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Archives: February 1, 2006

Our state of disunity

It's the Constitution That's at Stake

Iran, you're next.

Cato Institute's Boaz in the WSJ: Libertarian Orphans

AP Bush Skips Complex Realities in Address

The Guardian: Resistance grows to US assumption of primacy

Jonathan Alter: The Political Power of Truth

'Nightline' Investigation: Wounded Soldiers Told They Owe Money to Army

What the hell happened? (feminists reflecting on the failure to stop Alito

Washington State to provide 54 cent/kw-hr subsidy to photovoltaics.

Syrian president meets Hamas leader following election victory

Syria moots Arab aid for Palestinians

Don't Be Fooled by Hamas

Gazans burn Danish flags, demand cartoon apology

What's everyone's take on Fintan Dunne and Break For News?

The psychology of mass denial and 9-11

Pombo stocks up on campaign cash

Reilly: "Introducing the Next Lt Governor of Massachusetts"

Weather is not freezing, but NWA Pilots' pension plan is

Have you guys seen this thread?

Password-protect flash drive suggestions?

Giuliani interested in TX?

Make Middle East oil dependence 'a thing of the past'

House allows Senate redistricting despite Democrats' objections

Democrats ask GOP for apology over ads

CNMI - Administration seeks reimbursement from lobby firms (Abramoff)

'Nightline' Investigation: Wounded Soldiers Told They Owe Money to Army

Petition Seeks To Stop Sending Vermont's F-16s To Iraq

Cindy Sheehan to Attend Bush's SOTU Speech (CNN)

U.S. Newswire: DNC: Republicans Play Blame Game with American Indians

World Can't Wait - San Francisco - Union Square Photos

2:31 seconds he said 9/11

Cindy Sheehan Plans To Be In Audience At Bush Address(SOTU)

AP: Activist Cindy Sheehan Arrested at Capitol (for t-shirt)

time for a new political party

The Guardian: Resistance grows to US assumption of primacy

NYT: Google Misses Profit Forecast and Stock Dives

PR Newswire: Nurses Blast 'Heartless' Bush Health Proposals


NYT/AP: Turnaround in Recruiting Puts (Natl.) Guard on Path for Expansion

Iraq veterans round on Bush

New York Times: Iran Hands Over Guide to Making Nuclear Bomb Parts Clinton seeks help for ground zero workers

Venezuela's Chavez, Jewish leaders meet after remarks furore

'No Spy List' up and running

U.S. forces fire on Canadian vehicle in Iraq

Reporter fired for blog posts

WP/AP: Ex-Aide Libby Wants Classified Materials

Convert to Islam, Al-Qaeda tells Bush

VA Special Election. DEM Wins 62-38% in Former Repub. District

CNN BREAKING: Cindy Sheehan arrested in Capital!

Report faults Chertoff, Brown for lack of leadership during Katrina

Kerry on SOTU: Bush 'fantasyland'

Democrat (Kaine) Tells Bush There's a 'Better Way' (in SOTU response)

No April fools joke: Garbage Pail Kids DVD set to be released.

We just had a little pre-SOTU rally in Madison

Those of You Who Have Responsible Adult Parents---

You know what i want to hear at the SOTU? Nothing but dems booing!

The fire alarm just went off. Ask me anything.

I have nuts.

Gee, I'm all saucy in GD tonight:

Wouldn't you hate to hear this when you try and reach the police (WAV)

State of the Union Bingo

I'm giving the dem rebuttal

Anyone know a good site to find historical political cartoons?

What cocktail will make the SOTU speech more bearable...???

Man Shot In Groin During Fight Over Birdseed

Bush Bingo for state of the Union!

QUICKLY........ what are my drinking words. I need at least 3

So who are those two suckers sitting next to Laura

Why does the layout of the forums page change

AIM Chat for SOTU?

I will remove ONE piece of clothing EVERY time Idiot Refers to "9/11"


Lottery winner treats sisters to bigger breasts.

Damn, "My Posts" is toast

How come "funk" sounds dumb on paper, but is funny on TV?

Just to let you know, "Murder At 1600" is on HBO 2

Let's post like we are on drugs!!

Hey, When The Fuck's The "STFU," As I Call It, Starting?

Bluestaters drink better beer than redstaters.

Good Evening, Lounge

Enough with the veiled attacks, just bring it.

CNN: Cindy Sheehan has been arrested!! This is real.

Not sure if this goes here:New web site emeges to Impeach George W. Bush.

Let's post like we are freepers!!

So, when you go to work tomorrow and the *bots are drooling,

I wanna talk politics, but in GD they're discussing some dumb reality show

hey! you can see avatars in a thread if you right click & hit select all

I think we should call Fuckstick "Bidet Breath" cuz he's just dumb enough.

Is it over yet?

Could everybody log off for a few minutes?

Is Boston Legal still gonna be on tonite???

any "chemistry lab report " experts?

BUMMMER!!!! I just found out PBS You is gone. DirectTV replaced

I just got back from watching Black September.

My son's basketball team is still UNDEFEATED!

I'm going out for snacks! Whadda-ya want?

Fucking J.C. Watts on CNN? What a fucking joke!

Does this boring speech really warrant Level 5?

All right, who broke DU?

Oh fuck. I HAVE to listen to the SOTU.

You know how they leave one cabinet official behind, just in case...

im sorry, i am about to loose it!!!!

Who wants to listen to jerkoff's SOTU? Check in here.

Help, I need a break.


All your siglines are belong to us!

Any Perrey/Breuer fans out there? "Happy Moog" mp3s!

Quick, while the mods are busy,

Check out our membership!

THIS IS HUGH!*** Hardball is going to ask "Why was Hillary chewing

SOUTHLANDSHARI! Where are you, sweetie?

You know, Fuckstick makes Reagan look positively honest and sensible.

The Democratic response is coming up.

Suddenly it got a lot quieter in here.

Hey, everyone: Listen to me for a second, please.

With a fused neck, my neck muscles are gaining up on me...

I have the strep penis.

WOW + Amazing + Cooking + Blog + Fantastic..

"Ah cain't sing. Ah have the laryngitis."

WE ARE ADDICTED TO OIL! Aaaugh! Somebody kill me!

So, who else thought Alito looked like he had diarrhea and the immodium

Hey it's almost the first of the month don't forget

WOW + Amazing + Cock + Discharge + Fantastic = Strep Penis


Come Away With me....In my "Getaway Car ...Drive all Night! Love Ya.....

Oh, good, now it's time for the dicksucking blowboy "news people"

Uh... a little tax question for y'all.

Incredibly Ignorant Computer Question...

Man, the "we must dump all Democrats" schtick in GD is getting old


How do newbies hear about DU? And where are they coming

the wine thread( post your favorite wine) or what you are drinking now

Owie. I strained my back. Owie.

meanwhile, my most embarrassing moment ever happened tonight. pretty bad

Gotta watch out for those human-animal hybrids.

I am blissfully ignorant of the STFU speech. So fill me in:

gd has turned into

Poor pitiful me.

Favourite derogatory nickname for George W. Bush?

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose!

I get so weary sometimes - I've been accused of being a "Cindy-basher"

Bush walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says:

Illini 66- Wisco 51

There's always room for jello


A lot of people don't like me...

Dang, now my fingers are sore.

Recently, an old girlfriend from college got in touch with me

Jesus Christ; DU has lost it's little Cyber mind


Who in the hell was that snotty looking brat with Lynne Cheney?

Calorie-Restricted Diet Curbs Normal Human Cardiovascular Aging

I have the strep throat

My dream last night was that I'd figured out EVERYTHING.


Look out SoCal! Here I come!

Is there something wrong with Limewire?

Where did you find your "significant other"?

Anyone else Jonesing for some Oil?

Human-animal hybrids check in here.

Time is a luxury I don't have

I'm smoking Switch Grass - Ask Me Anything!!

Are you going to approve of slavery soon?

Pregnancy and Antidepressants

Teens turning to prescriptions to get high

If you had to be the parent of your own cloned self

SOTU was homophobic, very homophobic

Booo Yaaahhh

come on Bulls - down 6 late to Mavs

Teddie found an ice puddle ...

Kerry's Future (Merlin Project)

John Kerry Responds to State of the Union Address

Hey Beachmom

GRRRRR! Some DUers are soo shallow.

What a change a week brings

Kerry on tomorrow's Today Show - Rebutting SOTU

FWIW, What actually happened. (JK and the filibuster).

Request for anyone who has the secret decoder ring.....

Koeb 1/31/06 The "SOTU" Address program


DU this poll

Interesting audio clips on bush/kerry/other stuff at

What happened to StellaBlue?

I'm giving the dem rebuttal..

Falwell's "Assault Ministry"

Some DU help please for the SOTU ......

Election fraud, vote tampering, bribing voters, etc...

52% of America says: Impeach Bush!

Question? I'm guessing that with cable TV the networks can get

Today was January 31 and it has been in the 50s and 60s.

It is easy to control people when they owe money


Arrest made in slaying of Georgia Debutante

Harvard Social Psych: Bush is appealing as a leader to racist Americans

OMG I just heard on the nightly snooze

Anybody watch PoliticsTV? (internet TV "station")

The State Of The Union Is That:

excerpts of bush's speech are here...

Am I the last person to know about "Politics TV"?

"why the big head is whining about us again" KOlberman talking about

Consider the following scenario...

Today is the day we begin to unravavel the Court (of the last 50 years)

Damn, the SOTU. The only night I enjoy

We are really getting infiltrated

Gov Doyle plans for Universal Healthcare

I refuse to quit and I'm not going anywhere. DU is my home

Here's how MSNBC, CNN, FOX will cover the SOTU...

Fuck all you corporatists! The time has come and u r going DOWN!

Tonight's TV Choices

Coming up now on Olbermann: Special edition of Worst Person: O'Reilly

SOTU drinking game

So we keep hearing that we must get control so we can make changes

I'd rather be watching the better president tonight

KO Shows Airman shooting video by San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy

Great JOB Brownie! FEMA rejected Dept. of the Interior Resources!

Paula Zahn with Wolfie on "The Situation Room". A true pukefest.

Olbermann is tearing O'Reilly to SHREDS!!!

! Screw CNN Listen here to SOTU on PACIFICA : (commentary already started)

Majority Report is going to broadcast speech & mock Bush

Jerome "The Bus" Bettis & Saddam...what do they have in common?

"The Moral-Hazard Myth"

Just call us Timex ....

Wouldn't it be a hoot if the teleprompter tore up for Bush's speech? CNN

Tonight, Bush will tell us that America is addicted to foreign oil.

Who will be the first to call it a "Home Run"?

So Cindy Sheehan will be at the SOTU address...

State of the Union IRC Chat

Anyone Have Any Words of Farewell For Sandra O'Connor?

I've finally decided that evolution is a sham

c-span - taking calls before speech

DOA: jr's "personal heath insurance " and "green energy"

Neocon sickness outlined.

CSPAN has the best coverage

My rebuttal to the SOTU

State of the Union: 9/11 Beat the Clock

The Democratic Party isn't dead. Kerry gave it the jolt it needed.

Practically speaking, Durbin would be a much better leader than Reid

a dangerous time for the Democratic Party

History will judge the Bush Regime as the most corrupt, inept assholes...

Spot the Senators/Others entering the chamber!

Heard on CNN...Cindy Sheehan just arrested!

I'm Gonna Watch A Northern Exposure DVD While The SOTU Is On...

Is there an official thread for this SOTU?

Cindy Sheehan Arrested

Does the Supreme Court usually wear their robes to the SOTU???

here comes kindasleezy.

Enter the Corporate Supremeo Courto

I'm torturing myself tonight

was Alito among the Justices?

So... How Are You Prepared To Listen To Our Feckless Leader ???

What are the predictions about how big of a bump in Bush's rating he will

Reid and Pelosi are going to ignore some of the critics

I've never seen so many cockroaches crawl out from the darkness.

ROBERTS, SCALITO come waltzing in!

The Rupture

Official SOTU address 1/31/06


PICKLES is here.

DOn't you love the patriotic trumpet bump music the networks composed for


Listen to all of them

Captiol Dome


VISUALIZE Bush losing his cool during his address!!!

"...members of the Supreme Court..."

Just heard at the store: "Kill the rich and blow up all gas stations!!!!"

Are the Capitol Police calling a TShirt a BANNER for an excuse to arrest?

Oh, how I wish "Scanners" was a real human psychic trait.



Radical Islam!!!

So are we going to demand impeachment during the speech?


Ug, That's all I can stand

Enemies of freedom!

"Freedom" How about freedom from you, you lying SOB. nt

Sheehan Did A Dumb Thing (IF reports are correct)

"RIghts of Individuals" "Freedom" WTF is he talking about?

CNN just reported that Cindy Sheehan has been arested.

****************** ****OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #1***********

Did They Just Say (PBS) That Barak Obama Was In The Procession ???

Is KO on tonight?

Bush is evil!

Cat killer Frist LOOKS like FRANKENSTEIN

AWOL DESERTER says "There is no honor in retreat"


Are we witnessing the destruction of America?

Just heard on Pacifica -- Cindy DID NOT HAVE A BANNER.


"Must keep our Word" -- It isn't OUR word Fuckhead, it's YOURS!!

There is no honor in retreat?

Idiot Son bringing Bird Flu to US. 12 Iraqis confirmed sickened

Iraq and Saddam Were NOT Radical Islam.

Cindy arrested for her t-shirt, not a banner?


Two minutes after he starts and bam! 9-11 invoked!

****************** OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #2 ****************

Second-guessing isn't a strategy?

Did I JUST see a commercial for the border patrol?

Iran can't have NYOO-KYOO-LAR weapons!!

Bush Declares his intentions - War with Iran

Attention: T-shirts deemed offensive by the Führer are now verboten.

Bush has a weird new smirk tonight

Do we really need a new thread for every single new sentence?


I saw tomorrow yesterday, it wasn't a pretty picture

Apparently, we do.

What's with Bush's gleeful grin at anticipated applause?

Compassion for people abroad? You mean like you did for New Orleans?

Self Delete ...

they have to applaud if he mentions "the troops"

I'm sorry folks, but I cannot keep up with The Chimperor.

Question on the State of the Union

OMG - he FORGOT "Palestine"

He reads off tragedies like a hungover waiter with a menu.

Sad commentary on America: "property of the U.S." T-Shirt

He is turning the speach into a bitter partisan your either wit us or


*********************** OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #3 *********************

Bush: You're addicted to oil, and I'm your big pusher


When is this JACKASS going to address the state of THIS union

From an European point of view... all this hand clapping and cheering

He's Got Alito Now And He Just Doesn't Care

"We will not sit back and wait to be hit again." - he admits he sat back &



Running word tally for tonight's SOTU

"stand behind the American military" WTF. Who doesn't?

Democracies in the Middle East will not look like our own....

For once, Hillary impressed me

Can anyone tell whether the Dems are actually

Bin Laden's "Aim is to seize power in Iraq"

So far he has said only one thing of substance

Holy frig. CNN's site has a bizarre title: "Liberty is the right of all":

Our economy is Healthy!!!!!!!!!!

At the risk of sounding Redundant.......Turn it off and CUT THE BOOZE &

***************** OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #4 ********************

Perhaps if our own clowns wouldn't stand and clap

Congrats Exxon-Mobil

And then the sun will rise, and bunnies will appear, and leprechans will


Just had two matrixectomies and I think the SOTU will be more painful

Looks like Bush is running at about 5 LPM


To the Hague War Criminal!

Whoa, what the fuck was with McCain?

Hey, what's the signal for all the dems to walk out of the Chamber?

He's still got his sights set on Social Security

Has he talked about steroids in baseball yet?

This reminds me of the Popeye Cartoon with the Eleph. and Donkeys shouting

******************* OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #5 ***********************

Yes; let's focus on Terra.

Oooh, lead the world! So whip out more H1B visas!

"America is addicted to oil" - Longer version

America is ADDICTED to OIL! no shit NUMB NUTS! - > PEAK OIL is HERE!

The line item veto?

ROFL......At least the Education initiiative BS did not include I.D.

Oh fuck we're doomed: "American competitiveness initiative"


U.S. Savings Rate Falls Below Zero

Does anyone know why Hilary was shaking her head

While we bomb the daylights out of you

Oil is often imported from "unstable parts of the world"

Any news about the protest?


Hillary looks like she's in love.

sick of the sotu? "Born Yesterday" on TCM at 10pm est

************** OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #6 ********************

Think Exxon and the boys are liking this?

Why was Cindy Sheehan arrested this evening?

Is Bill Clinton the son GH Bush wishes he had had? n/t

Thanks weak-kneed Dems for giving Bush that nice Alito victory lap

Public trust: release the Abramoff photos, intelligence data, etc. n/t

So when is he going to mentioned Katrina Recovery efforts?

He's talking for too long. All I want to see is the Democratic response

Excluded George? You mean these people?

I'm trying to partition and format a hard disk and this crap is on TV!

TiVo wouldn't let me watch the sotu any more

My 12 y/o daughter on Cindy's tee shirt: "Well, at least they knew


How do you only half way win the war against segregation?

*************** OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #7 **************


Is he still intent on sending someone to Mars?

LMAO! Bush talked about banning "human-animal hybrids"

"A Hopeful Society" wants this idiot IMPEACHED!

Where will the Dem response be?

God Bless America (smirk): Junior desecrates America

Dept. of Energy= Nuclear; Ethanol= Agribusiness

Refreshing to see Obama not climb all over everyone trying to get a smooch

finally.. finished

Here's why Bush is Pushing Alternative Fuels in the SOTU...

Short ass speech in my view

Tell my wife and her fellow teachers NCLB is great!


What did Bush say about iran? I was at choir practice and

Shut off the idiots, Listen here!!!

Do you want to hear some really really good news from Virginia?

They not only didn't walk out, many are standing and applauding

In my opinion, Cindi's arrest makes Bush look stupid and out of control

Why is Bush signing autographs??

When did the SOTU become a high school pep rally?

What didn't Bush talk about in the SOTU

When is the stupid murderer getting off my TV!! Boston Legal !!!

'Intelligence Survailance Program"--you don't get better than that!

Sheehan story-- now up on CNN

UK oil contract threat to US energy prices-senator

America is falling apart? Did Chumpy just say something like that?

I am skipping the SOTU Address...but is it true that the president

Wow. Another failure. Stay the course and Man on Mars promises

THANK YOU DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has The Fucking Democratic Party Gone Out Of Its Fucking Mind

Governor Kaine showing "The Peoples' Eyebrow"

This is disgustingly filthy.....The dems should have walked out

the GOP stands for the purity of Homo Sapiens


The official MSM post-SOTU coverage watch thread

Anyone out there need some "direction in love???"

Is he using Teleprompters?

My "Poll": What Are You Doing Instead Of Watching the STFU Speech?

Is it just me or is he getting drunker as he goes on?


************ OFFICIAL SOTU THREAD #8 *****************

Just thinking: I could go to the Humane Society

I'm glad they arrested Cindy!

Pic of Cindi, courtesy of Brad Blog

"Inaccurate info"?!? fuck you -just say he LIED!! grow a m f spine!

Human-Animal Hybrids?

Contrast what you just saw to the Al Gore Speech


OMG He walked right by Alito

Protests! San Francisco - Union Square Photos

"There's a better way." Is that the latest focus group pablum the Dems

If This Is The Democratic Response I Will Never Vote For A Democrat Again

Watch the REAL RESPONSE on C-SPAN when viewers can call in

Annan : ‘new mindset’ at UN involving not just governments but people

CNN Liars Changed Their Cindy Arrest Story n/t

Bush: I have a plan for energy that will complete by 2312...CLAP CLAP CLAP

Blah,Blah,Blah, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Now I know for sure

"There must be a better way."

If Voting is Rigged - Does Anything Matter?

CSPAN Is Getting Ready to Open For Responses!

Tim Kaine (VA) is giving the Dem response from Richmond.

Perhaps Bush really meant to say Subhuman

2243 Reasons why the DSM is Important



Will Cindy be taken to a Halliburton Detention Camp?

If Dems don't come to grips with what our blind support of Israel is

Why they clapped at the SOTU

Shirts with words on them are illegal? Freedom my ass!

What did JC Whatts just say? Economy clicking on all cylinders? and...

Please help: Need a video link to the shooting of Iraqis.

CBS: "Kaine is a VERY conservative Dem, he made some religious references"

Mr. Chimp, tell your goons . . .

Creator doublespeak!!!!

Howard Dean on MSNBC now.

Remember Kaine? He's living proof the democrats are coming back

Who were the Dems that voted for Alito?

Anyone just see tweety and feinstein ?

Who's got a Poll? I cant find one anywhere?? n/t

Sad , how quickly we jumped all over Sheehan

So, what are the talking heads saying. Can't stand to watch them, but

If there is a God, some day Cindy Sheehan will be the Guest of Honor

we need a thread for Dem Response Right now msnbc



On what basis can you get arrested for your t-shirt?

Something I thought I would never do, but I'm getting a gun.

Who's ready to "work together" with these fascist rePUKEs fucks?

CNN poll of speech watchers: 48% VERY positive!

Did DU go down for anyone else?

CNN poll: 48% rated it "very positive" speech.

Dean now on MSNBC

check this site--cnn did the camera work

BradBlog on Cindy Sheehan

CNN Poll: Are Americans hopeful or worried?

Don't confuse me with the facts, Mr. President

CNN said 48% of HIGHLY SKEWED audience approved of speech

OK. Seniors, how do you like Bush now? Tell me. He ignored you!

Dean should be speaking on MSNBC shortly n/t

He hasn't said "terror" in 15 minutes...

Jesus, where wuz ya? There's no footprints

Unless things change quickly, Democrats will be responsible for the end of

Children in strip-search controversy

She Speaks for Me

CSPAN: Talking of Daily Kos

He better end soon. Pickles' batteries look to be running out

I know why Karl Rove wants to hire 70,000 more teachers.

Rich Lowry disses veterans benefits

On a lighter note, Daily Show giving a sendoff to Greenspan



What's Idiot Son have against Human-Animal hybrids like Ann Coulter?

Name a big government conservative

Will Joe Lieberman Smooch with Bush Again This Year?

I just got home... What happened?

Translating the SOTU...

Amazing....watching CNN, they are pretty much trashing *'s speech.

Fuck all you corporatists! The time has come!

So... are there any photos showing this "Anti-War" slogan??

"In recent years, America has become a more hopeful nation..."

Has the DNC conference call started? Host Al Franken.

Was the animal/human hybrid thing referencing evolution?

Be a-skeeeerd citizens! (Dial-up warning)

It is so clear.....IT IS ALL SPIN. THE TRUTH IS DEAD.

A lot of the callers (souple of editors) on C-Span are trashing Bush.

If abortions are down, then why push to overturn Roe?


We have become a more HOPEFUL nation?

Bush has good speechwriters

"I don't think racism is rampant in the legal system,"


Wesley Clark SOTU response, comming up on propaganda channel

Is Kaine DLC?

Is bu$h Wired?

Anderson Cooper's email address?

god forbid Iran gets nuclear technology, but we need to build some more

Tweets big issue perch. Hillary was chewing GUM!

I was only able to last through about three minutes of the STFU speech.


Don't mean to insult Joan Rivers but Tweety is the Joan Rivers of


Dammit, why didn't anybody remind me the Daily Show was on?

"Firm grounding in math and science"

RE: The SOTU and Democratic Response

We had the neatest event for the SOTU speech!


What Dubya should have said.

It makes me HAPPY when I hear a reporter talk about "BITTERNESS" in DC

Is NSA still a contenous issue that has to be delt with.?

I just called the police station

Question about the latest interest hike...

The Democrats had a damn good SOTU rebuttal, why didn't they use it?

How did Lynn Cheney get her black eye?

I wish Hillary had BLOWN BUBBLES AND POPPED THEM while chewing gum

Lawyer alert: Very strange case concerning my aunt and the city gov.

Well, that was a whole helluva lotta nuthin. Except for Alito looking

anybody know what happened to the Carol Fisher brutalization by

FYI - doing a great job debunking SOTU

'Well Cindy got religion she had it once before'

Nice Touch on Corretta (gotta say it)

VIDEO- SOTU speech as Popsicle Stick Show

I thought it was a very strong speech

AC360 to discuss Cindy Sheehan

OMFG...Tweety will discuss Hillary Clinton's "gum chewing" next

Proof That Bush's Removal of the Abramoff Prosecutor was a Political Deal

On Tweety: Scarbot - Culture of corrpution in Repug admin

VIDEO- Bush and Nixon Comparisons- "I am not a crook"

So, who has already started drinking?

AOL Poll. Rate SOTU. Please DU!

"America is more secure when freedom is on the march"

Democrats on Bush: 'There Is a Better Way'

Please DU this Poll! Live Vote!

Full Text of Kaine's speech here....

I noticed something while watching The Nuremberg Trials on PBS.

Clark should have done the Democratic response.

Why was Frist following * our of SOTU?

Sheehan was HANDCUFFED and taken away.

Human-animal hybrids, traveling to Mars and steroids in baseball.

Michael Ware - Time Mag. CNN Now!

Okay, back to Olberman. Who's got the video? I want my KOTV!

Whoare the neocons attacking..

Paul Hackett's Response To Bush's SOTU(kos)

SOTU Response: A Very Brief Primer

Grade Kaine's speech

Michael Ware on CNN-the great lie of the address was the

Mr.bush does NOT speak for me

Any sign of DeLay at SOTU?

cnn: Cindy charged with unlawful conduct ...misdemeanor...could

Did anyone hear Tim Kaine?

Dumbing down of Americans-getting more stupid by the day

Sheehan gets arrested for wearing T-shirt and Bush talks about freedom

CBS/Schieffer citing polls now: 77% believe Bush speech good

Due to high traffic, the forums are open to registered users only.

Is JOE SCARBOROUGH's hair all his?

Does Your local high school allow t-shirts like Cindy's?

Bush is against Batman, Catwoman, Hawkman, Mermaids, and Minatours


State of the Union Protests--MUST SEE!

Here's my message to everyone I see about the S.O.T.U -S.N.A.F.U.

This is the worst thing I've ever witnessed in 56 years

Let's all wear the T-shirt

Cindy was wearing a T-Shirt

So, tell me..How did the Democrats react to the rat bastard's speech?

Did He Just Compare this to WWII???? :Cindy: 200 protesters were outside Police HQ

Did Bush cover health care savings plans?

CNN AMANPOUR-->"Are we going to take what the administration tells us?"

Hitler does not speak for me

2:31 seconds he said 9/11

Sheehan story unfolds and will gain momentum...arrested for

SOTU - I missed it - Did the Dems get up and walk out?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Shout Out


Is this speech scaring the shit out of you too?


Rate this one up.

Truthout: Veteran's Mother's State of Our Family Address

Caption this */Kerry pic...

State Of The Union Fact Check

The real picture of tonight

Gosh! I sure wish DU could get a bit more melodramatic!!!!


Was Cindy Sheehan stupid to get herself arrested over that T-shirt?

MORE DETAILS on Cindy Sheehan's arrest

Anyone have a transcript of Olbermann's smackdown of O'Reilly?

Rove is totally working the Cindy issue, via the media!! What a snake!

Cindy Sheehan Plans To Be In Audience At Bush Address

She was wearing a T Shirt. repeat. A T shirt. A T shirt.

Not Sure Why There's All The Kaine Bashing Going On. It's A Bit Confusing.


New Patriot Act Provision,Regarding Arrests At Public Events!

Ex-aide Libby wants classified materials

I'm with Cindy, but she should have planned better.

************* OFFICIAL DEM RESPONSE THREAD #1 ***************

A better Cindy Tshirt Pic

Pre-spinning the SOTU: GOP lowers expectations, Dems buy ad on Fox

WP, Milbank: Instead of Savoring Alito Victory, GOP Serves Up Ill Will

Cindy photos (Reuters)

Poll up at MSNBC

Okay, who saw that disgusting display by Harold Ford, Jr.?

MSNBC Poll on whether Cindy should have been removed - DU needed

Pelosi and Reid have to Resign ASAP...

Thank all the courageous online fax/email site. Easy.

Dana Milbank says Cindi has a ticket to the SOTU address

Reuters has an update regarding Cindy Sheehan's removal:

Cindy Sheehan Does NOT Speak For Me


I'm Watching my West Wing DVD instead of the asshole in chief.

MSNBC Poll - Should Cindy have been arrested?


Harry Reid Smacks Miles O'Brien ( I am so proud!) LOL!

Okay. I feel safe. He wants to protect me from the "Human-Animal Hybrids."

Tucker Carlson is a tool. Says a husband is OBLIGATED to have sex with wi

THE STATE of the UNION In 7 Easy Pictures

ROLL OUT THE TRUCK!!! Velvet Revolution&BradBlog Presents:

I stand with Cindy

Bush FLIP FLOPS AGAIN on Oil...takes Al Gore's ideas from 2000?

300ft tall "BUSH STEP DOWN" sign put on San Francisco hill today!!!

Dean speaks (statement on SOTU)

LAT: Airman Is Shot After Brief Chase - Cont.

"If you vote for a Democrat, that basically you want to be bombed"

This is what CINDY is PROTESTING numb nuts! (flash)

Wes Clark will be Hannity & Colmes tonight after the SOTU

Bush: "WE ARE MEETING responsibility of health care for poor & elderly"

Obligatory "Bush and Karen Hughes review tonight's SOTU speech" photo

Chafee takes GOP maverick role, again

Fuck em all! Let the games begin!!! Paper ballots, Hand counts and

Would You Support An Anti-Semite Giving the State of The Union Response?

SOTU Keyword Drink Parties!

Tweety: You're trying to adjust the image of your party, correctly or not

Cindy Sheehan about to speak on C-Span 2...

Did any of the Dems who voted for cloture offer any

The LIES of David Brooks, Continued >>>

Scarborough's WETTING himself over Scalito, Roberts & ACLU.

Al Gore -SOTU Response

He'll be nauseatingly cocky tonight and swagger to the podium

Proud of my Governor

Is Al Franken still on the air?

Please help me kick this thread.

Photo of a morally reprehensible pig.

CNN: Miles O'Brien attacks Dems in Interview with Sen. Reid

Nurses Blast 'Heartless' Bush Health Proposals

ACLU's "Spin of the Union" guide - check it out while you listen:

Here is the SOTU response that Democrats should be giving tonight

Wow, just got polled by Zogby again, these questions were very interesting

Is anyone attending a " worldcan'twait" protest of the speech?

KO just said Cindy WILL be at the SOTU tonight....

Olbermann just said it's been reported Cindy Sheehan was arrested!

Senate Press Release SOTU on Energy: EMBARGOED UNTIL 9pm leaked!

Rex - the bomb sniffing dog will be beside Laura. Oh my!

Bad Feeling in the Body Politic

Not into SOTU Drinking games? Try the CGD SOTU Bingo!

is someone starting a SOTU thread? an official one

I've concluded...Republicans are incapable of happiness.


Enjoying the stump speech so far? Yawn......

Official State of the Union Thread #1

So we're not talking the union, but rather globalism...right

Live coverage all night of SOTU address

What an arrogant prick this man is...

SEEK weapons of mass destruction??? WTF

Bush to Announce Addiction to Oil

Official General Discussion: Politics SOTU Thread #2

Let Us Stand Behind Our Brave Men Who

What will the cable gossipers say after this? Love fest or Real Assessment?

When Cindy gets the chance to speak for herself, we'll SEE if she...

So people...what is the...

Just got back 10 minutes ago from eating and I can't take this sorry

***************** Official (GDP) State of the Union Thread #3 ************

Lou Dobbs is kicking some Bush tush -- doing a great job!

What is happening with the noise making protests? Are we supposed to go

Our Cities Must Fight

************ Official (GDP) State of the Union Thread #4 ****************

Before History Is Written Down - I'll Have My People Edit It.....

SOTU speech already a failure

"Terror-sponsoring regime in Iran must come to an end."

Keep the pressure on Crystalone..they're wimping out!

I Tried, But I couldn't stand it...

Cindy Sheehan Gets Gallery Pass to State Of The Union

Will Bush Have Cindy Sent Off For Rendering

*********** Official GDP State of hte Union Thread #5 ***********

IMO, the democratic response is coming across very well...

"Wink" at the parents, georgie is now broadcasting SOTU post coverage

Our dude had bad botox


Weapon of destruction !!!! A T-Shirt .!!!!!!! .Arrest that mother!

MANDATORY MALLOY....Truthseekers S.O.U Scream Session


Their guy looked like a chimp with bad facial ticks and a coke habit

Schieffer and co. on CBS put the boot into the SOTU

Kaine's speech is a missed opportunity

What is the D.C. Code on "Unlawful Conduct"?

I'm Really More Afraid Of *Co Than I Am Of Any Terrorist.....

Props to Chairman Dean

They better not give this Pig Fucker the Line Item Veto

Specter Outrageous Statement!!


Who let him in?

Protest on the reflecting pool

Wow - He's Saying He Broke The Law In the SOTU Address....

Who combed his fucking hair, Farmer John?

America Liberated Europe.....???

Nancy Pelosi on CNN now!

Bush didn't acknowledge the Americans who died/lost homes in NO

Malloy live

If you're not watching the SOTU, what are you doing?

Leaderless Democrats and the Angry Opponents

Bush slips in PNACs plan for the Middle East

I saw Bushie's "moment of clarity" 3 years ago

Video of Kaine's He did a nice job.

My view on tonight's speeches ........

Malloy is reporting Cindy was arrested for wearing a t-shirt

"Judges must be servants of the law and not legislate from the bench"

georgie learned a lot of new isms

AOL poll on Bush: Everyone vote

Even Yahoo calls Bullshit on the SOTU

We need to send a Thank You to every Senator who voted no on cloture.

Please DU this poll

Malloy Recognizes WillieT

Does it seem to you that the MSM is actually not buying Bush's BS tonite?

Why is Sheehan an "anti-war activist" and not a "mother of slain soldier?"

SOTU: Did the Dems CHEER when the blivet mentioned Soc. Sec, and

Surfacing resistance and Cindy Sheehan...



Paul Hackett's Response To Bush's SOTU(kos)

J.C. Watts is a certified idiot.

DU this poll on Cindy

Here's the shifty-eyed bastard...

What happened to McCain's face?

DU this poll

Ted Kennedy should have given the Dem Response.

When Women Start Dying From Botched Abortions Again...

Tomorrow's Headline - Cindy Arrested At SOTU Address...

Perhaps saying that "Pelosi sucks!" was too strong

Kerry on tomorrow's Today Show - Rebutting SOTU!

I kept waiting to hear how the mission to Mars was going since this time

Cindy Sheehan arrested???

A right winger has taken over liberal talk radio

HuffPo says Corzine, Lautenberg sold out Abramoff investigation

John Kerry Responds to State of the Union Address

Found detailed info about Cindy's arrest...

TIME: Giuliani has foothold in Houston, support from "Christian" Right

DU This Poll! "How Convincing was Bush's Speech?"

I'm not watching the SOTU. Are you?

"America is Addicted to Oil" - Longer Version

Olberman just handed O'Reilly his ass to him

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Packed Durham restaurant for Dean's pre-SOTU gathering..Pics from Tim.

I'd like to post a serious question to our centrist friends here on DU

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's SOTU Response

Thoughts of Poverty

The State of the Union Bush SHOULD have given - NL cartoon

State of the Union - a cartoon commentary

Clark and Rangel on insHannity and Holmie on Faux after the break!

WTF is a Human-Animal hybrid? Mr.bush said we can't have that?????

I think the 2008 ticket should be Wes Clark/Geoge Clooney.

BBC: Travels with my beard

SFG Analysis: President's appeal for harmony rings false p. 1 A

The nation Bush doesn't see (San Francisco Chronicle)

Bush Stretches to Defend Surveillance (a fact check)

Va.'s Kaine Assails 'Poor Choices, Bad Management' (WP says good Dem respo

Ensign reports $2.37 million available for re-election (R-NV)

Bush:We must keep our word (would you believe this man)

Freedom of the Press: Threaten One, Intimidate a Million

Top Ten things Bush won't Tell you About the State of the Nation(Juan Cole

This could've been written by an American about Bushamerica

Alito Sworn In as Justice After Senate Gives Approval(but Dems could have

Gene Lyons on political illusion

Bush deems guest workers key for economy (but plan unenforceable)

The True State of the Union - Paul Craig Roberts

Decoding the State of the Union

Bush touts ethanol made from crop waste, wood chips (dif from corn based)

9/11 Attacks: Avoiding the Hard Questions - Boston Globe

The Real State Of The Union By Mark Morford

Rude Pundit parable of the gang rape explains Alito vote

The Democratic Response: My Worst Fears Realized

Enron and the Bush Administration

Weended 2005 with fewer private sector hours worked than we had in Jan '01

Hurricanes shape new natural order - drastic changes to coastal ecosystems

Alaska volcano continues to belch ash

On notice...

January 2006 Warmest On Record For Dallas-Ft. Worth

Great Barrier Reef Bleaching On Track To Hit 60% - Keppels @ 100% Already

Montana Delegation Opposes Stronger State Water Rules For Coal-Bed Methane

Warmest January On Record For Kansas City

Shrub talks about alternative fuels EVERY single year in the SOTU. Has

San Diego to Proceed with 5 Megawatts of PV

Researchers: Ethanol EIOER -- let's settle this.

Hydrogen Manufacturing - DOE Hydrogen Program

U.S. motor tech research firm bests PM motors.


Increasing Plant Enzyme Efficiency May Hold Key To Global Warming

Bush Pimps Cellulose Ethanol From Unproven, Still Unscaled Process

What Scared Tony Blair Re. Climate Breakdown? - Time

Prius Owners Question Mileage Claims

"New" Bush Call To Cut Foreign Oil Habit 35 Years Old - NYT

List of New and Used Diesel Cars Available in the U.S.

Proposal for collecting home-solar data points.

Chants of "Nuclear energy is our right!"

Cheney's hand puppet talks about cellulosic ethanol to be ready

Can someone tell me why the U.S. knows for a fact that the Jewish peopl...

US urges Arab states to fund Palestinians after Hamas victory

Egypt demands PA stop violence as condition for peace talks

Hamas versus the Founding Fathers

Israel compensates Palestinians, lawyer says

Fatah member: Palestinians shot themselves in foot

Fatah leader accuses Hamas of attempted murder

Forces demolish Amona homes amid clashes

What Hamas could learn from the early Zionists about state-building

Yahoo news: Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

Any similarities between this(super bowl) and 9/11,in terms of security?

Email to AAR in San Diego re: 9-11


New research on voting machine availability and voter turnout in Ohio

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, February 1, 20006

This is from an election activist who reads this forum every day, but does

Money flows into House races

This week's Civic Skinny 02-01-06

Ex-Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) heads to IA today to endorse Chet Culver

Vilsack Warns Against Opposing Eavesdropping - DM Reg

Get this- Deval Patrick at 5pm announces tax problems - AP

It's past 6 and "Breaking News"says St Fleur "steps down" as Reilly

Get the GLOBE?? Some thief may have your credit card number!!!

Feb 11 benefit in Northampton for striking NYU Grad Workers

Franken PAC pulls in nearly $170,000

Pawlenty still using ammendments to get around his tax pledge

Anyone planning to try and protest Bush tomorrow?

Kennedy has raised $1 million more than Klobuchar

Marko to challenge Rowley in DFL primary

The Alito Surrender and Irrelevance of Senate Democrats

This just in: DeLay swiftboating Lampson (and did I mention he

Hutchison War Chest Tops $7.5 Million

DeLay's defense fund in red

Poll: Gay or Straight Austin City Employees Domestic Partner Benefits

Homebuilding newsletter available from HADD

Austin: Bob Gammage and Donna Howard at DFT tonight

Borris Miles for House District 146 Campaign Rally

Galaktoboureko -- must refrigerate?

Hey everyone! I'm looking for good hors' deouvres recipes

Gomery reform proposals could have major impact on Harper government

Ok, I heard a rumour that Harper is considering Stockwell Day

U.S. forces fire on Canadian vehicle in Iraq

Stephen Harper's drug problem

Ralph sure took healthcare off the backburner quickly.

BREAKING: Watch Cindy on Good Morning America, tomorrow morning at 7AM!

U.S. Air Force defends big satellite contract

Reuters Iraq LBN: Suicide Bomber Kills At Least Eight People in Attack..

Burgoyne sentenced to 20 years:Parents of slain soldier testify at sentenc


AP Bush Skips Complex Realities in Address

SFG Analysis: President's appeal for harmony rings false p. 1 A

Lawyers in Leak Case Outline Libby's Defense

Iraqis Angered by Bush's Remarks in Speech

At Exxon Mobil, a Record Profit but No Fanfare

U.S. Troops Fire at Canada Convoy in Iraq

Saddam and defence team boycott trial

House Mulls Lobbyists Ban on House Floor


Herring Wins Loudoun Senate Seat (Democrat wins VA GOP seat)

WP: Libby's Lawyers Seek Papers on Plame's CIA Employment

Iraq democracy must come before oil: Chalabi

Bill Young (R-FL) says on the House floor

Short Patriot Act Extension Is Likely (to March 10 - House vote today)

UN (World Food Program) Praises Cuba's Anti-malnutrition Efforts

"Don1' posted false information on DU.

Domestic Agenda: On Education and Health, Costly Plans Face Hurdles (NYT)

Democrats Close Financial Gap With Republicans, Led by Senators

Probe Faults Feds for Katrina Response

Blanco: No offshore signoffs unless La. gets royalty share

Britons promised "good news" on Iraq withdrawal ( Straw )

Lawmaker's wife told to leave during Bush speech

Straw to warn Iran on nuclear programme

Senators critique State of the Union speech (Kerry, Biden, & McCain)

Activist says cops roughed her up for hanging anti-Bush posters

LAT: Bush Stretches to Defend Surveillance (SOTU facts,figures disputable)

Multimillion $$$ A'amoff client gave $50,000 to GOP after meeting w/ Bush

Cubans help with literacy campaign (in Bolivia)

Cindy Speaks Out!

Bomb-sniffing dog gets good seat at union address

Indicted Jack Abramoff Set Up A Meeting With Bush For 5 Clients In 2001

WP: A Gender Difference In Heart Disease: Variant in Women Hard to Detect

Report: State must move panthers to save them

State of the War? U.S. Support Fades (Zogby Poll - 55% phased withdrawal)

U.S. troops fire at Canadian envoy's car

Ralph Ferruci responds to 'Don1'

Senators Martinez, Nelson craft gulf drilling deal (Florida)

Kerry Speaking Now on C-Span 2 n/t

Iran And Hamas Reject Bush's Call For Change

Couple Claims Police(Michigan) Practiced 'Hooding' ...(Abu Ghraib style)

Multimillion dollar Abramoff client gave $50,000 to GOP after meeting with

Law firm asked to give back Abramoff money

Army Moves Soldiers During Gay Porn Probe(82nd Airborne)

Prince Harry to serve in Iraq as troop commander next year

Fitzgerald admits White House may have destroyed some leak emails

LAT: Bush Treatment Plan for Healthcare Will Be Self-Help

Rumsfeld Uncertain Over Iraq Attacks

CINDY'S account of her arrest

Bush Paints Democrats As Defeatist on Iraq

Common Dreams: Progressive Caucus "REAL" State of the Union

Angry US slams Iraq bribe denials (Australia)

LAT: Defense Says Doubt, Not Greed, Hurt Enron (Lay, Skilling to testify)

Goodwill trip to Iraq ends with scare for (TX Gov.) Perry

LAT: Rare Accord on Need to Compete (in math and science)

Some US troops question Woodruff coverage

EFF Sues AT&T to Stop NSA Spying

Saudis, Qatar Pledge $33M to Palestinian Authority

LAT: Schwarzenegger's Campaign in Debt: Dem rivals, union foes have $50M

Iran Incapable of Building Nuclear Bomb — Russian Expert

Big oil may be too big, Specter says (threatens subpoenas)

US furious over denials ( Australian wheat /Saddam bribe scandal)

Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Debate Begins in Maryland House

Scientists: New 'planet' bigger than Pluto

Women Sue Wal-Mart Over Contraception

Faux News: Left's Chorus Grows for Bush Impeachment

Iran's President Lashes Out at Bush

Official to Plead Guilty in Iraq Scheme

United Leaves Bankruptcy After 3 Years

Governor asks coal mines to stop production (2 more dead WV)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 1 February

Bush: US would defend Israel against Iran ("You Bet")

Bush Says Don't Expect Oil Price Breaks

UPDATE: CNN: Shirt tales different for Sheehan, Republican's wife

Feeding tube treatment for Sharon

Blanco: No offshore signoffs unless La. gets royalty share

NORTHCOM Prepares for Possible Pandemic

Florida Rep.'s(R) Wife Says She Was Ejected From State Of Union

House approves $39 billion cut to Medicaid, student loans

14 US House Reps Want Bush Impeach Probe

Official: Army Has Authority to Spy on Americans

Drug Stuffed Puppies Found in Bust (Heroin)

Internet call for attacks on Denmark, Norway over prophet carricatures

(Tom) DeLay's defense fund in red

Bush says he understands Americans' worries

NBC: Charges against Sheehan to be dropped

Insurgents Thwarting Iraq Reconstruction

The GD feels like a buzzing neon sign...

Self Deleted

Bush SOTU inspired by Karlheinz Sockhausen?

Just finished watching Match Game '74

So thanks for telling me now that you have the strep penis.

Fashion crimes

Has anyone in the lounge ever had Bursitis??

The Lounge needs more lounging. Hell, nothing BUT lounging.

Who was the snotty brat giving that long speech in front of the flag?

My Posts are back!

LEVEL 3!!! Woooo hooooo!

For those who didn't watch the STFU, what did you watch?

You know it's 1:00 in the morning, can we please go down to Level 1

Are we ever going to get back our avatars, and sig lines?

I smell a freeper in the midst..

I just posted in GD:Politics

Oh my god, avatars are back?!?!

Rex Harrison was the first rapper.....

I lounge you love!

Beautiful, blonde, awesome, indie stars

Please Caption this:

OMG I posted something in GD

Is SeattleGirl still in the house?.....

Is SeattleGirl still in my house?

Who was the snotty brat giving that long speech in front of the flag?

I finally saw Walk The Line yesterday. *Spoilerish*

Separated at birth?

So where can I buy a tee-shirt like the one that Cindy owns

Beer Golf has been upgraded.

"Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"- Jimi Hendrix

I've seen all five Oscar Nominated Films...

Thank you to whoever removed the picture

ALL of the network morning "news" shows were preempted where I live!

I've never seen Level 6 or 7

Anyone know what the Flying Spaghetti Monster's response to the SOTU was?

Skinner....a beer.....and $50

Is it just me, or did Katie Couric sound really defensive of Bush

I need to do an advanced search. EVERYONE logout

I hate waking up at night about every hour

That reminds me...

You GD people are overly emotional ............

It can only get better

Happy 50th birthday to Exene Cervenka!

There was once a man from yahoo

If you must keep your cell phone on at work, put it on vibrate.

Can someone in San Diego go by this place and get me a Black forest...

Morris Day and the Time Friday night.

KOEB Brigade is coming to NYC & jonesing for oil, intervention on Feb 18th

PU this Doll!

Who will protect you against the BlackWorm?

Only Level 1 today?

Let us now praise Joey Shithead

YAHOO!!!! Got all of "Brass Eye" on my video iPod now!!!

Taco Del Mar?

I feel like I am all ALONE. Where is everybody?

Word Association thread!

People sure get upset about some strange things

anyone wanna switchgrass?

Red River Valley

Having a BBQ rib competition at my house on Sunday...need help

"Kenny Chesney Was My Lover"

Wasn't Sheehan supposed to be on the Today show this morning?

"No Opinions? No Problem" (Wired)

Need some good thoughts and prayers please.

IANAL .. Thats cool.

Wednesday earworm. Again, I wish.

I hate every ape I see, from Chimpan-A to Chimpan-Z....

Good Wednesday Morning, Everybody!

My old man came from the hospital and told me he has only 6 years to live

In honor of Tom Cruise and DU's love for him,

Which Hugo Chavez T Shirt should I get?

Kurt Vonnegut on CBC Radio 2 NOW! (9:30am pacific)

Is anybody else finding it hard to believe it's FEBRUARY, already??

Your home site on your browser is?

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 released. Direct download from M$ inside

MUST WATCH TV Tonight!!! Lackawanna Blues on HBO

is RandomKoolzip still working on his punk thesis?


Is sour cream supposed to have a face?

Need help remembering a Tom Cruise movie

All this TOM CRUISE stuff is going to force me

First it was Hamster and Snake..Now it's Puppy and Lion...

Okay. I have to go to the grocery store, but when I return

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Tom Cruise

Hey, he may not sleep with the fishes, but he swims with the pigs . . .

I need a nap . . .

did I miss the memo?

Paramount picks up romance penned for Cruise

speaking in Nashville, * says one of his jobs is


remember Cruise's stellar performance in...

Where did you meet your stalker*?

Which of the Best Picture Oscar Nominees do you want to win?

I'm dedicating this earworm for MrsGrumpy!!!

So I order a first aid kit for the office and it comes empty.

Click here for the Tom Cruise Appreciation Thread. . . .

My cell phone sucks as a mouse!

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Sex Life on Hold?

Bonnaroo initial line up announced!

You are invited to a party.....

Damn no cherry

"What Really Happened," by Cindy Sheehan.

I keep getting calls from the fax machine.

Once again time for another Cruise Poll


Guess how I voted on hypothetical 2008 Prez matchups


Oh Lordy Lordy - THIS is what I know you want for your next birthday!!

You know what the Lounge needs?

AP: Tom Cruise converts Judge Alito to Scientology!

heres a picture of me with Tom Cruise

For those keeping score - I do love other bands other than Led Zeppelin

Jesus Saves, Especially When He Shops at Lord Mart!

Happy Birthday to Billy Mumy!

OLIVE olive OLiVE oLiVe OlIvE olIve OLIVE

A little light relief - The Greatest American

Town's New Highway Boss Lives In Treehouse

Most Viewers Tune In Fox for SOTU Address

I have a question about wedding invites and names

Traffic stop for broken light leads police to 760 pounds of pot

what if....


printer problem

Tell me I'm not an idiot for dropping a grand on this computer

Introducing The KJ Cats (If this works I will be amazed)

Vaseline & Groundhogs-Do they mix?

I need to know... WTF is "EMO"?

Grand Canyon river rafting trip suggestions?

Two dozen other stupid reasons why we should suffer for this

U2 is the greatest rock and roll band on the planet *

Help! My parents invited themselves over for the superbowl...

You Know, My Friends, SOTU Looks So Like STFU

Headline: "Bush Urges Confidence in His Leadership" -- what a logician.

Who wants to come to my house?

Did you know Rahm Emanuel's brother is the inspiration for Ari Gold ?

Students wearing Superman capes & tutus rescued from Mountain Road

The original lineup of Pangaea is reuniting!

New movies I want and don't want to see....

Sounds like a good day for "hide thread".

May I Have Yor Attention Please - Due to our current budget crisis

Pig Champion [Poison Idea] R.I.P.

I just killed a scorpion in my garage!

Some days are really strange...

Freeper in action

Goodnight everyone!

Got my new office set up and had my first manager meeting today!

Say it ain't so!!! Little Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) a meth addict??

What's up with "BOOM-BOOM" cars?

I no longer need to undo yvr girls's pants to take them off

Winter classes for men at the learning center for adults

I have the Deep Throat

Should I go to class this evening?

YES Caption this photo stamp from Freeperville.

Scientists: New 'planet' bigger than Pluto.

Exorcising DU'ers..question

Nice. "Cash Cab" is on.

Is this ridiculously dorky?

Post here and I'll ignore you.

So they say Britney Spears is pregnant again...

How much is SuperBowl security costing, and who's paying for it?

OK, I got my teeth in and I'm ready for anything.

Post here and I'll describe the nightmares you give me...

Need political crossword help for homework

Free to a good home (Puppy people thread)

my first DU "post" post..

Wow. No sick people to take care of ! What should I do now?

Here's my sign for Habitat Chili Cook-Off

Stay out of the FRIDGE!!!

New Music Trivia: Which sold more albums..... Nevermind vs. Ten

Post here & I'll describe a nightmare about i had about you & George Bush

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/1/06)

"In The Stall With Those Cheerleaders"

iPod questions...

Cocaine. You're right in liking it.

No... more... Cruise!

The original lineup of Asia is reuniting!

I just got an "I just want to be friends" email.

Groundhog day is tomorrow

DU unavailable around Noon Thursday! Make your plans NOW!!!

Two squirrels making whoopee on the windowsill of our garage


Let's settle this argument: at what wage level may one expect good service

I no longer need to undo my pants to take them off

Good cheap vendors for PC upgrade? Don't need latest technology

I'm 60 posts away from 9,000. Ask me anything!

Today's Trivia Question: Top 5 selling albums of all time

Son of GoG and I are visiting the baby panda tomorrow...

Meat. You're right in liking it.

The Onion: President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

I'm 1 of 2 finalists for the job!

I just ordered a pair of these.

I'm listening to post-punk

I'm going to Toronto for the first time this month! What should I do?

Howard Dean is UNDELECTABLE. Agree?

Eyes are so hard to draw!

Exercising DU'ers.. question

Unsolicited pitch for antihistamine eye drops (for kitty allergies

DU this poll

I haveta go, folklets...

Fuck the Christian conservatives - I'm glad they're pissed at hollywood.

New and Improved KitchenWitch - with 20% more snark!

Are you ready for the sex girls

Music Trivia, Part II: What is the first classical album to sell A Million

From the Midland Police Department -(nothing was changed from this)

5 years, 8000 posts

I still really can't believe it -- a slug of booze stops a cough.

If you posted like you are on Freerepublic and you use spell checker....

I want to buy more from blue and green merchants. They need our support.

TOM CRUISE is so...

Great Tom Cruise Movie EVER!!!! Cocktail!!

Tom Cruise is the greatest human being alive.

People. This opportunity is rapidly getting beyond our reach.

Has there ever been an actor as good as Tom Cruise?

This is kind of serious and I need information.....

Now remember. When STM returns, we say nothing about the Tom Cruise

I'm a pacifist but...

Has Tom Cruise ever been a good actor????

Attn CT DUers: Lieberman challenger in West Hartford tomorrow!

Should I take a Cruise this summer?

I *looooooooooove* Tom Cruise!

Most annoying C list celebrities.

Tom Cruise was good enough for Stanley Kubrick!

Music appreciation daily thread: This one is for all you deadheads!!

I had a dream about baby giraffes and kittens. Is this a sign?


Okay, here's a Classic Movie Quiz (dial-up warning)

evening earworm

Is there something wrong with me? I really like "My Humps"

Any vets around? I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them!

I'm moving to Tampa

Can you name the movies from the picture provided? Some of them are easy.

Post a pic of somewhere you've lived

That SNARK, swallow you whole

Now it is time to discuss Pataphysics.

I am so wonderful. I am so great, charming. I can't say enough good things

Attention Grammar Police

Do you believe in God?

Post here & I'll describe a dream I had about you.

There was once a man from yahoo

My hospital wants a deposit of $1000 to have a baby there...

Health Savings Accounts - for the healthy rich

New 'planet' is larger than Pluto

.Patients Suffer Déjà Vu … Over and Over

Scientific brain linked to autism

Has anyone been watching the "Guns, Germs, and Steel" program on PBS?

Mars Gets Broadband Connection - New orbiter will provide high data rates


Banning Gay Marriage 'Act Of Love' Group Says

SF Street To Be Named For Drag Politician

Paratroopers Location Secret As Gay Porn Investigation Proceeds

Gay Marriage Battle Comes To Portugal

Austin Mulls Gay Partner Benefits

Connecticut Clerks Quit Gay Marriage Case

Foster Greyhound was adopted last night

Just found out our 8 mo puppy

Strange litterbox problem with Boots

Anybody seen the new CPT hostage tape?

A bit on my current obsession: astrology and the family.

Special chart request

Women in sports hearing. See it now while we still have Title IX

Good KarenDC diary on DKos

delete - dupe

Organizing response to Cindy's arrest

Now the NYT reports:

W Places Apple On Head, Dares Nation To Shoot it Off

Peter Daou goes after the media bias

Photo from DU-P from last night warning: includes evil with good

which network did you watch the SOTU on, if you did?


Note to Drudge and Malkin: Do The Math on Education

Kerry Sets Katie Couric Straight on Bush’s SOTU (Transcript & Video)

JK up on CSPAN

SFRC Hearing on Thurs. Feb 9th, 2006

Band of Brothers Reception in DC

Patriot Act Amerika

Protest last night.

Photogroup February Contest: Theme?

I wanna see KO's takedown of O'Really again!!!!

Countdown Newsletter -- 02/01/06: Road Show

Stephania just played a portion of Keef's o'Leilly smackdown.

"You really gotta kick that addiction" said the pusher to the addict...

My Take: Cindy was arrested because it would detract from

Aol Poll in the middle of the page and close to the end of the page

Idaho tv -"State of the Bush Address" (local news what did yours say?)

Looks like Maxine Waters stood her ground and didnt applaud....

Crowds protesting Sheehan arrest in DC -- police getting ugly.

The State of the Union is screwed every which way from Sunday...

Blazing Wi-Fi Zips Toward Reality

I like THIS MSNBC Live Vote: Did President Bush persuade you that he has

Secret Service and Cap. Police Must Have Known Beforehand

Will there be a Sheehan defense fund?

Oxycotin Barf Alert - The Eleven Lessons of Rush Limbaugh

According to - Cindy will be on the Today Show in the morning

Green Party and Republican Party are as One on Cloning

what did her shirt look like?

Bush: "Hey, Cindy, Dems, the Constitution, and America..."

Where can I find that list of banned items Mike Malloy just read on AAR?

Can you spot the freeper?

okay, did you all see lieberman lead the standing ovations many times?

How would they have handled Cindy had she been in street clothes?

Notice the many DU threads bashing Cindy? Wonder why?

We need to start tonight.

Is anyone listining to Bernie Ward - I need a link - thanks!

Good night Cindy and DU I am going to bed with a smile on my face

Will some of you quit letting the RW dictate your position?

AP: Americans React to Bush Address (bushbo is screwed)

Is anyone asking: What is Bush's position on Iraq?

Never mind courage and what not regarding Sheehan:

In a strange way, we may have had a minor comeback today

Why do they always focus on a Black face during the SOTU?

Why do they always focus on a Black face during the SOTU?

The banner farce was a trumped up lie created by the Media Industrial

I say ESCORT BUSH OUT - I don't like his message.

Why, when it's the state of OUR Union, is Bush directing messages to Iran?

No insta-polls? The numbers must not be too good for jr.

I was at the Los Angeles World Can't Wait protest tonight.

URGENT:SOTU education=demise of education: my experience with it...

Cindy Sheehan SPEAKS for me and makes me PROUD!!!

No animal/human hybrids??? OK, I feel better now!

IRONICALLY, instead of watching the SOTU tonight I watched

I wonder if Hugo Chavez was watching Mr. Danger tonight?

FEINGOLD Reacts to SOTU Wiretapping section:

Anyone notice A&E running 9/11 movie tonight?

Here we go. More war marketing trash from the odious neocons

I found the human/animal hybrids that Bush is saving us from!!!

Update on cindy Sheehan

Some DC phone numbers re: Cindy Sheehan's arrest

Progressive Talk added at Crystalone

Freepers go wild>> CNN/USA Today/Gallup: 75% Give Bush Thumbs Up

Do you notice how evil the two guys behind Bush look in this pic?

George W. Bush Does NOT Speak For Me (the remix version)

Are these 4 SC Justices or male stepford wives (ugly ones)?

Sheehan to appear on tomorrow's "Today Show."

Gore Vidal Delivers State of the Union - video stream

Even Tweety is starting to get the message

Military hides causes of women soldiers deaths


Bush response to Cindy's arrest.....


Dear Mr. Bush: You first.

Is this the hunan-animal hybrid * was referring to? ------>

So what was the official Dem response to fascism in America?

Anyone else notice Spector?

Have you all called the Cleveland Heights Police Dept yet?

Doober's confused about strength, and power.

let's look at just ONE paragraph...

ID these people pls

Did you see Keith Olbermann making fun of O'Reilly tonight?

freedom in Murricah means bush has the freedom to do whatever he wants

I just couldn't bear to watch the little shrubbie tonight.

Attention: If anyone knows a woman

The psychology of mass denial and 9-11

The 9-11 SOTU paragraph, with subtext.

Cindy did it.

Yahoo news: Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

3 ways

If a right-winger was arrested for wearing a political t-shirt...

(TOON) Steve Bell on the death of the 100th British soldier

I wonder if something terrible will happen to Cindy Sheehan.

Next year, Brian Schweitzer should give the SOTU response for Dems

Kaine did a good job even without REALLY bashing *

Unexplained 911 Mystery...

SOTU: * and the "duty to speak with candor"

Fuck you tweety. And you too, Feinstein.

WTF is this? Just WTF is it? What in the holy hell is this?

This instant poll made me smile and cry tonight

Cindy Sheehan WAS NOT RELEASED as promised.

How does Cindy being thrown out of SOTU help * in any way? Or

He worked hard on his speech..(pic)..

I'd like to find an audio source of this:

Wages up by smallest amount in nine years

Is there a "welcome" planned for Bush in Nashville tomorrow?

Apparently there is a republican Reuters photographer

Everything the US has done since 9-11 has played right into...

The Capitol switchboard is open; call your Rep & leave a message!

censor 'em while they're young

Chimpy Speech question I missed it - did he mention Stem Cell?

Did I just hallucinate that Bush twice said "direct our children in love"?

Did SOTU give W momentum? new toon 2/1/06

Airman back from Iraq shot by deputy

CALL and/or Email : CBS News Lying About Cindy's Arrest

SOTU - your reviews?

Guess What Ollie North Said About Christiane Amanpour

So I got a proper night's sleep for once - did I miss anything?

Let the T-Shirt campaign begin

Putin boasts Russia has missiles capable of piercing any missile defense

Last Night a post said Cindy Sheehan on ABC 7AM show...but

Please refresh my memory

I Thought Bush Wanted the Insurgents to be *Defeated*...

Good advice for Dems from an unlikely source

China bankers in US scam charge

YESSSS!!! CBS Re-framed their Cindy Sheehan story Entirely!

When are the Democrats going to heed Al Gore's call

John Kerry kicked on the Morning Show

At Exxon Mobil, a Record Profit but No Fanfare

god and his charioteers

Bush Energy Policy: End Depedence on Middle Eastern Oil. Drill on Mars!

Who are the "appropriate members of Congress" * informed of his

Ric Keller is such a pompous windbag

Mr. President, If you can't stand the death toll, get out of the War!

Please DU this AOL poll on SOTU! This was just freeped!

I thought they HAD an energy policy

You Want Fiery Liberals?

BTW. the State of our 51st State was just strong and peachy too.

Michael Ware, Time Magazine

China to become a world leader in stem cell research

Cindy Sheehan Speaks For Me, and you, and everyone who opposes

Um, Bush wants to increase nuclear power, but prevent Iran's nukes?



Mark Morford: The Real State Of The Union

One thing that was missing from Bush's "Great" SOTU yarn...

Kinda' reminds me of the * misadministration

Did anyone else notice the Nod Roberts gave Bush when Bush was talking...

Can I make a humble request regarding the news watching.

Wearing a T-shirt in US House: Maximum sentence of one year in jail

A message for those who would imprison Cindy Sheehan for speaking out

Just heard from Cindy Sheehan (re: arrest at SOTU)

"...Second-guessing is not a strategy..." --- George W Bush

An open letter to Bill O'Reilly.

I wonder how it works, we all know * is dumber a box of rocks, wtf

Holy crap - even my ultra-conservative boss said arresting Cindy was wrong

Why not?

Jonesing for Oil....

Remember him Mr Blair?

If Cindy's t-shirt said

We cannot demonstrate in the SOTU ?

Proof That Bush's Removal of the Abramoff Prosecutor was a Political Deal

Poll on Domestic Spying: Please help!

Security for Super Bowl called into question

Wonkette is a riot today

So * wants to use medical databases to "reduce costs" of

2245 vs. the single digit?

FYI: ALERT- The BlackWorm virus- Act now to avoid infection

Disgusted at my 'liberal' paper's coverage of SOTU - BARF

The "Red Finger Campaign"

Cindy Sheehan doesn't speak for me either

See the evil men in this picture!

What's going on in NYC???

Any gonna listen to Stephanie Miller today? I am she will tear * & SOTU up

DU this poll on the SOTU speech!

Repuke KYL telling it like it is on WJ

Who is this Repub congressman's wife who supposedly got arrested?

Destroyed dune (in the O.C.) will cost dearly

Newsweek SOTU Commentary

Clyburn (D-SC)--Sheehan should have been there but she shouldn't

Anyone take a look at the registered users here at DU lately -84,742

Senate hearing on Katrina, CSPAN1 now (Mayor Nagin testifying)

Purple fingers OK? T-shirts are not?

some male quest on Fox just called Hil. C. a 'hilabeast: to which the

The little things, like "his Justice"...

Craig Crawford, MSNBC, says Bush spoke longer on "woodchips" ...than..


Damn! I just sat through 3 hours of happy talk and never got to comment on

what can appealing to the 'center' mean when

Where were Jenna and Barbara Bush?

caller just said a Rep Congressman is on CSPAN defending Sheehan

David Delp Arrested at Presidential State of the Union

Democratic response was weak...

Both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address were this week

Can someone tell me the name of the aide in

Bush has requested secret authority in Patriot Act ?

NYT: Alito May Be Decisive in Marquee Cases (Kennedy now Ct.'s "fulcrum")

Excellent recap of BB Brain's Lies from SOTU

You're either with us or with the human-animal hybrids

I'm sorry, but I'm still trippin' over that human-animal hybrid thing


Was Ted Kennedy and Tom DeLay at the SOTU last night?

"Abortion is Big Loser in Confirmation Vote; Roe's Days are Numbered"

Has Hugo Chavez made any remarks on Cindy's arrest yet?

DU This Poll - grade the SOTU

Police in Michigan Accused of "Hooding" ... (shades of Abu Ghraib)

New Plan unveiled in SOTU

The imposter is not smart enough to cover his own ass - if they had

New Rethug Talking Point, calling Liberals "Secular Progressives"

Huh? Kerry said "53 Percent of kids not graduating from High School?"

"Changing The Subject, A Failed Oilman Talks About Failed Oil"

Would someone PLEASE start a 24 hour television news channel?

CNN poll - SOTU -

New Email message from Howard Dean

American Idol vs SOTU

Decoding the State of the Union - Republicanisms

Confirmed : Cindy Sheehan to be on Stephanie Miller Show, Thur, 2/2/2006

Since Humans ARE Animals, a Human/Animal hybrid is called "an infant".

TALON - Military Collecting Info on Antiwar Protesters

The Green Party and the Republican Party both oppose Cloning. Why?

Quoth Geoge Bush then: "Nevermore."

A backhanded compliment to the Viet Nam era...

Will the War on Tshirts be O'liely's next crusade?

SOTU by the numbers:

The real state of the union

Democracy Now-topics:

Swann closes in on GOP nomination, WTF!!?!!?!??

Byrd prattling on C-SPAN now

See Pic: doesn't look like a tee shirt to me. Cindy Sheehan

If Cindy had been wearing a pro-Bush shirt

USA Today's blog re: Sheehan's can post your views.

Stephanie Miller Caller

Faux and Freepers target/attack Clinton for "laughing" @ National Security

NYT graphic: words used by Bush in SOTUs, 2001-2006

The two faces of Bush.

damn, i am feeling good. really really good

I'm feeling snarky. Headlines.

How about that spiffy new Supreme Court? EXCLUSIVE ------>>>>

Kaine's response was imo plenty good, i reject out of hand...

A round of applause for Northern California voters in District Six!

Democratic Consultant - Biden for President????!!!!

Sign up for the 'no spy list' yet?

Just saw replay of Post SOTU gladhanding - BUSH clearly seeks DiFi

What was that he said about "switchgrass"?

Human - Hybrids: What are Cheney's heart valve replacements?

Am I to late to discuss the ties the 3 wore???

I just taped a piece of paper over my Kerry/Edwards button....

Arresting Cindy Last Night Makes Our Point

Saddam & the Concept of 'Equal Protection Under the Law'

Bill Young (R-FL) says on the House floor

US forces fire on Canadian diplomats in Bagdad.

Bush declared war on transplant patients last night.

AT&T sued over NSA spy program

Hamas and the Founding Fathers

No luck in court for soldiers challenging stop loss policy.

ABC "Black History Month: Does It Fuel Racism?" OMGosh!

EFF Sues AT&T Over NSA Wiretapping

So now Capital Police is claiming that they warned Cindy... Those pesky "old laws..."

Oh, those angry Democrats are so hateful....

CBS reporting this morning that Bush's SOTU had a 77% approval

"Drinking Liberally" group jeer speech

VIDEO- Selected bits from the SOTU address

dupe, delete

Isn't arresting Cindy Sheehan at the SOTU unconstitutional?

anyone have that picture of the pregnant surpreme court justices?

Europe Stops School Soft-Drink Marketing

Called Kerry, Kennedy's offices. Told them how grateful I was

Complete SOTU speech here

So with all this talk about banning human-animal hybrids...

Cindy Sheehan speaks: What really happened at the State of the Union

ExxonMobil oil profits based on stolen oil from Iraq?

Goodbye America, hello Amerikka

I said God damn, God damn The Pusher man

I just called Tim Kaine's office

White House Was Against Energy Conservation Before It Was For It


Should I contribute to the DNC? why?

Can someone seriously read this and tell me the problem? (Kaine)

Need a link: The House Democratic Caucus idea on competitiveness

When does the Abramoff "scandal" actually become a scandal?

Where can I find a clip of Bush's Human/Hybrid comment

I have been surfing the channels for Cindy this morning and have not

Whom here does Cindy Sheehan speak for?

Veto of concealed guns law is upheld (Wisconsin)

Wonkette: Supreme Ct's SOTU reaction -- Did Thomas wince at wiretapping?

1980s Gop short-sightedness led to current energy crisis.

DU this poll please ! 51% say SOTU "Usual Blah, blah, blah"

The silver lining to Cindy's T-Shirt

Bush polished a turd at SOTU...

[Boston Globe] subscriber credit data distributed by mistake

"The Iraq War is over, and Iran won."

GOP wife removed from SOTU also for wearing Support the Troops tee.

Army has authority to spy on Americans?

bu$h put fear into people. Time to put fear of the people into bu$h.

What I want to know: Who is it that we are cutting and running from?

Lest we forget... NOT the first time someone was arrested for a t-shirt

Who would have been a better choice than Tim Kaine for the SOTU response?

Why is the Chimp on my teevee again?

The old bipartisan Supreme Court said no to "line item veto"


So I'm watching Shit-for-Brains babbling on CNN.

Man Arrested After Telling Police His Pot Was Stolen (idiot alert)

NSA Expands, Centralizes Domestic Spying

now talking terrorist surveilnce

I'm amazed that Cindy got in at all

Better State of the Union speech, except close to the "real"one, funny

NYT- ""What is truly vicious, "is not propaganda but a monopoly of it."

Cohen V. California -- Precedent for Cindy

WTF was Lieberman doing????

Poor Coretta Scott King - what was she doing in Mexico

Paul Krugman coming up on Al Franken's show

"Human-Elephant Conflict"

Did the White House stage the obvious Cindy Sheehan assault?

"Don't you go worrying yourselves about the war.

Hey, did you hear us? I said, we need money to make Bush's drug plan work

Republicans at the Grand Ole Opry ---pix->>>

Bush in Nashville 1pm

I've been sick in bed for two days, did Bush have any gaffes last night?

David Delp thrown out at Clinton's Impeachment Hearing Updated

OMG, Bush is bragging about disaster relief!!

DU this C-SPAN (Capital News) Poll (Grade it way FReep'd)

Bill Would Restrict Police From Stopping Chicken Trucks On Hot Days

I don't think I'll ever watch the Today Show again.

Does this guy sound like Rush Limbaugh...?

I'm never leaving.

More about the abusive dynamics of American politics

BREAKING: Watch Cindy on Good Morning America, tomorrow morning at 7AM!

* is drunk-got the old cowboy thing going on

Mother's Of Fallen Soldiers


DU this poll on whether Cindy should have been arrested

Here's a poll to DU

Libby's Lawyers: Was She (Plame) Or Wasn't She?

Why is Bush addressing foreign nationals during OUR State of the Union?

LA Mayor Villaraigosa's SotU response translated (the one we needed)

Bird Flu Follies

Isn't Burma now called Myanmar?

New Orleans: The City That Bush** Forgot

If Americans are addicted to oil, Bush is the Pusher Man.

Is there really a war on?

Wonder how the FOX anchors feel having trashed France and Canada

AP: Cindy Sheehan removed for "causing a disruption"!!

VIDEO- Bush's Obsession with War

What should be done about Iran?

Be a nullifying juror if your state makes abortion illegal

Homeland Security story. We are so dead.

Shrub is headed to the Grand Ole Opry?

Can Someone Do a Video Comparing Last Night's Accent to Today's?

Senator Wife ejected, Cindy arrested, for SAME RULE VIOLATION

From Rawstory: Boxer amendment to demand Bush/Abramoff meeting info

Sadly we are too late for *'s warnings about animal/human hybrids

Indicted Jack Abramoff Set Up A Meeting With Bush For 5 Clients In 2001

AOL: T-Shirts Get Women Kicked Out of State of the Union

Republicans have a pre-9/11 mindset.

I found where Bush learned about Man/Animal Hybrids

"No civil right to sexual orientation"--anyone else catch this?

Well, to hell with them all. That sound of one hand clapping was

Al Qaeda's New Front

"We are a nation at war - a LONG war"

How many dual-citizenship murderers have escaped justice in US?

Summary of Kerry's appearance on Today

Casey Sheehan died so that his mother would be arrested for a Tshirt

Cindy Sheehan vs. Bill Young's Wife - just like Looters vs. Finders

Just thought of a great T-shirt protest campaign

A Year Ago This Month...

VIDEO- Bush calls himself "Educator in Chief"

Pssst, Mr President, about those human-animal hybrids...

Something that hasn't been discussed re: Cindy Sheehan

So we are addicted to Oil...just the blatantly obvious comes to my mind

Cindy Sheehan will be on Randi Rhodes for the 2nd hour part of the show

Women's rights are human rights.

Why wouldn't the homeland security dude shake Honorable

Does anybody know what happened to Air America Radio's start in Orlando?

line your issues up, and submit that bill to congress!

"a long,hard haul"..the global war on terror..

I think people here misunderstand why they threw Cindy out.

Sorry, I did not watch SOTU, can someone explain...

Please, some peaceloving foreign country,

I want to say how impressed I am with Rep. Jim McDermott!

Rate the State - MSN

After 5 years, has BushCo convicted

What do Roe v. Wade and Gay Marriage have in common?

My cartoons are up at the Contagious Festival,

Okay, folks, what the heck is going on in the House? Louise Slaughter

Just to be clear (thanks 8 year nightmare!!)

Would someone ask Mr. Royce (R-CA Idiot) "What private sector?

The Alito confirmation: How Democrats lost the political battle

Wasn't Sheehan supposed to be on the Today show?

I'm so excited about Marc Maron's return to AAR!!!

What I don't understand about the wiretapping and Bush's accountability.

Detroit's 'Surreal Bowl'

Should networks stop airing hostage videos?

Kerry Speaking Now on C-Span 2 n/t

Some light relief - The Greatest American

Ed Schultz was at the SOTU too last night. Has he commented on Cindy

SOTU Unusually Frank, Honest (satire)

The state of the union is...

Is there any Dem Congressperson coming to Cindy's aid?

Vote for Cindy in this poll about arrest

WaPo Corrects Bush on SOTU:

Abramoff in South Africa Too (Really good information)

MICHAEL SCHAIVO to be on Countdown tonight!

Anti-Choice has never and will never address this point about "life"


Human-animal hybrids....I need me one of those.


A (not so) Super Walmart opened here yesterday

Anyone have the video clip SOTU where Hillary shakes her head

"*" On Healthcare, Today in Nashville

The Patriot Act will made DISSENT a CRIME!

Politely, from England: "Why are our boys still dying in Iraq?"

Human-animal hybrid SPOTTED!!!

Propagandafest: "Americans Win When America Leads" ---pix->>>

Thom Hartmann indirectly just call Mike Malloy a left-wing wacko...

Dare candidates to take a NO CRONY pledge...

My Hat's off to Prince Harry

The American Public and the Battered Spouse syndrome...

The final peice to the puzzle is almost in place

"Addicted to Oil"?: Mr. Bush, You Are No Jimmy Carter!

Kaine's response: Good or Bad

Lets be Dave Letterman and create some "Top 10" lists for Bush

I love listening to Dennis Kucinich

Enough jokes about "human/animal hybrids" this IS very SERIOUS

State of the Union: George W. Bush and the "duty to speak with candor"

Deconstructing SOTU (long)

Sensenbrenner's up in the House--Patriot Act

Anybody watching the House?

Bush Said in SOTU that abortions have decreased in his term

Can we ask our Representatives and Senators to do the following?

Is it time for a Corpicide Blacklist?

Hey bush*!!!

Cindy Sheehan will be on Randi Rhodes at 4:30 pm EST

Democrats Must Unite on All Issues - here is why

Demand A Right To Privacy Amendment



"The Democratic Response" vs. "Democrats' Response" Fox vs. the rest

Arrested for a t-shirt?

Multimillion dollar Abramoff client gave $50,000 to GOP after meeting with

Email to AAR in San Diego re: 9-11

I'd rather be reading Bukowski

regarding Cindy's ejection

Right, Lieberman. I'll buy that bridge.

State of the Union? Not that shit hot apparently.


Are there any looney liberals on this board?

Okay this is kinda freaky....

What does New Orleans really think?

Need bad guys from the 20th century

The idiot king just said Frist is doing a great job herding cats

Jujitsu moves foil teenager's attackers - CBC NEWS

What should be done about Iran?

Class or race? Or oppression AND injustice?

Sounds to me like Cindy Sheehan was manhandled by the police . . .

Multimillion $$$ A'amoff client gave $50,000 to GOP after meeting w/ Bush

Brutish, Barbarous...

Caption This !!! - (Don't Know If It Can Be Improved On, But...)

Is His Royal Petulance Not Happy With the Reviews? ---pix->>>

Beyond Google: Dave Delp removed for t-shirt in 1999 --

"Compassionate conservatism" at last night's protest in West Chester, PA!

Local newspaper stands up to state rep's anti-gay amendment push!

When did the story of the Republican wife protestor break? Today?

When? From getting arrested for wearing a T-shirt w numbers on it, to...

Christian News Wire: "Stevens should retire to make way for new court"

US Ready Comprehensive Health Reform? .... Tom Daschle Thinks So

Future of Atlanta's King Center in limbo

I get it now - HDTV is more important than Medicaid,

Arrests Made for Selling Tshirts With Marijuana Leaf Symbol

Why the SOTU address failed: The Bush Admin is collapsing under the weight

What just happened in the House? Sensenbrenner tried

Iran Incapable of Building Nuclear Bomb — Russian Expert

Resigning as chair of committee on House Administration - Ney

OK...enough of Cindy's T-shirt fiasco. Did anyone notice the look on

What Dem Reps Did Today In The House


Who are the Majority?

Protest Bush's Sales Pitch?

Bay Buchanan: He Failed

President panders to anti-manimal lobby! Dr Moreau flees country in rage!

View Al Zawahiri video with translation from MEMRI

Free speech zones.

Bush must be declared Lame Duck after SOTU speech

My thoughts about Bush...and other things...

Kurt Vonnegut on CBC Radio 2 NOW! (9:30am Pacific)

Kill your TV.

CIA gave Iran the "blackmarket nuke plans" Bolton accuses Iran having

Newsweek's Meacham: Dems have 'irrational hatred of Bush'

Things to send the Repukes (or DLC) in the prepaid envelopes that come

What you wear ... Kids you bear ... How you can die ... NSA spies!

Time for our party members to stop appearing on FAUX and MSNBC

2245. What if we all did this every day: Take an ink pen and write

If Cindy's T-shirt had had a smiley face on it would she been arrested or e

A Repub caller on CSPAN this AM went right up to the brink of truth

PBSU Channel Replaced By A Christian News Channel On Direct TV

Presidential Signing Statements .... "Courts & Congress irrelevant"

Who here reads Molly Ivins?

Cindy Sheehan’s SOTU arrest: reports by MSNBC, CNN, BradBlog & HERSELF

You know, I don't care if the capitol police are eating crow

A cartoon to brighten your day....

Alternative fuel: "Bush" and "Brazilian", but no joke

link to poll

Cindy Sheehan has been kicking Bush's ass since this summer

Ahhnold Signs Waiver on Exit Exam for Special Education Students

Nuance is dead.. I hope the people running in November have noticed

Well-Behaved, Pragmatic People Have NEVER Aspired to Greatness

Du a poll;

Oh crap, Senselessbrenner is dumping the Patriot Act extensions on us

Lou Dobb's sounds like a MUST SEE

bush`s "brokeback mountain moment"

Murtha's up next on "Hardballl"!... 5:30PM EST now

Bush continues to admit he broke the law and even brags about it

*** *** NBC: Charges against Sheehan to be dropped *** ***

Dear Gov Dean -- "My Repub opponent cut aid to students, the sick & dying"

AT&T Sued Over U.S. Wiretapping Program

Has he bankrupt Social Security yet?

DU a Poll --->>

The SOTU -- in New Orleans

SOTU Question...

Murtha sent a little note to George today...please read and forward.

West Virginia coal mines shut down by order of gov?

Raising awareness about Human-Animal Hybrids

US aligned with "axis of evil" . .

Did I miss the part about "precious bodily fluids"? Was that before, or

WSJ: As Detroit Slashes Car Jobs, Southern Towns Pick Up Slack

Jimmy Carter will be on larry King tonight

Randi Rhodes to have Cindy Sheehan on today around

A Huffington: "The Democratic Response We Should Have Heard Last Night"

More newspapers are publishing cartoons of Muhammed

Would you be in favor of national holiday for Cindy?

Message to Cindy Sheehan: SUE THE BASTARDS

Olbermann Video/eating O'Reilly alive is at crooks and liars.

CINDY'S account of her arrest

DNC hot on Bush's tail: 'Singin' the Same Ole Tune in Nashville'

The Super Bowl commercial you're not allowed to see.

I propose a new name for Tweety

EFF sues AT&T for aiding NSA in domestic spy program

PFAW email regarding the Alito confirmation:

I just joined the ACLU because of the Sheehan incident.

Are you guys watching the crap on Lou Dobbs? Re: Partisanship

Katie Couric is such a WHORE!!!

Yes, it does concern you...

Bush used the term "Long War" last night.

CSpan 2 Senate Bullshit

The Biggest Secret | A Review of 'State of War' by James Risen

Grade the SOTU at

Lou dobbs has had nothing good to say about *

I don't believe the story about the

For pity sake, I'm flabbergasted.

Jimmy Carter on Larry King tonight for the full hour

Who's the centerfold in this new magazine found at Bartcop?

Dick Cheney-"Economy Superb"; Report-Inequality Widens at Frightening Rate

Please DU This Poll Regarding SOTU

The Detroit you WON'T see this Sunday: (dial-up warning)

Did anybody hear/see Michael Ware, Time Mag, on A. Cooper last night?

Kucinich Blasts Bush's State of the Union

The Onion: President Creates Cabinet-Level Position To Coordinate Scandals

If Cindy Sheehan WERE a media whore, she'd be very bad at it.

PHOTO: "Look at me!! I created 4.6 MILLION NEW JOBS!"

VIDEO- Irony Alert- Bush's Statement today about the Tsunami

Love all these flame throwing Cindy threads...

Bush: "There's a marketplace here in America...

It's not time to give up on America yet

VIDEO- Bush insults blue-collar Gatlin brother in TN today

Dem Max Baucus on C-Span...saying US Students need to learn Chinese

The Wagner music is being played more loudly in the street

Heh heh heh

NBC to mock the Crucifixion of Christ (AFA)

Bush says America competes fairly...Really?..Ask Canada how that works!

*** DESPERATE *** last-minute appeal: STOP budget cuts being debated NOW

Results of Daily Kos January '08 Straw Poll (11,117 respondents)

Was Beverly Young arrested and charged?

Should Reid resign?


OK, paid lobbying and campaign donations are legal and "free speech",

I have a great idea -- a way to support Cindy: Dead T-shirts.

Was Bush 41 and Babs at SOTU?

Condi will attend SuperBowl -- traffic warning for Detroit

Superbowl is "most secure ever"

Tweety: How do we avoid being humiliated and withdraw from Iraq?

Is Feinstein calling for withdrawal from Iraq?

I don't see anything in these rules about t-shirts >

Patriot Act to make crime Signs, T-shirts, etc. at Conventions, Rallies

So even if a woman gets a Dr's Rx, goes to the store;

Subpoena Power

Flushing outdated drugs can cause health risks

African-American churches and AIDS: SOTU wtf? moment

What do you all think about term limits on SCOTUS?

Should Cindy Sheehan sue the DC police?

I figured out BushCo's strategy to counter souring oil/heating prices...

Proof that CIA gave Iran their nuclear bomb plans

Enough about Sheehan. What about the protest?

SINGALONG: "Tomorrow belongs to me!"

Jackie Robinson's birth anniversary

Ariana Huffington on Dem response to SOTU: "MY WORST FEARS REALIZED"

Paul Hackett's response to the SOTU - It's grrrrreat!

Peter Daou smacks right-wing blogger silly over "media bias"

Bush defends Exxon: "DON'T expect any oil price breaks!"

My friend's CT...I really don't think anything

OMG!! Katie Couric sounds like Ann Coulter grilling Sen. Kerry!

List your favorite euphemism for Bush

AOL Poll Alert: How would you rate the state of the Union?

Class or Race?

Who made the decision to stick Kain out there on our behalf?

Charlotte Observer prints anonymous comment comparing terrorist to Dems. BREAKING: John Roberts to CNN

Congressman Murtha's letter to Bush - 1 Feb 2006

The Top Ten Hybrid Myths

I just joined the ACLU

Half of the people in West Virginia are now deathly ill...


Bush's BIZARRE Non-Sequitors (Sex Slaves, Steroids, Human Animal Hybrids)

Official: Army Has Authority to Spy on Americans

Hey Randi Rhodes! Cohen V. California: You can wear a FU shirt


Even Grover Agrees...... Bush Broke The Law

Bush really did mention human-animal hybrids????

Did I hear Randi Correctly?

I hate to say this, but...

Cindy Sheehan is a Genius - she was able to do what no other person

PICS, etc, of the Bush statue being toppled in San Francisco

SOTU: A review of newspaper headlines

Woolsey Statement Regarding Cindy Sheehan

So Venezuela's our enemy now, or is it just Hugo Chavez?

My letter to KATIE COURIC! To HELL with their SHIT!

OMG AP Edits Iraqi Anti-bush Article! Pulled "Its about OIL" from Text!

Fitzgerald admits White House may have destroyed some leak emails

Who else agrees, Cindy is the new Rosa Parks?

A Very Important Question about Iraq for Bush to Answer

I "heart" Fascism..and other protest photos from tonight

TOONS: The SOTU sucks edition

"We have to have more detention space." --George Bush, Nashville, TN

Kucinich: Our Union In A State Of Great Peril

Alito could have been stopped.

There'll be NO democracy in DC until we bring back democracy in newsrooms

Court is getting to be to the Christian Coalition's liking: "Ban RU486!"

"Rapture ready" message board citizens hopping mad over Cindy Sheehan

Bush says wiretapping would have prevented 9/11 but he was spying before!!

Does Martin Luther King Speak For You?

Carnival of the Liberals #5 is out

Randi Rhodes anyone??

Bias in the Brain

Please tell me this is not happening:

After last night, I am a man without a party

Message From Cindy Sheehan / What Really Happened

- - - SOTU PIX - - - > > >

Cindy gets removed from SOTU, but dog stays?

Uh, Sheehan was ALLOWED into the SOTU in the first place.

An eye witness account from someone I know and trust followed by Cindy's

Media Warring With Dems

Plame Emails Deleted .... VP's Office Scrubs E-Mail Files

You DO realize we won't change this madness without Civil Disobedience.

Donating To Sheehan Takes $$$ Away From Other Candidates!

The strategy behind Kaine is the strategy behind Ed Schultz

I am utterly in awe at the very idea that DU wouldn't back Cindy 100%

Kiss them good-bye... Elected Dems, the "liberal media,"...

Feb 11 benefit in Northampton, MA for striking NYU Grad Workers


Huffington Post....McDermott...Bush Fails to Connect the DOTS

It's the low spark of high heeled boys....

My email to CNN ...

Would You Like to Know Why, We Lose and They Win

So, while one mother who lost her son in the war gets applauded,

Bob Shrum says Kaine was a dud - which means he did a great job!

OK, I was out of town and missed the SOTU. Bush is so revolting, I...

my husband watched SOTU and said, "he looks like he's filled with fear"

O.K. folks We need you to protest Cindy's arrest with the same

No Commander and Chief or Boston Legal

i was just over at huffington site--

Great King George pic from Daily Kos

My wife just said: If no one from the Democratic Party stands up

If America is addicted to Oil...

The Republican Slogan in 2006

Tonight Bush Proves This Charade is Nearly Over

Now playing on Liberal talk radio

Bush is gaining points in this Poll: DU Help Needed

The Capitol switchboard is open; call your Rep & leave a message!

Who "escorted out" Justice Sandra Day O'Connor?

Coal as a clean energy source!!!! who knew?!?!

To all those on the left who didn't vote for Kerry in 2004: F**** You!

DU This AFA Poll on the next President

how many seats do we need to win the house???

Did you see Arlen Specter's pathetic interview on C-Span

Ray Taliaferro defending Cindy Sheehan!

LMFAO Ray is hilarious

Salon: How they voted on Alito (Dem votes to confirm or cut off debate)

Arianna Huffington on the Kaine speech

Who Was Junior More Peeeved About? Cindy, or DeLay? >>>

Shrub's $50b corporate welfare plan.

Mr. Bush, you speak half-truths and bold lies.

Bush Speech Predictions

Capital Building or Reichstag? Cindy's arrest will backfire ...

Democrats and Hollywood

Does anynone know if *'s poll numbers got a boost? nt.

Tim Russert on NBC

I, for one, am glad we are NOT going to surrender to evil

Seeing a threat from a radical movement has been discounted as conspiracy

It starts here

Bush’s Flights of Fancy Stay on Earth

Most Jubilant Democratic Moment SOTU

The 'line item veto' is dangerous. Tommy Thompson had it is WI and

Changing the subject, a failed oilman talks about failed oil

House is back proper now, CSPAN1

Rep. C.W. Bill Young(R) wife also ejected from gallery

Does Congresswoman Schmidt Use A Come-Along To Get Her Bun That Tight?

Just got an email from Cindy

Obvious lack of response from WH on SOTU message

death of the first amendment

Big Media is turning up the volume for the BushCo Cabal

Kerry has a request

Local news still reporting that Cindy Sheehan unfurled a banner

I'm sick of Dems playing nice, damnit! When will we ever learn?

Did anyone else notice the rays of light at the SOTU?

MT Senate News - New Anti-Burns Ad / Morrison, Tester fundraising numbers

CNN: JC Watts rates SOTU speech ("Economy is clicking on all cylinders")

Cindy Sheehan just posted on Daily Kos about tonight's arrest...

So who's happy to see Greenspan go?

Imus: Kaine was "clapping like a mental patient on crack" at SOTU

DU This Poll!

bush* talking about new technology

MSNBC asks 'Does Bush have the right plan?' Please DU the live vote.

USA Today's blog re: Sheehan's can post your views.

If I were a political adviser, I would say this is an opportune time...

Nashville: Another loyal, hand-picked group opens "Bush Agenda Tour 2006"

I was asked to write a reaction article to the State of the Union address.

When we (they) invade Iran guess what might happen...

WP blog: Tim Kaine: A New Model for Democrats? (incl. link to video)

Tiny photo of Cindy wearing the shirt, getting busted @ SOTU on C&L

What Casey Died For

On Thom Hartman now! Mark Wilson Dem Candidate for WA state Senator

Hey Dr. Dean! Next Year's SOTU Responder - Randi Rhodes

Nancy Pelosi: Bush SOTU was "a Nice Break from Reality TV"

Bush blatantly ties Iraq to 9/11 in his SOTU speech...

Stop Health Savings Accounts--our fight has begun!

MSNBC's SOTU Poll: Average 71% negative reaction in 5 categories

A Couple Good Reasons for a National Health Plan v HSAs

MSNBC poll

Bush says not to let differences to "harden into anger..."

I'm hereby fighting for a CLEAN SWEEP of congress in 2006

True Majority, Ben Cohen....and OREOS!

Thank all the courageous Senators:free online fax/email site. Fast&easy.

Record Oil Profits, Government Subsidies & Tax Breaks.

How Did the Media Cover Bush's State of the Union Address?

Spielberg: "Filmmakers Are Braver in Bush's Second Term"

What did Kerry say this morning???

Today I'm leaving the Democratic party. I've been a Democrat since

Cindy Speaks Out!

Please du this poll

News media saying Cindy was"warned" about wearing the tshirt?

Kucinich - The Big Fix

WTF. bush is babbling on again. didn't we have enough last

W H Blitz- now Rummy's up

Bush tries to shift to a policy agenda - AP


Please DU this poll

Anyone else watching the Ethics Reform debate in the House right now?

Murtha letter to Bush: Iraq not center for global war on terror

For what reason would they have allowed Sheehan in there at all?

alito's wife, Young's wife, Bush's wife, now I get it! RW wives are props.

Malloy says we won't win anything for 12-18 years. Say it ain't so, or at

Quote of the year?

Cindy should sue the admin for violating her right to free speech. nt

No Leadership

"No warrant, no wiretap, no W"

So, how close are we to the next Kent State?

Can someone tell me why the U.S. knows for a fact that the Jewish peopl...

Did anyone catch this article??? UGH!!! So disgraceful!

OMG - Drudge actually has a clean link to the Cindy statement....

The REAL problem - Merkins don't see the truth about most issues.

Best Photo of the Night --->>>

We're overrun with freepers today

Organized response to Cindy's arrest

Panel weighs bill to deny corrupt public servants federal pensions

How Many Times Did * Say The Word 'Freedom' In The SOTU....

Anybody see this crap?

Hand on the Button

Are there any photos or videos of the 'other t-shirt wearer'?

Did idiot just say "Good job" to Sammy? I swear that's what I saw.

Where is the BEEF?? Much less those Chops, Pork or Lamb?? Where is the

The State of Dis-Union

Please identify the "oppressive state" Bush was talking about !!!

"Bush pledges to rise above election-year politics"...he's a UNITER!

*** DESPERATE *** last-minute appeal: STOP budget cuts being debated NOW

Bush skips over complex realities in painting progress on health care,

The Alito Filibuster - Why We Lost


With The Lies And Indictments And All The Law Breaking Piling Up......


Here is an interesting number from an obscure VA Senate race

Strip Search Sammy thanks Harriet Miers

Fitzgerald got 10,000 pages of "supersecret" documents...from CHENEY.

Arianna re: Kaine response - "My Worst Fears Realized"

JACK MURTHA on Hardball...up next!

now that we really know the dem. party is not real i will no longer

Presidential Preference Poll

My response to my Repuke co-worker when he asked me if I watched SOTU...

Give a few "coins" to the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) BECAUSE!

Young Turks broadcasting live now (progressive talk)

So I guess that means it's OK to wear T-shirts with words on them to

Ted Kennedy

If Ben Stein is supposedly so smart...

W and Cheney in their t-shirts

Zalmai Azmi

Dan Inouye's Statement on Alito:

C&L Vid Clip: SOTU standing "O" for Bush's failed Social Security Scam

Line-item veto? Didn't Clinton try this

Bob Barr

If Alito couldn't be stopped, is the possibability of Impeachment real?

US government is banned from Wikipedia for altering facts

NBC: Charges against Sheehan to be dropped

Mark Pryor's Statement on Alito:

I'm sorry I think that gov. Kaine did a good job last night....

If a Terrorist Surveillance Plan was working....

Ben Nelson's Statement on Alito:

Joe Lieberman's Statement on Alito:

AP: Bush Urges Confidence in His Leadership

Oy - Chris Matthews equates being a "real person"

Mary Landrieu's Statement on Alito:

Please check out this thread:

Maria Cantwell's Statement on Alito:

Love Me, I'm a Liberal

Bush's Plan will hurt working families (no big surprise, but...) - ACTION

Complete SOTU transcript:

A Reminder - Roe is not what is at stake

Ken Salazar's Statement on Alito:

Tonights Letter To Sen Cantwell....

Where's the fucking OUTRAGE?

Robert Byrd's Statement on Alito:

Should Americans Trust Bush's Call For "Goodwill And Respect"?

Bush/Cheney follow script from 1973 Nixon plans re Oil/MiddleEast

Is there a single photo of U.S. Rep. Bill Young's Wife wearing that shirt?

GE—Attacked From Right for Not Supporting Pollution

Why is pragmatism a dirty word at DU?

Who do you think had the best Democratic response to Bush last night?

Did anyone else notice that the State of the Union started at exactly 9:11

Cindy Sheehan - Don't bite off my head - but she may have proven

Is This True About Harry Reid? Is this what he really wanted?

I'm afraid the Dems will wimp out on the NSA spying too!

I'm worried about Rep. Woolsey (Sheehan arrest)

"we screwed up" MSNBC top story

Great advice from a most unlikely source...Scarborough

My e-mail to K-K-K-Katie Couric

Ban on House protests?

Poll: Presidential win unlikely for Clinton

John Kerry Sets Katie Couric Straight on Bush’s SOTU (Transcript & Video)

Has this ever happened to you? The Star Spangled Banner

Plea to DUers who think enough is enough.

MSNBC Poll, over 50% support facist move againt Sheehan!?

Idea: Force auditions/and a vote for SOTU Dem Responder

The Case for Joe Biden (no, this is not an Onion spoof)

Wes Clark's World and Bush's

ABC News: Showing La. Bush voters now crying about lack of funding...

Der Chimpenfuhrer declared war against the Werewolves


Fitz's letter to Libby lawyer contains several interesting nuggets

For Democrats who want to leave the country

Hillary makes Yahoo's "Most E-Mailed Photos" list with this one...

"peace and prosperity"

"Unlike Cindy Sheehan, she was not arrested"

Rainbow-Push Action Center: Anti War March/Rally NYC: APR 29th!

Hilarious cartoon which shows the sadness of Dem Party

Pat Buchanan: Neocons are like teenagers

Dem picked up former state dist. seat from repub 24pts

Democrats Close Financial Gap with Republicans, Led by Senators

Bernie Sanders Response to the SOTU Speech

This, IMO, is the basic issue Democrats should run on -- Not run away from