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It's More Important than Halting Nuclear Proliferation (

War Is the Health of the State

WP: Mr. Abramoff's Plea (where's the ethics committee?)

The man who bought off Washington

The man who bought off Washington should go to Leavenworth

NSA Leak Probe: Shooting the Messenger?

"My Mother: Former Chair of the Local Repub Party, Now Progressive"

Jack Abramoff and the Politics of 2006 (John Nichols-NATION)

McClellan Indicates Admin. Won’t Cooperate With Congressional Hearings.

On the "WMDs" that have been found in Iraq

Watching as the World Vanishes

An Unreasonable Woman (autobiography by Diane Wilson)

Eco-Defense Arrestee Bill Rodgers Found Dead in Cell in Arizona

Mohamed Atta Protected From Scrutiny Cause Of Coke/Heroin Network?

I've been thinking about this MIHOP scenario for a while now

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related New, Wednesday 01/04/2006

Reward to Abramoff if he Rats Out Election Frausters

How to Create a Paper Trail

San Diego Out of Iraq Town Forum featuring Congressman Bob Filner 1/7/06

Great Letter to the Editor regardin recent Dem victories

Having trouble viewing Kos's site

Can someone explain why this link won't show up on my screen?

Cook Political Report: OH-6, Strickland's district, is one of 2 Dem tossup

Frontburner Blog explains why Bush is moving to Dallas

C-SPAN (airing now) Jack Abramoff

Prosecutor in DeLay case subpoenas Abramoff documents

Eddie Bernice Johnson has a Republican opponent.

A little bird told me that Barbara Radnofsky's poll numbers...

DMN article suggests Texas Democrats throwing in the towel for 2006 - WTF?

Doyle in Merrill Wednesday, Jan. 4

Camp Wellstone in Madison: hurry, sign up!

Isn't Mark Green Connected To Abramoff/Delay?

In need of: tasty, CHEAP, recipes. Beans or rice or potatos?

The extraordinary folly of Britain's new opium war

Abramoff Plea Could Have Far-Reaching Implications

"My Mother: Former Chair of the Local Repub Party, Now Progressive"

Prosecutor in DeLay case subpoenas Abramoff documents

Pakistan May Buy Six Nuclear Reactors from China

Senate GOP plans Iraq PR blitz

Judge Orders Ex-HealthSouth Chief to Repay Nearly $48 Million (Scrushy)

Bush Assails Democrats Over Patriot Act

Board Rescinds 'Intelligent Design' Policy

U.S. to Seek Dismissal of Guantánamo Suits

One body found in WV mine, 12 still missing

NYT sources: Times plans new splash on NSA surveillance

Bush Assails Democrats Over Patriot Act

WP: Safety Violations Have Piled Up at Coal Mine

Families Say 12 W.Va. Miners Found Alive

US warns Iran against resuming nuclear plans

United's computer system has gone down nationwide

Democrat is picked as first out lesbian in Arizona State Senate

Pa. School Board to Vote on Evolution

WP: GOP Leaders Seek Distance From Abramoff

Even After 'Dirty Bomb' Exposure, Residents Might Be Allowed Back In

'Marlboro Man' in Iraq War Photo Suffers from PTSD

Dozens missing and feared dead in Indonesia landslide, police say.

Agency First Acted on Its Own to Broaden Spying Files Show (NYT NSA Story)

Teen Who Went to Iraq Skips Meeting Media

Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

ZD Net Australia: Wait for Windows patch boosts attack chance

US to seek dismissal of Guantanamo cases

Swann to make announcement Wednesday

"South Park" Parked by Complaints

Favorite It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World character.

Instead of glamorizing diarrhea, let's glamorize Ebola

Should bu$h Be Impeached?

Argentina annouces new space program.

How'd you like to make THIS Lego toy?

Gaaah! I just used "moran" in everyday conversation!

What kind of mind control do you use?

Frig. It's sleeting out.

I just made someone pant

I'll be happy when all the football is done

Do you think mummification will come back?

I want to be Cosimo de Medici in my next life

Why Xmas had to be better in the UK this year

I just made pants

Oh goddess - one confirmed dead in the West Virginia mine

Global warming does NOT exist!

If I were a Cosmopolitan

the new scrubs season

I want to be a cosmonaut in my next life.

How would you pronounce "nuclear" if you were the dummest president ever?

Oh, boo crud. HOUSE is a rerun. So was Bones.

Jeebus! I hit 4,000 posts 38 minutes ago!

Best end-of-song solo (non-guitar)

That Damn Angelina Jolie...

Update on Pediatrician Rant...

Sinus pressure ugh!!!!!! (no med advice)

I want to be a cosmetologist in my next lifetime!

Boston Legal it a new eppie tonite?

Bush's mathematics appropriate say 66% so far in NC online poll

Any good ephemera dealers in LA?

peanut size

...- . .-. -.-- / .. -- .--. --- .-. - .- -. -

Did you GAIN or LOSE weight over Christmas?

Archetypical Generic Poll

I was totally blown away the first time I bought a Public Enemy Tape...

Don't you hate it when you can't remember if someone liked you or not?

Why is it these crooked Republicans invoke the Almighty

Wingnuttery is my new favorite word. Have read it 2x in a week.

How would you pronounce the word "ghoti," using standard

Shhh! Keep it down! Some of us

Do you freecycle? Some hilarious stuff goes up for offer, don't it?

George W. Bush meets Fernando Valenzuela re: Cuban embargo

Can you be happy for other people?

What is the name of the hip-hop track that goes "aaaa a a aaaa a aaaa..."

Job Interview Expectations

i am seeking a new spiritual path, tell me of the flying spaghetti monster

Consolidating student loans

I hope the Lounge is not mad at me

I just went from 600 x 480 to 1024 x 728...HOLY CRAP!

I cant rent a place in San Diego. Unless I use/used credit cards!

I am elated!! GW is staying in Washington another 3 years!

have you ever had a lifesaver?

"All politicians are crooks"....


OK - baked ziti is in the oven. Who wants to come over for dinner?

I'm pleasantly surprised by UNC basketball.

Breaking CNN Now - 12 Found Alive! right eyelid won't stop twitchin'....

Argh. Can't help but tell this story from school.... so disturbing...

I want to be a Cosmo boy in my next life.

It's amazing, but we still have people around born in the 19th century

Instead of glamourizing asthma, let's glamourize psoriasis!

Battlestar Galactica Returns Friday


For my 8000th post please post your favorite silly songs:

I want to be Cosmo Kramer in my next life.

If I were a CosMATCOMitan, I'd have me one of these babies:

Learning to ski v. learning to snowboard

Does the guy singing the "Dukes of Hazard" Theme have to make it look like

I am an old fart...

I'm in Al Stewart mode tonight

Have you ever saved someone's life?

I'm not kidding, that boy's head is like Sputnik;

What's Your Favorite SF Novel?

Trailer Park Boys

Strange and amazing creatures pic thread

Ut Oh...

How come other people find love so easily?

Post a pic of yourself as a child!

Where do Pittsburgh, (PA) area Duers like to go out to eat?

penis size

CONFESS!!!! What is the WORST job you ever had!!!

Did anyone watch Nova tonight on the strange afterlife travels of Ramses I

Gay marriage backers file lawsuit to block repeal effort

Big Brother hits HIV programs

First out lesbian in Arizona State Senate

Gay athletes' dilemma

Ohio State Rocked N.D.'s world

Is This What a "Get Rid of Excess Baggage" Dream Looks Like?

I am hopeful for this year

Crap--I've allowed myself to be abused all over again, ...Help!

Kerry at local event in Mass

Last night I had a dream about being on an elevator

OT: Incredibly COOL Policy Wonk Repeat on CSPAN 2 Tonight!

Kerry and Electability

Because I wanted to talk about it.

Monthly 'Welcome to the JK Forum' thread for newbies

I took my first rolls from my new RB67 into the developer today

KOEB Meeting -- 01/03/06: The Capital Athletic Foundation Edition

I want to be a cosmologist in my next lifetime!

Majority Report talking about Abramoff

Does The President Have The Power To Suspend The Constitution? YES!

Does anyone else feel this way about the Abramoff situation?

Just saw a report on Pakistan refugees on the News Hour

They went to Ashcroft's HOSPITAL BED to get him to okay the NSA spying?

Rhode Island legislators override governor's medical marijuana veto

Shall we create our own list? and see how close we come?

Question on Abramoff

From the mind of Jack Abramoff...

Oil Prices Soar on Speculative Buying

C-SPAN 8pm EST - Abramoff Special

Suncruz gangland style murder and Abramoff....

THEY WON! Now what are we going to DO ABOUT IT?

Screw The College Bowl Games...I Want......

ya know... (under oath vs. surveillance)

What is the difference between Abramoff style bribery and regular

Censure and Impeach Events January 7 2006

Can someone post me a Abramoff Cliff Notes version in this thread?

"South Park" Parked by Complaints

Sell out one dem and Abramoff will be sitting pretty...

The ACLU-torture-FOIA black hole

Bob Kincaid Show - Important information about mine disaster...

November fundraising...not bad at all, Howie.

When will the Native American learn?

Jan. 03 Jack is the first to go. I think Chimpeachment is comming

Reject Samuel Alito / from Governor Dean

What's with the "We saved the Brooklyn Bridge via illegal spying"?

I've been thinking about this MIHOP scenario for a while now

the "I" word cometh

Upper Midwest dominates progressive radio

VIDEO-Letterman- "Terror Time Hotline"

Jane Fonda

Almost fell out of my chair

Bush to Host Unusual Discussion on Iraq

LA buys bottled water while promoting tap supply

Who's the bigger whore

A new Cold War

I'm Thinkin It's All About Alito...

Oh good grief the repukes are in such denial!!

This guy on Cspan from Business week is trying to implicate the Dems

In Alito's dream world, anyone (ANYONE) would be able to buy a machine gun

VIDEO-Tweets-Abramoff is Satan

5 Foreign Stories inc. a BIG step forward for Saudi women--

45 Minutes to Malloy.....Rally The Faithful

Abrahmoff....Could The Dems get the House Early

"Persons of Interest" documentary

Illegal wiretapping questions - groups of warrants?

H&R Block blunder exposes consumer data

Truthseekers Roundup Alert.......Malloy On Air in 5..4..3..2...1

This is a neat link

When does the postage stamp price go up?

Bush, McClellan split on governor's race

"Out of Iraq" Town Hall Forums

One Miner Found Dead....doesn't look good for the other 12

Newspapers Urge President to Quit

Firms urged to use unofficial Windows patch

Here's the Letterman/O'Reilly clip from tonight's "Late Show"

If I see "Dems too" NewMax, Drudge Cock'n'Bull It's ballistic time!

Raw's Larisa on talk radio -- wants friendly calls

Does Tom DeLay have any comment on his "best friend" Abraham Jackoff?

At a time when this nations is going broke because of Bush war polocies

penis size

May God Bless..........

A surprising twist on Rita Cosby tonight

From the Smokey Back Room (cough cough)

.Susan Ralston got a 25% pay increase working in Roves offices.

Developing>>>NSA expanded domestic surveillance w/o presidential directive

AOL poll: How well do you think Bush will perform in 2006? :)

LIVE...C-SPAN 1 Abramoff show! They are going to show clips

A plan that makes sense: Censure Bush, impeach Cheney


Support for Impeaching and Removing Bush Higher Than for Clinton

Chicago vs. Hugo Chávez

A Screed on Workplace Safety (and entombed miners)...

i am seeking a new spiritual path, tell me of the flying spaghetti monster

University Leaders Express Concerns Of Federal Wiretapping

Mohamed Atta Protected From Scrutiny Cause Of Coke/Heroin Network?

Who's At CES In Las Vegas?

Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

Malloy just read DUer Catrina's post re: Abramoff/Reid

Stand By Kids... SOMETHING MAY BE UP AT XM....

Gingrich calls on Repukes to elect new majority leader...bu bye bugboy

A Life, Wasted

Sometimes I wish Malloy wasn't so astute...


Yup, we're about over due for another "Pearl Harbor-like event".

The 'christian' Right, wrong on the 1st Amendment

Nick Lampson announcement event. Challenges DeLay

MUST READ: (WV) mine has history of roof falls

Why is it when ever

Abramoff Progress Report: Project X

Does this sound crazy to you? And a question for you

Media conservatives cite faulty poll to claim support for spying program

'so for the next 30 days i'll be speaking as clearly as i can'...

repubs launch new attack on California teachers! - >

Must Watch: Letterman beats up on O'Reilly tonight...

Iran Prediction

Direct Connection between Economic Inequality and Abortion

Religious Right tied to Jack Abramoff

Has the administration of George W. Bush taken our nation into fascism?

VIDEO-Yeman Mother's Son in Guantanemo Bay


Serious question, who are "the feds" who are investigating

DAMN! What if Dave grills O'Lielly after KO starts!?

Abramoff GUILTY...What Should the DEMS Message

12 alive!!!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Hoe Down

Assuming that the Abramoff scandal leads to resignations & convictions...

It's time to start using the "F" word........

Newspapers call for president's resignation

breaking ..12 found alive

PHOTO: "I got stuck in a elevator once. Heh heh heh! Heh heh heh!"

Keith leading off with the Abramoff scandal

Bolivia 'to join Chavez's fight' against "neoliberalism and imperialism"

Baby Hippo - Elderly Tortoise tsunami story - one year later

This citizen calls for President George W. Bush's resignation.

Sam Seder Has a List of 40 involved in the Abramoff Scandal?

My repeated wish/suggestion for political reform.

About The Mines

It's like watching rats scrambling on a sinking ship.

The Political Folly Awards of 2005 - By Tom Engelhardt

Help! Need info/sites AARP and the Rx sellout re: BushCo/Repugs

New Year, Same Old Duck, Dodge, Dip, Dive And Spin From McClellan

Why does Bush want the Patriot Act so badly ??

I Hope They Find The remaining 12 miners alive

From Randi's interview on C-Span about being a mouthpiece for the party.

Leo is in the NEW west wing sunday

So, the Freepers say it's the Dems who took all the Abramoff cash.

He's back: Victor Davis HANSON, cheerleader for the Iraq attack

Ever heard of the "K Street Project"?

"Concerned Women" start "WOMEN FOR ALITO!" blitz

start a UNION group I need some help

Dear Gov. Dean -- Congratulations, and …

Top forecaster sees U.S. recession

Tyco Exec: Abramoff Claimed Ties to Administration (Rove)

Okay folks it's time to oppose the delay for DeLay

With O’Reilly as Guest, Very Serious Letterman Denounces Iraq War

I don't **want** to feel like shit ...... but I do.

Somebody Taking Action--Voter Confidence Resolution & Local Politics

Abramoff's PLEA AGREEMENT, not the indictment - link

Tell me again why talking points are a bad thing?

Jeopardy: What is "I plead guilty, your honor."

"Not since Heidi Fleiss

Scanlon's Plea Agreement and the FACTUAL BASIS for his plea

We really need to take a reality check here

Making Sense of the Abramoff Scandal (Alternet)

Abramoff Plea Could Have Far-Reaching Implications

They mentioned Delays golf trip!

I'm Surprised Abramoff Made It This Far

"Republicans are likely to take the biggest hits"...Bwahahahaha! JACK!

Bush compares his brush-clearing wounds to war wounds

DFL (Democratic) victories signal return to Jesus' way LTTE

Dems Raise $51M In '05

Flashback - Bush's Wise Guys: Noe, Abramoff, Reed, and the Wyly Brothers

How to Create a Paper Trail

Am I the only person who finds this quote ironic?

Are all the GOP talking heads in hiding tonight.....

Hastert ranked fifth overall in a Congressional Quarterly study of tribal

Ex-CIA agent confirms Bush took eye off bin Laden (in Tora Bora)

Socky defends spying in today's press briefing...

Evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors thread

The natural drift of Indian Tribes...

2006 Congressional candidates

The Abramoff Scandal ..... the best reason to call for public funding of

Does the Congress usually take off so long in January ??

VA AG-elect McDonnell tied to Abramoff

Newsweek downplayed Republican, conservative objections to Bush domestic s

Newsmeat list of who Abramoff gave money to and it shows ....

Scott McClellan's (aka Puffy McMoonface) Mom is going to run for Texas Gov

I feel the need for some Bush humor..........

The Dirty Thirty - 35 years ago, 30 legislators in Texas stood tall

Look, is Reid dirty or what?

Draft James Webb for VA Senate 2006

What's with the hat?

Strange bush coincidences from the past....

Updated: House of Scandal

IMPEACH BUSH flyer file for the Kos Impeach campaign

Proving election fraud is not a one man job.

Blame the Mossad

SunCruz deal greased Abramoff's downfall

A Woman's Place Is in the Presidential Mansion (women in Latin America)

Former Republican Chair , Now Screaming Progressive

Tremors Across Washington as Lobbyist Will Aid Inquiry

Cowboys Are My Weakness

Gene Lyons on Americans and Democracy


Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and 9/11 By JAMES RIDGEWAY

SIROTA: Will the Dems Step Up in the New Year?

Gene Lyons: Have Americans lost the guts for democracy?

Spy probe: Congress must reel in snooping on citizens (Lansing State J)

Eavesdropping erodes privacy (Ventura County Star)

Clooney, DeNiro and Pesci quizzed in Vegas club investigation

(in 2004) CIA Gave Iran (Atomic) Bomb Plans

Leak isn't real priority; it's the political spill (Palm Beach Post)

Plea Bargain with America

Andrew Sullivan: Restoration of the imperial presidency

AARP edges away from drug imports

It Was A Very False Year: The 2005 Falsies Awards

The Unrestrained President

Well-Served as Patients, Dissatisfied as Customers

New Law Restricts Political Interference in Science

White House Watch: Bush launches dual January messages

Ney should "embarrassed at how cheaply he and his staff could be bought"

To Russia, Love Tom DeLay

Presidential "signing statements" and Exec. power, Alito memo from 1986:

My letter to editor in Joliet Herald

Administration strives to keep public in dark

Molly Ivins: They don't tell him anything

SWAT team, state police were positioned near W. Va. church

The House That Jack Built

F*ck Thomas Friedman. (NYT)

NYT OpEd: On the Subject Of Leaks

"The Lesson Jack Abramoff Taught Me" /Doug Bandow, LAT's

MOGAMBO: 'Hahaha! You Were Killed By Your Own Banks, You Stupid Morons!'

Jack in the Box - Could implicate 60 lawmakers

The enormous US dam problem no one is talking about - C.S. Monitor

The Sword of Damocles: Thousands of US dams are unsafe.

TS Zeta Approaching Hurricane Strength, Moving West - Reuters

Kiwis Receive 40% More UV - B Than N. Americans At Corresponding Latitudes

No Turning Back - First Evacuations Now Underway In Remote Vanuatu Atoll

Tibet's Glaciers Rapidly Melting, Raising Mekong River Levels - Asahi

2005 Hottest Year On Record In Australia -

Melting Of Columbia Glacier Produces Flows 3X That Of Mississippi River

Lax Oversight Found in Tests of Gene-Altered Crops

US/Australian Kyoto "Alternative" Meet To Feature Tech Talk, Little Else

crosspost: “a nuclear Katrina in the making”

Saab 9-5 Aero BioPower Concept

Gaza gunmen threaten to shut Egypt border crossing

Wobbles all round

Gaza slides closer to chaos

Blame the Mossad

"I feel like I've been stabbed in the back. I was here to help'

With this herring I thee wed

Drop in number of Palestinians killed in hostile actions in 2005

Mofaz to Egypt: Control Gaza border or we will

Gaza militants fire 8 Qassams at Sderot; no injuries or damage

A Glossary of Dispossession

Abramoff "Charity" a Front for Terrorism (Juan Cole)

Israel rules out wall to split town straddling northern border

Political furor erupts over (corruption) allegations against Sharon

Vatican also wants Jerusalem?

Palestinian gunmen wreck border wall

Kibbutz: We don't want Arabs

Plans for Holy Land theme park on Galilee shore {edit}

Two Egyptian soldiers killed, dozens injured on Gaza border

Abramoff & al-Arian:Lobbyist's "Charity":Front for Terrorism(Juan Cole)

Sharon suffers serious stroke

Israelis bar Palestinian candidates from canvassing in East Jerusalem

Rights group urges US to cut Israel aid

Tin Hat Time - 9/11 & * & Warren Buffet & United Airlines Option

Whatever happend to "Lt. Vreeland" Any ideas?

The best video explaining 9-11 I have seen to date

"Use of Small Hydrogen Bombs" - sure would explain some loose ends

Where's the plane noise from the second hit?

If paper ballot is good for Iraq…

Thread in LBN - LA Times Front Page on E-Voting?

BBV: ES&S and Sequoia may risk Hursti-style hack

New Wisconsin Law Requires Open Source, Verifiable Voting

Voting Machine Dirt and Then Some - (Conservative Blog Slaps Diebold/NC!)

Does anybody have "59sunburst's" spread sheet?

CT Scraps RFP for DRE Voting Machines!

NASED Posts New List of Qualified Voting Systems

How much of Abramoff's money was used to Steal Election 2004?

White House aide to run governor's campaign

Will Harkin, Grassley (or other IA politicians) go down due to Abramhoff?

Lamberti won't run for Congress

GLAD sues AG Reilly re same sex marriage ballot initiative

Minnesota Democrats Exposed's identity is revealed

20 Ohio Marines Killed May Have Been Betrayed by Iraqi Security Forces

Who is running against Schmidt?

Congressman Brown on WCPN at 9 AM on Wednesday

Texas Reference Threads for Campaign 2006


KXEB Listeners...

Recruiting office left open 26 times

Woohoo - Gov signs law requiring paper ballots!

Appleton LTTE: Feingold's actions endangering country

I made "beer bread" yesterday.

Is it ethical or even legal for the Conservatives to use Judge Gomery in

Elite troops bound for Afghanistan (JTF-2)

NYT: Agency First Acted on Its Own to Broaden Spying, Files Show

Raw Story: Pelosi releases declassified letter outlining NSA concerns

Families Say 12 W.Va. Miners Found Alive

Subpoenas hunt Abramoff, DeLay fundraising ties

(Gay) Rights group sues to prevent MA marriage ballot initiative

Venezuela Sells Argentine Bonds to Banks

States Aim for Young Adult Health Coverage

Analysis: Abramoff Plea May Rock GOP Boat

12 of 13 Trapped W.Va. Miners Found Alive

Brazil - Thirty Five Indigenous Leaders Assassinated in 2005

Dozens Feared Dead in Indonesia Landslide...

Ukraine and Russia reach gas deal

Breaking on CNN Only one Miner alive

Guardian: Secret Services Say Iran Is Trying to Assemble a Nuclear Missle

Mexico Investigates Death of Man Shot in U.S. by Border Patrol Agent

Britain facing fresh oil supply crisis, warn independents

Iraq official: US air strike kills family

Israelis bar Palestinian candidates from canvassing in East Jerusalem

'Iran combing Europe for nuke parts'

'Corruption ... very extensive', Asst AG Alice Fisher

Israel (police) Investigates Alleged $3 Million Payment to Sharon Family

UK drops allegations of Iran 'involvement' in Iraq bombings

Hastert donates Abramoff-linked money (no you can't get away)

AP: Nov. Factory Orders Up on Aircraft Demand

Coalition plans new California redistricting initiative

Women face enormous obstacles in Iraqi politics

Mother and doctor in French mercy killing will not be charged

Insurgents burn 19 fuel tankers north of Baghdad

Senior Iraqi oil official shot dead in Baghdad (not Chalabi)

Bush Assistant Labor Secretary worked on troubled Abramoff accounts

Plans for Holy Land theme park on Galilee shore where Jesus fed the 5,000

Alito Gets High Marks From Bar Association

Elite troops bound for Afghanistan

Bolivia 'to join Chavez' fight'

Mysterious illness could have Katrina ties

Prosecutors decry DeLay's court procedures

Bush to Give Up $6,000 Linked to Abramoff

Spotlight now falls on former DeLay aides

It's official: last year was hottest ever

I attempting to generate enough interest to create a "travel group"...

Jack in the Box - Could implicate 60 lawmakers

U.S. to Seek Dismissal of Guantánamo Suits (no court review)

(in 2004) CIA Gave Iran (Atomic) Bomb Plans

Bush, Cheney Fight for Patriot Act Renewal

(Conservative Republican) Politics drive away Colorado politicians

Administration moves to rein in firms believed to be assisting in weapons

Frank Wilkinson, Defiant Figure of Red Scare, dies at 91 (NYT)

Palestinian gunmen wreck border wall

Bush Says U.S. Will Reduce Iraq Force by `Several Thousand'

It Was A Very False Year: The 2005 Falsies Awards

Chamber of Commerce vows to fight immigration bill

Alito Once Made Case For Presidential Power--WaPo

Bush to Give Away Abramoff Donations

SWAT team, state police were positioned near W. Va. church

Ford, Chrysler post lower US sales in December

Powers were transferred from Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to his

CNN: Sharon Suffered SIGNIFICANT Stroke

WH Press Secretary's Mom Quits GOP to run for TX Gov

Fed deflation tools can work if understood - study (WTF!!)

Democrats say Bush taking wrong approach

Iran trawls Europe for nuclear technology: report

Mooning deemed 'disgusting' but legal in Md.

Sharon in Poor Heath

Sharon collapses, may not survive

UN under growing pressure to appoint a woman leader

Dubai's ruler dies on Gold Coast

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Suffers Massive Stroke.....

New (WI) law ensures voting paper trail

HOMELAND SECURITY: City off terror risk list (LV)

BBC: UK says it's 'showtime' for Syria

U.S. Military Chief Says Armor Improving

(Congressman George) Miller: Abramoff Money Halted Sweat Shop Legislation

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 4 January

US insists soldiers act with restraint to protect civilians

GM's US sales fall 10.3 percent in December

New Tour of Katrina-Hit Area Is Sold Out

Embedding Concept With Iraqi Army to Extend to Police Units

Super Bowl Wants Only Young Dancers

Congress Drops 'Buy America' for Military Tankers

D'Amato takes aim at (NY) gov hopeful Weld

GW wins okay for pivotal cannabis drug study

Poll Shows Americans Are Divided On Support for Alito Confirmation

U.S. cuts funds as Darfur deteriorates

200 File New Claims Against Archdiocese

Ford to reveal downsizing plan on Jan. 23

Marine, 65, arrested for not going to Vietnam

Reid, Ensign show no worry (asked for ethics review)

Gov. Pataki to Tout Tax Cuts in Address

Spain to cancel most of Bolivia's debt

Spread of HIV blamed on 'PC' culture

Cheney strongly defends eavesdropping

Bush touts poll that supports domestic spying

US sees coalitions of the willing as best ally (for future conflicts?)

Padilla (sp?) being transfered from military custody?

Only 1 survivor in W. Va. coal mine (MSNBC updated AP story)

Mine Where Explosion Occurred Was (21 times) Cited for (XPLOSIV) Hazards (

US Military Still Runs With Dreaded Wolf Brigade (assassination, torture)

Abramoff to Plead Guilty in Fla. Fraud

Rep. Kennedy Defends Cash Tied to Abramoff

Bush, McClellan split on Texas governor's race

Bush invites former officials—and war critics—to talk (Powell, Albright..)

Cold snap raises issues when biodiesel gels up

Shaikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum dies (UAE)

Bush campaign to give Abramoff money to charity (Hahahahaha!)

Israel's Sharon en route to hospital - source

US says others must contribute to Iraq rebuilding effort

(Patrick) Kennedy among leading recipients of convicted lobbyist's clients

Boston Globe: Bush could bypass new torture ban

U.S. oil prices top $63

Bush bypasses Senate in Pentagon hires

Wiesenthal Center slams Chavez "anti-Semitic" talk

Suicide Blast Kills at Least 30 in Iraq

Afghan Teacher Beheaded For Educating Girls

Information Suggests 3/25 Marines May Have Been Betrayed

New Wisconsin Law Requires Open Source, Verifiable Voting

New Credit Card Law

Cuba paid Oswald to kill Kennedy, film says

Microsoft censors Chinese blogger (in US)

Baptist leader accused of soliciting male prostitute

White House Promises Mine Investigation

Turkey confirms human bird flu cases

Favorite Borat Quote

PENN STATE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone watching the Orange Bowl on ABC???... n/t

I'f y'all didn't like that football game

Why I'm glad the holidays are over: (dial-up warning)

Three words for right now - GO PENN STATE!


Ok - just painted the kitchen door Venetian Red.

Alright, this is mean to say

I think I'm about to lose my relationship

Nitey-Nite all.

UNFREEP Letterman's feedback form!!!

Nice nuts.

Are these lyrics homophobic?

LSK - I will not dignify that!

Mods - LSK is forcing me to kill my own threads!

Watch Letterman tonight. I heard he pounds O'Rielly.

East Coasters....should I stay up to watch Letterman tonight?

ok, I will stop terrorizing KW tonite and Im going to bed now

so Im starting a thread

Is Kitchen Witch AWOL again???

Cat OK After Traveling 70 Miles Under SUV


I can't believe this schist!!!!!

That Russia/USA game was the best I've seen in years

What do I really like about Texas? These guys!

From the maker of my sig pic,

Howard Stern and crew did a live radio test last night.

Finally something is done about my jaw pain

Post your paranoia!

Stephen King doesn't scare me anymore

I didn't just fall off of the turnip truck.

I have a trucking question...

Someone slap me

Since somebody mentioned popcorn,

**** The Official Letterman Thread ************

People can be very cruel

What is your take on the term "straight" to describe heterosexuality?

Gneiss rocks

Fuck Insomnia! (Good Night Lounge!)

Why am I not sleeping?

I admit it I like Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond

I just started a flame war in GD

I can't fucking sleep either

Why does DU always get sluggish this time o' night?

Wednesday earworm.

Breaking on CNN: Only one miner alive.

It's weird to think stuff like this used to be in the funny pages

I apologize

AP, Reuters, blaming the families for the rumor.

request for photoshoppers

Insomnia sucks .

i drove home safely yesterday and slept nine hours

What fake issue will replace the War on Christmas?

Will Bobby Bowden finally start recruiting kickers?

Police Issue Gun Toilet Warning (Don't Play With Gun While On Toilet)

Foreign DU'ers:

How dare you question my integrity.

BIGGEST NEWS EVER! Lohan treated after asthma attack!

Please make this pain stop

REAL Reason For Napoleon's Defeat Revealed (Louse)

New Disease Discovered

Mooning Deemed Disgusting But No Crime in MD

Ferrari Spider Picked The Perfect Car

Happy Birthday to Dyan Cannon! 69 today!

My boss just gave me a funny deck of cards

I feel terrible for the coal miner's families. How tragic.

Kiteboarder Swept Off Shore, Into Building By Wind Gust

next corporate sponsored bowl game

Where is Clintmax?

Blue Diamond Mines

now i am falling asleep again

Judge Rules 'Mooning' Not A Crime

It's amazing how much they can charge for steak at restaurants.


looking for a freeware version of WordPerfect

Good Wednesday Morning, Everyone!

Man Weighed 578 Pounds - His Sister Weighed 579

Holy crap I'm having the worst vertigo attack ever.

I wish I had a device that could cook the exterior of this bread.

Separated at birth: Arrested Development edition

Why can't they put more burnt pretzels in the bag?

Minor Rose Bowl Rant...

the whole abramoff scandal is about as far reaching & complicated as

Anybody know where I can see this Marcus Vick video?

Morning DU Debate: Best David Bowie Song and Album

Satellite radio owners: Is the signal better than terrestrial?

Has anyone played the Daily Show Game on

BREAKING: Grovelbot involved in Abramoff scandal

Question for anyone listening to AAR now...

This is called Damn Mean.

Which direction do YOU wipe

Biking (to work or for fun) in the winter?

It's time to get something off my chest.......

And I thought that wiping thread was about cleaning windows with windex!

When will Bush hold a press conference to proclaim:

Server based Internet filtering that's Dem friendly?

Boys & Girls gather round for LynneSin's driving tip for today

Where can I watch the hockey WC?

Highway Patrol pulls coach's safety posters after DUI arrest

Who else couldn't be happier that the Rose Bowl comes on at 8PM?

O'loofa late night smackdown. Enjoy.

What I learned as a kid: Don't play stretch with flip flops

So, I'm on my way to work right now..

Need a travel suggestion for singles

So, what's up?

Getting my clothes washer fixed today

It's January 4th ALREADY???

So some little effer pulled a pocketknife on my seven year old, yesterday.

Chaco customer service!

Okay, XM is REALLY pissing me off . . .

Post 5 Hair bands that actually could play

That new Burger King commerical creeeps me out.

Post 5 un-random things about yourself

Too much Star Wars?

Nice rocks

This is a sex thread

Check out this credit card offer my daughter received...

Men Busted For 'Drunk Prank-Calling' Judge

"Make Way for Noddy" and "Thomas" - British strategy to take the US

Is there such thing as a lean cut of lamb?

ok... let's try this again

AHHHHHHHH! Chocolate withdrawal!

Woohoo! My order from shipped!

DU Cooks: Interesting Marinade Idea

Lindsay Lohan admits drug use, bulimia battle

Wow, I can't believe Randi is playing a Leadbelly song in her intro

Has HereKittyKitty's kittycat come home yet?

Screw the diet--burger for lunch!

Is Abramhoff an associate of Kaiser Soze?

I saw how the winners of the Orange Bowl get a bunch of oranges...

This is what I meant to post in the Damn Mean thread.

How big?

So who is going to win tonight's Rose Bowl game??

Did anyone see ESPN's special on 2005 USC?

WTF? The Rose Bowl is on TONIGHT? Isn't supposed to be Jan. 1?

Where would a blender hide?

Need I Pod help!

so i asked a coworker to make me a sammich. She almost hit me!

What's a good sight for last minute travel deals?

Anyone else not get Napoleon Murphy Brock?

How not to start a fight

LOL - Artist Binds Feet in Desert, Loses Key

Interesting factoid re: Mt. Vernon

Anybody have an interesting but inexpensive Science Fair Project idea?

Kids create the best Dada!

I chained my legs together and lost the key in the desert

The Power Of Group Prayer?

I wish it would snow here.

Favorite outdoor retailer? (could use your help)

Need iLife help!

It's January 4th. Time to stock up on swim suits and flip flops.

Anyone else not get Nobel and his Dynamite?

Would you consider a Deist more of an Agnostic, or a person of faith?

My ear won't "pop"

Darwin Award candidate - except he lived. (not for the squeamish!)

This isn't about Brazillians--it's about another played-out joke.

Larry Storch's birthday is on a Sunday this year

I had sex with a Soccer Parent once

I am pissed at soccer parents who will not let me bare my breasts

Dave to O'Reilly: "I have the feeling that 60% of what you say is crap..."

OK Fir Real Mon: 2006 Rose Bowl Winner

The Coal Tattoo

Anyone else not get Napoleon Bonaparte?

OMG, great news!

I played sax with a Soccer Parent once!

I got a job interview on Friday.

It's been a ...... "BAND FIGHT!!!"

Just wasting away again in Margaritaville - anyone care to join me?

Shame shame shame

Choose: USC or Texas?

Have the Horns ever Hooked the Hokies?

Has the media stopped fawning over Reggie Bush yet?

I killed a picture thread. *That's* an achievement.

Can I have an "awwww"??

Which are you more likely to believe in? Reincarnation? Or

Just think - a mere 42-46 days before Pitchers and Catchers report

A soccer parent just attacked me with a melon baller

The shirred potatoes in the oven smell DIVINE.

FYI: Ariel Sharon suffered "serious stroke"

Rita Cosby's voice just frightened my dog!

Phishing and cookies


Wish Corruptor Time! Corrupt a wish and post your own for corruption

I always thought Triumvirat and ELP were the same band

Chain Chain Chain!

In honor of Midlodemocrat being a freeper I've decided to start a new club

Blame Blame Blame!

Non-fiction Book Club & forum

Thanks for the welcome people.

So, would you want to be frozen when you die, and thawed out a few

Porn Buddy Volunteer Time

New "Daily Show" tonight.

Alert! KitchenWitch is a FREEPER!!!!!!!!

Chronic masticators check in here!

My new dishwasher was installed yesterday.

Do You have a Roly Poly Sandwich Shop in town?

"confessions of an economic hitman" worth reading?

If you're in SF and craving MEAT. Red, red MEAT


Okay- it's officially WEIRD now.

Has the media stopped fawning over George Bush yet?

Somebody quick....tell a blatant lie about me!

Thanks to all who talked to me about spaying

Ever take the Foreign Service Exam?


Coldplay: The Most Overrated Band Ever.

My brain imploded

Do you think Kate Winslet will leave Sam Mendes for me?

*sob* - I have never been called a freeper!

Someone steals all the money out of our checking & I'm not the victim!!!

Anyone else not get Napolean Dynamite?

Post 5 random things you know about 5 OTHER DUers

The Karate Kid lives...

Which human gender contains the worst diseases?


Man Accused Of Repeatedly Stabbing Sleeping 5-Year-Old Nephew


It's Dan Quayle's birthday!

Mooning deemed 'disgusting' but legal in Md.

I found a way to make Betrayal At Krondor work in MS XP

At Kroger just now, I saw a lady pay for $200 worth of stuff with $50

If you're online and craving MEAT. Red, red MEAT

Most Over-rated restaurant in your town/city:

Ha ha ha ha ha! "The devil's plan is to turn everyone homosexual."

So, my sister likes well done filet mignon. Is that a crime?

So, should I get vanity plates for my new car?

Call back from an assistant director-I get to read for a part tomorrow....


How many other Loungers do not care about

what the hell is erectile dysfunction?

Most underrated CD of all time?

Tonight's The Daily Show

What book(s) are you reading to start off 2006?

Well, now that all the piddly-ass bowl games are over.........

Attention chefs!! Culinary advice needed!!!

Any interesting pork chop recipes?

YO! Aggies!!!

tommy thompson wants to know me

Someone quick...tell a truth about me...

Any unemployed CRNAs in the Lounge?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/4/06)

Post five random things about yourself.

Khashka used to be a FReeper but they kicked him out

??? Best home delivery/subscription DVD service ???

What's the best restaurant in your city?

If Debi can do it so can I! Tell a lie about me!

Post a pic of you and your kid (or animal companion)

So I went to a "Drinking Liberally" event last night

8th circle of Hell: Sowers of Discord

"Mal. Guy killed me, Mal."

What is your default channel?

True Confessions from LynneSin (the shame, the horrors!!)

So, I've got rbnyc, ginbar, the miners, their familes and Fitz



Post 5 blatant lies about 5 DUers


DU Pet Peeves

The contempt for Christianity on Democratic Underground...

What percentage of the clergy don't believe?

Any TBN Watchers?

Tragically hip in Sweden

How And Why The Christian Fascists Attack the "Mainline" Churches

Bundles Of . . . Misery

Maybe someone can help with something, P.A.D.

Storm Sweeps Away Health Insurance

Well-Served as Patients, Dissatisfied as Customers

The pill may kill your libido!

Lax Oversight Found in Tests of Gene-Altered Crops

Dangerous Ideas of 2006

State Monitoring 'Lesbian' Student Suit

Outrage Over Muslim Leader's Anti-Gay Attack

Anti-Gay Violence Claims Another Life In Jamaica

School Board Firm On Gay Article Ban

Congratulations Transgendered people -- you have finally arrived!

Scientists prove it - Soccer is the most exciting sport

Michelle Kwan to petition for spot on Olympics Team...

Rose Bowl tonight: Who's going to win?

orange bowl in ot

She lives with 100 cats. Read on… (link)

Who here posted a dream about Bush dissolving Congress?

Does anyone find that a moon in Pisces enhances psychic sensitivity?

And ANOTHER pro-Kerry site!

We've hit bottom

Ahm, damn but does this sound familiar

Barreto v. Kerry, Snowe, Landrieu et al

Kerry Was Right: Ex-CIA Agent Says US Missed bin Laden in Afghanistan

Politus takes on DKos

BTW, King George Doesn't feel like obeying the Torture Ban

I got a cool email!

Not directly Kerry related, it was his idea, but worth taking notice

New Canon Release EOS 30D

Some photo-based digital art I've been working on...

Another pic I found interesting.

How would you all edit this pic

Newsletter: 01/04/06: Gross Ineptitude & Far-Flung Scandal

No re-air but that's okay...

12 Miners found alive! 2,182 U.S. Soldiers Dead. joy & sadness

KennyBoy & Jack were "involved"..(Jebbie too)

I guess Jon Stewart will run the Letterman clip when he comes back Wed.

Is this Abramoff plea a possible set-up and diversion ?

So What Will O'LIElly Say On His Show Tomorrow?

Thanks for the 'heads up' everyone - I now have my DVR set to

I don't want to go to Freepard land, but how are those choads

Poor freepers, upset with Letterman

Caregivers forum?

I heard a good argument with lobbying

Chris Matthews implicated in Abramoff scandal

Freepers start whiny phone campaign to CBS -- COUNTER IT! (yes, it matters

The federal government has stolen Louisiana's oil revenues for decades

Question with Reid

Europe has left it too late to wrest back control from Russia over gas

You know the truly BEAUTIFUL thing is about tonight' David Letterman Show?

The mine disaster was awful, but it raises an interesting question

I am interested in creating a travel discussion group. Please indicate ..

Pretend like you're a reporter covering an accident:

Note to media:

Abramoff Preditions Contest:

In praise of corporate jackals

In praise of corporate jackals

Letterman to O'Reilly (re: Christmas stories)

Hey Bill O'Reilly...

David Lettermen is my hero!

Jim Bakker (PTL club) says god showed him 9/11 in 1999....

Should Cindy Go On Letterman's Show?

Al Franken ignored the 04 stolen election. He is a phony.

O'Reilly opens with a LIE!! Ridgewell elementary in Wisconsin

It doesn't matter how much the Rethugs falsely accuse Dems re. Abramoff

Anyone have a link to the Letterman video that's not Real (Sucky) Player?

Letterman has WAY bigger Balls than Jon Stewart - Flame away but it's true

I Get The Feeling That 60% Of What You Say Is Crap

It doesn't matter how much the freepers whine at CBS about Dave.

12 miners found alive!!!

What is your default channel?

It's weird to think stuff like this used to be in the funny pages

If you could pick up to 24 Congress members to go down in the Abramhoff...

Jack Abramoff represented Pakistani Army

I am an old fart...

Poverty and fear dominate life for Iraq's Gypsies

There is a "12 miners rescued" story on the Greatest Page

CNN: Only one miner came out alive...

Abramoff deserves the death penalty

Well.. Happy fucking New Year everybody

Ed Shultz

Press conference with mine company coming up on CNN

ABC News just broke in with a special report. 12 dead.

George W. Bush: the reason I don't like rich kids

Where's the Governor?

How long until Mullah O'Reilly issues a fatwa against David Letterman?

Ok, BIG question here about the mine disaster...

O'Liely: British Intelligence M-ONE-SIX

Who was the first to say that all the miners made it out? was it Faux?

Why did authorities wait 3 hours to correct news reports on the miners?

Dil do'Reilly again opens mouth & demonstrates why the world hates us

Did Frank Rich write something which upset Bill O'Reilly?

MSNBC has a full, updated miner story (not just "breaking" banner)

"Christian Research Organization"--Shadow Boxing with the Republican Party

Does anyone know if O'reilly, Rush, or Hannity is tied to Abramoff?

Whenever you say Abramoff, follow it closely with Ralph Reed

So will David Letterman now be on Shill O'Lielly's enemies list?

Sinister front page photos on news sites just after midnight on new years

OK check out Google Home page

Letterman + Oreilly quicktime VIDEO

SunCruz deal greased Abramoff's downfall

president to make statement on war on terror today...(shudder)

Show David Letterman your support!

Well-bush was responsible for the miners' deaths,too

Sad News 11 of the 12 Miners Dead

Miners NOT alive

1996 G.O.P. platform promises to restore integrity & end corruption, ha!

if abramhoff was a democrat: oh the wailing & gnashing of teeth!

It is clear that the Abramhoff scandal is too big for any one prosecutor

Freepers are strange

Check out what Conyers says about the DOJ regarding Abramoff

Folks, we're getting a two-fer today--Smirk and Sneer are speaking

John Gibson: "I think most people don't want to see two guys get it on"

Why the Abramoff scandal will leave you feeling jilted again

Oh they are saying only one miner alive...

Taking campaign contributions is not illegal.

Y'all are overlooking a big CLUE in Matcoms cryptic 'Abramoff ' post:

How About A Reality TV Show About The Reconstruction Of The Gulf Coast?

Was there an article that non-union workers led to safety issues at mine?

John L. Lewis. UMW President for 40 years. We need him now.

so great big bad america conqured what?

lying, stealing, torturing, spying, mass murder, what a LEGACY!

FINALLY-On The Subject Of Leaks & Whistleblowers-NYT GETS IT!!

Republican Backlash - some are finally coming around.

What am I missing here? or better yet, Did I missing something????

168 Safety Violations = $3,600.00 (From dKos)

Everyone treated these Sago mining families like children

So who is Alice Fisher and why should we care?

Dupe, remove.

Is it true? re: WV mining accident

new daily show tonight?

Anderson Cooper - what a lightweight!

The "Hammerette"

cspan caller: 'i think mr. abramhoff is innocent'...uh, he pleaded guilty

80-year-old coach wins Orange Bowl

How Much Did the Bush Administration Know? Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and 9/11

The codicil Bush will add to every law he signs

Abramoff Pleads Guilty--Truth in Anagrams reveals who was paid what!

Science and the environment

We need a moratorium on the Death Penalty, NOW. Here's a smoking gun:

Letterman handing O' Reilly his ass--clip

WV Gov.."We don't know nuttin' bout mine safety". Demowhore.

The way reporters report...

I caught a little of Bill Press this morning and he asked aloud...

Something to think about -- Miners wearing technology 30 years old

Cut up your Bank of America & MBNA credit cards

Bush administration gutted safety and health conditions in the mines?

11:35 Easter time--Jr to speak (miners and global war on terror)--VP

Come on, people....Limbaugh, Hanity, Schultz, Boortz, all of them

Is there a Judy Miller/Rove/Abramoff/Norquist connection?

Right-wing media job: Convince people this scandal is bi-partisan

Unblankinbelievable ! More think DimSon can improve ethics than Dems ?

UNIONISTS! Please read the linked thread!

Is the Abramoff plea a red herring?

How many pets are too many? The law decides.

Bush to make remarks about mining tragedy when he arrives at

Stephanie Miller fans check in it's 9 am EST!

Attn Freeps: Dems are the Minority. They can't DO anything for you

Uh oh. Coal company political contributions.

'Irving? Let the guy go home'

You do realize what they don't want coming out in an investigation?

Plan for RFID chips to track license plates may be coming to U. S.

Is there a video of Letterman - O'Reilly hosted anywhere?

Defense Bill BS: Screw body armor or bullets, let's have a party

Double post, sorry

Weirdness in the midnight hours (WV Miners stories)

AP: Bush to Give Up $6,000 Linked to Abramoff >>>

Everything that happens is a Repuke distraction from the _______ scandal

Why don't the MSM cover troop deaths as well as the mining deaths?

All Good Germans should watch what they say on the telephone...

Grover Norquist has picture of Lenin?

"...and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Great question for trolls / freepigs / etc.

CNN Poll: 12% view Hillary as Conservative

Tinfoil hat time >>> Wouldn't BushCo want the PA provisions to expire?

What are the Freeptards saying now?

once again, bush infers that iraq attacked us on nine eleven

WSJ: "Abramoff says he has information that could implicate 60 lawmakers"

CNN & MSNBC Fight over exclusive interviews with lumps of coal

Unregulated capitalism leads to fascism.

This is interesting

Mining deathtoll news foul up = ominous lesson-Reuters & AP are 2 powerful

This speech by Bush is talking about "cutting and running"...

'NYT' Editorial Explains Difference Between Plame and NSA Spying Leaks

In honour of lost Miners, rent or buy this film:

Plans for Holy Land theme park on Galilee shore where Jesus fed the 5,000

Freeper lies

I find the tragic background music behind msnbc's miner's story tacky

New Year's Resolution; Will YOU help Unionize your workplace this year?

We'll KNOW it's MIHOP next time. Here's how:

Congressional Native American Caucus

News dump tonight?

Great LTTE in my local paper.

This little snuggle better make an anti-McCain ad if he runs.

AAR Stream Problems? Other links?

If anybody is interested the lying bastard is on msnbc

A Life, Wasted-Let's Stop This War Before More Heroes Are Killed

Please read-here's a HUGE list of Abramoff related articles

Orthodox Jewish Biologist argues for intelligent design

Fox blames the print papers but not themselves or the media--just listened

Sago Mine: 208 Safety Violations in 2005

Abramoff looks like James Guckert with hair

DU Military Veterans.....I have a question for you

I Do Not Trust The Feds Or Brits To Tell Me Who Is Trying To Get A Bomb

Debunking "(Bush) didn't know him (Abramoff) personally"

bush on Letterman from 2000: Give Oval Office one heck of a scrubbing

Looks like Abramoff lost a few pounds

I fear the Abramoff scandal will be agonizingly slow to develop

In the media, who's in and who's out in 2006

Moran Fundies in Indiana pray at the Statehouse...

117 dangerous ideas

Tin Hat Time - 9/11 & * & Warren Buffet & United Airlines Option

Former lawmaker Charles Porter dies(my kinda pol!)

Alito And The "F" Word

i love Google's Homepage today

Bow Before Your King, You Lying Criminals of War ---pix->>>

Abramoff: timed to weaken Legislative in battle with Bush monarchy ?

* continues to correlate September 11 to Iraq

"The Radio Factor" starting now

Editors Defend or Explain False Mine Rescue Stories

"Give Cindy Sheehan a Hat"

I Don't Know - To Me, War Is Just Not That Funny ---pix->>>

McClellan LIED again. Just heard a report on AAR and McClellan said

Is it normal for a Democratic Lobbyist to give money to Republicans?

Coal MIne/Free Press Disaster...

TOOTHLESS - just like his "Presidency" (photo)

I noticed O'Reilly's leg begin to shake nervously . . .

Need Help - Why Is Abramoff Copping To A Deal?

Fweeper Commander Sez He Will Ask His 2000 Soldiers to Not Watch CBS

Which interviewer showed Rummy the clip of him and Saddam shaking hands?

Mine disaster, Abramoff scandal -- their roots are connected

Abramoff in Fla. for 2nd federal court hearing

Bush Is Drinking Again-Listen To His Speech

Abramoff Scandal: GOP Calls Democrat Minority Leader Pelosi a Hypocrite

Why the War is Sexist


Abramoff's contributions seemed so paltry, how cld pols be bought off for

Cheney: "The enemy that struck on 9/11 is weakened...planning to hit us.."

"We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. (more)" (w/Rant)

Wow it looks like Dean Wormer is getting indicted

Knight-Ridder article links Harry Reid to Abramoff.

Abramoff scandal -- Stop buying the propaganda!

Cut up your Bank of America & MBNA credit cards

Energy Information Administration (EIA) Changes Forecasts

Abramoff Arrives at Miami Courthouse (in baseball cap) ---pix->>>

Has anyone looked at the State official's

Reuters: Both Republicans and Democrats received funds from Abramoff

George Bush and Tom DeLay return money linked to Abramoff

O'Reilly is a sham...........

"The Big Chill: Inserting the DEA Into End-of-Life Care"

Somebody send Dave Letterman the best meal, booze, and strippers $ can buy

"Cry me a New Year"---NOLA OP-ED

Newt Gingrich calls on House Republicans to elect a new majority leader

Does this piss anyone else off?

If poll results show Americans support Bush spying...

O'Loofah repeated two of his debunked Xmas lies with Dave last night

O'Reilly's "red and green colors prohibited" story DEBUNKED here:

What do you know about Alice Fisher? This crony is in charge

Bush Assistant Labor Secretary worked on Abramoff accounts worth millions

VIDEO- Grosh-Abramoff Hearing June 22 05-Hilarious and goofy

WSJ: trying to piece together the false hope about the miners

Abramoff USED HIS WIFE as a Contributor to Republican Campaigns

Do ya'll think Tweety is still skeptical of those that return money?

Ed Henry changes talking point: " some dems might be drawn in"

Abramoff "Charity" a Front for Terrorism (Juan Cole)

Hotline blog: "Abramoff Money and Dems" - maybe this will help wake-up

"donations from Abramoff and his clients" -- translation

Somebody please help!! Urgent!!

Heads up:Scotty WH Daily Briefing scheduled for 1:15 pm EDT

"Is the US becoming, or is it already, a fascist state?"

Since McClellan is now quoting poll results....

Snotty Scotty BBQ comin' on up

is Abramoff in custody or otherwise supervised/protected...?

"The Republican Party is now corrupt to its core."

The truly scary thing about the rise of the neocons

Cool quote

With regard to the tragic deaths of WV miners: Why do you Hate America?

"The House That Jack Built ..." The Center For American Progress.

So does BushCo get a tax refund for giving their Abramoff money to charity

Abramoff & al-Arian:Lobbyist's "Charity":Front for Terrorism(Juan Cole)

Delay decreed that GOP Lobbyists do biz w/ GOPers only. Abramoff

Falsehoods and the Iraq War


This lying bastard is pissing me off, big time dick msnbc

Frankly I could care less if dems are involved in the Abrahamoff scandal

Lax Oversight Found in Tests of Gene-Altered Crops

Native American trusts and the DOI website shut down.

"I have the feeling about 60% of what you say is crap." Dave L to O'Reilly

Washington Post reports Sago Mine had numerous safety violations.

I had an Epiphany about why Republicans are the way they are

Hotline busts the NRSC for lying that Dems had taken Abramoff $$$

CNn reporter blames Miners families for tragic misinfo. mistake:

You guys are great investigators - can you check my company out?

I keep hearing, guys become miners 'cause the $$ is so good.

What's happened to Prickly City recently?

I'll tell you where Letterman nailed O'Reilly

Cheney spreading Terra on C-Span Now....

I never cease to overestimate the moral character of *

Red State/Blue State

$100 says Abramoff pleaded to avoid charges on his wife

Propaganda and the moustache of neoconservatism

the Rude Pundit's account of Chalmette, La. gave me goosebumps

THE Question: Can we let Bush do things that WE explicitly prohibit?

Emily J. Miller -- anyone got a photo?

Why would an American company (Walmart) fight American companies & jobs?

Robert Parry reported last Oct. on Bush/Abramoff money laundering tactics

My Response to a LTTE was published today.

The 14 worst corporate evildoers

Okay, I'm freaked

Looks like money may have changed hands in the White House re: Abramoff

Bad Language: "Ordinary Americans"

So Enron trials are coming up this month too!

Louisiana gets its first FEMA bills, totaling $156 million

I need your help!!!!

This just in! CBS stocks tank on word that Freepers are forming a boycott

Have these health and safety violations at Sago Mine been reported in MSM?

Randi Rhodes laid out precisely why there was a miner "miscommunication:"

Abramoff's Political Contributions as per (ALL REPUB!) >>>

The US Chamber of Commerce involved in schoolin'?

I talked to Randi Rhodes Yesterday (about Abramoff and Campaign Reform)

Does anyone know of any sleepwalking republicans who have awaken...

Will Union-busting Bush go to the funeral of the WVA miners?

Why aren't any of the Democrats named in scandal coming forth??

Do not look at the Chimperor. (photo)

VIDEOS-Selected Questions from White House Press Conf Today

US faces severe worker shortage in future

ABA's Alito Evaluation: So will the right wingers now like the ABA?

What's the political affiliation of West Virginia's governor?

Those with a Populist message will dominate 2006

Randi interviewing Smith of -

Anyone listening to Randi today???? It is good again, n/t

Is it fair to say that the ABA's ranking of Alito as "well qualified"

Taking fear and paranoia to an extreme

Why Do They EVER Let Cheney Out of His Cage? ---pix->>>

BREAKING: Sup. Court Allows Transfer of Padilla to Civ. Court

Sharon has major stroke.... breaking on CNN

Song lyrics that were probably posted before on DU

AmericaBlog >> Did Bush wiretap CNN's Christiane Amanpour?

Is State College, Pennsylvania, a progressive town?

CBS needs Dave a hell of a lot more than Dave needs CBS.

The Wiretaps - what is the Core Problem?


Pigs get Slaughtered

Muddying up the Abramoff Scandal

The Abramoff page at Cspan

Bush (then TX Gov) wrote letter for Abramoff re: Marianas Islands

"Democrats plan to use Catholic bashing to stop Alito!"

Wisconsin : New law ensures voting paper trail

Are GOP opertives paid to troll Left leaning blogs and message boards?

People For The American Way says...

A fun little exercise

Can a DA lock up a person before charging him or her with a crime?

Is anyone else having AAR buffering problems.

QUICK! Somebody start a class: "Googling for Media Morons"

maybe Abramoff has become a better person

heads up: Randi is replaying Letterman from last night

A Cartoon to Celebrate

Why should we feel sorry for these miners and their families?

VIDEO - Breaking-Padilla to be sent to CRIMINAL court

AP Headline last night: "Miners Reported Alive After Blast Are Dead"

New Wire tap Videos - James Risen + Charles Schumer

Randi Rhodes talking about Letterman O'Riley smackdown

holy crap, Randi is linking Steve Griles to Abramoff

I'm expecting Dana Rohrabacher to go down. He's tight w/Abramoff, Norquist

For the people who want to give bush permission to spy unchecked...

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise....Bush could bypass new torture ban!

PROPOSED: Any time a DUer mentions Michelle Malkin in any post

Let's Stop A US/Israeli War On Iran

This guy wants to VOTE on Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays...

Dating Mining First, Monitor specific, second, -the FLAW in the argument

Please un-FReep this poll

Step Right up, Folks! Ride the Twist-N-Hurl!

Has Tom Delay been seen or heard from since Sunday??

229 Years Later: Declaration of Independence as Relevant as ever

"in our prayers"

What do the Republicans think they'll accomplish

Stacking the Deck to Save the Administration (Judge Walton)

A look back at the gopher Contract with America

Oh hum. Let's discuss murder and corruption..Florida style

List Of Contributors To The Abramoff Legal Defense Fund

Good News! maybe. (New chip will play both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD)

Corp. Media Self examination: "Some Say Media Erred in Mine Coverage"

DeLay/Abramoff Will Rip Apart Republican Party (Check out your state)

Poll: My 2006 Predictions: Likely or not?

Does anybody think we'll ever see a time of death for the miners?

Caption this...

Democrats need their own "Contract for America"

Congressman Conyers -- Just read this paragraph of his ...

Dover School Board officially Rescinds 'Intelligent Design' Policy

Extreme views and deception: Write to stop Alito

VIDEO-Cafferty File on Abramoff

Rasmussen: 50% of Americans say the President did not break the law.

Christiane Amanpour is not just a journalist. She is married to a Dem.

Very important new movie

Letterman has been dissing Bush for years -and NOW the freepers get upset?

Conservative versus Liberal on the family--and national--scale.

NYT- Bush Violated National Do Not Call Registry

Them greedy R legislators are returning chump change from the Abramoff

Just Like Katrina, The Miners' Story Will Be Forgotten By This Weekend

Remembering the Past - The Mammoth Mine Disaster 116 Killed

Deadliest day in Iraq since elections marks end of truce

Perhaps there's a correlation between Corruption and Election Fraud...

Missoulian:Burns pushed for Indian school program

Was the M$MWs played by the mining corp to distract from the REAL story?

Impeach, Impeach, IMPEACH signs for printing available at

Could someone give me background on

Was the screw up of the miners story the fault of the media?

In praise of Mediterranean diet

Suicide Bomber Kills 32 at Iraq Funeral

DU this CNN poll: Do you think the scandal surrounding lobbyist Jack Abram

This poll needs some du love.

Has Sharon been seen in public since his 1st stroke on 12/18?

Wanna stop corruption? Get the money out of politics - period.

FEC Website - type ABRAMOFF, JACK in the search box

My "snoopgate" LTTE to be published

Did Jesus exist? Italian court to decide

Olbermann Will Be Taking Names Tonight

The Union Cannot Stand

Third mountain lion killed

The Consistent Difference Between Dems and Repubs (Abramoff)

Freep creep on Randi's show

Think George Bush gives a rat's ass about miner safety? ('02 The Nation)

Hey, guys, I was just thinking about that thread about Malkin.

"free trade" agreements: why do they have to be hundreds of pages long?

Cuba had role in Kennedy killing: documentary

What are the implications of a Bush Pardon of Abramoff?

Miner son: Bring the unions back in!!!!

Air America Phoenix off the air Feb 1st

Study: Lice Brought Down Napoleon's Army...

Sharon under resuscitation-significant stroke

UNFREEP Letterman's feedback form!!!

Why does God hate West Virginia?

CNN Headline: We Had A Miracle Taken Away

This pic makes me think there is something going on between

Oh i'm pissed, watching bob scheifer

I believe mr. bush has just crossed over into...The Twilight Zone

"I think it’s a very different admin. compared to the Clinton days"

Just how bad has the media become (Mine disaster coverage)

CIA Gave Iran Bomb Plans, Book Says (LAT)

New “Patriot” Act Creates American Gestapo

McClellan Indicates Admin. Won’t Cooperate With Congressional Hearings

WTF? Bush "reserves the right" to violate ANOTHER law?

Olbermann on O'Reilly.....

Anyone see the fundie Miles O'Brien "interviewed" at the minetown church?

BUY BLUE Banks are hard to find! And Bank of America is the WORST.

I Got Your Hypothetical Right Here. (anti-torture "signing statement")

Veterans Against the War

It's back and it's better than ever! Carnival of the Liberals #3

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

So the prosecutor for Abramoff has never prosecuted a CASE?

Patrick Kennedy has been throughly consistent in his votes and support for

Why isn't the press asking about the k-street project?

Jack's Contributions, a handy (long) list--all reeps.

Is it possible that the story of the 12 live miners was purposely planted

Song for the Miners: The Bells of Rhymney

O'loofa late night smackdown. Enjoy.

Remember how last summer the story was Dean was bad for fundraising?

Could Republicans possibly care less about worker's lives and wellbeing?

'Dick Cheney resigns! and other predictions for 2006'

if the real truth were revealed about bushco, folks would get medieval

Re Cindy and the Letterman show HELP

little reminder from the French revolution....

Michael Parenti: Capitalism privatizes profits, socializes costs

Can you guys get on "Crooks and Liars" today?

FBI domestic terrorism pamphlet

Pelosi Statement on President Bush's Comments on the War on Terrorism

"Ed Schultz is a phony"

Jack Abramoff on Liberals and Democrats

Malkin: "The Democratic Underground gave Letterman two thumbs up."

So - does your Representative/Senator represent you???

American workers, have you got the message yet?

The Banned Pesticide in Our Soil

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to RussiaGate?"

Seinfeld, Letterman and Stewart turn down White House Invites

Bush's Niece Makes Her Paris Debut --->>>

U.S. prepares Iran strike

Letterman was a washout. watched it and was disappointed.

The BIG FIX 2006: Is Abramoff getting away with murder?

Investigate Wiretapping Scandal Before Alito Hearings--ACTION ALERT

9-11 Families Pan NSA Snooping

Bush Issues 'Sighning Statement' To Bypass Torture Ban

Dear Gov. Dean -- NSA, Telco illegal spying pre-dates 9/11 ...

"Everyone thought..." "It's the CIA's fault..." OH REALLY?

None of the ILLEGAL donations went to Dems. None.

DU has let this question die today, even though it is “impordant”

TOONS: The Rotten to the Core Edition

The Pimping of the Presidency

Some Fuck Heads Laugh About Iraq.... Isn't It Funny??

Bush says 'Pioneers' are friends, not evading finance rules 07/20/99

Bush: I'll torture when I need to

What did you learn today at DU that you can actually use?

OK a ??? Why was the SWAT team on standby???

I just feel so sad for West Virginia.

Because He Hates Us For Our Freedoms.

CT Reverses! No E-Voting Machines! Announces Move BACK to 'Lever' System!

New Postal Rate Increase Raises $3.1Billion For Unknown Purpose

O'Reilly: Letterman is a Smart Guy Who Can Spot a Phony

Another fucking idiotic rightwing email:

DU this Capital News poll on lobbyists

Timely maneuver? Petition senate to resubmit the Clean Elections bill

Screwed again by our own gov't - energy bill repeals Public Utility Holdin

My 6th grader's Soc. Stud. Teacher: "I think Anne Frank survived."

Why Did The Chicken Cross Pennsylvania Avenue?

NBC changes official transcript of Andrea Mitchell interview...

Non-fiction Book Club

Liberal Media ??? MSNBC Purges Part Of Transcript re: Snoopgate

I attempting to generate enough interest to create a "travel group"...

"Yeah, I'm impatient! I'm impatient for a new president!" -- Retail clerk

ALERT UPDATE - WMF flaw can't wait for Microsoft fix, researchers say

What the hell has God done for us?

Do NOT let anyone tell you it's a "bipartisan" scandal!!!


Saying that Dems are linked to Abramoff is illogical

Have Americans lost the guts for democracy?

All those who think unions have outlived their usefulness, need

Oopsie! Local Baptist preacher busted for asking man for sex

I find this very interesting and disturbing

Remember - the 9/11 Hijacker's Took A Cruise (SunCruz) - Abramoff

My latest Toyota activism -- (warning: large image)

Abramoff, SunCruz, M.Atta, 9/11, FBI........

GOP bait -- no thanks.

Pelosi: Intelligence Panel Had Clue About Spying

What We Need Now Is The Second Punch In A 1-2 Punch - Fitz To.....

Company shrinks Exec bonuses

Same Feeling I Had When We Were Told Bush Won Florida After....

Scandals and "problems" for 2006 Email: Out of Iraq Events Planned in Over 70 Cities

16 Tons And What Do You Get.......

Lobbying Plan Was Central to GOP's Political Strategy

Petition against corruption | Please Read

Birthright denial plan impractical, unconstitutional

Now it's "equal" corruption...I see...

Hard for me to get excited about Abramoff

Dear George:

Letterman tells O'Reilly '60% of what you say is crap'

As a Democrat, I would like to thank Tom Delay for excluding Dems...

Abramoff should put in jail for

Another Coincidence Or * & Rove Are The Luckiest Men Alive......

Call me slow: I just now realized Abramoff is being investigated by ...

Talent (MO) down and Chimpy sinking in Repuke-leaning Rasmussen poll

IBM and the Holocaust .

Republican media consultant switches parties

Why now? Whose call was it to have Abramoff plea at this time?

McClellan: Bush doesn't know Abramoff, but "it's possible that they met"

Who is Alice Fisher

Connecting the dots: Bush gives up $6,000 linked to Abramoff

Late Night Rant ...

Kansas City suburb drops anti-war sign prosecution

RAND man James Dobbins lied on W.J. this a.m.

Bush signs anti-torture bill then issues "signing statement""

Miller: Abramoff Money Halted Sweat Shop Legislation

“Our job is to remove them from power permanently" so saith Jack A.

Bush says Al Queda's stated aim is to use Iraq as a "safe haven" Whaaaa?

As the scandals go up, we will draw down...

Information Suggests 14 3/25 Marines Killed May Have Been Betrayed

In case you didn't know Barak Obama is the Anti-Christ

we viewers were graced with the presence of a Czar this morning

1569 days since Bush was to get Osama, lest we forget..

Of Tyrants, Kings, Alito and Bush (Buzzflash)

Abramoff network touches AZ lawmakers

ACLU calls for special counsel on domestic spying

Amy Goodman(DemocracyNOW) has awesome show on the Abramhoff affair

Kudos to Letterman last night...

Easy to read graph from the NYT

Anyone Notice The Rash of Mistakes, Miscommunications and....

Tony Snow & Britt Hume were with Matthews

Muddying waters on Abramoff: list of D and R recipients

What am I missing here..

To the administrators at DU..IRC chat?

Who has the photo of Ms Miller stroming the recount offices in 2000

Cheney will speak..

White House aide to run governor's campaign (CA)

A White House Response To Senator Feingold

"Confessions of a Bush Hater"

Families say 12 W.Va. miners found alive!

AAR PHX: Pederson Senate campaign gets boost - endorsement of Wesley Clark

The Amanpour question from Andrea Mitchell to James Risen is no

Mr. Hatfield is such a kind man. A reporter asked him if he felt

Who do you think will die first in 2006?

Could it be possible that dimson/Cheney are giving to Abramoff's

CNN's Dan Rather Moment

Bush is calling in all of the Secretaries of Defense in previous administr

Photo: "Yeah. Uh-huh. Very sad. I hear ya. Look, was there anything else?"

Hint: If you answer this one wrong, you're going to Hell.

"Reporters Lied, Coalminers Died"

Limbaugh said NOTHING about Abramoff. I suppose Limbaugh Jr., Hannity,

Is there any evidence Cindy Sheehan called the Insurgents Freedom Fighters

Can someone post a cliffnotes link to the Abramoff scandal?

Excellent MoPaul work at BartCop.

Lobbying: The $4 billion industry that is America's guilty secret

What are the laws governing propagandizing the military and police?

Rochester, New York [Monroe County] Board of Elections Demonstration 01/05

An early list of Abramoffs friends....

firedoglake: Is Republican hack at helm of Abramoff case?

From Mafia pimp to Beaver Cleaver in 24 hrs: Abramoff's Winter Collection

Ralph Reed, the lowest of the low...

Even Tucker Carlson thinks Lou Sheldon is creepy

The face of the GOP

anti-Feingold letter builds elaborate airplane metaphor

"The American people may decide that the President

smirk delivers "stunning blow" to american steel pipe workers

OC Weekly: A bad year for Bush is bad for all of us

Balance of power shifts back to Democrats (Maine House)

Sharon is not feeling well AGAIN!!! Maybe the good Lord is calling him

Can somebody please post all the repugs that have been indicted ......

The Prophets Foretold It: W was inevitable

Snarf alert: Sean Inanity's latest outrage

My open letter to Howard Dean--"Operation Real Deal"

Reid says he won't support Bush impeachment ...wants good government

is there any info on Abramhoff's ties to Fox?

ATTN VA, MD DU'ers - meet John Murtha on 1/5!


CNN's reports that Frist will put Santorum in charge of lobbying reform!

Big Ed's show probably enjoys the controversy...look at owner's technique.

Fineman sees severe consequences in Abramoff scandal, then turns comedian

George Allen leads in Missouri GOP “straw'’ poll

As long as Congresscritters must raise money to run TV ads, we're screwed!

"Gore At Grover's??" - Norquist's Wednesday RW meeting.

Chris Matthews implicated in Abramoff scandal

Why does Dubya blink so many times?

Kerry Was Right: Ex-CIA Agent Says US Missed bin Laden in Afghanistan

Big Eddie Shultz is going to hammer Murtha again today!