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Archives: February 11, 2006

The Believer (New Yorker on Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson)

WP: Two Immigrants, Two Standards

"This is not a cartoon war"

San Diego Union Tribune: recruiting Hispanics?

WP/Milbank: Bob Barr, Bane of the Right?

From Republic to Tyranny

The White Noise of Scandal: Rude Pundit (Warning)

A Letter to the American Left

No to war, No to the Mullahs

Republican Chief Outlines 2006 Strategy

WP's Colbert King: A Fitting Funeral for Mrs. King

Four Presidents and a Funeral (PEGGY NOONAN)

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this...

2.3 Trillion missing on 9/10/2001, anyone have a link please?

Any digital video "geeks" out there?

Voters seek to ensure machines have paper trail

What I think the Hursti Hack means….

Iowa DU Gathering?

Peter White for 10th Congressional District of Mass-Quincy south to Cape

Any digital video gurus out there?

A Valentine's gift for a hardworking lady....

I just had the best dinner

Could I please get some feedback on this cookbook idea?

I've plugged my car's block heater in twice this winter.

Harper, Cellucci bid farewell to Hamm as N.S. Tories pick new leader

NDP wants inquiry into Emerson's floor-crossing

Peter MacKay's pathetic defense of Emerson.....LOL


Solitaire Game Gets NYC Worker Fired (By Bloomberg)

Reid-Abramoff ties reported on CNN

Republican Chief Outlines 2006 Strategy

Ex-CIA Official: Bush Admin 'Cherry Picked' Iraq Intelligence

Coral Gables Hostage Situation

Syrian Charged With Masterminding Bombings

Jill Carroll's kidnappers set 'final deadline'

New Yorkers visit storm-damaged New Orleans to promote tourism

Celebrations as ex-president of Haiti heads for election victory

State AG questions undercover investigation of peace group (Peace Fresno)

General faults U.S. on Iraqi military

AP: 21 hurt as van crashes during Border Patrol chase in Otay Mesa

NYT: Republicans on Hill Add Voices to Dissent Over Eavesdropping

Lobbyist Confirms Talks With Reids Office (contacts were incidental)

NYT: Ex-FEMA Leader Says Bush Aides Knew of Floods

Florida Airports Step Up Security After Threat

Worst Cities for Traffic

Three More Lawmakers Tied to Lobbyist(LaTourette-OH, Young-Alaska, Capito-

On Hold: Historic Value Halts Demolition (Biloxi Sun-Herald/Katrina)

Iran plant 'has restarted its nuclear bomb-making equipment'

on the AP: Two Former Aides to Ohio Governor Charged

Cuba Demands Justice (re: US sponsored anti Cuba terra)

GOP chairman questions Democrats' ability to protect Americans

Soldier's wife holds fundraisers for body armor for troops

.sorry self-deleted post

Woman gets eight months for felony DUI manslaughter


Cher told me to tell you NC DUer's

Boom chacka lacka lacka lacka.......

I cannot believe my good fortune today! I had a good experience....

Microsoft Vista. Who's gonna get it when it comes out?

I hate FedEx :(

tonight I'm going to a movie all by myself, but which one?

It's Universal Monster night on AMC

Nifty website with instructions for Pet CPR & other emergencies.

So now that I have discovered bookmarking, I am


Programmers that makes you sound dumb.

Are the internets slow for anyone else tonight?

Why do fathers walk around in their underwear?

Useless lounge personal info collection data feelgood thread(there's math)

SciFi Friday or Olympics Opening Ceremony?

It's Friday. You hate Bush. Time to EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!

MY GOD did you see that look of Laura Bush at the Olympics

Lildreamer's 12-step plan for wasting your day.

ZombieNixon's 3-Step Guide to Combatting Depression:

What the hell is wrong with the Academy?

Hockey??? At Lambeau Field???

I have now seen it all!

"Draws", or "Drawers"?

Say something!

Is there a song about two people that you have been

Rush farts in elevator, nearly kills asthmaticeog

New Drink Dr. Fred

cheap drugstore floozie that you still love, or use?


Can you believe the USA didn`t make this list ?

Sand Game

Is anyone Chinese? I have a question.

Do you know what a 'Country Sneeze' is?

WOW! I just customized my Google News page

Here Comes the Snow!!!!

Are other markets being "treated" to the "war propaganda" ad?

Anyone have the XM MyFi portable radio?

Here Comes the Snow!!!! (NC mountains)

Rush farts in elevator, nearly kills asthmatic exec

Did anybody else see the

Question about ABC and the war in Iraq...

Snow coming to Nashville- people getting stupid-RANT!

Any guesses on who is gonna light the flame at the Olympics?

Anyone listening to Brian Williams's insipid commentary...

Who likes "The Fall Guy"?

DU chefs... when will my iron skillet be seasoned enough not to stick?

I never see "the man in the moon"

Worst Cover of a Lousy Song

Kitty CRACK!!

BREAKING NEWS: Presidential Library Flooded!

Feel-good Hit of the Summer

What fun, to be drunk, and watching truly great film.

Battlestar Galactic question - spoiler alert

Yoko "oh no"

Unlucky at the dentist's

Ok Let me be the first ...."BARF"

Have you ever eaten D'Angelo?

"Denny Crane."

Offer on the mountain house today. Here is my counter .. is it wise?

Much needed information or ham handed propaganda?

Name 3 things dumber than "myspace".


So what's the Weather Report?

Battlestar is upon us

Oh, shit, am I in trouble. Big snow is coming and we are out of __________

Just finished a Sylvia Plath biography. (SPOILERS!)

Who likes "Fallout Boy"?

I'm watching Boondock Saints

I'm off to Kinko's- anybody need anything?

Update on the Prophetess

what is your favorite meal?

What the hell is this Bank of America "Keep the Change" program - dumb!!

Why does my computer make so much noise?

Muslim Radicals are Intimidating the Western Press !

2 hour Arrested Development finale just started

I HATE the rofl smiley

The first ever feline olympics are now started - what event will your cat

How Matcom warms up before he rides his bike

Cheap drugstore perfume that you either used to love, or still do:

What do you LOVE about your city/town?

Winter is finally coming to Connecticut! (And how.)

Is pre-emptive swiftboating of Dem candidates happening in your area?

Gonna take a day off and go to the movies.

Have you ever eaten a tangelo?

Richard Nixon's Social Security number was 567-68-0515.

I saw The Pink Panther tonight - loved it! Funnier than hell!

I'm the last person in the country to see "Walk the Line"

Lost: Sawyer

If your parent(s) are still living, how often do you call or visit?


Damn. DU isn't the same without TallahassieGrannie

Anyone watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics? SPOILERS

Current and former Wellbutrin users.....Please check in!

Leo : Sayer

How the hell do you dope for SKELETON?


I'm off to Wal-Mart - anybody need anything?

Post a Valentine for Agent Mike!

What's your favorite TV vehicle?

Friday Night At The Chinese Buffet

thread withdrawn

Really cool video about JESUS. (wink wink)

Coenzyme Q10 and statin drugs

Researchers 'rewrite the book' in quantum statistical physics

View this movie: one orbit around Titan, moon of Saturn

Is Precession of the Equinoxes caused by our Sun having a twin?

HRC: Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment

Kitten update & question

President George W. Bush would seem allied to dread events

John Kerry Calls on President to Fully Fund Disaster Loan Program

Please see

I know someone has already posted this here,

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - We did it.

Letter to Senator Kerry thanking him for co-sponsoring S.1915

Friday Night KOEB 2-10-06

Delete dupe

Any DU'ers survived cancer?

Dobbs, Tweety follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Political whodunit takes an eerie twist

DNC gives 1st annual "Brownie" award to George Deutsch

WOO HOO! Can't WAIT to conceive my BIOTECH BABY!..NC TeeVee!

VIDEO- Matthews and Sauber on the CIA Leak-Cheney

Q: is there a complete transcript of Rev Lowrey's Eulogy at CSK's Funeral

If Haliburton had been in Charge of the Marshall Plan $

Classroom cupcakes face expulsion

Read about Bush's idea of security and NSA spying

fixing the intel-to go to war. Bob Shrum on Hardball. This is dsm stuff

VIDEO- Schuster on the Bush/Abramoff Photos

Heh! MSNBC must make a lot of money from showing perverts

tweety showed the move on .org ad.

Bigger asshole than Blitzer on Situation Room.

I get so tired of the Righties on Huffington!

VIDEO- Cheney Cherry-Picked Intel according to ex-CIA guy Pillar


Southern Poverty Law Center takes note of Dobbs' Anti-Immigration Stance

KO on now-telling us the real news of the day!

John Conyers' Blog, Friday, Feb. 10th-* stories percolating:

South Dakota ready to ban abortion...

Are we at war or something?

Dean in Boston today says Bush administration more corrupt than Nixon's.

Joe (WHPIMP) DiGenova on CNN now.

MUST SEE picture....this is too funny!!

"Who's the Stanka?" LOL!! Love this segment on the Bush/Abramoff photos

"Maybe even the MSM's lizard brains are getting wise to the White House's

this is whathappened again

The Hammer and the Ass in chief Party ON!

Newsweek: The Shoe (Bomb) on the Other Foot

I need a really high resolution version of that snarling crashcart pic

Cheney's in charge of classifying documents, Libby's story is meaningless

Attention DU IT Professionals!

"Three More Lawmakers Tied to Lobbyist"

OK bush bots, now is the time to THINK...

May just be some bullshittin going on here, funny joke I want to share.

Misvalued house causes Indiana budget woes

VIDEO- Worst Person in the World

O'Reilly tonight: It's France's fault that we went to war in Iraq.

PermaWar repels, protects, and is all yours - for a price

Maryland repuke:Stem cell studies simliar to Nazi research and slavery

Football and pizza point to US staying for long haul in Iraq

Does Bab's Junior Shop With Aunt Condi for Shoes?

new repuke talking point?

Calif. AG questions undercover investigation of peace group (Fresno)

MAJORITY REPORT ALERT...........Sam Is Back!!!!!!!!!!


Sam Donaldson at conservative conference honoring traitor Bob Novak CSPAN

What is the evidence that cable news viewership is lower than network?

What a fair panel on Hardball Hotshots....

da Bugman gets a cold reception at Reagan dinner {Novak being honored}

You CANNOT MISS CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday! "Billions Wasted In Iraq?"

Bush's crimes are far worse than anything Nixon ever did

Gif File of the year

KOlberman to talk about Liberty Tower--oops Library Tower

Irate car buyer kills himself on plane

Libby: White House 'Superiors' OK'd Leaks

* Bush accidentally makes incriminating remarks about Spy Program *

Been away all day; I see it's biz as usual.

In what month does your state hold primaries for Congress?

What should I do about this?

The UN Oil-for-Food Program: Who Is Guilty?

"ABA President Urges Bush to Obey Spy Laws"

VIDEO- Must See- KO on the Bush/Abr. Photos-with Schuster comments

"Cheney Says NSA Spying Should Be an Election Issue" EVOTING MUST GO!!!!

Here Comes the Snow!!!!

George W. Bush's Ode to America.

Here Comes the Snow!!!! (NC mountains)

Pastor: "Believers are God's authorized representatives on earth."

G'Nite mates - I'm heading for a parallel universe

So Brownie was put under oath

Anyone see this movie "But I'm a Cheerleader"?

Ohhh I feel...woozy... dizzy... everything's spinning... going dark...

Caption this photo of rummy and friends

Woman Puts 'Offender' Sign on Wrong House

Last Night, Stephen Colbert NAILED Pro-War Liberals to the Toilet

VIDEO- Olbermann on the Brownie Hearings

Name That Hurricane

Some Interesting Stories on Radio Havana Cuba

The new Zogby poll?

Imposter: Reaganites catching on to what Bush is

Ok Let me be the first ...."BARF"

Scandals - great LTTE

Is the *ush administration ever going to actually do anything about..

Juan Cole's Brief History of a Criminal Enterprise (with pictures)

Anyone have photo of Sophia Loren, Isabel Allende, and Susan Sarandon...

If/When Cheney resigns - who will Bush name as VP?

time to ask this,,regarding my reply to threads...

Did We Just Lose The Malloy Stream

"Health fears for victims of Ground Zero's deadly dust "

Sensenbrenner schedules Mardi Gras theme fundraiser

Another scared Republican

Anybody see the BS ad for the Iraq war during the olympics?

This is the hardest question I ever had to answer....

How Iran can avoid war

French Farmer-Activist Denied Entry to USA for 'Speaking Out'

Anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.. WTF???

Kick for an archived thread on the lost billions in Iraq.

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers Friday Wind Down

Fweepers Hate Peggy Noonan

Just broke on AP: Capito linked to Abramoff!!!

So, I'm going to my first local Dem party caucuses mtg tomorrow...

PIC: Laura at the Olympics with Mrs. Blair and Boozin'Babs

Why does anyone listen to Rush or Coulter? I mean really?

Petition for the Release of Jill Carroll

The republican rats are leaping off the sides of the SS *Adminstration

Four Presidents and a Funeral (PEGGY NOONAN)

Reid-Abramoff ties reported on CNN

A point about the NSA spying - talking in code..

N.J. Foster Mom Who Starved Sons Sentenced

Watching the opening of the Olymics and I could have sworn I heard

ABA Poll: Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights

Wow, Bush and Cheney don't inspire much loyalty, do they?

Brown said the Army and civilians couldn't get to the Conv Ctr....REALLY??

You know what? I think this is it. I think ** is done-for

If we are to believe that the majority of Muslims condemn the violent

Bush/Abramoff Photos- Met Bush "almost a dozen" times

FEMA is pulling long term recovery personnel from Louisiana

another day in paradise-riverbend`s home gets raided

You know, I think the Olympics has "jumped the shark"

Why do most folks on DU assume the US is the only one who would...

Compilation of Katrina, Fema Threads

Molly Ivins: "The perennial suckers who fell for Bush's SOTU address"

olympics open ceremony is great but bob and whats his name are

VIDEO- Dan Abrams Closing Argument on Whistleblowers-(Slams Goss)

My Poll about Polls: The Truthiness of Polls

Iraqis could solve their problems within 6 months

In God We Trust on license plates? Next move to rally fundies?

New episodes of Mike Malloy reads George Orwell's 1984 posted!

I have a favor to ask DU'ers. . .

Anti-Meth Measure Part of Patriot Act Deal

25 quotes of Mahatma Gandhi


We haven't beaten the far right, but we can still hurt their movement!

ARGH!!!!!!!!! A rant from a military family member.

Americans say president shouldn't suspend rights:ABA Poll


Lieberman accepted Hannity's endorsement today

Israel plans to build 'museum of tolerance' on Muslim graves

John Kerry Calls on President to Fully Fund Disaster Loan Program

Audit Finds FEMA Wasted Millions

LOL: Top 10 priorities for a GOP Congress in 2006

WP: Email Letters To Froomkin Ask All The Right Questions

Bush administration moves to sell national forest land

Media cite flawed AP report to promote unestablished Reid/Abramoff link


So if we have Hillary we get Bill, Right.

I was gonna post about the bronze bust of Bush in the National Guard,

What d' ya think JFK Jr. & "George" mag would be doing re. election fraud?

Do We Have To Arrest Bush & Company Ourselves?

Malloy About to Talk about Brownie and NOLO

Did they raise a terror alert in LA at the time?

We haven't beaten the radical right, but we can still HURT their movement!

GOP has a 2006 strategy

I don't think that we should abolish lobbyists (if it is even possible)

Stealth Attack on Social Security

John Bolton was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize....

Democrats look for gains in governors' races

Petition for the Release of Jill Carroll

Brownie giving Norm Coleman hell on Countdown

"Americans are angry"

WP: Bob Barr, Bane of the Right? ("the skunk at CPAC's party")

Dems need to get on the stealth additon of SS privatization immediately

VVPB question- how to remedy discrepancy between a DRE tally and the VVPB

Russ Feingold: Patriot Act Deal Falls Short on Protecting Freedoms

Finally! Someone asked the very question I've been wanting to ask

Contest "Draw Muhammad as you see him" Was Bound To Inflame

Should we start a "troll posse"?

Wes Clark on C-Span's Book TV- interviewing David Rieff on 2/11-2/12

JASON MILLER: Shed Your Addiction -- Beyond Mere Survival in the Dystopia

Dick Cheney’s Loose Lips

Fayetteville Observer (Ft. Bragg): Bush vs. Congress on Wiretaps


(NYT) Another Cave-In on the Patriot Act (free)

Book Casts Doubt on Case for War

Mountaintop removal

Right-wing party animals (By Michael Scherer)

Tool or Fool?

Two killers closer to first military executions since 1961


Their Own Version of a Big Bang

More Medicines From Abroad Seized

NYT: Healing, With New Limbs and Fragile Dreams

As winters get milder,

Nuking the Economy - Paul Craig Roberts

Do Bush supporters hate their country?

Baghdad Sniper: Myth or Menace?

Radical Islam's believers beyond reach of reason

William Pfaff: A 'long war' designed to perpetuate itself

Congress Stirs to Rein in the President....Foiling Rove's Strategy

Alter: Bush uses Intel for Purely Partisan Reasons (SMACKDOWN!!!)

Shell, BP, Pew Join Call For Mandatory Emissions Limts, Immediate Cuts

Dutchess County Legislators Block Fleet Purchase - Want More Hybrids

Condasleazy Proudly Pimps $52 M For Asia-Pacific Climate "Committment"

Official Katrina Death Toll Now 1,310 - Hundreds Still Missing - AP

Hill County, MT - Where The Alfalfa Shoots Turn Green In February

ChimpCo's Pet Evangelicals Cite "Unsettled" Science On Climate Change

Rio Grande Valley Birth Defects May Be Linked To Corn Toxin - ENN

Link: White House wants to sell federal forestland - to support schools!

Bismarck, ND - No Below-Zero Days So Far This Winter

Great Article - "The Fake Energy Solution" - Rolling Stone

The State of the State (of Energy)

Ten years to prevent catastrophe

James Hansen's Damning Remarks On NOAA And NASA Censorship

Islamic Jihad threatens violence in cartoon row

Kadima hares forward to March

'I have told my kids to leave'

PA AG seizes assets of dozens of officials suspected of corruption

Hamas team to visit Moscow soon

Islam's Holocaust denial trap

Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al at a Damascus Mosque....

Israel angered over Russia-Hamas talks

CNN Breaking: Ariel Sharon's health has seriously deteriorated

THis would be a great bumper sticker and a way to get the word

Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse

Four critical issues Americans do NOT want to hear the TRUTH about

Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse

You have to check out this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Madrid fire revisited

9/11 Rescuer Saw Explosions Inside WTC 6 Lobby

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

VVPB audit question- tallies dont match, what is the remedy?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Feb. 11

John Gideon on Laura Flanders tonight!

Cross posted from the CA forum: Need media for MCM's book

"Uncle Soros investing in Diebold?"

BEWARE - email sent to me by a Fellow Iowa Democrat

MyDD....Iowa 1st Distinct a Dem. pick-up??? OH YEA!!!

Evan Bayh...."Yeah, what Vilsack says"...

Mike Festa withdrew from the DA race today

How did the caucus go in Kingston today 2/11?

I have missed you all SOOOOOOO Much!!

The Devil Made Me Order This (That Devil, AZDem!!)

Omelette technique help

A question re: countertops.

'I won't quit' embattled Emerson tells CBC

WP/Milbank: Bob Barr, Bane of the Right?

Disconnecting crime in Boston

Danish ambassador to leave Syria

U.S. concludes 'Cyber Storm' mock Internet attacks

Bush Reveals Rationale Behind Surveillance

Iran plant 'has restarted its nuclear bomb-making equipment'

Sharon likely to die today: hospital source (Reuters)

Ahmadinejad threatens to revise nuclear policy, rejects freeze

Khatami singles out Israel in defending Iran's nuclear plans

Message to us from the Freedom Fighters in Iraq

Ridge (fire) lookout land (CA) on sale list-(Bush Nat Forest sell-off)

Murtha Says "Army is Broken" and American People Don't Know It

Influential Public Television Programmer Leaves Post

Pentagon removes UCSC protest from threat database

Oops! - Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still On (reporters hear private talk)

Lobbyist confirms talks with Reid's office

Voodoo head found in air luggage

State plans to turn over 2004 voting files to the Democrats (AP:Alaska)

Death Row inmate's lawyers accused (Kenneth Starr, forged doc's)

France moves to new immigration policy

Baghdad Sniper: Myth or Menace?

Japanese paying U.S. workers bonuse

Bird flu spreadng in

NYT: Photograph Shows Lobbyist at Bush Meeting With Legislators

Germany negotiates to free detainee(with US)

ABA head warns against 'taking shortcuts' w/ Constitution

Laura Bush greeted in Turin by demos

Replay of Coretta Scott King funeral tonight on C-Span at 8:00

Editorial antics on Wikipedia

Moussaoui Defense: U.S. Failed to Probe

Reid sticks to guns on ties to lobbyist

Auditors Find Huge Fraud in FEMA Aid (NY Times)

Preval protesters demand results of Haiti election

US seeks stronger military ties with North African states

China bankers deny US scam charge

Fake Indian Art Prompts Verification Plan

Newest Senator Assails Bush's Budget Plan

Democrats look for gains in governors' races

Thousands to join pro-Islam rally

7 parties to oppose Bush's India visit ("He is certainly not welcome")

Greece, Italy find deadly strain of bird flu virus

(WP) Censorship Is Alleged at NOAA

Death toll from Katrina likely higher than 1,300

Governor wants to reshape approach to women prisoners

Delphi wins court OK on executive salaries ($38 million in bonuses)

More Poor Students Not Applying for Aid

(Samuel L. ) Jackson 'set for Iraq war film'

Bush acknowledges problems in drug plan's rollout (Reuters)

Shi'ites fail to nominate Iraq PM again

Saudi Cleric Demands Trial Over Drawings

EXCLUSIVE: DoJ Notifies House Today of Monday Briefing on NSA Wiretaps

Denver enters bid to host Dems' 2008 convention

UAE scholars call upon Muslims to be forgiving

Bush's Budget Cuts Elderly Nutrition Plan

Vatican abortion treaty brings down government

Ind. Proposal: Life Starts at Conception

First Photo of Bush & Abramoff (+ Rove) - Time

(Ken) Starr accused of sending fake clemency pleas

Farmer Incomes to Drop After Record Years

FDA has lost its way, says former official

Laura says Hillary "out of bounds" in criticizing Bush

Latinamerican trade surplus with US tops 100 billion

Peaceful cartoon protest (in London this morning)

Dad: Son put up for adoption without his knowledge

Bush to discuss health care during visit to Wendy's

CNN Breaking: Ariel Sharon's health has seriously deteriorated

I must be completely out of the loop

Who should be in bed by now?

Suzy Kolber - Cute or Overexposed

The newest boondocks: rock on

I think GalleryGod should post the rest of his collection of Sopranos pics

Gee whiz! The Olympic Opening Ceremonies are so NOT Italian!

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

Does your cat eat what you kill?

Ok DU, I Know At Least One Of You Has An Answer To This.

I have an earworm - Courtesy of Ellen Forradalom

SPOILER: First Winter Olympic medal awarded

Do not press

so I found some pics of my mom when she was very young! hottie!


Do you eat what your car kills?

Fiona Apple on The Tonight Show. Fiona Apple On The Tonight Show.

I'm listening to D.R.I.'s "Dirty Rotten LP"

Anyone Ever Wear a Holter Monitor?

I just ran out of tinfoil

Ouch! My breasts hurt!

Question about Napster

i'm eating cheetos...

Why are the weather people calling this a Nor'Easter?

Anyone notice that petition

Dancing With The Stars..........

My Milkshake...

oh-blah dee oh-blah dah...

I am going to bed

I'm feeling a little post-roadside schadenfreude right now (freep DUI)

....Watch CSPAN1 right now

So tell me

I just watched "Crash" and now I am too disturbed to sleep!

Damn. North Alabama under a snow advisory

I just found out Betty Friedan died on Feb 4

Hypothetical question - If Al Gore had been sworn in on 1-20-01

Piss sd drunk and you can ask me antything

I'm eating Cheetos in bed.

Saturday earworm. Depressing and obscure, in honor of wildhorses!

I just lost an epic battle for the possession of a rubber bone

I think I should write obituaries!

$121,900 House Valued At $400 Million, Blamed For Town Budget Woes (PIC)

Me doing my job.

Al Qaeda caller ID

Can you imagine Crashcart Cheney at Coretta King's funeral?...

Who doesn't love Ellen?

Eeeyahooo!!! It's snowing!

Who's watching the Olympics right now?

Anyone want to be my Myspace friend?

Dogs love bush!


MSNBC Weather: Heavy snow to start Noon-2 p.m. in D.C., 6-8 p.m. in NYC

A joke.

My new favorite song.. Skullcrusher Mountain

Found this. Couldn't resist posting:


Snowplowing in action.

Foreigner or Loverboy?

Any one have a webcam sunrise?

Dream bathroom for the ladies!

I watched Harrison Ford's "Firewall" yesterday

Lighting of the Olympic Torch at Opening Ceremony

Woman Hangs 'Sex Offender' Sign On Wrong Neighbor's House

Good Saturday Morning, Everybody!

Did some of the olympic footage last night look funny to anyone else?

Does anyone else have sinus issues when the

It is frequently smarter not to try...

Dreams induced by a high fever are really amazing.

An advertising pic, for Heidi!

Attn: DU Fashionistas

Does your cat flop down on the floor to greet you?

Ready for a big warm Fuzzy?


Okay, time to use Bill O'liely's trick, Stalin, or George?

To Boost ratings, MSNBC is going to try "Rita Cosby, Live & Nekkid."

Conspiracy! Ribbons are sideways fishes!

Big Hairy Beaver

"HouymnmnM" - what does this farm name mean?!?

What are you up to today?

If they're not careful, Lee Adama being held hostage

*Boring Win 2k Computer Network question

Olympic Results

masa just updated the blog if your interested...

For the next 2 weeks, I have to avoid CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Gonna see Tom Rush tomorrow.

@$#%&! bogus "War of the Worlds" DVD!

Sprouting potatoes: still good to eat?

Do you receive so-called Nonsense SPAM e-mails?

Voodoo head found in air luggage

The pop corn smiley needs to be placed at the top of the lookup table

Hey I'm not dead alright. But I did make a ton of dough when I sold

Got my DU bumpersticker. Thanks Skinner.

Gale: "Alright ya' hayseeds, it's a stick-up...

I'm going to audition for a play today

Women's Olympic Hockey.. Legal Check = Penalty?

NY/NJ/CT Sci-Fi Fans - WPIX will be re-airing the Twilight Zone

I'm Crazy Guggenheim on acid.

Post my favorite band here

Crazy Guggenheim Memorial Thread.

Is Crazy Guggenheim on tonight?

LOL, they turned up the music at the restaurant last night!

Sure, I come to Costa del Sol for the weekend and no GOPisEvil and no snow

There's something to be said about having a "friend with benefits"...

When did "Scrapbook" become a verb?

When did "pimp" become a verb?

Worst Pop Song Lyrics EVER:

I'll never forget the day Crippler bagged his first hippie.

Michelle Kwan — Michelle Malkin

When did "hump" become a verb?

I'm logging off for a while. So don't worry.

Which topics do you prefer? Cat boxes or popcorn?

My TV died this morning. Now my washing machine won't work!

Things you'd only say if you're drunk

Do you know what Gimme Lean Sausage (Vegan) tastes like???

Boo-Hiss.... I don't think it's gonna snow here in Hampton Roads....

You guys are so wonderful. I don't post for a day and people wonder where

I'm sorry folks but...

I bet the curling matchup between Canada and Italy will be one to watch..


In all seriousness, I must pose a deep philosophical question:

I'm going shopping. Someone else take over ranting for a while.

'Throttling' Angers Netflix Heavy Renters

1992 pic: Poppy Bush plants a smooch on Kharis The Mummy. TANA LEAVES!

progmom on the air - post jazz requests here

Tell me about the Zogby poll

When did "disrespect" become a verb?

Is Michelle Kwan the "New Laura Branigan"....?

I am Michelle Kawn's mother's daughter's son's brother's father.

Under $3000 what car would you buy

Don't tell me you never wondered what the Cryptkeeper's nutsack looks like

17 days & it's BUH BYE TEXAS and HELLO CANADA! For good.

Why is New York City so expensive?

Is Ice Dance RIGGED?

Attention artists: What can I use to make simple cartoons?

Does anybody else feel really meh today?

Does your cat eat what it kills?

Try your hand at The Official AIR AMERICA RADIO Quiz!!!!

Did you ever build a meatlocker for polar bear?

More woodworking advice needed from handy DU'ers

Mother fights off polar bear to save children

Valentine's Day - Biggest Fucking Ripoff In HISTORY!

You know.... I watched the opening ceremony......

If I wasn't with my man date last night, I'd have asked that woman out.

Does anybody else feel really great today?

ummm, fellas it's been good to know ya....

Out with the old; in with the new: a home improvement thread.

Name a scene in a movie.

WTH is THIS???? (warning - not for the squeamish)

Oswald acted alone

Forget about Michelle Kwan....Debi Thomas got royally screwed in '88

Baby boomers start turning 60 this year.


Big Blizzard Tomorrow! Don't Worry, I Have Stocked UP!

While you guys are trying to decide if Kwan is OK or not...take a moment

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 2/11/06)

George Jefferson's neighbor died

The sun is shining and it's snowing. So weird.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Ready??...Set??...Go !!...(large pic)

Do you know what Jimmy Dean's Sausage tastes like???

I just watched/met Tommy Emmanuel last night - ask me anything!

Help Me out here...


Great new streaming radio: Wolfgang's Vault

Well my neighbor just came home with his new car and

Any handspinners here? Want some fleece?

DU'ers...a CLEANING question!!

Who wants to click my bic?

Another Sign of the End-times: Barry Manilow has #1 album in US

AP Photo: "First Lady Laura Bush reacts after a goal was scored..."

whomever was looking for a smart, scary movie theother day...

Holy cow! 6,000 posts!

I did Michelle Kwan, and you can't take that back!

Does anyone know anything about BMI airlines?

Best place to blog?

Favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

Does your companion animal "hug" you?

So here I was in an all night supermarket

I love this woman: "93-yr-old wins eminent domain case"

LMAO . . . the FUNNIEST book review ever on Amazon. . .

does anyone elese use popcorn in their kitty's litter box?

I'm going to Starbucks. Anybody need anything?

DU with an accent,

Did you ever build an igloo?

WOOOOOO-HEEEEEE!!!!! knuckledragger update!!!

Violence. Everyone loses. Big Gif. Takes time to load.

Sergei Grinkov RIP...remember him?

Initiate a senseless boycott here:

This women's hockey match between Canada and Italy is brutal.

(NYSE) Breaking News: Popcorn Futures Nose Dive.

Something that drives me crazy. It's *not* ortopsy

Name a SEXY scene in a movie that doesn't involve SEX

What should I do with him?

My Scrapbook. ***Dial-Up Warning....

10 questions for a Saturday Morning

Michelle Kwan considers withdrawing from the games!

I hate Michelle Kwan, and you can't stop me.

Most Quotable Film:

Hi all, I miss you all and hope that you will ping me with the most

UNDERPANTS! Come out, you've won a prize!

My dogs eat cat turds from the litter box

Why Do we not hear from Jesse Jackson Sr. anymore?

Cartoon Characters you have a crush on

EXCLUSIVE Photo Of DS1 During His Morning Exercise Routine!

17 questions à la Marcel Proust:

Why do Muslims have to follow standards while Christians do not?

Republicans don't scare me, THESE people scare me!

A poll to be taken by the religious, only, please!

A joke.

Day of Reckoning: Evolution Sunday is coming to a church near you

Tomato extract lowers blood pressure

CFS support group forum??

Does anyone here suffer from Ulcerative Colitis?

Transplant surgeon Norman Shumway dies; connections to 2 senators.

Howard Dean lied to gay Democrats

Va. Tech officials troubled by hate-filled graffiti

Elway says "No" to T.O.

Watching The Olympics Live

For the figure skating fans on DU, breaking news:



A DU star is needed to post to this group.

Old news, but this is what

Can someone post a link to John Kerry's latest e-mail?

Saturday fun activity

The Hill-Front page article on possibility of 2008 Kerry run.

A fun little exercise for a Saturday morning

Bill Clinton's email for Hillary - It's official - Clinton is a slease

Questions regarding emails not received

Mass, thanks for ruining my day, McCain article

Ok - confession time.

Another damn portrait.

Alison Stewart is in Turin, so if Keith takes any vacation soon...

Eww, TUCKER CARLSON is doing MSNBC's nightly Olympic wrapup show?

Wiretaps: "So Much For Leadership. So Much For Honor." (RED-STATE PAPER!)

Anybody watching the debt discussion on WJ? Personal and National...

Cartoon -- Bush Just Wants To Have Fun

LTTE discussion of Intelligent Design and Evolution

Me doing my job.

Celebs lend a hand for L.A. tourism

"Patriot Act" mentioned on show "Close to Home"

Average American

Re "Band of Bros.": Get ready to hear a lot of the following this summer:

SPOILER: First Winter Olympic medal awarded

With so much noise on the line - what exactly am I supposed to pay

I need the story about the CIA chap who was caught

The King is Dead

A little joke from my 9 year old daughter...

We seem to be inching closer and closer to WWIII.

Raw Story: Abramoff's 'charity' schemes (More Abramoff dirt)

response from Craigslist re: the fair housing lawsuit...

Anyone else having posts "disappear"?

Pirate Radio Station broadcasting Howard Stern on FM Radio Raw & Unedited

I feel like we need Moses to set us free (from BushCo). EOM.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Hospital says Ariel Sharon’s condition worsens

WaPo....Bush sends trade deficit through the roof 4th year straight --yawn

Khatami: Islamic World Ready for Change

A small bit of happiness (Katrina animal rescue)

Who are these idiots on CSPAN????

New AP/Ipsos Poll Puts Fibs The Chimp @ 40% Approval - 57% Disapproval

ha, man will this feed the tinfoil hats...... hahahahahahahaha

Bush's U.S. Customs Gestapo now seizing prescription drugs from Canada.

Look who's names got linked to mine in a ltte

My heart felt plea about the olympics on tv fellow DUers...


The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina by Walter Brasch

US speaks out on (Nepal) election irregularity

Mutiny on the H.M.S. Bush...

Jill Carroll Petition Breaks a 100 signatures

Lib Dems' stunning victory sparks new calls for Blair to quit now

Cover, half of interracial marriage on TV's "Jeffersons" in 1970s, dies

Billions Stolen From Iraq? 60 Minutes Sunday broadcast

Maybe you can call it a spiritual moment, I don't know

Billions Stolen From Iraq?/ 60 Minutes Sunday

Top 5 most despicable actions of the bush regime?

W knows Jack! and I mean REALLY! (pics)

Rough Trade: Diamond Industry Still Funding Bloody Conflicts in Africa

The AP tries AGAIN to smear Harry Reid

Their Own version of a Big Bang

Bar Group President Is Troubled By Bush's Domestic Surveillance

Does Bush remember meeting with Sharon?

This is something I would pay money to see.

Fundies picketing soldier's funerals. They died to protect homosexuality.

HELP--I need an Internet referral:

Hey, Kids: Spying Is Fun!

Washington joins other states in roadless lawsuit against Bush admin

LAT: "He Teaches Kids to Attack Evolution"

Germany's ex-chancellor backs Hillary Clinton for president

Bush cuts conservation fund by 40% , parks by 89 million$

UPDATE 1-Venezuela pledges to supply US oil despite dispute

URGENT! Pro-Constitution/anti-Bush quotes by Republicans, framers needed!

A question to all

Repubs (the sane and honest ones at least) must feel so dirty right now.

BBC: Musharraf confirms 'al-Qaeda' hit

Mother fights off polar bear to save children

Lobbyist Confirms Talks With Reid's Office

To Boost ratings, MSNBC is going to try "Rita Cosby, Live & Nekkid."

What the F@ck happened?

Looking for a Bush quote from the campaign

Did anyone see the new Trailer to "Brokeback to the Future?"

Olympic Results

Why do Muslims have to follow standards while Christians do not?

NY Times now carrying Pillar's expose of Bush's "cherry picking"

What would be the public response if MIHOP was proven?

CSPAN 1 is re-playing the NO hearings right now

I'm SICK of the religious right's war against gays!!!!

“John Boehner - Cafeteria Catholic”

Malcolm X's daughter

Petrodollars/Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Planned War with Iran

John Dean:Cheney and The Fight Over "Inherent" Presidential Powers

NYT: Inquiry Into Wiretapping Article Widens

masa just updated the blog if your interested...

I just Joined Amnesty International

Democracy Now - Goodman/Waas interview re Cheney raises questions

Annthrax Coulter, at CPAC convention.

Is there anything anymore

Right-wing Party Animals (by Michael Scherer)

FYI....! CNN re-reunning Coretta Scott King Funeral...Lowery speaking now!

Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse

If you were a Nazi after WW2, what would you do?

Violent Crime Rising Sharply in Some Cities: NYTimes.

bushmilhousegang cuts budget to EPA libraries and catalogs that

I oppose Hillarycare from the Left


A question about Lou Dobbs/ Ed Rollins Roundtable

GOP Retreat Marked by Anxiety and Uncertainty: 'We are in trouble'

Does anyone know of events to protest the 3 year anniversay

I am SO FREAKING TIRED of Bush's incompetence that I'm ready to crack.

Methamphetamine In America

Was "Brownie" doing "a heck of a Job" today, or lying to save his own...

Next time there is an incident like the one at the gay bar

So we can't talk about politics at a funeral

Flechette Rounds...anyone know whether the US uses them or not?

Michelle Kwan considers withdrawing from the games!

Parasite mind control

Podcasting-BEING THE MEDIA-with an example from me today

The Republican's weekend getaway topic: "What BS can we come up with now?"

Isn't there a website that ranks all politicians on how far right or left

Can we talk about impeachment now?

It's their own fault: The people on welfare NOLA

Four critical issues Americans do NOT want to hear the TRUTH about

Jim Lampley is the sportscaster for the Olympics this year. I never knew

Is it just me that gets chills from this "V is for Vendetta" trailer?

Destruction of the Safety Net Is To Provide Soldiers For Our War Machine

Bush's user fees will tax us more than rolling back his cuts for the rich

The best Mardi Gras throw this year

Denmark and the cartoon scandal.

The Raid; “Are your papers ready?”

Sign of hope: Conservatives are nauseated by Coulter's "raghead" schtick

"As a Democrat, I believe we need to keep our nation safe" c-span now.

If a newspaper in thte South published a cartoon mocking Jesus could someo

"Before he came into office, I think Bush thought NSA stood for

How do you like Greta Van Susteren ?

Hitchens knows how to hurt our feelings, relishes inflicting pain on us

Which sounds better to you:

Letter from a true Kool-Aid drinker

“The Long War” is more like Stephen King’s “The Long Walk.”

WP- Katrina Death Toll May Never Be Known

"Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000"...

"Creationism Evangelism." We live in strange times indeed. Check this out

Meth - The Jekyll and Hyde Drug

Sibel Edmonds:Porter Goss' Op-ed: 'Ignoturn per Ignotius'!

My post re: 9/11 moved again ! Please - write DU. BIG NEWS needs exposure.


Bush Touts Medicare Drug Plan!

Paul Pillar: Intelligence, Policy,and the War in Iraq

We wouldn't let Bush cut down the forests so he's selling them off

I think the only thing that would prompt Cheney to lose his cool

Torture Memoir on CSPAN2 - Confessions of an Innocent Man ON NOW

Day of Reckoning: Evolution Sunday is coming to a church near you

Olympics - Political? NBC - Brian Williams made it that way

Genocide Commemoration

Should any political party...

Willie Grace Campbell, civil rights activist, dies at 90

CNN SATURDAY Breaking: Armstrong & Crow's face shapes show compatibility.

Political whodunit takes an eerie twist

I didn't know that there was a recent bio/movie made about Bush.

Is anyone else experiencing problems posting today?

Ken Starr's Forgery Scandal - Will This Help Tip '06?

About protesting. I'm thinking of other ways.

The Coming Media Revolution ("The BitTorrent Effect" -- 'Wired' Magazine)

We need Air America stations in Iowa and New Hampshire

Bushco will keep wiretapping without warrants.

AFA is at it again!

Did you see McLaughlin Group last night ?

Article: Alaska Seeks to Remake State's Image

Man it must suck to be a repug right now.

Dear Bull Moose, who's getting talking points from whom?

I am tired of the Religious Rights war on Stem Cell Research.

Laura Bush Go HOME!!! In Italy today!

(TOON) pabloonpolitics on Boehner

Remember the old Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO)?

OMG The tide is REALLY turnig. This used to be a W lover and strong

CPAC Day 2: Exclusive Report, Audio & Video of Ann Coulter Hate Speech!

First photo of Abramoff and bush

Can someone confirm or debunk, re: Libby / Cheney?

The Coming Media Revolution (Video-blogging + RSS + tags + BitTorrent)

! ! ! Petition for Jill Carroll approaches 200 mark ! ! !

Chimpco vs Saddamco

McCain Could Turn Some Blue States Red in 2008


Olympic Spoilers Head's Up results here...justa'rant

Gore Vidal's version of the SOTUS. Not to be missed.

CB chatter ("middle Eastern accents" ) leads to Florida terra alert

I volunteered my services...

Lovestruck Excerpts (letters between presidents and wives)

Real Time with Bill Maher new season starts in a week

Why is there a new story on Laura Bush everyday? Who gives a

Can we look at these two photos and compare please

Terra Alert: "Suspect Juice" forces store closure in Connecticut

Petition for Jill Carroll needs your help!!!

Brownie *did* a heck of a job.

Laura Bush should STFU...

The Environmental Pretender

NY Times new Sunday article: Healing With New Limbs and Fragile Dreams

Replay of Coretta Scott King funeral tonight on C-Span at 8:00

Pickles Takes a Swing at Sen Clinton

I'm watching Dr. Strangelove on TMC, didn't Slim Pickens ride a

Olympics: Brian Williams introduces Iranian team like a rabid dog

I think the stem cell issue could become a very effective wedge

Fire number 10 is ablaze in Alabama church

No money for public defender in New Orleans?

On C-SPAN2 Now -- Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner (D)...

Bush promises to answer Hill questions about NSA program

Whining College 'puke on CSPAN

FallenHeroes.Com Are they heroes or victims? Tough Question.

Who is behind the church fires?

Conyers digs into the White House over Cheney leaks of classified intel

Saturday Humor-he he he--Can't stop laughing. (MY FIRST THREAD!)

In The Money with Jack Cafferty is on CNN now 1PM est.

Latte Republicans

Speaking of funeral eulogies, remember this one by Ron Reagan Jr?

Who are you supporting in '06? Open seats? Dem challengers? Primaries?

SmirkyBoy is such a card! (shows anti-dem video)

Brownie is full of EXCUSES..."What more can I say?" he asks....

Why hasn't Lieberman officially become a Republican yet?

Petition for Jill Carroll's Safe Release is growing!!!

Adrenaline Junkies : SHAMELESS Advertising by the Navy

Am I too much of a cynic? Read my prediction

Hey, you know what I found out about the Olympics?

We Need A Dark Horse Unknown In '08

Don't worry about McCain's clout. Find somebody on our side with charisma.

Striking Back: "Stalking Satan's Mistress"

Question about O' Reilly's show. Can someone enlighten me.

Jury rules King assassination a conspiracy

CSPAN: 'The Mexicans are out working and the black guys are drinking wine

Republicans are weak on impeachment.

Villaraigosa Irked That He, Bush Haven't Met

You know what?-the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Coulters,etc of the world.....

Dems - Let's dust of "Buy American" - Got to be a BFEE scandal there.

I just saw the most super-patriotic car in America

candidate and campaigns forum

Help! I've got to get rid of my Time/Warner Cable...Which Sattelite dish

The next Dem President is going to inherit a h*ll of a mess. Will anyone

In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites a Culture War

To my Christian brothers and sisters who support this administration

THIS is how Suicide Bombers are being born in Iraq!

Q: Jill Carroll

"Do you have my momma?"

List of reasons to use nuclear weapons

Censorship also at NOAA, NASA Climate Expert Reports

I have good news and bad news

Murtha Says "Army is Broken" and American People Don't Know It

GOP: “Friends, we’re in trouble." Meet the Press 2/5

George Bush's Praise the Lord Presidency

conservative fundamentalist churches better look out

I would like to apologize for 'bashing' the south

Truthout: Marine Vet - "Can We Come Home Now?"

king george is a buttload of crap

Tax increase for the middle class - paying for tax breaks on the

Willy Peter (white phosphorus)

WOW, i just discovered the rate on my BoA credit card went from 10% to 31%

Fux News has brainwashed my mother-in-law...

Christian Reconstructionism=Treason

The "opps" the mic was still on for bush moment pure B.S.?

Let's hear your stories about people turning away from the Dark Side.

Sibel Edmonds verbally pummels Porter Goss.

BookTV Schedule February 11-13

How can I make my house use renewable energy only?

A woman gets sexually assaulted and police take pictures of her nude?

How uninformed are the Dems around you?

Good news baby boomers (and everyone else)!

Crotchsniffin' Kenny Starr Caught Forging Court Documents

Falwell Calls Global Warming "Junk Science"

Should kids be forced to learn Spanish in elementary school?

Wishing Fossett would just die trying, and put an end to it.

Bush calls for eliminating nutrition-in-a-box program for needy elderly

Democrats who I believe would open the books FOR the American people.

C-SPAN2 Novakula is talking now about being Prince of Darkness

Which 2nd term President hasn't faced a serious threat to his Presidency?

Photos of the Faux Texan and the Criminal du Jour

Why Can Man Coulter Talk Trash with Immunity - Yet Dems Can't

Vote with your feet

Wasn't Tweety connected to Abramoff charity?

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

why Dems don't win, truthfully.

A Disaster a Day...

Another angle on the "both sides are worthless" discussion

Need help with reply to repub. LTTE re Katrina!

Question for older DUers....Remember The Gray Panthers?

Time to promote Chuck "ESS" Hagel

Just passed Budget Bill may be Challenged

Democrats are quietly winning - even with DIEBOLD !

we met Niklas anal Warren repug college student this a.m.

George W Bush Is A Saint....... Something To Lighten Up Your Evening...

E-Mail Notes Say Lobbyist Met President Many Times

Looking for a Bush quote from the campaign

Twice in the same day. Dean blasted Bush, Cheney and Abramoff last night.

Bush Radio: "Making good progress" on his F-ed up Medicare Program

Checks and Balances

Charlie Rangel nails it

When will we award Jack Abramoff the Medal of Freedom?

evangelicals supporting environment? Wow, a religious group with a clue

Wow! Happy Saturday ...... Cheney's Goose is Cooked?

If/when Cheney retires, who will be the new VP? As things are right now,

Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse

Question for Minnesotans....

Republican Talking Points [Bullsh**] Generator

68% Find Jack Abramoff More Credible Than George Bush

AP's 6 Degrees of Abramoff - Reid separation interactive smear

DUers, I need your opinion on this …

Franken: Reflections on the Wellstone Memorial and the King Funeral

AP attempt to smear Reid persists: why?

bushmilhousegang bullies VA nurse who dissed them

Second the Motion for the Petition for Jill Carroll

From George Carlin

C&L MP3 Audio: Hannity invites Lieberman to leave Dems, join the dark side

U.S. trade deficit sets another record

Disconnect between net-roots and the Party?

Cheney's role in outing Plame - two timely cartoons

A Million Little Barrels: Tom the Dancing Bug cartoon

Clark and Depleted Uranium...

Challenge, eighth grade teacher challegen update

Here's the first Abramoff/ * pic NYTimes Sunday

PA Rep Curt Weldon's Opponent: 3 Star Vice Admiral (Ret) Joe Sestak

Speaking of Conservatism

Sirota Hammers Evan Bayh - HuffingtonPost

Industrial states turn to Democrats while GOP reigns in Ohio

the other funeral

What's the longest a House seat has been in one-party control?

Karenna Gore Schiff's new book; post-2000 talk; no Mighty Mouse?

Many Bush supporters live in guilt every day...

Senate Hearing on Government's Response to Hurricane Katrina (transcript)

Superiors OK'd leak. Indictment states that Bush was Libby's superior

New Dem mantra / strategy for 2006: "STOP TERROR POLITICS"

Here is how Dems can start winning on wiretap issue - very easy...

Last night, ABC's 20/20 was a total Repuke marketing program!

frist to introduce same-sex marriage ban on June 5th

An Idea To Enhance DU.....

Why did Al Gore not win?

And HERE's a brand NEW Abramoff Scandal....

Rush Limbaugh's campaign contributions.

Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate!!! ** ** (Joe must GO!)

Got a chuckle in the library today

Buddy, can you spare an impeachment?

NYT: Photograph Shows Lobbyist at Bush Meeting With Legislators

Tommy Smothers disses GW Bush on national TV (AT&T Golf Tournament)

Republican Lobbyists Host Fundraiser for Joe Lieberman

Are You angry?

War Games plot stategies against bloggers

calling DU true believers

Weather Modification Research/Technology Transfer Authorization Act of '05

KANSANS... Beware... Senator Brownback Is Truly A Scary Wing-Nut!

I think this constant drum of angry Dems (Hil) is taking on a image

"Singing a song of angry men/DUers" This is our "angry" theme!

Eyes Wide Open Boots in Robert Cray’s new music video

What other countries think about us, USA

Virginia Dems have a challenger for George Allen !

Democrat Joe Sestak, retired Vice Admiral, to take on Curt Weldon

Bayh Discourages Dems from Making Issue of Illegal Wiretapping

Cheney Says New Unit Will Prove Tax Cuts Boost Revenue

Warner '08 stomping for himself in NH - Prefers not to discuss Iraq!

HELP! Need DUers help, please DU this link

Look at how many Nukes America has!!!

Laura Bush's outfit to meet the pope

Senate Candidate Sheeler “Bush lied., People died. He needs to be tried"

DCCC wants our opinion - I say we GIVE IT TO THEM!

Altrusism is also Self-Interest ...That's a missing link in politics today