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Archives: February 12, 2006

Larry Johnson:Attention Citizens, a Blue Dress Special

Inquiry Into Wiretapping Article Widens NYT

Don't eat at public restaurants! Al Qaeda might be cooking!

The Permanent Energy Crisis

Saint Patrick's day Patrick Fitz-,-gives George Bush sleepless nights

UK Telegraph: US plots Iran Blitz

Can Bush make America more competitive in math and science?


Rare frog faces extinction, scientists warn (CNN/AP) (Yosemite, CA)

Driving the car of the future (BBC) {hydrogen-fueled}

Coasties -- you may be better off with wind than solar.

Protect Sacred Sites: SF Peaks & Medicine Lake

Cinder blocks and skullcaps

Ahmadinejad repeats Holocaust is a 'myth'

MSNBC Report on possible 9/11 bomb (explosive device)....

how do you think the towers were brought down?

WTC 7 Theory

LandShark: Sequoia, Snohomish County, And The Constitutionality of DREs

A head's up for those who wish to debate

State of the Black Union 2006 in Houston on Feb. 25th:

Austin Chronicle: "Bell and Gammage on the Issues" & "Who Are These Guys?"

Wanted: Math Teachers & Professors

Just head Chris Bell speak

Does anyone have a biscotti recipe.......

Coconut rice, black beans, and turkey thighs

Do you really have to soak beans before cooking them?

A Proud Olympic Moment...16-0

NYT: Healing, With New Limbs and Fragile Dreams

Bolivia's Morales urges limits on coca crops (Reuters)

Time: First Photo of Bush and Abramoff

For Possible '08 Run, McCain Is Courting Bush Loyalists

US federal gov't disregarded Katrina threat-Post

CBS News/AP: White House Faces Opposition to User Fees

NYT: House Republicans Rally for Epic Battle

British troops videoed 'beating Iraqis'

British troops videoed 'beating Iraqis' (teenagers)

FBI Claims Puerto Rico Threat

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites

White House Faces Opposition to User Fees

NYT: Inquiry Into Wiretapping Article Widens

LAT: Red Tape Said to Delay Use of Bomb Buster

Talent’s stem cell switch is under fire

Iran Blames U.S., Europe in Cartoon Crisis

WP: For Possible '08 Run, McCain Is Courting Bush Loyalists

10th Alabama church in flames

Hardliners question Bush’s conservatism

House Republicans Rally for Epic Battle

British soldiers facing new allegations of brutality in Iraq

Gingrich Cheers Frustrated Conservatives

Iran Jews express Holocaust shock

GOP delegates willing to kill LeBlanc appointment

Katrina Report Spreads Blame

Bayh urges Democrats to focus on terrorism

I love Jennifer Granholm, and you can't stop me!

Our new kitty has a name! Nico!

Does anyone know any good video sharing sites?

Right Now - Wolfgang's Vault: Live version of Uncle John's Band!!!

Investigative Reporter Ruins Fish Sticks For Everybody

Figure skating takes up valuble tv time that could be used for Ice Hockey

I'm co-opting Mrs.Grumpy's screen name...

I'm co-opting yvr girl's screen name...

Anyone doing anything special for themselves and/or their sweetie on Tues?

one more day to Bleak House

The Yellow Wallpaper (Gilman)

Today was a very good day in Vinyl Record shopping

Brokeback to the Future

My children are arguing...

WTC 7 Theory



The wrap-around is to dump another 10" on us tonight!

Greatest non-sexual love pairings.



I can't e-file my frickenfracken tax returns!

Post here and I will not respond.

ok, what gives? Old Navy's sizes are getting whacky

Hedrick gets first gold, race for others.

I am suddenly craving a Twinkie AND a Ho-Ho.

Be careful, don't put on the Food Network.

Beer PSA: Don't drink the last one unless you have replacement beer ready.

I killed a deer last night.

I have to run an errand. DON'T post anything fun while I'm gone

Reno 911 fans check in here.

That dude from Texas that just won the gold medal in speed skating

I've always wanted to bobsled or luge...

Oh no. I just saw the first post. Ahem. What if a Republican gets elected

Most favorite show produced by Norman Lear?

Sweet Jesus..I've seen some cheap stuff on E-Bay but this is Funny!

can you see the mental image of bush and pickles bumpin uglies

Oh no, I just hit post 700

That money quote

I spilled a beer last night.

Billy Childish, 70. Bob Pollard, ?

should i ask for my artwork back?

what is the most valuable (to you) thing ever bought second hand

DU is slow tonight. Hmmmm.

Can anyone help me find pictures...

I just brewed my first batch of beer. Ask me anything.

Thesis: The sports we enjoy watching are those in which

Judging by the posts in GD/GDP/LBN, we're all gonna be screwed.

I think we should AMPUTATE ET Awful's big toe

What song have you heard more than any other?

Question Authority


SHOCK!! HORROR!! Fox Mulder is a BAD, BAD DUer!!

It's SENATOR Clinton, not Mrs. Clinton!

10 to 18 Inches Here in Boston


Olympics webcast

Favorite songs that raise social awareness


update on my painting

Is it me, or is Bush just involved in too much shit to keep track of?

NBC's Olympic coverage sucks!

I dare you to post the name of a band that funks better than Parliament

My big toe HURTS!

So if we had the DU Olympics - what sport would you compete in!!

Your favorite Benedict!

So why DO we call Torino "Turin?" We had no problem pronouncing

Escape the room ( it is a game.)

I know who I'm cheering on for the Pairs Figure Skating

High interest savings account rates - HSBC Direct is still in the lead

I've got a poker tournament with $1,500 on the line tonight

Have you ever been to a wedding that was ruined?

Cheney's call to "bust a cap in the ass" of U.S. citizens seen as extreme

I just took a Reagan - ask me anything.

Why do people on DU post stories about bad acting Christians?

Larry King covering heart disease.... no mention of the bacterial

If I were Transgendered I wouldn't see DU as a place for Liberals

Mainstream Democrats Should Back Gay Marriage

Drew Pritt for Arkansa Lt. Gov

26 gays get 5-year jail terms for capital party

Art Shell back as Raiders head coach...

Alex Rodriguez Pulls Out Of World Baseball Classic...

Where is Nancy Waterman? I haven't seen any of her posts here for some

Interesting polls.

Interesting week in SFRC.

deleted - dupe


FYI: Al and Tipper Gore's daughter on CNBC with Timmy right now.

The Urgency of Now: Stopping the War on Iran

U.S. Anti-Terrorism Measures Said to Ensnare Refugees Fleeing Terror

Sunday Talk Shows

10 to 18 Inches Here in Boston

whathappened here again

Wesley Clark on c-span2/BookTV now.

Political brief: It won’t be a bi-partisan wave

New Riverbend entry...scary stuff

This UN Milosevic trial is a joke. Five years and no verdict.

"Drug Smuggling Air Marshals?" The hits just keep on coming...

UK Guardian Observer Profile of FITZGERALD : St. Patrick's Day!


I would like to see a law proposed....

More moderate Christians starting to get it

Please tell me this isn't true - Dems are going to cave on wiretapping?

Maybe Bush really did forget meeting Abramoff all those times

Wes Clark is interviewing David Rieff on CSpan2.....

NYT The Trust Gap (central flaw of Bush presidency)

DNC: Melman threatens America

I hate activist presidents making up laws.

Tim Robbins' stage production of 1984

Their new talking point exposed

Public speech now being criminalized

Do the people of the US deserve freedom?

OK, I'm getting angry now...

cheney never met john edwards;bush didn't know ken lay; bush

Hillary Clinton

Rove Demands....

Need some help. Anyone hear of the Fairfield Family Association?

A reminder about House special elections (CA-50)

Republican Lobbyists Fundraise For Lieberman

Republicans suck....they really do....

Reflections on the Wellstone Memorial and the King Funeral (Al Franken)

Domestic eavesdropping probe widens - Simply un-believable

Hey... Asshole filmstrip!

In Honor of the First Bush/Abramoff Photo, I Propose Re-christening...

Oops! - Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still On

Great cartoon on warrantless wiretaps!

Hey Freepers, Get ready for a spanking! Fourth Estate Radio is ON THE AIR

My new FIFTY DOLLAR LEATHER GLOVES were made in India.

Steve Milloy of FOXNews is a crackpot

Anyone see "God Only Knows, Same Sex Marriage"?

can you see the mental image of bush and pickles bumpin uglies

How the hell do you dope for SKELETON?

In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites a Culture War

First Bush-Abramhoff photo leaked.

Interesting that congress is interested in the Logan Act

Looks like the right is Swift Snubbing Bob Barr

Anyone know if Ken Mehlman ever served in the Military?

PHOTO: While the cat's away . . .

Misunderstood words of a foreign born Prof

Military analysts say price of war with Iran could be severe

Never forget IRANGATE.

MY Opportunity at The Local Video Store.....

MadTV ripping * a new one

Why can't we have a scientist for a president for a change?

Best Description of "Dime Bag" Laura Bush?

Three More Lawmakers Linked to Abramoff

So I was in a real live Freeperville today

Kate Michelmanon CSPAN2 - A life spent protecting the right to Choose

"Masculinists" websites rejoice over Betty Friedan death

Not to be outdone: HOWARD KURTZ NEEDS TO STFU!!!

Homeland Security Forces Cancellation of Kindergarteners Trip to NASA

NYT: Conservatives Unsettled About Movement's Future

BREAKING: First Abramoff/Bush Photo Published- White House Confirms

Laura tells Hillary her criticisms are "out of bounds"

Where the hell did all these banks come from?

Indictment states that Bush was Libby's superior

Lighting The Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America

Let's pick a Republican to slap the crap out....figuratively speaking....

World Economists Harshly Condemn US War on Iraq

What if a repub wins the 2008 election?

I think I've hit the final straw with my fundamentalist family

You will not believe this - you simply will not

Did that ditz Katie Couric ever acknowledge her mistake with Dean?

Let's try something...

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites

Condi testilies and Iran goes Nuclear. SFRC Hearings this week

Their Own Version of a Big Bang

Child-molesting cop in trouble again

I bet they didn't tell Bush on Monday night because he was at a fundraiser

Government is fighting Shoshana Johnson on benefits

Northwest (Airlines) refuses gay couple's award tickets

now Brazil wants nukes..oh boy..but they say only for nuclear

Mark your calendars now - 2006 State of the Black Union

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks in "Charlie Wilson's War"

A Timeline Of CIA Atrocities

CARTOON: Is 2006 The Year We Take Congress Back?

Pastor runs weapons-training course for kids - arrested for

John Conyers' Blog, Saturday, 11 Feb. Spying, Impeachment ~

Total Information Awareness--Bush--From DAY ONE. You know it!

additional abramoff fallout?

"Taking On The PNAC"

WaPo Editor claims he was "mugged" by the "blogosphere"

The Trust Gap

More than half of Gitmo detainees not accused of hostile acts

Is it fair of me to criticize Rove, Bush & Abramoff? Afterall....

2 Republican lobbyists held fundraiser for Lieberman re-election

Only 38 Weeks (269 Days) remaining before Election Day 2006

I was out of town and could use some advice on

How do you LOOK at this photo without just...feeling...fucking ASHAMED?

I'm a New member and I want to know

It's no accident that "Hollywood" Joe Biden is on TV every Sunday

Debating Impeachment Among Democrats

Georgia College Republicans 2006 Conf.@ Emory U, Atl, Feb 24-25!

DNC responds to Mehlman's attacks on Democrats

Current Nat'l Guard: Ask For Leave For Political Campaigns!

Lesson of Abramoff: Charities are being used to funnel money.

Pickles To Hillary: Show Some Empathy

Why do Iowans and others get to determine who will be our candidates?

Laura says Hillary should show "empathy"??

What is a Sensenbrenner?

GOP voters still like DeLay

On Fear, Lizard Brains, and 1984

Three op-eds in NY Times discuss cartoon controversy

*/Abramoff photo from

Here Came the War Brides

Three Swedish soldiers killed -a roadside bomb

Bush's Bad Connection

Newsweek: Saddam Tapes: What They Don't Prove

A sheep-like nation is allowing Bush to erode our liberties and well-being

How Preval might change Haiti (info on vote tabulation "problems")

Iraq War's Virtues May Be Debatable. The Profits Aren't

Removing Attorney General Gonzales

media outlets continue to treat the eavesdropping scandal a game.

The Lowdown on Sweet? A Study Rekindles the Debate on Aspartame

Roberts: If the President Does It, It’s Not Illegal

LAT: Industrial Fifedom in CA Evicts Candidates

New Orleanians wrestle bureaucracy, fear of abandonment

Newsweek: A Katrina Brownout - Local pols think the WH blew off rebuilding

"CIA chief sacked for opposing torture"

Critics cry foul in Bush Social Security maneuver

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

The Observer: Saint Patrick's Day ( Front cover of Sunday Mag )

The Greenspan legacy

America's pensions crisis

Trade Deficit Hit Record Levels in 2005

The Permanent Energy Crisis

Is it me, or...

Who Needs More Coal? (Amory Lovins)

Yucca in need of repair after nine years

Philippine Scientist Think Al Gore is Exaggerating About Global Warming

Could we generate our own power? (UK)

The Revenge of Gaia

A window on energy efficiency (AZ)

Terror threat not weighed in assessing nuke waste shipments

What percentage of US energy was provided by Renewable energy in 1949?

Solar thermal power coming of age (NV)

Two Qassam rockets land south of Ashkelon, no injuries

Breakthrough or Blockade in Middle East Peace Process? ...

Archbishop apologizes for divestment

Revenge Is The Word In The Background

Iran’s Leader, Ahmadinejad, Calls on Nations to “Remove Israel”

Hey 911 Forum, Check this out...your comments would help too!

What is the Blue Phillips circular logo that was described in

Incredible film: what really happened on 9/11, quite credible:

The R*ts Seem to Be Abandoning the Sinking Diebold Ship . . .

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. takes Bay State politicians to task

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, Feb. 12

Election Fraud Fighters Recommend the Daily Thread

Pressure on Diebold and the Stolen 04 Election on Daily Kos

Judge Dismisses Penultimate Ohio Lawsuit

Please Take A Look At This "Oldy But Goodie" And Get Fired Up

Voting Machine Examiners Refuse to Appear @ CA Sen Investigation

Correspondence from Nussle re: State of the Union tshirts issue

Delegates willing to support John Bonifaz please check in.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. takes Bay State politicians to task

Recommendations on color laser printer

Debra Danberg letter on Bob Gammage

On my ranch in my part of Texas, quail season has been over for several

Does anyone remember Charlie Wilson?

I just ordered 6 raspberry canes and a dwarf fig tree.

Back home and cooking again!

Edible landscape.

NDP kicks Hargrove out of party

Emerson might quit, sources say

NDP Gives Buzz the Boot (deleted dupe)

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites (Telegraph)

WaPo: Katrina Report Spreads Blame From Top Down

Russian president calls for quick completion of talks with US over WTO acc

Iran 'could quit nuclear treaty'

Northwest (Airlines) refuses gay couple's award tickets

Energy Is Central Focus at G-8 Meeting

Critics cry foul in Bush Social Security maneuver

Pentagon plans to derail Iranian atomic bomb test

Press of Atlantic City: Loyal conservatives question Bush's ideas

GOP voters still like DeLay

GA: Ralph Reeds Questionable Coalition (VA paper takes him down!)

9/11 Claims Another Officer's Life (toxic air)...

Election results expected in Haiti Sunday

Sharon in Critical Condition After Surgery

How Preval might change Haiti (info on vote tabulation "problems")

CIA chief sacked for opposing torture

Newsweek: A Katrina Brownout - Local pols think the WH blew off rebuilding

Newsweek: Saddam Tapes: What They Don't Prove

Nevada candidates curry favor with Democratic Party faithful (Carter)

Widespread Abuse of Immigrant Day Laborers in U.S. Shows Gap in Legal Aid

Removing Attorney General Gonzales

Is anybody listening to KGO radio? Cheney injured on huntung trip.

US Vice President: Shooting

U.S. rocket kills two Pakistani nomad women

Toddler Eats Crack Cocaine During Super Bowl Party

Senators: Cheney should be investigated if he OK'd leak

Hundreds gather to protest war (Vermont)

White House confirms Bush-Abramoff photo

NEWSWEEK: Insiders at Yemen's Intel Agency Involved in Terrorists' Escape

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites

Virginian Pilot:Ralph Reed's questionable coalition

Preval loses large lead in tense Haiti poll count, increasing runoff chanc

Venezuela arrests top Colombian drug lord (Wanted by the F.B.I.)

Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco

Shameful abuse of 9/11 footage

Starving polar bears shame Bush to act

Motion Filed to Stop Katrina Evictions

Alaska moves to repair image

Gay wedding ends up in cells

Hoekstra: Leak Means NSA Program No Longer Effective

Hurricane victims losing hotel rooms

Al-Jaafari Named to Head Iraq's New Gov't

Knight Ridder Wire: Bush-bashing on the rise within GOP

Cartoon fury could spin out of control: Rice (Reuters)

Energy prices 'threaten growth'

Iran Reaffirms Nuclear Treaty Commitment

Free trade fuels drug smuggling

Charges of vote-count manipulation hit Haiti poll

Kurds won't aid govt if Allawi's bloc not in cabinet: Talabani

Senator (Martinez) changes mind on Schiavo

Senators: Cheney Should Be Probed in Leak

Berlusconi: I'm Christ of politics

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter

Industrial states turn to Democrats while GOP reigns in Ohio

WP/AP: United Arab Emirates Firm May Oversee 6 U.S. Ports

Iran is prepared to retaliate, experts warn

I'm back. Let the fun begin...

Full of shite

I got bronchitis and a speeding ticket today

We really need more guys like this, ranting!

Today is DARWIN DAY! Happy mutations everyone!

Note to everyone here...

Poll Question: Which movie...


I'm a bit drunk. Ask me anything. For about 30 minutes.

Foxworthy Joke......

Wall Street.

I started a thread in GD


Tell me something funny...please.

Post your longest toenail growth in Milimeters Here...

For the love of God...Somebody PLEASE help me get off Big Forums.

Good night.


Message Removed.


Anyone going to buy any tickets for the Powerball next wednesday?


Tell me a joke.

Cibo Matto, "Viva! La Woman", "Super Relax".

Dames.... Some times all they have to do is let a couple of

Please wish President Lincoln a Happy 197th Birthday.

Sunday earworm.

The Best Bond Joke Ever

Experienced Airline Travelers --- My Flight Was Canceled -- Now What?

what is in the vial?

Ok, who is going to apologize to me first? re: Kwan & Hughes

Weird things your dogs or kitties eat

Yay Italy!

I want toast, and my bread is moldy.

It's K-K-K-Ken c-c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me!!

find out what everyone's house is worth: great site. must see.

The whos all sick check in thread

Is this telephone harassment?

Ever have one of those days?

The Best Blond Joke Ever

My newest addiction: JambaJuice's Matcha Green Tea Mist

Hey, a real Transformer!

Drug testing. I hate places that make me do it, luckily, they have

Help please- I'm looking for this funny video, a penguin

OMG! 16-22" of snow in my area!!!

Are Puerto Ricans US citizens?

It's the "John Stuart Mill clever quote" thread

Got snow?

Weird ads.

Well I plan on staying in my jammies and pigging out today

The whos all drunk check in thread

B* resume!

Pop tart, op art, Dodge Dart


Another cat pick. Strange juxtaposition.

B* disaster.

Probably a stupid question -- about photo services...

Thanks to the blizzard, I'm stuck in NYC for an extra day with my sweetie

DU ladies: Ami James & Chris Garver of Miami Ink are HOT! Discuss.

Cat pic (not mine). Well dang! my cat drinks out of the toilet, but

Petition for Safe Release of Jill Carroll Breaks 250 ! ! !

What the b* police state is coming to ...

My poor co-worker was supposed to fly out of Logan today to go to

I'm in NC. I DEMAND snow pics!!

The Official "Welcome back Khashka" thread.

Who else here is a total Sims 2 addict?

If I could use my cat as a swiffer I'd save a hell of alot of $$.

Horrible spelling on official street sign in Wilmington, DE!

If figure skating is the most popular event at the Olympics

More Album Pictures... From my family archiving...

Well, as blizzards go, this one isn't too bad: 28 degrees, only about

Here's a picture I've been working on today.



If you could change your name, what would you change it to?


I am so upset with my family

Bode Spotted at Bar Drinking Late Saturday. What's up with

souvenirs from better days

Now the Canadian women are destroying the Russians

I love it when Stephen Colbert cracks up.

Worst job?

Don't mess with Chili's

Next 24/7 "non news" news story .... M. Kawn out of Olympics.

Be careful on those post-a-pic-of-yourself threads!

Valentine's Day is a scam.

It's 42 f*cking degrees outside, and my 14-year-old cat pitched a fit

Valentines day ham!

Clothing label warning. Big pic (120k), may take time to load.

WTF is wrong with Alabama??

"Cat got your tounge?"

How not to babysit.

Dirty rotten cheater!

Strange insurance claim.

Normally, I don't like "techno remixes" of old songs, but...

Joan Alpern are you there?

International marriage symbol.

One of the reasons I avoid doctors/hospitals unless I have to...

The price of gas these days under B*

Stop me from buying an eating a 7 pound triple fudge cake!

Check out the breaking news headline-Cheney related

Mrs. Grumpy! A Jessie photo please?

Who or what is the biggest threat to the United States today?

How are we suppsed to save Democracy, when we can't even save...


Well, Ah dee-clare. It's snowing in Georgia

Is it a bad time to tell you all I'm addicted to Steroids?

Presidential (Mis)Speak for Sat/Sun Feb 11/12, 2006...

When Google fails, I turn to DU: What exactly is a "draft statement?"

Is it a bad time to tell you all I'm addicted to Hemorrhoids?

Olympic Spoiler Giggle

It is snowing like crazy now in SW Ohio

Did you have a dad or granddad who wore suits, or ties, at home?

Is it a bad time to tell you all I'm addicted to Asteroids?

SoCal DUers! Are you enjoying this GORGEOUS day?

Sorta like the world under B*

Hey INTEL, where's *MY* Mariah??

why MACs rock

Just saw Brokeback Mountain

Who will win the Womens Ice Hockey title?

BREAKING: Johnny Cash shoots man in Reno, "just to watch him die"

Do it yourself laptop...

I am watching Emergency Season 2 on DVD

Sometimes I wish I had a brother...

Helpful men...

I was just "solicited" via IM, ask me anything!

I have a Crock Pot FULL Of Simmering Taco Soup

An individualist ...


I wish I was married/in-a-real-relationship at times.


anyone watching the XC skiing now?? Olympic Results...

Politicians. Found on the web.

Are there always this many commericals on TV?

One of life's true pleasures is putting a couple of beers in a snow drift

Hey! Where are jpgray's lousy portraits?!

BLIZZARD! Post your snow totals here!

BREAKING: Dick Cheney makes huge pot of soup

I watched the last 4 episodes of Arrested Development today

Cubeville revenge ....

Goodnight DU!

Funniest thread in GD ever!

Would you ride it?

About the Cheney hunting "accident..."

BREAKING SPORTS NEWS: Dick Cheney wins gold medal in luge

New NRA slogans, hot off the press!

Airtight security.

Dick Cheney. The only VP to have two terms coined for him

Question about mail service (Zip Code)

There's a thead in GD saying Cheney just shot someone

Chill out man. Don't pull out a gun and go all Dick Cheney on me!

Ain't it true ...

Lighten up people. It's not like Cheney is the first VP to shoot someone.

This should come in handy sometime ...

My feelings EXACTLY.

I wish I were an only child sometimes............

I just started a GD thread!

after a busy day of mouse hunting...

A Texan Moves North

Chia keyboard ...

Have you seen BOOMER TV?

Is anyone a Chuck Brown fan?

I Just Cried Watching Footage of the Zulu Parade

Shall I watch ...The Sum of All Fears (2002)

home schooling...

For ZombyWoof.

Bush pulls groin muscle during practice, reluctantly resigns Presidency

Breaking: Dick Cheney Shot Michelle Kwan...

Irene Wuust could crush my head like a grape

Can I get some thoughts on this?

$75 on Black....

I'll never again say I am 'too old'

Breaking:Cheney to host RNC BBQ in Corpus Christi.

I see a small letter "x" at the top of my DU window.

Day at the beach on a February day inSoCal.

What's the laziest thing you ever saw?

If you could pay a dollar, and have a DUer zapped with an electric jolt

Michelle Kwan has withdrawn from the Olympics

anyone seen the movie "Mrs. Henderson Presents" ?

This is what the blizzard looks like in my neighborhood (many pics)

Why do people keep saying "Bilocksi" instead of Biloxi?

Behold! I give you Evil Kitty In A Beer Box!

something for us gals for valentines day

Breaking News: IOC refuses Hughes to substitute for Kwan

Why is Robb a dingbat?

Favorite horror movie?

Post your best Dick Cheney goes hunting jokes here!

Post a pic of your first car...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/12/06)

Pucker up...

Post a pic of your favorite tree...

'Jaws' Author Peter Benchley Dies at 65

'tis done! Income tax return

I would like to kick off a War on Valentine's Day.


The Freeper-English Dictionary is ONLINE!

Maybe the Libertarians aren't so bad after all.

Coleman's feral doppelganger (pics inside)

Never block the fire hydrants.

Here in Rochester New Hampshire....

84 and BEAUTIFUL in Southern California!

Do you click on the blog links people post in their sigs and profiles?

I have yellow squash, onions, parsnips and carrots in the

My Kitty Has Mild Diarrhea

Dog pic!

Is it a bad time to tell you all I'm addicted to Altoids?

Arrggh. G#$dam#$ high fructose corn syrup

AirmensMom appreciation thread ~ You Are One Awesome Lady!

Mo'. come in mopaul, been missing your take on things and all of

This place stinks.

EXCLUSIVE Photo Of Cheney RIGHT BEFORE The Hunting Trip!

The transforming power of makeup-look at these examples

Progress on my drawing (big legs done)

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet I am hunting Whittington

The Blizzard of 2006 in Seagate, Brooklyn. MANY PICTURES

Please check out my biomechanical drawing series thus far

Anyone had any luck haggling with Earthlink?

Any 20-somethings remember these?

The bull wins, which is fine with me. I think that bullfighting is

Yes or no: The societal norms of countries within the Soviet Bloc led...

Another picture thread


Forbes- The Forces Reshaping Christianity Around the World

Can a person be a Christian while breaking a law that endangers

The Christ-centered Prison

Sam "The End of Faith" Harris on State of Belief, Air America at 5 PM....

For the interested.

Churches to mark Darwin's birthday

Who are your favorite political Christian leaders living today?

Ok, there are now 3 blogs at the Liberal Christian Network to check out

"The Lowdown on Sweet?" - On Aspartame - in the New York Times

Rituximab: a promising therapy in systemic lupus erythematosus

Major Anomaly In Chandler's Wobble - 2005/2006

Mind Control by Parasites

GOP Leaders: Ohio Anti-Gay Adoption Bill D.O.A.

1980 prediction: "Christian Fascists" - persecution of gays and lesbians

Gay NYS Senator Wants Scouts Out Of Executive Mansion

Idaho Senate Prepares To Vote On Gay Unions Ban

Battle Lines Drawn For Colorado Anti-Gay Amendment Fight

Dubuque Teachers Union Wants Gay Partner Benefits

Schwarzenegger Faces GOP Revolt Over Lesbian Aide

Jacob Robida: The kid wasn't a mystery, he wasn't even sad

Kwan Withdraws

Question about pets and hygine.

The Eyes Have It

Matthew's Message for Feb. 11

Hey, question: How tall is Senator Kerry?

Kerry and the Band of Brothers (Fighting Dems)

Is the fight against the DINOs nothing else than a fight against women

Election lawsuit tomorrow


Nor'Easter in Maryland

A V.D. card for the KOEB

Question Authority

'tis done! Income tax return

AUDIO PODCAST - about Network Neutrality from Media Minutes

"earlier presidential involvement could have speeded the response"

Republicans are more stuck on race than anyone else

Bush creates "US Military Main Political Directorate"?

Vilsack -- wiretapping -- FISA -- need some help!!!!!!!!

We need to make the grad employee strike at NYU a priority!

Evangelist Ham mass brainwashes children to reject science

LIVE liberal radio at this hour? Nate Clay streaming NOW -- link

NYT Op-Ed: The ISLAM the Riots Drowned Out

Social Security Investment Accounts, Indexing in Bush Budget

Walk Tall and Carry a Big Shtick (was "My Letter to Tom Vilsack...")

Beware the Iran suituation

FYI: FAS Iran Special Weapons Guide (link to important site)

Why do people on DU post stories about bad acting Christians?

tehe...still whining abou Clinton and two post in its clenis

DNC campaign slogan 2008--What about Jack Abramoff?

Boston Globe: A wrathful right turns on Bush

Erstwhile peacemaker and erstwhile warmongers: Congress & futility

Newest Senator Assails Bush's Budget Plan

Opinion - The Globe Needs the American People...

911 - Claims Another Officer's Life (toxic air)...

NEW TOON 2/12/06 -- 2006 bush* trifecta

LOL - Check out Free Repubelick's mission statement!!

Leaving for DC - PAN Web Cast information.

RW'ers will always win...

Seems like people and quality of life issues are being

Anyone watching Washington Journal on C-Span?

The Republican Party Needs your Help

Should we expect suicide bombers here in the USA....

It just ain't rocket science, people! Re Abramoff;

Republicans - ANWR drilling yes, but in the kingdom of Prince Jeb NO!!!

British soldiers abusing Iraqi teens caught

Our good buddies, Pakistan; "honor" killings, 2005

Sound off, moderate Christians! (Ohio and Blackwell related)

What President Clinton said about Iran

Regarding Iran:Some Clarity, "NO MILITARY OPTIONS"! A Must Read....

Luntz spins his own snubbing

Tales of a Connecticut Donkey

They Really Did Foil A Domestic Terror Plot

" You can't prove that I signed the bill even though it has my signature"

..need to ask/question-WHY have we really not had winter yet [in ny city]

abc (TV)--George S. show--seem to be promoting Biden for Pres.

Eminent Domain - Riviera Beach gets their money's worth:

Everybody knows that .............

Rev Lowery is on FOX right now...

Why did the WH cut both counter-terrorism funding and start...

Judiciary Committee Hearing Replaying On C-Span

VIDEO- Wah- Wah- Hoekstra-Program now of Questionable Value

MSNBC - Maury & Connie show - first time to watch - really doing a

This Week-I cannot stand Donna Braz.... why can't we have people

Anybody Able to Stream Bernie Ward?

Next 24/7 "non news" news story .... M. Kawn out of Olympics.

Totally USELESS Dems. I am sick of them being on TV ( MTP)

"Gay Star Slams Hollywood Attitude"---Sir Ian tells it like it is

I don't accept Harman/Daschle's excuse (re. MTP)

Anyone else notice the uptick in trolls trying to sell the war with Iran?

President has a Constitutional authority above any law passed by Congress

Bush and the trust gap (great article)

VIDEO- Harman-More on what Congress Knew about Spy Program

LTTE "Franklin's words bear repeating" Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama

katrina scapegoating in houston -- good report today

Just heard Olberman will be reporting about possible impeachment of *

VIDEO-Daschle-We were briefed on the Spy leak but insufficiently

NYT - The Trust Gap

Has anyone seen Red State Road Trip?

"Blanco is getting ready to play hardball and holdoff on Gas leases"

Yet ANOTHER flip-flop from the GOP!

No wonder Daschle is out of work.

Rumsfeld says US deepening ties with Algeria

VIDEO- Roberts "It's a Good Law As Far as it Goes"

Hagel is saying what Lieberman should be saying. CNN-Wolfie show.

I think it is time for the Democrats to bring back the Administration's

VIDEO-Harman- President was the source of the leaks

Where is Frank Rich? Did BFEE get to the NYT??

Sunday Morning Sing A Long

MTP--show devoted to domestic spying and presidental powers.

As we begin 2006: NSA, Plame, AIPAC, Abramoff, Enron, Cheney, Edmonds, etc

Why does the public's opinion count

What's this 600 page report that's supposed to be coming out

"michael chertoff is a lackey ..who agrees with the "cry wolf" of the WH."

OK, Maybe Bush Was Right About The War

"Reliable Sources"

FBI 'gave prior warning to Britain about 7/7 bomber'

Am I and some others so dumb as to have to have someone dress me each day

Remember Sept 10th 2001 when Ashcroft submitted his request for funding

CIA ousts al-Qa'eda hunter 'for lack of aggression'

OMG, Lynn Swann Is As Stupid And Uninformed

VIDEO- Roberts Says Bush is above laws of Congress

Now they are bashing Dems for NOT speaking up during Wiretap briefings

Blue States Have To Deal With The Ramifications Of Red State Stupidity

Wouldn't this be a great time for the new torture photos to be released?

OK - This Is Simple - Amend The FISA Law

Why doesn't USA use Israel to distribute all aid that the USA provides?

Early Version of T. Rex Is Discovered

Katrina Report Blames Gov't and White House

Let's apply the Worst Case Scenario to all our issues...please help me out

A Democratic Message

I am sorry Pennsylvanians

Petition For Safe Release of Jill Carroll Breaks 250 ! ! !

Conyers resolution for impeachment is about Iraq not illegal wiretaps

Photos of * & Abramoff

Sorry, but scathing NYT editorials are not good enough

So are we to believe someone would blow their foot off to open a cockpit?

WHEN Will DU'ers Realize Democrats Have NO Say Over Who Gets On TV?

neo-cons occupy Village Voice - shock and awe

Peak Oil and Related Global Issues

I think it's time to declare the Federalist Society a subversive organizat

What should be first item on agenda of new Democratic Congress?

Mo'. come in mopaul, been missing your take on things and all of

Better living through video games?

Where was Karen Hughes during this cartoon issue?--I have not heard

coal mine baron won't pay his fines - govt. appears to look elsewhere

Howard, just say it - IMPEACHMENT

I don't feel any safer now...

"DHS is a monumental flop....and God help us if there is a terrorist attac

Good question on the "2002 attack" from Bush

The Bush Admin will go to war with Iran w/o going to congress

Is anyone talking about the Iranian response?

Discuss: The Violent Femmes "I Hate the President" should be covered

VIDEO- McLaughlin Report on the Shoe Bomb Media Stunt

So Much for Saddam's Tape that "prove" WMD

VIDEO-McLaughlin Report-Jack and George (photos)

VIDEO- Frivolous-McLaughlin calls Washington Times a Rag

How's this for a "Why I supported B** on Iraq strategy" from Dem on C-span

VIDEO- O'Donnell (McLaughlin Report) on Bush and the Republican Revolt

Bush is INSANE if he thinks he can fight a 2 front war - Iran and Iraq.

Bush Not Welcomed In New Hampshire

The poison word that all voters should run away from...

"He's hiding effectively" Condi Rice on why we can't catch Osama

Civil War Draft Riots - History on CSPAN2 now...

Ten burning churches

Why isn't anyone talking about what Tweety (Matthews) said about Cheney

Family Values? It's not about having morals. It's about

follow-up talk with my sister on impeachment

Here's a tough one for you. (poll)

VIDEO- Rice/Clinton on Where's Osama? (This Week with G S)

DU: help me settle my conscience re: Iraq & Afghanistan

If this were 1806, George W. Bush would be slave owner.

You want a pick me up?

VIDEO- George Will on the "Terrorists Now Know About Bush's Spy Prog"

Did Bush invade the wrong country Ira(q) instead of Ira(n)?

H5N1 Bird Flu strikes youngest hardest - Stats and charts.

VIDEO-Colbert Report on Gonzo's President Electronic Spying comment

RNC Response to Dean (that was fast!) HAHA

Speak to Americans - not to Democrats and Republicans...

Opus Dei lowering the bar on its "whipping boy of Liberals" image

Whatever happened to Phase 2?

Caption Condi

Bill would require labeling of genetically modified seeds

Riverbend - The Raid

If a space ship landed and said "Take me to your leaders"...

Kari Byron Alert! Mythbusters is showing the Shark Week episode

It's snowing . . . you know that, don't you?

The Amazing thing about our "Fatigue"

oh dear, Cheney shot someone--hunting "accident"

Who will Fitzgerald indict next?

Stand Up For The Law!

Katherine Harris is back from Iraq

Hey! Dick!

WTF?! Sensenbrenner wants answers on wiretap program?!

Is this the SAME "Harry Whittington" that Cheney shot???

What is the impeachment procedure when the VP goes on a shooting spree?

Feeling the Red State Blues

Bob Barr on CNN called Cheney a "safe handler of firearms" - LOL

Guy whom Cheney shot is a two-time Bush/Cheney donor

cnn breaking. Cheney accidently shot someone. --person is fine.

Armstrong Ranch - Longtime Republican Family Loyalists

When Cheney visited Wittington in the hospital, did he take his gun?

So Senator Roberts remembers things differently than Daschell

Italian Study Spells Trouble for Aspartame (NutraSweet) - NYT, 2/12/06

Drudge has his siren on

How is the corporate media handling the Cheney shooting?

The best coverage of Big Dick shooting his wad has been on Univision.

DU comedians. . .there has to be a Dan Quayle joke out there. . .

Lieberman "They want to kill us all" talking on CNN....

Bush admin caught in Abramoff lies

Deadeye Dick....

Jim Brady whining about the Howell Flap in WP: "Why are people so angry?"

Wittington in stable condition..In ICU

How closely connected are Skull and Bones and our government?

WHY did it take 24 HOURS for us to find out Cheney gunned down a hunter?

Didn't Cheney learn how to shoot a rifle while in the service?

dana bash - "a bunch of BBs coming out of the gun at the same

CNN report Whittington in TRAUMA ICU. . .

Dahr Jamails Irag Dispatches

Great video explaining the federal budget

Cheney is PRO LIFE!

I think that responsible gun ownership...

This is better than when Jerry Ford hit some poor guy with a golf ball.

Why won't the Democrats say they REGRET THEIR VOTE ON THE WAR.

Cheney now MUST be known as "deadeye Dick":

Hey look everyone my own elmer fud thread..

Billions Stolen From Iraq? 60 Minutes tonight....

This is TOO funny

Can Cheney be charged with a crime?

Boy admits stabbing mom 111 times

Cheney devises Medicare savings plan

DNC response to Cheney shooting

Faux News babe now: Will Cheney shooting help distract GOP problems?

Here's an interesting recent article about the guy Cheney shot...

Happy Darwin Day, Everybody!

Wait a minute! Dick Cheney isn't ANGRY, is he?

CSPAN is running the Band of Brothers now.

The gang who couldn't shoot straight can't shoot straight

There are ten stuffed head in Dick's Trophy Room right now!

Cheney has a "personal ambulance"?!

Had they been using real bullets, Cheney woulda blown his head off

something for us gals for valentines day

Vote Democrat! We Know How to Use a Gun!!

Now wait just a minute. They expect us to believe that these

Bush, re: shooting: 'Yer doin' a heck of a job, Dickie!'

Watch British Soldiers Beating Iraqi Youngsters

It's not obstruction, it's damage control!

Answer a question about todays MTP!

Shooting incident reveals yet another Bush lie

'A progressive spiritual politics'

Looking bad for Scooter. Cheney invited him to go hunting next weekend.

If Cheney was hunting birds, wouldn't he be shooting up into the air?

Chimp "opposes a bill to allow government buyout of some destroyed homes"

will wittington get a purple heart?

Anti-* bumper sticker I saw left over from 2004

An Environmental Question

Who Is Cheney Getting Practice For

We need to mock Cheney from now on about his "huntin".

Woman, 3 Kids Found Dead in Western Ohio

ANTI-Spyware -- Doublespeak, The Net (movie)

How long before Bu$h makes a little funny out of

Sam "The End of Faith" Harris on State of Belief, Air America at 5 PM....

Alberto Gonzales Says,"Constituion Gives Cheney The Right To Shoot People"

US Helping Build Terror Prison In Morocco

"Fortunately, the vice president has got a lot of medical people around"

Cheney = Spiro Agnew

Seven years ago today: Clinton was acquitted

Check List ...... am I right

any leader believe s/he is not justified in the evils they perpetrate?

Another "stunning" PBS history program. You must see it if you can.

Where the Rich and Famous Shoot Each Other in TX

How long before the 'puke Congress passes a law to make it legal for...

anyone have pics of Cheney with hunting rifles and other weapons ?

From Now On, the Bush/Cheney Regime Will Be Known As...

Is Communism still an ENEMY form of government?

If a hunter accidentally shoots a person, don't they have to pay a fine?

A 78 year old man is in the hospital and he's damn lucky he's

my headline: "Bloated Monster shoots another Rich Guy"- what's yours?

An idea for a cartoon strip.

Photo of Harry Whittington just SECONDS before Dick shot him...

David Rieff interviewed by Wesley Clark On CSPAN2 NOW

Why Don't Neocons Make Movies Propagandizing Their Bullshit?

MSNBC website graphic - ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING Cheney injures man...

why the 24 hour blackout in report the Cheney hunt accident?

I wonder if Cheney bothered to get an "out of state" license...

I pity Snotty Scotty in Monday's press briefing...

Be Honest: Would You Give Two Hours a Week?

Historical perspective on the Cheney shooting

QUICK! Get this to Cheney - Shooting Safety Rules

anyone have the pic of Rove making fun of Kerry for hunting ?

Do you blame Iran if they retaliate for a US attack?

are they now OFFICIALLY "the gang that couldn't shoot straight"?

Pretzel choking, bike injuries, in and out of the ER, shooting

Howard Dean Had To Know About Cheney.

Not Again! AP: "Cheney Shoots Rity Cosby's Vocal Chords"

Bush and Cheney's Silent Cry for Help

VP Scattergun!

Are you buying this?

Photo released from yesterday's Cheney Quail Hunt >>>

So, is "Pickles" so visible this week because of what Bush

cross-country pursuit finish on now!

Jason Leopold on the Monitor, 6 pm CST, re Plame, Echelon, Enron

AP: "Cheney makes Whittington a HOLE new Man- Full of Holes, that is"

EXCLUSIVE: First Photo of Cheney Shooting Victim (Satire)

Roy Rogers never inspired these types of cowboy games (bback mtn cartoon)

New Iraq Victory Strategy Unveiled!

Weekly Standard has published cartoons-bill K. says they will not be

Let,s see:The #2 man of the whole outfit....

Cheney: "no regrets" about shooting the old man

Did the U.S. miss their chance not having Cheney in the 15K Biathalon?

What Fallout... If Cheney Had Accidently Killed The Guy ???

Iran's list of when field commanders can use nukes; (not really, see link)

Breaking,,,,Cheney invites Howard Dean, Patrick Leahy on hunting trip!!

Freepers thoughts on "gunner dick" ..... full melt down!

Indiana proposing law stating life begins at conception

Man... Can You Imagine Bush And Cheney Hunting TOGETHER ???

How will the media spin Cheney's little "accident"?

My first Vice President Fudd image

Heres a question was Dick drinking when he shot his buddy

Why is there a tiny "x" on top of the DU menu icon bar?

This morning Howard Dean compared Cheney to Aaron Burr

TOON: Americans vs. Muricans (or merkins)

It's *already* being spun to be Whittington's fault he was shot

Caption this Crashcart Picture using today's Shooting incident as material

Cheney's gun firing episode in emoticons.

DU cell phone users

Three lessons from the cartoon jihad

On Cheney and blaming the victim

So if Cheney is TOO QUICK ON THE TRIGGER while Hunting...

Does anyone here find this statement odd ?

Conyers: Bad Day for Cheney, Worse Week for the White House

The Right Is Finally Getting PISSED

The trouble with teflon...

What goes around comes around: pic of Rove making fun of Kerry duck hunt.

Howdy, FReepers. What, you expected us not to post on this one?

Is anybody listening to KGO radio? Cheney injured on huntung trip.

Accidental shooting...YESTERDAY!!

An Invitation To Join Me

What is the physical difference between an emu and a rhea?

the hunting song

David Swanson: Debating Impeachment Among Democrats

Need Reliabile/Verifiable Website for Dem Band of Brothers to Donate..

Let's be honest here...

CNN just reports that Wittingham was admitted at 8:30 PM and eyewitness

help debunk right wing email(social security)

Is there irony in Whittington being head of the FUNERAL Commission?

New Google bomb campaign: This time for mAnn Coulter

The only thing worse than Ann Coulter is

Dick Cheney Poll: Please Help!

Obesity "epidemic" a myth promoted by diet industry, diet doctors

'War is Hell'

You start wearing blue and brown

soooooo was the "accident" a warning???

I've got a tax question.

Cheney hunting accident: Where's that pic of Karl and Karen in their camo

If Dick Can't Handle a Rifle, Then He Shouldn't Handle the Football --->

Where can I find "Impeach" stickers...

I'm irritated when people use the term "Blue State"

Bush knew (heavy with photos, dial up warning)

Conquest and Defense

Chicago Times: Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 attack

Remember when the Freeps were all up in arms over FISA

Author Michael Crichton says environmentalism is religion, not science

Harry Whittington, the guy Cheney just shot - connected to FUNERAL GATE

Focus on terror......

Cheney Shooting Victim Part of 1999 Bush Cover-up

The tragedy did not occur on September 11th, 2001.

Hunting info and questions that need to be asked.

NPR reporting Whittington was BEHIND Cheney...

LTTE: DNC has received $354,546 from Abramoff and his affiliated firms

Somebody is chastising the FWEEPERS

Rice calls Iran a grave threat

Theres something wrong going on (re: abuse pics)

Urgent Message from Democracy Now - Help Save Public Access TV

Anyone else remember this GW & Jeb Bush snippet from Election night 2000?

Where did this fake Fitzgerald blogger get this Bush/Abramoff photo?

"OPEC will produce at least 50% of world oil by 2008"

If anyone is wondering why Karen Hughes is MIA

Please welcome another illegal program to the party!

Marine Vet from IRAQ : "...we're basically committing genocide..."

Conan O'Brien Says He Expects Cabinet Position In Finland

George Bush's Top Advisor

James Madison Explains Why Bush Declared Endless War

War with Iran... we need to be informed so we can try and stop it!

Cheney Should Be Investigated By LE for Felony Reckless Conduct With a Gun

Judge Skewers "absurd" Congress over Bankruptcy bill passage

God help us..It's worst than I thought

Iran - some perspective

Alberto Gonzalez statement on Cheney Shooting

Dropping Back In On This One.

DAYUM!!!! Scathing, Blistering, Devastating NYT Lead Editorial!!

CNN - Howard Kurtz rips Steven Colbert

VIDEO of British soldiers abusing Iraqi youths. Very graphic beatings

Why is Iran a threat to us? Why do we need to war with Iran?

Cheney Accidentally Bags Lawyer Out Of Season


Does anybody have a link to see Bill Maher's appearance on Mondays O'Liely

For one Marine, torture came home

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

FBI Seen Hustling Scooter Libby Away From Cheney Shooting Scene

"St.Augustine Parish and its rich New Orleans history become victims of

great doonesbury cartoon today

GOP castoffs are spilling the beans

CNN's Jack Cafferty

Need ideas for t-shirt

There's something wrong w/ Cheney -- killed 70 TAME birds in one trip

DU Folding@Home - Thread #8 - Put your PC to work to fight disease!

NSA question?

Video clip of Wolf breathlessly reporting Dean's NSA statement this week.

Want to get "Loose Change" to an ex pat friend..

Google may have snapped a rendition

A 9/11 Conspirator in King Bush's Court!

Dems Argue That Bush's Budget Hurts Middle-Class? Well.....DUH.....

most recommended on yahoo.

Back door 'reform': Bush gunning for Social Security in 2007 budget

Name- calling won't harm Sen. Clinton

I Had An Idea. So Crazy, It's Possble?

Incredible film: what really happened on 9/11, quite credible:

Gee, now I wonder why journalists are being shot at in Iraq when...

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites

So Frist is Backing Away from Bush - per Novak


Who Do You Really Think Will Run On The repug Ticket In 2008?

So, if Congress is briefed, President can break the Law?

NYT/IHT: Bush and the trust gap (must-read)

Montpelier, VT: "a small band of young men chanting 'Nuke Iraq'"

Mayor: New Orleans will seek aid from other nations

Dem slogan '06, '08?: "Of the people, by the people, for the people!".

Pete McCloskey, a stand up guy, a fighter and a Repub. too

why is Ireland lying?

NAFTA success stories: Free trade "unwittingly" fuels drug smuggling

Who is the Dem running against Chaffee and how can I contribute

have you noticed how the media has begun to push Ross-Latenin?

The UBER Rich NEED TO Pay their FAIR SHARE of TAX Burden.

Don't Republicans claim their victory was because of "Angry White Men"

George Allen Wins Rightwing Poll

the religiously insane's successful coup on the Air Force Academy

there is a new dem. candidate that needs some friendly tutoring

If they want to tag Dems as angry, then they should be angry damn it!

RNC's response to Dean's appearance of Face the Nation

St. Pete Times article on John Russell

smirk twice refuses to talk to L.A. mayor, then throws terrorist threat

If the draft were reinstated today, how long would it take to actually get

They didn't swear in the AG because....

Should the UBER Rich Pay their fair share?

Things are not so simple....

NEW Grand Theft Election: "GOP Fear Factor" Let 'Em Eat Fear

You're either with me or get the hell out of my Administration!

GOP fears backlash on Bush budget

Pat Roberts Just Pulled out memory pills on Meet The Press. LOL!!!

Why Weren't Rockefeller and Pelosi On MTP Instead of Daschle and Harmon?..

Ken Mehlman Invites us to 'Share Your Thoughts on Our Party'

Spin out of control? (cartoons and rice)

An amendment amends. There. Is that so difficult? (NSA spying)

On Empty Propaganda Twaddle (I've said it before and I'm saying it again.)

Mealy-mouthed Democrats: a rant

"Scandal Fatigue" is What Karl Rove WANTS You to Believe

W/O Cheney on the ticket, could Bush have gotten as many votes as he did

FBI says PA man "plotted with al-Qaida blow up the Alaska pipeline...

SPIN: The Liberals are to blame for Cheney's hunting accident because...

Sheeler Riddle Me This

The New Orleans Mayors Race-What do you think

Did Harkin lie about his military service?

We can still overtake this poll!

Howard Dean on FACE THE NATION now, making good sense as always. /nt

Phil Donahue launches Studebaker for U.S Congress in Dayton, Ohio

Need DU's Help with SHEELER (D- RI) campaign

Fox Poll: Dems gain on issues, are preferred to control Congress in 06....

DU help! Were Jimmy Carter's comments (CSK) against Bush courageous or ...


Heard Cheney invited Chavez to go hunting next....!

Looking bad for Scooter. Cheney invited him to go hunting next weekend.

Is there more to this attack on Science from the Christian Right?

Condi The War Witch blames Clinton for Osama being alive

TAXES: the issue Dems are ignoring at their own peril.

They've systematically divided this country (not accidentally)

Democrats Push Bill That Would Bar Third Parties in Races for Congress

An Ideal Candidate would be an Independent....

The Next President of the United States will be Seen as a Truth Teller

Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington while hunting today

Specter Caught Lying to Himself

Should Democrats use the "Carter model" for next election ?

For those who don't think that Bernie Sanders is helping Democrats...

BREAKING: VP Cheney accidently shoots man!

recently I asked if the media could be sued & most answers were

Was Cheney drinking before he capped the lawyer?

Will Neo-Cons Still Be Believers When The TIde Is Turned?

Don't read this. Don't watch the video clips.

Iran's long-range missiles, secret commando units, global terrorist allies

France Invades U.S. (Part 1)

Do you even give a Shit what Iran Does?

Just a little tidbit to chew over ...Hillary and Bill are a Team

Bush administration in crisis -- Abramoff lies exposed in pictures

911 Bankers to Run SIX Major U.S. Ports—Dubai(UAE). IMPEACH NOW!!!

Supporting Howard Dean: Why it's personal

Close Bush friends complicit in kidnap and torture case