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Archives: February 14, 2006

Who Will Blow the Whistle Before we Attack Iran? (RMcGovern)

Inside the Global Dominance Group (counterpunch)

British Troops Beat Up Barefoot Iraqi Teens: The Axis of Child Abusers


Non-Proliferation Treaty and Iran: The Insane Application of an Agreement

"Markets do not automatically deliver rescue remedies on demand."

Indian Villages For Sale

VP Cheney, You're Lucky Those Reporters Aren't Hunters

NYT Op-Ed: Left Behind (or how Congress kept the War Widow Tax)

War with Iran on the worst terms

Palestinian parliament strengthens Abbas

Israel 'has annexed Jordan Valley and shut out Palestinians' (Independent)

Another look at American Airlines Flight 77 and the Pentagon

911:Cookies, Gatorade, and waiting for Building 7!

Jim Lampley says read Brad and Conyers to prevent more election theft!

Mark Crispin Miller connects the dots on election problems

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News February 14 ,2006 Thanks!!! auto;)

vote early w/diebold? you are the candidate. what

Movie "End of Suburbia" showing in Ames

Breaking News: Deval Patrick Sometimes Pays Gas Bill Three Days Late

Kerry to attend DFL Campaign Kick Off 2006 2/23

I couldn't donate enough to give Valentines to everyone I wanted to

Otto for Auditor (Do we have a shot?)

Vote for Donna Howard tomorrow and give the GOP a valentine's

Long time Houstonians will get the double meaning of this!

Mock fried rice..

Silicone cookware

Yixing teapot

A Proud Olympic Moment...11-0

Inco takeover faces foreign hurdles

Final deadline for German hostages in Iraq

EU lawmakers outline plans to probe "CIA camps"

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

U.N.: U.S. tortures Guantanamo detainees

Gov. Bush to Cheney: Don't shoot!

Crist sees a fluster over two donations

LUKoil plans major purchases in US, Europe--(RIA Novosti)

Syria Picks Euros Over Dollars--

Bush group sees faster US growth

UPDATE: Ken Starr Withdraws Death Row Case Papers (Cheney-like "OOPS!")

Several hurt in Turkey shop blast (Kurds)

How it happened?

Egypt's Leader Moves to Delay Local Elections (extremists gaining power)

Thousands Would Die If U.S. Attacks Iran

Ohio Expected to Rein In Class Linked to Intelligent Design

FLPrisoners Claim Corrections Officers Sprayed Them with Burning Chemicals

Five Agencies Review Libby Case Evidence

Demonstrators Urge Halt To Anti-Gay-Marriage Bills

Pakistan Quake Victims in Cuba

Iran Holocaust cartoon contest kicks off

Rules of Medicare Drug Plans Slow Access to Benefits

US urges Haitians to accept election results

U.S. Says Companies Abroad Must Follow U.S. Cuba Restrictions

Five years on, Milosevic is still in the dock

Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove

U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster

Cheney's companion at fault in shooting, White House says

Experts question Chertoff's plan to fix FEMA (some calls for resignation)

Common Cause To Alert Donors, Reveal List (FL Redistricting Initiative)

U.S. Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies

Cheney Violates Cardinal Rule of Hunting

Popular Ohio Democrat(Paul Hackett) pulls out of race....-NYT

Storm Victims Leave Hotels for Sofas, Cars (Katrina evacuees)

Muslim institute dares Iranian leader to visit Auschwitz

What Olympic events would Bush and Cheney medal in?

Show me the WUV! Donate!

Hey, to the person who...

Thank you, Secret Admirer!

I have one last heart.

Oh wow. I just woke up from a nap...

oops - i didn't know the hearts were secret.....

Format Change in Cincinnati

Why are people so cutthroat in retail?

I have a seceret admirer.

Who is this "Secret Admirer" person sending messages to my inbox?

Imagine what the press would do if Clinton accidentally sprayed a friend

Aw, shucks. Thanks.

My " Secret Admirer" sent me a valentine on my Birthday

I think David Gregory is kind of sexy.

Clinton Was Impeached for Blowing His Load All Over Monica's Dress,But

big thank you to my secret valentine... I appreciate the donation to DU!

Nothing says "LOVE" like matching nose jobs...a "special kind of bond"

Cheney's got a gun

I just slept from 7am to 6pm.

Home, Home on the Range - Where the Deer and the Antelope Play......

Thank you for the Heart (whoever you are)

Will my two valentines fight for my love?

OK, I'll ask the stupid question tha nobody has asked...

TSA wants my fingerprints

Post here if you've ever left an incoherent, nonsensical phone message

Chop chop, step it up now, come on...

To the anonymous person who gave me a heart . . .

Guys!! Forget Valentines Day....

Whoever gave me hearts

Biscuits and Gravy!

Cheney was too busy giving CPR, to talk to local


Holy Crap! I almost forgot!!!

OMG! Look at the forecast for Orlando tonight!!

Lesson of the Heart

Whoever it was that gave me the "secret admirer" Valentine Heart....

What's the funniest argument between a couple you have ever seen?

to my "secret admirer"

I just finished helping my 3rd grader with her class Valentine's Day cards

Take care everybody....

Bluegrass fans: Yonder Mountain String Band

Joe Lieberman is a ....

Wow!!! - PBS just jumped the shark...

Check out this cartoon! Curtesy Cat Woman!!

xxqqqzme has more than 5,600 posts, but no heart. *sigh* Can you help?

anyone here hear any good hunting jokes lately

Two years ago today, we lost our friend John

Someone gave me a heart and I would just like to say that, "I am

Is there a 'RW relative support' thread/forum?

Do not tell us to stop telling people to stop talking about Cheney!

Happy Valentine's Day DU!

What does your v-day card look like?

xmas74 is a naughty girl!

failed visual joke post.

Jessica Simpson Focused

This is so much fun!!

I can't stand this Secret Admirer business.

Tomorrow is my twin grandsons birthday

New songs on Cheney's ipod.

Whoever anonymously gave me a star is...

Long time DUers...Remember the "Grassy Knoll Societies?"

2 days after Scooter said Cheney told him to leak Plame's name,

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Ya think for St. Paddy's day Skinner can provide us with George Clooney?

What DVD set should I watch next?

(GASP!) *GRIN* Joooooyy!

We're more than halfway there, so I guess no need for GrovelBot.

Dr. Phil warning

HEY!! Daily Show ISN'T a repeat

How many U.S. Olympians you figure are * supporters?

No he didn't... !?!?!

Very Down Right Now...Job Threatened

Am I the only one immune to GD?

Just a quick "Thank You" for the hearts..I'm Touched.

Really milking it. (puppy pic)

So just curious if I went hunting with one of you and shot you in the face

To whomever gave me their Valentine Heart, thank you very much.

Hey guys, the daily show is NEW and cheney jokes are on now.

Anyone here sell stuff on E-Bay?

Cover art for David Gilmour's "On An Island" solo CD (coming March 7th)

I Dig Chicks!

WOW! Just saw Sigur Ros live

DAMMIT!!! The Daily Show is a re-run from last Wednesday!

OK, since you Heart Givers are anonymous, you leave me NO choice.

I had an extraordinary week last week

Bill Clinton is responsible for Dick Cheney's "hunting accident" --

Meet Cheney's new hunting accident advisor:

BEST Daily Show EVER!!!

sadistic inlaws

GD is all Cheney hunting and the lounge is all hearts

I've been up since midnight, and I just put in a 13 hour day

My Jayhawks are on fire!

Anyone like the Cardigans? Check out Paper Moon from Winnipeg.

Are You A Hick?

Olympics SPOILER alert. Ice Skating.

"Wife Swap" script editor needed

EXCLUSIVE! Picture of Cheney drinking before hunting trip!

ZombyCupid's Valentine LOOOOOVE Thread

Where should I move?

My husband and I are going on a romantic lawyer-hunting trip this weekend.

Name your 5 favorite country artists..I'll give you a HEART if I like 'em

To all my valentines. Thank you.

Did anyone see Oprah today?

Serious question here.

I just have the biggest smile on my face and break out in guffaws

NY Team confirms UCLA tabletop fusion

February 13th Birthday boys & girls please check in!

Wow, it's "count the iPods" at the Olympics this year

who the hell gave me this valentine??

Happy Birthday, Henry Rollins!

Can I get a hug?

Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States,

Anyone following Westminster?

Admit it. You like to see figure skaters bust their asses.

David Letterman,"Good news...We have finally located WMD's...

Goddamnit! My rabbit just died.

OK, everybody! Today I have news from my husband...He has a blog!

Is anyone else here afraid of the dentist?

You know what.... Figure Skating would be a whole lot more

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Congrats to gold medalist Joey Cheek...who...upon retirement from

Jokes based on old Nintendo games are funny. -nt-

I have a meeting in a garage in Chicago tomorrow...

Somebody give me a damned valentine! NOW!

Valentine thread

Man, they ARE LOVING the Cheney hunting accident on the daily show

Why couldn't it have been Dick Button?

Pairs Figure Skating ***spoilers***

Is anyone watching Westminster Kennel Club??

Go ahead then, force your morality on me.

Am I the only one who thinks the "hunting accident" was intentional?

Happy Valentine's Day SOteric! (Greenwich Mean Time :P )

My First Post

Stars upon thars.

Is it brown-nosing to give a heart to Skinner?

this made me laugh , DU. (banned poster has valentines!)

To all the wonderful, funny, brilliant people (i.e everyone) in the lounge

What's the BEST THING that's happened to YOU....

The Oklahoma St. cheerleaders' skirts are REALLY short

You know, most people really are too ignorant for their own good

*******MILESTONES******* 2/13/06

Tell DU 5 Things...

New Hampshire Bishop, Gene Robinson, enters alcohol treatment center

Speak Up for Idaho’s Wolves/ Please Take Action

State Board Could Vote Again On Science Curriculum (Ohio)

Campaign Seeks To Dispel Image Of Minorities As Anti-Gay

Frist plans June vote on gay marriage

Campaign Seeks To Dispel Image Of Minorities As Anti-Gay

you all woulda been proud of me today

Report: Discharging Gays From Military Cost Taxpayers $363.8 Million

Falwell speaks at E. Texas church

Czech Gay Partner Bill Prelude To Bitter Election Campaign

Florida Mulls Allowing Gays To Adopt

Proud to be Liberal

How many DU Cubs fans are out here?

Kentucky Derby Trail: Seeing Through the Slop

Oklahoma State Coach Sutton Takes Leave

This is what happens to 'dead' mice

A big THANK YOU to whoever gave me a heart on Sunday.

I was asked by a long standing member of this esteemed

Cheney's chart data

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day

Thank you for the stars.

Mass folks here (and NH folks too!)

Sh*t worth reading

Pre-emptive post: SFRC committee hearing tomorrow

One more question about Dick's "accident".

Valentine's Day comes to Gull Bay

Hey! Is this one of you?

KOEB 2/13/06: "AWINNN BUHHH!" Edition

You won't see this part of what Stretch did today, but...

torture prosecution falters

This is SO pre-Sept. 11

Texas Parks and Wildlife-No Stamp? Class C misdemeanor

My hearts

Let's DU the Situation Room-re: VP's actions

Talking Point: / Framing: Cheney shot the Funeralgate lawyer

Tell me what you think about this...

Is Virginia turning on Cheney? Assembly considers ALCOHOL-FREE hunting.

Corpus Christi reporter on The News Hour (PBS) said the Swiss

Do we know for sure that Whittington, the shooting victim, is "down" with

What's a little COLLATERAL DAMAGE........

Come on DU...Cheney only shot someone...

Media Matters slaps Bumiller on FTN, pushed Dean to criticize Hillary

i talked to two conservative hunters today.

Someone explain the "Holden Gets a Pony" reference to me

David Gregory up on Hardball; looks like a live show so far. nt

How many times have you said 'If Clinton had done this...."

So, what do your bird hunting, gun owning acquaintances, shrub voters or

Chickenhawk Cheney too cowardly to pick up a gun in Vietnam, unlike Kerry

"Valentine's Day & Constitutional Challenge of Divorce"

Guns Don't Shoot People -- :)

And in the Top Ten Most Emailed Photos on Yahoo?? DeadEye Dick!

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

Humor warning: "Bushcronium"

Cheney Shoots Lawyer vs. Cheney Botches National Security...(plame)?

Abbi Tatton is my new hero :MAJOR sarcasm:

Alan Simpson: Cheney's an expert shot & hunter... sic. If you don't know

(Iraqi) Contractor Fraud Trial To Begin Tomorrow (WPost)

Newshour Has the Corpus Christi Reporter! n/t

Hey, It's not like Cheney shot somebody or something.

Just above the law ...they.


The Smoking Gun - Cheney gets a citation

Quailgate: Ron Reagan on hairball: "They tried to miss the sunday pundits

Dana Milbank is full of jokes. . .

If you're a hunter and some drunk dude doesn't follow protocol

McGovern, Sept 1970.

I had a friend in college that would bird hunt

Tweety has 3 Iraq vets running for office: 2 repugs 1 Dem

Coward buffoon geezer Cheney was trying so hard to have balls

This Hiram guy on Hardball doesn't stand a chance against Byrd!

Examine the Greek myth of King Croesus with * right now.

'10,000 would die' in A-plant attack on Iran

I say give Cheney a bigger gun and lots of republican hunting partners..

Wouldn't it be safer to hunt quail with a little butterfly net?

Now I Know Who Shot.....

Cheney will be issued a warning citation for not having a valid

Milbank in an orange vest on KO is hilarious

Paul Begala: VP Cheney, You're Lucky Those Reporters Aren't Hunters

Don't hospital personnel report, er, shootings to the police?

Anyone listening to Lieberman's quotes on Majority Report?

PHOTO: Even the quail agrees.

Report: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Cost $363M

Heavy Fuel Oil Spills Off New York Harbor

Will DeadEye Dick be KO's "Worst Person in the World"?

I REJECT the constant use of the phrase "I reject" by this administration.

Oh, Stop the "Stop Cheney Posts" pleas......SNL Skit predictions?

Dick's Press People COACHED the Ranch Owner on Her Statements >>>

Brazil just weeks away from producing large amounts of enriched uranium

Cheney violated hunting rule, experts say

Fitz shakes hands with Judy Miller

Okay friends, lets remember what has been released this week

I just shot

Thanks for the heart, to whoever you are

Dick Cheney:Because someone Had to shoot the guy...

Apparently, "not boy" parts are a source of shame according to a Utah

CNN - The shot heard round the world.

The heart give away is really working.

I got a heart!!!

Rita is doing Dick- this is not a sex thread nt

Let me see if I got this right, a Swiss Miss, a shotgun, a couple

BWHAHA ! Latest Repig Spin on Cheney ! You won't believe it.

Snifff. snffff...thank you for the heart...

Thanks for the heart

According to the STAR magazine...

Even Rita Cosby is reporting on the Cheney incident

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World Feb 13

We know all about the shooting but do we know about the rest...

Blush...I got a heart. Thanks to whomever graced me with the honor. n/t

KO Opens with Cheney Story! He's going to have fun with this..

Dean equated Cheney with Burr Sunday, BEFORE FUDDGATE!

VIDEO- Milbank Quips on Cheney-Selected

how can I get a sweet heart?

Nurse Investigated for Sedition-After Writing anti-Bush Letter to Editor

AP: So Dick "Apparently" Breaks KEY Hunting Rules

Thanks so much for the heart!!! This place is great! n/t

VIDEO- Duck Cheney (simulation)

Whittington was Cheney's TARGET. Connect the dots...


A heartfelt Thank You for the heart !!! n/t

Whoever gave me a heart, FUCK OFF!

Would You Rather Go Hunting With Cheney or For A Car Ride With Ted Kennedy


Incident at the Armstrong Ranch... Ambrose Bierce couldn't have come up

State Dept. blasts UN report on Guantanamo (shoots the messenger)

Hunters FYI: Don't shoot things wearing bright orange vests and caps. n/t

Left Behind: Congress takes a sneaky bite out of war widows' benefits

Is anyone else disturbed

Move to lounge

Thank you to the nice person who gave me a heart!

It's raining hearts! Thanks. Make sure everyone gets one. Enough

Tonight: You've Gotta Have Heart, All You Really Need Is Heart. . .

It was the victim's fault! The Bush Admin cannot commit a sin or

Info on the Armstrong Ranch...(cue "Dallas" theme :)

Jack Chick's take on war in Iraq

I'm not a hunter, but I'm curious. Do hunters actually eat ..

Wow - I got a valentine!

serious question here...if the secret service witnesses a crime by

VIDEO: Caller-Times photographer and avid shooter George Gongora simulates

white house sees slow down in housing market.

Democrats have pre-9/11 political tactics

a BIG Thank You to those who gave me their hearts!!

My heart belongs to you - Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

I got a heart!! I got a heart!! I GOT A HEART!!!

White House says "Cheney properly licensed"....

So what would happen to you or I

Is "Wait Till You Graduate" an achievable goal?

Cheney is running the country & he is a fucking idiot...Impeach Now!

Cheney has Georgie right where he wants him (cartoon)

All your hearts do belong to us! *bink* *tink* *kronk*

My Relatives In TEX. Uncle Told Me There's Two Ways of Hunting Down There

Thank you for my hearts and for supporting DU!!!!

Thank you so much for my valentine, whoever you are.

I donated! nt

Jimmy Carter couldn't ride his motorcycle when he was Pres.

Re: Cheny incident! Sometimes when u want to know why something happened,

Hey, Kids: Spying Is Fun! Toys 'R' Us Approach to Spying

Thank you to the very nice DUer who gave me a heart.

A Valentine For the 'Prosecutie' ~ from The Guardian ~

Bush's oil giveaway to obscenely cash-rich oil companies (NYT)

Late Night Comics Target Cheney

Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove

Thank you for my heart secret admirer--you made my day bright--

Thanks to those who gave me hearts.

ok...thanks for my hearts!

Thank you for the valentine! Whoever you are, it made me smile. n/t

A comment from Harry Whittington's coming any minute now, right? RIGHT????

T-1 for Daily Show!

THANK YOU for the Valentine!

Self delete - dupe

A Nation of Laws, NOT OF MEN.

I think the Daily Show will be a can't-miss event tonight.

So, who was boinking whom on the "hunting" trip? Will Lynn

21 Minutes till Jon Stewart and The Daily Show

"Man's Face Intercepts Presidential Bullet"

I LOVE to Hunt but Cheney is a killer, not a hunter

Someone needs to make an orange camouflage t-shirt that says:

Guns don't kill people, Dick Cheney does.

NYT Reveals Change in U.S. Government!

Idea for graphic designer, regarding Cheney incident

Fuzzy Math

Aren't there ANY NFL players or coaches who are Democrats?

Just a technical note about shotshells.

Who's selling the "Guns Don't Kill People, Cheney Does" bumper stickers?

I want to see all Democrats tomorrow in bright orange safety gear

Client's rewards keep D.C. lobbyists thriving

Tim Grieve: WH would probably RATHER focus on Dead Eye Dick this week

The Secret Cause of Flame Wars

My husband and I are going on a romantic lawyer-hunting trip this weekend.

Truthout: The Next War - Crossing the Rubicon

Thanks for my Hearts....whoever those admirers are....

Bill Maher on the Cheney incident:

A rather bizarre poll regarding the shooting.

Hey when Cheney is thrown out of office does he get to keep the ambulance?

Dick is a Killer . . . The Song!

hehe check it out... online cheney hunting game. try it out!!!!!

TalkLeft Scientific Analysis: Cheney Shot Whittington at Point-Blank Range

DNC has full video and transcript of FTN interview. Bumiller insulting.

A new documentary reveals why Dick shot Harry...

Has anyone said what Cheney plans on doing with the 70 birds he shot?

I read my email today, oh boy.

Going out on a limb here.

My Texas friend tells me Texans don't really hunt for real

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Cheney was the guest of a Lobbyist during his trip...

Why does it matter if Cheny accidentaly shot some while hunting?

US & Israel Discussing Ways to Destabilize Palestinian Government

If I may get serious for a moment...

In the midst of all this trouble & strife, Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

CLAUDINE LONGET is on the phone...

May I get mushy in DU for a moment

Thank you very much for the hearts...

NEW Daily Show starting!

Six more weeks....say bye-bye to M3...(bit of a reminder)

NYT-reporting Hackett is dropping out of Ohio Sen race & perhaps politics

In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites a Culture War

A message for Paul Hackett

Who needs to feel a little love?

AFA Update--Email explaining why they sent out "offensive" vid clip

is there some site where i can view the Daily Show online?

Today's Most Brain Dead Letter To The Editor

Brain Injury Epidemic for Troops in Iraq

thank you for the heart!!

Cheney Got A Gun (Audio)

Turn on Countdown!!!!!

How many trailers are sinking in the mud, at what cost per month, and how

Well If Dick Can Shoot at Lawyers

Daou: A tsunami of scandals. No wonder the left is angry!

Turn on Letterman

I'm thinking some really fucking nasty thoughts about Schumer and Reid

Kos: Hackett may drop out of Senate race

When will libertarians figure it out?

Hannity, "This was not a shotgun blast, these were bird pellets"

i definitely and positively have to clean-up the "french" in my posts.

Kerry letter guides Rice to make "addicted to oil" a priority goal

In your face politics: the pushing of the proverbial envelope by BushCo

Looking for an Article on US Debt to China

A simple explanation for the time delay

What Did Cheney say after he fired the gun into the face of another Human?

Interesting, relevent , REVEALING point TDS just made

How Many "Thanks for the Heart" posts do we need???

Character Issues & Collateral Damage

Committee to End Sports Hunting

I bet Deadeye Dick thought he could hide the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

What did Cheney say to Scooter after Scooter squealed?

Dick's reason for not disclosing....I kid you not 9/11

Angry White House Lashes Out At Katrina Critics

Barbara Bush praises parties at Rental Show. "The linen! The glasses!"


Five Govt. Agencies Looking To See If They Can Censor Libby Case Evidence

Melanie said it well....

So the White house is defending Bush- re Katrina

Why does it say "not under influence of alcohol" on hunting report?

Before everyone loses their mind about Paul Hackett's withdrawal...

VIDEO- The Daily Show-Cheney ....; SHOT

Anti Cheney shooting posts: You are way out of the DU mainstream.

Late Night Comedians' Cheney Jokes...........list 'em here!

VIDEO-Cheney Shooting with White House clips as handled by KO

According to Anderson Cooper... we are now going to destroy

Democratic Party? Fuck you bastards. You went too far. (Paul Hackett)

How it happened?

The UN Says The USA is Using Torture At Guantanamo And Should Be Shut Down

Disappointed in the Democratic Party, re: Paul Hackett


Stop the nonsense...Cheney was not drinking

Dana Milbank dressed in hunting gear


Pukes concerned about FISA court..under Clinton

Katherine Armstrong isnt just some

I love Janeane's point about freepers...

What are Bush's poll numbers. I heard the end of CNN saying something

AGAIN with the crying!!!

Cheney Shooting - Press - Spying on Amanpour - What should be done...

Be vewwy vewwy quiet.

The VP shot a man, it went unreported for 24 hrs, the media

Deadeye Dick and friends

Governor Schweitzer Likes Guns Too

CNN says "smoking gun website" has Cheney police report..

Okay for chickens, but not for politics....Free Range Republicans

Thom Hartmann: Rumsfeld and Cheney Revive Their 70's Terror Playbook

CNN's leaked Cheney obit mock-up honors his "Life as Queen Consort"

Cheney's big mistake - dissing the press. It's all about them, you know

Scott Stapp (Creed) marries Miss New York, gets arrested for intoxication

Hilary Clinton is angry but Cheney isnt?

Bush as President

GOP fundraiser charged in Ohio coin scandal-CNN

Ron Reagan: Why wasn't the police allowed to interview...was

Last time Cheney made the news while hunting

UN report calls for closure of Guantánamo

If Cheney is forced to resign

Now It's The WH Press Corp That's The Problem......

Vice President's Don't Shoot People - - - - Guns Do!!!!!! n/t

How Ironic - With All The Crap This Administration And Cheney.....

Apparently Whittington is some kind of big-time real estate developer.

Bush administration spent 1.6 billion on public relations: report

I need a graphic artist for a t-shirt logo DeadAimDick

Smoking Gun has Cheney's "Hunting Accident & Incident Report Form"

Kerry to put Condi on the Hot Seat tomorrow over Oil Addiction

Paul Hackett not only drops Senate race.. but politics all together?

Wow... D-Casey is killing R-Santorum in the PA polls !!

Wow. Do you know what the real VP scandal is today on Faux?

Condi Rice is beautiful........

Dem election strategy: The Hill - "Democrats add a new C to corruption"

Fitzgerald again seeks names of NY Times sources

Cheney Drinking While Using a Gun?

My brother's answer to complaints about a liberal media...short and sweet

DINO's Serve A Valuable Purpose

Abramoff wasn't just some guy in the room photo'd w/Bush: Rove knows him

San Diego Union Tribune: Must Uncle Sam be so ham-handed with Cuba?

WP's Eugene Robinson: Col. Jessep Goes A-Hunting (Ready, Fire, Aim)

What We Need in Iraq: An Exit Date

Wonkette: Chatology: Digesting the Sunday Spew

Listen to Novak

Cartoon ruckus heightens Danes' identity crisis (turning 'red')

Debt and Denial by PAUL KRUGMAN

Obey the line.

TIME: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident

WP: White House Deferred to Cheney on Shooting

Molly Ivins: Dick Cheney goes hunting

(Wasted Away Again in CocaColaville) Warren leaving CCCBOD.

Join the Robber Party and Become Rich

LTTE - "Why the President can listen to my calls"

Trailer Dispute May Mean Thousands Will Go Unused NY Times 2/14/06

Be mine? Let's fight for hearts! (Akron Beacon Journal columnist)

rape and pillage the public's lands. at taxpayer expense

Bush's Priorities: Found in Translation

Nir Rosen: Iraq's Spreading Civil War (Steve Clemons)

Wolcott: Keep a Coffin Handy

Nuking the Economy

TIME: Slow Leak: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident

"A few things we learned today..."

The Hard Truth about Oil

Cheney's little shot not a big deal among mishaps

How Cheney's people Created False INtelligence to justify invading IRAQ

Webb could be what Democrats need

Gary Hart: Pressuring Paul Hackett To Abandon Campaign is Old Politics

Reforming health care — to benefit banks?

Atomic Bombs: Race Hatred and Mass Murder

Lawrence O'Donnell: Was Cheney Drunk?( maybe? LA Times)

Bush says innovation helped economy grow (3.1% in GDP in 2005)

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

Bush 8 yr GDP growth may reach 2.865%/y if he meets his projections

Car enthusiasts, are becoming interested in E85 ethanol

Did the blizzard of 2006 have hurricane-like characteristics?

CSIRO (Austrlia's NOAA) In Deep Trouble As Politics Drives Out Scientists

31 Researchers Dismissed From NREL One Week After SOTU Energy Promises

Lisa Murkowski - Global Warming Real, But No No No! Can't Cap Emissions!

World Bank - Time Running Out For Pacific Island Climate Strategies

Salt Intrusion Cuts Drinking Water Flow In Guangzhou - AFP

Top 5 "Greenest "Vehicles All Made In Japan - ACEEE Ratings

Paramount Gets Rights To Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" - 5/26 Release

Austria Puts Its Energy Into Plant Power (biomass)

Oh Look! It's Another Bush Renewable Energy Photo-Op!!

We need thousands of people to help

Feds License Nuke Dump on Utah Reservation

Every major car company in the world approves the use of E-10

500 MW Hydrogen Power Plant Will Test Carbon Sequestration (CA OIL)

Several highway projects delayed in Phoenix, due to Katrina

Fire Plans Likely To Face Severe Tests This Summer - AZ Republic

Irawaddy Dolphins Winking Out - Infant Death Rate Unsustainable

Scientiest (sic): Corn supply may not be ample (ethanol)

U.S. offers Turkey help with nuclear reactors

Ohio State Team - Kilimanjaro's Ice & Snow Loss Accelerating - AFP

The Newest Red-State Concern: Global Warming - CSM

Hamas Assails US Over Regime Change Report

PLO: Israel behind Muslim-West tensions

'Why depict Israel as a chamber of horrors?'

U.S. and Israelis Are Said to Talk of Hamas Ouster - NY Times 2/24/2006

Bin Laden tapes are as phony as Sept. 11's connection to Islam

Help wanted comparing photos - Hawsawi and Omar Saeed Sheikh

New Second Hit Video

LAST CHANCE to stop bad bill in PA -Voter ID / Felon disenfranchisement

PA: e-Vote purchase blocked - Judge: Westmoreland must hold referendum

AZ: Lawmakers reject hand count of votes

AEI-Brookings discussion video and transcripts are now available

Illinois Certification - a Recipe for Disaster?

Another MoveOn poll where you can actually give feedback! Priorities are?

Hey Elections Forum--Hackett has election stolen then betrayed by Party


Iowa First in the Nation Status up for review on March 11th

IA Dems: John Edwards in Story City in March

Globe: Wild card looms in governor's race (Gabrieli)

John Edwards on Eagan & Braude tommorrow (Feb 15th)

Channel 4 Keller at large just showed Gabrielli clip - Gabrielli joining

Anyone know about "Mission E4" - fundamentalist churches in MA?

Somebody gave me a heart!

New law could ban US servers in China

Blue Screen Of Death?

Never Dismiss the Absurd

Corpus Christi newspaper gets one right! Judge Klager reelection endorsed

Katy Huebner launches TV spots.

I found one of my clerks!

Gammage campaign responds to DMN endorsement of Bell

Chris Bell campaign update: Setting the record straight

Austin: A guy taping "Impeach" signs on posts

Don't bag a Republican; they're too hard to clean

My potato and egg soup recipe

Fresh ground whole wheat flour makes great bread!

Molson and now HBC are foreign owned,

WP: Clients' Rewards Keep K Street Lobbyists Thriving

Article defamed ( former Guantanamo Bay prisoner )Habib: jury

No Alcohol Involved?

Thank you to whom ever...

(Bill) Clinton Announces Healthy Schools Effort

Open mike lets reporters briefly eavesdrop on Bush

Australian says cartoons 'maliciously' entered in Holocaust contest

PLO: Israel behind Muslim-West tensions

Saddam says staging hunger strike over trial

Bush Puts Off Some Top Agenda Items

Japan hopes to help defuse Iran standoff

Iran Resumes Enrichment of Uranium

Chertoff's testimony on Katrina response postponed

Two Iraqis to sue over taped beatings by British soldiers

Car bomb hits US military patrol in Iraq's Fallujah

Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove

Firm implants ID chips (in employees)

'Don't Ask' Costs More Than Expected (W. Post)

Bush Puts Off Some Top Agenda Items

South Korean Cloning Scandal Takes Toll on Whistle-Blowers

Cheney Shooting Victim Back in Intensive Care!

New sign on fence outside white house.

Just saw on MSN - Cheney cited by TX officials over shooting.

Basra Officials Cut Ties With Brits

Great Falls Tribune: Poll: Opponents close in on Burns

'Environment Safety Is a Moral Concern' (says Gore)

Compulsory ID cards for UK citizens within five years

Hamas Assails US Over Regime Change Report

Cheney implicated in leak of CIA operative's identiy

Reuters: Kyoto 2012 greenhouse gas goals still in reach: UN

Slow Leak: How Cheney Stalled News Reports of Hunting Accident

Frist plans June vote on gay marriage

Paramount obtains rights to Al Gore Global Warming Doc

Morales wants ex-Bolivia official expelled

Petrol bombs strike British embassy in Iran

Ex-prisons official admits thefts (Florida)

Wheelchair maker to cut 225 jobs in Elyria

Breaking: WH Press secretary knew of heart attack before briefing today

WP: Loose Cannon

WP: Bush Budget Would Cut Popular Health Programs

Senators hear 'shocking examples' of FEMA waste

Report: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Cost $363M

Looks like Cheyney may have kilt him after all.

LA freeway gridlocked for hours after "dummy bomb" found

Venezuela: We'll host Hamas with pleasure

U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies

U.S. senator (Grassley) sees no rush for debt limit hike

VA Employee Accused of ‘Sedition’ Over Criticism of Bush

Army lowered bar for recruits in '05(1/6 given waivers despite background)

Katy parents obtain restraining order

(Judy) Miller, Fitzgerald Face Off Again

Bush got fast word of Cheney incident

Harvard study blasts Bush education policy

If Wellington Dies, Are We Talking Manslaughter I or II

Group Starts Anti-Union Campaign

US marshalls accused of smuggling drugs

Poll: Fifth of Americans think calls have been monitored

Senate Battles Over Bush-Backed Tax Cuts

NYT: Iraq Has Become the Deadliest Place for Journalists, Report Says

White House Firmly Behind Chertoff ("doing a great job")

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 14 February

White House Finds Humor in Hunting Mishap (Getting shot is funny?)

Hutchinson downplays impeachment role

Fitzwater, Former WH Press Secretary, Blasts Handling of Cheney Shooting

Oh shoot! Veep had no license for quail hunt

Department of Justice concedes it can begin to release internal warrantles

Voter group Rock the Vote $500,000 in debt.

BUYOUT IN WORKS (Nagin's new plan for New Orleans)

DoJ concedes can release internal warrantless surveillance records Mar. 3

US Muslim scholar says Iran attack would be insane

Cheney ignored safe hunting procedures(Charlotte Observer)

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Marine ( # 2270 )

US says "no plot" for Hamas ouster (Reuters)

Paramount unit to tell Gore's "Truth" (Gore's global warming documentary)

Gunfire Kills 1 as Haitians Demand That Preval Be Declared President

Italian minister 'to wear Mohammed t-shirts'

Sheriff: Officers Must Have Sex With Prostitutes For Evidence

Rally draws 500,000 to mark Hariri’s death

Indictment shows GOP's corruption, DNC says('Bush,return Noe money')

"The White House was clearly in a fog"

Cheney Cleared in Shooting

Venezuelan ambassador: Aznar a Yankee tool

Tremendous coalition up against Iran, says Rice

Pakistan cartoon protesters riot, burn KFC

E&P: First Doctor to Treat Cheney Victim ... Wanted to Send Him Home

Weldon: 'Able Danger' ID'd 9/ll Ringleader

AP Wire: Groups sue to stop horse slaughters

BREAKING: Whittington suffers heart attack!

Danish Muslim unrepentant for sparking cartoon riots

Colombians said to mask civilian deaths

Agency: Gun accidents similar to Cheney's are rare (Cheney = bad hunter)

Coca-Cola feels heat on killing death in Colombia

The photos America doesn't want seen (60 new Abu Ghraib pics, Aussie TV)

Scalia Dismisses 'Living Constitution'

Wal-Mart Must Stock Contraception in Mass.

Speaking of references likely to be missed:

I just ate 70 pheasants, ask me anything!

I wonder what Randi and Stephanie Miller will say about Hackett tommorrow?

Veep Fiction: "I’m givin’ you that quail so I don’t hafta kill your ass."

A reporter should ask Cheney this:

How many ways are there to exploit VD?

Valentine's Day kick

Ten ways Dick Cheney can Kill you

I love valentines day!

Who's having a Valentines day - "loser" party?

A heartfelt 'Thank You' to my secret admirer!

It thundered and hailed tonight!

Even with my predilection for bad things, this is just wrong...

Jerry Falwell has set his sights on gridiron glory

I can't hackett anymore... I'm going to bed......

Thank you to whom ever...

What's a good, free, program to play DVDs

Another "thank you for the heart" post...

Diary of a Texan who moves North

Whoever gave me a heart. Thank you!

Who else doesn't really care about Valentine's Day?

GD is getting lonely again.

I really should go to sleep.

I know the origin of two of my hearts

Thanks to the other person who gave me another heart.

Hey lounge!!! Tomorrow's the big day:

It's just a jump to the left....

Have we ressurrected Crazy Guggenheim yet?

Geez. Whoever gave me a heart, ty. Ooops, I don't have 1?

Did Skinner sneak onto to the

Is this the Lounge the right lobby for answering my Question?

Everybody else who hasn't received a heart (yet), check in...

Happy Non Birthday, Sonny Rollins!

If there is a more exciting

Where's KitchenWitch and RevCheeseHead??? (Pix warning)

I just had a weird dream...

Mystery Valentines, mon amores, Thanks!!!!!

Ever have a cat move the water dish?

Wow nearly 3/4 to the goal in a little more than 24 hours

Old Tom Willis is Dead

Who remembers the Haystacks? **Dial Up Warning**

Who remembers the Sleestacks? **Dial Up Warning**

Oh my god, I got a valentine heart.

To my Secret admirer

Cheney's looking for a new hunting partner. What say you?

What smileys do you hate?

Family Guy on late?

Have I ever mentioned that I was there during the Dean scream???

It goes without saying that nudity would make Curling

I'm downloading the ORIGINAL 1941 Captain Marvel serial!

Oh. My. God.

Insomnia's not just a river in Egypt

These hearts go really well

Generic "Thanks for the Heart!" Thread

Having problems with a significant other on Valentine's Eve sucks ...

Letterman, Leno and Stewart on Duck! Cheney...

Scott Stapp, fomer Creed singer, arrested for allegedly being drunk

I heard from a friend who lost all in Katrina.

Poll: Should I share the new Brazilian joke with GD?

Greetings:This is the Secretary of War at the State Department

If You Missed Jon Stewart Last Night (VIDEO HERE)

For some unkown reason I find curly hairs interesting

Thank you to my heart donor!

Am I being punished for not being here yesterday?

To all the fellow solo DU'ers on this valentine's day...

Valentine earworm. Dedicated to all my friends here, but

Anyone heard if there is a war on Valentine’s Day?

To all DU women today...

Woman Tries To Buy Pot From Cops (Called Police Station Looking For Drugs)

My boss left me a GREAT bumper sticker for Valentine's Day

Thank you to my "secret admirer"!

Somebody gave me a heart........I don't know who you

Scottish dogs are barking to imitate their master's voice

C'mon folks! Get those donations in!

"American beer is the first successful attempt at diluting water." - says

Homeland security issues a Cheney Alert system

My tribute to Vice President Dick Cheney

a question for old timers

The real story of the Cheney shooting

Look my daughter got Invisible flowers

Happy Valentines Day, C.C.

Does anyone else remember those cool as hell beach houses in SC

Thanks for boosting my ego with the hearts. Makes

I finished my taxes last night!

Shoot me if you've already seen this (Cheney cartoon)

Do you like the new Olympic medals?

Can one count killing office-mates as self-defence?

It's Valentines Day and Girl Scout Cookie Delivery day

Pick Someone You'd Want Cheney To Go Hunting With

I'm leaving DU.

Letterman: Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses (for shooting accident)

Thanks to whoever gave me a heart!

Thank you to whoever gave me the hearts.

CNN poll: Are late night comics are too hard on Cheney?

Thank you

Anyone read Oryx & Crake by Margaret Atwood?


Everybody has to cross the river

I'm leaving DU too!

I miss these two guys.

I know you guys don't know me that well, but now you'll think I'm

Thank you George Bush!

Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

I could really use some positive prayers and karma energy ...

To my secret admirer:

Photo of a Korean Guy Cheney went huniting with

Deep in my hearts dears

Whoever gave me my heart, I've got a present for you...

I'd like to use my 8,000th post

Be A Valentine...dunk yourself in chocolate & roll around in nuts

I miss these two gays.

Letterman's top 10 re: Cheney shooting>>>>>

Cheney: A History of Violence (or: 'Oh no, not another Cheney post')

So it's Tuesday and I still can't believe that Cheney actually shot a guy.

If there is one good thing that I see today , its this >>>

Cheney secratary explains accidental shooting (photo)

So...I hate Valentine's Day!

Does your doctor bill you for a phone follow-up?

Blame It On The Supernova: Forrest sings the praises of VD!

How come "everybody else" always gets to go on vacation??

Do you want to know what the saddest part is?

Wear your damn seatbelt people!

Comedians have field day with Cheney ...

Thank You to whoever sent me a heart!

Who remembers Hacky Sacks?

condi going natural?

Betcha I get ya!

Giving me hearts will not cease the revolution.

for the first time in my life (or as much of it as I can remember)

I'm home from work today!

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart.

My coworker just bought everyone in our department roses

Happy "Heart" Day - my daughter sent me this link...

I have a husband snoring, a cat singing...I CAN'T SLEEP!

One more valentine for y'all

Not seeking medical advice, but...

Love, lust, and lies: Does it sound like I comprehend the concepts?

I'm Blushing

Brazilian bobsledder banned

Giving me hearts will not cease the revolution.

I Will: for Cathyclysmic.

3 Years ago today I proposed to you Babette....

Aaron Burr vs. Dick Cheney - who wins in this vice-presidental dual

Looking for a fantastic book? "Shadow of the Wind"

I didn't think anyone knew me around here.

A request of the Lounge - Give TrogL a heart!

I'm confused about something with the hearts

Brazilian Olympian's banned for doping!!

It's been said that running away does not resolve problems.

What is a good title for an email sent to someone after a job interview


Valentine's Day Candy Heart Generator

Whoever gave me a heart ...

This thread is to help cmt928 reach 1000 posts!


a Valentine's AWWWWWWWWwwwwww

Simple Computer Question

Hey Loungers: If You Haven't Gotten Any Valentines Yet "IRL," C'Mere!!

HUGE Olympic Alpine Skiing **SPOILER**!

Valentine's Day Special: Monkey Love (pic)

A LaraMN Valentine for DU:

they need to split up GD into GD:Cheney Hunting and GD:other

So I actually made a donation.....

Think she'll like these?

Just gave all my hearts to one D.U.'er! She helped w/ problem.

Yikes! I fell asleep with something on the stove.

Well, MY Vday is ruined!

Now that's getting into the NASCAR spirit! (pic)

A Drinking Song by W.B. Yeats.

Mouse S&M

Thank you for the Valentine heart!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/14/06)

how about another thread for cmt928 to get her 1000 posts?


Applying for a job question, I don't want to screw this up. Help please.

Time it was, and what a time it was, it was

Your final answer?

Japanese women bitter at Valentine chocolate duty (Yahoo news)

Remembrance of Valentine’s Gifts Past, or What Was I Thinking!

Dick as Cupid


Valentine Poems....

2006 SI Swimsuit Edition- MARIA SHARAPOVA Edition is here!

To the Beast Man ...Rock And Roll Mcdonalds

A sweet little story for Valentine's Day!

I just got back from deer hunting ( non-violent pics inside )

In honor of Valentine's Day, I Offer the Following

Buying & giving hearts is way better than getting them!

*cough* Good Morning *choke*


How many more die for the lie(s)?? JUST WONDERING...

Happy Valentine's Day to my beautiful wife.

Eyeball Records presents the White Wesley Willis

Add the phrase..."of love." to just about anything.

Even earthworms have more hearts than I.

Best Cheney song...Aerosmith or Def Leppard?

Thank you for the Valentine Heart, Secret Admirer!

Thanks for whoever gave me the heart

Yay! I've been data-mined!

My most popular thread ever was just 2 lines.

Which is more hazardous to your health?

Which post of mine inspired someone to give me a heart?

Olympic Spoiler Giggle Number 2

Which wallpaper should I put on my computer?

Dick Cheney Quail Hunt (game)

With his fool's gold stacked up all around him

What is this thing, called love?

Women's Hockey USA v. Finland...

Admins: Thanks for the Extension

You know who I haven't seen around in a while?

21 years ago today, I received my first marriage proposal

I said,Shotgun shoot em for he runs now

Question regarding the job search and possible hire...

What do you think Dick got Lynn for Valentine's Day?

What are some other fundraisers DU should use

thankyou to who ever gave me a heart!nt

Goodnight y'all!

What Should I wear on my Valentines Day Date?

Happy Valentines Day

am I the only one totally immune to Valentines day?

Anyone cooking something special today

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me................

What are you listening to?

V-Day Goodness (and kitties)

Thank you to whomever it was.

Can someone help me with some paypal questions I have? PM me (nt)

I aint got nobody

Whoever gave me the valentine heart, Thank You!

to whom ever gave this old fart a heart. let me say thank you. you

Anybody here ever read Ayn Rand books?

Frank Miller's decided to send Batman after Osama in a new graphic novel

It's St Valentine's day

Things _not_ to say to your sweetie today.

A special Valentine's Day message from BTBM:

Sign in here if no one has given you a donation heart and you're bitter.

Old Gutshot '78

Man Mistakes Hunting Partner's Elbow For Squirrel, Shoots Him (NOT CHENEY)

Help: Has this High School Students Rights been Violated?

Cupid I DARE You to Break My Heart Tonight (Post Your Own Curse Thread)

Beautiful day in San Francisco today

OK, who will involuntarily withdraw/cringe the next time a waiter asks if

Do we need a DU Raging Grannies Group?

Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone!

What kind of learner are you?

have a suprising valentines day everyone!

I'm bored. And it's YOUR fault, loungers

If you were going on a tropical vacation were would you go?

I'll never reach 1,000 posts....

HELP Barney Fife decide on Valentine's Day.

Guess what I could do without. Here. I'll tell you:

Some people have too much time on their hands. A long rant.

I Ain't Got No Heart - Frank Zappa

So! Who else will be doing a lot of quiet, solitary crying tonight?

14,980 posts and counting...

My daughters surgery update


Back from my interview!

OMG! J Dilla Has Passed Away

For some unkown reason I find Curling interesting

Committee to End Sports Hunting of Lawyers

I absolutely love this painting

Smells Like Teen Spirit.... as done with ukuleles?

For the "singles" in the lounge tonight, what say we order in?

so after today

The German Olympic uniform has a minor error:

I bought my wife a bag of Pirate's Booty today.

How clean is your car?

Sgt. Skinner's DU Hearts Club Band

Is the folloiwing statement offensive?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes break up, "Tom will set up Katie & the baby"

ARRGGHH! Yet ANOTHER flower delivery here at work!

Valentine's day pic... panda style

Who should play Cheney in a movie about Bush administration?

So I go to Taco Bell for an early supper...

For Valentine's day, I'll give you a short short story:

To Everyone on DU...

Why is it that people assume that people in relationships are happier?

A Very Special(tm) Valentines Day(tm) 7-11j questions about love

romance is dead.



Is Bode Miller the "Atlanta Braves" of Olympic athletes?

It's my 8th wedding anniversary! Any other Valentine anniversary DUers?


Love advice...

Happy St. Valentine's Day to my dear friends here in the Lounge:

Today's my 10th wedding anniversary

How to preserve those roses...

To Those Who Gave Me Their Hearts

Bob Jones University even bans CHRISTIAN music?


For ET Awful: This photo of the lovely Althea

GD is going looney again.

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.

What's your favorite chocolate candy?

hey goodboy... what's the status of your situation

What consequences of human-animal hybrids is Bush afraid of?

Hello everyone I am in DC.

eBay poster offers "Brokeback Dolls" featuring "dog, beans, tent, liquor"

Lounge Fund Drive Pool - For entertainment purposes only

Big Dicks shooting range

The secret to staying married is...

Keep spreading the love! We are extending the valentine heart promotion.

I assure you that, after reading this, you will hate me.

Need some debt resolution advice

I'd like to request some DU Lounge positive karma, please.

My 1000th post and I just want to say ...

Happy Valentine's Day to all DUers ~

A Valentine for the kitties of DU

I'm getting a little nervous about my Valentine's Day gift...


What did you get for V Day?

I had a bunch of salad for lunch, then had to deport a Reagan.

Students Find Toilet Water Cleaner Than Ice At Fast Food Restaurants

Happy Valentine's Day to DUers we haven't seen lately!

Late Night Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

A killer 70s earworm:

Creepy valentines day image thread. What would you be alarmed...

I know I shouldn't laugh at attempted suicide, but I'm going to anyway

Is Bode Miller the biggest fucknut in the Olympics?

I thought e-mails were instantaneous.

Tomorrow I'm having all of my wisdom teeth out. Tell me your experience

Why is it that psychologists are the craziest muthafuckers to work with?

Doggies Need Love Too

OMG.... I think i just saw the ghost in my school a few minutes ago.....

Here is something you can't understand--

Religion has contributed to our world massively

conversations with Greyl

OK theists, here's your chance!

Is the best information source for pharmacies?

Omega-6 Fats Spur Prostate Cancer

Interplanetary dust particles: reproducing GEMS-like structure in the labo

Don't drink that diet Pepsi Coke!

Rant: I thought straight "feminist" women were beyond this

Same-sex partnerships may be good for couples

AFA opened its airwaves to advocate for executing gays

Lesbian accuses Cracker Barrel of discrimination

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' costs $364 million

Victim in Bar Attack Claims Mistreatment

Willie Nelson Records "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other"

Gay rights win in Warcraft world

Valentine's Day: "Our Love Matters" - Warm fuzzies from the HRC

as we say farewell to paul hackett -- i want to send him my thanks

The DNC's Annual Report to the Grassroots... where do we fit in?

Same-Sex Marriage Plan Draws Protest (in MD)

Happy Valentine's Day!


***SPOILER ALERT*** Men's Alpine Combined

Al Michaels traded to NBC for... a cartoon bunny.

Crap! The Russians are going to sweep the figure skating!

Where are the DU Olympics Threads?

Right now, I look like I've been in a knife fight!. How did it happen?...

Happy Valentines Day to ALL

Anybody ever tried manifestation?

Anyone ever visit A.R.E. Center in Virginia Beach?

Political memory


Damn, Condi chickened out. No hearing this morning.

Kerry PAC gives the most to federal candidates

TIVO / VCR Alert: In case you missed it,

Congrats to the Dem Daily for a scoop!

Kerry to Introduce Resolution to Fix “Royalty Relief Program” for Oil Co's

Daou on blogland

Condi will testilie on Feb 15th.

From the front lines on the War on McCain

Kerry at South Shore Chamber of Commerce - Two reports

thanks for the heart, cuz I just know it was one of you. . .


Off Topic. Restrain me Kerrycrats! I am so disgusted and

Kerry letter to Frist

Kos imploding over Hackett dustup

Hey Kerrycrats

No Imus this morning?

Considering the competition, maybe I should have entered . . .

A "different" kind of flower break .....

It looks like there are 30 entries.

Happy Valentine's Day, KOEBers (and the men who love us)!

How much is good press worth? To the Bushies, about $1.6 billion.

EXCLUSIVE! Picture of Cheney drinking before hunting trip!

Late Night Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

Guns don't shoot people; people shoot people!

Q: Has any mainstream media reported on Iran bourse?

Bush Budget Would Cut Popular Health Programs

Just think if Cheney's aim were the same last year when he went

Inside Flight 93 on Larry King live Now

Letterman: Have you been shot by Dick Cheney? contest.

I wonder what DC leaders were saying about Hackett last fall...hmmmmm

What bother's me about the Hackett Issue:

A query on that Bush speech:

"Fuck the DLC" (Everyone sing along!)

So did the DLC just derail the 'fighting Dems' as well?

hey . . . thanks for the heart, friend . . .

A reporter should ask Cheney this:

Thank you very much for the heart !!

Just curious...does anyone know

"Bradys 'dancing in blood' over Cheney **MISHAP**, group says"

Dean's Scream Speech = Cheney's Shooting, post them over and...

So, how soon does Shithead go on a hunting trip with Uncle Dickie


Cheney may have had a PREVIOUS hunting 'incident.'

"George W. Bush Monkey Face Generator" Web Site


check out the comments to my hometown newspaper

To run for the Senate, one needs a lot of money, organization, and...

Great diversion:no one reporting on Repubs call for Cheney Investigation

Oh, this is just great...

Scott Ritter scheduled for Mike Webb 9-11PM Pacific - Callers encouraged

One thing Cheney did was

NEWSFLASH: Politics can be ugly. Also, water is wet.

Michael J. Fox Foundation provides $3.1 Million to stop Parkinson's

Freepers Only Heart Idea...

I'm looking for a video clip...............

Holy freaking crap, look up Bob Jones U on Wikipedia! (about Phelps)

Hey Dick, if you're not busy


A question for hunters....

hackett dropped out because of pressure prominent democrats

Open mike lets reporters briefly eavesdrop on Bush

Just for a second-beyond politics-HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY Eeverbody!!!

No Alcohol Involved?

Michael Moore & Owning Oil Stocks: What Exactly is the Story Here?

Bernie Ward will do Valerie Plame after the news break.

Same news cycle - Cheney primary to Plame leak & Cheney as shooter

"Family Values???" ...

So why didn't Hackett stand up and say "hell no"?

Who is the typical Elmer Fudd and what does he do?

Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

Science: A Liberal Plot?

If Saddam's trial were being held in the US

How much support does Brown have in Ohio anyway?

John Conyers: Plame Leak Could Set Back Intelligence

US about to give energy companies $7 billion worth of oil and gas for free

Dem challenger ahead of Sen Burns (R - Mont)

"Welcome To Free Republic"

$1.6 Billion

I'm from Ohio. I could've run against that psycopathic bitch and won

Now our young folks will be "peppering" each other with "bird pellets".

Happy Valentine's Day, all my DU friends!!!

Self delete

Any Wash.Journal caller mention UAE guarding our ports?

Anonymous hearts

Washington Journal time-starts with Cheney

Cheney's Canned Kill, And Other Hunting Excessives Of The Bush Admin.

RW'ers are trying to divide Muslims and Non-Muslims


Read the label on my "HANES" boxers: THAILAND.

Kansas hunters criticize Cheney

So now Ohio loses a Senate seat

I Have A Feeling This Woman May Soon Be Your Vice-President

NY Post goes Elmer Fud on Dick's a*!

Hackett vs. Brown

Arrest after UK Iraq abuse claims

Bush plan to sell national forests is morally irresponsible

thank you DU for the heart

people tired of heart and cheney threads. i said......

Did I hear that Cheney did not have a hunting license?

From Kos - the BEST short summary of Fuddgate

DU Lonely Hearts Club members...

Anyone who has XM radio.......have you ever listened to 169

So According to WaPo, Matalin Coached Armstrong on Her Statement >>>

'he was going for quall, instead bagged a campaign donor" says

We're a viable voting force here. Do you think there aren't operatives

to whoever gave me a valentine heart .... THANK YOU!

Just imagine if Cheney was a soldier (friendly fire or what!)

Shotgungate - it's the coverup, not the shooting itself

Stephanie Miller for your Tuesday morning???

They went from Cheney to Personal Armor on CSpan's WJ. Coincidence?

Perp Walk! ---pix--->>>

OK, what's the up-to-date number of American casualties in Iraq?

Little Big Dick flees Oval Office when told reporters were on their way.

Cheney - The New Face ;) ...

Rainville Announces For Bernie's Seat: Back Swifly Away From Bushco

The Daily Show is coming up; if you missed it last night, I encourage

How good life is when you're a Republican

My Final Post about the VP's Hunting Trip. (Lame attempt at humor)

Q: Are the Secret Service agents sworn to "absolute" secrecy?

I was in OH this past weekend....

Has anyone heard Cheney hunting story from 2 yrs ago? "Maniac with a gun"

Thank you to whomsoever gave me a valentine.

Plus pulled on renewable energy gurus.

Why Is The Media Ape Shit Over The Delay In Reporting Quailgate?

Lieberman is too well liked in CT by those "in charge" ...

Why was local law enforcement prevented from interviewing dick for 14 hour


With that: Who is Sherrod Brown?

Glen Beck & Michael Savage

Was Cheney Hunting from a Car? And Does The Story Make Sense?

Is there a transcript of Rob Corddry's piece on Daily Show

Where was Dubya during the hunting *mishap* ?

My reponse to the Dem leadership for thier betrayal of Hackett

Could we all just start calling all our reps offices right now and say


Things I've learned from Fox News about reporting "incidents"

Has Cheney's VICTIM's FAMILY Released A Statement??????

Wes Clark on Fox -- "Iran can't be only about No."

Need help. Looking for the Rethug convention video highlighting

Chillicothe Gazette: Dick Cheney is out of control

"American Blackout"

Name for Cheney's "accident" (c)goodboy 2006 Ready??

U.S. To Become MORE Dependent On Middle East Oil

Does anyone have a link to the "Whittington back in ICU" story?

There's only one thing left to say about the Brown vs DeWine

Sherrod Brown's excellent progressive voting record

Does this renderr the "victim should have said something" story false?

Stars & Stripes letters: Bush bypassed process/Sheehan right to protest

Repug humor on WJ: I thought Sunday was a free day. I shoot a lawyer every

TV joke writers take shots at Cheney

Ohioans, convince Hackett to run as an Independent!

TomPaine: Republicans In Trouble

Thank you, Dick Cheney! Next time someone brings up Chappaquiddick...

The Swiss ambassador: "He's a great shot..." She'd hunt with him again.

Who thought it was a good idea to put a gun in the hands ...

Syria switches to euro amid confrontation with US

From NYT: David Gregory to Scotty: "Don't be a jerk to me personally."

Why won't Hackett run for Congress?

So much for the "Man of the People" effect. A hunter scolds "elite" Cheney

Does anyone think that the Cheney shooting is just a diversion?

One Thing We Know For Sure. Cheney Didn't Intend To Kill The Guy.

Democrat Party purging progressives...Hackett

"Peppering" is when those pellets are falling down to Earth and hits you

U.S. Risks Reporter's Life to Strike Tough Pose

Why the support for Brown says something GOOD about the Democratic leaders

Don't bag a Republican; they're too hard to clean

"I'd Rather Hunt With Dick Cheney"

What's the deal with Cheney hunting with these 2 women? Just asking

Cheney Sneaks Out of White House to Avoid Reporters!

Cheney shot a guy -- funny -- but let's not overlook the obvious

Cheney Arrives at WH Today Sans Usual "Blaring Sirens" ---pix->>>

Hackett was 20 points behind in the polls


Who Would've Thought Aaron Burr Would Be Back In The News?

It just now hit me. The bushco* are in deeper shit than we ever thought

DU this MSNBC poll

" 2 Workers Have Chips Embedded Into Them"

Kansas Dog Trainer May Have helped in prison escape

give us the damn story cheney. i see story out, man back in intensive

Scalia Dismisses 'Living Constitution'

We must isolate and remove those that betrayed Hackett!

To the lovely person that gave me my heart.....

I am sick and tired of one thing on DU: Being told what is OK to discuss

Tomorrow, it will be added to the long list of scandals and coverups...

This was the actual headline this morning in

THIS is why all the Cheney shooting stink.

on the hearts, I donated I get more hearts to give out?

Thank you for the heart, somebody.

Bush reacts to Fuddgate

Bloggerman ended?


We need a bumpersticker: "Hunt With Dick - Get Shot-Faced"

Scholars for 9/11 Truth.. on TVNL Radio - noon ET.

Attn: Lurking Freeps. Read this:

What's the Latest on the Fed Google Spying Case?

It is ALL bird shot or Buck shot

I 've got a golden ticket!

Scotty: "David's (Gregory) a good guy and a good reporter"

Iraqi batallions are materializing overnight! Maybe we can declare victory

I'm legit confused (re:Hackett/Brown/Ohio)

Why Are They Above The Law?

Are there ANY photos of a Drunk Cheney on Saturday?

What I did was legal and I'm gonna keep on shooting my friends in the

Being a Republican means never having to say you're sorry ...

Does the shrub ever join the dick on his hunting excursions?

I love my hearts....Thanx DU contributors

Budget Smackdown

Matt Sludge's latest LIE

On this Valentine's day I would like to say a prayer for the

Any Texans know what law Cheney broke? (P&W Code 43.652)

Some say that Sherrod Brown cannot win because he is a liberal

Developing : REPIG gets copy of DNC internal memo !!!

FEMA spent $300,000,000.00 on house trailers that are deteriorating,empty

my theory: whittington asked cheney to step down

One thing is clear now: Don't, DO NOT, sneak up on the VP

i hope Whittington does NOT die

Today's the 77th anniversary of the St Valentines Day Massacre

Isn't it interesting that we have to be SOLD Sherrod Brown...

I have some hearts to give away on Valentines Day. Check in here

no child left behind deemed to be racists - study done

Religion has contributed to our world massively

Which one is it, asshats? A joke or Whittingtons fault?


VIDEO- White House Press Briefing-David Gregory Segment


I sincerely hope that Harry Whittington will be OK

* - It's not just for bush anymore

WHY, Mary, WHY????????

I just read the most ludicrous sheepie spin on the Deadeye Dick caper

Thanks for the heart, Secret Admirer!

One German Paper's Cartoonicide

Snotty's coming on now

LSD for you and me . . . .

Thank you so much for my heart !

Fingerprint scanners at the SUPERMARKET.

This gets better - Cheney doesnt even HAVE the proper hunting license!

self deleted

Thom Hartmann trying to get Paul Hackett on his show

Thank you for the heart!

Bernie Sanders is Trying To Sway a Progressive From Running In VT

McClellan Takes Aim at Cheney

Cheney Hunting Photo Discovered

Who does this little sh** thinks pays his salary?

Dems ARE wimps: Must read from Washington Post on Paul Hackett

How much longer will Snotty McCluckcluck be able to take the heat

To my anon Heart donor and to DU and DUers everywhere

Holy crap, birdshot is in the guys heart..

WOW. The Soup, a show on E channel

Another thread about Whittington's heart attack!

What is the status of Harry Whittington this morning?

Obstruction of Justice. Clear and Plain As The Nose On Your Face.

Thanks for the hearts!


Russia confirms missile defence contract with Iran

I have a question about Mr Whittington's face.

Cheney's victim paying price for Chickenhawk geezer seeking his manhood

re: gun shot and press conference

I'm just thinking out loud a moment. Maybe I'm out of my mind but....

"birshot has moved into heart muscle"--minor heart attach, Mr. W cnn

Cardiac catheterization and the risks

That Scotsman on CBS: doing his monolog on Cheney.

VP was the press strategist & Rove was the investigative Reporter (TIME)

CNN Rick Sanchez: Quail Hunting 101

On Google News - Cheney has been cleared of all wrong doing

The Daily Show on Fuddgate

Bonne Saint Valentin !!

Bottom line is--- Whittington got his ass shot off

Thanks for the valentine heart - excellent in TWO ways!

Impeachment: JUST DO IT

Oxford seeks PC users to help map climate change

So Scotty knew about this before the Press Conference-

I posted in the Lounge, but feel it should be

VIDEO- White House Press Briefing Part 2 -the OTHER Cheney Shooting Quests

Tell me again HOW far apart these two hunters were?

Disney's Racist New Film "Eight Below"

Dummy Up, Scooter!

ROFL! CNN doing a Quail Hunting 101!!

Holy shite re Whittington

David Gregory: "Only a corpse could give this story legs"

note to Whittington's family - do NOT use the White House doctors

did Cheney say "Go fuck yourself" to Whittington before he fired?

He didn't have a "traditional" heart attack. Like "traditional" hijackings

The Single Bullet Theory

Blair to miss ID card vote

budget cuts you won't like

If Cheney resigns, who will Bush pick for his replacement?

So Is Paul Hackett Really Done?

If Whittington dies (Tin Foil Hat Warning!)

Docs say pellets have moved into Whittingtons heart!

Cheney's wasn't the only hunting accident this weekend.

Is there anyway that we can contact Hackett to give him our support?

If Deadeye Dick HAD gone to Vietnam....

Homeland Security wraps up first mock cyberattack

How will the White House spin their lies about the 'peppering' attack?

Scotty knew about the heart attack before the press briefing.

Scotty knew about the heart attack BEFOR his morning meeting with press!!!

So when can we expect an apology...

Now that minimalization,trivialization, obfuscation, and humor are no-gos

Who Is Harry Whittington? I think you will be surprised

Question: What if Whittington dies?

A good investment would be to call Schumer and Reids office today.

5....4....2....1 = ??

Spin The Spin: Real men don't hunt with BB guns.

Al Qaeda and the "Strategy of Tension"

did Katharine Armstrong Lobby the White house?

House Hearing on National Security WhistleblowersC-SPAN Radio at 1pm ET

Was Cheney on a sexual holiday? Was all the killing a big turn-on for him?

Skidmore to Cheney

Question about bird-shot before I have to go to the bank....

I'm a Beer drinker and a Bricklayer

Letterman: Top Ten Dick Cheney Excuses

Tucker Carlson claimed no such thing as a 28 caliber-more spin(edit)

Just saw on MSN - Cheney cited by TX officials over shooting.

Why Scotty didn't mention heart attack: "Not his place"

My RW co-worker was just laughing at Whittington's heart

CNN is hitting Scotty McClellan hard....

First of all......

AT&T sued over alleged role in NSA surveillance program

CNN just said "lead pellet".

Breaking: WH Press secretary knew of heart attack before briefing today

PBS Special Tonight (Tues) on Meth Epidemic

Heads up! Krugman on Franken show now!

Cheney needs new hunting partner!!

Will any of our Democratic leaders stand up and say that Iran is NOT a

Fat Tony Pronounces Constitution DEAD.

Cheney's biggest problem - no democrat to blame

Why do we even pay to support the Veep's press office?

Has it been confirmed the NSA domestic, covert operation includes mail?

delete - dupe

Karen Johnson is back! (Cheney shooting story)

Bush PR costs taxpayers $1.6 billion

Faux News "BB Pellet"

Freep watch : You know somethings bad when the gun nuts dont chime in...

Dick Cheney, Humanitarian..(actually saved the guy's life by shooting him)

significance of Cheney shooting hunting buddy?


CNN Poll: "Do you think the late night comedians were too tough...?"

Darth Cheney Shooting PROVES Corporate TV media Covers For BushCo

War-weary Iraqis say it with Valentine's Day flowers

Is anyone listening to the whistle blower hearings??

Randi Rhodes!

When do we get to see Whittington, hear his words?

New sign on fence outside white house.

first response from VP office: our prayers and thoughts are with Mr. W

Cheney didn't follow protocols taught 12-year-olds in hunter ed. programs


All the pheasants ever bred won't repay for one man's dead

I am going to upset DU hunters here …

Saddam to judge: "Take that hammer and knock it on your own head."

Let's compare BushCo to the Sopranos

So would NOT want to be working at Cheney's victim's hospital

Katrina=bushco doesn't care abt black+poor---shooting=bushco doesn't

Texas newpaper: Responsibility yours, Cheney; stand up and take it

Where are the DU Olympics Threads?

Guns don't kill people. People who get in front of guns kill themselves.

Whittington must be in really bad condition

What about Mrs. Whittington or his kids? Are they making statement?

George Clooney asks Dick Cheney to be his date for the Oscars

WP: Loose Cannon

Do Republicans "Support the Troops?" Read this, and you tell me!

It's Just Bidness as Usual for Buckshot Dick ---pix->>>

Official verdict: a "hunter's judgment factor".

Keep rigs away from Florida - Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez

Bush has ordered the largest crackdown in decades against whistleblowers

Please DU This Typical CNN.CON Poll: "Were Late Night Comedians Too Hard

It's not your imagination—the Sunday shows really do lean right

Why are the WH doctors still there?

The Smoking Gun has the TX Parks Accident Report

BushCo. PR machine will recommend changing definitions of the words: DEAD,

TX paper humor column: Don't bag a Republican; they're too hard to clean

The Activist Class War Continues


Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco

Rifle shots in Texas. 1963. 2006.

Devil's Advocate time... if he's dead, why not just lie about who did it?

WH "Strategery" is TO JOKE ABOUT THE SHOOTING!!! (Seriously!!)

Patrick Fitzgerald, will you be my Valentine?

How many pellets did Cheney put into his victim?

Wasn't this what primaries were for? (hackett)

Where was Lynne Cheney on the weekend?

DOJ Concedes it can release internal warrantless surveillance records 3/3

Paramount Gets Rights To Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" - 5/26 Release

Paul Hackett's Message to His Supporters

McDonald's: Fries Have Potential Allergens

Heart Attack-Schmart Attack! Dick's had about a hundred of them already.

Need help from lawyers on DU for fun project re: Cheney

Fitzgerald: Civil Rights Charges?

Sunday Times: Cheney 'not licensed'

Prediction: RW spin on Whittington's condition

So if Whittington dies

The Cheney shooting story is full of holes - look at this:

MANDATORY RANDI.....Tuesday BoobShakers Edition


Well, Markos banned me for criticizing him

There's still a lot of discussion about Dead-eye Dick. Tomorrow,

Help yourself to Seconds! Take home a doggie TOON 2/14

So, do you think they've told GW about the Cheney shooting yet?

WOW CNN just reported Scottie knew about heart attack before todays

Reality Check on Dick Cheney : Today in Iraq (PHOTO link)

Looks like Cheyney may have kilt him after all.

How much longer, oh lord?

Katrina report angers me a lot more than Cheney's shotgun.

NYT: Ohio expected to rein in 'intelligent design'

Fitzgerald again seeks names of NY Times sources

Bush Tags Bloggers As Terrorists

Paul Hacket and Republicans and Party Unity

More dirt on Deutsch, the disgraced NASA censor from Texas A&M

Hunting with out a license

Rocket science may hold key to surfing's future (CNN/Reuters)

Scalia Says Opponents Are 'Idiots'

Why do YOU think Cheney&Co waited over 24 hrs?

*ahem* Would it be illegal for me to post a list of people that I think...

Forget motive for a moment, is it possible Cheney had a tantrum

Cafferty on CNN.."He cashes our checks. Doesn't he"

Any Texas Lawyers Out There?

Am I being paranoid?

Look at our future.. Look at the "top jobs" of 2006..

Investigators Issue NEW Subpoena In Abramoff Case (US Family Network)

Cheney Shoots A Texas Liberal by Molly Ivins

Clowntime is over for Cheney

Ah shucks...thank you to whoever gave me a heart. n/t

You know, here where I'm from, northeast oklahoma

For those lovers who like to send flowers:

Cheney story bigger than Monica. Simple as that.

Michael Moore's color and cut out for Mr. Cheney.

I was shot by a shotgun once

The Veep nearly kills a man, and what's on the White House website?

NBC correspondent to McClellan: "Don't be a jerk"

Cafferty on CNN: Cheney "cashes our checks, doesn't he?"

Wow. Has Markos sold his soul, or what?

Sheriff: Officers Must Have Sex With Prostitutes For Evidence

How Could They Be So Tone Deaf?

Just wanted to thank for the annonymous hearts, I am so flattered.

Less than 150 to 200 pieces of birdshot!

My e-ltr to HACKETT

Oh Goody. Alan Simpson coming on Situation Room next.

Okay, so Whittington may die from this

what is the scoop on the other shooting party members?

A sad day for the Democratic Party

Meanwhile, They're Yukking It Up Back at the White House ---pix->>>

The Whittington shooting - the timing worries me a bit

here's why I think Cheney is toast

ABC News - "Pellet gun"

I just heard Cheney shot Paul Hackett

Thanks for the hearts...whoever you are...

Cheney Shooting Victim Back in Intensive Care!

Can I make a DONATION using a DEBIT card?

Blonde Bimbo on Fox news claims Whittington hit by BBs!

Prosecutors can't read Libby's handwriting (CNN)

What's this annoying music that AAR is putting on during the ads

BBs. Spraying. Peppering. I understand Deadeye's team putting this

Dick Shot a Guy in the Face on Saturday, Enjoyed a Quail Lunch on Sunday >

Begala wearing hunting gear on The Situation Room!

Reminder: Hackett coming up on Ed Schultz this hour (5pm Eastern)

*cough* J.Clifford Baxter *cough*

Bill Maher will be coming up on Tweety/Hardball, MSNBC. nt


Do any of your shrub voting acquaintances find the 24 hr delay to be

On C-Span radio today

Are we seeing the demise of Dick Cheney?

Why does official shooting report not list number of people in hunting

Hey Hackett backers! Let Reid and Schumer know how you feel

Is Big Dick finally going to be a man and come out IN PERSON

VA Employee Accused of ‘Sedition’ Over Criticism of Bush

Thank you for my heart--Happy Valentines Day DU

Who were the other hunters?

What about the report this a.m. from the Doctor who said.....

Hook 'em, KKKarl (photo)

So is it a political problem for shrubco if Deadeye can't show his face in

Cheney, the mob and Anthony "The Ant" Spilotro

Victim's RNC friend: "Whittington will crack a lot of jokes about this!"

Thanks for the hearts. I am flattered.

Hackett on Big Ed

Cheney has to be removed from office NOW.

LMAO -This pic from Bartcop is beyond description.

Okay now... Are the TAXPAYERS paying for Whittington's Care?

Blitzer, on CNN: ....."Al Gore overseas, speaking ill of the US"...

HELP!!! I can't find those pics someone posted of Cheney's gun...

Quail Hunting for Dummies or A Chickenhawk's guide for

Gergen: Cheney has to fess up publicly.

Reagan's press secretary 'appalled' at handling of Cheney incident...

Self-Delete due to extreme stupidity.

"this is cardiac trauma and it's serious" Dr. Healy on Hardball.

Dick Shot the Man in the HEART!

Are you guys listening to the hearing on C-SPAN radio?

FUX Legal Analyst just said: if Whittington dies, then Cheney could be

Murder suicide is linked to bird flu

POLL: Americans Trust United Nations More Than Bush On Iran

Shot to the heart and you're to blame

Gergen is out of his fucking mind.

If Cheney had been anyone else, it is like he wouldn't have survived

Doctors: Penis enlargement surgery no help.

Its a metaphor for an adm. who can't shoot straight. David Strum on

Just wanted tto say Thank You to the person that sent me a heart.

Imagine if you or I shot a hunting companion in the face in broad daylight

Is this going to force Cheney into a resignation?

Did Cheney pay for quail party? Is this Illegal LOBBYING and BRIBERY?

Reminder: Hackett coming up on Ed Schultz this hour (5pm Eastern)

Josh Marshall looking for expert input from hunters

If You Want a Film to Fly, Make it anti-American - Valley of the Wolves

Wow, has DU ever reached their goal as it appears it will this time.

The Reason For the Cheney Coverup: He's Guilty of a FELONY under TX Law!

I am sorry but the entire Dem Party did not Hacket anyone.

Cheney broke a cardinal rule of hunting (no, not that one).

GAG.. Norm Coleman saying we should be worried about the VP today

Ron Christie, Cheney flack making a fool of himself.

"they flunked Damage Control 101" says David Gregen on Harball.

Thank you Secret Admirer. Thanks for the heart and helping DU

Can we donate a DU heart to Whittington?

Another hunting accident

Cheney broke 2 hunting rules-Only ONE has been mentioned.

Daily Show Offers Its Take On Cheney's "Firearms Mishap"

If Whittington dies would Cheney be guilty of manslaughter?

Where I can find reliable data on the web-sites

Ok, do we have a Swiss Miss or not? Is there any hard

Sneak peek at Cheney hunting with "Queen Victoria."

At least now they're not using the word "peppered"

Now it's a "silent heart attack"

Mark Crispen Miller on Majority Report tonight

Just have to say that this heart thing was very clever.

Tx Park and Wildlife ranger on msnbc.

Whittington/Funeralgate...are they going to discuss this at all?

MSNBC scrubbed Isikoff's Funeralgate story several years ago. Surprised?

Cheney is toast...even the "common" people aren't going to buy this crap

IL: Medical Marijuana Bill--Your help is needed!

Transcript: (Wormtongue) McClellan Explains Machine Gun Cheney Incident

Keep emailing your questions to David Gregory at NBC.

Breaking: MSNBC Scrubbing Cheney Alcohol Connection?

Paul Hackett

What's the big deal over the Whittington shooting ?

Hey, I just thought of something...Re: Cheney & Whittington

How many pellets were taken out of Whittington ?

If Wellington Dies, Are We Talking Manslaughter I or II

Thanks you secret admirers and thanks to the mods

Need computer expert

What can be done for damage control: Re: Hackett?

McClellan Conceals Heart Attack From Press

Cheney breaks key hunting rules

In hannity speak...he only peppered him with buck shot, he didn't have sex

Where is Whittingtons family?

Remember? Cheney - Karen Hughes dressed in hunting gear at Halloween?

Who from GD can answer some paypal questions? Please PM me.

I think the RNC just pulled a Hackett on one of its own

$1.6 billion : Nancy Pelosi

Cheney Will Have To Resign. This Is Bigger Than It Appears.

IMHO the Cheney thing ain't no biggie (politically)

"Alcohol" mentioned for first time on CNN re: Cheney's shooting

Anyone have a link to Bush kissing the Saudi king

Shouldn't we give cheney the benefit of the doubt on this one?

Missing Katrina transcript.. from landfall day..

i said if i wake up and we hit 800, i have three stars to buy for people

Seattle Columnist Asking For Your Best Cheney Jokes!

Oh., Come on People! Who hasn't wanted to shoot a lawyer

Very curious about a point of law re: murder.

DU Doctors! What the heck is "A Minor Heart Attack"?


Asbestos vote starting now in the Senate...

I think we must rename Cheney

If Whittington was NOT "peppered", then he must have been a-SALTED

Texas lawyers/law enforcement: Repercussions if Whittington dies?

No wonder the NRA isn't out dfending Cheney.

RC Church Sinks to New Low

Happy Valentine's Day & Thank You, DU!

Cheney's hunting host who "NEVER" lobbied Cheney lobbied White House

Jim Dean, DFA, has a few words to say to party leaders about Hackett..

MSGOP scrubbed the "beer or two" quote from their Cheney story.

Theres something happening here and what it is is actually fear

Am I the only one who gets pissed off whenever I see an AMSCOT building?

what do you think--is it safe to travel to Denmark???

Here's the Damage a "PELLET" Gun can do

Facts and figures on poverty in the United States

Cheney must have shot him at fairly close range

Birdshot from 30 yards away, head on, results in this kind of damage

What a great pic! > > > > > > >

White House under Siege - Cheney Hunting - Quail-gate

Let's print-out pictures of quails and leave them on Republican cars

OK, so who was the mysterious 3rd member of that hunting party?

Check out the great David Horsey cartoon from the Seattle P-I

Avoid 'divisive primary' ~ is that the reason for betraying Hackett?' If

Poll; Where do you stand on the Hackett/Brown matter?

Is there in-fighting between the DNC (Howard Dean) and Capitol Hill Dems?

Lest we forget. Cheney has a rap sheet of DUI's

TOTAL Bull Shit. What is their major malfunction. Thank you Paul Hackett

The Mike Malloy Movie!

The FUNNIEST "The Word" segment on Colbert Report... WATCH

Kucinich questioning Tice on NSA program now on CSPAN radio

FREEPERs Meltdown re: Cheney Gunning Down Pal

I, madokie says give these admin's and the others behind the scenes

When will the TRUTH about outsourcing be told? (they can't...)

Does anybody here have contact with Al Gore?

Score another one for Evolution: Strange new assassin spiders found

Confusion about the relevance of the "Cheney Cover-up"

TIMING! Laura Bush to to visit Charlotte hospital to discuss heart disease

A big THANK YOU hug for the person who gave me a heart!

was Cheney shooting a lawyer a message to the PlameGate investigators.??

I handed over all my freedoms so I could feel all safe and secure

Kick this if you believe Cheney should resign tomorrow!

What can be learned from "Cheney* Incident?"

Focus, folks!! Cheney ORDERED Libby to blow the cover on a US agent...

If YOU Shot a Man, and Sent Him to the ICU, Wouldn't You Stick Around?

I feel sorry for Scotty, I really do!

WHAT is going on??Sex related sites being censored/shut down??

Take THAT, you fucking blasphemous Danes! Bet you're sorry now!

Tinfoil Hat Territory

FLASH: Whittington heart attack totally unrelated to shooting

Were They BOTH Drunk?

Was Iggy Pop a prophet?

Title of Lynne Cheney's next book

Thanks for the heart

An observation: I think the TV Freepers that watch Faux are pissed

Is anyone else feeling down that we might be going after Iran next?

CNN BREAKING: Whittington back in ICU

If Cheney Hadn't Procured 5 Military Deferments...

VIDEO- Craig Ferguson on Cheney-COMEDY

VIDEO- Letterman Jokes about Cheney

Allow me to translate the jargon. (opinions herein, your mileage may vary)

Hey, Where is Pat Robertson???

"CONDOM Manufacturers and Abortion Industry Hijack St. Valentine's Day"

Brown, Hackett and a primary brawl (my last post on this tonight)

To my "anonymous admirer": Thank you for my heart.

The Bush Presidency In A Single Shotgun Blast

FYI:House Hearing on National Security Whistleblowers 1pm ET C-Span radio

After 10 years of being "out of the closet": a rumination

Cheney Was Drunk As Hell-- Point Blank.

Sibel Edmonds: Whistleblowers Are Not Protected, Mr. Goss

How many DON'T SUBSCRIBE to various Cheney conspiracy threads?

For the record "Peppering"

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy (could Cheney really have been sloshed?)

Get real, folks. Cheney and Whit spent VALENTINE WEEKEND with girlfriends.

Paul Hacket information

~ Major Holes in the Cheney Shooting Incident ~

The Magic Pellet

Get ready to be really pissed off......

Holy Moly Leaked Abu Ghraib SHOTGUN PELLET WOUND PHOTOS!!!

Think Dickaquiddic is no biggie, check in here, I'm buying you dinner>>>

"Cheney woos NRA members" (well, where's the NRA now?)

"The White House Operates as an Oligarchy" on Hardball..

MSNBC scrubs "beer or two" comment from its story...

Clooney Jokes That Cheney Is His Oscar Date

Olympic champion Cheek donates prize money to Darfur!!!

Cheney implicated in leak of CIA operative's identiy (New News)

What Happens in Texas Hunting Accidents If You're Hispanic?

I am a hunter and fisherman.

Paul Hackett STATEMENT on pullout from Ohio Senate campaign

Seeking DUer who needs a star

CNN: "John Kerry spent time POSING with guns."

"White House finds HUMOR in hunting mishap"

OK EVERYBODY, repeat after me:

Misuse of Espionage Act to Prosecute AIPAC Defendants

Please recommend if you think the guy is already dead!!! I do...

Hahaha, Cheney losing BIG in CNN poll

Joey Cheek/Olympics/great person

Attorney on Ed Schultz' Show just said he researched TX law, and

Gary Hart:Pressuring Hackett To Quit Campaign is Old Politics at its Worst

Somebody PLEASE enlighten me (fingerprint scans in stores)

Katharine Armstrong ranch owner: "There may be a beer or two in there"

Keep spreading the love! We are extending the valentine heart promotion.

anyone buying these "secret" saddam tapes?

WTF just happened? The ER Chief doc became unglued and the PR

Whittington thought he was headed to the morgue after the shooting!

Looking for enlistment forms to give to college Bush-lovers?

Cheney : Stop all the alcohol BS...

There's So Much Rage About Hackett Dropping Out Of The Race.

Hello All -- Need Some Leads for LEGIT Home-Based Businesses

You might want to know-Iran 10 yrs. from nuke but 1 month from oil market

I don't mean to rant about Paul Hackett, but...

60 Previously Unpublished Photos From Abu Ghraib To be Broadcast

"Certainly no one's going to ask the Vice President to quit."

Question about Student Rights at High School

WhistleBlower Tice on CNNRadio: "A lot of people were really worried...

I have a theory . . .

Scooter Fingers Dick Hair Trigger Scattershot Attention Deficit Plame Game

Sing along... Richard Cheney was a man (Warning Non-boomers won't get it)

Whittington's been dead since Saturday

Official thank your secret admirer for the heart thread!!

Stop spying and stop lying. ACLU ACTION >>>>>

Question, especially any Du lawyers... collections agency random calling

COMPILATION of Hackett withdrawal threads and 3 CARTOONS for the DEMS:

The REAL Cheney-Fuddgate Scandal: Lobbying, Iraq contracts, Greed

Howard Dean has something to say about Paul Hackett

I'm from Ohio.... And I am glad that Hackett withdrew....

Bush Tags Bloggers As Terrorists

Thread COMPILATION on Cheney shooting/Fuddgate - including VIDEOS:

BFEE Turd Daniel Pipes tied to DANISH CARTOONS

Who here has contacts in SEIU leadership?

Schumer Questions Dubai Deal for U.S. Ports - Outsourcing our National Sec

Abramoff Said to Claim Close Ties to Rove [AP]

Dems in Senate playing rope-a-dope with domestic spying issue?

Hackett being forced out of the Senate race is an outrage!

I have a great Idea...Let the 2 parties


So "after Whittington had gotten off his shot & went looking for his bird

Should we encourage Hackett to run as a Greenie?

Which one is lying? Abramoff or Bush? [POLL]

AARGH! How am I supposed to support the Democratic party..

Letterman rips Cheney & Bush's search for Osama

I wonder when the TX Sheriff's Office will release its official Report?

Test your gag reflex with this headline from MSNBC's front page.

Cheenys accident report is up - including graphic representation of wounds

That Cheney sure knows how to play a news cycle

My letter to Sen. Reid about Paul Hackett

Picture of today's New York Post front page (Cheney as Elmer Fudd)

Possibly stupid questions about 2000 DNC in LA

Jon Stewart: "Never let your kids go on hunting trips with the V.P."

Much as it disappoints me, I can't fault Paul Hackett on this one.

Stephanie Miller trying to get Hackett on the phone


Cheny Hunting Chart

How many taxpayer dollars wre spent taking Cheney

Cheney can shove the $7 up his ass

Hackett was 20 points behind in the polls

Dauo: A Seminal Moment in Blogland...History will look kindly on them.

Rep. King (R) rips Al Gore in the NY Post

Okay, * wants to get out of an old law - Cheney get away with ignorance

Was Cheney hunting or killing?

Prosecutors have issued subpoena for docs relating to the U.S. Family Netw

U.S.: Detainees Have No Constitutional Rights

TV joke writers take shots at Cheney

President Al Gore recently made a speech, does anyone have a link?

Stephanie Miller - too funny (re: Cheney)

Corporate union buster launches new extremist group

Conservatives Divided on '08 Candidate

Feingold vs Bayh on the issues

bars most public access to birth and death certificates for 70 to 100 yrs

A smart mid-western friend who has a lot of quail-hunting experience write

Ashcroft Spreads His Wings (into lobbying)

Body armor being discussed on Wash Journal

Hackett backer - This is why the republican can win time and again

AP Photo: Setting fire to a Pakistani KFC to protest Muhammad cartoons

For Cheney, A Moment Not Unlike Nixon or Clinton

Photo: Zombie Chertoff, looking confident in the wake of criticism

Tim Kaine quote :

Let's give Paul Hackett a Valentine's Day to remember!

Did Bush take the day off ??

Polling on Jeb

WP's Cillizza - 2008: The Case for Al Gore

Why is Cheney ducking the media?

MSNBC Poll: Should WH have disclosed Cheney hunting accident sooner?

How would you define "Swiftboating"?

Dick Cheney Hunts the Ultimate Game

Thom Hartman.....Hackett Not Fit To Be........

I'm changing to an Independent

Man shot and wounded by Vice President Cheney suffers "minor heart attack"

Why aren't we talking more about the removal of the Abramoff prosecutor?

could Whittington have crossed snake cheney in some way?

I REJECT the constant use of the phrase "I reject" by this administration.

Future Headline: Man Who Interrupted VP Shot Suffers Small Death

I want to call for Peace here at DU re. Hackett...

the massive raids last week at Security Aviation facilities -Anchorage

So if Cheney's victim....

Paul Hackett Letter

The Daily Show re: Cheney

Time: "Cheney was press strategist, Karl Rove the investigative reporter"

Cheney's prey has mild heart attack.

Cheney and the 20 hour delay: HE WAS DRUNK

will UAE people running our ports have office/homes in 9th Ward?

Atomic Bombs: Race Hatred and Mass Murder

You know what cheeses me off about Fuddgate et al?

Show A Little Love On Valetine's Day

Conyers blog: Plame Leak Could Set Back 10 Years

Kerry to Introduce Resolution to Fix “Royalty Relief Program” for Oil Co's

A BIG ole heart felt thanks for the valentine heart, whoever you are!

WHNSA Briefing to Congress on Monday - did it happen as planned?

article asks if Sheehan was pushed out same as Hackett

Froomkin: Who's calling the shots at the White House? Dick Cheney

Will the whole Deadeye Dick/Elmer Fudd thing get serious legs?

Stupid Scotty is going to be grilled tomorrow...


Did Bush spike an NSA investigation of Saudi charities + shift to US

Jesus could be the dem. candidate in Ohio & I would still pick DeWine

Question for those upset about Hackett dropping out, and. . .

Last Saturday's weather in Corpus Christi: 50s, breezy.

Why would Schumer and Reid be so stupid as to create

secret service sleeping when Wittington shot

If todays Democratic Party leaders wanted to really win

Chertoff Jokes About Regulating Weather

Which is more entertaining? Saddam or Snotty?

Freeps: Cheney delay "similar to extra 5 minutes Bush spent in 9/11 class"

Tice just said he was visited by the FBI

Katharine Armstrong *IS* the Bush constituency that Ike warned us about

If Whittington would die of his injuries, what charges would Cheney face?

Tin Foil Hat Time! How did the Brown Camp get the pix of Hackett?

Kark Rove must have called the LA Times. It's now a heart "irregularity."

Hackett on BIGEDDIE Ed Shultz TODAY

Fraud nets 15 months for ex-candidate Taff

Apparently, ol' "Buckshot Cheney" deserves SYMPATHY!!!

...and another one bites the dust (David Ashe VA02)

Who are those 3 stooges on Fox and Friends?

Right wing talkers should show us how much a nonstory the shooting is

Cheney must address the American people.

DU this MSNBC poll, ok for the WH to joke about shooting? I said NO!!

U.S. Has Royalty Plan to Give Windfall to Oil Companies

Did Spohn Hospital ignore mandatory GSW reporting for Cheney's victim?

Photo: "Go to my happy place..Go to my happy place..Go to my happy place"

The Nixon-Bush doctrine (CNN) {Commentary by Bruce Morton}

Cheney Cartoons-

Probe Haunts Weld in Bid for N.Y. Governor

First a minor shooting accident, now a minor heart attack

Former Texas Parks & Wildlife Comm. Chairman: Katharine Armstrong Idsal

Hackett interview: "we broke a hole through which others will pass"

As they did with 9/11, so are they doing with Fuddgate?

Democrats erode GOP's hold at Shore (NJ)

Four-time Dem. Congressman Ken Holland will run for SC governor.

Taking Protest to Congress Members' Homes

Is the Cheney incident equivalent to the Ted Kennedy incident?

Cheney's Prey Heart Attack Details

Sherrod Brown's Alito letter lifted from blogger

CNN/Lou Dobbs stating that 1.6 billion, (yes that's a b), spent by the

If Whittington dies, what charges should be brought against Cheney?

So, let's discuss primaries, vis a vis Hackett situation....

Great post by Kos over at DailyKos: Re Hackett vs. Brown

Katharine Armstrong daughter of ANNE Armstrong

Will Paul Hackett switch to the Republican Party?

Hospital Knew Whittington had birdshot by Heart, Treating “Conservatively"

Scalia Dismisses 'Living Constitution'

3+ months ago the Senate was placed into Closed Session....

Pls. sign ACLU's Demand The Truth petition, RE: gov't spying

Forget Iran, Americans Should be Hysterical About This

Vets 'outraged' on Hackett pullout

"C'mon Paulie baby -- we stab your back, you stab their backs..."

Wesley Clark and Fox News question

Robert Redford on the American political landscape: "Wake up, folks..."

Wolf: The family asked the doctors not to talk to the press

Network TV is censoring the Iraq VIDEO of beatings by British soldiers

Is this Whittington shooting just another Rovian trick?

Letter to Emanuel, Schumer, etc. re: Hackett (need input)

Big Eddie on FIRE about Swiftboating of Hackett. (Interviews Paul)

JOSHUA FRANK: The Rhetoric of Al Gore -- Not to be trusted

John Kerry: Economy Faltering Under Bush

Paul Hackett has a post up at DFA.

If Hackett wins the House Seat and Brown the Senate Seat...

Same Ranch/Host....FEB 2005

Cheney shooting is just another distraction from Treason!

Has anyone even bothered to check out Sherrod Brown's voting record?

Dean statement on Hackett

Unknowns surrounding Plame, Sibel, Phase 2, wiretaps, etc. got me thinking

ED. CARTOONS - Cheney's Got A Gun! Series - 02/14/06

Interesting statement from Jim Dean about Hackett. Cryptic.

U.N. condemns U.S. torture of Guantanamo detainees

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent

Screw Paul Begala who trashed Gore right along with the Conservative guy

Bush & Order - Domestic Intelligence Unit - cartoon

The parallel between Dick Cheney and Ted Kennedy...

It isn't about Hackett and Brown.

Democratic establishment uses its influence to promote a true progressive

The President of Iran and George W. Bush are the SAME Politician!

Hillary IS right!


Do yourselves all a favor - stop assuming anyone against you is DLC

Hillary is our Presidential nominee in 2008, because the polls say so

Rhode Island First State to Pass Impeach Bush Resolution!

Bernie Sanders Trying To Sway Progressive From Running In VT