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Archives: February 20, 2006

Photo: Are George and Laura having a tiff?


Sent this letter to the editor, need feedback

Roberts' credibility is on the line

The Case for Fewer but Stronger Currencies (Dollarization)

Bad guys in sergeant's sights were never safe

TIME: Has the Meltdown Begun?

65 Mexican coal miners trapped in mine.

The Palestinian Peace Movement

US holds secret talks to weaken Hamas

WP: Don't Punish the Palestinians (Jimmy Carter op-ed)

Israel to withold $50 million monthly tax collections

The Illuminati & 9/11 - TVNL RADIO - 2/20 Noon ET

Question: WTC7--who were the forty or so companies/people

Federal judge throws out OH recount lawsuit

U.S. Senate Candidate in MD Charges Electoral Failures, Misinformation by

Diebold in CA: Who's Responsible? Huge legal and financial risks...

Any Mick Sterling fans out in DU Land???

Handles and threads

Emerson to apologize to constituents

Iraqi Political Parties Hit Big Obstacles

KLTV/AP: Bell returns to politics with statewide run for governor

The Case for Fewer but Stronger Currencies (Dollarization)

Germans Win Bobsled Gold Despite Whispers of Cheating

Bush Sells Port of Miami to Dubai

Bad guys in sergeant's sights were never safe

Israel to withold $50 million monthly tax collections

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

NYT: Pentagon Lawyer Broke Ranks on Detainees

China, EU to create cleaner coal power

Blast at presidential palace( Philippine)

Schumer Urges Bush to Block Ports Deal

(UK) Campaigners ask courts to rule Iraq war a 'crime of aggression'

Explosion traps 66 miners in Mexico, injures 12

US barbarism just like Saddam: Bin Laden

WP: Irish Immigration Slips Into Reverse

Lawmakers want homeland security 'boondoggles' exposed

Mary Matalin:First Cheney Statement for Press Did Not Admit He Was Shooter

Poll: Americans more ready for woman president

Bin Laden vows never to be captured alive

Teens at Risk on Web Sites, Experts Say {MySpace}

German alarm over bird flu spread

Pulp Dicktion

Goodnight DU!

: D: :D :D :D :D

These are the tries that time men's soles.

One of my uncles has a strange policy on who he votes for

If there was a Picture thread of nothing but CLEAVAGE

Dont be a Menace in SouthCentral while drinking your juice in the Hood.

I just saw THAT Colin Farrell video...

The 500 was cool but neither of my guys won.

I think I figured out why I got such good tips at work today........

Parents who signed the request for the military not to contact their kids

Webmasters - which site do you use for your site * domain name?

4000 posts, and I finally got my first taste of GD flamefesting!

Thank you to everyone who gave me words of comfort last night ...

Just so's you know: Copycat threads? WHOOSH! >

underrated movies of 2005- your picks

Just finished watching Friday's Bill Maher

The Lounge looks like a GOP convention. Discuss.

How old is the oldest naturual mother who you have known?

Do you eat pasta right out of the box?

One of the funniest movies of all time is coming up at 9:00..

"Viewer Discretion Advised"

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her ....."

OMG! The lounge has gone perverted!

LA Times readers: Nini's uncle featured in Sports section!

Nothing Fucked Up About Tonight. NO WAY!

WAAH! The US Women's Curling team is not in medal contention

songs that remind you of an axe

I just posted this in GD.


The minstrel of the dawn is here

move your mouse

***THIS IS HUGH!!**** GD says a Bill was introduced to repeal

Parents of teenagers - a question

Is it really so hard to let go of your children?

Hottie Alert. "O Brother Where Art Though?" on TBS

figure skating could have a MUCH broader appeal to male audiences-

I admit it - I am the Unseemly Jester

Just for tonight - I am chosing to rise above my normal inner nature

I won Powerball.

does anyone know: are the nbc olympic broadcasts done in

Is Zone Alarm sufficient firewall for trying out free wireless LAN

Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

Just for tonight - I am choosing to sink below my normal inner nature

Double murder today - in our apartment complex

I just got back for the UWSP Black Student Union's Soul Food Dinner!

My speech update: this will be the best one EVER...

Spontaneous Orgasims....

Do you feel like a cannibal when you eat M&Ms?

I'm lounge-stalking KitchenWitch.

I want to be Dairy Queened!

Spontaneous combustion.

You know what DU needs?

Hootie alert!

Do you still have a home phone- a poll.

4 members of my son's hoops team have been DQ'd

Can you imagine how Johnny Carson would have handled Fuddgate?

"Error.....You are trying to send a message to yourself."

How do you figure out today's buyout value for a note that matures in

I just saw the movie "Lord of War"

"Current TV" video on preachers at Mardi Gras.

BioWillie gets pumped

Fuck fuck fuck goddamn fuck


Cindy in The Woodlands, Texas

Good news - college kids raise $4.2 mill for pediatric cancer

Barry Bonds should be exiled from baseball like Pete Rose

Did anyone e-file their taxes this year? How long did your refund take?

How many bottles of wine before you're drunk?


I looked outside and saw KANSAS !!! (pics)

Hot DAMN Mimi Rogers is HAWT!

Why would anyone bring a 6 month old baby to a movie?

DU has so many beautiful male members

Sasha Cohen or Sacha Baron Cohen?

Just Plain Depressing...

Shout out to all the DUers who came to the NYC meetup last night

I need hairdresser help!!

My baby just turned 8 years old today! How did that happen already?

Time for first name thread.

I popped the question

Spontaneous organisms

The Afterlife: Forever is a VERY long time

Is "Born-Again" The Same Thing As "Being Saved"?

Christian love sure isn't what it used to be

Dalai Llama speaks

The Fish symbol.

Studies find dental amalgam has significant developmental effect on kids

From the Far East, a lesson in how to beat bird flu

Love Isn't Just For Breeders

"Brokeback Mountain" star of UK film awards

Eva Longeria

Bonds to retire at end of season, report says

Germans Win Bobsled Gold Despite Whispers of Cheating

Not so expensive doggy steps for your pet to use inside your house

Introducing our new puppy Bella

DU pet people: I need your help. My cat is very ill; my vet is clueless.

Quest For Gobal Healing

Questions to ask yourself during periods of world-weariness or

Lying editorial tries to tie Dems to Abramoff (including Kerry)

Federal judge throws out OH election lawsuit

Some photos the wife took tonight:

New York and New Jersey, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Miami

Hi everyone. Update from DC. Hasterat says no.

Are the port deals just a red herring?

From "The Greatest Sedition is Silence," by William Rivers Pitt, page 122.

Washington Post: Disclosure in the Information Age

Alberto J. Mora

Don’t forget Rep. Bill Thomas had an affair with Steelman, lobbyist.


KOS: (2004) our embassy in Abu Dhabi was shutdown to a terrorist threat

Dad sues to prevent son's circumcision

Iraq withdrawal, Murtha bill, question when we succeed in '06

Remember when Rove, et al tried to ridicule Kerry's hunting attire?

"Cheney, now more than ever, is on the top of Fitzgerald's hit parade"

ALL drunks questioned by police say they had "One Beer"

The Fish symbol.

What percent of public has to disagree with War before pols listen?

NYT Business: "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and more on the way

Prayer to St Peter

Nothing like a little despotism in the good old "land of the free"

Chertoff Defends Dubai Port Deal

UAE offered asylum to Hussein

Bush Sells Port of Miami to Dubai

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST (Live)

Divine Providence? (Plantations)

MySpace: Murdoch's big hope, parents' nightmare

Was that another Andy Rooney slam on Bush?

Double murder today - in our apartment complex

"You only shoot, the one's you love......"

Why do people keep referring to Cheney as a hunter?

Bauer Slams Gore for 'Vitriolic' Anti-American Speech in Saudi Arabia

What's become of the DU Activists Forum?

Bin Laden vows never to be captured alive

Matt PUDGE: The House that CLINTON built

Wow, great LTTE in my semi-conservative hometown newspaper

Al-Falafel News and the Dubai Buy.

Will the 'pukes get away with selling our ports to the UAE, just like...

Clinton weighs in on Cheney mishap

August 29, 2005...

Caption this photo

Comic: Bush Tries His Hand At Winter Sports

You must see this take on Cheney's shooting accident

Russert/MSNBC : Give us a break with MATLIN


Did Feinstein ever release Gorelick's letter?

Is the Bush family the most traitorous clan in American History ?

The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason CSPAN2 now

NYT: Facing Pressure, White House Seeks Approval for Spying

Do you remember what Zell Miller said at the RNC about Kerry outsourcing

Congressman Conyers:Taking Back the Congress, Tim Mahoney

solar power breakthu reported - more facts needed

DU This Poll: Is VP Cheney an Asset or a Liability?

Is DU loading funny for anyone else?

Removed Fox News from my television

Uninsured emergency

Interesting GOP English/Spanish online voting form discrepancies

Caption Buckshot Cheney.....

Could the escalating outsourcing of American jobs and the sale of ports...

“If you’re not doing anything wrong, what do you have to worry about”

Tax Breaks Given on Gas-Guzzling SUVs

abramoff, norquist, college repubicans, Moonies, GHW Bush

It's obvious that everyone here needs to be sent to re-education camps...

It's a "Win/Win" situation for them

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe (WaPo)

US Judge to rule on male genital mutilation

Republicans appear to be doing everything in their power to stop.....

Al Gore's Presentation On Global Warming

The astonishing 35-page Duke Cunningham Sentencing Recommendation

The stench of craftiness (UAE Ports Controversy)

Please post candidate websites you like!

Mainstream Arguments for Impeachment

Global Warming/Environmental issues will be the BIG issue in Election 08

Former Reagan NSA Director - Calls For Immediate Withdrawal From Iraq

A MUST!!!......DU this Poll.....

latest from Halliburton prison camps...pick a date..3/11 is taken

Excerpts from the Republican-English Dictionary

An AMAZING Director has set his sights on Guantanamo

Arianna: The Mary Matalin Horror Show

School Board wants to cut program over fear it may be "anti-American"

"Thank God for George W. Bush."

If one of the six ports were to be attacked before '08

What Could Have Been and What Should Have Been -- Re-cast Your Vote [POLL]

60 MINUTES: If you missed the show ,please read

Isn't this a great idea?

"Why We Fight" >> A must see !!

ABLE DANGER and the 9/11 Whitewash.

Cheney Advisor Won't Say If "A Beer" Is "Literally One Beer"

Reappearance of OBL in the media

Karl Rove's latest target: Dana Milbank and his over-the-line orange hat

Conscript the entire Admin. into the VOLKSGRENADIERS. I am sure the Army.

Comic: Bush Tries His Hand At Winter Sports

March 19th / 3rd year protests?

"The people should not be afraid of their Government.....

Shocked to hear that WorldNet Daily lies!

Just think....Five years ago we were predicted to have $5 trillion surplus

Hey, 'murcan people. Here's a new OBL tape to take your mind off Cheney.

Could this be the plan for the November 2006 elections?

Parents who signed the request for the military not to contact their kids

Blog hints at Abramoff, Young link (R-Alaska exposed by a blogger?)

Hughes is in the Middle East selling America's image

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

The ''Duke Cunningham Act"

"Will the Constitution of the United States survive? "

MSM Study; and it doesn't include Faux

about a dozen veterans seeking office; all but one of them Democrats

dnc? dlc? dccc?

The Cheney Shooting meme

GOP asks for church directories

US Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) Connected to Money Laundering!!!

WP: Don't Punish the Palestinians (Jimmy Carter op-ed)

The stench of craftiness (UAE Ports Controversy)

Tom Toles on the Abu Grahib pictures.

Time to say bah, not baa

Who Is Really "Weak" On National Security?

Musharraf's electoral quandary

When is the national press corps going to get the message from Cheney et a

Dangerous deal on the waterfront

Nice job, NBC

Deal-doer who sold an empire: Dubai/US port deal (get ready to puke)

Much ado over DP World

"Road to Guantanamo" arrests - Confirmation

Why American is Polarized (and Conservatives can't win)

New Jersey compost to gas company threatened with closure by DEP.

Press Gag Rules Still In Place At EPA, Internal Email Shows

Great interview...

Anybody seen a spot price spike after the Niger Delta attacks?

Bush Suddenly Discovers Renewable Energy - Denver Post

"Solar Garden" coops in Spain.

Nuclear Energy Initiative Holds Uncertainties

32 jobs restored at energy lab (before Jr arrives)

SAAB Bio-Power FFV gets just as good as mileage on Ethanol85 as on

A Way to Cut Fuel Consumption That Everyone Likes, Except the Politicians

UK Moth Species In Rapid Decline - BBC

Fiona Leggate likes ethanol. Want to argue with HER?

Ethanol: " the potential benefits are staggering"

No Need To Worry About Vietnam's Endangered Forests - They're Gone - AFP

Contemplating disaster vs trying to do something to prevent or

Up To Half Of Swiss Ski Resorts Face No Snow By 2020

Great Movie: Long Way Home, About Jews 1945-48

Hamas dismisses Israeli sanctions

How Hamas swept district elections,appearance of a landslide

Poll: 66% of Palestinians say gov't must honor agreements

Hamas coalition talks under way (Abbas gives his approval) +funding issues

Sweden gives millions more in Palestinian aid

Senior Hamas leader: Israel exists

UN faults Israel for halt in funds to Palestinians

Israel's policies are feeding the cancer of anti-semitism

As the Hamas team laughs- Joking about Palestinian suffering.

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold ! (9/11) TVNL Radio...Noon - ET

Need help - my community is freaking over "sleeper cell"

WTC7 Collapse - 911

where did this good 911 site go ? has been pulled

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News February 20, 2006--Award Day!!!

Look like Pgh, PA BOE will hold a public meeting 8:30 AM Tuesday 2/21/06..

PA: Westmoreland Poll Workers Threaten to Quit (over Hand Counting)

To The Mattresses!

Which states have the chair of reelection campaign running the election?

Idea to expose the NATIONAL issue of election fraud

Can BBV be trusted?

Working Thread: How to Get Your County To Hand Count Paper Ballots

Chet Culver has a plan

Loebsack's open house Saturday 2/18

Bill Gluba Campaign Kick-off (First District Congressional race)

Vander Platts to drop from governor's race

"Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train" on Sundance West.

The icons in my tray don't work anymore.

There's Notetab Lite for Windows...

Hypothetical question re: voting in Republican primary.

Vince Leibowitz endorses...

Breakfast with Mark Warner in Austin

Let's predict which State House districts we'll take from Rs this year.

Any passionate pleas for one candidate or another for Ag. Commissioner?

Ken Molberg endorses . . .

Montgomery County Needs Election Judges/Clerks for Democratic Primary

SA Express News Endorses Uresti

Ken Molberg: A ringing personal endorsement for Bob Gammage

The Eternal Quest for the Perfect Drug: Espresso Machines.

What's your favorite "secret ingredient," for anything?

Go Cindy go..

Liberal leadership poll (Ontario)

From the Far East, a lesson in how to beat bird flu

Google rips Bush administration's search request

AP:$102M verdict in terror attack

EuroNews: Crisis talks in Brussels as bird flu gains ground in Europe

SBS: India Begins Mass Fowl Cull

Uninsured emergency

Richard Bright, 68, an Actor in the 'Godfather' Movie Series, Dies


Times of India: Doping scandal hits Winter Olympics

Bomb wounds 19 workers in Baghdad

At least five dead in Mosul blast

Nissan to Cut Production Costs by 12% by March 2008

Japan Stocks Fall, Led by Sony on Game Delay Report; Banks Drop

US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign

Bush Would Export Nuclear Fuel, Power Plants to Developing Nations

P&O confident of Dubai takeover

(Haiti) Vote dispute seen as possible Préval liability

Boyd schools' gay tolerance training upheld

WP: FDA Is Urged to Ban Carbon-Monoxide-Treated Meat

air america promised they would find a place for mike malloy

Afghan cartoon protesters threaten to join al Qaeda (can you imagine

Afghan cartoon protesters threaten to join al Qaeda

Purported Philippine Military Group Says Responsible for Blast

Lawmakers Call for Overhauling FEMA (but Joe L. wants inside HSD)

Iran Group Arrives in Moscow; Russia Hopes `Reserved'

NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative

Army stretched to breaking

More Objections to Port Takeover by Arab Entity

CBS News: Holocaust Denier Gets Three Years

Boston Wi-Fi Spat Born in Airport Lounge May Set U.S. Rules

Sportscaster Curt Gowdy dies at 86

Wal-Mart's 4th-Qtr Profit May Rise on Holiday Discounts, Ads

Rescuers pull 50 alive from Filipino school: official

'No Iranian will beat us on our home turf' (Cartoon issue)

'Open skies' air treaty threat

Guantanamo Film Stars Detained in Luton

US Mideast democracy plan backfiring: Iran president

Emergency war supplemental hides millions

Reuters: China toxic spill forces water supplies to be cut

Colombia torturing recruits, says report

Iraqi Province Cuts Off U.S. Forces

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 20 February -CLOSED, sorry

U.S. ambassador says Iran meddling in Iraq (Khalilzad)

LAT: WH "Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board" yet to meet.

Judge weighs injunction in BlackBerry case

Anti-Abortion Group Backs Fired Pregnant Teacher

Robert Holmes, ex-Teamsters- helped build labor movement in Detroit, dies

Spaceport planned for Singapore

Hackett's research targeted Brown (Hackett's research leaked to paper)

Elite Iraqi Unit Seeks Footing as It Fills U.S. Boots

U.S. experts explore Iraq exit strategies

Fort Campbell Soldier Killed In Iraq (# 2276)

Bush seeks new budget power from Congress

ABC News/AP: N.J. Senator Latest to Assail Port Sale

NYT: Facing Pressure, White House Seeks Approval for Spying

Iraq Warned Over Creating Sectarian Govt

Protests planned for Bush's India trip

U.S. defends reaction to Dubai deal (Karen Hughes)

Order to open Holocaust archive fought

Purple Heart group gets flak over nod to Sen. Clinton

Democrats may unite on plan to pull troops

DePaul University starts gay studies

Japan PM wary of early restart of US beef imports

Hackett joins veterans PAC

Pennsylvania Fishermen Urged to Clear Snakeheads From River

Scientists enlist clergy in evolution battle

Rice wants Mideast to isolate new Palestinian government

Bolivia takes first step to warm Chile relations

Ridge: White House should explain port deal

'Peace mom' comes to Houston to target President's mom

Some Americans are uneasy about GE foods

P & O port deal widens Dubai's global reach

Austria jails Irving for 3 years on Holocaust denial

Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrough

I'm loving Wolfgang's Vault but.....

:) :( :) :( :) :( :) :( :) :( :) :(

I disavow all random punctuation threads except this one!

oIo oIo oIo oIo oIo oIo oIo oIo oIo

Do NOT open this thread unless you want to be scared out of your mind!!

( ! ) ( ! ) ( ! ) ( ! )

*shudder* I think this is the first time my MyPosts has ever been empty.

I just started watching Footballers Wives.. How did Chardonnay die?

It's time for let's make up a word!!


So much lesbian TV...

my favorite word to use in a thread title is:


Anyone watch British Academy Film Awards tonight?

Alright, goodnight you naughty, naughty people!

Okay, I'm going to bed

There is no such thing as a "capital eight."

So what are y'all doing up right now?

Damnit, why couldn't this study be for women!! An easy $1000

Eating at the Y.

Y'know what I want?

Word of Warning about Kids' Cartoon Movie "Madagascar"

I want a huge American breakfast!

( | | )

BREAKING NEWS!!!! ---> Peace on Earth is Reached!

GD depressed me...anyone wanna try to reverse that?

BOTH my remote controls were STOLEN by ALIENS!

Good Night everybody nt

(.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.)

Good Monday Morning everybody

( Y ) ( Y ) ( Y ) ( Y )

Anyone in the DE/MD/NJ/PA region need a new bathroom?

I REALLY want to recommend this artist/poet:

North Carolina has been cheated out of winter



Jeez, but the ice dancers can't seem to stay on their feet tonight!

Remember This??? happened again...

Here's my latest Black History Thread. 2 interesting stories about Quakers

Headline News: Inteligent Designer Rejects Bush

My first ever Poll! ANd it's a drunken poll!


Congratulations Khashka on 7,000 posts.

"Me keel you ded. And eat you hed."

President's Day Is Such A Fucking INSULT!

When was the last time you were a CUSTOMER in a store?

Scha-WING!!! (SI Swimsuit Issue TV shows)

All new "Something The Fucking Cat Dragged In" thread - and I WIN!

It is official, I am no longer being good tonight!

Wish me luck everyone - I'm LeftyMom's driving instructor

Women MUST be responsible for Curling as a sport

Any other Hate Dept. fans out there?

"Your Estimated Wait Time Will be 3 Minutes..."

Great Photos - Sure to brighten your day!

Drug official calls city narcotics hub (Denver)

NationStaters! Check your NS site

Could someone please explain AAR Premium?

Ladies this one is for you. I laughed so hard I cried.

I had three people on ignore and didn't even know it...

lol! Separated at birth... (from Huffington Post):

I had a great dinner last night!

For a $30 knife set, would you expect the handles to scratch easily? the machine.

uncircumcised men check in here

Wish me luck everybody- my driving instructor is here

*LIVE*Cross-country poetry Holland vs. The Netherlands on NOW!!!

Great Movie: Long Way Home- About Jews 1945-48

South Korean Claims US Skier is his son

Dentists' Top 10 Tips for Busting Bad Breath, in glorious Spank-O-Vision

Democrats Rock! But do they fold?

K-Fed: "Respect me first; then I'll show you what I've done with my wife"

‘Brokeback’ wins big at British film awards

Tell a short story - but in the style of a Prince song....

Finally got our hot water running, I chased it for two blocks.

Where to find a free resize picture site?

Yup, I missed class due to an alarm clock mishap...

New James Bond Daniel Craig gets teeth knocked out in 1st fight scene

Paul Hamm WON that gold fair and square!!!

Star & Tribune's Patrick Reusse...Mr. Gloom and Doom...

Yesterday it was in the teens...

Snackfood fans, have you been to the crunchiest site on the net?


Waaah! I lost my secondary photo gallery...

Darren Daulton is crazy

C.G. Computer poll. Desktop or laptop?

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

Post more quotes!

Those mini-marshmallows in hot chocolate packets...

Doctors are refusing to treat my sister.......HELP!

V for Vendetta

Another C.G. Computer poll. For those of you that have a third party

Prostitutes Offer 'Behind The Scenes' Brothel Tours

What's everyone listening too?

I just made a cappucino, ask me anything!

Shag appreciation thread!!!

Schwing appreciation thread

Live Green Or Die!!!

The Hills Have Eyes...

Fuck it

I think I just saw Bush's plane come in a little while ago

The official sympathy for billyskank's illness thread.

Give me the water back! City keeps turning the water off....

I just boiled my nipples

Hmmmmmmm-When and Where Did I Hear That Before

What do you think my chances are for this job?

So. Who should have been nominated in 2004 instead of Kerry?

"If my album has even half the attention (of 'PopoZăo'), watch out."

Trial balloon - a DU Yahoo fantasy baseball league?

I had an epiphany the other day

post a random city!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/20/06)

I helped judge a Chicken and dumpling contest Saturday.

"Well, it's a well-run campaign: broom, midget and what-not..."

Can I ask for some well wishes and whatnot?

At what age do media franchise obsessions become weird and unhealthy?

On The Phone With Tech Support (Probably The SAME Ones Running Our Ports)!

Come clean about your old fashion foibles here.

Richard Bright, 68, an Actor in the 'Godfather' Movie Series, Dies

For the new Curling fans here

I have some not so secret asexual Du Crushes

Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit?

Lyrics on a cold Monday

We bought a new stove today!

38-year-old Masahiro Kato eats 241 bowls of Wanko Soba noodles

Don't know how else to do it. Here it is.

If you PM a mod or admin, do you expect a reply?

I'm beating MrsGrumpy to this Olympic Spoiler **giggles*

Oh my! I logged onto DU and got my Valentines late!

So the USA is Canada's b...tch?

Goodnight everyone!

Need some help from you guys on Civil Unions/same-sex marriages...

Is it me or is every damn Bon Jovi song the exact same song...

Can you read these right the first time?

So...West Wing fans...who saw the promo tonight? (spoilers)

New Morning Habit

Smoke billowing out of a washing machine is bad, right?

Netflix...What are the top three in your queue?

Any Olympians (past or present) from your town?

So, I missed the WWF Ice Dancing Last Night


My son's being an ass

My teenage daughter wants us to buy her a $535 dress!

Better progressive movie: Crash or Brokeback Mountain?

Boot my petition to get LaraMN to stay up late more often

Hey, Rabrrrrrr...are you here? Aquarium backgrounds. Chime in, anyone.

Is jpgray here?

Question about teacher ethics in college class.

My sweet Emma passed away this morning.

Look! It's an adorable smoosh face!!!

Sportscaster Curt Gowdy dies at 86

Schwag appreciation thread

Good Monday Morning, Everyone!

Shit, one of two things just happened...

Here's a half-assed portrait of a DUer I made in Paint

Is anyone sick of co-workers pimping their kid's Girl Scout Cookies.

Ohhh, very informative and handy Opera page here

Time to stop talking about the separation of Church and State

Is XemaSab here?

"Smoking weed made me try to outrun Tic Tic, the lumberyard dog"

Congrats BuffyTheFundieSlayer!! 10,000 posts


OK I have a diet question???

Curling...God, it's so fun to watch...*Spoilers from yesterday*

PANEXA: the right choice, the safe choice. The only choice.

I was just given flowers for the 1st time in my life! Purple tulips.....

Man Vandalizes Mexican Restaurant Because Of Hot Sauce On His Taco

So what's the deal with Myspace?

What's your favorite oxymoron?

evening earworm (resuming on return of my vacation)

His name is Robert Paulsen

Phil Ochs song of the day....

Should excessive use of certain smileys be banned?

See What Celebrity You Look Like....

I just bought an iPod.... ask me anything!

Post your TMI in this thread.

List Your College Alma Mater

A peanut butter and bacon cheeseburger?

swag appreciation thread

DEV2.O--Not sure whether to cringe or celebrate.

I liked

Customer service: three best and worst companies

Any other DU Ritual Magick practitioners?

Here is a challenge for all Christians!

An Atheist Manifesto

Pompeii clay pot serves as ancient audio recording device?

Gay neighbors deserve apology

The Democrat Who Seeks To Topple Senate's Anti-Gay Santorum

No Opposite-Sex Weddings For Church Until Gay Marriages Approved

Gay Agenda revealed here for first time!

Florida GOP Move Could Help Derail Amendment To Ban Gay Marriage

Colorado Clergy Group Opposes Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Where was the gay mafia when I needed a hit?

Some good news from Kansas.

Fight Against Anti-Gay Amendment Moves To Movie Theaters

Virginia House Approves Revised Gay Marriage Ban

Poll needs DU help

Sox broadcasting legend Gowdy dies

Every cuss word in the world vocabulary x 1000

Ricky Williams violates NFL Drug policy for fourth time....

East Beats West

Korean says he is skier's dad

Help with a long-haired cat please

What's the right thing to do?

Some thoughts

My sweet Emma passed away this morning.

I'm leaving and don't know when I'll be back...

Can you view your own posts?

This really sparked my interest...

Very interesting!

It's snowing!


Bright future

The Carpetbagger: Swiftboat Corsi's comeback?

A co-worker of mine just signed up at

Al From: Dont nominate somebody like Kerry

Art Rage, a tool to add to your toolbox.

A week late I finally get some decent "Absence of Color" shots

Camera recommendations???

Who here has a choice of cable television companies?


Goodnight all ...If I should die before I wake.....

Question about Bush with "Meet the Press"

Rutgers Democrats vs Republicans Debate on Wednesday

the planes dismantled the two towers& ended and disrupted many lives.

Anyone in the DE/MD/NJ/PA region need a new bathroom?

Liars! Cheaters! Evildoers! on CSPAN2 now

US Military Planes Criss-Cross Europe Using Bogus Call Sign

This sounds like the typical Cheney, Texas party!!!

Chirac aims to boost Indian trade, nuclear ties

Buying a 'dissenting' book could put you on the map! You must read this

Question: Was Cheney on one of his famous "canned hunts?"

Happy Presidents Day

IHT: Movers: NBC ads suffer amid Olympics rating war

New invasive camera ordinance proposed in Chicago..

Where did the time go?

Yes, for a fact, Cheney DOES INDEED participate in canned hunts.

Times Picayune: "FEMA scrambles to house first responders"

Foreign Investment v National Security-- WJ CSPAN

The Depth of Stupidity

Islamophobia Does Not Constitute a Party Platform

Privacy Guardian Is Still a Paper Tiger

Uhh, Fitz, about now would be a good time

wmd found in Washington D.C.

Connect the dots . . . food programs .... milk . . . FDA

i cant belive we were left out there to die we were left behind by our gov

another repug e-mail making the rounds

Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board:Someday, it might actually meet

Can You Say "Permanent Bases"?

65 Coal miners trapped!

I think they are using the NSA spying stuff primarily...

BA to sell Major Airports in Blue States to Saudi Royal Family.

Next hunting season...

Bush & Co Allows Oil Cos Not To Have To Pay Royalties For Oil On Public

Bu$h selling the ports to a middle east company nullifies their claim on >

Hey lets all insult the president!

Today is President's Day. We need a Criminal's Day for balance.

Wanting your review on some books

Who's in on a national campaign to sell to the highest bidder?

Looks like it is time to blame the black guy and cheer the bush lover

Fox News: Protecting America from Terrorism

Christian love sure isn't what it used to be

The airhead fluffbubble "newscaster" on CNN last night:

Ads link homosexuality, child abuse [WashBlade]


To all Brits: Local elections on 4th May

UCLA study which found "liberal bias" in media was discredited by MMFA

"he hunts with the Cheney"

Tomorrow am: Online national town hall discussion on spying, secrecy

A co-op votes to declare itself smoke-free, and potential buyers fume

cspan--'WH is on the run'--says ACLU--as it now 'seeks approval" for

Democracy Now today: dramatic readings from Howard Zinn's

George's enemies

Another Error by Ann Coulter

Presidental authority and NSA town hall meeting NOW on cspan

I need a response

Former Intell Sr Analyst:Admin Used Intell to Justify Decision For War

Action: 5 Calls to Say "Yes" to Democracy: Please Help

HEADS UP!!! ACLU Town Hall Meeting will be on C-SPAN 1 at 11:00 ET

Can we enlist the help of business to fight the NSA...

Peace groups and impeachment

VIDEO-Romero- (ACLU) about the "Tradeoff" Question-Bush Spying

Link up with Jack Abramoff on Bob Ney's Virtual Golf Junket

Lawmakers criticize use of money meant for homeland security

"Spy Chips" in the next hour of "The Morning Wakeup Call with Lizz Brown"

Llighting the Way and Women who have made America Worse

I'll be a DU star that CARLYLE has a stake in the UAE Ports Company.

Insider Trading Based on NSA Wiretap Information

Kansas City Star: Inadvertent reprint

The Domestic Spy Program "Debate"

"If I have to vote for Humty Dumpty, I will never vote for another Repub "

The Greatest Lie Ever Sold ! (9/11) TVNL Radio...Noon - ET

Someone help me please. My DU format is all jacked up.

The Most Famous Couple In The World

Page #1 Google News (world) "A Half-Dozen Questions About..

Jerry Springer's just announced he's debating Sean Hannity --

VIDEO- Romero and Kalb- If Al Qaida is Calling, Why Wouldn't You Want to

Shrub's relative angrily ran over an old woman with a horse

OMG... was that Gonzales speaking at the 16th Street Baptist Church?

Winston-Salem Journal: Oil Giveaway

I'm actually confused regarding the Marines doing recovery

Cartoon protests? Cartoon violence? Anyone else annoyed by terminology?

This is a great read from the Jamaica Observer. re: Dead Eye Dick

"Scholars Rate Worst Presidential Errors"

"Bush, Officials Tout Energy Initiatives"

On History Channel Now--Teddy Roosevelt

NSA townhall: LOL...they cued up the song...

Stop everything and sing with me.

Democrats Rock! But do they fold?

VIDEO- Harper (CATO) on Data-Mining -ACLU Town Hall

Please Help! Refute this email Re: Russia Moved Saddam's WMDs -->

"Those goats are back, honey -- get the tiger poop"

Iraqi Democracy, American Style

So, where exactly do these Bin Laden tapes "surface" from???

"Girl's prosthetic legs stolen for second time"

Why must the Democrats announce their solutions now?

VIDEO- Tribe on Cheney's Power to Declassify.. and Port Security

Rumsfeld Requests 24-hour Propaganda Machine

Army stretched to breaking

The Cheney shooting incident is the perfect metaphor

Help-Ben Franklin quote re prejudice

About those comments re: Pickles, Bush, Matalin, Condi

Education Think Tanks

It really doesn't matter if Cheney has the authority to declassify

VIDEO- Romero- Cost of Free Speech

Bush had to pressure Cheney to talk about shooting

VIDEO- Romero-It is Arrogant and Offensive for Bush to Paint Critics

"** Tries His Hand at Winter Sports"

Excellent Site on Global Warming - Images are a must see.

VIDEO- Tribe -Courts have held Constitution doesn't go out the window

Is it me or did Matalin's brooch yesterday look like a GUNSHOT wound?

Dems should label the * regime the "shoot before you look" admin.

VIDEO- Harper (CATO) on TIA and 13 Different Data-Mining Ops

American Apparel Store - old news but good news

VIDEO- Harper on "If you're Not Doing Anything Wrong, Why Object?"

Just had a thought about this Ted Kennedy, Dick Cheney thing...

VIDEO- Tribe-Difference between Declaration of War and War Authorization

false prophets and hypocrites pierce the heart of america with poisonous

Here is a fun little post on CNN: Dick Cheney an asset or liability

VIDEO- Harper/Kalb-What *IS* the War on Terror?

did anyone see mary Matalin on MTP yesterday?

Hackett Joins IAVA Pac

A question about religios services...


The Rude Pundit says it , Rudely, of course.

White Rose welcomes Guy James back to the airwaves!

‘Fallujah' Created Among Cotton Fields

VIDEO- Tribe-Is Congress Trying to Ignore FISA and Legalize what Bush has

White House Working to Avoid Wiretap Probe

23 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak...'know the players'

What do you think of the new OBL tape, I'm hearing about it on msnbc

Chávez and White House head for cold war

People in Podunk, Arkansas and FarmCenter, Iowa ready to give up freedoms

San Diegans -- Mardi Gras Meet the Candidates Feb 25!

VIDEO- Tribe- Enough of Fear-Mongering and Sloganeering

Google rips Bush administration's search request

Hunting for Camaraderie With Shotguns and Friends

VIDEO- Dean- A Sense of Proportion about Deaths around 9/11

An olympic quote for today

Dick Cheney told the truth in 2004 regarding port secutiy!

So Hackett political aides are releasinig negative info on Brown?

Is Danish cartoon controversy part of push for Iran War?

Governor to push global warming fight

Abraham Lincoln's war against the Press on CSPAN2 now..

About Mary Matalin's use of the word 'jihad'...

NSC, Cheney Aides Conspired to Out CIA Operative

Oh my god...that Bush is such a FUC*ING comedian

'President's gone insane' – 9/11 dad

VIDEO- DeRosa-How does the NSA Determine who is Al Qaida?

VIDEO- Independent Says He will Vote for Humpty Dumpty Before a Republican

Why do they keep giving stupid people TV time?

Scripps Howard News Service: Time to impeach Bush

VIDEO- John Dean- Ultimate Responsibility Lies with the American People

Hilarious * Spoof (Foxworthy Roast)

JAMES KUNSTLER: A Short Emergency

Why America will reap in Iran what it doesn’t expect

Cop says city muzzling him for terror alert talk

Shrub is back at home in front of his hand picked audiences again.

Bush messed with PS federal grants just before Dubai/US port announcement

Jack Abramoff's White Man's Burden: How The Repuke Worked for Apartheid

WARNING--Sony music CDs secretly install software on your computer

Will linking to Osama's tape get us on the red flag list?

Hillary is SOOOO angry! or We're short a few lips? *Extremely Graphic*

Chicago and Cameras: The Slippery Slope of Privacy Lost?

Gargantuan Mistakes, Like the word Gargantuan,

Secretary Snow said he would recuse himself from any CSX dealings

Calling Mr. Scorpio -- 2/20 edition of most brain-dead LTTE

I believe that the main reason Cheney gave his story on Faux

Have we ever had a President before with such close ties to foreign...

How much would Benedict Arnold sell our port security for?

DLC- Don't nominate John Kerry

I just spent 1.5 hours educating a young lady about everything

from today`s wonkette

Any other DU Ritual Magick practitioners?

Do you think Paul Hackett, Cindy Sheehan and others

The War on Presidents Day

Big Sky Country Readies to Turn A Republican Out… Things are Looking Up

Those army recruits commercials...

Brad Blog: Feeney's Corruption Continues to Makes Front Page News.

America's Shame - Torture in the Name of Freedom (Der Spiegel, Germany)

Fuck it

Scientists enlist clergy in evolution battle

2276 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

While engaging a rightie on the spy issue...

Get your Global Warming here

SF Gate: "'Outed' Unbelievers Unite"

Port company deal in Forbes on Jan. 26th! Hello!!Carlyle Group connection

US Asks Georgia to Use Bases and Airfields for Attacks on Iran — Paper

How active are you locally?

Mary Maleficient (Matalin) image

Paul Hackett To Be On Ed Schultz at@ 3:30 today....BEFORE Hardball

Need help - my community is freaking over "sleeper cell"

VIDEO- Bush Mush for Brains - Cspan caller this morning

OH BROTHER DEPT.: "Cheney comes home seeking a hug and healing"

Paul Hackett To Be On 'Hardball' Today (2\20) !!! - And...

Zogby Poll: Bush-40%, S-45%, W-43%, Central-39%, E-34%

Bush: Freedom is Nukes, Grass, and Rocks

For Canadians: Day puts national ID card back on the agenda

State to put rapists on posters

A civil war letter which I found a fascinating read

Anybody seen Marc Maron's cat?

Ex Guantanamo prisoner: I confessed to stop the torture

Isn't this our "New Pearl Harbor"?

Cheney (or Bush) cannot "declassify" the ID of a covert CIA agent.

Damn, I have it, the Armstrong Ranch was the Republican’s Appalacia

NYT CT Edition profiles Ned Lamont

Stock Market: Economic Engine or Rich People Roulette?

ELECTION REFORM. We need to register NON VOTERS.

Strategic redeployment - this is the Democrat plan?

When ReThuglicans begin speaking out against an issue, it's a red flag

Student Kills Anthrax Spores With Clothes Iron

Need a job? These folks can help!

US won't negotiate with terrorists - should include our civil rights


Is it too late to take back America?

Election Fraud: TRUTH is seen as conspiracy - Exposing it is our only hope

CNN: Pres. Carter coming up (talking about Iran)


Great-we already have a company to Manage the ports!

President Bush: In an Emergency State Of The Union Speech To Congress

Can someone explain why China couldn't buy Unocal for

The continuing saga of John Kerry: red-headed stepchild of the DLC

Is Bush planning another terrorist strike on US soil with his pal...

The DNC Needs To Run Commercials About This "Port:" Sale

Caption *

With all of the anti-gay Amendments coming back..

DU this CNN poll: Cheney an asset or liability?

Why is Pakistan's "Islamist A-bomb" good?

Climate change question

Where is the DEM LEADERSHIP on the UAE Port Deal?????

The dying scandal that keeps growing-By Glenn Greenwald

Caller-Times Editor Shoots Back About Cheney 'Scoop', Gets Shot Down

What I think Cheney really would say about shooting Whittington (ala Burns

What happens if the port deal is blocked? Who runs the ports?

Bwahahaha! Lou Dobbs on CNN just said DHS is a "joke"

There is not now, nor was there ever, a need for Homeland Security Dept.

Arabs Are In Charge Of Our Ports

Lou Dobbs continues his rant - day 3 or 4....

Have we heard from Jimm-Jeff Gannon-Guckert recently?

Just think of all the stuff the BA can smuggle through those ports!

Blood in the Water: Freepers AREN'T BUYING UAE PORT SPIN

DUers: PLEASE buy & use Carbon Monoxide Detectors at home. Thank You.

The Republicans Have Forgotten 9/11 -- I've been waiting over 4 years

Paul Pillar on w/tweet as I type

Catholic Millionaire's Dream Town

John Prine nails * to the wall!

Bush Says U.S. Won't Be `Held Hostage' by Oil Nations

Please listen to a great speaker, a voice we could use now.

The right wing's abuse of constitutional amendments

People, we need to secure our nation again. Gain control of

Lou Dobbs sucked me into the Vortex Tonight...he did a 360 Degree..

Cafferty is pissed...School Bus Watch...that's how we are going to look

Finally -- a Republican comes to his senses

Schumer was on Savage, I'm not shitting you

Hackett on Hardball....

PayPal problems

Is there any chance that Cheney will be gone before 2008?

Now I know why Greenspan retired..

Need advice from any DU lawyers re: Landlord safety violation

PHOTO TWO-FER: Bush throwing like a girl next to a bald guy

Sicko "Marriage Contract" One For The Ages

Billion Degree Breakthrough

Fox News:Cheney Resignation Would Present Advantages & Problems

Bill Schneider says "It's all unraveling"....

I think everyone loves the former president Bush

air america promised they would find a place for mike malloy

This is unbelievable...Snow, Carlyle, Treasury..AHA..IMPORTANT

The Republicans Have Not Only Been Caught With a Hand In the Cookie Jar

The Nation-state is becoming irrelevent, the corporations are taking over

Katrina: Is Deliberate Incompetence Making The Case For Faith-Based Aid?

Smirky (photo) on the verge of an energy breakthrough

What do you know about the Fed Res and M3 Reporting?

I'd like to quit smoking but wtf for?

Among all the Stories Circulating Here and Elsewhere

The Quandry Of "Professional" Politicians

National "Town Hall" Meeting (tonight)

GIrl Scout Cookie Sales: facing unfair backlash

DU this poll! Oh, never mind..... Ha! Ha!

A calling to all SERIOUS historians please

Gender wage inequality persists, study says

They really stepped into a giant Cow Pie with this Port deal

Cheney approval ratings down to 29% according to the latest

Are you watching "The Presidents" on the History Channel?

Today - Feb. 20, 2006 - if Kerry were President:

God Founded This Country!

New World Order - Carlyle's toon 2/20

So they won't give money to the legit gov elected in Palestine for

Rove's Big Mistake: "Angry Left" more Macho than "Silent Majority"

Ecoutez-moi mes braves, mais ...

Who is Sir John Parker? (chief negotiator for the Dubai/US port deal)

Carlyly Group's involvement in port security company

James Carville has Jumped the Shark as a Democratic Voice.

Tribute To George W. Bush (courtesy, a Bud Light commercial)

Republicans: "Three Strikes and You're Out!!"

THE MEMO-How Internal Effort to Ban Abuse/Torture Was Thwarted-New Yorker


Homeland Security threatens fed employee over anti-war signs on his truck

Black History Thread #4: "Did You Know?" (Quaker Protests Against Slavery)

Our Ports are a Tradeoff!! All about $$$ and Oil

Dick's Hostess, Ms. Armstrong, Has Made Over a Million Dollars Lobbying >>

The MOTHER OF ALL questions? Is your government by the people?

"Going Nowhere....The DLC Sputters to a Halt!" a great repast...........

New name for Global Warming? (poll)

WH Attacks Gore: His words are representative of "angry left"

How The Miami Herald Legitimized the Florida 2000 Selection

How on earth could an attack on Iran boost Bush's poll numbers?

How the LEFT regains power - The TRUTH movement

UAE corp. exec. to be U.S. DOT Administrator.

RW-ers upset about ports & oil deals. Post your awakening stories here!!

Ahhhhhhhg! Jerry Springer is an IDIOT!

X-posted: Official STOP DIEBOLD IN CA HERE Daily Thread

Paul Hackett: Thanks For Nothing

If we (America) were invaded, could we be defeated?

We Are Going to War with Iran

A Question To All Those Who Think It's Too Late To Take Back America

UAE to get $265 Million Spaceport for Suborbit Flights - WTF?

Arab/Muslim does not equate to terrorists - or - Some talking points

Guantanamo Film Stars Detained in Luton

The Republic is dead, long live the Republic

Who's tired of the biased coverage of the Olympics

Who the hell cares what YOU think?

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback wants to save us from Hell

I'm not being a smartass...but

Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder

Not scared of those Halliburton detention camps?

I weep for this nation - many people have no idea how BAD it really is

''Don't mess with me Condoleezza. Don't mess with me, girl.''

Failed Senate candidate Hackett's opposition research leaked to paper

Port Security - Kerry warned us!

BIG Dem wins in 06 and 08 ... tinfoil hat fantasy ...........

MSN f**ks up: "Biden: I won't be taken alive" headline...BWAHAHA!

WTC7 Collapse - 911

Do you support the United States Constitution?

Dick Cheney and Pamela Willeford

Cop Watch

Sen. Arlen Specter's nickname: Senator Nevermind

FBI has over 1100 pages on ACLU since 9/11

I've had it up to here! Pls. help me fine tune this!

Is this thing w/ Specter's aide retaliatory?

a small note for civility re: asking questions about incomplete OP

"the only known photo taken at Abu Ghraib of a fully dressed person..."

Tip of the hat to NPR for the Reid/Abramoff article

Inconsistencies by Mary Matalin on MTP

we have paid for snake cheney to murder birds in 9 states minus Lynne

The Banana: Defending the Latest Anti-Terror Tool *graphic*

Navy Counsel Issued Warning On Torture

The Ranch Where the Politicians Roam

This just in . . . * still worst president ever, still an idiot, still .

New meme from Frist: No need for spying to be "thrown over to the courts"

Cheney plays prison concert!

ABC News on U.S. Port Takeover: "Xenophobia or Security Concern?"

Comic: Bush Watches Olympics, Now Wants To Go Skiing.

Can anyone take the U.S. seriously anymore? (late night rant)

Ridge says WH should explain port deal.

God tells woman to cut off baby's arms, and tells Bush to kill Iraqis?

does anyone know where the she-cheney was during the hunt?

Haaretz says snake cheney is cruel and abusive and bad luck

Feeney (R-FL) faces more scrutiny

Data mining? Does anyone work in a corporation with "Shadow" technology?

Spitzer Says He'd Sign the Morning-After Bill

Anyone see the Hardball promo last night re: Hackett to guest?

My Plan To Deal With Iraq And Save The USA

Reid press secretary to challenge Porter (R-NV)

I Can Conclude One Of Two Things From The UAE Port Deal....

Y'all gotta be technologically advanced to carpe the diem, Stretch...

and if the port deal isn't enough:Carlyly Gp profits from foreign visitors

Funny Diebold Voting Machine Parody......

Ron Paul, R. TX: The End of Dollar Hegemony

GOP pushes line-item veto...(Sen. Allen trying to give Bush more power)

Stumbled across an amusing quote:

Paul Hackett political fund raising?

The DCCC called me last night...

Only In Bizarro Land

Hackett joins a military PAC

Interesting e-mail I received today about the Ohio debacle...

Michael Schiavo fights back!

Hmm, the Arabs now own several US ports, and the Chinese

Bait and switch?

and you think our troops will come home sane?

March 1st -- SCOTUS to finally hears arguments on Delay's redistricting..

Even if Cheney is the source of the leak, Democrats should do nothing. BS!

Alan Simpson: "He probably put his head on Lynne's shoulder and cried"

Port security should have been an issue before Bush decided to sell it

The Carpetbagger: Swiftboat Corsi's comeback?

Should term limits apply to U.S. Presidents? poll

Who is on the CFIUS committee so willing to turn the ports

Bush is so aggravating when he speaks

Photo: "Actress Eva Longoria shares a laugh with former President Bush"

Brit Hume's interview of Darth Cheney - Monday's cartoon

Former President Carter doesn't think Dubai owning our ports is a threat

The DLC seems to think that Democrats should sell out like Republicans

Lou Dobbs says divine intervention may be all we have left under *.

Photo: Junior in Milwaukee, making the "I'm-Lying-My-Ass-Off" face

Lawyers dissect Bush's argument; show he doesn't have unchecked authority

DU President Day Celebration and Challenge - Impeach Bush

CNN poll: is Cheney a liability or an assett?

Big Dick Cheney sings Folsom Prison Blues - FUNNY STUFF!!

NPR/Morning Edition does smear piece on Harry Reid

Lawmakers Decry Ports Takeover, Chertoff Defends the Deal

Is IAVA Pac part of the Third Way Initiative? No party affiliation...

Think Osama prefers Dubai Ports over Bush buddies Managing US Ports?

JOSHUA FRANK: How the Dems Kill Their Own: Remembering Howard Dean

Bush says deal is done on ports and Osama offers Bush a chance to convert.

I'm glad someone (someone named Hillary) is addressing the ports fiasco

The WH is outsourcing our U.S. port security to the Arabs!

oil barons better get out of Nigeria - they've gone serious

Failed Senate candidate Hackett's opposition research leaked to paper

After Neoconservatism (Key PNAC figure RAILS against Neocon agenda!!)

Please help me compile anti-DLC resources.

Don't Punish the Palestinians (WaPo editorial by former President Carter)

the connection to it all - Carlyle Group involved in port security deal

Why James Webb must defeat George Allen

Speaking of Genocide... Why aren't we?

5 Phone Calls, Emails, Faxes Can Save CA and the Nation

Hard to have a nice photo-op after you lay 32 workers off.

Hunter S. Thompson shot himself a year ago today...