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Archives: February 15, 2006

The Nuclear “Threat” At the End of the Age of Petroleum

Bush Crashes Coretta Scott King Funeral

Terror threat: The great deception:The politics of fear

Goodbye Iraq, Hello Afghanistan (Pepe Escobar- Asia Times)

White House Cover-Up: McClellan Conceals Heart Attack From Press

Why We Need An Independent War Profiteering Commission

The Pentagon’s War on the Internet

Democratic bloggers abuzz over Hackett exit

Daniel Pipes and the Danish Editor (John Sugg)

Cheney's missteps turned accident into p.r. disaster, experts say

Maureen Dowd: Shooter Slips on a Silencer

Fearing Hamas, Abbas takes control over official PA media

Mofaz: Hamas part of 'axis of evil'

Bin Laden tapes are as phony as Sept. 11's connection to Islam

Mark Crispin Miller on Majority Report - TONIGHT !! - Election Fraud

Westmoreland County PA Citizens' Right to Choose Voting Machine Upheld!

SILENCE from the Goverment on both side's

My daughter voted for the first time today!

Just heard Howard won with 58% of the vote!!!

Hearts for all who love to cook

Wilson to be next ambassador to the U.S.

Trade deal sought

Some good news from South America (Brazil)

Two dead in Pakistan anti-cartoon rioting (US companies targets)

Nats MP anger at US wheat lobby (Australia AWB)

UPDATE 3-U.S. vows to get tougher on China trade

Gov't Develops Plan for the Bald Eagle

Hunter Shot by Cheney Suffers A Heart Attack

Ex-detainees claim Govt position used against Hicks

Ari Fleischer Joins Criticism Of Cheney's Response to Shooting

IRAQ: Baghdad residents take security into own hands

NYT: Quick Rise for Purveyors of Propaganda in Iraq (Lincoln Group)

NYT: Fellow Hunter Shot by Cheney Suffers Setback

Gay Bishop Enters Treatment for Alcoholism

Preval Says He Will Contest Haiti Vote

MSNBC -- Democratic bloggers abuzz over Hackett exit

Suit alleges India firm collected employees' (U.S.) tax refunds

NYT-Handling of Accident Creates Tension Between White House Staffs

End Report Slams 'Passivity' Over Katrina, Wash Post, 2/14/06 8:29 PM EST

WP: Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt (WH sways GOP Lawmakers)

White House Livid About Handling Of Cheney Incident -CBS

Azerbaijani Jews worried over increasing radical Islamists

WP: Cheney's Response A Concern In GOP

Operation 'Brand Iron' leaves mark on remote Iraqi villages

Saudi Arabia to Double its Oil Refining Capacity--

Senate rejects trust fund for asbestos victims

Cuba accuses US of election tampering (in Haiti)

Owners: Dog treats killed our pets (Greenies)

Burned ballots inflame Haitian election tensions

New 'Allah' doc ready to raise a ruckus (Now this will cause an uproar)

I am SO %@$# Amazed at this fundraiser

Is it me, or do the Olympics suck anymore?


Would YOU Travel to Bali/Indonesia?

Is it bad that I gave my kitties drugs for Valentine's Day? Now w/pics!

So what are YOU doing tonight?

Someone gave me a heart!

Anyone else watching "The Daily Show?"

77 years ago!

thanks for the hearts, anonymous DU'ers!

Make Love not War! Here's some music to help...

I'm in shock...


I love Lewis Black...


Do you like the stuff your Tivo chooses for you?

A clip of * was just on K.O. giving George Lucas and ILM an award.

I post too much, don't I?


Heh, Just Call Me NOSTRADAMUS!!!

Shouldn't we discuss the Cruise/Holmes breakup?

Thank you for my hearts

Dammit. I think I just re-strained my back. Big time.

Song I wrote for Valentine's Day

Prostitutes Call For A Ban On The GTA Franchise

Interesting photo, Someone or something enjoying the snow.

THANK YOU for my HEART!!!!!

Prices for roses tomorrow:

Tom and Katie broke up

Free 10 minutes of credit for SkypeOut calls

HypnoToad is...

If you accidentally shot an old man in the face, would you...

This Valentines Day is a very sad anniversary for us.

My husband didn't get me flowers

Let's all thank our newest members!

Downhill skiers are crazy (no spoilers)

Screw the Olympics Westminster Kennel show is on.

If I went into work tomorrow; my ipod blaring at full volume, the

For my 8888th post....

My valentine to all DUers:

I think I'm drunk...

"Name deleted" has two heart Valentines

A question for non-tech/computer types

From now on let this gesture...

How lame is it to miss your own Milestone thread?

Any fans of the cartoon Home Movies in the lounge?

What three movies did I get?

Olympic Theme Song

Is this pic for real? (warning, its gross). Mods, lock at will.

Is anyone here involved in a land co-op?

I DISCOVERED CaliforniaPeggy

A hearty, heartfelt, THANK YOU to my six secret admirers!

Happy Valentine's Day! Woman May Have Exposed 100 Sex Partners To HIV

Wow, now I can post and have a heart at the end! Thanks to a secret pal!

My Bloody Valentine (for sour pusses)

Is your furry family member a freak?

Here's a song for my secret admirer:

Thank you, whoever you were, for the heart...

Thank you so Much

Proud to Be a Democrat

Well you wake up in the mornin? you hear the work bell ring ...

Someone just sent me a heart!

Is it wrong to get your Valentine's flowers from the cemetery?

Skinner, how about we keep the hearts all year round?

Anyone watching Westminster?

Julie's favorite Valentine songs

Mrs R's Valentine's dinner is knocking me out. I gotta go.

I just took a darvocet.

The Hounds are up on Westminster

One more thing before hubby and I continue our date...

Good Night Dear DU!

DUers, we have a new athlete to admire here at DU - No Spoilers

Did Randi talk about what happened to Hackett today?

Hope Everyone had a great time celebrating St Valentine’s Day

Daily Show on.

John Wayne Bobbit and Rita Cosby

Letterman opens with "The good news is Cheney hasn't shot anyone today"

Thanks for your support earlier today.

Whoa! Someone gave me a heart!

my cat has no concept of what "No that's Mine!!" means

To whoever it was that gave me the heart


When is everyone going to stop speaking Cheneyese?

I just got asked to be a stand in on a Cable Talk TV show....

Valentine - Willie Nelson

I just saw a CHENEY piercing on TV

Actually, I shot somebody in the face once

OK, one more valentine's day song:

I hope all had a Happy Valentine's Day

Did that US Olympic skater just diss the repugs?

A Valentine for all the currently unattached straight women in the house..

Dick Cheney intentionally shot that guy - VIDEO PROOF!!!

You ever look at your place on Googlearth?

It's 8:15PM, y'all. Who is NOT makin' love?

OMG! Blue Star now has home-approved gas salamander broilers!

OK what newspaper comics did/do you read?

If Pizza Hut now charges $1.75 for delivery, does that mean ...

Ok, now time to REALLY fess up

please nominate this thread

If one had Polenta what does one do with it?


For the Babylon 5 fans, G'Kar has died.

Worst Valentines Day ever...

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

Happy Valentine's Day, LeftyMom!!!!!!

It's Build-Your-Own-Burrito Night!

Need advice re: walking shoes good for use on a treadmill.....

I'm sorry but the Final Destination movies are way fun.

Which is scarier??

I'm for keeping the hearts all year round. Are you?

OK - who needs a HUG tonight?

My Grand Father just died...

I just saw a PENIS piercing on TV

What if I told you I am David Cross?

I know we shouldn't compare Bush to Hitler, but....(video)

I can't eat until I can afford root canal

Books I think everyone here should read (post yours)

Beware the strawman of Dawinism

Triglycerides, diet, and alcohol.

New 'Allah' doc (homosexuality) ready to raise a ruckus

Gonzaga fans' chant: 'Brokeback Mountain'

information on sherrod brown.

Why anti-gay marriage crusade failed

Can dogs catch human's colds?

Mel Gibson's New Movie, "Apocalypto" is about 2012 from

Abuse and Exploitation of American Indian Sacred Traditions

Kerry Takes Huge Lead over Clinton

John Kerry is "a damn Alpha Male" - Dick Cheney is a Chicken Hawk

Kerry leaving the DLC

We are being Googled... or at least MSNed

Please delete

KOEB Meeting --2/14/06: Happy Valentine's Day Edition

A Valentine for KO...

Repubs trying to pass Patriot Act in Senate??? Sudden?

Caption Scotty

If I want to kill some one, I wanna do it in Kenedy County.

Bremer: War did "VERY LITTLE DAMAGE" to Iraq's economy

Sen. Intel Cmte Phase 2 of WMD investigation - status ?


When we are talking about Cheney we are not focusing on what the criminal

After all the lies, it will be a trigger happy drunkfest...

Did Shrub admit there was no link between Al Quaeda and Saddam?

I got a heart! Thanks.

Thank you for the Valentine heart from a secret admirer!

Lehrer News Hour doing a report on cheney shooting now. pbs

Have the Swift Boat Liars claimed Whittington shot himself yet?

Might be worth tuning in Chris Matthews....coming up...

Anyone Else Just About To Puke From All The Spin?

wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall at the whitehouse? tempers

Anybody watching that tool Ron Christie

Hi All, I need help with Campaign buttons

help for Air America link...nothing works, for any player, including this

Rush on Valentine's Day: He doesn't like it. Gee, I wonder why?

On Olbermann they said 90 yards!!

Cheney Shows World That He Is Major Prick.

CHB: Business as usual at the Bush White House

Cheney's Historical Soul Brother - Caligula or Vlad the Impaler?

Breaking: Photo of Whittington at hospital! He looks pissed.

Mark Crispin Miller on the Majority Report

Somebody actually gave me a heart :)

Is this true?

Leno on cheney shooting party

Whittington Suffered a Heart Attack? Or a Mild Heart Related Event?

Putting Progress First: Getting Over the Ohio SNAFU

CNN: Dog treat killing dogs..."Greenies"

Thank You to the kind soul who gave me a heart....this is the

Another angle to the shooting:

How did Cheney accidentally shoot Whittington?

Looking for Something Thom Hartmann...

Possible stupid question: Why was Cheney firing so low?

Cardiac Surgery for Whittington?

Harvard study blasts Bush education policy

The Cheney Shooting could be as simple as this

7-Year-Old Brings Gun To School

VIDEO- Paul Burka about the Cheney Shooting (from Texas Monthly Mag)

CA-Judge orders state to ensure man is unconscious before lethal injection

Bin Laden tapes are as phony as Sept. 11's connection to Islam

To the person who gave me a heart, THANK YOU!!


Jeanne talks to much AAR

Buffoon Cheney's fake "competence" facade blown to pieces

Even Ari Fleischer is criticizing Cheney...

OMG, the Iranians are building a secret military base on the moon!

Bohemian Rhapsody: Mama I Just Shot a Man...Wooooo

Laughable headline on CNN web site - Cheney Prays for...

VIDEO- Saddam Freaked out by a guy- Top Three Soundbites

Cheney needs to retire....

I wish I could give everyone a heart!!!!

Cheney Prays for Victim.....Your liberal media in action

self delete

Pellet "Migrates" to Heart of Man Shot by Cheney

The white house blaming Whittington for the accident is typical

How about a Cheney public comment/apology countdown clock??

RW Thoughts About FISA From 1995

If there's anything to life after death,

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World-Kenneth Starr

Huff Post's Bob Cesca: "And Now, the Pukey Taste After the Snarf"

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR-- Here's some MUSIC to help

VIDEO-How Close Was Cheney to Whittington? Is 90 yards plausible?

looks like is back..

VIDEO- (funny!) Dick Cheney in "Hunting Crashers"

Tommy"Ohio coingate" Noe charged with 53

On "Private Property" one doesn't need to wear approved "Hunting Gear."

New Republican campaign gimmick for their major donors

Help me find something from a 60 minutes show

Aww how sweet, a heart attack from Dick Cheney

If he dies will Manslaughter charges be in order?

Does the cheney shooting thing seem a little like, er, bs to anyone else?

Giving Grovelbot some Valentine's love.

Picture of paper target shot with .28 gauge shotgun...

Shot at eye-level at 30 yards

The right way to depart... top story: Gunshot Echoes

Americans think Iran may use nukes

Don't think this is true (Too bad) but I thought it was worth a laugh...

Need help with links/info

Who the hell is this Scottie apologist on Hardball?

Rasmussen has Bush at 49!% approval

Olympics: Some people just aren't coordinated enough to ski and shoot-

With Hackett departure, old politics win

Hunter Shot by Cheney:Fatality CAN result in criminal charges

David Schuster on Hardball tearing Cheney UP!

It's clear to me that Cheney is running the country and Bush.

VIDEO- Bill Maher-Selected Bits from tonight

What's up with the secret admirer stuff? I don't know anyone .

WANNA HAVE SOME FUN??? answer the freeps ? if Al had won in 2000

Just a Reminder: Boston Legal tonight

Cheney Shooting: Questions: Help Please

Automatic Investigation of Cheney Shooting Incident?

Cheney's hunting disaster: fatal crack on the dam?

For Malloy Fans...The Movie!

Field and Stream: Sooner better than later,he should own up to his mistake

Do you think The Vice was invited to the bu$h's Valentine Dinner ??

Dick the great white hunter,

Lawrence O'Donnell on Scarborough now, talking about

Today's Most Brain Dead Letter To The Editor

I wrote Cheney a song. Care to have a sing-a-long?

VIDEO- George Lucas and the Evil Empire

Rumsfeld just has a way of making money off of drugs, eh?

EU-US cartel probe hits airlines (BBC) HUH ??

Cheney apology is coming .... I just feel it.

NYT: Cheney Faces Grand Jury Investigation If Man Dies

Bill Maher coming up on MSNBC...a MUST see!

Democrats deny asking donors to take sides in Hackett race.

JR. WALKER AND THE ALL STARS lyrics - "Shotgun"

here`s a valentine message from iraq

Remember people....

A personal message reply from Paul Hacket.

David Gregory on Scarborogh - NEXT

Hillary isn't TOTALLY unelectable but she's LESS ELECTABLE

Right wing woman called C Span this morning

A Valentine for all the currently unattached straight women in the house..

What kind of a family lets their relative get shot without a peep?

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

The thing that worries me is, things happen. what are these evil

Does anyone know if another Justice Sunday is scheduled?

Help stop Canada's seal Hunt starting in March..

To hell with the triangulators!

Self Delete

US Detention Camps -- For when Elections are Suspended?

How in the hell did Cheney shoot his buddy in the face...

Was Cheney using "salted loads"? Doc says 5mm shot caused..

Fund to buy body armor for Mr. Cheney's hunting buddies

Okay with the shooting and plamegate and now wiretap gate...

After all the outrages.....The firestorm is over a hunting acident?

Dr. Bernardine Healy on HARDBALL: "This is NOT trivial."

Prison Overrun By More Than 100 Cats -Admins say they will have to kill em

Add your own punchline -- Lynne Cheney: "Dick did not."

Where are the Pictures??? ( Cheney's "hunt")

Larry ODonnell: Cheney behavior identical to Ted Kennedy's at

you're missing some great stuff on the Daily Show

Alan Simpson, please kiss my ass!

2 words for anyone who believes the David Gregory /Scotty act

Company sued for allegedly making workers turn over tax refunds

preview of dick's apology... lookie here

Cheney the Chicken

Whittington was shot from a distance of 15 yards or less

There simply is No Rule of Law for the rich and powerful. I say we demand

People Who Buy Alcohol For Minors Will Not Be Allowed To Drive

Bradblog: Statement of Congressman John Conyers Jr.

Need Help With A Computer Problem!

Conyers:House Judiciary Committee to Consider Resolution on NSA

Cheney is a crappy flyfisher....Just saw a clip on Nightline

To the person who gave me the heart

Why all the talk about charges for Cheney in event of victim's death?

Please don't anyone shoot me for this or slap me for that matter, joke

Scarborough on Carlson "A man who never mixes alcohol...

RE: Cheney shooting. You notice a lot of news outlets...

This hunting story resonates with the regular folk that supported bushco

Cheney Shoots Scooter Libby By Accident (and other fine articles)

Peter Tertzakian on Daily Show talking about Peak Oil

Does size matter? #7 1/2 birdshot vs 5 mm object

Lieberman spends the evening @ a BushCo Valentine's dinner

Sen. Specter to launch investigation to prove Cheney's innocence

Two questions about the man shot by Cheney.

I've never seen the pro-Administration crowd in a nastier mood...

Refuting The Right: Didn't Senator Kennedy Stop Drinking

The freepers are proving what I have always said

didn't Scott M. KNOW about MR. W's turn for worse BEFORE pres conf?

Lawyers argue that Boy Scouts deserve space at San Diego parks

The BFEE is in full CYA mode now!

I want the local sheriff to explain his OBVIOUS WHITEWASH. Had this been a

Lawrence, Kelly, Norah...O'Donnell. Related?

Is permanency still part of the Patriot Act soon to be voted upon?


Forrest Gump was RIGHT...

molly ivans tells the TRUTH about the cheney shooting ->

NYT re: Cheney> local police officers were turned away Saturday night

Y'all are unnecessary rough on Cheney ! The guy must be OK after all!

Scrubbed MSNBC screenshot found!

Anyone Have that "New York Time Select" deal? Maureen Dowd...

Who Is President? Bush or Cheney.

These Pictures Make Me Want to Cry

Hackett (v.) To Use Party Machinery to Undermine a Campaign prior to vote.

What is the HEART record tonight?

Why Bryan Kennedy Will Oust Sensenbrenner

Food crisis looms in African Horn (BBC)

Has anybody ever been listed as "VERY" stable by a hospital?

Seriously; if they don't live by the rule of law then why should we?

I have no hearts, no more Flash animations for you - ONE YEAR :)

Worst. Vice President. Ever.

Sports Metaphor - Paul Hackett

The creepiest, MOST Orwellian thing about the Bush era

feature prisoners in sexually humiliating acts that are deemed too graphic

A Valentine for the Texas Legislature - ONE MORE DEMOCRAT!

85,436 hearts.

WH gives Congress free punch (Katrina) in exchange drop NSA investig

Dick Cheney is a coward.

From a nurse who has experience in ICU/ER. The word "stable" should

Able Danger & the 9/11 Commission

Kerry takes lead over Clinton

Accident Simulation _ Yikes the guy was blasted big time.

Take part in the largest climate experiment ever (BBC)

A closer look at Katherine Armstrong's story

Analysis: TX Park & Wildlife Dept. Report - Injury Drawing of Whittington

8 Photos of Machine Gun Cheney

Willie Nelson unveils 'gay cowboy' valentine

Where's the woman who's ambassador to Switzerland?

Sherrod Brown will let us down

When Will Cheney Apologize?

Any good DU artists up for a challenge?


Maureen Dowd: Shooter Slips on a Silencer

Rufus for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember Dan Burton?

Smoking ban in all pubs and clubs (BBC) {New UK law}

Daily Show on now...

Okay, So Dick, Whittington, Armstrong, and the woman Swiss Ambassador

See what "Presidential prayer team" urges you to pray for NOW!!!

Has Reid, Schumer, or Emanuel had anything to say on Hackett flap?

How to tell it's a quayle in the bush and not a Texas lawyer...

Cheney Feels He Doesn't OWE Us An Explanation --->

There's no difference between homophobia, racism, or Christ-bashing.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Round Up

Cheney Accused of "Hunting Quail Out of Season".

Link to new Abu Grahib photos

Readers!!! Did you know we have a non-fiction forum with a monthly

Drudge: Cheney faces Grand Jury if man dies

A Smoking Gun: Armstrong Was NOT An Eyewitness

HOORAY! Air America Radio finally acknowledges "Marc Maron Show"!!!

Legislation Could Ban Free Range & Organic Poultry Production

What's the Big deal about Cheney Shooting?

A great list of Repub sexual crimes against children was posted

Bill Maher had it right about Hillary

Major Paul Hackett. Please run for a position in the 110th US Congress.

Why has a cartoon turned into a crisis? (by Indian Muslim Haroon Siddiqui)

Boston Legal up next - Morning-after pill denied to rape victim

Dean vs Kerry and Hackett ordeal too


Should we take on right-wing Democrats? (MoveOn Survey)

Meth Epidemic on Frontline

TICE: There is ANOTHER Ongoing Top-Secret Surveillance Program!

Cheney Shooting scandal hostess -- over $20 BILLION business w/ Bush admi

More Abu Ghraib torture photos (danger: not pleasant)

Group Starts Anti-Union Campaign

Bill Maher coming up on MSNBC...a MUST see!

They Take Hunting Accidents Seriously In Texas if you have a spanish name

World Leaders Respond To Cheney Shooting......

Asbestos Fund Supporters Rally for Bill

needed: good pics of hillary and al gore!

Cheney's hunting host (Armstrong) lobbied White House

Democratic bloggers abuzz over Hackett exit


LOL --> Dick Cheney + "Wedding Crashers" = Hunting Crashers

Preview of Dickies apology ... you see it here first

Cheney's gun incident.

Are they stupid or morans?

WaNnA HaVe Fun?? freeps ask ? if Al had won in 2000 what life like???

The pictures I see of Cheney hunting have him wearing big

"Conservative Sundays" Study between 1997-2005 shows Pro-Con bias on...

'ETA bomb' explodes outside disco (CNN)

Huge tactical mistake by DLC on Hackett brush off.

Scotty Mc.....How Much More

I don't think Karl Rove could've done a better job wounding the Democrats

Freepers are CHENEY'D!

Hearts to all of you who gave me Hearts. :(:((:(:(Thank you!):):):):)

Hey, Skinner! Google scrubbed the cache!

Cross/post: COMPILATION of threads on Cheney shooting - check it out!

PRAY That They Dont SWIFTBOAT Mark Wilson(WA) for Sen..

Funny business at the Ranch? George, Karl, Dick, Katherine and Karen

Anybody else watch Boston Legal tonight????

Dewine (R Ohio) to introduce NSA whitewash bill. Hearings to be canceled?

It is starting............Dick to leave White House

A question for the tools that be

Clark/Hackett 08'

Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-TN) thinks he's funny. E-mail your feedback.

ACLU Petition to "Demand the Truth" (Domestic Spying) here:

John Kerry is "a damn Alpha Male" - Dick Cheney is a Chicken Hawk

Dean in Miami today, speaks out on the Hackett issue again.

Paul Hackett's Anti-Iraq War Position & Fallujah Makes Him too Dangerous

Congressional Probe of NSA Spying Is in Doubt

Investigators Issue New Subpoena In Abramoff Case (DeLay link)

One More Time: Sherrod Brown Is A Progressive Liberal Candidate

Feingold going to filibuster Patriot Act

This is not a responsible article. This spreads anger about the DNC

Looks like we are exporting our media to Britain.

A permanent basis for staying in Iraq

Top gun / Shooting incident says a lot about Cheney

The Islam Gap

An Arrogance of Power (WAPO)

He Loves the Smell of Gunpowder (LA Times, satire)

TV Comedians Target Cheney Accident (monday nite)

The Silencing of Science

Gene Lyons asks where are the real conservatives

Ports in Blue states to be sold to United Arab Emirates

Cheney Shoots A Texas Liberal - Molly Ivans

WaPo -- Name the Abramoff Scandal - Contest Winners

Cheney -- armed, dangerous and just plain gruff (STEINBERG)

Funny: Senate Ethics Committee to Meet in New Ethics Committee Mansion

Guardian: America's Long War

National Security Whistle-Blowers Allege Retaliation

The Perks of Power

Order, peace elusive in Iraqi city of Samarra

"The Pentagon's war on the Internet" by Mike Whitney

America's Long War (Guardian UK)

“Made in the USA” election crisis in Haiti

Experienced Hunters Fault Cheney - Washington Times

Oregonian: LTTE short and to the point re: Fuddgate

Iraq: The Way Forward—A Conversation with General Wesley Clark


The magic BB theory

"Horowitz's Academic Hit List"

So I just went for a job interview at Subway

BBC Climate Experiment

Gazprom Interested in Venezuela-Brazil-Argentina Gas Pipeline

Gamesa (Spanish wind turbine co.) adding 250 jobs -- in Philly!

Heavy Japanese Investment In Carbon-Reduction Technologies - Asia Times

China To Increase Science & Research Spending To 2.5% Of GDP - AFP

Cantwell Asking Bush To Rescind $1 Billion Budget Cut To BPA

Bush & Bodman Pledge "Sufficient" NREL Funding - Next Year

Oz Minister Warned CSIRO Not To Comment On Water Policy

Mazda to lease gasoline-hydrogen car in Japan (CNN/Reuters)

Amur River Fish (Siberia) Turning Up With Bleeding Ulcers

Colo. Landowners Win $554M in Nuclear Suit

Net Arctic Ice Cover Shrinking By Area Equal To Lake Superior Every Year

GE Tilting Towards Windmills - NYT

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Hamas suicide bombers' videotape: 'We drink Jews' blood'

Minister: Unconventional terrorism possible

Occupation Hazard

Israel threatens to sever all ties with Palestinians

Norman Finkelstein on the Not-so-New New Anti-Semitism

Vandals torch car of police officer who headed Amona evacuation

Arab party: We'll fight Israel's 'Zionization'

Israeli troops kill Palestinian boy

Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, says America Run By Criminal Syndicate

Able Danger hearing today

The Who Boys - Kick Ass New Video

Remember to Rec the Daily Thread Please

CA State Sen. Bowen's Thurs. (2/16) Hearing re: e-Voting Certification

Please Urge CA's rethug SoS to Attend Thurs. Hearing Re: Voting Systems

Will Send a Voting Machine Executive Hunting with Cheney w/Each Recommend

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed.,February 15

Andrew Gumbel: How to Steal an Election (Excerpt)

Alaska: Division of Elections Delays Release of Election Records

Judge makes it official

I just finished the county convention booklet

New Governor's race poll - pretty much same as before

This week's Civic Skinny 02-16-06

Cheney Hunting Game

From the National Journal - Governor's Race rankings

Please make a pact with me - ANNOY GRASSLEY with emails

Fallon barnstorming Eastern Iowa on Health Care tour

MA SJC extends deadline on nonresident gay marriage ruling

Subscribe to the weekly BONIFAZ FOR SECRETARY OF STATE e-newsletter

Wal-Mart ordered to carry emergency contraceptive pills in Massachusetts

Anyone part of "Grandparents for Peace"

Check out this new laser TV Projector!! (MATCHBOX SIZED!)

The Progressive Forum deserves it's own post....

David Van Os has a few questions for Greg Abbott:

OMG - If you own a gun in Texas, look what almost happened...

DeLay campaign lashes out at a primary (repug) foe

TX: Howard Wins Special Election For House Post (D pickup!)

TX redistricting issue going to court? Does anyone know what's

Any one work at a high school

LTTE Alert! DMN is about to run another anti-liberal piece

Keep Austin Blue Wednesday 2/15

TX: Howard Wins Special Election For House Post (D pickup!)

WOW! Lots of interesting events coming up!

Cooking for a "not-too-anal" vegan: My menu tonight.

Let's talk Mardi Gras

She's big. She's bad. She's here. (Disgusting self congratulatory post)

Frozen melon. What do I do with it?

Tea and Tea Prep

What NOT to buy in an Asian market:

Stephen Harper in drag!

Grits need uniting leader, Ignatieff says

Happy Flag Day, Everybody!!!

Anybody here live in Nunavut?

Analysis: TX Park & Wildlife Dept. Report - Injury Drawing of Whittington

Experts question generic bird flu vaccine

Asbestos Bill Is Sidelined by the Senate (NYT)

OfficeMax at center of major data-security breach with debit cards

Germany, Austria, report bird flu; domestic poultry ordered moved indoors

ABA says Bush needs to follow the law

AP: Bush team moves to limit nuke-illness costs

Noe Is Indicted On 53 Felony Counts In BWC Coin Case

America's Long War (Guardian UK)

sorry, dupe..

Enron Witness: Skilling's pressure fed stock deception

Philippine News: Gore warns of ecology disaster in a decade

Syria Switches From Dollars to Euros

MA highest court extends deadline on nonresident gay marriage ruling

Ohio Evolution Lesson Plan Eliminated

Wal-Mart ordered to carry emergency contraceptive pills in Massachusetts

Weldon: 'Able Danger' ID'd 9/ll Ringleader

A permanent basis for staying in Iraq

Asbestos Bill Is Sidelined by the Senate

Jordan sentences Zarqawi and 8 militants to death

Son of Israeli Prime Minister Sharon jailed for corruption

Review of Haiti votes ordered (Partially burned ballots found in dump)

Iraq declares avian flu alert in southern province

Hunter shot by Cheney has a heart attack

Capital gov´t may issue more sanctions (Mexico vs. Sheraton Hotel)

NYT: Abu Ghraib Called Incubator for Terrorists

TX: Howard Wins Special Election For House Post (D pickup!)

Report Slams Katrina Disaster Preparation

New Abu Ghraib torture photographs *** Warning - Graphic***

Kyrgyzstan wants US to pay more for military base

Alleged new Abu Ghraib abuse images revealed

US lawmaker renews push against Internet gambling

Ports in Blue states to be sold to United Arab Emirates

Let us be footloose, middle-schoolers say

Clark(D), Weston(D) win (state/ky)Senate, House seats

US Mounts a Vast Hunt for Church Arsonists

Devletabadi: We Are Ready To Defend Iran, If Necessary

DeLay campaign lashes out at a primary foe

Mobs rampage in Pakistan

Cheney Interviewing with......

Cheney to hold press conference on Fox at 2pm?

Fund raising was key to Hackett departure

Los Angeles Times: Abramoff Charged Malaysia for Meeting With Bush

Cheney to Break Silence in Fox Interview of course

Republican's Doubt Bush's Mideast Policy

Gov'ment Could Lose Billions In Oil Royalties -taxpayers "hung out to dry"

Breaking News... Alaska Air Flight Emergency

Two unions leave AFL-CIO

NBC - Cheney likely to speak about shooting

'Death squad' kills outspoken critic of Kazakh government

CBS 4: GOP Concerns About Cheney Grow

ABC News/AP: Cheney Could Face Charges in Shooting

EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Tapes -- Inside Saddam's Palace

Chertoff Says He Is Responsible for Katrina Failures

Reid criticizes vice president for not disclosing accidental shooting soon

FNC's Hume quotes Cheney: "I HAD A BEER A LUNCH..."

If lawyer died, Cheney could face indictment

Man shot by Cheney in accident still stable ("doing extremely well")

Cheney to Discuss Shooting on Fox

Editor & Publisher:Cheney on TV: Takes Blame for Shooting..Admits Drinking

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 15 February

Bird flu virus is found in Austria 'and Germany'

Vice President Cheney talks to Fox News about accidental shooting(preview)

Cheney Accepts Blame for Shooting

Veterans experience delays in GI Bill payments

WP: 325,000 Names on Terrorism List

NYT: Ohio Board Undoes Stand on Evolution

Bombs kill ten Iraqis, including three children (US convoy hit Fallujah)

Rice says Iran in "open defiance"

Order, peace elusive in Iraqi city of Samarra

Quieter presence urged in Mideast

Cheney Could Face Charges in Shooting

Justice Dept. probes own spy program role

AP photo: Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff responds

New York sues U.S. agency (EPA), seeks air quality files

Bush Visits Ohio to Boost State GOP

Raw Story: Senator Byrd to call for special commission to investigate

Bush wants extra $75 mln to spur Iran Democracy

Brinkman endorses McEwen(now is only 1 primary opponent for Schmidt)

WaMu to cut 2,500 jobs as housing market cools

House GOP Won't Revisit Flawed Budget Bill

Hil blasts Team Bush 'pattern' of secrecy

Newsweek: They Haven’t Got Mail (Rumsfeld & Chertoff don't use email)

NYT: Account of Doctors Raises Questions on Heart Injury

Chertoff: Katrina 'overwhelmed' us

Bushes host ritzy Valentine's soiree

Paul Bremer tells of horrors in Iraq, says war justified

Republican senators criticize Rice/Bush over policies in Iraq, Iran

A Cancer Drug Shows Promise, at a Price That Many Can't Pay (NYT)

"Cheney's Law" could penalize hunters who leave scene of injury incidents

In Fox TV interview, Cheney accepts responsibility for shooting accident

UPI: Whistleblower says NSA violations bigger

Feingold Again Tries to Block Patriot Act

US Comments on Alleged New Abu Ghraib Photos

Secret Saddam WMD Tapes Subject of ABC Nightline Special

White House Eyes Atomic Illness Cost Cap

Dean blames party "skullduggery" for withdrawal of popular Ohio candidate

Iran builds nuclear accord with Venezuela

Bill would put flags in all Arizona classrooms by 2007

Bernanke: Economy Back on Track After Lull

Ballot botch: (Ann) Coulter votes in wrong precinct

Fund raising was key to Hackett departure

British lawmakers to vote on banning glorification of terrorism

Contradiction in Arab cartoon views

Pa. Gov. Rendell Leads Challenger Swann

Poll: (Jesse) Jackson, Rice are top black leaders

I got a heart!!!

Why is it that psychopaths are the craziest muthafuckers to work with?

I want to thank my unknown admirer.............

Knock knock

Cats vs. Dogs

Console me.

For those who concerned about my lack of presence on DU, thank you!!

I donated all I could and gave away all my hearts...And then two people

San Francisco: Hundreds attend mass pillow fight

I got sad watching a life insurance commercial on Yahoo

Good night, DU. I love you. :)

A Valentine for all the currently unattached straight men in the house..

Thank you, whoever you were...

I'm for keeping the Harleys all year round. Are you?

So.... who owns a pair of great wireless headphones? I'm looking

I've typed out and deleted the same post about five times...

Who in the world gave me a heart?

HELP! For more than four hours now, I've had a heart on

Dammit! I cannot believe this happened again!

Should I feel bad?

When Scott Hamilton's voice goes up high, that's Dick Button goosing him.


Happy Day-After-Valentine's Day to my DU enemies.

I thought my ex and I were friends

Which is more humiliating?

OK, I have one heart. What does that mean??

I was digging thru the ol' Photobucket...

A Special V-Day Goodnight to All My Loungers!

Wow, blue-ball alert!

I haven't slept in 31 hours.

I went to Midas yesterday because I was told to at 60,000

'night everybody

In your face and out of here! Nighty!

I think I might come to like this new life of not sleeping.

Nice job,

I miss the East German olympic judges soooo much!

Everythingsxen Appreciation Thread

Very funny 404 page

Something bit me on the top of my foot and it's making me CRAZY

Why are these Olympics tv hosts so bitchy?

I got a valentine heart. Weird. I didn't think anyone knew I was here.

How should we celebrate the 'War On President's Day'? ©

I had a REALLY good Valentine's day...

Hey! Someone gave me a heart!

God damn it!

On the flip side

Ok. Who did you give Hearts to?

I listen to the music from Brokeback Mountain and sobbed!

Cool thing I saw yesterday afternoon!

I want Patches the horse....

Cheney had invited George Clooney to the hunting trip

They're selling postcards of the hanging

Now that we survived yesterday

Shannen Doherty Involved in Car Crash RELAX! she is OKAY!

Weren't the original Olympics done in the nude?

It's gonna be one of those days

Webhosting? Is any good?

I haven't slept in 37 hours.

Mr Cheney invited me to hunt -

Willie Nelson Releases Gay Cowboy Song

Sheriff: Officers Must Have Sex With Prostitutes For Evidence

Inspiring Olympic spoiler

I love Bode Millers reaction to the DQ

I can't wake up- somebody slap me.

Things like this really annoy me

Goodnight, my lovely loungers

OK people, I've just got to know something, and I've got to know it now...



Did someone give me a heart or does everyone get one?

Three Dozen Roses -- Priceless!


Any other last minute donating DUers? Tell ya, handing

I, with the power of Prednisone, declare war on the DLC


Man Sodomizes Sheep - Has To Register As A Sex Offender

300 Pound Woman Loses Lawsuit Over Airline 2-Seat Rule

Now I'd like to think I'd riot

Don't forget, the team USA vs Slovakia hockey game is on @ 3:00 eastern

Cheney: "Leave the gun, take the cannolis"

The casino still has all of their money

AskTheAdministrators- Why aren't the DU hearts bleeding?

What's your thought on taking drugs?

what's the shortest amount of time it took DU to reach it's goal...

Anyone else miss Grovelbot?

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

aaa AAA aaaaaa AAA

Did anyone else hear the George Lucas clip that Rachel Maddow

Another 'You Tube' Clip...

A Cheney-themed bond market commentary yesterday from Mary Ann Hurley

Are we going to keep our hearts

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are NOT splitting up!!!

Worst television series in your lifetime?

Do you give your dog "Greenies", the tooth cleaning treat?

I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!

Cheney Got a Gun. With apologies to Aerosmith.

advice for a computer dummy.

Punch the Chimp, Punch the Chimp

To whoever gave me the heart I thank you so much!

Woo Hoo - my 2000 post

I could kick ass in 1963 too

Olympic Short Program Commentating Competition

Ten Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You

What's the story about Bill O'Reilly and falafels?

Olympic skater gives his bonus to kids in Darfur. (spoiler...?)

Sam's Club bottled water...

Can anyone give me some tips re:Zire vs Tungsten T2?

I just realized something about this Cheney thing *yes, another one*

Mt. St. Helens is poofing a bit this morning


B* just got smacked! nt.

Why do I read depressing books when I am already depressed

Post your latest resting heart rate

COMPUTER geniuses: hours on cpr,loggd where in WinXP?

If your parents disowned you, check in.

OK, now my coworker is complaining about the ladybugs

Love stinks. I got 5 hearts up for auction.

Vacation Day, taken mid-week. What should I do today?

Cheers to the one who gave me a heart! Thanks!

Well well it looks like *SOMEONE* got the Red Ryder for Christmas


What did you get for V-J Day?

Somebody out there loves me!

Let's talk about the "Valentine Hearts Scandal"...

Dick Cheney ignored warnings from his mom

To my secret admirer:

Id like to say hi to my friend bartcop!

The Official Patch Of The Dick Cheney Hunting Trip

Gawd. I love seeing Bush getting smacked in the kisser

Time of Cheney/Hume interview?

Cheney "Shoots, Hides and Leaves."

Wednesday earworm. Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh ...

Jury Summons,

OK, now that VD-Day is over, I no longer have to be curmudgeonly.

"I think smiling is overrated........

Cheney and Whittington (to the tune of "Duncan and Brady")

O RLY owl dies in San Diego Zoo at age 17 :-(

Happy Valentine's Day, DU!

Happy Susan B. Anthony's Birthday! (Born Feb. 15th. 1820)

Question. How long will we get to keep the hearts?

"Happy Half-Price Valentine's Candy Day " Everyone!

Brit Hume to wear Blue Dress for Cheney Interview

Cell phone ringtones: Give me the annoying ones....

How many less than classically attractive female actors can you name?

A little post-Valentine's treat : Zoosex tours are tacky, smutty..

So How did everyone do on valentines Day? Any wipeouts?

Thanks for the Heart secret admirer!

Girl's prosthetic leg stolen a second time

Letterman's "Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses"

Geographic poll

Does anybody know any good apps out there to make your own fonts?

Jessie's having a "needy" day.

Woman Finds Blood In Her Bag Of McDonald's French Fries - Suing

When did the Geico gecko go cockney?

Do you ever just want to crawl out of your own skin?

Instead of writing the last page and a half...

Organic Dark Chocolate covered Espresso Beans

Olympic human interest stories...

I don't know who you are, but thanks for the hearts!

What does this mean?

Wow - somebody gave me a heart - THANK YOU

Who gave me the heart?

Sheriff: Officers Must Have Sex With Prostitutes For Evidence

Al Franken is RIGHT!! Sirota IS sexy!!!

So, now that V-Day is over and DU has reached 1200 donations

And Latvia SCORES!!

NEED Photoshop help.... Ribbon Template

Rosanne Cash just walked by....

(on a serious note) I am worried about our little girl

Theraflu "apple cinnamon" flavor is the most vile thing ever.

I prefer cats to dogs as pets because:

Someone once told me I was "priceless." Is this true?

There is an easier way to get rich

You know, they covered for Grovelbot's dissapearance really well.

Well, I'm Out Of The Hospital! Ask Me Anything!

Someone once told me I was "pithless". Is this true?

There were days

Okay, tell me Left Is Write and u4ic weren't separated at birth

Thank you all for the hearts!

Hey, thanks to Dick Cheney, I can tell other people I'll shoot them in the

Please send snowy thoughts this way!

A question for people who have had fur-friends pass away...

Awwww Scorpion Queen and Centipede King Marry

Salary arbitration in Major League Baseball is a frickin' JOKE!!!

A squirrel after my own heart

Valentine Heart

Catholic League Head Blasts Olympics Telecast re: no mention of shroud

Green Day just won best international act at the BRIT Awards.

Next year instead of the hearts, they should do little boobs.

The Unofficial DU Men's Olympic Hockey Thread [will contain SPOILERS]

Oh! I just noticed some one gave me a heart! Thank you whoever

To my Secret Admirer:

Happy Days: what ever happened to Ritchie's brother, Chuck?

Are any of these movies at the theater worth seeing??

Paris Hilton predicts: People will be shocked at how good her new album is

I Found the Best Internet Radio Station "Radio Paradise"

OK, so who gave me a heart?

Post your latest blood pressure reading

What's for dinner?

How long do we get to keep our hearts?

The movie Doom was stupid as hell...

Gad. I'm pathetic.

Remember when it took ALL week to finish the fund drives

Did you know that a testicle can be fractured?

Roseanne Roseannadanna just walked by.

Jeez, how long does it take to get the smell of cigarettes out

BREAKING NEWS: Look what they found at the Cheney crime scene

Not-so-famous US landmarks quiz. (Dialup warning)

This Savage Love poll is dying in GD

Rosanne Barr just walked by

CONFESS!!! What are you capable of doing after a Beer or Two

Is this a naked picture of bush?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/15/06)

Dick Cheney's seen wearing new T-Shirt....

we havnt had a Rachael Ray thread in a while

Happy Valentine's Day to my DU friends

Andre the Giant

Roon's thread has scarred me for the rest of my life!

To my secret admirer

Goodnight lounge!

Somebody gave me a heart! I think it was the Admins!

Before they disappear...

Travelling Snow Sculpture

Geeks, nerds heads up! New "Laura Croft" named

Who wants big bucks?

Beer factor.

Depeche Mode vs. Dead or Alive

"That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me..."

If this wind doesn't stop, I'M going to shoot someone in the face

Cat not happy about DU down during Superbowl

Give GrovelBot your extra hearts NOW! He only has ONE!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ashley Lyn Cafagna-Tesoro !!!

Any fans of the group The Sundays?

Goodnight people...Stay gold

Snow Sculpture

So my roomates girlfriends husband showed up here today..

Wanna REALLY slim down???

For those of you who think Sting became a corporate sellout, I say HA!!

I'm now officially no longer "obese".

Back when I worked for the state of Texas, you could choose your holidays

Damnit I never see Heidi in the mornings any more!

Paris Hilton sought to play Mother Teresa in a movie. I shit you not!

I'm sorry, but I don't apologize for my actions

It's like how much blacker could this album cover get?...

I am all liquored up, who wants to go hunting with me ?

That was the wierdest door to door salesman ever

Well I can't tell anyone, so I'll tell ya'll

It's Wednesday, Feb. 15... and we know what *that* means

"My name is Bond, James Bond."

Baby Pic thread (If you dare)

It's my turn to ask for good vibes and luck (job interview)!

Shaun of the dead

Need advice about "Greenies" - those pet chew things - I know

Update on DUer brettdale...

I never said that Oasis had a perfect score.

WTF! Just moved wife's computer for new desk, and now it won't boot!

Whitty's tombstone?

The Big Dick Cheney Song...


The Weather guy is flirting with me.

Does anybody else have a warm fuzzy feeling from

I've been in Area 51 for 2 years - no one posted under my name, did they?

Thank you for the valentine heart!

I've been exercising for over 5 weeks now. Haven't lost one pound.

HELP HELP HELP, I need honest opinions please!

Official Dick Cheney Prayer Thread

$30 Million diamond bikini


Important Lounge Poll - Golden raisins or black raisins

What's the last thing you were seen in an ER for?

This just in. Cheney had just two beers. See below.

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

My first poll: Favorite Duran Duran song

Hubby received his copy of the SI Swimsuit Edition today . . .

Chiles Rellenos Casserole tonight. Recipe:

Cheney's new nickname

Recommend some good beach reading?

Kitty Thread in GD! Kitty Thread in GD!!

Some very amazing wildlife photography.

10000: After four years on DU, I am a n00b no longer

Geographically where do most DU'rs come from?

May I go all "Oprah" on you all regarding the hearts?

Should sports like figure skating be in the olympics?

Greatest votes in the Lounge don't get you on the Greatest Page

What I got for Valentine's Day (dial-up warning)

You all are the most oversexed people I've ever encountered

I'm bored- time for a new pic thread.

God forbid some black people move into your apt complex.

Guilty pleasures

What do you do for a living?

I prefer dogs to cats as pets because:

Click this link to hide the kudzu thread:

1200 Donations! Thank you DU!

FOOD experts.. Bran digestible? uncooked bran, oat and wheat bran

When I say "Bogey," of what do you think?

Less than classically attractive but successful male actors

Do you all understand why *everybody* has to fight these extremists?

Some information on fundamentalist Islam

Nice satire of the Muslim cartoon issue

Gene Robinson, gay bishop, enters rehab for alcoholism

A couple of aspartame questions

Do you get your health information from

More Clues to Aging - Our bodies, our cells

Einstein's Theory 'Improved'?

Willie Nelson Releases Gay Cowboy Song

Open Letter from 'The Book of Daniels' creator to the LGBT community

Los Altos council rejects Gay Pride Day -- again

Response from Northwest Airlines re: alleged anti-gay discrimination

Yolanda King seems to support lgbt rights...

Weirdly homophobic question at White House press briefing

MA highest court extends deadline on nonresident gay marriage ruling

MA highest court extends deadline on nonresident gay marriage ruling

Ty Law says he won't return to the Jets next season

The US 2-man luge team just wiped out.

Ryan Leaf back in football....

For the figure skating fans of DU... Olys SP Commentating Competition:

VIDEO-Know who you are interviewing (Steelers parade)

How do you guys handle pit bull mixes in your rescue groups?

Althea does the catnip roll

Anybody have luck toilet training their cats?

"The Power of Partnership," "The Chalice and the Blade," and Denmark

I was so pissed this weekend at a Dem Breakfast

Interesting piece in the charlestonexpress

Maybe someone here can answer my Dean question

Letter From John Kerry

Interesting article about Cam Kerry

I got my first call from Friends of JK

Kerry's at the Commerce committee

Did JK put a statement out rePatriot Act renewal?

Condi testifying

Article:Quincy Patriot-Ledger - Mass folks (and others!), insight on this?

valentines day from "welovejohnkerry"

Hackett's not a liberal, so answer me this

It is a Choo-Choo train thing :)

Just a quick snap of a buddy of mine

2 new carnivorous plant flower pix!

Rev, does this pass the Wisconsin cow flop test?

Confessions of a Keithaholic

With apologies to Paul Simon

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/15/06: Breaking His Silence

Leno: "Rumor is Cheney may have been drinking and tried...

Leno: What if it turns out Bush was the smart one?

Ill bet this is the first time....

A note of thanks to three special people.

Who was that basketball player that accidentally shot the limo driver?

Oh dick, come out come out wherever you are!

If they'd have just come forward right away it would not be an issue

Republicans Take AIM AT CHENEY:

Henry Waxmen involved with the Hackett deal too?

Does anyone sense a new terror alert coming soon?

Does Cheney have an alibi for each of the church burnings?

Breaking News: Cheney knifes dinner guest

Will Whittington be coerced to take the blame for being shot?

To Louse Alley >>>

Does Scotty bring the board game 'Operation' to his press conf. next?

Raw Story: 'Beer quote' pulled from MSNBC Cheney hunting party article

If you want to raise hell about Hackett here's a number

WOW NSA Whistleblower hearing on CSPAN now.

Doesn't Cheney have a large staff with him?

We should try and Googleb0mb "Cheney"

Hasn't anyone asked why he shot him in the face when trying to shoot

I GAVE someone a heart and don't need a thank you....

Washington Post: I TOLD you people Dick Cheney was dangerous.

The Law Stands... in the Way of No Powerful Man (re: Cheney)

This "heart attack" garbage is absolutely hilarious.

Again....What Is The 2006 Democratic Party Message

NYTimes saying Scott did not know of Mr. W. turn for worse

ABA says Bush needs to follow the law

Sometimes shit is just unreal...

Even Ari Fleischer admits Cheney slow leak was bullshit.

Happy Valentine's Day, DU!

VIDEO- The Daily Show Night 2 on Cheney SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE FACE

Whitty's tombstone?

No one who matters is providing ANY details about Whittington.

Putrid Bushes all!

OMG TDS sounds like DU

I can read Scott McClellan's MInd! Here's the scoop.

valentine hearts are now so yesterday. :)

Whittington May Die - Will Cheney Apologize Then?

Israel group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest!

Freedom ain't nothin' but a subjective term to Microsoft and Google

German court scraps law on downing hijacked planes

Tom Toles Cheney cartoon

Japan veteran seeks UN status for 'death railway'-Bridge on the River Kwai

A shout out to all the DU geeky experts

Should we call this "Quailgate"?

Funny Early Morning Toon (Big Dick)

How do Muslims know this is the image of Mohammad?

What the hell is this coming out of this guy's mouth? (Abu Ghraib photo)

Based on what we know so far, how's this?

Sarcasm taken literally is even funnier .

About that missing videotaped WH conference on the morning of Katrina

The whole idea about Hackett is that he would have WON

'Sons are Used to Force Their Fathers Talk in Abu Ghraib'

Required reading for bush supporters!!!!!!!

All the surprise with the new torture photos? Read the Taguba Report

Join the club!

Why doesn't the "Accident Report Form" state number of persons in party?

Smirky's identity crisis (photo)

Terror threat: The great deception

Worse than Bush? Sam Brownback

Instapundit's double standard: Extremists and the Major Parties

Part of UN Torture "Leaked Version of Draft Report"

You know the mood is changing when even on non-DU sites...

"Do Bush supporters hate their country?".....THIS is very, very GOOD!

A point about the crass cold blooded nature of Scott McClellan

Have sex with a sheep, have to register as a sex offender?

Between FIVE and 200 pellets lodged in Mr. Whittington?

Alito Hires as a Clerk Former Ashcroft Aide (WaPo)

What if John Kerry listened to high profiled politicians?

Apologies To Julie Brown: Crashcart's Got A Gun...

can someone explain the difference btw the DNC, the DLC and the DCCC?

Attn: Boston Globe subscribers

Maps and aerial views of the Armstrong ranch.

Shooter slips on a Silencer (MoDowd)

Baghdad Embassy Bonanza!!!!!

"Let's say it plainly: This Is The Arrogance of Power"-By David Ignatius

While the focus is on VP accidental shooting of fellow..

Secret Admirer

Fla. High School Student Sends Roses To 500 Classmates

EU confirms H5N1 bird flu in Germany

Cheney is making out like a fat rat in a cheese factory!

'Probe Haunts Weld in Bid for N.Y. Governor' add ONE MORE corrupt Repuke

KATRINA GAP-Missing: Homeland Security Conference Call As Levees Failed

The difference between D. Cheney and O b Laden

From TX P&W: 2004 Texas Hunting Accidents Analysis

Still Cherry-Picking the Facts on Iraq/ by Scott Ridder

So you think if KKarl rove had of been indicated by now

Americans starting to implant RFID chips in humans

The four states with highest percentage of foreclosure rates...

FYI - Shotgus pellets migrate at a speed of

Wait a second--Where's $enator Fri$t? and Falwell and Robertson???

"The Vice President's Shotgun Pellets Were Attacked By A Face"

UAE residents can now apply for US visa online

TIME: Slow Leak: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident

Kyrgyzstan wants U.S. to pay 100 times more for military base

In Case You Forgot: Dick Cheney works FOR the people.

CNN: "If the VP shot a man in the forest, would we hear about it?"


If you are not listening to The Morning Wakeup Call with Lizz Brown...

BREAKING: Cheney diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder!!

Only 54 more donations to hit goal. Let's do it now

Swiss Miss Links

The fake persuaders

.U.S. Risks Reporter's Life to Strike Tough Pose

I just saw the new Abu Ghraib pictures!!! Why is Rummy still walking free?

Iran owns China, Russia UN votes - US senator

Russia ready to build nuclear power plants in Vietnam

cnn saying they will have Chertoff testimony hearing on Today.

NYC tabloids vs Dick (yeah, Post too!)

Here are the new torture pictures via Raw Story/Warning Graphic

Cheney Ruins Historic VP Safety Record (image)

Planting the quail or tossing it to Cheney?

Yahoo has just posted the New Abu Ghraib Photos: * Warning Graphic*

[WaPo] Downhill Partying - Barbara Bush

Stupid question-- has Dead-Eye Dick made a statement yet...

Democrats, Like Cheney, Are Shooting Their Own

New Abu Ghraib abuse photos!!!!!

NAFTA poll

What I've yet to see about The Cheney Story...

Gucci Boot Cowboys: Bush and Cheney eom

People aren't quite so dumb regarding Usama BinLadin

Daily Show Color Code

An email

I'm shocked, I tell you. My LTTE in conservative Phoenix appeared today!

thanks DU! I woke up today with a HEART on!

At least SOMEBODY'S trying to catch him: Batman to Battle Bin Laden

Is there going to be a Press Briefing today?

We should support Cynthia McKinney

Pentagon reminding people that troops have been prosecuted for

Harmless Frat Prank: (warning/graphic)

Abramoff received $1.2 Mill From Malasian Gov For Bush Invite

Republican talking points on Cheney shooting


Re: DU Hearts. Suggestion:

sorry this was already posted.

Are there more license plates being stolen these days,

times 14.2.06 bb shot malreported tx rectify

No Scotty Shooting Gallery today? Not on C-SPAN schedule.

Gore PAC Attacks TCV News Story Re Al Gore Comments

How Many Iraqis are Dead from US Randomly Shooting up Innocents?

Can yall tell me something about Ms. Amstrong...

Podcast: Helen Thomas on slow White House

THIS IS A COVER UP: Doc, How many pellets? more than 5 but less than 200

Mother and three sons 5, 4, and 2 years old murdered

DU this CNN poll, please! (RE: Katrina resignations)

Help finding "Cheney's Got a Gun" T-Shirt

poking holes in the Whittington story

Cheney Shooting Haiku

Kudos to DU for the lefthand side advertising

New comedy : Cheney, the VP who couldn't shoot straight!

"New Iraq 'jail abuse' film aired" article.

Lou DOBBS, flunky for the racist anti-immigrationists

"Floridagate" PLEASE sign this petition!

If the media would focus on Cheney's other scandals

cnn talking of FAILED Fed (Chertoff) katrina issue

Any word on Harry Whittington this morning?

If Whittington were a coal miner we'd get hourly updates on his condition

Important whistleblower hearing - C-span video link

Thanks to whoever is handing out these hearts; I'm

Jeeeeez! Have They Hired Hollywood Script Writers?

This (shooting) is Cheney's excuse for stepping down!

So, while Whittington lies in the hospital, Bushes dance on marble floors

"But what about what Al Gore said...?"

At the very least, Dead-eye Dick's legacy is cemented in the sewer FOREVER

Is it true the Menendez Brothers used bird pellets to kill their parents?

Star Wars Re-Run

Dick and the Whores

FYI for any DUers considering or taking Panexa

Bush to Tout his "Out of Pocket" Heath Care Plan

ROFL! Now They're Trying to Tell Us Which Stories Are Most Important!

Bernanke before congress - discusses M3.

A clarification on Paul Hackett...

Cheney Interviewing with......

'U.S. Terrorism Watch List Now Has 325,000 Names' 325,000 names????

Was Cheney Hiding His Lewinsky?

BREAKING: Cheney took a dump today!!!

CNN to have report on new Abu Gareb photos coming up

Never say "Health Savings Accounts". Say "Privatizing Health Care".

Hope Arkansas trailers setting empty for 6 months and sinking in mud!

Remember how Spiro Agnew was conveniently taken out of office

Organizing a PDA chapter:

Definition of a "coverup"

Wash. Post Toles "Takes Aim" at Cheney Scandal - Blows Away Uncle Sam!

10 Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You

American Bar Association Denounces Bush's Illegal Spy Program

No offense to the guy who got shot but

Just heard on FOX Cheney Interveiw at 6pm With Hume

the Cheney "interview" will be an utterly scripted propaganda event....

So what % of GDP is the trade deficit at now?

"War, at first, is the hope that one will be better off"

Cheney to hold press conference on Fox at 2pm?

Why the big deal? It was an "accident"...

Cheney's Interview Today "will not be aired live."

Okay, pardon my ignorance

If Cheney were drunk, could he be charged with a crime for the accident?

Why was Paul Hackett forced out of his Senate race?

Sickening....Private Valentine Party at the White House

Katrina Hearing is now live on CSPAN

He wasn't "peppered". He was fucking SHOT!

Look. ANYTHING About Cheney Is The Most Important News.

Dead-eye Dick to break media silence!

Notice the chimp is at Wendy's HQ...

See the lifeline behind Bush in Ohio?

White House rushes in own cardiologists keep close watch over Whittington

what a coward

Damn--I'm getting SICK of Shrub's face on my tv selling snake oil

Yes, "We can do better"...Vote for a damn necessary change !

Gov Jeb Bush pushes for 5 percent tuition hike for university students

Gov Jeb Bush against bill to make big companies provide health coverage

Bush and Cheney: Peas in a Pod

"Ha Ha Ha America", film short from Sundance – seen it?

The "grown-ups" have broken America...

You DO know what Cheney and Faux are gonna say, doncha?

I'm one of the REALLY FUCKING DENSE PEOPLE, so please help:

You're wrong Bu$h. Just wrong as usual.

Some talking points for today's Faux-Cheney love fest

So Cheney is banging the Ambassador to Switzerland/hence the cover-up?

Whose job is it to topple Fascism?

Outsourcing of the Presidency....budgetary necessity.

What motivates people on this board to cut Cheney so much slack?

Is this a glaring pattern of incompetence or what?...

God, I love NY...Confederate States of America movie

POLL: How long until Scott McClellan's head explodes?

Today's Republican talking point....

I think 50% of the Katrina response problems were caused because...

Anyone know if the "Able Danger" issue is to be televised?

CNN compiled a list of Cheney jokes...

Prognostication regarding the Hackett debacle.

U.S. keeps 325,000 names on terror suspect list

Norm Coleman or George Allen

I hope Brit Hume shaved extra close this morning.

This Katrina investigation is a complete WHITEWASH. It makes me...

Pics of * from this morning...

Gay Anti-War Immigrant Shoots Friend of Vice President Dick Cheney

SMOKESCREEN? Secret Saddam tapes (allegedly old),Abu Ghraib photos (old)..

These pics are illegal--Barb Starr--2nd time she has defended the pics

So The DNC pushed Hackett out of the Ohio race,

OH MY GAWD...people are so stupid. "at least cheney wasn't hunting intern

Katrina Hearings Reveal Online Secrets of Rummy & Chertoff (Newsweek)

Cheney Must Have Gotten Bo-Toxed!!!

Kurt Vonnegut: Our president is a Christian? So was Adolf Hitler.

The ABC tapes

what Cheney said at AOL:

Oh yeah jobs...

"To NOT have shot his friend in the face..."

Orange Revolution, at Yellow Speed

A quote the Democratic Leadership would do well to remember.

200 pellets at 30 yards? Can somebody test this?

Fun with analogies: 2000-2005 was The Empire Strikes back, and...


Before lobbying scandals, Abramoff group had hand in apartheid wars

verbal slip. . ."mimimum rage will rise"

AOL Poll on Hackett-----participate if you like, but read and weep

Whttington + SCI = ???!!! (Funeralgate)

Just Heard Cheney to Give Interview on Fox News.

Whistleblowers, Spying, Russell Tice - Hearing replay NOW on C-SPAN 3

Collins zapping Chertoff on Katrina hearings--cspan. Tune in if you can

Apple ships MacBook Pro (CNN/AP)

Whittington is out of immediate danger.

The United States of Enron

Amendment II Democrats - Press Release (2/15/06)

Hey! You! Lynne Cheney.....some new comedy material for you

Another thank-you for my heart thread to "anonymous" made my day! n/t

Monty Python "Upper Class Twit of the Year "

WTF? Whittington not in ICU for medical reasons..

Condi needs a caption

We made our Donation Quota! Let's go for 1500!

Basic rules of Quail hunting; how many of these did Cheney break?

AAR Franken Show (Christy Harvey) called DU "Democracy Underground"

MSNBC: Who's afraid of Dick Cheney? Everyone in the White House...

Cheney to be interviewed by Brit Hume

Whittington in ICU "Strictly for Privacy Reasons"

Hey--Dems won another special election in TX

What will happen to "Heckuva Job" Cherty?

If Hackett in Ohio has the support why doesn't he stay in?

This is really true: If it bleeds, it leads.

One of them will be remembered for shooting the birds.

Guess Whether Cheney Will Be Arrogant Enough To Blame The Victim

Cheney to have Fox interview at 2 p.m. (NOT LIVE)

Why the Cheney shooting is a story:

Do you think Cheny will be asked if he foregoes viagra

Republicans Criticize Bush Mideast Policy

Cheney incident has made Iraq war, Plame Gate, Katrina worse for admin

Cheney to be Interviewed by guess who? Fox News.

Oreilly ridiculous. Mr. Cheney has a well-known press phobia

Is Whittington about to die?

So, Cheney was shooting at.. DUSK.. sunset 4 mins after

Thank you for the heart! whomever you are!

A question about news reporters

It is clear from the CSPAN follow-up hearings...NOTHING will happen

In Honor of Ambssador G'Kar .....

Wingers need to get this through their thick little pinheads

Does anyone else see the irony in Cheney's "accident".

Now we know why the Army gave Dick Cheney 5 deferrments!

FUX update: will air "exceprts" of Brit Hume's interview w/Cheney

Wait....what does HILLARY think of the Cheney "accident"?

Is there a thread on the Condi Rice liathon at the Senate hearing today?

Thanks for the heart, whoever you are!

With Focus On Shooting- Cheney Wages Stealth Defense of NSA Wiretapping

Curt Weldon on CSPAN, talking about Able Danger! nt

God it is like Chinese water torture

Cynthia McKinney KICKING ASS!

So, who thinks there'll be a "terra 'lert" in the next 48 hours?

Cheney interview with FUX NEWS today at 2PM EST

Rep. Steve Buyer is the Bushie designated cover-up guy?

So...How Many Of You Plan To Waste 30 Minutes Watching Dick?

Brent Bozell on Cheney shooting: The incident was funny.

Dick gives it exclusively to Brit-"Pravda"-Hume

Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from The Golden Age of Homeland Security

Congressional hearings...

now he tells us - NYT public editor on media cheerleading for war

Allegations that Whittington might not have received the right initial

Raw Story: Before lobbying scandals, Abramoff had hand in apartheid wars

Has Anyone Ever Been Fired from the Bush Administration for Incompetence?

So WHAT if Saddam did have WMD's

Whitington, 2nd shooter?

Say it loud! Dick Cheney is a coward!

So I was listening to the radio.... (Cheney)

Where do you see the US economy going in the next 5 years?

Did anyone see the NY Daily News' Ode to Cheney?

Excerpt: How to Steal an Election

Funny Picture of Cheney Praying for Whittington

No Comment - from Whittington's Doc. when asked about Alcohol Test

Hey Duck Cheney, when you saw your friend fall down, did you get

Let's not forget there's a man in there

House Katrina investigation hearing ***Official Thread***.

To all Whittington death cheerleaders

The "Culture of Life" is at it again. Good news and bad news.

Hackett said he’s willing to help Brown “if he wants my help” because

VIDEO- Gene Taylor on the Post Katrina Report (and the trailers)

Yet another Cheney question . . . . . .

Shooter Slips on a Silencer MoDo NYTimes

Cheney. Feelings. Help make a list so we give him a fair chance.

Loads of Cheney cartoons

OMG: Randi's got a great : "CHENY'S GOT A GUN" song.....

What If Whittington Had Accidentally Shot Cheney? >>>

VIDEO- Cynthia McKinney on Katrina-Post Report

MSNBC: Whittington planned to do some attorney work in his hospital room

did Cheney actually say "WAS"???


Pictures for Bush/Cheney Impeachment Trial (Graphic Pics)

Gov. Dean issues new statement on Hackett/Brown

Sherrod Brown's Wife Takes A Leave of Absence

If lawyer died, Cheney could face indictment

Oh, Lordie - More Cheney lies regarding his human (near)kill.

OK EVERYBODY, Repeat After Me (take 2):

Whittington was SHOT with birdSHOT (not peppered with pellets)


Principal Suspended Over Nude Photos E-Mailed To Faculty

Big Dick's Shooting Range -- the tee shirt

FuddGate: Please Help Me Build a Graphical Event Timeline

Can we get a dedicated Cheney Forum for all this stuff?

More Americans think Shrub broke laws over wiretapping

Official "recognition of Black History Month" thread


So Cheney is still an ALCOHOLIC!

Going to Russia next month. Any advice appreciated.

VP(who had 2 DUI's & Suspended Driver's License)Caught Drinking & Shooting

Can I Get Your Opinion On This? Please?

"They were not wild quail......they do not fly high like pheasants..."

So, since I couldn't sit through the Fox Cheney thing...

How many times will the time of shooting change?

Cheney's secret hunting partner ..... PIX

The clip of Rumsfeld on MTP saying "immediate threat"

Jack Cafferty nails Fox Mews and Cheney!

Cafferty on CNN about Cheney interview at FAUX

A small metal ball that can't be removed, lodged in your heart does not

Only one news outlet mentions "Beer"

Gallup: More think Bush broke law, 50% say warrantless wiretap wrong

Byrd on CSPAN2 now.

325,000 Names on Terrorism List - Some U.S. Citizens on List!!!

A way to frame the Patriot Act issue, attn: Democratic leaders

U.S. Money Aids World’s Worst Dictators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Details of the new massive Iraqi Bases

CNN: Cheney says he's allowed to declassify anything he wants to....

Whittington had one of the worst days of his life, his thoughts here

Real time blog of Able Danger Hearing at 2:30pm et

It should be another laugh fest on the late nite talk shows.

Chemical Munitions Air Monitoring Whistleblower Could Be Fired

Did Dick Scarf Caviar at George's Valentine Soiree? ---pix->>>


Our government has gone from revolting to downright creepy.


How does someone take a "screen shot"?

Hume: "Did you get the bird?"

The buckshot stops here.

Some common sense on the Cheney shooting.

Pretty much everything this administration has done...

The F Word Network!!!! I LIKE Jack Cafferty!

Which news organization got the $1.6 Bil from Bush's PR campaign?

John Edwards: " * is...not the president of the oil and gas industry."

Who is this whore on the Situation Room

an ann coulter story you might appreciate . . .

Dupe, sorry...I missed our other brave FReep reader

Dick's Pity Party: So I Shot a Guy - POOR ME! ---pix->>>

***OFFICIAL C-Span Katrina Hearings: Chertoff testimony Thread, Part 2***

Do all neocons and freepers hunt drunk?

Who is this whittington guy anyway?

Bremer blusters and bullies ordinary people who question him

My father is voting against his best interest

Disappointed with the majority of DU registered users.

Fox Attacks Media For Focus on Victim's Health, & Not On Cheney's Feelings

Anti-Abortion Activist boasts of sex with mules, says it's common in GA

Repubs Block Investigation of Domestic Spying Program-By John Conyers

BREAKING NEWS: Look what they found at the Cheney crime scene

Whittington Photos ---pix->>>

Beware the Ides of March!

Cheney shoots like a gurl...

Larry Johnson:Go Fuck Yourself America? Is That What Our VP Was Thinking?


Remember, Cheney is drugged, runs on batteries & has two "trick knees"

I don't think that Cheney's victim was 30 yards away.

Just Noticed a COUPLE of TIDBITS in the P&W Report:

Yes, we WILL prevail!

1 hour to the Fox/Dick interview-please print this out

ACLU Responds to New ABU Ghraib Photos

Cheney' Ass is in a Sling - There are too Many Witnesses...

Why is the great wall-mart of China getting off so easy?

Cheney and the republicans: 'Stop asking questions about the shooting.'

Cheney can declassify??? Does that statement indicate that he has

Hilarious Cheney Thread At FR!

Imagine, If Scotty were Press Secretary after D-Day (6/6/44) or after...

How many hunters are going to buy that he had ONE beer at lunch?

Pro-CAFTA representatives saw boost in corporate PAC cash

Lou Dobbs on Cheney now.

Wonder if Tweety will get it right today..that Bush knew Sat nite..

I don't know bout you but,watching fux's news buildup to the cheny

Newsweek: No effective response to becoming butt of late-night punch lines

Any DUers Speak Arabic? If so, please help "Rathergate" ABC tonight

Big Pharma or Big Oil - who is greedier?

How many DUer's have civil war within your family?

A Fluff interview with FAUX won't do it--Cheney must hold news conference

Caption these photos of * ...

Were cartoons published to divert from Abu Ghraib photos?


Call the Texas attorney general RIGHT NOW!!! Prosecute Cheney!!!

Cafferty: Cheney "Not Going To Get Any High Hard Ones" From The F-Word Net

With evidence of torture & abuse mounting.....

Is there something I am missing? I cannot stream AAR

Brit Hume Wants To Know If Cheney 'Missed The Bird'

US labels Abu Ghraib abuse pictures 'repulsive'

On the Patriot Act Deal by Russ Feingold

RW talking point: "Angry Democrats will do anything to attack

To hunt or not to hunt . . .

Wont the exclusive fox interview piss off all the other media?

Hey, has anyone seen Lynn Cheney lately?

Join the Deadeye Dick Gunclub!

WP: Transcript -- Vice President Cheney Interviewed by Fox News

For the love of Pete can't you let this Cheney thing go..

Did Hume ASK Cheney if he had been drinking, or did

Cheney: "It was dusk, around 5 p.m., when this incident happened. "

What is Cheney trying to hide from the American people?

Maher:this is only the third-worst thing that happened to Cheney this week

Cheney Could Face Charges in Shooting

Change your vote to support CAFTA and rake in the cash!

NEW TOON - 2/15 at least there are no IED's

TIME: Cheney: The VP Responds to Critics--He said he'd had a beer...

Question about Michelle Malkin.

These (might be) LEAD pellets, folks, and lead is toxic.

Lynnnnn, where are you?

Feingold on the Senate Floor - Patriot Act CSPAN2 now!

CNN: Lou Dobbs looks good tonight - "Biggest scandal yet" (re:9/11)

Torrie Clark, repuke apologist, Said Muslims don't tell the Truth, WE DO!

So let me get this straight --

channel 4 UK cover the photos

So why is Cheney talking now?


Dean Statement Supporting Sherrod Brown

Now that Cheney's said he's to blame that should change the investigation

"Bush" at Jeff Foxworthy Roast

So, I'm not a hunter, but in my mind you could rank the experiences

Israeli group announces anti-Semitic cartoons contest

Hey, How About Clark/Hackett In 2008?

For Christ Sake..If I hear "He's taken FULL Responsibility"..For his..

Tom DeLay's hand written 8 page letter to local voters:

Senator Byrd to call for special commission to investigate wiretaps


For my 1000th post: Alchoholic Regresses, Drinks, then Hunts, Shoots Man

Cheney in deep shit? Cue the Abu Ghraib photos........

VIDEO: Cheney Admits To Drinking Beer Prior To Hunting Accident

Did you miss the bird??????????

Remember, folks, when you see the new Abu Ghraib photos...

Why is the jerk who runs this country DRINKING BOOZE at lunch?

able danger hearings went into closed session--Lou Dobbs seem upset

The two key Cheney-gate questions

Horrific new photos from Abu Graib

Thanks for the Heart!

Cheney shoots at the GROUND, hits Wittingham. Look at this:

omg "The Whittington Family is concerned about Dick Cheney"!!!

Could the Cheney shooting become a disaster for Democrats?

Listen to lightning on Saturn! courtesy of NASA/JPL

Will Cheney be indicted over anything?

We're connected to acts of torture (TAKE ACTION @ Amnesty Int'l)

Media Request -Monty Python's Upperclass Twit of the Year clip

Their eyes were watching Greensboro

Cheney lies again about why there was a big delay in releasing the story.

Fallout from Abu Ghraib Photos

It's so funny.....not one Cheney thread in freeperville

Would any DU'er allow their fellow Hunting Party Member to Lie all Over?

ABC Nightline to air Secret Saddam tapes - Talks about using WMD on US!!

What are all the things Clinton has been blamed for?

Breaking: Bush Awards Cheney Marksmanship Medal & Purple Heart

My Dick Cheney Parody song...

Hunter: “I don’t care how they spin it, it was Cheney’s fault.”

FNC's Hume quotes Cheney: "I HAD A BEER A LUNCH..."

What area of the country do you live in?

Will the media gloves come off now that they understand the disdain that

How many people in the U.S. and globally have died from "bird flu"?

MSNBC’s Missing Paragraph Reappears; Reporter Misled By VP’s Office

The Buffoon Administration

This picture still gives me chills

The source of the Saddam tapes to ABC is Bill Tierney!! AH HA HA HA HA!

By their harmless frat pranks shall ye know them. (A bit GRAPHIC)

Cheney was so upset over 'shooting his friend' that he sat down to dinner

What will happen to Cheney?

E&P: Troubling Questions About Cheney's Boss (do they mean Bush???)

From Democratic Underground to Yahoo News and Alertnet in 18 hrs!!!

British Soldier video?

Yahoo! News: Cheney, "A Beer or Two," and a Gun


Who protects the VP?

What was Hacketts qualifications for Senate?

There is "No Bravery" in the Abu Gharib photos.

The number of projectiles in the shell that Elmer Cheney fired

CBS Source says: Cheney in meltdown.

Ok, I believed Cheney up until.....

VIDEO (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC): New abuse pictures emerge (Channel 4 UK)

And now, how about something totally different?

"Saddam tapes"; Hussein saying IRAQ WOULD NOT attack the USA.

RE: Cheney incident -- My mother's in a Red State hospital and says.....

Tipping Point: The reason Cheney is crying right now

WP/AP: Robert Redford Reflects on Watergate Film

The missing beer paragraph has been put back!!

Dean sticks it to the 'so called' party leadership

Daily Kos: It's the Metaphor, Stupid!: Cheney story bigger than you think

Matalin's Finished Too ---pix->>>

USDA Plans to Make Livestock Owners Register Every Animal in DataBase AND

Please don't let this get lost - Spy Probe in doubt!!!!!!

Cheney: "I had a beer at lunch..."

The Redneckization of American Policy

Remember: Harry Whittington is THE FUNERALGATE LAWYER

This is one of the most screwed up things ever!!

Notice How Dick Refuses to End His Vacations Early for ANYTHING?

Where Did Cheney's Gun Come From?

Can I Get Your Opinion On This? Please?

You want to know why we haven't had another terrorist attack?

man o man i'd love to see the raw footage of this performance

CHENEY: ``I'm the guy who pulled the trigger'' COMPLETE TRANSCRIPT

Why did Cheney get evasive about Karl Rove?

Whitington has another pellet in his LIVER

How much of your money can Bush have to 'spur' democracy in Iran?

Pellet caused Whittington's heart to go into "afib"

Dick Had Sat. Dinner Party & Sun. Quail Lunch Before Visiting Hospital >>>

Cops all time #1 response to drinking - "I ONLY HAD ONE BEER..yada..yada"

Please don't post anything Michell Malkin might find offensive.

Which Type of Leader Do You Value The Most

Algebra applied to accident imply Whittington was closer than reported.

I've started wearing my "eat the rich" pin again.......and

CHENEY:I'm the guy who Pulled the Trigger and shot my friend (FOX)

Cheney lied to the Sheriff - Sheriff's report: "no alcohol involved"

Paul Hackett on Randi right now

Abu Ghraib Video - Watch the AUS program that started it all...

OK all you hunters out there. Answer this.

Alan Dershowitz nails it on Cheney delay.

Is making light of Cheney's accident cruel to Whittington?

Chuck Schumer - BLEH! And double BLEH!

"Redneck" isn't Southern...IT'S SCOTTISH.

If this happened to a Democrat - THIS is what would have happened

Steve Martin: Cheney Shoots Three Presidents in Oval Office.

My Dad just bought land in Argentina and is going to be a blueberry farmer

Holy CRAP, We ARE a Dictatorship! Re: No Oversight of Bush Spying

Curious Question, break out the tinfoil


Its unbelievable

Opus Dei Holds Out for 'Da Vinci' Changes

PETA is a terrorist group.

Knocking on Antonin's Door (please help)

Bill Clinton: "It's hardly a sport. The quail are slow...."

Here Ya Go: 'Democratic Leaders 'Betray' Hackett' - Consortium News



MANUEL VALENZUELA: Land of the Puppet People

Horrible Global Warming story.

After 20 years as a registered Independent, I just registered Dem.

Live feed from ABLE DANGER Hearing here

Poor Dick! The Average Person Can't Really Understand --->>>

I thank all of you who have made me feel


Bay Buchanan OUTRAGED that no one cares what Cheney is going through

Carnival of the Liberals #6 has arrived!

Gonzo-ales Withholding Plame Emails That Implicate Cheney

Sen. Leahy: "In retrospect it looks like I got off easy"

Warning! Very Graphic! I'm a bad person (pic heavy)


VIDEO- Letterman -Second night of jokes about Cheney

Still no official comments from Whittington's family? Hmm?

PAYBACK for MONICA: Cheney Trysts on U.S. Taxpayer's Dime

Dan Savage wants to know - Are we behind a new word campaign?


Katrina Call Records MISSING! How did this go unnoticed today?

Reid is NOT DLC - Schumer is NOT DLC - Brown is NOT DLC - the people

Senator Kennedy requests that we all sign Senate Res. 350

meanwhile: America's masterplan is to force GM food on the world

NSA Surveillance: Should We Be Worried? Tom Worosz says: NO.

1200 Donations! Thank you DU!

If you're an activist or a volunteer, I have a gift for you

Is it illegal for a company who has paid a ton of money to an elected

Saddam on hunger strike

If they had only trusted the people half as much as they wanted people...

Part 2 of Hackett's interview by Ohio blog...he read Kos last night.

Somewhere Karl Rove must be laughing

If shrub had any brains at all..

Noe Is Indicted On 53 Felony Counts In BWC Coin Case

Paul Hackett, We the People want YOU!!!

GOP backing NY pro-abortion run at Hillary?

Don't want Fed Employees in Union? Mark them as connected to Natl Security

It's truly all about the quail (Quayle), isn't it? Hee Hee! eom

Democrat Wins Special Election For Ky. Senate Seat

Abramoff Charged Malaysia for Meeting With Bush

Is the Chertoff/Katrina hearing on CSPAN today? What time? nt

Keith Olbermans show

What is the name of the law that forbids political favors for money given

Holy crap! L-Dotters and Washington Times make sense!

Look to the future; 1/21/2009

DLC = Democrats Lose Congress. The lastest-screwing Hackett

House in session, wonder if anyone will mention the new Abu Ghraib pics?

Given How This *Co Administration Screws Up Everything They Do - Maybe....

Common' DUers! Write, fax and phone, Hackett or bust!

Need help debunking a wing-nut

Department of Defense Spends $11,764 On Four Commissary Radios!

Lobbyist is Helping Cheney with Shooting cover-Up

Fireworks in the House today, hopefully, RE: Spying. Conyers rules!

DeWine To Propose Legislation Authorizing Warrantless Surveillance

Wake Up Dems!

We need to kill "health savings accounts"!!!!

Question - When Eating Quail How Does One Avoid Eating The....

Anyone still think Abu Ghraib was just harmless frat-type pranks?

When President Clinton shot someone in the face

Daily Show Offers Its Take On Cheney's "Firearms Mishap" (Transcript)

The Cheney Accident as Metaphor (7 Letters) -- NY Times

O'Beirne Misrepresents Facts To Defend Cheney

Senior White House Officials Urge Cheney To Make Public Statement On Shoot

Massachusetts: 1, Wal-Mart: 0

325,000 Names on Terrorism List

Katherine Armstrong, business partner of Rove's paramour?

Whistleblower hearing the other day...Coverup of massive proportions

Patriot Act discussion in the US Senate today

Cheney to give Faux interview at 2:00 p.m.

The 2 PM Fox interview with Cheney WILL NOT BE televised live

Reid "huffs and puffs"...

Hackett interview!

Prepare yourselves for ABC News kissing Bush arse

Alito picks his 5 law clerks - one is a bud of Ashcroft

Man, if the devil has a face...

cheney shot the man

Dems should either let Dean lead or fire him.

Is there a WH press briefing today? I checked the WH web site and

are there any pics of family, etc. going in and out of hosp.?

DNC: Thomas Noe and Coingate (Bush in Ohio today)

Curt Weldon and Able Danger on C-SPAN 3 !!

White House photos: While Cheney squirms, Junior's workin' HARD, Stretch..

NYT: Abu Ghraib Called Incubator for Terrorists


Chertoff Count Down to being jettisoned!!

Who is on Thom Hartmann right now.

Sheeler to Ask RI General Assembly to Support Bush Impeachment

Add Delaware to US States getting Venezuela fuel for low-income families

Ranch owner Armstrong's father set up Karl Rove in his first business

My post on Sirotablog about Paul Hackett/Sherrod Brown

Cheney's other accidental shootings

cheney shot the man in the face because 9-11 changed everything

What is your theory?

Rewriting Our Rotten History of Elections

Cheney is a chicken-shit

Scooter and Shooter

Has Dick Cheney been barred from the

Attn Skinner - any chance of getting a separate Cheney Shoots forum?

Check Out These Shotgun Pattern Spread Links - Good Info & Pics....

Frist, Serves Red Meat With Pledge Of Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Tice just read the Fourth Amendment on the Senate floor!

Jr. HS students: Everyone knows you go get a case at Maverick first!

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Divorce, blackmail alleged in (NY) GOP governor's race

The NSA Scandal and Public Opinion Myths

I Think The Levee Broke At The WH Today With All The ......

VT: GOP astroturfing starts a wee bit too Thune...

BOYCOTT! If you agree pass it on to your other Dem boards.

Cheney says he STILL believes that his was the correct way to

Sessions: The 3000 who died on 9/11 don't have civil liberties any more.

Fox's Cavuto: "Not one person bothered to ask how Cheney's feeling"

Cheney: " of the worst days of my life..." Oh, you poor bastard.

What, no wh press briefing today? The wh site

Brit Hume tells Shepard Smith Cheney was "unapologetic" about reporting sounds fishy to me

How much alcohol does it take to impair?

Could we put the focus on Hackett/Brown where it belongs?

WHITTINGTON - He is now sitting up and eating regularly

Reid's public statements force Cheney's public comments!!!

And WE get distracted again

Lobbyist attends private GOP meeting( hours before a vote)

Meet the old Soviet Union, meet the new Soviet Union

The fall of an empire

Lou Dobbs is about to cover "ABLE DANGER" and Cheneys choice

Dean says to "run for office." Party leaders say they pick who runs.

I hear there's an interview with Brit Hume, Cheney admits

Democratic Party - Political Factions Rundown

Hackett-Brown Timeline of Candidacies. Who's on 1st?

Was there a WH press conference today?

Help support the other Iraq War Vets running for Congress....

Bush /Repubs try to change the rules after they get caught breaking them

If Cheney's victim doesn't survive...does Cheney?

New photos at Abu Graib are on Raw Story Front page

Justice Dept. Probes Own Spy Program Role (Where's Congress?)

Karl Rove's Connection to the Cheney Shooting

Why should we give Cheney any sympathy when

WH Photo: Bush toasts his frigging "base" at the Valentine's Day Gala

What if John Kerry had shot a hunter? Coming up on Al Franken radio show

Hello? Anyone Home? Did You know they're Destroying Our Constitution?

Jesus' General writes a letter to Arlen Specter re: Cheney's birdshot

Q: Is Hackett running for the House again?

Mixed feelings about Hackett withdrawal

Saddam WMD Tapes to air on ABC Nightline

Cafferty: Hume interviewing Cheney "like Bonnie interviewing Clyde"

Police Report for Cheney Shooting

THE NEIL LISST TIMES - mostly true news! cartoon for Wednesday

Huff Po: "Was Cheney Hiding His Lewinsky?" (he had a "female companion")

O'Reilly: "Dick Cheney's quail hunting accident affects no one"

Conservative Magazine Says Bush "Bracing" For Impeachment Hearings

Progressive heart-throb David Sirota on Hackett

Sen. John Edwards, Actor/Activist Danny Glover and More on Tour to Support

Fundametalism, Blasphemy, and Catch-Matthew 22

Let's start a movement: Lay Off Congress and SCOTUS Now!

VIDEO : Australian Dateline Report (Abu Ghraib)

Cheney shooting: What really happened

If MoveOn Starts To Attack Democrats ...

Cheney Reveals on Fox! I've only been "Seasoned Hunter" last 12-15 Years!

I like Paul Hackett

MoveOn's latest move: "Should we take on Right wing Democrats?"

One question for those attacking Hackett

Kissinger's war crimes: East Timor

The primary is where real democracy happens


Dumping Hackett cost us the '06 elections

PNAC, power elite, MSM, election fraud, Neo-cons, connecting the dots…


Bush is spying on Americans: opponents and activist groups. The law can't

Cheney Says He Can't Discuss CIA Leak Case

McCain the right choice for nation’s next president

What do you stand for and believe in? That's the REAL issue in all this.