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Islamic truths

WP: U.S. Counterinsurgency Academy Giving Officers a New Mind-Set

The White House's Chilling Effect

Does Florida have a new Jack Abramof Type Case

The War on Presidents' Day

The Mensch Gap, Paul Krugman, NY Times, 2/20/2006

Plug Pulled on Renewable Energy Gurus by Bush Admin.

House of sun: Professor builds solar-powered home to catch rays

Honda Motor plans to manufacture solar cells

Bush's Chat With Novelist Alarms Environmentalist

Professor honored for energy innovation {Solar/Ohio}

Iranian Leader Praises Hamas

Jim Fetzer:How the Laws of Nature refute the lies of 911

Heller's voter system plan misses deadline (NV SOS - Sequoia lover)

Demand Real Voting Reform

PA: Governor Rendell Vetoes Voter ID Bill

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tue. 02/ 21/2006 Rendell Day, D,PA

3. AZ: Maricopa County (Phoenix) – Huge Republican Election Fraud Scandal

Confucious say.........

Tea Party for Barbara Bush with Cindy Sheehan Was a Huge Success

Bin Laden vows to fight long war and not be taken alive

This has got to be a setup.....???Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrou

Bin Laden again (is this one real or fake?)

Head of Haiti's electoral council flees the country


Ariz. Candidate Lambasted for Son's Arrest

Germans Looking Into Complicity in Seizure by U.S.

Sudan Opposes U.N. Troops in Darfur

Administration Critics Chafe at State Dept. Shuffle

Boot Camp Autopsy Doctor Questioned Before

GOP Governors Question Port Turnover

Jobs cut at energy lab restored before Bush visit

Girl Dies While Awaiting Liver Transplant

Feeney faces more scrutiny

Local Marine Killed in Iraq

Former Reid spokeswoman announces for GOP Rep. Jon Porter's seat

Whisper war intensifies(Hackett accuses Brown,Brown camp. denies)

Plan to rebuild New Orleans takes shape

Protest in the park (Teacher chains himself to bench over Iraq War)

NYT: U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review

We need better smilies. Check these out

OhhhKaaayyy. I guess I'm done here. Thread locked again. Sayonara.

Well, Here I Am In Wintery Ontario

The Spoof (satire): New Photo of Bush and Abramoff Released

New RSS and LJ feeds for "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria!"

Is the new "Pink Panther" film any good?

I bought a DVD player today for $20!!

For trof

I want my Love Monkey!!

damn my job to hell!!! I missed the Racheal Ray marathon!!!

Any gaming / hardware geeks out there?

Matcom: Love Machine doing My Humps

I think they should remake Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter....

One of things is not like the other...

Holy crap! This is the most uncannily accurate Bush imitation ever ...

Now SKI-JUMPING, that's freaky, man......

Hey old movie lovers! What do you think of Barbara Stanwyck

Get a load of this book I saw at walmart yesterday:

I consumed a whole container of "RediWhip Extra Creamy" today. Ask me why,

Need ideas from all you witty folks.

Anyone here ever form or work for a 501c3?

Who is Robert Paulsen ?

Goodnight my Darlin people....

Do you use the "Ian's Secure Knot" to tie your shoes?

This is my 1961th post, the year of my wife's birthday.

His name is Robert Paulsen

Countdown to California: T-6 days

another political word 'scramble"


His name is Robert Paulsen

So, who is Robert Paulson

I bought a Pangolin yesterday.

His name is Robert Reed

His name is Robert Paulsen.

Robert Paulsen says

The anchor thread.

Is it true that smoking ciggies has a relaxing effect; calms the nerves?

My threads are now protected by the UAE

Scout is walking around with a greenie, whining, because she has to

Thanks for telling me, I will NEVER eat marshmallows again!

How I love buying previously viewed DVDs for cheap.

today, I had a rejection that lasted over 4 hours

I have nothing to rant about tonight, except everything, so I won't.

Today's Black History Month Thread #5: A Special Presidents Day Edition

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like Without Automatonophobia

His name is NOT Robert Paulsen.

Curt Gowdy dead at 86.

Small pic thread - less than 20k

Name this book:

Christ on a crutch, they're going to name the baby AXTON.

"All the President's Men" 2 disk DVD to be released tomorrow. Gonna buy?

"24". nt

Is Wedding Crashers any good?

Missing the point 101

4 8 15 16 23 42

Pat Paulsen For President

funnies for the lounge

And now, the Italian brats take the ice dancing stage in Torino...


His name is Robert Plant

This music sends chills up my spine.

I'm playing in an online poker tournement for 10K...right now...wish me

Sam Adams Black Lager

It's not the Brazillian Joke, but it's a doozy!

Why they call him "King". (pic)

Where the fuck's CanuckAmok?

Procrastinate NOW!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!~

We lost the house we wanted...

So he punched me and called me a "bitch." Well I deserved that.

Led Zeppelin fans, what is this song???

Guys: Can you recommend cool work slacks that aren't Dockers?

This Olympics commentator compared the Israeli couple

I saw the strangest bumper sticker today

His name is Robert Palmer

Where's the thread for the ice dancing tonight?

Also is this the Show the Most Skin Olympics?

Everybody's ignoring me - even the cats

Say hi to Jethro

I was so lazy today - was I the only one ?

I Bought A Mandolin Yesterday

How do you eat your marshmallow peeps?

For my 9000th post: Thanks DU!

Weird Headline: Pennsylvania firm buys Wisconsin Nipple

What's up with this Bode Miller guy. Was he really that good, a strong

Jeff Foxworthy...

The Greatest Song EVER (?): "S**t The F**k" (Link to video inside)

when did jumping the shark jump the shark?

Ack, tension break.! Can't handle much more of the suspense in "War of the


Bono's voice is gone. Gone. (U2 concert in São Paulo live on TV now)

Is it wrong to love the Golden Girls?

Favorite African-American Author?

What is the going tooth fairy rate?

What's your favorite Neil Young song?

Triangle DUers! February Get Together Locale - This Sat 2/25!

I just spent 20 minutes telling a student I couldn't lie on his reference

Post Civil War Trivia Question (I don't know the answer)

Should I feel bad? I was pushed through the system in spite of failing.

What President are you most like?

In 6 days I will no longer be a teenager.

Are you registered as an organ donor?

How lazy are you?

It's that time again - Post your Desktop!!!!!!!!

I leave for Prague on Friday...ask me anything!!!!!!!!

Posting on DU. WITH or WITHOUT pants?

Should excessive use of certain smileys be required?

What's, your worst drugs/alcohol experience?

University of Minnesota Research Hold Hope for Diabetics

Study: Equipment Size Governs Gay Self Esteem

I am sick of Barry Bonds

I Asked The Mets Team Store Guy When I Sould Stand On Line To Get Tix

Some cool Steelers photo's

Cat purrs too much?

The War on Presidents Day

Swiftie Returns, Exposed by Fact Check

Geez, DKos had two good things to ponder tonight

I've been offline for about 3 days, but

Keith being forced to cover two "loser dude" stories

New York photos

KOEB - 2/20 - We're back from New York edition!

delete dupe

Cafferty just smacked some folks...

Does Drudge think Brokeback Cheney photo will raise VP approval to 30%?

Chillingly timely observations on good leadership (from Marcus Aurelius)

Why are the freepers pissing and moaning re. ports issue?

Washington, DC Hosting Bird Flu Summit for Businesses

PHOTO: "Heh heh heh! I can make shadow animals! Heh heh heh!"

Tweety mentions Casey v. Santorum surreptitiously

Hackett on with Tweety now for those interested

BA to put PETA in charge of McDonalds, Burger King

The Plight of National Security Whistleblowers (Shays now supports them?)

Support Jill Edwards

What is Howard Dean and/or President Clinton saying about Republicans sell

Whittington's lament

Wolf will be interviewing Jimmy Carter on the Situation Room

Lahanton News: "What on earth is Bush thinking?' re: port outsourcing

UAE Would Also Control Shipments of Military Equipment For The U.S. Army

BA to put Netherlands in charge of drug law enforcement.

STOP Bush from turning our port security over to an Arab government

Help. Which politicians and/or their children had problems with the

Carlyle had nothing to do with Dubai Ports

NEWS: Rice to launch formal complaint against IOC, says the judges are

Congressman Conyers: Impeachment Forum in NYC:Live

DU Rocks Impeach Bush&Co Nightmare is More than a Dream

US Asks Georgia to Use Bases & Airfields for Possible Attacks on Iran

KO: Senator Menendez was outstanding, explaining

Anyone here recommend an internet pharmacy?

Cat's out of the bag: Halliburton will be BEGGED to take over the ports.

What To Do When You're Hated

PHOTO: Why GOP congress won't investigate Bush

An International Progressive Movement

Who's got links to George H. W. Bush's NON-response to Tiananmen

The new commercials extolling the virtue of colon cancer tests

remember all that stuff about binLaden and sheiks from the UAE

I don't have a problem with Bryant Gumbel's comments

The Bu$h Administration Has Hit Rock Bottom

WWII Would Have Been Much Easier

"If you harbor terrorists...we'll throw in all our major Eastern ports!

"In all thy UNSCOM inspections, He shall direct thy paths to the WMD"

Cheney has a new posterior orifice...

Know how many more have died so far this month?

I am sick of Barry Bonds

I know where I am going to be Good Friday at 3 PM.

VIDEO- Tweets and Cheney-How Made Public

Google has no licence for China service

About the UAE Ports deal, why don't the Dems

Lightening the load

You Gonadal-horn-hobnob-ber!

BA to put North Korea in charge of US nuke plants.

Rove’s Greatest Strategy!

CNN Poll for your voting pleasure, Cheney: Asset or Liability?

(Amateur) Toon - Bush UAE Ports

New American Prospect mag has major Santorum ethics slam

For Sale: The Next Pearl Harbor


What is going on in the Enron trial? Things seem quiet. Why?

VIDEO- Brinkley on Cheney Shooting a Man in the Face

There are Smack Downs...

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World (Homeland Security Cops)

Breaking ... Fashion Police Arrest Teevee Yak Diva

In case anyone hasn't seen this heartwarming video, here it is:

A Simple List for the Democrats to WIN

Political Parties are now being used to promote division and prevent unity

I received this email from "[email protected].

An Atheist Manifesto

"24". nt

Dubai the fastest-growing city on earth

Smoking Ban Irks Retirement Home Residents

I believe freepers are the key to solving our economic problems.

Oh no! Book about Franken is high in Amazon ranking: #16,934 in Books

Henry Rollins Tells Aussie Gov't F**k YSelf When Told "He's a ... threat"

Not Only Does Bush Not Have A Plan to Get Us Out of Iraq

So, if Bush were empeached..and the rest of his tribe..

Can a State Legislature initiate impeachment proceedings?

Senator Santorum got house loan from campaign donor...

After Katrina and Iraq, why should Dems be afraid of any campaign debate

Are you tired of pissing and moaning about Bush and the GOP?

Do you think that the Bush Administration would welcome another 9/11?

Bin Laden again (is this one real or fake?)

Inside the glove of peace was the clenched fist of war

The Bush Administration is full tilt fucking bozos.

I'm a Cynic

Plug pulled on renewable energy gurus

People should not be afraid of their government

Jane Hamsher has the best description yet of Mary Matalin and Lucianne...

"Emergency war supplemental hides millions"..HIDDEN, $35 MILLION for NSA!

Another Bush pioneer bites the dust (mugshot)

Kommander Krazy needs another vacation - pix >>>

Question about precinct fundraising...

Much angst/exasperation. Need a leader to tap it. Magnify it. Utilize it.

It's Official: The Housing Bubble Has Popped

USA Today: Who's spending big now? The 'party of small government'

Tucker just said hes voting Independent.

Oh, good! ABC "news" will tell us about Matt Dillon's comeback

Question for Accountants: how much money do we have left?

deleted by request

Who's Counting Bush's Mistakes?

Tower's ravens are kept indoors

There's a good program on cspan1 about the NSA survelience.

I'm beginning to think BushCo KNOWS it's toast...

A Military Question for You Who Keep Up on the Military

Does Paul Hackett support smoking bans?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

deleted by request

On CNN, UAE helped get the mastermind of the USS Cole attack...

Local news: Homeland Security Tags Sex Offenders with GPS

Somebody PLEASE... Explain The DU Disconnect On The Hackett Story !!!

This has got to be a setup.....???Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrou

Letterman and Cheney-WONDEROUS! I hope those that

Fuck going to war with Iran. Let's just set 'em all off over here

Chertoff -

VIDEO- KO on the UAE Ports with Bob Menendez

Are all P&O ports in North America included in the sale to DP?

The Worm Has Turned....impressions while enduring Hardball

European automakers vs US automakers.."pigs & oranges"

Letterman: listed EVERY Cheney crime we know.

Bush Surrenders American Ports to United Arab Emirates.

Anyone know what the controversy about cartoons was last week?

Black History Thread #5: "Did You Know?" (Special Presidents Day Edition)

The port story is on every "news" station--why is that?

I love Nascar, but is that now a GOP sporting event??

The ports - it all becomes clear now

Question about Rob Blagojevich (D-IL)

Photos of todays Cindy Sheehan President's Day Protest (dialup warning)

One thing to watch out for with the UAE port deal, Democrats...

State of War by James Risen

what is the name of the UNITED ARAB EMIRATEco which now has charge of 8 of

Santorum's "Ethics Problems": How He Paid For Home & Starbucks

Repent- Fundy Email

The 20 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

OK, so I thought scientists with Doctoral degrees used, ya know,

So, FRANCIS "End of History" FUKUYAMA recants (sorta)...

Remember Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"?

Can we DU this?

UAE ports would get advanced warning on military shipments:

Bird flu could hit Florida first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Osama bin Laden: The Eric Cartman of Terrorists!

Why haven't you joined DU's Folding@Home team?

Finally a link

Cross-post: Beyond the Political Event Horizon

Behold The Golden Calf (port sale)

Anyone hesitate posting outspoken comments in past three months?

SO UAE is also getting a 265 million spaceport

Please, I'm confused and I Need a Lurking Freeper to Explain

Al From and the DLC - a question about the philosophy.

Who controls the United Arab Emirates?

Little Lord Pissypants puts PEOPLE WHO ATTACKED US in charge of security

How about a booster shot of determination?

hey, maybe the bush admin is banking on more problems, hoping...

*** Monday TOONS: More Crashcart Buckshot ***

Whatever happened to Bob Boudelang, American Patriot?

Yeahya baby!


Know how many more have died so far this month?

Which 6 US Ports does the UAE Already Own?

How Bush and the Repubs justifiy everything

UAE Would Also Control Shipments of Military Equipment For The U.S. Army

The overlooked security implications of the Cunningham scandal

FR is a conservative site, this is a pro-Democratic Party site

On KO, Mike Allen, "Brit's questions were tough and thorough."

It isn't racist to be upset that a UAE company is running our ports

Pro-Tom Delay ad funded by Swift Boat Vets Bankroller

Check out Santorum's public and private finance investigation

Water wars await Alito in debut on high court

Great thoughts from Joe....What would we do without him....?

What was the main reason Paul Hackett found himself on the outs?

Pentagon lawyer:contrary views(on torture)brushed aside in administration


An International Progressive Movement

BULLSHIT - Not one single Indiana Dem is challenging Richard Lugar

Poll to DU please

More "what's wrong with him" pics

I couldn't believe what I heard on rightwing radio today...

I still like Paul Hackett, even after today's revelations

This is how a real Democrat behaves. Rendell, D PA Vetoes Voter ID

"Today it's bus drivers, tomorrow,...people who deliver the newspaper"

anyone see paul hackett on tweety's show?

"With A Little Help From His Friends" (Rick Santorum)

Bush wants to shut down EPA library system

A Condi-Clinton Runoff hmmm???

Need info on Halliburton detention camps

Repub sues Bush over illegal surveillance

Beyond the Political Event Horizon

Need help with the timeline for Hackett leaving his race

This is why I'm an Independent

Hackett Has Every Right To Be Angry

Girls with testacles......

What the Republicans stood for in 1860

Bush supporters have damaged my last raw nerve.

The Cult

How? What? Huh? History upside down

Brown campaign responds to Hackett rumors

I'm tired of this "Hackett is a victim" nonsense

Rassmussen Poll: Dewine - 46%, Brown - 37%

The enemy is capitalism

Went to a Harold Ford for Senator rally - Obama was guest speaker

Iraq Says Country Plagued By Infighting... (can we say civil war?)

Santorum gets major beef injection...

Searching for the Democrats - The National Security Rap

Bush bankrupts America

The Anti-Empire Report: Things you need to know before the world ends

How Dems Can Dodge Victory Yet Again

MOLLY IVINS: Abramoff Indicted, & All We Got Was Lousy $20 Gift ban?

Fafblog: Frequently Asked Question

It's just that simple (Tom Tomorrow)

From Dead Quail to Lame Duck

Rummy "thinks like a futurist and acts like a Neanderthal._

Sour Charity .... (Santorum's charity is a fraud)

Would Someone Please Interfere in Our Elections? (Paul Craig Roberts)

'President's Gone Insane' - 9/11 dad

All Hell Breaks loose in GOP Land - Update

When it won't need a tyranny to deprive us of our freedom

TIME: Storm Over Ports: Who's Behind the Dubai Company in US Harbors?

Few Biologists but Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition

"Cheney's got a gun" flash animation from the POAC

Melting Down But Still in Charge (Cheney) --American Prospect

DNA tests contradict Mormon scripture.

PAT BUCHANAN nuclear math: 10,000 US + 200 Israeli nukes= no Iran threat

UK, US disadvantaged as world learns English

'Destructive fishing' ban for NZ

Big problem: SCOTUS reviewing Clean Water Act

Pa. Mercury Limits May Outdo Government's

Feds Order Review of Ill. Nuclear Plants

Ghost Town: A Motorcycle Ride Through Chernobyl's Dead Zone...

Oily Sludge Invades Downtown Street

Rising Energy Costs Illuminate Surging Fluorescent Bulb Market

EPA Recognizes Landfill-Gas Methane Projects

Sea Levels Around Tonga Up 10 Centimeters In 13 Years

Japan building more coal-fired power plants

Olmert: Despite Hamas victory, there's still hope for peace talks

Preventive measures

Palestinians are being robbed by Israel

B'Tselem: Fence meant to expand settlements

IDF uncovers bomb lab in Nablus

CSPAN2 - Author says stories about 9-11 (pentagon plane) have been killed!

Exclusive Interview with Sander Hicks: 9/11 Author, Candidate For NY Govr.

Randi Rhodes Pointed To Bush Regarding 9/11

Police State America! TVNL Radio - Today - Noon ET

The Village Voice Gives A Massive Expose On 9/11 Truth

Take II - Diebold in California: Who's Responsible? (FWIW)

Is The GOP "Shock-The-Vote Gang" Planning to Heist California?

Looks like Allegheny Co. PA is going closed source (Sequoia) after all...

draft of my feb column. It's not funny yet but I tried to form it

CA: State Sen. Debra Bowen Email/Petition Re: Diebold/McPherson

Democrats file ethics complaint against Nussle

Boston energy tradeshow will have open event.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" tonight at Harvard

Water Problem Closes St. Cloud Schools

Funny thing about the "Pro-War" ads...

Safari Vulnerability Worth Taking Note Of

Air America SPAM warning.

New (to me) error message when booting up my PC.

I'm getting rid of my Norton Internet Security & Anti-virus.

Poll: Texans willing to pay more taxes for education

Gen. Wesley Clark on Bob Gammage

San Antonio, Texas

Al Edwards is toast. A very short report from Meyerland Democrats mtg

Bob Perry behind new pro-DeLay/anti-Soros ads:

Rep. Jim Dunnam on Bob Gammage

Dallas: Endorsement for Jeff Rosenfield for County Criminal Court #2

Charles Kuffner endorses:

Austin Progressive Coalition, University Dems, Central Austin Dems endorse

What do I do with honey that is crystallized?

"I'll have a glass of your toilet water. Hold the ice, please."

Harper fires spokesperson after early PR stumbles

If I hear that "Yum yum yum yum yum!!!" Yoplait commercial...

liberals in front of cons in new poll

Liberals, NDP should join in coalition, Hargrove says

Remember the Gretzky's wife gambling controversy???

Frank is back!

US Religious Group Condemns Iraq War

Focus News: Slovakia Reports First Two Bird Flu Cases

Comrades vow street protests during Bush visit (India)

Bloomberg : GM, Comcast, Pfizer Boost Political Giving, Skirt Federal Ban

Straw to push for Iraq government

British Judges To Rule In Enron Extradition Case

AP: GOP governors threaten to block port deal

AP: Enron Trial Set to Resume

AP: Three former Enron insiders to testify against Lay, Skilling

GOP Governors Threaten to Block Port Deal

Jobs cut at energy lab restored before Bush visit

Administration Proposes Higher Health Care Costs for Military Retirees

Iraq angrily rejects US sectarian warning

Abramoff and the Malaysian connection

Seventeen Percent of Government Workers Plan to Look for a New Job in 2006

Bikers roll to military funerals to oppose anti-gay protests

Car bomb kills 21 at Baghdad market

US congressman says Taiwan needs US-built subs

Supreme Court to hear late-term abortion case

NORAD growing to include maritime surveillance

Sherrod Brown defends intelligence votes

DVD role in Afghan insurgency

Iran, Russia differ on nuke talks (but agree to continue talks)

LAT: Police Tied to Death Squads (Iraq's hwy patrol)

Court Renews Racial Discrimination Case

CNN: Bush faces pressure to block port deal

Specter eyes measure to curb surveillance

U.S. still planting stories in Iraq media (contrary to Rummy's claim)

Bloomberg: Bird Flu Found in India, Malaysia Prompts Import Bans (Update4)

Military Retirees' Health Care May Rise

Hindustan Times: India to join Afghan-Pak gas pipeline

Foreign Cars Set to Flood Vietnam

Texas seeks oversight of own evacuations

UAE's private wealth set to grow by 12.5pc

Rumsfeld: Planting Stories Under Review (+ "no prob" with UAE port deal)

Iraq angrily rejects US sectarian warning

Justices tackle late-term abortion issue

Fed Members Saw Inflation Above `Desirable' Level, Minutes Show

US 'painless' execution delayed

In Search of Presidential Earmarks(Bush put in 15,877 earmarks in FY05)

(Sen. Ron) Wyden calls for inquiry

Bush: Port deal should go forward

Gov. Jeb Bush has faith in brother's administration and ports deal

Senate inquiry into Abramoff-linked nonprofits; Reed, Norquist likely eyed

TAP: With a Little Help from (U.S. Senator Santorum's) Friends . . .

Philadelphia Daily News Cover Headline: "TRICKY RICK"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 21 February

Santorum Gets $500K Bank Loan Not Available To Average PA Residents

Sherrod strikes back

Justices to Study Scope of '72 Clean Water Act (LAT)

Declassification in Reverse (Secret Pentagon Reclassification Program)

CNN: Your e-mails: Raw deal over U.S. ports?

Three British bankers lose legal battle over US attempt to extradite them.

Democrats doubt Bush can cut US oil imports

Moody's cuts GM's rating deeper into junk (Reuters)

(Mean Jean) Schmidt Demands Apology For Cake Incident

Dubai Sends Team to Visit U.S. to Ease Ports Concern

RadioShack's CEO Resigns

Ohio Men Indicted On Plans To Attack U.S. Troops In Iraq

Few Think U.S. Poverty Rate Is Accurate

Another Catch-22 in Medicare Part D appears

48% of (South Korean) Youth Would Support N. Korea in Case of Attack

Gov. Bush Has Faith In Brother's Administration And Ports Deal

Disney Legend Steps Down

Bush Blames Energy Lab Cuts on Mix-Up

Ex-Malasian Leader Says He Paid Abramoff

(UK Foreign Secretary Jack) Straw: 'Gitmo should not be U.S. gulag'

Congressman introduces bill to protect prayer in state legislatures

Inmates describe hideous beating

Earth Hurtles Toward 6.5 Billion (7:16 p.m. EST Saturday)

KRT Wire: Dubai company set to run U.S. ports has ties to administration

US House Speaker asks moratorium on Dubai port deal

Supreme Court sides with church in dispute over hallucinogenic tea

Alaska Rep. (R) Targets Ferry Service To WA (wants WA to support drilling)

Frist Calls for Halt to U.S. Ports Deal

Lab jobs restored ahead of Bush speech (W's speech today)

From the Far East, a lesson in how to beat bird flu


Drives to ban gay adoption heat up in 16 states (2006 fundie issue

Mystery blob eating downtown

Eli Segal, at 63; Clinton aide helped designed AmeriCorps, welfare plan

Enron's Lay lied about cash problems -witness

Supreme Court to weigh late-term abortions

Bush Knocks over Lab Samples

Global spread of English threatens US, UK: study (Reuters)

Arab Americans see bigotry behind ports uproar

Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations deal

Summers to resign at end of academic year

Calling out CPeg

Feces of Math

What is your opinion of this post?

Any updates on Project X?

I'm addicted to curling ... how did this happen??

Cross posting weird DU spellchecker feature.

OH MY GOD! I haven't been on DU *all* day!!!

Bare (pic)

Just found my 1990 NKOTB button .

I'm going out for snacks. Whadda-ya-wan'?

I don't want to work ...

A pictorial profile of Lynn Edward Harris

Oh man, how'd it get to be almost 2 am?!

For sanitary purposes, do you use napkins ......

Good night all and to all a good week !

Hey! Ice Crashing -- I mean Dancing -- is on!

Be right back : I am going to the GD .

Ghost Town...A motorcycle ride through Chernobyl's Dead Zone...

What the fuck was I thinking?

Tidbit of knowledge about "A Christmas Story"

On top of Spaghet-ti... All covered with cheese...

Casino Offers $3,000 Martini

Axe Deodorant really works on guys, too!

This is sorta neat!

It's one of then dog days.

Holy crap! this is funny!

Show a webcam photo of the place nearest where you currently are!

Help me Dr. Zeuss

Rogue gangs of Nalgene bottles attack office workers in meeting

People who work in offices, listen up:

This one skating camp...

My cupcakes are moist and delicious!

Best sense of morbid humor:

Former Stripper & Porn Star Now Evangelical Christian (I Googled)

RANT - If you are going to jaywalk

Hi. What's going on? What did I miss?

Administation Presses Novel Effort for Tort Reform

Swedish Hell's Angels find biking gets you down

Men strike back! ! ! ! ! ! !

California: T-5 days


Anyone Else Having Energy Problems?

'Monster' Cat In China Weighs 33 Pounds

Air Force One Crashes!!

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

I am a huge Nalgene bottle - ask me anything

Cast DUers in the Golden Girls

for my GD friends, mods please, we need a laugh

Waah! Where's MY spaceport?

What is your Mission Statement? Do you have one?

Quote of the Day...

May I suggest going out drinking on a Monday night...

Just curious. DU class of 2002 chime in.

America's Next Overseas Adventure:Operation Narnia!

What is it with women and Brokeback Mountain?

"Do girls always influence the movie choices?"

I finally sold my gas guzzling SUV... WAHOOOO

Tuesday earworm.

Tom Cruise does not know how to ease up. He has no bros. George Clooney

What is it with men and the Terminator movies?

Do you read all the answers...

Folk Songs Of The Far Right… (Funny as hell!!)

Cybernations: As addictive as DU!

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates

Remember "senioritis?" From high school? It's worse as an adult.

Anyone tried salvia divinorum?



Just talked to a cameraman from "Sinclair Broadcasting"


How many DUers are members of the six digit club?

Crackpot virgin here

Man Beats Roommate To Death With Sledgehammer: No Toilet Paper In The Home

Dieters, put SUGAR in your coffee.

Who wants to help me get 1000 posts & the free DU Ginsu steak knives?

Crackhead virgin here.

Olympic Speed Skating - Mens 1500 *SPOILER*

It's almost spring, let's have a Lounge "Garden Party"

Has anyone ever sent an email to a celebrity? (not a politician)

BREAKING-1500 M speedskating results *SPOILER*

Tomorrow is my Dr appointment...

If a group of gunmen kidnapped the top 3 leaders of Iran, how much ransom

Am I going to grow horns


Do your ears hang low

*SPOILER* 1988 Men's Olympic Ski-Jump Results *SPOILER*

Worst restaurant experience?

If you take a chance in life, good things may happen. Or bad things.

Yesterday I tried quinoa

seperated at birth?


TV clip shows

My sister in law

I started a post. That started whole world laughing.

Another virus found attacking Macs

I'm 4 posts away from 10,000. Ask me anything! there going to be an Oscar pool this year?

Want input re: a new TV

Check out my music.

Funnier than the Brazillion joke! But, it's real! Scooter needs YOUR

Clean up on aisle W!! Repeat clean up on aisle W!!


I owe Matcom and GOPisEvil an analogy

Jessica Simpson: "I'm nothing like that character" (herself, on Newlyweds)

Substitute one word in *themed* movie titles with 'asshat'

Can you really put a surfboard in the dishwasher to clean it?

Can you really put a keyboard in the dishwasher to clean it?

Can you really put a cat in the dishwasher to clean it?

When was the last time anyone took antacid?

I used to have some really good acid

Being British.

I just checked my own profile

NOT a good day- A ticket!

You think your house is cluttered.

Favorite 80s song on this list.

Man kills roommate over lack of toilet paper....

Do you BYOB when you fly on commercial airliners?

Under the circumstances there's only one thing I can do:

This is NO TIME to get sick!!!!

I am a SI swimsuit model and I don't feel exploited



Is a new ICE AGE the greatest threat of GLOBAL WARMING ?

ERROR: You cannot hide kids fathered by Administrators of DU.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/21/06)

At Home, Sometimes I'll Walk From One Room To Another...

Question: Purchasing a URL

I just love this man.

May I ask for positive thoughts for my friend?

When was the last time anyone took ant acid?

Eva Longoria's panties stolen!

Experiment: Cardboard Boat. (You have to see this one I found!)

HTML question

My room smells like pears and vanillia and the pike place market....


I leave for Amsterdam in 3 weeks Yahoo

Website Let's You Pick Man's Clothing (

I'm flawed! I can't hate people strongly enough!

I just woke up. on the couch. with a cracker in my hand.

evening earworm

Lyrics for a Tuesday

I just had my first taste of what parenting is kinda like

Who Is Your Nearest Gay Relation?

asking for all good thoughts and karma and positive energy

Web Site Lets Visitors Choose Worker's Daily Clothes

Should coach passengers be allowed to use the First Class washrooms?

For all of my fellow connoisseurs of adult beverages

Goodnight Conservatory!

Help...looking for an online degree program...

Broiled/grilled vegetables

Goodnight lounge!

Well, I broke the fire/police scanner.

I have the biggest nuts

Apparently, this is a bad week for washing machines

I leave for Mars in a fortnight.

How would one smoke hash, if that is what one wanted to do?

Watching the TV program LOST makes me feel like I'm tripping on bad acid

Damn, my wenis is killing me!

Does anyone miss Genesis?

I owe Matcom and GOPisEvil an apology

What's more fun?

Tomorrow is my birthday. What did you get me?

Warning .Public safety alert.

How do U deal with people who say 'You have too much time on your hands'?

Matcom and DS1 owe me an apology


Kinky Friedman running for Gov. of Texas, Kinky Friedman and the Texas...




Pain avoidance tip 19: Do not eat chocolate immediately following

I woke today feeling "Out of sorts." So. What is a 'sort'?

ERROR: You cannot hide threads authored by Administrators of DU.

How do you get your caffeine fix?

Best Olympics film clip so far


Dinner at the Prophets

33 Hours of Poker in Old Vegas (w/ some pics)

The Ketchup Effect

I just watched the movie "Z"

Student email troubles college professors


SHOCKER! Tom Cruise wants to SUE over breakup story. SHOCKER!

I am calling out Maddy McCall!

Leonard Nemoy should read Dr. Suess...

My first meet up and my silent shame at missing others

Today the lounge has reminded me of things I am thankful for:

Let the waiting begin!

Who Is/Are This Year's Olympic Equivalent/s To Tonya Harding?

Gotta love John Prine!

Most Annoyingly OVERPLAYED Song of all time

If you wear the DS1 Swimsuit, you CANNOT be exploited by DU Administrators


I'm eatin' whole wheat Ritz dipped in peanut satay sauce

What's your favorite season?

Thanks to all my friends ...

Faces of Meth

The Canadian Women's Hockey team outscored the competition

Do you HATE Moving??!~

Classical music people - question

Post your favorite picture of a relative/ancestor

Help me - I have been taken hostage by a Nalgene bottle.

You might be a redneck if...

Friends of mine have a new product for sale

Do you care if Coldplay Splits up?

Your Favorite Independant Bookstores

Substitute One Person In Any Picture With a Lesbian....

For those who don't give blood or aren't registered Organ Donors

Chad Hedrick(Cry baby Bush lover) shows his true colors (no pun intended)

Suppose you won the Powerball

I am raising a serial killer!

Root Beer?

Breaking News: Hell Froze Over! (Caption this picture!)

Whack-job's sicko marriage contract.

HELP ME Dr. Zaius!

When was the last time anyone took acid?

The answer is

What's with these video phone cameras?

Faces of Math

Can you really put an eeyore in the dishwasher to clean it?

Crockpot virgin here

Why is XemaSab so mean to me?

Who wants to read my statement of purpose

To Celebrate My 10,000 Posts, I Bring You Two Lounge Classics

so what group of people do you have a "thing" for?

Flirting in the lounge is utterly reprehensible

Animism - The first global "religion"

The WWJD Challenge!

you know why I prefer science to religion?

Hmmm. A Larger Percentage Of My Gay Friends Are Atheists Than Are...

Sufis under attack in Iran

Dentist spushing procedures on Us?

The math of deadly waves

Moms' Genetics Might Help Produce Gay Sons

Well what do you know...

Moms' Genetics Might Help Produce Gay Sons

USA Today Poll On Lesbian and Gay Adoption

Marital Blitz (gay and lesbian activist network is ready to play hardball)

USA Hockey

the Champions League returns TODAY, yippee!

Women's Figure Skating *********SPOILER*************

Does anyone else think the Americans won the ice dancing last night?

Biggest sports marketing BUST ever?

Ricky's positive test is not for pot

Has anyone ever used pet health insurance?

I know we can all relate to this

HBO documentary "Dealing Dogs" starts tonight

"Significant Pulmonary Disease"

Thank you for your prayers/advice, I'm doing much better now.

It's great to see this forum here.

Pluto Aligns With The Galactic Center

Psychics Join Search for Missing Show Dog

Did anyone watch

OK...(And excuse me)

WaPo article today about Military Pay increase proposal by Kerry

delete n/t

Democrat libre by Digby - Worth reading even if it is not about Kerry

Whoa! did you folks see this? I bet someone takes it runs with it.

um..need HELP here from SMART people! (Yep-that's you!)

Cutthroats by Digby - Worth reading even if it is about Kerry

UAE Port Deal

hey, KO made a brief blog entry

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/21/06: Republican Revolt Over Port Deal

Question: is there proof about the rumors with Hackett/Brown?

Is dead?

Did anybody else hear this with Iran's president?

B*** Wants To Privatize Columbia Gorge

We really don't need FOIA - bush thinking

US Religious Group Condemns Iraq War

My Last Political Post in DU is an Apology to All of in GD.

United Arab Emirates jails 11 gays/Bush calls UAE a leading partner

Romanov Dynasty Superior to Bush Dynasty

Kansas House Approves Keeping Concealed Weapons List Secret

They brainwash them young. Encounter with a 12 year old freeper!

Swoon! Inspired by Olympics, Bush tries "Winter Sports"

Arlen Specter and Jack Abramoff?

Phil Giraldi (former CIA) on Al Franken was a great interview

CSPAN2 - Author says stories about 9-11 (pentagon plane) have been killed!

Look what the search engine turned up...Bush is stupid,8,730,000,000

Pa. Gov. Rendell Leads Challenger Swann

(TOON) Steve Bell on Bin Laden's latest message

10 Reasons Winter Olympics is NOT like a GOP Convention

Heritage Foundation and Abramoff: Lobbyists for Malaysia?

So the House GOP is stalling on lobbying reform

Is it a 'war" on terror. cspan now

I have the perfect role for Hackett.

Silence the War Drums

Why the port issue will run out of steam as an election issue

Will the port sales to United Arab Emirates Stand?

UAE Dubai allegedly already bought NYCentral building in Nov.

Should WH revamp itself-?-now on WaJourn-cspan

GOP Governors Threaten to Block Port Deal

Very Important............

Bobby Seale at SUNY-B

Fire CHERTOFF. This is not a partisan issue. He's a "Moran"

Whoopie!! Bush is coming to Denver to NREL

Motorcyclists Roll to Soldier Funerals (& shield families from Phelps)

Iraqi Police Tied to Death Squads

for my GD friends, mods please, we need a laugh

CSPAN/WJ/talking about voting rights now. nt

I can't believe I am watching MSRNC

enuff with Dem on Dem fights. 2006 is it for us all. or don't you

Your search - Tom Feeney Hooters - did not match any documents.

'Surveillance records release set for next week '

War Supplemental Hides $400 Million For Iraq, Afghan Base Expansion

Minister Buys Lap Dances To Tell Strippers About God

The Congress has become a threat to "National Security".

Now is the time to out-flank the Repugs on Port-gate

This is the kind of smoke and mirrors bullshit we expect from *

Dubai serves as the region's criminal crossroads (Larry Johnson)

Supreme Court Plunges Into Abortion Debate

Indian Affairs Forwards Info to Senate-Could Implicate Reed & Norquist

this day in 1965

The Deathknell of US Auto Industry: Here Comes China's Chery Motors

This morning's "news": OBL defiant, bird flu spreading fast, port sale...

I Got Yer "Death Penalty" Right Here!

Dubai Port Deal Smells of Cronyism

GHW *s New World Order

Seventeen Percent of Government Workers Plan to Look for a New Job in 2006

Kristof's Pledge Drive Yields $727,568 to Send Bill O'Reilly to Darfur

My Big problem with Business With China is

O'Reilly: "You gotta come down on Gabler...I'd fire him in a heartbeat"

Justices to Weigh Late-Term Abortion Ban

Moral job question

Question -- Have Ports always been run by the private sector?

I Can't stop...I'm balling like a baby

How come they could get Marines to the Philippines in a day

Rendition Case Dismissed

We all know that if Clinton had done the very same as Bush with ports

Bushco's Ingenious New Damage Control Method

The Problem Is Privatization

"Party On!", say The Supremes- allow church to use hallucinogenic tea

This port issue might finally bring back the "security" Democrats...

How many here believe "We are at War"?

Lawyers Stamp for hunters?


"are you purposely trying to be ignorant"

Prisons Ask for Alternatives to Jailing Deadbeat Parents

I'm worried a Repub reform movement will capture conservative America

Looking for a list like this

New Plate Says 'One Nation Under God' - Ohio

WTF:Sen Hatch:Nobody With Brains Denies Hussein Was Supporting al'Qaeda

Funds restored to energy lab before Bush visit

1 War = 1 Trillion Dollar - How Much Is That?

Doctors withdraw from California Execution

CNN Just In: Frist calls for review of Ports Deal

yep...let's just turn over control of our ports to these folks...

I just reemed someone from Tom Reynolds' (R-NY) office who called to

ITMFA! From the man who made santorum a household word.

bushmilhousegang's drug trading since Iran Contra

Thoughts from my latest trip home (Christian Fundamentalism & addiction)

The inspirational effect Bush has on Dem candidates

Dinner with some fundies last night

"New" Supreme Court to hear anti-abortion case.

Fundievision: "You need a Holy Ghost Enema!"

Everyone answer this question:

OLEC - thinking the same as John Edwards?

Police State America! TVNL Radio - Today - Noon ET

Wal-Mart's chief Scott is mean and a threating bully to his managers


Rick Santorum Had a!

DUH! I just realized! The Port thing is just a holiday diversion from

Boss of nonprofit that paid for DeLay trips smeared rival of Malaysian PM

I am still trying get a grip on what's going on in America. Help!

Right wing bias CAUGHT!!

What can activists do to push the culture towards encourgaing ACTIVISM?

Navy recruitment commercial curiosity

Keeping up with all these "gates" has been really difficult lately!!!

What's the best way to get RI Legislators moving on Bush Impeachment?

I don't think the Admin. ever expected the UAE Port takeover deal to fly.

Ex Malaysian leader confirms Abramoff payoff for meeting w/Bush

Liberal Bloggers Wanted...Needed...appreciated

News: by The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign

Send Falafel to Dafur........

Kevin "Dow 36000" Hassett thinks Q1 GDP Growth will help Bush

China says google doesn't have the license...

Rumsfeld on CNN now-he is such a dick

Randi Rhodes was talking about the movie "Network" yesterday

The Iran oil bourse.. A new duer in need of perspective.

Is the media ignoring Hillary's bill that's against the port sale?

Franken--AAR: Widow's tax providing benefits for widows of soldiers

The Repubs that are getting burned by the Bushies. TOUGH SHIT!

Employers on 'talent shortages' (40% can't find "qualified candidates")

Bush is playing the race card to defend UAE ports deal...

GOP Family Values update: Pedophile constable claims he was undercover.

BAIT AND SWITCH by Barbara Ehrenreich

Bikers roll to military funerals to oppose anti-gay protests

Clarify something for me please re: "running" a port

Why Not Privatize Our Entire Military Structure?

even 'political' astrologers take a shot at Cheney

Has anybody else heard this with Iran?

on CSPAN top intel personnel getting propaganda about WMD!!

Iran, UAE Explore Expansion of Trade Relations

The Nation: The End of the Internet? Corporations conspire to own it...

okay...Frankin and his partner sound like Beavis and Butthead

Regulation Bars most Public Access to Birth/Death Certs for 70-100 Years

Democratic Response?

Limbaugh:"entity that can bring peace to this whole port deal..Halliburton

MANDI RANDI.....Change For Change Boobfest Tuesday Edition

Cheney Stayed At Uncle Tom's House >>>

John Russell (FL-5) gets major endorsement .

I hope DAVIS whups Hedrick's ASS.

News Conference - Ohio terrorists arrested this weekend...starting CNN

Religious Riots Elevate - Now Christians are killing Muslims

I love Thom Hartmann!

CNN: Jimmy Carter backs Bush on Ports Decision (Arab companies)

pic of bootsie on AOL Main page

The Book of Ralph -- A graphic political adventure

CNN Gallup poll reportst that 7% Dem lead is not large, but I remember

An Open Letter to "BuzzFlash"

Super Funny Freeper Santorum Thread

BREAKING: Rumsfeld and Pace Not ConsultTransfer Of Port Operations To UAE

100th birthdays may soon be the norm in rich nations: researchers

It's always someone else's fault.

Six Months After Katrina: Who Was Left Behind - Then and Now

(Dick) Cheney's Got a Gun - LINK/song/animation/actually funny

Re the 3 Ohio arrests, for training to attack us In IRAQ. Is THIS why?...

Kristof's Pledge Drive Yields $727,568 to Send Bill O'Reilly to Darfur

Freeper jubilance: "Toledo-Area Men Arrested for Terrorist Activity"

"The Insurgency" frontline piece TONIGHT! - Producer Matt Haan on CNN

Sign the American Family Association petition re: port deal.

George Spills the Photo-Op Props ---pix->>>

Scooter Libby Launches a New Website - Raise Money For Legal Defense Fund

Chad Hedrick(Cry baby Bush lover) shows his true colors (no pun intended)

What Happened To Brit Hume: Why Did He Drink The Kool-Aid?

Battleground: 21 Days on the Empire's Edge -- Anyone seen this?

BREAKING: Rumsfeld & Pace Not Consulted On Transfer Of Port Ops To UAE

What is * doing with this jar of ethanol? Captions please!

Although Ga. is used here, it could be used anywhere!

Amazing: Bill Clinton had a 60% approval rating...

Has Cafferty been on yet?

White House denies protection for Yellowstone cutthroat

Port deal = Airport security outsourced to the Saudi's!

I heard that NBC is holding movies and pictures which are EXTREMELY

Floridians: Is Jeb as bad a governor as his brother is as a "president"?

Email from Debra Bowen

Quote: "Cato Institute.. you guys are like NAZIS"

Is kkkarl about to be indicted?

Need info on San Antonio

Stars & Stripes letters, questioning Bush's leadership/Timeless quotations

Okay, I've got a really dumb question to ask...

Bwahahahaha - Arianna beats Hannity and Coulter at their own game!!

liveoaktx, can you get Cafferty's rant for us?

WTF ? Yahoo bans "Allah" in screen names.....

nothing really matters

People, * has told us for years now we are in danger and we are

First marriage, now adoption...

Will Someone Explain Why we would even consider

Oprah is going back to New Orleans!!!! Tomorrow's show..Anderson Cooper

Is this a scam email re: PAYPAL? Help needed, please!

Americans to spend one of every five dollars on health care

Students E-Mails to their Professors.......Problems down the road?

NYT: Government has been secretly reclassifying documents for 7 yrs...

Actors in Anti-Gitmo Film Detained!

PHOTO: "Read my lips! Fuck you, USA!"

Fitting tribute to Resident Bush

OK, how are the Freepers responding to Bush's threat to veto the ports...

Is Lou Dobbs Going to go Over The Edge Tonight?

"Untold Katrina stories" now on Oprah

MANDATORY MALLOY....Will Mike Blow A Heart Valve Tonite

lets sell bush to UAE Hell, I will pay them to take him

What`s all the racket about the Dubai port deal?

Um...hello! NEED smart people HERE!!!

Has anyone been looking for connections between the UAE company and Bush?

Did they ever say who crashed that plane into the port of Long Beach?

Ive Had 3 Hours of Sleep in 36 And Now I Cant Sleep

The Perversions of the Bush Admin: Sexual Humiliation & Mother Murder

Philadelphia Daily News Cover Headline: "TRICKY RICK" (pic of cover)

Is Chimpeachment possible now?

Can someone explain how the UAE is helping in the "War on Terror"?

Caption Little Lord Pissypants ---pix->>>

Pissypants: "Saudis have a good track record"...FOR SLAUGHTERING AMERICANS

What is * -really- up to with this port business? There has GOT to be

Oh, Goody! Bush is 'sticking to his principles' on the Port issue

OK, Bartlett is full of sheet. He's on Wolf Blitzer re: the port issue

CNN Breaking: Bush to veto any legislation outlawing UAE

Hey! Time for one more Jack Cafferty thread!

Bush nominated exec from Dubai port company to Maritime post in January

SF Gate: More on Stores deceiving consumers with meat kept red with CO

Good Thing Bush Didn't Make A Deal For French Port Authority !!!

Bush administration may be effectively over - Digby

Un **belivable, isn't it?

Is Bush just tossing the Republicans a bone on this port deal?

Did you know that foreign corporations were in control of our ports?

ALL Arabs haver ties to terrorists!

So, uproar among his base on port deal and today, they unseal terror

Hey! Are ALL the Ports in BLUE cities/States? Just a thought I had.

Arab Think tank warns Gulf next Qaeda target; Dubai ‘ideal hub’

well it sure didn't take long for this....

Gotta love it when Hammity is arguing with RW nutjobs

It is not racist to want Americans to guard our own ports!

What was this idiot doing in the Justice Department?

MSNBC Poll: Ports and U.S. Security

VIDEO- Bush Digs in his heels, Cafferty rebuts one talking point

Supporting our troops...Must read and share

Why can't Americans secure American ports

Social Security Administration turned over to Bangladesh

Bush Outsources border Patrol to Mexico

Bush plans on an extended summer vacation in 2006

UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells

Bill Moyers, documents U.S. support of terrorist regimes

Are there any Christian theocracies in the world?

Caferty, CNN - Over 3000 emails on Port deals - WOW!

"Jean Schmidt DEMANDS APOLOGY For Cake Incident"

High level delegation from UAE arrived and WILL NOT talk to CNN

Here's a REAL republican, not a neo-con fake...

Rumsfeld LIES again; US tax money still paying to place propaganda

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah-Accepts god, messiah, jesus, jehova, budda, satan

Web Site Lets Visitors Choose Worker's Daily Clothes

Where does the "Rush" Limpballs case stand?

This is getting scary! - Lady at work had her bank account seized

Scooter crying for help and money

PHOTO: "Uh, sir, we're not at the 'ranch' and it's not a bong."

How Do You Spot a "Staffer" Posting at the DU for Their Democratic Boss?

Just came to mind - is this Rovian strategy to get Cheney off the news?

Bush is digging in his heals over the port deal - what's he up to?

Need some facts regarding Patriot Act for LTTE

Forbes, 4/04: "Trading with the enemy", re: Halliburton, UAE

The Department of Disenfranchisement

Is anyone else enjoying this??

Just heard. . .

Almost 100 prisoners have died in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan

I am a proud Liberal, I am for free trade, I support the ports deal!!!

If this is true, this should get the Funndies panties in a bunch:

MSNBC Poll On The Ports - Can't believe it is under 90%

Even Frank Gaffney Can't Defend Bush* On Port Deal.

C-Span re-airing the AEI Q & A with Antonin Scalia tonight @ 8pm

Hedz up: Lou Dobbs to discuss "interesting relationships" on port

Bush vetoes, GOP cry foul, Citizens rally around GOP...

Morocco cutting penises of US rendition suspects....Amnesty International

Dear Mr. Bush*, Puhleeeze VETO UAE Bill. Puhleeeeze.

How many of our ports are owned and/or operated by foreign entities?

If performing abortions were as profitable as selling oil…

On "Port Operators" - Yes, they DO do "security"

More speculation on UAE deal and Bush: Gore Saudi Arabia

I've discovered the alma mater of the of the * cronies...

UAE ties to 9/11, not a Saddam story...

Lindsay Graham supports labor, detention camps for 'disloyal Americans'

Methinks thou doth protesteth too much

Keeping Darfur in the Public Eye

The Democrats on the Waterfront

New Polls: McCain would top Hillary in ME, NH, VT, MA and RI

Ask yourself: Why is Bush so damned determined to keep the port deal?

VIDEO -Dobbs "How does it feel to have the President tell you to GTH?

Camp Casey at Easter !!! Details: (Please rec this & see ya there!)

UAE won't talk to CNN because they won't shut up Lou Dobbs!

Is the U.S. at War with the United Arab Emirates?

The Port Deal - WH tactics coming back to haunt them?

Answering President Bush's question about UAE port deal with a question


GW Bush Pres. Library Outsourced to Yemen

My answer to our dependence of ME oil.

I think that great care is needed on this ports deal thing....

Jobs cut at energy lab restored before Bush visit

TAP: With a Little Help from (U.S. Senator Santorum's) Friends . . .

UAE firm partners w/HALLIBURTON to analyze oil reserves

What 2 Hijackers were from UAE?

Reality Hits The Freepers .....

Need some great DU Snark responses to this wingnut spam :

Is Bush's strong support for the UAE take-over of American ports related..

ok so i'm watching lou dobbs right now, never really do usually...

You go, Lou. He is going to crush the White House now.

Daryn Kagan broke up with Lard-ass

USA - the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole

Dubai Wants CNN To Shut Lou Dobbs Up

O'Reilly Steamed About Hollywood Liberals Especially George Clooney


UAE firm buys 109 MILLION shares of Time Warner (CNN)

Don't you think we're being a bit racist? (Dubai Ports Deal)

Bush Defending UAE from Discrimination???

Dobbs To King: How Does It Feel To Have The Pres Tell You To

A Medicare horror story from FL.

The UAE port issue is completely erroneous


Does Anyone Know The History of U.S. Port Foreign Ownership ?

*'s approval will be under 20%.....

OK I'm feeling very uneasy about this port issue

Folks. Wanna know what is up with the Port Deal & UAE?

BRAD BLOG: About McPherson's California/Diebold About-Face (w/ VIDEO)

Dubai company set to run U.S. ports has ties to administration

Does Bush even know that Al Qaeda used Dubai as "a logistical hub"?

Boxer:Hold Over Sanborn Nom. Until Congress Has Details of Dubai Port Deal

The Reichsfuhrer Stands STRONG For What's Really Important!

Bush Administration Secretly Removing Documents From Public Access

Cold, freezing, and back from Capitol Hill.

Holocaust Denier will appeal Austrian ruling


ABC News: Sentiment in Congress--"ramming veto override down Bush's...

CSPAN Video: "I will NEVER Vote for another Republican-Humpty Dumpty"


Pundits keep saying: bush's collision course with REPUBS in Congress.

Vote Rigging Programmer Clint Curtis Runs for Congress...

Jack Cafferty going OFF on the port issue on CNN

Shows you who is really running this country. Bush didn't know about the

This is NOT a Rovian tactic!

Could Halliburton run the ports? Maybe, Bush is going to "concede"

What's This Called - Huffing? ---pix->>>

Supreme Court Reopens Abortion Issue on Alito's First Day

McDonald's Sued Over Ingredients of Fries

Just had a really odd realization. We aren't dealing with rational people.

"his government" excuse me bushtard, but it is OUR government

DU This Poll- Partial Birth Abortion- Local ABC Ft. Smith, Arkansas

DU Atlanta with Mike Malloy


We need to demand Chertoff's resignation or firing.

Jack Abramoff's White Man's Burden: Sleazy Lobbyist Worked for Apartheid

No shit! "Fla. Man Charged With Killing Roommate Over Toilet Paper"

VIDEO- Cafferty File-Over 3000 Emails on Port Security Brouhaha


VIDEO- Shut Up, Lou Dobbs (PR campaign to sell public on UAE ports)

Wow! I just found a REALLY weird bug in the DU spell checker!

Corporate America now taking over Pet Care (Veterinarian Clinics)

For you oldsters out there--Did you ever think we would see Vietnam...

"I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain...

Why are the Dem's playing stink finger with the Iran situation?

Fear and ignorance kills a good program.

Ports: Dealing with the enemy is a Bush family tradition.

March 20 to 26, 2006: Iran-USA, beginning of a major world crisis

Actually Smart Move On Repukes on Port Deal. Bush will veto

I'm all against racism and holocaust-denial, but JAILING a guy for it?

cnn crawl says Bush found out about the port deal when WE did.

Have Neocons infiltrated the Democratic Party? (Link to poll)

Whatever happened to survivalist and militia groups?

The End of the Western World we have known since 1945

"Civilian Inmate Labor Program" - Do I have your attention yet?

What do you suppose happened to the original Roanoke Colony?

Could the port thing be fraudulent; a setup to show "independent thinking?

Bush to dead soldier's mom: "How do you know his life would have been good

Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

After 5 years of anti-Arab propaganda, fear-mongering & US vs. THEM --->

Will CIA or military stop terrorist attack planned to sell Iran War?

Attn DUers personal info posted here will be used against you

If a nuke goes off in the US who did it?


'President's gone insane' – 9/11 dad

EUREKA! my timeline theory on how Bush is destroying america....

Did anyone catch the little fight on CSPAN?

A Must Watch 3 Minute Video-Lives In The Balance (Exclusive Video)

BREAKING - ** NEW** Osama Tape about the Port Deal!!!

Photo-Op Failure - George Can't Do Anything Right ---pix->>>

Freeps on Bush veto threat (UAE)

LOL! Check out Lou Dobbs poll tonight!

Only in LA...

Wrong Focus on UAE deal

Today on Oprah: The Katrina Stories No One is Telling

This Painting " The Mad Tea Party" says it all by Mark Bryan

I need your help, please DU this poll

W aides' biz ties to Arab firm (Admin in bed with Dubai Port World)

Dubai Port Deal: A Rovian "Long Con" Job?

VIDEO- Lou Dobss on CFIUS (the secretive agency that okays this type of

The Dirty Little Secret Behind the UAE Port Security Flap (David Sorata)

PHOTOS: Shiny, happy people.

Cafferty: "this may be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back"

I gotta ask a DU spelling question

Just got a phone call from Cindy Sheehan

How come not member of Congress will declare Bush psychotic?

Firefighters idly watch as blaze destroys non-member's property

To: [email protected] Subject: Why It's All About Me

Can freepers be deprogrammed?

International Petition to Ban Uranium Weapons - please sign!!

Anti-War Poem

Are you a reformed Repub? Since when? What happened to change your mind

People who live in condo committees are PRIMED for fascism

Sixteen--Five.....Drill it into everybody you know.

VIDEO: Letterman blasts Cheney with both barrels ... and then some

CIA: UAE is a DRUG transhipment point (& money laundering) / PORT SALE

The Dubai Ports World Deal - Through a Coast Guard Veteran's Eyes

It is over in the conventional sense

The Constitution: The REAL Contract with America

Small Farmers in uproar over NAIS (National Animal ID System).

Bush's Mysterious New 'Programs' - Labor, Work Camps & Detention Centers

racism and the port deal (why do you oppose this deal?)

What a difference 5 years makes...

*: "US must not be "hostage" to foreign oil" Reuters

Define "journalism." Use your own words.

"U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review "

DU letters to Senators on Port deal!!!

Democrats may unite on plan to pull troops from Iraq

Has there ever been a caretaker government in US history?

We need a change...NOW!

The Imperial (Vice) Presidency

Will Durst at BuzzFlash: Simple Is As Simple Does

JASON MILLER: Check Your Conscience at the Door - We're Building an Empire

I decided to take at FR to see what they are sayin about the ports..

America should be protected by Americans!

AEI slaps Paul Pillar in the LATimes

The truth that cannot be told...

let's keep our heads in the sand b/c we don't like the messenger

We need hire Dubai because not enough Americans want the jobs.

Fun diary about Dean at the WA state crab fest tonight.....Kos link.

Jim Dean DFA taking questions on WPR now. Link for streaming.

What would Bush do if there was a massive

Frist is going to introduce legislation to postpone Ports deal with Dubai.

I'm getting worried about Dean's "50 State Strategy"

With A Little Help From His Friends

Rothenberg's list of 10 most endangered house incumbents - from most

The latest in "Last Throes:" Deadliest Iraqi Bomb in Weeks Kills 22

Remapping the Culture Debate

Is this true about Bill Cllinton?????

$5 Million for W's speech today? (your money)

SIGN AND SEND - Investigate Honduran Kidnapping

John Russell gets major endorsement.

DU poll on next court case on abortion

Time for an Extreme Makeover at the White House ?

Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) on the Port Deal: "We're in a global economy..."

If Dems win in 06, here's what I hope they do to FauxNews....

That port deal? Now Frist is calling for further review, per

House and Senate: are they on vacation - - again? nt

I have been thinking about the UAE Port scandal

What is the Age Restrictions on Mayorial Candidates?

Short flash presentation as a reminder to Dems and warning

Ex-Malaysia PM: Abramoff Was Paid $1.2M

Photo: "President Bush, center, knocks over some lab samples..."

Foe of Earmarks (McCain) Has a Pet Cause of His Own (an earmark?)

C&L Vid Clip: David Letterman's "Cheney: A Big Bowl Of Bad" (Hilarious)...

Getting shot in the face during a hunt happens all the time

QUESTION?? If Malcolm X Had Lived, Would He Have Been A Lynn Swann

Chertoff Knew Brown Was Failing, But Didn't Tell Bush ... Or Brown

State Government Offices, Local US Government, etc. {Resource}

Scooter Libby launches defense website

Carter helps Bush out on Port issue.....why dems will keep losing..

Hillary watch -Daily News says poll shows folks ready for Hill, but Post

Mortgage Obtained By Santorum May Have Violated Senate Ethics Rules

Sequoia Voting Machines - Anyone know anything about?

Bush Blames Cuts at Energy Lab on Mix-Up

Have we reached 'Peak Retirement'?

Can a U. S. Senator put you on an "ignore" list?

Where Does Your US Senator/House of Rep Stand on The UAE Port Deal...

This is it. This SOB and his shadow Rove told us that Iraq had

Congress should mandate that UAE provide Secret Service Protection

This pretty much sums up why they need us to be poor & stupid--

Should the U.S. close the Guantanamo detention center? C-Span poll

DU this poll: Should US close Gitmo?

Well the SOB finally learned how to spell V-E-T-O. This smells of Rove

Ariana Huffington is a goddess...

I can just see this one coming....

CNN: Your e-mails: Raw deal over U.S. ports?

Feinstein - build a cross border tunnel, you get 20 years


Is their anyone in the (MSM) you give credence to?

Eminent Domain Could Snarl Bush Library Plans

Bush by going with port security deal has told an alarmed American public

Make Deadeye Dick waterboy in VOLKSGRENADIERS.....

B*SH: "I don't care, I won't be here" -- This is his response to

Conyers: Impeachment Forum in NYC and special in Harper's Magazine

The next President. Is Bush's failure a Republican plan?

Lou Dobbs 6:00pm EST...taking on the bush acceptance of port security

Classic Coulter

Why is Satan always portrayed as a silver-tongued, smooth talker when

Link to get in touch with my state's senators? I looked in the research s

I think this ports deal is a Rovian scam. The Repukes in

Freeps on Port Deal: "Cmon BushBots.. Let's hear you explain this away.."

Can Hackett get back into the race if enough $ is raised?

What a train wreck of a vid clip: Hannity, Colmes, Coulter, Huffington

PREDICTION! Dan Bartlett Talking On CNN... Repukes WILL

(SCOTUS) Justices to Weigh Late-Term Abortion Ban

LNN - Lisst News Network - a new 24 hour news channel

Ken Schram ...Just What Is Bush Thinking?


Who really cares what Oprah does?

You Have To Go Get Harper's Magazine for March!

David Irvine's Sentence - How fair was it ?

Hackable Voting Machines: Does anyone know if anything

Are Dem Vets the Key in 2006 / 2008?

I feel like I'm more confident now

"The company's from a country that's been an ally in the war on terror"

Bush Flip-Flops On Increasing Pell Grants

What do Harriet Miers and the Dubai Ports Sale have in common ?

Oprah NOW -- covering ongoing Katrina devastation and inaction

Honduran Kidnapping: Please contact your representative!

Are you political or principled?

Every Conservative loud-mouth should APOLOGIZE TO MICHAEL MOORE !!!

Sherrod strikes back

Why are all '06 veteran candidates Democrats?

Things to remember about the UAE deal.....

Dubai Ports -- Inept Dem politics AGAIN

Are You A Purist Or A Pragmatist?

Every Republican member of Congress owns Bush; they created the dictator