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There is No Stop Button in the Race for Human Re-Engineering

The Alito Stakes

Wanted: A Wary Audience

Give That Boy a Standing "YO!"

Aide: Reagan Warned Before Beiurt Blast

The Imperial President (Op-Ed from The Washington Times!?!)

NYT: In Alito, G.O.P. Reaps Harvest Planted in '82


Manmade humidity causes global warming

'Man who predicted 9/11' - ON RIGHT NOW!

Scholars Repudiate Official Version of 9/11

VIdeo evidence of gunpowder used in the North Tower


Too many still think we can "take back the country" in '06 and fix things.

Election Reform Must Be a Priority – My Response to DNC Request for Money

Area homeless shelter needs

how did Harkin vote?? can't find his name on DU lists

I just found out I am in a "hot spot" for internet service

What's being voted on March 7, and who can vote? Just got a call

The Love Bite .com - fun food site

I'm eating for comfort and it's not working.

Is any good?

McKenna will NOT seek Liberal nomination

ABC: Bush Looks for Boost From State of Union

For the ladies

Scholars Repudiate Official Version of 9/11

Contacts With Lobbyists Curbed

NYT: Number of Foreign Forces in Iraq Seen Falling Below 100,000 This Year

Britain and US split over defeating Afghan opium trade

Amnesty says U.S. executes many mentally ill (Reuters)

President facing ‘gray and gloomy’ electorate (try ticked off) Poll

Report: 8M With Birth Defects Each Year

Mexican Police Arrest Four Illegal Iraqis

Challenge to gay rights bill filed by Eyman (WA state public nuisance)

Stop spying, we're watching, Chavez tells US envoy

China and Russia Support Sending Iran Case to U.N.

Halliburton lops $9 million off disputed Iraq pact (Reuters)

Aide: Reagan Warned Before Beirut Blast

Nearly half of Iraqis support attacks on U.S. troops

Primary care near collapse, physicians warn (Reuters)

Wow.... who wants to marry me...?

Finally, I have something to thank G.W. Bush for.

Why do I feel so all alone?

Waaaaaaaaah! I can't start a poll! So I'll post it instead!


Meditation. Could somebody recommend a good beginners book about it?

Video Clip: Janet Reno sings Aretha's "Respect." Yep, THAT Janet Reno.

I've got a bike. You can ride it if you like.

I'm Watching Skating with Celebrities

Cox high speed internet tech support just told me:

Why, oh WHY, do kids always get sick when you have plans?

Dude, I think GD: Alito just Filibustered itself to death

OMG! Brokeback Mountain is playing in Kingsport, TN!!! (spoiler)

Anyone have any experience with a signature loan?

Anyone jonesin' for some vintage moog music mp3s?

How many times have you clicked My Posts tonight?

So they voted for cloture while I was taking a nap

a message to all those Dems......

Wake me up before we go go ...

Who's taking refuge in comfort drink tonight?

Ok A&E....

thats it!!! the next person to take a nap is really going to pay!!!

So I got a girl's number two days ago

Johnsonville Heat n Serve Bratwurst

New pic of Bush/Kerry debates:

Wanna feel old? "'Baby Jessica,' Now 19, Reportedly Marries"

My Posts really is back!

Thank God for Mods...

OK, so if Skinner's gone out for a beer...

MyPosts IS back!

self delte n/t

level 2 prayer circle

HEY! MY Posts really IS back now! And you can trust ME!

Anyone watching "24?"

Dixie makes 700,000 earth-destroying cups every day, for self-absorbed

I just got back from asthmaticeog's neck of the woods

I never got this Lucky, did you?

Would the lounge be kind enough to look at my SO's college essay?

When you are down and out, lift up your head and shout:

Mike Malloy is the voice of GD tonite

This is how much I am addicted to popcorn:

Heads up! Nuremburg trials--Boston PBS n/t

I'm gonna go play Dungeon Siege. I feel the need to smash evil

I found a pic of HypnoToad's evil twin!

This ain't your daddy's economy

Why is it that after 4 shots of Mezcal, you think

I dedicate this song to the shitheads that voted against cloture today

Slow nights at work


"Bambi II"...Timeless, Heartwarming Classic or another Disney P.O.S.?

Krevlornswath of the Deathwok clan.

Hey, freeps! When you're finished running around crowing like a rooster

There's a couple doing the grownup in an SUV parked across the street.

Okay so I am politicked out and wander to Yahoo Games

Orrin Hatch's songs are just as awful as Ashcroft's

Project X: The Balls Have Dropped

How is chocolate *legally* not prostitution?

That's it, I'm leaving for the PDS! Rote Socken Baby!

In terms of "funny" I'll take Mallrats over Clerks.

Colbert is KILLING tonight!

it's time to play... NAME THAT BURGESS!!!

I Am VERY Serious

I wore SUNGLASSES today. Woohoo!!!!

Did the Spanish flu really start because someone was burning poop?

Why does this feel so appropriate?

I've had it!!!

In times like these food is comforting- so what's dinner tonight?


So now that Crazy Guggenheim has ran off and joined the Whigs...

Post from an AOL board

Anyone Watching This "Flight 93" on A&E?

Nam June Paik: June 20, 1932 - January 29, 2006

How come so many people are dying young

Too funny to be made up names:

I just can't bring myself to watch the State of the Union address tomorrow

Us (us us us us) and Them (them them them them)

Quick, sketchy, therapeutic art

What Does The term NWO Mean To YOU Now?

I need a fuzzball thread (meow and arf pics)

Hello, my name is ZombyWoof

Not a single one of you sonsabitches could beat me in an unfair fight

That's it!! I'm leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Whigs!

All Americans who are still sane may hang out in this "Canada" thread

hoist one of these, to make you feel better-

A DUer posted this video a few days ago

Let's talk about something really mundane in this thread, OK?

So what's going on around here?

What's the dumbest patriotic song of the past 5 years?

Does anyone here have Vonage

They didn't like my screen name at freerepublic......

If you think GD has gone nuts, relax and read this:

There were 3 good arguments that Jesus was Black:

Hide & Seek ~ Imogen Heap

Okay, now I'm hitting the chocolate

I'm BORED as heck so I am just going to talk for a while , ok :)

My Posts is back!

CrazyGuggenheim, how do I get on to Democrats08?

How is porn *legally* not prostitution?

Public display of ten commandments: Of the 10 Alabama state senators who

While I was still married, I ran for school board.

Whichever one of You People it was who mentioned toasted mini marshmallows

Mediterranean diet 'reduces birth defects'

Study Strengthens Link between Virus and Weight Gain

Group plans observatory in Adirondacks.

Pro-Homosexual Posters Fostering 'Intolerance,' Says Family Advocate

USA and Iran vote against gay representation in UN

DU. this poll,Does idaho need a marriage amendment please vote.

Is Blizzard discriminating against gays?

I LOVE that Tom Brady was on Family Guy last night...

About my 3 cats and the newly installed cat door

Dog owners: food round-up

Something strange in a dream

Thanks to all who were live blogging today

Post and recommend there...

I blame the count on Reid. He should have taken up this cause

Just got home and looking for update on final tally.

Why was it an uphill battle?

Who SHOULD be the Democratic Leader of the U.S. Senate?

Silver Linings.

Reid MUST be replaced. He has betrayed the Democratic Party.

So Kaine is going to tell us to be one big happy family ARRRGH!!

We need a Kerry picture thread

Unsubscribe to Harry Reid's e-mails.

I believe, in you folks and in JK! (And Teddy too!)

Picture request please?

I'm...sorta afraid to go look at my blog.

KOEB 1/30/06 Pissed off Dems program

For the EDVs ..... Grin

Filibuster Effort Shows Intensity of Alito Opposition

self delete

Litmus Test problem -- I feel really conflicted about Sen. Dorgan today

The Alito vote - Let's face it folks. Our system is so corrupt it makes

Good News! Bush at 39% Approval! It is looking a little better. Alito

DINOs are subversives diverting Dem votes to the 'pukes.

DU this poll: Based on his performance at the confirmation hearings, do

Can you tell me who voted no to closure? I want to send them money.

See you tomorrow night, Chimp

How would Alito rule in this case...

Et tu Rockefeller?.........

I am going to continue to give to the DNC because I trust Dean's efforts.

I think I have an important observation


My thoughts on what happened...

Here are the Democratic Senators who voted FOR cloture (for Alito)

Alito won't help Idiot Son and will DOOM the rePUKE party


Gang of 14 screwed America

who is Lieberman's primary opponent?

Why ask "who will I hurt" rather than "what can I do"?

Contact Dem Senate Campaign Committee

"If you can't beat em, join em"

Everybody Knows Democracy is Coming

In response to Alito: "It better end soon"

Where do you go when you don't have a party?

"Gang of Fourteen" and "Extraordinary Circumstances"

DailyKos says: WE ARE FUCKED!

Dobbs, Henry, CNN: If we had gone for a filibuster right after hearings...

Frist: Swear Scalito in quickly so he can sit in the front row @ S.O.T.U.

Instead of leaving the party, I am going to help take it over.

Oh I got it. Let's email the traitors wrappers of Bush Baked Beans.

It's not the Aye voting Democrats that particularly bother me.

The fight has not ended.

Alito's First Amendment Record

Aren't we able to increase # of Supreme Court Justices?

Don't fuck over your democratic senators. If we get a majority this year..

How about this?

As long as there are listeners, liberal talk will continue streaming

Please register Green Party.

Dem Senators who voted for cloture should now vote Yes to Alito, go all

When Giving UP is Giving IN

Sam Seder on The Majority Report

It's the LEADERSHIP stupid!

Conrad says he'll vote to confirm Samuel Alito

Let me preface this


As long as there are listeners...

Fetish night at the Senate...

Something to feel good about: Kennedy was OUTSTANDING when...

Bye, bye Greenies..

Kate Michelman: 'Evil has been visited upon us'

Has their been a vote to stop debate? I am guessing so...

Congratulations America, Slavery has a chance for a comeback

We said we had their back. We've got more work to do!!!

The Democrat Top 24: They voted No to cloture, No to ALITO!

My take: It was a power play between Reid & Kerry/Kennedy

A Little Chicken soup for the liberal soul: FDR speeches

Just got home and have been in a vaccuum all day. WTF happened with Alito?

Just Got Done Talking With Mom About All This

"Did we give up when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor?"

Peaceful Revolution: Czech Rep, Georgia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Kyrgyz, USA?

BREAKING: 560 TONS OF DRY GUNPOWDER discovered in basement of DNC HQ...

Of the 17 who voted against filibuster, we would have needed 16

NOW President Calls Cloture Vote the Only Alito Vote that Counts

Ford, black leaders at odds over Alito

Let's get some real Dems into office.

"Gang of 14 Finally Disbands. Or might as well, anyway. " from Kos

I am proud of all those that voted against cloture

Here is my plan - What are you going to do?

Do you think there's a chance Justice Kennedy will move left?

Lost in the disappointment (Hagel was an ABSTAIN on cloture)

How many GOP votes are needed to block Scalito if Dems unite?

Will you be this angry next week, next month, next year?

Funny... The rePukes Are Afraid Of Their Own Base, Our's Are Not !!!

American Pie (song) - Lyrics - rewritten: The Day Democracy Died

Remembering where the repug party discipline comes from

My list of true Senate Heros

So WHAT if we win the house or even the senate in '06?


Who's the meanest SOB working as a Democratic operative?

Tell Me if This is Too Harsh to Send to the Turncoat Senators

McCaskill Opposed Scalito, she would give us 45 if Elected!

I't's DONE..Get On with it...get a good night's sleep and MOVE ON!

Of The Democratic Senators That Voted For Cloture...

Wise words from Meteor Blades (dailykos)

Red State Dems suck but God would I love to have a chance to...

OK, its been a couple of hours, I'm over it...

1/3 of The Party Are Traitors

We fought hard, and we lost. What that means...

Don't worry guys, we still have Justice Kennedy!

Project X: The Balls Have Dropped

So wait! Byrd = Bad, Biden = Good?

IMPORTANT VIDEO!! Buchanan Reveals Alito Motives

National Urban League: Senate Shirked Its Duty

Have you had enuf rest? DO you want to blast the GANG OF 17?

Just musing...but what do you think of this?

Election year. No to civil war. No to leaving the party.Post if you agree.

Hey, freeps! When you're finished running around crowing like a rooster

MSNBC: Kennedy "molested" Mrs Alito....."basically"

Maybe the cloture vote means that ONLY two dem senators need be replaced.

*sigh* I was gone for the vote. What the hell happened? What was the final

Well... At Least Nobody Will Look Too Foolish At The Next D.C. Bash !!!


John Conyers Blog: Alito Cloture Vote; SOTU Blogging

We need a revolution within the Democratic Party!

Time for "Comfort" Food: Pot Pie and then

The joke is on Sen. Mary Landrieu

Nice Time cover at Kos.

Okay, So what now?

The War Isn't Over

It's NOT DEFEATIST! It's seeing things for what they are.

Wow, the freepers are going PSYCHO!

Bring back court-packing!

Don't take out your frustrations on the DNC -- that's counterproductive

Official Monday Senate Debate Alito Threads 1 - 9

I am so sorry, everyone

I like the idea of targeting 2 or 3 fake DEMS to make examples of.

where can i find the OFFICIAL vote tally????????

They voted against the filibuster because it was a waste of time.

Why do we keep getting 60/40 pro-Bush votes in Congress when the country

Fuck you Robert Byrd- take a hike-- VIVA La Revolution

Someone please give me a coherent argument WHY filibuster was


Now then...I'm starting over. Who here can help me? I need solid tips.

Feels like we're stuck in the 1970's, when Democratic cowardice began

Want to point blame on why the Dems are divided? DINOs!

re: dem turncoats-- how many still here remember the 2002 midterms....

So that's it then? We're just going to give up?

What irks me: GOP had 1 turn against them; Dems had 19!

Fast forward to one week from today...

Herb Hohl has lost my vote forever.


Temporary web home for WeRememberPAC is now online.

The Democrats who voted for Alito are T-R-A-I-T-O-R-S!

Hey, Remember the days/weeks/months leading up to the Iraq 'war'?

Is There Any DUer Brave Enough To Defend The Party Today ???

Keep those fax numbers and links handy. Do not go away.

I wonder if they will enjoy their meagre apogee.

Here's something weird: Bayh voted no on cloture.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary

Malloy says we won't win 2006

I will stay a Democrat to the Primary and then become an independent!

Dick Durbin should be fired as whip.*

PIX --->>>

5 years on DU and I've never seen anything like this.....

The bright side, well, sort of...

Why are Bush's only wounds self-inflicted? How is the Dems

Lieberman voted with GOP for Alito. Would you like to get rid of him?

The Iron Fist of Moral Victory

Attn: Skinner and Elad-Alito brought us together. Now is the time

We Better Figure Out How To Win With An Up Or Down Vote Or We're Done.

Jame Hamsher speaks for me re this historic Dem turning point over Alito:

TAKE ACTION!!! Take the pledge: $25 for the 25! (who voted NO on cloture)

Please! Dems caved 'cause GOP stole Daschle's election, and said he lost

Good God almighty. Knock it off with the "Dems have betrayed us" BS

I'd like to defend Robert Byrd and Jay Rockefeller tonight!

John Conyers says...


How can a President who has committed many impeachable offenses

Fuck you Joe Lieberman-- VIVA La Revolution.

Cancel support of Emily's List if they support Cantwell

Today we stood - Let's keep making their lives a living hell

I'm calling for political CIVIL WAR in the Democratic Party...

The Dems may have just lost their base

I'm not worried about Judge Scalito's attitudes on executive power.

The defeated attitude here is WORSE than the Alito confirmation

It's Time to INVADE the Republican Party

DNC does not give money to house and senate campaigns. Why spite them?

You know what I want ?

Attention Democrats and WARNING to Republicans

99 Brit soldiers killed in Iraq and they're already ready to impeach Blair

dupe - self delete

Interview With William R. Clark, Author "Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq an

I'll be wearing my DU t-shirt tomorrow night


President facing ‘gray and gloomy’ electorate- Approval rating at 39%

Inhofe - saying Dems don't want natl security

Maureen Dowd: Clinton's Lying "Endearing," While Bush "Lies" In His Bubble

HOLY CRAP. TWICE as many trust CONGRESS over Little Lord Pissypants

Have You Ever Noticed That after 4 Shots of Mezcal

Oil execs refuse to testify at U.S. Senate hearing

OBL video;justification for the continued brutal tactics in war on terror

So , anybody want to defend Lieberman now?

Is there a concise list of all the traitors and who is up for re election?

self delete

In the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada…



I just sent this to Majority Report:

So it's Bin Laden crying wolf now

state of the union

When did democrats give up on the idea of PROGRESSIVE taxation?

Lost amongst all the Alito stuff man serving 25 years for pain management

The State Of The Union: The Truth About Health Care

Record profits spark new backlash against big oil

tell Ned Lamont to run against Lieberman

Idiot son is sure to be EXTRA smug during the SOTU now. I propose

More than ever we know WE can't wait! too much BU**SH** is happening!

Dean's conference call today on the national message et al.

Lets E Mail Dean

The Real State of the Union 2006--Clark, today's speech on CSPAN 1 tonite

Just got home and have been in a vaccuum all day. WTF happened with Alito?

Chicken soup for the liberal soul: FDR speeches

Is this for real? When did he say this?

Scarboro says Dems don't know how to throw the hard punch!

Our message for 2006

It turns out Iran and USA agree on one thing!!

Injured Reporter and Photog

John Harwood on Olberman: latest terra tape not good for Chimpy

All the DNC & GOP really do is spread money around.

All together now....Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow...

ABC: Bush Looks for Boost From State of Union

Did Skinner get back from the bar yet?

Sorry for the clutter, but CSPAN just updated onscreen...Clark 11:45 PM ET

Feeling dejected? Yearning for a leader? Watch Clark tonight.

Rep. Blunt: Congress' low poll numbers are chimp's fault

From now until November,this is all that matters.

This Enron article is full of goodies.

right now, I think I might actually hate America

Exxon Mobil

Still sorry.... a book was compiled of all the photos and statements

Does '24' President Logan remind anyone of Chimp?

The State of the Union - first draft

New pic of Bush/Kerry debates:

Anyone watching "24?"

NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll: Bush Approval 39%

SOTU "State of Emergency" Protests 1/31--Find Or Start One In Your Town

Please DU this poll once more

Take Your Frustrations Out Rating Senators

CNN's Christiane Amanpour: 'Iraq War Has Been A Disaster'...

Time to replace the donkey with a new symbol?

Edwards Takes Shot at Bush; GOP Fires Back

Anybody listening

Now that Skinner and EarlG had their beers, can they post here drunk?

Bush to give "one major speech per week for the next four weeks"

Check this out, it's about databases and Big Brother

Before we lose momentum let's

American Democracy Experiment is now over!

FYI: Shane won

How many people even know what happened today?

Assuming SPAM is legal, I have an idea -

My new network is the Cartoon Network. I boycott CNN whenever

Rice: Has everybody got their story straight, now?" (photo)

Bush, SOTU, A&E Movie

Congressional Dems are scared of Bush

Horton Hears the Truth!

new DCCC ad links congressional republicans to Bush

Why is the religious right so powerful in its party, while we aren't?

Idiot rePUKE Larry King caller commends Idiot Son on "success in Iraq"

Channel your frustration into action: important CLOSE vote Wednesday

Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps(Feingold)

The Truth About Health Savings Accounts

6 yrs. developing data mining program succeeds.. in mining our tax dollars

The Alternate Universe of Tom DeLay

I need some good news. Any poll information after the ScrOTUs


Remember -- "I Will Survive"

To me, seems like B.Woodruff will overshadow Sheehan

Tom DeLay Denies All Charges (As Told by Dr. Suess)

Video: Tim-meh explains why he can't be a "repeater" any more. His hair

If YOU Find Fault With Anything Malloy Has Said Tonight, Signify By...

This week on The Daily Show

Are there figures on how much $ GDP comes from "Blue" vs. Red states?

For the warriors of DU ..... Some advice.

Just found out WLIB NYC dropped Mike Malloy

Randi Rhodes coming up on "Larry King Live"

What Happens When the Bush Bubble Bursts?

Complete this: "If Ken Lay goes free and Alito gets confirmed, ________"

DeLay on Hardball right now

Mike Is PISSED.........

Ask once before, will again: What have we stopped * from doing to date?

We can still do one thing to fight the religious right

"it hurts my think bone" - jon stewart

Hillary-Katrina Neglect-Deliberate Decision by BUSH/ROVE

POLITICAL CIVIL WAR.... OTC and prescription drugs....

How many hostages does it take to make Jimmy look "good"?

Tweety insinuates Ted Kennedy molested Mrs. Alito


May I just say: God bless Jon Stewart!

2 New Questions AOL Poll, Grade * and Rate the state of U S

That pudknocker squandered an 84% approval rating

Colbert doing an "unscripted" Q&A w/audience..very funny...n/t

Well, here's one thing we DON'T have to worry about:

Malloy's Rant - "Let" - Where Mike's Argument Falls Down.......

Bush-bashing takes center stage in NY theaters

Wes Clark coming up NOW on C-SPAN!

William Pitt, West Wing, and men with balls -

President Carter should publically disown Mathews.

Re-run of Clark's Speech on C-SPAN Coming up Now

Should Al Gore leave the democratic party?

Who's giving the Dem response to the State of the Union?

which parts of the globe will be least effected by global warming?

I'm back! What's shakin'?


Lets talk Oil reserves and see Why Iran and Iraq are so Important

Freepers want this poll

About senior citizens buying their drugs in Canada...

A good song for us right now

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

my heart aches

Reid to slam Bush in pre-emptive strike ahead of State of the Union


BBC World - a bull attacked the crowd

You Ever Ask Yourself This Question

Jon Stewart is on a Tear tonight! If you missed the first 10 mins...

Blue states should secede from the USA, red states will go broke w/o us

Who SHOULD be the Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate?

vary anti W play coming to SaltLakeCity

AOL Poll:How do you grade him?(*)

Die off screen! Another great post from American Shortimer

Folks…It is Time to Change the Government and the Constitution

If the IV Amendment Can Be Suspended

Wes Clark Speech today is on C-Span at 8:50 pm EDT

Wes Clark: "The Real State of the Union" C-SPAN 11:45 EST tonight.

AMANPOUR: "The Iraq war has been a disaster-Just gets worse & worse"

Kaine Plans Positive Bush Speech Response

'what are the limits of dissent during times of war" --coming up on O'Lie-

NBC/WSJ poll has Bush at 39%

Pick `em then kick `em.

DELL to add 5000 jobs . . . . . .in INDIA

Okay, the ruling party wants Federalism, let's pick our states so we'll

all your safety deposit are belong to us

A White Feather for Cowardice

Feingold: Gonzales "Was Not Being Straight" During Confirmation Hearing

A Constitutional Amendment To Ban Divorce

Christian Amanpour is RIPPING on Little Lord Pissypants regime

You have to see this! "Welcome to Greater Georgelandia"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

Vote for Cindy!!!

How many people really think Bush is looking to make America Fascist?

Does anyone have a link showing al Qaeda in Iraq only about 7%?

Domestic Spying on Democratic Activists - our cartoon on it

So, what the fuck you gonna do?

Here's a list of "Democratic" senators - their votes say otherwise

Lieberman v. Lamont in Democratic primary. Choose one!

The sexy Bucci Twins and the State of the Union Speech


Obama Worries Me

"66 percent of the NO's homes and offices have no electricity" (!?!?)

President Bush, please read this post.

Thanks Thom...

TOONS: Post 9/11 Pre SOTU Edition

My Discussion about Election Reform with a DNC Staffer Soliciting Money

FLORIDA!!! We have a go!!! I'm challenging Bill Nelson!

Alternet: Trouble in Cubicle Nation

Reading the Bible While Listening to State of the Union (ie, Bible vs W)

On the Demonstrations Against the State of the Union Address

Egyptian Gazette Thumps Bush (Again)

Where's the Budget Outrage? By E. J. Dionne Jr

No Show Patriots need to volunteer

The sound of NO hand clapping

What You Won't Hear in the State of the Union (Sperling/Bloomberg)

Stew Albert died.

King George

JOSHUA FRANK: Cindy Sheehan and Lesser-Evil Politics

"State of Illusion" by Anna Quindlen

Into the Freying Pan:Eugene Robinson(Bush on Oprah's couch)

28 Days to Save Darfur

did Canada's RW churches affect the election???

Fear factor

Bush seeks State of the Union bounce

How the Harmless Wanderer in the Woods Became A Mortal Enemy

Jailed exile couple: Spies or political scapegoats?

Q & A: Our Omnipotent President (fafblog)

Google Shares Plunge Earnings Disappointment (FT)

Thank [all] the senators who stood against Alito (just a click away)

Tasting Victory, Liberals Instead Have a Food Fight

Lying About the State of the Union By Molly Ivins

Domestic Lying - Questions Journalists Don't Ask

3 Iowa Industrial Farms Get Protection Against Air Pollution Laws

January 2006 Warmest January In Cincinnati For Over A Century

DC-Area January Among Top Ten Warmest, All Time Record For Least Snow

Loss Of Seaweed To Warming May Be Triggering Trophic Cascade In Japan

Interim nuclear waste site mulled

Russia's Pipeline Monopoly Planning To Sue Watchdogs If Plan Rejected

S. Portugal Ripe For Desertification - 0.5C Rise In Each Of Last 3 Decades

Scientists "Stunned" By Extent Of Great Barrier Reef Bleaching

Deal lets big farms skirt pollution fines

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Disintegration May Be Underway - UK Report

On Israeli-Arab patriotism

Does Israel Want An All-Out War with the Palestinians?

Hamas must change - San Fancisco Chronicle 1/31/06

Palestinian Authority: Hamas must stop targeting of civilians

Annan: New PA gov't must recognize Israel

Government ignores illegal Arab building

Would a Hamas strike be a declaration of war between sovereign nations?

Hamas: We will not sell our people or principles for foreign aid

Is Enron Behind The War In Afghanistan?

Weird coincidences in the media prior to 9/11.

Daily Kos - 20 Reasons to Question the official 9/11 Story

Seeing red in a red state? Vote Republican... here's why-

IMHO, a secure standardized election system should become

PA polls show PA overwhelmingly wants voter verified ballots!!

Voting with DREs is like carving your turkey with a chainsaw.

Some people on DU have a major disinformation campaign going

OH HB 3 Protest:

Are Dem Senator votes against Alito Filibuster related to voting machines?

Diebold reports 76 percent decline in fourth-quarter earnings

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday January 31, 2006

MoveOn will "unveil our plan to win big in '06" Wed.but won't listen to us

Listen to Mark Crispin Miller on Ring of Fire / AAR

PA: Another Group Sues to Stop Voting Machine Purchases

Kerry Won, MCM is God, and the Daily Thread Needs Recommendations

Does Anyone Know Who Manufactures the Vote Tabulators Used In Ohio?

FREE PRESS: OH GOP Poised to Gut Election Protection

(Lynn Landes) Voting Systems Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

San Diego World Cant Wait protest?

California gets "C" grade on development report card

Feinstein reports $5.7 million on-hand for Senate race

(abramoff''s pal) Doolittle isn't talking about letters

A Challenger for Bono's seat

Molly Ivins says it is "time for real leadership" and the Alito Fillibuste

Question - is there a good site that really follows our state

Today is the last day to contact the House re: budget cuts

Bentley Found Guilty In Jetseta Gage's Death

Any comment about Krause dumping on Nussle

Blouin Email...

Reilly picks St. Fleur for campaign

Normie's staff trying to rewrite history in Wikipedia

anybody going to the 'Can't Wait' demo at the fed building MPLS?

Coleman is first Jew to lead National Prayer Breakfast

Photo I.D. to vote in Minnesota

Juanita's public service announcement. -funny

Boyd Richie is running for TDP Chair

Cap Metro strike averted (Austin bus drivers)

anybody got a recipe for making Zucchinis with a red gravy?

The beer you drink

Now Tobin's out, too:

Board seeks book influence

Exxon Mobil posts $36.1 billion profit


Bush seen resisting calls to toughen Iran policy

EU to continue funding Palestinian Authority

Iraqi Official Says Foreign Forces Could Fall Below 100,000 This Year

U.N. Council Agrees on Iran Nuclear Review

Defiant Iran to be referred to UNSC

Japan to pull all troops out of Iraq by May: report

Iran nuclear file 'will go to UN'

Salon: Bush judge under ethics cloud.

Stephen Colbert last night


BBC: UK forces suffer 100th Iraq death

WCAX-TV: Protesters to try to drown out State of Union

Peace activists stage 'spy-in' ; Homeland Security cars bracket protest

Lawmaker (R., NY) Condemns NASA Over Scientist's Censorship Accusations

Sacramento Bee: Doolittle isn't talking about letters

Zawahri tape taunts Bush and Blair

Bush seen resisting calls to toughen Iran policy (Reuters)

Crews rescued after (chemical) ships collide (BBC News)

Prosecutor: Enron trial is about lies

IQ Is Issue In Al-Arian Retrial Bid(1st jury too dumb to convict

Australian : Iraq "Troops may be home soon "

20 killed in bombings around Iraq

Reports: Putin Boasts Over Russia Missiles

New Orleans restaurants open but starved for help

(NYT) Trial Opens in Challenge to Law Over Teenage Sex (KS forbids)

Excess oil profits: Time to require the building of double hulled tankers

Kraft foods to cut 8,000 jobs

Nearly half of Iraqis support attacks on U.S. troops, poll finds

Coretta Scott King has died

Clark calls for dialogue on Iran--UPI

Swiss Impose Sanctions On Uzbekistan

Iraq says treating 12 possible human bird flu cases

US food aid seen squeezed by Bush budget: NGOs

Cheney to resign...???

Durbin To Bring 2 IL Soldiers To State Of Union

Video Shows Officer Shooting Airman

How the Repukes are Feeding off of our "Failures"

Tasting Victory, Liberals Instead Have a Food Fight

WP: Pre-Katrina Emergency Plan for Elderly Faulted


Evangelicals Branch Out Politically (social action SOTU watch parties)

(CNN) 7 Dead in California Postal Shooting

Enron Prosecutor: Skilling, Lay 'Told Lie After Lie'

Court Upholds Challenge to Abortion Limit

Iraqi Desertions Complicate U.S. Mission

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 31 January

WP: Wounded (ABC) Newsmen Show Slow Recovery (info from Brokaw)

Bernanke Gets OK to Lead Federal Reserve (Senate voice vote) Journalists: 'Iraq is a black hole' (Amanpour)

Just on CNN...Chemical plant explosion.

US Iraq casualties ease amid drop in rebel attacks (only 430 attacks/week)

Jailed exile couple: Spies or political scapegoats?

IAEA confirms Iran prepares for nuclear enrichment

US expects closer ties with Canada: ambassador

Des Moines Register: Bush support in Iowa falters

"Brokeback Mountain leads Oscar nods"

Diebold earnings take big hit

Suspect shot during drug bust (oops accidental discharge)

Iraqis think U.S. will stay permanently, poll finds

Bush hails Alito confirmation

Sydney Herald: Revealed: ambassador tried to kill US hunt for AWB bribes

India's Left Parties demand recall of US envoy

Contract for global propaganda campaign has few safeguards, document shows

(Sen. Sam) Brownback: 'Fruits' Comment Not Gay Joke

LAT: Airman Is Shot After Brief Chase

Connecticut rebels against Bush education policy

Witnesses Describe Firings From State Jobs

Navy pilot program opens to enlisted ranks

Alito sworn in as nation's 110th Supreme Court justice

(Virginia Gov. Timothy) Kaine questions surveillance

eBay's PayPal to collect fee on deposits

Microsoft weighs in on Kama Sutra worm

Bill Tightens Rules for 2-Parent Welfare Families

Canada Press: Promisgate: World's longest spy scandal still glossed over

TVNewser: Bill O'Reilly Delivers Warning To (NBC president) Bob Wright

US says will not give in to Carroll's kidnappers

52 percent say Bush's presidency a failure

The Bush Administration's Record of Shortchanging Veterans: The Real State

Don't dodge security, Democrats told

AT&T Sued Over NSA Eavesdropping

Gonzales Is Challenged on Wiretaps (Feingold Says AG Misled Senate)

Howard Dean on Democratic Strategy (NPR/Morning Addition)

FBI Agents Back Down When Librarian Refuses to Let Them Seize 30 Computers

House bill protects “Merry Christmas”

Agency: Iran papers are for an atomic bomb

Sweeping anti-abortion laws proposed

Senate confirms Bush nominee Alito to high court

Bush: U.S. must break oil addiction (SOTU excerpts released by WH)

Corretta Scott King has died

(Sen. Norm) Coleman Staff Makes Changes To Wikipedia Bio

Gallup: Very High Number 'Proud to be An American'

Feinstein reports $5.7 million on-hand for Senate race

US troops taking no extra precautions in light of bird flu case in Iraq


How is dolo amber *legally* not porn?

What are you doing *right now*?

Grrr, I think I'm coming down with something - again

What are the WORST Oscar winners, nominations, and snubs ever...

DU is making me sad today..

Do you clean your ears?

Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner

I have 2 new non-buddies on my list today! Petty and pissed.

do you think it's dangerous for rev acts to play on a computer while

is this wrong?

What is this GD you are talking about?

question about the "Ignore" button---

SOTU, or Hockey Game?

The State of the Union Drinking Game - For Lightweights

Time for a DU Cheer-up: Share with me one of your happiest moments

Is that knob *really* going to speachify for 2 hours?

LOL. Suprise, suprise. Turns out that a guy in my class

Isn't there a SOTU bingo card too??

Need some help here, about Bill O'Reilly.

Photogroup contest: Close up (macro) photography # WINNER!

WooHoo it's tax time!

*breathe* Let's all have a CALIFORNIA PEGGY Moment!!!

I had not seen this site...

Have any of you ever issued a General Order 24? Is that cool, or what?

The Mike Malloy show, a visual representation (dial up beware)



What's up, everyone? Why so glum?

level 3 still???? i wanna see my new sig!!!!

I'm sexy when I'm angry

I will not watch the SOTU or comment about it on DU


My deal of the week: Red 100% cashmere sweater

GD:Alito is no more

Saw "Capote." Great movie. But. . .

Level 42.

These PRETZELS are making ME THIRSTY!!!!

Dammit, this is the WRONG night not to be able to sleep!

I just noticed something.

i dreamt i was going to idaho

I just woke up... thought I might have a mouse

Goodnight Lounge!


Ironic, but I drove from Houston to Dallas today

I did it AGAIN!

If you're pining for mutley_r_us, this thread is for you

I just did my taxes online - ask me anything.

You know that your posting on DU too much when ?

Drive Thru Confrontation

When Grannies Turn Evil - Crime Committed By Elderly Up

Mash Captains poll : Trapper John or BJ.

Smileys for the new USA.

The suspense is killing me (potential job)

Good Tuesday Morning, Everybody!

Weasel joins congressional race

Have you been having dreams with any neurotic content :D

whens ground hog day?

Does Fwee Wepubwic have levels?

What is Matcom doing on his last day of work?

For my 6,000th post

Please don't dominate the rap Jack

any real estate agents in here

Pastor Sells Church - Gets 18 Months In Prison

Ugliest logos ever?

Tuesday earworm. For all the DUDQ on this day.

I hope Aleve works.

Difference betw. Alcohol / Liquors???

Happy 50th Birthday to John Lydon

Who invited the fighting bull to the BULL FIGHT???

Foo Fighters have released the video for "Resolve". Whatddaya think?

Hey I've got idea. Let's make up words. Go alphabetically.

The worlds coming to an end, I don't even care

I am thinking that I am glad I steered clear of DU yesterday

Dammit we need funny

Tax Question!!! Need some help!!

Has anyone ever had one of those nights ...

Brokeback Mountain leads the pack with 8 Oscar nominations!!

Coretta Scott King, 78, Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dies


The DUDQ is in full force in GD Alito.

I am saying this in the Lounge! I will stay and fight for my country

who, in your opinion is the funniest person in the lounge?

What would you do in this situation?

My puppy is screaming

uh oh, are we climbing to level 69 again?

So, I'm totally out of it, fine. Could someone PLEASE explain the whole

I'm sick & tired. I'm frustrated, and I'm pissed.

I came up with a plan yesterday to help the environment:

It is now officially EstimatedProphet's birthday!

It's time for The Onion! Man walks on the fucking Moon.

so is the Senate done screwing up the country for now?

Jesus was a Japanese garlic farmer.

Holy Crap! I am going to be rich!!

Attn. Businessgeeks and Writers!

Wendy Wasserstein RIP 1950-2006

Happy Birthday to composer Philip Glass!

The Complete Idiots Guide To Tom Waits (or "MP3 Blogs are awesome")

I guess Verizon offers Monty Python ringtones

As a wise man once said "I know nothing"

Justin Timberlake is only 25?

SOTU drinking game...

Here is tonight's TV lineup

Damn, only 10am and I need a drink already.

"D-oh". . .I feel like such an idiot. . .

Die you gravy-sucking little shit!

Tony, I know you miss Bush and everything, but show some class (funny pic)

What comes after level 3?

Ugliest mofos ever?

I am going to miss the women of the West Wing

String me up--I'm the one who made fun of MrsGrumpy

Let's play a drinking game!

Who else is going to watch the jack ass tonight?

Thank you all or being here loungers.

I think I'm going to give up and just go completely batshit insane

I met an Oscar nominee

I admit it. *I* stole and spent the "missing" Iraq money.

It's a beautiful day at Old Faithful

Last night, my arms went numb and lifeless for 15 minutes. Ask me anything

This thread is not about Kristen Chenoweth

Rotating shit work

fiddle dee dee, fiddle dee dee, the fly married the bumble bee...

A girl in my class went OFF on repubs, last night, in her speech.

It's Good To Be Big Ben Roethlisberger

Thanks Plaid Adder for the Earworm!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...

Diapers for puppies! That is what is required!

Let's play PICTOGRAMS!!!

My new DU face lift...


ok, who showed Franken the Ah-nold sound clips site???

God Give Me Strength

I like bread.

Awright, dammit — it's 'Super Bowl'

If I hear the name Alito one more time, I will ________________!

I like beer.

Vampyre candidate for governor arrested

Happy Birthday, Tallulah Bankhead (January 31st, 1903-December 12, 1968)

I like beer bread.

Question for bloggers about

You might be right wing if:

Anyone see Craig Ferguson?

the official "i dont care about Oscars" thread

Has anyone else heard this?

My TV is dying. I need advice

Can I just go ahead and say this? : If you drive around at night

Do you ever listen to Mancow (Stern Jr.) in the AM?

Just in case you feel like laughing

I can't necessarily spell without using Spell Check.

Lynnesin is WRONG. I checked with my mom.

I tried ... I really tried ... and I just don't 'get' Beck

Can I bitch about something trivial for a sec

can we stop talking about SCROTUMS now?

Comando goes to jail for not going Commando -and trying to run w/undies on

The Super Bowl webpage is updated

That's hot.

Just got done reading Our Endangered Values by

Single White Female: Age 51 (weeks)

Rotating shift work

Your Super Bowl party menu?

Anyone else NOT going to watch the STFU?

Better shape up Lounge! As of Tomorrow, I'm A MANAGER!!

As I was walkin' over Kilgarra mountain

I quit! I quit! I quit! I quit!

OMG I found out I'm a runaway giant nuclear robot from North Korea!

Let's hear a gross food concept.

Shrimp stir-fry for dinner.... how 'bout you?

LSK and Rev Acts liked my GD post, so go read it if you'd like:

Did you know, the surface temperature of Venus is nearly 758 K (900 °F)?

Watching bush on T.V. is like>>

I need some jokes for my depressed daughter!

So, tell me DU, do you like movies about gladiators?

thanks to all DU'ers - you are awesome

Anybody have a pair of Ariat boots?

Just so you know, sometimes it's not all about you

May I request a standing ovation for the admins and mods?

This makes the Sony rootkit look nice: Starforce threatens to sue blogger

Anybody seen "Joe the King"? It's on IFC now.

to everyone ...

April 29 th ?

No more smiley threads for me,

who thinks the SOTU will be MIHOP about SCOTUS and the POTUS should STFU?

When Will it Stop?

unofficial Coretta Scott King tribute thread

Dearly Beloved,

Have you been having any dreams with erotic content?

Bush buying/voters selling votes for bags of pork rinds? ....

Dammit! All young 'uns on this forum, git up here and FIGHT FOR YER FUTURE

So, get this - my friend's parents were at the airport

What to watch instead of the "president"?

Is anyone else up for some hard lemonade?

It's never Funny to make fun of anyone, for any reason.

dumb ass reports Marijuana Stolen to police


Lisa Loeb: The Thong Remains The Same

UPS Driver Attacked By Middle School Students

What should I do while the poly on my table dries?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/31/06)

Confess! [tm] What was the last song you sang karaoke?

Telemarketer defense: How do you answer the phone?

Col Henry Blake or Col Sherman Potter who did you like Better on Mash.

Post Photos of Stuff You Miss:

Little Mary Sunshine's Song for the Day:

Is it just me, or has Fabio lost weight?

Seriously, can I have a show of hands of who is skipping the Bush thingie

Help! I fell asleep before 24 came on last night. What did I miss?

Anyone else NOT going to watch the SOTU?

My Uncle Ronnie just died.

The Moral Matrix (another time-killing political quiz)

For the record: I love sushi

Let's talk about your college/general schooling thoughts and experiences.

There is a disturbance in the force

Why the fuck don't they make gin popsicles?

i completely redid house of the rising sun

I can't spell necessarily without using Spell Check.

God, I wish I knew how to quit you!

Can someone ID this tune?

Please stop posting SOTU Drinking Game threads. As much as I don't like

Awright, dammit -- it's 'Super Bowl Extra Large'

I just woke up. Dang my system is going to be royally screwed.

evening earworm

"Brokeback Mountain leads Oscar nods"

I've gone back to college and I feel like a dork

Goodnight DU....This has been playing in my head all day.

I am nuts.

Post something positive about living alone.

Your Reactions to the Oscar Nominations. Answer these...

The suspicious absence of Forrest Gump

lets post like we are on freerepublic


British DUers

The smallest fish in the world has been found.

I am feeling left out

A great site and reference

Hospitals Charging the uninsured MORE than the insured

Need answer for a creationist regarding current transitional creatures....

Miami U's same-sex benefits policy challenged

Freepers react to 'Brokeback' leading the Oscar nominations

Blogactive to out married Senator for giving head in train station?

Religion: Love the Film, Hate the Sin? Christians Debate.

'Brokeback Mountain' Gets 8 Oscar Nods

Washington Governor Signs Gay Rights Bill

Religious Extremist Faces 10 Years In Prison For Gay Pride Stabbings

Red Sox sign shortstop Alex Gonzales

Is Bettis from Detroit? Did I hear that right?

Super myths and the truths behind them

Great story on Holmgren's wife and daughter. They want be at the SB...

Weird Problem with Charley

A question re: older Malamute/Husky mix - leaking urine

Learning to Astral Project? (PDF)

Huge free online magical library

So, according to an astrologer friend, my psychic ability is due to...

Who were the Dem vote switchers? We started with 37 votes. We ended with

Coretta Scott King died today

Listening to Reid now

Hotline on Call

Kerry raised more than $5 million in 2005 [AP]

Kerry Highlights Bush Record on Small Business in a Prebuttal to the SOTU

John Kerry on the Confirmation of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court

Kerry bashing at full speed again - it did not last long!

Nice thread ya got there.

Kos has a 2008 straw poll up

E-mail from JK

Hey did you see this link from Peter Daou's page on Salon

John Kerry on the Passing of Coretta Scott King

Some online Kerry videos

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but what the hell...

Hey, did anyone know today is National Gorilla Suit Day?

Question about Kerry book

Look what I found -- a blog for Kerry fans

For Boston people - This has to be the chutzpah of the year

Did Kerry get his sweets yet?

Printing digital photos?

WINNER thread is up!

Comments Welcome--digitally enhanced photo art

Cards For Kerry ..... I am going to a movie so I can miss the SOTU B.S.

Countdown Newsletter -- 01/31/06: Bush in Primetime


Molly Ivins says it is "time for real leadership" and the Alito Fillibuste

Question for Senator Byrd

I have something that will make us all feel better tonite

Does anyone have a list of the dems who votes yes??

On This Day in History...

My e-mail to John Kerry -

Did Reid's anti-choice stance play a part in the filibuster failure?

I don't wish to hear the Repubs talk about abortion anymore...

Mark your calendars people: Here they are... PRIMARIES

I just want to kill something. does that mean I'm turning Republican?

My email to Cantwell

Just some thoughts...

Apparently, a few DUers are almost as intellectually challenged as Bush

when are people going to realize it's all a sham? the fix is in.

This About Sums It Up...

The Republicans have already used the nuclear option..

Democrats will never win as long as they insist on playing . . .

On the plus side

I think we need to be careful with these low post count threads

If you are made at the Party, join up and change it.

Alito vote is proof DLC could snatch defeat from jaws of victory

I sent a nasty gram to the traitor-19, and heaps of praise to the...

It's the fight that's important. Winning or losing now is secondary.

To be hopeful in bad times By Howard Zinn

Inouye and Akaka voted YES??

Ben Masel is challenging Kohl!

Dems lose the spin game in the media again

It's time we get SNOWE!

We The People

Alito confrimation has me inspired to run.............FOR PUBLIC OFFICE!!!

Did many of you get mailings from your Senators educating you re: Alito?

Kennedy Seen as The Next Justice In Court's Middle


Here's an idea!

Not Gonna Take It.... some appropriate song lyrics for the moment.

I am for... the purge.

As the dust settles (Firedoglake and Digby)

Obama packs 'em in, riffs on Iraq, Alito

Failed for the last time.

I was wrong, I wasn't even close...sorry

With Dems like these, who need Republicans?

A Toast to the Young Turks

John Kerry steps up...

Another reason to hate traitor Maria Cantwell! SUPPORT MARK WILSON!

So what time is the vote today?

This National Ledger report is COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE

Here's to my 2 NJ senators.....

Snappy answer suggestion

The hall of shame ..... 1/30/06 ...... the Spineless 19

ok, we've kept our powder dry....

We hear ya, Malloy

Bigger Fish to Fry Right Now

In the end, we could not move them. Now, can we REmove them?

Senate about to come back for final Alito vote, CSPAN2 just now

Next time some right-winger accuses you of treason, think of this...

So now those who could not be bothered talking against cloture


The Alito Betrayal - Bob Fertik

We need an Independent Progressive Political Movement to mau-mau Democrats

Some Things To Remember

Did all the phone calls/faxes change anyone's vote?

Senator Durbin on the Senate Floor

"Barring some snag..."

Sessions sounds like Forrest Gump...

It is time.

West Wing, William Pitt, and men with balls -

How about taking a little of your frustration out on a Pro-Alito poll!

Dems should have aimed their persuasive tactics on Repigs not

Repub at the pub tonight was joking about how Kerry's next opponent

What Would Lyndon Do?

sessions - it wasn't a strip search, they just made the girl

Kerry is taking heat from other senators?

They keep doing it right, and we keep doing it wrong


So I guess we have our Democratic "litmus test" now, and its not the IWR

the media sucks

Blind item guessing game: Who is the closeted senator?

Is he confirmed yet??? Not watching today or listening n/t

where's rockefeller?

One more Impeachment for our little list...

Hey--guess what--Reid doesn't support Alito--speaking now

A reminder to the Senators who voted for cloture

Which repug senator voted against Alito?


This whole Filibuster ordeal has made my life easier.

The penalties need to be greater

Yesterday's vote to end democracy is posted at

OK Solomon, what do you wish to do with this baby?

Official Senate Vote - Alito Confirmation - Thread 1

For all you Online Political Junkies: Answer me these questions....

Lieberman voted no ?!

IMO, the ones who really let us down are Byrd, Conrad, Johnson,

What is the BEST thing that could happen today, pre-SOTU???

Filibuster v. Cloture

Okay DUers Now is the Time to Get Back on the Phone!

Teddy K just said "you're going to see in a few minutes the Democrats..."

WeRememberPAC: The Organizing Begins

WTF?!? They didn't have the 60 votes to stop a filibuster!

We're still revved up. Here's a way to use that to make a difference now!

South Dakotans: How do you feel about Johnson?

Is a Senate Recall Election ala Arnie even POSSIBLE?

Kennedy could be next justice in the middle

Apparently, Alito has been confirmed...

Demonstrators can be charged with felony for "breaching" security

Reid Statement on the Confirmation of Samuel Alito

MSNBC's Alito reporting. Objective Journalism or Bush Hero Worship?

Ok, who changed their vote?!

How is Alito getting confirmed tomorrow? He has only 57 votes by

anyone have a link that shows how they voted on the cloture/fillibuster?

Clarence Thomas remains "SCOTUS nay vote" champ, Alito second

Congratulations. You now have a new Supreme Court Justice.

A Done Deal: Alito

Kerry can do no right. It's a sure bet he's a Dem.

A filibuster would not have been a big deal. That's the frustration.

Some questions for the Dem's that voted for Alito.

Anyone Know Where There is a Copy of Kennedy's Plea

NYT: How the Dems lost the rope-a-dope Alito hearings

Your vote is TAKEN for GRANTED

send a donation to the GOP ending with .58.

Gandhi: "When I despair, I remember that...

I used to respect the New York Times

"Freedom is never really won.You win it in every generation." Coretta King

My call to Bill Nelson's office

This article give a good explanation of GOP planning ahead to

Write ONE message, send email/free online FAX to ALL the Traitor Senators

Sen Jim Bunning R-Kentucky speaking against Bernake! Let's use this!

Roe is not safe, she is on the operating table

Here it is: The takeover of the Supreme Court

When is Alito getting sworn in?

Court Upholds Challenge to Abortion Limit

Hold Your Heads High

Alito has just been sworn in, in private

John Kerry on the Confirmation of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court

so do you think not being prepared in advance to oppose Alito

List of Democratic Senators that voted for CLoture/Alito

I really think the Democrats should go out on a national strike.

On the Front Porch of Democracy:

Four dems voted for Alito?!!! Which ones?

Sorry Everyone ---pix--->>>

this reminds me of fall 2002

We should give up on the Washington crowd

Oh my gosh, I got whiplash there. I started out in Alito GD and

We should email the "Wiretapping requires a warrant" clip around.

Why the dem traitors must go down

Heard that SOTU protest won their suit and will be in the MALL. good

Dry your tears, stop bitching, it's time to talk about what happens next.

Help me list some Dem votes on various items

2003 MEMO To Be Released Today-Suggests Bush Knew Wiretaps Illegal

Republicans were more rude to Miers than Dems were to Alito

For you Clarkies - a great slogan "WES WINS WARS!"

someone suggested mailing the alitocrats voided campaign donation checks

Frist is eulogizing Coretta King now.

Legal: Can a state limit commerce to any other (specific) state?

So...How did this happen?

why did they allow DeWine to rant?

hey!! we got GD back

The new millenium and the death of a party.

Tonight's SOTU kicks of Midterm Election Campaign Season !

So, the Senate Dems have their weekly caucus.

civil rights in america died today

And now you know how Ralph Nader felt....

Of Politics and the Prisoner's Dilemma. Or, "Why Do Politicians Do That?"

so is there even a point to getting the senate back

The Alternative Fool Speech

Michigan DUers, anyone planning to attend a SOTU protest tonight?

Scotty: The speech currently stands at Draft No. 23

Latest Kerry email - Standing Firm

Only took him 5 F**ing years to figure it out

Josh Marshall: Grand Ole Docket --->>>

COMPARE; bush versus Clinton...(if ya DARE, freeping rightwingnuts)

My Cantwell Response

They've got the House, the Senate and now the Judiciary...

SOTU - My predictions:

My oh my, many a disruptor out today...

My Dream SOTU Rebuttal:

We're #45! We're #45! Quality of Life world-wide.

In Case Anybody Cares: Excerpts from SOTU

I used to respect the New York Times

Back to Square One! (Liberal Oasis)interesting points /Alito Loss...

WP - Dana Milbank: Liberals turn wrath on Democrats, too

So how many of us have gotten "the lecture" in the past 24 hrs?

Grade Democrats vote on Alito

For those who believe Roe v. Wade is safe, you ought to read Kennedy's

Powell, Tenet, others told Bush he was breaking the law by ordering NSA

The praise for most of the Democrats doing their job is premature.

Have you all seen "You Tube's" Hysterically Funny SOU Parody?

Tell Me This Man Is Not Hung Over ---pix->>>

The Great Internet War

We're #13! We're #13! World ranking for DEMOCRACY & FREEDOMS.

RW nutjob VA nurse calls foreign oil companies terrorists

I watched all of you

If this is the Democratic response, we're in trouble...

**Please Keep the ball rolling: the poor are about to be screwed again

SOTU - How much of a rewrite did they do for Coretta?

Letter from PFAW re alito.

Lieberman's (email) response

Who is the leader of this Party?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's the Second Annual SUMMARIZE BUSH COMPETITION!

Listening to Randi right now

You will have to pry my Dem Party card out of my cold dead hands

There is nothing wrong with your television set.

Drug Policy Alliance publishes congressional voter guide

Gang of MODERATION Won! NEW RULES hold sway.

We Need Action, Not Words

Boner:'Whip Blunt Out Now'

A Day In The Life: The Theocratic Corporate States Of America

Military war vs political war (chimp's people searching for good news)

Give jack cafferty some DU honesty re:SOTU

SOTU alternative???

15 Dems have PROVEN THEIR UNWORTHINESS to represent

Watch or Don't Watch (?)

Tell Bush what he can do to with his SOTU!!

"that will never work"

Dean has to resign

Why don't Dems mount a nationwide political campaign against the right?

This SOTU Is Going to Be a Laugh Riot (now Bush loves solar energy!) >>>

tough year for Yellowstone bison

Freeway Blog In Dallas!

Did anyone call / contact the offices of the DINOs...

Sounds like Al Gore wrote Little Lord Pissypants speech

Please Tell Them YOUR state of the Union ( Call to action DU!)

SOTU Party! Pre-SOTU Video Webcast; LiveBlogging/Debunking & More...

Why are Republicans turning Bush into a Father figure?

Democracy Now: Gore Vidal Delivers State of the Union


This has been bothering me all day. This morning I saw Bob

Bush to Say 'America Addicted to Oil'

Tweety: Ted Kennedy "was the guy that molested" Mrs. Alito

We need to prepare for the next Supreme Court vacany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indication of what's wrong - B. Schieffer - "We'll all be listening

LynnTheDem (or someone with the time), can you make us a list

The people of the U.S. have no voice because the people have no free press

John Kerry for Minority Dem Party Leader?

Who wants to take wagers on what *'s sotu will consist of?

CNN's coverage of SOTU to feature only one progressive opposite three cons

Why don't we catch Bin Ladin?

Two things we can do to preserve Roe vs. Wade in the future

Anybody involved in "Operation Clean Sweep" PA?

25 senators stood strong on Alito--let's thank them

Danish Company disabled by the power of boycott in 5 days.

This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address

Hey Ho

How about George Clooney for President?

Unfortunately, It seems American needs to reach the very bottom

For those of you who watched the Book Of Daniel

Don't like being called "Loony Left"?

Here's the plan. Scalia turns 71 in March. He's also a pig. Let's win back

WHICH President looks like they are ACTUALLY WORKING on their SOTU???

The final vote is 58 Ayes and 42 Nays proves a filibuster was possible

No, YOU are the leader, NOT Dean or Reid

Has the US Jumped the Shark.......

Report states that some Democrats are ANGRY

Church sign; "If Evolution were true

DCCC now advertising on Faux??? ? Just rec'd this:

NASA Scientist Threatened with “Dire Consequences” for Speaking of Global

Bush will tell us tonight that he and his cabal knows what's best for us.

I learned today the religious right is nothing but

FIGHT BACK! DU this: Join the Media Center SWAT Team to fight SOTU spin!

Reasons why the Dems were afraid to filibuster

I have outlined tonight's SOTU w/out having actually heard it yet...

We're #44! We're #44!

Do Cloture Dems get a bonus for delivering SCOTUS in time for the SOTU?

A ship of fools . . .

FWIW: Roe v. Wade likely won't be overturned.

Traitors? Sellouts? All this tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth...

Roe is safe -- Affirmative Action is not

Leaked Transcript of Bush SOTU speech!!

Our STRONG Economy Update: Symantec profit drops 42 percent

Commander in Chief

Bush Will Say...

How aboutA Turn-the-Tables strategy? We can be the side of K.I.S.S.

*** We need to do more - DU is not enough ***

If Roe is overturned

All you doom and gloomers need to wake the fuck up.

I think Karl Rove is posting on DU

An aircraft carrier for China?

Sweeping anti-abortion laws proposed (Boy, that was quick)

We're #37! We're #37! Healthcare.

Should be our new motto: "Don't leave the party. BECOME the party"

You think John Kerry did this for "political points"?

Was the Military Industrial Complex Involved in this Fascist Betrayal?

yet ANOTHER reason why I LOVE San Francisco!!!!!


Thank the Senators who Fought Hard on Alito - Courtesy of

Dedicated to Maria Cantwell, for her siding with the Repugs

C. Amanpour on CNN: " We are banned from seeing US Soldier Deaths in Iraq"

Some historical perspective on the SCOTUS

Get A Grip. The Democratic Party Is Just Fine.

(South Florida) Poll: Grade Shrub (A-F)

Cards For Kerry

Why Bush won the Alito fight

Who got served with a subpoena?

It seems many Dems changed their votes we had a declared 37

Predictions on what rights will be the first on the chopping block

DUers, what we've done the last 2 wks - the zealots do EVERY DAY

A&E was the only network to run this ad

Okay, men, in here. Now regarding RvW and women's rights.

Facing Movement for Democracy, SEIU Gives UMass Members to Teachers Union

What do you do when an appliance isn't worth its repair costs?

Do you see a relationship between Health Care Cost and "Life?"

Keith O. saying 'just too much of a coincedence--another tape on the eve

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real

Looking at the Senate, what would you say democrats stand for?

Who survives this "stone-throwing" trend?


major theft, lies, incompetance...all in plain sight in W's adm....EITHER

A poll last week showed 55% of Muricans canNOT name a single SCOTUS judge

What if the laws were the same for tobacco and marijuana?

tom toles nails it again

Citizens for Impeachment on CSPAN2 NOW


Why Is Bush So Awesome?

Is the President a Governmental employee? Misconduct instructions

Video Exclusive: Cindy Sheehan on Running for Senate

If you want to change the party.... Run for Precinct Committeperson..

Policing teenagers the Ali G way ..and we thought we had education woes

So.... How long before the 'pukes force me to don a burka?

A gift for you on State of the Union Day

Is the Truce offer genuine? Will it be considered?

lala_rawraw will be on Young Turks/Air America Alito special at 2 AM EST


Would anyone object if Lieberman was asked to leave the party?

Wow, did anybody see 24 tonight? Powerful message about * administration

Jan 31, 7-9 pmish DEMAND BUSH STEP DOWN!!

AP: Jesse Jackson Plans Katrina Protest March

We broke through today. broadcasting Ray Taliaferro right now..

How many horrible, revolting things does Bush have to do before...

Will the Democrats clap for Benito at the sotu

Why all the Sept 11 programming on cable lately?

O'Really asserts that Hillary is a liberal becuz she has a 95%


i missed Randi Rhodes on larry king last night -

I Talked With Nader in '69 - He used to be about something...

Kerry Raised More Than $5 Million in 2005 [AP]

ABC Anchor, Cameraman Showing Improvement

Senator's Bible reference puzzles Rolling Stone magazine ...

(Binary Poll) Who Is A Worse Person?

Good, now it's time to move on

"Left Wing Liberal activists-left over from the Vietnam era-will be permit

How Long did they Extend the Pat Act?

Interesting poll results so far....please cast your vote

People Power

Floodplain Development Questioned ...

Zogby poll I just took was frightening...

I think last night's suggestion by someone else was a good idea.

(VIDEO) The Daily Show for all your cheer-up needs

Bush will start plugging "private health accounts" tonight

Anyone watching this news conference with Zeese, Sheehan, & Clark on

What were people told when they built or bought homes in NO?

washington journal call-ins are about health care this hour

Russ Feingold coming up on the Rachel Maddow Show

Wesley Clark rocks.

IMHO, a secure standardized election system should become

Miss "Who Could Have Imagined an Al Qaeda Attack" Rice (Larry Johnson)

Just FYI: No Big Surprises from Senator Frist on Today

Sneak preview of Shrub's SOTU address...

Coretta Scott King, 78, Dies,

Juan Cole:Top 10 things Bush won't Tell you About the State of the Nation

Has our useless media pointed out the Canadian Miner...

Denver Post: Abramoff and the White House

Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Says “Audit gives A+”

Self delete,dupe

When The Connies Repeal The New Deal, Will We See...?

Wikipedia Censoring Congress

Mobs Crowd Hospital to Adopt Brazil Baby (PIC heavy)

The real SOTU . A song by Jame Mcmurtry. We Can't make it Here

Help me dispel this latest freeper spin on domestic spying

You think we're in trouble? In despair? Divided? Look at them.

Guess who just replaced America as the worlds #1 exporter of its goods?

is it just me or does ann culter look like a

GOPOC* hypocrisy on the Bill of Rights - Reps willing to undercut 4th

Want to keep up with the Enron trial, minute by minute?

Stephen Colbert last night

"Clinton adm involved with NSA snooping"--says Zach Wamp-cspan

Better the World Perish

So, Do we intend to stay in Iraq forever? (TPM)

So this is how Democracy dies.

A Working Mother Making $5.15 per hour Can Build Large Savings

Nearly half of Iraqis support attacks on U.S. troops

Anyone here watch 24 ?

anyone listening to Stephanie Miller - doing another O'liely prank letter

Hidden Patriot Act Provision Could Jail Demonstrators On Felony Charges...

Difference betw. Alcohol / Liquors???

Hurricane Evacuees in the Gallery Tonight

Message to Students, from Howard Zinn

I was just wondering;

For all of you abstaining from donating to the Dem party

Stop $600 Million in Foster Care Cuts - Action Needed Immediately

Charles Osgood on Hamas winning elections

Well, my God tells me to take care of the sick, the homeless etc says

Zack Wamp--The Rs have found religion --again.

SOTU - What will Joementum receive from Bush?

Keep fighting people! We don't have a choice!

If you want a vision of the future,imagine a boot stamping on a human face

It's all over, we can die now

Bush To Abortion Opponents: 'We Shall Prevail'

My SOTU prediction thread

Is there a new member of the Bush family?

Rep. Dingell on cspan now talking of SOTU

Brokeback Mountain nominated for 8 Academy Awards

Great article in Nation mag. IMPEACH!

Kraft announces plans to cut 8,000 jobs, close up to 20 plants

House returns at 12pm EST, CSPAN1

I am ready to go along with the meme "It's a bipartisan scandal"

Yay! I was just on Stephanie Miller!

Anyone but me get the sick feeling that the jury "fix" is in on the ENRON

JOHN EDWARDS: The America We Believe In

Coretta Scott King dies at 78

Does anybody think Bill Clinton has gotten too "cozy" with the Bushes?

New Patriot Act Provision-demonstrators hauled to jail on felony charges

Peace activists stage spy-in'

Tonight's Bingo Card

every time we think that things in these united states could not get worse

got a link to Larry Johnson's blog?

Bush Broke the Law-Don't need to become a dictatorship to catch terrorists

I am more interested in how the Dems react tonight during the speech

Cheney's Halliburton Returns Only Four Percent Of Overcharges To DoD

Ed Schultz is off the air in Norfolk, VA. (Big Eddie, we hardly knew ya)

What is the cure for young voter apathy?

Arguements against oral consent of judges

I'd like to see Ann Coulter strung up like Mussolini

Great story on '24' - warning, spoiler

Oh, our "liberal" media

Time to rename the "USS Ronald Reagan"

The NADS must go! members mock Mrs. King's passing

A Hot Preview of the State of the Union Speech

Did anyone listen to Mike Malloy last night?

January 31, 2006 the day democracy died in this country

Involving young people

handsome bu full of crap donald marron of cong. budge off. was on

The Secret Presidential IMs (from HuffingtonPost)

West Antarctic Ice Sheet Disintegration May Be Underway - UK Report

Where's the Budget Outrage? By E. J. Dionne Jr.

This Is Their Finest Hour

Evangelicals are pooping in my email!

smirk's man rep. mike rogers shilling for medical/pharma barons

WP political blog: Bill Frist: On The Rebound

There is a powder keg brewing in the progressive community

Would supporting libertarian candidates..

BullSh*t Deflector for the State of the Union: Get it here!


John Kerry on the Passing of Coretta Scott King

Are we working as hard on budget bill and Patriot Act reauthorization?

Who is our Dem savior? Who will start standing up for us and ride...

wearing a blue necktie/ shir won' help rep. zach wamp

New NBC Poll-Solid Majority OPPOSES Warrantless Wiretaps (So there Tweety)

Wives club asks $50,000 for lunch with first lady

I went out and raised a glass (several actually) to DU last night!

Tonight, Bush plans to "woo back voters" with "low-risk initiatives."

A heartwarming story about a drop-in visit to the DNC by a young guy...

smirk hides big farms pollution - no fines given

Top Ten Things Bush Won't Tell You About the State of the Nation

Rest In Peace Coretta Scott King, And

The First Male Pregnancy!!!!!!

Average Joe lashes out at Bush et al - I see the tide turning!

Burn K Street to the ground and salt the earth beneath it.

brain injuries--reporters being flown to US hospital today-says cnn.

The State of the Union

Rush Fat-baugh is gloating....

PsyOps Parade Jill Caroll, Al-Zawahri Ahead of Bush Speech

A little song and dance about Exxon!

Wow! Just what Texas needs! More dumbing down of the students...

Fla. Blast Exposes 40 to Limited Radiation

My LTTE makes it to print

Enough with "stolen" elections already.

Catch Democracy Now if you can: Gore Vidal on lambasting

Gonzales Apparently Lied to Congress over Wiretapping

Do the Democrats have a chance of winning back the Senate....?

Let me help the Democrats out just a little bit here....

"What is Bush Hiding?" by Larry C. Johnson (re: NSA warrantless spying) what are we going to do about this?

There is no privacy any longer.

"Fairness" - Democrat vs. Republican definitions

Let's use this movement to push Gore into the race!?

Dana Milbank does it again; guffaws at Democrats' 'food fight'

Does a DNC Membership Card actually convey any benefits?

Polls are not for the informed.

Afghan opium: License to kill - new info

LINCOLN GROUP-$100m Campaign-Strategic Messages -- Not Bound By Truth

FLASHBACK: Director of National Security Agency Misled Congress

Wow-John Dingle is great on washington Journal

I wonder if * ever rubbed

My very first blog entry ("The State of the Union Speech Is Tonight")

Did anyone watch the hearing on FEMA non action - Katrina?

GREENWALD Takes Down Gonzalez With Feingold's Help

RE: 2000, DU has moved on...

If I watch American Idol tonight, isn't that personal punishment enough?

Where are the roses? Nearly HALF of Iraqis support attacks on US troops

In Alito, G.O.P. Reaps Harvest Planted in '82 - NYTimes 1/30/06

Bush's 130,000 Hostages

WP: Kennedy Seen as The Next Justice In Court's Middle

A New Kind of Care in a New Era of Casualties . (READ & WEEP)

Zogby polls support for war against Iran

Anyone with accounts on other boards, or political bloggers, please

So we're okay with the "loonie left"? WTF?

OK,DU a poll about exxon profits that needs our love

Just 25% want Bush directing national policy

Bush IGNORED 9/11 Warnings-By Jason Leopold

"He's certainlt the most active idiot we've ever had as president."

Broadcast Stream- Selected Audio and Video on CanOFun

8-year-old boy is handcuffed while at school

Fearless Leader THEN and NOW. Bush outfit w/go nicely w/Jack in the hat!

Guess what year it is:

Are we ready for the judiciary hearings?

Look for Chimpy to evoke Martin Luther King Jr's name in SOTU.

*** We need to do more - DU is not enough ***

You know why Democrats keep "losing" elections?

Weird coincidences in the media prior to 9/11.

What is your big picture paragraph?

Bush plans $250M for nuclear waste project - mone maker

Blow up the House of Representatives? (play on words, not really)

Daily Kos - 20 Reasons to Question the official 9/11 Story

Lyrics: Chickenshit conformist like your parents.

Democracy Isn't For Our Friends Only by Robert Fisk

This LTTE really pisses me off

MOLLY IVINS: Secrecy and fear take over White House

Is Anyone Running Against That Little Turd Kohl?

Me? I'm Energized!

King George“Some legal questions are hard-This one is not" The Progressive

Anyone know where I can find video of the angry thug that shot an MP?

DU is under attack.

What are your thoughts in regards to the Dems SOTU response?

Did Rush just call for his dittoheads to sign up for DU?

This is why we stay and fight!!

A wave of freepers blows through and...

fundraising idea for GOP - Make SOTU pay per view

For REAL Election Reform Act NOW To Pass Rush Holt's HR 550 As Written!

Describe your ideal candidate

Anyone Know Which Senate or Congressional Committee is Looking Into

Gore Vidal's State of the Union: Dictatorship. Dictatorship.

well-it happens again 4 Iraqis detained in Mexico

State of the Union Drinking Game

Was Fitz just waiting for ScAlito to be confirmed?

A recycled war from a recycled administration

Call to Action! We all can respond! "Enough is Enough!"

Big trouble for GOPiggies, according to new poll by conservative group.

MIke Malloy's blog: Has he mentioned yet tonight.......

Why run the rubber stamp ad on Fox?

Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld axis to launch nukes on Iran (must read)


Primaries for the 19 Democrats who voted for cloture on Alito?

3 Philly Sex Clubs Closed

Is the Democratic Party sick, or just the Senate Democrats?

NBC/WSJ Poll: Bush at 39% >>>

Rice Admits US Underestimated Hamas Strength

The neo-cons are always demonizing us-why not LITERALLY turn the tables?

The Propaganda I got with my Electric Bill :

What's wrong with our party?

Today would be a great day for Fitzmas.

Is this a great day, or what? *sarcasm*

Patriot Act Ad To Air During '24'

Utah Town Has Question About President: 'What's Not to Like?'

~ The Rule of Three ~

STRESS REDUCTION + FUN: Picket your local RNC Headquarters!

Coretta Scott King has left us.

Senator Blutarsky rallies the troops before the SOTU.

A blast from the past: "The Enron-Cheney-Taliban Connection"

(TOON) A timeless classic from Steve Bell on the SOTU

Does Israel WANT an all-out war with the Palestinians?

Jeffrey Gannon/Guckert. Is there an investigation regarding his overnight

You guys are amazing to me !!

NSA Moving to Colorado- Now the epicenter for national domestic spying

Marijuana Found In Toddler's Diaper

A Primer on HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) in time for Bush's SOTU

Rats....Bush has set the terms of the Health-Care Issue.

New Orleans: The State of Our Union-Embrace our pain

I don't want my tax dollars paying for this bullshit PROPAGANDA!

Your part in posterity -. Kennedy. If you have young children,

want to hear Coretta talk for 10 minutes about a moment in the struggle?

I just heard the SOTU dress rehearsal on Randi. Pretty good.

Who funds the DLC anyways?

My friend still thinks Democrats took money from Abramoff.

You've got to see this photo ( and caption?)...

Any video of Clark's Union speech?

Has anyone else heard that Harold Ford (TN) in running for the Senate?

Does Anyone Know Anything About Australian Healthcare?

Are you going to watch the President's "State of the Union" address?

A Beautiful Life ---pix--->>>

I think the forums got switched back backwards

David Gregory: "Resetting the Presidency"

NSA and History

Okay who remembers SOTU in 2003?

It could be a lot worse (in terms of getting Republicans out of power)...

South-of-Boarder, Down Mexico Way…Another Company Gone

Tonight Do You Think Bush Will Talk about Who Cut the Cheese

May we stop for a moment and have us a laugh

Democrats Need To Respond To Rove's Latest Empty Spin

We are the minority but that doesn't mean we are wrong...

We should email the "Wiretapping requires a warrant" clip around.

bush legacy gets worse every day - Army's promotion rate

Ohio Voter Rights Being Stolen NOW... RIGHT Now.

Poll: Many Iraqis support attacks on US troops

Do You pay your credit card balance every month?

Wages up by smallest amount in nine years--more bad news for Bush:

A challenge for Howard Dean.

Suppose we win the Senate in November but there are DINOs

Market Capitalism Cannot Maintain our Healthcare System

Bush Cheney, touching your life -Great Commercial

Abramoff giving to Dems link

SOTU - new toon 1/31/06

I'd rather lose for a cause that will someday win than to win for a cause

Want to Get Ill?: Checkout Health Care Costs for the UAE

Standing Firm

State of the Union Drinking Game

Need Help Funding a New Political Website

Stephen Colbert last night

Say something - ANYTHING - that's hopeful .........

"Compare the Constitution & the Bible for us Mr. President" (Wash Note)

Does anyone have a link of that chart which shows all Bush's approval...

Have you see the DCCC's pathetic SOTU advertisement?

Dem Leadership really does have one consistent message for

8 thousand jobs lost a Kraft foods...

52 percent say Bush's presidency a failure ( A MANDATE! )

Gen. Sanchez ordered cover-up of women who died to avoid rape

VIDEO: Matthews Coaches DeLay Through Lies About Abramoff-Funded Golf Trip

Dallas:Overnight stays ending at homeless center; new feeding restrictions

Are you aware of the fact that none of Coretta Scott King's children

Fuck all politicians -

Motivation for '06 Elections, '08 concerns

Sign the No-Spy List (watch the video)

How do we punish our own?

This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address fall...

My favorite part of the State of the Union...

Is there a new House Majority Leader yet?

SOTU Preview - Parody

Do you support the DLC? NOT the DNC, but the DLC.

Check out this Bush-Nixon comparison (Note where Clinton is)

Edwards and Poverty.....

A Few Years Back At a Health Research Conference

What censorship looks like

CONCRETE Progress within the last year:

Alternative State of the Union--THE TRUTH--must read!

Excess oil profits: Time to require the building of double hulled tankers

HSAs or Taxes to pay for Healthcare?

New Joke: "How Can You Tell If Bush Is Lying?"

OMG - Sen Jim Bunning R-Kentucky just

Repub who won't believe a word about Jeff Gannon

Timely quote about Coretta Scott King - Please Read!

State of the Union excerpts

Today is a scary day kids, James Madison's caution comes to life

If the Democratic Party is a Big Tent, then the Right side of the tent

My NSA Spying letter makes it to print

Kerry Highlights Bush Record on Small Business in a Prebuttal to the SOTU

How the Repukes are Feeding off of our "Failures"

“At Least the US Doesn’t Ration Healthcare!” WSJ

What a Dilemma for Best Picture Oscar...

Four dems voted to confirm Alito

should Dems walk out during the SOTU?

David Horowitz NAMES names; accuses professor of torture

What should Bush include in tonight's SOTU?

Anybody seen this?

Could I Sue My Employer????????

Photo-Op President Pretends to Study ---pix--->>>

Shout out to MediaMatters and TakeBackTheMedia - Time to lead us in battle

who do they think they are kidding with these ridiculous photo-ops?

What should we expect from a Diebold/ES&S Congress & President?

Will Pitt says the Dems should get up and walk out tonight

PROTEST TONIGHT - in 64 cities! - one hour before SOTU !

I just had a thought...

President's speech tonite has gone thru 30 drafts. Jesus.....they say

'was Sandra Day O'Connor "coerced"

Democrats fail to learn how to fight from GOP


Rising Star to Deliever Democratic Response

I'm F-ing sick and tired of losing

The real message in tonight's SOTU

Neil's Aunt Mabel has a choice for president. - new cartoon

Since Al Greenspan is no longer head of the...

40 to 4 vs 1 to 54

List of Alito votes from PFAW

Cheney to resign...???

No mandate here...Poll: Just 25% want Bush directing national policy

"hidden agenda" w frances mcdormand is on tv tonight - watch if you can

"SPINNING THE SOTU" - Am Prospect's Kuttner's list of predictions:

All together now...We're makin' progress...Freedom's on the move...

Homophobe to give Democratic response to State of the Union

SOTU: Bush and Energy for Dummies.

Please do Lou Dobbs poll.

Maria Cantwell, how could you?

Can't stomach more Bush Lies? Watch this Instead. Then let's Talk.


Feudalism or Slavery. How far back are we reverting?

John Edwards: The America We Believe In

The LEAST the Dems can do for us is to NOT APPLAUD tonight.

Watching the State of the Union? Get your Bullsh*t deflector here

Here's how I argue with repubs that the '04 election was stolen

Think we live in an Orwellian society? I don't agree...

Ohio Democrats put out Democratic talking points

Bush is gonna' "SAY" we are addicted to oil,...

For all my wonderful friends here at DU

I am one of those lucky ones with health insurance, for a cost. BUT,...

What is this 'ALMOST' bullshit??

I say this every year at this time, and I am saying it again

A neighbor of mine just lost their son in Iraq.

Need help answering my idiotic Representative

My rant. Read at your own risk.

Chihuahuas at our ankles (yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!)

Fix Democrats or new party? how many of you are going to be fool enough to watch

Harry Reid's statement today on The Patriot Act

Reforming the Democrats -- Or a Third Party?


I've heard enough about "Bob & Doug"

Clark's Message to Bush Tonight: Read, Sign, and Pass On:

A Jesse Jackson Piñata? A Hillary Clinton dunk-tank?

Bush Deal Lets Corporate/Factory Farms Off the Hook on Pollution Fines

Help me find out who the 11 Democrats who helped confirm Thomas were!

HSAs or Taxes to pay for Healthcare?

Deathbed conversion to the religion of filibuster

A Disposable President: Transcripts from past Bush SOTU Addresses.

Matthews says Kennedy molested Mrs Alito

How will Americans react if Al Qaida strikes again

"Roll Call" behind the scenes: Dems angry with Kerry re. failed filibuster

A modest proposal for protest - totally legal

so lets say i can save $100 a month for a HSA

The Parties are just alike... What a damn GOP lie.

"Rancho Borracho"

Questions for your Hawk friends (sic)

Top 1,000 - Way to go DU [email protected] Team

How many people think DELAY can be elected President in 08?

The future of the democratic party

Please move to Utah and turn it blue. n/t :)

The importance of 9-11

I'm burning my voter registration card and leaving the country

Should an anti-gay Democrat deliver the SOTUS response?

There is NO SUCH THING as "partial birth abortion"

"Jack Doubles Down" - You have to see this Nov 2002 promo for

One day left. NO excuses. Please, DUers. Do it. JUST DO IT!!!

Clevelander brutalized and arrested for postering "Bush Step Down"

Wes Clark's State Of The Union. Has this been posted yet? email...

New liberal talk radio channel launched

Chris 'Tweety' Matthews seen pitching tent in DC

The Media, Mrs. King and our glorious president

Mad cow disease in US? What do you think?

Utah Town Has Question About President: 'What's Not to Like?'

Whos Giving the Dem Response to The SOU Speech

Where would you go if you ever left America for good?

U.S. female soldiers being raped by U.S. troops.

Saw "Flight 93" last night. It was so sad. And those people saved

UN claims nation-state old-fashioned, lez have a Fair World Order

George Galloway from Britan total slap down on CNN

The fact that elections are even close enough to be stolen

Ray Taliaferro is talking about something terrible!

Would a purge really be such a bad thing?

Bob Novak: "Americans don't want to pay for their healthcare..."

I wonder how Ralph Nader feels knowing Alito would not be on the court...

So, tell me about Candian healthcare (a pre-emptive thread)

Why Jesus is Important & Republicans Don't Fear Hell (A Theory)

NEGATIVE SAVINGS RATE for first time since Great Depression