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Archives: January 9, 2006

Boston Globe: Alito may be the worst choice

Hard hitting LTTE : Feedback request

Paying tribute to those who work for peace and justice

Domestic spying issue likely to dominate politics in 2006

NSA's methods spur controversy (Baltimore Sun)

George Bush Might Call Me a Defeatist

The Global Spread of GMO Crops: Inherit the Wind

Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay: Mining the GOP for Comedy Gold

Candid moments living in a FEMA trailer

NYT: Even Pat Robertson's Friends Are Wondering...

Bush Impeachment Inquiry Has 8 House Co-Sponsors

A President Can Pull the Trigger by John Yoo

President's power grab undemocratic (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Most Americans Would Raise Minimum Wage

Groups to stage climate protest

First wind farm in N.H. about to open

Earth is too crowded for Utopia

Sharon's moment of truth

So, why was Mohammed Atta on Abramoff's Casino Boat?

Anyone know how closely Sybase + Microsoft/Windows are related with

Election Reformers,Have any ideas for the Oprah show

Public funding of Congressional elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related MONDAY 01/09/2006--PATRIOTS DAY EDITION

What has happened to Air America in L.A.?

Pombo and Doolittle. They whore for corrupt Texan money.

CD 1 candidates on lobbyist contributions

Humourous article on diversity in MN campaign food

techie toy questions: output PC stream to TV, convert tape to DVD

is there a way to update firefox?

Advice on Monitor Purchase

Official Annoucement - Jean Herendeen Ackerman For State Representative

xpost from lounge: Butter Chicken (Punjabi) and Kheer (rice pudding)

Something I wrote regarding all this talk of "Liberal corruption"...

law 'n order

Canadian on U.S. 'no-fly' list demands answers

Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'

U.S. helicopter crash kills 12 in Iraq (5 US Marines...slain over weekend

Soldiers rebuff armor study

Presidential aides eye Abramoff visits

Evangelical affinity makes Jews nervous

Democrats Ready to Go After Alito (WP)

Democrats: GOP selling U.S. to 'highest bidder'

Rights conference focuses on Katrina

Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'

Zarqawi asks Sunnis to shun politics for jihad: Web

UK cleared nuclear cargo to Iran

Okla. Emergency Director Frustrated With FEMA Wildfire Response

WP: Hastert Moves to Tighten Rules on Lobbyists

Two Republican Congressmen Eschew Investigation

Bremer said he urged more postwar troops in Iraq

CIA Director Goss targeting leaks

Iran to remove UN seals at atomic research sites

Selective abortion blamed for India's missing girls

US troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist

Row rages over Sharon treatment

Americans saving less than nothing Spending could outstrip income in 2005

MPs leaked Bush plan to hit al-Jazeera

Sea Shepherd Sideswipes Japanese Whaling Supply Ship (w/ 'can opener')

New York Times Journalist Killed in D.C.

In Caracas, Belafonte Calls Bush Terrorist (I love this guy)

Well, I THOUGHT Fry's Electronics was a good store....

Has anyone ever "stolen" your invention?

what is your absolute favorite vodka?

"Family Guy" thread (New Episode!)

Please help settle a marriage- threatening dispute....

Friend wants to start a blog? Can anyone help with how you do that?

Ringo Starr. Discuss...

Two acres? I'll give you two acres!

never mind

for the DU golfers...

Great article from Creative Pro Web Site on "Exiting Your Job Gracefully"

Intelligent Design, my ass!

There's actually a TV show about a tattoo parlor in Miami?

Sally Starr. Discuss...

Two and a half hours and one trip to the Urgent Care later

The migo cell phone

Hey, it's my two-year anniversary!

So who is Joe Torre?

"Americad Dad" thread

Saw Jerry Seinfeld perform last night in SF, ask me anything!

Bob Marley, John Lennon, and cats like that

Which will happen first? 100,000 miles or 20,000 posts?

Puppies change so much in a year and a half!

I don't think we're 1984 yet. But how about Brazil?

Any doctors or nurses out there? I need help.

Stephen Gross and Meredith Baxter-Birney were born on the same day.

I am sorry, but I am in pain please bear with me.

Who is Todd Bridges?

Books that made you smarter for having read them?

I thought Wolfman Jack was dead

I love you, shiva

I made somebody's day with this photo manipulation

Which super model should Madison Avenue revive next?


what is your favorite obsolete vodka?

Official Notification.

OK, why is my local rock station playing country??

I'm listening to the Ritter/Hitchens show but I've seemed to have hit

Which of these things will happen to me first? Getting to 15K posts or...

Do you know what time it is?! IT is TENACIOUS D TIME!!!

Don't laugh. Art critique wanted

I love you, elshiva.

OMG I went to a casino last night and I went out of control!!!!

Sorry. Just Sorry.


Does it upset you when people don't say 'thank you'....?

did you ever feel

DUers who have been to/lived in Tokyo...

I rescued a dog this weekend.

A little "24" analysis, anyone?

Which auto model should Detroit revive next?

Which Camaro would you revisit?

Your favorite actor on West Wing is:

What is your favorite Disney Theme Park

What constitutes obsessive/excessive when it comes to playing video games?

what is your absolute favorite narcotic?

Inspired by DanCa. (See Link!! Read the story behind the inspiration!)

Well, I'm home

West Wing in a few minutes...

Tea drinkers: What's in your cabinet?

Religion vs. Logic

Evangelical affinity makes Jews nervous

alcohol 50% not 70% in poor areas of town: new ripoff ALERT rubbing alcoho

Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'

Big Brother hits HIV programs

Mexico hotel ejects two men for kissing

"Brokeback Mountains" breaks back into Box Office Top Ten

You Are The GM of Your Favorite NFL Team. Would You Sign Terrell Owens?

Where's The Redskins Love?

Steelers beat Bengals, 31-17

My Cat Jeoffry -- "For he is of the tribe of Tiger."

Pink Pens An Open Letter To President Bush On New Album

Please tell me the ways of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, as I am a seeker

Media at mine disaster

Bremer is on Dateline NBC

GrizzlyMan the Movie

WMD Planting Team: DU's lalarawraw on Laura Flanders at 8:00 p.m. Tonight

So did Sen. Cornyn throw Ralph Reed under the bus

Paul Bremer........ "Ever the good soldier".

Should the 2008 Democratic Pres. candidate forswear recess appointments?

News from the 'other' side - an Arab perspective. Video dubbed in English

bush won in 2000 and 2004, get over it

Fred Phelps to protest miners memorial service.

Dems Have Got To Kill Alito's Confirmation

In Your FACE America!!!

David Wu (D-OR) on list of Alexander Strategy Group for lobbyists?

Guy James to debate Lee County Florida Republican Party Chairman

Fiore presents: Gentle genocide

Bush quietly undercuts laws with bill-signing statement

bush does not love AMERICA, he does not love the U.S.A. bush USES

A freeware CROSS PLATFORM video player that plays everything

Iraqi widows feel lost in land that cannot provide

Blair should be impeached over Iraq war: paper (Rose, fmr.UN comm. Bosnia)

Do you think Haley Barbour is connected to Abramoff scandal ??

My God, does this guy Roy Blunt look enought like

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST....

Did Abramoff diddle with state and local politics too?

Costs in Dollars of Iraq War: One Trillion to Two Trillion Dollars

Were the "Out of Iraq" demonstrations a bust?


Santorum FUMING over opposition to Alito

Oh, my. How did we get from "Live Free Or Die" to "Be Scared Of Osama"?

A question to college football fans

I heard this early yesterday on cable news...

2 MPs passed AlJazeera doc to Dem in Oct '04 hoping to influence election


Riveting Ritter-Hitchens Debate Audio Now Posted

A letter to the editor about the Minutemen

The real reason for wiretaps. Spying on political opponents.

New York Times Journalist Dies After Attack (in DC)

'they fight out of loyalty to Army even if they think mission unrealistic

Hypocrite Southern Baptist Leader Resigns 48 Hours After Sex Arrest

for a white man's execution, where are those screaming for his head?

David Rosenbaum?

Schwarzenegger Hurt in Motorcycle Mishap (15 stitches in his lip)

It's time for the media to start showing the flag-draped coffins coming

If ya'll would just plug your ears for a minute...

Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'

Bush asked to list sources of Noe, Abramoff gifts

Has the Dean/Wolfie video been pulled?

latest pics from Chicago..........dial-up warning

Why isn't Frist diagnosing Sharon?

Ministers Say They Blessed Seats Ahead of Alito Hearings

"the President's inner circle always treated DeLay as a necessary burden."

Another masterpiece from Matthew Cooper and Mike Allen....

So have we located any Abramoff Bush photos yet?

would a "royal" wedding help?

David Letterman Proves Culture War Is Real (O'Lielly retort)

Who is going to call out Matthews on his relationship with Abramoff?

Lobbyist Helped Paying Tribes Meet Bush

Here's the ticket: Al Gore/Howard Dean

Betcha the Coushattas have pictures of themselves with **

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo is calling

Bremer found something he's worse at than running an occupation

Let's face it - Sen.CLINTON can NEVER win the redneck vote

I know it's AOHell but please DU the O'Lielly poll!

US troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist

Obey says tribe donated cash before Abramoff represented it

check out the ad on the left for "" let's click it

Do you ever shop at WalMart?

Patrick Fitzgerald is a Republican

I'm looking for a comprehensive list of Bush scandals in 2005.

HAHAHAHA -- Was looking for Bush/Abramoff pics, and found this

List of Abramoff contributions to PACs

"Innocent Until Proven Guilty" Talking Point

Did anyone see Howard Dean smack down "Leslie" Blitzer?

Check out George W. Bush's wishlist on Amazon.

If you were the last surviving human, what would you write down?

What is the United States up against in Iran?

Well I had an interesting conversion with a reagan

DU lawyers

Wow, I am Amazed... We DID IT! We beat the GOP Spin Machine!

2210 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

The Economic Costs of the Iraq War: Presented in Detail

More evidence of liberal media (Daniel Schorr re Alice Fischer)

Dear Gov. Dean -- The Dearlove-Tenet Summit and Bush's crimes ...

I don't smoke, but hatred of smokers has gone beyond over the top

Bush and Delay: Good Pals in Pictures

Meet The Press "Reproductive Rights & Role of Women in Society"

Saw Brokeback Mountain today (WARNING: Spoiler!)

Banging on the TV

VT-Sen: New Poll. Can you say... Blowout?

fellow DUer LeahD needs our HELP to preserve YOUR freedoms!!!

Here's a great Dem talking point re warrantless surveillance

He's seen as a useful servant, not someone you would want to vacation with

What are the chances of an Alito defeat without a fillibuster?

Wolf Blitzer and Howard Dean

Ministers Say They Blessed Seats Ahead of Alito Hearing

Just got this hideous email from a repug friend and here was my response!

Only A Third in U.S. Satisfied with Congress

Terrorit training camps. Adm. to put out documents says Weekly Stand-

Radical Right Slips By Capitol Police, Anoints Doors And Seats With Oil

Ive searched, but cannot find any info. Did Dorgan take money from Smith?

Pop Quiz! What group was the first to protest outside the White House?

Democrats: GOP selling U.S. to 'highest bidder'

W's policies prove we have different Constitution than that of its framers

Matt Drudge just played a clip of Howard Dean & implied he's on drugs!

Brilliant Tom Tomorrow cartoon

Anyone hear about Bushie's SIGNING STATEMENT:it changes laws

CT.-Lowell Weicker threatens to run against Joe Lieberman

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children

Virginia Senate race

Democrats Ready to Go After Alito (WP)

Great bumper sticker...

Despite the platitudes of the far left, THEY gave us the Neocons!

Thieves took two days to break open a safe to steal at least 32 guns


Delete Alito Talking Points / DU Anti-Sexism Primer

Hillary detractors: Make you case to us here

The Abramoff… Bush… Rove… N. Mariana Islands Connection…

screw it

Tulane Students Prepare To Pack Up

Mom's love & body armor (Marine son's Xmas Request)

San Diego Union Tribune: Promise of electronic voting still unfulfilled

It's a Scandal -- and This T-Shirt Proves It (name the scandal contest)

Investigation of Abramoff as the "middle-man" - bigger fish hunted?

Dead man talking?

The Next Abramoff Shoe To Drop

The Kremlin and the world energy war

"The Battle for Florida" (How Gore really Won and our Elite Elections)

Anyone can buy a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls

Republicans need candidates without tarnish (D'Amato lends a helping hand)

Analysis: Iraq's dark realities

Guns Flow Easily Into Mexico From the U.S.

Please, Don't Say "Lobbying Reform"

Alito Brings Qualifications, Not Conservative Tilt, to Court by John Yoo

Diabetes and Its Awful Toll Quietly Emerge as a Crisis - NY Times 1/9/06

JOSHUA FRANK: Surrenders -- Silence Is Complicity

The Endangered Scoop

Iran: Muslims hang teen girls, plan another


Pre-1982 US Pennies Worth 1.4 Cents In Copper/Zinc

Economy: What are the most important indicators?

Bush approves Cedar Mountain Wilderness Area

Five more infected with bird flu in Turkey

better missles in gaza

Shaath: U.S. assured PA East Jerusalem vote will be allowed

Chief Palestinian Negotiator Urges Resumption of Peace Talks

PCHR - Weekly report on human rights violations

Source: Arab-trained Palestinian terrorists have entered Gaza, Haaretz

Zarqawi: Bin Laden ordered Katyushas

Arab-trained Palestinian terrorists have entered Gaza and have missles

Israeli-Muslim population on the rise

Thanking G-d for the stroke

Police raid offices of RW Jewish Battalion (dogs trained to attack Pals)

Uri Avnery: A Napoleon, Made in Israel (about Sharon)

The blind love of the people (of Sharon) - by Gideon Levy (Haaretz)

How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents

New 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (Abramoff and Atta) Announces The Citizens' Counter-Coup

Video:Bush asked about Dean's comments that he had foreknowledge of 9/11

$13K for 911 Truth?

"Case 9/11 unsolved" with english subtitles

Odd source, but some very "interesting " Abramoff stuff here

Features of a Conspiracy Theorist

The BEST 9/11 Timeline by Paul Thompson

Voting Rights Activists Lawsuit Heating-Up in Pennsylvania

electoral red herrings.

FL: Sun-Sentinel. Corporate sponsorship of Broward polling places!

A Chat with Lance deHaven-Smith: Al Gore really did beat George W. Bush

Electile Dysfunction film (finally!)

Abramoff link to Greenberg Traurig>Jack Oliver>Sen. Talent

ACTION ALERT! RED ALERT IN OHIO! - Ohio House Bill 3 To Be Voted On

Question: Has anyone tried to correlate voting software vs. outcomes?

has anyone heard from Jeff Fisher?

Last day to join national push: Support Conyers 3 House Res

Clean Money Elections Bill - AB583

Insurance Industry Files Ballot Initiatives to Repeal Prop. 103

Whatever happened to Grassley's secretary?

Who's Not Helping Nussle in Iowa? (From Taegen Goddard's Political Wire)

Vilsack '08 - here we go!(from DM Register)

Democrats' caucus plans upset Fallon - (WCF Courier)

New Energy Coalition Calls for In-state Generated Electricity

Obama to speak at this year's Humphrey Day Dinner

"Annoying" someone anonymously on the internet now a federal crime

Steve Kelley on Al Franken Show right now

Minnesota Reps connected to Abramoff?

Fax question

What's the secret to getting your website listed on search engines?

Ted Strickland in Dayton, Monday, Jan. 9th.

49.9% of Clevelanders "Don't Care" about Dick Cheney's health

Rasmussen - Ohio Senate:Tight Race

Strickland Leads Blackwell, Montgomery, Petro

moving to Austin - advice needed

Texas high criminal court denies DeLay's requests

It's a Very Special Drinking Liberally this week (Jan. 11)

Wisconsinners- we have to get rid of Sensenbrenner

Whipped Cream & Mandarin Oranges?

Poll shows undecided voters more likely to go Grit (Interesting article!)

Another dirty trick: re the new book "The Secrets of Option Canada"

Time: FBI email says Abramoff case 'far from over'(Sights Bigger Targets)

Issues and (Possible) Answers: A Primer on the Alito Hearings

Lobbyist's Work for Publishers of Magazines Under Scrutiny

Lobbyist's Firm Escapes Fallout From a Scandal

Morales arrives in China

Polar Bears Face New Toxic Threat: Flame Retardants

Schwarzenegger, son hurt in motorcycle wreck

Mom's love & body armor

Attack on Iraq Interior Ministry Kills 21 (8 US troops die in helo crash)

Doctors start rousing Sharon

For veteran U.S. troops, a new challenge in Iraq (mission without end)

AP: Purported Taliban Spokesman Rejects Talks Offer by Afghan President

Five More Infected With Bird Flu in Turkey

Vice President Cheney's Medical History

India 'loses 10m female births'

More considering buying hybrid vehicles

Foreign troops in Iraq 'a magnet' (to insurgents)

Looking Beyond the SUV

Breaking on CNN: Sharon moves!

Attack at Heavily Secured Iraqi Ministry Kills at Least 14

Pope's attacker to be freed from jail in Turkey

DNA test may prove dead man's innocence (Va. Gov. Warner orders)

Al Gore Says 'No' Really Means 'No'

Suicide bombers kill 7 at Iraqi ministry

Howard Dean: 'This is a Republican Scandal'

Justice Dept. re-opened after evacuation

Feingold[Dem, WI] says impeachment a possibility

Alito hearing and Biden talking ......Wow

(Abramoff) Lobbyist case has Tampa tangle

Taliban Leader Vows Jihad Against U.S.

10,000 protest U.S.-Thai free trade agreement talks

Did Washington wives benefit from Abramoff?

Turkey Now Has 15 Human Cases of Bird Flu (next stop Europe)

White House Admits U.S. Leader In Iraq Wanted More Troops (Bremer)

Breaking:Texas court denies DeLay bid to quash criminal case

Teen 'Journalist' Apologizes for Trip to Iraq

ABC Breaking: DOW Closes Above 11,000 for the First Time Since Before 9/11

Republicans scale back election year agenda - from The Hill

Potential Foe Slams Clinton on Spying Complaints

A statement from the Monitor (Abducted Journalist NAMED)

Driven to extinction: cuts threaten Large Blue

Pentagon rejected Bremer's call for troops (Pentagon acknowledgment)

MSNBC Breaking: Cheney hospitalized with shortness of breath

UN 'losing patience' with Iran

US Troops Seize Award-Winning Iraqi Journalist

(Governor) Romney calls for sweeing GOP changes in ethics, spending

Did Washington wives benefit from Abramoff?

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 9 January

US raid on Iraq mosque sparks Sunni anger

Teacher risks jail to give aid in Cuba (10 yrs jail & $250,000 fine)

Alito Gets Boost From Bush Before Hearing

Bush-Authorized Spying Spills Into Alito Confirmation Hearings

(Rep. Ralph) Hall: Bush has planned exit strategy ("a war for energy")

Majority of Americans Favor Alito Nomination (expect roe v. wade to stay)

Ex-Clinton lover loses bid to revive lawsuit

Leaked memo indicates Democrats will focus on Abramoff as keystone of 2006

Almost Half of Americans Expect Terrorist Attack in 2006

15 Cubans Who Got to Fla. Bridge Sent Home

Companies plucking greeting cards (concerns over bird flu)

Another ethics complaint to DOJ for Repub: Lewis (R-CA).

Top Iranian commander dies in plane crash: agencies

Dow tops 11,000 for first time since 9/11

WP: China Losing Confidence in the Dollar

Texas Court Won't Dismiss DeLay Charges

Spanish army chief arrested after threatening uprising

More Companies Ending Promises for Retirement (European retirement

Bush Has No Doubts About Cheney

Suicide attack at Interior Ministry kills 29 [and 28 US in 4 days- update

VA (Vets Admin) Phones Dispense Questionable Answers (WP/KR)

Poll finds increased U.S. unhappiness

Toys "R" Us to close 75 stores, cut 3,000 jobs

Controversial lobbyist had close contact with Bush team -195 visits

Annoy someone online--two years in jail

Groups to Launch Ads That Link Abramoff to Powerful Members of Congress

Pope says terror provokes 'clash of civilizations'

Congressman wants to know whether government spied on reporters (Hinchey)

Schwarzenegger Hurt in Motorcycle Mishap

Santorum Rails Against Alito Opposition (Justice Sunday III)

Supreme Court rejects CIA officer's appeal (AP)

Hospital: PM breathing independently (Sharon)

FIU professor, wife accused of being spies for Cuba's Castro

A poem for elshiva.

A Poem for the Lounge I LOVE YOU!

Everyone look at MrScorpio!

What the hell are you Looking at?

Hey Look At Me!

Stop looking at me!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone! Look at this instead!

Look the fuck at me, and I fucking mean it!

Since there seems to be so many former restaurant employees here,...

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me.

Good night everybody!

Should I?

Stop looking at Mr.Scorpio, lionesspriyanka

If I were 40 years younger I would plow that until July....

Oh fuck it.


DUers who touched me like a porn star and had good jobs

Zell Miller Appreciation thread.

Well. It's time for me to mosey off. Happy trails.

Strange and amazing creatures: Symbion pandora

Woman wants to sue Frito-Lay after having "to use the bathroom quickly"

Martin Scorsese fans remind me again why

No! Look at me!! I'm acting stupid!!

Rumor and Innuendo - southlandshari is bearing my love child

Stop looking at Mr.Scorpio! And Start Looking at Me!

Not only am I having an affair with shari,I'm having one with KitchenWitch

The Governator apparently needs some lessons in motorcycle safety

If you could edit another DUer's profile

Having fun with Elvis - Polk a Little Sock Salad and more subversive stuff

Oh my...she seems to be a little unhinged.

MrG ate 20 White Castle hamburgers last night....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/9/06)

Good Monday Morning, Everybody!

Vice Prez Crash Cart RUSHED to the Hospital

Couple Forced To Relieve Themselves In Plastic Bags After Clogging Toilet


Looking for a job bites

I'm going to try to sleep now

RevCheeseHead doesn't love me

All good things must come to an end - Goodnight.

Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges SUV, Train ...

something sweet for Monday morning

I'm still awake and my sweetie is snoring quietly in bed

I am officially disbanding my harem of men.

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

"Desperate Houswife" fans I have a question

I've never seen so many pissed off cats in my life


Forrest gets sex-education lesson from a porn star

Good Monday morning

The BBC version of Chronicles of Narnia, have you seen it?

Guess what everyone? Mrs.Matcom is getting a greyhound!!!

Who else has troubles right now with DU??

Man Chooses Girlfriend Over Elvis

47 degrees in January!? (Upstate, New York)

Hey Doms out there. Is it just me?

Man burns mouse---mouse burns house!

Favorite eye drops?

What the hell is a Pet Peeves ?

SPOILER: Brokeback Mountain, don't read if you haven't seen it....

I know this is a couple days old, but Marcus Vick

moving to Austin - advice needed

most enduring jazz and rock recordings

i'm thinking about changing my avatar

Need help making an avatar

Chicago drowns out Radiohead bid to play Millennium Park

Here's another avatar:

i am no longer thinking of changing my avatar

Did you HEAR? Shell Beau got her FRIEND to sign up at DU!

I got a new avatar!! The hamster is now retired until further notice!

i will now be checking the thread i started about not changing my avatar

I got my bestest friend to sign up for DU!

Did you HEAR? KAB is requesting that Matcom get a new glittery avatar!

please take a minute & read this thread

Found it!!! Led Zeppelin song that ends on a guitar solo

I could get in trouble with the law for posting Oasis threads.

Vengeful mouse sets house ablaze

Roger Daltrey: "Two hookers, two lines of coke...and a heart attack"

Thanks Shell! NOW I remember my favorite urban myth!

Dirty Adult Diapers Dumped In Neighbood Upset Neighbors

What would y'all do if I wasn't here to be made fun of?

Bus Driver Out On Workman's Comp For Back Injury, Runs Marathon - Arrested

I am very disappointed in sundog right now.

I'm pretty sure there's a mouse in my garbage can.

Help! How do I set up the cookies on Mozilla Firefox so I can post

Ever use a jerry can, garden hose, and humidor to beat a nun to death?

i recently found this old picture of me

"If you drop a phonograph needle on Brasky's nipple,

My LTTE was published!!!! Thanks to swimboy for telling me!!!!

The *official* Joe Lieberman appreciation thread!

What kind of service-person do I hire to fix a broken door jamb?

I have an interview today

NFL Says People Over 45 CAN Be At Rolling Stone's Halftime Show

Wow, there are some really Gosh-Darn informative threads today.

So, how do you control picture size when you post them?

Does anyone else detect a slight irony in this story?

OASIS sold out, man.

Duchamp's "Fountain" attacked with a hammer.

Duchamp's "Fountain" vs. Thomas Kinkaid's anything -

I'm me on DU.

what's the goofiest thing you've ever seen your pet(s) do?

If you have reached this message during business hours

Can someone explain 'The Life Aquatic' for me?

26 hours of music on my player, and it has picked it's own favorites

I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday ......

The first magnetic ribbon I've seen that I want on my car . . .




I'll smoke anything

I'm going to go do salsa dancing with my friend,

Pictures from last night's protest for Justice Sunday III(thanks Joy Anne)

Saw "Brokeback Mountain" this weekend

Giant ape sees "Brokeback Mountain"

In the interest of not going to jail. I will no longer respond to any


please read this site and help find a missing father... he's not white

Test Poll (Didn't Work In GD) Will Scalito Slither In?

k-a-b, was that you who said you have friends who live in my neighborhood?

Blunt Boehner to lead House after Delay (?)

Yum! Yum! Placenta recipes everyone everyone tonight!

Anyone else here collect Vinyl Records?

Ways the SciFi Channel could be worse?

I would like to announce, for those interested in gossip

What do you consider comfort posts?

The man who conned Oprah

"Homeland Security" in Verizon phone book

matcom isn't a good citizen. He didn't check for duplicates.

ForrestGump: Did you know Sirius Radio has a 24x7 Elvis radio station?

Wal-mart apologizes for software glitch with racist movie recommendations

Damn, Tank McNamara is a damn smart cartoon

I'm listening to Los Super 7, Heard it on the X

Aquariums, Ammonia, and McFarlane Dragons

15 Cubans Who Got to Fla. Bridge Sent Home | Yahoo News

Possible Dem. 2006 campaign slogans? (humor)

Have you ever eaten a Cuban?

If someone annoys us in GD, can we have an alert button that reports them

Loungers, do you "scan" your life, thinking: "Is THIS thread-worthy"?

A moment of silence to remember our beloved Kephra

To people who've worked in the same place for decades...

Website let's you upload audio files & listen to them backwards

Trying to make the move from SF to LA...

evlbstrd's unemployment odyssey is over!

What do you consider comfort food?

Bode Miller...yet another over-rated US Olympic hopeful?

I live in the Middle East - Ask me something!

Thinking about getting a new desktop computer, what's decent?

T minus 18 hours to Operation Walkout - Ask me anything

I (finally) got my ACLU membership card!!!!!!

Post something insidious about another DUer.

"Well we cant start you of at @$22.00/hr, But we can @ $23.00/hr."

Hello Chicago area DUers

I'm Totally Wired

Monday earworm

Is it me, or is Ebay all screwed up right now?

Hilary Swank, Chad Lowe separate

Since we seem to be on a placenta kick - I FOUND RECIPES!

Tight DU poll. Weigh in.

What do you consider compost forts?

Most overrated musical group

Good sex? Good scotch? Good golf? Good skiing? Good Chocolate?

Mouse sets New Mexico house on fire

Mouse Thrown Into Fire Sets Home Ablaze

Pink weds motocross rider fiancee Carey Hart

People need to take a fucking hint sometimes!

Somewhat interesting article on camoflage

What's the most fun word in the English language?

Christ Loses At Box Office - 'Hostel' Kicked Narnia's Ass

Would you pay $230 for this Japanese doll?

MatcomNews BREAKING: Shell Beau's Imaginary 'Friend' Makes A Post!

Anyone here ever eat the placenta after their kid's birth

DAMN! Why does 50 degrees feel like heaven in January but...

DU recovering alcoholics... a question.

Corey Haim? Corey Hart? Corey Feldman? Carey Hart?

Took me a year and 5 months but I finally did it!

Do you commit "food fraud?"

When you see a certain avatar, do you think of a certain person?

All the Trekkies gotta get Sirius now

NFL changes mind again. No fans over or under 45 at Stones halftime show.

To further confuse kick-ass-bob, I propose we all change our

THE second coolest James Bond car is on AMC right now.

I live in the Midwest - ask me something!

Speaking of Trekkies...

Official welcome to the lounge for Shell's friend Ms.M:

Neh neh na boo boo! I told y'all I really had a friend!

I just realized that the Bush administration did something wonderful

Top Ten Things Overheard At Elton John's Wedding

Matsushita Unveils Record 103-Inch Plasma TV

Bow-legged women and knock-kneed men

Freak kitten


Why is "i" before "e" except after "c"?

A question for any gardeners out there.....

Is the Right to Party written in the Constitution? The Bible?

Online version of alphabet magnets

Wanna see something really scary?!?!?! Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers)!!!!

Slumber party game time....

Free kitten.

Dogs get prostate cancer.

Damn, yesterday's doonesbury was good too

Diet Update - after 4 weeks.

I'm starting a death metal marching band.

Best. Commercial. Ever

My buns are moldy

Cool! I have two deer right outside my patio door now!

How many hours a day do you DU?

not ONE Lounge Thread On The First Page Has ONE greatest vote!

Why is there a Salem MA and a Salem NH? Only 20 miles apart.

why are some people such workaholics?

Democratic Underground Has New Modulators!

Apple will introduce new 42 and 50-inch plasma displays at Macworld Expo

Revenge of the Employee

The Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors (Which one are you?)

Do I get my money back? I saw Brokeback Mountain and I am still straight!

Marcus Vick in trouble AGAIN!

Jeez - I'm getting old.

Wash. Woman Suffocates Under House Clutter

Is this considered a sex thread?

What would a burger made from hamster meat be called? (besides "gross.")


Why do cities and towns have names, anyway?

Anyone here ever bury the placenta after their kid's birth?

OMG just to weird. (Jaws down under)

Insert a band name into a popular ad slogan

Update on Minnie, for anyone aware of my cat saga

Explaining what a lawyer does, to a three-year-old

I just sent out 12 resumes. I can't stand this anymore

Someone give Kate an ear of corn....

I'm packing for the Florida Keys. Ask me anything!

MO/KS DU'ers-ready for snow?

I ate Bill Brasky's rotting corpse for breakfast then ran 1000 miles

Smooth/light jazz makes me ill

My wife turns 30 on Thursday and I need to buy her a special gift...

Why is there a Birmingham, AL and a Birmingham, ENG?

You heard it here first: I, LynneSin, was wrong

Keep me in your thoughts/prayers/candles or what ever it is you do.

Unveiling my *real* new avatar!

O.K., Something We Can Mostly Agree On: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

Need a hug - am getting ready to sever ties with my brother.

Who else when you get the "New Mail" thing thinks Oh god what did I do now

'Classic rock' songs you still like after all these years

What can you do to comfort a friend who's wife has miscarried?

Have you guys heard of Bill Brasky?

Ok...not real sure what to think about this....who knew....

I live in the Middle Earth...ask me anything!

Tattoos, piercings

What is your favorite font?

Here's Your Chance! NAME MY NEW BAND!!!

Crosby, Stills, Nash &...

"speak your peace" or "speak your piece"?

Can you see my new avatar?

Hey Moms out there. Is It just me?

what's everyone listening to?

I just saw the latest Simpson...

Could someone please help me before my head explodes?

Southern California DUers: Sunday, February 19, afternoon or evening...

What in the hell is wrong with Marcus Vick??? (Pulls a gun on 3 teens)

Favorite misheard song lyric?

Super Bowl winner this year?

Why Is There Kansas City, KS and a Kansas City, MO?

Beautiful women and ugly men-WTF?

Do I want to move to Portland? Anybody know?

Here's Your Chance! NAME MY NEW BABY!!!

I live in Texas! Ask me anything!

Never, ever, sing at work!

My Born-Again Fundie Freak Sister has become........ a Jew!

Has anyone ever devised a test to prove that there is power in prayer?

O.K., I went over to TBN to watch "Justice Sunday III,"

Can we discuss psychosis ?

Help Medical Research with your CPU's spare processor cycles

Failed Genesis spacecraft: Lockheed didn´t perform test to detect flaw

Do you get less wet if you run in the rain?

Upcoming NASA launch draws anti-nuke protesters

Advance Scientific Knowledge and help find cures with your CPU

Gay Groups Monitor Alito Hearings

Virginia Church Quits UCC Over Gay Marriage

Anti-Gay Episcopal Bishops Meet

Gay Marriage Haunts Tories In Canadian Election

Very good article about "The Bood of Daniel".

Wohoo for my hometown of maryland.Service project creates Gay-Straight All

Makers Move Forward On Single Dose HIV Drug

Anti-gay preacher busted for lewdness admits guilt, cries for help

Legisl.Gives Unrestrained Pwr to Sch. Super. RE: pro-homosexual Curriculum

Anti-Gay ‘Flagging’ at NEH?

Fred Phelps to protest Lonnie Latham at South Tulsa Baptist Church Feb 5th

Gay Priest Comes Out To Parish

FYI from Mr. Manners

Gay kiss on "Desperate Housewives" --- Fans go ape shit!

Novelization of "Brokeback Mountain" movie: Who should do it?

Marcus Vick surrenders to police

NOW upset by Paterno comments, asks him to resign

NFC Matchups for Next Week: What Say You?

AFC Matchups for Next Week: What Say You?

Good Liberal Sports Writers

Doggie Wisdom

More interesting experiences with astral travel candles.

Do you think Alito will be passed through?

Excellent editorial on "Kids Come First"

Do you guys think....

Sick of this...

Just to let you all know "I"m still alive"!!

I need to vent:

Anyone listening to the Judiciary hearing?

Little Clarkie: This is like a nightmare

Oh my, what to do with this pic

Adobe Lightroom

Reality check...

A Day At The Beach

Just for the heck of it...

OK, can we all just choke Rita Cosby now and get it over with?

Does becoming a vegetarian have to be expensive?

Howard Stern on Larry King, but fugettaboutit Iraq?

Time: FBI email says Abramoff case 'far from over'(Sights Bigger Targets)

IRS Said to Improperly Restrict Access

Earlier Abramoff related investigation by DU

There's a new group on DU, TRAVEL,

How our goverment subverts even the Constitution

Jeb Bush says FL Republicans don't have to worry about voter backlash.

So Lucianne Goldberg claims to have from Dems took Abramoff money

So Cunningham Was Wearing A Wire For Six Months

Clark: 80% of soldiers who died from chest wounds because of lack of armor

New Zogby poll -- link to participate

Time (via RawStory): FBI email says Abramoff case 'far from over'

Lois Capps used to be my Representative

Memory Lane 2000 Election Miami Dade Recount (Delay&Roberts)

Specter tells Gonzalez you're going to testify----hot diggety dog.

Human cost of cuts in Medicare

cheney taken to hospital, shortness of breath

DU Poll - O'Reilly Fan or Fighter?

RayTal's deep into Abramoff this morning:

Blair impeachment over Iraq urged

That's SO Gay! Utah Movie Theatre Pulls "Brokeback Mountain".

Abortion---Shut the fuck up

MPs leaked Bush plan to hit al-Jazeera

Well, *'s workday is done. He's had

Looks like a pro-Alito rally is starting

Chris Dodd coming up on Imus, msnbc.

Man Accused of Racially Motivated Shooting


MAC Users! Had CanOFun down for several hours last night


Top Iranian commander dies in plane crash

Self-Delete. Duplicate. eom

Bush has never vetoed a bill. Never.

Build A Better *

Ed Gillespie (CSPAN now) doesn't recall knowing Abramoff...

Phrases or words I just can NOT stand anymore.

It is time for Cheney to resign for health reasons

Bad Karma and Mr. O'Leary's mouse.

Negligent Homicide. NYC Police Officer's Death Attributed to 9/11 Duty.

Almost Half of Americans Expect Terrorist Attack in 2006 (Gallop)

voting against Alito means you're Anti-Catholic...bullshit

Scriptural Foundation For Terrible Human Resource Management

Contrast Dean's response with Schumer's response regarding Abramoff

Wonder whatever became of these kids?

Some Internet site says Iraq's al Qaeda claims ministry attack

Bush Freedom Commission on Mental Health: Big Brother wants you to be Free

RNC's Ed Gillespie's never even heard of Jack Abramoff

Look at this movie poster

"The only ones for abortion are the ones that have been borned."

Gonzales is asked to testify on spy program

Alito: Ultra-Conservative

US troops seize award-winning Iraqi journalist

Sunday Howard Dean: Dissed Bolivia & Venezuela - anyone else catch that?

Zogby is doing midterm polling...

Transcript: (cleaned up from his bumbling this morning)--its a miracle!!

Charlotte, North Carolina has.......

Blue state universal health care?

Right Wing Radio AXED in OKC. Oh Happy Day!!!

Happy Monday it is 9am EST - time for Stepanie Miller

Help! Where's the toons?!? Quick, I'm drowning...

Poor Governator!!! he must be out of practice.

Coincidence that Delay steps down day after Dukes WIRE revealed?

Wealthy School Apologizes For Insulting Chants

How About the Refreshing Wind of Candor in the Alito Hearings

Letter from a congress critter re: delay for DeLay

Does the new Time article on Abramoff have pictures with Bush?

When political discussions lead to screaming

president explains complicated concept to US University Presidents Summit

With the abramoff scandal, the delay fiasco, the spying on u.s. citizens

How R signing statements that alter the context & content different than

Wikipedia page for CA-50 Election (Dukester's seat)

handy flow chart to refute the a-holes....

OK! The perfect Gay Film Is...What?

must-reat "Top Ten Idiots" today

Psycho Nut Jobs! Where Was Capitol Hill Police When This Was Going Down?

Feingold will not rule out Bush Impeachment!!!!

ARCO says mine cleanup responsibility lacks fair approach

Just saw the commercial re Alito on CNN.

Interesting case being argued tommorrow in MO Supreme Court

Police state: Go to jail for 2 years if you post an "annoying" email/msg

"Sam's got the intellect necessary to bring a lot of class to that court"

Got to apply for a permit from Israel to run in the Palestinian elections

Farris Hassan Contacted Fox News In Iraq, But "They Never Called Me Back"

The Abramoff Dossier

HIV BOMBERS--Al-Qaeda's plot to infect troops with AIDS virus

DU This Poll (Alito)

So are we going to watch the Alito hearings together?

Cheney's Hospital Trip...My Bad!

call them up on their lies(washington journal)

This could get really contorted.

The Real Reason for War with Iran (yes, I mean IRAN): OIL

Official Opening Statements Thread - Alito Hearings Now!

Where have all the rangers gone?

DeLay: The Only Reason I Was Indicted Was A Massive Conspiracy...

Why does everything Bush says become the top story on new sites?

James Risen on TDS, Nancy "Flaming Nostrils of Justice" Grace on Colbert

Have you changed your position on possible conspiracy crimes?

GW Has Finally Bested Papa Bush

Caption this Cheney pic...

"Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime"

I redesigned by Blog, Opinon Please.

"Viva la revolucion!" - Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'

Cheney wouldn't have so many problems with his foot if he would

When will someone ask McAwol the obvious question?

Chirac says French killing in Ivory Coast a mistake - Killed the wrong guy

Gosh, Dick, Feel Better! ---pix->>>

Some of nation's best libraries have books bound in human skin

The smell of irony in the morning...

Kerry should have just come right out and said Bush is lying to you all

During Clinton Administration, Dems fought against expansion of powers

Alert!- bush to visit Louisville Ky Wednesday Jan 11 Protest!!!

Democrats to Introduce Clean Government Bill

Cheney taken to hospital, officials decide not to wake up Bush

Dean: White House Must Tell the Truth About Abramoff Ties

Olbermann on O'Reilly: "Day after day he just gets weirder and weirder..."

Dupe please delete.

WSJ - Brazil to become energy independent due to ethanol use

Abramoff's Work for Publishers of Magazines Under Scrutiny

Contractor 'knew how to grease the wheels'

What is Specter Trying To Say?

Caption *

Question: Has it always been the Democrat's policy that

Abramoff supported Apartheid, smeared Nelson Mandela's ANC

BREMER on IRAQ:"Never Enough Troops To Keep Order & Bush/Rummy Knew That"

Abramoff supported sweatshops (Mariana Islands)

Remember, Abramoff bribed the media, too.

Did Bush really say that Alito

Scalito contemptuously stares at Ted Kennedy...

Listen Right Now.....TVNL Radio Live....

VIDEOS-Clips from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Looking Beyond the SUV

Commissioning a Photoshop project.

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing scheduled for noon!

==White House press briefing with Scott McClellan==

Peterson refuses to give taped deposition for civil trial

LEAKED MEMO - Dems will focus on Abramoff as keystone of 2006 efforts

harping on and on about 'up and down' votes (charly greenly, IA repug)

Blair impeachment over Iraq urged

Ney lobbied state dept to sell airplane parts to Iran

New 9/11 Conspiracy Theory (Abramoff and Atta)

One thing about this "imperial presidency" nonsense

The Sharon - McCloy Life and Death watch ....

Kurtz: "I don't believe media are saying this is an equal opp. scandal."

Did Abramoff wear a wire too???

James Risen Gives Vital Background to Downing Street Memo

I respect people's religion, but Abramoff is NOT a strict Orthodox Jew

Alito hearing and Biden talking ......Wow

Report: Iraq had no WMD since 1991

as govt. workers, aren't elected officials subject to a drug screening?

First day in philosophy and my professor already mentioned Abramoff!

"In the first sign that even Hastert could be in trouble..."

DU is shutting down!!!

I'll ask again: What is the status of the Phase II intel probe?

Filibuster Alito

Texas Court WON'T Dismiss DeLay Charges

high-powered Christian evangelical organizations doing Africa

Hitchens:"busted up and screwed up Iraq was in our future no matter what"

scalito looks like he could shit right now, live on msnbc

Anyone else having significant trouble with DU this a.m.?

Attack INSIDE heavily fortified Baghdad compound. 28 killed.

Look At George. Now He's Pissed at Pickles! ---pix->>>

"DeLay thinks of Karl as a former mail vendor, not some great guru."

Christian right sees judge as saviour of religious America

Do you *really* think Bush** is having an affair with Rice?

Emergency Plans? What if...

Summing up the Abramoff scandal in two words everybody can understand

Any news on the "western" female journalist kidnapped in Iraq

Official Opening Statements Thread - Alito Hearings Now! Part II

My Dad has stock in Wal-mart and berates me about

WaPo: Majority think Alito should be confirmed, will take "centrist" path

Feingold for President...... hands down

LOL, i like this comment


Republican Senators Justified in Confidence in Bush’s Nomination…

Democrats - stop looking for movie stars, start solidifying a platform

Are we less safe from terrorism?

it's in the 50's today in Massachusetts in Jan.!

Fox To Guard Henhouse? Republicans Preach Reform

Quick Binary Poll: Will Scalito Slither In To The Supreme Court?

Why was there no "Justice Sunday" for all the Clinton judicial nominees?

Cheney hospitalized, Bush prepared to assume presidency...

Missed a toon? here is a web site for 2005 toons in review


Will the Bush administration make it through its second term?

Meth kits given to area retailers - 82% drop in meth labs in Iowa

Santorum: Liberals are Destroying Traditional Morality--born again alert

bird flu de do heads up.

I'll Try Again: Will Sclito Slither In the Supreme Court?

Zbigniew Brzezinski- "Victory or defeat (in Iraq) is a false choice"

Ed Gillespie is full of all kinds of caca.

Man sentenced despite victim recanting

Annoying Anonymous Messages law is blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Karl Rove's Blunder

CIA Spooked About Tell-All Books- Wants To 'Clamp Down' On Writers

Jordan backs U.S. on war crimes court-keeps financial aid

Let's fight for a total ban on condoms and viagra!

Has Ann Coulter praised David Rosenbaum's murderers yet?

Evan Thomas of Newsweek says no more than 2 or 3 Repubs will be...

AOL Poll on Alito being confirmed

"Media's War Images Delude Instead of Inform"

No identity card? You could be fined £2,500

What's Happening With The Frist Investigation?

"Texas Court Won't Dismiss DeLay Charges"

What happened to the kidnapped Christian group in Iraq??

Fans line up at Okinawa base bookstores to chat with ‘Gunny’

The Saga incident my have been the most flagrant example

Heads up 3pm EST - Randi Rhodes is up next!

Darned if you DO

"How in the world could I ever vote for someone who represented the ACLU?"

This source has Dems that donated to Abramoff

I just love seeing this on a big ass Lexus SUV in Sarasota

Bush discloses secret identity...

Freepers can't even get the dates straight when they think they

The scandal unfolds...

Senator Frank Church:NSA could enable a dictator to impose total tyranny

YOO Wrote(Before Spy Story Broke)Why Patriot Act Is Constitutional.

WHY is the thread #3 for the hearing locked?

How is Elizabeth Edwards doing?

Doesn´t the Republican´s K-street Project implicate them in Abramoff-gate?

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail

Trust Me ---pix->>>

Bush removal ended Guam investigation involving Abramoff

Please post Alito's extremist/questionable positions here.

So why did Hillary give back the money?

Now do you support term limits for Congress?

Why was this thread locked? Can we learn why things are blocked?

When Bush said he saw the first plane hit the first tower on TV,

Official Opening Statements Thread - Alito Hearings Now! Part 3

Yippee, my LTTE was published...

Alito must have gotten his ass kicked on a daily basis at school

Um, they hate us for our freedom? or

MSNBC poll: Should Alito be confirmed?

I'm pro choice but.....

CNN anchors wondered: "How dignified could [a filibuster] be?"

Bremer claims he was used as Iraq ‘fall guy’

Why is it a given that Hillary is our next "Great White Hope"??

So Alito Said "Nobody's Above The Law"...

"Nearly 50 (FBI) agents chasing down Abramoff leads across the country"

WH reporter uses the "RF" word!!!!

Look in the change in Darth Cheney's appearance

Alito illegal wiretapping memo ..03/08/84..Forsyth v. Kleindienst

When Newt Grinchwinch put the contract on america...

Fillibuster Alito....New Congress....Impeach Bush

Need counters to claim Ginsberg got preferential treatment in hearings.

Do you adhere to the possibility of CIA drug trafficking?

Kidnapped American reporter in Iraq now identified

Remain on track -Bush started a phoney war and he is still responsible

If you listen to the C-SPAN callers re: Alito,

Breaking:Texas court denies DeLay bid to quash criminal case

Odd source, but some very "interesting " Abramoff stuff here

Army Training is All in the (Lockheed) Family

The Republican Casinos for Bribes scandal

Alito on the Law.

(TOON) The Abramoffer

What stories was the murdered NYT reporter working on? --->>>

China Losing Confidence in the Dollar

Ruth Bader Ginsberg's nomination was promoted by ORRIN HATCH

Bremer Whitewashes His Record In Iraq »

ATTN: This is how you defeat the annoying web/e-mail msg law

So, why was Mohammed Atta on Abramoff's Casino Boat?

The funniest political writing I've read in a long time...

Alito hearings begin c-span1 11:30AM EST

David Rosenbaum from NYT was mugged & killed? on CSPAN just now

Merry Christmas!

THIS JUST IN: The latest from Pat Robertson...

I bought a Sirius Satellite unit yesterday.

Ted K. telling wolf to get his facts straight. cnn NOW.

Sharing the burden

Why is gas going up again? Anybody know?

Today's the day! Conyers needs your phone call! Impeach!

Fallujah -The Hidden Massacre (WARNING: Graphic Video Material)

Talk to me about Curves

I finally found a picture of Bush and Jack!

Baby Noor News Confrence on CNN now

Why does Bush care about patiot act - he still does illegal wiretaps?

We need Sibel Edmonds to go on the record - what say you?

When will the RW roll out their "war on SAINT Valentine's Day"?

Conservatives bang on about "activist judges" or "activist courts"

I sure wish somebody was investigating our Rep! (Taylor, R-NC)

Private Contractors or the draft?

Camp Followers, Contractors, and Carpetbaggers in Iraq

Abramoff helped stave off postal rate increase for The Magazine Publishers

SinceSlicedBread flops like a soaked loaf.

If Jesus got credit for what was thought to be a miracle in the mine

Acting U.S. Atty Fred Black demoted for launching Abramoff investigation?

LOOKING FOR photo of George Bush drunk in college or

Remember Pearl Harbor and don't forget Iraq's WMD'S

Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove (Ralston)

Mom's love & body armor

CNN Just wrote a suck up piece on OLielly

How Many Iraqis Have Died? 30,000? No. 100,000? No.

Wolfie is using Ken "Bud" Melman to defend himself against Dean comments

Mehlman (R) spins like a top when Blitzer says "only Repubs"

Fitrakis: Did the NSA help Bush hack the vote?

Legal Journal hosts HOURS of great videos (back to 2003)

The BEST 9/11 Timeline by Paul Thompson

"That leaves us two bad options -- killing Sunnis or getting out."

DeLay's resignation: behind the scenes

Letterman / O'Liely "Freedom Fighters" comment (Cindy Sheehan) Question

What do you think about the CBS "Abramoff gave to Democrats " SPIN?

US Troops Seize Award-Winning Iraqi Journalist

How Many Iraqis Have Died Since the US Invasion in 2003? 100,000? More?

Have you contacted your representatives today?

NY media ready to pass along GOP's "Spitzer is a hothead" meme

Listening to Scotty is killing off my brain cells

Abramoff frequent WH Contacts - 190+ Contacts in 10 Months

A lot of CNN bashing today

No Shortage Of Republican Senators Question Bush's Domestic Spying Program

DeLay defends Duke's home sale ..6/05/05..(was bugman being "bugged" ?)

DeLay Takes Over Cunningham’s Spot On Appropriations Committee

Freekers Turn to Hannity/Levin to Save America from Hillary

Hey everybody there's a new dance in town, it's called 'The Step Down',

Presidential Historians Suggest Bush Has Tough Road Ahead

"Top Bush officials" dined w/ Abramoff's people (Norquist), lobbyists

I think of the rabid right-wingers I know and there is no way in hell

Prediction: Cheney Quits,,,then it'll be Lieberman For VP

Cecile Richards (daughter of Ann Richards) new Pres.of Planned Parenthood

Significant or Sinsiter? The media gets to choose for us.

We Are NowThe "Law and Order" Party

Oh Deere Lowered...

RIGGED cnn alito poll

We need a poll for wheter Bushshould be impeached!

For lower taxes, vote Republican.

When Will NSA Spying Probe By Senate Begin?

Why do disruptors incessantly post 'Abramoff gave to Democrats' threads?

Is it noteworthy that, with his admission to committing a felony, shrubCo.

That's gotta SUCK! Poor Cubans. Just Wanted a Better Life!

The jack Abramoff Picture Show

This week on The Daily Show

Experts Write Congress: Bush and the NSA broke the law

Lou Dobbs' Alito Poll

AOL Poll Alert: Bill O'Reilly!!!

what if tobacco became an illegal substance like marijuana?

VIDEO-Harry Belafonte-Bush is a Terrorist

The Dow--why does it get so much attention? It's only 30 stocks.

will I vote for Hillary if she's the candidate?...yes

Delay was obsessed with deregulation--just heard on NPR.

Why I am a Sunni Man!

So, have your taxes gone down?

Bush later states, "I was sitting outside the classroom and I saw an

if you were a modern day Founding Father/Mother, what would you do?

Calif. Rep. Rohrabacher Defends Abramoff

Anybody watch Lou Dobbs?

Hey, Skinner, is it possible to pin the Alito Hearing thread at the top

Never thought I'd long for Tweety -- But Nora O'Donnell has done it

Fred Phelps just might get a good ass kicking over this one

Missouri corruption tied to national corruption

Okay, can any Photoshop whizzes do anything with "You Don't Know Jack"?

Gown-lifting incident embarrasses hospital

4 US Dead in the Helicopter Crash were Mercenary Dynacore Employees

The Terrorist and Two ATM Cards

Bush terminated 3 tribes - Abramoff "lobbied" for the same 3 tribes

Cat Owner Turns To DNA To Implicate Dog

Lindsey Graham is the biggest bullshitter.

Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime.

DU this CNN Alito Poll ! ! ! !

U.S. Army to boot reserve soldiers who won't fight

DU "Lou Dobbs Fans" Check in here for his Show Tonight., Racist & Corrupt

Medical marijuana activist loses refuge

Olbermann: Did Washington wives benefit from Abramoff?

Any Stern fans here at DU? (re: Ketih Olbermann)

DU this MSNBC poll

Couldn't GWB Just Pardon Abramoff?

I'm not touching you...

Schwarzenegger Receives Stitches - He looks like a shrunken head

Anyone else think attacking Iran will start World War 3, & a dictatorship?

Retirement calculator

If I hear one more democrat sympathize with Colin Powell...

the single biggest challenge facing the planet

Charlie Rose Show tonight: Michael Chertoff and James Risen? Together?

How many UN resolutions did Saddam Hussein break?

good piece by Ralph Nader on labor laws, overtime

"So you're a Democrat!! Tee Hee Hee Hee"

54 US soldiers, 500 Iraqi civilians killed since "free elections"

Have you ever protested the Religious Right

Mouse Thrown Into Fire Sets Home Ablaze (mouse revenge)

Anti-Gays To Protest At Soldier's Funeral- Wacko Alert-Bizzare

National Call-in Day to support Censure update...

Which right wing mantra will we hear repeated the most re: Alito?

Alito On Bork: "He Was Outstanding"

Funny how Alito is lauded for having the HIGHEST ABA rating!

We really do need a list of (Dem) Abramoff recipients ...

Please phone your Senator to filibuster Samuel Alito

MSNBC: Should Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito be confirmed?

VIDEO-Joke- Bush and Alido-Backgrounds

"Bush-Authorized Spying Spills Into Alito Hearings"

Watch Alito's hands!

Find the Weasel in the Alito Hearing

Thanks to Viva la Rev. and other for the ALITO hearings thread

VIDEOS from Alito going up

sorry if a dupe, but I just found this and it broke my heart...please help

ABC "somewhat unusual" for Cheney's symptoms to result from anti-inflammat

Howard Dean needs to give Dems in Senate a seminar on how to talk

RNC Chairman KKKen Maleman hopes the Dems take the high road...HA!

Attack on Iran: A Looming Folly

DU - Time to go Back To The Future

"A Reinstated Military Draft? Advice From An Old Man"

"NBC Must Drop 'The Book of Daniel'...written by a PRACTICING HOMOSEXUAL!"

Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime.

The Democrats need a Kimo Von Oelhoffen

Alito is introducing his family? Did they do this before? Could anything

Send a one word email, fax, or letter to your senator: FILIBUSTER

Can the DLC defenders here make a positive case for their candidates?

CLG Chair, Michael Rectenwald, on Scarborough Country tonight

I hate CNN. They are DISGUSTING. BOYCOTT CNN forever.

VIDEO-Mr "I Eat CowBalls" Sez Alito Will Bring Class to the SCOTUS

The B*sh administration does not leave anything to chance. Agree?

Official Opening Statements Thread - Alito Hearings Now! Part III

Is anyone listening to Ted Kennedy bitch slap Alito???

I don't get it-how can a church hold a political rally & still be tax-free

New DU Group Proposal: Howard Stern Group

Gold hits 25 year high as concerns about economy loom

GRADE Democrats performance in Alito confirmation hearing

British General Calls For Impeachment Of Blair-Imagine that here in the US

Mike Graham is a member of the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation ..PLEASE READ?!

Cindy Sheehan: "This is fucking barbaric & continuing in our names"

Abramoff was wearing the Mafia attire because....

TOONs to start my week

Belafonte Calls Bush 'Greatest Terrorist'

NPR needs a wake-up call

Show Me The Money!! Shut Up and Show Me The Money!!

Abramoff - Moon and much more

9-11 and the Reichstag fire: Lessons about the loss of freedom

NewsMax Desperation: "Howard Dean in Abramoff Cash Fib"

Randi Rhodes: Alito wanted to outlaw birth control.

"Jack has a relationship with the President" - Abramoff spokesman Scanlon

Schwarzenegger denies clemency hearing to Allen.

How many still believe we lost 2004 because Kerry was a bad campaigner?

A man discovers the kid is not his, is ordered to pay child support anyway

Train your own replacement at AK Steel

Electronic voting industry shill will run for Senate

Abramoff and Lay: Two Bush "Pioneer" Level Contributors

Issues and (Possible) Answers: A Primer on the Alito Hearings

Mark Warner decries partisanship in Washington

the (rescheduled) Evening with Tim Johnson

Whatever happened to .... Libel and Slander Lawsuits?

Oh now it's "both sides" are corrupt

How to Spot COINTELPRO Agents

Has Bush cut a deal with Iraq's insurgents?

AP: Race for Texas Governor Gets Wild

Considering scrubs lousy record on speeches

I want to give another shout-out......

Bush LIVE: "Sam's got...uh..a lotta CLASS to uh...bring to that court..."

Advice From An Old Man: "Just Say No" to State-Sponsored Murder

The botched 'war on terror' (Bush is a failure, no more myths)

Sirota's new book

Blessed asses in Washington today

I wonder if ... (Cheney hospitalized)

What will Pat Robertson say that God is doing to Cheney?

Want to help get RID of Dennis Hastert?

How low is this? Making a poor tribe force elders to give life ins to Jack

13 total (5 plus new 8 dead in helo crash)--FINALLY msnbc gave a few

Can the Milwaukee 5 get a fair trial? Did they do it?

Is Lautenberg an Alito supporter?

Well! Abramoff visited the White House Clinton lived in almost 200 times

I just received this from the PFAW, I'd like to share!

DeLay Takes Over Cunningham’s Spot On Appropriations Committee

Might As Well Face It We're Addicted To Rush......

Anti GOP bumper stickers

Donations Wanted:

MSNBC Poll: Should Scalito be confirmed? (73% NO...must not want "class")

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: "Nixonians Pt 4: ARTICLE II" Bush Spies

Is it true that the number of lobbyists has more than doubled ....?

Video:Bush asked about Dean's comments that he had foreknowledge of 9/11

So, Bremer asked * for 500,000 troops, eh? Liar, liar! Pants on fire!

quick question

To a Certain Rich Young Ruler

Obama, etc. tells Iraqis to - Shape up, or US will ship out

"We all went into the bubble and came out," one of the wise men noted.

Bush used recess appointment to install crony as head of Immigration

Citizen’s Tribunal Indicts Bush Administration for War Crimes

LOL just saw this headline over at The Proj. for the Old Amer. Century

A Biking Safety Message From Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Vermont: Sanders Way Ahead (Go Bernie!!!)

Pentagon acknowledges Bremer called for more troops in Iraq

Somebody call Pat Robertson

bushmilhousegang rounding up all pics of smirk and Abramoff

Vigilant Freep-holes ask "I wonder if we are closer to VP Rice?"

Don't believe anything a Republican says.

How much worse does it have to get for voters to reject Republicans?

John Boehner (Thug-Oh.) the right man for Majority leader.

I'm taking a new tack on Alito today

Reagan statue will be centerpiece in Dixon (where he was lifeguard)

Remember this.....

Howard Dean: 'This is a Republican Scandal'

KOS: Give Progressive Activists a Raise!

The Cup O' Joe Report: Monday, January 9, 2006 - Alito

Because we are a minority party there is nothing we can really do

Couric: "Most young women today do not consider themselves feminists"

KOS: More King George

Can O'Connor withdraw her resignation?

Tom Toles' political toon from 1/8/06 hits the nail on the head...

Cheney taken to the hospital for "shortness of breath"

A great scenario for our Country

Dick Durbin to Scalito: "Your record raises troubling questions...

So what if Scalito got the highest grade from the ABA?

see? Divinity is just and does exist!

Video Clip of Emperor Fuckstick, "wounded in combat with a cedar"

An aside ... an observation about Frank Lautenberg

ReddHedd's tracking Alito hearings

The Battle for America!

Time: How to Raise Cash, Disguise Its Sources, And Buy Influence

Bob Ney: An Abramoff - Santorum connection

"legislating from the bench"

The Essence of tom delay

Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime!

Al Gore Says 'No' Really Means 'No'

Don't blame me I didn't vote for his Daddy either

What are Dems doing to get rid of those Diebold voting...

BREAKING NEWS: Bush to withdraw Alito Nomination! (it's a joke..sheesh)

Press Release: Mehlman "a little bit concerned" about Scalito commentary

Schumer's Opening Statement: You will hold power/ define freedom...

WSJ: Morning-After Pill Reshapes Debate Over Abortion (and Scalito)

Did Washington wives benefit from Abramoff?

Top Ten George W. Bush New Year's Resolutions

Uh, in 1994, didn't the Republicans claim that

Democrats Ready to Go After Alito

Ever heard of EarnedMedia.Org ?

LTTE published, but edited to sound like a lobotomy victim wrote it

What is Joe Klein thinking? Why did he write this Time article?

My! Sharon, A.

Did Washington wives benefit from Abramoff?

MSNBC: Should Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito be confirmed?

Are Democrats unrealistically looking for a "White Knight"?

I hope this post doesn't cause substantial emotional distress!

RAPID RESPONSE: Monday 1/9/06, Jack Abramoff Special

Who is this Boston radio talking head assclown Michael Graham?

When does Scooter Libby go on trial

So, does anyone have the proof that NO Democrats took Abramoff Money?

Calif. Rep. Rohrabacher Defends Abramoff

Dianne Feinstein’s Opening Statement at the Alito Nomination Hearing


Bremer told Rummy more troops needed to fight insurgency but was rejected

Freepers dumber than a sack of rocks

If Cheney leaves office, who will Smirk choose to replace him

Blitzer (GOP Operative)

GRATUITOUS Wesley Clark Thread

Bush Advisor Says Pres Has Power to Crush Child's Testicles

McCullough: Jimmy Carter on the Wide Path to Hell

Quick question on Clinton/Bush

CNN: in private Bush never that close to DeLay (CNN has no shame)

More bad new for New Orleans

Ohio awakening from its Nightmare?Strickland leads all GOP Gov hopefuls.

Houston Chronicle poll on ScAlito needs DU-ing

Hating on Robert Novak - today's cartoon!

Am I the only one who doesn't believe the Cheney story?

Election Fraud about to become law in OH. A must see.

Congress passes law to ban anonymous speech in the Internet

GREAT article summarizes the key economic issue facing Democrats

How the Democrats could win every election for the next 30 years.

Bush Tax Cuts on the Wealthy

Should Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito be confirmed? MSNBC Poll