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Archives: February 16, 2006

World Is at its Warmest For a Millennium

Ownership Society Redux

I Strongly Oppose Patriot Act Deal Russ Feingold Senate Floor statement

BIN LADEN'S GAME (conventional wisdom was to dismiss last OBL tape)

John Edward's email on the oil/gas royalty giveaways

Republicans Turning on Bush Over Iraq, Iran

Land of the Puppet People: American Heroin- Manuel Valenzuela

Ray of hope for endangered bird (BBC)

Tackling the UK's nuclear legacy (BBC) {LONG article}

Plant that turns Garbage from Turkey parts to Fuel no longer stinks.

Chirac orders 'toxic' ship home

Brazil's sugar crop fuels nation's cars (BBC)

Nuke Fallout Health Issues Study Possible

Bread Basket in drought. How is Bush going to find corn for alcohol???

Israel won't stop transfer of aid to Palestinians

Israeli Group Announces Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest

Clearing the Jordan Valley of Palestinians

What sites are considered "legitimate" 911 research avenues

To all the people who feel Explosives were used on WTC 1,2 and 7...

How Kerry Becomes President

Georgia election reform activist being harassed by the state

Is it true Bell voted for the Iraq War Resolution?

Nueces County (Corpus Christi) sheriff's race

Dallas, Feb 23. Democratic DA Candidate Debate

Congressional Campaign Announcment Party Pics

A really KILLER back-o-the-box recipe .....

Self-Described Economic Hit Man John Perkins: “We Have Created the World’s

Calls for inquiry over secret CIA flights

Conyers' wife in bar fight

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#2273)

Viagra and Insurance Companies

Pentagon denies data program gave Sept. 11 clues ("Able Danger")

Board: Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen

Rice Asks for $75 Million to Increase Pressure on Iran (my gawd)

Columnist takes leave during husband's Senate campaign

Bomb in Baghdad Kills Four Children

Senate Republicans Criticize Rice on Iraq

US attacks Iraq abuse images leak

Text of Cheney's interview on Fox News

Chirac's Trip to India May Be Overshadowed by Mittal Dispute

Saddam Reportedly Warned U.S. of Terrorism

Online Game Addresses Gay-Rights Uproar

Attacking Iran Should Be An Option: Britain's Tories

BP's Browne Says Access to Oil Reserves Is Restricted

Lucent shareholders vote to restrict executive pay

Rove Pushed Cheney To Talk

WSJ: Bush's Job-Approval Rating Slips Slightly, Poll Shows (40% approval)

Gonzales says he's independent, but still a policy advocate for Bush

Australia: Abortion pill Bill passes

Alzheimer's 'faster in educated'

U.S. reports discovery of apparent death squad in Iraq

White House to seek $4.2 billion more for La. housing

Pastor Says Mental Illness Is 'Demons'

Bush plans huge propaganda campaign in Iran

I Have One Heart Left To Give and Want Someone to Make Me Giggle

Boundries - Is it OK to flirt at work?

Hey, I got a heart!

To whomever donated a heart for me

Dick is a Killer

Hey Dick is that a Broke Back Shot Gun?

OK who's got a heart on?

Need advice... re: driver's phobia?

I'm off to hunt Quail

Hey, LeftIsWrite!

Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from The Golden Age of Homeland Security

LOL, K.O. says Ann Coulter voted in wrong district

This is not a Dick Cheney shotgun thread.

Awwwww shucks....

OK. I have three hearts left to give out. Convince me why you need one.

I'm a Time Lord now...I have two hearts

Anyone hear a remix of Never been to Spain w/ Elvis and 3 dog night?

dental-floss-wrapped bacon-scented lycanthrope suppositories


Lost is on..

I'm going to see an eye specialist tomorrow...wish me luck!

Why do the trig people with gentle stillness always give me their

Boundaries - Is it OK to throw shuriken in the lounge? (Poll)

Valentine's day party games? Newly wed questions........

I need some help...Help me hit my 500th post in this thread!

It's Wednesday night and sexybomber has been drinking! UH OH!

Democracy Nizzle! w/ Amy Good'Dog

I dont care about boundaries. I will Flirt with You.

My video about Bush has made it to #4 at iFilm!!!

So, what's new with the Janet Doobydoo campaign?

I'm getting suspicious that DU'ers don't like

Here is a heart for all of DU

Someone gave me a star!! Thank you!

i don't know where to say this, and i don't know how

anyone need some entertainment??

Do you ever see elderly folks and wonder what they've been through?

Connoisseurs of Tequila Recommend Your Favorite

Wow, that geeky kid's mom on the daily show is hot!

Here is one from the summer at a Cindy rally

Anyone here bothered by sleep paralysis?

Really very bad poetry.

Wow! I'm up to *7* DU Hearts?!?! Thank you all!

Do assholes have S.O's or do they have Insignificant Others?

Olympic coverage SPOILERS!

Please Help Me...I've fallen...and I can't get up!

I'm...having....chest pains!

Do you think I'll ever get a real S.O. before the end comes?


DU Doesn't want us to like ourselves!!!!!!!!!! This is Hugh!!1!1

Anyone know the latest on Khashka???????

Westminster Dog Show: The Great Dane was attacked by Afghan hounds

There was a strange message in LOST tonight

Calm down honey, I can explain...

HELP! I'm Trying To Post My Family Picture!

Dick Cheney Jokes

children of divorced parents, please read

We're going to Costco... need anything?

THE SHIELD: Best show on TV?

Why the frig do people with mental illness always give me advice?

Which of the following public people get you the most riled

Ladies:Your reaction to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Black Diamonds or Bunny Slopes

WOW, the 1st thread I ever started on DU goes to Greatest Page!

I just want to see what this looks like on DU

Lyrics to Willie Nelson's new gay cowboy hit:

All of a sudden I'm getting my Netflix DVD's quickly


OK, Julianne Moore is HOT!!!!

Man overbored!

Ephemeral Electronica thread

Windy Day at the Beach! Surf and birds tonight......dial-up warning...

Peter Max cigarettes

Boundaries - Is it OK to flirt in the lounge?

OK, so I found a neat little Internet game...

I did it. I did it! Mrs R MADE me do it, and I DID IT!

American Idol...Who are you liking? Hating?

Please help me in congratulating MiniMandaruth

Attn: those loungers who haven't posted a new pic since the Pleistocene

Umm... there's white stuff coming down out of the sky.

Match Game! "Everyone here thinks that arwalden isn't a spiritual guy...

Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M.!

A few thoughts about George W. Bush's "Health Care" speech in Ohio today

Gay Marriage Ban Heads To Idaho Voters

Anti-Gay School Plan Approved By Georgia House

Scouts Don't Discriminate Bush Admin Lawyer Tells Court

Pressure Mounting On Presbyterian Church To Ease Gay Rule

Lawsuits Fly After Mass Gay Outings By Newspapers in Cameroon

NBA Trade (Detroit & Orlando)

Dear Prezeedent Dumbnuts -- can you say, "ATHLETE" ?

Jeremy Bloom

a new madison square garden?

BushWhore of the day: Tony Blankley

Ocean and Fisheries hearing tomorrow.

SFRC Meeting airing on C-SPAN 2 NOW n/t

KOEB - Day after Valentine's Day edition

Official Dick Cheney Prayer Thread

Faux news interview another faux pas...reinforces national suspicions...

Is this the same Katharine Armstrong?

Greed Is Good

Ted Kennedy: Add your name to Senate Resolution 350

"Cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other"

Sask. scientists test way to reduce lure of addictive drugs - CBC News

Video of Dick Cheney's Interview.

What the Texas Good Ole Boys are Saying about Cheney

Please Demand that CA rethug SoS Attend Thurs. Hearing Re: Voting Systems!

Venezuela’s Red Menace and Terror TV

The two most common lies are:

We have so much ammo we dont need no steenkin shooting.

Did Cheney actually hunt down 70 birds ?

cheney planned his "birdshot" story...

At what time of the night did Mrs. Armstrong

Some Toons: Cheney Shoots (dial-up warning)

Social Security Question (for my neighbor)

1.We should never confuse shooting w/hunting. 2.Will Cheney stop hunting?

Farmers' Social Security Numbers Released by Dept of Agriculture

Attacks Against US Troops UP 29% In 2005! I Think The US is Losing.

Tom Hartman: New (or Old) Smear Tactics

any news from able danger hearing? Will cspan reair? n/t

I have admitted to 2 DUIs in my life...

"Free Trade" Impacts Sovereignty,Does It..?

Tony Blankley spinning

Middle East Times: Russia will sell SAMs to Iran

Want to get involved in a noble cause

Slaughter:Republican Congress Bows Down to Bush on Domestic Spying

Was Whingtton's wife with him?

Limbaugh invented "racial component" to Hackett's decision to withdraw

This Cheney shooting has even gotten nasty comments from conservatives.

i wonder what vein from his own neck is popping in POPPY MALEVOLENT BUSH.

All this time, some thought Cheney was the evil genius behind BushCo...

Paging James Frey's Publicist, ie: Brit Hume

Harwood on Olberman

At least 3 hours to get Whittington in the air...

Mark Fiore - Gonzalez Watchu & Howe --- Plus gun accidents :)


US attacks Iraq abuse images leak

Lou Dobbs is NO friend of ours...

VIDEO- Shooting Re-Creation from Countdown

Does anyone have links to the late night comedians busting on

VIDEO- John Deans on Cheney Being Able to DeClassify Docs

Mary Matalin, who resigned from Cheney's cabinet a while back is the woman


1st rule is to PRESERVE the CRIME SCENE-even Cheney's SS should know that

A hunter - and an oddball - (Guy wanted to kill Cheney?)

ko and john dean questioning the eyewitness testimony

May I borrow someone’s tin hat for a while (regarding Cheney incident)


Viagra and Insurance Companies

Let's remember to connect the dots for those around us. (Cheney, etc ....)

Pretty big drop for Bush, in the Bush-friendly Rassmussen Poll...

Report: Bush Spent $1.4(Taxpayer Money) Billion on ‘Spin’

Anyone else read this Britt Hume crap?

Interesting documentary on Katrina now on Natl Geo channel 186 on Dish

Conyers: Republicans Block Investigation of Domestic Spying Program

Ummm....Rita, Dan, Joe, Gretta, Nancy..What about "Bird Shot Pattern?"

Hunters...It's like Nixon's missing 18 minute gap

Well, you're going to love the bumper sticker I saw today

Something wicked this way comes,"Conservative Political Action Conference"

Partial birth abortion law question.

The TRUE Daughters of the Revolution!!!

WOW, the 1st thread I ever started on DU goes to Greatest Page!

Which would you prefer?

FOXnews; we deflect, you don't matter...

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World- Ann Coulter

Arab firm may run 6 U.S. ports

"I had a beer"

Matalin pushing the spin on Rity Cosby...used eyewitness account

Franken coming up on Scarborough re: Cheney

This is disturbing

Anyone see Paula Zahn tonight. Davis guy (Iraq vet) ?

What is this all about? Nightline's Saddam Tapes.

Don't forget Cheney's gratituous lie about Edwards in 04

Tweety going nuts on the Cheney story.

Do you think the late night comics will lay off Cheney now?

Cheney never identifies the third person -- isn't that odd?

I'm getting suspicious that DU'ers don't like

I have 2 serious questions about the Dick Cheney thing...

So Cheney admits to taking drugs and shooting a man and...

Corporate Radio Payola


A little cartoon from firedoglake....

"Drunk Adulterous Draft-Dodging Bastard"

I personally don't have any guns, swore off them 30 some years ago


Princeton Professor- "By 2025 we're going to be back in the Stone Age."

Dick C having an affair-latest conspiracy theory on blogs-coming up on

Okay.....I've watched a lot of the lies and spin today....

George Bush Used to Shoot BBs at His Little Brothers >>>

Don't Forget The Facts Already Known Please. Whittington Wore A Coat.

Franken on MSNBC now - Cheney

Reminder, friday is the return of Real Time with Bill M on cable.

Dick Cheney X'ed...You know it was downhill from there.

Cheney interview: Was that last question a setup or what

POLL: should W get impeached if Leaky Dick got a BJ...

Scarborough coming up. Liberal Blogosphere and wild conspiracies

Sign Ted Kennedy's petition - "we never authorized warrantless wiretaps"

Major Smackdown of Rightwingers from Salon

"Cheney's Got a Gun"

Plugging Leaks, Chilling Debate

A Whitehouse that takes its time

New Daily Show! Still at it!

Thanks once again for another heart!

HELP..for an assignment...need a picture

Paul Sullivan/WBZ: Cheney was *WRONG*WRONG*WRONG*

"A beer" = 4 or 5 to someone with an alcohol problem

Cheney's "long list" of meds and booze don't mix

cheney shooting proves: the war on terror party is making us LESS safe!

KO Just smacked a.coulter! n/t

Question about the ranch Cheney was hunting at (help)

Anyone listening to Ron Paul on CSpan now?

If he dies can Cheney be tried for murder?

Just A Little Shotgun Information

Laura and Cheney both never got investigated

Heads up: Countdown is going to recreate the shooting with a hunter!

Cheney used Armstrong. a paid WH lobbyist, to give his alibi to the press

To My Secret Valentine Here on DU, Thank You!!

Chad "We're Bush people" Hedrick on Letterman tonight

Don't REAL bird hunters use dogs?

RW Theme of the Day: "I was traumatized by _[my own incompetence]_"

Stone the crows. Just saw Scarborough rip Cheney up one side...

US reasoning behind decision not to release more Abu Ghraib photos

PHOTO: What on EARTH are they doing to this man?

Shot in the heart, lung and liver

Today's global warming snapshot: Yukon capital may have to import snow

What the hell is Joe Klein? A neo-liberal, a neo-con, an idiot -obviously.

About the 10,000 mobile homes at the airport in Hope, Arkansas ...

Letterman: Probably drinking when we planned the invasion of Iraq.

Bruce Willis is NOT a Republican

AAR and an advertizing question.

Royal "blood" - Separated At Birth??

Cheney put EVERY american man, woman & child in mortal danger by outing a

Has anyone read "The Talisman" by Stephen King?

Why is Ann Coulter the way she is?

Fishermen or hunters: do you drink a few beers?

cheney scandal in a nutshell:

NSA: Intel Committee vote 2/16...Here we go again.

Don't overlook the OBVIOUS: Intent of Total Coverup

Okay, I'm going to say it. Why did Colbert face lick Christy Whitman?

My Thoughts about Hillary

Leno: "What if it turns out, after all this time, Bush was

Cheney's other hunting partner -- Pam Willeford (sex scandal?)

You have to be drunk to go quail hunting at dusk. Am I wrong? n/t

Declassifying top secret stuff-Can someone answer this for me?

Cheney says has power to declassify information; could help CIA leak defen

Bookmark it: A bold prediction

My problems with the Cheney story

NBC4 poll (Washington D.C.) on Cheney needs help



Climate 'makes oil profit vanish' (BBC) spoofs Ann the Man. It's side splitting. Teaser..

This Cheney issue was bigger for them than it was for us.

Has anyone ever been in an ICU unit that was at all private?

Does NO ONE CARE that important Katrina tapes are missing?

Graphic warning-is this a child in Abu ghraib photos?

The Swiss Miss...the VP... & UBS Enron? The fishy smell in Texas

Threads on Cheney shooting need to stay grounded in reality.

Look what I found! Birdshot Penetration Tests

From a Criminal Lawyer: Cheney May Be Guilty of Felony Witness Tampering

How big of "a Beer" did Cheney Consume at lunch?

tucker making a fool of himself saying over and over hunters do NOT


New Orleans Jazz Fest

I didn't know this about Sureshot Tricky Dick

Is it OK to vote NO on a school levy?


What do people say when they're busted for alcohol-related crimes?

"Bitch On The Run"

Cheney could face criminal charges

VIDEO- John Dean on the Cheney Shooting (Anderson comment)

I personally don't have any guns, swore off them 30 some years ago

"The VP, who is terrified that people are going to assassinate him"

I believe I'm going to support John Edwards for President because...

Are Hannity and O'Beirne writing Cheney's stuff now??

SUV mows down Amish woman and child in their buggy

I don't think Cheney was drunk

BWAHAHAHA !!!!! Cheney Sings "Folsom Prison Blues"

Update 2: Shooting Holes in Cheney's Story

Fundie Pro-Life Obstetricians.

IRAN is NOT a Threat!!!

Could it have been a NUDE HUNTING PARTY?

The schism is now wider and deeper.

Democrats seek to repeal US vaccine liability law

S.McClellan: The week America learns there are worse jobs than

When games can be used to spread the word

Riddle me this batman

Who has link to funny Cheney song

Very good article from E&P on shooting incident

Dead Eye Dick's Gun Club

Executive Order Cheney was referring to on the F network about

$75 Million to Promote Democracy in Iran (YEAH, THAT"LL WORK)

Ron Paul, Republican laying the smack down on CSPAN live.

House Republican concerned about companies "enabling dictatorship!"

Cheney said Armstrong was 'eyewitnes'-but she was in car-unaware

Cheney wasn't drying out after the accident - they were flying in

Part 3 of Hackett's interview with Ohio 2nd...transcript by Renee.

Caption Bush

Does anyone know where to see Rice's grilling today?

I think we need Rep. Dan Burton to investigate the ballistics

Cheney setting up defense for Libby

Hustler goes to all 535 members of Congress. Free of charge.

I was polled tonight, The 5th Q. Would I support Jeb Bush for Pres in '08

Conyers' wife in bar fight

Cheney Shoots Three Presidents in Oval Office Mishap by Steve Martin

I don't know about anyone else...but I've been a reluctant hunter from...

VIDEO of British Soldiers beating/kicking Iraqi teens - Disgusting.

Chicago Sun-Times: Complete transcript of Brit Hume's Cheney stroke-fest

"Sitting up in a chair, eating regular food, doing some attorney work..."


Here's The Thing About Hackett

George Lucas appears with Nancy Pelosi

One more detail. Rove's mistress is Katharine Armstrong's business partner

Best Cheney Nicknames

A Challenge to Rightwing Bloggers Who Blame the Media for the Cheney Mess

Eliminating Primaries? Party Bosses Choosing Candidates? Hmm...

I bet this scenario might play out - Cheney resigning

Democrats won special elections in 2 southern states yesterday....

Rush Limbaugh ThoughtSherrod Brown is Black

Happy fuc#ing holidays to Bushco, "WHERE AMERICA BOYCOTTS"

ED. CARTOONS - "Duck! It's Dick!" Series - 02/15/06

Got Him: Cheney Caught Lying During Today's Interview

Water, Logged Document by document, inquiry skewers Bush's Katrina coverup

Bernie Sanders reads the Riot Act to new Fed Reserve Chair

IF Dick resigned, who would the village idiot pick as replacement?

Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!

E-tracking through your cell phone

Gonzales Withholding Plame Emails

Unresolved questions in the Cheney shooting incident

When Harry Met Cheney

Cheney Drinking and Driving as well?!

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches...Up to Date Coverage

The looser the cannon, the wilder the salvo (self-appointed Pres.Cheney)

Their Own Economic Reality - Paul Craig Roberts

A Deadly Vacuum, NY Times, 2/16/2006 - Katrina Related

Look Who's Talking

The Wrong Way to Guard the Ports - New York Times 2/16/2006

25 US Reps Want Bush Impeachment Inquiry

"No Checks, Many Imbalances" by Bush Critic George Will

West Wing Blues: It's Lonely at the Top - Benedict Carey, NYTIMES


The Vice President Shoots, Sleeps, and Leaves: Margaret Carlson

The new British anti-Semitism

You're a Spy

Digby /"Leaders Lead" (Conversation with top Dem Operative says Follow)

Is Lieberman President's Valentine?

Neo-Cons 4 dummies!

Understanding the Planned Assault on Iran

The Basra Video Should Lay to Rest A Scurrilous Lie

The Long Plateau of Peak Oil

Timelines of the Great Depression

A crazy tax idea

Study shows link between clear lakes and mercury contamination

Gold giant calls "glaciers" just "ice masses" in Chile

Energy Conversion Devices Approves Capacity Expansion to 300 Megawatts

Plan to pull out of grid is debated (Maine)

Untapped potential (Industrial solar thermal)

DOE clueless on Yucca

Greenland Glaciers Dump More Ice Into Ocean

Top of the list (Wind Power 2006)

(Denver) Mayor proposes city-owned solar plant

Elle Magazine (fashion) lists nuclear energy as a 2006 "cool, new thing"

How much wind and solar power would $1,000,000,000,000.00 buy?

Do you want to participate in a climate experiment

Hamas leader in surprise Turkey visit

Russia to consider selling helicopters to PA

Examination reveals failures in probe of Palestinian girl's death in 2004

The new British anti-Semitism

Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 911 Truth Interviewed on Al uh Looyah show 2/15

My 9/11 Theory (NOT a timeline)

Five "election reform" threads just below ready to

Help! Need Links on Abolishing Electoral College & Choice Voting

R-Gov.: Maryland Not Ready to Hold Elections - D-SoS Lamone Hiding

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 2/16/06

William Pitt taking it to em on the Election Theft Machines

Have any counties gone from machines back to paper ballots?

Need a banner ?

Western Iowans: Blouin doing a "meet-n-greet" in Council Bluffs

Party ruling - All delegates can sign to nominate Chris Gabrieli

Attorney Weddington, who argued R v W, @ Macalester tonite

Republican Party asks Minneapolis to bid for '08 convention

WCCO's "reality check about the Iraq War Ad.

Quick question: can you store a PC & monitor where it gets below freezing?

Filibuster for Independence - March 3rd-4th Austin

Local station refuses to run pro-DeLay ad

My take on the Bell vs. Gammage discussions on this board

I am such a good little precinct chair!

Demo county chairman blocked from primary, cash (Bexar)

MoveOn has endorsed Ciro Rodriguez in the Democratic Primary CD28

BAR gets two big endorsements! (from her email)

Democrat wins bid for Republican's House seat

Potatoes Dauphinoise RULE!!!

Need links &data on the problems with artificial sweeteners

I think I got a sourdough starter going

First post-election poll: Con 36%, Lib 25%, NDP 24%

Keith’s angry Scot faces child pornography charges...

NDP will have to prop up neocons: Graham

CUPE Ottawa won't join wildcat strike

Liberals plan bash to honour Copps

Cheney says has power to declassify information; could help CIA leak defen

Iraq images show 'more depravity'

Mich. public, charter schools segregated

Cheney could face criminal charges

No Child Left Behind Flexibility Sought

25 US Reps Want Bush Impeachment Inquiry

Embattled Google opens shop in India

A Deal Is Reached to Name a Victor in Haiti's Election

Study: Employers unready for wounded vets' return

The new British anti-Semitism

Iraq (Police) Death Squad Claims Being Investigated

Cheney: Shooting Victim Is Not to Blame

Dozens of GOP state House members facing challenges within party

Deal gives Haiti vote to Preval

Faircloth visit has GOP on defensive

Australia ends abortion drug 'ban'--BBC

Abu Ghraib abuse violates international law: ICRC

Iraqis say Saddam could exploit Abu Ghraib images

Iraq 'death squad caught in act'

Secret Data Exposed inTerrorism Case -Chicago Tribune

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches...Up to Date Coverage

Hmmm... Can't post link to polls

WSJ: Bush Job-Approval Rating Slips

Florida Father Sues School District

Europe baulks at call for 'Long War'

Wash. Orcas Listed As Endangered Species

Swann often failed to vote, then criticized others who didn't.

Cheney Mishap Takes Focus Off CIA Leak

Democrat wins bid for Republican's House seat

Anesthesiologist to Aid Calif. Executions

Massive PR offensive to target Iran

"And it was, I'd have to say, one of the worst days of my life"

Harvard study blasts Bush education policy

Feingold May Try to Amend Patriot Act

Phila.'s FBI chief, part of CIA-leak (Plame) case, leaving (lead agent)

UN alleges torture at Guantanamo

AP: Cheney disclosure may be a defense for indicted aide

Local station refuses to run pro-DeLay ad

U.S. must release domestic spying documents

Texas Cops Release Cheney Shooting Report

Lawmakers seek White House review of port deal with Arab company

Media failed to report contradiction in Cheney's alcohol claims . . .

Man Shot In Accident After Laughing At Cheney

ABC LBN: Texas Sheriff Says No Charges Will Be Filed In Vice President....

Telegraph concedes to Galloway

State appeals court upholds New York's marriage law

ABC News/AP: Democrats Want Gonzales Off Abramoff Probe

31 Democrats ask Gonzales to step aside (from Abramoff investigation)

Sheriff: Dick Cheney Won't Face Charges

U.S. military action on Iran ruled out (yeah, right)

White House Readies ($65 Billion) Iraq Spending Request (inc $75M Iran)

House Democrats Fail in Bid for NSA Spying Docs

Judge orders NSA documents released

Sheriff: No charges to be filed against Cheney

Morgue for Katrina shuts down

British Judge tells Guantanamo detainees they can appeal

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 16 February

Iraq seethes after new abuse footage (Pentagon:old news)

Md. Gov. Doubts State's Election System

Galloway wins libel dispute(Daily Telegraph)

Bush visit, a national dishonour

OK!!! I think the Pres. just cut his own throat!!

CNN Dobbs: WH Refuses Congressional Request for Review of UAE Port Control

The Dallas Morning News: Cheney cleared in shooting

Matalin defends Cheney

Iraq calls on US to hand over Iraqi detainees

Hotels brace for possible labor unrest (USA Today)

Bush Brings Terrorism Talk Friday To Port Of Tampa

DoJ seeks Miranda documents (GOP aide who filched Dem docs)

US to hold biggest naval exercises in Asia Pacific

US welcomes Preval's presidential win in Haiti

Patriot Act Heads Toward Renewal

John Glenn free from $2.68 million debt for 1984 presidential campaign

Statisticians Recommend New Measures to Ensure Vote Count Accuracy

Iraq seethes after new prisoner abuse footage

Bill Passes Condemning Iran for violating nuclear nonprolif. Report to UN

Cuba gives Jamaican householders energy-saving bulbs

Portugal summons Iranian envoy over Holocaust comments

US rejects calls to shut Guantanamo

Senate Vote Signals That Patriot Act Will Be Renewed

Iran nuclear programme is 'military': France (AFP)

A Deal Is Reached to Name a Victor in Haiti's Election

KLAS-TV: Exclusive: Atomic Workers Have New Weapon

Talk radio gives powerful voice to Katrina anger

Rumsfeld reiterates ban on torture

White House has agreed to changes in wiretapping law, senator says(Roberts

Judget orders release of spying documents

President Satisfied With Cheney's Account

Rice admits 'mistakes' in Iraq

Salon obtains 'all' photos, other evidence of Abu Ghraib abuses

Cheney's shooting victim works in hospital (requests for privacy)

Chicago is not interested in hosting RNC in 2008

Abortions at home are safe - pilot study

Feds Probe Teen Boy's Death at (Juvenile Offender) Boot Camp

White House Defends Port Operations Sale

Resolution to send Iran to UN Security Council passes House

Laser lights blast pilots

Calabasas no smoking law begins next month (outdoor smoking ban)

Employers hit smokers in the wallet

Gonzales Rebuffs Democrats on Abramoff (RNC calls hypocrisy by Dems)

Change in Afghan militant tactics raises fears about new help

Russia Warns U.S. Against Striking Iran ("May stir the WHOLE WORLD")

Dalai Lama: Hamas must be more 'realistic' and reject violence

Senate candidate asks General Assembly to impeach president

Radioshack CEO (Bush donor): Resume contents on Web site 'incorrect'

Airman preparing for Iraq dies during training

Colombian paramilitaries disarm

My insomnia is over.

I'm feeling loungie. Is that okay? I read here a lot, and is

OK - who needs a BUG tonight?

I pray to God that nobody won the Powerball tonight.

Should I move my Braindead LTTE posts to the Lounge?


Bathtub Drain Clogage. Do those Roto-rooter things work?

Will I ever get my S.O. before the end comes?

Houston - Anyone know it?

Ready to start new job: parent company does work for the real...

Do you ever post drunk

Hell! When I was a boy, vice presidents shot people all the time!

I love freep!!!!11!!1!!11!

I was in GD for 20 minutes before I was called a feminist.

I just thought of something about Cheney and the shooting. Could have

I feel like Chief Inspector Dreyfuss

People, my city is due up for 10" tomorrow.

Blech - woman finds blood in her McDonald's fries, sues!

I donated too late to send a heart...

People, my girlfriend is due for 10" tomorrow.

Umm.. Gee, thank you for my heart.

did anyone see the two new Olympic events?

Should the Democratic Party abandon feminism to attract moderate voters?

JVS! You shit! HEINO!

What IS this? Where'd it come from? What's it for? (Do you feel it too?)

The 15 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

Is the Lounge dull tonight or is it just me?

Kiss my ass

In case you are wondering

I need help from DUers in or near New Orleans!

Yay I got my first heart!

Half off Valentine's Day candy hangovers check in here

Someone should have a tin foil concession in GD

It's almost 7:00 am here...

NOBODY won Powerball Last Night - $365MILLION Next Drawing

Nighthawks 60 (dial-up warning)

The Curious George movie...

What does this remind *you* of?

Test, too meny errors this morning, "bugs"

Come up with a theory about Fuddgate that is too wild for GD to believe!

I got tub-girled looking for a picture on Google image.

A man's prayer.

Retired Cop, Working For Christian School, Busted For Child Porn

Thursday earworm. In honor of skygazer. The most evil one to date,

Oh, the love is gone!

Olympic curling is on TV!

so I hear a big BANG yesterday morning

Bill Brasky vs. Chuck Norris

Does anybody know how ABC's Bob Woodruff is doing?

Fill in the blank:

Where do I find a curling league

Bum ba dee da bum ba dee da bum ba dee da bum ba

"Biathlete" - are the Olympics realy THAT open?


Okay...maybe progmom might get this

I had the strangest dream. Cheney shot a guy in the face and heart.

Stop! Or my Vice President will shoot!

Today is a great day

Does anyone else ever read reviews on ""

Hey! My tarts are gone!

Anyone having problems with Gmail this morning?

Hey! My farts are gone!

Somebody? Please somebody!!

Is anyone else getting some this morning?

Hey! My "parts" are gone!

My warts are gone!


That's it. I'm not cooking anymore. There's too much here already.

Why it's called "Office Politics" (Agree or Disagree?)

Hey! My Jarts are gone!

Hey! My carts are gone!

Major help needed: Crossword puzzlers or cartoonists help!

I am now heartless

Hey! My hearts are gone!

VASH THE STAMPEDE- You are still my hero!!!!!!!!

"Because of their indifference to Jesus" - yep, that's what a LTTE said

The Southern Dem vs. the OC Repub

Our little clique at work is having their break, and I can't stand

It is time for a trek to Wisconsin!

It is February. It is snowing AND raining. And I just heard THUNDER.

"Annoy A Liberal"

HOLY CRAP . My company is sending us home at 1.

It's John McEnroe's a dick, post your temper tantrum HERE!

Helen Thomas kicks the shit out of Hugh Hewitt on HH's radio show

Paper help, please! How would you define a "personal mission statement"?

Might we hit 100 000 users this year?

ugh. I ate myself into a coma for soul food day..

My 4 year old daughter is enjoying watching * get slugged

I thought the Rabbit did it, but he claims innocence!

This week's LOST thread

*FREE* STONES CONCERT!! 2 Million expected in Rio Saturday night

"Most Spoiled Dog In The World" Attacked By Coyotes

An incorrect email address...

I am not in bed. Ask me anything.

Anyone know if there are any good Cheney shooter T shirts available?

the alternative choice poll

The Olympics are really a yawner.

Watching the WW episode when they find Leo after his heart attack


Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Does anyone have that photograph of John Wayne relaxing in Mexico?

We need another "Brazilian" thread

ZOMBIE FOOD Experts..brain digestable? uncooked brain, oaf brain

Dick Chaney should learn something from these two guys...

I gave in to temptation!

Help! Help!SOS!~

Deleted sub-thread.

Art this, I'm not going to screw today

I just made a pot of coffee. Who wants some?

Chase Credit Card

HAHAHAHA! "Dick Pound".

Why do some folks have to schlepp those big Nalgene bottles everywhere?

I don't know why this is so much fun...

Unblock nails it in the GD:

So I called the "800" number for the IRS

The New Orleans Jazz Fest Lineup

What do you think of this setlist I made up for my gig on Saturday night?

It's duck season. No it's wabbit season.

OMG Lisa Loeb in a thong!

...and to complete the trifecta, things you can't resist tasting. Go!

I smell summer in the air...Spring training...Baseball Baby!!!!

Free after Valentines Day Hearts for everyone!

Don King's daughter arrested on drug charge

Olympic Update: USA Wins Snowman Building Competition Gold

I was given a heart and I'm shocked.. I tend to be a bit cranky

Fistfight over how to wear cap cited in man's death

Proof positive that I am a campaign shill......

So I got the windows on my Element tinted. . . . it looks sweeeeet

Cute topic I found on Wikipedia today .....

Surely someone here knows

2 Year Old Takes Off Driving Mom's Minivan

Again, The University of Alabama Leads The Nation....

This Old Town

ET Awful hates me.

So I sallied through the sally port

The Thermodynamics of Hell

"Baseball-Sized" Hail on the way.......

Are you using the new Automatic Shower Cleaner from SC Johnson?


Dick Cheney's Gun Club now accepting applications

Going to a wake tonight, never been to one before. What can

Traveling to Russia next month. Any advice appreciated.

So now that the weather has turned cold, I'm going camping

So my employer has been ignoring my emails for over a week now

Things you can't resist setting on fire


I've been screwing for hours!

Just so you all know... Saturday's Powerball Jackpot is mine

I'm ready to buy a camcorder...

Video Clip: A GENIUS edit of Oprah's Cruise and Frey clips. GENIUS.

They just announced tornado warnings on the local news broadcast

If Tom Cruise fell in a lake, I doubt he could act wet.

A great surprise at work today

Since we're all a bunch of pervs,

Goodnight lounge!

Sports fans - do you root for your hometown team?

Is the Sun past the Yardarm?

Is it possible to strain your Lower Back Muscles from Coughing?!?


I'm sorry yvr girl - I killed your new picture thread!

Geek Hiker Finds 6,500 year-old Pedant, gets married

Creed's Scott Stapp says "It's good to be king" during his XXX sex tape

Non-threatening post about nothing in particular

The Strokes. Who cares about this product of the fashion industry?

So what should it be when the hearts are done?

Hit and run accusations: good or just not as bad as a flame war?

I hate Exxon-Mobil, and I really wish that other companies would

Women's curling on CNBC now. Sweden v. U.S. Curlers are hot!

This mornings laugh, I just have to share rofl

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/16/06)

Wonder whatever happened to the guy

Hey! My smarts are gone!

School Principal Sent 'Large Breast Appreciation Week' Email To Colleagues

I just got my ear pierced!

Change one thing about your town

Driving from Chicago to California via the southerly route

you MIGHT be a redneck if...

What's your home page?

One batch brownies baked

Barefoot Contessa is making cocktails! A bunch of 'em!

I miss my hearts...


Oh, cool! I've got 3 posts on the Greatest Page at the same time.

What to do in NYC

I need a website

"You don't have to be beautiful- to turn me on-


Needed: good things, as in vibes, light, chi, chai, Chachi, etc.

What would you do if you saw someone with a kangaroo in their minivan?

"Big Dick Cheney" (extended)

Time for another creepy "love" song thread!

Anyone want to see what it's like here in Wisconsin?

Students Paid Gym Teacher $1 A Day To Skip Gym Class

Wish my mom (a.k.a DUer 'Raven') a happy 60th birthday!

Are people who work in offices with cafeterias spoiled?

Screw this, I'm not going to art today

The only true olympic sport....Curling.

Music that hits you like a ton of bricks?

Gad, 4 inches of snow, now thunderstorms, 0 degrees in 2 day forecast

Why don't they have women's ski jumping?

Having huge panic attack!

"Bye Bye Birdie" question: what's with the "loop-the-loop" references?

One ambitious cat

Olympic Hockey: USA 3 - Kazakhstan 0 at the end of the second period

I am starting a new tradition

Oh Goddam. Grading undergrad papers. Here. I'll teach you something.

Self-portraits are hard...

Greek Hiker Finds 6,500 year-old Pendant

Things you can't resist touching.

I. Am. Pissed.

my new short story "Ambient Sleaze" is available as a free podcast today


Fine, I will do it. Things you can't resist smelling. Go!

Telephone Tips for Undergraduates....

Oh Goddam. Grading undergrad papers. Here. I've got one, too:

Today's interview (to get my old job back):

Is anyone else with me in not liking/comfortable to touch or hold babies?


Just For Fun, Favorite Cuba Gooding, Jr. Movie

I just had to throw my alcoholic sister out of my house.

Hey Check my new avatar!

Anybody know of any decent, cheap accommodation in NY?

What the hell is it with Paris Hilton?

I just cracked a joke in LBN, I am prepared for my inevitable death.

Pour out some for our missing DU homies

Cageless Rabbits vs. Caged Rabbits

This shit's bullshit man!

BUMbadabumbadabumbada baddabum BUUUM

SI swimsuit models are exploited

Ad about condoms for Catholics

Spin-triplet superconductivity in a ferromagnet

EPA Continues to Screen All Interviews with Scientists

DNC Annual Grassroots Report Omits Any Reference to GLBT Americans

Russia's Chief Rabbi Joins Muslim Leader To Denounce Gay Pride In Moscow

Transgender phesant...???

UPDATE: Northwest Airlines is HONORING same-sex travel pass!

Anti-Gay Amendments Fail In 2 States

New Marriage Setback For NY Gays

Majority In N.J. Support Gay Marriage

Another gay Democratic activist slams DNC's gay exclusion

Howard Dean didn't dissolve ALL of the gay outreach unit at the DNC

Ozzie: A-Rod a phony

Gawwwwwwwwwed ... I need baseball

Source: Indiana's Davis to step down after season

How About A DU Fenway Park Meetup In June?

Don King's daughter arrested on drug charge

Sosa passes on Nats; likely to end career

Olympic Snowboard Cross ***SPOILER***

Dog owners, check with your vet

How to wrap presents with puppies in the house. . .

On the road: Kerry in Colorado on 2/24

So, you don't like Fisheries, eh? How about a Finance Hearing?

Any Kerrycrat regulars in the Atlanta area?

Does anyone know where our favorite senator is?

Kos Diary: Time Warner exec now clerk for Alito

More media cheap shots at JK, covered nicely by Media Matters

I miss the hearts!

Colorado trip

Help - looking for a picture (but not of Kerry)

My Congressional democratic canidate met Kerry!

17 Year Old Shadows Senator John Kerry for a day.

Kerry office number, por favor?

Letter to * from school kids (This is good.)

Daou, once again, with a spot-on post

Throwin' bombs in GD

Due to slow traffic here, Post a pic we've never seen...

Post a pic.

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/16/06: Cheney: Oh, By The Way...

My recreation of the Bocara tie. :)

Saddam warned terrorists would hit US: tapes

Question about Cheney's declassification rights

Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger

Debate Stirs Over Employee ID Implants

New rule

Gary McKinnon- computer hacker -- nuts, evil or hero?

Has anyone read, "See No Evil"...the book on which "Syriana" is based?

2273 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

HILARIOUS "infomercial" for repuke global warming policy

Important news per "Paris Hilton struts $3.5M gems on catwalk"

How long will it be before there's a Whittington sighting?

Thank you for the Heart ...I really needed it today :)

Did anyone else catch the Hal Fishman rant on KTLA about dick cheney

The February 2006 Hurricane/Tropical Storm forecast: Worst than 2005!

Why would anyone believe Bush or Cheney at this late date?

Feingold May Try to Amend Patriot Act

Please DU this poll about Cheney

This Condi photo needs a caption-------->>>>>

this virulently pro-war site is just sad.....dead soldiers exploited...

30 feet or 30 yards? ... Which is it?

I think Skinner should surprise us next time and put up a new Repub...

If Cheney could see the QUAIL, why couldn't he see HARRY?

The QUESTION no one has asked: Did Dick Cheney hit the quail?

So the White House now admits a photo exists with Bush/Abramoff?

Given the latest Abu Graib pics - what horrors are still kept secret?

Cheney was guest of honor at a reception hosted by Pam Willeford

Blech - woman finds blood in her McDonald's fries, sues!

Illegal wiretapping is worse than shooting some guy in the face.

( VIDEO!!)Cheney's 28 Gauge. How much damage could it do?

WH sleep over list! HAHAHA!!

Freeper online --- Bernie's pulling slowly

Thursday update from WP on Wiretap issues

thank you much for my two hearts ...

Does Clickety Dick feel guilty about shooting Whittington in the face?

"Hunting with Cheney" New phrase. How do you use it? What does it mean?

Not one effing WORD about Whittington on the White House website.

Mary Matalin to Rita C: "Cheney didn't see what happened, Katheirine did"

Pam Willeford was on Gov GW's 1999 Inaugural committee

Timeline of Shooting - (good article)

Arianna Huffington: Cheney Talks, the Coverup Continues

where are the vice president quayle/quail jokes?

2/15 Laura Bush gives tips on avoiding a heart attack...

The 15 Feb 06 Edition of Most Brain Dead Letters To The Editor

VIDEO- Charles Barclay and Cheney

House Report on Katrina: Is It a Whitewash of Bush?

VIDEO- Ferguson as Cupid -Cheney Joke

US must shut Guantanamo prison, UN report says

The Zelig of the White House Misdeeds- Gonzales!

AOL Sponsors HuffPo Film Contest

Drip, drip drip. Cover-up. Drip, drip, drip. Cover-up. Drip, drip, drip

Need some help understanding compelling selling a pill.

Rep. Davis (R) Katrina a failure of LEADERSHIP - House report

A Republican opinion of the Republican Party (well stated)

What I was waiting for---WAPO picks up on new Abu Ghraib photos

I just want to say THANK YOU!

Bernie Ward just read a story about Cheney's girlfriend.

Why can't people see that it isn't that we didn't GET the info

Red China on the March!

Bird flu 'could take 142m lives'!!!!

The US has not let the Red Cross into Abu Ghraib prison for over a year

THE HARRIS POLL: Pos 40%-Neg 58%-Negs Win

Mysterious white powder causes anthrax alert at NATO centre in Norway

Close your eyes and imagine for a minute

DU this Cheney poll.

Police Chief Wants Surveillance Cameras In Houston Apartments

What I want to know is . . . if the UN now decrees that Guantanamo

Swallowing the camel while straining at the gnat...

Granny Bee – Worst Days

Katie Couric and Mary Matalin love interview.

Our dystopian hegemony?

Is there a Stephanie Miller thread yet today?

Caption Condi's new look

Hummer at a crystal church - grocery cart at a shelter

LOL! Bay Buchanan LIED like a dog on ABC Good Morning America (re: Cheney)

NASA Appointees Altered News Releases that Conflicted with Bush Policy

Conversation overheard in Texas Starbucks today.

BTW, there were 3 women on this Cheney excellent adventure.

Staffing Shortages Loom Large . . . in Woeful Response to Katrina

Take note DU: Wal-Mart ordered to carry "Morning After" pill in Mass.

Possible motive for Harry Whittington's "accident."

What is Jason Leopold's track record?

Reminder re: Abu Ghraib

Is Deadeye shooting the FIRST thing shrubco has had to take responsibility

I hope like hell Cheney stays until the end of the term

ICRC - USA is guilty of WAR CRIMES

Salon Exclusive: Never-Published Photos and an Internal Army Report

General 'stumbles across' ministry death squad. Gee, must be true then . .

It's been five days and Cheney hasn't shot anyone else in the face

Rich, Fat White men don't have ONE of anything.

New Mark Crispin Miller Interview - 2/15/2006

1 Beer, 2 Beers, Lotsa Beers & The Dickster

A comparison of the U.S. with other rich nations

My wife asked me an interesting question last night...

Paul Pillar on WJ right now....

Auto cuts slam blacks - hit hardest as good-paying factory jobs fade

Helen Thomas hangs up on Hugh Hewitt.

Paul Tackett on springer AAR now! n/t

"Why We Fight" director interviewed on local public radio show this AM

"This country couldn't exist without men, it could without women."

Did Cheney Relapse? Did he ever work the AA Steps?

Whittingtons doctors refuse to reveal blood alcohol content?

Silence Feeds Hatred - A Coast Guard Cadet paper from 2000


Worst of Abu Ghraib - Man sodomized with an object

Has Junior spoken out on the Cheney shooting yet ?

Hmmm... Can't post link to polls

Russ Feingold is on the Senate floor again ...Patriot Act!

Psssst. Cheney shot an old guy in the heart. Pass it along.

Hmmm... Can't post link to polls

Once again the media is framing the story all wrong.

Man, with a guy in ICU it makes me just wish someone was getting....

Central Fla. School District Bans

I've got a question, maybe a dumb one?

Are we flooding the Senate with calls to support Feingold?

Need help responding to this

Breaking on CNN...Man robs Family Dollar Store

Dick Arrives at the White House ---pix->>>

Who stole my hearts?

Would You Buy a Used Car from this Man? ---pix->>>

Mr. George Clooney is supposed to be on Larry King tonight.

VIDEO- Feingold Floor Comments this morning on the Patriot Act ClotureVote

Need quickly....some Cheney quips.....thanks!

Surprising face of working poor

Gitmo: UN says 'SHUT IT DOWN' Lets see how quick Bush* responds.

DU Fundraiser proof that Freepers are full of shit.

How long before Cheney goes out hunting again

"It's nothing I can talk about" Cheney said "I may be called as a witness"

Feingold on the Senate Floor - Patriot Act CSPAN2 now! Vote Today!

AP: "Even one nuclear bomb would take years for Iran"

Cheney Was Overruled Repeatedly - My Cover-Up Theory

Has the real estate market recovered already? COOL!

5 senators voting yes and 0 no--Think it is to close debate on PA. but

VIDEO- Rice calls the democracy outreach OUR "National Security Spending"

Will Cheney resign in anticipation of Whittington's worsening condition?

Did Frist just get handed his hiney on the cloture vote?

Don't CHENEY me!

For the DU German speakers, a bit of Jackpine doggerel:

Help! All Stephanie Miller streams are dead - anyone got a working one?

Well, at least I understand how Katrina was allowed to happen now.

Oh, so obvious the lie. What does this picture of Cheney tell you?

Cheney Resignation Watch --->>>

CBS News -- Rove Pushed Cheney to Talk

No Checks, Many Imbalances By George F. Will

Have you read the Kenneth Starr Report?

Wait a minute here....TinMan claims he "walked about 100 yards"?

Bush Satisfied -> duh

Pamela Willeford, Bushco Pet

If Deadeye Dick was sincere about how he felt when he saw Whittington drop

Feingold on Senate Floor--saying Frist is not allowing him to put in amend

Should I bow my head and pray? (Resolution on Iran)

Geez Louise!!! Congress is taking ANOTHER week off???

Looking for a theory... why would the Neocons want MidEast unrest?

(...fill in blank...) Is DLC! Let's Strip Naked, Paint Ourselves Blue ..

VIDEO- Boxer takes on Rice yesterday- "Winning in Iraq?"

Lucille Ball supported Gay Rights back in 1980

Saddam Trial Becoming Like a TV Sitcom

$1.9 BILLION BUSHCO PR Machine and all they can come up with is TEETOTALER

If Cheney admitted to declassifying intel and told Libby to expose

Who got the new Abu Ghraib material first?

Crimebusting Sherriff on the Cheney Case (not)

Paul Hackett should have fought to the very end..

Artist Sues After 'Too Religious' Paintings Removed (gimme a break...)

Yes, Dick, the HATRED for you in this country is PALPABLE

I'm looking for the Daily Show take about the hunting accident.

This mornings laugh, I just have to share rofl

Did ABC's Nightline show the Saddam tapes tonight?

Aide: Chicago Not Interested In 2008 RNC

Will Cheney Resign Before the End of the Year?

I'm watching "The Way We Were" right now

Who is the fifth hunter?

Slavery in US Territories (Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay involved)

Senseless Psychic Reveals What Really Happened

Where the birds that Cheney was shooting hand-raised?

OK, Texans... Help me out. As a matter of state law...

Saddam feared he'd be blamed for an attack in D.C.

FYI: Kenedy County aka The Scene of the (Deadeye's) Crime...

VIDEO- Rice with Senator Dodd on breaking FISA law

Evolution occuring in Australia - toxic cane toads

Here's what's offensive about the Hackett scenario:

VA hospitals overwhelmed,more than 300,000 with outstanding claims.

Cheney is the gift that will keep on giving...

Another poll...unbelievable!

Maybe Cheney wasn't drunk. They were just waiting for Mr. W to die.

Is Scotty on the menu today? No C-SPAN listing.

RE: Abu Graib photo--"I AM A RAPEIST"

Gad, 4 inches of snow, now thunderstorms, 0 degrees in 2 day forecast

Who cares if Dick has the "authority" to reveal classified info?

Dead-eye Dick (Photoshop)

Eat this George: . Preval wins in Haiti.

MSNBC Replaces Scrubbed Cheney Alcohol Paragraph; No Explaination is Given


2004: Cheney mocks Kerry's hunting skills (talk about irony)

Where's Snotty Scotty to inform us about today's current events?

Good time line of Cheney Alcohol inconsistencies based on news reports

How many here find this obsession with this BS re Cheney and his misfire

Dick Cheney authorized to disclose classified information?

Want to see the letter Marsha Blackburn printed in our local paper?

I can't look at the new Abu Ghraib photos...

Doesn't anyone here care about the patriot act?

Scotty's Briefing ON.... 12:38 EST

31 Democrats Want Gonzales Off Abramoff Probe

I am debating a Heritage Foundation guy on the radio today re: fascism

Help DU this newspaper poll

UN sanction of Iran is critical to US but we ignore their pan of Gitmo

Review: The Road to Guantanamo

Oh great, Fred Phelps weighs in on the Mohammed cartoons

well, by God, I got a Valentine heart, too!

"And it was, I'd have to say, one of the worst days of my life"

BushCo is exhibiting more and more disdain for any checks on their power.

Tell me something, is it really Cheney behind the NSA wiretapping

VIDEO-Jim Leach on the Search Providers in China (Censorship)

Authority versus DUTY: Cheney Admitted HE BROKE THE LAW ON PLAMEGATE

Cynthia McKinney Thread

Laura Bush shows no empathy for quail killed by Cheney

Exec. order giving Cheney power to declassify on Plame = PRE-MEDITATION.

Who's Tweety? I gather he's a "journalist," but what's his real name?

Apparently the NY Atty General's office has run out

VIDEO- Donald Payne and Microsoft Lawyer (Censorship in China)

Sheriff, deputy explain responses to Cheney shooting

GOP Promotes a "Culture of Violence"

President Satisfied With Cheney's Account

Call your newspaper's media writer about MSNBC scrubbing transcript.

Exorcism is not therapy

The Truth Behind Cheney's Hunting Trips.../Bush wants Safari Hunts Legal

Bush on Gulf Coast Aftermath: "People in that part of the world..." WTF??

Must be nice

OK, I'm Culturally Insensitive

The irony of hearing O'Reilly, Hannity,et al yelling:"What's the big deal"

Limbaugh: WH should have press conference at Ft Marcy Park

Most disgraceful Bushco crime or blunder of the past 5 years

New from Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatch 1:44

How Soon Before We Hear "Cheney Has Weathered the Storm" From MSM?

Peak oil article on slashdot. December 16, 2005 was the day?

Did anyone think Cheney did NOT shoot Whittington???

Snotty Scotty wants to talk about 'issues that matter'

Maxine Waters is giving an AMAZING argument re: Haiti

War Crimes (My country is dying.)

Did anybody watch Night line last night?

And from the "Now I've Heard Everything File"...

At least when the Clenis shot his wad only a blue dress suffered

Further proof, Saddam had no intension's on using WMD's against us!

Abu Ghraib photos - Everyone's got them except US

That was fun!

Wall Street Journal: Why Bush may be thinking about replacing Cheney

there is a new movie out soon called "The Road To Guantanamo" its about

Stars & Stripes letter: (Spying) Not in the Constitution

Please DU this cheney poll!

Chaney is setting up a stupidity defense

Will Pitt is Doing a Phenomenal job!

God Bless the Sovereign State of Alabama and may she prosper.

Jean Schmidt: The TRUTH SQUAD - Freshman Republicans

The most astonishing "pro-life" bumper sticker ever!

Bush was wasted for 3 days when Katrina hit, blamed on Brown ...

Your tax dollars at work: FEMA trailers sinking

DU ThIS POLL!!! Idaho Gay Marriage Amendment

Dammit!! Which Cspan should I watch?

Is it possible to strain your Lower Back Muscles from Coughing?!?

WSJ: Marching Orders: To Keep Recruits, Boot Camp Gets A Gentle Revamp

Coast Guard Seizes $66M Worth of Cocaine

Is anyone else getting a BAD,Monty Pytonesque,...

Gonzales cites "executive privilege" for witholding 'smoking gun' emails

Arlen Specter earmarked almost $50 million to Defense Lobbyist clients

Please DU this gay amendment poll

Texas Cops Release Cheney Shooting Report

I'm a big-city liberal and I'm proud of it

Letterman covers Cheney's shooting press conference -Video

"Buck Fush" is a stupid slogan

Paranoia? Or reason to be suspicious

OMG on C-SPAN right now there was a quite telling moment

VIDEO- Wexler on Search Engine Censorship in China

"Black History" is American History!

CHICAGO Says Thanks But No Thanks to RNC

Bob Barr on cnn talking of cheney and declassify docs. Yes, he

Mystery: Why did Cheney make himself VP and not Chief of Staff?

VIDEO- Rice Body Language -about FISA

Phila.'s FBI chief, part of CIA-leak case, leaving

Bush at 40% Approval in New WSJ Poll --->>>

Condi:"We have increased the capacity for clean water for several million"

Fed Judge Orders Justice Dept to Release Wiretapping Docs Within 20 Days

BWAHAHA Rep Price of GA introduces TRUTH SQUAD

lives in the balance

The Whittington Family Is WORRIED...........ABOUT CHENEY!!!!!!

GOP candidate for Vermont open seat

What will be Bushco's/the GOP's next assault on poor/working people?

Fed Officials Erred in Releasing Intell Docs to Islamic Charity's Defense

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

Will public derision of the Dickster, bring him down a peg or two?

How Big Is Dick Cheney's Shotgun? ---pix->>>

Where was the Shrubster when Dead-Eye Dick fired his gun?

Cheney: "When the VP orders that a CIA op be outed, that means that the

Cheney Mishap Takes Focus Off CIA Leak

Helen Thomas kicks the shit out of Hugh Hewitt on HH's radio show

Doctor: Whittington is walking around in hospital

What did you start listening to when you turned off Franken and Liddy?

CNN - Deal between WH and Republican Senators to stop an

When Tripod Cheney was arrested for DWI both times,

Finally Congress questions Bush approval of sell-off of U.S. ports to UAE

ENOUGH! ENOUGH about the Cheney shooting!

anyone else have a popup ad coming up ever 3 min while streaming AAR?

Why did it take 20-30 minutes for an ambulance to get to Harry??

Rice asks for 75 mill to beam propaganda into Persia

CNN-Talk of DEAL between NSA & GOP

Honestly, who here didn't think W would somehow get credit out of this-ABC

The vote for cloture on the PATRIOT Act is at the end of February/


I Never Knew That Gingrinch Dated His Teacher!!

NEW TOON - 2/16/06 the Bunker and the press

I had no press person with me????

Help in this poll: Too much being made of Cheney accident?


Man Shot In Accident After Laughing At Cheney

Journalists On Shooting Story List Unanswered Questions

Monty Python in the White House Press Office

Bill of Rights.... 22 Feb...???

some interesting facts

Are any DUers familiar with Channel Islam International radio?

If Mr. Whittington had shot Cheney instead, How would all be different?

The troops don't know the VP shot someone?

maybe no one was shot at all, maybe they knew they needed

quick have a freeper asking what have we done besides cry fowl

In Iran, Danish pastries now called "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad"

Has America TV Networks shown the photos

"I'd rather go hunting with Dick than go on a ride with Ted."

Big Eddie has the perfect response to Chappaquiddick

Senate Vote Signals That Patriot Act Will Be Renewed

In case you missed it - I'll help Cheney sign up for a gun safety class

Tweety's brother is running for Lt Gov in PA as a Repuke

So Cheney and B** decide what to de-classify? That's Libby's ticket

OpEdNews: 2006 State of the Universe: Swami Calls for An "Up-Wising!"

Flash Forward 2008 - The world is in shambles.....

Are shotgun accidents really that prevalent?

"Fundamentalists are all Alike" .....Oliver Willis

Red State, Meet Police State

VOIP & Broadband has wiretap requirement FCC

Deal to head off NSA Senate investigation almost a deal. cnn NOW

Glaciers in Greenland melting on cnn--after the break ( beatiful pics)

Cheney's claim of right to declassify information

"Enemy Combatants" at Gitmo aren't

Chert Off

Ron Kaufman, Andrew Card's Brother -in-law was once arrested

Whittington is concerned that Texas is getting a BAD IMAGE

This is pepper. This is not.

W and his own history with birds

Cheney rumor WHY THEY delayed the shooting

DOD Spends $11,764 For Four Radios!

Why Does CNN Need to go to the Smoking Gun for OFFICIALLY RELEASED DOCs?

President's response to Cheney's response coming up on CNN

Paul Begala just brought up a great point re: Cheney drinking.

Hackett, My Senator....

Just your typical Feb. Missouri Tornado Watch

Cheney: Classification vs Declassification

just watched Pelosi talking about her trip to Darfur.

Top UK judge; USA an uncivilised country.

Who has seen "Why We Fight" ? Looks excellent! >>>

"heard the brush flush, turned and shot and saw his friend fall"..Bush

Arianna: Armstrong Ranch: A GOP Bada Bing?

Just in case you're not clear on Orwell's Double Think concept...

Stop Internet Hunting! Imagine Dick Cheney using the "internets!"


What's all this ruckus about Al Gore?

"Missing the Scandal at Abu Ghraib" (Perversion of journalism at CNN)

Is there a way that we can completely get rid of Congress and let the

The administration of George W. Bush is treasonous.

Blatant lie by Cheney today: "He was struck in the right side...."

What nefarious plan is Bush putting into play that will save...

House Democratic Leader Demands Budget Probe

Prickly City takes on Cindy Sheehan, back to rightwing conservatism

NSA spying and no fly list(s)

Sorry We Missed Church...

what the hell is G Gordon Liddy doing on the Al Franken show?

Has anyone been to Capitol Steps or bought

Hillary Clinton Immortalized at Wax Museum


RW spin heard today--shooting victim in ICU to 'protect him from reporters

Feingold will be on Real Time w/Bill Maher tomorrow night~

I only want one promise from the next Democratic presidential candidate

Go Helen Thomas! Saying it LIKE IT IS

Anyone keeping up?

Outing of Plame set the stage for a ginned up war against Iran

A year ago today - Roses for Barbara Boxer

Lou Dobbs doing piece on 6 US Ports being controlled by UAE

Cheney says he can declassify material based on an executive order?

Holy Hamburglar Batman, Mickey Dees could outsource order takers to India

If the Democrats want to investigate anything, they will have to win...

The Wizard of OZ

Where's snoopy old Michelle Malkin these days?

Blackhawk Gone: Why wasn't Whittington airlifted?


I am positively paranoid : what if they not only used the Cartoon game

Remember the War? KR reports some bleak and disturbing news from Iraq

Temporary Pity-Party


What if Iraq was Texas?

CNN Dobbs: WH Refuses Congressional Request for Review of UAE Port Control

has cheney shot any of his friends in the face today?

Tornado sirens

If it were me, I'd get rid of the emails

And for everything else there is Mastercard.....

Could a Democrat run this ad and not win?

So how is Mr. Whittington today?

The Republican Diet - reducing your safety, security and freedom

Paperwork is filled and in order ..... Sheriff closes case.

Jan. 7 Rasmussen: DeWine 43% Hackett 39%, DeWine 45% Brown 40%

Please DU this cnn poll

DU this poll on Cheney

FAUX News withholds Cheney's own drinking comments.

Let's all WRITE our congressfolk and send it snailmail

The WaPo's Dana Milbank wrote back to me in response to a DU thread!

Mary Matalin: "There was no coverup". Cheney was just "discreet"

Dick Gordon "The Story" on NPR

Is a thunderstorm in Michigan, in February, normal?

So Now The SHOOTING of a Fellow Hunter is a "MISHAP". And bush approves!

Helen Thomas / Hugh Hewitt exchange (w/photoshop bonus)


Be aware: Cheneyites are trying to use Peppergate to indict the press

Good god! We just leased 6 ports to Dubai CNN

So who's paying for Harry...

Just on CBS eve news, WH asks congress for $65B more for iraq "war"

I'm taxed too little

Heads Up: Curt Weldon talking Able Danger on CNN

Bob Dole looks terrible on cnn now

Texas Hunting Rules

U.S. Soldier Lifts Lid On Guantanamo "Abuse".

DU this CNN Poll on Cheney...

Bush Says Cheney Handled Issue 'Just Fine', is "SATISFIED"

MIke Malloy off sick tonight, Peter Werbe fills in tomorrow

Honestly: Would a true progressive be allowed to ascend to the presidency?

BREAKING - Cheney thought Whittington was an illegal crossing the border.

CNN just has Report Whittington wasn't certified to hunt?

We broke your country, ruined your economy, brought death and destruction.

PEGGY NOONAN: Hit Refresh? Why Bush may be thinking about replacing Cheney

HuffPost: "Chicken Hawk turns Chicken" (DU member>Larisa Alexandrovna)

Annan Says U.S. Should Close Gitmo Prison

$3 Billion A Yr For A Crop That No Longer Has an American Market

When Republicans Get In Trouble..Things Go Missing

So perhaps Nancy Negley is Cheney's 'companion"

Man Shot In Accident After Laughing At Cheney

Hey want news other than Cheney lets talk about PHOTOS>>>

Media failed to report contradiction in Cheney's alcohol claims . . .

John Edwards is on Majority Report tonight

No charges against Vice President Dick Cheney. Is that fair? POLL!

Can we afford not to assume that Bushco plans a nuclear attack on Iran?

Some points about "Rest in Peace" Acts

Whittington's wife WAS there and there were several others

For Crossword Puzzlers & Cartoonists: Need help with obscure word:

I'm waiting for the NRA to comment on Cheney

"Big Dick Cheney" is a hit on the soundclick charts (parody)

Question for DU'ers regarding your plans

DU This poll: Have you had enough of Bush/Cheney?

Face it. Most Americans don't know Dick.

Regarding Iran, China, and Russia.

Funeralgate Company hid Katrina dead in 10 weeks! Now closing 17M morgue

Are there any issei, nisei, sansei, yonsei, gosei on DU boards?

Experienced political organizers, please share your wisdom!

Verizon Wants to shut Down Dissent

What issues would you run on (ideas for 06' candidates)?

I miss my hearts...

"Shotgun-gate" is diverting attention from a HUGE story

Docs Show Maryland Held Election on UNCERTIFIED & ILLEGAL Diebold Machines

Did you just hear CNN's new slogan?

DU Lou Dobbs Poll on UAE Dubai Port Control:

VIDEO- Letterman on Cheney Night 3

VIDEO- Lantos SLAMS Search providers-compares compliance to Nazi germany

Black History Month Post #1: "Did You Know? (Anti-Lynching Efforts)

Able Danger hearing sets intelligence officers at odds

See any similarities?

MSNBC: U.S. MUST release domestic spying documents

Ideologically-speaking, what kind of third party could win the Presidency?

MSNBC vote: Shut down Gitmo?

Transphobia aimed at our enemies only hurts our friends

New wingnut talking point: Cheney's a "teetotaler"

Cheney Drank Cocktail(s) AFTER THE SHOOTING....

Two men stand in the way of the "Prevention First Act." Contact them now!

Do you oppose torture?

Senator Spectors Directs $50 mil to Aide's Spouse


Help me answer this question from a coworker:

UPDATE on my radio debate: They're double-teaming me.

Feingold needs 313 more Signatures - Please keep kicked until...

If Vice President Cheney was having an affair . . .

Serious issues with the Cheney storyline that the MSM are not asking!

Dear DU; Please Help Get Rid of Our Rep w/ Ties to Delay!!

Sen. Chuck Schumer is DLC ~ he not only betrayed Hackett, he's doing it

Cheney Partied On, After Sending Whittington to the ICU --->>>

Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you

I agree GOP relative - liberals in the military are hurting war in Iraq



Don't you wish Congress had a version of the UK's "Question Time?"

Bob Herbert: Mr. Vice President, It's Time to Go (NYT)

Coulter:"Boy, you tent merchants sure are touchy. Grow up, would you?"

National Review: The Little-Noticed Order That Gave Dick Cheney New Power

SCIENTIFIC Ballistics Analysis from Canada suggests 30 FEET distance

Bye Bye America........

RIAA et al. says CD ripping, backups not fair use

Are we reliving the 1950's? how about the 1920's?

The FOX transcript has been HEAVILY REDACTED - whole sections missing

Salon Obtains 'Entirety' of Abu Ghraib Photos & Videos

i can hear judge judy now:

Gasoline prices are in free-fall in upstate South Carolina.

CNN breaking! Sen. Roberts says no NSA investigation!

Maryland's Republican Governor Issues Devastating Blow to Diebold!

Freedom Fries anyone? Iran Renames Danish Pastries

I always supported Brown over Hackett

It was "Auntie Pinko" who offered rational for Viet Nam War Re: Proxy war

Gotta go now, thanks DU for being there for me today.

I can’t take it, I can’t take it, I CAN’T TAKE IT!

PLEASE Check Out These Animations!

Amazing Photos of Chernobyl "dead zone"

FLASH (RawStory) MD. 2002 Gov. election on illegal, uncertified Diebold!

Hillary to hold $1,000 a plate Closed Senate Fundraiser in NC

Bush’s Health Care Scheme Would Create 600K More Uninsured Americans

Red State, Meet Police State

A new element discovered

Anyone just see the CNN International guy chew up the Pentagon?

Roll call on Patriot Act cloture vote:

It is unimaginable but........thanks for the star.

The Most Inspiring Political Story I Ever Heard-The Fight Against Slavery

Advice needed for a future political wife...

Do the Math ... Brown: 46% and $2.37 million ... Hackett: 24% and $229,783

OK!!! I think the Pres. just cut his own throat!!

TOONS: Dick With A Gun Edition! 2/16/06

Investigation Reopened into Cheney Shooting

Smoking Gun's got the Texas Cop's Shooting Report

How The Democrats Took Paul Hackett Out - Mother Jones

A list of meds taken after heart attack(s). And the alcohol warnings

Like it or Not, Congress Receives Hustler

Hackett said Brown LIED to him about NOT running for senate in Ohio

No Bravery (anti-iraq-war video)


I seriously believe the Bush Administration will be successful in...

BUSTED! Ann Coulter falsifies Florida voter registration

my LTTE was published today!

Cythia McKinney on Thom Hartmann NOW! (link here)

FEINGOLD-"I haven't Given Up. I will continue this fight. It's NOT over"

Have you seen him?

Cynthia McKinney on CSpan 2

Freepers JUST AS MAD About the Port Control Issue... Common Ground?

Coca-Cola feels heat on killing death in Colombia

NEW AFL-CIO BLOG now online

The Legal Woes Of Rep. Jefferson

Pa. Gov. Rendell Leads Challenger Swann(double digit lead)

DU the fight against Big Radio Payola!!!

Cafferty: Hume interviewing Cheney 'like Bonnie interviewing Clyde'

Don't know bout you, but I feel helluv patronized......

This is ridiculous.......and a bit scary.

Pearls of wisdom from freeperland... Throw out reason- it doesn't matter .

Anyone think that the new "Saddam tapes" will amount to a hilla beans?

Check Out These Shotgun Pattern Spread Links - Good Info & Pics....

Bush to invite Koizumi to Presley's Graceland

New PFA TV ads seek war support by connecting Al Qaeda, Iraq and 9/11

Hackett coming up on Springer

New Abu Gharib Photos LInk

Everybody is missing the REAL QUESTION!

Why is there no movement to expand the size of the House?

Warrantless Wiretapping- cartoon commentary

I went hunting with Cheney

Discussion about Chertoff at our FEMA Sponsored NGO meeting tonight

Top Ten Most Endangered House Incumbents (9 Repubs and 1 Dem)

DU this newspaper poll

Legal Scholars Agree: Budget Bill Not Valid Law

Cheney's DUIs

Mary Matalin: Cheney's Fox interview will "put the situation to rest"

UN says release detainees or give them a trial....

Walter Mosley Says its Time to Divorce the Democrats

Democrats Want Gonzales Off Abramoff Probe

"Oh we got a right-winger"

Freedom of the Press should be subject to new restrictions? Senator Byrd.

WH Briefing! ...Live on Faux they Dropped it..go to ...

Chicago to RNC: Thanks, but no Thanks

"The Rape of Nanking"

"One of the worst days of my life"????

NYT gives timeline & names of Cheney "party"

What's next? Arabs guarding our nuclear weapons ??

Win a Congressional Seat held by outgoing R

The Cup O' Joe Report 02/16/06: "Mister Bush, Tear Down This Wall!"

DU This poll: Have you had enough of Bush/Cheney?


How much will you bet me...

DU this poll on GitMo

We have to abandon the Democratic Party

Has Anybody Ever Ran The Odds Of An American Being Killed By A Terrorist..

Cheney’s Power to Declassify Information

Israel/Palestine Policy - Agree or Disagree

February 11th changed everything

WHERE is Pam Willeford, and WHY hasn't she been questioned, as

I suggest we stop the stuff about Hackett and Big Gun, little D*** Cheney,

CAPTION time. Bush points, you elaborate.

What is going on in the Senate right now?

Chicago Not Interested In 2008 RNC

Iraq abuse images aggravate Arab hostility to West

NATION: Hackett Exited Ohio Race After Bad Poll

Carlson Has Questions About Cheney, Beer And Quail

Judge Orders Justice Dept. to Answer on Wiretapping

Fun with numbers

Ohio is not a very red state

What was Nancy Pelosi talking about in "referring to ethics committee"?

Can you believe Mary Matilan remark about Katrina? Sorry if dupe

Mr. Vice President, It's Time To Go Bob Herbert NYTimes

Alternative Minimum Tax May Hit 23 Million

Katherine Armstrong did a heckuva job as the appointed Cheney spokeswoman

Vice President Says He Has Authority to Declassify Items

"The Case For Impeachment" by Lewis H. Lapham (Harper's Magazine)

Salon has published Abu Ghraib photos that are beyond description.

Hackett's ouster from the Senate race in Ohio is still bothersome.

Crusading reporter O'Reilly rips the lid off the "Hate Bush/Cheney Media"

What would Bill O'Reilly have said if Al Gore shot someone?

Fundraising Key to Hackett Departure

Dems marched over Clinton Impeachment--How about NSA spying?

(CORRECTED) Comptroller Unapologetic After Ogling Aide

Can you possibly imagine the frenzy if Hillary had shot someone?

Chertoff before Collins' Committee - Wed. cartoon

Where was Mrs. Cheney?

Out Drinking With a Woman Not His Wife

elRushlushbo want news besides cheney??? Lets talk PHOTOS>>>

MSNBC: US must release Spy Documents

MIA ......Pamela Willeford, last seen on 2/11 in Texas

Campaign Finance/Vote Counting Reform

Wake up people, OUR country is no more....

You know, I like seeing John Edward's picture on DU.

2/11 Changed Everything

John Gibson: American public doesn't like Cheney, but now sides with him

MoveOn Endorses Incumbant Cuellar's Primary Opponent, Ciro Rodriguez

U.N. Calls Guantanamo a U.S. Torture Camp

McClellan: Cheney's answered "all the big questions" (except beer-related)


I care more about the direction of the country than Hackett's 'honor"

The Gutting of our Pension Plans

Why is Feingold the only Democrat fighting for our civil liberties?

I Just Told MoveOn To Pack It

John Edwards speaks up on the outrageous oil and tax giveaways

Why am I hearing that "Cheney is not a heavy drinker"?


"To Tell the Truth": My LTTE published.

The last ever, final, end all, post on Hackett's senate withdrawal.

New Name for GOP: "GOOP" Definition below.

CT-Poll: Lieberman smokin' his primary oppenent.

"You have to run twice" was a favorite saying of Howard Dean.

Is your Kerry sticker still on your car??

Derailing Hackett -- This is NOT about some Left v. Centrist divide

Did you catch McKinny on the "Leadership Hour?"

Cynthia McKinney gets censored on House floor