blames US and Israel for Iraq Mosque Attack

Shiite leader cites U.S. in shrine blast

Davis: GOP runs (FL) state offices like Castro runs Cuba

Abortion Bill Passes The South Dakota Senate, 23-12

Saudis Reject U.S. Plan to Isolate Hamas (another Condi smackdown)

Venezuela debates home guard bill

Major shrine in Samarra damaged by large explosion

The Report From Iron Mountain

Shit, they canceled Love Monkey already?

Who's going to be the band on the next season of Rock Star?

Time to feel the pain!

Husker Du on The Late Show With Joan Rivers, 1987

How do you deal with overly sensitive people?

You all have seen the video of Cheney's Got a Gun?

Have you ever heard of a gyrovague?

Wanna see something naughty....

The Sheik he drove his Cadillac.

New York City Condoms........

I'm pulling an all nighter.

Companies offer space services for remains of average people

I get the weirdest thoughts at 4 am

Jessie wants IN!!

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Parents Name Their Seven Kids After Presidents

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Shari Bellafonte is doing a menopause commercial

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Well, the downtown mall in Green Bay is officially dead.

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Sexual insinuation, picture and flirt thread

That's it. I love the IETF and I hate the ITU. (über-geek thread)

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Crap! Now we all have to get new shoes

What do you do when EVERYONE disagrees with you?

Here's today's Black History Month Thread. Late again!

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So. Who wants to talk about the ports and UAE?


Got $1200 to waste? Or buy a piece of pop culture?

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Woman Gives Birth To 15 Pound Baby

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Chicken or Fish



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Scarborough Faire (hey it's public domain)

I'm to sexy for my Fur

Uh oh. If we kill the port deal, UAE will send Michael Jackson back to U.S

Crude But Funny: Ann Coulter Fan Letter

Help me make up my mind... (cake related)

Can somebody explain this?

Who is going to win the Gold for woman's figure skating?

FINALLY! A quieter leaf-blower

TiVo/DVR experts, help!!

Which Conservative Has The Biggest Unit?

33 pound cat, 2 photos

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Am I an idiot for doing this?

Ow. I think I hurt my knee really bad....

Anyone else's Hotmail not working?

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Soliciting comments on my op-ed piece

Now *THIS * is a website that says something!!!

Relatives told me not to declare bankruptcy...

Sex and the City Essentials

I used to love horror movies when I was a kid and young adult.

I'm permanently leaving DU

A Bode Miller Olympic spoiler for Lynnesin -- giggle

Confessions of an Olympic Figure Skating Fan!

Children are...

My coworkers think I'm a nobody, ask me anything!

Why do commercials/tv shows have "background dogs"barking

high fructose corn syrup

Aug. '05 Briefing Warned, 'Cheney Determined To Shoot Old Man In Face'

Have you heard? Baby Pandas are Out! Baby Kiwis are de rigueur.

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Cat are so funny

Reporting an error on your credit report

After stabbing someone in the butt with a pencil don't answer the door.


(Food/drink alert) Republican-English dictionary.

2 hour "Lost" tonight *SPOILER* (read it now!)

More poetry by me.... oy....

Two more days in this shit hole after today

And you thought your spouse was demanding...

Very funny site: read lies here....

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official bitch about AAR filler music thread

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Do you care if Coldplay spit up?


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Mark Lyle, "The Human Vacuum" on MTV "True Life" tonight.

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How come no one Wisteria Lane has any pests? (Desparate Housewives)

What can I make for dinner with these ingredients?


How come no one Wisteria Lane has any pets? (Desparate Housewives)

What do you think of my Bush cartoon du jour?

I think my DU username has a better life than I do!


Fashion advice question: is a toupee in such bad taste that it's cool?

Ten Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You.

I don't stand in front of your desk reading the fucking newspaper

Oh, you pretty things!

Well, ring the gong; it's a first in history for me;

The 23rd Qualm

Ever hear of

Lindsay Lohan Says She Has A Crush On Angelina Jolie (WHAT?)

The one outfit you should NEVER wear when hunting with Cheney

Seen on a van in east London:

I have a crush on Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan.

Amsterdam masturbation

How can that whippet show dog still be missing? Eaten by coyotees?

I am actually too frightened by this to ask for a CAPTION (wow!)

Wednesday earworm. Theme to American Werewolf in London.

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So, I was going through my Mom's old 45s and found a Seeds tune

Look at me, I found a squirrel!!!

Lost Katrina kitty reunited with owner in Atlanta

Can anyone tell me about Smithtown General Hosp? (Long Island)

Yes! Curling is on in a few minutes...

How hard is it to learn how to play ice hockey?

I need some medical advice for curing an ailment

Do you care if Coldplay Spits up?

I popped the popcorn

So am I the only Canadian who DOESN'T care that Team Canada lost?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/22/06)

Bitch about team Canada here

How Worcestershire Sauce was named. (A really really bad Joke)

fewer than 600 posts since '04-don't ask me anything

substitute the word 'lesbian' for the TERM 'lesbian freedumb fries'....

just got a call from the RNC asking for a donation

Dinner dilemma for tonight - meatball sandwiches or breakfast?

A frustrating conversation with a conservative at work

Wanna see the worst EVER picture of me?

7 Year Old Girl Married To Stray Dog

In AD 2101 War was beginning

I've started a collection of DIRTY PMs

I'm such a softie - I had tears rolling down my cheeks when

We said goodbye to Bandit today - the end of an era

I passed the bar exam today!

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"Cheney's got a Gun" video, funny.

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I got the job!!

Favorite Poem?

I'm beginning to detest McClellan as much as the rest of them.

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Salem Oregon

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Fourty Four Years Old Today

Florida Man Shoots Goat After Attack

Woman Gives Birth In Bathroom (For The SECOND Time)

Curling is the stupidest goddamn 'sport' I have ever seen!!

Where do I bitch about my roommate?

So the packers came by yesterday...

I'm so proud of my daughter!

Which gal are you rooting for on American Idol?

Dick Cheney Hunting Game!



Would you apply to jobs that pay less if you already have a job?

This is the billyskank contempt thread.

Ginger and I miss bertha katzenengel,

I've been Ironing for 3 Hours - Its What I do when I'm Mad

Store Promotes 'Wife-Beater' T-Shirts (Apologizes)

Nostalgia... Do you ever feel it? What for?

What am I going to do when the Olympics is over?

Tell me your Claritin stories-- good or bad

Since Sir Paul insists on performing Beatle tunes,

Do ferrets and cats get along?

I think someone should test if tequila makes Rabrrrrrr's clothes come off.

arwalden's "Lesbian" thread...when will it garner 1000 replies?

Where Are George Bush's Teeth?

I want to live in Dubai one day. Thought you should know.

I'm going Quayle hunting next week. Ask me anything.

Post here and I will give you a sappy and obnoxious pet-name.

Could I please have some good vibes, prayers, happy thoughts, etc.?

Anyone have a link to anti-bush song collections?

It's time for a picture thread!

Anybody familiar with Michael Beschloss' LBJ WH tapes series?

Who likes cats, and also likes stuff?

If you could attend anywhere, which college would you pick? Why?

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Men are BETTER than women! Want proof?

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This is the GirlinContempt appreciation thread

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*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: Final poll ***

If you won the powerball, would you quit your job?

Ask me anything! (I 'm ready for some attention.)

A question for Lebowski fans and Marxist-Leninists

Goodnight lounge

An atheist's approach to mystery

Do you believe that Science leaves any room at all for a God?

A Brief History Of Religion

The president of my brother's HS (Catholic priest) was just accused

What is prayer (and similar things)?

Southern Baptists and Voting Irregularities

Newsfeed: Religious-themed articles

Steep Rise Projected for Health Spending (Health Savings to have no impact

Dr's Misdiagnose 20% of the time

DNA 'could predict your surname'

Tiny, frozen Pluto adds to its moon family

Where does the past go? Or does it "go" anywhere?

Common Dreams: Bird Flu Precautions Dangerously Ignore World's Poor

Protest at St. louis conversion therapy conference this Saturday

Take the "straight pill"?

Salt Lake Mayor Vetoes Benefits Plan

Federal Court Rejects Appeal From Matthew Shepard Killer

Gay women's bars

Boxing: Mosley vs Vargas

Gumbel's Comments About Olympics

Knicks Trade For Steve Francis (No, Seriously)

Tiger Woods wins match play round 9-8!

Tonight at 9:00 EST: UNC vs. NC State

Tiger wins 9-8. In match play!?!? Are you kidding me?

USA-FINLAND Olympic hockey

self delete nt

Have any of you practiced "Unconditional" love in a relationship?

Eeeek! THIS is not what I want to see in my horoscope!

huh ? (Kerry mention in trial of terrorists)

trolls on this kerry thread

I was wondering what others thought about this BG piece about

Neocon Realizes He Was Wrong; Quotes Kerry

Letters to JK from

Check it out!

Kerry's letter to snow at DKos

Flashback to the 2004 Election Cycle on Port Security: Kerry Was Right

Iraq just went from horrible to un-friggin-believably awful

helping nolie's blog

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: Final poll ***

Ok, so who would you rather date, Keith, Brett Favre or me....

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/22/06: In the Dark

UAE Port deal: As soon as we nix it, I say we send...

Bush is reaping what he has sown...

'04: 'Shipping is a global industry; terrorism is a global problem!'

VIDEO- Letterman- ONE MORE Cheney Joke-with Matthew Fox

How To Stop the Sale of Our Ports. Shut Them Down!

Why Is There No Democrat that is A......

New Political Poll results Senators.No Repubs till#45

"Why shouldn't I work for the NSA? "

Video of our intelligent leader at his best!

DNC blog: President Shrugs off National Security

Bush" our government has looked at this deal"..well who the hell

i want to run this explanation of the port deal by again..

Anybody know about a company called BMD Group or BMD Defense?

yet ANOTHER view of Brokeback Mtn.........this time attn on reviews

who wants to bet the RNC Congress will hold sham hearings about UAE

Another point from Malloy about UAE

Ports or Airlines - What's the big deal now?

Has the media reported anything the democrats are doing for the Port deal?

Who should own, operate, and manage American ports?

UAI would not have interview with Lou Dobbs/CNN (watching ccn now)

Australia: Exercise extreme caution in the UAE because of terrorism

Christian Coalition chirps "Elections have consequences!" re: abortion

VIDEO- Letterman- Bush Cheney Jokes from tonight- Feb 21 06

discredit-attack-blame 2/22 NEW TOON

UAE (NAC) Risk Report 2005- required reading.

Bush and use of science now Lou Dobbs.

Need some DU input please!

Bush will be in the mid-30's by next week

feedback on my LTTE

Okay, maybe I'm an idiot but why couldn't ANY company run the ports

This ports deal really has to make even his supporters ask...

How do we survive Bush's march to self-destruction?

Kerry made a big issue of port security during the campaign but I can

isnt it time to remind people of Bush's ties to the Middle East

Homeland Security giving talk on ports on cspan now.

Two Sunni mosques attacked today already. I hope the US troops are

Love it , CNN is reported Rummy just heard of UAI deal this past week-

The 21 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

Lawmakers Undeterred by Bush Veto Threat

(TOON) Steve Bell on Iraq

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry handles

LTTE re: port giveaway

Washington Journal on-to be talking about the ports...

Port deal will help re-elect Republicans - think about it for a minute

The Mosque that just blew up in Iraq - do you believe in it?

Hypocrisy at DU? (UAE)

Can we all admit that now we know what Panama felt like over the canal?

Now check this radio line: Vice President Dick Cheney , who spent

LISTEN-Port Newark Not Worried by Dubai Purchase Plan (NPR)

Come on November! Impeach the pigs!

The future of pizza delivery!

Democratic US Senate candidate Ned Lamont appearance tonight, Feb 22 (CT)

Democrat: White House chief of staff nixed NSA wiretap briefing

So port management sale is tactical political manuevering egh?

I'm not as informed as I thought I was..... I didn't know foreign corp.

Is the port scandal *FINALLY* going to have the blivet poll <30%?

Zogby Says Saudis Need Better PR Strategy in US (use smart Saudi women)

Will the White House spin work with the UAE deal?

Port Deal Thoughts

Do you think this port deal will be the issue that brings bush down?

Ask the Pres: How many shares of Dubai Ports World (DP) do you own?

New Orleans city councilman: "Soap opera watchers need not apply"

I'm feeling safe in saying this is bush's* war, who's war was

Confessions of an Olympic Figure Skating Fan!

PEOPLE WITH PROPRER PRIORITIES:Angry Bond Fans Threaten to Boycott Film

PORTS: Now is the time to call Congress and demand Impeachment

Santorum: "Bush must say no to ports deal"

BEST caption-worthy pic EVER. It's time to fill in the blank!

Look on the bright side: "In fact, this may keep DHS MORE vigilant..."

Juan Cole on Iraq... new article

Scalia just said "He believes in starie decisis! And that he is NOT

Anyone have a contact phone number for Imus's production office?

The militant Muslims are too vicious to understand that the US and

Could this UAE deal have something to do with Iran?

Framing! Privatization - people are waking up - emphasize it. This

A good way to frame the port issue

Do you believe that Science leaves any room at all for a God?

Polling junkies? What's the next release that will show the PORTS effect?

Call your Senator: Urge them to support FEINSTIEN - no private ports.

Cal Thomas on the Ports Deal

Russert Shilling for Bush's Port Deal on Imus this AM

Where can I go to get information on the UAE deal?

Libby's Lawyers Deny 'Greymail' Claims

Iran offers aid to Palestinian Authority

NY Daily News: Did John Snow smooth the port deal for his former company?

Secret compartments in Containers from a WJ caller...

Hooray! Bush has finally "united" this country !

Iraq Blog: "Baghdad is in undeclared emergency situation"

The UAE - Halliburton connection/"Trading With The Enemy"

Washington Post buys into port anger=racism angle

Assemblyman Calls for Immmediate Halt to Executions in California

Neocon architect says: 'Pull it down'

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

If Homeland Security had been doing the job of protecting the US

So will the UAE port deal raise Terrorism Insurance rates in those cities?

How many Americans were on antidepressants before the

Unfortunately The Port Deal Must Be Approved

DU UAE Port Fiasco Talking Point?

Self Delete


C-span Q: Why is a state-owned Co from UAE OK, but not Venezuela?

This deal puts the UAE eggs(containers) into the UAE baskets(ports)

Cancelling Port Deal Could Mean END of Military Bases In UAE

Uh oh. If we kill the port deal, UAE will send Michael Jackson back to U.S

(VIDEO) Orrin Hatch, Today's Worst Person In The World

Reframe "We still have the Coast Guard and Customs"..

How low will his polls go? How will the UAE port issue affect GWB?

"Trust me", said the spider to the fly...

Well lookie here: some smartass posted this on FR.

Why is Osama Bin Hiden and the UAE Royals so close/tight

I hate to be LOL at this, but it is priceless fuckup by BushCo.?

* press conference re: India/Pakistan visit--CSPAN now

Rep. Peter King "it's the heart and soul of the Republican Party opposed"

God, Will This Insanity Never End?

Is it really Cheney that we need to Impreach?

So let me get this str8. Bush Federlises Airport Security

The situation in Iraq is getting worse by the minute ....

Harvard President Lawrence Summers to step down

Bush- "Pakistan Still has a distance to travel on their road to democracy"

Democracy Now! Fallujah 2004 Coverage today

What did he know? When did he know it?

G.O.P. to W.: You're Nuts!

Okay, ?on trade negotiations and *. Didn't Congress after the 2000

Bruce Bartlett on CBS now! Slamming Bush for "betraying....

Admin Failed To Conduct Required Investigation Before Approving Port Deal

Dem report: GOP ties to lobbyists have cost millions of Americans

Gallup: 55% Now Call Iraq War a 'Mistake'

Soliciting comments on my op-ed piece...

P-G LTTE: Diebold "welcomes scrutiny"

Well at least Duck Cheney shooting is not in the news anymore

The US Needs the UAE on-Board for Iran

OH PLEASE....Bush, Rummy, Pace- unaware of port deal until after approval

Joe-mentum's poll numbers already dropping

Can you think of one way that * gets out of this port thing?

DU this Poll The Freeps just posted to freep it

Bwahahahaha. Now the FReepers LOVES them some Dubai

Is it true that Bush didn't know about port deal until it was done?

C -SPAN caller this morning - this deal is pay back to Arabs

Damn it anyway...its NOT just about national security (Port deal)

So if f * didn't cut the Port deal who the heck did? Brownie? This is a

I Didnt Know is not a good excuse and no, the show is not over and America

BUSH'S mysterious "New Programs?"

US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign!!!!!!

PHOTO : UAE Security in charge of our ports

Has anyone read this?

Can you smell the irony?

Tom Tomorrow : "It's just that simple" (great email for freepers)

Fact Check NPR- on "Partial Birth Abortions" PLEASE

Time Machine 2004: UAE royals, bin Laden's saviours

Bush agrees to accept Trojan horse.

Mark Lyle, "The Human Vacuum" on MTV "True Life" tonight.

I think our scholarly president may have been blindsided by UAE deal.

Need some research ideas from DU'ers!

So, How did the British React to the Port Deal?

Human Events: Congresswoman Says 'Hell No' to Bush's Ports Sale

Okay so how long have our ports not been owned / run by the US?

Bush goes to Munich.

"The UAE is a strong Ally in the War on Terror" ARGH!

On the ports, I don't really understand...please explain.

Defend SCIENCE in Utah

Terrorist Would Prefer Halliburton not DP World run Ports

I am growing very weary of the anti-UAE port deal= racism meme.

Gag me....... Coming to downtown Tampa

Pic of two of the insurgents attacking mosques in Iraq

WAPO Comes out in support of the deal to let UAE run US Ports

Dubai is our "Friend"

Woodward: "GOP Could Nominate Cheney" in '08

Would the Chinese lets us buy thier ports? The Russians?

WHITE ROSE: Proposed Anti-Corporate Rule Amendment

Is there a money trail behind the port deal?

Why it's hard for Bush to back down on PORTS - Chapter 11 of NAFTA

Rumsfeld declares war on 'bad' press

Another Classic Bush Photo

Rep.Myrick:"In Regard to Selling US Ports to UAE-Not Just No-But Hell NO"

So, what happened with "miracle alternative energy " announcement

Hamas wont recognize Isreal, we wont pay them - UAE is same, but we sell

Let's see, It's okay to sell our port operations to a foreign entity

Cheney:"We anticipated the possibility of a civil war between Sunni.."

CNN is the Today Show-lite in the morning....giggling...too much fun.

The attack on the "Golden Mosque" officially begins the Iraq Civil War.

Text of John Kerry's Letter to John Snow on Port Security


Today's Red-Flag Word: "Transactions"

Yahoo! unbans Allah!

Journalists are more libertarian than liberal?

Best Argument in FAVOR of UAE Ports Deal!

"Lay Stayed @ Clinton WH 11 Times" E-mail Hoax Making The Rounds - Again!

Marc Maron fans--update on his cats & new show...

Hey DUers, Air Traffic Controllers need your help

McCain, Lieberman and Bush - what a threesome

Are You For or Against the Dubai Port World Deal?

Revisit time - did Cheney order or not order the shoot down of Flight 93?

Bush Spent $1.6 Bil. on 'Spin

Cegelis gets DFA Endorsement

Check out this Letter to my Blog from an NYC Cop.

REPORT: 98 Detainees Have Died While In U.S. Custody(Human Rights First)

Hotel Workers Rising (John Edwards)

Scottie Roast on CSPAN@ in 10...9...8...

Bush, flip-flopper?

If Clinton Had Tried This One

Al Q's Road Paved With Gold: Secret Shipments Traced Through UAE (2002)

Look at this early UAE AP article and WaPo's watered down version

Washington Post = PentaPost. That's its real name. n/t

Step right up folks. Get your Swiftboat tickets here.

By law Dubya had to know about the port deal, Exon-Florio statute says so

UAE CO has hired BOB DOLE to Lobby Congress to get deal through

Repubs opposing Dubai Deal Have Long Opposed Efforts to Secure Ports

The Ports issue is no-win situation for Republicans.

* would put Al Qaeda in charge of port security if it meant $$$

The whole "I'LL VETO!" thing seems rather transparent

Is the U.S. Government making anthrax bombs in Utah?

The Portgate scandal is crucial because Bush has violated his own doctrine

PHOTO: "And I wanna thank them Trojans, er, Grecians, for the lovely gift"

Man Accused Of Killing Neighbor For Slamming Doors

Fox News Conspiracy Theory: Russia Moved Saddam’s WMD To Syria

The GOP's Loyalty Fetish: Great read!

If Lieberman is defeated in Democratic primary--he will...

Dear Freepers, Cons, Repubs: PORTGATE COMMON GROUND?

Dubai Ports World to play a role in the next attack similar template

PROOF bush knew about the Dubai Port Authority Deal... (edited headline)

DNC on Ports: "President Bush just doesn't get it . . ."

N.J. will file suits to block transfer of port operations

What Are You Smoking, George? ---pix->>

PORTS Deal. My call to Mike Malloy (with shout out to DU!)

Do you like CAFTA? Get Ready for MEFTA (UAE, etc)

VIDEO- Gregory at WHPB- Best Question

What the hell is it with Scotty McAsshat and his d's, t's

Your Reaction if...

So let me get this straight...BUSH didn't know SQUAT about the port deal..

No. 2 person leaving Federal Reserve Board

VIDEO- White House Press Briefing- Terry- Did the Prez Wish He'd Known

Bush has cried wolf over and over. The port deal queers the wolf

I feel like the DPW deal is like a giant "kick me" sign on America's back

Here come the lies:White House to Issue Own Katrina Report

Greenspan - Grynszpan

Maybe if Bush spent LESS TIME shillling crap on the road, and MORE TIME

BREAKING: Bush claims he didn't know about port deal

LA Times says we're having a "hissy fit" over the UAE deal

VIDEO- WH Press Brief-Gregory- False Impression OR Against it?

A suitable punishment for Ken Lay:

TOON: Derf on coming TOON War

Bottom Line: Why would the U.S. allow ANY foreign country

Terror fears, stoked by Bush, now bite him (WaPo)

Serious question: Do you trust the people who managed the aftermath...

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

Author Radio Interview- Impostor:How George W. Bush Bankrupted America...

WaPo: Terror fears, stoked by Bush, now bite him >>>

I'm all for the free market, no more government regulation!

Technology isn't, as the Bush regime says, making it more difficult to spy

Port Deal Will Be Dead by Friday

Freepclient: "I'm amazed Democrats are against this port deal...

Just want to make sure people have seen this link. (The BCCI Affair)

Insider tip from the Shipping Industry/Customs

Arabs see phobia behind US uproar over ports deal

Bush is the know-nothing president.

How Bush Sold the War on Terror by Jonathan Larson

Calling all DU researchers! Neil Bush and Dubai/UAE connection?

Bird flu spread by migrating birds..? In February???

Congressional Report : AMERICA FOR SALE - The Cost of Rep. Corruption

When all is said and done, to whom will this benefit?


Adam Corolla can kiss my a**

Tom DeLay: "The president will be overturned"

2/3 of Americans believe Bush is NOT respected by world Leaders (Gallop)

Al Franken still obsessing over the Cheney shooting incident

Bush caught between Repub prejudice & Dem opportunists (Froomkin)

UAE and 9/11 --->>>

Forget "rule of Law".......let's go for "rule of Reason".

This is the United Arab Emirates

VIDEO- WHPB- How Did Bush Learn This Or Why Bush Should Read the Paper

Magazine publishes photos of underground Chinese nuke facilities

Base Calls for IMPEACHMENT (VideoS)

Anti-war sign prompts neighborhood association lawsuit

VIDEO- WH Press Briefing- Radditz-Different Standard for UAE versus UK?

PORT NEWS: Treasury Secy. John Snow = Former CEO of CSX

Anthrax - an issue of national interest - and NY holds a press conference

VIDEO- WHPB- Scotty Plays the Threat-Terror Card about the ports

Morford: "Obese American Tourists, Ho!"

Urgent: Must Ensure Dubai Ports Deal Goes Through!

Ways Bushies betrayed right/freepers besides immigration and UAE ports?

Freepers keeping an "eye" on DU over Port Deal

FIND 2 PIX: Bin Laden & UAE royals and Bush & UAE royals

"Charitable" Hospitals getting RIPPED into

You know how DU out-flanks and out-does our so-called media?

Is it too late to reinstate Saddam?

This One Look Sums It All Up

South Korea and Dubai Ports

Signed my first petition!

What the freepers starting to accept the UAE deal has taught me. Petitioning to Stop AOL's "Email Tax"

How long to get a Bill to block the port sale?


I have a feeling...

Cheney/Libby compromises of CIA nuclear counter-proliferation

Something I just learned-the exception is LIFE of the mother not HEALTH

Groups respond to NPR report hospital euthanized Katrina patients

OMG, I just thought of the perfect soundbite !!!

so the Secretary of DEFENSE is not an "expert" on the process of ports

Anyone listen to the wingnut talk shows today?

One beer, eh?

WW III: Has the Rubicon been crossed?

VIDEO- WHPB-Radditz-Who Does the Hiring and Firing

Imagine Bush in the movie "Independence Day"

Cafferty not letting up on Bush

Shrine bombing reprisals now number more than 90

Project Serpo

New Hope to Help End the Seal Hunt - Please SIGN

Iran Blames Bush ...Threat of Attacks on Americans Increases ..Juan Cole

Tiger Woods wins match play round 9-8!

Sep. 2004: Man SMUGGLES Soviet Weapons from...(YOU GUESSED IT!)

"Shrine Attack Brings Civil War Warning"

I think it is important to remember, as everyone starts pointing

Just Finished Speaking With Kit Bond"s & Jim Talent's Offices

Bush is 100% committed to terrorism

BLM ignoring wildlife, focus on drilling

here it is: Schumer rather Haliburton run ports if he had to make choice!

We don't car bomb your toilets . . . .so don't pee on our ports!

It's probably time to trot out Bush's past national security track record

Banking committee will hold hearing on acquisition of port operations

AAR streaming without popups and without commercials

Are we the only nation who lets foreign companies run the ports?

So, * checked w/ Intel, Cabinet Secretaries, but Rummy said in a press

Well, looks like the freepers are being sold on the port deal

Pakistani Shi'ite Muslim Clerics Are Blaming the US for Mosque Bombing

Bush Adm. violated laws requiring investigation of port sale

OK, I'm going to get some flak by going deeper into the UAE Ports deal...

Bush**: Dubai Ports World no different than a "Great British company"

White foster parents kept black foster children in cages

Is Israel connected to the UAE?

The past two days have made Iraq officially in Civil War

GOP Election funny business starting already? : Please Read

How dead is this UAE / Port deal?

And now for a break: Teenagers masturbating on Dutch TV!

In the Middle East, a serving of boiled Rice

I'm a proud member the "Angry Left."

How long before UAE withdraws offer for the ports?


Coincidence? Anthrax story tops UAE story in NY Five O'clock news.

Bush had a choice to make: Invade their country, or hand them our ports.

Fluent in Spanish. I need help.

Another thought.

Court Documents: Hospital Gave Lethal Injections to Patients During Hurric

Dubai - An Unlikely Criminal Crossroads - USN&WR

Bush is completely insane - Biodefense, or Biowarfare?

I see a lot of Carlyle-DPW connections... but...

Oprah, Martha, Hillary : Why we love to hate them when they're on our side

I think the Shrine Bombings were the USA's doing.

Are things getting much worse in Iraq?

Warner "predisposed" to support port deal -- Situation Room

My God, look at McCain's approval - Leapfrogged Collins - Reid drops 10%

Ed Schultz-Just when I think he might be progressive, he puts on swill...

I'm getting pretty tired of Bush saying he didn't know anything about...

Election Spvr. Brenda Snipes at my local Dem meeting tonight -need help

"Process" "Miscommunication" are the buzzwords. And for some reason,

Why Now?

NBC Baghdad Blog: Today may be treated as Iraq's 9/11

omg! Sen. Warner: the CIC deserves some deference in the port UAE issue!?!

Anthrax back in the news...Terra Terra Terra

Regarding Bush & the Ports: Why Does He Have a Pre 9/11 Mindset? to spend 1.1 Billion for 'social impact'

Has Bush Outsourced His Presidency?

Lawyer Group Criticizes New Bankruptcy Law

VIDEO- Cafferty-Should Bush Have Known About this Port Deal before it

FBI Promised Favorable Treatment for Hayat's Cooperation

The animated version of "Cheney's Got a Gun" ... with THE original music

Ted Bilkey (is that his real name?!) DPW COO is not doing well on CNN

Why do corporate leaders we get paid too much?

If you're involved in smuggling, owning ports around the world is...

Anybody just see Lou Dobbs say he is going to say something

Okay, I see the UAE deal for what it is worth now.

AOL Online Poll -- Bush *F*ailing badly -- check it out!

S.F. Bay Area luxury home prices set record (Average: $2.88 million)

If you don't think we should outsource our port security, you're racist!

November is looking good here.

Ed Schultz just announced South Dakota has passed a veto-proof

Muqtada Al-Sadr: "Did America come as an occupier? It came as a liberator. . .


Bush did not know of ports deal until after approval

Birdseye of UAE ports deal Baltimore

Coroner: Mom killed self, three sons

NY man contracts inhalation anthrax in PA; breaking on CNN.

Dubai has been a naughty state

Even Tuckser Carlson ........ And my prophecy came true..

GOP Congresswoman literally tells Bush: "HELL NO"

Message to freepers and freeper types from Skidmore

Tonite Lou Dobbs says will look at close Bush friends' ties to Dubai

I've been brave lately and speaking out more.....

Dubai's Port of No Return-ties between the UAE, bin Laden, and the Taliban

AOL pay-to-send e-mail proposal...ANYONE HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?

We will all be relieved when Halliburton gets the deal instead...

If Bush does veto Ports Bill--Let the games begin

Bush is hypocritical on Israel

Thank you Nancy Greggs!!!!

Re: UAE Deal... How Sore Do You Think Rove's Dialing Finger Is By Now ???

Corzine understands that this

Could the insurgents have done this?

Go Randi GO!!!!!

Donning tinfoil hat - concentration camps

Do you know what I least like about the freeper mentality?

"The Long War": Wars R US + "Pro-Life"?

UAE will be running shipping, NOT security. Security will not change


Surprising AOL Poll: On * 's performance

Cheney came out of his lair today

Can we do a search on the individuals named in this 2004 Guardian report?

Any news on Bob Woodruff?

LOL! Tucker Carlson is reduced to announcing Olympic Curling news.

So how long do you think it will be before we hear about "War On Easter"

The thing to remember about the Bushies

'The limitations of the current counterinsurgency campaign' in Iraq

* 1st says "I'll veto any try to stop the UAE deal." Then says didn't know

Sen Sam Brownback to be picketed by Fred Phelps!

New post from riverbend

Dubai - a Rockin' Place!

Sweet holy mother of god.

Wolf Blitzer sputters in broad exasperation -- "Pfffft. What a mess!"

Did Bush REALLY NOT Know about Port Deal BEFOREHAND?

Why is McCain saying "Trust the President on this matter"

SF Examines Power of Dog Poo

when was the last time you heard of lifelong DEM switching to REP?

Uh why is the US pledging to BUILD A MOSQUE in Iraq?

TWENTY Front/Intermediary Companies from UAE WORKED WITH SADDAM

A Feeling of Giddiness over the port deal

The Dauphin ---pix->>>

"Every time the Constitution is undermined, a terrorist gets his wings"

mcCain: "Time to give the prez the benefit of the doubt" LMAO

Senators John Warner and McCain shilling for bush on the port deal.

There's something odd about the recent deaths in the UAE ruling family!

from KOS: 60 Minutes Refusing to Play by Fox News Rules

VIDEO- Dobbs Takes the Bush Challenge

Tuesday was an apocalyptic day in Iraq - Juan Cole

MOGAMBO GURU: The Sound Of Wolves Howling In The Distance

Question about UAE Port Deal? Answered! Feedback?

Randi just said UAE owns building on top of Grand Central Station

WTF! Tampa Approves Port Deal To UAE

Did anyone else get this email?

The "Ports Control Deal" puts Dems in an awkward position, too.

I wrote this book.

The Port Deal -- Yet another arm of the ignored Octopus of Mergermania

Operation Flip Flop

Gary Kucinich's son,19, a Marine, shipped out for Iraq Wednesday

The Port Deal and Two Discordant Models of Reality for the 9-11 Attacks

The UAE Has been providing U.S. Port Security since March 2005

Malloy to host David Ray Griffin - 2/22/2006

O'Reilly: U.S. should leave Iraq "as fast as humanly possible"

SIXTEEN--FIVE !! ......Here's the five !!

O'Reilly Sez Time to Cut and Run From Iraq

The whore Coulter is speaking less than 2 miles from my house tonight...

Secret Service agents say Cheney was drunk when he shot lawyer

Watch Kermit making "Not easy being green", please keep kicked

SO the WH is rolling out the "Out of the Loop" defense for Dubya

Once again when you use fiction to educate

Country for Sale or Rent -- the new national anthem!

Just Figured it Out (you heard it here first)...

One Simple Point of Hypocrisy - Re: the UAE Port Deal...

75 Sunni mosques attacked today. SEVENTY-FIVE!

Diebold voting machines configured with wireless IR backdoor!

Port Wars: White House Snubbed Law-Skipped Mandatory 45-day Investigation

Black History Month Thread #6: "Did You Know?" (Movies)

In memory of Sophie Sholl

Shameless Dick Resurfaces ---pix->>>

Interesting! Dobbs has become a POPULIST! What's Up..with him?

Meat Producers Use Carbon Monoxide (to help it retain it's pink hue)

This port deal has GOT to be a trick !

South Dakota Senate passes abortion ban

B*sh's UAE stance is warming up the American public to IMPEACH

STOP. Rewind. Go back to 9/11, re-examine. We have lost our way.

How would you rank (from Best to Worst) the past 12 presidents (FDR-ON)

New Taser Shotgun 'Will Truly Cause Incapacitation'

America For Sale: New Report Documents Cost of Republican Corruption

Does The UAE Port Deal Make LIHOP\MIHOP Even More Plausible ???

NSA scandal and Portgate - a perfect match (by Glenn Greenwald)

"What this Man Says About the Middle East Will Scare You."

In bed with the enemy


Donchya just hate it when

Can we organize a national strike if * starts war w/ Iran?

The Port thing is a classic totalitarian power shift...

I was reprimanded for saying "I hate Bush"

Look at what we are destroying

Bush to Kerry "I'll NEVER Hand Over America's Security to Foreign Leaders"

Paul Begala fundraising for Hillary.

Latest guy saying "get the hell out of Iraq!"

OBL in US Army hospital Dubai, UAE ~two months prior to 9/11

The Power of Nightmares.

Time to Abandon the World to save The Earth

It's been a very divisive five years

Thomas Sowell: Wotta Guy!

You know what this actually tells us? (the ports thing)

Lou Dobbs Poll On Bush ------ Unbelievable

Want to help some soldiers serving in Iraq?

Randi has a freeper on the line...saying if we don't deal w/ UAE

Friday Morning Headline: Dubai Company Withdraws from Purchasing Port

Bush is goin' down......for the GOP and the Neo Con hegemony!

VIDEO- Bush and his UAE Pals- (Dobbs)

Schieffer saying it plainly: Iraq has been plunged into civil war.

The Samarra shrine (Iraq) before and after

Depleted Uranium Scandal Explodes

Some of this administration (past&present) have committed treason

Are there any among us who raised repug kids?

Senator Byrd is on Al Franken right now!

Base Calls for IMPEACHMENT

US Called Off Air Strike on Osama Because UAE Royals Were Visiting Him

Detention Centers? The US Ofc. of Personnel Mgmt is hiring!

War Corporatism: The New Fascism

Whoop! There It Is!!! Joementum's Got Chimpy's Back On the Port Deal!!!!!

The Holy Shrine Askariyah in Samarra is Destroyed. Before and After Photo

Folks, its not about UAE, its about American Economy and Security

Senate Override, Mudderphucker!

Angry Letters to Bush from now-ex-Republicans. Vol II.

International Port Operations, a short primer

UAE and BCCI >>>

UK--BNP (far right party) to use Prophet cartoon in Campaign......

Even freepers better vote this PETITION up: No War With Iran

Bu$h Will Turn On His Own Followers

Neocon architect says: 'Pull it down'

"Slap this sucker right in the face"...

This little video says that 80%, (or most) of the voting machines in 06

Port security revolt: "I think the president has gone insane"

This might explain some of it

How neo-cons sabotaged Iran's help on Al-Qaida

I'm a coincidence theorist on these Constitution Vigils...

I say, let's give the port deal to ....

Why is Bush serving the Democrats the 2006 Election on a Silver Platter?

I'm dumb founded...

Orrin Hatch: "Nobody With Brains Denies Hussein Was Supporting al-Qaeda"

"They're going to get us all killed!"

Boy, this one sure knocked Cheney off the front pages in a hurry!

Dubai Executives staying at UAI embassy in DC--they are an arm

I hear the sound of the last,...

Osama is close buddies with the UAE royal family

Bush Threatens To Veto Legislation Blocking Transfer Of U.S. Ports

2008 election - this just occurred to me this morning.


US Outsources Homeland Security to North Korea(firm 'seems okay'-Chertoff)


constitution?? we don t need no stinkin' constitution!!

Is Dopey George finally acknowledging global warming...

Biden: "Sure, we have to link up with our Arab friends but ..."

Bush Didn't Know About Port Deal

What "changed" after 9/11?

How do you feel about the LaRouche cult?

some interesting things in the GAO report RE:CFIUS

A few more questions about the Ports sale??

Per CSPAN2, Snotty Scotty up at 12:30ET. nt

Jon Stewart Zings Scott McClellan

The time has come to impeach...Bush

The BBC's "before and after" photos of al-Askari shrine bombing

Let's sell our nuclear plants to UAE too - we can trust them!!! n/t

Conservatives back Faso for gov, split from GOP (NY Gov race)

Why Bush would back the port deal all the way to a veto.

the UAE is probably already at work at the two military ports in US

Cheney=George Costanza

Check out This letter to my blog from an NYC Cop

Gay Couples Adopting - The Wedge Issue Dujour

Ohio Democrats shying away from Ney race

Let's start a letter writing campaign against the pro-war ads in MN

How much did Blair make on the UAE/P&O deal

Somebody explains this to me. bush** needs to listen to my

DNC welcomed in several cities for convention. RNC...not so much

What`s the first step you`d take if you managed our party?

Question: Has Bush finally jumped the sheik? (re: UAE ports) Discuss? nt

Ole George Done Catapulted the Propaganda Pretty Good

Silly me, I forgot that the IRAQIS were the ones who flew the planes

Audit Says Ohio Owed $13.5M From GOP Donor (Noe)

USA For Sale - Vendor Highly MOTIVATED!

cheney drunk when he shot the man?

the next question: Did CHENEY know about port "transaction"?

News Conference Tomorrow AM

A couple of great pictures from WA Monday....Dean and McDermott.

9/25/04: Pickles decorates Lincoln Bedroom: "Gilded crowns, royal colors"

VOTING RECORDS: Show 'Condi 2008' is a No-Go!


This Port deal is simply brilliant!

Moderate/Progressive Muslims need to speak out now

Do we outsource more jobs than we insource?

As a resident of the gulf coast and with the hurricane season

To what extent is the Iraqi military infiltrated by insurgents?

So,we have 2 rampaging drunks running our Nation with the Mil. and

Port Deal Pits Bush Against Party, Puts Two Key Goals at Odds

The dirty little secret behind the UAE port security flap

I just talked to Senator Allen's office(s)

Mora Memo on Detainee Abuse - now posted online >>>

Democrats Shying Away From Ney

Dems should ask for a swap: UE for UAE

How long before we hear this : ?

Plese delete

Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval (clueless alright, and a liar)

During the 9/11 "investigation,...

VandeHei: Bush feels Repub feedback on Port Deal is a "personal affront"

JOSHUA FRANK: Cindy Sheehan’s Message to the Democrats

Anyone hear of any Rove comments and/or take on this whole port UAE thing?

Human Events: Bush Shoots Himself in Foot With Dubai

Paul Hackett was just on Stephanie Miller.

Missed WH Press Brief Conference Today.. Where Do I Go To See It??

Republicans Opposing Dubai Deal Opposed Efforts To Secure Ports

SurveyUSA's latest U.S. Senate Approval Ratings

Terror fears, stoked by Bush, now bite him

Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? UAE/Ports

With respect to the Port Security sell-out

The Most Smug/Evil/Bitter Bush Photo I Have Ever Seen

Let's Sell Our Airports to Saudi Arabia!!!

Civil Liberties Shrinking Faster than the Greenland Icecap PFAW Update

Dubai company set to run U.S. ports has ties to administration

The Top Ten TV News Stories of the Week - Wednesday's cartoon

Two Massachusetts US House member sign onto Impeachment Inquiry

Excellent statement from Dean about candidates you don't like.

Author Radio Interview- Impostor:How George W. Bush Bankrupted America...

How are Dems racist when

Flashback to the 2004 Election Cycle on Port Security: Kerry Was Right

Does it bother anyone else that the IAVA PAC supports a Republican?

"We will make no distinction between the terrorists ..."

UTAH Rep- very unprofessional!

Hannity Lies And Lies To Defend GOP's "Paucity Of Blacks"

By law Dubya had to know about the port deal, Exon-Florio statute says so

In 2000, could you have imagined an America so captured by evil?

Kerry Calls on Secretary Snow for Full Disclosure in Dubai Ports Deal

The media

What should Oprah do to make DUers happy?

DFA endorses Christine Cegelis.

EMILY's List Announces Endorsement of Tammy Duckworth