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Archives: January 5, 2006

Bush/ Dept of Labor & previous coal mine toxic cover ups (whitewashing)

WI Passes open source requirement for E-voting

Lax Oversight Found in Tests of Gene-Altered Crops

Stamp-price hike is pure politics, critics charge

Overriding the GOP/Wal-Mart Culture of Corruption

Byron Williams: Time to Reclaim our Democracy

Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse

Murray Waas: America Mourns With Anderson Cooper

Is the U.S. becoming the enemy we abhor? By Kevin Zeese

San Diego Union Tribune: Uh.. Dick?

A Cult of Presidential Power: The Unrestrained President

Cheney-Rumsfeld Surveillance Plans Date Back to 1980s

King George

Was CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour spyed on?

Steven Spielberg's unforgivable 'sin'

MOGAMBO: 'Hahaha! You Were Killed By Your Own Banks, You Stupid Morons!'

California gasoline, diesel production higher than 2004

Kidnap attempt on US activist's parents

Steven Spielberg's unforgivable 'sin'

Analysis: Sharon's Condition Causes Turmoil (yahoo news)

Why wasn't Sharon airlifted to hospital?

9/11 Poll

kster, sfexpat2000, IndyOp, Algorem, WillYourVoteBCounted, et. al

High-Tech Voting Machine Plans Postponed

Radio/online show on voting technology Thursday

How to Exhume an Election

Bush recess appoints Von Spakovsky to the FEC

Volunteers needed To Help with Daily Election Thread!!!

How is Billerica pronounced?

"After Downing Street" Group Needs MA Attention, folks...

Pawlenty doesn't want the Vikings to leave. He cares not for Ford, however

White House Watch: Bush launches dual January messages

White House Told NSA Briefings Broke Law

BBC News: JFK assassination 'was Cuba plot' (new film claims)

Major events in the life of Ariel Sharon

Lay, Skilling Seek New Enron Trial Venue

Analysis: Sharon's Condition Causes Turmoil (yahoo news)

After gas crisis, Ukriane questions reliability of Russia's government

Third EU Nation May Have Secret CIA Prisons

George Bush: We are praying for Sharon's recovery

NYC Council Elects 1st Woman, Gay Speaker

Lynn Swann to Run for Pa. Governor

Pentagon loses legal round on Guantanamo names

Cherokee Court rules for lesbian couple

US Fails to Respond to UN Request; Western Shoshone Petition for Public Su

Locals unaware of signing anti-gay marriage petition (Evil Fundie Fraud)

Minister, a Bush Ally, Gives Church as Site for Alito Rally

U.S. may move some Guantanamo inmates to Afghanistan

Gas crisis: British minister blames Russia

Words 'suicide bomber' in journal set off scare on San Jose-bound flight

Haaretz: As acting (Israeli) PM, Olmert can make all urgent decisions

Gingrich Says House, Facing Scandal, Needs New Majority Leader

Surveillance Court Is Seeking Answers

NBC Removed Reference To Amanpour To "Further Continue Our Inquiry"

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

Secret grave discovered on (Chilean) cult grounds (Reuters)

Station Drops 'Book Of Daniel' After Anti-Gay Pressure

A little 'hot air' story about Democrats and Republicans

A guy didn't show up for an interview today because......

Would you turn down an invitation to the Bush White House?

I thought we'd start all over, but I guess I was wrong (hey.)....

Rapture in 2006

Is it okay for a leftie to silently ditch a person he's conversing with?

Althea learns a valuable lesson about the bathtub . . . .

LTTE Against Feingold uses Flight 93 metaphor

*OFFICIAL* Rose Bowl thread!!!!!!

*UNOFFICIAL* Rose Bowl thread!!!!!!!

Who is going to Wash DC on the 31st or the weekend of Feb 4th to protest?


Seeing Sandra Day O'Connor on a football field is just weird

Chrysler is trying again.

MATCOM! Good news! Mooning is not a crime in Maryland!

Is Mozilla really any more secure than IE?

When you pick a piece of food from in between your teeth . . .

I'm getting a huge amount of spam in my inbox

To CarpeDiebold: I Am Sorry

Okay whos watching pam andersons stacked right now.

Should I have a 3rd glass of wine?


Official I'd rather feel LUST than watch football thread

Bite my shiny metal ass, meatbags! .... Again!

Halftime...whew! Time for a snack!

pitcher of fosters & two washington apples...

A fine and hearty Good Evening, Loungers!

People who let their cats outside should get the death penalty!!!!

"Life is not punishment or reward,

Official I'd rather see LOST than football thread

Should I send this e-mail?

Would it be impolite to say "suck on this"?

Official I'd rather Be lost than watch football thread

Yay!!! It FINALLY worked for me! Try this....

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

Don't forget Postage increase effective Jan. 8

Verizon vs Cingular? Which is best?

My friend would like your comments on her poem. Anti war.

Is there a "heterosexual agenda"?

Why Texas is better than California

Hey Padre, You're gettin maggots in the gravy

Nellie Mckay dumped by label

I'm eating a potato and bacon pizza. Ask me anything

well, the rose bowl sure hasn't lived up to the hype so far

*OFFICIOUS* Rose Bowl thread!!!!!!

Well, the Texas Male Cheerleader outfits....

Pepto Bismol in caplet form just ain't right I say......

OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIE! (Caution: undraped male form pic)

Okay, Cookie Monster never actually swallows cookies. He just...

please tell me USC is winning

Old Folks Say The Damndest Things

Where is California Peggy??

Wedding couples rush for 666 date

Moon Landing Poll

the bronze republican

I was so wasted...

Awright, I admit it--I'm siding with Dubya on this one


a clip for your enjoyment......ORilley interview on Letterman

Grade Your Governor (Please) and Tell us Why

Well, I went and did it

ok, which one of you is Jon Stewart?

A fart and heiny Good Evening, Loungers!

Who believes the Government covered up the truth about UFOs in Roswell

Official I'd rather feel ForrestGump than watch football thread

Here we are! Mt. Baldy with snow....and some new sunset/sea/bird pics!

Seattle people - have you had the hamburger desert at Canlis?

Criss Angel Named 2005 Magician of the Year

Take your time and be honest - tell a truth about me.

What's the story with tilapia?

I'm having /way/ too much fun with my toning ball. Do they ever burst?

We start Sex Ed. in a week.

*OFFICIAL* rose bowl thread part deux

Anybody here ever have a $1000.00 flat tire? I had one today.

Stupid bitch in the store tonight, blaming the MINERS for their deaths!

I declare this Rabrrrrrr appreciation day.

Couldn't a broken clock be right THREE times a day

First locked thread for the new mods!

Oh HELL Yeah!!!!!!

Liberal characters on television--who were they?

Fuck yeah! I finally paid off a student loan!

Skinner: Can we have "Hide a PAGE" capability in 2006?

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

PFOX Spokesman: Despite Its Denials, PTA Does Promote Homosexual Agenda

what are "gay rights" anyway?

Baptist leader accused of soliciting male prostitute

Hey, everybody... Check out the new username

kweerwolf beat me to the post..ignore this.

I detect a definite media bias against Texas.


Texas is the new Florida State

USC dynasty coming to an end tonight?

Ever see a man fly?

Keith Jackson is soooooo out of touch


The Crimson Circle and Tobias Material

Matthew has a new message today!

Another reason to hate that scumbag Jack Abramoff

Senators Who Made Us Proud in 2005 - Mentions Kerry

Quick research question for JK historians

Sec. of the Interior Gale Norton and Hastert in focus

1/4/06 KOEB

More connections between repub contributions and SAGO mine

Recess appointments

Uh-Oh ... Wonder what type of tale will be spun

What frikkin' PLANET is this woman on??!!??

Hey! TCM's Tonight! "Spy Who Came in from Cold" & "Quiller Memorandum!"

have you read the CBS transcripts from 4/4/2004 re:Lauriski/Spadaro

FROM THE FRONT LINES discussion of the Mining Disaster on now!

Tweety just said that Newt Gingrich has called for Delay to step aside.

i just heard on lou dobbs that bill frist has tapped

A Syllogism.

Question on Bob Nay

Since when did Juan Williams start defending the Bush admin on FOX?

Hilarious.. O'Lielly drinks tainted Letterman coffee...

Which Pug Pundit Makes You Spit Nails?

What can you find out about the other recess appointments made today?

UMWA responds to disaster

A one-year, one-inch protest

Looks like network news may be waking up

Bush Hates Me video

208 violations

Julie Myers was appointed by Bush today for Homeland Security

Why I will be detained as a Terrorist Sympathizer….

Poetry by G.W. Bush

White House: Praying for Sharon

Anybody ever read the book "Out of Many: AHistory of the American People"?

Enron's Skilling uses September 11 in his defense

It's time for someone to start putting Newt gingrich in his place

Things are going to get REALLLY ugly soon.

How many died? How many lied?

Abramoff story is HUGH111!!! But what is everybody talking about?

JUAN WILLIAMS trashing Letterman on Bill O'Reilly

Who says karma isn't a bitch? Newt getting his payback against Delay

AL GORE apparently impressed a bunch of Conservatives Today

On Larry King, correspondent states that officials were listening in to

DU this local poll

So my local news covered Abramoff and 2 local (R)s tonight

Garofalo: Homomphobes had boners in gay porno study....

Another Baptist phony (preacher) arrested on soliciting male cop

Reuters: US news media caught up in erroneous happy ending

BBC vs USA TV news, interesting comparison, or is it Israel vs USA?

Okay, I'm sorry to the Moderators

Wedding couples rush for 666 date

AP: Southwest Airlines starts Denver flights

9/11 Poll

Maryland Democrats ask Repug MD Gov Ehrlich to return Abramoff money

Operation "Moon River"

The "football"

Re all this Abramoff money being offloaded to charities...

Question about O'Reilly sounbite being played on AAR

New Daily Show Tonight! On Now!

A challenge: define "bribery" and how it is at work in this society.

Airline requests time to reorganize

DU's 5th birthday looms. How will we celebrate it?

Sympathy thread for Ariel Sharon

Attytood:Why would Bush spy on Christiane Amanpour?

To the families of the lost miners...

Uh Oh!!! Serious Safety Violations in the Mine. Will we see the first

Bush -3 IQ points =Barney

I used to work for this guy.

Republicans Same As 90's Dems? NO WAY

Bush and his $6000 from Abramoff - goes to charity but ...

Man, Did Mathews Make Me Queasy This Evening

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Shin Dig

Give me liberty or give me death!

ABRAMOFF's First Campaign Finance Scandal was in HIGH SCHOOL!

US news media caught up in erroneous happy ending

FISA court is angry!!----They want answers from Bush.

Why does this site say Abramoff was contributing to Democrats?

New Daily Show on...starting right now! (heads up)

Raw Story: Abramoff Can Implicate Up To 60 Lawmakers

Question.... before I lose it... is anyone else having to wait ten

"Ollie North was very close to Jack Abramoff and the CFA"

George Bush minus 3 IQ points =

Fullest context on donations: Abramoff "and associates and tribal clients"

Sirotablog: Bush ignored explicit warnings in 2002 about mine safety

AMERICAblog says NBC must be investigating whether bush spied on CNN's...

How Many are SCARED off the web because the CRITICAL current M$ virus?


Does anyone think Olbermann has been muzzled?

The Updated Wikipedia for our friend, Mr. Matthews

Save Social Security by Raising the Minimum Wage to $8

Who reads newspapers??

SWAT team, state police were positioned near W. Va. church

Letterman -vs- O'Reilly - > mp3

NBC erasing transcripts???

New years resolutions from Dissident

The Letterman Experience: By Bill O'Rielly

EXCLUSIVE: Bush ignored explicit warnings in 2002 about mine safety

Dear NSA spies..

Wisconsin passes open source requirement for electronic voting

AARs New Streaming RIFF......Pathetic

The Daily Show better be fucking funny tonight.

News Being Censored

Who thinks Alito will be confirmed, and why?


you guys will like this pic............

Heh. Columnist David Brooks is terrified by the Abramoff plea.

So, have any *new* approval polls come out since * was outed as a spy?

Jon Stewart will host this years Oscars!

Have you seen this? Caution absolutely hysterical!

This one's for Andy. He would have been bouncing all over DU...


Miners families:"We're Christian people but we're wondering if there IS

Help me bring down some freetards (has to do with Child porn)

Anyone else remember Reagan's Stock Market Crash??

Does anyone else think that Dean should run for prez in 08?

Attention Republicans! I Want To Help. Please visit this site.

Bush: 17 recess appointments tonight. Google Time

Meet James Steven Griles - former Deputy Secretary of Interior

Abramoff ties to Al Qaeda.

DUers are obsessed with the need for conspiracy?

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Sends Condolences to the Families of WV Miners

Interesting Abramoff timeline

"It's Time", a poem to bring the troops home.

Need research help: 2006 RACES

The House That Jack Bought

I think EVERY major Dem, Reporter, Journalist should say.....

Cheney emerges from the bunker to spew a few lies

Giant, putrid septic tank just overflowed in Washington.

About these 17 recess app'ts. When was Congress....

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman considering senate run...

What's wrong with Rita Cosby's voice

White House Web Site Press Release on SEVENTEEN Bush recess appts

More details about DNC fundraising. 7 million to VA and NY.

DeLay to give Abramoff contributions to charity (future cellmates)

Abeamhoff is taking this "Godfather" thing a wee - bit too far?

Younger DUers, you ever wonder how big of a piece of SHIT Nixon was?

Tallmansville - a victim of the GWOT?

Rasmussen says W approval down to 46%

How to Exhume an Election

New Daily Show Tonight! On Now!

Does anyone know if DeLay is at risk from the Abramoff scandal?

Did I hear Tweetie call Sharon a peace maker?

Housing Decline Predictions

Please look at this Election Reform Thread and Help if you can!

Rep. Kennedy to Keep Money from Tribes That Hired Abramoff

HA! Even the fundies are denouncing Abramoff.

Radio/online show on voting technology Thursday

With All This Abramoff Stuff I Haven't Heard A Thing About Fitz &...

White House Told NSA Briefings Broke Law (the beginnng of the end?)

The Bush Presidency is finished.

Democratic Underground Has New Moderators!

William Safire is angry his home and office were wiretapped by NSA

Local Activist Throws Hat in Va. Senate Race

U.S. Senators Who Made Us Proud in 2005

Hastert letter to Interior Sec. urging block of casino under scrutiny

List of those returning Abramoff-related money

Newt says GOP must dump the Bugman as House Speaker

Amanpour wiretapped and what it means to Clark, Kerry, Clinton

Save Social Security by Raising the Minimum Wage to $8 per hour

Justice DeLayed (Walter Brasch,

Domestic Spying and the Fear Factor

The Evangelical Christian Right's Pathological Attack on America

Kucinich Says He Wants Truth About Deaths Of 3/25 Marines

Mr. Baker, a Republican, wants the U.S. Government to bale out of NO

Reform or perish: Marxist state's sunrise tinges red rupee pink

U.S. Stages Elections in Iraq -- Results Pose New Problems and Dangers

Congress is partly to blame for Bush's warrantless wiretaps

Coyle: Harris and the rage on our streets

Did the CIA give Iran the bomb?

Cronyism in the Bush Administration

"Miller's Moment": Nice piece about Rep. George Miller gettin' it done.

Haaretz analysts: Political scenarios in a post-Sharon era

What the Republicans Really Do Not Want

Oliphant: "An insidious culture of surveillance"


Bush Rewards & Persecutes Churches Based On Fealty to His Agenda

San Diego Union Tribune: A needed scandal

Novak Aids Hoyer's Effort to Undermine Democrats

I've got your waterboard right here - bush, torture, power & threats

DC Sleaze Explosion

Secret Service probes theft of Ford computer containing employee info

A Gentler Capitalism

UCLA: The media does lean slightly to the left

STEPHEN EDWARD SEADLER: Blood Of The Lamb Flows In The Streets

Aldrich Ames spy case is not an example of illegal wiretaps or searches.

My LTTE to regional Traverse City Record Eagle about NSA wiretaps

Winners and Losers (GOP is loser) by Howard Finemen

Newt: I'm shocked, shocked by Abramoff scandal!

Gary Hart: End this Evasion about permanent Bases (HuffPo)

The noose tightens

My Heart is Heavy

Oregon's All-Mail Voting: The Best Voting System in the Nation!

Attacking Bush's only weapon: Fear (Must Read!)

MANUEL VALENZUELA: The Army of Good Americans

JASON MILLER: On Father's Day, Send Your Cards to Tom Instead of George

"Attacking Bush's ONLY Weapon: FEAR!" (A Must read from Greenwald)

(John Pilger) The death of freedom

F*ck the 'New York Times'...

Trend for deep-sea trawling puts rare fish on the ocean's critical list

Besse nuclear plant probes wrap up Four banned from nuclear industry

Indonesian Forestry Minister Predicts End Of Illegal Logging By 2009

Yet Another Benefit Of A Rapidly Warming Planet - More Food Poisoning

Water Prices Up Nearly 50% As South China Drought Intensifies

Tien Shan (China) Glacier Thins By Up To 20 Meters Since 1960 - Xinhua

Anal Cyst Boy Limbaugh is scanning DU today. Hey Rush, bite me!

Collins, Sununu, McCain Off To Visit Antarctica

Paleoclimate Records Show Rapid Ocean Current Shift, 6C Temp. Increase

Australian Govt. Rejects Evacuees From Low-Lying Pacific Island Nations

New Zealand Experiences Warmest December In 71 Years - NZ Herald

NSF Taking "Icebreaking Services" Bids - Coast Guard Lacks The Ships

7% Of Alaskan Interior Permafrost Already Showing Signs Of Melting

Geothermal: 2005 Review, 2006 outlook

France to cut oil use by 2020 with new reactor

Sierra Club opposes Supreme Court Nominee Judge Samuel Alito, Jr.


Tunisia looking for ties with Israel

Sharon's illness draws mixed response in Arab world (Haaretz)

Ruthless soldier who would promise to find 'true peace'

Jibril: Sharon illness is 'G-d's gift'

Israel ends lease with Hebron for wholesale market

Robertson: Sharon punished for dividing Israel

Gaza's spiral into anarchy

POLL: Kadima would get 42 seats if led by Shimon Peres, 40 with Olmert

Peace Now petitions court to halt Modi'in Illit construction

Logic Rejects Hydrogen Bomb At WTC

Anyone have a good list of docs indicating "red shift" and DRE problems?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday 1/5/06

Bill Just Passed in WI Giving Public Right to View Election Software

Kerry's comments on e-voting

Action item: Request Shelley story on new AAR radio show

Most Favor Sex Ed (California)

Show us your tax returns Governor.

CODEPINK LA action Friday 1/6 at LA Auto Show

Wanna make some trouble in SF and help election reform in CA?

CR area members: penny for your thoughts

If anyone cares to defend Senator Harkin there is a thread in GD-P

Another tidbit for the CR area -- Swati has an opponent in November

Charlie Gallo's Conversation with John Bonifaz, Candidate for Sec of Comm.

Independent Tatnuck Bookseller closes doors?

Sabo and McCollum sign Conyers letter to investigate spying on Amanpour

Pawlenty just got his ass handed to him

I'm new to this cd burning and have some ?s

German privacy hackers develop RFID zapper, Destroys passive RFID tags

has anyone downloaded the new version of SpywareBlaster?

Petro campaign tries to kill rumor of Heimlich’s departure

Oh. Dem Party Petition:to Bush-Return Noe & Abramoff 'Pioneer' Money

Zack Space Signs Ethics Pledge Saying, "I Won't Be Bought" (Ney opponent)

Ohio to lose seats

Who should be Strickland's Lt. Governor?

Fingerhut filing is sign he's in governor's race


Did U know Strayhorn is Scott McClellan's mom?

OK Austin. It's time for us to have brunch again.

Because the world needs one more lawyer..:D

So, who's having Leftover Smorgasboard today?

Sirius Canada won't air Howard Stern?

US news media caught up in erroneous happy ending

Sharon taken back into surgery a second time after CT scan

$36.5 Million Malpractice Award May be Record for Conn.(OBGYN)

NYT: Difficulties in Treating Sharon's Kind of Stroke

Report Criticizes Houston Crime Lab, Again

(John) Stewart To host Academy Awards

Lobbyist's Guilty Plea Seen as Threat to DeLay Return (NYT)

Second Turkish child dies from bird flu

GOP Tries to Outrun Scandal

Off-Duty Officers Sued in Club Incident

Pastor who preached against gays arrested on lewdness charge

Second Turkish teenager dies from bird flu

Turkey Joins U.S.-Led Anti-Iran Effort

Most Favor Sex Ed (California)

More than 7,000 Iraqis killed in violence in 2005

Lobbyist ties could keep DeLay out of leadership

EX-U.S. Secretaries, Bush to Discuss Iraq

Supreme Court Says U.S. Can Move Padilla

Two dead, more injured in military crash

"why ..did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb?"

Bush defies Congress in filling defense, foreign policy posts

Fannie Mae Investigation Finds `Nothing Alarming'

CNN: Mecca hotel collapses: 4 deaths

Suicide attack kills 10 in Afghanistan

(Reuters) Seven U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq-military, police

U.S. serviceman admits killing Japanese woman in Yokosuka

Reform or perish: Marxist state's sunrise tinges red rupee pink

Israel's Sharon 'out of surgery'

How Blair joined Bush's Iraq 'crusade' revealed

More than 100 killed in Iraq suicide attacks

'Al-Qaida' Briton faces extradition to US

Snohomish County switching to mail-in elections

Bush defies Congress in filling defense, foreign policy posts

In Florida, Abramoff AGAIN Pleads Guilty!

Government Asks for Dismissal of Guantanamo Cases

Headteacher decapitated by Taliban

Cuban eye care programme to get upgrade (Antigua & Barbuda)

LA Times: Jon Stewart chosen to host Academy Awards

Attack Near Shiite Shrine Kills Over 40

Families of 9/11 Victims Can View Remains

Father: Soldier died overseas of natural causes (19 yrs old)

Pace admits mistakes in training of Iraqi military

Key Dem rips spy program briefings

60 Days For Child Rape

NBC confirms investigating whether Bush spied onChristiane Amanpour

Florida Supreme Court declares school vouchers unconstititional

Washington Post Launches Capitol Radio Station

Doomed miners wrote letters

Democratic consultant sues GOP blogger for defamation

Court considers unusual clash between creed, curriculum

Polish customs officials charged with corruption

Pataki push for Commish to take on Hill (NY Senate)

NATO AWACS jets to guard German World Cup

Group calls on Bush to release source of contributions (Abramoff)

Greek paper prints photo of 'MI6 agent'

Va. Man Charged With Killing Missionary

3 GOP senators blast Bush bid to bypass torture ban

Connecticut Sticking To Old Voting Machines

Father: Soldier died overseas of natural causes(stress, after yr. in Iraq)

A smoking gun? Or more spin. You decide

4-Year-Old Boy on Government 'No-Fly' List

New barriers to drugs could worsen Guatemala's long-ignored AIDS problem

Reid to keep donations from Abramoff clients

Top American Commander Warns of Dangers for New Iraqi Government

Sharon critical but stable

Sessions urged troop drawdown in Iraq "as quickly as possible"

Number of miners in Nevada being hurt underground rises

Democrats Don't Plan Alito Filibuster

130 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers killed in bombings

US reiterates strong opposition to Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline

At least 20 dead as new tragedy hits Mecca pilgrimage (AFP)

Democrats Don't Plan Alito Filibuster

Governor draws ire of GOP

Abramoff's plea renews focus on Hastert's '03 casino letter

Chicken Industry Plans to Test Flocks (Bad Chicken - Mess You Up!)

Abramoff, clients gave thousands to (Republican) California officials

Jobless Claims Plunge to Five-Year Low

No clemency hearing for inmate, 75

Prayers in Del. school lawsuit tentatively settled for six fiqures

Zeta, Tropical Storm That Won't Quit

EU challenges Vatican's draft abortion treaty

Rice Chastises Russia's Energy Moves

Robertson says Sharon's stroke is God's punishment

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Sharon dead and “others to follow suit”

'Critical danger' warning on fish

EU force kills wanted Serb's wife

Sharon Dead, According to Rumors outside Hadassah Hospital

Durbin says Alito should be questioned about domestic spying

CNN: NOLA Ninth Ward Residents in Standoff against Bulldozers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 5 January

"Bush Defies Congress" (Recess Appointments include Chertoff's Staffs Wife

EU plans for GM organic food condemned

DGA Nominations: "Brokeback," "Good Night,..," "Munich..."

New Wisconsin law DOES NOT allow you to see source code.

D.C. Smoking Ban Approved

DeLay's bid to return to US leadership in jeopardy

CTA rejects big fuel discount offer [Chicago transit ... Venezuela aid]

Reid says Chertoff should resign (DHS takes LasVegas funds away.)

Journalist Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds That of Vietnam- RWB

Santorum, 4 Pa. House members donate lobbyist's cash

Lone mine survivor arrives in Pittsburgh for treatment

Study: Logging burned areas kills new trees

America's waning clout in Iraq

Democrats to Delay Alito Confirmation Vote

Lynn Swann to Run for Pa. Governor

AP: Former Syria VP Says Assad Should Go ("regime change" in Syria)

Gen. Pace criticizes Sen. Murtha remark (wouldn't join service today)

(Pat) Robertson blamed Sharon stroke on policy of "dividing God's land"

Kennedy making personal statement (LibDem leader, on alcohol allegations)

U.S. says bomb hit wrong house in Iraq

Bush Listens to Suggestions on Iraq (from former cabinet officers)

Anyone can buy cell records

Snow says (he likes) idea of federal bailout agency for Louisiana


20+ Congressmembers ask White House, If/why CNN reporters were bugged

Microsoft Releases WMF Vulnerability Patch

Body Of Singer Barry Cowsill Found (Katrina Victim)

Lieberman criticizes new Medicare plan

Iran: Holocaust Conference Soon in Tehran

French youths speaking their own language

Tyco Acknowledges $1.6M Link to Abramoff ("Company A")

Wal-Mart Says December Sales May Crimp 4th-Qtr Profit

US agents shot at, tension mounts on Mexico border

Iran rejection of nuclear deal becoming clear: Rice

Secretive military unit sought to solve political WMD concerns....

Bill Would Limit Protests At Military Funerals

Lawmaker aims to stamp out abortion

NSA whistle-blower threatens to reveal all...Washington Times

Peru recalls ambassdor to Venezuela

Mack Brown reminds me of Tom DeLay

Guess who this is.

That mac - dad will make ya!


Pete Carrol should be fired

Congratulations, Texas!

damn! Leinart seemed pissed off!

Check Vince Young For Cocaine Steroids

never thought I would be rooting for the goddamned Longhorns.

well, that answers the "is USC the best team ever" question, don't it?

Who is THIS..?


Does your cat like ice water?

Why do guys sound like they are being murdered when they watch football?

Fire Mack Brown

Boogeyman Captured on Film!

censorship is unamerican

'This cost USC the game. That cost USC the game'

This has to be the best week of football I've ever seen

Check the Latest Page: 4 Lounge posts!

That touchdown that should have NEVER counted made the difference

Why I was pulling for Texas in the NC game?

It takes two to fight

Oklahoma's streak of 47 straight is safe

Men in their undies playing Twister!!

DU Bisexuals - Sex, or sex?

Alice Cooper: Only Women Bleed/Poison

(John) Stewart To host Academy Awards

A demolition derby!! WWOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

Congrats, Texasgal and others


OK, am I the only person in the lounge who did NOT watch the game

Poll question: DU women: chocolate or sex?

ATTENTION: Wonder Showzen marathon on MTV2 NOW!!!

Good Night, Lounge.

Hey, loungers...

DU sports haters

check out the pecker on this guy!

Opium is the new sport of the masses!

Nighthawks 56 (dial-up warning)

Can I Get A Hook 'Em Horns!!!

Wow, Missy Elliot lost weight

Getting whacked; it's

I agree with Bush

Hey look!! A purple yak!!

What would happen in GD, if. . .

Holy shit...

Do you know anything about the Skannerz blue Zendra game by Radica?

Can you be an authority on anti-authoritarianism?

Noam Chomsky on sports

Funny, I can't Imagine Ali cooking anything except meth :)

What the hell is electoral dysfunction?

And the word of the day is ....

John Stewart will host the Academy Awards

liberal radio in anchorage

Thursday earworm.

Man Assaults Pizza Delivery Driver - Gives His Real Phone # - Arrested

Marriage Prenup Included Back Rubs, $5 Nagging Fee - Ends In Divorce

Indiana TV Station Refuses To Broadcast 'The Book Of Daniel'

Man Shot Over $22,000 In Unpaid Sex Acts

IMPORTANT!!! - - Virus Alert! All Windows users please read!!!!

Good Thursday Morning, Everybody!

Valet Parking Bikini Babes A Booming Business


Time again to post your unfounded rumors about the new Moderators

Sports are the new opiate of the masses

the du lounge "deep thoughts" thread for tonight:

Matcom has the number of the beast!!! Taken a minute ago:

Wash DC DU-ers---WTOP changing frequencies today at noon!

How can I get that 2 hours of my life back!!!!

DU NYC Gathering in NYC: Feb 4th, 2006

Come fly with this guy..... lose your cookies just watching this.....

What the hell is going on, I'm getting tons of spam...

Artist Loses Key After Chaining Legs Together - Hops 12 Hours To Safety

Well, time to 'fess up about The Rose Bowl

Say "We need a warrant" again!

Greatest. College. Football. Game. EVER!! HOOK 'EM!!!!!!!!

HEY! Texasgal.

Kids Left Home Alone - Parents Party In Vegas But They DID Get Dog Sitter

Me versus Tmobile. Rnd 1. Tmob's charging me 250 for a used fone they

Sims 2 fans: here's a funny video

Man Lives For A Year With Decomposing Wife

Am I the only one who didn't watch the game last night?

Favorite Mexican Dish?

*** PAC-10 LOSES *** PAC-10 LOSES *** PAC-10 LOSES ***

What do you have for Breakfast, the majority of the time?

Question for those who live with their spouses/BF-GF/partners, etc.:

I just cleaned my mouse's ball... ask me anything

What's the story with salami?

KKKarl Rove paid off Rose Bowl referees!

I'm bored. Who wants to start a flame war?

Computer Critters (funny video)

Wow... I want to eat.

Only 2 more days before the Prophetess comes back from Florida!

ESPN is full of it.

Al Stewart will only hire sidemen born in "Year of the Cat"

What's the story with jalopys?

Hilarious video.

What's the difference between Bush** and Mack Brown?

Freepers: women pretty much useless at athletics

Question about a will.

My LTTE was printed yesterday!

Have to share this, what is 100%

NSA Bugs Anna Nicole Smith

Any Islamic DU'ers ever go to Mecca?

Man Asks Women If He Can Jog Naked - He Does Then Masturbates - Arrested

I love this picture

Artist Binds Feet in Desert, Loses Key


I wanna get married on 6/6/06, only problem is I don't have a groom

A vanity post - isn't my avatar cute post

Target sells memory card with nudie pix...buyer traumatized for life

So I guess it's time now for me to turn my attention to UT B-Ball, huh?

If you bought a memory card and it had "something" on it already

I just shaved my beard.

So, instead of vanity plates, I'm considering "specialty" plates.

I'm ready for my spankin, Texasgal :(

sorry boss but I broke the sink!

"He eats like a pig..."

Wouldn't it be ironic if R.Bush went to the Texans...

HAHAHAHA FARK! (Best of 2005)

Welcom to Big XII Football, the best in the Country!

Lie back and think of England

What's this I hear about Bush** spying on Christina Aguilera?

New Addition to my friend's household

Post NOTHING about other DUers!

Ahhhh! The wonderful aroma of......

So will Vince Young ever have to pay for a beer in Austin again?

Q101 just had a commercial that said "Alternative is..."

only 9 months until the college football season

Hey, DUers, I have a question about something important.

4 Year Old Upset About Being On Government No Fly List

This name above the title means it's a BAD Lounge thread

Chinese Company Will Only Hire People Born In 'Year Of The Dog'

Disturbing picture of the day (brought to you by ShellBeau's dream)

Real Xmas Tree vs. Fake: the wtmusic household controversy

More Football: Is LenDale White (USC) the new Jerome Bettis?

A good reason to for me to feel great about being part-Cherokee

i saw something that reminds me of jpgray:

Time to hibernate until Baseball Season....

USC QB Matt Leinert: "I still think we're the better team"...

Concessions--I'm making them here

Everybody steals my ideas

My Mom Is So Damn Cool

Confections--I'm taking them here.

That 70's Show Quesiton - Who died in the season opener?

Laura Bush on Sesame Street??

O'Lielly made up the story about Silent Night

Vince Young pro?

Avatar HELP Please!

windows increased my paging file size for me

gordon jump

Anybody remember these? (GI Joe PSA cartoons redubbed)


My right pupil is massively dilated.

Who wants to take the "Vacation from Medication" plunge with me?

i have a weird sore on my foot

kick-ass-bob is posting stealth links

Confessions---I am taking them here.

It's good to know justice is alive and well

For the lounge...."I'm an Asshole"

Recommend a good national eye exam/glasses chain?

Was there a point to the Godfather 3?

There is a sneeze stuck in my nose. I've tried looking at the light,

Who else is in Club no-Meds?

Khash does lyrics....... Yet again.

The lounge feels like a walk-in medical clinic today

See I knew I was right all along

Has your kitty tried Greenies? bird is exhibiting nesting behavior.

"Drugs fuck with my reality fucks with my drugs"

The lounge is so clique-ish!

I realise there's nothing inherently wrong with this headline...

Did your papa preach?

What are you obsessive about?

WXRT is still the best rock station in the country.......

ATTN: Future Me.

My 2000th post!!!

Where's my Abramoff money!?

Anyone seen a link to a video of the Ferrell/Mcconaughey Rose Bowl bit?

Elvis' "Bridge over Troubled Water": amazing or no?



The lounge has a severe shortage of parentheses!

Best show ever. IMHO

Under What Conditions Would You Give Up Your Right To Privacy?

Need prayers/warm thoughts for a friend who hit and killed a kid

is 5:20 too early for the cleaning lady to start here at the office?

matcom dines on poo-poo.

What is your Hobbit Name? What about your Elvish name?

Tattoos on the palm?

Hair on the palms?

The only good Texas Longhorn

I'm eating salmon&avacado sushi made with brown rice!

what's up with this?

My academically struggling daughter got a 179 on the PSAT

I'm Chief Justice Robert Bork. Ask me anything.

Perry Bible Fellowship- Quite Possibly the Greatest Webcomic Ever

Inwë Carnesîr is my Elf Name and.......

Remember The Kid Who Admitted He Hit My Truck?

21,630 Kilometer rowing quest ends short by only 21,600 Kilometers

Ugh! My college roomie's husband is running for political office...


I spent the last hour reaming


Wow...I almost died an hour or so ago

(Misogynstic, unfunny comment veiled in playful "pimp" persona)

So, I was diagnosed with arthritis today

We just had a 3.1 earthquake! Helluva way to wake up... Scary.

thought I'd share the christmas buddha.

WKRP is still the best rock station in the country.......

Billerica, Mass - is it a nice area?

The Machinist

DU men: sports or sex?

(Copy cat of misogynstic, unfunny comment)

email "Thanks for the Year"

Zoiks! A Ferret just met me at my door and came into my apartment.

What is the last movie you saw in the theatre?

How drunk do you think Texasgal got last night.

Did the calender recently change or something?

Unbuckle, bend, let it shine. mooning deemed legit form of communication

My Elvish name is Presley Costello

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/5/06)


My mouse is gonna cause me to throw something big and heavy

Oh, DEAR GOD, NO! "Is wedding off for Cruise and Holmes?" NOOOOOO!

LA Times: Jon Stewart chosen to host Academy Awards


Women: Freepers pretty much useless

mutton dagger

Urgent! I need help quick.

Captain Underpants Name Generator

Ouch I have a really bad case of gout

What's the earliest a woman can go through menopause

Why in the world was Paris Hilton in my dream last night?

Falling in love with someone you can never have.

Favorite single malt scotch

I’m failing miserably

The Decemberists

Howard Stern's daughter bows out of Nude Off-Off Broadway show

Look around and name the 5 books closest to you

Rush for 6/6/6 weddings

Severe Panic Attack

Look at size of this wang!!

Have you ever been unable to shake off a movie experience...?

OK, who wants to offer me refuge from Longhorn-mania?

Post the LATEST pic you have of yourself!!!

Toilet scene

This name above the title means it's a BAD movie

Just got my star ask me anything!

In case you missed it in LBN - Barry Cowsill's body has been found in NO


jpgray is the bestest DUer there is!! He does all the cool stuff first!

Opiate of the masses poll

My cat has pancreatic cancer.

Where's billyskank?

Bryan Harvey Of House Of Freaks R.I.P.

Where are great Brazilian churrascarrias?

Only seven more days until I see Sugar Smack again!

OMFG I just was at a homicide scene

OH NO!!!!

Parents Fume: Kids, Swingers at Same Hotel

So who really runs this place?

Have others noticed this?

These are our choices?

If Jesus got credit for what was thought to be a miracle in the mine

Is Islam Evil? Thoughtful responses only please.

Any advice on the various cleanses?

Anyone know much about long term care insurance?

Cataracts.... not necessary after all.... reversal possible with simple

Scientists grow mammary glands

One small beep brings prime number glory to Missouri

Bill Would Ban State Funds For U. Florida Gay Benefits Package

Florida bill may threaten same-sex partner benefits at universities

Stations Dropping 'Book Of Daniel' Grows

H.S. Seniors Overwhelmingly Support Gay Families

After Last Night's Game, Who Would You Take First In the Draft?

Should the Heisman award come after the bowl games?

where did Pete Carroll coach in the pros?

Hook 'em Horns!

Texas 39 USC 38... 19 seconds to play in the 4th Going for 2...


Who's Number One?

Perfect gifts.

Domestic violence sanctioned and aided by US Military?

From the artist who did my sig pic

Anybody got any bird shot?

Pakistan visit coming up:

Not kerry-related but, oh the hypocrisy

Not Serious Dept: Ahm, yeah, right

Abramoff investigation news: This is getting good

Not Kerry related, but Emergency Town Meeting concerning the NSA meeting

Remember... (plus a shocker!)

Anybody see this yet?

Because Republicans are Immoral, Corrupt and Eeee-vil,

Anyone following the story about Amanpour being spied on?

Look what I found!!!

WOW! I'm flattered.

The Kerrys' holiday card

They do know Jack: Some Abramoff and Bush stuff

Head of Darkness.

Going wide

While you guys were out partying on New Year's Eve

1/5/06 Newsletter: Re-working the War?

Anyone around for the rerun?

Moon Landing Poll

Remember The Kid Who Admitted He Hit My Truck?

Why do guys sound like they are being murdered when they watch football?

Texas 39 USC 38... 19 seconds to play in the 4th Going for 2...

Hans von Spakovsky RECESS APPOINTED to FEC by Bush today

A great quote to use with "news" people

What do you really want from a DU poll?

Public Citizen Calls on President Bush to Provide a Full Accounting

Is there a video of Andrea Mitchel today

Did Bush tap Teresa Heinz Kerry? I'm sure she makes int'l calls...

Hook 'em Horns!

Debating Freepers and putting them in their place.

DU this AFA letter to NBC Chairman Bob Wright

Nightline now-why mining mistake & why'd Abramoff invoke God in court?

Who believes the Government covered up the truth about UFOs in Roswell

anyone else listening to Bernie and "first fruits"

OSHA/MSHA cronies

Please remember my dad for his trip

Has anybody apologized to the miner families?

In FIVE years, Bush has RECESS APPOINTED 51 officials

Just a reminder. W's Iraq war continues

has this been posted NSA whistleblower asks to testify

Question on Abramoff case

A 2004 ABC News poll found that men were almost twice as likely to cheat

"You cannot separate the soldier from the mission."

What do you know about Northstar Zone's Chandra Levy story?

Are you able to get a good RayTal stream this morning?

It seems to me that Congress can go ahead and go back to work

Sure, I took Jack's money, but I gave it all to Jesus so shut up

bush can always fall back on the Insanity Defense, no, really

Sharon a victim of modern medicine??

Why I should be your President.

On C-Span2 Now - Alito discussion re: Civil Rights... n/t

John Stewart to host Academy AWards

California Evangelical Christians favor Sexual Education Programs

Dupe - link to other thread inside

Aulito's "a working man's judge"???? Who was that idiot on the phone

Caller from Peoria to CSPAN on that Abramoff scandal program last night...

Another hot one!.....Harmon tells Bush he broke the law !!

GOP Tries to Outrun Scandal

Oswald killed JFK. Osama did 9-11. the persistence of lies & cover ups

Chuck Todd on WJ just said "Abramoff never gave a penny to a Dem!"

it is playing out as bi-partison at this time says Chris Todd on WSJ-cpan

Judges want to know whether warrants were tainted by NSA program (WaPo)

will Abramoff succeed where Osama has failed?

Is Bin Laden Osama Beating George Bush In The War On Terror?

CNN Jack Abramoff quickie poll:

WJ-John Snow twisting himself in knots trying NOT to answer a question

C-SPAM WJ Gets Spanked On Bias

Newt Gingrich wants the Rs to seize on "reform" as an issue before the

Justice Sunday III How does it work?

bush: "I don't know Jack", yeah just like he didn't know Ken Lay

Who'll be the 1st to PROVE that bush knows Jack personally?

SWEEEEEET!!!Academy Settles on Jon Stewart to Host Oscar Show

RxR Engineer bush to meet with former Secs. of State

Anyone know where I can find something I can cut/paste

On C-Span Now - Abramoff Hearing rebroadcast... n/t

Freeper Destruction - Sammy Blue style on the NY Mets Forum

Abramoff money vs. client money

The West Virginia mine is a metaphor for our democracy

Musharraf says there wouldn't be no democracy if he wasn't the dictator

"Concerned Women *cough*cough* of America...SUPPORT FOR ALITO

NSA whistleblower asks to testify (The Washington Times)

New Google operating system?

The Constitution's message: Not all means are justified (Phil Inquirer)

Soldiers in Iraq, Flood Victims in The Gulf Coast, Miners in W. VA

They refer to a dictator as a president. Who Fox news? No the NYT...

Just saw protesters break up the nazi women (CWA) Alito PC (CSPAN)

AP: Political Blog Wonkette Gets New Identity

For everything else..there's supposed to be FISA (An ad parody)

NSA Wireless...Can they hear you now? How about now? (An ad parody)

Christmas is over. What holiday will we wage war on next?

"End this evasion on permanent army bases in Iraq":By Gary Hart


You Can't Give Back A Bribe


"Vast New Front" in global war on terrorism -signed for 5 yrs, Sahara

Bush (almost) equals Nixon

Sago Mine Tragedy and the Bush administration, similar to Katrina.

Did he or did he not know Abramoff?

Cataracts.... not necessary after all.... reversal possible with simple

listening to msnbc, you would think Harry Reid is the worst of the bunch

HEADS UP..Ralph Neas, People for the American Way C-SPAN, NOW!

I have been GLUED to the miners coverage and it has me wondering

OP-ED from Gov. Dean On Samuel Alito

The boil on America's ass is coming to a head.

Anybody watching WJ right now?? Is this guy for real??????

90 people bombed to death in Iraq today, stay the curse, stay the curse

WSJ-c-span--a Prof from CA is explaning his study of media bias.

Stephanie Miller - 9am Thur EST

Video link to prominent Baptist minister arrested on lewd charge

Riverbend is back. Iraq is messed up.

Now they, msnbc wants me to believe * is gonna listen to somebody else

Grand juries - question

Capital Athletic Foundation

dup post

"Jack'off". That's GW's nickname for him.

I finally figured out what to do with Saddam Hussein

Who believes this?!

Washing their hands of the monies from Abramoff

Things are going oh so well over @ BushCo (pic)

Freeper Challenge: Explain how revealing illegal wiretapping hurt security

Talking points for Abramoff clients giving Democrats money

Board Rescinds 'Intelligent Design' Policy - "Of Pandas and People"

King Chimpy's Iraq CARLYLE GROUP meeting this A.M.

Bush wiretapping Amanpour=actually wiretapping Kerry campaign?

G-D the "Concerned Women for America" make me sick!!!

How can anyone possibly expect Bush's "democracy" to work in Iraq

Wal-Mart under investigation for illegally disposing of hazardous waste

NSA Whistleblower Interviewed by Amy Goodman

Forced Abortions & Sweatshops: A Look at Abramoff and Delay's Ties

Bush To Meet People Who Don't Agree With Him >>>

Bushco Enemies List Is an Honor Roll: More Great Stuff From James Moore

Top 10: Smirk's New Year's Resolutions

Anger as Britain admits it was wrong to blame Iran for deaths in Iraq

We should remember the word "IF" more often

There are 15955 WIA from Iraq.

Bush Sneaks in Recess Appointments --->>>

How many Liberal Celebrities actually run for office?

Does Anyone Remember at tape where Bush was at

Slain marine's sister follows him into the Corps

The guest on C-SPAN did a good job explaining difference in bribes...

O'Reilly: "See, I'm not some dopey movie star...who is intimidated"

Driftglass on BoBo on Ambramoff (Warning -- RUDE!)

Heads up! Joint Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold appearance.

James Risen discusses his book on NPR

"Mixing politics and religion" is part of the Abramoff scandal..

Why Schultz is dead wrong about Murtha and the military of the former USA.

Gordon R. England (Wolfowitz replacement)

NBC confirms investigating whether Bush spied onChristiane Amanpour

How many of our Congress threw their tainted money towards New

Indiana House members pray in protest???

Iraq war cost $1-2 TRILLION, say Nobel Laureate and Harvard budget expert

"Treatment Brings Hope for Ovarian Cancer"...Some GOOD news for a change.

Ah sweet irony: Clinton destroyed by a BJ,

Attacks in Iraq Kill 100 (NOW IT'S 134)...Last throes Mr. Cheney????

Reporting on the mine disaster. Something troubles me..

AU story about Justice Sunday Pastor getting Faith-based funds

Have to share this, what is 100%

I've decided to refer to Bushco as the "BFEE Junta"

Stones need extras for their halftime show - no one over 45 need apply

Logistics of wiretapping

Chertoff's Ch. of Staff's wife gets plum recess appointment in Immigration

Hey - Whatever Happened To Lester Holt? He Was On MSNBC...

LTTE to SP Times on universal healthcare, H.R.676

$6000? You gotta be freaking kidding me

Vacationing Parents Get Sitter For Dogs, Leave Kids Alone

NBC Baghdad Blog: School Trip to Nowhere (no place is safe)

Question - how's the 'coalition of the willing' holding up?

Under the heading "Corp Compassion", the "Screw U" category:

I asked someone who is not into politics about the Abramoff plea

Scotty up in a few minutes..

Scottie due up soon on C-Span 2

Which Tinfoil theories have been proven credible over the past 6 years?

Snotty Scotty BBQ Bingo time!

Republicans saying they are "conservative" oxymoron?

Where is Fitzgerald? No Fitzmas after all that? n/t

Funny video clip on Not-so-funny topic - B** drinking again..

I say old boy, things are going swimmingly in Iraq.

How do certain individuals know they were wiretapped by Bush?

Pic of Bush with Abramoff's secretary/Rove's personal assistant...

Why is it essential for our democracy to outlaw the Republican Party?

A DU Proposal

The administration should step down for this fact alone

You know Rush is crapping his pants when he opens with "Penguins"

One small beep brings prime number glory to Missouri

Vietnam war 'deserter' charged for not going to war in Vietnam 40 yrs ago!

Just a picture of contrast. Has been discussed to death already.

Black GOP homeless advocate says he's victim of political discrimination

"Fun with Dick & Jane" lambasts Enron execs, also a shot at Bush

WaPo: Bush Takes Suggestions on Iraq >>>

Mark Fiore: Gentle Genocide

Bush Looks Pissed, Meeting People Who Don't Agree With Him ---pix->>>

Jon Stewart to host 78th Academy Awards in March!

Helen and Scottie

Despite everything, al Qaeda is losing.

Scottie And The WhiteHouse Logo

Cars pull out from the SUV shadow

7 Marines brings death toll in Iraq to 134 JUST TODAY.

7 Marines killed today - Bush has another PHOTO-OP (photo)

My letter to Senator Feingold, feel free to use it if you want.

France to cut oil use by 2020 with new reactor

John Gibson: it's the viewers fault for the misreporting of the miners...

"All legislation should be posted online for 72 hours before the vote..."

A small tribute to the fallen 12.

" Pres is going to be on the run from moment we get back to Washington"

let's have a fishing expedition to find something to pin on bush!

Riverbend is back today

Stereotypes of Liberals

WSJ: Night of the Living Debt

SAGO Mine disaster: time for a Stossel report on the merits of greed.

Bush cannot escape the simple language of Section 1809 of FISA

Bloggers have killed UK Official Secrets Act, claims Murray

When someone finally catches Coulter

Pat Robertson's special 'Miracles II ' was on my CBS affiliate last night

Pat Robertsons compassionate conservative statement about Sharon

Robertson: Sharon punished for dividing Israel

Why can't wingers see what is really happening in Iraq?

religiously insane Taliban murders girl's school headmaster

If i told you...

A smoking gun? Or more spin. You decide

Have you seen Ann Coulter in person? I have.

Patriot Act Empowers Ministry of Homeland Security Gestapo

How to estimate the number of people that are a "member" of the 700 club?

Who do you think is the Best U.S. Senator?

In pictures: Iraqi bloodshed - Thanks W - Now lets Leave!!!

Reid says Chertoff should resign

Friend in MO. got Tod Akin Brochure US Congressman but

Thursday will see the death of Ariel Sharon

Author of Bush's Brain Put On No-Fly list

The Letterman/O'Leilly Transcript

What is a good solid American?

folks who support bush even now are probably beyond reaching

Fox News reported that "Get out of the Way Emily" is Scanlon's

What happens when a pro Iraq war blog says things are looking bad?

The Medicare FUBAR...Thanks George!

Molly Ivins names her heroes of '05: FEINGOLD, MURTHA, SHEEHAN

self-delete - nt

Robertson: "Sharon punished for dividing Israel"

Make Your 2006 New Year's Resolution To Help Stop Torture!

Did anyone notice the similarity....

Curious: Has the "get a brain, morans" guy ever been identified?

How can Dems win 2006 elections if they can't trust their phones?

When Abramoff heats up, I can see centrists forming a party ala Israel

The difference between US, Nazi Germany, & totalitarian communist regimes

Far From The Mainstream: The Case Against Alito

Gore schools Grover and his Wednesday Group on global warming

Wow, so ..looks like some DU'ers are going to ask for a purge again

Prenup, $5 fee for nagging, and a secret divorce (state of marriage....)

Real cost of war, $1-2 Trillion

Kos: WE are the mainstream media now

On Planting WMDs-"Well, now we know. They tried."

Jon Stewart to present the Oscars!

Something's changed on Google Maps. . . . .

Lawsuit Claims Black Girl Forced to Use Separate Bathroom Due to Race


What a shallow transparently empty excercise Bush's Iraq summit was!

5 US soldiers, 125 civilians killed TODAY. Yeah, W, we're "winning"

WH counters critics: we only spied on the terrarists!

My district is killing Arkansas! This is so sad

help, I need a quick lesson on city finances

chickenhawk rush limbaugh is human garbage.......

Anyone have Cheney quotes before the war: "rose petals" "weeks not months"

bush: "and we're making darn good progress along those lines." (*caution*)

Caption this * pic....

Quid Pro Quo?

Cell phones tied to family tension

Bush ignored explicit warnings in 2002 about mine safety

The logic of a Freeper

(Orrin Hatch challenger) Bets 'Wiki' Movement Can Help Win Senate Election

The government is openly and shamelessly spying on us

O'Lielly declares "secular fatwa" on NYT Rich and Keller.

The Bible: The New Wingnut Version (NWV)

In the last 5 Press Gaggles, Scotty has said "September 11" 21 times

Is "petrodollar warfare" a 'conspiracy theory'

Ellen Goodman: Women still fighting mommy wars

CNN is reporting Jose Padilla will be appearing in a Miami courtroom TODAY

TODAY! Take 3 minutes to stop election fraud

Director of ultra-violent Hostel: "What's worse, my movie or Dick Cheney?"

Please DU this poll re Plan B

NSA Destroyed Evidence of Domestic Spying-By Jason Leopold

Play "6 degrees of Seperation", see if BushCo is bugging your calls

Question: Who will replace Ariel Sharon??

Recess appointment flashback - 1999 Federalist Society

(Maine) House restructuring ; Twomey re-enrolls as Democrat

Anal Cyst Boy Limbaugh is scanning DU today. Hey Rush, bite me!

Kickback Mountain

I'm reading Al Franken's new book now and while

Conyers (and others) are up to something, check out RawStory !

Microsoft has released their WMF patch

GOP wants 'nuclear option on filabuster' to continue their culture

What do you think of the $80 billion NOLA FEDERAL Buyout?

(TOON) Bush fails sanity test

Cronyism kills Again!: BushCo gutted MSHA forced out Whistleblowers

Preschooler Shows Up On 'No-Fly' List

Congressmembers write White House, ask if reporters were bugged

Time to retire "MSM"

Something that's been bugging me....

Would Bush prosecute the Times?

TELL MEDIA: Ask every right wing pundit if Abramoff paid for opinions

Only 5 days into the year and already glitches with the new Medicare!

House of Scandal

Ben-Horin (Israeli Robertson jr.): "The angels listened to our prayers."

I can't wait to see what Randi Rhodes will say today.

I Demand Verification That God Designates Pat Robertson His Spokesman

Cindy in Hawaii- Stop the War and Impeach Bush!

An email about the mine disaster I was sent; For Whom the Drill Bit Tolls

Is Bush Drinking Again?

Thomas Friedman: The US is a benevolent elephant nourishing the world

Microsoft Releases Patch To Fix Critical Windows Vulnerability

Late Night, George? ---pix->>>

ok, so who won the Iraqi election?

Anyone watching Chertoff on Hardball?

I have a couple of questions about the NBC / Christiane Amanpour wiretaps.

Contact your senators about Alito, ASAP!

Democrats to DELAY Alito Confirmation Vote

Vt. To Pay For Poor Seniors Meds After Bush Drug Program Rejects Claims

BARE MINIMUM IRAQ PLAN: Pull out troops, no bases, let go of oil & economy

Oh Six (Kunstler on the housing bubble and peak oil)

Boston Globe Falsely States That Abramoff Donated to Democrats

Psycho Pat at it again..

Former director of Mine Academy blames Bush admin. over mine disaster

Found a "new" website (new to me anyway)...

Bush* picks bad day for Iraq dog and pony show.

"why ..did the CIA give the Iranians blueprints to build a bomb?"

List of Abramoff Related Refunds / Charity Donations

What do you think of Chuck Schumer???

130 Dead, 200 wounded............... Imagine, just imagine.........

GOP talking point, Clinton/Carter did warrantless spying, need...

On MSNBC NOW - Abram's Report - FISA Court Strikes Back...

Where did all the "I am so scared of the bird flu" posters go?

PHOTOS: Bush calls 2005 a GOOD YEAR for the American people.

Rush is a Coward with a Big Mouth

'Critical danger' warning on fish

Howard Stern to Get $220M in Sirius Stock

Anybody else in L.A. area having trouble with AirAmerica reception?

Ray McGovern: J. Edgar Hoover With Supercomputers

Why Anglos Lead

On Hardball (MSNBC) @7:00P ET-- ABRAMOFF...

Hermann Goering on war:

Ann says you are a traitor. I think she may be a drunk. You be the judge

HELP find Whisltleblower Nelda Rogers (WMDs planted in Iraq)


John Dean coming up on Al Franken (AAR) 2:30 pm EST n/t

eriposte: "King-George-Gate: Myths v. Realities"

Ritter & Jamail to testify at Bush Crimes Commission

Rice says Sharon a "gigantic figure" in Middle East politics

Dorrance Smith (ABC Producer) and Ultimate Crony Recess Appointment!

Statement of Oklahoma Baptist Convention re: hypocrite Rev. Latham

"Bush's 6-Pack is a Can Short" (Sierra Times)

IBM to Freeze $48B Pension Plan in 2008

Can someone photo shop Pat Robertson's picture with fangs and devil horns?

Official Will Keep Job After Controversial 'Joke'

Two Garages. One has a smoker, one has a running car....

2 kids left at home -- parents partied in Las Vegas.

Who made "Shithead of 2005"??

Caption this Jeb & GW pic

Fines Dropped Against Man Posting Anti-War Signs

I just got my invitation to Kaine's inauguration in the mail!

Bush Recess Appoints Three New Federal Election Commissioners

Is there a conspiracy to fill DU threads with conspiracies?

Do you read your local newspaper?

Rome had battallions posted in the furthest outposts of the world...

Randi just made a great point ... Repukes giving back Abramoff $$$

Vocher programs struck down by FL SC --undermine public education

**Newt Gingrich**

In my view the Wiesenthal Center really had to reach to go after Chavez

bush loving bornagains will soon be applying the principle of Forgiveness

Pat Robertson says God whacked Sharon!!

my sincere condolences to lurking conservatives...

"this city is building a wall of money to protect itself from America."


"Depleted Uranium: Dirty Bombs, Dirty Missiles, Dirty Bullets "

Ok, for the record, I saw plenty of polls AGAINST SPYING

The Bush Administration: Angry White Guys Pay Homage to the Watts Riots

where are the abu graihb photos?

We have a new pro labor & union group online!

Kucinich Says He Wants Truth About Deaths Of 3/25 Marines

Coulter: 'NY Times' is 'Treason Times' for Revealing Bush Wiretaps

NYT: Colin Powell said nothing

Abramoff: what's next and how you can help bring down the GOP

Scum shot Mormon missionaries because they witnessed a crime at his door

Abramoff, U.S. Attorney Acosta, and the Stolen Election

Amanpour unaware of eavesdropping, CNN (Statement) is looking into it


We (Okies) now banned from outdoor BBQing. No rain since 10/1/05

Dean sends thoughts to WV miners' families...will be in WV next week.

"Jersey Girl" critiques administration stance on NSA suveillance.

Sharon grave ..... somber music on national radio

Bill O'Reilly Continues His Whining Over Letterman

Baghdad Burning

CNN headline:Sen. Clinton fundraising group fined over Hollywood gala

For Fitz Fans

Abramoff Was On Bush's Transition Team; Sold WH Access to Tribes >>>

This Rush fellow sounds just like an old DJ Jeff Christie who was arrested

Women Warriors MUST READ this.

10 things God won't ask email I received from a GOP'r

Dean's op ed today in Gazette about Alito...raises Mehlman's ire.

Self-Delete. Walmart may in fact be innocent on this one.

Jim Moran and Jack Murtha live on C-Span 2

Gamblin' Bill Bennett reportedly to join CNN

Cnn said the economy is getting bettet...

Project X - Phase 2 Report - Update

Fark's best Photoshops of 2005

OMG John Conyers is on the phone with my husband.

Robertson: God is punishing Sharon

Abramoff's illegal funding of the sniper school (interesting!)

Riding bikes to school - too dangerous to allow?

Dean's efforts (Not the "Dean is insane and ineffective" storyline. )

I've found it! Photo Evidence that bush KNOWS jack abramoff!

Nora O'Donnell & Matthews make it sound like the Abramoff

Porn Kills

What must the rest of the world think of the USA now? Scandalsville

Oh Bartcop..put it where the moon glows

Mike Luckovich is a GOD

Anti-Gay Southern Baptist Leader Arrested for Offering BJ to Male Cop

O'Reilly lied on Letterman about Dodgeville, WI "Silent Night"

Wal-Mart's Blatantly Racist Planet-of-the-Apes Page.

Wisdom from the last Republican worth half a crap.

Sequoia, LibertyVote, ES&S, Danaher Controls: I'm not convinced...

Conspiracies only exist in the minds of crazy people

Was Lou Dobbs just pressuring Harry Reid to give back Abramoff money?

So what's up with this Finis Shellnut guy? Katrina, Gennifer Flowers

Rapist gets 60 DAYS for raping little girl many times over 4 years

I do not want my son and I to be trapped in this country when,...

A Violation of the 'Conspiracy Theory' Dictum

Studies: Women Genetically Programmed to Cheat

Nixon Articles of Impeachment, Article 2, subpoint 2:

Recess appointment to FEC is an abomination to democracy

Police state has begun: Author of "Bush's Brain" on NO-FLY list

Bush ...

Has there been any word on those four hostages in Iraq?

TOTAL OVERLOAD! - Is this fucking nightmare ever going to end?

NBC confirms it's investigating whether Bush spied on CNN's Christiane Ama

Holy Crap, Do I Love Helen Thomas!

Minutemen getting a taste of their own medicine - Herndon, VA

PHOTO: Ministers Consecrate Alito Hearing Room

Fred (Totally [email protected]#$#D-up) Phelps happy about miner's deaths

PLAME/AIPACGATE UPDATE: OSP tried to plant WMD in Iraq.

The taping of the Daily Show

Pro miner union film to rent

Welcome to the DU Unions and Union Activists Group

Employee Free Choice Act (S.842/H.R.1696)

who is picketing?

“We have no protection for our workers (father was killed in the mine)

So, do we have any union organizers that can tell us their stories?

One Big Union

Anyone know about this yet?

Lobbyist's Guilty Plea Seen as Threat to DeLay Return (NYT)

The Supreme Court is the rout cause of Lobbying run wild

Will Abramahoff live to implicate any high republicans?

During Tweety show, anyone else notice.....(Abramoff scandal)

Does anyone know how many Democratic Congressional Candidates

Housing Price Delcine (Revised)

Coming soon to NBC - Law&Order Congressional Offenders Unit!

Chicago Mayor Daley says he'll continue his push for gun-control laws

Bush Makes Appointments Bypassing Senate

Jack who?

Just heard that Elizabeth Dole will donate Abramoff contributions

Please DU this local poll...

Bush does more Recess Appointments: Cronies or Idealogues....

Has anyone compiled a list of actual "votes" Abramoff bought?

Why isn't more being said/done about the Accuweather/Santorum kickback?

Why We Fight

NSA Wireless.. Can they hear you now? ..How about now? (An ad parody)

Yeah, so Swann thinks he's going to beat Rendall for governor!

Fear destroys what bin Laden could not

How fast will Delay "find Jesus"?

Al Gore tries to talk Billy into playing nicely with the other children

Free-market Jesus

Do we really trust NBC and Andrea Mitchell to do a complete

Anyone have a link

Unnamed Democrat Running for Congress

Question about Abramoff and Dubya

Bush rushes to get rid of dirty money from crooked lobbyist: TIMES

The I-Word is Gaining Ground (vote it up on Yahoo)

Bush's Supreme Court

B*sh NSA spying operation and TERRA alert (convenient) timing...

Best Breakdown of who received what & when for the Abramoff scandal

2187 now dead: Iraq Attacks Kill Around 110, Including Five GIs

is there any doubt

Thieves fall out; Abramoff scandal lifts lid on corporate bribery

WH Meeting With Former SOS's & SOD's - Possible Reason.....

Is it time to start calling Shrub George M Bush ?

Any more info on NSAs Operation First Fruits re spying on journalists?

So Lynn Swann is running for PA Governor as a Repug

Newt's '08 slogan: "Newt, just gosh darn good for America!"

The freepers are finally admitting that we are losing the war

Abramoff's $330,000 charity money went traveling

Over the holidays I got letters from the United Steel Workers

If anyone wants a good chuckle to begin their day...

Who is the guy on Franken saying he wants a statewide smoking ban?

How come Raw Story isnt all over the Amanpour/NBC investigation?

Debunking Bush's NSA Lies: A Handy Pocket Guide

Bush says - wants to be able to form ‘coalitions of the willing'

Sirota - Is Newt Gingrich really outraged about corruption?

Christiane Amanpour is married to Kerry advisor James Rubin -

What happened to Phase II of Pat Roberts investigation?

What is ODD about Abramoff's Indian Tribe clients? They gave more to R's.

19 fuel tankers burned - wow, what a fire!

Abu Ghraib Prison Photos ???

West Virginia voted for Bush so it must be their fault that the miners

Prez's ex-chef denies any shellfish motives (* hates scallops)

Maryland's Gov. and Abramoff

Hotline blog: Family Res. Council Worries On Alito And Pres. Power

(CA) Governor draws ire of GOP

Can the Bush Justice Dept be trusted to get to bottom of Abramoff scandal?

Bless Be the Ties That Bind

Dems Don't Plan Alito Filibuster -- It'll be a Surprise!

Big Eddie arguing that Bush wire tapped Kerry aides.

Meaningless divisions and neocon traps...

Then Let's Investigate

Daily Kos:Author of Bush's Brain Put On No-Fly list

Hey George, today will go down as the most violent day in Iraq

Osama Bin Laden won

My apologies to Raw Story. See headline inside:

Good news for the TX22 race: 3rd party candidate heats things up for Delay

McClellan Indicates WH Won't Cooperate with Hearings on Domestic Spying

MSNBC discussing Peter Pace comments: Murtha "damaging"...

Is Newt Gingrich Really Outraged About Corruption?

Report: Whistle-blower to Testify Against NSA

So How Come Objective Reporters not mentioning Bush as violating the Const

Grover Norquist Warms to Al Gore (global warming )(?)

Mike Malloy

A Quick MSM Poll Before I Run To Work

A Clinton Fund-Raising Group Is Fined for Understating Gifts

al-qaeda called me the other day.

Who do you feel was the best Democratic US Senator this year

Democrats called for hearings into the Administration's mine safety policy

Guide(GM)to layoff 62

The Return of Your Father's Republican Party?

Jane Harman) Democrat Says Spy Briefings Violated Law

Bush*: "I send my sympathy to Ariel Sharon."

3 GOP senators blast Bush bid to bypass torture ban

Feingold says Bush is in 'attack mode' Patriot Act, wiretaps criticized

Democrats To Delay Alito Confirmation Vote-

Cheney Says Eavesdropping `Critical' to Security (Feingold disagrees)

House GOP backing away from The Bug Man (Delay)

Ed Schultz again: Is the US Military "neccessary"?

NSA wiretaps, a very different viewpoint by a former republican..

devastating report on the Mine Safety and Health Administration Depart

CNN states 3/4's of Abramoff money takers were GOP says Hillary took money

Dem Gary Ackerman, NY, needs to be primaried

Hayworth book takes on immigration

UH OH...Condi on "tougher" action against Iran "a time of our choosing"...

Dean on Anderson Cooper tonight at 10. Post at Kos by Tim.

CNN now looking into Amanpour eavesdropping claims

Henry's Hyde's response to my letter

For everything else..there's supposed to be FISA.. (An ad parody)

What will NBC do when it's confirmed Christine was spied on?

Hannity/Right Wing Radio Got talking pts re: Iran attack

Bill Just Passed in WI Giving Public Right to View Election Software

Bush to donate $6,000 he recieved from Abramoff to American Heart Assoc.

Go, Randi, tell us like it is about money in radio.

Tom Blanton, Director of The National Security Archive on most of NPR now!

Cheney said 9/11might have been prevented if they had power to eavesdrop

NSA Destroyed Evidence of Domestic Spying

What would you trade?

American Politics/History Quiz

E-mail from a coal miner's daughter

Lefties? Moderates? - not much difference on the ISSUES!!

Bartcop strikes back

Levin Protests Move to Dismiss Detainee Petitions

How you can help bring down the GOP

The reason I have invited you here today is that.....

Dean sets new fundraising record for Dem Party....

Charlie Gallo's Conversation with John Bonifaz, Candidate for Sec of Comm.

Republicans will ask Delay to step down soon?

If I had a $100, I'd ...

New York Times "at serious risk of indictment by a vengeful White House"

The high cost of "Iraqi Freedom" : One trillion dollars of your money!

A challenge- name ONE single president who never mentions

Did some Dems get "Abramoff money"? Too soon to say....maybe.

More toons: Like shooting Fish in a barrel


Illegal Immigration and the Out of Control Border is Our Issue