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Archives: February 17, 2006

"Are We Safer?" (David Cole, NYRB, March 9, 2006 issue)

Backroom Battles (on Hackett and the Dem elites and Swiftboating)

Wow, the foreign press has way more info on Fuddgate

Eyes Wide Open (Chris Floyd on Abu Ghraib)

Cheney giving ammunition for slanderers? (Tucker Carlson)

Phantom military bases materializing in Iraq

Bernanke "Optimistic" About Energy Problems 20 Years From Now

FL - Manatee Deaths Hit New Record For January - Up 1/3 Over 2005

Continued Decrease In Stratospheric Ozone Likely To Persist For Decades

Environmental Outlook Increasingly Grim For Portugal

Climate change: On the edge (scientist Bush tried to gag)

People Dying Of Thirst In Southern Somalia - Worst Drought In 40 Yrs - BBC

Invasive Cane Toads Wrecking Australia's Environment - BBC

Onward, ship of fools

Hamas 'names its prime minister'

Is Little Big Dick a true sadist? Ultra disturbing conspiracy theory...

for all 911 debunkers...molten metal dripping from 80th

Mathematics, and the case of the missing concrete.

Roy G. Saltman: How much do localities spend on elections?

NM: Here come da paper!

Elections forum--- Hackett -- Old time 2004 ERD Stuff;)

CT: Feds question use of mechanical voting machines


Have you tried to educate your senators about election issues since '04?

Andrea Silbert Interview on NPR

Fear and loathing in Nonantum - FOUL!

If anyone would like to contact the Members of the Rules Committee

Any Twin Cities Duers having massive slowdowns today?

How can I embed an icon/button into Internet Explorer 6 for

Windows 2000 bootup problem question: (crossposted)

Bob Perry donations. You might not like to see this.

Salsa - Fresh or Cooked, and what special kinds?

Best. Damned. Pickles. (from a store)

NBC loves it's Canadian commentators at the Olympics

Fage resigns over potato loan

Former Conservative MP denies he's becoming a lobbyist

Support eroding for reappointment of Iraqi prime minister

Ky. Miner Dies in Coal Mine Roof Collapse

France steps up rhetoric on Iran

Senate aide's (to Specter) spouse gets a windfall

Iran renames Danish pastries

Senate Candidate (D-RI) calls for Impeachment

Iran tops Blair and Merkel agenda

UH (Hawai'i interim) president approves (top-secret) Navy research center

Holy cow!!! 1,325 images of suspected detainee abuse

NYT: Investigators for U.N. Urge U.S. to Close Guantánamo

Starving poor of Somalia now suffering thirst

WP: Immigration Issue Threatens GOP's Fla. Stronghold (Cubans)

NYT: Bipartisan Support Emerges for Federal Whistle-Blowers

US rejects calls to shut Guantanamo (AFP)

OH: State Looks Hot as Ever as Filing Deadline Passes

White House Ordered to Release Spy Papers

Lawmakers Seek Info on Cheap Venezuela Oil

UAE to tap space tourism

Reuters: Cheney talks, and 2.1 million watch

Tutors Say Parents, Kids Missing Free Help

Company Executive Pleads Guilty to $1 Million Fraud in Iraq

Lott files FEMA bill (get out of Homeland Security)

Cabinet minister calls for closure of Guantanamo(first cabinet minister)

NYT-Specter Denies Funneling Money for Lobbyist

Imam assaulted, mosque vandalized in Detroit enclave

Iraq economy falls below pre-war levels

Lawyers given secret U.S. intel documents

Army Chief Urges Iraq to Join NATO

Committee approves Wal-Mart health bill

Recruiting suicide bombers ruled not terrorism

NYT: Accord in House to Hold Inquiry on Surveillance (GOP dispute)

Bush seeks 20 billion dollars more for Katrina rebuilding (AFP)

Bush seeks 72.4 billion dollars for Iraq, Afghanistan (AFP)

Colombia head discusses US trade (BBC News)

Greenland's glaciers losing ice at faster rate

Senate rejects wiretapping probe

Md. Official Defends Behavior Toward Woman

Spoiler: Men's Figure Skating!

Jim Morrison: CIA agent

Buffalo Bill's

"The Green Mile"

Are you this lonely? Poor guy in elevator sad and scared to be alone...

Hey! Joani_Alpern!!! heard a good one from our tarbender...

The 16 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

Kodokan etai etai etai yo damn it.

Why are there no black hearts in Necco Sweetheart boxes?

I just posted this in GD.

Aww, crap I lost my star!

My dog decided to drink my coffee

The Florida Marlins Sweepstakes

Ford Madox Ford: "The Good Soldier." First line:

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Here's a pic of the young woman that's the suspended Stanford Tree

Hey, if ya need to lift your spirits a bit, they're singing in GD

Birthday date game. Try it, you'll like it!

Dick Cheney shot J.R.


Kurt Vonnegut wrote a book " Dead Eye Dick".The Plot : Careless shot kills

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Recommendations please!

Goodnight people...stay gold

Hey guys, can you check this out...

Mary Had A Little Lamb

What job couldn't they pay you all the money in the world to do?

Go Matt Savoie


Hurray Beer!

Would you loan $10,001 to this man?

I need a drink.

Being Human or Human being?

Woodford Reserve bourbon

I got a PROMOTION with 15% pay RAISE TODAY!!!!!

delete dupe

Share your 'Cheney made my child ______' stories

Who do you think is cool, Like Vic Ferrari

BREAKING NEWS! Cheney shoots Barney in White House

20 Lines From Star Wars - (funny)

I'm 50 away from a big milestone

1000, BABY!

any sites that will allow me to compare grocery prices

Pay Pal E-Mail

I killed another thread today

Burning Question: Ever Use PayPal as a Seller Selling Something?

Last night, I went to GD and was

I've decided to change my sig line

I need a replacement van

You gotta love Texas

I am so dizzy

Ozzie Guillen rips Nomah and A-Rod.

I'm sorry, but "Drawn Together" is fucking hillarious

Florida Marlins to Oklahoma City?

Caption this pic:

Vampire movies or Zombie movies?

Time for some Myer's Rum

so how come when I tune in the Olympics, I never get a medal count

That downhill snowboarding (snowboard cross) looks like an absolute BLAST!

What do cats dream about

SHIT!!! I just spilled a HUMONGO glass of MERLOT

The Dark Overlord List

Which DU'ers look like former boyfriends / girlfriends / spouses?

Lounge karma comes through again!!!


Windows 2000 bootup problem question:

Which Orwell book do you think best anticipates the BFEE?


A five bladed razor?

Any Beatle People Here?


Hey wives, listen up!

How many degrees of separation between you and a Beatle?

Do Cats Actually Get Rid of Mice?

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of Parvo?

I'm not gay, but Wood from Harry Potter - wooee!

Here's a cartoon about Paul Hackett and the Beltway Dems

Movie recommendation: The Jacket with Adrien Brody

Poor Catrina has worms

Skater Johnny Weir slams republicans

Worst song in an 80s movie?

Fans of the Dark Tower Series...check these sites out.....

PayPal question: I keep getting these account verification

Let's peel scabs! What was your graduating class's theme song?

Paris Hilton To Play Mother Teresa in Upcoming Film

Best song in an 80's movie?

OMG!!! Turn it on TLC right now! It's the SUPERFUNDIES (mom has 17 kids)

OMG. There's no PHOTO thread on the first page

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: Preliminary poll #3 ***

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: Preliminary poll #2 ***

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: Preliminary poll #1 ***

God Damn It!!

Antioxidant Supplementation Not Assoc. w/ Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

Is "brokeback" the new "codeword" for gay?

detailed article on Gaycitynews about Dean's meeting with NY gay leaders

Please DU this gay amendment poll (posted earlier)

Nature: "Why you should go with your gut"

John Kerry Leads Military Pay-Raise Effort

Is Senator Barfbag the love child of Buffalo Bob & Howdy Doody?

Kerry News today

Kerrycrats, I've got news!

Oh man, I'm 13 posts away from 5,000

*** PHOTOGROUP February contest: Preliminary polls ***

Koeb 2/16/06 Was Cheney Lying???

Judge orders response on eavesdropping records

NPR report on Katrina euthanasia cases

I'm mad at Bush for allowing Cheney to ruin the country.

Controlling the ports controls this nation. WAKE UP AMERICA.

Safety First at the White House

B-r-r-r-r-r-i-i-i-i-n-n-ng! NPR calling!

bush thinks "the vice president handled the matter just fine"...

MSNBC Question for the Day

Calling a conservative on his comparison of prog taxation to rape

Senates Opts for Only Partial Testiclectomy , For Now - NYT

Second House GOP Retirement This Week

EU to US: Close Gitmo, "When Will This Nightmare End"??

Video: Abu Ghraib - The Sequel

Whoever gave me the heart, Thanks! Now give Cheney one!

John Edwards on Majority Report coming up!

So, besides a couple of speeches and a gun accident, what's the VP

VIDEO- Wu on Cisco's Involvement with Chinese censorship

US Rocker-Henry Rollins="Possible Threat " Reading Book on Jihad

Keith O on--cheney , nsa etc

Why aren't the Secret Service questioned about shooting?

(TOON) Rowson on the Gitmo report

Cheney sings Folsom..You have to hear this!!!

VIDEO - Australian TV Exposes More Abu Ghraib Abuses & Aclu Commentary

We need to never let them forget these things

Hunting Crashers starring Dick Cheney

What exactly does it mean to "run our ports"?

bush is satisfied with cheney's response because...

Authors Asked to Fight Trademark Bill--please help--FIRST AMENDMENT

DeadEye Dick's Gun Club (sign)

Why didn't we just release the Abu Grabib photos all at once?

Why is Bob Woodruff still under military care?

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Dick Hunt"

Has anybody tried the 'Cheney Qual Hunting game" on Huff-Po?

Where is Lynn Cheney and is this a plan for Cheney?

Cheney Gets Hammered - TVNL Radio - 9 pm ET Live!

anyone notice that the victim and his family arent giving interviews?

Did'ya notice? Bush remembered Whittington and still don't know Jack?

Did someone pick this up? I can only look in from time to time.

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World Feb 16 06

We're not gonna take it- Anymore! throw each and everyone of these rat

VIDEO- Tweets Asks Biden About Holding Admin to Account

KO's report just shot cheney's story to hell...

George Clooney on Larry King right this moment! nt


Love this new email from Ned Lamont!

Is the "mushroom cloud" looming on the horizon?

Hardball (question)

Have we sent Mr. Whittington any flowers yet?

WHO is Greg Szymanski and is a legitimate journalist

constable in Quail/gate has same last name as TWO of Cheney's GUESTS?

Would-be Comedian Adam Carolla Pisses off Asians: "Ching Chong"

On average, how often do you recommend a thread for the Greatest page?

New Gallup poll:

I never thought I would agree with that Savage creep

Cheney stayed out of public eye until he sobered up. If he was so

Ladies And Gentleman, I Give You Norm Coleman

Why they spy

My Conclusion: Congress Does Not Respect Itself

Congressman Conyers: NSA Spying Scandal -- Never Mind? No Way!

To whomever gave me a heart....

George Clooney on Larry King tonight (Thurs, 9pm EST) =nt

TIME: The Lobbying Game: Why the Revolving Door Won't Close

O'LOOFAH to Tony SNOWjob; "Was it THIS BAD under CLINTON?"

Judge's anger at US torture :Stinging comments

Do you think Hillary is going to run in 2008?

Another story about the 2000 election.

While We Are Watching Cheney Shoot, We Are Not Watching....

I am asking - no one has spoken about the sequence

Bush wants $72B MORE for Iraq, "so COALITION can hand over control"

"We will renew the defining moral commitments of this land." GWB 2006 SOTU

Rahm might not be through courting Hackett

Doctor Admits Implanting Screwdriver In Patient

Film, "America…From Freedom to Fascism"

Cheney's Got A Gun - Parody Video

Anyone have a copy of Will Pitts Interview on NPR today?


Do you favor reporting Iran to the UN securities council as of today?

George Clooney on L King...this guy is no dummy

Wing nut letter of the day...

Remember how Cheney reacted on 9-11?

Rita's got "breaking news" (always breaks at 9???) & exclusive info!

Enough already!

Who Will "Able Danger" Hurt More?"

So why hasn't any nation taken the US to the UN over Abu Ghraib?

No news tonight on the "news." Not exactly news.

Just moved to Lincoln, NE from San Diego....Brrr

I've just been told that Russ is going to be on Real TIme w/ Bill Maher

In which hour was John Edwards on "The Majority Report" tonight?

Rate this Yahoo story. White House Defends Port Sale to Arab Co.

Iraq war veterans fight for US Congress seats

UAE Fears Leakage from Iran's N-Reactor--Khaleej Times

"But officer, DUI is such an outdated, pre-911 law, and...

The Effects of Alcohol on Person taking Heart Medications.

Charlie Rose - Paul Pillar on now 11pm EST

Is there anyone worse on TV than Kate O'Beirne?

A friend pointed out that not killing could be likened to not inhaling

As I watched the FAUX/Cheney interview I felt sorry for the man - briefly.

DU Legal Help: Can a Minor be held Financially Responsible......

For 30 Days Chicago Activists To Go Without Electricity As It Is In Iraq

Maryland held election using illegal Diebold voting machines

What will it be like in the post-Cheney era? Will Bush be able to function

President can sign executive orders but can he sign....?

British Judge tells Guantanamo detainees they can appeal

BREAKING NEWS! Cheney shoots Barney in White House

US donates it's last MASH unit to Pakistan.

A sudden revelation: Why Cheney didn't go to the hospital...."

Police chief wants surveillance cameras in Houston apartments

The 16 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

The Ballad of the Texas Quail Hunt (need input)

If I were scrub I would have reacted to the cheney situation the same way

I have a right-winger posting pics of Democratic women...

Pretty comprehensive article re Whittington in Austin American-Statesman

Dick moris going head to head with Hannity about Cheney

Hilarious LTTE Re: Bolton and the Nobel Peace Prize

Letterman: Does a Vice President shoot in the woods?

Psssst... look what's posted here...

It's almost over now, but is anyone watching Richard Dryfuss on CSpan

325,000 Names on Terrorism List

DUCK !!!! For Men ........... Cheney's cologne.

Iraq probes police “death squad” - Where is John Negroponte at?

Pilots Report Seeing Laser Lights While Flying

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

OMG! Letterman is gonna be disappeared!


I KNOW exactly when they are going to discharge Whittington from the hosp

How can it be legal to ...

Lincoln Group: Two young conmen with lots of marks in spendthrift Pentagon

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseeker's Wish Mike Well

Dick Cheney and * admin is operating on the pre 9-11 mindset not Dems

New Abu Ghraib images disgust Iraq

OMG! The Daily Show "has moved on," and just killed!!! Another Must see!

Cynthia McKinney on Alex Jones! Big stuff!

Cheney says its not our business,its private affair.

So what do we tell the children? Is it OK to drink and hunt or what?

Parents Of Natalee Holloway Sue Dutch Teen

Joe Biden says we don't care if we're spyed upon

Why Don't Democrats Raise Holy Hell About The Environment?

Ned Lamont to announce run against Lieberman in March!

The fact that Cheney fixed himself a drink AFTER the shooting is

Did Arlen Specter say it was alright for the president to use illegal

Thanks so much to who ever gave me the heart!

Is Cheney going to be replaced soon?

84 yr old sexual harrasser - GOVT EMPLOYEE

President: Cheney 'profoundly affected' by shooting

Sad ironic news story local (Tulsa) a church pew fell off a truck and

FReepers asked to skew great poll in Traverse City, MI. Don't let 'em

I Learned A Valuable Lesson Today In Case I Ever Commit A Crime.

Is the UAE takeover of American ports the start of a Bush plot to...

If Whittington's wife is James Baker III's sister, what becomes of Darth?

I just got back from hearing James Yee speak.

Ever seen the rules at Falwell's "University"?

Must Read PressThink on Cheney, Peppergate and the media. MUST READ!

Anybody ever eaten Quail?

Grandmothers in Valentine's Day Protest (against the Iraq War)

Bush is an evil man. i can't say it enough.

"White House Ordered to Release Spy Papers" WOOHOO!!!!!

The Question of Hearts.

10 Dem Senators' letter: Bush payraise for troops lowest in 12yrs.

How far does this 'inherent power' extend? Is every agency deputized?

Salon: Rx for GOP doom

Penn and Teller..tonight's BULLSHIT Big Brother..don't know

PLEASE READ: a grassroots memorial


Franken asks - without doubt - THE BEST question so far about Cheney!!

Falwell's "Christian Law school" gets accredation

top story at msnbc - rapid change

House Republicans-- Democrats the "evil empire"

Pre-Election '08 DU Poll:

SF anti-consumerism group 'staggered by response'

This week has me re-thinking everything...

Mark Crispin Miller says spread this around!

Lawmakers urges White House to review Arab port takeover

What is a Humanist?

Who's more electable- Hackett or Brown?

How fitting for the party of the NRA.

The other "Smoking Gun": The Executive Order

Why Would Cheney Want This Question Excised from the Fox Transcript?>>>

VIDEO- KO Covers the Hunting Discrepancies (Brand-Booze)

Why no interview with Whittington yet?

Whittington-Bush Texas Funeral Scandal

My, oh my. It never stops. Know who Whittington's wife is?

U.S. Risks Reporter's Life to Strike Tough Pose

Wake up Democrats! There is no fucking spy program!

Bush to obliterate Chris Reeve paralysis center; Indian clinics, ALS.....

Lawmakers find funeral protests hard to stop

"V for Vendetta" -- f*cking fantastic!

Why are we spending so much R&D on defense?

Is anyone else watching Richard Dreyfuss in CNN?

Calling all DU Big Brains

I wish Bush had said:

Bush looked into Cheney's soul...just like Putin...and saw "DEEP concern"

Henry Rollins reported to Australia's Nat'l Security hotline

Who cares if Bush thinks Cheney handled his shooting incident well

What time does it get dark in Texas?

Barbara Boxer's Opening Statement--America Not Safer

Blackwell says opponent 'asleep' when millions lost

Why waste our time ?

Worried about Patriot Act, ID cards, etc? Watch this...

This scab needs to be picked every day, no matter the other news

So the army did a massive investigation and had 1000's of pictures

Big Tobacco Recruited Scientific /Medical Experts/Shills Re:2nd Hand Smoke

Did San Francisco really bid for the RNC convention?

CNN: Junior says Evil Dick was "PROFOUNDLY AFFECTED" by shooting

Let's Compare Brown and Hackett On One Hot Button Issue

Hackett ouster, like Kerry moderation: POLITICS AS USUAL

(VA-Sen) Unofficial "Webb For Senate" Blog is up

A down and dirty Republican mud brawl starring Mean Jean

Kerry: Bush’s pay raise for troops is lowest in 12 years

Edwards up next on AAR!

House Repub (CO) won't run for reelection

I wonder how sheriff in Kenedy County TX gets their job

No Bravery (Anti-Iraq-War video/flash) psst... pass the word ;->

The Democrats were right to not do anything about Alito!

Why I Support James Webb for the U.S. Senate

Repubs resist spying probe to keep Ashcroft and Comey from testifying

Bush's unending war is starving millions of Americans

phone, cable lobbyists engaged in political campaign to weaken internet

It is no longer a right-wing vs left-wing fight anymore!

HACKETT was betrayed in his first entry in to politics:TruthIsAll, Rosebud

78 million Americans did not vote in 2004

Bush Administration's War Spending Nears Half Trillion Dollars

Hmm. I was just on my way home from work

DNC Confirms 11 cities bid for Democratic National Convention!!

A Solution for Solvency Need Not Be Radical, Just Bipartisan

P-G: Specter denies aide acted improperly

Doing the President's Dirty Work

David Addington: Where is Cheney's Architect of Secrecy?

Calling Monica Lewinsky; nation has a special mission for her (DFP column)

Duck! It's Dick!: Bill Press

Flamethrowers, By Chris Floyd

Many Mansions: a big year for governors' races

Secret War Plans and the Malady of American Militarism

The Republican Guard

Orwell wrote Bush's script-good comparison of slogans (orwell/bush)

Turn off the heat - how Japan made energy saving an art form

Christian right eyes Canada --please take their whole bodies--all of them

In Museums, Bible Tours Offer Different View (Biblically Correct Tours)

(AP) Spy Debate Brings Opportunity to Congress

Rectal Banana: Probing Questions about the Anti-Terror Tool

Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description

"Skeet Don't Bleed"........Wolcott

Bush, the Gravedigger, and Cheney's Gunshot Victim (by Jerry Politex)

The Mess

Kiss of Death for Leiberman?

The Silent Treatment (about cartoon controversy)

The Abu Ghraib photos and the anti-Muslim “free speech” fraud

Reinventing the Formula: a model for Democrats

Lieberman, Bush `Smooch' Conveys Connecticut Democrats' Unrest

Scientists seek PC owners' help to study climate change

Rising waters havoc at Lake Titicaca

Arctic could be ice-free in summer in 15 years: scientists

Belco ocean power scheme attracts wave of support (Bermuda)

Kyoto Signatories To US - "Time Running Out" For Any Climate Action

France And Spain Facing Continued Drought As Rainfall Totals Slide

The Littlest President Will Go And Look At Solar Panels Next Week

California PUC Announces Plan To Cap GHGs For Utilities - Reuters

Terrible Salmon Return Numbers For Klamath River System

Climate change: On the edge By Jim Hansen

Governator To Study Proposed Gasoline Tax To Fight Climate Breakdown

The U.S. Biodiesel Industry Matures

Nigerian group warns of 'total war' on oil interests - BBC

Greenland Melting More Than Twice As Fast As Previously Believed - WP

GHG Release Rate Now 30X Faster Than Eocene Epoch Rapid Warming

Bush Science Advisor Promises Probe Of Suppressed Grad Student Study


IDF bars Palestinians from some West Bank crossings

Q&A: Israel's Atomic Program and Mideast Peace

Dalai Lama: Hamas must be more 'realistic' and reject violence

Muhammad graffiti sprayed on mosque again

Israel puts the squeeze on fledgling democracy

Russia: Peace process needs Hamas

Arms supplies to Palestinians to be agreed with Israel, Russian defense mi

The Danes must be punished

Ahmadinejad in Auschwitz?

DU investigators....PLEASE READ THIS POST! Is there a connection here???

Sept. 11 theorizing professor speaks out

Arguing The Case

CIA head Porter Goss was in Pakistan in weeks before 9/11

The Impossibility of Flying Heavy Aircraft Without Training by Nila Sagade

A better look at the "fake" bin laden video:

MD Official Resists Call to Change Voting System

Contribute? “What’s the point? It’s already been settled!

Organizations involved in campaign finance reform, civic participation...

Friday Funny!! - VICE PRESIDENTS JOKE!!!

Averting Election Theft in Haiti, by Maxine Waters

Uh. Where I went to school, that's a D+.

My improved NJ VVPB audit law

Who knew? Maryland's Diebold Voting System "is the Best in the Country"

Election Reform, Fruad & Related News for Friday Feb., 17th, 2006

Channeling TRUTHISALL. How the final Exit Poll was rigged!!! Rate it up.

Need SW Ohio DUers to help me embarrass/harrass Chabot on Feb. 22

"New voting machines a crazy idea"

Who's working for whom in Iowa? The National Journal's Hotline On Call

Basically, the State Party changed the rules 4 years ago to make

they're acting more like ex-cons then ex-officios

can anyone post a link to the rule about "late entry" candidates?

Oh, what a diff a day makes to Catholic Charities and gay parenting . . .

KSTP refuses to air pro-war agitprop

INFO: Microsoft: Upgraded Motherboard = New Windows License

Stinky Kinky has voted only once in the past 12 years, a 2004 Bush vote!

New Uresti TV spot

Is this the best we can do? No wonder we can't win a race

Our school superintendent spoke at our local Dem. meeting:

Nice update on David Harris site. He appeared with lots of other

HD48 vote analysis by precinct

White House Aims to Protect New Texas Map

Corpus Christi -- Come meet BARBARA ANN RADNOFSKY Today

I need to revisit some pot roast ideas:

Antioxidant Supplementation Not Assoc. w/ Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

Hamas 'names its prime minister'

Japan police make 'export raids' (BBC)

Greenland glaciers melting faster

Spaceships of the future to take humans to Mars in 2.5 hours

Phantom military bases materializing in Iraq

Muslims Dominate Missouri Truck Driving School; Raided by FBI

British Cabinet minister says he wants to see Guantanamo prison camp close

Kiss of Death for Leiberman?

Wis. Referendums Call for Troop Withdrawal

Gunmen Kidnap Iraqi Bank Boss and His Son

Bush satisfied with how Cheney handled shooting

LA Times: "Spying Inquiry Blocked by GOP" (in Senate, not House)

NYT: "Accord in House to Hold Inquiry on Surveillance" (Senate NO, HR YES)

House Republicans-- Democrats the "evil empire"

Close Guantanamo camp, Hain (UK Gov. Minister) says

Ted Rall Needs Our Help - UPDATE

Lieberman, Bush `Smooch' Conveys Connecticut Democrats' Unrest

Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description

Lawmakers Balk at Medicare Cuts While Harsh Future Choices

Wipe out death squads, British Army orders

Senate panel won't investigate NSA

Cartoon row: Cleric offers $ 1 million bounty

Air security fee hike won't fly, lawmaker says

Newsday: Niger Uranium Rumors Wouldn't Die

Nassau County Leader Plans to Oppose Spitzer in (NY Gov) Primary

Lawmakers seek outside commission to guard their ethics

In Museums, Bible Tours Offer Different View (Biblically Correct Tours)

Iran calls for British pullout from Basra

Defense overtones clouds U.S.-Mexico scientific venture

Merrill to Pay $164 Mln to Settle 23 Research Suits (Bloomberg)

Leading House Republican questions Bush's push for democracy

Wittington to speak live GOTO YAHOO, LINK TO ABC LIVE

Man shot by Cheney to make statement (afternoon- not expected to take q's)

Cheney on MSNBC now!

Jail inmate escapes from hospital (another Cook County inmate)

Bolton Launches Talks on Replacing Annan

US pursues "inoculation" strategy to curb Chavez (Reuters)

Call to free journalists imprisoned in Prophet cartoons row

AP: Romanian Journalist Arrested in Security Leak (Iraq, Afghanistan)

Hague warns Bush over US 'moral defeat' as Tories seek to mend ties

Senate Plans No Investigation into NASA Spying

Bush's High Prophet faces angry Muslim world on PR trip (Karen Hughes)

Ex-Exec. Pleads Guilty to Fraud in Iraq (Halliburton connections)

Calif. bill aims to delay Schwarzenegger measure

U.S. Jan. core PPI rises 0.4%, biggest gain in a year

Nigerian group warns of 'total war' on oil interests - BBC

Former President Clinton calls cartoons a mistake

Gasoline falls below $2 in some spots ($2.269 nationwide average)

200 dead, 1,500 missing as Philippine village buried in landslide (AFP)

Brazil praises ties with Caracas following US harangue (Condoleeza Rice)

Cheney Gets Ovation From Wyo. Legislature

US lags in propaganda war: Rumsfeld (Reuters)

Senate Panel Decides Against Eavesdropping Inquiry, for Now

El Al Airlines installs anti-missile systems on passenger aircraft

Abramoff sentencing may be delayed

(AP) Spy Debate Brings Opportunity to Congress

His star fallen, DeLay sees his pet project fade ($500m oil-gas plan)

Connected and Under Control: teen dies in FL juvey "boot camp"

AP Wire: George Clooney not sorry he made fun of Abramoff

Device Won Approval Though F.D.A. Staff Objected

US handling of UN reform angers developing nations

San Francisco Sentinel: Supervisors committee recommends Bush impeachment

Harry Whittington has been discharged from hospital

Delay sought for Abramoff sentencing in Florida fraud case

Study Shows Bank Linked to Nazis (by David McHugh AP)

Sierra Madre Hires LA County's First Female City Police Chief

Bush says war on terror takes commitment

Poll: No Need For More Investigation Of Cheney Shooting (65% no need)

U.S. Sends Ships to Help Landslide Victims

Pakistan Militants Attack Christians Over Cartoons

WP: Wholesale Inflation Contained by Low Gas Prices

Hefley won't seek 11th term this fall.

Reports: China, Iran near huge oil field deal

On Private Web Site, Wal-Mart Chief Talks Tough (what a horrible company)

Cuba trains farmers in agricultural exchange

U.S.: Ex-CIA Official Publicly Challenges Pre-War Iraq Assessment

(Pakistani) Cleric offers reward for killing of (Muhammad) cartoonist

Senate plans no probe of NSA spy program

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 17 February

US lags Qaeda propaganda: Rumsfeld

(UK) Judge's anger at US torture

Pakistani, Danish diplomatic ties collapse over cartoons

House Republicans Reject Call to Study Budget Bill Disparities

US risks ‘loss of leadership’ is space exploration, NASA warns

US gov't $25 mln from debt ceiling-Treasury

Supreme Court to Rehear Whistleblower Case

US Democrats plan bill to block Dubai-US port deal

School Bus Drivers Join the Terror Watch

RadioShack to close 400 to 700 stores

Shot friend 'sorry' for Cheney

Virus attacking Apple Macintosh PCs found-experts (OSX)

US asks Palestinians to return aid (Reuters)

White House Aims to Protect New Texas Map

Denver all-mail voting sought this fall

Republican Sues Bush, Cheney, NSA, TSA for Illegal Surveillance, Wiretappi

France detects first case of bird flu

Bird flu could hit Florida first

'Nine die' in Libya cartoon clash

US warns against Chavez 'danger'

Prosecutor resists Libby's request (Fitzgerald says effort at 'greymail')

Plane crashes in Iraq with 4 Germans, Iraqi

Two injured Marines "recovered..."

Question: When you drop 'em, do babies bounce?

Queen Victoria tackles the Muslim Cartoon controversy

A real Transformer!

he he he -

I would like to thank my 'secret valentine' - very sweet and very kind.

screw it!

Am I changing, or is the Lounge changing?

Hot diggety-dog!

2:30 is wine time! i dare you to refute me!

I need a massage, or a Vicodin

Plushenko's skating coach looks like

Who controls the selection of textbooks in this country?

I need a massage AND a vicodin


Goodnight, Lounge!

Is this sexy?

Ever been writing something and...

I am working on a local campaign to change santa barbara county reality

A Snapshot In Time :- When Pigs Fly

Has anyone here ever learned about this place from a bumper sticker?

The Benefits of Global Warming

Unwanted Kiss Puts Man In Prison For Life (3 Strikes Law)

Funny ad that was banned at super bowl .

I'm sleepy - gonna turn in and then get up to go watch a

Gutbomb heaven!

*Skiing contest cancelled due to snow*


Ugh! Can one at least use spellchecker while trying to get laid online?

Why am I still awake? I'm driving to NYC tomorrow morning

Welcome to the Gateway to Freedom--The WEEKEND

Just the g*ddamn face I wanna see staring back into me today...

What do men dream about?

60 MPH winds expected today

Should children be put in a special section of restaurants?

Vonage, Sunrocket, best internet phone service?

Vietnam Bans Alcohol In Karaoke Bars

Olympic Spoiler - Womens Bordercross

What do women dream about?

OMG.... I think i just saw Donny Most in my school a few minutes ago.....

Should People who hate being disturbed in a public restaurant stay home


(On a serious note) -- scary restaurant and baby story...

Why would a man get a license plate that read: GELDNG

Today's Lounge Game: Broad brush posts about other peoples kids!

The truth is unfurling: I'm addicted to curling!

Goodmorning DU!

Olympics Bequest

For the idiot who has everything: an aircraft carrier for sale

How often does that kids in restaurants flamebait come up here?

What's the bright star to the east about 20-25 degrees above

My smoking children were talking loud on cellphone in restaurant last nite

Need help locating website for downloading virus software for MS

***AmandaRuth Appreciation Thread***

You know what I find interesting...

What's the weather supposed to be like in Denver today/tonight?

Dear God, my Weatherbug CAN'T be right!

Car mechanics in Britain pricier than lawyers

Friday earworm.


This is a cross post but I figure some here might enjoy this, I promise

The five-year-old:

Giant Lizard Alert!

Children raised by dogs, monkeys, gazelle, wolves....

Turin or Torino?

WOW! Somebody is going to have to move a $20k fence

Ever have one of those dreams...

If this stupid program crashes on me one more time I swear

I loathe Bruce Willis and all he stands for.

My apologies Mods. after this I promise to behave.


It's windy and freezing out...And I have to go out and work...OUTSIDE...

Who wants French Toast??

Easy on the eyes. Especially if you move the scroll bar up and down.

Cute Alert Pic !!!!!

Differences between PCs and MACs

So is "Arrested Development" over or what?

Funniest term for a hangover you've heard?


Be Prepared!

Post your spoilers (to any show, sport, etc) here:

An epidemic of this.


Not without a washer.

Seperated at Birth: Bush 41's Wife and ex- LUVUH

Buying a Laptop - advice

Speaking of bumperstickers...I have a question

I'm gonna dip George Clooney in chocolate and eat him whole.

It's dangerously cold out this morning!

This place is pretty powerful

Old gif. Sorta not nice, but sorta funny... nt.

Worthwhile thread/link from GD

This is my favorite song by Madonna. Live to Tell.

Truth or myth: uninsured motorists claims don't f-up your rates?

Anyone know what this symbol means?

Oh, no!

Buying a Lapdance - advice

Flying dreams.


Amusing note reading some "comic books" from the library

Man Caught Masturbating While Watching 71 Year Old Woman At Wendy's

Who here plays games on Pogo? And what are your favorite games?

Hanoi Zane Rocks The House!

Pickles tries to impersonate mannequin.

There's always room!

Steven Wright Hummer

the democrats are, at best, ewoks

The Quail Hunting Game - (Shoot the Quail and Not the Hunters)

Hey you groovy guys and gals, what's your sign?

"Workingman's Death" Documentary on hardcore manual labor

How long has it been since college, and how much do you remember?

I did not get any yesterday

Mistaken identity.

Took me a while to get this. Guess I am slow today.

Housebreaking a dog.

How true.

Dark, twisted humor . ...


Thinking outside the box.

It's a sign.

** ~~!! DAYTONA 500 !! ~~ **

Why Caddyshack Is One of The Funniest Movies of All Time

The perennial question.


My English lit prof referenced "HG Wells's 'Animal Farm'" today

Another old sight-gag ...

Excuse me while I whip this out

World's smallest...

Frodo failed.

So true.

Tonight, I go to Las Vegas

"Go Diego Go" DVD released today!!!

Perfect for azmouse.

All your base are belong to us.


Anyone ever read Tabitha King?

I love having 4 wine lunches with the boss.

This may take a while ...

Smarty Jones' owner dies - makes me very sad

This is not true.

Snakes on a Plane - Oh Yeah

Do Bats actually get rid of Lice?

Homeland Security Cops Tell Library Users To Stay Off Porn Sites

Here's a fear I never experienced before moving to Oregon:

Flirting With..... ?

Bahrain's royal family tired of Michael Jackson's "freeloading ways"

Arwalden sighting in GD!

Spears Fears Princess Di Fate

MrG and I have signed up for a poker tournament tomorrow.

Why I'm totally uninterested in seeing Brokeback Mountain

THE movie to see this weekend: Eight Below

Win election, get free porn!

What's worse than an Arhnuld movie? An Arhnuld/Stallone movie!!!

Music question: Do you find that rarities and B-sides cut from albums

Has anyone ordered perscriptions drugs from Canada

I love 'thats so raven' what other kid's shows

I am eating chipless nachos. Ask me anything!

Weird eBay auction of the day - the toilet from the Concorde!

Wide load.

Fashion question: are ringer T shirts out?

In Illinois, when over $1M is left in a will, are all parties entitled to

Wow, it's actually snowing here.

***send some PM love to someone***

Your favorite Beatles album

Pimsleur Language CDs Are Awesome!!

OH LADIES.....the "Contract of Wifely Expectations"

Steven Wright Humor

Got any kids in college?

Holy smoking Flame wars!

I for one am TIRED of staring at Rabrrrrrr's breasts!


Do you realize when you're vweeeeeeooooooo vweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yo, Carlos, man, you makin' that guitar cry...

Bad parenting. Boy am I going to get flamed for this!

Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again.

When is it ok to stare at her breasts during the interview process?

Pet Peeve: Toilet seat paper protectors damp from the last person...

Siberian air arrives...wind chills -50, -60, maybe -100 tonight...

i just LOVE 'Lounge Theme Nights'!!!

Anyone have any fabulous plans this weekend?

Goodnight loungeees

Women, please don't stare at my nipples at work

"Company Man/Woman" Syndrome - How can it be cured?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/17/06)

The sound of Wolf Blitzer's voice makes me want to give myself an enema

When is it ok to ask about salary in the interview process?

Women, will you quit staring at the ass on the UPS guy....

Cat lovers, check this out!

I'm goin' crazy out there at the lake

Word up. Last one. TTFN! (except to the grumps who did not like my


I left my breasts on the stairs

I saw this in Downtown Stevens Point today..

Lots of crazy cat pics here:

I posted in the wrong Forum.

Is it just me or is Women's curling full of good looking women?....

Very old. For dinosaurs like myself and Crazy Guggenheim.

Computer DIY people: hard-learned lessons?

Also for Crazy. Not a cigarette holder...

Maybe this should go in GD.

I am doing battle with the nastiest NJ collection agency woman who

I'd just like to announce that my 1-year-old daughter can eat a pretzel

Britney Spears: In her absence, music scene has been "a huge, boring lull"

Men Do You Realize That When You Stare at My Chest At Work

The GOD WARRIOR is on Fox tonight

Admit it, you used to want to be a ninja!

Here's my 2nd Black History Month Thread. I think it's pretty interesting.

Cowboys are frequently, secretly (fond of each other)

Best man-breasts in the Lounge?

Obnoxious freeper general contractor bumper sticker...

Stupid mouse!

So, how fast are you?

I have a very bad cold. I'm in a very bad mood.

Anyone got a video of that womens snowboard cross race where Jacobellis

Some Snow Photos At Our House

Good Friday Morning, Everybody!

If a person were seeking to dress up as a "1950's wife"

so Im flipping thru the channels last night

Name three celebrities born the same year as you

I did something hilarious but potentially rude at the grocery tonight

I am at the end of my rope

Anglicizing foreign languages.

wooo hooo Witchy Woman ...

Inspired by LeftyMom's appreciation of shoulders...

For GoddessofGuinness.

Ladies... do you consider where you're going when wearing a low cut top?

Which relative on your family tree has the coolest story...

Truckin’ got my chips cashed in. keep truckin’, like the do-dah man

Bar Code Tatoos

Hello, I miss you guys.

Some thoughts while shoveling yesterday about religion's contributions

Excerpt: The Anti-Abortion Paradox

Weekend Workshop for Recovery from Dysfunctional Religious Indoctrination

my dream of witches....

America's Moral Decline and the Rise of False Christianity (link)

Electric Nose Aims to Sniff Out diseases

Prostate Cancer and Beta Sitosterol, Saw Palmetto and Lycopene

Calcium study - poorly conducted - yielding nothing but disinformation

How vailid is the problems caused by candida?

Does anybody have any experience with Dairy allergies?

What Alternative therapies have you tried?

I am seeking a quality chemistry set for an 11 year old girl.

Fast-evolving toads...

Ancient Cave Art Full of Teenage Graffiti

Why Gloria doesn't need to learn algebra

Spaceships of the future to take humans to Mars in 2.5 hours

Oh, what a diff a day makes to (MA) Catholic Charities and gay parenting

Suggestions for dealing with the Democratic Party.

New Allegations Of Fraud In Mass. Anti-Gay Amendment

Virginia Senate Changes Anti-Gay Ballot Question

Bodie Miller Ridiculous

Women's Snowboardcross *****SPOILER*********

Advice needed ASAP in the lounge

OK, here's another puppy joke.

Teddie's 2 favorite things: Snow and Crashing

Has anyone here ever used rune stones?

Astrologer C.C. Zain on scandals, sex, and public apathy

Do you use any aspects of Feng Shui in your life?

Kerry Calls on Govt- Expand opp. for women, minorities in venture capital

explain this please...

VA politics: Hey Fedup -- David Ashe drops out of race!

John Kerry on SBA Disaster Loan Funding

Sorry to those who disagree but please read this

I guess we are going public with this.

I need help

Where is Kerry on the outrageous sale of our port contracts to

New B*sh "approval ratings

Feinstein, Schumer, Kerry, Boxer Seek to End Royalty Windfall for Oil Co's

Guess what guys!!!

The "unused campaign money"

Kerry interns need your help, MA Kerrycrats!

JK Q & A at Patriot Ledger - another article that won't come up....

Kubota Gardens

So who would you rather date... Keith or me...

Is Little Big Dick a true sadist? Ultra disturbing conspiracy theory...

Mission Accomplished

Official March on Washington for Human Rights thread

Where Does All This Get Us?

Want to make a white male conservative really mad? I mean REALLY mad?

Photos disgust whole world not just Islamoland

Don't miss Letterman tonight--Colbert is a rerun

Clinton-era Simpsons episode:

PLEASE READ if you have ever wondered why conservatives are so stupid...

Please help with a fundraiser!!

The polling between Brown and Hackett means nothing

I have just heard the funniest song ever (RE: Dick 'Elmer Fudd' Cheney)

Iraq calls on US to hand over Iraqi detainees

Thanks for the heart...:)

Federal German court rules shooting a jet captured by terrorists UNLAWFUL

Wake UP.. It's NOT how much you pay in taxes!

Has anyone seen this world opinion survey?

Drunken Hunter Rhapsody

Congress - oath is to protect the Constitution- not W's illegal acts

Don't forget "Real Time" tonight!

Now that the M$M is finally pissed about Cheney's secrecy and the

Death Squads, Veterans for Common Sense.... freepers

Are Y'all Familiar With This Karl Rove Quote?

Maybe what's new is we know

Aside from NSA - who's doing anything about DOD spying on Quakers, etc.?

Church Recruits Patriot Pastors To Support Candidate

Ann Coulter, in Her New Column, Repeats Holocaust Jab At 'NYT' and Rall

Detention Camp Jitters

Musing over my morning coffee

Some RWer on the radio just called Bush quasi-treasonous

Surveillance cams in PRIVATE homes.....Houston

Al Franken founds new Values website

So, say you do something that the Texas law wants to talk to you about...

The 'christian' Right is now an official group

Abu Ghraib,are YOU part of the problem,or the solution

Ned Lamont to announce candidacy in March!!!! Bye Bye Lieberman!

A thousand words-N.O. schoolbuses and the Ark. trailers

Witnesses to Cheney's drinking

Is There Anything Pat Roberts Won't Help Bush To Cover Up? (NYT Edit)

Doing the President's Dirty Work (NYT Editorial)

Tutu calls for Guantanamo closure:"horrendous subversion" of the law

Cool Hand Dick

Something old, nothing new....activists' pact touches nerve

It's true. The Bush Admin could shoot someone in the face and the

The finding..Did not commit a Crime and was not NEGLIGENT

You Just Know He Did It, Don't Ya.

the geeks take up dick (one toon)

US threatens to walk out on world trade talks

Ted Rall Needs Our Help - UPDATE

Happy Friday!!!! Stephanie Miller - Lets Rock

Bush's coziness w/ Saudis and selling of ports to the UAE company...

Your benefits vs. alQaeda

Okay, so let ME shoot someone and see if the Norfolk Police...

Wonder what Katherine Armstrongs Halliburton stock is worth?

FORGET ABOUT quail. If you're Dick Cheney, your eye should be on Scooter

Tension Between Doctors, Free Clinics Rise

Is A War Going On In Texas?

About detention centers by Halliburton - it look like they may

Well, well, well! I received a new badge of honor yesterday! Yes I did!

What is up with Joe Scarborough?

A Bitter Pill for MD Immigrants

Annan Says U.S. Should Close Gitmo Prison - Bolton Moves to Replace Annan

Did anyone see Carville, Begala debate O'liely last night - I was

Marijuana is Washington state's No. 8 agricultural commodity

From Ted Kennedy; Fix The Medicare Mess! Pls. sign!

Just the g*ddamn face I wanna see staring back into me today...

Matthews on Imus now .....

Niger Uranium Rumors Wouldn't Die for Several Reasons(LAT)

Under Cover Of The Cheney Story:

Tom DELAY's goons are targeting SOROS with ads

Are new MBA's worth $100K a pop per year....

Harvard study blasts Bush education policy

DU investigators....PLEASE READ THIS POST! Is there a connection here???

illinois 6th district candidate roundtable on now- 9 am

Diagram in Cheney's accident report wrong

Richard Dreyfus on the state of the Press CSPAN2 9AM

A Tsunami of News

US 'smears to keep Venezuela off UN council'

Sen. Russ Feingold on Bill Maher Show Tonight

Ecuador Wants Chavez-Like Prez

Help - Bennett Colo needs an intervention!

FINANCIAL TIMES!: "Abu Ghraib Again-Jihadi Fanatics MUST Feel Lucky"

So, what are the "compromised" new provisions of Patriot Act?

I tricked a Bushie!

Did Congress pass a 1 day statute of limitations for Bush/Cheney?

IMAGINE if it was Al Groe instead of Cheney

Meet "The League of the South"

I've never agreed with the administration in my life,

Ecuador Rejects Visit by SouthCom Chief

HEARTS & MINDS: Tom Lasseter (KR)piece on Soldiers In Samarra

Top Ten Conservative Idiots makes my Monday mornings, but...

Backroom Deal - No filibuster for NSA Investigation

Proof of Cheney's drinking may be in his curiously poor general health.

Brian Lamb, c-span, avoided the news for 3 hrs. this a.m. on W.J.

The Cheney story is over claims George Stephanoponus on abc

Abramoff & the Guam Story -Can Justice Be Trusted? (The Nation)

My apologies Mods. after this I promise to behave.

This is the funniest thing to come down the pike in a while

Have you delayed medical treatment more than 1 month, or gone...

Has there been a modern day time when

What the hell is Salazar talking about

Why the 2008 convention should NOT be held in NOLA.

!0,000 Fists In The Air.

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by the EPA

Molly Ivins: His head still tilts over more to the right when he lies.

Latest Republican plan to defeat Hillary

The REAL state of the Bush economy - read it and weep!

Despite Fears, a Dubai Company Will Help Run Ports in New York

Rockefeller: Senate Intelligence Committee is slipping into irrelevance

Caller on Stephanie Miller just mentioned DU post about Cheney

I am off to Holiday Inn on the Hill for the Pan Conference.

Are New York Republicans different than other Republicans?

Re: Oklahoma City Bomber, McVeigh. Did the US gov. create that monster?

Dick Cheney, Armed and Hammered

Was the Senate Intell Comm Meeting vote secret?

Day 6-still no Harry.....


Head of Israel's Shin Bet: "I'm not sure we won't come to miss Saddam"

Audio - "Dick Cheney's Got a Gun" - as heard on Randi Rhodes

Whittington statement postponed--

Marist Poll:Response to Hurricane Katrina most worrisome to voters

Chavez undermining America with free oil. Investigation demanded.


Guns Don’t Cause Accidents

Will you critique my potential letter to my congresspeople?

A big FU to Tom DeLay courtesy of the Bush Administration

Verbage and framing

"Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand."

Self-delete---totally wrong about the WH briefing being on


I'd just like to announce that my 1-year-old daughter can eat a pretzel

FBI Accused of Excessive Force in Puerto Rico

The "In Your Face" administration.

I really don't care about the Cheney gun story

When do you think Cheney will go hunting again ??

Thom Hartmann's "Brunch with Bernie (Sanders)" streaming now

CBS reported this morning that when law enforcement showed

Whatever happened to that "role model for our children" mantra

Just in Bin Laden will be representing Whittington @ press conference

See No Evil, Become That Evil: Supporting the War As An Act of Unpatriotic

robots killing iraqis (graphic image)

Fuddgate has real impact on people (R voters), make no mistake:

Greg Palast's "Lynching By Laptop" in Song & Video Form

Apparently this admin does not sleep....

in case of emergency, you can count on bush/cheney

Happiness is a Warm Gun- Deadeye Dick No Longer a Chickenhawk

In Museums, Bible Tours Offer Different View

Collection of posts over the last couple of days...

What Is the Cash Value of a Free Hunting Weekend at a Lobbyist's Ranch?

Latest Headlines!

Justice Depart Argues Against Ashcroft Testimony in NSA Spy Program

Hagel-Cheney:"If he'd been in the military..would have learned gun safety"

CIA Officer Arrested For Burglary Stole Thousands Of Womens Undergarments

Corporate America's education myth

Protesters Threaten To Post Photos Of Strip Club Visitors On Internet

Wal-Mart Pvt Message Board Leaks to NYT-Don't Ask For No Stinking Benefits

Illegal to Have a Middle-Eastern Name?

Looking for a thread from yesterday

How's THIS for hypocrisy?

It was an accident

Will this latest example of "news management" about shooting work?

FBI Cheney article at Rawstory is up

Dems Want Gonzales Off Abramoff Probe. . .

What we need is massive protests in our nation's capital!

Shooting Report is Wrong - High quality investigation going on

Now that the City of San Fran is considering calling for impeachment

In This Age of Lawlessness

What I want to know about the Cheney face blasting.

Time to Puke

Caption dick with a gun

Dick Cheney Hunting Costume ---pix->>>

Is Mary Matalin working for Cheney again ??

Last chance...

I posted this in another thread, but I wish someone here would read it

It's the OTHER WOMEN not the alcohol that interests me!

What happened to all those White Rose banners?

I just don't understand...

Two reasons for FAUX to edit Cheney "one beer" comment from TV broadcast:

Charred forest science

Vote in this Newsmax poll on Iran

Is "The Al Franken Show" really on Armed Forces Radio?

What if it had been Cheney that had been shot ?

National Police force and US (KBR ) Detention Centers

OMG- Chimpy conflating 9-11/ War on Terror LIVE on CNN now

anyone watching Bush on Fox?

Police report vague on cop's same-day visit to Cheney shooting site

Lives In The Balance (Exclusive Video)

Tony Blair: Guantanamo Should be SHUT DOWN

Why I'm totally uninterested in seeing Brokeback Mountain

Surgery Before Diagnosis

If a wound on a person's left side - which side would you point to?

The cowardly chimp is shaking in his booties in fear of terrorists....

Paper Ballot Bill Among Those that Clear Legislature in Final Hours

Intel authorization bill 07 may re-introduce language Clinton vetoed

Cheney on MSNBC now.

James Frey vs Dick Cheney .....

When Will The Sleeping Giant Wake Up?

Orwell wrote Bush's script!!!!!!!!!!

Whittington to issue a statement....

Diagram in Cheney's accident report wrong

Hatred of US Soars Worldwide!!!

RW talking points sure spread fast...

Farmer Wants to Plant Trees, Is Blocked By Zoning Board

YellowCakeWalk - Free copy of "Fooled Again" to Secret Service personel

The Daily Howler - Cheney drunk doesn't matter?

Natalie Hollaway

Only 7 states say NO to forced psych drugs.

A hero's welcome for home-state boozer who 'shot his friend' in the face

Seriously, do Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld look so ugly they remind you...

Check out this poll! These red staters are SCARY!

House rules? Precedent? Even the Constitution itself? Pftt! Politics . . .

First "question" to blivet

CT-Sen: Lieberman under 50 against Lamont

Halliburton Awarded $385 mill To Build "Detention Centers" In USA

Russia to sell Palestinians arms if Israel agrees

More and More People Are Seeing Through the Bushco PR

Where does Whittington apologize? All I see is expression of regret.

Cheney, then Chimpy, now Rummy: LIVE on tv ALL afternoon.

Help me refute this guy re: Wal-Mart, U.S. poverty, the working poor...

Voice of White House: what does he mean here?

RW fetus-lovers - Zimbabwe needs you

"A Mere Hunting Accident" vs "A Democracy Threatening Blowjob"

NCC letter to Condoleezza Rice, Re: torture. Please sign!

Chimp Looks Like Hell ----pix--->

Just got my March Harper's magazine: The case for Impeachment

What would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot?

VIDEO- Kofi Annan on Guantanemo Bay-Close it

Contact the Republican Leadership and Committee about Illegal Wiretapping

Whittington on CNN now n/t

75% of world's toys made in China!!!!!!

Terror war 'could last 50 years'

Condi is posturing against Venezuela..will it never stop?

Osama > weapon of convenience

Attend a Vigil to Stop Illegal Wiretapping

Addressing Will Pitt and other heavy hitters here

Policing porn is not part of job description

Cheney's (2) Prior DWI ARREST Docs Here:

Blogging about the beer: Article cites blog interest in Cheney's drinking

Tony Blair: Guantanamo Should be Shut Down

Either this PHOTO is Backwards or the POLICE NEVER GOT A LOOK AT HIM

Cheney: it's been a "very long week."

"Bush spoke before a friendly audience "

TV Newser: Olbermann/Matthews beats Zahn/Blitzer eight times in a row

Freaky FREEPS support Dems at the Freak Show

Securin Meriku: Taking Your Freedom Away So The Terrists Won't

CODEPINK sent 'No Bravery' (video) as their Feb 14 msg to their supporters

A moment from a SE Louisiana university

Hey Reid and Schumer - want to fuck around with Senate races?

Every Fecking Question to Bush is a Softball Republican Question

Did Cheney wait 42 hours before he let anyone tell us he shot someone...

Great New Vietnam Documentary "Sir No Sir"

Time to call it what it is: climate breakdown

Poll Worker Told Coulter About Address

When is the next antiwar march in DC? Its being too long

White House Aims to Protect New Texas Map

If DeadEye resigns, it's only to the good.

it is not the law that reigns in texas. it is who (or is it whom) you know


no caption necessary -- NEW TOON 2/17/06

My Only Regret Is That I Almost Got Caught ---pix->>>

Whittington reminds me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House...

Current Dem bill blocking UAE control of ports is too weak...

How and Why do RW Extremists win?

why is whittington apologizing?

Brad Guest Hosting 'The Young Turks' Again Tonight!

So who does * and Herr Bolton want to take Anan's place

What did Blair have to gain from all this warmongering?

Bush Lobs Michael Moore a Softball

So Whittington is James Baker's brother-in-law

"I'm like any other Iraqi nowadays..vulnerable and can die at any moment"

Is it just me, or is our government treating US (Americans) more and...

Do you currently have health insurance?

Some churches ignore GOP request for voter registration efforts

America! If You Want Your Government to be Held Accountable

Shoot! Urban Dictionary rejected submission of "shotgunfreude"

Pig waste turned into to Oil ---- Oil Addiction Methadone Therapy?

Lieberman in trouble! Primary now near 10 points apart! 47-36 Lamont

Katrina, time take their toll on Mississippi town (CNN)

Meanwhile, the 'Supreme Court' of Italy, my home country....

Oh Look, Here's Lynne. ---pix->>>

Why the animosity of this government towards Haiti?

America Instigated, Endorsed And Approved Iran's Current Nuclear Policy

Compare these Whttington pics from CNN and Fox

Homeless Man Discovered to Be Lawyer With Amnesia (WOW!)

White House Aims to Protect New Texas Map

Has anyone here been trained by DFA, 21st Century Dems, or Camp Wellstone?

Abramoff: “They will come up with to how..he did not know me"

The Mysterious Vanishing Abramoff Photos

Matson Cartoon -- Bush is Jack Bauer in the next season of "24"

We are being scattered to the wind, I have an idea. PLEASE READ & COMMENT

Greenland's Glaciers Are Melting Faster - seas to rise faster too

Unhappy that Hackett is out? GET OFF YOUR ASS.

Randi talking about Whittington's "Friday" slip-up

Conservatives Endorse the Fuhrer Principle

Who was the sick cameraman (British soldier beating video)?

Look at this human garbage!

Walmart's Chief talks tough to emp. from the NYT!

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Cisco make me ill.

Preparing children for the coming police state.

If everyone was a Republican, we'd have total anarchy

Those crazy conservative fundies are at it again.


Grandmothers Try to Enlist - Recruiters scared of little old ladies?

Developing:..The case of the Filched Fedora

Nigeria oil 'total war' warning

CNN/Yahoo: Two U.S. Marine helicopters crash in waters off Djibouti

Looking for link to CIA agents re: Creating more terrorists than killing.

EWWW! Ann Coulter thinks Cheney is sexy? Extremely sexy?

Cheney won: No NSA probe, Abu Ghraib photos ignored, Patriot Act furthered

Abu Ghraib leaked report reveals full extent of abuse

Check out this headline from the Moonie Times.

"Dick Cheney has the power to declassify classified info."

Randi has a theory

We live in a very cruel country-- Read this and then watch the video.

"Bushcronium"; the ultimate explaination


A Small Act - Am I crazy?

Rumsfeld Says Extremists Winning Media War (what a nitwit)

Abramoff sentencing may be delayed

Condi threatening Venezuela just shows how crazy the neo-cons are

Anyone know anything about a Sgt. Mark Seavey? Got an

Robert Byrd on Ed Schulz NOW

White House to help protect DeLay's ILLEGAL GOP-drawn Texas map

CSpan 2 Alert: Richard Dreyfuss KICKASS speech (9am Friday)

Is Limbaugh lying out of his ass again?

Tell me again how big the cheney shooting story is, I'm a little dense.

Two words in reply.... HELL NO.

Adam Kidan Visited "Big Tony" At Riker's Island Jail

"He's no more a hunter than Bush is a cowboy"

American Journalism Paying Price For Not Asking Proper Questions...

Reuters reports that when Whittington said "Friday" he meant "Saturday" ?

Are there search engines that are NOT Google/Microsoft/Yahoo

Dear Mr. Cheney VP Sir...Im sorry for living

Are Cheney's 2 DUIs Relevant? Government Statistics Say YES

Iraq: Beyond the Green Zone (Four Hour Special). Robert Fisk has

I heard some Bill Schneider thing on CNN this week about Gallup Poll

Why are the MSM whores

Delay sought for Abramoff sentencing in Florida fraud case

Ugly people more likely to be criminals?

This weekend, I am going on a self-imposed media blackout

The Euro: Chavez has been taking Venezuelan oil out of the petrodollar

Partial transcript from Dick Cheney's shoot-‘em-up task force:

Jack Cafferty on Wolf just did a good segment on selling our ports

Help: Does Anyone Have Pics Of The WWII Guy With "Bullshit Protectors"

What we need is more propaganda. Good liars should be promoted . . .

Wittingham appoligized to the man that shot him?

Explain: Bush Approval Drops to 39% yet Senate votes 96-3 for Patriot Act

Did anyone see the Brad Blog video on Abu Ghraib?

It's Fairly Obvious Whittington Mispoke Isn't It?

MAny of us are overwhelmed so I thought perhaps we could go over successes

Rumsfeld on Charlie Rose tonight (for the hour?) -- See Charlie whimper!

Do You Think Alcohol Was Involved In The Cheney Shooting Incident?

Blair should not call for Guantánamo's closure.

Okay, you win. We'll rescind the ports deal with Dubai.

Growing Protests Over Bush Administration National Parks Management Revisi

Doctor Caring For Cheney's Victim Nabbed in Iowa for Prescription Abuse

What, ME ANXIOUS?!?!

Shooting victim apologizes to vice president (CNN headline)

Channeling TRUTHISALL. How the final Exit Poll was rigged!!!

Cheney has a full time DOCTOR around him 24/7--Medical malpractice?

DU Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

Have you ever heard anyone actually equate Bush with God?

DU make-up wearers! BOYCOTT estee lauder!

Cheney Gets Ovation From Wyo. Legislature

Lou dobbs going nuts...

Calling Monica Lewinsky; nation has a special mission for you (DFP op-ed)

Must Read Article: "The End of Dollar Hegemony"

Doctor Admits Implanting Screwdriver In Patient

KGO Radio host Pete Wilson "Cheney drunk or *blinking* some woman"

Bush is on Psych Meds to control psychotic symptoms including paranoia

RadioShack to close hundreds of stores

School Bus Drivers Join the Terror Watch

Sneak Peak from Tonight's HBO Premier of "Real Time With Bill Maher"...

On 'The Boondocks'

REID-BLASTS BUSH for "Preaching to the Choir In Tampa"

The ''Unschooling" Movement

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days, movie about White Rose Society

Mardi Gras in New Orleans: I told you they would have this party

"Fish Or Cut Bait": What Libby May Be Fishing For


Inexplicable New Backdrop ---pix--->>>

The issue is the war - don't lose sight of that.

MSNBC:Sex Tape-Hillary Wax-Knob Fetish-Drunk Mascot.. Is it Sweeps time?

4th Qtr. Strong Economy: PG&E profit down 79 %, Kaiser loses $211 million


Bush: "I knew we were at war when they attacked us."

"Let it Burn" good grief

AP delivers GOP spin

Was Hackett Swift-boated?

Actor Richard Dreyfuss call for Bush impeachment!

Eek! The Dubaians are coming!!

Whittington Shot on Friday?

Katrina victims STILL wait, Filipino's get US aid in less 24hours!

Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!

Bush, the Gravedigger, and Cheney's Gunshot Victim

Rice to Kerry..."elections don't mean democracy"....

Official March organizing thread#1

There's something wrong with the Whittington police report.


Is anyone having problems streaming Ms. Rhodes besides me?

If Smokers have to pay more for Group Health Care Insurance should?

HEY FREEPERS: Read This and WEEP!! Re: Rise of the U.S. Fourth Reich-->

Texas Candidate Acknowledges He Was Male Prostitute

Has anybody come across this search engine (uncle sam) ?

WaPo-May '95-Senate Rejects Clinton Proposal To Allow Terrorist Wiretaps

Dick Morris: Cheney: Alcohol involved? (Crooks and Liars)

OMG Poor Whittington! It's Gruesome ---pix--->>>

Is anyone else bordering on an anxiety attack today?

WTF is going on with this country and who's really pulling the strings?

The Enemy

Several incidents to share from this past work week...

Black History Month Thread #2: "Did You Know?" ('Dread Scott' Tyler)

Keep asking the question, "Was alcohol involved?"

Want to have in independent investigation on the wiretaps?

A Precedent Has Been Established: Cheney Can Now BLOW PEOPLE'S HEADS OFF!

CBS doing their own scrubbing - sheriff barred from questioning VP

Leaks found at two more Illinois nuclear plants

Hung out with a libertarian last night

Was Cheney Under The Influence (OF MEDICATIONS)

What is the Republican definition of terrorist?

The perfect shutdown to "ok to wiretap, I don't have anything to hide"

Whittington Apologizes to Cheney - Cheney never says "I'm Sorry"...

During the 5 years of Bush, have you been laid off, downsized, had your...

The new Bush 50 state approval numbers are out (40% nationally)

Kiss Sends Man To Prison -- For Life

FYI: Microsoft: Upgraded Motherboard = New Windows License

More Whittington PIX --->>>

Freeper and neocon websites unable to put a spin on the UAE port takeover

I think DU reached its goal for donations early because of W's taxcuts.

Excellent! "Democrats plan bill to block Dubai-US port deal"

Official DeadEye Photoshop Compilation Thread!

The unofficial Pamela Willeford picture thread (a real blast)

Apple Computer RULES: OS X Has embedded a POEM for a warning to hackers

A little rebuttal help please?

Forced use of psychiatric drugging.

Question: Why does Mr. Whittington say Friday?

Freeper's head explodes at

Is Bush Creating The Perfect Storm? (YOUR COMMENTS, PLEASE!)

Forbes ran the story about 9-11 financier/US port security ...Steven-PNAC

? - Can a new Executive undo previous Executive Orders?

A complicit and enabling Republican Congress aides and abets W's crimes

A morning brain tease..Who said this?

Please DU this O'Lielly poll. What a tool.

Millions more starving' by 2015

Changes thanks to bush-cheney

Doing the President's Dirty Work

CA gov Arnold plans $120 million reelection campaign fund ->

The problem I see with the media...

Write your Congressman to Support HR 1217

Link To Pictures Of Relative Sizes of Birdshot/BB's & Spray Patterns...

Duckworth rips Bush, campaigns with Cleland

Channeling TRUTHISALL. How the final Exit Poll was rigged!!! Rate it up.

Tough Talk is not a solution

I say take Deadeye Dick,Rummy,Scooter stick in VOLKSGRENADIERS...

Rice on Iraq: The glass is either 1/2 full or has the capacity to be so

In order to endure the present one must look at the future.

Wittington: He Has Been Go-To Guy In Texas Political Scene

Dems should NOT call for the Dickster's resignation right now!!!

What medicines does Cheney take?

Interesting show on Cheney's History....

Judge Orders Spying Documents Released

i just heard on faux news that the united arab emirites has gotten

DHS goons spy on Maryland library patrons - chilling

Secret Deliberations Determined Decision to Sell Port Control to Dubai Co.

David Horowitz just sent me an email...

When The Game Is Rigged, Everyone Loses

Question re: Ciro Rodriguez Campaign: What about boots on the ground?

Swiftboating of Katrina victims

President Bush Visits Orlando (tonight - opportunity for protesters)

Funny quote from Hagel

Even Fox News's judge says Cheney can't declassify Plame info

Randi interview w/ George Haddow Deputy FEMA under Clinton

Republican Fundraisers Off to Fast Start

DKos: James Webb = George Allen's worst nightmare !

Bush: "Our addiction to a national security problem."

"Actually, I'm bringing Dick Cheney as my date..."

Brit Hume baselessly asserts that Cheney chose Fox because of its ratings

Where Plamegate and NSA Wiretapping scandal converge....

DLC Defenders : Did you See this Message? Need Your Input..

Randi thinks Hackett was a trade...

The Hackett situation will hurt the Democratic Party

I think the Cheney story is officially dead.He got away with it

Have YOU Seen "Orwell Rolls Over In His Grave" Yet?

Lou Dobbs raking Bushco over the COALS!

Special Celebrity Guest Bush Photo Captioner, Mr. Peter Gabriel.

TX Gov Poll: Close race between Perry and Strayhorn

How come I never see anything about Enron on the major cable news channels

Joe Lieberman is not the Democratic Party's John McCain! It isn't true!

Did any of you hear Whittington's statement today?

Friday's cartoon - The Designated Scapegoat

What *IS* a liberal/progressive? A misunderstanding from my last thread.

Freep rumors: Howard Dean has compiled a solid file on corruption of Reid

2/17 CT Poll from Rasmussen Reports: Lieberman 46 Weicker 25



ROVE'S 2006 TV Swiftboating of Iraq Begins; FIGHTIN' DEMS to the Rescue!

Bush questions "sense of uncertainty" in the wake of our "amazing" economy

The Progressive DLC?

Fitzgerald said Libby's lawyers were trying to derail case

Richard Dreyfuss: Impeaching Bush Is 'Cause Worth Fighting for'

Cheney's victim speaks with reporters, says shooting happened on Friday?

Hacket was blackmailed over photo's that were'nt even of him! BY DEMS

What if Kerry, Gore, or Clinton had shot somebody?

Bayh To Discuss Katrina and Cheney's hunting accident

Lieberman in trouble! Primary now near 10 points apart! 47-36 Lamont

Roberts squashing NSA investigation should be the LAST STRAW

Do TWO things today to stop Bush - Join ACLU, order Harpers.

What do you think of this new bumper sticker supporting Kerry?

"DLC" liked Paul Hackett - said he'd be a good candidate against DeWine.