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Archives: January 6, 2006

Robert Scheer! "Abramoff's Crimes...Sign of Deeper Cesspool!"

Heck of a Job, Hayden!


Congress is partly to blame for Bush's warrantless wiretaps

Conason: Let Us Prey (Abramoff)

What's in a hat?

Cheney's Cheney

He listened for all of ten minutes, and then headed for a final photo op.

King-George-gate: Myths v. Realities

Can Someone Explain Why The Fed May Be Stopping The Rate Hikes?

Peak Oil debate Jan 12 on Coast to Coast with George Noory


Curious Coincidences of 2001: Following the 9/11 Money Trail

Weird question: I've noticed alot of "Oswald did it" in relation to 9/11..

New Wisconsin Election Bill Not as Positive as Originally Reported

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News!

CA State Sen. Bowen Proposes to END Proprietary Voting Software!!!

Are there any smooth talking DUers near Palm Springs?

Oh GAWD--Anyone watching the CA State of State address?

Microsoft Security Bulletin - WMF Security Patch

Found this on Craig's List. PC TV for $30? What's the catch?

monitor display noisy

I have a battery question

Blackwell puckers up in D.C.

Ya'll, I am just so excited about this year.

Who should the next independent candidate for Texas governor be?

Is Van Os visiting NE Texas anytime soon?

Anyone want to be part of a recipe exchange?

Canada 5 Russia 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galloway enters (UK) Big Brother as unexpected house guest

Robertson Links Sharon Stroke, God's Wrath

AP: IBM to Freeze $48B Pension Plan in 2008

U.S. says bomb hit wrong house in Iraq

Congress is partly to blame for Bush's warrantless wiretaps

Pat Robertson says God smote Sharon.

Not Everyone's Dropping Abramoff's Money

'Enemy combatant' Padilla appears in court

Bush slams Arabic TV

Afghan suicide bomber kills 10 during US envoy's visit

Anti- gay pastor arrested after...

Sole WV mine survivor in a coma

Chirac Veers Left to Smooth Path for Favoured Successor...

Bush Signs Domestic Violence Act Extension

Afghan School Headmaster Beheaded

WP: After Abramoff, a GOP Scramble

Pace: Suicide Bombs Reflect Terrorists' Desperation ("a major blow to AQ")

US satellites spying on anti-whaling ships, Greens say

WaPo: Voices From History Are Brought to Bear on Iraq

Head of Federal Air Marshal Service resigns

At Hearings, Democrats Plan to Call Critics of Alito's Integrity

Bush Makes Recess Appointment of Sauerbrey Despite Women's Protests

Kewait Drills In Iran-Claimed Area

Faux News: Feingold Clout Could Grow as Intel Committee Member

Doctors: Damage to Sharon's brain likely irreversible,

Reid: Las Vegas Mayor Weighs Senate Bid

Miner's Notes Reveal Their Final Moments

NYT: Bush and Former Cabinet Members Discuss Topic No. 1: Iraq (new detail

China hints at shift away from dollar

(CNN's) Amanpour Unaware Of Eavesdropping

Man Executed in 1992 to Have DNA Test

Earle seeks records on DeLay-linked nonprofit

Rice signals move to punish Iran is near

Murtha Responds To Criticism From Pentagon

NSA Destroyed Evidence of Domestic Spying By Jason Leopold

IRS to Strip Political Info From Databases (wtf?)

Major study: Estimate of Money Costs of Iraq War to US over $1 trillion

Here's a wonderful photo site I just found..

What's the longest you could abstain?

It's time again for KNOW YOUR BOVINE!!!!!!

Wow...I almost dried an hour or so ago

Damn...this is screwed up...

Sherbet, you know it's good, but do you pronounce it

OK, ah say OK, who wants to offer me refuge from Leghorn-mania?

Homade tamales

Warrants: the kind provided by a court to authorize wiretapping

Court appearance tomorrow- help!

Burn ban question.

Education is the movement from darkness to light

Cane toads!

Who wants to die?

ever seen dogs this fat?

I just fed my Black Widow ask me anything

Can you claim gym memberships on flex spending?

The American Taliban strikes again!

Longhorns. Huskers. Lions. Tigers. Bears.

Eek! So ugly it is almost cute

im cooking egg lemon soup

I'm sorry, but I gotta side with the parents on this one.

Tell us a minor mystery of life.

That does it. I'm hooked on My Name Is Earl.

Just curious,... anyone planning on being a hotel?

Could this be the greatest thing ever invented?

who besides me is stoned?

What's the last movie you rented?

Take this poll

Howard Stern GREAT hour long interview on Larry King now

I would like to see this one thing happen in 06..?

It's 4:20 in Hawaii

I have a Pepperidge Farm Entertaining Golden Orchard Cookie Collection

What ever happened to>>>>>>>

So, Michael and I just watch "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." What a load of shit

I am fast losing my perspective.


Couldn't a broken clock on an airplane around the world be right all day?

Relax, pull up a chair, kick off your shoes

I almost broke my neck this morning!

Tom Silva's gonna kick your ass.

Tom Cruise has another movie coming out this year

Has anyone else heard these annoying radio ads for NBC programs?

Go vote for my thread!

Any TM practitioners here?

Why are some people impossible to even like a little bit?

Am I a sinner if I go gay just for the agenda?

Any other white people love BET?

If you forward this post 1,000 times (favorite e-mail hoax/urban legend)

I don't want to be rude, but

Am I a sinner if I go gay just for the lifestyle?


Just when you think you've seen it all...BAM!

Why are some lovely people easy?

Is this poll being Freeped?

Why don't you take your pet ring and your mood rock

Dr. D's Christmas present from me gets delivered tomorrow! Finally!

God judged the United States and killed Ronald Reagan

Sweet! I finally get to see the octopus episode of Iron Chef!

Would flvegan PLEASE

Some of you say you wanna see my pic, then when I post one, you don't care

Cool machines..... I've found the one I would like to have.....

I have newfound respect for David Letterman after the O'Reilly interview

Pauil Lynde on Hollywood Squares

My show is on! - Listen UP!

Is it wrong that the only reason I am watching "The Book of Daniel"

Why don't you take your pet rock and your mood ring and . . .

My satellite radio went out today and I am pissed!

Any other straight women not find Jake Gyllenhaal hot until 'Brokeback'?

Nebraska's Back in the Top 25!!!

Where's Forest?

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?

Just curious,... anyone planning on being hostile?

Cheer me up!


What's your favorite sin?

Has anyone here benefited in their career by doing an internship?


From Today's WH news site...

Just curious,... anyone planning on paying postage?

5:30 and it's 81 degrees!

Project Runway confession

From Craig's List: Why I am getting out of the Marines

Eagle and Vikings fans...


High Fashion Shoes?


I hurt myself today,

Just FYI: The "new" Nickleback album ROCKS.

Name someone you had a crush on for a long time, who never knew it.

Why Are Some People Easier to Love?

So you call yourselves open-minded Liberals?

When should I donate to the DU?

WalMart Wine

My wife just HAS to watch Dancing With the Stars

See Mo Paul Play the Blues Friday Night in Kansas City, MO!

Confess your favorite crime

Free Republic Has New Moderatorses!

Now, *this* is an asshole!

Just curious,... anyone planning on being a hostage?

Hurricana Katrina blamed on death of Barry Cowsill

Thou puking sheep-biting wagtail!

The 2006 Hooters Calendar is here!!!!!

I just read Phillip K.Dick's The Man In The High Castle....

my son hates Fitty Cent and his girlfriend loves Fitty Cent

How many stupid people do you personally know??

Post something nice about another DUer

Lesbians seem to be ok with the MonoTheistic Religions.

The amazing life of a chemical autodidact: Noble Laureate Paul Crutzen.

'I don't know how it happened!'

Advocates for vanished men expect charges

Cretul bill limits partner benefits

Tell parents that adoption won't result in child abuse

Mr. Hetero contest finds new venue

Pro-Gay Rights Artist Apologizes for Comic Perceived as Homophobic

The Hamilton College Gay Issues Poll

The Gay Generation Gap… Shhh, Don’t Mention S-E-X

Where to find a silver lining in Lexington controversy

Log Cabin’s Guerriero Talks Aggressive Strategy

Many Straight Guys Say 'No Thanks' to 'Brokeback Mountain'

Vikings name new Coach.....

Whatever happened to Ping, Pang, and Pong?

Where can I find out someone's Moon Sign?

Kerry sticker spotted, interesting place

Wow! I just got back from a Town Hall Meeting with my Rep on Iraq

I've been toying with the idea of becoming a moderator

Hey, dudes, where's our thread? 1/5 KOEB?

Arlington West - A Sad but Beautiful Tribute to Our Fallen Soldiers

Results of 2005 National Latino Survey: Republicans Rapidly Losing Ground

I need the name of the repub financier,

U.S. to Build Another Gitmo in Afghanistan

6:00 Cable News. Blitzer, Matthews, Lehrer or Smith... and why?

Is Wolfie Blitzer really in Isreal?

2 points on Marion Robertson (ie Pat)


1/4/06 Lou Dobbs and His Pal Kitty Ramping Up Iran Invasion Rhetoric....

Any progressives showing up on corporate media re: Abramoff?

The Mine disaster and Bush's appointee to Mine Safety and Health Admin.

MSNBC transcript omissions in the past, and sexism

Tell me you guys just saw that on CNN

Q&A: What Does Every American Now Have in Common With Jeb Bush?

Pix .... Repugs caught w/ Abramoff Money

New DCCC Bush/Nixon ad.

(VIDEO) Daily Show: This Is Wire Tap

Fantastic Town Hall Meeting on the War in Iraq on C-span 2 now - Murtha

BLOGGIES TIME! Go NOMINATE your favorites in the 2006 Bloggies!

Did the Iraq Civil War just start today?

I Wonder According to Rev Robertson

Robertson suggests God smote Sharon

Eat Hearty and Fat and you will Live to Be Repug........or Head of Country

I Got NO Love For Sharon But I Gotta Pee

Phonebanking for a candidate at a union hall for the first time

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

What's included in Dem Party fundraising?

An American Spectator article defending the NSA's actions

Is Chris Matthews shilling for Republicans or right-leaning Dems?

Why walk for solid, healthy exercise? Let's all buy scooters instead!!

How to prove Repub bribery: 5 easy steps

George Galloway to feature in UK Celebrity Big Brother

Radical Iranian president and US clerics hope for Sharon's death

The government spying started BEFORE 9/11!!! (article in Slate)

My broker today said we have had 11 strt quarters of economic growth.

Ok, I think my post was deleted . . .

Why I Think The Walmart Planet Of The Apes Issue May Have Been Innocent


Majority Report talking to James Moore

U.S. says bomb hit wrong house in Iraq! "Whoopsies, 14 Innocents DEAD!"

James Moore on AAR now

Mainers (and many in Northeast) given three extra days to file taxes

Sharon situation reminds me of Yassar Arafats

We all know what santorum is...what is it to be abramoffed?

CIA gave Iran nuclear design in botched plot : new book

WSJ Reporter on Olberman says Abramoff is bluffing

Microsoft Security Bulletin - WMF Security Patch

Oh Boy. Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) on Lobbying Reform (9:40pm) CSPAN2

Robertson Links Sharon's Stroke to Wrath

(Conyers blog)Letter to Bush on Secret Spying Program

CNN:Confirms through intelligence sources Amanapour was not wiretapped

Tyco Acknowledges $1.6M Link to Abramoff

Sound bite related to the Abromafia


Jon Stewart to Host 2006 Academy Awards

Bush Administration Cut Mine Safety Funding as Early as 2002

George Galloway joins Big Brother house

Afghan suicide bomber kills 10 during US envoy's visit

List of Tom DeLay's aides who have been indicted. (Got any others?)


"Rapture Ready" folks all atwitter at Sharon's possible passing...

Repug astroturfers: we give up!

Eagleberger's Press Gaggle

Does anyone have the link to Murtha and Moran on C-span?

do you sense a kind of mass madness going on?

4-Year-Old Boy on Government 'No-Fly' List

The background noise... please make it stop!!!

Unitary Executive Theory

Host of the Oscars

Will Congress let NSA whistleblower testify?

Tell Pat R. that Voltaire discredited his God-caused-it view in 1758

Murtha/Moran Held a Town Hall Meeting Today - Did You See It on C-Span?...

tell the ghosts of Thomas Jefferson & George Washington you can't Impeach

Do you think I will be forgiven?

Another one bites the dust. Head Air Marshall resigns.

Seen the video on MSNBC of *littleboots walking of Marine One with Laura?

There IS a Ken Lay/Jack Abramoff Connection : get googling!

Lawmakers introduce various bills (nebraska, your thoughts on em?)

A Toast to Africa's First Woman Head of State

interview with owner of SEGO mine- on ABC- 10:54pm

The problem is that Conservatives don't have ENOUGH control

NY Times mischaracterized NSA spying program

See this Delay/Abramhoff story movie poster and LOL:

My LTTE to KUSA re: The Book of Daniel

More on Pat: Does he understand 'cause and effect?'

What Abramoff related docs will be in the "Friday" news dump?

John Edwards will be on Tavis Smiley tonight (PBS)

Will Jon Stewart Take It Easy On Bush Now That He's Hosting The Oscars?

I'm reading more and more on how offshoring is being limited...

Sandra Day O'Connor is a stupid political whore

"The Quiet Death Of Freedom"

I'd Like An Honest Read For Your Area Of The Country

NY Times selectively quoted Harman to falsely report she defended Bush

How did I MISS this? I the only one who missed it? Bush , the caganer

Has anyone else read the book "Reefer Madness"?

Anyone have a link for the decision this week Re: Jose Padilla?

i think my local nbc station is not going to show The Book of Daniel

It's Later Than We Think

Reliable sources indicate to Israel Insider that PM Sharon died at 11 a.m.

Hook 'em, Smirky. (photo)

Aww - ain't that sweet? Pat Robertson said God smote Sharon!


Hell Froze Over, wow...

Why did it take so long to take surviving miner into hyperbaric chamber?

Novak Aids Hoyer's Effort to Undermine Democrats (Nancy Pelosi)

Great product idea for you to "steal" from me...

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Jon Stewart doing Stevens vs Byrd!!!

NSA gave billions of upgrade contracts to some nefarious companies

"What the Republicans need is 50 Jack Abramoffs"

Why shouldn't I?

My favorite bumper sticker of the day...One nation under Surveillance

Lt General Sanchez is opting to retire this summer.....

Anyone notice that CNN ads are pushing religion???

CNN- What kind of Christian is Pat Robertson?

Write your senators about Alito, ASAP

Has anyone informed Robertson

Has anybody seen Juan Coles Latest Post on Abramoff? Wow!

MSNBC: Iraq suicide blasts at lowest level in 7 months -12/2/2005

Mean Jean Schmidt: "Suspending the Constitution Is Sometimes Necessary"

VIDEOS-from Countdown- Worst Person, Sound Bites, WSJ Mullins

Sometimes these guys just make it too easy...

Wow. the" I "word was said; the room ERUPTED.

I've found an interesting list of common features of conspiracy theories.

20th Century Genocides:

This is not your father's USA

Want To Know To To Make A Terrorist?

with TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS in operation is DU a tyrants wet dream

Should Hospital employees (Nurses, Dr's, etc) wear/express political views

What's Up With Abramoff Wearing All Those Hats?

Malloy says Book of Daniel totally cancelled.

Win98, SE & ME Users and the WMF Security Vunerability Issue

The Texas wildfires are God's curse on Tom Delay

Drank the Kool-Aid

Ahhhnold vants to move PAST special election


Anyone see D. Imus tell Santorum he was crazy on tv this morning?

Wasn't this a conspiracy theory a year ago here?

Abramoff isn’t the only mega-scandal that could rock Washington this year.

DU Lawyers, please review and comment on this important dKos post.

Study: Free booze benefits homeless alcoholics

the FULL O'Lielly / Letterman interview

Poll on the draft

Saturday: Out-Of-Iraq events planned in more than 130 cities across U.S.

Kephra Memorial........Soon?

Let's Stop This War Before More Heroes Are Killed

Why did we appropriate the term "American?"

List of Newspapers That Urged President (Clinton) to Quit

Pat Robertson where are you????

What Do Gerald R. Ford and George W. Bush Have In Common?

DU'ers who wear "tinfoilhats" have somehow manged to be CORRECT!

Regarding "The Book of Daniel"

Why are GOP scandals & White House wrong-doing finally getting attention?

Been stuck on a road trip with my RW mother, and it seems she's a bigot...

Prediction: Bush is going to cut and run

A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist

Illinois (mining) disaster all but forgotten

Great Labor Movies

Tyco (Kozlowski) Acknowledges $1.6M Link to Abramoff (More dots to Bush!)

Crooks & Liars Vid Clip: New Bush Domestic Spying Ad (Bush / Nixon)

I get so tried of cons who want to argue!

MSNBC listed all of KY repuke reps as hot potato

Vultures circle NO

let's hang Pat Robertson around George Allen's neck

The Loon Ranger Writes Again

From OOC......Your uniforms are in the mail.

Dean on CNN with Anderson Cooper Thursday night

Bush to Putin at west bank wall: "Tear Down that Wall, Mr. Putin"

Democrat Fundraising Keeps Daschle Visible(giving away $230,000)

Dear Mr. Spector... Reject Samuel Alito

Robertson suggests God smote Sharon

Are members of Congress and others being BLACKMAILED by BushCo.?

WP: After Abramoff, a GOP Scramble

Bush is no different from the corporate crooks

FDR SAID: "We have Nothing to Fear...Except Fear Itself.....

What if Bush offered Abramoff a pardon in 2009 to keep his trap shut?

WP's E. J. Dionne Jr.: Abramoff and His Vanishing Friends

I have a small question? Is the New York Post a "librul" newspaper?

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

DNC: One Million Americans Tell Senator Specter to Reject Judge Alito

So what does Sharon's impending death mean for Israeli politics?

The Republican Senator's Christmas Gift to America!

If SCOTUS overturns Roe or gives President unfettered power

Vulgar Pigboy Claims Dems "Knee-Deep" In Abramoff Scandal

Seriously. What was up with Abramoff's "Black Bart" getup?

The Big Fix 2006: Is Abramoff Getting Away with Murder?

Shaking up the Middle East ...

LAT: Scandal May Upset Rules of Enrichment in Congress

Can the government of this country continue to humiliate the poor

Ex-miner recalls Sago: 'It was a hellhole'

Scooter Finds Fellowship at the Hudson Institute

"I know Jack Abramoff," Gillespie replied.

Without Sharon, Bush's Mideast Path Uncertain

Abramoff and His Vanishing Friends (* implicated)

Iraq vigil at Shannon this weekend

DU THIS: Send a Letter to Congress: IMPEACH BUSH!!!

Afghanistan: The NATO Quagmire

Molly Ivins: More Texan sleaze and stink

An ideology of lawlessness

Deadly Days

"Molly Maguire, Where Are Ya?" A song to rally by.

Recess Games--WaPo

Robertson: Sharon’s stroke is God’s wrath

A Law Firm and Its Lobbyist (Seattle Times)


Home sweet hooker

I Suppose That Depends On What the Definition of "the Law of the Land" Is

Dems and Privacy Politics

The thing to fear is fear itself

An Iraq Exit Strategy

My radio address on Jack and the Republicans …

The Opposite of Good is Apathy, By Cindy Sheehan

FISA, Alito, and the High Stakes of the New Year

The GOP Corruption Machine

Imams for Hire

Axis of Fanatics -- Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad

The Stranger: F*** the New York Times

George Bush Hosts a Tea Party!

Bush's War on Professionals "under war powers granted to him by himself'

The Mike Brown of MSHA. (Mine Satety and Health Admin)

The Other Mega-Scandal--DUNCAN HUNTER

Justice Dept asks Court to Abandon US Sys of Justice

Staying the course compounds Iraq war errors BY ANDREW GREELEY

Prosperity in George Bush's Economy

Nuclear War against Iran

Jack Abramoff: The A-Bomb Drops On Washington by Bill Press

The Emerging Bush Legacy

What's wrong with the economy? - - by EPI President Lawrence Mishel

Wind power: 2005 review, 2006 outlook.

Arctic melting discussion on NPR now

Outlawing fishing 'would help save coral reefs'

Georgia governor to push land conservation tax credits

Oz Minister Denies Threat To Pacific Island Nations From Rising Seas

Traveler's Insurance To Offer 10% Discount To Hybrid Owners - Reuters

A legacy lacking

Sharon rushed into surgery

The strong man

What did Robert Shaler's book on WTC DNA analysis say about

Here's something I've never seen before that seems pretty damning

Jules Naudet's ear wire

Talk City 1240 AM: OVC President, Alan Dechert, 4PM PST

Op Scanner and Automark to Support Full-Face Ballots

Avante, et al.: Accessible and Auditable machines: A Survey.


NSA Bugged Phone of Senior Kerry Campaign Advisor???

WV Opinion!: Voting machines, bills will take away our voting rights

What the heck is going on in Arizona?

Cunningscam: Much More Than Meets The Eye

Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger may be putting himself into a political pitfal

Assemblyman Mark Leno: "The horror, lies, corruption, deceit, death, and

Anyone a realtor or familiar w/CA real estate laws?

Leach makes RINO list, oddly

Iowans giving away Abramoff donations - DM Register

Gay and Lesbian families have had signatures stolen for anti-gay petition

Media carrying republican's water

Is the House DFL giving Entenza the boot?

I've been "downsized"! Now I need to downsize my DSL/internet connection

The Al Franken Show

Strickland not opposed to Ohio casinos

GOP asks for DeLay to be replaced

Just when you thought Goodhair was a total idiot....

RE: DeLay: House GOPERS Call For Elections

"Can We Trust E-Voting?" Forum, Dallas, Jan. 24th.

Dallas Dinner Table, helping race relations in Dallas, Jan. 16th.

Carolyn Keaton Rylander Strayhorn drops Rylander

ALERT - The Swiftboating of David Harris

Breaking in the Lounge: Olive threads may soon be Banned!

My LTTE on Stephen Harper and the supposed "scare tactics" he suffers....

Fidelity hits Rhode - 1,000 workers moving to Ocean State


Shaking up the Middle East ...

CA, Arcata City Council urges Bush impeachment

LAT: Scandal May Upset Rules of Enrichment in Congress

Can the government of this country continue to humiliate the poor

Talks on Sex Abuse by Priests Restarted(average payouts of $1 million)

5 Italian Hostages Released by Kidnappers

Schwarzenegger seeks to move past election

Can the U.S. Government continue to humiliate and control the poor in

Can the U.S. Government continue to humiliate and control the poor in

Without Sharon, Bush's Mideast Path Uncertain

Univ. of Michigan Drops Coca-Cola Contract

March's dad nabbed in Mexico

LAT: As Scandal Echoes, DeLay's GOP Critics Grow Louder

Unions seek to spread cost of health care

Scooter Finds Fellowship at the Hudson Institute

Democrat Fundraising Keeps Daschle Visible

Judge Puts City's Special Ed Plans Under Scrutiny

Khaddam plans to topple Assad (Syrian Chalabi)

Bill would make abortion illegal in Indiana

GOP leader defends briefings on domestic eavesdropping

NYT: Republican Senator Defends Briefings on Domestic Spying

Supreme Court hands back law license (R. Rep. Bill Janklow)

Campaign fines top $45,000 (Maine)

Salvos back Young Labor draft plan (Australia)

Taking aim at a threat that isn't

Ariel Sharon dies

NSA: Amanpour, other CNN reporters not targeted for surveillance

IBM to Freeze $48B Pension Plan in 2008

"Quake survivors storm helicopters" (Pakistan)

After Abramoff, a GOP Scramble (House ..Anticipate a Leadership Shakeup)

Brazil's Petrobras wants partnership with Bolivia

Looking for graph/chart of Abramoff donations

Iraqis bury bomb dead, some Shi'ites seek revenge

RIP Lou Rawls

Two U.S. Troops Killed in Ramadi Attack

Race for Congress doesn't faze Iraq vet

LAT: With Consumers Wary, Bush Summons Cavalry

Marine commander says al-Qaida likely behind deadly Ramadi attack, but no

IRS tracked taxpayers’ political affiliation


Grammy-winning singer Lou Rawls dies of cancer in LA at 72

Jan 7th Tomorrow. Events planned around country. Check out yours

Your phone records are for sale

Spitzer agrees $2m pact with insurance firm over fraud claim

GOP leaders: Lawmakers should have final say on gay unions

Suicide pictures spark complaints

Bush Says U.S. Economy Strong, Urges Tax Cuts Be Made Permanent

Violence in Iraq should decrease this year, US general says (Pace)

FBI sense of superiority over Spanish led to arrest error

Booming world population 'threat to climate change fight'

A Look at Abramoff-Related Donations

Belafonte praises Venezuelan cheap fuel to poor Americans

Third 'bird flu' death in Turkey

Bill Would Make Abortions Illegal In Indiana

New immigration chief gets mixed reception (cronie to head ICE/INS)

Dean: White House Must Tell the Truth About Abramoff Ties

Barbie website changed to appease conservatives

Lou Rawls dies

New leader's organic tendencies raise fears over farm subsidies(UK)

Iraqi Shia demonstrators denounce US ambassador

Sharon Gravely Ill; Returns to Operating Room - CNN Breaking

Bush bypasses Congress to appoint Negroponte aide

11 U.S. Troops Killed in One Day in Iraq--2193 or 2194

Arias Could Win Presidency in Costa Rica

Please spread the word, Travel Group is now open for business!

US agency head quits after reported Rumsfeld clash

Santorum asks Bush for panel (on Iraq)

Senator Santorum wants non-partisan panel to evaluate Iraq war

Enraged Sunnis Blame Al-Qaida

U.S. Navy Takes Sailor Into Custody

Bush Immigration & Customs Enforcement nominee criticized by left, right

Spring bear hunt is back in Utah after a 14-year absence

Bush trumpets economy's strength ("heads into 2006 w/ full head of steam")

Senators Protest Bush Recess Appointments

VT: Judge Sentences Serial Rapist of Child to a Mere 60 Days Jail Time

Time: Disgraced Congressman 'Wore a Wire' (Duke Cunningham)

'Iran-Pak-India gas pipeline project intact despite US oppn'

Male Iraqi detainee dies

Bremer says US did not expect insurgency in Iraq

Norway sold 'nuclear' BAE stake

Probing mob links to G-man:Ex-Columbo big shot & FBI agent may have shared

BBC News: Ford's junk rating cut further (BB Minus)


U.S.(Bush) defends breakaway Sydney climate talks

Tiguas want Abramoff contributions returned to tribe

Despite high price, sales of hybrid cars growing at phenomenal pace

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 6 January

White House blasts Robertson's Sharon remark

Rev. Jerry Falwell to rally for Alito

Blacks Stay Longer in Texas Foster Care

Medicare confusion keeps seniors from drugs

Religious leaders decry church rally for Alito

Conyers and Scott Call for Congressional Hearing on FBI Misconduct in May

Colorado initiative seeks abortion limits

Doctors Say Sharon Has Only Slim Chance

Zawahri says US defeated in Iraq: Jazeera TV

Kline, Kennedy, Ramstad call for new GOP leadership

Iraq not on verge of civil war: US commander

Firefighters Battle Four-Alarm Blaze At Landmark

Mo. lawmaker seeks to ban cold beer sales

Republicans calling for elections to replace DeLay

AP Poll: Congressional Democrats favored (* approval 40%)

Bremer says U.S. did not expect insurgency in Iraq

Congressional Report Questions Legal Justification for Wiretaps

Employment rises 108,000 in Dec

`DeLay Inc.' Lobbying Firm Has Links to Three Capital Scandals

Texas Gov. Perry: Add intelligent design to teaching

Syria's Assad slams ex-deputy Khaddam-paper (proof that Khaddam lied)

11 U.S. troops killed in one day in Iraq

Kerry likens Pat Robertson to tin-horn dictator, petty thug...

Muslims boycott Holocaust Day

Population size 'green priority'

'In God We Trust' license plate gets initial nod in Indiana

Congo suffering world's deadliest humanitarian crisis, 38,000 dead monthly

Phone record brokers targetted (illegal sale of private phone records)

New Jersey on the verge of passing a statewide smoking ban

Rasmussen: President Bush Job Approval (#s are in a tailspin)

Imagery intelligence agency chief being forced from post

My Lai massacre hero dies at 62

Card Catalogue: What I want for my office

MiniMandaRuth hurt herself today (not a copycat thread) See link

Vince Young up next on Leno

Move to Denver and volunteer for CSI!

Reply please

For your edification ...

I took my first guitar lesson today.

This forum needs more Cowbell!

I lost my list of who wanted to marry me. Tell me if you're on the list

Worst album cover of 2005?

Anyone else get this e-mail?

Jack Abramoff

Tonight s Earworm. Easy To Be Hard

the obligatory goodnight thread

Signs you have grown up

Daily Show repeating now

Answer the movie quote of the person above you game!

Check out tunes by primate1's buddy!

Attention Skinner!!

Free Picture Association Thread

My Day of Beauty

I am listening to the DU mix of Hand that Feeds

good night everybody

So... in 36 hours I'll be Mrs. Bergman

Newsflash: Bode Miller says skiing drunk "not easy"!!!

Nighthawks 57 (dial-up warning)

So... in 36 hours, I'll be Mr. Creosote

My cat diagnosed with kidney disease today -- any suggestions?

Where is forrestgump tonight?


My son's new toy!

Anyone else in SoCal kept awake by the Santa Ana winds?

Looking for origin of the Brooklyn Bridge for sale story?

So: how could I dance with another

my new song

OMG STAR TREK! *not dial up friendly*

Man Torches Town Christmas Tree In Retaliation For Parking Ticket

Opinion on my new avatar?

Vikings or Packers?

I really hate when Netflix sends me a defective fucking DVD.

BORED ask me to make you one avatar please...

PHOTO CONTEST - Scariest Looking Conservative

"Peanuts" comic strip leads to gender confusion!

Man Finds Condom In Filbert Nut Purchased At Walmart

What would "Chocolat" have been like IF???

Wackiest Warning Label Selected (Label On Heat Gun)

*Warning* *Warning* LynneSin is full of herself again....

Okay, what "women's" magazine took away all my chitosan?

Alex's Lemonade Stand mom (Liz Scott) was here at work today!

Brothel To Stage Performance


jive talking just isn't a crime

brickbat or cudgel?

Just downloaded a Windows update

2006- My plea to take the Lounge to another more serious level

I dreamed I had dinner with Tom Delay and * bombed Iran!

My Second Thread: The party party

Post something mean about another DUer

some of my favorite people

GRRR! Power outage in my DC neighborhood.

I seem to be getting a cold - I hope its not the beginning

Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions

Futurama is coming back with new episodes???

Wal-Mart Apologizes For Racist Movie Recommendations

Great animal photo gallery

Friday earworm.

Shell Beau...I'm a Calling you out. It's a Coot off almost.

Woman Arrested For Intentionally Driving Car Into Teacher

Folks, I would like to welcome converted_democrat to the LOUNGE!

Are the Queen of Hearts always your best bet?

Bankrobber's Vanity License Plate helps lead to arrest - "FINDME"

The cost of modern electronic "toys"

I'm miserably failing

Soduku question

Who remembers these?


What should I name my cat?

who would win in a fight?

what instant messaging service do you use?

SG-1 and Atlantis are back tonight with new episodes!!!

639 Year Concert Expecting Chord Change

I can't believe it is already Friday!

Kid brag. My daughter's a camera whiz.

Photo Booth video from Tonight Show - Fun stuff.

Lou Rawls has just passed away

I have had the flu before

Kid brag. My son's a Photoshop whiz.

RIP Lou Rawls

It's snowing here!

Seriously...please tell me WTF...

Don't look at this thread.

RW to English Glossary

Re: New Chart of Accounts and New Hospital Forms - Effective 1/1/2006


People are SO fucking stupid

Men's Fitness magazine release annual rankings

I have a new hat. Ask me anything.

tax question: interest on escrow

Dammit, I just strained a muscle in my neck!

Whats the average salary of a pharmacy tech?

Fill in the blank: DON'T TAKE THE CAR, YOU'LL --------------------------

Lots of "text"

remember when men could sing? RIP Lou Rawls

My computer speakers are dying

Grammy-winning singer Lou Rawls dies of cancer in LA at 72

Woohoo! My Homestar Runner DVDs and CD have been delivered!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, step right up, I give you...

There's only one thing about Nickelback that I like.

Oh, God. The latest "Thneed" - Plasma TV's now come in 103" size.

LynneSin thinks Scott Stapp is better than Robert Plant

So, it's Megadeth jamming day. Any requests?

There's only one thing about a nickel back that I like.

Get to work!


Hey... Wendy's fries aren't too bad

DU Horror Fans: Your Horror Guilty Pleasure

Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!

Vikings name a new head coach!

Name 4 people that got an Acadamy Award for Acting and #1 on Music Charts

House crawl space water advice

Another day, another Tasering in Fla.


Flying to visit a friend who lives in Lower Manhattan, which airport?

ALERT****** Ban on ALL olive threads*******

Job interview went well in spite of being LATE!

The ABC's of Life..... this is sweet and inspirational....Enjoy!

I almost got run over!

my second wife is so good to me!!

Pissed At His Bank, Man Pays His Credit Card Bill A Penny At A Time Online

how is your house/apartment/living space heated?

Property Management companies. Good/ necessary or just evil?

I'm travelling. Should I go to Mt. Olive or Olivet?




its friday you bastards

What the Heck do "some people" here have against olives???

OMG! I forgot about Olive Oil!

I tore my calf muscle

This music snob says: Velvet Underground still blows.


FReeptard popcorn fest:


Olive in a nice home

What gives you the heebie jeebies?

Spammers are the scum of the Earth

Simply Fugue likes CRAP dip!


Olives: A snobbish issue

But Grandma, what big Olives you have

Olives: a history

kick-ass-bob, the power is now in your hands.

Olive Trivia..

never fear olive haters, i am here to save you!!!

Without Olives, there would be no Western Civilization

Please... No one mention Olives coated in Corn Flakes

You call yourselves LIBERALS?


Whats worse? A plate full of olives or...

somebody slow down the lounge!

olive it!!!! the lounge is freaking crazy!!!!!

A Yummy Recipie


Online Music "Sharing". What precious/hard to find songs have you loaded?


Mmmm.... Cornbread mini-loaves.

Did you know?

Favourite Olive Recipe??

I just came to a partial agreement with someone here on D.U.

Olive the Other Reindeer

did you know that olive is EVILo spelled backwards...

Russula olivacea

The cutest thing you ever did see!!!!

What does one do with a Shit Head?

I tasted an Olive from my Russian Olive tree.

You people!!!! Was I misunderstood? NO OLIVE THREADS!!!!!!

Mmm...ONIONS and OLIVES!!!!

When I worked at the deli I had an irresistible compulsion

It's Friday! You know what that means...


Where will Pat Robertson's Angry God smite next? I'm thinking..

What does one do with a beer head? nt.

O i LIVE for Fridays in the Lounge.

Shell Beau, i have disobeyed your no OLIVE orders

I'll PalmOLIVE you, Shell Beau!

The Pleasurelegience

This has worked out to be one of those days...

KG's computer question of the week

RIP Lou Rawls

Olive this one!!! Its the best!!!

Man pulls truck with his penis

Onions SUCK ASS.....Discuss

Do you know Jack Abramoff?

The Big DU Olive Fight of 06, More at a 11.

Hide thread...hide thread...MY KINGDOM for hide thread!

Olive Garden Restaurant: Yay or Nay?

Olive Oyl vs. Olive Oyl

Kickback Mountain - funny re: Abramoff...

Sorry to break the bad news gals: Scott Stapp is engaged again

When drug dogs need to be retired.

Are there any *good* Right Wingers?

all you people sick of olive threads, dont you miss this:

How about a movement to K&R this thread:

OK BOO(b) snobs: admit your guilty pleasure reading here.

We had an earthquake in Northeast Ohio?

Strange requests . . . .

Should I rent The 40 year old Virgin Olive Oil this weekend?

Who knows the full lyrics to Little Bunny Foo Foo?

Stop! Drop and...

So, kick-ass-bob couldn't take the heat I guess?

Duchamp's "Idiot Detector" err make that "Fountain" attacked with hammer

Can I ask a question about Olives?

MSNBC Live Poll - Rally !!!


Favorite olive oil?

I'm not quite sure what to think of this T-shirt

Is it safe for me to come back?

Wacky Warning Label Contest

I got a reply from the antique-book dealer

Time for me to go....So the lounge may now cleanse itself

OK What's the Olive thing all about?

Kitchen color ideas for Mrs. Grumpy........and all others interested

Yummo! I love EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) on my sammies!

I want a tattoo of a guys butt with a tattoo of a guys butt...

Tell me the Truth...What do you think of this louse? ***dialup warning

Tell me the Truth...What do you think of House?

Lineage of the housecat sussed out.

Boom Chica Boom

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/6/06)

Russian Olive...

Is there an Olive Street in your town?

Baby_mouse approaches 1000 posts....

Tell me the Truth...What do you think of this mouse? ***dialup warning

Tell me the truth..What do you think of this house?

Life is nothing but a series of Republicans and meats.

I don't know why they call this stuff Hamburger helper....

Tell me the Truth...what do you think of this souse?***puke warning

Whay do people eat at the Olive Garden?

Hell's Jukebox. Stocked with Yoko Ono or Donna Godchaux?

Just returned from Aruba...Great vacation site.

How should we punish kick-ass-bob and Shell Beau for the olive threads?

Moth population explosion?

TV tech. help

How are my DU peeps?! I am Wonderful!!!

Goth population explosion?

OK, I think I've got it! Here I am (pic)

anyone with an olive tree?

Hey! I'm ordering Pizza


It's the week-end.

Is this really Big Dawg?

VIDEO: Let's Get Bush Off Of The Wagon

So, I'm starting Weight Watchers next week...anyone ever tried it?

Have I mentioned that I LOVE SALSA?!

Olive Newton John: Is she the one with the Missing Boyfriend?

Anyone ever in the crawlspace under a house...

Stealth olives

There was a nuthatch on my suet feeder just now...

An old DU Lounge Friday Tradition: BEFORE & AFTER

Finally! Some new cat pictures! (dial-up warning!)

Official Troublefunk Appreciation Thread

Official Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers Appreciation Thread

Anyone know how to remove rust/hard water stains

My sister cracks me up! Read what she had to say . . .

What happened to matcom's butt crack?

Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?

MAD Magazine is still around... and they're still on target !!!

Credit card question --

What should I name my cat?

OMG U2! *not dial up friendly*

Post a pix of your favorite overbite!

Tell me the Truth...What do you think of this souse? ***dialup warning

I'm so close to being out of the 700 club, please ask me anything

Lou Rawls dies

HypnoToad is mysteriously absent this evening...and I know why

Good Friday Morning, Everyone!

i did something freeperish once

HR sent me an email.

40 year old virgin or wedding crasher

Swamp Rat and I can't wait! A tribute to Louisiana epicurean delights.

What's your favorite Progrock group?

Lie to me... What do you think of this house?

I just was summoned for Jury Duty! Ask me anything!

What else can we be snobs about?

My Brother tells me the Santa Anas are blowing...Our CA DUers need to be

Virginia Tech kicks Marcus Vick off the football team

Who wants to take a bath with southlandShari?

Favorite single male crotch.

How do you tell your mate you know they arent in love w/you??

freakin' guilt trips ...

I adore the "Adrian Mole" books

Anybody have a tankless water heater?

Well, I Find Out By Late Afternoon/Early Evening If I Have Cancer Or Not

Would you stay in a loveless marriage just for the kids?

Did you ever get lost when you were a kid?

NYC MEETUP... updates/date

The Daves We Know

What does one do with a deer head?

Tell me the Truth...What do you think of this house? ***dialup warning

Anyone else in a goofy concept mood? Here we go!

Older Than Dirt Quiz.


The Freeps are gonna freak!

As of next month I'll be a Californian (LA). What should I expect???

I just had my hair cut by a fundie hairdresser

How long have you been with your SO/spouse?

Let's hear your bad roommate stories.

OK music snobs: admit your guilty pleasure listening here.

Update us on any posts you made over the last few months....

Hot Newsbabe: CNN's Erica Hill. Yowsa!

So my dad got me addicted to this f*cking game SuDoKu

Alternatives to Duran Duran "Girls on Film" video. (humor)

I got a new tattoo!

GO AWAY already.

chicago get together

OK BOOK snobs: admit your guilty pleasure reading here.

Puerto Vallarta vacation pics! (dial-up warning, pic heavy)

Post a picture of something you find beautiful (and keep it clean!)

Once I had a love and it was a gas

Should we have the ultimate EvilDUer national meetup on 06/06/06?

Religion and the GWOT.

Does spirituality have anything to do with religion?

You know, misspelling "atheist" as "athiest" irks me to no end.

sorry, I just love the hell out of this song

Anyone here ever have c--diff?

Earliest Mayan writing found beneath pyramid

DarkSyde interviews PZ Meyers

Take a leap into hyperspace

New cat family tree revealed

Atheist Bio PHD PZ Meyers does not refute DNA by God concept!

Rev. Lonnie Latham--Another Victim of the Southern Baptist Lie

N.J. Senate Passes Sweeping Expansion Of Gay Partner Law

Group Wants Pentagon Papers On Gay Spying

County orders gay comedy shut down in Las Vegas

NBC's Today Show movie critic angers gay rights group

GOP Warns Washington Supreme Court On Gay Marriage Ruling

Bashed Gay Solider Discharged From Army

Gay and Lesbian families have had signatures stolen for anti-gay petition

Stupid calls by USC that cost them the game.

Marcus Vick kicked off football team

Boxing (this weekend on ShowTime)

NFL hits Mora with $25K fine for cell use

Marcus Vick Strikes Again...Driving Suspended on 12/17/05....

We have been inundated with rescue animals

Is it OK to give dogs table scraps?

What is your daily spiritual practice?

Kerry on the local scene

New source to contact news group with questions -

Here's some good news (not Kerry, but dem-related)

Kerry Press Conference on Legislation to Increase Penalties for Child Porn

Kerry 's calling in to Rachel Maddow's show

Kerry Blasts Pat Robertson

Response to Kos slam on Dean opponents

Phonebanking for the first time since the Kerry campaign

Picture board

Nuttin' special

A question for you experts out there....

Yay Mike Malloy just said that he worships at the Church of Olbermann!!!

In case the EDVs, lurkers, and or stalkers missed this ..... must read.

Question about Abramoff and Matthews

VIDEO-Moran and the General-from Town Hall Meeting

Bush - "My ideology can beat up your ideology."

This forum needs more Cowbell!

You know, I know I shouldn't be so harsh. (Al Franken)

Great FDR quote

The World Trade Centers were Bush's Reichstag fire

What would you rather do than feel sorry for Jackoff Abram?

Jack Abramoff

C-Span 2, Townhall meeting with Rep. Moran & Murtha

Robert Novak: House Democrats have major problem with Pelosi

Abramoff Research: Play Find the Charities

hahahaha-Bernie Ward just called Tom Cruise 'Little L. Ron'

If I only had one wish for 2006

Tin Foil Hat time: Were the Notes pin to the Miners planted?

Rallies planned against "Islamofacism"

Let the Elephants Soar (with apologies to John Ashcroft)

Rather timely reccess appointment for this bastard

CNN: Ariel Sharon back in surgery after CT scan.... nt

Gov orders new look at DNA in executed man's case

does the media quote pat robertson just to piss us all off?

Abramoff - not a partisan issue.....

Rep. Murtha (Hero) Responds to Gen. putz Pace's recruiting remarks....

IMUS re: Pat Robertson: "This crazy bastard should be put to sleep"!

What do you think about new ABC anchors Woodruff & Vargas?

11 U.S. Troops Killed in One Day in Iraq

Has Bill Frist been called in for a video tape diagnosis on Sharon yet?

Over Sharon's dead body...

Delay inquiry expands to include election money

Pat Robertson is proof that there is no god

It's Friday!! What's gonna happen today?

Treas. Secy. Snow on CNBC now. Lying of course.

Bush: 'We will lay that foundation of peace for generations to come'

Talking Points For Felonious Republican Presidents

bush's meeting with 'the Adults' yesterday was just ridiculous

Go Ronnie Earle! "Prosecutor Subpoenas Group Tied to DeLay"

when the Lord takes Pat ROBertson, what will the reason have been?

An American Vietnam

DeLay's press secretary. A laugh a minute.

Who should a Democratic president use the NSA to spy on without a warrant?

"Bush Recess Appointments Meet With Protest"

J. Edgar Hoover With Supercomputers

We have a new addition to the Harris Blackwell family here in AZ. Her

Is this email forward true?

For those who support renewable energy, ecological design,

Apparently, between Fellatio & Genocide, Fellatio is the greater sin

Workin' that tan and looking after our airport security . . .

Novel new solution by Bush: "learn a-Ray-bic"

Wowee! Jobs up 108,000! Bush job creation reaches flatline!

Should Bush be indicted?

Interesting * quote on wiretaps and warrants

let's take up a collection and buy a congressman's influence!

Anti-gay, Southern Baptist minister arrested for soliciting sex-->

“Dental group sues Blue Cross”

I just read Confessions of an Economic Hitman

NASA to pay Russia for Soyuz rocket trips - $21.8 million per astronaut

E-mail - how to make sure it remains private

Forget "Word of the Day," Here's Your "Word of the Past Six Years"

George Got Snippy With Madeleine Albright --->>>

Pace yesterday quoted Murtha as saying US Troops not well trained

Were we wrong about Total Information Awareness?

Bush will be in my office building this morning, anything you want me to

"Uniform Code of Military Justice" and Gen. Pace

jobs creation--'half of what was expected"- WH to make speeches about

"Protecting" Marriage /sarcasm/

Santorum in Charge of Lobbying Reform: Fox Running Hen House

Gen. Pace and chain-of-command?

Stephen King Foundation Saves Library

Out of Iraq Events Planned in Over 130 Cities: Please Keep Kicked

Lawmaker's goal: Overturn Roe v. Wade (Indiana)

Blunt will ask House Republicans to make his temporary tenure permanent

Rasmussen: Bush numbers in free fall - down 6pts in 2 weeks to 44%

American Jewish Committee Outraged by Pat Robertson's Insensitive Comments

Secretive military unit sought to solve political WMD concerns

Looking for graph/chart of Abramoff donations

Fla. Court Strikes Down School Vouchers (with Excite online poll goodness)

Perry: Add intelligent design to teaching

Turning Theory Into Practice:The MyDD Polling Project

NEW STUDY:Economic Cost Of Iraq War Much Larger Than Previously Recognized

Noted Bush Critic Placed on no fly list, no reason given...

ARIEL SHARON DIES 6.A.M. EST (or so says the World Tribune)

Live News Update..Sharon's cat scan shows significant improvement. n/t

2fer: Writer sez Shrub knows-NOTHING. & RFKjr Pals with AILES

I believe that any announcement of Sharon's death must come from

Whoever's paying the freeps to call in to CSPAN today


Drudge reported Sharon died, then changed to "conflicting reports

DemocracyNow, LinkTV, 10amCT. An Imperial President?

Book of Daniel

EXXON-MOBIL War Boycott Also Goes After the Giant's Board

If Sharon Has Died.......They

Looks like DUers in 20 states are going to get AUDITED BY THE IRS

It is 9am EST, Time for Stephanie Miller -- Happy Firday!!!

'DeLay Inc.' Lobbying Firm Has Links to Three Capital Scandals

Sharon IS NOT DEAD. He JUST got out of emergency brain surgery.

HELP: in need of some good cartoons..

Are we seeing the beginning of a PR campaign to sell lobbying

Are we going to see the Andrea Mitchell interview??

"Significant improvement" in Sharon's brain

If Sharon pulls though, how is Pat Robertson gonna feel?

Gas taxes in North Carolina increased 3 cents and gas increased 15 cents

Sibel Edmonds up next after break on Thom Hartmann

Bush hits the road to trumpet new numbers??

President Signs Bill To Protect Mail-Order Brides

VIDEO- Pace and Murtha Comments- compilation

How do we know that these "Charities" that the Repukes are giving the

I never figured there'd be a PAtwa issued against Sharon!

MSNBC Breaking: Doctors say Sharon shows 'significant improvement'

US Border Patrol to Provide Bus Service Across Mexico Border

NSA: Amanpour, other CNN reporters not targeted

Life after indictments: Keep the $$$ coming

I have had the flu before

"First Earth Batallion"

America Overwhelmingly Supports Raising The Minimum Wage

Texan billionaire Sid Bass bails out opera to tune of $25m

Anyone have an URL listing all things eggregious Bush has committed

I say we start a movement to bring our government back to the

Weird rebuttal by Robertson spokesperson.

Fed Appeals Court Upholds Martha Stewart Conviction

Congress people must spend too much time raising money to keep jobs...

Jan 7th Tomorrow. Events planned around country. Check out yours

Bush casts Nazi Eagle shadow. See the pic, here:

Do you think Lou Dobbs just doesn't know Bush gave back Abramoff money?

I think we've got the President of lying under oath.

Dim Son Heads Off to his Next Photo-Op ---pix->>>

N.O. Homes Said Unsafe: "The last time I checked, this is still America"

Who should God smite first?

E-passports tested at LAX and Sydney

The crooks SHOULD NOT be allowed to give their money to charity...

Who is listening to Pat Robertson anyway?

Interesting: found the OKC ordinance used to arrest Lonnie Latham

Add Wichita Kansas to the list of cities that won't see "Book of Daniel"

Dean Puts Boots On The Ground-"And he truly gets it."

Rise up Democrats ! Go after those bastard Republicans !

Abramoff linked to Opus Dei? Remember that England only RECENTLY decided

George Brown (B&R, then KBR) had close ties with LBJ...

Satan, Jesus & the GOP: An Easy to Understand Explanation

So how is Brian Lamb helping cover GOP tush this am?

Bush Speaks ....... Caution Head Exploder

If you have strong feelings about the death penalty

The rhetoric that shapes our lives

In effort to widen propaganda story, Washington Post nets unpaid blogger

John Pilger: RAF WWII vet arrested for ant-Bush/Blair T shirt

Bwahahahaha-Bush just said Hastert is doing a heckuva job

CIA Gave Iran Nuke Plans in 2004 (LA Times) : Recipe for COLD WAR II?

Matthews talking of how jr hung up the phone on Poppy--when he said

Regular Gas Up $.30 Per Gallon In Last 2 Days

White House scolds Pat Robertson

In Case Anyone Cares: Appeals court upholds Martha Stewart conviction

Time to debunk a Freeptard argument, which isn't hard. DUers, help

What Would Jesus Do? Why build a Jesus Themepark in Israel

Control of Corporate Media is the KEY to keep BushCo in power

PHOTOS: Bush IRATE with Arabic TV: "Doesn't tell people what we're about!"

MURTHA:"Peter Pace Told Me This Last Night-Militarily They Can't Win This"

FIlibuster Alito! Now is the time to call your Senators.

Financial Times reports on Amanpour spy story

Medicaid Program

Wait a minute...didn't they just tell us the job picture was GREAT?

(TOON) Rowson on Ariel Sharon's health

Gov Dean: President Bush Needs to Come Clean

G. Gordon Liddy is as nutty as Pat Robertson. Time for both to go.

Wal-Mart web site calls Martin Luther King an ape

VIDEO-Bush says Hastert doing "Heckuva Job"

'DeLay Inc.' Lobbying Firm Has Links to Three Capital Scandals

Meet the Press - Sunday, January 8th - the usual lineup of

since the Ninth Ward is dead, shouldn't there be a funeral before

Esmay: hang Keller & Sulz for only waiting 1 year to expose Snoopgate

America Overwhelmingly Supports Raising The Minimum Wage


Jeb's vouchers...almost 30,000 still unaffected by court ruling. A win?

So is Snotty Scotty going to show his face today? Is there

No Snotty today???

Company mum on job losses associated with BoA takeover

Voter registration is state level info, IRS is Federal level and someone


AAARRRGGGGHHHH! He touts HALF of expected jobs as SUCCESS!

So ya thought the US Military was majority rightwing? WRONG!

Email Chris Matthews regarding the crawl for his show

Love thy neighbor? Not if it's Cheney (Neighbors hate 3am Choppers)

Interesting Counter-French Bashing Website

Consumer Group To Fight Bush FDA's Corporate-Friendly Decision On Olestra

H&R Block Sends Out Boxes With Personal Info

Out of Iraq events tomorrow. Sign up and go for John Conyers:

Cheney Hobbled

As bank jobs go abroad, are records at risk?

Cheney-Rumsfeld Surveillance Plans Date Back to 1980s

What Hillary Clinton Doesn't Know About Palestine

Could Iran become a smokescreen for Abramoff?

Another kick in the ass to Wal-Mart from a small town!


What's the excuse for rising gas

Barbie website changed to appease conservatives

sounds like the elite r starting to wake up listening to al & conason mp3

Man who said no to Wal-Mart - great article about standing up for

A couple of odd things I heard on the Letterman-O'Reilly interview...

Why do conservatives keep lying about foreign intelligence?

‘Free trade’ agreements - Hypocrisy and Illusion

"Let us prey" (By Joe Conason) Abramoff & his religious right-wing cronies

Why are the mods deleting all references to Al-Qaeda #2 remarks?

About the closet homosexual reverend Latham...

FYI: EMPOWERMENT FUND for Young Democrat Minority Caucus

A question about "Duke" Cunningham... about the wiretap article

Is this the start of Bernanke's Dreaded Deflation?


So is like June 6th this year, the rapture??? 6/6/6...666....

If they build it, will you go?

U.S. Commanders in Iraq: al-Qaeda's Bombing Us But . . . We're Winning?

$7, 2 hours, protesting in Chicago. Priceless

Its Friday, ya bastards!

NSA: Amanpour, other CNN reporters not targeted for surveillance

Please spread the word, Travel Group is now open for business!

DU This CNN Poll Regarding Economy

Quote of the...well, Millennium.

Impeachment Talk ---Premature? Tell it to the John Birch Society

Molly Ivins: Abramoff Even Misused Charities

OH NO: Co-worker's son headed to Iraq!

Is any DUer a member of AICN? (9/11 disinfo)

PLEASE help the wild horses-- they're in peril yet again

Onstar: another way to spy on American citizens? (Bob Barr)

Iraq Freedom Congress Launches Satellite Peace TV

Kerry Blasts Pat Robertson

IT'S the one-word poll: What are you for?

Another Sympathy Thread for Ariel Sharon

[email protected] Byrd v Stevens Coot-off (Daily Show)

Heads up 3pm EST - Randi Rhodes

(VIDEO) National Security, 1973-style (crooksandliars wayback machine)

HELP!!! Website of kittens glued in jars, bonsai style

Study strikes salvage logging beliefs

If you are going to use the word "religious" say "extremist" with it

Slaughter - GOP Needs an ‘Extreme Ethics Makeover’

Is Banning TV Shows The Same As Burning Books? WWJD?

Disgraced Congressman 'Wore a Wire' - Duke Cunningham wore a wire

The Madness of Michael Medved

Check this out! "Delivering your FOIA"


There are conspiracy theories and then there are CONSPIRACY THEORIES

House takes refresher course on ethics-Guess who the instructor is?

Pelosi: 'This Economy Is Not Delivering for Middle-Class Families'

Any speculation on who Cunningham is bringing down...nt

al-Zawahiri is a piece of shit

ABC News PROVES that they're liberal!

Iraqi pull out equals massive loss for Bush in the War on Terror.

Bankrupt Refco seeks to pay new CEO $685/hour

New Job Opportunities in America (anti-globalization rant)

Let's say the Rapture comes.

why should "I" worry about a guy wearin' a wire, I've got nothin' to hide

Republicans calling for elections to replace DeLay

Help the Shoshone Indian people!! sign this petition!! PLEASE!!

NBC's 'the Book of Daniel' pisses off the over righteous

Confession: I took money from an Indian Tribe; I won't return it

Lewis Scooter Libby accepts pay-off from D.C. mobsters:

Viceroy Bremer says U.S. did not expect insurgency in Iraq

I wonder if this man is STILL smiling?

dear naturalized cubans living in MIAMI and elsewhere--

Folks the impeachment train is gaining steam....Look at this poll.

When will RW'ers stop blaming Bill Clinton?

Powerline: Zawahiri's latest propaganda effort is consistent with Dems

Is there anything lower that a repug spokesman? Watching

I must concede: Bush made an (intentional) funny today.

I know it's Drudge and all, but his front page right now says,

Wife of surviving miner has press conference, says

ELEVEN fucking US soldiers killed today???

Enjoy a good laugh at the expense of history-illiterate chickenhawks!

Noam Chomsky: "Beyond the Ballot"

Lou Dobbs Poll

A message to GOP Congressmen and Staffers

Heres a thought... Maybe Fitzgerald was waiting for

A Review of Brokeback

Who saw Murtha on c-span?

Louise Slaughter is giving the Dem response to the idiot's radio address!

Did Bush Meet with Cunningham while he was wired?

Looks bad for Canadian Liberal Party.

Should we be searched before boarding airplanes?

US ambassador to Afghanistan damn near got blown to smithereens

Anybody notice Big Time Sitting Down to deliver his speech today?

DUKES WIRE: Will Repubs Scream "My Constitutional Rights Were Violated!"?

Question: What makes someone a traitor?

Friday News Dump? Report showing *'s wiretapping not so legal...

Some facts we can assume about the scandals..


Check out the latest AP poll, * has even lost support for the War on Terra

New AP Poll.....bad for bush, bad for repukes

An interesting hypothetical 2008 poll at a legal research site:

CNN reporting that Cunningham wired was directed at Defense Contractors

What are the odds that Abramoff will be assassinated?

Hey freepers--Cunningham wore a wire

IRS tracked taxpayers’ political affiliation

Breaking: Dems Finally Do Something: Start Anti Delay Vendetta

The 911 call from Sago mine

Spokesman: DeLay Won't Step Down Today

Bare Naked Truth about Religious Right

WH is in the final stages of updating its National Security Strategy Doc

ok Tweety said Rep Jo Ann Davis (R) VA. gave Delay pac $$ back

Primal smirk

Third World Debt forgiveness...and coming US Debt renunciation

VIDEO- National Latino Survey - selected bits

Wal-Mart to stop food donation

Forum with Congressmen Moran and Murtha Packs Hall, 500 Turned Away

Wal-Mart Halts Movie Suggestions on Web

Can I hear a HALLELUJAH!!!!? "AP Poll: Congressional Democrats Favored"

ANNALS OF TINFOIL: Joey Scarbury - Visionary or Rovian Provocateur?

My retired parents' property tax just went up 62%

MSNBC Live Poll - Do you think the economy is on the right track?

Dobbs' blatantly biased News Makers panel.. shock - NOT...

The OTHER Mega scandal!

"Democrats are too weak to be worth bribing"

AP: 4 Year Old on Gov't No-Fly List

How much of right to privacy will we surrender for security - and when?

Do you think that a military strike against Iran is probable?

I just shut the Fox up (and MSNBC too).

Caption *

By their sig lines shall ye know them...

Everyone try to watch "The Book of Daniel" tonight on NBC

Opinions please, M. Chussodovsky-Global

Norah O'Donnell is nothing but a smirking little gossip queen

No. Democrats are too STRONG to bribe.

Do Texan's really speak 'texan' wtf

UGH... Daryn Kagan is interviewing Ted Nugent...

MSNBC: Question of the Day (economy)

Microsoft panders to tyranny

House GOP Members Call for Ouster of Delay

bush admits in speech / monitoring calls originating from within US

Oh Grow Up. ---pix->>>

d.u. this poll please

Lou Rawls was a great singer, aged 72

$271.12 natural gas bill today from NICOR in northern Illinois

My email to conservative idiot and homophobe Bruce Tinsley

Who saw Ed Rogers the ASS attack John Podesta on Tweets?

VIDEO: Let's Get Bush Off Of The Wagon

My Lai Hero Hugh Thompson Jr. Dies at 62

Request for comments on proposed new DU forum: "Investors Forum"

Bush can spy on me as long as I can spy on him.

Grassley aide beaten with bat outside her home. Abramoff connex?

Freepers eating their own now over 'Dukester's Wire'

"If you're talkin' on the phone to an Al Qaeda member, we wanna know why."

My job is bringing me closer to dealing with republican politicians

bush* just now on msnbc the numbers are good, economic picture is rosy

"Uncle Sam Alito" Campaign Coming to a State Near You!

Congress Reacts Swiftly to Abramoff Pleas

Got GOP?

Why I am getting out of the Marines - Post from Craigslist

BREAKING NEWS: House GOPERS Call For Elections

Bremer says U.S. did not expect insurgency in Iraq

It's time to SING to one and all DUrs!!!

Microsoft Shuts Down Chinese Blog (Bans term "Democracy)

"Heckuva job" Griles=Coal Mining Disaster-Read this if you want the truth

Anyone else get "randomly picked" for baggage search during holiday travel

What should Texas teach to develop critical thinking skills?

CINDY SHEEHAN: "The Opposite of Good is Apathy"

The chimperor** In Chicago Today. More chimp like than ever...

Elephant Stampede!!....a cartoon

For a "positive" speech, Bush looks ANGRY.

Rep. Conyers answers Rep. Moran's Call for Grassroots Movement to IMPEACH

Foot problem forces Cheney to use a cane

IMPEACH BUSH? DU this John Birch Society Poll

Is anyone tracking/archiving Radical Cleric Pat Robertson's Fatwas?

ELEVEN US Soldiers Killed in Separate Attacks in Iraq Yesterday...

'06 predictions - Will Durst

Scotty:"We were attacked on September 11th",Helen:"not attacked by Iraqis"

I'm going to say it, I hope a few Democrats get taken down in the scandal

Robertson Issues Statement RE: Sharon

Help. No fault divorce caused higher divorce rate?- Freeper

I've finally realized who Chimpy reminds me of!! Judge Dredd

CRS Says NSA Wiretaps NOT Grounded In Law

LIAR- Bush DID meet with Abramoff

Think you Know the Abramoff Story? Google THIS:

John Conyers: Attend Local Events in Support of Resolution to Investigate

I love this man! (impeachable offenses of an imperial presidency)

Gold-backed world currency?

China to drop US dollar... From

Only NYT Reports the Truth About Bush's 5 Minute Meeting w/ Secretaries ->

Nasty Racist Republican email nearly cost me my job today....

5 million more Americans living in poverty today than four years ago

"Life stations" in mines

Can the U.S. Government continue to humiliate and control the poor in

I LOVE this statement by Abercrombie. This is EXACTLY what all Dems

National Day of Out of Iraq Events: January 7th

What the heck is going on in France?

It's the way that Bush squandered the 9/11 sympathy from other nations.

NYT: "Coal's Power Over Politicians" - Fight Bush for stronger unions!

Grizzly bears investigating new turf

World War I : Which Country was Most Responsible?

A US soldier's predicition if bush is stupid enough to strike Iran...

Need info on Bushco crony company -- Dominion Group -- Calvin Burgess --

Dear Gov. Dean -- So, they attack Rep. Murtha instead of the criminals …

Uh-oh What are canadians thinking?!?

I just heard that Phelps wants to picket the miner's funerals!

PRESIDENT GORE....if only......

VIDEO-Bush Meeting with Abramoff-snippet from Schuster

The Minimum Wage and the 10/1000/10,000 rule.

My snoopgate LTTE makes it to print today

Student sues after being arrested with fake drugs at airport

Teach Kids at Home if Pandemic Strikes, U.S. Government Warns Parents (AP)

Homeland Security opening private mail (It Just Doesn't STOP)

Portland DU'er MeetUp - Saturday January 7

Tommy Thompson Wants to Track You

Bird Flu may have made a mutation toward human contagion.

TX students kicked out of class over Confederate flag purses

Art Bell's wife Ramona has passed on

Any Serious JFK Buffs here?. Did You See this Reuters Story?

Suppose Pat Robertson had became president , when he ran...


Yes it CAN Happen Here – The Impending Death of American Democracy

David Kelly and Judith Miller, the kiss of death.

Bush I don't hate you---I LOATHE you.

Details emerge in Sex Assault Case

Looks like my 'cowards for wiretapping' LTTE will be printed

Cool new source to interact with and question a REAL news group

Disgraced Congressman 'Wore a Wire' [Time Magazine]

IRS Tracked Taxpayers Political Affiliation

Suicide pictures spark complaints

Could we get some mail going to National Treasury Employees Union & Media?

Are there members of graduate employee unions here?

finally a union discussion background

People don't get the danger of Spygate

Can we use the N word NOW?!!

I Read With Great Interest A Thread About The Possible Planting of WMD's..

need list of republican comments regarding Clinton and Bosnia

Abramoff and the Bush war agenda (You can't make this stuff up)


Audio Podcast - Murtha/Moran - Jan 5. 2006 Townhall - stop war discussion

2006 - Year of the Insurgent Campaigns - true or false

Jesselyn Radack and the "No-Fly" List.

How do I begin to volunteer for the Democratic Party?

CSM: Congress is partly to blame for Bush's spying (yes, GOP members)

Virignia's Mark Warner and Tim Kaine: Enemies of unions?

Prosecutor Claims Gay Love Affair Led Builder To Fraud & Tax Evasion

AP: Arcata City Council calls for Bush impeachment (small, but made news)

"the 60 Abramoff says he could name."

Hotline reports Ed Gillespie Signs on as Treasurer for George Allen's PAC

Jack Murtha on C-Span I now. War on Iraq

A bit of Political trivia (choose the best answer)

RFK praises Fox documentary on global warming

Elected Democrats need to lead--not wait for some grassroots movement.

Just Looked at

Robertson: "Sharon ails resulting from divine retribution for Gaza with-

What if 11 dead in Iraq was covered like 12 dead in W. Virginia?

So How Does Sharon Change Things?

Who says criminals cant get work...

Burning Bush (a must-read, illustrated)

Current Headline at WaPo: "After Abramoff, GOP Regroups"

Do you get the feeling the media and politicians are trying to minimize...

Texas' Rick Perry: Add intelligent design to teaching

Falwell:Justice Sunday III Aims To Focus On Activist Judges, Alito

Bush reserves right to himself to bypass torture law...

lobbyist Miller "made his case" and I didn't buy it (Wash. Journal)

Alito and the holy oil

What kind of man is Bush? (Great piece Malloy read on air last night)

China eyes switch in reserves away from dollar (Economic problem?)

Bush economy is similar to Reagan economy in many ways...

Did CIA give IRAN nuclear weopons blueprints?

Brian Lamb, C-SPAN, and Lobbyists...

bartcop vs. DU......

I've come to the conclusion that Republicans support ALL crime...

From Nat. Journal's The Hotline - Dean puts boots on the Ground

Post Enron/Worldcom - Sarbanes-Oxley law... are corporate

John Kerry Blasts Pat Robertson for Sharon Comments

"Janklow's law license restored a year early"

So can I file on FOIA request for any filesl bushco has

'Guantanamo Detainees to be Transferred to Afghan Prison'

WP: Prosecutor Broadens DeLay Inquiry

Bush launches "economic offensive" to "get the credit he deserves"

The contempt for Christianity on Democratic Underground...

MSNBC -- "Pres. Bush shrugged off lower-than-expected job report..."

Bird Flu or "suspected" Bird Flu?

I bet drudge feels a fool

The Deadly Right Wing Spin on Corruption.

Expand Congress to Accurately Reflect Population

Freeper Friend just sent e-mail about how all the Dems took

Jeb loses his Vouchers Yeah!

Want a better picture of the job market since * took office?

one of the bushmilhousegang's favorite terrorists soon to be free

Rice Cancels Trips Amid Sharon Questions

Who Else Was John Bolton Spying Upon?

Maryland healthcare bill focus of pitched battle (Wal-Mart vs. Unions)

Ford Calls For Reform Of House Rules

GWB: Denny Hastert.."he's doing a heckuva job.."

UAW group plans auto show protest

"That was carryin' things to excess." Plunkitt, Tammany philosopher

An open letter to your congresscritter

Send A Letter To Congress: Impeach Bush ( self-service)

Republican Word Search Puzzle. Educational and FUN!


Bawhahaha,sending an Email to a local TV station DOES work...

Buh-Bye Delay! From Taegen Goddard's Political Wire

Contributions to Dems came directly from Indian tribes NOT from Abramoff

Robert c Koehler...Media Silence and the Assault on Democracy

Libby gets a job (shouldn't he be in jail?)

California lawmakers push for public financing of political campaigns

Dover, PA district legal fees likely to top $1 million


Santorum threatens New Jersey

Bush to distance US from UN, NATO, rely on "Coalitions of the Willing"

I dislike the Republic Party

Over 160,000 FOIA requests are filed!

Poll: Democrats Favored to Control Congress

Now is the time to tie the extreme RW to Crackpot Robertson

i would like to hear from some older members of DU -- the ones

DNC: Instead of the lame slogan "American Can Do Better" why not...

Another tape from Osama's righthand man...

What drug is Sen. Mitch McConnell on?

Has anyone seen this parody web-site of PNAC?

Bush's main attention to coal industry; appoint more cronies to MSHA

GOP:some Democrats are so sleazy, they get involved with the likes of us

T O R T U R E D - L O G I C

How Come We Have Heard No Comments From The Tribes Abramoff...

Randi Is Getting Very Close To MIHOP or LIHOP.....

Bush's Recess appointments?

My LTE to Canadian press RE: Stephen Harper (the Conservative PM hopeful)

The word SCANDAL

Has our nation ever been in deeper shit?

Gitmo Jails built pre 9-11-01 hmmm, Is this a 'Smoking Gun' ?

God is trying to kill Ariel Sharon! Israeli docs thwart psychotic deity!

Bloomberg debunked Bush claim - Abramoff "an equal money dispenser"

See Wes Clark cut O'Leilly a new one

John Kerry on Air America’s Rachel Maddow Show

Good Economy

(The roaches are scattering) House GOP Calls for DeLay Replacement

Same damn lying ass speech from the commander and thief...

NJ, Essex cities seek delay on electronic voting-say voters not ready

Need help with my LTTE on Bush and 9/11

Great LTTE smackdown in my local Republican newspaper yesterday

Bush LIED about NOT meeting Abramoff- and here's proof:

Re:the RawStory article on attempts to Plant WMDs in Iraq before invading

Set as your homepage

Reid, Pelosi, Dean, Kerry etc,--Can't you demand Chimp/Cheney removal.

Survey: Most in Arizona would pass up tax cuts

Clark was on FAUX this AM and really stressed how

Need to DU this letter from VoteTrustUSA! New Lou Dubose article

No good news for Bush in latest AP poll,great news for Congressional Dems!

the Democratic Party and American workers

Kerry Holds Press Conference: New Legislation on Child Pornography

Sibel Edmonds: Blogger on the right track!

Judge Alito and the use of a broomstick to anally violate a "retarded" man