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Archives: January 7, 2006

Abramoffgate: Mother of all scandals and a sure sign of the last days?

What Year Is This Anyway?: Rollback to 1214 AD

Spinning stats ---(Sago mine)---and turning a blind eye to safety.

National Strategy For Victory In Iraq, Derailed

Because We Can

Neo-fascism in America

Bulldozing the Dead in New Orleans

Medium Lobster: "Horatio Alger on K Street"

Cheney Falsely Suggests spying Could Have Prevented 9/11.

What happens to US Stock Market if the dollar drops precipitously?

The New Red, White and Blue, Thomas Friedman, NY Times 1/6/06

US Jews confident in Israeli democracy

CT: Secretary of state says voting machine company misled her

Who's this jerk and her tortured logic?

Seeking Election Justice MUSIC

SF Saturday 1/7/6 Noon-6pm Civic Center

Jerry McNerney posts a blog about the race to unseat pombo at dailykos

Hey Iowans, where do you stand on the political spectrum?

John Kline - Minnesota rat jumps ship

It's Official DU Meet Up Saturday, January 14 - Let's get a count

Our State. Our Lives. Our Home. Our Stories.

Poll: Democrats favored to control Congress

new england clam chowder....

Harper's Crime Plan: $8/month tax break for those who obey the law

Wal-Mart Halts Movie Suggestions on Web

Congress Reacts Swiftly to Abramoff Pleas

al-Qaida Touts U.S. Troop Cuts in Iraq

Shia accuse US forces of appeasing insurgents

Bulldozing the Dead in New Orleans

Texas prosecutor seeks records on DeLay-linked nonprofit (CNN/AP)

House GOP Calls for DeLay Replacement

US Jews confident in Israeli democracy

Tyco Acknowledges $1.6M Link to Abramoff

Al Qaeda No. 2: Bush must admit defeat in Iraq

Ex-Wal-Mart VP to plead guilty to fraud

Venezuela to Expand Fuel Discounts to U.S.

N.J. Lawmakers May Suspend Executions

NYT: Americans Said to Meet Rebels, Exploiting Rift (Iraq)

City Council passes resolution demanding impeachment of Bush & Cheney

NSA chief not concerned by congressional inquiries

Sago raises red flags for mine oversight (lack of)

New Pentagon Study finds that withheld Armor Could've saved hundreds....

self baleet.

OK who else watched "Dancing with the Stars" last night?

Is this song about George Bush or Pat Robertson ?

I just found my next war!!

can anyone reccmmend some books on European politics

Are we at level something?

would ingesting CLR

I just found my next car!!

This is old but still funny to me

Should i go see syrianna?

SciFi Heads up! New season SG & BSG begins tonight!

When you say "Lounge Clique", I think that you really mean....

Hmmmm...What's wrong with this picture

obscured business suggestion for you (spam)

Khephra - one year later

I'm worried.

How come Michael Chiarello never gets any Lounge props?

I got a whole new bedding set today for 35 dollars!

This will sink into oblivion, but.......

"Do not make me angry! I am very macho!"

Listening to BOB- LIVE at the Roxy....

1000 posts. Yay.

Never mind...thanks! Now ignore this thread...let it drop like a stone

please delete

In my youth I knew this woman fron Carolina

Let's hear it for the Olive Green and Sky Blue of Tulane!

One way to thin a cat

Hey Christian DUers (and the rest of us heathens), check this out:

Pigs on the Wing

Who remembers Then Came Bronson?

Lexapro Opinions?

Should I go see Muinich?

Retro Battle of the Bands: Jimi Hendrix Experience vs. Cream

Why are people such assholes?

i'll be at the computer for an hour or two . . . what should i do?

Saw this sticker on Hummer! "I HAVE A TINY LIMP PENCIL-DICK"

That violent narcotic- Marihuana

Firefox's Developer Tools util is possibly the coolest browser add-on ever

Hot Dog! My Comment Made Its Way To Michelle Malkin's Blog!

Has anyone heard from MiniMandaRuth tonight?

Hey Everyone!

We're hoarding men, hallelujah, we're hoarding men, AMEN

PsychoMom video.. what a mean little shitty teenager she has

Am watching "Book of Daniel" -- it's GREAT!

10 year anniversary of the Blizzard of 96

Update on my neck.

Did YOU take my car keys?

I took LeftyKid sledding today (pic inside)

Camera collector develops old film left in pics

Maybe you'd like to take a swing at me... (ask me anything)

Local news reporting "Book of Daniel" may not only be offensive,

Old "Coot" check-in thread - and share your coot-isms

Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast -- What's Your Preference?

question for moms who breastfed

What a prick!

The annual "What's your fav Girl Scout Cookie" thread


Virgin Mary spotted....again.....

Official newsbabe thread

Say you borrowed your friend's copy of 'Fast Food Nation'...

picking pic hosting site-- what is good and why? Take me to school please

Caption this!

Is it possible to refute the unverifiable?

Uncle Zomby's Thread O' Fun

Brilliant Full Photos of Pre-WWI Russia (yes, they're real)

Greetings from the Backcountry (pics!!!)


I bought 'This is Spinal Tap' on DVD

computer help - installed hp 2610 printer/fax/copier/scanner and now

The pin on my purse caused the grocery checker to blow a gasket!

Battlestar Galactica season 2.5 starts in less than five minutes!

cat pictures (dial-up warning)

ih8thegop reminds you: GIVE BLOOD if you're eligible


A funny thing happened on the way

Is "green rice" a kind of GM food?

‘Justice Sunday’ coming to Phila.

Florida Anti-Gay Marriage Group Says Crusade Is Losing Steam

GLBT Ohioans share our stories

A Banner Week for LGBT Lawmakers (DNC Release)

I had to take Spidey to an emergency vet tonight

I have a total moron for a neighbor.

What metaphysical tools do you use to assist you with anger management?

Rant (short)

A crazy but honest question/discussion

Ever see this?

I cannot stop listening to Kerry on the Rachel Maddow show today...

KOEB 1/6/06: War on Orthodox Christmas Edition

Okay, what did everyone think of The Book of Daniel?

Gulfport, Mississippi is not New Orleans!

Schumer, Clinton must face Iraq error

Another pedophile priest arrested (Pensacola)

EYEBROW-RAISING thread that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Lobby business in DC now on Jim Leher news hour.

Homeland Security opening private mail

picking pic hosting site-- what is good and why? Take me to school please

Murtha and Moran on c-span clip

Wilbur Ross, Owner of Sago Mine ( interview)

US holds murder-suspect sailor amid unease over military bases

Rep Slaughter on Majority Report

computer help - installed hp 2610 printer/fax/copier/scanner and now

Cheney's on crutches due to an old war injury.

Laura Flanders to be on Air America

LTTE: Cheney disgraces uniform, military

Mexican Criminals Get Their Guns in America

My Ltr for January 6-9 Peoples Lobby for Impeachment

WH to read PDB over phone, daily: hopes Bush will then pay attention...

So my sister had her interviews/polygraph with the NSA (National Security)

Head of US Intell Agency Forced To Step Down After Angering Rummy

REMINDER: Guy James resumes broadcasting TOMORROW, January 7th.

Extra Armor Could've Saved Hundreds of Marines -- Pentagon Study

IRAQ: Most Dangerous Place for Journalists in 2005

Meet Joe Smith: Regular (Conservative) Guy

someone posted a link to an economists 2006 predictions today....

Casey : rise in insurgent attacks "an anomaly"

Clark: risk of sectarian violence rising in Iraq

Barry Cowsill, missing since Katrina, found dead (on a wharf)

Forget CNBC & the Rest...DU SITE has made me Money beating Odds!

"which is why his listeners live in ignorance - rush limbauh -

Radicals to protest at funeral - it's Phelps again.....


Vietnam "deserter" charged????? This is bullshit

"They yearned for democracy and we gave it to them -

Cheney and Scooter both have foot problems

A hint of Democratic strategy in regards to Abramoff?

Secret Pentagon Study: "Extra Armor Could Have Saved Many Lives"

Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan): Bush’s spying raises concerns

someone please explain to me,

HELP: Looking for Abramoff article

Rush named today's "worst person in the world"

Does anyone know where the old GD archives are???

Tonight's Worst Person in the World:

USW Says Bush Record Makes Mockery of Cheney Harley Visit

Whats is going on with Plamegate? Haven't heard much lately...

Old "Coot" check-in thread - and share your coot-isms

They have to teach Intelligent Design in schools

warning graphic : what whaling is about

What if the Iraqis, perceive one of the newcluelear neighbors a

Dems should do something like this? The most well-known, respected -

Saw this sticker on Hummer! "I HAVE A TINY LIMP PENCIL-DICK"

Please help give Rep. Murtha some DU love please.

It's getting so damn bad that even Limbaugh can't lie for them !

Has Mike Malloy Been Spectacular.........

Another wasted CNN 360.....shame on Anderson Cooper...

TOO STUPID even for a rightwingnut. How do they survive birth?!

Conservatives Plan Pre-Alito Hearing Rally (Santorum and Dobson)

Future Just-Us Sunday Events

Now that you know

The Greatest Scandal: No Rescue, No Relief, No Recovery

JPEN: The military is using NSA intercepts to spy on Americans

Theocracy - It doesn't take half a brain to realize what it really is

Here's a thought: al-Zawahiri's "triumph" really "reverse psychology"?

Three Kids In Turkey Die From Bird Flu

Randi just said that "Pig Vomit" recently filled in for Springer. Who????

There is "tasteless," then there is this...

Get this shitL lies

Look How SMALL George Appears in this Photo >>>

Cheney's new neighbors complaining

Mike Malloy Tread!!! Friday Night TruthSeekers!

I think it is now ‘do or die’ for our Democracy.

Have you guys checked the wikipedia page on Duke Cunningham?

Get this shit: Most senate dems took Abramoff cash

Crazed Freepers Attack Christiane Amanpour For Being Spied On

Number of badly wounded soldiers on rise in Iraq

Could I sue my service provider if they aided in the NSA program?

is all this focusing on abramoff, abramoff,abramoff, taking the focus away

Has anyone downloaded the new google software?

What were the wages and fringes for workers in that non-union WV mine?

MSNBC Live vote on US mail snooping

AP: Linguists Vote 'Truthiness' Word of 2005

Does anyone know when Bill Maher comes back?

I saw this bumper sticker on the back of a Hummer...

Does anyone have a master list of all the Repubs under investigation

In view of all the tinfoil talk here recently, as anyone yet suggested

Social worker jailed by judge

"The Wives Club", starring Christine Delay

Is this true or tin-hat BS? "The real Iran threat"

Can we make "Tar and Feathering" and "put-in-the-Stocks" legal (again)?

We've all seen that video clip of Abramoff walking on the sidewalk right?

B*sh using a little-noticed strategy to alter the balance of power

About this Baptist preacher arrested for offering oral sex

How does it all end ?

WANTED: Citizen Journalists To Bust More Jack Abramoffs

Smirky was welcomed in Chicago today (photos)

I have faith

Tell me again. Why was Clinton impeached?

Did anyone catch Cafferty today re. bush's new proposed program

Book of Daniel starting on the East Coast

wasn't there a site that detailed the political stances of every elected

Iraq war could cost US over 2 trillion, says Nobel prize-winning economist

The ubiquitous question...

Nobel Economist & Harvard Budget Expert: Iraq War Cost at $1-2 Trillion

Question for Gulf Coast residents who were affected by Katrina

Khephra - one year later

Jean Schmidt is manna from heaven

Happy birthday, Joan Baez - may you stay FOREVER YOUNG!!!!!


Looking for misspelled freeper rally signs.

I have a question about America that may ruffle feathers.

Reality vs. perception management: the tinfoil controversy

Government workers/union members, check in here

Damn, if I didn't think so before;

Attacking Perceived Repub Strengths in the 'war on terror'

160,000 reqests for memos outlining the illegal NSA program

DNC: Bush Economy Benefits His Friends But Leaves the Rest Behind

DNC: A Banner Week for LGBT Lawmakers

Rasmussen Poll: Florida Governor's Race a Toss-Up

Is this for real? *Shifting Fortunes*

Tonite's Blue Plate Special at the Cannibal Inn - "Where we eat our young"

DNC: Cheney Can't Show the Show-Me State Why Bush Economy Has ...

"I did not have political relations...

OK, I will say it as plainly as I can. Whenever we leave Iraq

Heckuva job on the photo ops, Junior.

Dems should boycott State of the Union Address over NSA snooping.

Who is visting the bay area from the Bush cab? Air Force exec

Get ready - Gingrich will lead a "reform" movement

Texas prosecutor seeks records on DeLay-linked nonprofit (CNN/AP)

eavesdropping on Americans;exercise of presidential power at it lowest ebb

Freeps laughing it up about Duke Cunningham wiretap!

2008 Democratic Prospects Site

secret Pentagon study:80% of marines killed may been saved by body armor

A Page from Bush's Book ...

Drudge: Democrats plan to destory Alito

Sen. Lautenberg: Bush spying illegal based on Cong. analysts research

Has anyone that was executed ever been found innocent after the fact?

Democrats make pitch for all-day kindergarten

Homeland Security, my son, and Geo HW Bush....

Surprise: Dems are better for stockmarket

With all the talk of a new Majority Leader, how about a new Speaker?

Read this, Big Eddie: Extra Armor Could Have Saved Many Lives, Study Shows

You think that Repukes believe if they get their way on everything,

All of Pat Robertson's Craziness listed in one place!

Rep. Slaughter to deliver Dem response to *, CSPAN Saturday 2:30PM

Bush Paints Rosy Picture for the Econ, Small Biz's Feel the Wal-Mart Pain

Olbermann repeat-Don't miss Rev. Bob Edgar, of the Nat'l Coun. of Churches

AP Poll: Congressional Democrats Favored in '06 Election

The Real Fighting Dems

Anyone hear Bush's comment on small business, in Bush's steamrolling

My "Fellow Dems" seem to view ME as "Fly Paper." Catch the Fly's as

130+ After Downing Street OUT OF IRAQ/IMPEACH * events 1/7

We are not 'At War!"

Mark Warner ..... WHY is he running for president? That hurts us.

A purely hypothetical situation about the Abramoff issue:

AP Poll: Congressional Democrats Favored

1 Year Ago Today -- History Made WITH NO NEWS REPORTING -- Vote this up!

Why should any lobbying about anything be legal?

Planting IMPEACH BUSH flyers on my lunch break, a heartwarming story

Hillary supporters: make your case to us here

a great commentary: The Lessons of Sago (why Government is good)

Adding fuel to Iraq's fire

A bear-faced liar

George Bush: Master Spy

The American Nightmare (two weeks later)

Secret Pentagon Study Finds Armor Could Have Saved Many Marines...

Bush: 'I'm Not Making This Up'

The Sham of Homeland Security: A West Virginia Parable

Public Inexcusably Tolerant of Bush’s Law-Breaking

Suicide Risk Does Not Increase When Adults Start Using Antidepressants

God isn't "smiting" anyone.

Beyond the Ballot - Noam Chomsky

GERALD RELLICK: Man of the Year -- Patrick Fitzgerald

Our Badly Run Budget

White House outrage over wiretap story is 'smokescreen'

Spin Spin Spin: "U.S. Soldiers Question Use of More Armor"

"Abramoff Indictment Hides Connection to Right Wing Noise Machine!"

Bolivia's Home-Grown President

Congo, Democratic Republic: Cell phones, forest destruction and death

Bush using a little-noticed strategy to alter the balance of power

Star Tribune to Republicans: "Dump the Dixicans"

Cindy Sheehan: The Opposite of Good is Apathy

Killing fuels Mexican anger over US immigration policy

Pat Oliphant re: Jack Abramoff

Maureen Dowd---Reach Out and Touch No One (photo-op only)

Father of LSD, now 100, and his 'problem child'

Wal-Mart ends food donations to charity

Paleoclimate Ocean Current Shutdown Study - 100,000+ Yrs For Restart

Stupid Human Tricks - Darwin Awards, Wildlife Category - ENN

Australia - Climate Convulsions, Disasters & Arrogance - The Age

Manatee Deaths Up 30% Through 11/05 - FL Ready To Weaken Legal Protections

Iowa Gov. Vilsack seeks $50 million to clean up state's water

Expert Blames Dog Disease (Parvo) for Wolf Decline

Technology Will Save Climate, Says US Before Aus. Meeting blahblahblahblah

Southern California Ocean Temperatures Highest In 1,400 Years, Study Shows

Jennifer Karen Hughes Mizrahl - an amazing clone

Olmert meets Peres to discuss continuing Sharon's policies

Rice, Mubarak call Olmert, express concern for Sharon

Britain advises citizens to leave Gaza due to worsening violence

Arab world anxious over a Middle East without Sharon

Barrage of Qassams launched from Gaza

Prayers, psalms for ailing PM

Mideast Balancing Act, In The Classroom

Israel & Palestine 2006 by Mazin Qumsiyeh

For Arabs, Sharon's legacy is bloody

From muscle to mystery

Arianna Huffington: Ehud Olmert - a Profile in Leadership

U.S. Will Continue To Press for Expansion of Freedom in Mideast

Turkey promises support for Palestinian economy

SHARON'S LAST INTERVIEW: Iran can be dealt with through sanctions

Axis of Fanatics -- Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad

Did Israel Lead the US into the War on Iraq? - Plitnick, Beinin, Surasky

The Whitewashing of Ariel Sharon

D.C. Sniper: Cover for FBI Agent's Murder?

Whoever controls your perception of reality controls you.

Firefighter eyewitness - "The building collapsed to dust"

Today and the Day in History (ok two days ago, but play along)

Lawsuit leveled at electronic voting/Group wants voting machines on ballot

Another walk down the January 6th memory lane

1 Year Ago Today -- History Made WITH NO NEWS REPORTING -- Vote this up! +

lets make it an election reform weekend-- bump those threads up

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 1/7/06

Milberg Weiss Announces The Filing Of A Class Action Suit Against Diebold

Commentary: Hanging chads were better than this

Out of Iraq Town Hall in Anaheim: Sunday, Jan 8th

One year ago today, Barbara did us proud

2006 Precinct Caucuses

Can someone jump in here with some help?

Who has experience using Wireless Ethernet Bridges (not adapters)?

Debby Does Tom (De Lay)

Noe "Conduits" Maybe Violated Ethics Laws

Check in, Bengals Fans!

Anyone want to protest Perry in Houston on Weds?

Candidate Forum in Colleyville, TX Jan 28

Two House Dist. 48 candidate forums next week.

Tell your progressive friends what life would be like if Texas went Kinky

Perry Protest in Houston

Red flannel hash

keeping bread

Could this be why Harper is suddenly rising in the polls?

Who do you think will win the election on the 23rd?

Report Rebuts Bush on Spying (Washington Post)

Matthews trumpeted comparatively small Abramoff client donations to Sen. C

Drudge: Democrats plan to destory Alito

Poll: Public Uneasy With GOP Leadership

Report Links Lawyer's Religion to FBI's Zeal

Older pensions being retired

Iraq war could cost US 'more than $2-trillion'

Depth of state corruption debated

Bush using a little-noticed strategy to alter the balance of power

Car bomb hits Iraqi army patrol in Baghdad

S Korean held over oil-for-food

Hit man is singing FBI song(Says agent tied to 1992 slaying of mob)

'Politics influences World Bank loans'

Committee led by Dole to keep Abramoff cash

Iran Accuses U.S. of Supporting Kidnappers

Britain closes embassy in Jordan, fears attacks

IBAF threatens to revoke sanctioning of WBC if no Cuba

Americans Said to Meet Rebels, Exploiting Rift

Foot problem forces Cheney to use a cane

Elderly having problems paying heating bills (Santorum Comments)

US journalist seized in Iraq

DeLay decided NOT to attempt to regain his leadership position

Landmark church destroyed by fire

American journalist kidnapped in Iraq

Florida colleges setting up campuses in China

Study Blames Many Iraq Deaths on Body Armor

Just In: Text of Letter From Rep. Tom DeLay to fellow Repubs

Iraq war could cost US over $2 trillion says Nobel prize-winning economist

NewsMax: New Saddam Documents Detail Terror Training

Red Tide, boats take a grim toll (on manatees)

Microsoft Shuts Blog's Site After Complaints by Beijing

U.S. Marine: Iraqi Police Stronger in '06

Bush, Rice prepare for possible Israel trip

British withdrawal from Iraq to start within months: Straw

AP: Residents Say Eight Killed in US Air Raids (Afghanistan)

White House outrage over wiretap story is 'smokescreen'

Wis. Governor Vetoes Abortion-Pain Bill

SHARON'S LAST INTERVIEW: Iran can be dealt with through sanctions

US generals disagree on Iraq violence

Turkish Bird Flu Victims 'Were Playing With Chicken Heads' (For Days)

BBC: Embattled Kennedy quits as (Lib Dem) leader

Germany‘s Merkel says Guantanamo should be shut

U.S. Troops Build Wall of Sand in Iraq (Operation Verdun)

Union Says Cheney No Friend of Manufacturing

Terrorism threat worse in wake of Iraq war: Rudd

Clashes between insurgents and U.S. troops in Fallujah (1 US Soldier dead)

German head attacks Guantanamo(closed down)

Schwarzenegger unveils $222bn public works plan

Democrats charge GOP has corrupted Congress (Slaughter's radio address)

Chile's Bachelet Favored to Win January Election

N.J. Attorney General Harvey urges high court to rebuff gay union claim

Haiti UN mission chief found dead

Bush Urges Congress to Save Tax Cuts (radio address)

British withdrawal from Iraq to start within months (not to "colonize")

Rebellion growing against DeLay

Justices to Say When Police Can Enter Private Home

Poll: Most Say U.S. Needs Warrant to Snoop

Bush asked to list sources of Noe, Abramoff gifts (

Sharon Doctor: Survival Prospects Good

Enforcement of Mine Safety Seen Slipping Under Bush (Knight Ridder )

Soaring Gas Prices Jar Cash-Strapped Iraqis

MSNBC Breaking: Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, to give up leadership role

Chinese farmer in suicide attack

DeLay stands up for co-defendant

Lawsuit leveled at electronic voting in Pennsylvania

Feds give control of Fla. waters to Louisiana

A cop dies & kin blame 9/11 debris(Ground Zero Illness and Death)

VA bill would prevent unmarried women from using insemination

Dog Deaths Surpass 100 Despite Toxic Pet Food Recall

Two Charged in Slaughter of Va. Families (Harvey family update)

Patronizing a prostitute is now a specific crime for servicemembers

Miner's note: Alive for 10 hours

Breaking - Western Woman Journalist Kidnapped in Baghdad

I Met This Totally Fucking Asshole On The Escalator

If Bush was a girl too funny

DU, party poker, a beer and good tunes - gotta love friday nites

So, who watched "Book of Daniel"?

Are there actually snake oil salesmen?


Restraining myself, must not post flame bait threads

New Mods!! Rock this thread!!

Would you all think less of me

Why do women like bad guys? Especially the jerks from PETA?

Weatherman just said...Visibility ZERO here (FOG PIC!)

A reminder for the women - don't forget to do your kegels!

My new celebrity crush -- Jessalyn Gilsig!

I have to give a shout-out to Harry Potter

Should I cut my hair?

Playing screensaver with the yr old kitten

For the record: Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey are comedic geniuses

A freeper just referred to me as

Soul Music Fans

And just what the hell is wrong with "unfettered gayness"?

A reminder for the bakers - don't forget to do your bagels!

George Bailey versus Mr Potter. Need I say more?

Ultimate garage band?

Opinions wanted about Delbert McClinton's music, I'm going to a

exasperated woman semi-rant


We had the neatest meetup tonight!

Your love of music will be an important part of your life

How do you cope with your political disappointments?

A reminder for the furries - don't forget to do your beagles!

I dreamed I was at Heidi and CMW's house

Time for bed 'n' book--Night All

Chat rooms for DUers had a NeoCon takeover try and survived:

This for all the people on DU who have cats that like to hang around your

Canada rulez!!!11!1!!

My favorite Canadians...


Jesus Defeats Hitler

Is there a doctor in the house?

Saturday earworm. Who's your daddy?

Who broke DU *this* time?

When did RevCheeseHead go into heat?

I'm hungry

Virgin Mary potted....again.....

Good Saturday Morning, Everyone!

"An error was encountered, please try again shortly."

Anybody still using mud and snow tires or chains?

"Can I borrow a feeling..."

Is Yahoo down today or what?

Going to California today to see Bullwinkle925!!!!!!!

Serenity was awesome.

Domain registration:

What's wrong with Kentucky?

What do you think of the word "lady"?

Anyone have any experience using wireless ethernet BRIDGES?

Even more older than dirt quiz (15 more questions)

Anyone else in a spoofy concept mood? Here we go!

Just looked at my ass bill

Anyone ever read the Social Life of Information?

Anyone else ever read the Ranger?

Anyone else read The Danger?

US Citizen question game... I got 29 (damn ammendments!)

Who else is in a computer shell today?

The official "GOODBYE TOM DELAY" Lounge party thread!

would you like a come in the pants party?

Dear Peepers

ok, i'm about to comb my house

would you like to come to the pants party?

Need advice on which laptop to buy.

Anyone have a good shrimp risotto recipe?

freakin' quilt trips ...

oh oh oh oh oh

Just look at my gas, Bill,

Whoa! I wish we had a theater like this around here! The Hobbit Feast

Randomkoolzip- TO THE HEAVENS!!!

i hate 80s music as much as anyone

Bullwinkle in the house...

Does anyone here have one of those new Gateway convertible laptops?

"If I need to get a little physical I will..."

Anyone else read The Stranger?

Just Looked at my Gas Bill

I'm Coach Janky Spanky

I get to have Lasik!

If you have graduated from law school, which one, and how was it?

Dear Freepers

The prettiest picture I've seen all year!!

Nugent Acting like an ass- Again...

Post an odd and unsettling picture here:

Eric Bauman is a thief!

So, who's going to "tie one on" tonight?

So I bought Doom3

Who else is in computer hell today?

whos hungry?

Any Real estate pros around? How to do a 'quit claim deed'?

Ok, a friend just pointed out that some threads say

Self-delete. Dupe. Sorry.

What's the longest you've ever gone without barfing?

What's the best way to learn a foreign language ...

Today's farking: "You are SO going to get a spanking when dad gets home."

So my dad got me addicted to this f*cking game Seppuku

i just started watching Bob Roberts ask me anything

Need help: "Airport Express"(APPLE) with an IBM PC for iTunes setup?

Why is it that females INSIST on

Anyone ever hear of "Strapping Young Lad"?

Ha-ha-ha. I get it. Man attacks urinal art. Has attacked it before.

I just can't believe it, Pressed Rat & Warthog closed down their shop!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/7/05)

I just dropped $300 for textbooks. Let me cry on your shoulders.

NBC has a 3 1/2-hour commercial for the Army

The Dives we know

So what's your earworm singing?

So did we ever learn what arwalden is up to?

What's the longest you've gone without balancing your checkbook?

I bid a fond adieu to the broccoli!

what's the longest you've ever gone without bathing?

ok, i'm about to bomb my house

How much fighting do you think is acceptable in a relationship?

I just got back from seeing 'Munich'

what's the longest you've ever gone without poo?

Do you prefer a bath or a shower

I just got home from the Kansas vs. Kentucky game. Ask me anything!

1 year older, and deeper in debt

OK BOOB snobs: admit your guilty pleasure groping here.

Movie Time: "The Ring" vs "The Ring 2"

Mischief the cat, wins weight loss award

My son just called me an iPod whore. Did he coin a phrase?

What new-ish movie should I rent for tonight?

Sears is on my list now- I will never shop there again-RANT

Need advice on which laptop to buy.


I'm listening to "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang

that's one thing off my list for today

First "What's On Your Desktop?" thread of 2006! (56K warning)

what's the longest you've ever gone without DU?

JimmyJazz called me from the video store....ask me sumthin'

Canadians--Can you explain the NDP?

Fear me. Fear my mastery!

What's the lowest stamp price for a 1st class letter you remember?

I'm moving to Belleville, IL in just a few days

I drew up and shopped for a meal plan this week!

Lessons learned from Sex & The City

Keep this clean. Would you do this:

Who is your favorite GOD??

You know you're addicted to the DU Lounge when:

Sing Along With Forrest! The Sequel! Limited edition, suitable for framing

Where do babies come from?

Followup: My Wife and I are Divorcing

OSCAR Will Be Two Years Old Tomorrow.

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl (DU CONGO LINE TIME!!!)

Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled

STEPHEN EDWARD SEADLER: Blood Of The Lamb Flows In The Streets

Germans flock to see silent monks

Where Your Brain Wires Itself To Like (name Your Favorite Brand)

Resonance: A Life of Music, Physics, and Faith

What's that stuff in the mysterious India red rain?

Gay soldier discharged; attacker stays

Does anyone know a good, cheap GLBT place to advertise?

GLAAD demands apology for Shalit review

Homo-bigot pastor that offered a BJ to an undercover male cop resigns

Texans say they're definitely going to draft Reggie Bush

Riley Unlikely to Return Next Year

Baseball Federation tells Bush: No Cuba, No World Baseball Classic

Milo has a new roommate.

Adopting a second cat...

Purebred Scottish Terrier pups, 100% scottish highland bloodline

Self Deception and Unrealistic Expectations

Does anyone else feel dejavu a lot?

Dr Wayne Dyer on politics--

Small Business Group at DU

Two months before the war

Over at the Dem Daily...

just wanted to mention--we are over 63,000 posts now

Love and Laughter: A FUNNY Kerry pic thread.

Please, please

The Indian Express knows who's really president!

Anyone catch this post from the Lounge?

The National Wildlife Federation - Photos of the year

Paging mogster. Cleanup in aisle 7

Introducing myself -- and a few pics (actually more than a few!)

Up close and personal with Bullwinkle

New Gull Bay goes to G.D.

LOL! Looks like the 1/9 KOEB will be the "Bye-Bye, Bugman" Edition!

PFEB Alert: Patrick Fitzgerald is in the February Vanity Fair

AI flight had holes in body

"Runaway Bride" pastor releases book

LMAO. Another X-Tian Talibani stunt blows up in their faces! "HA HA!"

My letter to a college Republican, and his "we're RIGHT" opinion


Toon : Get Fuzzy

NYT article makes me wonder if someone is actually listening to Clark.....

Adding fuel to Iraq's fire

11 U.S. troops killed in escalating Iraq violence >

Book of Daniel in my opinion will be the next 6 feet under.

Christian Wire Service: "Jimmy Carter on the wide path to HELL!"

Which parts of monopoly capital are becoming upset with their boy george?

"Focus on Family" HOPPING MAD about "Book of Daniel"

Bush approval sliding down..Now at 44% --54% disapprove

Wis. Governor Vetoes Abortion-Pain Bill

Dueling Armageddon’s - Waiting for the rapture in Iran

If fundies' faith is so strong (re: 'Book of Daniel')

If a small group can get a movie or tv show pulled

San Francisco; politics and food...

Abramoff, lobbying/campaining finance.....

Kennedy, has an OP/ED in Saturday’s WaPo:"Alito’s Credibility Problem"

A Tribe Takes Grim Satisfaction in Abramoff's Fall

Washington Journal: Wow, the callers don't seem happy with W's speech.

GOP calls for new leadership elections to replace Delay

Great neighbors - stay in your house when Cheney goes to town!

Imagine a meeting where Cinton or Kerry called in all former SODs

Karen Kwiatkowski: "The reality-based world is an ugly place."

At least 80% of American troops in Iraq killed by wounds to upper body

Gen.Casey called the 14 Dead Americans & 100s of Dead Iraqis "An Anamoly"!

Help with a poll

Is Washington relying on Islamists to topple another secular Arab regime?

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has resigned

My trip to the pharmacy

I hate when key people get sick for a longtime and not die

VIDEO-Bush on "Signing Agreement" Torture Bypass

VIDEO-Worst Person in the World -last night-

Newt as Diogenes for Republican Culture of Corruption

Should Congress Investigate?

What has Bush done right?

An NSA Whistleblower Speaks Out (Tice Talks to Amy Goodman)

"No nation can negotiate with terrorists" - **

Wow. Seems to be buggy this morning here at DU. Attack or maintenance?

Question re Sharon

Homeland Security Opens Private Mail

Does Mike Malloy Have Respect For Ed Schultz

My friend's son was injured in Iraq Thursday

Because We Can!!!

C-Span will carry Louise Slaughter's radio address

Couric and Shepherd Smith finalists for the CBS Evening News???

person correcting msnbc newscaster-this is a REPUG scandal

VIDEO- Bush's Phony Photo Op Meeting with Statesman

Yesterday was a horrible day in US history.

The polls are not looking good for Republicans

Alternate Camera Ideas for Verified Voting

What Do You Think Of This "No Huge Fan Of bu$h" Editorial

Bob Ney, R-Ohio, is likely to be indicted in public corruption scandal

Flight 93, the movie

So much for the whole "if you harbor terrorists, you are our enemy"

If He Is Not Thrown Out In Disgrace

Duke's "wire" leads to Tom Delay....

Who do they think they're foolin' (Who's Abramoff?)

Grab your camera To Protect the Integrity of the Vote

"Wage Peace" - American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) . . .

A big 'F' for SoCal traffic

When is a child old enough to be left home alone?

are we really rebuilding schools in iraq??

Need a quote for a friend. Hope DUers can help.

Iran ("nuke") intelligence is not trustworthy

Why is Bush "helping terrorists" by disclosing surveillance techniques?

American journalist kidnapped in Iraq

please georgey, for the nation's sake, follow tommy delay's example


David Sirota: Is Newt Gingrich REALLY outraged about corruption?

today is a good day to gloat!

The executive branch shall construe. . . shall continue ignoring Congress

I'm looking for a clip I heard on the Randi Rhodes show

Bush OUT as NCAA speaker; Walter Cronkite IN

CNN: Delay Steps Down!

RFID - sign up for your implant now

Techno-people! Anyone into DIY RFID chipping?

Dear Freepers

Germany's Merkel says Guantanamo should be shut

Thoughts on the James Moore/No-Fly List situation

DeLay sez: "I have always acted in an ethical manner within the rules.."

Best of Wapo gallery pics. Who is the guy to the left of Kerry?

Predictions: what Bush crimes HAVEN'T we heard about yet?

Text of letter from DeLay to House GOP

New Poll by IPSOS about wire-tapping NOT HONEST. Contact them here:

Poll: Most Say U.S. Needs Warrant to Snoop

Tom Delay

Another Katrina Nightmare: Send the Cowsills some Love

Michael Savage said "The war is lost" on his radio show last night

Pelosi:Delay NOT Kicked Out For What He Did-Kicked Out For Being CAUGHT!

THIS is how I want the Democratic Party to respond to Bush's lies! (Ad)

DeLay's Letter to House Colleagues: A translation

Has anyone read Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA?

Do you know who House ethics "guru" is? Bob Ney!!!

A Memorial for Miners..."Coal Tattoo" by Billy Ed Wheeler

Delay's letter, text here for GD enjoyment.Liar liar, hahaha neener neener

My Trip to the Pharmacy II - Critique my LTTE

Number of badly wounded soldiers on rise in Iraq

Before I make a fool of myself............

I have a note saying Guy James will be back on today at 3PM EST.

VIDEO-Lou Dobb's Commentary on Lobby Money

It's God's fault, re the mining accident...... well let me ask you this...

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter Delivers Democratic Radio Address

I love what I'm able to post on Fwee Wepubwic, with a "Barf Alert"

Homeland Security opening private mail

New charges against Bob Ney go right to the top PIX!

VIDEO- Pat Robertson's Idiocy with Bob Edgar Comments

George W. Bush: "No nation can negotiate with terrorists." (That was then)

Holy Shit - re miners

Do you know who Glenn Bennen and Leroy Fears are and what they did?

Did you know? Texas and poverty.

Fantastic quote by Ike on Social Security. Threatened by stupid people.

Caption the Chimp!! (photo)

In a letter to rank-and-file Republicans, DeLay said

DC is sure going to be interesting this winter/spring/summer

Does it feel like the crisis has passed?

MSNBC just had the homepage for on the

Now with the New Year tiime to COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS!!!

Anyone can buy ($110) a list of your incoming/outgoing calls..cell or land

Is Guy James on today?

Delay DONE

Bush is toast. Even the John Birch Society wants Bush impeached.

Turned on TV, National HS AllStar football game. Uniforms/US ARMY

FReepers cheer pro-war speakers at Murtha, Moran forum; don't see irony

Officials Focus on a 2nd Firm Tied to DeLay

"Scientist believes the world has just 20 years to turn the tide on global

Your cell phone records are for sale

I wonder how a professed Christian like * can sleep nights with the

It's way passed time to show these fuckers exactly WHO is boss

White House Denounces Robertson's Remarks on Sharon

OK, this time I want the truth: Who will Pat Robertson's God smite next?

Ret. Army General William Odom: U.S. Should "Cut and Run" From Iraq

For $110 ANYONE can buy a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls

Reaction to DeLay Announcement

Please vote this poll! About Customs opening private mail! 82% NO

$2 trillion to remove Saddam Hussein says Nobel prize-winning economist

Wash Post editorial: Pat Robertson is a "pathetic... religious extremist"

British withdrawal from Iraq to start within months - Straw (?)

Enforcement of mine safety seen slipping under Bush

3 Alaska Air mishaps blamed on ground crew

Will Tom let his wife go to jail

What a progressive thinks about business, corporations, capitalism

"I'll made a deal with the Left:"

Poll:" Most Say U.S. Needs Warrant to Snoop"...We ARE a MAJORITY.

"I have always acted in an ethical manner." - Tom Delay

Just tell me one thing

Do yourself a favor, read Assassign's Gate

Hey all you DUers who like to bash Kansas!!!

Anyone interested in a small Business Group here...

Bush's Inaug. cost $50million? How much body armor would that buy?

I'm watching Connie and Maury on MSNBC. Been about two seconds , But I th

Proof that the 'christian' Right is the American Taliban

ACTION ALERT: Women Say NO to War

Freeper on DeLay resignation - Schadenfreude Special

Cook's early 2006 outlook

Roy Blunt + Jack Abramoff... Fertile ground to plow

Whoever controls your perception of reality controls you.

self delete

Public Housing HELL demolished

Is Guy Jmes coming on in 15 mins?

Question On Alito, ABA Rating, Pick/Blue Slip Thing

Following Jesus' Example

HEY FREEPERS: US officials in talks with Iraqi insurgents

Bush likes to say he "talks Texan"

"Bush Urges Congress to Save Tax Cuts"

Resist of not?

A fundie told me last night at dinner that * has 'protected us from terror

Who ultimately expects a Cunningham like crybaby confession from Delay?

Should we all just move to Europe?

Need help: "Airport Express"(APPLE) with an IBM PC for iTunes setup?

Tweety says Tom Delay is middle class!

Gas Prices keep on slippin slippin.... back up

MIKE WEBB will be internet-casting

"Democrats hate Delay because he's an effective leader"

How do you update your address on profile?

Our local theater just pulled "Brokeback Mountain"--I can't believe it!

RW'ers want women to die

Stand by your man ...... Freepers still (heart) DeLay

Gulf of Tonkin II: The Straits of Hormuz

I think I am suffering from shell shock. The barage of crimes by * and his

Is Ann Coulter EVER right about ANYTHING?

Gas prices heading back up...

I would not be surprised if someday in Iraq, there is a monument

Analysis:GOP Woes Don't End With DeLay GREAT article! I'm LOVIN' THIS!

History channel - AntiChrist. Sounds a lot like George Bush

Did anyone watch the Connie/Maury show today on MSNBC?

Bush Busted: Take a look at these headlines!

Let's get a list of quotes of RW'ers opposing the HPV Vaccine

Congress trying to overturn state privacy laws regarding your phone

Fake al-Qaeda video again?

SIS-A dreaded psychological disorder.

John steward and prediction of bush bashing?Oscars coming up on Fox

Book It. We're Running It.......(Book of Daniel)

DOD Developing: "The lie detector you'll never know is there"

WSJ: A professor's firing after his conversion

NewsMax: New Saddam Documents Detail Terror Training

If You need to Get Out, GET OUT.

John Birch impeachment poll


Best characterization of Freepers?

How deep a scar will Bush make on American psyche?

"Fishermen Say Chinook Salmon Are Smaller"

There is only 1 explanation why ANYONE still supports this Administration

Just a guess, but I think he's had an attack of gout...

Methodist Pastors Conduct "Ritual of Social Exorcism" at White House

My Ex is a Bush fan.. Here is why

The Perfect Storm ...... Or "It is a Wonderful Life" Part Two.

Even some radical Israelis believe that God smote Sharon

Craigslist "best of" delivers perspective on Marines...

Foot problem forces Cheney to use a cane

Out of the mouths of babes...

Army pilot who saved villagers dies (at My Lai)

Iraq: The Worst Is Yet to Come

DeLay letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert

Staff Sgt. Iraq: "It takes time to force change on people (that I hate)"

PNAC Document should be front and center

Bush using a little-noticed strategy to alter the balance of power

The secret finally revealed!! - Bush's pilot:

Cheney says Iraq not worth the casualties

Katrina vicitim found December 28, Barry Cowsill

Confusion abounds at a major * rally... thousands in attendance (yawn)

Has Pat Robertson attributed to god, yet, the tragedy in WV

TOONS ARE BACK!!! Trickling down? NEW - 1/7/06

Callers besiege TV-3 over religion-themed show's debut (Book of Daniel)

The No Fly Watch List

Rage...rage...against the dying of the light.

Bush Radio Nonsense About The Economy and Taxes Rebutted


I decided to watch "Book of Daniel" AFTER the Fundies Freaked. and you?

Bush announces radical shift in foreign policy; No U.S. media report it

The Oath

how can a war go on for thousands of years?

Deceased miners were within 2,000 ft of breathable air.

Does Bush know he's repeating Nixon?

Just got back from Munich and my question is:

This is a Must to be reposted! US Stalling On Human Trafficking!

On exactly what date did the USA stop financially supporting Al-Zawahiri?

Anyone can buy a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls,

Why is "Don Imus Still Sober" a top news story at Yahoo?

How many & which conservatives have written sexually explicit books?

Two men plead guilty to grizzly killings

Abramoff Indictment Hides Connection to RWNM

Pentagon Had but Withheld Armor that Could Have Saved 80% of KIA in Iraq

Holy Moley! Look at this .....and note the Date! From TPM!

Bush has not explained Guckert/Gannon operated from the White House?

Credit Card Minimums - The Freepers Interpretation

Fear of Jon Steward & bush bashing at the Oscars--story on Fox now.

Anyone know where I can watch Clark on O'Reilly's show?

Freeper heads explode over DeLay: blame dems, call repubs weak

The WMF virus...I'm thinking in paranoid mode

Tonight on History Channel: "The man who predicted 9/11

Rich: White House outrage over wiretap story is 'SMOKESCREEN' (NYT)

Dear Gov. Dean -- Bush’s lethal, impenetrable narcissism …

You know you're a Freeper if...

BBC: UN's FAO says OVER FIVE MILLION face starvation in the Horn of Africa

Reps Murtha and Moran don’t know about Missing TRILLIONS

Who was President before Washington?

John Conyers Town Hall Today

Children In SUVs Have Similar Injury Risks To Children In Passenger Cars

Pics of Chicago protest..............dial-up warning

TO THE FREEPERS: This Is Just The Beginning, Not The End.

Fred Phelps says he's coming to WV

The National Wildlife Federation - Photos of the year

Pat Robertson and the Iranian President: What's the difference?


Post your funniest "WTF?" pic of Bush, or any other Conservative!

CNNs Bill Schneider finally said it: "Bush is an unpopular president"

A critical vaccine is being kept from our daughters! Please help.

The Pimping of the Presidency

the GOP could very likely ask bush/cheney to step down too at this point

Conyers: Many, many more shoes will be failling before this is over

My new Impeachment outgoing voicemail message!

I am a smoker and I've been thinking - We have a powerful tool at our hand

Book TV Schedule for January 7-9

India excited over next week's Kerry visit - reporter points to BCCI and

BREAKING NEWS! George Bush IS Richard Nixon....

Scandal!!! Conspiracy!!!!

Do You Think That Supply Side Economics Is The Future?

What's the status of Bush 41's Franklin Affair???

Can someone make a video with this song?

Nurse's union tries to keep hospital open (PA)

More Unions Talking About Strikes At NWA

Americablog on the lack of armor/dying soldiers--Anger at Dems, too

Granny Bee – Washington Scandals

An NSA Whistleblower Speaks Out

Senator Brownback Disagrees With Legal Rationale

I've seen this before

Anyone Hear Of This Cartoonist?

Body armor could've saved 80% of marines killed by upper body wounds

Democracy contrast to insidious GOP culture of corruption

Is there a de-bunk for Clinton missed getting Bin Laden?

It is no longer appropriate to call NeoCons "Mean Spirited".

Fellow Republican: Ney likely to be indicted

Republican Party = Ongoing Criminal Enterprise.

Bill O'Reilly is a whore.

Hearings being replayed NOW on C-SPAN Indian Gaming, ie Abramoff, Scanlon

Bush: ‘Now I own a lot of corn’ (Chicago money men love him)

Matthews trumpeted comparatively small Abramoff client donations to Sen. C

Just curious: what do we know about Pamela Abramoff

Question for politicians: Would you rather be voted out, or indicted out?

George Bush Hosta a Tea Party

Vouchers' future put in limbo in Florida

Freeper gnashing of teeth over Delay ousting

Hawaiians pissed: military DUed them and lied about it

Dick Cheney's no-sail zone

Every one that defended Delay needs to be called out!

Fight for control of Republican Party has begun

Kentucky Gov. Fletcher pushing 'right to work'

The art of propaganda.

G.O.P. To America! Whaaa! We Screwed Up Give us another chance!

You know the RW is a mess when Newt Gingrich has to scold them

What questions for Scalito?

John Gideon: NO Sequoia voting system meets voting systems standards

My response to my GOP Congressman re: Ed Schultz on AFR

Need response for RWer ,"Political opposition must stop at

Anyone can buy a list of your incoming and outgoing phone calls

If America were a stock, what would its charts look like under Bush?

Kos:CT-Sen: Looks like Ned Lamont to take on Lieberman

Anniversery of the Boxer Rebellion, its an Election Reform week end-

Anyone know if Guy James is Back on Today?

that Cheney could wrap himself in Harley Davidson logo height of hypocrisy

With Delay gone, who will take his place?

As delay goes down, baptist preacher trolls for a man

"Delay knew everything. He knew all the details" - Jack Abramoff, 4-11-5

Pics from DC 9-24-05 sorry I'm late

DELAY STEPS DOWN (Breaking news)

Does anyone know of any progressive democratic sites?

Moderate Repukes: Grow a set of balls and fight for the leadership spot

Political Corruption solutions

bushmilhousegang no longer supports NATO or UN - for real

Dem leaders, make the distinctions

81-year-old retired professor has his mail opened by Homeland Security

Top Ten Things Overheard At The GOP's Conference To Elect A New Leader


Where would the corporate media be without the Internet to catalog all..?

Conservative Groups Slam NBC's "Book" - Now I want to watch it!

It’s Official…..Delay Out…........His Decision

ThinkProgress: Only 56% of Americans Disapprove of Warrant-less Wiretaps

Are There Any Similarities Between Arafat's Cause of Death & Sharon's.....

some sage words from the John Birch Society

Who is Dennis Hastert's Dem opponent in November?

Bush says His Spying On America Is To Keep Us Safe

Is it possible that Lieberman's odd votes could have something to do

Ted Kennedy: Alito’s Credibility Problem

Making my statement

Ya know, Bush could have been a great president

Hilarious DC craigslist listing! Hurry before the pull it!

This is RICH!!

DeLay spokesman suggests he'd "resist any effort to oust him permanently"

Another walk down the January 6th memory lane

Why aren't we talking about IRS collection of political affiliation data?

Freeper Disconnect.

New DNC Web Video: Wiretap

New wire-tapping Poll by IPSOS is NOT HONEST. Contact information here:

With all the Iran war drums beating, a reminder from Sen Kerry (Oct. 2002)

How many seats in the House do we need? 16 ?

no-fly lists and other outrages