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Archives: January 8, 2006

Analysis: GOP Woes Don't End With DeLay

Iraq now terrorist central: analyst

Marines Without Armor, New York Times, 1/8/06

Ahmed Chalabi – Petroleum’s Point Man

4th Annual World Water Forum (March 16 - 22, Mexico City)

CO2 emissions reduction

Robertson and Ahmadinejad, Washington Post, 1/7/2005


I'm confused about Sharon...Help!

911 Coverup Facts: 10-Page Summary

Anyone watching the Hstory Channel's shows regarding Rick Rescola

The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special you never saw

A MINOR rant for the day

Nominate and Kick!

saturday 11:55 pm, we have 9 threads on the greatest page

Diebold's Lobbyist: Dem Senate Nominee from Virginia?

Guess Who's Going to Dinner with Diebold, Sequoia, and Electronic ES&S?

Socal, Torrance/So Bay DU'ers--what's up with Ted Lieu?

48 hours tonight is about murder in Belleview, IA

Corpus Christi: Please come support Democratic Judge Candidate Jim Klager

Question about Wisconsin election system

A simple but yummy snack

Any ideas for a simple brunch that

Layton's pitch for a Liberal vote

Americans Said to Meet Rebels, Exploiting Rift

Tom DeLay Steps Down As House Leader

Hugh Thompson, 62, Who Saved Civilians at My Lai, Dies

Russia and Iran in nuclear talks (BBC)

Jesus 'healed using cannabis oil' (The Guardian)

LA Daily News: L.A. County AIDS office sued

Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economis

Ministers Say They Blessed Seats (oil )Ahead of Alito Hearing (WSJ)

NYT: Officials Focus on a 2nd Firm Tied to DeLay

Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges SUV, Train

Sen.(Obama): Iraq Gov't Must Have More Minorities

US agency head quits after reported Rumsfeld clash

Fellow Republican: Ney likely to be indicted

WP: Democratic Leader Takes Anti-Corruption Message to GOP Turf

(Sen Pat) Roberts irritated by accounts of snooping

(CA) Governor asks lawmakers to dump bond measure for high-speed rail

Accused spy's lawyers seek phone data

WP: Ethics Issues Snared GOP's Champion (Focus on Fundraising=Problems)

Case Dropped Against U.S. Officer in Beating Deaths of Afghan Inmates

British lawyers linked to $1m payment for favours at US Congress

Former Teacher Gets 6 Years for Sex With Students(Orange County)

Channel 4 attempts to gag Galloway (on UK Big Brother)

Impeach Blair over Iraq: UK general

Beautiful words from Halbert

Hey CatWoman!

How much farting do you think is acceptable in a relationship?

Nick Lachey "used to put on Jessica Simpson's shoes & walk around in them"

How much flirting do you think is acceptable in a relationship?

Sean Taylor needs his ass kicked

How much fidelity do you think is acceptable in a relationship?

Major painting emergency!!!

Welcome to Jamrock! "Out in the streets, they call it murder"

How do you send a file that you've kept a "snap shot" of. I just

What's your I.Q?

Hey y'all!


HOLY CRAP!! A new version of the Dodge Challenger!

How much fucking do you think is acceptable in a relationship?

Howard Stern's cast of characters (great article)

Who knew it was so risque on the weekends?

"The Gun is Good! The penis is Evil!"

It's coming through a hole in the air,

The farting preacher (requires Flash)

"Would you mind spending a few minutes petting my dog?"

Beer or Bailey's? Beer or Bailey's?

I have a bridge to sell you:

Old strip, but still topical-

my work here is finished!

going to OK in May - anything I need to see or do?

You square-toed, insignificant, pimple-headed spy!

What's the longest you've ever gone without a dew?

Mmmm, teat of cosmic truth!




What did you do for the Millennium?

China White

Official Washington Redskins Victory Thread!

Do you brush your teeth with.....

War of the Worlds rocked.

I slept until 1 p.m. today, so why am I tired now?

Okay, now I have REALLY seen it all. To wit:

You can't make this shit up.

What music have you put on this weekend?

ARRGH! i only want to listen to grandmaster flash

Your favorite desert

Question about tombstoned members

Buckley's mixture tastes awful and DOESN'T work

What drives YOU nuts about watching football on tv?

I feel like going for an evening drive in the country.

Check out this video .

History and/or mythology buffs. I need to find out

Hop in the time machine....

*******MILESTONES******* 1/7/2006

Waiting impatiently for MrsGrumpy to call

Whats the last thing you bought on EBAY?

Your Favorite Dessert

Red Baron's thin crust pizza rocks (what is your favorite frozen pizza)

Someone keeps propping open securty doors at night in my apt building...

OMG, I just had the hardest time breathing!

My cat is pregnant

Star Jones question

What do you do with your dead pets?

Jacksonville Jags/New England Patriots Thread!

Just got back from seeing "Narnia". I loved it!!

Banned from an online hang-out. Should I give it a second chance?

The Prophetess has returned!

I added the most morbid of all skulls to my collection today!!!!

who's who on DU?

Natural Laws and a Higher Order

DR. SUSAN BLACKMORE: Consciousness In Meme Machines

Same old Chris Simms

Pats - Jags at the Half

Sports DUers: Fantasy team participants might enjoy this...

"The Pathwork of Self-Transformation"

Check out the "Beer with Kerry" thread

Esquire feedback form

Someone posted these Washington Post photos in GD

Another newbie gets it! (If allowed here)

So. I came up with this B&W technique that I really like

Just had to share with someone,

Who paid the London Bomber 100,000 UK pounds?

How to Avoid Oil Wars, Terrorism, and Economic Collapse

How to Hold the Corporatists Accountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No 12 step program effective against Pat Robertson


did you know that you can get a free credit report online? AARP

Pitiful. Is this all you have, Michelle? How much did the GOP pay him?

Found a website tonight that you might find interesting:

Need advice on which laptop to buy.

Forming an Iraqi government just got a hell of alot harder

Is Novak (Stinky Drunk) On Faux?

Liar Clock

1776 by David McCullough

Ever gotten this Freeper reponse?

Editorial: "Judging Samuel Alito " Sunday's NYT

Found while doing crosswords....8-letter word for laxative

Bill Bennett has declared a slime war against old people

A MINOR rant for the day

Too few spots to fuel

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

United Nations...some help please?

Get out of MySpace, bloggers rage at Murdoch

Reuters: Author of "Jawbreaker" on how US Military let Bin Laden get away

George W Bush 1/7/06 Pix ...... He doesn't look so good.

"The Man Who Predicted 9/11" will be on HIST channel at 12 am

Bush's "I'm not making this up" = Nixon's "I am not a crook"

2006 Campaign Ad

"Birth me a Wal-mart"

US Bleeding from Self Inflicted Wounds

Sean Penn, Cindy Sheehan highlight Sacramento peace forum

Good read on NOLA...

Does anyone know of a fairly complete list

12 Commandments not in stone,just like the Constitution.

Knowing what we know now, what could it have meant?

ASK CONGRESS: Is it a war crime to give Iraq's oil to US corporations?

Tom DeLay's career is over

Pat Robertson is 75. Is he just senile, or is it more that he's a

Brit lawfirm tied to Abramoff scandal

Delay's outgoing Press Conference

An amazing winter movie season

I'll predict about a drop in Bush's next poll numbers by about 6%

How safe is Jack Abramoff? Will he make it to court to testify?

No, don't you dare talk about GOP w/out using the word "corrupt"

AP: Huntington Library garden project stalled by visa problem

Any Poilitical Live Streaming Out There?

Peggy Noonan blames GOP corruption on a steamroller metaphor

"Scottish Tories helped to convict US lobbyist Abramoff" ... about DELAY!

Can scooters fly? Torrance man proves the answer is yes

OK this suspected freeper's bumpersticker made no sense

Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges SUV, Train

Greenville, SC, WYFF-TV (NBC) drops "The Book of Daniel."

No Biden tomorrow on the Sunday talking head shows

I think "terrorism" is war between the strong and the weak.

God's Punishment? ---> TOON

Great Robert F. Kennedy Jr. quote on AAR today: RW'ers

Paul Bremer to blame Bush in book and publicity tour

Ya know, Feingold, Kerry & Dean are exactly the kinda guys

FISA court hearing scheduled on Monday...they are demanding answers


What were you doing on Jan 6, 2005

What next? Goat entrails? Or one of Granny Clampette's "mystic beetles"?

Ministers Say They Blessed Seats (oil )Ahead of Alito Hearing (WSJ)

Fitz in Vanity Fair (From Firedoglake)

WOW! Google "Clinton Impeached" and "Bush Impeached"

Uh,uh. Conservatives ahead in polls in Canada.

Great graphic depiction of Bush's falling approval ratings (by pollkatz)

The Blue Planet on Discovery tonight.

Can we start calling it the "Pat Robertson wing of the Republican party"?

St. Tom Delay Mocked by Liberals...a renaissance MOsterpiece

AP: Warnings best left unspoken

Abramoff was facing 100 YEARS in prison a year ago!!! Lowell made a deal.

A seedy story that bears repeating.. found at an unusual site....

Focced - the movie - Scott Ritter, Ramsey Clark, Denis Halliday, Stan Goff

Progressive Democrats of America: Way to make DINOS act like Democrats?

John Yoo-Presidential Powers Extend to Ordering Torture of Suspect's Child

Jesus 'healed using cannabis oil' (The Guardian)

Alito's Credibility Problem - By Senator Edward Kennedy

Still some sick-o postings from the

Delete - dupe

Rohrabacher discusses his Abramoff connection

US v. Truong Dinh Hung, 4th Cir. 1980. Being used as repub talking point

Bush is down to the last few arrows in his quiver....

New Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Bush’s Warrantless Wiretaps

Why isn't he smiling now?

Iraq Denial and Deception says the header.

Obama on his way to Baghdad. FYI...

Ethics Issues Snared GOP's Champion

Sunday Morning Talk Lineup (Risen on MTP, zzzz, Dean on CNN, zzzz)

CNN poll

That Stinkin' Liberal Media!

Ministers Say They Blessed Seats (oil )Ahead of Alito Hearing (WSJ)

My perfect candidate in 08.

The Tumultuous and Tawdry Travels of Neil Bush

Lobbying Grenade: Jack Abramoff's guilty plea harkens back to his days wit

Scandal Exposes Washington's Underside

A tragedy of errors

WSJ: Cleaning House

Russians are making 'Londongrad' the centre of a new worldwide empire

Boston Globe - Editorial Cartoon 8 Jan 2006

Jeb pouts in 'Voucher Crashers'

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

A Washington Tidal Wave

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): The 'fin de regime'?

Dr. Spongebob Squarepants Dobson Blames Casinos, NOT Republicans

The Case of Jack Abramoff and Friends: Federal Government Facilitates Poli


Looking back to Abramoff's youth (permanently remove the left from power)

Is Christianity a Casualty of War?

Another story of another soldier and another family dealing with another

After Tom DeLay

While Congress slept LA Times

Many Ready to Spar With Bill O'Reilly

A Heartbreaking, Depressing story on the UFW: LA Times

The Pimping of the Presidency (Texas Observer)

Beyond the Ballot

US Propaganda vs. Iraqi Reality

Time to Ask: Who Are We? By Jim Hoagland

Bush & Delay: Never A Texas 2-Step. White House Worried Re Congress/Selves

Time to Restore Kofi Annan’s Reputation

Hauling in the Abramoff Crowd (Boulis Murder questions)

The Man Who Bought Washington (FBI E-mail: Abramoff Case "Far From Over")

Newsweek: A Washington Tidal Wave

Robert Fisk on Ariel Sharon -The Independent January 10, 2006

These may be democracy's darkest days

Americans saving less than nothing -- SF Chronicle

So now that Sharon is probably out of commission....

The Pied Piper- by Uri Avnery -- A perspective on Sharon

Sharon Suffers Stroke: Avnery & Rabbi Lerner Discuss the Future of Israel

British lawyers linked to $1m payment for favours at US Congress

Fatah outraged at al-Arabiyah television

Mazuz urges compensation for Arabs whose olive trees axed

Gaza militants condemn disorder

Denial of Holocaust nothing new in Iran- Ties to Hitler led to plots

IDF closes radical organization in W. Bank settlement of Tapuah

Death threats sent to journalists in PA

Jewish Settlers Shed No Tears for Father of Their Movement

In case anyone missed this in GD

9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Did the Commission Get it Right?

Pakistani ISI money trail, NSA and other 9/11 oddities

Interesting documentary running on History Channel

Just for fun....

Evidence That a Frozen Fish Didn't Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

Author to speak at Unitarian Church (Fitrakis) TODAY!

Tell EAC to Re-inspect Diebold Voting Systems!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 1/8/06

Bureaucracy shouldn't block voting paper trail

GD link of interest

The Case of Jack Abramoff/Friends: FEC Facilitates Political Corruption

Who did The Duke-Stir capture on the wire he wore?

Leach mentioned on Greatest Post...

Hey eastern Iowans

Cannot play C-SPAN video on my computer...

I have my new computer!

I'm able to receive e-mails, but not send e-mails from Outlook

I need help on my Firefox browser;


Who put the tiny dirty socks on each one of my teeth last night?

Gov Perry to run half marathon.

Governors race is between C4N and Bell

VIDEO-Conehead on MTP-about Abramoff involvement

Is it just me, or is this Forum becoming really busy with lots of

Check your new voter registration cards, Texans!

Feingold won't rule out impeachment!!

I regards to the wingnut LTTE in Appleton, we got 'em in Sheboygan too.

Fish sauce (the condiment) Discuss please

'k all you asian cooks, can ya gimme a hand here?

The "Strategy Tragedy"

Number of badly wounded soldiers on rise in Iraq

Iraq now terrorist central: analyst

Who paid the London Bomber 100,000 UK pounds?

Study says Iraq war could cost $1 trillion to $2 trillion

Doctors meet to discuss when to bring Sharon out of coma

No Court-Martial for Officer in Afghan Abuse Case

DeLay's own tactics may have hurt him

British lawyers linked to $1m payment for favours at US Congress

Republicans push limited ’06 agenda

Russians are making 'Londongrad' the centre of a new worldwide empire

Looking back to Abramoff's youth (permanently remove the left from power)

AP: Sheehan Urges Supporters To Take Action

US pushes for crisis vote on Iran's nuclear program

Debutante's Slaying Splits Savannah (along racial lines)

Newsweek: A Washington Tidal Wave

US push for our clean gas exports(Australia)

2210 reasons to impeach Bush now

U.S. troops raid Sunni clerics' Iraq office

Feingold won't rule out Bush impeachment

5 Marines killed and a Black Hawk is down

Canada and Australia close embassies in Jordan

Suspense growing amid Lott decision (to run or not in November)

Governor's race is shaping up as much more than Democrat vs. Republican

Battle against the creepy crawlies sneaking into Australia

Union: Cop Died From Ground Zero Air

US draws up space tourism rules

The Man Who Bought Washington (FBI E-mail: Abramoff Case "Far From Over")

Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'

DeLay abandoning bid to return as House majority leader

US troops raid Sunni clerics' Iraq office: report

Bush & Delay: Never A Texas 2-Step. White House Worried Re Congress/Selves

Time: FBI email says Abramoff case 'far from over'

Iran to hang teenage girl attacked by rapists

French hostage freed by military

IRS Said to Improperly Restrict Access (Bush

Blunt, Boehner Campaign to Succeed DeLay

Many Ready to Spar With Bill O'Reilly (ugh)

Specter Wants A.G.'s Testimony on Spying want a "Boner or a Blunt?"

NYT: G.O.P. Finds Hope in Spitzer's Hard Edge (New York State)

Karzai Invites Contact With Taliban Head

AP: Five Marines Killed in Iraq, Military Says

Verdict vs. Salvadoran Generals Reinstated

High school gives (Orrin) Hatch mixed response

Phone jamming: GOP fires back

Coed grade school torched in Afghanistan

Few Drawn to Illegal Immigration Protests

Meatpacking plants may get approval to slaughter horses

Zarqawi denounces Arab states as US agents

Funeral industry conspiring to keep prices high, suit says

Strong earthquake rattles Athens

Swiss may have known about secret CIA prisons

Iraq needs progress for US to keep spending (Obama)

Lock them up to die - prison bird flu plan (New Zealand)

12 dead after helicopter crashes in Iraq

States Intervene After Drug Plan Hits Early Snags -- NYT frontpage

ABRAMOFF SCANDAL: Reid criticized by Porter/GOP lawmaker sees 'study in hy

Sheehan Urge Supporters to Take Action

GM: New study shows unborn babies could be harmed

Report: Man Who Shot Pope to Be Freed

Britain’s Prince William to begin army career

Scottish Tories helped to convict US lobbyist Abramoff

More Human Bird Flu Cases Found In Turkey

Scandal of force-fed Prisoners

Greenpeace boat struck by whaling ship

AP Story: Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'

In honor of his birthday - a Beware the Beast Man appreciation thread!

Who would win in a three-way fight?

I don't know y'all nighthawks, I don't think!

I love David Fat movies

This song sends chills up my spine




who besides me is toned?

Cool, I lubricated my hair.

"Hear My Teeth"

How big is your beaumont?

I found a pog.

I found a log.

I found a frog.

Just saw War of the Worlds ... ask me anything!

I found a frog on a log at a blog about pogs.

Explain Crap-Rap to me.

I found a cog

Aiee! Oysters on the half shell!

I'm in a fog!

Xena Buffy Wonder Woman or Bionic Woman

I found a dog.

Oh Joy, I'm up with heartburn

Just learned, Ansel Adams was a Republican.........

That's it! I'm never leaving the mouse again.

I am going to see Willie Nelson and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

someone start an interesting thread, i want to be entertained

Ok i was having a good day....then tonight I wrecked my Jeep

"We'll rent a car. A U-Drive." "I drive?" "No, I drive a U-Drive."


Explain carp to me.

I'm listening to "Crapper's Delight" by the Ex-Lax Pill Gang

"where did all our avatars go? long time passing...."

An asshat at a club I was at Friday night narked on his own Uncle...

Well, here comes the 1 a.m. DU slog

It's been fun but I got to get to bed, last two days in the country. about the Lonesome Loser

Breaking! Tom DeLay's Bedtime Prayer Exposed!

Britney Spears covered Satisfaction, I gotta hear this!!!

For JVS: A short treatise on Britney Spears' cover of "Satisfaction":

A great site for midi files

Who's still up?

Richard Pryor/Chevy Chase SNL clip

Out of the depths I cry to thee, Lord hear my supplication!


Sunday earworm. Danged if I can find the lyrics.

See the ice lantern garden-----beautiful pictures:

How can anyone pass this up?

Why do women like bad guys? Especially the ones who jerk?

TNA IMPACT - its getting better

Battle against the creepy crawlies sneaking into Australia

I have a question on this occasion of my inclusion (into the 700 Club)

More Than a Feeling

Spring was never waiting for us dear

So of course I'm up early and the paper man is late.

Fellow DUers, I give you the 2006 Homer!

Today is the 32nd anniversary of my first breath.

For Kephra.... one year later.

Explain Crap to me.

What Is The Greatest Number Of Posts You've Done In A Day?

Puppies got sitter but kids left home alone

There is no greater American than Michael Irvin

Red Vines vs. Twizzlers

How many drive letters do you have in My Computer?

Where do rabies come from?

Anyone else addicted to Food ?

Mr banana and oldest son banana are moving furniture

How not to avoid an inside pitch

Never tell your server this at an Indian restaurant...

Never tell your sever THIS at an indian restaurant:

OK, I just made some really tasty chicken quesadillas.

Surprise! Fantastic Four's script doesn't suck!

I need my back popped

I saw "Match Point" yesterday. It was great!

Hi, friends. Did I ever show you Buppy?

I Saw Match Game yesterday! It was (blank).

Banging on the TV

Tribute for the King from the Boss Johnny Bye Bye

In The Reins- Iron And Wine/Calexico

My cats affraid of the Weazel Ball or to lazy

Katrina Relief Sneaker Donation

Question about Sex and the City

What date were you conceived on?

I love this movie on TCM

Good Sunday Morning, Everybody!

I drew up and shopped for a mole plan this week!


Them .... Us

Is there a Right Wing Email Help group

What type of misandrist bird do you most like?

Dogs cure loneliness better than people:

What type of migratory bird are you most like?

Technical question re, cable modem

Urban Dead: is anyone still playing?


The Daily Show question-did they get rid of Rob Corddry?

Stupid question re: freezing foods

Just finished upholstering my chair wanna see?

Awww...Teddy Bears are so cute and cuddly...

I know this isnt the place but we lost 29 guys so far this month

So I have spent Friday or Saturday night with this one guy for

10 good reasons FOR birth control:

I workout with rightwingers

Why is HypnoToad obsessed with birth control?

TONIGHT in Philly: Come out to protest Santorum, Falwell & Dobson

Do you know many women who have made partner at a major law firm?

Damned coyotes.

Is it wrong to want to spend all your free time alone?

Today, I'm making chili

Why does my cat keep doing THIS?

Why is it called 'birth control' anyway?

My car just rolled over 100,000 moles

Explain Rap to me

Thank goodness my dog is eating!

Remember those photo collage thingies?

Fellow DUers, I give you the 2006 Dodge Challenger!

I'm right out with wing-walkers

Gentle Genocide: Why Kill All at Once?


Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'

Anybody else here obsessed with the 'Miami Ink' marathon on TLC all day?

Why does my cat do this?

Please tell me the ways of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, as I am a seeker

Courtney Hansen, formerly of "Rides" TLC, now on Spike TV

I never thought I would say this: Go Bengals!

Oooh, Nasty nasty game starting with Steelers/Bengals

Volare, oh oh!

Is watching a Pauly Shore film grounds for divorce?

Which one of you did this to this puppy?

Anyone else addicted to Food Network?

It's a DU Sunday Night Smorgasbord!

The 2 poems read at my wedding:

What the hell is red velvet cake?

"Are You Horny Tonight?" Got the Madonna sex book for Christmas.

My car just rolled over 100,000 miles.

I'm getting ready to make crab rangoon and stir-fry. Who's coming over?

What is your absolute favorite bear?

QUIZ: Linda Grey, Meredith Baxter-Birney, Jack Wagner,

The Definitive BBQ Poll

Bill Cosby's Cover of "Sgt. Pepper's... Band" is the First Hip-Hop Song

what is your absolute favorite beer?

HOTEL WAKE UP CALLS* please vote, this is for work*

The Definitive BBQ Mole

Old Crow Medicine Show.......

Who's only now going to bed besides me?

Happy Birthday Stephen Hawking


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/8/06)

Happy Birthday Elvis!

What is the best job you've had?

Need visual entertainment. Post a random photo.

I asked my churches today to pray for Pat Robertson.

I protested my local church for stem cell

Does becoming a vegetarian have to be expensive?

AVH told me on the phone last night

Favorite Dukes from Hazzard (the tv show)

Wild tales from the road.

Spies, spies, spies: Who's your favorite spy author?

Any Star Trek buffs out there that might be able to give me an estimate?

"Are You Hungry Tonight?" Got the Elvis cookbook for Christmas.

DU: Can I get a WHO DEY!?

Let us now praise MrsGrumpy!

That's it! I'm never leaving the house again.

Magic and Loss: For RetroLounge

Which is more offensive?

Post something ambiguous about another DUer.

Kiddy Pix

So has been a while.

Favorite Monty Python trouper:

I love David Lean movies!

Chicken Fried Tofu.

Newsflash from GD: Feminism has caused women to be alone!

My ex, who dumped me bad, e-mailed me about her breakup. Wants sympathy.

Kitty Pix! (post yours!)

Have you ever smoked a Cuban?

For the mulleted among us: It's the new Camaro


'70s Greatest Hits on CNBC. I am 54, know good music. This ain't it.

Please go and see this movie:

Halftime!! Bengals 17 - Steelers 14

How many guys currently have a little crush on a lesbian?

Is God a mathematical equation?

Any Urantia Book readers out there?

Southern Baptists are getting into the ad game.

Among Evangelicals, A Kinship With Jews

Autism, Gold Salts Mercury

Aspartame: documention its highly toxic and adversely affecting millions

Columbia Survivors

Case study in cognitive dissonance: Gay Republican favors vote on marriage

Gay Foes Angry Over Marriage Phone Calls

New Questions on Massachusetts Petition Fraud Claim

Priest separates gays, pedophiles

On December 25, 2005, Charles Socarides entered Hell

GLBT Playwrights and Artists Sought for Fresh Fruit Festival

Gay men are less violent

British government-sponsored site accidentally "outs" Kevin Spacey

What? No Carolina-Giants post?

Vince Young entering the NFL draft.

Poo problem

For the cat lovers...

Dog Deaths Surpass 100 Despite Toxic Pet Food Recall

Milo's New Roommate - Pic

I need help in the worst way

Pics of Jennings with his new playmate....

Nostradamus prediction

Chronic Multi-Symptom Illness Still More Prevalent Among Persian Gulf Vets

An observation:

Quote of the Week: John Kerry on Pat Robertson

Italia Federici (ad with Kerry)

Anbody reading 'State of War'

Image Zoom - a useful tool for use with photos in browsers.

Gilmore and I took some pictures on the Kansas University campus today

Theme for the January contest

Wedding pics

Keith's Appearance on the show Surface

9/11 claims another victim: detective, age 34

Anyone have a good source for info on the K street project?

This damn Medicare bill has so many suffering....Central Florida mess.

What is the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives?

Great Bumper sticker

Medical Marijuana Refugee Steve Kubby Needs Help

Fourth Estate Radio Show Replay at 1am ET

They shound put a big "I" on every illegal gun made,so when the

Poll Shows Support for Democrat-Led Congress

Was Nostradamus on to "dubieux" in the 1500's?

Nate Clay is on WLS Chicago:

For some reason, the link didn't work

If you could get rid of one Fundie who would it be?.

Has anybody read "Forty Ways To Catgeorize JFK"?

When is Howard Dean going to talk about the Dem. vision?

Response to freepers regarding the Minority

General Jack D. Ripper is the Original Tinhatter

So Marion "Pat" Robertson was only quoting the Bible...

Fahrenheit 9/11 - Finally watched it -

Wal-Mart Sucked $20 Billion Out of Local Economies This Holiday Season, Sa

Why I am no longer a member of the Republican Party ...Posted on

strib: A tale of two health care systems

DU this poll on school vouchers (Sun Sentinel)

I oppose Hillarycare health care

Did anyone watch "Grounded" on the history chanel tonight?

Study says Iraq war could cost $1 trillion to $2 trillion

Who here at DU knows "Carl Rising-Moore"? I'd like to know.

Breaking CNN moves on to other "News" "can we really talk to the dead"

Google "war criminal"

My protest against the church tomarrow

Create here a "crash course" - an email of facts, in response to repub bs

sooo many scandals

I can't keep up- What's the latest death toll/count of US Soliders?

Cheney's neighbors speak out

Jeb pouts in 'Voucher Crashers'

"Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler"

Swiss may have known about secret CIA prisons

U.S. copter crashes in Iraq, killing all aboard

56% want a court and not a chimpanzee to give OK for wiretapping

"Harry M. Reid is heading into the belly of the beast." (WaPo)


I wish the troops in Iraq would stop making more people who want to kill us

CNN report: Baghdad children's hospital full of dying "Baby Noors"

9/11: A Special White House Slide Show (Newsweek-Declassified Copies)

The State Department's description of our economy

2006 Death Chants: The World, Not As It Will Be, But As We Think It Is....

Good Morning DUers....this is a DeLay-Free Zone.

Given what's happening in Turkey right now

NSA whistleblower on Democracy Now - good stuff

17 Americans killed in Iraq in last 24 hours

What kind of horrible situation in Iraq will finally wake up the US?

Instead of giving money to charity

lawsuit seeks more critical habitat for bull trout

President Says DeLay Is Not Guilty of Money Laundering Dec. 15

For returning unit in Iraq, a battle with doubts, resignation & cynicism

Top Bush Trash Excuses For U.S. Military Deaths

bu$h Gets Truth Syrum, What Do You Ask Him?

I summon the spirit of Diogenes to D.C. Immediately to find ONE honest man

I cannot get Cspan to play on my computer...

A History Channel movie that Freepers should watch . . . .

McCain, Ariz. lawmakers to return Abramoff money

I have a stupid conspiracy theory!

Lindsey Graham is to be on Fox Sunday show. I hope they discuss

CNN INTL POLL:Can a politician battling a drinking problem lead party?

Sen Kennedy on This Week right now (ABC)

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Jack Abramoff, DeLay, Medvid, Reed, etcetera...

About wearing a wire...remember Rush's house maid wore a wire a got Rush

Heads Up! James Risen next on MTP. He broke wiretap story for NYTimes.

This Week: lobbyist jobs protected by the Constitution.

Interior secretary backs weakening endangered species act

Who is to say that “Curveball” isn’t providing the Economic Data?

Is Ariel Sharon the next Terri Schiavo?

Risen next on MTP

Man Forced To Identify Anonymous Web Posters Appeals To TX Supreme Court

Note how the presstitutes have fallen silent about 'values voters'

Any news on the western female journalist kidnapped in Baghdad?

30 more troops dead since the start of the new year

Help me understand how the Dem's didn't take money from Abramoff?

God speaks to this man

concise explanation of the Abramoff story

Bob Schieffer had some very interesting suggestions for politicians.


NSA, Pakistan, the Saudis and the war on terror

Since Fitzgerald is the acting Attorney General

Bush Sued for Plagiarism:

Stripes letter re: Christianity forced on troops

SAGO mine was Non-UNION

Attention Michigan: Bob Fitrakis to speak today

Why Hasn't The Delay Scandal Snarred Others In Congress?

Feingold won't rule out Bush impeachment

Has any 'News' media spoken to the 'Indian Tribes' re: Abramoff?

He has a W sticker and a Real Men Love Jesus sticker

Anyone watching Meet the Press right now?(Anti-choice woman)

AIPAC on Trial

it seems that much more attacks are occurring in Iraq lately

"Bush Administration is clean from any corruption"


We have met the enemy, and he is us

Freeper: "The reason I voted Republican..."

Terrorism threat worse in wake of Iraq war: Rudd

U.S. troops raid Sunni clerics' Iraq office

Murtha & Moran forum repeat on CSPAN now

any mention of Iraq on the Sunday talk shows?

Dog Deaths Surpass 100 Despite Toxic Pet Food Recall

Did We Do This In Vietnam? U.S. Troops Build Wall of Sand Around a City!

Robert Fisk on Ariel Sharon -The Independent January 10, 2006

17 more US soldiers dead for bush's LIES.

If it's ok for a US president to order TORTURE, including TORTURE

12 Miners / years ......17 Soldiers / 24 hours......You be the judge.

"DeLay thinks of Karl as a former mail vendor, not some great guru."

e mail from Rove to Free Republic intercepted BREAKING NEWS

Feingold won't rule out Bush impeachment

U.S. helicopter crash kills 12 in Iraq

Did Lib Media report the GOOD things about the 28 slaughtered Americans?

80% of torso deaths of soldiers in Iraq could have been prevented

"Specter Wants A.G.'s Testimony on Spying"

An Introduction to the My Lai Courts-Martial

Censorship at (now Murdoch owned) Myspace

What's happening with that worm, Grover Norquist, with this Abramoff stuff

We're ALL WORSE OFF NOW, thanks to BUSH.

Rich's column and buying the premise of fascist government.

Guckert Sighting

VIDEO-Dean on Late Edition-Abramoff/Dems comment

Terrorist Astronauts!

O.K., I've Heard The Hymn Commercial 3 Times In The Last 30 Minues On CNN

So, With REPUBLICAN/bu$h Scandals Coming Fast & Furious, What About Rovega

Time: FBI email says Abramoff case 'far from over'

Prayer in public schools.

The lie detector you'll never know is there

I guess I missed the memo re: Frist won't run again.

Too Funny...

So now that Sharon is probably out of commission....

Brit Hume vs. Bob Schieffer Re: Alito

Who saw Dean just now on CNN?

Debutante's Slaying Splits Savannah (along racial lines)

NY Times failed to note that Abramoff raised $100,000 for Bush campaign

VIDEO-Senator Brownback on Bush Spying on Americans

Have we run out of "turning points'" in Iraq?

Contributions can be returned, BRIBES cannot.

Reporter embedded in Iraq with the 101st ...

Price of stamps goes up...

VIDEO-Dean on Late Edition-Comments about Alito

I'm confused about Sharon...Help!

Many ready to spar with Bill O'Reilly...

K Street Bullies

A sort of funny mistake I made while talking to a freep type

anyone remember Heath Shuler? I guess he's running for Congress

NYT selectively quoted Harman to falsely report she defended Bush's spying

Song dedication to Wolf Blitzer: Don't talk

RNC, who will be their new majority leader?

The blood on Christie Whitman's hands

The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later...

Bob "Traitor" Novak admits HE KNEW there were NO WMD in Iraq

"Utah Theater Cancels 'Brokeback Mountain'"

The way things should be (Cleveland Mayor's inaugural ball)

I have a question about Dean

What films has Abramoff produced?

Travel Channel doing a show on Greenspan and Fed Reserve

Calif. Battalion Deploys To Iraq For Third Time For Seven Months Of Hell

Speaking of hoaxes.

VIDEO- Schumer about Reid/Abramoff

Resurrecting the Port Huron Statement

VIDEO-Dean on Liebermann comments-criticizing the President

Brokeback Box Office Strong & Gathering Strength After 5 Weeks In Release

Have you noticed that M. Moore has had enough decency to not tell

what makes republicans so damned mean?

Republican Truth as Opposed to Democratic Truth

David Broder: Alito is the anti-Abramoff

Rocklin Couple Auctions Wedding Vows on eBay (the almighty money)

did they ever get around to the Republicans taking Abramoff money?

I believe Wal-Mart needs to be broken up...

Time for a pinned post?

Most Satanic Republican

Afghan high profile officials involved in drug smuggling

White House Worried About Congress/Selves. Seeking Pix Of Bush/Abramoff

Does anyone have the approximate dates that Abramoff was at the WH?

Medical Marijuana Fugitive Could Face Deportation (canada)

How many people have heard of/seen of (pics)

Cow Escapes Meat Plant, Dodges SUV, Train

Technical question re, cable modem

Cops Of The World - Phil Ochs

Fundies oiling the way for Alito?

Delay/Abramoff is only a beginning

The Imperious President

Dean on Wolf up at Crooks and Liars...........n/t

VIDEO-Kennedy on Alito-Executive Power

Jack Abramoff puff profile in the Wash. Times in '92

Is this the face of an ignorant, bigoted gasbag?

This thread needs help in the Activist HQ.


Surveillance annoyance

U. of C. star economist says risks call for, yes, regulation

Russert not on 5 minutes accusing Harry Reid of not returning tribe money.

DU this Poll

Top Alito myths and falsehoods- Prep for coming week from Media Matters


Is anyone more out of touch with reality than Mona Charen ??

Returned campaingn conrtibutions: penalty: repay to OTHER party

Wealthy School Apologizes For 'Food Stamps' Chant

Soviet Union conspired with British leftists to overthrow UKcapitalism.

God Bless our Troops. god*&^% our president.

Virgin Space? Not quite - US wants to halt extraterrestrial terrorism

When you bash poor people, conservatives win

Chimp's recess appointees

Totally Scary ACLU Ad... A Must See.

Can somebody explain the term "Biblical Capitalism" to me

Wolfie Looked Like He Was About To Blow His Stack

Heartbreaking, Depressing story on UFW in LA Times

The best Abramoff article yet (Newsweek)

How stupid is this?

White house actively erasing any links to Abramoff and scandal

Reasons NOT to Shop at Wal-Mart

UK General Says- "Blair should be impeached"

Is this true or a hoax? (from an e-mail I just received)

I'm a member of the ACLU now!

VIDEO- Kennedy on Alito "Just a Job Application"

I'm watching a replay of the 11/17 Congressional Hearings on CSpan

Delay must think that House maj. leader is more important than President.

Gentle Genocide.

Women Say NO To War

Rush Limbaugh worked for the Kansas City Royals baseball team?

George Will to Rick Wagoner “GM is running a Welfare State.”

'70s Greatest Hits on CNBC. I am 54, know good music. This ain't it.

God has not blessed America. God has damned America.

Give me some ideas on my car top light message, please?

London law firm gave Abramoff $1million

Veterans Affairs hid a politically-dangerous situation

Mosque Raided by US in Baghdad. Found US MADE Grenade!

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."A time comes when silence is betrayal."

Why is Bush's justice department going after the republicans?

CNN injecting "power of prayer" into standard newscasts that

Data Mining 101: Finding Subversives with Amazon Wishlists

Many Ready to Spar With Bill O'Reilly (ugh)

DU this Poll - Should The U.S. be allowed to open private mail?

good information by the boatload - link site

IRS Said to Improperly Restrict Access Let's Spy on THEM!

Hastert: Rep. Dreier, R-Calif in charge of "overhauling" GOP lobbying

Not One Dem Received Money Directly from GOP Abramoff! Reminder...

Apparently 2210 US Dead is not Enough To Stop The Insanity.....

Don't most Rangers and Pioneers get their pictures taken with the shrub?

Jordan will not hand U.S. citizens accused of war crimes over to ICC

Question for Freeper

How does Wolfe Blitzer proclaim himself a "credible" journalist?

BUSH kicked the UN inspectors out of Iraq; BUSH sent US troops to war

Perhaps explaining the Abramoff scandal as to a child would work...

"The Scandal Sheet on Pioneers & Rangers"

In the summer of 1959 there occurred a series of events...

Great Bill Maher quote

I need help in proving this....

well, i see cbs & 60 minutes will be airing something topical

Did you hear why Abramoff wore a hat?

You know we laughed about the Chinese Mayor drinking

I think, deep down, Michelle Malkin envies Cindy Sheehan

VIDEO-McLaughlin Report on Abramoff- REPUBLICAN Scandal

Cases of crooks posing as cops

I Think Its Time For Al Gore To Step Up want a "Boner or a Blunt?"

GOP dissected Rose law firm to get Clinton - dissect all Abramoff's firms.

U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996

Any political science majors here? I'm thinking of changing mine...

I was looking through a website called "The Black Republican"

Why is Blitzer in Israel this Sunday?

What happens if pols can only take donations from their own districts?

Get hold of the hankies

Where are the threads on Saturday's Town Hall Forums?

Insufficient Body Armor Blamed For Significant Marine Deaths In Iraq

Ronald Regan Assassination Attempt - Old News But

Abramoff's Diebold Ties. Has anyone made the connection yet?

MUST READ! NYT EDIT:Who Can Check the President?

Bush trying to round up all photos of President with Abramoff

Abramoff's MOONIE Ties:

don't give in to rude, pushy born again types, they're trying to take over

Wackiest Of The Wacky Warning Labels Selected

We must protect our democracy

For Kephra.... one year later.

FYI for the interested---Larissa on Air America tonight.

We don't torture, but we reserve the right to

For a white man's execution, where are black protesters?

Howard Dean just told it like it is -- again -- on CNN

LA TIMES SCOOP!!!DeLay & 2 others helped put the brakes on a federal probe

Alito - Not abortion....Executive Power

do you personally know of anyone who talks or acts like bush?

Pentagon Approves Military Industry Merger Of Death Rocket Biz

Can O' Fun appreciation thread! - POST YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO

Chronic Multi-Symptom Illness Still More Prevalent Among Persian Gulf Vets

Should prisons pay minimum wage? (to prisoners)

Bush-supporting neighbors can't sell their house . . .

Breaking: No Democrats have taken money from Abramoff - None...

ACLU Calls For Special Counsel: Add Your Voice (domestic spying)

Meet the F*ckers

The Great Dictator" (1940)/ you have to watch this

Anti-feminist becomes feminist after husband dumps her on 40th wedding...

A request to Rep Conyers regarding Senator Boxer's exceptional act.

CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, DOD, SCOTUS... all compromised beyond reclamation ?

How vandals destroy a touch-screen.

What's Moon Got to Do With It (Abramoff/Rove/College Republicans)?

NOT ONE DEM took ONE PENNY from Abramoff...and ABRAMOFF says so himself.

Dean should be ASHAMED ! I am disgusted with him!

Is there anybody in America less well educated than a Freeper?

Idaho senator suggests sleep shifts in overcrowded prisons

CNN Names Dems Only, As Ones Who Won't Return Abramoff Dollars

the FEC says Abramoff gave NO MONEY to Dems

WTF 32 US soldiers killed in the last three days? WTF!!!!


Is Tom Clancy right wing?

WWII resistance: follow fascist orders...sloooowly

Make this call. This is easy and it will help. National Call Day, Tomorrow

Christian Talk Show Host to picket San Antonio station over "Daniel"

Drafting bush's Resignation Speech

For Those Of You That Keep Defending Rightwing Fundamentalists

Bumper Stickers: All out or None?

Gore won Florida by 30,000 votes!

The REAL POWER of democracy

"Why 'Brokeback Mountain' is so Frightening"

New Federal Law Protects Public School Children/"mandatory medication"

"Farmworkers Reap Little as Union Strays From Its Roots" LA Times article

Jennifer Karen Hughes Mizrahl - an amazing clone

Feinstein (member of Judiciary Committee) in Advance of Alito Hearings

Great quote on scrubbies recess appointments

CNN: how will the corruption scandals affect your vote?

Bad Faith: Media Silence and the Assault on Democracy

Alleged Cunningham co-conspirator has checkered past

Abramoff law firm had 1,500 lawyers

For the war and against the troops

Rummy got mad at Clapper - Clapper gone

It Is Only Just Dawning on the GOP Rank and File That They Have A Problem

Newsweek: "Abramoff was about as subtle as a madam in a whorehouse"

Claim: Corruption is Why So Many Americans Are Turned Off


NSA spy investigations will just muddy the waters--time to act, not think!

Reuters: "The full Republican-led Senate is expected to confirm" Scalito

Republicans lie about Democrats' building materials

Check your new voter registration cards!

Mexican politics - people not sitting around twiddling thumbs


I'm tired of these single man or woman polls for 08

DeLay's own tactics may have hurt him

Documents Found in Iraq - Look what neocons saying now

Wolfowitz cracking the whip in Chad (oil, oil, oil, oil , )

Rep Sam Brownback of Kansas disputes "dubya's" interp of Prez powers

Returned campaign contributions - an interest free loan

Don't forget to tar the College Republicans with Abramoff

Gen. George Anomaly Casey

Chickenhawks..........Uncle Sam needs YOU!

2/3 of McLaughlin Group devoted to Israeli politics?

Abramoff Money Laundering Operation - The Links

What % of Repukes still believe * invaded Iraq to "protect us"?

Howard Dean pimp slaps wolf

Reps Murtha and Moran don’t know about Missing TRILLIONS

Howard Dean coming up on Late Edition w/ Wolfie.

An outrageous Republican talking point

The real reason why JFK must die

Red State Values?! What are red state values?

I'm a little slow on the uptake here

The corporate media is slowly rationalizing Bush's illegal spying....

(Tigua) Tribe wants Abramoff contributions back

Cindy Sheehan: "Anybody could do what we did in Crawford"

What's the deal with Hillary giving $$ to charity

2210 reasons to impeach Bush now

Bail Denied for Blackwell

What was that about Abramoff giving money to Democrats?

TX newspaper on Delay's stepping down: "We still have Pres. Bush"

Pastor/City Planner Ray Brosius pleads "No Contest" to solicitation

Will we see scandals/indictments soon for voter fraud?

Depleted Uranium malignancies, birth defects and disability

Bush on the Rocks - the first NEW Neil Lisst cartoon of the year

Protection Rackets - Joe Cannon

Who Was Right About the "Global Test"- Jefferson or Hitler? (Oct. 04)

Why can't I talk to my older relatives

A NIGHTMARE ON K STREET - The "Hammer's" Demise

Bushies- with Cheney... are mounting the most extensive power grab...

I can't understand the hypocrites who condemn a poor whore working

Why isn't bribery illegal in the United States?

That Republicans had the nerve to ram through such a budget ...


First Impressions: The Faces of Evil

Bush: 'I'm Not Making This Up'

Tom Feeney R-(FL) - as crooked as they come.

What are the odds of a Dem majority in '06?

Democratic Senators: Just say NO to Alito!

Remember when David Drier was to replace Tom Delay but.....?

TSA will begin psychoanalyzing air travelers in 40 major airports

CNN transcript of Howard Dean on Late Edition today.

Liberals: Lieberman Is Not The Enemy

Query: Did Bush invade Iraq to claim power as war president?

Staying the Course: Bad for Bush, Worse for Us!

Need video link to the Wolfie slap down by the good Dr. Dean!

Abramoff money = election fraud

I don't understand why Diebold can't steal it even if we win big.

What happened in Oct. 2002???

Pace vs Murtha

"Pro-life" legislator likens women to cows

Diebold Lobbyist to be a Dem Senate Nominee??? WTF??

Patriotic, inspirational pic of Junior and The Bugman golfing in 2002

At the drugstore today, my mom was worried about which medicare

2 California GOP Congressmen interfere w/Texas millionaire probe

C&L Vid Clip: Howard Dean smacks down Leslie the Wolf on CNN

What type of Democrats are at DU?

Howard Dean. like Kerry in '04, sticks his foot in mouth on Latin America